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File: bow booba.jpg (271 KB, 850x1202)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
How are we holding up, JPbros?
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>Number 21.
What is this, a future character or a collab of some sort?
Global when...
Apparently a leaked character for the next patch after Chrome.
I hate the camera and targeting system sometimes.
I hate it when I have to fight an enemy like Gabriel and the camera is constantly spinning because he keeps leaping around and flying and warping.

Just when I thought they couldn't make Gabriel even more toxic, now they have a version of Gabriel where your dodge gauge is reduced by 80% while he has a flat damage reduction of 35%, an automatic shield that restores his health by 4 bars each time out of his 45 bars, and a thunder shield to help offset his increased 250% damage and 200% aggression.

God I need to hope 5 minutes is enough to play keep away with this spawn of hell.

File: es dee.jpg (59 KB, 474x842)
59 KB
remember her?
she misses you
Old thread from August is still up surprisingly


How do you decide what skinnerbox to stick with when you want to play more than one? My life is crippled by indecision and the fear of missing out.
genshin, fgo, pokemas, feh, arknights
I want to play all of these but even though I'm neet theres not enough time in the day
How do I pick one and commit
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Put more effort in. I'm playing F/GO NA, F/GO JP, GBF, Genshin, Another Eden and Tenkafuma just fine.
Pick the one with the cutest girls
You're better off just not playing any of them though
I don't decide.
I just start a game if it seems neat, and drop it if I don't feel like playing.
Whichever ones hold my interest well enough to stick around get to stick around.

>the fear of missing out
Can't play everything, can't do everything.
Fortunately, most gacha games like to rerun stuff. So if you do miss something in one that you later decide to stick with, and you're particularly bothered by it, you may get another shot.
Unless it's collab stuff, usually less chance of reruns there.
If the game has autobattle i drop it. Exceptions being arknights replay auto feature which i actually like. Arknights a game i had to actually play it the first time. If the game doesnt need you to play it then its a fancy loading bar simulator. Everything you do in the game is just to make that loading bar go faster. All your doing is hitting next page with a laggy server that takes 2-5 minutes to load the next jpg. Games that play themselves arent games.
It was easy for me since there are only 2 techwear gachas.

File: 71CBoBzn6LL._AC_SL1500_.jpg (110 KB, 1471x1500)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
What controller do you use with your phone?
I have a moto z, is not the best, but it magnet to it.
Razer Kishi

File: 1615022332828.png (294 KB, 641x642)
294 KB
294 KB PNG
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>Princess Connect
>Blue Archive

You could try Uma musume but you don't battle against anyone yet still everything is automatic, you just raise the girls.
Epic 7. I rarely see it mentioned here but it's been running for nearly 3 years, gets new content weekly and the devs said they want the game to last a long time. It has its faults but it's easily the best gacha game I've played.
Code: Seed. Old candy, new wrapper, shitty autotranslate. Good is it's using all the lessons they learned from old. Translation just sucks, but I got hooked because of the decent gamplay and stuff to do.
Seconded. It gets shitted on quite a lot, which is how you can tell it ha good legs to stand on.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (232 KB, 1280x720)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
Anyone else still playing Aniplex's failed idol rhythm game? New project has a contest to select 11 new girls to become the kouhai of the original cast. You can vote for 3 girls (one vote per girl) per day. There's also this SNS you can join to double the weight of your votes. Results are announced in May.

Tried playing it when it first came out,it was poorly optimized and my phone kept overheating even though my phone can run other resource heavy games just fine.Think I dropped it shortly after the tutorial.

File: 20121709373967.jpg (753 KB, 2208x1242)
753 KB
753 KB JPG
Disgaea RPG comes out on April 12th, any of you guys are planning to play it?
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the /vg thread is barebones, but we'll try to fix it for the next one. Please come over to contribute if possible. Hopefully we'll be able to havea little something for all us poor N1 fans. Even if they don't deserve it.
Nippon Ichi, the company who makes the Disgaea games
>get a randrom drop
>its Prism Blue?
>one of his passive evilities is boosting everyone's speed by 4%
Is it me or is this actually pretty good?

Also fuck me, I just passed an item drop booster in the DA and maintenance starts, fuck.
Let's say I have Santa Usalia and normal Usalia, can I use the Santa Usa to power up the normal Usa or are they counted as totally different characters?

File: 1588051948231.jpg (30 KB, 613x381)
30 KB
>gacha game has 6* units
>gacha game has 7* units
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Should've just left it at
>gacha games
File: 1608314813306.png (449 KB, 1182x492)
449 KB
449 KB PNG
>Game is so oversaturated with units the default is 6* stars
>anything below it is completely worthless
>Unit rarity instead becomes tied up to a completely different stat that's both worthless gameplay-wise and isn't even given a nice flair, but is simply listed with the regular stats instead
>special event gives a limited time unit
>limited time unit is useless in the event.
>Game is so oversaturated with units the default is 6* stars
which fucking game is this so I know to not touch anything that company produces
File: 1611610647768.jpg (87 KB, 394x489)
87 KB
Hope my words help you anon, i'm a lost cause to it already it's crash fever by wonderplanet, and trust me the oversaturation is really that bad, even discounting mats and dupes i'm pretty sure i have well over 500 useless fucks taking space in my folder

File: BTFO Order.png (1.32 MB, 948x974)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
Why is Fate declining? It seemed unstoppable 2 years ago.
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>hair "ears"
>just a tail
I was gonna say based japan but this is awful
No different from neko girls and lizard tails
woah, pad still going strong in japan
What’s more important is why the duck is summoners war still in the top five??
Yep it's shit

File: PufuOnGoogle.png (463 KB, 1000x1000)
463 KB
463 KB PNG
Hi guys, and that 1 girl maybe in here. I made my first game ever. It's called Pufu, and its only for Android atm. If you could play it for 2-5 min i would be grateful, it helps with the algorithms.

I will make a massive update for it, i already remade the cat in HD realistic way. But after i finish the game i am working on now. (It's a paid Horror game for PC Windows only)

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File: 1617123399980.png (20 KB, 215x215)
20 KB
Yeah it was a fun short game, better than the other projects I've seen here and on /v/. Looking forward to the next update.
thx dude :D It was very frustrating making it, because of all the fuzz around mobile gaming, i made it ok but Android permissions don't work right so save game doesnt work so i have to leave all lvls unlocked from start :( I hope i will find a way to fix it when i update it
I downloaded it, but it crashes on LDPlayer when loading.
It's actually really good, keep going.
The attack feels to stiff, a fast swipe will make the gameplay more fluid.
It needs more variation though. The Mice just rushing the Cheese head on, over and over is a bore.

File: xbox-one-phone-mount-1.jpg (237 KB, 1600x900)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
Outside of emulating, what are some mobile games that are best with a controller?
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Honkai and Genshin Impact
I have tried this exact same setup and it's very uncomfortable if your phone is somewhat heavy
Those don't have controller support on mobile.
It's good on the Dualshock because my hands tend to be in a symmetrical position but some games read it weird since it isn't xbox

Anyone that supports it.
Asphalt 8, Sonic ports

Why the game hasn't been translated yet?, I mean, if they have the money to pay voice actors, they can pay a translator too.

Pick your Mobile Game
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File: SGOvEncU_400x400.png (257 KB, 400x400)
257 KB
257 KB PNG
I'm led to believe chinks make more soulful gachas than nips now
Dropped. Boring as hell and only got worse
Didn't even start after hearing about the grind
Puzzle shit.
Powercreep from hell. Was fun for a time, but watching favorites fall off or never manage to get the right kind of boost was dumb. Plus it was always trend shit. BRV+HP attacks became the norm, then high increased brave hits, then brv+hp multiple times, follow ups, etc.
File: otter a.png (753 KB, 970x870)
753 KB
753 KB PNG
>puzzle shit

Kek, as if. FEH powercreeps make Dissidia look wholesome
File: 1610022694723.gif (2 MB, 341x321)
2 MB
>Powercreep from hell. Was fun for a time, but watching favorites fall off or never manage to get the right kind of boost was dumb. Plus it was always trend shit. BRV+HP attacks became the norm, then high increased brave hits, then brv+hp multiple times, follow ups, etc.

Was playing Dissidia ever since it came out Global, deleted that shit a couple a months ago ever since I pulled a full kit for Ramza, build my best team and I couldn't win against a 180 chaos fight.
>Puzzle shit.
what game are you playing?

File: Petting with Penny.jpg (150 KB, 1334x750)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
Damn. Penny really gets into these dates.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I forgot this game was a mobage.
File: 1525830975325.png (137 KB, 268x333)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
I imagine most of the fervent fans are now at /vg/. Honestly thought Merula's game would be lost to /v/'s archives come 2020.
Oh thanks, I hadn't thought to check out /vg/ for this game. I never go there.
As for actual discussion, Skye and Penny have that almost Spiderman kiss on the start screen, but they never get shipped in the fanart.
File: Spoiler Image (2.52 MB, 1280x720)
2.52 MB
2.52 MB WEBM
Don't romance options have this scene with the MC?
Specifically at the end of that quest, yes. There's a very similar broom ride scene that can come up in one of the date spots, but I don't think it has the kiss.

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