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What are some good download links for RWBY, non-torrent if possible please.
Seconding this please.

Anyone have any good quality download links for the Last Airbender and LoK, please? Mega if possible.

Anybody know good sites to download pdfs? Trying to get a pdf of the book of miracles, a 17th century manuscript of apocalyptic art but every download link I find just wants me to pay for their shitty subscription to unlock downloading

File: 7e0.jpg (37 KB, 820x713)
37 KB
anyone got the 18 year old twitch full live stream of the killing spree that went popular the other day

although I hate frogs
shooting @12:50
why dose it cut out at 13:31 ?
was that when he got banned?
if you have the hole shooting post it
>was that when he got banned?
that's the whole stream
do you have the 180-page manifesto ?

File: 1566789948302.jpg (82 KB, 823x510)
82 KB
Image limit reached on old thread,
Continued from >>1151156 >>1181567 >>1189280
let's keep the magic going.
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File: Bob.jpg (280 KB, 735x907)
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280 KB JPG
File: Pokehorror.png (2.37 MB, 1568x6378)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB PNG
File: vp sex story.png (55 KB, 686x286)
55 KB
File: osborn.png (94 KB, 1072x351)
94 KB

any historically accurate anime/ movies/ games/ TV shows about japan? personally enjoyed
>Rurouni Kenshin
bonus points if it's set in the Sengoku peroid
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File: 1652356408192.jpg (143 KB, 1242x914)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Please post images that mock mods/janitors
File: IMG_20211129_002651-1.jpg (501 KB, 828x1305)
501 KB
501 KB JPG

File: Burger Kang.png (219 KB, 1000x1000)
219 KB
219 KB PNG
Requesting the infamous 'Socialist Kiss' airbrushed onto this. Multiple edits appreciated.
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nobody asked
Nobody askedn't.
is that what zoomers call photoshop now?
I don't like using brand names generically.

Recommend a cheap 75 USD range mini PC preferably one listed for used on eBay. I've never purchased one so I dont know what to look for. I want a dedicated PC for playing retro games on a Linux OS. Maybe everything up to the Dreamcast if possible. PS2 might be a big stretch. Maybe 8gb ram as a minimum requirement but I think I'd be good with 4gb for retro games.

This is the OS I plan using.

Originally I wanted to buy a SNES but they are too pricey and the screen output sucks without mods. Building a retropie was my first idea but purchasing Raspberry Pi is not possible.
Look for a NUC or laptop with the specs you want.
how come you can't get a pi? have no recommendations, sorry
All the US stores that carry them say they are sold out.
I'll look up what a "NUC" is. I'm currently using some really old HP laptop. I think it's a Pavillion G6. But it's kinda large and has its issues. I can probably strip it down to just the motherboard make it smaller.

What are some anime or shows about an untalented mc? Seems like most anime have mc who has some kind of talent or special power, or that are weak but later on get better. So i want to watch something about someone utterly talentelss
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Welcome to the NHK
Paranoia Agent
But Kaiji is actually good at gambling. He just doesn't have nearly as much plot armor as most protagonists
bc he's still a golden heart loser
>>1208211 i planned on watch ousama ranking
also i don't know if this is usefull but the mc of shinsekai yori has the same special powers as any human
Doesn't that just describe a ton of slice of life, drama, or romance anime.
The strongest disciple Kenichi
Although the anime tried to cram about 500 chapters in to 26 episodes, so i'd heavily advise against watching the series and instead read it. manga also has quite some tasty uncensored art

I need pictures of a hairy lollypop or ones picked up from the ground. I think I saw one in a show like flapjack but I don't really remember.

File: image.png (332 KB, 500x614)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
Looking for an old german PDF outlining the training routine of the Waffen SS.
Thank you in advance
fuck off glownigger
thanks, real helpful, nigga
i know the pdf is somewhere out there, i've read it before but unfortunately didnt save

File: xinyan_gym_wear.png (1.09 MB, 1292x1200)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
Can someone split the two Xinyans into two separate pics? After splitting this image, I'd like the white border effect to be replicated but for the other half of the body. Like you know how the Xinyan's body is mostly on an orange background, but also pops out into the white space? I'd like the same effect for both the left and right Xinyan after the image has been split in two. Also, I'd like non-sweaty and sweaty versions. Sweaty Xinyan should have some smell clouds where sweat might normally accumulate or whatever you call that faint haze that you see in drawings to indicate a musky smell, especially around her armpits. Finally, get rid of the artist's signature and watermark. I want to turn these two poses into my phone home and lock screens.
You had me till the sweat fetish. Have the two normal versions anyway
Cool, thanks. I'll wait for someone else to post the sweaty versions.

Hello /br/os,

I have a plane ticket to Brazil in July, however I’m not vaccinated. On April 22nd, the Brazilian government announced an end to “health emergency” within 30 days, which means it should end the 22nd of May...

Are there any legal nerds here which can help me figure out whether or not the vaccine requirements are regulated by this health emergency? If so, will I be able to enter Brazil unvaccinated after July the 22nd?

>Inb4 take the fucking shot
Fuck off with your globohomo microchip-juice
Correction: I meant May 22nd
>Inb4 take the fucking shot
I mean it's not like they didn't tell you this would happen.

Guys where do 4chan archives go to there certain photo trying to find hoping its archived
Could you say that again, but in English?
>Guys where do 4chan archives go
to hell

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