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Is there some way to know which games could run smoothly in my device with a hardware scan like in https://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri?

I have been making a list for my own device which is a Huawei P20 Lite, but if at least I could filter games/apps by 'compatibility' (which means I could play smoothly on low settings even) would be neat.

Looking at my hardware specs and game requirements doesn't cut it like in pc. So, anyone can help me?
just try em lol

File: unnamed.png (334 KB, 512x512)
334 KB
334 KB PNG
Anyone playing Dark Eden Mobile? I used to play it on pc years ago so a lot of nostalgia in it for me.
Apparently I pre-registered for this but I dont know why I would be hyped for Chinese crypto shit.

I couldn't get it to launch it said illegal program or something lol good try boys.
Alright they got me with the scythe loli Dragon Raja did this too I'll see you in game fellow 4chad let's get those...

Ievel 37 and starting to figure a few things out, such as crafting, upgrades, and combat power
>Dark Eden Mobile
not me

File: sword-art-online-movie.0.jpg (238 KB, 1400x1050)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
>everyone loved this series in 2012
>10 years later it has became one of the most hated shows ever
What happened?
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Is that Adol?
>since you can nowadays talk about the LN and even the airing seasons on it
It's not funny, it's just reality given newfags eventually overrunning the board. It's the exact same situation with how Naruto is discussable there too.
It's the mc from Sao:if, but that's what I was aiming for
It was always shit after episode 12 or was it 13 i forgot.
Anyways fuck em.
it was incel shit from the start

File: 1651901371126.jpg (766 KB, 2000x1334)
766 KB
766 KB JPG
how do i configure pic so that i could play any game on mobile with it? something like button mapping on emulators
no idea

>mobile racing games can’t be kino-
This game is never coming out just letting you know.
Also I prefer NetEase other upcoming** racing game. Beta was fun.

its not a real game

File: PUBGEva.jpg (1.06 MB, 4096x2304)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
Checking this out for no other reason besides Evangelion.

What do you think of "PUBG Mobile"?
i have no idea why anyone would ever want to play an fps on a mobile phone's touchscreen unless they're a poor SEA/chinese gamer who literally can't afford a console or pc
I am not enjoying this at all gonna call it quits.

I liked Super Mecha Champions and T3 Arena though.
just think of pubg but mobile, fun game but can get annoying at time
touchscreen aiming is better than controller aiming, but only marginally and only if you hold your phone with just one hand while the other one covers up to half of the screen. but most mobile shooters just lazily adapt the dualstick control scheme of consoles to touchscreens

Is there any easy-to-use emulators for PC or android? Is there any archive which has those ROMs I need to play. Bros, I want to play reset generation and Space Impact Kappa Base so hard.

Any help is really appreciated. I just want to relive my childhood memories playing on my dad's Nokia N-72. Please help
I got it working. It took me hours but I can play it. Now I'm playing Space impact kappa base, bounce boing voyage and reset generation.

on a serious note, do you guys really haven't play N-gage games wtf? What did you all spent your childhood playing?
I was playing actual dedicated videogame consoles with games that are made to hold my attention for more than a minute. Although honestly I do wish I had an N-Gage back then as I'm getting nostalgic for old cellular devices and the like.

I never actually played Reset Generation but I remember listening to a remix of one of the games tracks ages ago and it still pops into my head every now and again.

File: 1652146429222.jpg (66 KB, 423x640)
66 KB
Lf non-gacha RPGs with sexy women and visuals avoidant of typical 'merica moralfaggotry
Getting burned out on limited timed gameplay, hate energy limits as, not only do limits strip me of immersion, limited gameplay usually causes me to lose interest over a given period of time, despite how sexy said game may initially be. "Gem" usage is okay, but I'd rather skip any such thing as they usually point towards unnecessary and convulted monetization of mechanics and are also consistently predatory.
Doesn't exist.

File: 1644977581936.jpg (224 KB, 886x886)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
I am at my absolute limit with mobile game ads. As if the heavily delayed, nano-sized [x] or "skip" weren't enough, some devs are apparently bold enough to insist I watch the whole clip or click onwards to their App Store page before I can leave, ON TOP OF these simplified HTML demos that work in the precise same way, blocking the way unless I touch some part of it. Turning off Wi-Fi and cellular is also no longer an option because every game insists on having internet access during gameplay.
And before someone says it, no, this isn't the fault of mobile gaming itself as a medium. There was a time at which all of this would be unheard off. 99 cents and you got well-built things that were deserving of praise in their own light.
Your own fault for not blocking the ads my dude
Even if you are too dumb to root your phone and use Adaway or don't have a phone that can be rooted you can still block the ads with a local vpn that allows website logging/filterlists and or custom dns (lots of anti-ad dns servers out there)
>B-but the app wont work!!!
The servers of your gaycha won't be blocked, only those related to ads
Your gayme will still be playable (unless the dev is a cunt)
Play games with less cancerous ads.
Try some of the very few games that don't have any ads, if you haven't already.
Get some quality paid games.
>And before someone says it, no, this isn't the fault of mobile gaming itself as a medium

well, then why are you upset? for all you know, those ads might be the only thing that puts food on the developer team's table. tho I agree that it is annoying, specifically if they tryna shove it up our asses every few seconds. try using adblock like the anon above me explained. don't pay much shit to the ads too, that might help.
Come to think of it I started using adaway a decade ago and don't even have a clue how many ads I've skipped since.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (84 KB, 1280x720)
84 KB
I hate all the ones involving real people like the "Forgive Us" or press conference ads.

File: ExPxTJrXEAAe0-v.jpg (847 KB, 4096x1936)
847 KB
847 KB JPG
Any games that you're watching the development on prior to their release? Any that you're hoping it'll be good?
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File: 6sghy63c2ew81.jpg (35 KB, 400x400)
35 KB
This one, it is made by the same company as PGR so hopefully the combat will be just as good.
File: Quantum Maki.jpg (110 KB, 1280x720)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
>Muv Luv Immortals shit the bed?
>don't worry, i'm here so step aside i'm about to frag this charlie
I'm trying to get into the gacha genre and mobile games in general, I really loved genshin impact but hated dual booting for it. I want a game that I can play on Linux and also on mobile that has fun characters and exciting updates, that's all :( looking forward to tower or fantasy I think?
Dislyte - Just released
Apex Legends Mobile - 5/17
Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds - 5/25
Catalyst Black - 5/25
Diablo Immortal - 6/2

We eatin good Mobros.
Honestly, yeah, I'm a fanboy,not ashamed. Warzone Mobile. I look forward to bogging down my phone (kek). But in all seriousness, I do look forward to a mobile version of Warzone with (hopefully) better content and (hopefully) no cross platform play (don't pit me against PC users and consolefags, please Activision, for the love of God...)

File: hee.jpg (194 KB, 1280x720)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
Didn't see a thread dedicated for mobile MMORPGs. Do you have any recommendations? Cross-platform is acceptable, and would be great honestly. I like playhing on PC but I'm on PC for 8 to 10 hours at work and it gets old.
17 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I play MU Origin 2. It's extremely P2W but pwning paypig fags is really fun
Thought that name sounded famiar.
You gonna "upgrade"?
Albion is your only option.
Cross-platform. You can play your character on both pc and mobile. There is only one mega server.
There is a premium subscription that gives your 50% more exp and some more loot. It costs 9m silver in-game and the average player makes 1m silver per hour. It also pays itself if you login regularly.
No lootboxes, gambling and similar bs that you would expect from a mobile game. The cashshop only sells skins that you can turn off in the settings.
It's a fairly simple MMO without content bloat despite its age. It's horizontal progression for the most part so you won't need to grind much to become relevant. A new season is starting soon with a big update.
go for alchemia story
Oh nonono, Who's gonna tell him?

File: apk.png (3 KB, 290x174)
3 KB
Some good sites to download apk games like pascal wager, trials of mana and others?
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I'm pretty sure he's asking for paid ones. Trials isn't F2P like APKpure has.
First time I hear about this
File: header.jpg (78 KB, 460x215)
78 KB
anyone have a download for pic related?, been looking for a while now and cant find shit, it probably hasnt been cracked yet
NTA i looked it up and it seems like it's more of a problem for the APKPure application itself, which I had no idea existed
You should be fine if you just download the apk file for whatever app you need from the website as long as it isn't the APKPure app store application
Just use Qooapp btw
Isnt Qooapp for asia servers? Or can I get global versions too? I am spic and most of the time, games arent available in the google store for my region so I need alternatives in how to get them

File: images.jpg (69 KB, 640x480)
69 KB
Did this die? I remember playing this religiously for a year, and even spent tons of money on it.
Then the jewry got more and more rampant and I just quit.
Was thinking about it and saw that there's no thread anymore.

How do I fix this?
angry birds is a fun game but you gotta at least provide context, my friend.
The res is to big how do I fix it?
games like that usually don't have a setting for resolution, right? maybe you can find it in the settings or something, the one with the "1280x600" or some shit
Your only best hope is to contact support

File: Pixel-Gun-3D.jpg (87 KB, 947x559)
87 KB
where did it go wrong? this game used to be a decent enjoyable experience, the fuck happened?
It started with the gems
And then they just added whatever was trending
when they changed the name from trove and put it on smart phones
What >>845345 said, and also just the sheer bloat of weapons really fucked things up with upgrades making things worse. I can't even imagine what a shitshow things are now.
I do not understand why pixel gun world disappeared
It was the most fun i had for the 5 months it existed for

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