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File: FUx07czVUAYydwE.jpg (3.63 MB, 2925x1350)
3.63 MB
3.63 MB JPG
Fourth anniversary soon.

But before that we've got this little event.
Get the fuckin fat cat!
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It's called buying accounts.

Ofc it's a really risky scam..
I'm so tired of the anime crossovers
They bring in the worst players
I agree "DazaiOsamuismydick".

What ever happened to collabs like Junji, Edward and KFC?
Didn't Junji Ito say he won't do another collab because he didn't like the censored skins?
Something about the original Yiddy skin being too much for chinese audience so they made the 2nd Yiddy skin that was way less spooky?

I heard it from another anon so could be bullshit, but it sounds believable.
He was pissed that they released a censored version of it in the trailer.

Picture Woman with masks instead of heads, Junji didnt like that and it ended up never being released in CN IdV.

File: 1655054373771.png (1.13 MB, 850x1151)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
Thread for the discussion of the Japanese server of Blue Archive.

Kokona is finally here after a long year and she seems to be a weird mix of healer and cost reducer? Do you plan to roll for her?
I accidentally made this thread without realizing another thread for the discussion of this game was already active, my bad. I'll just use that thread to discuss this since it already has posters.

File: 1662288152242.png (424 KB, 720x705)
424 KB
424 KB PNG
Recommend me some online mobile games. Even shitty or stupid looking ones. Weeb shit is ok but keep off the gacha genre. Also bonus points if its something we likely haven't heard about.
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>Mini militia
Haven't even seen it but I already hate it for one petty reason. It pops up as the first result whenever you search for 'Militia' so when I want to recommend that game I must specify that it's made by Brain Good Games studio.
i liked C&C Rivals but i haven't touched it in two years or so, heard they added more units, more pay-to-win shit as well as a few free-to-play options like card copying, and somehow attack bike rushes are still top dog when it comes to the meta.
god, i really wish that game didn't have the fucking unit leveling bullshit. it's a blight upon mobile games, turning what could be an enjoyable experience into "if you don't grind 24/7 you're doing it wrong"
File: 1663341601654754.jpg (49 KB, 703x416)
49 KB
is echo bullet good and something that i should try out?
Looks interesting to me anon. Why not try it out. If it's shit just delete it.
i liked it but i hated how grind-heavy it is
but that's basically all modern f2p mobile games apparently.

File: E9QbThqX0AIp6_U.jpg (208 KB, 902x1200)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
I need help with the new Edith event. Does someone know the right answers from chapter 2-3?
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Almost every bitch fucked over 9000 men, disgusting. Tekka is best girl cuz she's one of the handful of virgins.
what are those massage oils they just added used for? I haven't found anything
when ur rare heroes are over 7 stars you can use them to improve their stats
Recycling equipment gets you tokens to use for 1 star red equipment. It's a better conversion rate than merging gear pieces all the way up to the same level. But recycling presents an issue for merge equipment missions, so best not to turn on the auto recycle option until you've got those wrapped up.
nice name

File: images (5).jpg (48 KB, 512x250)
48 KB
Does anyone here play this still? How is it going? I try it for the first week it came out and like it but ended up getting extremely frustrated/burning out after rerolling for a week and not getting the roll I wanted. Should I go back to the game?
>ended up getting extremely frustrated/burning out after rerolling for a week and not getting the roll I wanted.
Get medical help

File: FbUtt3BWYAAHF8A.jpg (333 KB, 1528x1016)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
Anone Anone, it's her birthday (soon) DJs.
Say something nice about Rika.

How was Double Mix?

JP had Animelo
EN has quints
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I just noticed Rondo gets more than half of D4DJ's miniscule amount of Vocaloid covers. So are they going to cover this?
Turns out 9k buff is possible.
It can probably be higher, maybe I'll do some quick calculations tomorrow for the max
How the fuck? Highest I've managed to get with near perfect draws is a 43k Rinku...
>Already bought out the shop
>Don't care about SDs
Are there any other incentives for this event?

Play Punishing: Gray Raven.
Play it for pic related.
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Maybe it was the engine, but she does look worse. Cool there was a collab but meh. I also don't really like most of the girls in PGR. They look cool but I don't really feel like pulling
everything kinda just blends together into cyber anime mush for me
File: 1636794913314.png (22 KB, 128x128)
22 KB
Dead Game
Is PGR f2p friendly?

File: tvtrx16791791.png (196 KB, 640x642)
196 KB
196 KB PNG
Anyone play Hakurei Prosperity Story? It's a touhou game where you collect orbs, level up to collect more orbs, buy gatchas.

I'm trying to make sense of this game. It's fun for an idle game, and it's rare to get a touhou game that doesn't eat your whole battery life.

I just want to find people who play this game and can explain how the abilities each character has.

Also what is the affection level about? I thought it would increase frequency of gatchas for that character but my experience says otherwise.
File: 1663154028028426.jpg (25 KB, 768x768)
25 KB
I don't play the game but I'll bump your thred touhou buddy

File: 1646050119533.jpg (137 KB, 850x1200)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Thread for the discussion of the Japanese server of Blue Archive

Are you looking forward to the next story arc? Where do you think the story is going to go now?
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It's, possible but only on a vague connection. I'm guessing someone said that because they both can debuff Defense. The reason sAzusa is so great is that her defense down is on her Sub skill, which is passive and near constant. Due to it not being on her EX you can stack it with other characters who decrease Def with their EX like Akane
You'd have to use 5 Cost for Asuna to decrease def by comparison so it's not the best of matchups. She only brings it down by like 25% if I'm remembering right so I'd probably just use Akane if def down was my focus unless you were really desperate for blue damage and bAsuna was your only option. That or she was highly invested with her 4th gear I guess, but on the original question again it's just that they are two blue girls who both can decrease def in a way. The way sAzusa does so is far more flexible and free however so she's miles ahead of Asuna there
I think the reason why they said that was because they still don't understand DEF down on skills somehow.
There is nowhere that bAsuna could be used instead of sAzusa.
I think the reason why they said so is just to shitpost and be retarded like everyone that brings and discusses /vg/ shitposts here
Don't believe what /vg/ says. and if you do, take it with a grain of salt, that general is something else and not in the good way
File: 1641207225874.png (1.06 MB, 850x1200)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG

11 years old

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