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File: dg2.jpg (156 KB, 1024x683)
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156 KB JPG
Looking for a link to these 2;

File: hat.jpg (22 KB, 402x409)
22 KB
What is the name of this type of hat?

File: 0qp2trvn.jpg (46 KB, 487x562)
46 KB
whats the name of the girl and youtuber with neonazi ideology that some years ago caused such a boom here on 4chan?

I dont remember her channel, but some videos of herself reading some Nazi stuff. Her channel was closed 2 times I guess and then she moved to twitter, no?

Any clues?
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not at all. I've remembered that after some time, It was discovered that she wasnt a real nazi after all. She did those kind of videos because of her boyfriend, who was a real neonazi.

Once she broke with him, she found another boyfriend and he was a communist, so all her twitter propaganda was so far-leftist.
File: Lauren_Southern.jpg (827 KB, 1365x1904)
827 KB
827 KB JPG
Is it the one who made a video singing "happy birthday" to a shrine of Hitler?

File: thread watch.png (423 B, 18x18)
423 B
423 B PNG
can any codefag tell me how to change the color of this thing (if possible)
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File: sad pepe.png (65 KB, 1092x1037)
65 KB

i don't use mobile so idk. It works on pc though. Even ones that weren't updated for 4channel you can usually make them work just by going into stylish and adding boards.4channel.org and 4channel.org to the domains.
np. thanks anyways :)
heres the ones i like the most in addition to the red one i gave you
theres even one that lets you use the halloween theme that they use at the end of october whenever you want.
very nice, anon.

File: 1592460030780.gif (24 KB, 204x200)
24 KB
Where is the best site to download vidya music?
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I can't believe this site is still up and regularly maintained all these years later, I used to download Mario music from there during middle school over 10 years ago
zophar.net is pretty good

Does anybody remember a song from a rhythm game That became a meme?
It was a very fast and melodic song
It had “Nights” in the title and there used to be funny edits of it on YouTube (Billy Mays one called “Pitchman Nights”, Keyboard Cat edit) and people would even cover it on guitar which was impressive.

tl;dr Rhythm game song with “Nights” in the title that was fast and hard
Never mind it was called “Night of Nights,”
Still can’t find any of the edits tho
Try using ナイト・オブ・ナイツ in your search.

File: 23a.jpg (27 KB, 500x375)
27 KB
Ok, so i wanted to apply a patch to wizardry for DS, but this shit doesnt work at all
>patch is in delta instead of xdelta
>xdelta patcher doesnt work
>tried to download the same version of the program he mentioned and it didnt work
>tried to rename delta to xdelta but still failure
I have done this shit before and it isnt hard, can anyone here help? is there a way to "hardpatch" a rom?

TL;DR: help me apply a translation on a NDS rom
translation: https://www.romhacking.net/translations/2679/
rom: https://romsmania.cc/download/roms/nintendo-ds/4469-wizardry-inochi-no-kusabi-jp-high-road-238010
I don't know much about delta cuz i only use ips, but try gbatemp https://gbatemp.net/threads/4469-wizardry-seimei-no-kusabi.400275/

Where can I watch anime with fan-made subs? I heard a couple of people say that horriblesubs don’t do fan made anymore

anyhoos, given what CR pay their staff, you're basically getting fan-made subs anyway.
Lurk moar.
File: 1590033148448.jpg (1.35 MB, 1800x1778)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB JPG
Anime Shinigami, although most are in Italian you'll find a few in English. Some fag from /m/ even helped on two titles (me).

File: superfast.jpg (18 KB, 480x360)
18 KB
Does anyone have the uncensored version of the Boyz-n-the-Hood by Dynamite Hack? Amazon, Spotify, etc. are all censored.

File: 1601157509627[1].jpg (171 KB, 800x1183)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
Can someone with a Baidu account download the books here? I've wasted over 6 hours trying to make an account with no success.

I got Baidu, I can do it later
File: 0╖Γ├µ.jpg (431 KB, 960x1280)
431 KB
431 KB JPG
Seems to be one book for the baidu link.
Very simple, just go to the cloud baidu register here https://login.bce.baidu.com/?lang=en and go to pan baidu and you'll have your number like your username. Just remember put your password before log out.

File: original.jpg (433 KB, 932x420)
433 KB
433 KB JPG
Anyone know the song used in this video?

Is there any musical anime? When I say "musical," I don't just mean the presence of original songs. I mean that each of the songs either advances the plot or informs us about the character or setting. Preferably, these songs would be non-diegetic.

Don't respond with stage musicals based on anime. Respond with anime that functions as a musical.

Pic related. Frozen is a musical. I would also consider the first Toy Story a musical, because even though the songs are sung by a narrator, they're sung from the perspective of one of the characters.
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Not a whole series, but Space Dandy had a great musical episode.
>In musicals, the fact that the characters are singing and dancing is not something that tends to be a part of the story or the universe.
Yet all the musicals where they are (Blues Brothers, Buffy, The Wicker Man) are fantastically good.
Well that does describe Macross well, not so much RahXephon although music is the main motif.
OP here. You hit the nail on the head.

I loved that episode.

In the Buffy episode, the songs were written as though they were non-diegetic, even though there was an explanation in-universe that they were real. That happens a lot in comedic musicals.
>In the Buffy episode, the songs were written as though they were non-diegetic
I don't understand what you're saying.

The guy sings
>They got the mustard out
And everyone in the magic shop sees him doing it and remarks upon it.

File: coffee.png (7 KB, 223x226)
7 KB
Its been a dream of mine to start up a small comic book series, and potentially launch it towards something in which I can make some sort of revenue or living off of it.
Anyone know where to start?
>where to start?
By starting drawing.
>launch it
That is possible. Now with Internet anyone can publish anything.
>revenue or living off of it
Chances are astronomically low. Be realistic anon. It's never going to be more than a hobby.
That's all I wanted to here
Im pretty sure you make a prototype and go to a publisher with it. you don't need to be able to draw it as long as you are able to storyboard the characters/plot and pay someone to draw it for you. Posting it on the internet or webtoon can help gain traction - it doesnt even really have to be that good, webtoon takes anything. however, make sure it's colored and conisder etting more writers in. you cannot possibly be expected to single handedly come up with all that plot.

be weary of people who are only willing to make a quick buck off of your idea. make sure you are always 51% in control of the book. dont be sweet talked into making a stupid decision

File: download.jpg (8 KB, 201x251)
8 KB
I am 24 and have 40k in crypto. Last month I had 100k, whoops. I graduated civil engineering worked 2 yr in dc and hated life. Moved to CA beginning 2020 to serve tables and try CA.

I want to enter programming field. Looks like data scientist would be fun. 0 programming skill. I can pay for an expensive boot camp with crypto or go to somewhere cheap like mexico and spend 1k/mo hodling crypto and learning.

I cant get job serving tables or in civil engineering no jobs and unemployment is gone. HODL crypto and hope it 10x again, move to mexico and self learn or buy expensive boot camp with crypto. Or other ideas?
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File: 1479596109183.gif (3.22 MB, 491x704)
3.22 MB
3.22 MB GIF
Meetups have been weird, did a couple of the meetup.com things in nyc and my anxiety was too strong. Are you talking about linking up with like minded people? I didn't bother, joined a couple year 2-3 orgs and it was fine. Didn't get options until the current one, but it was more about the experience before.

In terms of creating an "enthusiast resume" just figure out a thing you want to build, doesn't matter how stupid.
>Discord bot that posts a pepe meme every time coin X moves +/- X% in a certain period
>db of twitter posts from select list of users
>Dashboard showing realtime precipitation (with historic data) outside sergey's house
>Basic bitch coin lookup db monitoring market cap over time

Get into it, let your 4ch autism and tech junkie shit push you through it and during an interview when they ask about personal projects your obvious interest in the art will carry you. Big HR is trash, but most smaller startups do a good job of recognizing interest/drive and personal projects that require technical aptitude run the table.

No I was just talking about job markets. I got a good picture from your insight... Gracias sir.
>speaks spanish
>not huwyte
multiple threads rn with good info


tl;dr do it faggot
programming isn't the long-game. learn the ropes for a couple of years so you got the foundation but try to move into management/strategy/finance if you can.

I've been programming for 7 years and recently got a "Head of <department>" title (nets me $250k/yr) and own a side company (nets me $50k/yr).

programming is a cost-center for companies, you want to be closer to the revenue-center.

File: 200118-2.jpg (532 KB, 1092x1560)
532 KB
532 KB JPG
Can someone please send me an AvistaZ invite? wreneet@protonmail.com
Sending invites to randos on public forums is a bannable offense on every single private tracker worth anything. You will never get an invite. Now fuck off.

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