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File: 57834985.png (946 KB, 905x791)
946 KB
946 KB PNG
I'm looking for an pol meme that compares the aging of american vs japanese girls.
To be specific, on the left side, it shows billie eilish at age 18 and on the right side there's a 25 year old japanese girl that looks like a highschooler

pic unrelated

Hey, does anyone have any good recommendations for sites or programs that let you create continents and other landmasses that are at least somewhat geologically plausible? Asking for a friend, XD.
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Thirding please.
This sounds based. Anyone have something for this please?
I presume that you want something more than just Inkarnate. Because that’s the best that I have, sadly.
PerfectWorld2 map gen in Civ 4

File: Capture.webm (1.62 MB, 258x176)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB WEBM
Hi! I want to find a good picture that would go with this song that is both "soulful" and humorous similar to the original picture. I originally thought an anime girl with big titties would be pleasant, but I had a hard time looking for the right picture.
File: Capture.png (35 KB, 259x176)
35 KB
On second thought, the original picture is pretty good too. If someone would rather photoshop out the watermark then that would be great too.

Whats a really good manga site? I really want to binge read one piece again and I need a good manga site that doesn't have 10,000 ads.
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just get ublock origin already
File: 1631990817562.jpg (93 KB, 700x700)
93 KB
>just get ublock origin already
It depends on the site too. Some of those aggregator sites with 9,999 ads have a lot and make them convenient to read, so I have an old laptop to click on as many of the ads as I can stand doing so. I don't care if that laptop gets invaded by trackerware because I will factory reset it every now and then. Scorched Earth cures all ills.

By clicking on the ads and then moving around on that advertiser site to any option that gets rid of the "REF ID" in the URL, that should be enough to give the manga aggregator site some money from that advertiser.

I clear all cookies from that sacrificial laptop all the time, and reset the modem for a new IP, so the advertiser site will hopefully think it is a new unique visitor each time I go back to it. It is worth feeding the aggregators because some of them have all the light novel chapters at Webnovel / Qidian...... Without enough feeding, they would have fewer chapters since they do have to buy their way into the site to get a copy of the stories to begin with.
mangadex is the only choice for currently running scanlations, but it eschews any official english scans
for those there's mangasee123, don't know about its website, I only use tachiyomi

File: 6274b4e2722c3..png (183 KB, 350x360)
183 KB
183 KB PNG
does anyone know the software, website or app used to make Hyperborea edits?
Vegas pro, Adobe premiere, windows movie maker
davinci resolve is good

File: 200416164101.jpg (454 KB, 3000x1684)
454 KB
454 KB JPG
I want my writing to look decent enough so people would understand me. What should I do?
read this book and do what it says

File: Boomhauer.jpg (18 KB, 400x400)
18 KB
Hey, gonna get a 3080 12g soon.

Am I fucked if I just use the 6+2 pin connectors? It requires 3 8pin inputs.
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>It requires 3 8pin inputs
Not all of them, I just picked up a 3080ti which imo is a better buy over the 12gb non ti 3080 and it's a 2x 8 pin. I used the 6+2 connectors that came with my seasonic psu and I've seen >350w (nvidia-smi) running stable diffusion with no issues.
Gotcha. What about the whole anti-sag thing? Gimmick or decent buy?
Up until the 30 series I would've said gimmick, these cards are huge and the next gen is going to be even larger. I 3d printed a simple one point brace with a magnet in the bottom that touches the case 'basement' that I wedged under the card, I can't say for sure if it was necessary but I feel better if I ever bump the case or move it around the room with the card still in it. I saw some simple ones like that on amazon for ~$15, probably a good bet if you don't care about aesthetics.
Forgot to say the 3080ti I bought was from Gigabyte
I bought the 12g model because it was cheap as fuck compared to the card itself with the holder, but then found out that the ti from ASUS plus the holder sold separately added up to about the same as the 3080 12gb without the holder.

...because that makes sense.

But hey, thanks for your input bud.

File: snowflake.png (71 KB, 700x365)
71 KB


Why did you create a new thread, when the old one hasn't died yet.

Hello, Anybody know the name to this song? https://voca.ro/11rioB053dwz
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Jeezus, this is quite hard. But imma say, this seems like the music Cosmic Cycler would use. 60s/70s vibe, mellow, funk.

Very vague beats I am getting, but hope the Cosmic Cycler gives u some sweet nice tunes
Thank you, I've been listing to Cosmic Cycler discography for most of day. I appreciate the recommendation. The prospect of finding the sample Graham used in his video might be low but I''m hoping someone with knowledge of old TV production music might pull through.
Thanks again for helping and everybody else that help!

File: 9boot02 (1).png (599 KB, 500x330)
599 KB
599 KB PNG
Can somebody find an HD and clean version of this pict?

slightly better, found with google lens

File: BTFOpill.jpg (493 KB, 1024x1024)
493 KB
493 KB JPG
I'm having to write a memory allocator like malloc(3) and free(3) for a course, what are some resources I can look at to get some help with it?
this is a fun project, at least try figuring it out before looking for an answer

Hi, I just got my Miyoo Mini V2, and I’m upgrading it to Onion OS. How should I go about doing this, since I’m a retard with technology? Also I wamt Silent Hill on it, how should I go about doing that? Do I just use any regular rom for Silent Hill?
>upgrading it to Onion OS. How should I go about doing this

>Also I wamt Silent Hill on it, how should I go about doing that?
Thanks fren

File: Yotsuba_back_cover.png (169 KB, 290x604)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
Can't find any on bookwalker or Google.
Fairly confident that yotsuba volumes aren't sold in digital form
Sucks to hear, wonder why.

Is there another series like Freeman’s Mind where the player roleplays as the protagonist?
Half Life But The AI Is Self Aware.

Hello I am looking for an rpg, i really dont remember the title because it was years ago when I was still a kid. It was in PS1 and I only remember a part of the game mechanic and i really loved it. You meet other characters for your party and go on the adventure, the other chars that you met is not with you, but you can access their player items via the menu, and you can switch it with your current party. Please i hope someone could get me some answers. Thank you!
Wholesome thread.
Which is why I'll bump it.
Final Fantasy VII had a mechanic like that and was a PS1 game. But there's probably several. Western or Japanese RPG? 2D or 3D?

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