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Comic book about North Korea that I once saw on /co/. I remember there being a drawing representing a north korean as a windup toy with a key on their head as well as on their back. It also detailed how the supreme leader’s portrait frames are thickened or something in order to appear more intimidating.
File: 036.jpg (442 KB, 1280x1978)
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442 KB JPG
Could it have been Pyongyang: A Journey in North Korea by Guy Delisle? I don't recall any wind-up toy though.
It was exactly this, thank you. I hope good things como to you.

File: images (58).jpg (17 KB, 225x350)
17 KB
hi anons, i'm looking for a character similar to her, i remember seeing a similar girl in the interneT
similar in what way?
Tsukasa from Lucky Star? Not a lot to go off of.
is too similar to her, I remember seeing a similar character several times, but when I look for images of momoko I don't find so many in Google or in safebooru, I'm thinking that probably I saw another character

File: comfy.png (362 KB, 680x504)
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362 KB PNG
comfy images, like this
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File: vending_machine.png (1.3 MB, 909x1269)
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1.3 MB PNG
File: 1453058867374.gif (327 KB, 834x870)
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327 KB GIF
File: 1446560474945.gif (342 KB, 666x386)
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342 KB GIF
File: 1448927370075.gif (555 KB, 400x276)
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555 KB GIF
File: 1452825929379.png (978 KB, 567x960)
978 KB
978 KB PNG

Does anyone have this book in pdf? need it for school but libgen/our libraries are clueless about it :)

File: Fancy S.png (775 KB, 1393x2645)
775 KB
775 KB PNG
There was a series of WebM's that I want. They're all about astrological arithmetic and stuff, like comparing star and planet sizes. They've got no sound, and are organized in "chapters". They're stylized to look like old computer monitors with blue graphics and text.
I need all of these. I need to use them for a personal project

File: Untitled.png (1.02 MB, 1920x1080)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
I remembered a webm of SA task force getting ambushed synced with die antwood, if anyone knows about it pls do post, just for nostalgia
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYoHWFoE9Q4 original video of the webm

File: tiktokshitmusic.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1920)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
Anyone know what the song is on this video? I tried to Shazam it to no avail.


Could someone with a wechat account make an account on this site?
and paste me all of the links listed on this page?
You need to enter some group or whatever to get a code you need for registering and I can't make a wechat account. Simply posting the code here would probably be enough as well and I'll just make my own account.

Recommend me a manga that could blackpill me
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Being blackpilled doesn't only refer to how robots define it. It is commonly used to refer nihilistic outlook in a subject matter. It's a terminology which has its roots from Mencius Moldbug's blogposts which were pretty popular on the Internet at one point.
>I don't really know how mahjong is played so I might struggle reading it.
Mahjong only sows up in Part 3 of Kaiji.
Really? I thought its entirely about mahjong like how 3gatsu is to shogi
File: Kaiji Tylor.webm (2.45 MB, 640x478)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB WEBM
Mahjong only appears in the third arc of Kaiji so you can read the 1st/2nd arc (or watch the anime) to see how you like it. As for Buraiden Gai, I personally think it's not one of his best work but someone else I know thinks it is fantastic, it's only around 40 chapters so you might as well give it a shot.

Akagi and Ten is all about Mahjong, Kaiji is about a man trying to escape debt through gambling. The gambles are all pretty original and range from restricted rock paper scissors (where everyone has a set number of R/P/S they can play) to even a form of pachinko in the 2nd arc.
Kaiji is a mix of modifed traditional games of chances with a twist (like Rock-Paper-Scissors or Pachinko) and original games (like E-Card). They are fairly easy to understand and don't have many complicated rules.

I'm looking to watch an anime about a life on the countryside
Non non biyori
Highly recommend

Also adding Silver Spoon.
Natsume Yuujinchou, but it's on the Japanese countryside
File: 115.jpg (504 KB, 3840x1080)
504 KB
504 KB JPG

File: Image That Doesn't Fade.jpg (96 KB, 736x1102)
96 KB
Requesting her outfit to be changed to Shimakaze's from Kantai Collection, please.
I would prefer for it to be the damaged version that i'll show below, but if you shop on the original, the damage can always be added later.
Also, don't feel like you have to do all of it at once.

Here's a version at a higher resolution if you want to use it, but uploading it here fades the colour, so please upload it through Catbox if you use this instead:
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File: file.png (524 KB, 1183x1653)
524 KB
524 KB PNG
Hi bros. Had some questions about the ring and dual ring network topologies. Are these two valid diagrams for examples of a LAN utilizing these topologies? From my understanding, this kind of network does not require any switches and routers, rather, just a connection between the hosts. Is that correct?
File: file.png (450 KB, 1233x781)
450 KB
450 KB PNG
Also, would this be a valid intranet in combining these two LANS?

Why would a switch or router be needed in a ring where every node has exactly one incoming and one outgoing connection?
The exact positive thing of the ring is that it is easy and simple, traded off by long circulation time and possible loss of token.
When only having one port you would need a hub on each computer though.
>Why would a switch or router be needed in a ring where every node has exactly one incoming and one outgoing connection?
Just like with every other network,
>so that you can have more than one subnet.

Like wifi, token ring saturates beyond a certain number of stations because only one host can be transmitting on each subnet.
>The exact positive thing of the ring is that it is easy and simple, traded off by long circulation time and possible loss of token.
To elaborate, it's easy enough to split a double ring into subnets, you just cut it in two places, put a switch in one of them, and a pair of loopbacks in the other.

Manga and Anime with this feel?
If you just want a sort of warm, cozy family story (or at least people acting like a big loving family), then: Maid Dragon, Aria, Non Non Biyori.
I'll also recommend Tokyo Godfathers and Sangatsu no Lion. Maybe Haibane Renmei, too. They're not about doting on a child, but their themes generally focus on the warmth of family, whether they're blood-related or not. Highly recommend watching Tokyo Godfathers sometime between now and Christmas for best effect.
Maou-sama, Retry also has a sort of comfy family with a doting dad feeling to it, but it's more of a guilty pleasure for me, so I separated it from the other recommendations. It's not great, but I ended up enjoying it mostly for the father/daughter and parent/children aspect it manages to develop.
I love Haibane, thanks for the recs

File: Puffait.jpg (108 KB, 600x600)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
I was asked to figure out a video game for my sister-in-law for Christmas. I don't really play games, but apparently it was assumed I do.
I'd describe her as more of a casual gamer; I've only ever seen her playing Skyrim. Do you know of any similar games that might be worth looking into? Fallout isn't an option. My brother (her husband) already owns 3, NV, & 4, and I don't believe she has any interest in playing those. I think she prefers the fantasy nature of Skyrim. She uses an Xbox One.
Pic unrelated, of course.
Skyrim is a bit of a one of its kind...
Maybe Kingdom of Amalur would be an idea, there was a remaster but I don't know if it's for Xbox One. It's very colourful and has a nice fantasy setting.
That seems worth looking into. Looks like there's a fair amount of character customization, which I think she'd like.
Fable series I guess, Outer Worlds, Witcher series, Dragons Dogma, Mass Effect follows the RPG stuff though it's a shooter
It doesn't have the same customisation like Skyrim, you can choose between a few faces, hairstyles and accessoires, I think. It's also very long and has a lot of quests.

Hi, so, the show from pic related is releasing a movie this month and I'm planning to livestream it, in which places can I advertise my livestream? Already checked the subreddit and their discord, it doesn't look they allow self promotion
Most likely you will be taken down if you are going to broadcast a copyrighted material
Use cytube if you just want to watch stuff with a clique of close friends
I know, I already have that covered up, what I'm looking for are communities and webpages where I can advertirse It.
Hilda's getting a movie already?
I swear that show only came out recently. 2 Seasons or something?

As for the livestream, aren't there any fan sites you can get in touch with to promote it? Failing that, then post about it on /co/ I guess.
There's probably a section on reddit or discord where you could get away with posting it

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