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File: Kiana.jpg (473 KB, 1131x993)
473 KB
473 KB JPG
I've been playing Honkai Impact for a bit and I have some questions about various things.

First off I have noticed that this game actually seems pretty generous with giving out a whole bunch of characters. From what I can tell it seems to be divided so that there are battlesuits you can get from playing, and ones that are only from the gacha. But I see you can also increase the rank of battlesuits with fragments. So I was wondering if the game is balanced to where a "free" battlesuit is comparable in power to a gacha one at the same rarity, or if a gacha one is always going to be better? I am just curious if I'll be able to continue to use them without feeling gimped or if I'm going to hit a wall at some point. I'm assuming weapons and stigmata will factor into the equation as well but I'm not so concerned about that because my priority is cute girls.

I was also wondering about this specific gacha called "Dorm Supply." I have a bunch of tickets and it seems I can get guaranteed S-ranks from this. But I hesitated to do it because I was wondering if the selection changes or if it's permanently the same pool. Is there any reason to hold off or should I just go for it?

Last thing is about the Evangelion collab. Do you think it will be possible to get all the collab-exclusive stuff as a new and free player? I've been doing the dailies for the event currency but I don't know how many total fragments I'm going to end up needing for Asuka, since I assume that even after I get her I will need more to increase her rank. So I'm wondering if I will be required to dip into the gacha for that. And of course I would like the costumes as well if possible. I do have a lot of crystals available to me from being new and it all seems guaranteed after a certain number of draws, but I don't know the exact number I would need so maybe someone has already done the math on how many it would take? Regardless, I don't intend to spend any money so if not then I will have to choose wisely.
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I'm kind of impressed by how popular this game is. Even doing the co-op provisioning stage right at the end of the night because I was sleeping all day, I still manage to find a teammate in under a second. I presume they must match you with literally anyone so that probably helps, but you can only run it two times a day so you wouldn't think I'd find someone so quickly at this hour.
>AKA is now permanent
Finally, I have a chance to pull her.
File: 1597226762697.png (1.32 MB, 1600x900)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
Is it that good a battlesuit or do you just like Rita? I actually happened to get it.
Wangi wangi. That is all I have to say on the matter.
What does that even mean?

File: 1527781989194171346-1.png (3.11 MB, 1600x1252)
3.11 MB
3.11 MB PNG
Yoshino is so fucking sexy
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bruh is the meta now just sides to aliens?
File: MSA Sorceress.png (367 KB, 524x572)
367 KB
367 KB PNG
MSA update out:
Magic King Damian, basically Vita ST for PM players but is probably better than Vita ST because SNK hates Rebel players.
Sorceress (pic related), a lazy Sally recolor with a hat, seems decent enough as an early game unit. Also based on her description, the PM army is basically kidnapping people to experiment and brainwash them into soldiers, we already knew that with Simon but it seems it's more common than previously implied.
Drache Goldenes, brown giant dragon girl and Dai's latest creation. Doesn't actually have a lot of animation due to the size of her sprite but looks pretty decent gameplay-wise: Expensive and tanky, she spawns at the frontline and deal big damage. She also has a 60% HP faction buff for Aliens, making her a pretty good unit for Aliens players.
Sparkling Barbeln, alien equivalent of Christmas Abigail, sp avvio, etc.
Pics of the new units here: https://twitter.com/SoarinSkys/status/1382230702498877442
No new AS sadly.
File: MSA Drache Goldenes.png (384 KB, 524x572)
384 KB
384 KB PNG
Drache Goldenes
Her sprite can be seen here >>398610
>her “dying” animation is her crying and diving underground
Oh no. My heart. Why’s they make giant dragon waifu a cute girl too
>Oh no. My heart
Literally me each time I see my waifu Nova dying animation.
And considering she's not really meta anymore, I would cry rivers if I could.

>Why’s they make giant dragon waifu a cute girl too
Why not? Dragon girls are top tier.

File: ezgif-6-46525bc9d846.jpg (29 KB, 331x331)
29 KB
Releases on the 20th of this month.Anyone else planning on getting into it?
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ver 2.0?
File: EyxPQjAUcAQYc7Z.png (122 KB, 800x450)
122 KB
122 KB PNG
ENDO Araya when?
>locked behind special material
I wonder how hard the mission will be.
>another three stooges event
Where's the Yuija Shenling event? Why are they the only ones without an event memoria?
They have their original one

File: IMG_20201124_140807.jpg (240 KB, 983x983)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
Who will good boy Lect end up with? Werner? Chiara? Linea? Harem?
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MC 1st grade title is the same with player name.
Oh, right.
>Didn't even get a dupe from the free 10-roll
I wonder who will be on next gacha.
Two new characters
>uzuki from idolmaster and umi from love live
Not sure if I like their designs though, the knife ears might be a bit too sharp for me.

File: capsule_616x353.jpg (168 KB, 616x353)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
I downloaded this game on my phone the other day.
It's kind of similar to brawlstars.

File: Eln8vyhVkAARfFP.jpg_orig.jpg (438 KB, 1448x2048)
438 KB
438 KB JPG
Goodbye Magireco NA, so when is Ashley coming to JP?
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So in the end JP mirrors never turned into Chlsea meta and still no terico,
>try to get two gf's
>end up with none
Poor Ren.
File: 88845073_p22.png (517 KB, 1000x1500)
517 KB
517 KB PNG

How much money have you spent on mobile games?
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Probably like $100 a month between all the monthly passes and random purchases.
I bought true skate and that’s it
On mobile games

Havent bought any microtransactions or gachas.
10 hue bucks for the Mog Pass in DFFOO. Felt kinda dirty at the time but I'm swimming in so much character points that I don't even care anymore, might renew it after 2 months or so.

File: rukia 10 years later.jpg (1.86 MB, 5040x2472)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB JPG
Old thread >>238823
How did you do on the TYBW (10 Years Later) summons?
Did you get what you wanted? Did you get cucked?
-Rukia solo banner currently live
-Ichigo solo banner will be live Jan 19
-New Fierce Battle Banner (Uryu, Renji, Szael) will be live tomorrow (Jan 16)
-New Year Campaign is coming: Includes login 5* ticket, special 5* Kon unit, and more!
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Nothing ironic, you're just biased and can't just shut up there's worse retards being used to "sustain" your gacha of choice and try to rationalize it. Just shut up, don't be a faggot and go with it instead of wasting time on a pointless argument. It's not hard.
>here's your Lisa bro
Atleast got Grimmjob right?
File: 1615600802106.gif (3.73 MB, 600x450)
3.73 MB
3.73 MB GIF
>Burn 1250 orbs
>Got 3 Gin/Izuru, TTIkkaku, SSLisa, Rose, 2 TTYBW Mayuri, Ryuken, Isshin, that New Year Mayuri and Hanataro nobody gave a shit about and the first Barragan

File: 1617969319385.jpg (2.6 MB, 2713x754)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB JPG
basedboy dog is cute
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File: 1582482449657.gif (2.74 MB, 400x224)
2.74 MB
2.74 MB GIF

Nigga fuck you, I just spent 200 (4 FUCKING PULLS) And all I got was the shitty 5* human faggot. I WANTED THE FUCKING VTUBER DOG


Jokes aside I am genuinely sad right now, that was all my stones and I wanted the dog..
that's what you get for calling him a dog, he's a wolf
shut up huey
I think the human guy is really strong as a unit at least? seems like it? maybe our resident expert guy that knows all the complex shit can chime in on how good the human is

File: img_gofu02.png (198 KB, 800x450)
198 KB
198 KB PNG
サクラ革命 ~華咲く乙女たち~
Sakura Revolution ~ Blooming Maidens ~

A Sakura Taisen spinoff mobage developed by delightworks.

New Sakura Hanabi event just landed!
Multiple armor sets per character added.
New suites for Sakura and Himeka!

Game ONA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poo9It1m7bA
Database: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Z_C13dt4kspRTPXtWmXHHOno7zbi4XUEnZ0spOfVrBo/htmlview#
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so you're saying there's a chance for global?
It's not on the horizon right now but it's not zero either. Something a lot of people who weren't around in its early days might not realize is that FGO had the same problems at first too. It was a total kusoge for the first half year, but Type-Moon and DW under Saltriver actually listened to the complaints and did things to fix the problems over time. The result was that the America chapter was considered to be a notable improvement, Camelot and Babylonia were generally well-received, and the aftermath of the Final Singularity saw a massive influx of new players. These are currently the main complaints I've seen in regards to Sakura Kakumei and how I would propose to fix them:
>Vtubers hired as VAs
Most of the people complaining about this are Vtuber antis who wouldn't play the game anyway, and there's no point in listening to them. The Vtubers they hired are popular and both pretty good at voice acting, so they're actually an asset and not unqualified for the role. Their characters being added could be a real turning point but it has to happen after the other complaints are addressed.
>No Ogami and friends
This can easily be fixed: have some kind of time-slip event or something similar where the current cast gets sent to the past and helps out the Flower Unit. They can give away Kouran or Iris as a welfare and make all of the other characters rollable. It would be likely to win over a bunch of the holdouts who refuse to play a new game where they aren't featured.
>Ascension materials are too hard to get
There's already been measures to ameliorate this with the tickets and larger event shops. Something still needs to be done about the zodiac symbols though. Maybe they should be added as additional rewards for the weekly missions?
>Shino isn't cute enough
There's no cure for other people's bad taste, but it might be possible to appease some of these types by giving her a costume where she gets a really girly/sexy makeover.
File: EvNjf4nUUAI2PNu.jfif.jpg (551 KB, 1559x2048)
551 KB
551 KB JPG
>Something still needs to be done about the zodiac symbols though.
They seem to reliably appear on all event stores, which is good enough honestly.

Hopefully the game has some future ahead, it's concerning to see their social media accounts went dead. Valentines and hanabi event were best updates yet.
I fucked around with the game for a bit at launch but had to uninstall due to running out of space. But had some questions before deciding to fuck with it again
>is the game really fucked?
>is the baba shit and the game doing immensely poorly true
>is it true that they are siphoning more and more people away from fgo with the additional rumors of people fucking off/quitting or is this just due to TM (mainly Nasu) smelling his own farts and being worse than Lucas and spielberg?
>Any new hot girls, anyone from the OG cast members or any crossover collabs yet?
>are existing fans of the franchise still not liking this game or the reboot at all?
>will the franchise actually survive?
And before anyone asks about question 3 I heard about this shit in /fgog2
>is the game really fucked?
No. Read >>397820. It is an official translation by Sega of their recent shareholder meeting in which one of the questions asked was about Sakura Kakumei and how it's doing.
>is the baba shit and the game doing immensely poorly true
No. The 30 billion yen shit and >muh Baba are literally 5ch shitposts on par with what you find on /v/.
>is it true that they are siphoning more and more people away from fgo with the additional rumors of people fucking off/quitting or is this just due to TM (mainly Nasu) smelling his own farts and being worse than Lucas and spielberg?
No. The delays in FGO are mainly the product of the Kung Flu and the process for creating new Servants having become more and more involved and expensive over the years (Takeuchi literally complained about this in an interview). It's possible that the writers (i.e. Nasu, Higashide, Sakurai, Meteo, etc) are being slow too, but we have no confirmation on this.
>Any new hot girls
Angelica, Himeka, and Arino are all pretty good in my book.
>anyone from the OG cast members or any crossover collabs yet?
Not yet.
>are existing fans of the franchise still not liking this game or the reboot at all?
I assume you're talking about the people who say that they refuse to buy a Sakura Wars game where Ogami, OG Sakura, Sumire etc don't show up. Those guys are loud but they hardly represent all of the franchise's preexisting fans. I dreaded the reboot but was surprised at how good it was after playing through it, and I understand why Sega thought a reboot was necessary. All of the old VAs are now either approaching retirement age, actual senior citizens, or dead, and Ogami's story is finished. The last time Sega tried to drag out a story that was already finished for $$$, it resulted in wonderful plots like Evil Twin Brother and O MY RUBBER BULLETS.
>will the franchise actually survive?
It's going to be fine. Sega needs to promote this game better and put Shin Sakura Wars on PC though.

File: IMG_20210413_212055.jpg (171 KB, 1046x957)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
can someone translate this into english
"REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" followed by ragequitting due to what I assume are gambling mechanics to roll back your gacha character's power if you try to upgrade them high enough. No idea what you'd whale with a mechanic like that in the first place.
You can bring a unit back down to a lower level to put duplicates into it to raise its strength. There's a feature to put it back up to that high rarity, but this retard doesn't know how to read or navigate menus, it seems.
I hope he drained his bank account dry.
Is this dokkan? The game that keeps shitting on its players all the time?

They are despicable, first was the fixed rate for pulls, showing that it was 0% for some cards, and haven't stopped since then

is there a better 2021 game than DQ TACT?????

Even better than any XBOX X or XBOX S game.
ded game
gone by 1st anni
It's fun but it's not worth summoning until the 6 month anniversary because the stamps for the 10 round banner give out iridescent orbs so hope you pulled well now so you can save everything for three months.
Imagine using gems for anything but stamina refreshes at this point in the game.
I play between five games and have awakened Armful, Umbra, and Wrytle. There's not much else I need to grind for at this point.

Dang. This is the goofiest looking Mainland China censorship I've seen so far in a mobile game. I decided to try the mainland China version of Figure Story before it gets released in Taiwan later this month but I didn't expect this.

To add to the silliness, I somehow ended up logging straight into the staff account ADNGaMeS instead of starting fresh. Dunno how that happened. The only things I did while logged into the staff account was spin the gacha and put the text "4chan was here" into the profile description.
Screenshot of leaving a mark.
whats this? reminds me of qurare
Figure Story. Said in OP.
Thread for the game is now up.


NA server opens on the 13th
supposed to be action MMO with pretty cute artstyle
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Look pretty cute and I'm hoping for someone to do some lewds especially of that bunny cheerleader.
You just described 100% of mobile MMOs.
How's the game so far?
I can't hold in my boner any longer, they girls are too cute and funny
I love how the game appeals to both normies and furfags. I've only played around 20min so far but I'm liking what I'm seeing.
Prettty much a gacha mmo. Art style is amazing. So far, I’m hooked

File: FAGGOTS.jpg (305 KB, 1000x523)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
Holy shit the quality of this game is unreal. Unlimited energy...endless free in-game currency just for logging in.

Premium characters exclusive to NA like UDX Death and UDX Katarina

Great game no?

520 replies and 110 images omitted. Click here to view.
Nice, thanks! I'll work on the time limited missions for it then come back for the exchange later when I have nothing to do. I love that the stat caps are so high on the new towers, hopefully they'll make good grind spots.
Well shit, I'm think imma double dip and play on jp now
Where's the best place to grind for stats?
check scherbr on youtube for teams and stages

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