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File: fs.jpg (5 KB, 243x207)
5 KB
>You will never cradle Lydia in your arms as she passes away from ricin poisoning
>She will never look into your eyes and stutter "I-I'm cold... and very tired... p-p-please, please lie to me.."
>You will never stroke her face and say "It's going to be all right, Lydia. You're going to take a nap now. Just a little nap. And you will wake up in the morning feeling much better."
>She will never drift into oblivion as you hold her tight and kiss the top of her head and silently weep
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>you will never fuck her rapidly stiffening and cooling dead body
>you will never keep her corpse around as a fucktoy until putrefaction and larvae make her holes too deteriorated to fuck
File: what.png (699 KB, 1232x644)
699 KB
699 KB PNG
File: maxresdefault.jpg (55 KB, 1280x720)
55 KB
great legs and style
Her and Mike's daughter in law... you can still hear their accents when they have lines.

>that Irish cadence
mikes daughter is an unbelievably shitty actress in bcs, it really takes me out of it. might be that weird fake accent.

File: 1469408256901.jpg (172 KB, 1080x1349)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
How would you rate her acting skills?
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just another hole to fuck
Seriously, fuck that guy.
I think it's kind of hot.
fuck off ewan, scottish cocksucker
Came here to say this!

File: the office us.jpg (115 KB, 1280x720)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
All your holy grails, The Office (both versions) Curb, Always Sunny etc. already seem outdated and unfunny to zoomers and will be thought of as cringey and unfunny in less than a decade

The oldest thing I can comfortably watch is like... Spaced, maybe? Anything with a laugh track makes me physically shake with revulsion. Maybe Red Dwarf is an exception but even I accept that is purely nostalgia.

Old comedy is garbage.
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"Reacts to..." videos of the sitcoms listed in OP, at x1.5 speed
Actually watching sitcoms is very 2010s
There has never been a funnier sitcom than The Honeymooners
Some retard critiquing gaming journalists during a let's play of CSGO
I clapped her cheeks
>seem outdated and unfunny to zoomers
didn't the office get a huge wave of new fans in recent years? sounds like fake news.

File: 20210224_124638.jpg (48 KB, 749x421)
48 KB
Bad Batch Edition
Last: >>147088693
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File: 1613882388657.png (824 KB, 612x1024)
824 KB
824 KB PNG
>not the runny nose Sith waifu
I guess it's not canon anymore but The Queen of Naboo rebels against the empire and the 501st is sent to kill her and exterminate her royal guards.
File: 1579791493933.png (1.81 MB, 1900x1456)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB PNG
The tides of /wars/ is changing
File: 91JsOLv+dNL (2).jpg (622 KB, 1684x2560)
622 KB
622 KB JPG
One more week bros

File: image_2021-02-24_222124.png (868 KB, 1864x928)
868 KB
868 KB PNG
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>make a femshep
>"romance" Kaidan
>nuke him on Vermire
They want to be literally cum basted to death
Mass Effect was never good and most of the 'cool lore storytelling' it's praised for was just codex entry databases.The film will just be even worse.
>be American
>get shot on the way to Holocaust and race-mixing class in high school
It's not even the women. Most women (and I mean biological ones, not (((women))) in art want to see pretty women. Even the ogres. It's tie-dye colored hair numales that are doing what you mean. It's not the women .So long as you put a few chicks in charge of one or two art teams, you can get anything you want in your game and no one can say shit about booba.

>character talking to another character
>i got tickets to the game tonight, wanna join?

Who the fuck just buys multiple tickets to a sporting event?
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Why can I see them then you fucking jerkass?
I have never worked a day in my life and I can tell you it's a real thing but you have to actually have a job.
Companies receive them for free all them time as complimentary gifts. If the boss doesn't use them he often just gives them to the employees. I have received free tickets several times in my life this way. Sometimes it's bottles of wine (I don't drink) or other gifts.
I never said they were real.
File: 1354851333353.png (29 KB, 398x394)
29 KB
>buy four tickets
>can't even find to enjoy it with
This anon hasn't had a friend in so long he forgot the word.

File: rust.png (1.92 MB, 1708x1523)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB PNG
File: BB1bTLnI.jpg (5 KB, 300x180)
5 KB
rust cohle... based

Only a little over 3 weeks to go, soon we will join him in the sun.
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File: 1591994472231.jpg (60 KB, 402x767)
60 KB
Junkie will probably re-use alot of Zimmer's Superman related tracks when Superman is around, he knew when to use it in these scenes
Notice how the first flight 2.0 scene has the same track as MoS first flight scene.

Soundtrack is something that I'm sure it will not dissapoint.
Zack Snyder's Evangelion when
I'm curious to see what Zack does for the rest of his career honestly
I wonder if he will ever do more big adaptations or will be just stick to smaller stuff moving forward?
Steppenwolf is an old and tired war lord that tries to escape his enslavement by Darkseid. He is looking the motherboxes for himself. Thats a much better motivation than Loki in Avengers 1.
Ben-Hur from the 60s shares the same plot as Ben-hur 2017. Whats your point? Oh, you are a plotfag.

File: dave autista.jpg (98 KB, 506x652)
98 KB
ITT: Forced actors

Who are some actors that objectively have no talent but are nonetheless being cast in movies?

Dave Autista is like Hollywood's dying attempt at prolonging the Schwarzenegger-type.
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how is the black girl forced, she hasnt even been cast in any other big project
what? He doesn't even aim to becoming an arnold-esque
literally stop cycling
dave is experiencing the fallout of destroying his natural test levels
2013 sure as fuck was a different time.

File: DECONSTRUCT.png (1.73 MB, 1200x900)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG
>Rocks your world with a CHUD filtering movie deconstruction and complete analysis
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Hey look it's the bald generic pretentious faggy white guy that either
>hosts a show where he makes celebrities eat hot sauce
>hosts a show where he speaks on authority about psychedelics
>hosts a show where he reviews hip hop albums
>hosts a show where he travels around Europe and then gets covid and nearly dies

literally all the same archetype
cannibalistic human underground dweller
That’s not helpful
This. Nitpicking is fun when it's about zombie survival. Nitpicking as a form of film criticism the rest of the time just sucks

File: mary.png (195 KB, 554x849)
195 KB
195 KB PNG
What is the sexiest pregnancy-related movie?

can't be actual porn
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Was terrible.
File: anne-frankler.jpg (330 KB, 900x1125)
330 KB
330 KB JPG

The Diary Of Anne Frank.
You couldn't find a picture of a Confederate soldier?

File: unbreakable.jpg (10 KB, 474x206)
10 KB
post the best movie experience you ever had in the theathers
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File: portals.jpg (108 KB, 1080x569)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
if you didn't see this in theatres you got a dry handjob when you could have had sex with a 10/10 who was an absolute fiend in the sack.
>it's capeshit
you're being a contrarian pseud cunt if you didn't feel anything while the audience was cheering during this scene
>the Watchmen sex scenes

I saw that movie opening night sitting behind a group of very stereotypical black people. It was hilarious.
shieee, you aight why boiii
ten friends and I all at 3 tabs of acid and went to see Rogue One, we took up most of the back row

that screen where the deathstar is revealed in the background was pretty dope
As someone who's seen Evangelion having the same music from that show in the movie was incredibly jarring lmao

At what point did you realize Skinwalkers are real?
Any Kinos about them?
File: Spoiler Image (450 KB, 1568x2046)
450 KB
450 KB JPG
>dude long limbs that go the wrong way

why is this supposed to be more scary?
Are they going to drink all the alcohol and build a casino?
Aren't skinwalkers meant to look like ordinary humans and that's how they fool you?

File: 78k.jpg (143 KB, 1920x1080)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Dr. Pavel, I'm CIA.
37 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.

He actually says "He wasn't Alon". The actor's name is Alon Aboutboul. The lore is just that deep
File: Masterpiece.png (213 KB, 792x1334)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
File: 1612347828127.jpg (116 KB, 700x510)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
I wonder if /tv/ will have a sticky to commemorate the best meme of this board - baneposting
There are some people in the future, who want to continue baneposting's journey to the past

>you open the envelope

What’s it say inside?
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1613486268191 (3).png (680 KB, 822x802)
680 KB
680 KB PNG
Get a GF
>Don't move.
Make the most offensive post you can, bonus points if Warwick Davis approaches the legal department with a complaint
Greg. Power bottom
First one to talk gets to stay on my aircraft. Your time starts now

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