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File: langrisser mobile.jpg (117 KB, 1000x494)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Anyone play Langrisser Mobile?
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Impossible to save 100
They don't need to be used all at one time or even on the same banner. It's very, very easy as a free player to get more summons. You get 10/week from Timeless Trials and another 10/month from finishing dailies, for a total of 50 free summons per month. That's before quest rewards, time rift completion, arena, gates of fate or special events. If you're willing to do the $5 subscription, you get even more.
File: mariel.jpg (149 KB, 1080x1318)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
I'm excited for when Mariel comes out at the beginning of February ^
File: lang.jpg (1.64 MB, 2340x1080)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB JPG
Yeah same.Dropped it maybe a few months in because I was playing FEH,some other mobiles games,and it kinda wanted too much time commitment.Funnily enough I stopped right after managing to get a full SSR princess team as a complete f2p.
>Luna and Angelina
I'm jealous.

What are some good premium mobile games?

So far I have Downwell, Monument Valley and Scribblenauts Remix.
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FF Dimensions 1. You can safely ignore 2.
Mh stories, its on sale for $5 right now
9th Dawn III
This one, just have a crap ton of fun for 5 bucks

File: screen-1.jpg (113 KB, 768x1024)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Can someone help me find this game called Foxtail? I played the shit out of it years ago, but now whenever I play it, it just loads forever. I'm guessing it was discontinued. I tried APK's, but none of them work either. Can anyone find a working version of this game? I wanna relive the past.
maybe try /wsr/?

File: 1605398489567m.jpg (60 KB, 1024x576)
60 KB
How about a thread for mobile games suggestions?
No gacha because there's alredy thread for that
Say what you're looking for or suggest games according to what others are looking for
Bonus points for:
No pay to win
No intrusive ads
No unrestricted pvp
pls give me something decent, my pc died just before christmas
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If theyre not p2w or have ads theyre going to cost money up front.
>>276666 (checked)
Any suggestions for games to play with my 10yo nephew (and maybe convince my 60yo mom to join too)?
Didn't say it couldn't be premium. Imo stardew valley, exiled kingdoms, atom, cataclysm: dda are all options. Runescape and OSRS are also on mobile. Cod mobile is pretty good but gets kind of old fast.
Buriedbornes for Roguelike

Pirates Outlaws

File: 2729298338.jpg (106 KB, 1020x420)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Does /vmg/ play Project QT? Other Nutaku games are welcome too.
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How? What are you grinding? You really don't have to do much except login twice a day. There isn't anything to grind?
Even if the Year 2's have max skill level?
Depends on the character. It's not always wrong to invest into year 2 characters, especially if you don't have Year 3's. Just prioritize Year 3s if you have the choice. If you just started and don't have enough Year 3 characters to fully load out a team of the same color, then investing into them is fine.
it's fun, I wish it let me play more than twice a day.
I wish there was some PVE content for high level players.
I have finished all story chapters months ago. I still like collecting the girls and stuff but I'd also like some more gameplay.

File: HimikoStage1.png (459 KB, 512x724)
459 KB
459 KB PNG
I just found out that apparently they added Himiko to FGO. Not only is she really cute with the greatest voice actor of all time, but I always really liked Himiko as a historical figure and wondered if she would ever be in this franchise. One of the advantages of playing on NA is that as a free player I can find out about a character and then save quartz for two years until she is on NA, so I am thinking of doing that. I have two servants I want in 2021 so I've also got that to do in the meantime. So, good idea? What do you think of her gameplay wise? Kit looks good to me since I like Buster servants.
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File: 1580442300372.jpg (290 KB, 920x806)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
>money printer goes BRRRRRRRR
Just admit it OP, you always wanted to lewd the historical Himiko and now you have the perfect excuse for it.
Oh fuck, it's already time for the Chloe event. Go figure, now that I don't need her as much anymore. Well, she still seems like an amazing welfare servant so I'm sure it won't hurt to finally get her.
File: 1585375063000.jpg (108 KB, 882x1295)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Save for her

File: 20201225_203002.png (633 KB, 560x528)
633 KB
633 KB PNG
You did roll for the tiger slut, right anon?
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Lifewonders should hire me, I could translate everything in LaH in a few weeks.
New stuff when?
5th of February where we get an event about Fire Wolf.
This sucks Getting Firefag instead of Waterchad
Next event is most likely valentines on the 5th (or later idk)

The other Sentinels are getting Mankai it seems. Any predictions for the others?
Is it a good gacha nowadays and can I reroll? I want to get back.
The game is going pretty strong still, so I’d say it’s worth getting back into, if only for the lore.
The sentinels having unique mankai is so cool to me. Gives you an idea of what they'd be like with unique hero terminals

anyone else play this?
It's in English too.
Kaori is best girl.
I played some but I swear it feels like some levels are just unwinnable

File: a38.jpg (67 KB, 1024x962)
67 KB
I changed the server on pubg to north america thinking that it wouldn't affect my rank or anything, but it did, and I went from Diamond V to Bronze V. I didn't know this would happen, and you also have to wait 60 days to reset the server, is there a way to set the server back to europe without waiting 60 days? please help anons
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I still have irl friends that play, but I feel like the new skins n shit are ugly af and clashes with the realistic-ish military feel of regular PUBG
File: waiting.png (189 KB, 244x572)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
They do look kinda dumb, I thought the same. Looks like the team is ready but the system cannot find other 96 to throw in, it had to be expected I guess with like 10 maps instead of 3 now.
the game matches me up fairly quickly

north america server
the game is trash anyway just like every good Asian online game it was swarmed by hordes of racist cumskins
they hate Asians anyway so they should fuck off back to their American made Fortnite
i'd take Arabs over pajeets and slavshits anyday
especially pajeets they are terrible at the game

File: dffoo.jpg (193 KB, 1280x720)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
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You can say that for everything at this point. In order to compensate the power creep and flashier attacks they had to turn the bosses into sponges.
You haven't been playing very long if you think current bosses are too spongy. The majority of CHAOS was much worse, with it being a struggle to clear missions in under 120 turns. Lufenia has been much faster and more aggressive by far. I don't know much about the Boss Rushes, but considering you only have 100 actions (not turns, actions- free turns like Lightning's count this time) to get the best rewards, it can't be that bad.
At what point will I be ready for CHAOS stages? They've been my first real hurdle.
You're really gonna want to master all the summon boards for the characters you intend to use, and max out their EX+ before getting into CHAOS. You don't need character boards for most units, or LD/BTs for anyone since those are meant for Lufenia, but summon boards and EX+ were introduced to be used for CHAOS.

I'd rather play dissidia 012

Previous thread: >>182160
There has been a great amount of new mobages that started off with copious amounts of drama in mid-2020. This will be a thread documenting them and feel free to join if you know some juicy stuff too.
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There are tons of people using adblocker. Why the banhammer now?
Wait, GBF has ads on its webpage?
No, but cygames is using an anticheat that detects any modification of the webpage and in certain cases, an adblocker can potentially trip their anticheat even if it doesn't do anything.
>>310154 is oversimplifying the problem though. The artist themselves confirmed they had web related extension active since they work in web dev, and they forgot to run the game without those extensions, which is the likely reason why they got the banhammer.
The artist was a bit retarded for not using a different browser to play gbf on, but cygames was full retarded for not unbanning him after such a minor thing.
That's apparently what the artist usually does but forgot that one time. Shit happens I guess

File: Airlines_manager-1.png (1.81 MB, 2188x1405)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB PNG
Does anybody else play this?
What is this, then? Is it one of those online airline sims that may or may not be played against other players? How close is it to being a spreadsheet simulator?
it's very spreadsheet

File: 20210120_000836.png (3.71 MB, 1536x1936)
3.71 MB
3.71 MB PNG
Universe 11 saga
Arriving on the 24th,
>Explosive Chain Battle [vs. Goku]
>Great Ape Bardock awakening + EZArea
>Extreme Challenge Campaign
Dokkan Battle Wiki: https://dbz-dokkanbattle.fandom.com/wiki/Dragon_Ball_Z_Dokkan_Battle_Wiki
1070 replies and 226 images omitted. Click here to view.
we'll always be behind my boy
>35 stone from mission
No we don’t unless its a big celebration
>20 stone from login
Wtf??? What game are you playing? Assuming that was a typo and you meant two
>Story event
Eh depends, but most stories usually give out 10-ish stones so sure.
Only 7 stones

You’ll have enough to do gogeta maybe but not enough to go 140 in bojack
They really REALLY shot themselves in the foot when they made a “shadow dragons” category instead of just a “GT” category.

The entirety of OG DB is longer than GT and gets an entire category dedicated to the series which is 153 episodes to work with. GT literally gets 16 episodes of content
DB Saga doesn't even count the 23rd WMAT. In Japan, it's called "Boyhood Saga". So they've shit the bed in the event that they add a Piccolo Jr. or Goku from there, because they'll only be on their race teams, World Tournament and whatever else due to context of the scene
it would take them nothing to add it to db saga yet they won't because paypiggies keep paying

Yoshino is so perfect
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It’s 100k that ignores barriers though. Maybe once’s these sweeping changes to evasion change she’ll be much better since barrier units could take over for meta frontliners
So what is up with Metal Slug Commander? Is it out? Is it cancelled? Does it even exist?
Closed Beta Test.
No idea about what SNK will do about it as the game looks like it has even less budget than MSA and people don't seems to be excited about it.
That's what I had hoped, for Leona to counter Maya's boring machine. But Maya just keep out-healing Leona's attack. It's just so happened that Tyra's special is fire attributed, so she's the perfect counter for Maya.

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