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File: IMG_20191215_050358.png (120 KB, 500x280)
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>I may have gone too far in a few places

did he though?
He surrounded himself with yes men for the production of 6, 1, 2, and 3.

Conveniently all of those movies were shit. I wonder why?
bump before retards shit on the first post which is completely right
You know you've made a good movie when everyone in the that room agrees it's too late to fix so fuck it
Anyone else looking forward to Rian’s reactions to almost everything from TLJ being retconned
He realized that he wrote too much going on for the ending of the first movie in a new trilogy. The battle on the ground and arresting the trade unionists were unnecessary and ultimately pointless when it was the space battle overhead and the jedi duel that decided everything. The space battle and land battle should've been scrapped, it just should've been an assault on the palace by everyone which splintered off into the lightsaber duel toward the end of it.

No one ever gives George credit for actually listening to criticism. Everyone hated jar jar and how schizophrenic the ending of TPM were, and lo and behold jar jar practically disappears after the first movie and the next two endings are far more self contained and focused. In Attack of the clones everyone hated the love story so in the 3rd movie it's barely mentioned. Name one other modern director who actually listens to criticisms instead of doubling down and more or less saying the audience are retarded plebs.

The prequel hate is over blown and bordering on atheist redditor levels of cringey smugness at this point. George has more soul and talent in his little toe than the entirety of disney's nuwars and marvel productions.

File: images_5.jpg (23 KB, 600x300)
23 KB
Lookin' sharp kid!
wow who is this youngster?
shouldn't he be in school?

File: 515m4ycYivL.jpg (51 KB, 338x500)
51 KB
>thought 2001 was garbage
>seethes so hard he makes his own 2001
>except this one is actual pseud armchair philosophy garbage with a cheesy romance added to it
>somehow manages to look older than Kubrick's kino which hasn't aged a day
God, Tarkosvky was such a fucking hack.
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Literally only American films are good
Both films are masterpieces, faggatron.
hot take. soderbergh's solaris is better
File: maxresdefault (28).jpg (96 KB, 1280x720)
96 KB
2001 is a masterpiece if you cut out the first 15 minutes and the last 6 minutes
This. They’re good for different reasons.

Be honest with your answer(s).

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Anon are you drinking?
I have had two Malibu Sunsets, a Cider and Bourbon, a Dark um and coke, a Jack and coke, and I am nursing another Jack and Coke... So yes.
Yes i'm going to see it.
based man-child
File: maxresdefault.jpg (99 KB, 1280x720)
99 KB
jewbacca dies too. ban me niggers

File: 48283520160819163335.jpg (33 KB, 665x366)
33 KB
post funy moobies
*laughs in seth rogan*
you first
File: 1571871108140.jpg (31 KB, 800x450)
31 KB

>die jewish dogs

what did Lucas mean by this?

What went wrong?
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got too famous so he couldn't do the schtick that made him big
bruno was as good as, if not better than borat
He ran out of characters.
Well he wants to censor the internet under the control of the ADL for one
Corbyn's going to a retirement home now.
You lose again.

Typical contestant lineup:
>"I'm Thor Bjornsson, I'm a 9th generation blacksmith. You can tell I'm legit by my beard and my tattoos of Mjolnir"
>"I'm Cletus Toadhopper, I taught myself to forge at age 10 and by age 12 I was making knives for all the kids at my school."
>"I'm Mike Poindexter, I've studied the ancient forging techniques of feudal Japan and only make tantos and katanas the way the ancient masters did"
>"I'm Bob Smith, I've been forging for a year and I have no idea how I got on this show when I don't even own a hammer"
>they have to make a canister Damascus
>at least one guy forgets to line his can with white-out
>one contestant will say he makes canister Damascus every day at his home forge and another will say he's never done it before
>one guy wastes an hour trying to remove his can before starting over
>another guy gives up and just forges it with the can on and tries to grind it off later
>all of them will have cracks and cold-shuts

File: tljposter.jpg (131 KB, 675x1000)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
>Sacrificing yourself for the greater good is noble (Rose's sister, Holdo, Luke)
>Sacrificing yourself for the greater good is bad (Finn getting stopped by Rose)

>Young people following authority figures who say they know better is good (Poe learning he should have trusted Holdo)
>Young people rejecting authority figures who say they know better is good (Rey and Kylo going against what Luke and Snoke say)

>Letting go of the past is good (Force Yoda burning down the tree)
>Holding on to the past is good (the books weren't actually in the tree)

Did this movie go too far in subverting expectations that it accidentally subverted itself?
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>>12570858the point of TLJ is that the Force is female. Leia, Holdo, Rey, Rose good

Snoke is evil.

Kylo, Finn, and Poe have a lot to learn from their superiors, who are obviously female.

Luke was evil when he acted like a man. When he finally turned against his manhood, he became good again.

Yoda became neurotic like a woman, and destroyed the male Jedi legacy, which was good.

Be a good boy and drink your onions milk and take your estrogen pills.
>How about tracking people through hyperspace being a brand new technology they didn't know existed, but also they know exactly how it works and how to disable it?
Rian didn't think this through at all.
It's a great movie.
Well, at least then people would actually remember her costume.
Yes. The whole movie is a schizophrenic morality play and I have no idea how Rian thought his script was coherent.

File: Lion.jpg (104 KB, 749x1000)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
I cried like a little bitch
this film is underrated kino

How is this man so based all do a sudden?
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File: maxresdefault (2).jpg (71 KB, 1280x720)
71 KB
>What are you telling me? That I can hide from stalkers?
>No, Robert. I'm telling you that when the time comes, you won't have to.
>I wasn't actually a superhero
How would you?
Ill have to rewatch twilight now that I know the guy is one of us
Goddamn that's based.

File: kino.jpg (33 KB, 480x480)
33 KB
Kinos for this feel.

So who was really in the wrong here?

File: irishman.jpg (97 KB, 615x900)
97 KB
Holy shit, I never thought that a Gangster's film gonna depressed me so much
You never saw Donnie Brasco I take it
Donnie Brasco's not that good.
this honestly felt like three and a half hours of nothing

also what's with all of the generic music playing? scorcese's movies usually have all kinds of boomer rock music playing. but 90% of the songs in this movie were generic muzak stuff.

anyway. 7/10 and that's being generous.
It’s a depressing gangster movie is the point you fucking thumb tack

File: YM8EnO.jpg (344 KB, 1080x1920)
344 KB
344 KB JPG
What is the appeal of capeshit?

I try to have an open mind with everything even if it's for normies, but the last Avengers movie I saw was like watching paint dry.
It’s pretty dormant right now. Don’t wake it up
Are these any good? My dad saw them all and told me the last couple were good, but I never bothered since the first ones were before my time.
you're not old enough to be here
we wuz THANGS
Normies don't really care about capeshit or movies in general. For normies, the movie theater is just an excuse to meet up with their friends; whatever movie is playing doesn't matter as long as it's watchable.
Marvel movies aren't bad, they're just good and inoffensive enough for normies to pick them while waiting in line to buy their tickets.

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