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File: 1553567431371.png (1.89 MB, 1600x1345)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB PNG
Do any of you lads play it? Annie released recently.
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Megasonic and G.I Jazz are pretty decent defenders, but if you're defending, Heavy Metal and Dream Band are just the absolute best.
Epic Sax is probably the best offensive BB which is a shame since he's my favorite character, and my main in normal Skullgirls.
*which is a shame that there are so few good ones on offense
yeah, its a shame since he has some of the longest combo strings
I actually have G.I. and megasonic, but they felt underwelming on offense so i stopped investing lol
Fuck where do I farm xp? It gets boring doing the same node over and over and prize fights take too long to get a decent longshot
Also should I buy the 1.5k or the 5k Annie relics?
This too, most just say prize fights but it seems to give the same amount of xp like any other map.

File: wp-1483960282004.png (1.51 MB, 997x1490)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB PNG
Is there a single decent mobile picross?
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You already posted the best.
Picross Luna is kinda ass, unless you play it on a tablet/have a huge screen.
Is this good?
>Konami Pixel Puzzle
I finally 100%ed it, but the last 20% was a huge slog.

File: 1603645807068.jpg (230 KB, 1200x800)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
Stop playing sexy anime gacha games
I can't, my husubando is too sexy

File: call-of-duty-mobile.jpg (296 KB, 1200x675)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
>Last thread maxed out, so here you go
Anything you wanna talk about, as long as it's CoD Mobille related
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because a newfag took the /vmg/ name for a new clan and then stopped playing the game
nerf echos and PDW
fuck you fag, PDW is the most fun gun in the game
the PDW is one of the most unbalanced smgs in the game. It should atleast have an ammo capacity nerf.
No wonder I wasn't getting accepted.

File: 1602995041068.png (553 KB, 1024x576)
553 KB
553 KB PNG
>tfw (You) will never be as cute as Shiori.
Suffering in the Yoshino event and waiting for Natsumi.
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he stopped playing a long time ago, like a fucking nigger
Don't blame me but the game bro. I would have been lost on what to do after EXing my Kotori anyways. Anything requiring co-op like Sharam can suck my cock with how shitty the servers are.
Yeah I mean not like there's keepsakes, dates and other stuff there I guess
File: magic plank.png (232 KB, 664x443)
232 KB
232 KB PNG
I'm glad you liked it
>I'm pretty sure kotori isn't that stacked.
I think I used Kurumi's chest to do the left tit but forgot to edit it, I think the right tit is like the original portrait
ooh bonus natsumi

File: miributt.png (657 KB, 867x574)
657 KB
657 KB PNG
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Do the 5k gem summon and get some gems, devs did a typo and didn't bother to fix it
The Isolet one? I think I'll pass then.
It also works with All-in-one special summon x10. If you have some extra tickets lying around, it's basically free rubies.
Third coupon
Is 15k ruby for a soulstone ticket a good deal?

File: dude GLEX lmao.jpg (613 KB, 1920x1080)
613 KB
613 KB JPG
a toast
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Well that or the Enhancement mats, that place has a chance of dropping those too. It takes 8 A class Enhancement mats to reach max level of an A class weapon before evolution, 14 for an S.
Awesome, thanks.
I agree
I'm tired of farming for stats
No you aren't, back to the mines with you
File: 1583129809426.jpg (503 KB, 1378x2048)
503 KB
503 KB JPG

File: WITCH-TITS.jpg (597 KB, 1296x719)
597 KB
597 KB JPG
It's almost time to drain your orbs and maybe your balls DOWN TO ZERO.
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>spiritual pressure
anon you might want to sit down for this...
hybrid builds are honestly underrated, especially for the best NAD character in the game
oof you got absolutely destroyed anon, rip.
>I just realized there’s like 20 free characters from the medal exchange that I haven’t maxed for orbs yet
>Halloween is next week
>no news or updates
Witches it is I guess.

File: meidoren.jpg (347 KB, 1900x1900)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
Game is dead but at least Ren is still a qt.
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According to Wikipedia, TW also kicked the bucket last week. What a shame.
Is this the genderbend game?
File: EZQl9FmU0AEEueZ.jpg (70 KB, 680x481)
70 KB
Wish at least they do something else with the IP, there's not really that many IPs with a genderswapped MC that isn't porn.

Since Sega remembered Phantasy Star after shutting down Sega Heroes just as Silver The Hedgehog and Yakuza characters were being added... could Shinning Forces get a coomer game? I could use a centaur or bird woman wife!
If you have been paying attention to the franchise as of late, they have practically already gone in this direction. See Shining Resonance Refrain. Personally, I just want a rerelease of Shining Force CD and the Shining Force 3 trilogy, since I didn't get the opportunity to play these and I don't like to pirate games. I mean to how many platforms can you port Shining Force 1 and 2, and Shining in the Darkness without touching the rest of the franchise?
Its really a shame. I played through a good chunk of Forces 1 and honestly I love how fantastical the world is. Between this and Capcom abandoning Breath of Fire its a disgraced. And no we don’t need another mobile Breath of Fire game... ever!

File: ae.jpg (795 KB, 2880x1532)
795 KB
795 KB JPG
JP live stream soon
what are your hopes?
leak says Persona 5 part 2 and Hismena AS
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Yes, though Gariyu is worse than everyone. I blame autism
They can dye their hair you know. Shannon dyed hers pink.
Pretty sure Melody is their sister, since the name and all.
New player here
Which unit should I choose as the first free one?
Basic Tips
1. Eat the Feinne's sandwich. You can get another full heal item every time you visit an inn if you don't have one.
2. The choice of free characters in the beginning doesn't really matter. They are all 3-4 stars characters, which are very easy to pull. In case you care about it, Bivette is the best choice. You can upgrade her to 5 star after finishing her special side story (same go for Miyu and Ciel but it's harder to upgrade them).
3. There're buttons that allow you to get extra chronos stones everyday by watching ads. One is in the top left of the menu and the other one is in the purchasing interface. Better click them since this game is kinda stingy.
4. Do Persona 5 collab side story once you can. It give you some very good stuff for beginners. Especially the collab characters, they are decent even to veterans.
another tip is learning how to reserve units in battle to regen health/mp. you can put multiple units in reserve.
bringing reserved unit in front also activates said unit's valor chants (buff/debuff/etc.) which is useful in battle.

File: 1600932542355.jpg (237 KB, 1839x928)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
Manteinance in 2 hours, will last 12 hours. will you be watching the 2nd anniversary direct?
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For Agito, base trees and base weapons are high ROI; the weapons especially pay off with their toggled buffs. I'd recommend in order: base Agito weapon for your preferred unit(s), base tree, preferred weapon(s) to 5UB (weapon bonus and Lvl 2 ability), max tree, 5UB other weapon classes, MUB preferred weapon(s).

Also, don't forget drop back into 'lower' content. Utility upgrades to Void weapons apply to all weapons of that class+element to make autoing Void and HDT more reliable, weapon bonus upgrades from base/Void/HDT apply to everything in that class like a dojo does, and every facility adds something useful (elemental more than Dracolith more than Faf).
So much to do.
Yet folks will always seek more.
>log on to check out the 2nd anniversary after not playing for a while
>think maybe I'll get back into the game because I used to really enjoy it
>all of my weapons are fucking gone
>too retarded and apathetic to learn the new system
>just feel bad
This is why you don't come back after quitting or don't quit in the first place.
Just give me the chance to get Gala Ranzal and Luca already.

New Live A Hero banner and event tomorrow. You did save up your stones, right?
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File: 20201025_181630.jpg (312 KB, 1448x2048)
312 KB
312 KB JPG
Sorry I don't like my doggo men petting zoo style.
Mr. Krabs
100% true, he's an incredibly good boy on top of it. like unquestionably a good dude
Living fleshlight
Dog Wario

File: 1567923079482.jpg (167 KB, 1000x1414)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
Why do the lowest-common denominator no-personality dime-a-dozen normiebait animesloots make you gachfagits give all the cooms, dollary-doos and (you)s but when you see a banner with purrfectly designed wholesome, beautiful and original Kemono-waifus, that are better than real girls, you just hit ignore?
21 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
stay mad
>multiple PAIRS of tits
>fur all over
You guys are worse than feetfags and that saying something
Nothing wrong with Kemono girls, OP, you're just a furry-tier faggot about liking them. Be better than that, you fuckface.
"A one who likes less tits likes more gay"

Global comes out later today, you guys gonna try it?
255 replies and 49 images omitted. Click here to view.

I found this JP tier list, any thoughts? Seems a lot of chars are considered "unplayable"
Getting the impression every new banner shits on the last.
The list balues pvp a lot but theres going to be pve content that forces mono teams as eell as pvp events that boost mono team scores. Youll eventually get to a point where youll get mono teams for all elements and if you really give a fuck about pvp keep an eye out for valued utility characters over dps unless you just want to collect them all.
I feel like this list leans heavily into PVP which is odd because the AI is so bad at it you can easily wipe out your opponent before they land real damage. Also I can agree with some of the unplayable tier list (a lot of the 3-star simply don't have enough health to last more than 2 shots, a majority of earth characters are designed poorly) but overall It doesn't make a good case for why characters are in certain spots so since I don't get the logic behind it, I can't agree with it.
>Neutral version of new JP characters are on unplayable
Phone or IPad? Also who is the hottest non-human or furbait character! Need a spacefu!

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