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File: akgwww.jpg (54 KB, 474x474)
54 KB
I currently play Arknights, PAD, and Duel Links.
I've dropped PMEX (lack of things to do), FEH (frustration at IS's decisions), Shadowverse (just wasn't playing it that often), DL (took up too much space on my phone), FGO (gameplay didn't hook me), CVZ (whole game becomes "grind PvP", got fucked over by the gacha too many times), and Mario Kart Tour (played with some friends of mine, dropped it when they did).

I'd like a game with the following features:
>Gameplay/idle balance: I'd like to be able to auto my grinding, or run it in the background while doing other stuff, but I don't want to sacrifice gameplay for that - I'd like the game to be fun when I do actively play it, and not so stamina-restricted that I have to choose between playing or grinding.
>Generous gacha: Either good rates, ample currency, units of all/most rarities being viable, or some combination of the above.
>Distinct gameplay from the games I play: If I want a match 3 RPG, I'll play PAD. If I want a tower defence RPG, I'll play Arknights so long as I have sanity. If I want a mobile card game, I'll play Duel Links.
>Relatively low file size: I don't have a ton of space on my phone, between the three games I already play and all the music I have for listening to at work. Nothing over 5 GB, preferably.

Music/voice acting isn't a priority, as I usually listen to outside music when playing anyways. "Waifuing" features (alt costumes, marriage mechanics, etc.) aren't important either, but not a downside.
I’m going to go way left field and recommend maple story M.
Basically hits everything you wanted, popular as fuck in Korea so it will stick around

File: HimikoStage1.png (459 KB, 512x724)
459 KB
459 KB PNG
I just found out that apparently they added Himiko to FGO. Not only is she really cute with the greatest voice actor of all time, but I always really liked Himiko as a historical figure and wondered if she would ever be in this franchise. One of the advantages of playing on NA is that as a free player I can find out about a character and then save quartz for two years until she is on NA, so I am thinking of doing that. I have two servants I want in 2021 so I've also got that to do in the meantime. So, good idea? What do you think of her gameplay wise? Kit looks good to me since I like Buster servants.
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They know
I rolled for those and I failed. I have no sq left now.
Psst. Buy SQ with money.
Funny, I got her within 5 single tickets.
Yeah it sure is funny how single tickets "randomly" give you a 5 star on a less than 1% chance, isn't it? There totally isn't some secret pity mechanic that they are keeping secret for some reason.

Still alive.
Granblue Fantasy aka Hagblue Fantasy for boomerscomfy thread for beginners and trivial discussions.
Keep it civil.

March of the Valiant
Fire Bosses
October 14th - 22nd

Proving Grounds
Light Bosses
October 22nd - 28th

New Story Event
October 28th - November 5th
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now that's spooky
Grand dookan and cog duo
are these PG weapons good for someone who is too lazy to grind raids sometimes
You don't really need more than 1 of each fully uncapped. And you can get them from just the rewards.
>dokkan outfit
kinda useless if i don't even use her

File: dffoo.jpg (193 KB, 1280x720)
193 KB
193 KB JPG

File: hearthstone.jpg (162 KB, 512x512)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
What are some card games like Hearthstone that can be played without internet connection? I'm installing Epic right now but I need some more like this. If you don't know any card games, something else with similar style would be nice too if it works offline. I'll be hospitalized for a month after a surgery and I need something fun to kill time, the hospital only provides low speed and only for few hours a day. I already stocked up with Roguelike and RPG games, something more "relaxing" would be great.
try "To Arms" i love playing that, and it sorta fits what you are describing
That's a nice one, if it had support for horizontal rotation/view it could be even better.

Do you remember when mobile games did not have microtransactions or DLCs?
We have a thread for that already anon

File: 1602294515544.jpg (113 KB, 640x383)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Deadly Sin Dragons & Key Heroes tomorrow, get ready for the farm
Read this if you want a guide for the keys
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File: Muzan.png (2.5 MB, 1910x943)
2.5 MB
2.5 MB PNG
I'm guessing all demons are going to have no Main attribute. Muzan gets duel dark when you evolve him for some reason
File: 1477103401707.jpg (109 KB, 900x900)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
>ATK x20, halves damage taken at >50% HP
>passive 400x atk for doing nothing
What the shit is this collab?
newfag here what's a good farmable team for the key heroes to transform quick
not to mention, the other version is straight up word for word dark valentine ideal, they're going all out
for ferule you can use a couple of raziels, but even though they're farmable it's not really newfag friendly to farm them. you probably want to look through your normal pantheons for stuff that got 4 sbs with its revo, like thor for ferule or shiva for gileon

File: Dw-XEotUcAEYyEV.jpg (327 KB, 900x1200)
327 KB
327 KB JPG
Is Dokkan Batte worth playing if I want to collect cute DB girls?
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Good <3
Aaaaaah im gonna link up im liiiinkiiiing up
cute girl mai link level go up up and wahoo
>no cards for those chichi and bulma top hat yet
why are they teasing us with it on weekend summon previews
>chici WT dokkan hid her armpits completely in artwork

etting away with it!

File: flow-free.png (93 KB, 512x250)
93 KB
Have you played any of the other games like Bridges or Warps?
I like it personally, it's a pretty good time waster.
For this game I'm currently 27.5%, 1678/6096 games or something abysmally high like that.
Never tried the other full games.
They're all pretty nice imo
I played this game in 2018 when I would take the train to go to my classes/work. I completed all of the levels that they had available in each pqck. It was fun.
its aids with ads
Just downloaded, actually really fun. I love games based off degrees of freedom, it's a big reason I want to learn go.
Any other suggestions like this, anon?

File: MGCM Halloween.jpg (234 KB, 1138x640)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
Any of the new event dresses worth getting?

Also don't forget about the raid event. Only a couple days left. I swear if you motherfuckers screw me out of 1000 gems there will be hell to pay.
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File: file.png (163 KB, 654x385)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
>finally get around to logging in
>pop the 10 pull ticket
>get Kaori and Iroha
do the medal shop dresses update in content in the jp version or are the medals still for the 2019 evo version
77725477 /mgcm/ now has 7 open spots.
Anyone can apply just include "/vmg/" in your intro.
With "in proportion to [stat]" attacks, should you use an orb of that stat or just go with speed and maybe a good roll of that stat as a substat?
It's only free event dresses, and delayed by a few months. The main thing to buy are UR limit break orbs (so you still need to pull at least one from gacha).

I go that stat over speed but I also have Kawaii Eliza to help pick up the slack. Honestly though, I don't think any dresses with those skills are good damage dealers.

File: Kairosoft.jpg (37 KB, 565x365)
37 KB
most of their main output is mobile games now, so I figure discussion of Kairosoft games belong here.
>comfy art direction
>doesn't pull dumb scam shit
Why are they so good, bros?
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for me, it's Beastie Bay.
>tourists refuse to visit any shops or creature dwellings
>only use the restaurant or campsite
I'm trying to like the game but it's hard to at times.
Having a blast with the basketball one though, and I don't even like the sport IRL.
I want to try this one. But their games never go on sale...
Just pirate them.
>Why are they so good, bros?
they arent

Thoughts on sas zombie assault 4?
Once you're done with the honeymoon phase, it's tedious grinding with no variety whatsoever.
I like the fictional gun manufacturers it has and how they specialize in certain stuff, like teknoboom focusing on missle and grenade launchers
This was my favorite android shooter, back when I thought nobody could make a decent FPS for a phone... Then I discovered Tacticool... then COD mobile dropped a month later and I haven't booted SAS up since. I'm gonna play a bit now, since you brought it up and I just maxed my COD Battle Pass
All of the cool weapons are behind a pay wall.
its a plate for niggers

Eve echoes thread

Anyone playing this amazing game?

Just hit a jackpot; scout anomaly spawned and granted me $150m
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Do you guys have needs for more casual players? I can throw together a tackle fit easily enough but I am only sitting on 35 mil and mostly just rat. I do have some industry skills and a lot of planetary production, so I can help with supplies and I can sell at whatever lowest cost is minus a bit extra.
Absolutely. All pilots needed. But don't go down there now, there's a fuckin war going on and if you're not allied with someone then you're going to be shot at by both sides.

I'm not sure where you should go if you want to get recruited right now, I assume all our recruiters are carrying a rifle at the moment. But hang out near the low sec edge off of delve and fountain and ask any recruiters where you can find a corp in the Happy Bees coalition.
I am just hanging near jita trying to make money. Ill give it a while and then see how it looks, I am in some casual industrial corp now.
My whole alliance just re-organized under different leadership and moved north lmao. I'm outta that war.

I'm relieved. My corp wasn't spending its money right and I'm not trying to blow my own isk on that fight.
Why you nigga don't join 4chan corp?

Why does Pokemon Masters EX attract autists?
89 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
>this user posts on /v/
Probably paranoid and schizo there too. If you see Leaf pictures being posted it is probably him.
As if he couldn't check the list harder
He also has a million dollars worth in pokemon cards but is too retarded to realize it.
This dipshit always in /pmg/ is annoying.

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