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File: Untitled.png (82 KB, 780x569)
82 KB
i was trying to play the katawa shoujou for the second time but this screen keeps popping up instead of starting the game..please help i really want to play it
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I don't think anyone can tell without looking at your computer for a while. If you don't know, you're screwed. I commend you for using Debian though, it's the best OS; the problem is that you're not using Jessie.
im new to it..
i ran the windows version using wine thanks for nothing
You should have exercised your four freedoms and improved the World Of Freedom for everyone.
i don't get it

File: organ.png (49 KB, 311x354)
49 KB
Does anybody remember a blog from the wild west days of the internet by a woman who lived in the woods and never bathed and wanted strangers to come fuck her? I cannot remember what it was called
I swear I remember this too. It's the one where she claims she was a genius, right? She said she worked at some huge tech company and liked solving problems, but decided to go live under a tarp instead. She supposedly got power directly from the grid, stepped down "without a transformer" (anything that steps the power down is a transformer, BTW). She had some line about how "that's something you can do when you're a genius". She hated normal relationships because people have feelings and she really just wanted someone to be totally rough and uncaring, so she'd solicit strangers. She said she had Aspergers, I think. Crazy bint at any rate.

I don't know what it's called either, sorry, but it's definitely out there, and hopefully more details help.
idk but bump
>anything that steps it down is a transformer
So a buck converter is a transformer?
This is interesting.
Find it?

File: 1591079357571.png (169 KB, 1000x1000)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
Hello I hope your having a nice day.
I think this image would be nice with a merchant in the final square. I could make a low quality edit but I think this would be a nice finished product to be done right.

Do you know a site where I can read "Barefoot Gen"?
maybe try hakuneko

File: levarburzum.gif (187 KB, 72x72)
187 KB
187 KB GIF
Please give me a simple explanation of how to draw an animated image out of individual frames in Paint.net. After several attempts I still don't have the slightest clue.
imagemagick is very useful for creating animated .gifs from separate image files. you can draw the individual frames in paint.net and then compile them into an animation with the 'convert' command
This, but you can also do it here
File: ezgif test 234567.gif (5 KB, 237x199)
5 KB
ezgif works fine. Is there any reason why I'd want to use imagemagick instead?
to optimize it, among other things:

of course, there's nothing wrong with using an online tool if it's sufficient for your purposes.

File: file.png (332 KB, 471x341)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
I'm looking the the documentary about the making of Mononoke Hime. The ones I found on the internet are either incomplet or without subtitles.

Here's an unsubtitled sample of it https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x77hykk

File: p.png (12 KB, 336x336)
12 KB
I'm looking for something that automatically downloads patreon posts (images/videos, file uploads) that i have access to. Everything I've seen on github hasn't been updated in forever or is linux only.
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>especially if there is a windows alternative
not to sound mean but windows isn't for doing serious work. it's for gaming and using microsoft office. if you want to do something relatively technical like scraping, using linux or bsd is sometimes the only practical way.
>cumbersome to set one up just for the sole purpose of scraping some posts from patreon
you can create an ubuntu vm instance with virtualbox in a couple of minutes. docker would be even simpler. have you never used linux vms before?
>have you never used linux vms before?
I forgot you'd already mentioned you don't use vms. anyways, I still do recommend trying out virtualbox.
it's not that i wouldn't use a vm, but that going that route is a lot more bloated and tedious than just running a simple python script from windows, which really isn't "serious work". my entire point in making this thread was to see if there was an easier method that i could do instead of having an entire linux distro on my computer just to download some posts.
use cygwin
i'll keep that in mind if i can't find something that runs natively on windows

File: 1600804152127.jpg (204 KB, 1000x1000)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
>manually going thru each folder in win explorer to track down files I want to keep on old hdd.
>Any better way to do this?
Windows os: Going through a few of my old hard drives from 99-03. I hooked one up to my PC and browsed through it manually so I could copy some old files and was wondering if there are any good techniques/programs to make sure I don't miss any useful photos/downloads etc of mine in the HDD?
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the last paragraph wasn't for you


maybe he doesn't have to worry about the disk dying even now. if the disk is still alive now from back then doubt it will die in the next five hours.


>The only reason to be so vehemently against the idea of taking your backups as disk images is that it wasn't your idea and you're sad you didn't know about it

yeah ok. this is where the flaming beings. eat a dick and go back to /g/. your vhd shit isn't l33t.
It's "begins".

I always put grammatical errors so that people who are out of arguments can still have a free comeback
Seriously dood, you're the one being weirdly hostile here. You've not given a single use case where your "just bung loads of files in a big-ol' folder" method is better, you've been shown many where it's worse, and every time you've been shown a scenario where your method is strictly worse, you've deflected with half a dozen variations on
>yeah that way makes X easier/possible as opposed to harder/impossible but maybe I might not want to do X

Anyways hey let's go again:
>then lesss reason to copy it all in my opinion. Wasting time grabbing a borked file system means a borked os.
As you have a complete partition image, you can easily (and with no risk) feed it into any recovery tool, including hypothetical ones that don't even exist yet. Because you can easily copy the image (it's just one file), you don't have to worry about a data recovery program working on your only copy (on the actual device) and trashing it.
>you're still copying all the junk you don't want which you'll have to dig through again later
The whole point of the exercise is that:
- OP's time is valuable
- disk space is not valuable
- Therefore just copy the lot.
> after you wasted time copying it.
Doing it file-by-file is wasting time. Making a disk image takes you a fraction of a second to press a button, and then the computer does all the work. My time is valuable, my computer's time is not. I don't care if something takes my computer longer if it makes it quicker, or easier (or both!) for me. This is what my computer is for. It is a machine, it does not have feelings, and it does not feel appreciation if you spend your time saving it effort.

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Look. I know I'm not going to change your view and you haven't changed mine. Doesn't matter though. If your the same dude from yesterday we both said what we needed to say and OP (should have) read it and decided what he wants to do. Nice talk anyways though.

These are just some notes that I made for an idea for a pitch that I have to do in my ENTR class. I am open to *constructive* criticism

File: swag.gif (3.09 MB, 330x224)
3.09 MB
3.09 MB GIF
helo, can you recommend me good co op games
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Portal 2
Vermintide 2
Endless Legend/Space 2
Civilization 5/6
Project Winter
Keep Talking and No One Explodes
Army of Two
Resident Evil 5/6
All these posts are very good.
Allow me to add "a way out"
[spoiler]Ending still sucks though[/spoiler]
portal 2 sounds like fun, neither of us have played the co op

I have played the 2 good bordlands games to the max I cant play them anymore without hating myself lmao

I looked up swat 4 on steam but dont see anything sounds kinda fun

a way out just seems like it was made by jews so that 2 people had to buy the game
>a way out just seems like it was made by jews so that 2 people had to buy the game
God gave you two ears and one mouth, anon.
ooo I didnt realize this I just looked at the steam page ill look into it further

How do people make gifs like this one? https://youtu.be/y9K18CGEeiI
ive seen multiple gifs with the exact same animation i dont think its with photoshop
here is a guide for making animated gifs with imagemagick. you can use whatever image editor you want to prepare the individual frames beforehand.

File: overlord.jpg (85 KB, 850x478)
85 KB
I'm compiling a list of songs for a project of mine, and I really dig the maniacal style from the Overlord OPs, especially Voracity, but I haven't heard anything like it before (be it in anime or in general).
Not very sure what you mean but try these.
Re zero OP redo
Mirai nikki OP 1
More like the second one, especially the starting bit is great, thanks

File: IMG_20200909_205720_158.jpg (51 KB, 1080x1265)
51 KB
Does anyone have that webm of the annoying bird meme where the two birds combine their song into a nice remix? One bird is a really relaxed song while the other sounds like heavy metal.
It has been gnawing at me all day
Sorry, don't have the webm.
Fucking stellar dude thank you

what does this say?
Death to all infidels. Praise be to no god but Allah.
wtf is this guy?
>this guy?
An cursed image. Muslim + Chinese = Mongol.

File: reptilian.jpg (30 KB, 500x313)
30 KB
It's an artwork (looks painted), it's of a green reptilian, it gets posted on /x/ and /pol/ pretty frequently, at least that's where I've seen it.
The reptilian is on the right side, he's wearing some sort of hood/cloak, and the background is space, it's deep blue, almost black with starts dotted around and it comprises about 60% of the image.
File: reptilian.gif (372 KB, 900x600)
372 KB
372 KB GIF
OP here, found it, posting if anyone else wants it

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