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Any reccs? I'm looking for a mobile game that
Doesn't have ads
Doesn't have a bs energy system
Doesn't have microtransactions
Doesn't requiere an internet connection
So far emulating old games and PvZ 2 Eclise works perfectely
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>any kind of nekomimi is furry
nigger the entire meaning of "furry" is "covered in fur from head to toe", and my pic is absolutely not furry despite the girl having animal ears
funny that you tell me to look up the etymology despite not having done so yourself.
Emulate FFIX. Has an open world and several cute girls.
my friend pedro, short and sweet with hotline miami tier ost
>night of the full moon
>legends of runeterra
>phantom rose
which card battler should i play?

>lose the whole run cuz of a shitty prayer
Pain. Had an amazing run until I got some ability, the name slips me, which changed a random permanent ability each time I leveled up. Lost my max limit break and went from dealing max damage to 9999 and lost to the F100 boss. Great game though kek.
Any other fun jobs to try out?
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For me, it's royalty with eternal dark lab part and kinton gold contract
Bros, when is Buriedbornes 2? I heard it got delayed
Delayed into further notice unfortunately. There is a current event ongoing in BB where all the past events are coming back, I've been playing that in the meantime. Until OhNussy gets his problems sorted out it's uncertain when it will get released. I''m thinking End of the year earliest or maybe next year.
All right, time to try this game. I'm tired of Gacha shit.
>wish it didn't have that gay ad banner at the bottom though

As a long-time PC MOBA player, are any of the mobile MOBAs worth playing?
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Shitty emblem system and minor stats on skins are fair cons of mlbb but bots really aren't a problem unless you're literally brainlet tier and can't get out of the equivalent of bronze 5 in league.

mlbb if you're SEA, don't know what other regions are like.
Arena of Valor is pretty good.
A compelling argument, tell me more
Global is dead.
Riot's (((matchmaking system))) and extremely low IQ balance team sucks nigger dick.

File: 1080x360[1].jpg (70 KB, 1080x360)
70 KB
Guess it will soon belong to here.
Gotta get familiarized with board.
Any geassfags around here, what are you expecting from this?
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Man, it feels like it takes forever to rank up. Granted, I haven't been able to always perfectly time getting in before my stamina maxes, but I'm still stuck at 6.
I think the main story gives a pretty good amount of exp. Clearing dailies is still a priority because of the atrocious energy rates though.
jesus fucking christ that's my third cc dupe
i just want suzaku for the love of god
fucking cornelia or kallen would have been better for dupe knightmares
Cornelia+lancelot is really strong. Can solo a lane by herself, only need a healer
>tfw no Guilford or Tohdoh
>or any good melee KMF left
>tfw will never clear 3-20 without rolling the gacha
Bros.... go on without me....

File: 1652678627787.gif (531 KB, 220x459)
531 KB
531 KB GIF
what good visual novels are available on mobile?
Just get a computer already you underage nigger.
the computer is for srs business. the phone is for jerking off.

File: Eins and Zwei.jpg (3.63 MB, 5982x5428)
3.63 MB
3.63 MB JPG
Global News: Global planned to release sometime this month
KR News: Eins and Zwei school swimsuit + 4 other skins (popular guesses are genderbend Na Yubin + Roy, Chinatsu cosplaying as Orochi, and Naielle cosplaying as Yen Xing)
SEA News: April Fools (May Fools) chibi Event + skins
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Definitely having difficulty with the Horizon event, but glad I managed to pull through Normal 6-3 and Hard 6-1.

>Normal 6-3
Gotta deploy Horizon asap, and drop the CO Supressor between Sheena and her COs. Support Drone if Horizon's HP drops below 50%, and try to maintain at least higher than 5 deployment resources.
>Hard 6-1
Used Lv 106 Ministra, Lv. 110 Serapel, Karin Wong, Yang Harim, Seo Yoon, Mone, Evelyn Keller, and Lv. 104 Xiao Lin with Lv. 100 Enterprise, and Lv, 50 Chloe Starseeker. Was able to auto despite Sheena's ultimate skill wiping out most of my employees.
While I think Horizon story was good in my opinion IT wasn't that good. There was no need to put a lot of unnecessary characters to pad out the event story with almost irrelevant information.
What are the best units for knocking people back to their ships in pvp?
This. I even lost count of how many times Horizon just let this Wilbur fucking ran away from her.
I think cameos like Yumi and Esty were important to remind Horizon that humans still value order and honor while chasing absolute shitstain and worst person in history

File: FLzVrZAVUAEKhKW.jpeg.jpg (346 KB, 1920x1024)
346 KB
346 KB JPG
Prince Tim appeared again.
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File: 1641397412332.png (535 KB, 813x500)
535 KB
535 KB PNG
Ah yes the finest of gifts.
Cheese is the best Until you get lactose intolerant

The winning messages were cute, i like how Chiyuki is just happy she beat Puggi and Yao continues his "I DON'T CARE ABOUT THIS SHIT" edgelording.
File: 1627474077024.png (517 KB, 790x491)
517 KB
517 KB PNG
Would I need to reroll if im going to play this?
It is story centric, And some of the best units are given for free (Sione & Puggi)

>PuraOre thread already died
What's going on? Is the game dying already, especially with ranks like this?
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File: the current status.png (89 KB, 1101x751)
89 KB
Revenue is stable at least
The segment starts at 6:31 as "just one more question" from the newbies, where they ask about her savings, and she turns up the pressure and invokes her manager and the production staff in the process before leaving.
The staff planned it as a prank, but it's mean-spirited. Asking them to wait there for ten minutes on top of that not knowing that it's all just a joke is too much.
>Bandori collab is over
>game is now struggling to go above 1,000 in ranks
It's going to fall out of the ranks entirely sooner or later at this rate, isn't it?
File: puraore.png (10 KB, 290x243)
10 KB
Forgot pic

Dead rhythm game for dead people.

Yoshika when?
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I was able to reach Lv27 but there's no way I'm beating the Lv30 one before the event ends. If I had used stamina from the very beginning then I could have been able to, but I wasn't expecting this event to be so expensive in stamina. At least I got all the Lily cards.
The rewards aren't even worth the huge expense of drums they require, anyway.
I'm on level 30 right now, it's just a question of if I feel like dropping another couple drums to beat it.

As the the event itself, I do think it should either be tuned down, or given more rewards for things outside of points, like defeat rewards for regular enemies as well as the red ones. It also has plenty of weird tech/bugs that I wish I knew about earlier. It took until today that I found out you could double dip on the +1000 coins for defeating a red boss by sending an errand out to hit them, and then beating them yourself. Both your defeat and the errand give the +1000 defeat bonus. You could theoretically stack all 3 errands to quadruple dip, but I still think sending them out with the x15 modifier gives more points.
File: 1633270051979.png (1.19 MB, 635x900)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG

We're getting Cakey next.
File: E5S-h0FVIAIha1q.jpg (311 KB, 1200x1500)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
Bout time, the song they chose is absolutely perfect too.

File: pin.png (404 KB, 1024x1024)
404 KB
404 KB PNG
Wtf brawl stars is based???
wtf mobile games were better before ios?

How do you stop playing Gacha games?
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yep. i got a job and it killed any interest i had for spending money on gacha's and f2p games in general.
This is the only way.
One of the gachas I used to play, I'd pump in money to the point where I was in the top 20 in the whole game for team power. Eventually I caught on that the latest hero they'd release was OP until the next wave came out and what was OP is now weak. Then more game modes came out, each with its own currency to collect. I was basically spending most of my paycheck to whale. I had about $10.00 in my account for most of the month with bills to pay, but I still had that itch to want more heroes. It took me a year to catch on that this would be an endless cycle, and spent all remaining in-game currencies that I had and then deleted the game from my phone. This was about 5 years ago, and I've stayed away from any microtransaction games since then.
tl;dr It's an addiction.
fucking hell the state of you. it's sad how most whales are just poorfags with terrible spending habits. gambling as an addiction is infinitely better than gacha because you can at least win with gambling
get bored of the grind
1. EOS

2. Realization that everything on your account will dissolve into oblivion come EOS leaving you with some ephemeral memories and irrecoverably lost time and / or currency.

Seems like Project Snow is going to have its EN Closed Beta. It's a 3rd Person Shooter ARPG Gacha.

Link of news: https://www.taptap.io/post/1446683

CBT registration link: https://forms.gle/wBcCqZKKy9oMgVjn9

CN CBT Trailer: https://youtu.be/dBnmEWZ86Ig

Gameplay video: https://youtu.be/c69ybJTXpVQ

It has Mobile and PC versions, but 1st EN CBT has no PC version for now.
I hope this is a very rough beta because those character models look very unfinished. Looks like fun to play though, at least for a few months before dailies turn into a 15 minute job for a pittance because chink devs hate skip systems.
CN just ended their CBT at April, and it leaves a lot to be desired (a lot of CN players also complained about the models). Since EN CBT is this early, they are probably planning to do a simultaneous release or a few month pace.

File: 1623718393462.jpg (288 KB, 1920x1080)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
They will be rerunning Nanoha collab soon.
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Cool cute
Each Light/Dark memoria is OP by virtue of being Light/Dark right now.
Wolkenritters when?
File: 1604778783897.webm (329 KB, 1920x1080)
329 KB
It's time for ENDOU ARAYA again
Need to save my jew parts 3 instead

File: DYLily.jpg (274 KB, 1280x720)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
Did you roll DYLily? How far are you into the game? Have you beaten LVolk? Looking forward to the story? How are your festivities going?
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File: E5gEvJ0VEAUkjFo.png (927 KB, 675x900)
927 KB
927 KB PNG
I'm gonna miss my Mumu wife
File: 110271_01_r05_portrait.png (767 KB, 1024x1024)
767 KB
767 KB PNG
please die

File: 1651507185820.png (188 KB, 600x481)
188 KB
188 KB PNG
>tfw no apex mobile thread
nice thread

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