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File: chuck.png (80 KB, 1000x1000)
80 KB
why does everyone keep posting anime girls i just wanna talk about angry birds
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Less content and some birds are buggy
dead franchise
Has the AB2 tower of fortune gotten harder for anyone else? It's been giving me a pig on the second floor almost every time since the new bird event started
What that mouth do
she can succ my piggy anytime iykwim

File: Soccer spirits.jpg (35 KB, 508x285)
35 KB
Anyone remember Soccer Spirits?
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the ssg discord disappear
File: file.png (1.77 MB, 889x1350)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB PNG
Yes, I miss it to be honest
WW best element
I kinda miss King's Raid but on the patch where they diluted equipment stats so that getting a good piece was less likely than winning the lottery... at I knew it was heading down the wrong path.
This and Puzzle & Dragons were the first mobileshits I ever played when my third world shit hole first started getting affordable smart phones.
File: doraponew.jpg (830 KB, 800x1200)
830 KB
830 KB JPG
dragon poker/ace bros ww@? this shit was awesome but unfortunately it was really hard to find other players on the high level event stuff and the AI cards fucking SUCKED so soloing bosses yourself was usually awful

File: file.png (834 KB, 768x432)
834 KB
834 KB PNG
is anyone here playing the new golf game?
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just started this game yesterday, seems pretty fun so far :)
File: IMG_3564.jpg (1.93 MB, 1284x2778)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB JPG
Is it even possible to get closer to the hole
File: IMG_3808.jpg (936 KB, 1284x2778)
936 KB
936 KB JPG
I did it. I beat the game.
File: IMG_0131.jpg (737 KB, 1242x2208)
737 KB
737 KB JPG
Congrats man
I was looking for a gacha that was at least remotely fun, I think I found the one:)

File: 1661919160463946.jpg (36 KB, 424x424)
36 KB
Any of you fags still playing Granblue?
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I honestly won't recommend you playing the game seriously since it's going to be a massive time sink to catch up with little to no rewards at the end.
Thats the thing, I have magna 1's for every element. Now I'm just completely out in the dark of WHERE to get the next weapons to put on the grids. I have also unlocked Arcarum some time ago but I dont understand it at all. I figured people just do it for easy magna drops and then later to grind for those tarot card summons or whatever.
File: 1660666099810947.png (410 KB, 634x633)
410 KB
410 KB PNG
Yes, ill do my dailies, some extra raids for materials and move on. on days I need to spend a lot of time grinding like the arcanam event that just ended or shit like that Ill spend a few extra hours and move on. if im preping for GW ill make a list of some things I need and grind towards that but i only go "hard" during wind GW everything else is kinda lazing around and helping when I can.

my crews nice but i have no need for leaving. Its a nice game and ive grown used to it and I know when it inevitably ends itll leave a massive hole in my heart that will be very hard to fill so for now Ill shitpost and shit in the meantime.
File: images (2).jpg (23 KB, 500x281)
23 KB
Ganbatte anon
I tell everyone that I am a casual and that I just play how much I feel like playing but the "how much I feel like playing" is actually way too much. But I have fun. I like grubbing. And when I dont like grubbing I just dont play

Any reccs? I'm looking for a mobile game that
Doesn't have ads
Doesn't have a bs energy system
Doesn't have microtransactions
Doesn't requiere an internet connection
So far emulating old games and PvZ 2 Eclise works perfectely
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The oldest thread on /vip/ is 1959 days
The oldest thread on /po/ is 2392 days
The oldest thread on /vmg/ is 348 days
people need good geimus
File: 1667621820079662.gif (400 KB, 1024x576)
400 KB
400 KB GIF
Move here
Someone make a new thread, I need a rec

obviously not this one which is for basically no games

File: 1559689134597.png (14 KB, 677x586)
14 KB
Why the previous thread got deleted?

Elohim, Shaddai and Sabaoth banners are currently up. Go reroll for Elohim if you're new to the game.
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do you really think a +9k hp amon as any % placed on evade?
>uses physical attack
Nothing personnel owl.
there is one with 8k and 104% evade on the top 100 so it might be possible
File: file.png (250 KB, 600x200)
250 KB
250 KB PNG
>Sabaoth on a banner with other demons
>neither of the other Godlies are
still, this makes the other anniversary summon look like dogshit
OK with the amount of bait being thrown I scared of the ani demons

How are you liking the beta?
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or when the schizo janny decided to spazz out randomly
File: 1658626316083.jpg (1.93 MB, 1280x1920)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB JPG
Same, she was the one who caught my eye the most during the first trailer
That's why I want to Sex her and Anby.
2 is always better than 1
zzz is gonna be just as much comfy as honkai if not more because it wont have the brainless bootlickers from genshin fanbase
honkai has its own sunk cost bootlickers

This is a thread about discussing the Octopath gacha, because it's a fun game. Feel free to talk about various topics like how blessed/screwed you were by the gacha, advice on bosses, how much we got fucked over with Adelle's banner because SE is the worst gacha company of all time, and most importantly how Tressa is the best girl and should be cherished for that reason.
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Press F for Ri’tu
Poor girl, not only is she the most straightforward arena fight yet, but she's also shockingly easy to face tank with just an attack debuff or two and gets shat on by two precious champions along with being weak to the two most stacked elements in the game at the moment.

I wish she was a little better as a unit too, but I won't say no to a free unit.
Merry Christmas! This is my A-Team. And the one I used to take down Ri’tu. She was that easy.
Oh wow, she's gorgeous. Some day I'll get around to doing arena, but not today.
Next unit has been datamined, it's Nicola!

File: images.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
Anyone tried it?
Is it good?
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It's free right now. Download and try it for yourself.
Just did. It's nothing like the adds.
There nothing creepy and the story is convoluted.
I'll pass.
Don't play it OP. Devs are greedy and manipulative faggots. They make fake horror ads and then give you a normie fantasy rpg cashgrab
I only got it because I saw you normally had to pay for it and they were giving it away, ended up never playing it and finding out about the fake horror ads afterwards
I unironically think it's great. Yes, the gacha rates are fucking ass, and the story is absolute garbage, but the gameplay is incredibly good and the pvp is super engaging as a result. Also, the events are isolated stories that don't even happen in the same continuity, so they aren't half bad, unlike the main story.
Btw, I played the game around 2-3 years ago, I could be 100% wrong about the gameplay in its current state, but I guarantee it was kino at least once.

File: images (25).jpg (57 KB, 512x512)
57 KB
Is nikke the cumbait game with the best story?
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
the story itself is average but the interactions with the girls are nice
get off your high horse retard
I prefer the nikkes in Metal gear rising
Pretty much because it goes straight to the point and is easy to follow

I can’t beat this map what the hell the difficulty curve is overwhelming on this map. Basically Hetler just have 999,999 gold all the entire game and keep wiping out my entire air armies, I mean HUGE air armies got totally wipe out! The thing is so brain dead that I want to give up beating at all.
>I can’t beat this map
>doesn't show the map
bro i beat both Advance Wars games when i was a teenager, you have no excuse.
just git gud.

Sword Master Story

Why aren't more people playing this game? I've only been playing it for a week, but so far it's been fun.
I like the waifus and pixel graphics (instead of the chibi shit that's in way too many waifu games these days).
Current collab with Konosuba, btw
Really? Nothing at all? Shit
File: 7570.jpg (357 KB, 2160x1080)
357 KB
357 KB JPG
The Ms. Fanservice of the game.
The art is kickstarter, the UI is amateur and annoying, a week for me as has gone by and there's now real strategy, the guild system sucks dog shit, and on top of that the paid portion is super predatory. Like severely overpriced shit.

That said, ot doesn't throw adds at you and lets you idle very quicky, I'm just not a fan for being forced to keep a main character there.
After about a week, this game crawls to a stop. I quit back then when I realized that the "endgame" consists of reincarnating your characters over and over again for miniscule stat boosts, doing RNG rolls on equipment for not-shit subs, and buying costumes for stacking boosts.
It quickly became one of the dirtiest traps I've seen in an idle game.

File: slice and dice.png (139 KB, 1280x760)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
>download random game with cute graphics while sitting on toilette
>it's actually incredibly good, without ads or cancer
someone else played this good shit?
Yeah, Slice and Dice is incredible. Great on mobile and even better on PC.
It's good for so many reasons: a demo that gives you a good taste of the full game, reasonable single-IAP-unlocks-all monetization, roguelite elements that are actually fun because they let you put together messed up synergies, difficulty levels are handled in a creative way - overall it's a sight for sore eyes on this cursed platform. And to think I almost skipped out on it because it looks like muh quirky dice wank for fake nerds, and even the title sounds like a bad joke.
>even better on PC
How come? If it's just the modding support, then it's not a big deal for me.
I've seen you can buy it on dev's website, but what does it have comparet to mobile?
also i easily found a modded apk with full game unlocked, I think you can't find a cracked pc version considering how obscure and unkown this game is :^)
Where do you guys reliably get cracked/modded apks reliably? Fishing around on google always sketches me out since there's definitely a lot of real suspicious looking apks.
Bump for this

File: 1.jpg (58 KB, 652x367)
58 KB
Where is it?
right here
Forever stuck in dev hell since Popcap is probably remaking the whole game from scratch a third time
Now how about that weird bejeweled PvZ reskin, or did that also disappear into the depths of dev hell?
Hopefully never coming out. Multiple betas and it sucked every time. What the fuck were they thinking?
Sunflower's mouth looks so... tempting
Cancer, get hired by popcap and tell them to remake PVZ3 again but as a playable offline game and redesign PVZ2 for Belgium.

File: PVZ2.jpg (124 KB, 640x400)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
>music and sound randomly cuts out
>Gold Leaf and Thyme Warp still don't drop seed packets from levels
>some Adventure levels crash the game, making it impossible to progress
Are they ever going to bother fixing these issues?
Play PVZ2 Reflourished or GT000.

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