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File: 345345223768.jpg (62 KB, 1000x563)
62 KB
Need anime recommendations. Why did my thread get deleted.
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It's one autist
What's with the filenames?
I have 2 guesses ,
1 he is actually retarded and he thinks of these on his own
2 these are references to something in the anime
This whole chart
Well >>1007647 just posted what I was going to recommend so.... No point listing them all now.

Does anybody know what type of mushroom this is, or whether what happened in this image is really possible?

File: Dark Mist.jpg (127 KB, 800x800)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
I’m looking for someone to purchase and upload .pkg and .rap files of the English version of The Depths of Darkness DLC for Dark Mist.

It can only be obtained from select PlayStation Stores in Asian regions (i.e. Singapore, Hungary, etc.). It’s not available on NoPayStation, and I need someone to archive it before the PlayStation Store shuts down.
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I'm looking for any kind of replybait like "your mom will die in her sleep" and such

Thank /wsr/

File: photocollageshroomjack.png (1.63 MB, 1400x1904)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB PNG
Well, Anon?
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The hope is that you take the hint and stop spamming it
wojaks were a mistake. they're fucking worse than anything could ever be
It's just the soi ones with the weird gaping mouths that annoy me. Ones like this are fine. I genuinely don't get why a face drawn on a mushroom can bother you so much, and I'm the type of person that gets triggered by almost everything.
I'm not the one posting it. get over it, /wsr/ has a culture
P.S. however I agree this thread is basically spam. OP needs to be requesting something for it to belong on this board.
/wsr/ having culture and this Wojak being forced and spammed aren't contradictions

File: tenor.gif (458 KB, 220x239)
458 KB
458 KB GIF
I am desperately searching for a gif of Gangnam Style that has a transparent background. Unfortunately, it seems I'm the only person to ever want this. Included a plausible gif to turn into this. Huge shoutout to anyone who makes it
File: ezgif.com-gif-maker6.gif (399 KB, 220x239)
399 KB
399 KB GIF
nevermind my gf made this lol
File: Chief.gif (398 KB, 220x239)
398 KB
398 KB GIF

File: Capture.png (14 KB, 537x262)
14 KB
Could anyone please help with this problem?
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Thanks for the help everyone. Trying to work it out now.
Since f and g are inverse to each other, "the fact that f(1) = 12" is implicitly telling us the value of g(12). There's no need to solve complicated stuff nor guess anything.
you just guessed the value of g(12) by putting 1 in f(x)
"the fact that f(1)=12" is not an established fact it is one you are pulling out of nowhere because it seems to fit
Sorry, everyone. Have about 5 minutes left to submit this but wasn't able to figure it out. Appreciate all the help. gonna save this page and look more into it soon.
Welp got the answer last second but didn't count towards the grade haha. Final answer was 1/10

File: 156666777778.png (2.93 MB, 1200x1200)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB PNG
Make me LMAO at your best meme from this picture.
File: 52cjvk.jpg (64 KB, 563x500)
64 KB
Very based.

File: 1590952220208.png (442 B, 22x24)
442 B
442 B PNG
what is this chrome extension called?
you better say thank you, OP

File: 1617987310076.jpg (57 KB, 750x731)
57 KB
How can I turn mkv (anime) into mp3 in batch? VLC keeps turning the audio into random noise, and it also just bugs constantly so I'd preferably use something else. I'm also too retarded to use ffmpeg, I don't even get how to install it.
So what alternatives do I have to convert mkv into mp3 files in batch?
I will look into both.
This one worked, thanks but how do I keep the filename? the interface is really shitty and it just changed all the name to sound1
>So what alternatives do I have to convert mkv into mp3 files in batch?
use ffmpeg and get over your silly fears

File: 87769612_p0.jpg (1.59 MB, 1191x1684)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB JPG
I am writing a motivation letter for an undergraduate Genetics/Biotechnology course in a university somewhere in a country in Eastern Europe that is also a member state of EU..
Is it considered acceptable or is it a taboo to cite that my primary motivation for studying the said course is my views on supporting Eugenics?
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OP here, just to clarify, I'm not >>1007342
and I simply believe that no parent should experience the pain of having to raise a genetically disabled child, considering the emotional investment that it requires and the lifetime opportunity costs (financial and medical resources, the latter which is important especially in this pandemic) that it comes with.
>no parent should experience the pain of having to raise a genetically disabled child
This is very true. Godspeed, anon.
>I simply believe that no parent should experience the pain of having to raise a genetically disabled child,
OP, the term is "genetic counselling". It means exactly the same thing as "eugenics", but because it's a different word, imbeciles like >>1007460 don't shit their pants.
genius. thank god for euphemisms.
Holy Based. Do it, anon.

File: AI.png (563 KB, 759x517)
563 KB
563 KB PNG
Need someone with Dain AI (or any program that uses AI to convert 15-30fps videos into 60fps) to help me smooth out an old animation I found online.
Just post it
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Bm9aF3Xb6E It's really choppy but surely it could look at least a little better.
How long does it usually take?
how much longer until the AI starts making the original anime?

Cute vintage pics like this
Try the "Similar images" on the side.
File: Beatrice_Cenci.png (812 KB, 580x760)
812 KB
812 KB PNG

Are there any cool anime or movies that feature the F22?

Fate/Zero has one episode where one of the characters hijacks an F16 and has a pretty much episode-long fight with another, which is probably as close as you're gonna get. It's covered in black though, so I guess you can pretend...?
not an /n/ autismo, but I gotta admit, that's a sleek looking plane...

File: file.png (1.45 MB, 1000x618)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB PNG
This is a relatively obscure recut of a TV anime directed by Hideaki Anno of Neon Genesis Evangelion fame. In fact, Anno himself personally did this recut, condensing the series down to 6 hours. It was only released on VHS and laserdisc, though a fan project to splice the dub into it exists and is on youtube.
Now, if that exists, surely some subtitles exist, but I cannot find them.
This recut isn't even listed on nyaa to my knowledge, it doesn't have a MAL page, I can't find it on AniDB, it has an Anilist page of all things, and there is a torrent on AB... but it's raw.
If anyone has the subtitles for this film trilogy, please provide them. I am working on recutting the subtitles, but it'd save tons of time and effort if someone had them, as there is no way they don't exist. The existence of a fan edit of the recut with the dub inserted is proof enough, surely somewhere out there the sub files exist. But I can't find them on any sub repository I used.
>by Hideaki Anno
stopped reading right there
Isn't that the anime of Shinji in a drag
File: 1614573151387.webm (870 KB, 1080x720)
870 KB
Please... answer the question

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