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File: downloadfile.jpg (29 KB, 474x266)
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I remember playing this shit years ago but they took it off google play. I tried to pirate it but the game is zoomed in for some reason so it's kinda unplayable

I cleared it but didn’t get a cat ticket ):
God damn it, I used all 4 flags I saved up, did the stage nine times, and ended up getting only 3 cat tickets. I am literally on the floor sobbing my eyes out. What do I do now?

File: 89920387_p0.png (3.27 MB, 1479x2126)
3.27 MB
3.27 MB PNG
A catgirl is fine too.
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YamaP said it's okay to enjoy the game without hitting the newest dungeons.
That'd be fucking great if evolutions weren't locked being clears
Remember those 100% resists teams with Jack Frost equips? Do they still work these days?
yes, but most high end bosses have a color change at execute level.
So you need to use high damaging leaders. Normally people use Light/Dark resists now since those attributes have really strong leads.
New damage cap

File: unnamed.jpg (58 KB, 900x900)
58 KB
Join with code

File: screen-0.jpg (115 KB, 901x850)
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115 KB JPG
Emulators Gen.

Are there any android Emulators for the ,PS2, PS3, XBox360, out there which you can install on mobile devices or is this just a meme?.

The best 'concsole' level of emulators is PSP (Psone) and worse, anything under 2005.

The idea of emulators is not bad at all compared to the low graphic level gaming there is out there.

What is your opinion on emators?

What do you advice about them?

(I had a lot of fun playing old COD games, real playstation titles and other stuff I could find).

Considering that the Sony Experia mII is the latest phone to use your software on, what are your recommendations? What emulator software from the stores, in ISO, other sources work the best nowadays.

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There is hardly passable PC emulation and you're asking for mobile emulation? Lmao
I will keep an eye on Aether then. Also wasn't aware Citra is on android.
Lemuroid is so fucking good literally just plug and play
Thanks for the info. Never heard of this :)
I. Am using a few emulators.
mGBA was pretty cheap so i bought it.
Drastic is definetly a worthy investment.
Redream is also here.
Ppsspp works very well too.
Using John SNESS for my Nes/snes needs
Haven't looked into megadrive/genesis emulators yet.

So Genshin’s impact on the industry will probably be revealed soon. Do you expect Gacha devs to put their above-AAA earnings to good use to stay in the competition, or AAA/AA devs to completely abandon the idea of a singleplayer RPG entirely and put that same production value into something that’ll obviously make more money, but will be a worse product due to the monetization scheme?
Only Ubisoft is going full jew because of Genshin. AC Infinity will be Genshin clone.
>So Genshin’s impact on the industry will probably be revealed soon.

Or maybe nothing will happen gacha devs probably wont make something above honkai/pgr because of the cost to make and maintain lel open world meme wouldn't be worth it if it doesn't become popular as popular as genshin. Also you could have asked this question in one of the 3-4 genshin threads here.
It's the same nigger making low IQ /v/ baitpost.

Been playing a lot of casual games recently. The kind I can pick up and play when I've got a spare few minutes. Playing "Binary Chain 2048" A LOT right now available here:
Got any more suggestions?
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Bazooka Boy
I'm playing "spot the self-shilling devfag 2: niggerfaggot edition".
Super Auto Pets - looks interesting. A simple RPG battle game with all the other elements removed. Gonna try this.

Bazooka Boy - similar to Tanks or Worms. I like the idea but there are lots of complaints about too many adverts. I'll give it a go though.

Mmm. Couldn't find this one on Google Play. Perhaps your momma complained you were addicted to it and got it removed? :-)
Weapon throwing RPG 1 and 2
Cope, your game is trash.

File: wow04.jpg (352 KB, 1600x1000)
352 KB
352 KB JPG
is there a mobile mmorpg thats similar to vanilla wow
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Maplestory M
Granblue Fantasy is actually pretty close to an MMORPG but it's also autistic
>the least shit mobile MMO
old school runescape?
That's a glorifed boomer chatroom, not a game. Also, OP is looking for something similar to WoW. Era of Legends is straight ripoff but idk about the player count now.
Just cave and play Toram Online.
Adventure Quest 3
No joke, even the walljump is possible

File: gae.png (91 KB, 360x504)
91 KB
How many of you fuckers play this JP-only game
I still play Death Phoenix
Lol finally one guy.
Did you see the Heavy Death Metal reveal? Pretty hype.

File: heavenly pete.jpg (100 KB, 900x900)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
>try out a new gacha game
>the gameplay is a bit simple but actually pretty fun
>gacha rates seem reasonable
>you get a decent amount of premium currency for free by just playing the game
>play a little every day, making good progress
>after a while everything starts to dry up and the only way to progress is through stupid amounts of grinding or spending a lot of real money
>drop the game and look for something else
>try out a new gacha game

How do I escape these cycles of suffering?
Step 1: don't play gacha.
Gacha is literally designed this way.
You just have to remember from the beginning that
>>drop the game and look for something else
>>try out a new gacha game
is the plan
Don't play garbage. If a game requires an internet connection at all, just avoid it.
If you keep doing it again and again that means you're having fun. Otherwise why even bother? No one force you to play anything

Two years ago I remember playing a game on my cell phone that was about defending a castle against monsters, it was in waves and I honestly loved it, I think there were only 150 waves and that's where the game ended. Catapults or warriors could be bought to help fight, a shotgun could be used. I remember that some witches or skeletons appeared, but from there on out I don't know what else there was. I looked for it for hours in the Play Store but it looks like they removed it, could someone tell me if the game can still be found?
Grow castle?

Anyone tried this game? How Is It?
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Good for story but bad as a gacha imo. Terrible balance and building many characters is not rewarded
No, they're having copyright issues and also the devs are under fire right now because of a few controversies. They're rolling out JP voices each patch though as JP gets new SSRs.
File: 1621206442192.jpg (42 KB, 505x505)
42 KB
Unironically very soulful, too bad I can't get into it.

File: SFDuelMobileCHNKeyart.png (733 KB, 960x419)
733 KB
733 KB PNG
A global version of this game was announced a couple of months ago, but we've heard nothing since. Is it dead?
this thread is dead lmao

File: 3.png (477 KB, 708x372)
477 KB
477 KB PNG
>one of the most successful gachas in a decade
>one of the most successful MOBA ips that influenced an era of gaming
>probably the most influential nintendo IP worldwide
>one of the most influential western IP for normies
>a literal who game thats only for apple arcade without any addiction mechanics like giga gacha to hook you in made by a studio headed by a so-called washed up jrpg developer
you almost feel bad for Fantasian
reddit is already ripping them up and laughing at the game
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>it's a normal game
thats the point, retard
imagine being a normal jrpg from a literal who developer fighting four giga jew giants that have much more connections and money
why did they even bother putting fantasian when it never stood a chance
For fuck's sake please let me play this on non-Apple hardware. I don't give a fuck about having to pay for Apple Arcade, but I am NOT gonna buy new junk just for this.
it'll pretty funny if Fantasian ended up winning
voting for it rn
why they developed it only for Apple systems? was there some kind of exclusive deal or are devs fanatic itoddlers?
100% Exclusive contract most likely.

File: deezgames.png (22 KB, 340x419)
22 KB
I don't game on PC much I'll be for real. I just have a budget gaming laptop.

But why does Bluestacks lag like a motherfucker constantly, max out the CPU, and have the fans go fucking apeshit, but LDPlayer, which apparently has a bitcoin miner, is smooth as hell? Are there any emulators like LDPlayer that don't have a bitcoin miner and also run smooth?
> budget gaming laptop
> why lag?

Bluestacks and LD sucks shit unless you have a rig that can run x64 versions of the emulator. They lag.

I have a mid-tier gaming PC that's really starting to show it's age and Bluestacks/LD runs horrible. But I really wanted to play mobile games on my PC. So I just run games off my phone. (I have pretty good specs on my phone and can play pretty much everything) and I use Scrcpy to screencast from my phone onto my PC which also uses mouse as input. I use Sndpy as audio forwarding so sound comes out of my PC speakers/headphones. (Or you could just use headphones connected to your phone.)

Scrcpy and Sndcpy check em out if you have a decent phone.
There's nothing wrong with LDplayer. That's a misunderstanding from a year or two ago.
>bitcoin miner
Everything is chinkshit so it doesn't really matter which one you install, just choose the one your machine is most compatible with.
Also try Memu, Mumu, Nox, etc. it's all free.

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