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The Virtual Summer Memories (2023 Re-Release) event has commenced! More info in the event page. New UI changes for increasing battle speed have been released alongside the event.
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File: Untitled.png (18 KB, 438x111)
18 KB
>"when appearing" buffs don't apply to backrow allies right?
I'm not too sure, but I believe they do. Pic related is the Skill DB's description for it, which makes me think it should trigger whenever the unit first shows up in that fight, regardless if they were in it from the beginning or not.
Am I supposed to assume these ARs will never be reran again since they're the only 5*s in the anniversary shop? Because I skipped a couple assuming they'll rerun so it'll be a bit annoying if I have to use tickets on them.
They've rerun them before, usually when a brand new one comes out. But there's no telling when or which will be put in the shop again.
In all honesty they probably figured it was best to let newer players catch up with this anniversary by having those rotational andvari shop ARs be selectable, and for good reason, because they're well worth getting 1 copy of, especially Together We Now Walk to help increase your Rank faster for higher Team Cost cap. Heck I'd argue all of them except Sweet Dreams should be mandatory for every player to own, you'll need Wisemen for Coin farming and Queen of Kabukicho for Seed farming, but for brand new accounts Sweet Dreams helps level your 4 stars and 5 stars for free with the xp bonus.

They're definitely not sexy picks if you're missing a bunch of 4 stars you want, but with 7 tickets you should balance some long term benefits in your choices.
If you mean the unit that has the skill, then it procs it whenever they appear, regardless of when it is.
If you mean if, say, someone that wasn't in your first 4 slots gets the [When Appearing] buff from one of those 4 party members then the answer is no. Tried it just now with my Xmas Sitri.

Even if they don't rerun, if you just want them for the effects, you might as well wait. They'll probably keep churning out more with the same effects.

File: bg_pc.png (1.01 MB, 2193x1187)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
Today marks its 3000th day
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>want Nobara
>got Maki
At least Gojo can clear this Hell quest easily. Enemies can't hit him as long as his MP isn't 0.
File: F_cgW92bAAAhbwl.jpg (501 KB, 720x810)
501 KB
501 KB JPG
Tfw only dupes from all the tickets so far. Anyone new would be fine for me since most of them are only good for collection now.
File: F__VqupaYAE3-NM.jpg:orig.jpg (2.81 MB, 3802x1613)
2.81 MB
2.81 MB JPG
Got the new Lunacchi
>got Ashley
>just high damage normal attack meme character
They should have at least give him a fun gimmick like the Lycoris berserker girl.

I only got KC Charlotte for new character from those tickets so far.

File: IMG_0206.jpg (818 KB, 1170x1134)
818 KB
818 KB JPG
The only thing keeping this “video game” relevant is third worlders that can’t afford real video games.
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Because They Touch Themselves At Night.
What old games are we playing /vgm/?
Half life death match while there's people playing
>muh vidjya gaem gatekeeping
keep seething, they could call them game apps and you'd still be raging about how other people's own media consumption.

your "hardcore videogame" is nothing but another media to consume just to feed your brittle ego.
>>zoomers in particular are just faggot and trannies
there, I fixed it. I don't know about third world zoomers. They are irrelevant.

File: richbastards.jpg (273 KB, 1280x720)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
Can't decide what to buy with all the COD points I got from the 2x event, what have you guys been picking up
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What's the difference between this and the upcoming CoD Warzone port.
warzone mobile is going to be contemporary console/PC cod on the phone, it is a straight copy of MW2/3, and perhaps will update to be a copy of whatever the newest game is in 2024

COD Mobile is its own unique game, it is a collection of maps, characters, weapons, equipment, etc from all CODs across the franchise's history, and it has some of its own unique content as well. The mechanics of its multiplayer, battle royale, and zombies are all distinct and unique to the game, unlike WZ mobile which (apart from the mobile controls) is a straight rip from those games as previously mentioned

I definitely see myself and others playing COD Mobile well after the release of WZ mobile, regardless if I do end up playing WZM or not
That's interesting and sounds very ambitious to port the game over. Won't it split or cannibalize the player base on mobile though?
Will check out
I'm sure WZM will be solid, it has the Warzone BR mode and will be coming with multiplayer as well, but I'd also recommend checking out COD Mobile too

I was someone who started playing COD mobile here and there just because I wanted to get my shooter fix but didn't have a console or PC at the time. The game has come such a long way now and has so much content and is overall quite well made, I still play it here and there even though I have a PC to play other games on. It went from being "good for a mobile game" to just being a flat out pretty good game
thanks for the heads up about sniper challenge, it made the grind much easier although it's still pretty boring with all the bots, but considering I was trying to win and not lose I should be grateful I suppose lmao because the few matches with real players I was getting my ass kicked

that's 5/6 legendary medals I'm not brave enough to go for top 5k in either mode for the extra but I heard medals earned next season also count so I'll just go for MP

File: Arknights_gameplay.png (481 KB, 800x449)
481 KB
481 KB PNG
Behold my tale of tragedy and woe, as someone who just lost a 2+ year old account an hour ago
>buys new phone two weeks ago
>plans to set up account and transfer in a day or two
>finds he likes using the old phone exclusively for arknights, leaves account on old phone
>fast forward two weeks
>treats pet cat to first ever dose of catnip
>lots of play ensues
>gets some on sofa cover
>puts sofa cover that was actually old bed sheet in washing machine
>hears loud banging
>gets up after five minutes to check, finds old phone turning off and on repeatedly
>eventually gets door open
>phone is stuck booting on then immediately black-screening
>still doing this as I type

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
?? All your data is in "the cloud."
Just put Arknights on your new phone and log in?
Did they ever add coomer skins

File: F_rewrjaoAAJpKw.jpg (1.25 MB, 3600x2025)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB JPG
New Touhou shmup gacha by Cave. Event coming 11/29. What do you think so far?
>on mobile
How about no

anyone got any english guides or translations?
An anon wrote this so far. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ty0eP4OsStb6jzbjhafYuYYOMxBZcei4ksRXX7y_RT0/edit
I rolled a dog so I’m dumping all my resources on her and if she turns out to be bad I’ll just drop the game
The deathsmiles one was super cool though

File: 1676298395236967.jpg (62 KB, 362x462)
62 KB
What are you all farming in this dead week(s)?
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>Got my first servant to 10/10/10
Next stop, appends and level 120.
File: 1689126079631235.gif (321 KB, 240x180)
321 KB
321 KB GIF
Keep it up.
File: 20230407_114931.jpg (435 KB, 641x1024)
435 KB
435 KB JPG
So did the big titty version of this servant ever release?
Has either version that i remember existing gotten any sort of buffs?
Or even an outfit?
Well that's the best 30 quartz I've ever fucking spent.

File: Nymph.png (1.48 MB, 1870x1702)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
>5th Anniversary coming soon!
>Langrisser x Slayers crossover in November!

Next major update introduces two new heroes!
Our new protagonists for Langrisser Mobile:

>Roland / Precia

During the Slayers collab you can summon these heroes:
Lina / Zelgadis

Also, you can get Gourry shards by participating in the event.
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File: Milk.png (1.5 MB, 1280x720)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG
I'd like to take a tour of her milk makers.
If you can understand Japanese and won't miss the burger handout at 12-15, even better if you can get the other two as well, there's no reason to not pick JP for the extra foresight. There's also more time to stockpile for Slayers if you're interested in that. Otherwise stick to global, especially if you think you might want to spend later on since yen is probably going to recover eventually.
Those are some nice Milkers.
tits way too big
File: F68wTyoaUAArc9Y.jpg (82 KB, 1080x867)
82 KB
>I'd like to take a tour of her milk makers
Me too.
File: !Iris.png (1.48 MB, 1280x720)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
Also I forgot Iris as the second Iris because who cares if the official romanization is the same when the katakana spelling is different haha.

Destiny/Eternia origin event going on now.
Arise 2nd anniversary and Xillia 12th anniversary events coming soon.
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File: F_5yL_YbkAAA_ha.jpg (244 KB, 800x690)
244 KB
244 KB JPG

Kinda glad they didnt just copy the dual boost strike between D and K from Arise, but the xMA is still kinda too simple.
2 multis and only got Kisara’s new charge, and a dupe of Halloween Alph, which was already maxed.
The tickets I got so far gave me Dohalim’s charge at least. Would’ve liked to unlock Naz early for all the free diamonds she’d give me, but oh well.
That would certainly explain the story, and also the amount of Symphonia shilling.

File: khux.jpg (167 KB, 1024x1024)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
I've been wanting to play Kingdom Hearts Union X for a long while, but the game was discontinued in 2021. It's the only gacha game I ever even sorta got into, and even though the gameplay was simplistic I still had fun with it back then.
I can still download the game, but khux only serves as a theater mode for the story of the game. What I want is the gameplay.
Is there any way I can reverse engineer the server connection and run my own server so I can experience the gameplay? I know people have done it for mariokart wii, club penguin, toontown, even some shitty Sonic mobile game...
I don't believe it would be possible unless you had a version of the app from before EoS.

File: gacha-autobattler.png (320 KB, 1066x410)
320 KB
320 KB PNG
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann EN released today.

I have managed to avoid the Gacha plague up until this moment. I'm afraid.
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
It's hard to tell which units are actually good. Quick deploy doesn't seem to keep the bonus stats in mind, so it likely just puts the highest 'power value' in relation to gear.
Most of the skills are word diarrhea, and there are no resources for this kusoge because its a brand new shitty gacha cash grab.

I like (Graperal) Gimmy and Sayrune for her stuns, but they don't actually seem that good.
Can't have the title screen OP theme as all my music?

Terrible game.
dead game
So how is this shit doing?
dead on the launch

File: unnamed.jpg (44 KB, 512x512)
44 KB
Where's My Cum?
12 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
first one looks like a character from Camp Lazlo
H- hot
Anon, you know the game is from 2011, right?
>anyone who played this at 6 years old can post here now
i wish there was more porn of this guy
be the change you want to see in the world...

File: Mega pig.png (716 KB, 1280x720)
716 KB
716 KB PNG
>only 350 bling for the mega pig
>they want us to do this MONTHLY
It's so over
25 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
This game has collapsed. Most boring world championship of all time
did YDE retired like tom?

finally a cute brawler.

will probably dl next month just to play him along with the 5v5 mode
Dynakeks on suicide watch
Who's your favorite brawler right now? I'm a simple man, I like playing Otis.
Mr. P, he's simple enough and his minions are cute, them and his super work well as meat walls to get near single proyectile Brawlers
I'm using his insect skin because it reminds me of Kickback from The Transformers

File: mammon.png (319 KB, 550x417)
319 KB
319 KB PNG
>TW/JP servers EOS. TW players offered diamond transfers to Global.
>Global server is still good for now, 7 months of main story chapters left at the current rate of release.
Upcoming banners:
>Frankenstein Astaroth
>Santa Mammon
>China Dress Beelzebub
>Banquet Dress Belial
>Magical Girl Asmodeus
>Crimson Emporer Satan
>Swimsuit Mammon
>Streetwear Leviathan
>Teahouse Raphael
>Taisho Uriel
>Hot Springs Metatron
249 replies and 56 images omitted. Click here to view.
The new bub with 6 HP sharts would be night unkillable right anons?
No, that's not quite it but for the first time ever, you're gonna want to pay attention to cast type. Virtues get buffed in the city map and Sins get buffed in the wastelands map, plus this vortex has a bunch of talismans (the items you bring into battle) that only work on Sins, Virtues, Riders, and some of them are even for 5* awakers.
>Holy Idol Michael and the Gabs do the most damage.
Finally got her
Nice pull, congrats!
I feel like I've asked this before but I can never remember, I'll note it down this time: who the heck can remove ADR?

File: 1696148937864910.webm (3.71 MB, 592x1166)
3.71 MB
3.71 MB WEBM
this game sucks edition

Upcoming """""Events""""":

>Halloween Pumpkin Hunt

>Dates & Times (local time):

>From Wednesday, October 25, 2023, until Tuesday, October 31, 2023.

Set Builder:


How to Spoof:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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That remix is atrocious.
They actually won, the fuck
File: file.png (40 KB, 290x102)
40 KB
I guess that's the power of normies for you
Blos bow actually gets a 1.5 multiplyer, cuz you have to charge less then with the Rath bow which means you can make 3 attacks in the time it takes Rath to do 2. Blos can also run Fokus 5 where Rath only has access to Focus 4 which makes it even faster. Burst arms can negate the negative crit and gives even some extra. Blos bow is the best weapon/set in the game.
What fucking else would they vote?

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