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File: 4chan st patricks day.png (229 KB, 1571x672)
229 KB
229 KB PNG
Test # 10: Someday Is Special Third Time, Incredible Clam Day
>Whoa! st patricks day!1!!11! :DDDD
Previous Test [Archive]
Test # 1 is finished (Respects Anon)
Test # 2 is finished (Based by /s4s/)
Test # 3 is Finished (Very Beautiful)
Test # 4 is Finished (Helpers Anon)
Test # 5 is Finished (Helpers MisterShu)
Test # 6 is Finished (Thanks help again MisterShu)

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File: Other Land.png (48 KB, 1571x672)
48 KB
�Unknown Comic Part # 3�
Yaay finally other Island!1!!1
Time adventure begin!!1!11
File: Land boi bruh lol.png (54 KB, 1571x672)
54 KB
�Unknown Comic Part # 4�
Peace palace arena here...
Time making house!!1!!1
Remember Anon...
MisterShu Time Up now is 12 a.m is sleep
there is a lot of trouble busy end 12 a.m is It's very important Mistershu is asleep
And now finally i need one live up find secretf Islnad who used this Anon help find one live up
Anon what i need a plan to find secret Live up Life continue...
Anon this Mission End find problay i guess...
�Unknown Comic Part # 5�
Hello Anon that house uhh that not house i guess and go fishing food wait maybe..

I know that Gen 6 GTS was shut down. Is there anyway I can still put a pokemon up for trade, exit XY, put in my ORAS cartridge, do a trade, then trade back for a trade evolution?
If it requires a private server, how do I get into one of those?

I have a very specific issue. I'm on Fedora Linux (though I believe distro is irrelevant in this case) running the awesome window manager, and I want to be able to capture windows from different workspaces ("tags") at once, but apparently awesomewm (and every other window manager) will unmap windows that are not visible, meaning that OBS can only capture things from the workspace you are on. Is there any way to change this behaviour? It works just fine in every desktop environment I've tried it in, so what is it that makes it work that's missing here?
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Please recommend a bank for me. I’ve been using chime for a few years and am starting to want a “real bank” now that I’m older and have more money.

I need a bank that’s crypto-friendly, I.e., won’t send me an automated email saying that they’re closing my account because I bought Bitcoin on Coinbase or something stupid.

I already have a CC with capital one, do you reckon their 360 checking account is any good?
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why don't you just call a bank and ask about the crypto policy before setting up an account
I don't like talking on the phone becuase I'm shy lol
then do it irl lol
I'm just asking for recommendations for a good bank
I've been using Bank of America. I have no complaints.

File: wwiicolour.jpg (10 KB, 302x167)
10 KB
trying to find ost for "world war 2 in colour" by De Wolfe that is not youtube or other service (just mp3s or other format). thanks.
Why are you such an autist? Copy link from youtube, yt1s, convert to mp3 and download
File: 1623546133030.gif (1.37 MB, 175x175)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB GIF
Not everyone is as brilliant or as technically capable as you, anon. I know; Have a seat and try to wrap your head around that concept for a while. Take your time.
There's a reason why /wsr/ exists; Because everyone has different skills and capabilities and, when we work together at accomplishing our goals, shit gets done.

File: 1675634652121222.png (98 KB, 657x527)
98 KB
I'm looking for a comic strip I once had saved from 4chan but now can't find ANYWHERE.
It's black and white and possibly from the Mafalda series (?). Basically a little girl is walking and accidentally a bucket of black paint above her head gets spilled all over her, understandably making her frown, but she then sees a banner saying something like REMEMBER, TODAY IS WORLD SMILE DAY!, and in the final scene you see her making a BIG smile through it.

I loved it so much so I'd be super thankful if anyone of you still had it and posted it for me!

Anybody know where I can find this shit? I've been looking literally everywhere and I can't find where to see and download this

Reality Bleed-Through (2008) by edgelord Jimmy ScreamerClauz
Ayy thanks senpai appreciate it

File: pvt0h42w8lvx.jpg (84 KB, 1280x800)
84 KB
There's a fat, older lady that used to get posted a lot on /fit/ and /adv/ i think, who talked about a subtle "power" men have, that most of them don't realize.
I vaguely remember watching some of her videos when I was a neet and had no opportunity to apply them at all. Now that I can, I'm blanking on what her channel was. or what her main point even was. She got most of it from this one book too, which I also can't remember the title of, lol. Any help is appreciated.
ask 100 girls out, even with a 99% failure rate you still get one
take the math pill
Once upon a time, before social media, I saw a dude walking up to every single girl he saw and asking "wanna bump uglies?", then moving on. The question only lasted a second, but if you try enough eventually you'll have success
This her?
She mentions some books in the description.

File: download.jpg (13 KB, 275x183)
13 KB
it isnt called what the youtube video says, cant find another yt video with it or anything in google
its an Faith Hill - Breathe dnb edit, but all the other yt versions always cut off, i wanna find the song in full

File: FLSsJQZVQAAJNrg.jpg (81 KB, 540x530)
81 KB
post the best bait memes

File: Tarhan 4.jpg (177 KB, 2662x2236)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
If you're bored, improve on this design.

File: 9nt4uoppx8x41.jpg (935 KB, 2048x2048)
935 KB
935 KB JPG
looking for pics of black girls cosplaying rei from evangelion

File: vegeta sick burn.png (294 KB, 965x864)
294 KB
294 KB PNG
requesting as many 4chan screenshots as you have, the older the better. I'll take whatever. building an archive.
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File: 1594309487973.png (389 KB, 2558x726)
389 KB
389 KB PNG
I don't get it
It didn't take a while.
File: divide and conquer.png (59 KB, 952x778)
59 KB

File: Risitas.png (273 KB, 879x496)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
I have a request that i can't do myself, as i am pretty bad at things like that....But who could paste the face (on the right) on the red little man face (who's on the left) ? Thanks in advance.
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Shameful Bump, please...

File: 1679036194783697.jpg (110 KB, 750x1000)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
I have never watched any anime in my life. However, it's quite a big phenomenon, and everyone seems to really be into it, especially on this anime website. I've only read a few mangas and played a few visual novels, but I've never watched any anime. For someone new, what do (You) recommend? And where can I watch it for free?
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>you don't have to write and rewrite disk space
Allow me to introduce myself.
Browser cache is stored in RAM anon, which is storage designed to be rewritten over tens of thousands of times. Hard drives are not designed like this, except for the ones designed for surveillance cameras
>Hard drives are not designed like this
Yes they are, all the various colours of hard disk are purely marketing.
>RAM anon, which is storage designed to be rewritten over tens of thousands of times
RAM actually forgets its entire contents 16 times a second, and needs to be rewritten tens of thousands of times an hour.
>all the various colours of hard disk are purely marketing
The colors maybe, depends on the company producing them. But hard drives produced for use as video storage, are usually designed to be more like RAM than regular hard drives. They replaced cassette tapes, which were used due to the ease of rewriting
>hard drives produced for use as video storage, are usually designed to be more like RAM than regular hard drives
In what way, anon?

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