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Michael Fassbender’s agent here, how do I get him back on top?
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this was one of the most kino things I've ever watched. I'd much rather see him take the driver route
Slow West sucked! No more fag or jew writers!!! Whites only
File: fassbender-porsche-f.jpg (136 KB, 1200x700)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Proud of him



Portimao is his last race for this year.
Too bad she's eating her husband's asshole right now
idk bro

File: ChaplinRobinsonAreFaggots.jpg (216 KB, 1439x1080)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
I dare you to look me in the eye and tell me these two aren't faggots.
>I dare you to look me in the eye
nice try homo
>I dare you to look me in the eye

That's incredibly offensive to autistic anons, anon. Please show some respect to those on the spectrum.
It's pretty in line with the typical celeb-worshipping homo: they're homo but they want to TOTALLY BE A PART OF [some celeb] to the point where they'd find the ability to go so far as to fuck it if it's female.

It's like those niggs who "weren't gay" yet piped Justin Beiber up his ass. Fags are pathetic.

If you and your bro can't take your shirts off and just chill out really close to each other, are you even bros?

File: .8qP21a.jpg (101 KB, 780x760)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
>78 days until the release of Avatar: The Way of Water
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Gonna see it day one.
We'll just start counting up the days since avatar 2
Anyone know if it's gonna be released internationally first?
Can you believe that tomorrow will be 77 days? Where has the time gone

Was Plank sentient?
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Plank was also with him in school in the school eps
>asked my dad to make me a plank by cutting out a wedge in the top of a 1x4
>he did it but thought I was retarded
>Be me, 20 years old, in rural Afghanistan
>local boy carries a plank of wood around all the time. Laugh and name him Johnny.
>Get to know the village. Johnny is an outcast who only hangs out with Plank. We make sure to toss him MRE crackers when we pass by. one day our posts spots some older boys bullying Johnny and Plank
>Oh fuck no. Three of us peak over the hesco to see what's happening. Kids beat Johnny and he eventually limps away clutching Plank.
>Not today. Not on America's watch. Every who witnessed it draws up profiles of the bullies. Spend the next few days observing the little shits both on post and patrol.
>Finally catch them all hanging out together. Tell our Afghan army dudes the kids had been stealing fruit punch packets and shit from us.
>Afghan soldiers procede to walk over and smack the fuck out them. Squad cheers.
>Cpl. who spotted the bullying points at piece of wood and starts yelling that if they ever bullied Johnny again we'd come back and kill their mothers. In English.
We may have lost the war but we had a bunch of kids beat up because of a cartoon so there's that
>you now remember the planking fad from a decade ago

File: loyl.png (236 KB, 342x403)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
>God created Arrakis to train the faithful...one cannot go against the word of God
I get chills every time
File: paul stamets mushroom.jpg (181 KB, 1056x667)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
What drugs can I take in real life like Spice?

File: img.png (159 KB, 462x452)
159 KB
159 KB PNG
What would a Muslim version of Game of Thrones universe look like? Maybe something like Mughal India or Ottoman Turkey.
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I can't answer that.
I don't know, but it would smell awful
The average Turk right now is Anatolian, arab, Balkan, and Caucasus mix. The Turks from central Asian diassapeared a long time ago
don't they burn books over there? probably a smoldering pile of ashes if i had to guess.

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Is that the one where they killed a guy?
this shit movie us only relevant because of Silent Hill
>>hallucinate I'm the creature humping into the girl at the party like I'm slamming repeatedly into a concrete wall
based anon hallucinating BEING a demon instead of being tormented by one
more like alluring.
Maybe for the manchildren on >>>/v/

File: faaaaal.jpg (82 KB, 1280x720)
82 KB

but then she doesn't fall.
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The falling from the rusty tower by the coward corroded bolts.
I wish I could lick her armpits while she doing that
File: 1554277365400.png (302 KB, 436x414)
302 KB
302 KB PNG
lmao Never change, 4chins
Rapid Uncontrolled Descent
Don't worry, he fucked them both before he dies

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Ed keeper
Jeff dahmer
Ed gein
its a "fun" way to say "WHITE MAN BAD". notice they never touch on the coloreds that go on sprees...
fear thy neighbor is basically anti-gun propaganda
because he's white and good looking
because you're allowed to live vicariously through the extremes of mankind. You never become a serial killer, but you could. And they did. It is enjoyable to watch
your average /tv/ viewers ideal fantasy is getting bummed to death and chopped up, so its not hard to sea why

File: 26262662.jpg (88 KB, 455x674)
88 KB
What the hell happened here? How did the guy who made Dawn of the Dead (2004) make this shit?
Sometime after 300 Zack Snyder was kidnapped and replaced with Sack Znyder, his evil and untalented clone. Same thing happened with Nill Bye.

File: Toho_Logo.png (101 KB, 639x336)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
Favorite Toho film?
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* three and ten major films per year
The Mysterians
File: images (3).jpg (128 KB, 960x1440)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Peak kino
File: Ed907OHXoAUtLkh.jpg (62 KB, 447x500)
62 KB
1954 Godzilla that's pretty easy. Funny how genre movies became the main legacy of the biggest Japanese movie studio. After so many years this is the one that endured. And of course i'ts great. Toho is the studio of Kurosawa too. Him and Ishiro Honda were the best lifelong friends and later collaborators and as I liked Godzilla and Kurosawa's samurai movies since childhood this was a shocking discovery.
That's a good question which of the non-Godzilla sci fi movies are the best. Honda directed most of them and his are the best anyway. Either Matango or Rodan but he made too many great movies. What a genius. Even though he would've prefered to make different kind of movies and the studio hurt him by making him the sci fi guy he made the most of it.

Was his character supposed to be gay or something? What straight man suicides by wrist cutting? It's a very feminine suicide attempt
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Whatever happened to a good old stab to the heart? Just point a knife at your chest and fall.
What happened to the Cobain? Your trusty toe and a shotgun.
>If you don't want to be alive you should be OK with dying painfully
File: owen.jpg (28 KB, 636x114)
28 KB
His brother tried the w*men methods irl and of course failed. Female suicide attempts are more of a cry for help, men are 3-4x more likely to be successful at ending themselves.
Homemade Semtex strapped to my head

>Enchances your kino
>dealer cuts the bag with amphetamine
>a comfy kino watching evening turns into an all night masturbation marathon

Hate this episode.

Sexy Werewolves Edition

Previously on /hor/:
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Ok night of the living dead remake fags, you've gotten me to watch it. It'd better be kino. I never liked the original so this one had better be better
There was a remake?
File: MBV.jpg (47 KB, 494x755)
47 KB
Alright then. I'll see you bunch of twisted fucks again in no earlier than 36 hours from now (my time). Regards, over-and-out, arrivederci, sayonara, adios...

File: 1664497348233952.jpg (17 KB, 296x448)
17 KB
>Enhances your kino
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Im on it right now, it just enhances everything. In the sense that you dont care what you are doing because you feel great and who the fuck cares what you are watching.

IVing is the only way to go, too.
You’ll be dead soon if you don’t stop. You’ve been warned. Now it’s your choice life or death.
my dad got prescribed this in oral form for an injury, never finished his script so i popped a few for experimentation and didn't feel a single thing
File: RDJ eyeroll.gif (2.54 MB, 498x380)
2.54 MB
2.54 MB GIF
>those dumbass patients that come in and pretend to forget what the name is "they usually give me that one.. that starts with a 'd'..?"

Before they're even in the room I can tell it's going to be an issue when they have morphine listed as an allergy.
just prescribe the druggies their fix anon

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