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File: swords-girls-title[1].jpg (548 KB, 783x489)
548 KB
548 KB JPG
Is there any news on it? Can you play it outside of KR?
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Yeah Korean only. No English.
i can't play it then.
maybe i should check the fanmade computer launchers again.
All fanmade games already closed.
Anyone else just get infinite network error?
Yeah i can't play at all.

Berserk event is live once again. Who knows when or if this even will return due to the mangakas passing.

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>got a Huang Long from one of the 4*-5* summon files
Cool, I actually didn't have one.
File: thonk-thinking.gif (194 KB, 164x90)
194 KB
194 KB GIF
>unique Fire Amp
>innate Fire Survivor
>Master Assassin in purple
>transfer Fire Amp and Fire Enhancement
>next demon nullifies all elemental pierce effects
>Prometheus becomes meta
Any idea for deceit 12 auto if I don't have ashura, barong nor abbadon a?
Also no hl

File: download.jpg (4 KB, 224x224)
4 KB
Old thread is 2 threads from deletion so making a new one.

Ill start out with this

Just got a tablet, 2021 amazon fire, got it specifically for a mobile bluetooth video station, and general video watching as many places drm fucks with my monitors. for what it is, its great, but i'm wondering if there are any games I can play on it.

specifically what i'm looking for is a game that I could realistically sink fuckloads of time into but not feel like im face grinding unless I pay and a card game that doesn't feel like unless I put money into it there is no hope of winning.

I would love rpgs, but somehow I dont think thats viable outside of emulation.
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that Requia Online game looked promising but the new player experience is atrocious, and the grind to get a fun deck is impossible.
File: a quick little idea.png (15 KB, 844x748)
15 KB
>I don't really play mobile games
i don't want to be too harsh, but that's pretty damn obvious. my advice is to play some top-rated endless runners and take a look at the little things they do to add polish. the ship feels weightless, sluggish, and slow.
pic related is a couple of ideas i thought of that could help, but don't take my word as law. come up with some ideas of your own, experiment, and find what feels right. remember, it's the little things that make a game feel polished.
even putting polish aside though, there's no real substance or draw to the game. there's no challenge, no variety, and no depth—and that means there's nothing for even a new player to learn.
and please, for the love of god, make the ship move much faster (even if only between planets) and severely reduce the number of ads.
Can somebody link me paste on how to pirate android game? I was using APKmania back in 2012. Now it seems like bad idea.
File: 1637250796563.jpg (37 KB, 670x670)
37 KB
Any Grand Strategy game that will make me think?
I like the artwork.

File: 1636558849414.jpg (46 KB, 720x405)
46 KB
season 9
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Day 2 predictions will be incredibly easy. Should be easy 300 points for those looking for jessie skin. Chinese teams will lose no question. Team flash is washed they will lose as well. Aphelion vs Zeta could have an upset but zeta is 1st japan seed vs 2nd latam seed so should be zeta
Heard some kids talking about brawlstars on the train. Guess mr beast shilling worked. One kid was explaining that you should auto aim by tapping when they're close to you.
Can somebody second these choices?
Yes, I follow Brawl esports closely and those picks are 100% correct.
I gave reasoning in post anyway. Chinese teams been playing game for less time (only 1year and a half compared to 4 years). They're the weakest region, everyone knows that. As for team flash, they're SEA monkeys and apparently they lost a bunch of scrims to other teams recently as well. They're a washed up team, the captain was a big player in worlds 2 years ago but they're nobodies now.

File: erinnnn.jpg (354 KB, 861x618)
354 KB
354 KB JPG
Manly rhythm game for manly people. Get in bros, Kaguya needs help!
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Good, if there are no new events before the month ends then I should be fine, I'm still missing Minoriko.
There we go, SR tickets doing their job.
Yuyuko is chewing!
File: file.png (1.97 MB, 1462x818)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB PNG
What now
Level uncap her for peak mogu mogu.

Happy Halloween dorks!
Jashin collab coming in soon! Also apparently we'll be getting a Va-11 Hall-A rerun in the future!

>But what about Ch13?
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I thought on that, but given how the game "locks" dolls in any kind of activity, I imagined it would be too hard to program, specially with GF spaghetti code
forget >>663670
if you just want coins for the collab items just deploy a dummy and end turn
File: 1634418770966.jpg (43 KB, 536x361)
43 KB
Oh yeah, forgot that the mission end rank rewards only affects medals, not coins
witch map is the ex farm map?
The one with the red marker/question mark

File: maxresdefault (2).jpg (115 KB, 1280x720)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Heyo, any idea about a mobile game that teaches how to speak to people/grills? (like something where interactions are realistic and give you ideas instead of "wow anon you're so kind for telling me hi!")
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File: thinkin.jpg (19 KB, 332x272)
19 KB
Not OP but sounds about interesting. Any paywalls?
Optional postgame endings(which are about 15-20 text boxes) which are mostly just to support the developer, and giving the girl glasses.

I wouldn't say it's a paywall to actual content as you can get the same effect with archived screenshots, the whole game is a very subjective narrative experience that isn't affected by the extra endings. It's like if fucking Nier Automata or BR2049 got extra endings, it doesn't change the core message and is more of a "oh cool" type of extra.

Play it if you're okay with taking your time, I recommend having a local library nearby to go through the books as you "read" them ingame for the ultra-hardcore mode.

Fair warning, don't play it if you have any kind of schizophrenic/paranoid delusions, I'm on antipsychotics myself and some moments still got through to me.
do NOT learn to talk to people from an anime game
Treat people like they're NPCs you have to take advantage of and you're good. As for women, they're biologically built to be dominated so feel free to grab them by the pussy straight away. These fags in this thread don't know how to socialize.
who is your target audience? children or 30 year old vrigins?

File: summer.jpg (2.15 MB, 4224x1584)
2.15 MB
2.15 MB JPG
Are you ready for summer?
News: https://got.cr/priconne-update
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Is there a spreadsheet with all the skill formulas?
any other one hit kill teams for vh boss that doesnt need limiteds?
Not confirmed by myself, but you can possibly put Nanaka instead of Karyl Summer, and Karyl Regular instead of Misaki Halloween.
Team comp is essentially all-magic, 2 girls with strong single-target Union Burst, 3 with Magic defense down, and healer.
damn i cant really fulfill those requirements. ill just have to two shot the boss this time around. cant test it much since its limited to one attempt per day
>EOP complaining about a game he can't read
Many such cases.

File: IMG_20211008_175153.jpg (559 KB, 1920x1080)
559 KB
559 KB JPG
Who your favorite tenshi character? Mine is the real tenshi, Shiro
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Free 5* guaranteed tickets when the post reaches 24625 RTs
Please cooperate
Do you mean free 4 star runes?
File: IMG_20211122_035044.jpg (70 KB, 1075x1080)
70 KB
Pshhh... Technicalities... Just give the guy his star rune.

Also, some theory thing about Dark Eleanor
>Decided to waste some more gems anyway
>Got Alize and dupe Epril instead
I'm happy and mad at the same time

File: pes2021_ogp.png (1.52 MB, 1200x630)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB PNG
Anyone here play PES mobile?
On a side note, would there be interest in this board to create team for 4chan Cup, the seasonal PES-tournament that is held between the boards of 4chan? Players usually consist of memes, people and characters related to its own board identity.
For example, here are some of my ideas for a possible team that represents the board:

>GK Not enough diamonds (for gacha games)
>Captain is Red from Angry Birds, due to him being an iconic symbol
>Hog Rider (Clash games)
>Nyagger (Mahjong Soul)
>Suggest a mobile game thread
>There's a message from the Devs (Genshin Impact, could be a GK)
>99% (Geometry Dash)
>AFK arena rep
>Cookie Run rep
>Burrito Bison

Also, other things that each team have are anthems (different songs for pre and post match is common), goal horns and chants. Horns can be for entire team or for certain players. Chants, meanwhile, are usually audio memes relating to things with the board.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
No thanks
Not really. Hell I still remember /4cg/ doing a half-assed "raid" for /vmg/ being voted in their circlejerk polls as "worst board". I love the 4CC but there's no culture here, less so if we just force it like with slower, less memey boards like /po/ or the /w/ boards.
Anthem should be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8OV270AyYk

File: BlazBlue-Dark-War-2.jpg (277 KB, 1125x1125)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
Next event soon, be sure to clear Story Mode.
Wiki: https://blazblue.wiki/wiki/BlazBlue_Alternative:_Dark_War
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So do 5 stars event grims have a limited time to be taken from the present box or something? I cleared all the event and am missing three homura grims like wtf fuck you shitkekd brain
Lambda looks really off without her mask
File: ragna.png (22 KB, 116x87)
22 KB
The Lambda event is almost over, do you think we will be getting a Christmas event?
Sure we'll do, specially since it's also Noel's birthday.
We really need a few more birthday events to be honest.

Any games like Persona, Nier: Automata, FE or MH?

Gacha's are alright with me, and hot girls are a plus.
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Are you okay with japanese navigation/studying jp?
My phone is too shitty for that...
Not really.
Persona might get a gacha this year.
i run that game with a 5 year old phone and its ok
It's optimized as fuck. It just looks flashy.

File: FA2N3H-VIAA2s0s.jpg (194 KB, 2048x1110)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
This thread is made for civil discussion about the JP server for Blue Archive.

Did you roll for Ako or are you saving for the NY banners? How is your Decagrammaton farming going?
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File: FFLTV4XaUAEzsHp.jpg (461 KB, 2168x1561)
461 KB
461 KB JPG
Hifumi and Nagisa doujins soon.
I want Nagisa to be happy and go play with the dumbos
I'm still looking for hifumi daisuki with vocal, someone post it on /vg/ around summer event
File: FFJlwRLUUAAPSdT.jpg (253 KB, 460x646)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
I want Mika to join them

File: edyoek5ztb081.jpg (273 KB, 1036x2236)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
Who you voting for?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Asphalt 9 deserves that title, even though it's ran by g*meloft
Also I have the game, it's pretty engaging
asphalt 9 is a great f2p game, compared to alot of other so-called f2p games *cough-phonedestroyer-cough*
Did they ever uncensor?
File: 20211124_120144.jpg (79 KB, 480x238)
79 KB
anyone summoned the new waifu yet?

>start playing this
>after at most an hour almost all the quests are 4h to 24h long
>think nothing of it
>see there's an event going on
>you have to buy in-game currencies with real money to gain event currencies and... play the event or you can't

How is this a "game"? It's not even about p2w vs f2p, but most of the game is literally just... paying EA money!?
File: IMG_20211109_171611.jpg (574 KB, 1581x1264)
574 KB
574 KB JPG
File: homer ushiromiya.png (426 KB, 450x450)
426 KB
426 KB PNG
I remember when there was a hacked apk of this like 7 years ago and you could get unlimited donuts. I had everything that was worth money.

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