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Ok bros is offline android games officially over.? Most of the good offline games were made 2014-2016 after that almost all of the games were either soulless or cash drain.
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Yes and most of the good ones are created pre/2016 but after that it's soulless money grabbers not for the sole purpose giving entertainment
I'd say 2016 was the moment when devs stopped making fun soulful games and now all they care about is lining their pockets the laziest way possible. It's over.
Not really there are still good games out there
Yes, there are less than 10 good offline android/iOS games. The only thing worth playing on phones are emulated games. This has always been the case.
> 100% free, not pay2win
> 100% offline
> constantly updated
> unlimited replayability potential

Is this actually legit? I love QB but I ignored this shit when it dropped because 5000% discount!!!! thrown everywhere screamed scam. But it's somehow still around. Anyone play it?
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looks like they reverse the no trials on returning characters. Maybe they have face backlash of the update.
They returned the arrival exchange, but the tickets no longer reset daily. We'll just get 10 tickets for the entire event.
ccleaner deleted all my browser cookies and now my "progress" since launch is gone
not even upset at this point, wish i quit myself sooner
looks like the voyage event is here to stay so that's how you can get duplicates now because of the universal shard. Also I'm to invested already and you can get ultimate summon pearls on exchange tab.
You need on average 400 pearls for a single copy of an U warrior.

Play the anime with aespa

KARINA https://mobile.twitter.com/Epic7Twt/status/1592351684008632320
GISELLE https://mobile.twitter.com/Epic7Twt/status/1592351690807648257
WINTER https://mobile.twitter.com/Epic7Twt/status/1592351691248177152
NINGNING https://mobile.twitter.com/Epic7Twt/status/1592351690866544640
Since there is a thread for it here I wanted to ask if any of you guys know if there is a site where I can download particular skins of characters from the game, one NPC namely?
File: 1668485535940165.webm (1.64 MB, 1280x720)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB WEBM
The model viewer exists
how is enjoyable is the game despite being a money skimmer.

File: grand chase global.png (801 KB, 961x542)
801 KB
801 KB PNG
Play GrandChase mobile
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Top right you mean??
yes, i did mean top right
the genericness of that image fucked with my ability to tell sides apart
fuck kog, i'll never forgive kog
Did they fix Lime status immunity bullshit? If not the game is not even worth looking at.
Pretty sure Lime is next to irrelevant now since there are more options than her.

File: 6_카라라트리.png (906 KB, 738x1024)
906 KB
906 KB PNG
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Are there limited units or is everything available after release?
the collab units generally dont show up again, but everything else can be picked up.
The only limit is the new units arnt put in the random draw, just their specific draw on release, then are added to the random ones next update.
Normally new childs join the random summon pools after their event ends, but for collaborative events, like the recent Guilty Gear collab, they don't get added. The only way to get more of those guys after the events is by using HoR to produce duplicates of childs you already have.
Thanks, that explains why my first pull was a summer unit.
Like a quarter of the units in the game are from seasonal and holiday events. Expect to see a lot of Christmas and Valentine themed childs.

File: u228oblliv2a1.jpg (31 KB, 450x493)
31 KB
trash low effort and low production value garbage deserves nothing but quick death
it is as god wills
From surprise hit to an EoS thread that won't even break 10 comments. RIP and I'll miss Sachi
>get greedy
>nerf gacha rates
>suddenly people stop playing

File: 1668766482996.jpg (307 KB, 900x1500)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
Who is best looking Honkai girl?

File: 1639281490738.jpg (10 KB, 512x269)
10 KB
Will we ever get a decent emulator? google play beta and windows 11 are super limited, all other emulators on the market, memu, mumu, ld player, nox, etc, are chink shit that want to steal from you
Can you run APKs on google play beta?
It's been in a SOON™ state since the same month of last year where I live
no, and some games are funny, they say it can run honkai and genshin, but you are redirected to download the PC client for those games
Fuck, that's what I feared
Drastic, PPSSPP are my go to emus for psp and ds games on android. Heard Citra for 3da might be a good one too but never tried it.
Android Emulators. As in running Android Apps on a Windows/Mac/Linux computer.

Buy a Chromebook or Chromebox. You can run Android Apps on Chrome OS. Arm based systems are better for running Android Apps compared to Intel/AMD based systems.

File: Palatinus_Equinox.png (1.32 MB, 1198x1151)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
Imagine having dozens of waifus to choose as your favourite and picking the blonde bimbo bitch who'se written as a mary sue and acted as the villain's loyal bitch. Durandal fans have the worst fucking taste
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Going to start this game. What am I in for?
Lesbians and convoluted time loop/ multiverse plot clusterfuck that you probably won't make sense out of unless you autistically lap up every plot points including the ones from.the side material.
File: 93195441_p0.jpg (1.34 MB, 1609x3630)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG
For me, it's Carole
Who cares about that? she's fucking hot, if you don't have balls you won't like her, simple as that.

File: hatchiyack.jpg (698 KB, 1704x2272)
698 KB
698 KB JPG
Hatchiyack is a big guy
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he's talking about credit cards
What card is she talking about bros
pokemon cards
Bio Broly coming soon

File: cunnyarcher.jpg (356 KB, 1200x630)
356 KB
356 KB JPG
This is your random and comfy coc thread, good to have it once in a while since they literally keep dying, other supercell goyms are welcome too
What's new for those who haven't logged in for some time
>hammer jam event with 10 more days to go, 50% off on everything in the home village including walls, no upgrade time reduction so high th bros get fucked
>next update somewhere in october, barracks removed, only one will be left of each type, training of troops and spells will be available when upgrading but with 50% longer timers
>th15 coming soon, either october with the barrack update or later, pack it up boys, we are going home
>you will never be maxed and you will like it
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The other anon is right. I'm in legends and the only times I've been tripled by Edrags have been from max'd TH 15 going against my "recent" TH 14. Even then it's just barely with the number of troops or time.
File: 1630101854537.png (282 KB, 418x497)
282 KB
282 KB PNG
I recently hit town hall 7, how do I figure out which clan I should join? I'm still pretty new to the game but I could really use a clan. I only have about 1k trophies but I think I can climb up the ranks a bit if I spend more time attacking.
Go to clan search and filter by your nation / clan trophy count, you're lower so your clan will be lower but do that and keep hopping around until you find one that's friendly/ on the come up .

You could also go to leddit too or some other coc community site to find one.
>if have frens
join frens clan, comfy
>if no frens low th
there are a ton of req and leave clans where people will donate you shit, when you get a little stronger you can look for a decent clan
>if no frens low th and want to say longer
join a random clan, there are 4chan clans too, set your profile to accept invites and you will find something, just leech troops from normies and get all the benefits of high lvl/high league clan, by the time you hit max th10 you will farm a lot of CWL medals, then join another clan
Do you recommend using the tag system when searching for clans? Don't know if it's good or bad to find clans with certain tags.

>tfw no frens
Also how many 4chan clans are there, and are they hard to join? I might just do what you said and drift around random clans to build up those medals, having a good record will definitely help me find better clans once I get to the higher town hall levels. I hope someday I can find a clan I can stay in long term and make lots of nice frens.

I want to go back
Asphalt 9 is better, though it’s still weird the rovino killed it’s own brand even though they really didn’t need to do it.
I’m guessing most of the games weren’t making enough money, they barely had any ads to begin with and it isn’t Mario kart.



God, this shit makes me go full Ltcorbis mode and give me a frustration induced desire to nuke the Middle East. The current Middle East server is just that the EU server tunneled thru Dubai. A proper Middle East server would benefit everyone. Players from that region would get better ping and their region teammates, while we get fellow Europeans we can communicate with.

And before you ask, PUBG Mobile doesn't have official controller support, which is why I hate controller fags so much.
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What the fuck you mean obscure? Can't tell if you're a Chink who discovered YouTube recently via a VPN or if you just don't watch YouTube that much, so everybody but MrBeast or PewDiePie is obscure.

I saw a NFKRZ video where he showed her insane anti sand nigger schizo grade spergout on Discord. I knew about her since 2016, because of Pyro covering her, but didn't watch any of her videos until recently out of curiosity. She was fairly well known back then.
yeah you're underage
Does your mom know you're posting here
Totally underage, yeah. Because kids today know what 4chan is.
You're definitely a Chink who recently discovered how to hop over the Great Firewall of China.
based offline

File: R.jpg (101 KB, 1500x1500)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
I recently got a Moto Power G as a gift and I'm actually quite impressed with it. You can pick it up on Ebay for less than 100 and it can emulate everything from NES to PSP and even certain PS2 and GC games. What phone are you gaming on?
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Pixel 5
I dont play a lot of games and like the design of the 5 more than the new Pixel phones
Will still buy one because I run GrapheneOS on it
Moto g power 2021. Smooth 30 fps on PS2 games. Not sure when it will start to struggle.
How long will it be until phones are able to emulate PS3 games comfortably?
S20 fe and iPad Pro m1 2021
Apple arcade is pretty underwhelming imo
> I hope the Japanese get it together soon and release something that's better than those two. Maybe if they'd support privacy and encryption outside of Silicon

Stop trying to larp and even pretend you care about that shit, all, and I mean all mobile gamers don’t care about le privacy, most mobile games are filled with pop up ads, and weird privacy policies you have to accept when you launch the game.
Go back to >>>/v/ and complain about trannies over there.

File: 3824792834.jpg (386 KB, 600x600)
386 KB
386 KB JPG
One month left, so let's have one last thread before the End of Service on October 27th.

So far what has been your favorite song in the game?
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File: 1647121608905.jpg (177 KB, 837x1024)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
Stretch goals are finally getting announced tomorrow at 20 JST
There we go.
They're about to reach 600% of the original stretch goal. Have they announced anything new?
Not much, I'm afraid. Thanks to reaching 600% they're adding a new game mode based on danmaku stages (whether that means we'll get danmaku gameplay separately from the rhythm gameplay remains to be seen) and if we reach 800% they'll also make a physical release for the switch, but considering how much the crowdfund has slowed down so far we'll be lucky to even reach 700%.
>Physical edition
>Nintendo switch
Gay and disappointing. I want physical editions for PC games again, not this shit.

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