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File: 1621181220011.gif (71 KB, 299x225)
71 KB
Avast has started blocking me from using 4chan boards. The threat name is called html:Script-inf(susp). Is anybody else having the same problem?
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>advocating using windows anything
you're already using windows you dense tit, the most spyware ridden fucking operating system ever made
using a third party antivirus just means being harvested by microsoft + avast instead of just microsoft
File: 1679903772825.gif (3.25 MB, 720x406)
3.25 MB
3.25 MB GIF
>advocating using windows anything
you're getting spied on regardless of what you use, and windows defender is the best windows antivirus there is by any metric imaginable, you absolute moron, you're literally using windows and asking me "what the hell" for telling you to use the full package because it's the best you're gonna get?
i'm sometimes speechless reading the dumb shit some of you people post.
OP here. Looks like everything's back to normal now.
Nothing they posted is as dumb as "hurrdurr windows defender is the greatest in the world!!1!"
It's as good as it gets for windows plebs.
>Nothing they posted is as dumb as
What they said is dumber. They're using windows and whine about people "advocating for microsoft shit". You can't be both a bitch windows pleb and "muh privacy" elitist, choose one.

File: Rekt gato (2).jpg (58 KB, 504x627)
58 KB
Anyone has a working ultrasound audio to get rid of cats?

I have a stray cat hiding in under my stairway storage room, I can't chase it away since its hiding under the old furniture and I don't wanna move things around.
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Cat seems to be sheltering well enough on its own.
bump for audio
Lol ultrasound isn't recorded on youtube or webms.

File: 454545464.jpg (51 KB, 450x685)
51 KB
I'm trying to finish the volumes of an old manga that never got all the volumes online,i found it on a ebook reader from a specific company but it needs you to register to acess it,the problem is that i'm unable to take any pictures or videos even with some third party tools i've tried,they completely miss it,i could take pictures of each page individually but its over 10 volumes and i would have to scan the pages again so it would be a lot fo effort.
The program download the manga pages as jpgs but they seem to be encrypted somehow so i can't open them,i don't know if it would be hard to decrypt those files
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i will give a try

Well,i think it will be easier to find a way to take a pic of the pages, i know the program seems to have an inbuillt chromiun and use pdf-viewer but i'm not sure how its converting the pics so it can read it, i learned it uses Web Crypto API to either encrypt/decrypt when i open the manga on the program. Since i have 0 knowledge on the subjet i'm just bruteforcing what i can
Install Irfanview. Go to options -> capture/screenshot, set it up to your liking, or at least just make sure it saves screenshots as PNG, then browse your manga and press CTRL+F11 to capture each screenshot.
The program still dodges it,it does it by somehow making snapshots capture the background
If anyone that know a bit of js could help me, from what i understand the program download the books as a zip right? The second part seems to be part of a decryption that could be used on the jpgs they seem to have been encrypted from their side but the program decrypt them on my side, since i don't know what exactly to look for i looked for error messages that could happen if i mesed up with one of the images that the program was supposed to decrypt

File: 11111).jpg (7 KB, 404x129)
7 KB
I managed to take pics,now i'm still trying to decrypt the jpgs because taking pics will take fucking forever since just this manwha alone have 30+ volumes(i want to get better scan for earlier volumes too that got translated)

File: getdownonitextreme-pre.png (151 KB, 1041x1036)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
Im looking for a youtuber (2014-2018ish) that made videos on "older" internet culture.
they did "every 4chan board explained" types of vids along with "history of ng" or "history of fit" type stuff. despite the inherently bait shit, they knew their stuff but disappeared from my radar.
their icon was multiple generic anime girls with no noses.
near the end of their yt life they were making videos where their voice was modified cause “reddit/moot/misc.” is *actuly* after me or talking ab alt vid sites.
fuck ya'll
im bumpin my own shit cause i need an answer.
File: child with goggles.jpg (67 KB, 736x723)
67 KB
--I mean. No im not op and am also curious for an answer.

I don't know where else to ask this that won't start some flame war, but I'm considering buying the collector's edition of Rozen Maiden manga. My confusion is, I can't seem to figure out if it's a full set or not. As far as I can tell this collector's edition only has 7 volumes, but the original run was 8. I tried comparing page counts and the CE seems to have more than double the pages. Does anybody know if the CE is a full set of the series, or maybe the other sequel series that it got as well? I can't find any info about it online.
What language and check the ISBNs: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Rozen_Maiden_volumes
That page was very helpful, but I'm still a bit confused. It seems like the overall release tracks with the Shueisha release that compiled the chapters into 7 volumes, which clears that up, but the page numbers are still wildly different. The original page count of volume 1 is 178 but the nee CE is listed as 433 pages.
Both the original releases and the new collector editions I'm looking at are in Japanese language. The ISBNs don't really come up with anything new.

I'm probably gonna get them anyways but I'm dying to know why there's such a huge difference

File: 1651341870427676.png (62 KB, 552x512)
62 KB
would anybody happen happen to have AMVs from 2008/2009 of Tokyo Mew Mew and other similar anime? I'm trying to look for a song that this youtube comment claims they heard in one of these AMVs. Here is the song in question

File: Stormy_sea_at_night.jpg (267 KB, 1460x1200)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
Recently came across a list of red flags in men that mentioned "uses a desktop computer" or something similar to that phrase. I cannot for the life of me find this. Anyone else stumble across a random list that included that phrase?
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File: 1679257779341188.jpg (210 KB, 720x860)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
fucking how...?
Dunno, I'm nearly identical except I have a car and make money
File: 1679257779341188.jpg (178 KB, 720x860)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
whew thank goodness i'm not as much of a loser as some of you guys
File: redflags.png (370 KB, 720x860)
370 KB
370 KB PNG
all my free time i spend on hobbies + "android/dumb phone" tells you how dumb this test is

File: 594802431085.jpg (28 KB, 619x453)
28 KB
1) what manga of the straight shota genre (not hentai) do you know?

i want to emphasize that i am not looking for hentai manga, i am only looking for manga that share the shota genre but without being hentai

2) is there a website or internet community like /wsr/ where i can find more shota manga recs?

yes i know. i really feel ashamed of myself for asking this but i had no other choice
fucking faggot kys
What's stopping you from going to something like mangadex and just doing a 'shotacon' search
Clearly 4chan isn't your only choice
>What's stopping you from going to something like mangadex and just doing a 'shotacon' search

I'm sorry, i expressed myself badly

what i was referring to was if there is any community or anonymous forum with people who are fans of the straight shota genre like me and to be able to talk with them about this hobby

that's what i'm looking for, to find communities that are fans of straight shota
it does not necessarily have to be a community that is a fan of straight shota but of shotacon in general

File: 1668214502358511.png (62 KB, 1024x663)
62 KB
>download android emulator mumu player x
>only want to play one game
>Sky: Children of the Light
>tried several different android emulators before this one and this is the first that worked
>game is supposed to be capable of playing 60fps on a PHONE
>can barely manage at times to stay above 30fps

I have a 3060TI/5600X/32GB pc, why can't I get this to run 60fps? this is literally the only android game I wish to emulate

File: 1679673365416781.jpg (52 KB, 1077x1064)
52 KB
Hi, I'm having some weird power related issues with my computer.

This will sound weird, but I promise it's all true. When I turn off the ceiling fan in my computer room, the RGB on my mouse will briefly light up even if the computer itself is turned off. I have no idea why this happens or how it is possible. Can any electricians explain if this is normal?

Another odd thing I noticed today since I just set up a UPS for my computer: my computer was off and the UPS was also off, but the UPS randomly made a clicking noise and then my mouse RGB once again turned on.

I feel like I've got some power ghost in my computer. What does this all mean?
Means you got a cheap power supply. Get a more expected one with better filtering on +5VSB.

File: Macross_Delta.jpg (119 KB, 278x358)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
I find the macross series was fine but even frontier had his downsides it was overall enjoyable, but delta ....
Perhaps it forced too much the akb/idols thing, but the real non-sense was the variable fighters dancing... and nothing new nor interesting was added to the continuity. And the mechas are becoming a mere accessory.
>protoculture is supposed to be know only from the zentraedis/meltraedis and humans and it sprung the nordic like civilization
>misa and hikaru wereabouts are still missing
So is there any news about a new series after this?
Ha, the only funny thing it's to know Max and Miria were breeding the fuck (literally) all this time!!
You could watch the 2021 movie I guess
>protoculture is supposed to be know only from the zentraedis/meltraedis and humans and it sprung the nordic like civilization
>>misa and hikaru wereabouts are still missing
It's important to understand how continuity in Macross works:
---> the series before this one is a TV show in this series <---

So in Macross /\, Macross F is a historical drama show, in the vein of Sharpe or Band of Brothers. In Macross Frontier, there's a whole episode where they're shooting their version of Macross Zero.

This is why it's absolutely fine that the Zentraedi stopped looking like Piccolo in Macross 7: in their world, SDF Macross was a propaganda show.

File: bocchi.jpg (412 KB, 2480x2499)
412 KB
412 KB JPG
Can some anon edit her to a happy face?
7 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Bocchi the Can't Wake up.png (1.84 MB, 2480x2499)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB PNG
File: Bocchi the Rock.png (1.84 MB, 2480x2499)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB PNG
File: file.jpg (36 KB, 473x649)
36 KB
Thanks again! Have a nice day, fren
File: 1653473142060912.png (213 KB, 449x414)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
You are welcome. Have a nice day too.
Great thread.

File: file.png (7 KB, 402x26)
7 KB
Purple and green lines appearing on video reproduction
Browser: Vivaldi latest version
GPU drivers: Latest version
iGPU driver: Latest version

If I disable "Hardware-accelerated video decode" at vivaldi://flags the lines disappear for the Browser

Discord has the same green and purple lines showing but no specific option for "Hardware-accelerated video decode" except disabling "Hardware Acceleration" but that makes Discord slow....

Help, what do I do?

The video in question

The problem fixed itself somehow...how? I don't have much idea sorry futurebros

Everything just werks now even with Hardware-accelerated video decode enabled on browser and HWA on Discord

Can anybody kindly make isiShuffles YouTube & Instagram backup? It seems like they are deleting old contents :/ I'm sure many of you might have tools to back things up effortlessly. It would be best if somebody shares the library in HD quality. Kindly use zip & magnet it. TIA
This is way too much work for all of us.
Even for you it is easier to just do it yourself. And you'll learn something for the future.
instaloader is good for IG.
yt-dlp is good for Youtube.

File: 1648968161792.jpg (41 KB, 680x425)
41 KB
Looking for a new VPN service to try out.

I plan on using them exactly as advertised (circumventing region locks).
I already know that I can't hide from the gubmint, I won't get lower prices on tickets/hotels just because I change locations, and it won't actually protect me from hackers.

As far as experience is concerned, I've used NordVPN for the past 4 years.
>it was inexpensive
>the IPs aren't always accurate (I've gotten a Hong Kong IP when I selected Taiwan, a UK IP when selecting the Netherlands, a UAE IP when selecting the US, etc.)
>limited selection of IPs for large countries (usually only able to get one particular city)

I have no problem with paying for it. Most "mainstream" VPNs aren't terribly expensive anyway. What can you recommend?
Nord, everything is the same but they're the biggets, so best customer support.
If something fucks up use Tor(Germany or so) or the built in windows VPN(manual but simple setup)
Mullvad or IVPN, anything else is a meme

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