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File: 1679261519818274.webm (2.55 MB, 288x360)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB WEBM
Is there such a thing as a mobile gacha with good (meaning; deeper than the average mobile trash) gameplay focused on strategy, such as a TD or a turn based tactic game?
I tried a couple like girls frontline back in the day but it all felt very underwhelming, I want the weebshit but does it really mean all the budget needs to go to the waifu tits and nothing else?

webm not related, but that's the only mobile related pic I have on hand
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How's asphalt 8 these days btw?
What is this fetish called? I need to see more, preferably with anime whores.
this looks fun
>Is there such a thing as a mobile gacha with good gameplay
Um no?

Pre registration for Wuthering Waves has gone live. Any Expectations? Worries? Discuss

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So according to /pgr/ the mass firing was a lie and it was taken from the profile of one random person not working at Kuro anymore.
Really? I looked at the current thread and saw nothing. I do believe it's a lie either way.
Too many Chink names.
Mihoyo always did Euro regions first for the global audience.
Cant wait for kuro turn based game next
>prequel Bakery Girl
You mean a sequel of GFL2
Prequel that isn't actually a prequel is PNC

File: 1680168283835015.png (293 KB, 600x400)
293 KB
293 KB PNG
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1st challenge out. Just auto with a friend Tabit.
it's an easy peasy one anwyay Barrel just raped him
Something this hot should be illegal

satan's thread >>1164666 on its way out
homosexuals are NOT welcome.

post funny AR
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atziluth should get their p4s first, fuck angels they can get theirs at the same time as sisters
havent touched the game since gozu-tennoh. is meta any different at all or is it still demezeus/bulwark shenanigans
didn't realize how much affinity decrease demons trivialize the last hell park battle
beat king frost in the first round with odinA and hagen
It's the same
It's pretty much the same, but add Kalki, Tiamat A and a few others popping out from time to time.

I’ve paid like £30 on asphalt 9 (mainly be a I liked the last game and the current one).
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> this shit looks like they just photoshopped traced eyes onto the characters
They probably aren’t good at drawing eyes. Nevertheless she looks cute
I paid for Planescape Torment and full version of Exiled Kingdoms and Occidental Heroes and a few other games.
I will absolutely not buy any coins/crystals/any other shit that's designed to keep siphoning money from me.
Jesus I thought I was bad, makes me feel a bit better about my 1-2k
I don't understand the appeal gacha games have for so many people.
When i see a game with 3-5 stars at cards i immediately consider it a complete garbage. I understood that after playing fire emblem heroes for 1 week.

Maybe being a medium class person in a third world country make me value my money. The most i paid for games should be something like 4 dolars at clash royale.

Now i just support games that are REALLY free, like buriedbornes.
First you have the freetards, who don't care that the collection of 20+ games on their phones have zero gameplay. As long as they get to unlock everything after 5000 hours of grinding, they feel like chads for not having to pay a single cent, even though they could've spent that time and diligence earning money to buy real games.
On the other side of the spectrum, you have the salary men, who can't spare much time on hobbies, but can drop some coin every so often. Gacha allow them to feel they achieve something while not having them do much. It's like a doll house to continuously beautify, and to admire what you already have.
Both enjoy the long term attachment - they log in regularly and the game greets them warmly, it shows off what they unlocked, gives out gifts, and invites to do more.

File: Girlfriend.jpg (112 KB, 826x1169)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Our Thread revives.

As of today:
Final Episode of Nanasuta
More Daily 1x Rolls
New Karakuri singles out song
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File: 17YearsOld.jpg (566 KB, 1969x1527)
566 KB
566 KB JPG
17 Year Old Mama is so proud of her 17 Year Old Daughter, and her adopted 17 Year Old Daughters.
The girls speak.


another sex robot to add in my collection

File: 1653314683896373.jpg (352 KB, 1079x1440)
352 KB
352 KB JPG
Mighty Doom is out.
What weapon are you maining?
What armor are you picking?
What abilities are you picking?
You haven't spent any money have you?
Thoughts so far?
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Whenever you unlock a new level it seems it tells you what items you can get from it, I would recommend taking note of that since I can't see where you can check that later.
I used them on the golden slayer, may used some to unlock weapon skins
I like it but the way the difficulty ramps ups and with those 3 daily events levels, it's as if is just better to do only those until you can power through the next level.

Right now I am stuck at level 7, while I can pretty much breeze through the others, it feels like I should just do those daily events, until I can do the same with the next one and so on, especially since those 3 levels give me 5-6K coins, while the others barely 5K or 4K for more effort.
Is this a fucking stg?
Mecha zombie is bullshit

File: 1608799974007.jpg (144 KB, 1061x1500)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
The new annual system has been revealed. I already hate it. It feels more like a new Wondrous Pouch minigame than the next-in-line after SI, furn, and engraving.
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dead game
File: 1624072096658.png (17 KB, 150x261)
17 KB
Reminder that dim exchange opens in 2 weeks. Stop spending currencies. Try to hit cap by next week. If you hit cap this week, only do single cheap purchases like dust, fodder, or garrison so that you can hit cap again 7 days from now. Good luck to you new scrubs trying to get double dims for the first time.
>aAthalia just sorta replaces AThane
You can try to wear them out. On my server there are 5 whales left playing and I managed to wear them out to the point where all they do is finish their dailies in arena and are done for afterwards.

The daily diamonds start to add up over time too.

File: DORANANA.png (1.08 MB, 1920x974)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
Hopefully the reset happens soon, Proxies! Once the game emerges from its Cocoon hibernation, will it become Space Leaper: Monarch?
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Can't even start the new event. I just get an error code "Error_26104". It sucks the little forum thing they had back in cocoon is gone, it was easier to send bug reports through that. Couldn't get a cs agent so I'll just try again later.
no word yet as far as i've seen

they've been fairly responsive to bug reports on the official discord at least
I love Doris so much. She cute.
doris loves you too proxy!
File: 20220914_161118.png (282 KB, 414x453)
282 KB
282 KB PNG
i just noticed that they took regina and monni out of stages
but i'm really glad to finally see this little gremlin vibin on my team instead

File: Dark Ash Dragon.png (63 KB, 225x225)
63 KB
What's the best dragon breeding game?
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Why does a dragon have hair? Why is it wearing clothes? God I hate these type of designs.

This actually looks cool, I'll try.
lets try a bump

File: eFootball2023.png (1.88 MB, 1422x800)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB PNG
Does anyone here play mobile football games?
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100 day thread.
Rookie numbers, gotta pump those numbers way up.
Making a good stadium takes a lot of effort. Converting some model is easy, but filling it with details and crowds so it doesn't feel empty is the hard part.
With the autism people already put in for testing the formations and for PES in general, that shouldn't be too much.
only if there's existing models for us to port into pes, creating new models is way harder to do

old thread died

new banner is out with 2nd form Cell and super saiyan adult Trunks
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>lose in LBR once because i lacked a necessary millisecond of Hit unique gauge to finish timeskip with ultimate

i want to go skydiving with no parachute
Hope you didn't use blast cards during that cause that eats up too much time.
I just started playing when the Anni started, and I pulled Goku/Frieza, Jiren and I recently pulled UL Hit as well. Should I save up CCs or should I keep going for dupes for Limit Breaking? I've never played this game before so i'm honestly unsure if I should be prioritizing dupes or getting the unit in the first place
knowing is half the battle… i had green red yellow yellow starting off. maybe i can at least hit my usual 9-1
you can only bring 3-6 units into a pvp match so what do you think is ultimately better? collecting most or all characters is for those who spend a lot on the game or are casual and still probably spend

File: judCXGa4SXRAZ3Lmjaosf.jpg (625 KB, 2048x1531)
625 KB
625 KB JPG
For a while now redeeming a google gift card has only been possible for a few countries that have google support. What about the people living in countries that also want to make use of google gift cards that they received as gifts or that they purchased themselves, but are not able to redeem. This due to them not living in a country that has Google gift cards or because they have a gift card of the same currency but due to not living in the country of purchase they are unable to redeem. This cannot continue on like this. Things need to change. We need to come together and try to make this change possible. So I ask of you please sign this petition and share it with others, so we can be the change.
>scammers need an easier time redeeming stolen gift cards
I thought you goons re-sold those?
not my problem
Treat it like a blessing in disguise. At least your people won't be gambling their already worthless currency away on gacha jpegs.

LR Bulma is best unit in the game. EoS soon. How are you coping?
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File: mcc.png (161 KB, 372x265)
161 KB
161 KB PNG
Place your bets!
DaTruthDT wins.
i like Toyo's goku since he has gamer neck like me
File: 1685834516423.jpg (148 KB, 1280x723)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
Dokkan was NOT even among the top 10 most profitable mobile games during golden week. It's fucking OVER for OG DB KEKS. Mogged by fucking Super 17.
how the fuck is PAD still viable, that was the only game I whaled on and there was nothing to care about whatsoever update wise when I just forgot my account password
in what world are people still paying money for it when there's no new crossovers/cards/mechanics?

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