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When did this game get cucked? I remember that you used to eat Eskimos in the artic level but now they're gone.

Also the great white shark staves to death too quickly

File: icon.png (333 KB, 512x512)
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333 KB PNG

File: Capture.jpg (234 KB, 1555x774)
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>Paragon Towers
>Boss Bloons
What do you guys think of them? Would it have been better to just wait to put these in the next installment instead?
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>needing powerups/instas to beat bloonarius
why is it so hard to get a bloons general running?
made a thread on /v/ once. it died quickly and most of the replies were just about how they got the game on sale or that there's better TD games because "depth"
>that there's better TD games because "depth"
did they name any games?
nope, and no one bothered asking.

File: maxresdefault (11).jpg (190 KB, 1280x720)
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190 KB JPG
Anyone else playing this one?
I'm having some good fun with it so far.
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File: 1596579360805.png (87 KB, 203x225)
87 KB
>Paycheck finally arrives
>Couldn't handle the tempation anymore
>Bought the Pass
>Get fuck load of coins, 4* and the pieces l was using in my current deck so l could finally level up
I'm happy and disgusted with myself, for one, i'm not getting my ass kicked anymore, but on the other hand i've tainted my f2p status forever
File: e10.jpg (33 KB, 600x714)
33 KB
Holy shit, does anyone is also having fun with the new update?
Really refreshing to see more monsters on the field than just kamacura/larva spam
Finally losing feels like you fucked up instead of just losing to giga chad high lvl swarm of kamacuras
But does it have Gabara?
It stays forever looking for opponent. What do
They probably fixed it, try updating your game
>FOMO'd of Jet Jaguar
>Bought the special 2300 G stones map
>Get a full round of 1*
What a fucking scam, but i deserve it for falling into gacha tricks

File: 1625532511776.png (1.9 MB, 3007x2183)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB PNG
Will you summon on this year's second Summer banner?
Thoughts on the current Seals (Spd/Res Form, Infantry Rush)?
Who do you think this month's Mythic Hero could be?
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Is there an updated unit builder to use? The FEHstuff one hasn't been updated in who knows how long.
This is currently the most up to date unit builder.
I use FEH toolkit from the GPlay store
genius anon

File: 1627761615200.png (653 KB, 885x498)
653 KB
653 KB PNG
Announcements tomorrow, next summer event will have loli Da Vinci as a welfare and a new costume for Achilles.
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File: Bluestacks_nrPbuoUlP7.png (170 KB, 466x144)
170 KB
170 KB PNG
>but they removed imaginary magic right?
Didn't even know they removed that, glad I luckshat all these copies.
I find the idea of Grands being "this one servant you already have, but their TRUE/BETTER form" to be pretty lazy.
I kinda like it, at least in the case of Heracles. We’ve known since 2004 that Berserker is his worst class, and that something like Archer or Saber would be his best. Grand Archer is taken by Orion, so the next move is Grand Saber. I also just really enjoy the fact that Grand Saber might have nothing to do with Artoria or Arthurian Legend at all.
Plus, Archer Herc was summoned in Strange Fake (even if it didn't last), so he couldn't have been one anyway.

I honestly don't think it would be true to the franchise if the Grand Saber wasn't also the Grand Saberface. Personally, I've always been pulling for Lucius Artorius Castus, the Roman commander who was the basis for Arthur's legend. There's no way they could resist combining Arthur-wank and Rome-wank into one character.

>I didn't expect her to be buster meta though.

Likewise. I was expecting for her to be up there with one of the amazing quick ST units like kama or jack or the first arts looping assassin but it's a pleasant surprise.

What are some of the best paid mobile games? I’ve got some extra money and want something really fun, I’m on iOS
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I’ve heard Dead Cells is good any other reca that are similar? Also are there any must get jrpgs or bullet hells?
Pascal's Wager. Bloodstained: RotN.
Polytopia is the only one worth mentioning
When it was available, Inotia was fun
The monster hunter game on mobile was pretty fun, although its just a psp game ported onto mobile lol

and then theres disgaea 1

File: Super Clock.png (1.76 MB, 2220x1080)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB PNG
The Rerun for the hottest clock has arrived, are you going to spend your time (and money) for her?
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>Actually loyal to the source material while being fun
How the fuck is this loyal to the source material with all the new characters and OC donut steel designs/enemies/whatever?
Kotori's big jugs
Is this an ironic pasta from reddit or something? Seems like soijack hands typed this.

File: 1627639504629.png (10 KB, 400x500)
10 KB
I need more Yoshino in my life
Much love from Kazakhstan!
I hate waifus so much it's unreal
>Play Online/Ranked/Battle/Any fucking mode that involves another player's team
>It's the exact same half Regular army/half broken crank unit every single fucking time
>The level doesn't even matter, even lv 30 faggots have that exact same team with just one or two variations
How have you guys endured this shit for so long? How can I acquire your level of patience? Waifuniggers need not reply
I don't dabble in pvp, haven't paid a dime and just treat this game as pokemon collectible with peculiar case of Engrish.

About to start playing this, any good thoughts on this game?
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File: cha0006204_0_v.png (1.05 MB, 2048x2048)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
File: 1625342168429.jpg (625 KB, 3665x2084)
625 KB
625 KB JPG
Just barely managed to clear level 100 of the raid event for the first time and was able to max out the mirror as a result. I lost all motivation to try clearing any more levels though because I had already bought out the shop and would have just been spending all the points on XP items.

>3* mirror with Raiko/Shichirya/Mikazuchi/Miruhj
This guy got a nice birthday present: https://twitter.com/hasu_hiko
Holy fuck dat Nekone ass
>bikini loli Aruruu on the 2* mirror
They really went full cunny this month didn't they

Did my first 10-roll of the Nekone banner and got 3 of the Aruruu mirror, at least that's a nice head start on event point farming, 120% bonus already with the Tokifusa mirrors and Sayori
>everyone gets a lewder swimsuit than Kuon
it's just not fair, why couldn't we have gotten her official one
File: images_2.jpg (11 KB, 236x245)
11 KB
>3000 gems plus 20 tickets
Bros... Summer is a fucking drought. Am I just supposed to swipe?

File: file.png (1.98 MB, 1920x1080)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB PNG
You all laughed at me.
I waited silently and patiently.
I knew my man would get freed one day.
Who's laughing now?????
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These images are often commissioned and are made solely for the purpose of those countdown images so more than likely there is no version of that image that exists without the text.
Maybe I'll have luck asking the guy who drew them.

On another note, do you think we are getting a so2 or so3 remake?

There's only one reason they'd name the new website the eternal sphere.
They should do a Blue Sphere remake
Another one?
Forgot to link this

The remake was fucking mobile because tri ace is retarded.

This still hasn't been ported to anything

File: bern.jpg (162 KB, 1200x900)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
I released this solo game a few weeks ago and posted here, got some great feedback and made improvements for all the problems people saw that I couldn't. So I have come back with the improved game and would love to hear about people's first experience with it.

Thank you, I hope to make a game with a unique game mechanic that doesn't spam monetization or sacrifice the gameplay for it.

Eh, this board says I'm a niggerfaggotschizotrannychink so what do I know.

Looks decent brah.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (232 KB, 1280x720)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
Anyone else still playing Aniplex's failed idol rhythm game? New project has a contest to select 11 new girls to become the kouhai of the original cast. You can vote for 3 girls (one vote per girl) per day. There's also this SNS you can join to double the weight of your votes. Results are announced in May.

62 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
They could've done something interesting with the wall thing but in the end the reveal was really uninspiring considering the possibilities of what it could've been. It was creepy regardless, but the characters just brushed it off.
I liked Akane's backstory though? All the others were melodramatic, but at least Akane's was pretty funny when trying to explain her autism
The anime would've been better if they shifted their main focus to the whole series's plot instead of making dedicated episodes for each member that isn't executed well (except for Jun's). Just like what >>536909 says, they could've done something interesting with the wall as it's one of the things that makes 22/7's anime different from the other idol anime.
It's drawn by her original illustrator after all, the same guy who made Saekano LN illustration
File: 10540008_1.png (2.2 MB, 1920x1080)
2.2 MB
2.2 MB PNG
I want Maruyama's big yamas

File: 2_1614313757780.png (326 KB, 1037x1373)
326 KB
326 KB PNG
For the 5 people that still play this, there's now a Kiseki crossover event on March 11.
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Where do I get materials to enchant companions?
Where do I get those tickes for buying costumes?
>Where do I get materials to enchant companions?
what? are you talking about levelling them up? if so its only using duplicate companions
>Where do I get those tickes for buying costumes?
world tickets: world arena
unique tickets: achievements (in missions) + some pve content i think like castle (forgotten)
underground arena gives one of those ticket types too but i forget which one (probably world tickets)
why did they remove the dates?
i dont know if the legendaries are coming next week or three later
Anyone know know where to get the title screen art?
New legendaries later this month.
This week it's campaign levels and whatever else.

Do you prioritize getting summer characters over regular characters in gacha?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
If by summer you mean summer festival characters wearing yukatas then yes.
Everyone who plays gacha is retarded, and better games would exist even if whales weren't funding the gachascam
Thats why I said immersion in the first place. They should stick with the theme of the character and what he does in the story. Unless thats what the character does then go for it.
Yep. I find it aesthetically pleasing. If the game isn't natively fan servicey I find it to be a chance for it to satisfy that audience. If it's like genshin or sometimes girls frontline tier then I usually pass the event.
bikinis are shit
they leave almost nothing to the imagination

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