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File: 1570776706321.png (160 KB, 717x597)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
If a a game is running at 200fps and I record the game at 60fps, how will the video quality be affected?
>my monitor is 144hz, I record 60fps in my monitor, will the video quality decrease?
I wondered the same thing. My guess is maybe?

I think quick way to check is to do two seperate recording sessions.

One recording the video with unlimited fps. Another recording session with your fps capped to like 60 fps. Watch both videos and compare to see if one is jerky or whatever. If they're just as good then I guess it doesn't matter.
File: 1.jpg (49 KB, 769x372)
49 KB
As 200/60 is not integer there will be some weirdness. Sometimes it will capture 1 in 3 frames, somtimes 1 in 4. Sometimes the frame will be captured with no delay, sometimes with a delay of 0.0033 or 0.0016 seconds. If you look at a very smooth constant process you'll see some jerkiness as a result.
so it should also be a multiplication or division of the original frames, got it thanks

What are some movies that show catholicism but aren't considered religious? like the movie constantine, it has a catholic theme, but its not a religious movie, its a modern movie. i hope you get what i mean.
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Boondock Saints
Chronicles of Narnia, although it's as subtle about it as a brick to the face. They might as well have named the lion "Allegory for Jesus".
every film that is about holy wars, anything medieval or related with the conquer of the new world
Already watched it. Liked it very much.

File: a1638146004_10.jpg (781 KB, 1200x1200)
781 KB
781 KB JPG
Looking for WLFGRL and anything else from Machine Girl.

Does anyone know what is the song starts from 4:08?
Please help.
Check the info panel in https://youtu.be/FjXJrkxQeAE

I'm on my phone so can't copy the text for some reason (and its a nip-title, have no idea how you would pronounce that song name)
Sorry op I'm fucking retarded, didn't read the timestamp.

Ypur best bet would be to sample the video from that point and use a songfinder app. Maybe try shazam.
Download the osts, it's prob in one of those

Hi Anon! I need your help for this...

Create a PowerShell script which can accepts only (!) following incoming parameters:
a. name outputDir, value reports destination folder in string format. Default value:
b. name applicationLogs, accepts only values true/false. Format boolen parameter.
Default value: $true
c. name systemLogs, accepts only values true/false. Format boolen parameter. Default
value: $true
d. name fromDate, date from which you want to get data. Format Date parameter.
Default value: for the last 30 days.
e. name severity, value - specify log level. Format - array. Default value: [Error,Warning]
2. You script should gather Windows Event Viewer logs and export data into .csv files.
a. In case applicationLogs - true, get all Application logs
b. In case systemLogs - true, get all System logs

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
God you suck at writing specs.

Write a function with the following prototype:
string OutputDir="d:\temp",
bool applicationLogs=True,
bool systemLogs=True,
date fromDate=now()-(30 days)
string[] severity = [Error,Warning]) { }

This function should gather Windows Event Viewer log events from between <fromDate> and now, and export them into .csv files.
If <applicationLogs> = true, write Application Log events to <outputDir>\ApplicationLogs_[Current datetime].csv
If <systemLogs> = true, write System Log events to <outputDir>\SystemLogs_[Current datetime].csv

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Sorry for this

What game is this? 5:01
Seems to be Scramble Training

File: cxz.png (345 KB, 340x721)
345 KB
345 KB PNG
Anyone know this orange case is called?

File: 20200525_161957.jpg (837 KB, 2268x962)
837 KB
837 KB JPG
The square tan is fucking with me, how do I simplify this shit?
Does that help in any way?
Idk, imma check now. Thx for advice.
Use http://www.mathwords.com/t/trig_identities.htm
For square tan I would try double angle identity.
cot2(2π-d) in right hand side is equal to cot2(d) as cot(2π-d) = -cot(d).

Below this term you have cot(π+d) which is equal to cot(d) as cot is positive in third quadrant.

cot2(d)÷cot(d) = cot(d)

On the left you have cot(3π/2-d) that is cot(270-d) which is equal to tan(d) as in the third quadrant both tan and cot are positive and trigonometric ratios change in order of sin-cosec, tan-cot, cos-sec at angles 90 and 270

Now when you multiply tan(d) and cot(d) the product is 1

The last term that bothered you is 1-tan2(d-π), here if you invert the terms inside the angle (make d-π, π-d) a negative sign is multiplied to only tan to compensate this change so the term now becomes 1+tan2(π+d). We do this because the angle usually comes first in all the equations and theorems we read. So now the last term becomes 1/sec2(π-d) as 1+tan2(x)=sec2(x). The reciprocal of this is cos2(π-d) that is cos2(d) as cos is positive in second quadrant and trig ratios don't change at angles 180 and 360.

File: 8P0mNkO06S.jpg (901 KB, 4480x2160)
901 KB
901 KB JPG
I just bought a drawing tablet, but I want to remove the windows taskbar from it, but I have another 2 monitors and windows only gives me the option to remove the taskbar on all monitor except the primary one.

Is there a work around? I want to keep the taskbar on my ultra wide and my main monitor (the upper ones). I have displayfusion instaled, if it has this option it would be great too
Get a Y adapter for your 2 main monitors and use 1 output to feed them both the image data. Retard windows won't realize it's 2, then use "remove on all except main"
>Is there a workaround ?
Gee, how about "don't make your tablet your primary monitor"?
I'm pretty sure retard OP will realise they're both showing the same picture.

File: F.jpg (150 KB, 736x981)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
After installing Fedora and rebooting I get this screen. What am I doing wrong? I heard that you should do proper partitioning but I'm a brainlet and doesn't really understand.
I have been trying to make this to work all night, could some kind Anon help me?
/g/ has a thread for Linux help, you will get faster answers but of more questionable quality there >>>/g/fglt
Your hard disk is somehow booting the USB or set to boot the USB.

Given your last thread, I suspect you booted the disk in live mode then ran grub, when you should have looked in recovery options for "boot installed system" and then run grub once your hard disk install had booted.
Okay, I don't think they want anything to do with me
I will have to try that then. It worked some time ago

>be me, junior (technically senior) that just turned 18
>decided to bypass the filter on high school laptop
>installed TOR
>saw some shady shit and now I need to factory reset the computer but I don’t have the admin passcode
I’ve got both admin usernames but I don’t have the passwords, I tried making a bootable USB with some lasersoft program but I can’t get into the bios to change the boot order, then I tried running a program to crack the bios password but it won’t run without the admin password
Is there anyway I can reset the admin password without the bios password or vise versa?
Pic unrelated
If they configured it properly, no.

If for reasons of incompetence they're not using BitLocker, just pull the disk out and put it in another machine that doesn't have a password. The first time Windows setup wants to reboot, instead switch off and swap the disk back in.

I would recommend DBANing the disk first. DBAN is shit, but is easy to use.

File: rk9d2e2p89721.jpg (124 KB, 1080x886)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Can some kind anon please convert this to a transparent png with the white background removed?
I'm not too fussed about if the text at the bottom remains or not.

thanks in advance :)
File: 1590488739247.png (889 KB, 1080x886)
889 KB
889 KB PNG
File: 1590487918681.png (648 KB, 1080x886)
648 KB
648 KB PNG
thank you very much! :D

I have a old windows phone (yes, I know its inferior to android and apple products but whatever) and it works relatively well for being over 6 years old, but one problem. its stopped being able to handle videos. sites like Youtube have just stopped loading or not begun to load to begin with. Although, oddly enough some specific sites have managed to continue working. although only about 1 in 10 videos actually end up working. I've noticed that sites redirecting me to "video-hw...(rest of url here)" work while the urls "vid1-l3...", "vid2-l3" through "vid4-l3" tell me a server error or dns error. The phone is a windows lumia running windows 8. pic of model
could it be the windows OS dying out? you might want to ask the smartphone general in /g/
I'd look into compatibility issues between the browser version you're using and HTML5. Sorry, I don't know enough about Windows phones to be more specific.
Flash a custom rom if your device is supported on xda

I have this app that lets me play youtube in the background on my android, I dont have a pc yet which is why im using this app. I am currently playing granblue fantasy and I would enjoy having a series of videos to watch while im playing, anything to do with either game lore, mysteries in the world, video games with a not so annoying commentator or someone thats really funny like vinesauce or Soviet womble. (dont suggest those two im up to date with them)

The app works really well if the videos are in a playlist, it will autoplay the next video automatically.
thank you all in advance
down the rabbit hole
atrocity guide
Ahoy is very good for videogame stuff
these channels don't actually show up in the app, none of their videos do.

thanks for the channels though
Use newpipe or vanced if you want to see all channels, also fitz is good and he has podcasts on spotify too

File: cad-drawing-18.jpg (46 KB, 511x480)
46 KB
I'm trying to make this for a course I have but it's hard as shit and I have no idea how to use OnShape. Any help would be appreciated.
Explain why you don't need this skill
Because this is a requests board
Just look up any extrude command for CAD video on youtube. You just draw 2d shapes with lines.
Just use collab cad it's easy and there's plenty of tutorials online

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