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Whats the most coomer iOS game?
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File: Kuroro3.jpg (42 KB, 873x410)
42 KB
Midnight Girls's gameplay is pretty barebone even for a gacha game. I like some of the character designs, monster girls/succubi theme and the OST but can't really recommend it as a game.
The good stuff
It's a coomer game. Log in, do some easy grinding in story, roll for nice voice acting and cuties.
Not a great "game" but a good source of fat material with good art/design.
I mean the game part is low effort when compared with the likes of Mist Train Girls or Eiyu Senki.
> Log in, do some easy grinding in story, roll for nice voice acting and cuties.
Yeah, the good point is that it's not time consuming. And I find the setting charming and wish more gachas would go for more exotic girls to stand out.
Yeah. Current event is a grind hoping for SSR tickets and only worth if you had the Trickster loli furry that jerks you off with a onahole in a degrading manner.

Still, good girls abound.

File: i1516860189702229.jpg (67 KB, 600x438)
67 KB
This is Laura Shigihara, composer for the classic mobile app Plants Vs. Zombies
Say something nice about her
I like her
kinda a milf
Rakuen is great and it's criminal that it's such a niche title.
But why?

Anyone still plays this shit? I recently came back after over 5 years and can't stop playing. It's addictive as fuck, more than these years ago. It's amazing being able to play at my own pace, without any energy bullshit.

AI still as stupid as ever.
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Also you will probably never catch up with "ancient players" that have levels counted in thousands.

PvP is fun and very optional, can be completely ignored. You can compete f2p, but it may take some time to build a team.
What are good insta kill teams, I'm so sick of grinding. I love when I can use fire ruby staff and just kill everyone in one shot

Also needing gold generating teams, I'm poor from guild tasks
Insta kill like? Goblins are insta kill once you start combo, enemy won't have a turn, buf you will have to make tens or hundreads (against some very high lv teams with attack in 80+) extra moves and it may take a while and you need to know what to do. Goblins can take on enemies of much greater power if they have early mana generation (leprechaun for instance).

There is a prideland dude that can kill two enemies in one hit, one from damage, second just because he nabbed the first.

Thieves and rogues genenerate a lot of gold, like 5 per turn or 2 per 4+ match. It's easy to max it up (100 per match) even with one such unit. I have a rogue hero for zaejin/goblin synergy, exfra good was my weapon at the start (like pistol that dealt more dmg the more good I had) and it's nice to see the coons flow even when no longer needed.
It was fun for a bit, but got to a point where it felt like I couldnt progress much without waiting or paying and so I got bored. Surprisingly large amount of content though
Overwhelming amount of content when returning after several years, the underwhorld is fucking huge and encourages you to play with new teams. PvP is also very accessible, I think they kept all the dead account as ladder enemies so you can always find someone to fight even on low tiers.

The end-game milestone would be probably to level up all kingdoms to 10 and unlock all undergroundu maps, then it's back to slow grinding and dailies, which isn't even that slow for a gacha puzzler.

They started the season after I did my bounties and now I can't claim my weekly quest for rep, FUCK.
they have done this for every single battlepass season because they aren't competent enough to start it on the weekly reset
it never matters because the bp lasts for 8 weeks but only takes 5 weeks worth of missions to cap out

File: 1618113376264.jpg (259 KB, 1824x1119)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
How are you guys doing in summer event?
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>another dead sister plot line
I want to switch things up, like make the sisters twins for example.
she's an angel
Can't believe Kokoro-chan is the youngest Idoly, always thought it was Chisa.
Chisa is old, she just looks young.

Tales of the Rays

Tales of Crestoria

Tales of Asteria
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Finally. I always thought it would make the story more fun if they'd turn the OG characters into transgressors too.
He looks like he just got back from a Dynasty Warriors game.
Ayy dios mio
Bets that he already awakened to it and unlocked its potential similar to Vicious
File: FFG5StvacAA7O9O.jpg (195 KB, 800x690)
195 KB
195 KB JPG

File: Kiana.jpg (473 KB, 1131x993)
473 KB
473 KB JPG
I've been playing Honkai Impact for a bit and I have some questions about various things.

First off I have noticed that this game actually seems pretty generous with giving out a whole bunch of characters. From what I can tell it seems to be divided so that there are battlesuits you can get from playing, and ones that are only from the gacha. But I see you can also increase the rank of battlesuits with fragments. So I was wondering if the game is balanced to where a "free" battlesuit is comparable in power to a gacha one at the same rarity, or if a gacha one is always going to be better? I am just curious if I'll be able to continue to use them without feeling gimped or if I'm going to hit a wall at some point. I'm assuming weapons and stigmata will factor into the equation as well but I'm not so concerned about that because my priority is cute girls.

I was also wondering about this specific gacha called "Dorm Supply." I have a bunch of tickets and it seems I can get guaranteed S-ranks from this. But I hesitated to do it because I was wondering if the selection changes or if it's permanently the same pool. Is there any reason to hold off or should I just go for it?

Last thing is about the Evangelion collab. Do you think it will be possible to get all the collab-exclusive stuff as a new and free player? I've been doing the dailies for the event currency but I don't know how many total fragments I'm going to end up needing for Asuka, since I assume that even after I get her I will need more to increase her rank. So I'm wondering if I will be required to dip into the gacha for that. And of course I would like the costumes as well if possible. I do have a lot of crystals available to me from being new and it all seems guaranteed after a certain number of draws, but I don't know the exact number I would need so maybe someone has already done the math on how many it would take? Regardless, I don't intend to spend any money so if not then I will have to choose wisely.
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Is that the only thing that will change for the worse? Well, I assume that and Dirac/Q-Singularis but I hardly play those anyway because I find it so tedious.
I also heard there's a cheevo for getting top 1% in MA and that's definitely not going to happen once I break through but I'm not one who cares about collecting all the cheevos anyway so that doesn't really bother me.

I guess the longer I wait, the longer I have to wait to get PRI-ARMs, and even if I play casually it's still a good idea to start working on those because it makes me stronger.
File: 1616242590210.jpg (226 KB, 1920x1080)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
Did you get your Herrscher of Flamescion yet? Today's the last day!
File: 1615600833547.gif (1.68 MB, 498x205)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB GIF
>punchy brown girl
>someones been bumping this dead thread for a year straight
but for what purpose

BarrelCHADS memed him into existance
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I hope MC gets a power up to be able to fight like a Hero some time the upcoming year. Though i guess that isn't too likely cause it would basically mean they had to make 4 characters at once.

I mean, they have been hinting pretty heavily Observers are far from powerless and capable of much more then transforming Heroes and i think it was kinda implied Alternative Universe Crowne was one with the whole "Uplifted/Recruited by Broker" and being able to control Not-Procy thing if i read that whole situation right.
Correct. Observers are able to command Kaibutsu/monsters with Exio using this ability to brainwash the villain from Chapter 2 of his memories (repurposed into his butler) and Alt. Crowne controlling Shadow Procy, who counts as one. MC doesn't do that stuff, but they can "see" more, being able to see stuff like Gomeisa's dead ancestors dancing with him in Golden Spirit, the disaster of Chapter 4 before others, and create variant outfits from temporary wishes as Okitaka notes in Hero Festa.
File: Huckle.png (610 KB, 640x1024)
610 KB
610 KB PNG
Will you be rolling for him when he's out?
that skin is a shame. They really hid his belly.
Depends on the situation, if he is the next banner 5* probably not. Summer Barrel>Slut Ryekie drained my resources too hard to chase for a while, especially since i didn't get the latter so i also need to keep in mind to save for a potential second rerun.

Just started this. Is it possible to enjoy f2p?
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Is there a way to switch servers? How do you even know if you're on a new one?
Tap on your profile in the upper left corner then pick "change server" button and just look at the group next to "my server". New servers are labeles as NEW there. I actually don't know if there are any restrictions if you already got to any specific level on your account.
Holy, how did they get away with that? are there more like this?
Does claiming the gems from the monthly card count for the recharge gems daily quest?

Trying to decide to buy the card or not.

Is the IOS port any good? Never finished the DS version and want to revisit it.
do you like playing rpgs in portrait mode?
there's your answer
I played DQ 2 and thought it played really good, also this >>662244, pretty good if you like playing with one hand.

File: 53.jpg (488 KB, 1080x1350)
488 KB
488 KB JPG
anybody playing this? It's basically AFK Arena but with nicer graphics and QoL
50 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
How long do events usually last and how often do they happen? I started when thanksgiving event had 14 days left
Don't know about that. Usually around 14 days. Anyway I think I'll be able to get another copy of Lucifer (yes I am trying to max him F2P). Today with Thor I have now all the heroes and I'm waiting to see if Cassandra is better than Idun as a healer. In general I am enjoying the game, it is not too demanding, but I'm still stuck at 13-40 against Oberon (my heroes level is 160)
Just reroll until you get Ganjiang & Moye and it's easy sailing from that point onward
don't forget to buy the limited scrolls in the event shop, they're literally multis but cost 2.4k instead of 3k
So who is more futureproof lucifer or nuwa? Who do I start working on

What fucking team am I supposed to use for the ezarea if I have 0 pedroes units?
908 replies and 182 images omitted. Click here to view.
they only really lack backgrounds if you ask me
its pretty good and its pretty quick too
I finally got Pan after buying some stones
>future 17&18 dokkanfest
pretty based, I guess the friend summon LR will EZA then?
very cool. What's next for global?

Any none autistic, none retarded, none gacha, none p2w/p2p, actual fun games that don't need daily logins and daily grinding that I can play on my way to work? Give me suggestions
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
i'm not sure exactly what kind of game you're looking for, but Cat Bird is one of my favourites. it's just a legitimately fun little platformer.
there's also hyperflex, a simple endless runner i've sunk a surprising number of hours into. you can't get it on the play store anymore though, so you'll have to download the apk somewhere off the web.
also, pretty much everything Nitrome comes out with is pretty much guaranteed to be fun.
Been playing lost light and being an absolute rat in it been having fun with it
Another Eden
I'd heard about Naruto getting in, but I genuinely thought the rest of this image was a shop for days. Holy shit. I thought thanos was a shop because I misremembered him as looking more cartoony back when his mode was a thing.

File: 10.jpeg.jpg (1.54 MB, 2000x1333)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB JPG
Did you get what youdid wanted from summer?
318 replies and 116 images omitted. Click here to view.
Warning spoilers.

The chinese fanbase are suspicious of Tingko behavior; Being more pro war, Apparently the way Tingko refers to Tindoiimu changed & She didn't remember the Morgan circus.
Some believe she isn't herself
Yeah, i did think she seemed off, but i figured it was more having been involved in the war and that she was just interrupted before she could say "It's the Morgan circus", but now that you mention it she is pretty suspicious, especially since Juan let her in and 100% do not trust him being dead because of Butter.
File: Spoiler Image (73 KB, 651x716)
73 KB
Warning heavy.

Understand, There's a lot of things to address about him.
File: FFAo2OEaQAguHJb.jpeg.jpg (287 KB, 2000x2000)
287 KB
287 KB JPG
Izumi merchandise?
Qing-Feng & Friends plan have a high probability of failure.

Genshin redefined the genre, it blows every gacha game out of the water, and holds it own not only as the best mobile game ever but the first mobile game that is on par with AAA PC/Console games. It was so good that the normie crowd that would never in a million years touch anime or gacha games flocked to it.

As jewish as mihoyo is, they care about their games more than virtually any other dev, having entire departments dedicated to creating music, art, and animation pumping more money into their OST than most shitty mobile devs spend on their entire development process.

The question is will anything come close to the quality genshin has in the near future? Star rail is going to flop because its a fucking autobattler no one wanted, girls frontline 2 is watered down Xcom with shitty production. The only thing holding genshin back right now is slow content.
59 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: disgusting.gif (1.09 MB, 200x270)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB GIF
>genshit shitpact
I’m not saying Genshin is bad but there’s a thousand better gacha games out there right now.
>no auto battle
It's shit
if a game has autobattle i drop it after a week every time

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