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File: Capture.png (10 KB, 1123x137)
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Hello I'm taking a C++ class and the professor asked us to write a template function exactly like pic related but with any type instead of int. When I add a template<typename T> in front of it and change all instances of "int" to "T", I get an error about vector<T>::iterator in the argument. How do I fix this?
will you tell us what the error is
Yeah, here is how I'm writing it
The error says there's a missing typename in the function argument
File: Capture.png (12 KB, 1175x159)
12 KB
OK so apparently all i had to do was write "typename" like this

Yes. It's a dependent type, so as far as the compiler is concerned it's not a fixed type.
ah i was wondering how to deal with that
i was trying to fix it by editing the template statement something like
template<typename T, typename vector<T>::iterator
based on a similar problem someone was having on stack exchange

File: 1574186582088.gif (3.77 MB, 238x178)
3.77 MB
3.77 MB GIF
Can someone post this nazi dude but without Greta pls
Found it no thanks to 4channel
You're welcome.

I'm looking for a comprehensive book on Japanese history that deals from the Meiji Renovation to today. I'd like it to be chronological (as much as can be) and not to deal with any particular topic/person but rather with that time period as a whole, to give me an in-depth introduction (I am already familiar with many, many things).

Reason I'm asking is that I began reading sections of the Routledge Handbook and the thematical, non-chronological approach did not really fit me, although I assimilated fairly well the huge amount of very specific information.

Ever since I was a kid I've fallen in love with a fairly niche yet powerful genre, the genre being the "evil" protagonist. It's extremely hard to find ANYTHING enjoyable that's done in this style but when it's done right it's amazing. I wanna dedicate this thread to it as well as look for other animes that fall under this category(doesn't have to be an anime)
overlord if you havnt read it (the light novels are brilliant)
Yes I've heard of it before although I never knew it fell under the category, thanks anon, ill def look into it.
chronicle, not an anime but a really good movie
That's a good ass movie
How is Death Note niche? It's one of the most entry level anime.

If you want anti-hero stuff, I'd recommend Hellsing Ultimate (anime). If you're okay with visual novels, go to VNDB and include the tag "antihero protagonist" under visual novel filters. Also might want to set the language to English, and exclude shit like netorare or whatever.

File: download.jpg (9 KB, 261x193)
9 KB
I have never read a book in my life. Recommend non fiction (especially useful stuff) pls. Thanks in advance

File: download.jpg (6 KB, 200x200)
6 KB
How can I write a program to count the number of threads posted everyday to a specific board?
too many

>find first post with 0 replies
>get ID -> thread-828670.split('-')[1] -> 828670
>after 24 hours do same
>compare IDs (id2 - id1 = number of newthreads)

easiest way to run script would be headless browser and use windows to schedule your script
or if you visit board everyday at same time, maybe tampermonkey would be easier
or something else depending on your choice of programming language
- search on archive for "only opening posts", "between X date and Y date"
- "R results found"
- posts per day = R/(Y-X)

For example, last January, /wsr/ had 90 threads per day.

File: lonely and horny.jpg (50 KB, 970x545)
50 KB
the likelihood of anyone being identify this song based on the details I am about to give are very low, but I am going to ask it because it is killing me that I cannot remember the name of it.

the only details that I can vaguely remember are.
>it might be the same kind of music genre as bittersweet symphony.
>the song has a part with a piano/violin (I honestly do not even know what instrument it is exactly) that goes like, "dundun, dundun, dundundun."
These details are vague and I do not expect anyone to be able to figure it out, but it is killing me that I cannot remember it (or anything else about the song), and it is one of those songs that when you hear the beat you will know what it is.
I just remembered something.
I think, like 60% sure, it is a gorillza song.
holy shit it is god dammit.

a side question, what is the instrument that is making the noise at around 52 seconds in?
Sounds like a midi synth on "steel drum" or similar.

File: 1578503621834.png (89 KB, 314x338)
89 KB
I bought a midi to usb cable in order to play synthesia. But it does not work, what the hell? I have an old yamaha keyboard(15 years old). What could be the problem here? Do I need a more expensive cable? Do I need an interface?
Most that I could think of would be a problem with the driver, you downloaded a driver for the midi cable right?
no. Doesn't windows take care of that?
Can Windows see your device? Do you have the right device selected (in Synthesia or Windows)?

Should be this model : https://www.jolicloset.com/fr/marques-femme/gucci/accessoires-femme/foulards/echarpe--23474?fbclid=IwAR3m68ApJYe9Vm5tqzPJWxK-jO2qgcV4re1rnv3jO1KGA5_HW2MNQrnKzMU
2 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Where did you find it?
Don't matter. You should not be wearing one in the first place unless you are a metrosexual.
On the ground, in the street.
I don't wanna wear it, I wanna sell it.
The label looks shitty and Gucci doesn't do anything shitty. The stitching is shit and the name is off center. I say it's fake.

Does anyone have that one jojo hftf meme with Dio “before I stop time, does anyone want to admit they have a crush on me”

File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (21 KB, 1280x720)
21 KB

I'm trying to find the song name from this post, though someone did reply with the song name and linked a youtube video URL, but the video is private and i cannot find source, i figured id get a quicker reponse here, anybody know?
i'm retarded, i didn't format the post correctly

Huh, so webm files there have metadata? Useful.
you can also use a program like ExifTool or similar
PNG files can also have metadata btw (but it is removed for jpeg files)
different versions:

File: Screenshot (27).png (4 KB, 107x107)
4 KB
Does anyone have this picture? I used to use it as a pfp but I lost the file

Well is my first time in here and im from need to see if these images contain something in the metadata, theres a weird faggot in /b/ that spam all the day some shitty quality images from a old web forum of a cartoon and the faggot started to say weird shit about cp in the photos
File: 1590555989470.jpg (58 KB, 701x701)
58 KB

you have one minute to draw julius
File: julius.png (3 KB, 200x200)
3 KB
here u go

File: 1436311222974.gif (997 KB, 450x253)
997 KB
997 KB GIF
Need manga, light novels, and anime with MCs that are
>sad and/or angry
>bitter and jaded
>tired of living
>have one thing keeping them going
>willing to do anything for that one thing
>optional: hide their sadness/madness
Two series that I have enjoyed with MCs like this are Helck and Darker than Black.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Alice in borderlands maybe
Ichi+ Ichi the killer
Tokyo Ghoul

Haibane Renmei
Helck was amazing. Berserk was amazing but it differs slightly from MC personality.

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