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Roll for the Iron Haniwa, screw the Yakuza Turtle Dragon.
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I did, and luckily got her, but now I'm questioning myself as I have no divine dolls
how do i get gold fast? and stay outta this kappa
Same, and I want Sagume as well, so that's 8 divine dolls/8 months - freebies. Considering rolling more just to get some dupes.
File: 1649758720804.jpg (50 KB, 556x556)
50 KB
I have 3 super fes waiting for dolls, it will take a year to upgrade them. Might as well save for blue Reimu

also someone give me star EX farm setup that doesn't need super Flan, bane Sagume and loli Junko
i did it...i had to whale whit a costume pack but i finally got her....one step away from losing hope and she finally showed up...now to save for pcb yuyuko and hope her other version shows up in the daily player....

File: sinoalice.jpg (427 KB, 1200x628)
427 KB
427 KB JPG
Five years and STILL ALIVE, apologize
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Not to mention that global could be running for 3 years by now if it wasn't for Nexon fucking things up.
is it a fun game? i haven't tried it
Not really.
The game is carried by its story, characters and art. And by Yoko Taro.

As far as gameplay goes it's extremely basic and shallow and doesn't even have decent visuals to back it up.
>gacha has weapons and characters, guess which ones have the lowest chance of getting pulled?
>characters have no active skills, different versions just give different stat boosts and can equip different weapons
>all your damage and utility comes from weapons, but there isn't much choice or variety, it's all "bigger rarity and bigger numbers = better"
>there's also time based guild pvp
>gacha has weapons and characters
The Gacha works like GBF. You pull the weapon, you get the character so is not that bad. I agree with rest of the post.
aight then thanks

File: 97416523_p0.jpg (363 KB, 1600x1000)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
Any Srpg games like Langrisser mobile or FEH coming up? It seems that nobody makes games like this anymore. I want to play one from day one or close to day one but it seems impossible to find one.
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Global never ever
Maybe Alchemist code?

Why tf didn't they make Disgaea RPG a stratgy rpg?
Legend of Clover is pretty good, remind me more to Langrisser plus it has hentai scenes and free rolls from time to time. Exclusive free event characters as well so there is an insentive to do events. It gets monotonous obviously, daily and such.
Because Makai Wars is a thing, you don't have to make super complex/big maps for a generic turn based rpg, and/or iirc they were going to and that game became Disgaea 6.
Reverse Collapse a game that takes 30 years after Girls Frontline will launch this year if I'm not mistaken. https://twitter.com/Re_Collapse_EN

File: newlr.png (366 KB, 261x466)
366 KB
366 KB PNG
>General info
>Movie news
>Official Twitter
>Hyper Based Wiki
>Link Partners

>SBR Stage 59 5/8
>ESBR Stage 33 5/8
>BoG event becomes DB Story 5/8
>Super Strike Trunks TUR and EZA 5/9

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I'm close to having 500 gold coins.
Wondering which LRs are must haves and which ones are must avoid.
>Must haves
the new LR teq Goku/Gohan
LR Kaiokek Goku when 7th anni drops
LR Hit/Godku
LR Janemba
LR Exchange Vegeta
LR Turles
Avoid the rest.
Save your coins for fanfic Gohku.
I'd like it for friend summons. I hate it taking like 10 actual minutes just to accumulate some training fodder
Yea I take it back the teq super trunks is also good, he builds a ton of defense in ss his second transformation is just ass

Any recs for actually fun RPGs on mobile? Preferably turn-based and/or tactics (like FWT but alive). The Play Store seems flooded with autobattlers and idle games.
isnt fire emblem like this maybe
sin chronicle (jp tho)

Never saw a thread about this here so I thought I'd make one.
What went wrong? What are your predictions for the longevity of this game since it's been sold off? Was it doomed to fail from the start?
Feel free to discuss SIF as well.
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no, banner ended
File: 1651792S623370.png (275 KB, 732x732)
275 KB
275 KB PNG
shit thread
what the fuck is /vg/'s mod's problem
File: Shioriko 23.png (1009 KB, 816x1608)
1009 KB
1009 KB PNG
Game Shioriko was so much better. She was only a bitch for like 5 mins, then already started warming up to the club while still feeling like a no-nonsense stuco, and her arc was the peak of the games story. Before her it was a borefest and season 2, well.
In the anime she's been completely defanged (figuratively) and has a deadpan expression instead of the slight frown.
Let's be honest, she shouldn't exist in either medium.

File: 165423457.png (1.22 MB, 1600x837)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
Is there any gacha better at handling unit customization than Azur Lane? If so, what is it?
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Azur Lane is amazeballs.

I also think DragonQuest Tact fits the bill in terms of gear/spells.

Sadly, not the same in the costume/skin department.
Now, if it only had a english server...
FEH's unit customization allows for cool things, but isn't handled well
anyone else lose all motivation when there is too much shit you can give your characters in a gacha, feels like endless grinding
Iron Saga.

Who is better?
>FEH: Trash
>Opera omnia: Probably the best on the list.
>Fate/GO: Trash
>Master sex: It's OK.
>Digimon: Wasn't this game dead?
>Yugioh: If you like the card game go for it.
Not even a big FF fan, but i like OO all casual gameplay, no PVP garbage. I know people hate weapon gacha, but i feel like when there isn't any PVP involved, it works. The amount of summon tickets you get is insane compared to all the other gachas i've played. The co-op grind sucks ass though alot of the time.

PokMas would be next, but its too casual sometimes. You can generally beat everything without pulling on the new unit, but after your done, thats just it. Wait til the next event or content reset. Login for 5 minutes to use skip tickets, log out.

File: ogp[1].jpg (598 KB, 1200x630)
598 KB
598 KB JPG
Does anyone play this? I still can't believe that's an real game.

Any good puzzle gachas? (preferably in more of a japanese anime girl style because i’m a fucking weeaboo). not really into the more cartoony western stuff. but yeah, the only gacha i got really into was JoJo Pitter Patter Pop until it got taken down. need something to fill that void now since i value gameplay and can’t really stand the turn based rpg stuff. anything is appreciated :)
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There's the yokai one, there's puzzle and dragons, there's the tsumtsum one and pokemon cafe remix. Monster strike kind of counts too
Mid/Late game portion of Girls Frontline. Brain is always activated at that point
how so?
Arknights can be a puzzle game sometimes in the sense of "which units should i bring so they don't die to this level's particular brand of bullshit?", especially the challenge mode variants and event stages. But it's still a gacha so higher-tier units will roflstomp stages you may have been struggling with previously, and unlike other gachas only way to level units up is to feed them EXP items (which i think is a plus but takes some time to get used to). still, i think it's fun.
like the other anon said you should look into sdorica
i also enjoyed puyo puyo quest but that one's JP-only, has an up-to-date wiki with skill translations though
puzzle and dragons is a classic of course

File: mhaui.jpg (1.01 MB, 2048x1151)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
Ultra Impact's global release was what, three months ago now?

The tower mode seems to be pretty empty. It shows updated cutoffs for what score is currently at each reward rank, and from that things look bad. Two towers back, Eraser, there were somewhere between 1000 and 5000 participants. Last tower, Life, there were 500 to 1000. The current tower, Hero, has been running two weeks and has less than 500.

Is it just a game mode people don't bother with, or is the game itself already abandoned?
i like the cards(?) and stuff, but the actual gameplay and 3d models is absolutely disgusting like it was made for toddlers instead of teens

Is there some way to know which games could run smoothly in my device with a hardware scan like in https://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri?

I have been making a list for my own device which is a Huawei P20 Lite, but if at least I could filter games/apps by 'compatibility' (which means I could play smoothly on low settings even) would be neat.

Looking at my hardware specs and game requirements doesn't cut it like in pc. So, anyone can help me?
just try em lol

File: unnamed.png (334 KB, 512x512)
334 KB
334 KB PNG
Anyone playing Dark Eden Mobile? I used to play it on pc years ago so a lot of nostalgia in it for me.
Apparently I pre-registered for this but I dont know why I would be hyped for Chinese crypto shit.

I couldn't get it to launch it said illegal program or something lol good try boys.
Alright they got me with the scythe loli Dragon Raja did this too I'll see you in game fellow 4chad let's get those...

Ievel 37 and starting to figure a few things out, such as crafting, upgrades, and combat power
>Dark Eden Mobile
not me

File: sword-art-online-movie.0.jpg (238 KB, 1400x1050)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
>everyone loved this series in 2012
>10 years later it has became one of the most hated shows ever
What happened?
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Is that Adol?
>since you can nowadays talk about the LN and even the airing seasons on it
It's not funny, it's just reality given newfags eventually overrunning the board. It's the exact same situation with how Naruto is discussable there too.
It's the mc from Sao:if, but that's what I was aiming for
It was always shit after episode 12 or was it 13 i forgot.
Anyways fuck em.
it was incel shit from the start

File: 1651901371126.jpg (766 KB, 2000x1334)
766 KB
766 KB JPG
how do i configure pic so that i could play any game on mobile with it? something like button mapping on emulators
no idea

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