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File: jpjr.png (1.49 MB, 874x875)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG
ITT: Only the best
Post and discuss the best of the best
what is that title even supposed to mean?

File: caco approves.png (808 KB, 1200x1119)
808 KB
808 KB PNG
I don't get it. What's with this whole mobile game thing? I know we have some really genuinely good phone hardware out there right now, and I know we have things like steam link for game streaming, but the native games are just a mind bender. Half of these games are just buy-the-jpeg gacha games, and the rest look like candy crush clones or ports of existing games. Where are all the good games? I was kind of led to believe that the mobile game market was more or less where the concept of flash games ended up: lightweight, undemanding games playable on any device that are centralized in sites/stores. What happened along the way to make it all weeb shit?

Full disclosure: i just ordered a Razer gamepad, i'm having a fucking blast with minecraft again for the first time in years, and you can bet your ass I'm gonna try to get steam link 100% set up. I'm not trying to shit on the market, i want this to succeed and i want another way to experience gaming, I just don't want to sit and play fucking gachashit all day long.
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30 years of what exactly? It wasn't constant growth, more like cycles or reincarnation. Between 3310's Snake and CoD Mobile everything has changed: hardware, distribution, monetization, gameplay, input. Even early smartphone gaming and what we have right now is like night and day.
At the end of the day, smartphones are still not treated like a mature, serious platform. You certainly can't count on major companies to contribute quality games, because you're more likely to get asset flip cashgrab garbage.
>It's mindblowing that a device straight out of a sci-fi show, a miniaturized computer previous generations could only dream of, ended up being so mistreated and underutilized.
agreed. these phones are sometimes as powerful as low-end PCs from a couple years ago. yet, no one is making good games. it's fucking insane, really, because for $40 you can outfit your phone with a complete set of physical controls and it's literally just as good if not better than a regular xbox or ps controller.

i really don't have a problem with porting pc games. think about it: you're taking something with an established, decent player base and asking them to consider moving to a different platform. if you want higher quality clientele for mobile gaming, that's how you get it: pillaging or at least passively converting pc gamers to spend a little time on their phone.

also yeah, P2W sucks. i understand why people do it, but it's still not right. charge for the game up front then let people buy DLCs or microtransactions for cosmetics or resources, same as people have been doing it for a while and had success with. i would rather pay upfront for a decent game than have some stupid fucking racket that nickle and dimes me at every turn just to play the game.
Because the Japanese companies are the first to capitalize on it.

Anyway. There's Honkai Impact 3rd which is a character action game with gacha elements. Punishing Gray Raven is in the same vein. I want to point at Genshin Impact but it seems like a game best played on actual PC hardware. There's also emulators, of which I recommend the paid version of MyBoy for best compatibility especially since some Romhacks only work on accurate hardware).
here is /vmg/'s list of good games >>1068751
>Japanese companies are the first to capitalize on it.
more like the ones that pushed this modern form of monetization, older mobile games didn't had this problem
You faggots told me mobile gaming was fun

File: snake.jpg (44 KB, 480x800)
44 KB
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File: snake rewind.jpg (37 KB, 630x354)
37 KB
wtf happened to this one?
disappeared from google play
File: 3.png (275 KB, 344x461)
275 KB
275 KB PNG
can you still download the apk?
File: 1575758024752.jpg (84 KB, 960x694)
84 KB
i used to "play" one of those adult CYOA in which you had to send sms for your choices, those 5 pixels of tiddies got me going back then
Modern apps?
https://youtu.be/l2DY52b4zF8 how many versions of snake have you played?

File: file.png (2.14 MB, 2400x1080)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB PNG
Damn, didn't expect the thread to get archived so quickly. Was it longer than I thought or has /vmg/ just been more active lately?

How's everyone enjoying the Halloween event so far? Did you get good luck pulling Witch Cleo, or are you saving for furry Antoinette?
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Has the game been crashing a lot more for anyone else? Ever since the Crash Fever collab, the game would crash whenever I tab to my phone's home screen. And with this current event, the game now randomly crashes when moving between the game's menus.
Lmao what a mess
Haven't had any issues with crashing since the update that fixed the Snow Miku stuff, although I did have to do a data restore for it to work. Maybe try that if you haven't already?
Data restore didn't work for me, so I just did a clean reinstall of the game + data transfer. The game seems to be working fine now.
Neck yourself tranny

How are you liking the beta?
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I agree. Genshin can be a comfy experience if you're just playing for a bit every day, but exploration and all the repetitiveness that comes from it being open world is really tiring. I remember a video of Star Rail I saw the other day that said it's heavily story focused, even more than Genshin and that you need to proceed with the story to go to new places since it's different planets or whatever, so it does seem to have a different, more relaxed approach to it than Genshin. As for ZZZ it's main point seems to be flashy and quick paced combat. It's as you said, they're each focusing on different things and that's a good thing, I want to believe Hoyo is smart enough to not make drastic changes to appeal to Genshin fans since they already have their game.
>star rail reminds me of older final fantasy games, so i am definitely picking it up
you never played a final fantasy game besides maybe 13 if you think that
>I saw the other day that said it's heavily story focused, even more than Genshin and that you need to proceed with the story to go to new places since it's different planets or whatever, so it does seem to have a different, more relaxed approach to it than Genshin
you know that just means you have to sit through more of sewage-tier writing to do anything
>I want to believe Hoyo is smart enough to not make drastic changes to appeal to Genshin fans since they already have their game.
If you truly saw a Star Rail video you would know thats already a lost cause since its just a reskin of genshit
>If you truly saw a Star Rail video you would know thats already a lost cause since its just a reskin of genshit
I mean change it from what it was intended to be, like the example that was talked about before, changing it from turn based to action based combat.
That would be impossible. The game will release in a couple of days.
File: ZZZ.jpg (493 KB, 1920x1080)
493 KB
493 KB JPG
relatively quiet besides the occasional artwork
maybe we will start getting more updates after star rail releases...

File: 20230321_123805.jpg (330 KB, 1650x1800)
330 KB
330 KB JPG
What's the best Marvel Snap variant?
File: Mysterio.png (387 KB, 615x615)
387 KB
387 KB PNG
This one

File: file.png (4 KB, 325x448)
4 KB
I need some help trying to find this one mobile game I played during the 2010s. I played it on my mom's phone, back when those things were new.

It was a gothic evolve and sacrifice monsters pixel art mobile game, something of that nature, something with the nature of puzzle and dragons, but with army stuff thrown in. I'm not entirely sure it had pixel art, but I'm just assuming from my memory.

Here's what I think it looks like, to the best of my memory.

File: 1462243372969.jpg (124 KB, 1080x1677)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
>first the opt in ads are 30 seconds long
>then they increase it to 45 seconds
>then they add a 5 second timer to the X button after the ad finishes
>now finally pressing X brings up an appstore popup, that you again have to wait 5 seconds after closing
>the X is barely visible and shows up in a random corner of the screen
>pressing the X takes you out of the game and into the store anyway and only then you can close the ad

File: sU8QAcu[1].jpg (151 KB, 828x1227)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
Anyone checking out the new Monster Rancher gacha game? I'm having fun with it myself though I'm a huge Monster Rancher fan in general
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The only one I particularly remember is Pixie, and whatever variants could be gotten through combination.
There was Undine as well, but that was pretty much it. Most of the "monstergirls" were just Pixie variants with different sub-monster types.
>There was Undine as well
I don't remember ever getting one. Must've been one of those 'mons that were locked at the start.
Yes, it was one of the monsters you'd unlock from an expedition item in MR2. I think they were in a later MR game as well, but I don't quite recall.
After playing for a few weeks I can safely say I'm enjoying it a fair bit, despite everything it really is watered down Monster Rancher and it's enough for me. The main things that I find tilting are how blatantly strong the S rank opponents are relative to what you can get in a typical run, the fact that Gold/EXP daily dungeons provide mediocre returns despite limited attempts a day, and trying to get good parents for future runs is an exercise in pain, but it's nothing that ruins the game for me. The final boss of the initial scenario is a bit of a bastard though, ends my runs in a loss half the time

File: SFD7.jpg (1.58 MB, 1920x1080)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB JPG
All things SFD go here.
Monster Hunter Collab in a few days, PvP is still infested by Bisons and I still don't have enough stones and Fighter EXP.
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Its the one with big ass guile on back and he has Cody and Chun Li at front
using cody's chain super then m.ryu's metsu hadouken to break the cpu's combo chain is so fun.
Worth buying the SS vehicle boxes for 40 tickets? I can't open them until I complete 17-40 even though I have SSS chars though.
Princess connect EOS

Get out of the crunchyroll version it’s doomed to die first, come over to A plus we have BR monkeys, tacos and europoors
this game's not good enough to restart in, i would simply stop playing if we get eos'd

Any good ones? Preferably ones that actually need the AR aspect and not just put in that setting.

File: 1677108808434.jpg (1.31 MB, 2400x1080)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB JPG
New shipgirl game just released
59 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Okay, now I know when the missions reset, it's around this time
Gonna poke here to note I've been playing this since the 3rd day after launch. I will note that after being around the game for a while I can conclude. Beside the massive grinding atmosphere and questionable pricing of goods in the premium shop.

The one thing that has caught me by surprise that I didn't expect is that there's a table top RPG element also happening in the background of this game.

If you been looking at those "war plans". They're not just weekly quest, but you are ALSO voting for you will do with your nation, AND according to the devs may have potential affects on the game as time progresses.

So be sure that when you place a vote from your war plan quests, your also voting for what your nation will do and how it'll impact it.

They are writing weekly reports of the events based on the majority votes.
Yeah, those war plans are also discussed in the discord, but barely anyone is there, I'm in the French room and there were only 13 votes, most people probably just pick whatever is easier.
I thought this shit was vaporware/scam.
I remember this game running donation sites and similar back in 2015 or something.
I read into what little the studio was about, and they created Academagia. Looks like they abandoned that project for VB. What are their beliefs though? Are they another batch of shitlibs? It's obvious that their politics will bleed into this WW2 shipgirl game.

File: FowKcRaaIAI1k7j.jpg (40 KB, 559x483)
40 KB
which strategy game do you play
i miss aoe castle siege
File: fone.png (426 KB, 1000x1300)
426 KB
426 KB PNG
There's a bunch I play on and off.
does Dungeon Maker counts as a strategy game?
I play it simply because of the pixel titties tho
Just play Unciv.
File: Chairman_Yang_(SMAC).jpg (161 KB, 291x350)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
I love my wife. But I don't think I keep thinking about her later like I do SM:AC.
Warcraft 2

File: 312321321.jpg (1.22 MB, 1200x1458)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB JPG
Can you guys suggest me the most coomer game there is out there? I want to collect shameful naughty anime girl with skimpy clothing.

File: 11038753948.png (29 KB, 160x159)
29 KB
All of the gacha games I used to love have been taken away.

>Terra Battle
>Dragon Quest of the Stars
>Shironeko Project
Dead (EN ver).
>Dragalia Lost

I have the worst fucking luck when picking games
45 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1678625724243990.png (1.1 MB, 750x1162)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
Dragalia lost can be revived by a homebrew hack
File: Where is Dragalia.gif (1.51 MB, 498x413)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB GIF
>reusing old news in a new article
now that's evil
This but with arknights faggooooooooooot
File: Graze this, fucker.png (54 KB, 181x338)
54 KB
Here from LCG, please die, we're very happy with our own retards

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