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File: Screenshot_1.jpg (1.22 MB, 3839x2159)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB JPG
I'm a little slow.

Could anybody tell me how those gosh darn 4chan X addon filters work?

which prog/extension can auto monitor changes in webpages and report them?
you know what? I'll ask on /g/

File: nazpfp.png (544 KB, 850x602)
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544 KB PNG
is there any dubbed horror anime with a genuinely spooky atmosphere?
No. Texas isn't up to the job.

File: image.png (65 KB, 570x545)
65 KB
I use an htpc laptop plugged into a large flatscreen TV via HDMI, and often I turn the TV off when I am not watching it. Doing this, however, will occasionally cause the main desktop display to be moved to the laptop screen (eDP1) instead of the TV (HDMI-0). When this happens and I turn on the TV to go watch videos, I must open the laptop in order to manually set the TV as the main display in order to use the setup. Is there a more graceful way to handle this? Perhaps some sort of bash script that would automatically switch to HDMI-0 when it's powered on?
OS is lubuntu lunar lobster
OP here I think I found the solution, is to disable the laptop screen and set the TV as the main display, then save that configuration as default so when it detects a new display it resets to "default" config. disregard this thread.
File: thumbsup.jpg (76 KB, 958x1281)
76 KB
Well done. Between the time I saw your post and had the chance to come back, you've found your own solution and you've shared it. That's cool.
>Is there a more graceful way to handle this?
In xorg.conf you can set the Device option "HotPlug" to "false", which will completely disable monitor detection for that device. It will always act as if the monitors you've configured are attached, and won't remove them if they're unplugged or add new monitors if you connect them.
>some sort of bash script that would automatically switch to HDMI-0 when it's powered on?
So now that you've got hotplugging disabled, you can just run Kodi on the second screen all the time, and use the internal screen for normal computing all the time, and if you want to watch stuff on the internal screen you can launch a second kodi with a different userprofile directory on that.

You can actually symlink all the databases you want synchronised together, sqlite handles the locking just fine so long as it's all running on the same computer. If you've set up your remote controls and audio routing correctly you can play two different videos simultaneously from the same computer.

File: balls.jpg (129 KB, 764x1024)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
I'm looking for a video of someone in Iron Maiden (99% it was Blaze Bayley) telling the audience that if anyone throws something on stage to "make sure their arm comes down in two pieces" (paraphrased). I saw this vid in relation to the Ozzfest incident but this was NOT at Ozzfest. Any help is appreciated cus I really liked this vid lol

File: images (24).png (3 KB, 400x300)
3 KB
Can you guys solve this math problem...

"Find the fifth term of a geometric sequence in which the fourth term is 4, the sixth term is 6 and the common ratio is negative"
File: solution.png (28 KB, 737x340)
28 KB

File: cake.png (654 KB, 1080x847)
654 KB
654 KB PNG
Where can i post a topsters chart and get relevant recommendations? Plebbit and /mu/ appear to be off the table.
I recall Last.fm having recommendations based on your listening history and stuff like that

Best pre-2000 crpgs/western rpgs in general? I've only played both Baldur's Gate games and Fallout 1
Ask /v/, or better, /vr/.
For more and better answers, make a thread shitting on crpgs. A few minutes and replies later, ask directly about crpg recommendations. It just works.

Alternatively, from the top of my head, the ones that are always mentioned are Planescape Torment, Icewind Dale, Arcanum, Pillars of Eternity (although it's more contemporary) or Ultima, from 3 to 8 (9 does NOT exist) and Ultima Underworld, maybe a couple of Might and Magic from 4 onwards, Wizardry (approach with care, some entries are hard as iron and 4 is a nightmare), Arx Fatalis, and to a lesser extent, Divinity, Avernum, Darklands, Nox, maybe Lands of Lore, Albion, I had read someone praising Dark Sun and Stonekeep, and Dungeon Master 1 and 2.

I haven't played half of them, only heard or read about them, and there are still many more

File: earthsworld.png (2.19 MB, 952x950)
2.19 MB
2.19 MB PNG
There's this instagram page called earthsworld, and has excellent face and head references, but not enough for body. The criteria is shots with less depth and more on clarity, showing the muscles, fat folds, and wrinkles.

What is an online handle that collects pictures like this but for the body? What to save on pinterest.
Want to save on*

File: Soulseek-png-3.png (74 KB, 512x512)
74 KB
is soulseek the only oldschool p2p program that's still active, or are there others? wanna see what's out there.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
didn't think about that one. I've used irc to download shit before but it's been a hot minute.
>oldschool p2p program
Bit Torrent.
Private trackers.
direct connect
It's literally the best option.

Where is this melody from?


I can't say if it's a popular song, classical composition melody or what; I had it in my mind since a long time, I remember hearing it in some Cartoon Network ad or something similar

File: IMG_4522.png (529 KB, 1015x1527)
529 KB
529 KB PNG
Does anyone have this but for the NSFW boards? So instead of blue the background would be that reddish orange color.
You're a funny guy.

File: IMG_6323.jpg (987 KB, 1002x989)
987 KB
987 KB JPG
Trying to find a specific Touhou song cover. I'll try to give as much detail as I can.

>metal cover of UN Owen Was Her
>orchestral elements amongst the metal stuff
>japanese female vocalist (or at least a woman singing in japanese)
>slow, quiet intro, just the orchestral elements and singer. it was to the tune of the main hook of UN Owen.
>found it on spotify
>mostly black cover art i think

I've never interacted with Touhou as a series and most of my knowledge of it is just what you pick up by being online so if this is an incredibly obvious song that everyone knows, my bad.
sounds badass. bump for interest
I only remember this one, but probably ain't this, because I think it may be "electronic" instead.

Unless someone else comes along with something closer to what I remember, I think this one might be it. The intro isn't exactly how I remember it (my memory was that the intro was to the main hook of U.N. Owen - the part that starts 30 seconds in), but enough of it sounds familiar that this could be the one.

If anyone has any other suggestions for what it might be, I'm still open to hearing them.

File: 1695734248810.png (2.72 MB, 1080x4304)
2.72 MB
2.72 MB PNG
Please tell me the source
What Happens Inside the Dungeon.

thank you

So potentially retarded question but where's the best way to pirate more obscure music I was looking to download No_4mat Daso Sewerslvt mcbess mainstream stuff I can usually find just by Googling it.
>pirate more obscure music

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