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File: images (11).jpg (10 KB, 183x275)
10 KB
Anyone playing this?
The translations are so shit I can't understand 80% of what is fucking happening
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Lab parts:
- Heaven and earth
- Penetrate 50%
- Fleet footed
- Empowered barrier
- Limit break+1

Benefit of time + alert + plating

Stockpile arms or Pact of the Swamp
>Heaven and earth
>Benefit of time
>Stockpile arms
What's the effects of these?
are his other games any good
I played B100X for like a week or something. I had a lot of fun for a while, but then when you get to floor 1,000 or floor 10,000 it started becoming an inventory based game. At that point, in order to progress, you need like 64 of the same rare weapons drops, so that you can fuse them together while pruning for substats. If you don't do this, you cannot progress past this point. Some of the items require you to have 3 rare drops, and then those 3 rare drops combine to make the 1 weapon you need, and again, you need like 64 duplicates of these weapons, and you want to combine them in a way that your duplicate keep the substats that you want, so there's also some planning involved

Meanwhile, the game shits out drops constantly, but they aren't the rare drops you want, and you only have 100 inventory slots, and at least like 30 of them are already spoken for before you even leave on your run just due to the gear you need. It starts being a lot more about inventory management than anything else, and I found it to be very annoying. But you can buy inventory slots for real money. If you wanted to do this, I'd imagine that game could still be fun for a lot longer. Also, there is the possibility that I was playing it "wrong", since I wasn't following a guide or anything, but I've never had that same inventory problem in Buriedbornes. B100X is definitely worth a play if you're interested in more grindy goodness, I just think it falls off a cliff when you start needing to combine like 32-64 of the same rare artifact to make progress
>heaven and earth
doubles amount of status effects gained
necromancy is an okay 5* part substitute
>benefit of time
drifting odor (0 cooldowns but can't resist statuses) + shield conversion (gain shields when receiving status effects)
you can probably make do with just shield conversion on a contract
doubles pursuit

File: 11-12-22-01-03-12.png (3.77 MB, 1096x2560)
3.77 MB
3.77 MB PNG
Previous thread >>853632
Demon spire guide: https://tkfm.wiki/the-demon-spire/
Recruitment guide: https://purindaisuki.github.io/tkfmtools/en/enlist/filter/
/vmg/ v2 guild code: 91853176 (feel free to share your own, too)
anon's recruitment code: 9QV8KT (again, all encouraged to share own)
No current promo codes, but we'll share when they appear!
Xmas time approaches now that spooky time is just about over (and these threads seem to last forever)
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both summon banners are demo, and there is a selection ticket, it's just on the ayane banner
still absolutely one of the worst decisions from the devs, to split the event in 2 banners, think it's the first time they did something as bad as that
or at least, it would have been fine if they put the selection on the new 3 unit banner, since ayane is farmable from the event points
The first summer event had Nana (the dedicated F2P unit) also be on her own banner while the others were on another.
Is there any repository for boss events? I'm trying to do Time Rift, and I can barley remember what all the gimmicks for individual bosses are.
The used to be one for the Demon Spire and a lot of levels overlapped but that hasn't been updated in ages. https://sys.4channel.org/derefer?url=https%3A%2F%2Ftkfm.wiki%2Fthe-demon-spire%2F
Who's giving you trouble?

File: 1170_1093315.jpg (119 KB, 1280x609)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Make sure you follow the instructions so you don't lose all your shit on the first of June.
Please don't be retarded like Aqua
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For the people that had the spanish version of the game with Nexon. The game will keep giving you connection errors if you try to enter in the Start Screen. To continue playing the game you will need to:

- Uninstall the game
- Download the game again from the Appstore/Google Play
- Click Menu on the top right of the Start Screen
- Click Transfer Code
- Enter your Transfer Code ID and password
- Select your account and enter the game
- After downloading the game
- Appear in the main screen of the game
- Click Menu on the bottom right of the main screen
- Click "Data"
- Click "Link to a Google account" and relink your account
- Continue to play the game
The game lags heavily for me after the update. I'm starting multibattles like 30 seconds late due to the lag at the start.
So they removed the extra 100 quartz you would normally get a day

File: 1677777978170012.png (1.51 MB, 2048x1024)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB PNG
Case 4 Part 2 is out.
What does everyone think of the game so far?
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Welcome back
I don't see Blue Reflection here. In fact there seems to be several missing games.
Anon that's a cherrypicked list of whatever the maker is interested in. It doesn't even have fucking Monster Strike.
really? I had no idea I thought it was more like an automated list or something
>Have to roll those single ticket one by one.
This is just torture. The gacha animation being pointlessly long makes this even more of a pain in the ass.

File: 104201696_p0.jpg (3.45 MB, 2577x4008)
3.45 MB
3.45 MB JPG
Look at this cute wolf. Also her friends are there too I guess.
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>one-shot it with shivadra, even with the debuff
feels good man
Is x3 / x4 ShivaDra a meme? I found some players online, huge firepower but they get folded by attacks that only do 60K HP damage. Big investment, small returns?
it's a system team that can damage cap. used for late game farm builds like 7* gem rush, can clear other dungeons too with some effort if you don't need too much utility
4x shivadra is a meme because 3x is enough to cycle actives. only need more shivadras if you want to have a second set with different latents
The reason you're seeing the teams a lot is because the shivadras are purchasable, the team is braindead simple to play, and it shits out damage.
They're actually very durable teams as well because they're usually being run with 2 leaders that have big shields, meaning the effective HP is like 16x greater than their HP pool. That also means that normal heals and autoheals are also multiplicative. If you have 18,000 autohealing with 2x 75% shields on your leaders you're effectively autohealing 288,000 HP every turn whether you match heals or not.
The reason you're seeing these teams eat shit in multiplayer is because the teams themselves are very tight to plan for each dungeon in the context of what skills you need to have available on which floor. Most of the time people are copying a team they found online but those teams are almost always tuned specifically for single player clears. When they run the same team multiplayer their skills are all out of sync with what the dungeon needs and they get demolished by the overtuned damage in the new dungeons. 1.2 million effective HP isn't enough to stop the ridiculous OSOBOS in dungeons that expect you to be running collab specific cards with the extra 3x or 5x HP.
Pretty good run down, couldn't have said it better myself.

Why are you anons not playing ching chong's next FPS, Arena Breakout?
Do I just download the apk from the website and play?
Website or googleplay.
I keep geting killed, and all the good loots and equipments I had, gone....
i might.
Thank you for showing me this. I never played Tarkov but I imagine I'd love it since I'm enjoying this.

File: OmertosaReview.jpg (308 KB, 1024x576)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
What the fuck was Hypergryph thinking? why is the whole meta of the game determined by this bitch now? dps higher than trashter the holungday and more versatile...
>be me, work at HG
>need new whale bait
>make a unit with higher dps than surtr and deployaple 4 times as much
>players somehow fine with this
>cool day
Are arknights players just retarded? is that it?
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should I try to max is2
it's pure autism tier grind
>oh no this girl that only has a gimmick on doing damage can do slightly more damage than Surtr on certain conditions while not being invencible for several seconds and having a huge AoE line
Wow. Anyway, you suck cocks for a living. Just wait until poor Surtr gets a module, I guess.
you fucking retard, not only is her dps higher but she can be deployed 4 times as much
Yes her dps are higher for that one second before she get one shotted by hard hitting boss. Ah, sorry, 4 seconds because she will be one shotted 4 times.
>Dealing damage is now a """""gimmick"""""

File: unnamed.png (350 KB, 512x512)
350 KB
350 KB PNG
fag gacha games where you get baited by hot muscular men but get the worst possible gameplay and a gambling addiction ill start
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You do realize he quit way before the scandal and still that wouldn't have been his responsibility/decision right?
I meant the game itself deadass.
And how tf is that even relevant to the topic
He's saying it looks like AI art I guess.
That's ridiculous when the announcement literally says they're hiring artists

File: 1651956878469859.png (102 KB, 425x343)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
Ding Dong the Witch is dead :(

>The server for Revived Witch will close on May 7th, 2023
Please continue to enjoy the Witch until her official funeral. Thank you so much!
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Yes she did
Wait, so first Arknights stabbed AL in the back and then Blue Archive did it too? Who's gonna stab AL in the back next, Mahjong Soul?
>Blaming Yostar instead of Pixelneko who, despite making many thousands, didn't expand their team past the literal handful they started with

The game died because the 3 people working on the game content couldn't keep up with the whole "live service" aspect. They focused on new characters (their kits, animations, artwork) at it left nobody to work on anything else because their team was ridiculously small. That's why updates to story/combat/QoL/literally anything else was non-existent. They could have hired a dozen other people, interns or not, and the game would have been in a MUCH better state.
Who are you kidding, they would have made new hires work on feet pics
File: 1680181479524132.png (918 KB, 1542x927)
918 KB
918 KB PNG
I always had hope maybe Witch could live on at least through CN. That's depressing.
Blue Archive didn't stab AL like AK did. They just turned into a retard singularity, and Yostar started siphoning resources from everything trying to save it + starting yet another new project. Between all that, Witch is casualty of one or more of those factors including not doing so hot to begin with. Blue Archive still sucks mind but they're still not as bad as Arkhomos in comparison.

File: 헤드샷.jpg (29 KB, 549x439)
29 KB
New bake

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from interview with zlong head developer, seems they will try to bring JP dub on KR client too
The JP release better hit it big or it's over
File: image-18.png (573 KB, 568x598)
573 KB
573 KB PNG
Teaser for upcoming gacha banner
>Lancelot is finally here but I am still stuck raising the characters I rolled 3 months ago.
These assholes should start giving out the blank fragments as event reward, this is really unbearable.
Yep, when you have some r9 heroes it's hard to justify rolling new ones only for them to be worse anyway bc a lot of stats are from ranks. Except healers maybe, their utility is more important

File: file.png (426 KB, 800x1200)
426 KB
426 KB PNG
cute & funny isekai fighter drops today, thoughts?
40 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1658319028564883.jpg (349 KB, 706x706)
349 KB
349 KB JPG
I reckon at least up to Muso Tensei Raoh now. It would be nice to be able to pick up units like Frieda and Tai-Yan for collection but given their status as collab/crossover (Since SnK is technically a seperate IP) I don't think that will happen, same with any other Gaiden like Garuda since they haven't been ran again after their rerun.
File: 502.jpg (41 KB, 351x359)
41 KB
why do support chars have a channeling point that increases their stats in kumite?
I'm going for tranquility toki +2 manuals when he's reissued and I just realized that it's a thing
File: puddi.gif (395 KB, 480x320)
395 KB
395 KB GIF
What's the stance of using BlueStacks with this, bannable or not? My phone is kind of shit and some specials/secrets drop the framerate into single digits on anything above detail setting 2
As far as I know SEGA doesn't mind or has no way to tell if you are using it or not, so go for it. The only thing would be that I think that you need to use your profile transfer code shit to be able to play it via Bluestacks, and then transfer it again if you want to do it on your phone, though I'm not too sure on that.
damn, so the secret to scoring big in immortals is just putting homeland raoh behind a support

File: Bestcat.jpg (173 KB, 1280x720)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
Half anniversary is here. Very good jumping on point as the some of the strongest units in the game have had their banners return (The limited Alpha and Beta adult shadow festival versions are both back and on rate-up).
Still waiting for shadow fest Zeta to arrive.
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Don't forget the stacking +6-9% DMG increase every 5 seconds each round
File: image.png (126 KB, 426x624)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
I only managed to get a2 and that was from gems and not rolling (though I did roll lots of dupes).
Same, rolled 230 just to pitty.
I'm looking to roll more to try to awaken but it kind of feels pointless since I don't see anything THAT good besides just stats.
430 rolls and I got 4 shadows, so about 1 shadow per 100 rolls

File: 1674896069735634.png (900 KB, 1024x512)
900 KB
900 KB PNG
Anyone playing this? Releases April 6th at 11:00 (GMT+8)

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Game lost traction to HSR and couldn't do anything to recover, jesus. I should have sold my account after week 1.
If GFL PNC and Artery Gear are still alive then we will survive too bros.
RIP. They should sell the IP to Yostar or Nexon.

File: 1685517531770.jpg (135 KB, 678x452)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
What are the most and least incelcore gachas?
most, last origin
least, raid shadowlegeands now go away

play this NOW

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