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File: 1651507185820.png (188 KB, 600x481)
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188 KB PNG
>tfw no apex mobile thread
nice thread

File: FPu_za_VIAMe1D5.jpg (1.46 MB, 4096x2464)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB JPG
wiki: https://anothereden.miraheze.org/wiki/Another_Eden_Wiki
JP 5th anniversary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KkK5ljSmlM
Global celebrating JPs anniv: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8R49tt6dyM
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So where do you think they are going with the reveal in chapter 6 that our Toova is still in Garulea? Toova ES?
I'm sure this brain dude had a gimmick to his fight. But fuck gimmicks, just unga through. 2TAF.
Looking back on it, it looks like he has massive Wind and Earth resists, at least on the first turn, so spamming Fire Slash with May would have been better in hindsight.
Why were some of your attacks in AF doing basically nothing?
Don't know, but I assume it's because they were Wind and Earth attacks, and the boss has an unlisted 99%+ resistance to them.
May was doing about 12k per hit with the Fire Slash, and 0-2 with Giganto Break, and that's the only reason I can think of why
And he finally shows his face.
Just Milsha, Heena, Ilulu, and Daisy to go.

File: 217891_1[295003].png (225 KB, 298x272)
225 KB
225 KB PNG
its all either
>unoptimized buggy ridden messes
>turn based trash gameplay that even a 5 yo can play
>greedy as fuck monetization that is infinitely worse than korean games
>panders to the dullest of tastes like that trash slime anime
its about time we shut the book on japanese mobile games and declared them all dead trash
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fucking lmao, take your meds
dont run from reality
face it
nips dont care about you only care about nft trash
All posters below are subhuman faggots
File: Capture.jpg (8 KB, 376x78)
8 KB
Including me, guys. Am new, sorry.

File: 1649441441123.jpg (104 KB, 706x702)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
So how did Chinese and Korean Gacha Games become more popular than most Japanese titles? They have more fanart, more exposure and except for the big titles, most Japanese Gacha are fotm that goes within 1-2 years.

So how did the Japanese got outplayed?
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It was creative enough for them to copy everything from for Genshin, Chang. Get a grip.
stfu retard
oh wow, SNT is still alive...
reminds me of that one project said was going to be on the switch until that one nintendo lawsuit happened
An observation + theory, one, is it because region locks tend to do more harm than good because I think it feels like JP mobages are more likely to have them? Two, is it because non JP mobages are more likely to have completely original content and IP as opposed to relying on a pre-existing franchise power which might or might not have enough source content to sustain a long-running mobage? Just two things that were on my mind recently
>Ooohh nooo my glorious japan I can't believe this!
Stay in America please

File: 1649300343913.jpg (57 KB, 828x782)
57 KB
Least scammy gacha? I want to throw money at waifus but I don't want to throw too much money.
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you'll get literally 40 rolls every week, no sugarcoating that shit, I counted it myself (as long as you do the missions).
which also means that you can in theory get every ship you want if you plan accordingly.
not too much grindy bullshit in this game, you would only need to look for equipment and useful girls at the beginning.you can pretty much do anything you want after you reach a somewhat higher level
there's also a lot of lewds in this game, from onee-san to lolis, pretty much every type and age is available. don't like the lewd aspect? doesn't matter since it'll only cover like 15% of the game anyways. the rest are cute and adorable chibis.
The only downside is that the game could get pretty boring since its uses auto on quite a lot of its features. you COULD spike things up by engaging in non auto mode like you did when you first played the game.
that's it. it really is one of the most forgiving gacha in the world. if you would want to pay I highly discourage paying for the cubes (gacha material). you'd rather use it for skins, its more worth it.
f2p here and I’m only missing 2 boats so def very generous with the gacha
Call of Duty Mobile. The only scammy thing would be the paid Legendary variants of rifles having better iron sights and tracer rounds.
Arknights because you can giga brain the maps with free units and there's a secondary rotating pity to exchange from.
Destiny Child is pretty good. I'm literally sitting on 100k+ gems on global/25k on jp while rolling every week. It's possible I'm just lucky, but their banners are literally just the one rate up unit and nothing else. You're not getting spooked by shitter units on any main banner.

File: clicky.png (448 KB, 512x512)
448 KB
448 KB PNG
Any good recs? Coomer tier art not required, but is appreciated.
>coomer incremental games
does such a thing exist?
Definitely, I've played some in the past, but fuck if i remember the names. I remember this Chinese Idle Miner Tycoon clone with fat anime tiddies

File: zzz.webm (2.97 MB, 960x405)
2.97 MB
2.97 MB WEBM
Trailer dropped for miHoYo's new project.


What do you think /vmg/?
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Is it good?
my brother in christ it doesn't even have a gameplay preview yet
Looks pretty darn neat. I signed up for the CBT (cock and balls torture).

Also I like the katana waifu. She cute.
Furry men kinda got me tuned out, more interested in Star Rail.
I'm excited. Signed up for the test. I missed out on Genshin and I refuse to play any gacha that I don't get in on the ground floor, so I hope I get in with this one!

File: moba1.png (1.69 MB, 1708x890)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB PNG
I can't be the only one who plays this game on this board? post your longest, most tense match, your luckiest lucky pull, or your favorite role. anything goes.
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hackers in game
how though? I've never encountered one.... maybe that's because I haven't play long enough to encounter one anyways
File: 1633860466509.png (318 KB, 560x700)
318 KB
318 KB PNG
I only play support
support is my go to if I'm bored
not gonna happen, it's too big and makes a shit ton of money, if anything really bad happens maybe they delete some heroes and skins (gloo is kill, likely). Here in LATAM it's getting really big, what's the situation like in NA?

File: 1616631648237.gif (182 KB, 500x475)
182 KB
182 KB GIF
I have the Monster taming itch, again. What are some non-Pokemon monster taming games to play on mobile?
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my dreams
Coromon is launching on mobile someday(tm)
Dunno if Siralim is on android, remember playing it when I had an Iphone years ago
Gameboy emulator+/v/'s Pokemon green total conversion
Siralim is on android
There is one that just released on steam. Coromon

File: Kiana.jpg (473 KB, 1131x993)
473 KB
473 KB JPG
I've been playing Honkai Impact for a bit and I have some questions about various things.

First off I have noticed that this game actually seems pretty generous with giving out a whole bunch of characters. From what I can tell it seems to be divided so that there are battlesuits you can get from playing, and ones that are only from the gacha. But I see you can also increase the rank of battlesuits with fragments. So I was wondering if the game is balanced to where a "free" battlesuit is comparable in power to a gacha one at the same rarity, or if a gacha one is always going to be better? I am just curious if I'll be able to continue to use them without feeling gimped or if I'm going to hit a wall at some point. I'm assuming weapons and stigmata will factor into the equation as well but I'm not so concerned about that because my priority is cute girls.

I was also wondering about this specific gacha called "Dorm Supply." I have a bunch of tickets and it seems I can get guaranteed S-ranks from this. But I hesitated to do it because I was wondering if the selection changes or if it's permanently the same pool. Is there any reason to hold off or should I just go for it?

Last thing is about the Evangelion collab. Do you think it will be possible to get all the collab-exclusive stuff as a new and free player? I've been doing the dailies for the event currency but I don't know how many total fragments I'm going to end up needing for Asuka, since I assume that even after I get her I will need more to increase her rank. So I'm wondering if I will be required to dip into the gacha for that. And of course I would like the costumes as well if possible. I do have a lot of crystals available to me from being new and it all seems guaranteed after a certain number of draws, but I don't know the exact number I would need so maybe someone has already done the math on how many it would take? Regardless, I don't intend to spend any money so if not then I will have to choose wisely.
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out of all the possible comparisons, how is that what you make? they look literally nothing alike.
Don't they also connect that to the lore somehow? Something about a "bubble universe" or something?
Same shade of blue hair, same purple eyes, same ponytail, same tuft of hair (ahoge), her dress even hangs down in the back in the same way. It's not as 1:1 as Yae Sakura/Yae Miko, Raiden Mei/Raiden Ei, and Otto/Ayato, but it's clearly intentional.
And most importantly, of course, Bennett is obviously based on Benares.
Until they confirm it themselves in either game, I rather not wasting my time thinking about those connections that may or may not exist.
Needs confirmation like what >>856069 said. Anyway the only canon appearance of genshin in honk is dvalin showing up on otto's screen. We can at least say they're on different universes. Not bubble, because those are dead universes. Other than that are pure speculation.

File: dino.jpg (4 KB, 235x218)
4 KB
Post offline phone games you enjoy.

For me, it's nethack.
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Night of the Full Moon looks interesting. Is it worth playing the free version or should I just start with a modded one?
start from the free version first, and see if you actually enjoy it.
then proceed to either buy the DLC or pirate it. tho I personally would buy it cause I wanna support the devs.
Knight is a good taste of the game, but it's definitely a better game with access to other classes and the crazy shit they can do.
>could also use Sbenny. But there's a hebrew mechanism there where you have to watch ads just to see the link
i like polytopia

File: cloud-chocobo.jpg (1.41 MB, 1550x1600)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB JPG
Did you lads manage to get Cloud and/or Squall's BT
536 replies and 92 images omitted. Click here to view.
Dunno how people managed to do this without her. Even with her that was a giant pain in the ass and Tidus almost ran out of skills. Maybe I'm just a bad player.
Oh well, all the more reason to green Tidus now i guess
I'm going to be hosting co-ops tonight in about 7-8 hours. Everyone's invited, even newfags and people who aren't going to bring synergy characters.
Same thing with Zidane. Last few GL banner changes have been really clumsy.
Almost screwed this one up near the end because I forgot to apply Sazh's buffs on Freya before her Jump but she killed the fucker when she landed right when the orb was about to explode.
Tried to do this run again without a Cissnei friend but only got as far as 8% HP left on the boss before I ran out of ways to manage the orb. Maybe Machina instead of Locke would do it.

So how come Gacha draw in a huge horny SEA fanbase?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
‘Cause living a piss poor economic country won’t give ‘‘em a proper vidya computer that’s why they go phonefags instead
because the third world consists of 95% phonefags
are there even notable vidya this past 3 years other than elden ring
They can't afford consoles and their PCs are bargain bin craptops. Mobile gaming is the most viable option for them.
Okay and now explain why people with money spend thousands in this shit
Explain why people with potato PCs choice to play specifically the genre where they would suck even harder, and then why not instead be like LATAM/BR playing f2p esport scene games like league, cs, or even free fucking fire

File: whipcat.jpg (227 KB, 884x886)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
>Gacha game
>All characters named after Historical figures / based on Mythology

Stop it!
File: 1642425387183.png (13 KB, 394x396)
13 KB
>all waifus are R63 version of historical characters
>they're all dressed in modern/anime outfits
Seriously, I wanna fap to some tunics and iron plate armours and yet only Eiyuu Senki got it right
I want a motorsport manager version of gladiatorial schoolgirls gacha, where you lead a bunch of convicts and slaves to the blood soaked sand of the arena of genderbent Rome.
>gacha game
>all characters are lolis
>just cunny
Say the name


Has anyone played this? Is it good for fucking around and getting a nostalgia dose?

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