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Which is the better service?
The one that doesn’t have Google in its name
apple has exclusive games
File: 1584590550788.jpg (19 KB, 308x308)
19 KB
>paying for a subscription
>for phone games
Apple of course

Sent from my iPhone
Without exclusives, google. Because you also get some book and video deals and you can use it on better phones. But at the end of the day its for gaming and whichever has more games...

File: file.png (1.98 MB, 1920x1080)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB PNG
You all laughed at me.
I waited silently and patiently.
I knew my man would get freed one day.
Who's laughing now?????
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I'm already too far behind and starting over is just painful. I can only hope that SE has a change of heart and reopen global.
It's easy as hell to start over in this game the way it is right now. You are delusional to think they will pay someone to voice 2 chapters and several animated cutscenes again. Global was just some play money for the rest of the original.
Sure getting back into it might be easy but there's so many events, limited characters, equipment, and such that I already missed over the years that it feels like it's not worth going back.
They've incorporated things people missed into weekend events and the reruns are generous. It's really not that hard but I can understand I guess. Just throw the chance of them putting global back up in the coffin .
Is it me or is roger really over powered with vanguard and some acc? He reminds me of that ffbe character but with damage.

File: DYLily.jpg (274 KB, 1280x720)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
Did you roll DYLily? How far are you into the game? Have you beaten LVolk? Looking forward to the story? How are your festivities going?
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File: 1618271199290.png (41 KB, 350x275)
41 KB

File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (144 KB, 1280x720)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
Have you ever seen something with potential get killed off because of needless drama within the company that nearly finished the game?
>pic related

File: 1616876898506.jpg (24 KB, 400x400)
24 KB
abstain shitty boomer card games like solitaire, i'm looking for a modern card mobile game like magic, hearthstone or gwent but singleplayer
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Night of the Full Moon is pretty good.
f2p for a bunch of decks. There's 2-3 pretty interesting ones you can buy.
It's not THAT deep compared to the competitive card games. But it's a pretty fun, relaxing one to play. But if you're looking to play 5D chess, it's probably not the game for you.
Oh, by a bunch it's more accurate to say 4-5 decks.
Phantom Rose Scarlet is legit fun without being gated for $$$$

File: Counterside-image.png (650 KB, 1000x494)
650 KB
650 KB PNG
Has anyone played this during CBT? How is it?
I tried it. Didn't really like it since it has live pvp so its a huge skip for me.
Lmao, cock and ball torture.
It was like epic seven visually but instead of being turn based it has characters moving around. Not like it matter much it play the same.

I like editing the ship as your main vehicle. Each team has one and you use car, tanks, or airships. They can be edited and modified as well

What are ya

And don't tell me you haven't maxed out your summon boards yet!

Friend codes and form: https://pastebin.com/ACwcyqEs (embed)

Infographics and Guides:

Upcoming Events:

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Check this out https://ffootip.com/forecast
File: DFFOO-timeline.jpg (2.62 MB, 4150x1625)
2.62 MB
2.62 MB JPG
This one's a bit outdated by now, but Golbez and Hope are the main attractions, with Shadow, Laguna, Vivi, and Thancred on there too. It's looking to be a much easier grind, especially for GL since we have Vivi's LD (which I'm not sure if they'll rerun). Even with Auto+, farming Ramuhwith a dude with the longest animations in the game, a tank, and a bunch of outdated supports was a real chore.
Diabolos was way worse I didn't even finish it.
Ramuh was done in 2 days with some macro to auto repeat.
Emperor's LD animation may be long but the damage makes up for the time used
I got Golbez and Hope ready for the most part, so i'll only be needing their LDs (couldn't get Hope's when it arrived. Guess i'll have Vivi as third wheel.

File: Breakout Clone.png (51 KB, 480x480)
51 KB
need it or keep it?
File: proxy-image.jpg (50 KB, 780x438)
50 KB

File: 1603689638017.jpg (239 KB, 960x960)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
I've been out of the mobile game market for a while and I'm getting that awful itch again.
If you could, please weigh in on what you know.
Which of these games is the least bullshit? I don't necessarily mean the one with the fairest gacha rates either.
Since I'm on an Android I can't get FTL. It would solve my problem as that game is great, but alas.
I played Summoner's War quite a bit about 4 years ago but then I started needing specific units and I didn't like going into chat and begging to join the whatever dungeons that only allow 20 people in so I could get that white wolf to carry me through what I assume was the beginning of the middle game.
I played Brave Exvius, but luckily not a lot as I hear the rates are fucking awful. But that's about what I'm looking for. I loved the look of it, hated the exploration, it's a damn mobile game, just let me swipe through screens.
How's Raid: Shadow Legends?
The name tells me it's some nothing korean copy/paste that got lucky and caught on. Like what the hell is the Raid part? What the hell is a Shadow Legend?
And since KanColle isn't english I don't wanna fuck with all the extra crap I would need to do.
Which mobile isn't TOTAL bullshit?
Games that are single player mostly. Animal Crossing is ok. Converted flash games like Sonny are good. If you want to play anything competitive your only choices are obscure card games or paying out the wazoo for gacha merges.

I'm playing this you fuckers

Dragon Quest Tactics Mobile
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good job anon. keep it up.
i really like the graphics for this game desu
should i just do story for now? dont want to bother with events just yet
Story completion will net you a bunch of items and allies for normal battle roads, but you only get a fraction of event tokens compared to do event stages, which can give you 2-5x the amount you spend in stamina per stage.
I'd love to play it too, but it just keeps fucking crashing every time I open it up.
everyone posts on /dqg/. stars didn't get any traction here either.

you're far better off just joining the dragon quest and DQT discords. hell that actually holds true for every game on this dead fucking board.

is also available on pc! If your phone can't run it give it a shot on your computer
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CCP-approved version is up for pre-download. I make no promises.

File: 88784345_p0.jpg (820 KB, 1400x2845)
820 KB
820 KB JPG
File: 89068363_p6.jpg (628 KB, 1510x2187)
628 KB
628 KB JPG
Mutsumi streching
File: Just illusion.jpg (796 KB, 1088x1920)
796 KB
796 KB JPG
File: 84190279_p0.png (893 KB, 1000x1000)
893 KB
893 KB PNG
>Tsukasa swimsuit

I started playing this game, and it was great, I was loving it.
Castle management,
Turn based,
Squad management,
Job system with a TON of classes to choose from.

The lineage concept was great with you choosing the right or royal partners to get strong offspring...

But then I finished the story,
And I hit the grind,
And my main character got old and had to retire.

Is there anything else like this autistic medieval eugenics simulator?
It was so close in a bunch of ways to the perfect game.

File: impossiblegame.png (58 KB, 300x300)
58 KB
So is it dead now?
The mobile version has been dead more or less since cataclysm. Also 2.2 will come on first quarter 2022, perhaps.
Love this game. Really fun and some of the stuff the community does is insane, should be appreciated more

So most mobile games have this same flaw that drives me crazy. It's a flaw to me anyways. If it's a gacha game then you'll definitely be switching out characters with other characters all the time, and the MC is always useless. I played this one game years ago where the MC was locked into the party, and leveled up differently to the gacha draws. I need more like that. I actually want to get invested in a character, and not feel like I'm going to replace them with the power creep.

Any suggestions?
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The MC in Granblue Fantasy is locked in party and is very important to the team build
Buriedbornes is good. It has roguelite elements, but you can unlock permanent upgrades that let you customize the base abilities of each class.
Granblue. Now we're talking. How does one get the app on their phone? I don't really want to deal with the browser version.
The app is essentially a wrapper. The game is web-based.
I got it through QooApp. I'm enjoying it so far

File: 9_59.png (1.03 MB, 1138x640)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
Previous thread: >>194623

Last thread died. So here's a new one. Dead week. Nothing interesting to discuss. Just some average banners and a collab event. Also Lilly is best girl. El Psy Kongroo.
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I discovered the existence of this game yesterday and am interested in trying out some hentai gatcha games (I suppose it means the version released by Nutaku for this game) to see if they can pull their weight, but I actually like well rounded characters, so sell me on the protagonists.
What do they do?
It's true there is a lot of NTR and rape?
Does Iroha (I suppose she's the main girl) get slowly corrupted?
the number of scenes that can be tagged as cheating/NTR are like 5

as for rape there is too many to count

scenes involving shota/loli have a high chance of being censored though

since all 3 shota scenes that have come up so far have been censored

demon tower Aka
nymph Aka
reindeer Seira

there will be future scenes where it involves loli versions of the girls(Iroha,Akisa,Eliza) so be aware of that

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
How were the Shota scenes censored? Onsen Nymph Aka has shota, and it looks fine as far as I can tell.
tower Aka was very minor just removed 1 line if I remember correctly

onsen Aka makes mention of child in her dialogue you can hear her say "kodomo" but don't see it in the dialogue, didn't do an in depth check though so I don't know if there are was anything else

the worst censorship was reindeer Seira
half the scene had to be rewritten into something else

here's an uncensored translation >>387880
compare it with the one in game
The other anon pretty much explained everything. You didn't ask about mechanics or gacha so I'll omit those.
If you're interested in the protagonists I can tell you some things without spoiling too much. From a hentai standpoint the 12 girls fill diferent fetishes (loli, femdom, corruption, gyaru, cosplay, masturbation).
From a personality standpoint they are also pretty varied in the usual cliches (genki, diligent girl, tsundere, kudere, otaku, tomboy, gyaru again). They have their twists however (like in madoka their magical girl transformations are manifestations of their shadow self). Each girl has some deep trauma or obsession that allows her to transform. The story and bond scenes explain them in detail if you're curious.
Their scenes and dresses are usually related to these. As an example Seira fills the diligent prim and proper student but her sex scenes usually involve degradation and corruption. Lilly looks like the slut gyaru type but her prefered scenes (when she's not getting raped) are of tender lovemaking. Some are more straightforward. Marianne is a degen otaku so her scenes tend to imitate the eroges she plays all day.There are exceptions and every girl gets her vanilla time but if you look close enough you can see the patterns. Funnily enough Iroha has one of the less varied scene roster in my opinion. She fills the vanilla type role. Some scenes get her forced but not to the extremes other girls endure (yet). But like Hanabi it's only a matter of time she gets some.
And yeah there's lot of rape. Parallel worlds mean there can be failure states where the girls lose and get broken completely without compromising the story as a whole. Also it makes the events and collabs easier to explain. You can check the demon tower scenes and some events for those bad end type scenes. There's a torrent with pretty much every scene >>394253

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