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My favorite episode is the dialation episode.
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Mods are trannies
I second this
Anyone have the harkpost about jazz? it was great
its a safe place where we can all gather and discuss our love/hate for trannies.

File: sar.png (1.37 MB, 750x952)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
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Imagine deleting the joe rogan podcast thread but keeping this up.
File: 1576724765252.jpg (34 KB, 640x480)
34 KB
Imagine deleting the squid insane thread and leaving this up...
>when you use laser guidance and sensors and electromagnetic locking clamps and people think it sounds like the future but all you're doing is making fucking gutters.
File: koala.jpg (165 KB, 640x480)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
These look like victorian plates, if so serves those pretentious faggots right....lol
File: 1453222677131.jpg (89 KB, 960x880)
89 KB
i need a way to straighten out this PEX tubing fucking hell

Unironically a 6/10

Your movie sucks if it depends solely on subverting the audience’s knowledge of history to work at all.
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I do think it's right up there, pulp fiction was good but is way overrated. iI my Opinion I still think Inglorious Basterds is his masterpiece.
Eh, it’s fine
>Cliff visiting Spahn Ranch and leaving alive
When Cliff leaves, he passes a photo of Clayton Moore in character as the Lone Ranger on the wall. This is because that scene is based on the real life visit of Clayton Moore to Spahn ranch in 1969
>“A rancher, George Spahn, had a beautiful spread just above [where The Lone Ranger was filmed]. I knew George pretty well; he often supplied us with horses when we were filming in the area … In 1969, I was in the area … and decided to drop in and see George. When we arrived, we saw about a dozen young people on George’s porch. They looked like hippies … it did strike me as unusual that they were here on George Spahn’s ranch … Inside, George was sitting there motionless, It was very dark in the room. I called out, "George how are you?” He cocked his head to me and said, “Clayton?” and started to cry … We talked for a while and he seemed distressed. I really couldn’t get him to say much … We visited for less than an hour. George seemed depressed. As we prepared to leave, I said, “Is there anything I can do for you, George?” He said, “Just come back to see me.” I promised that I would … I never got the sense he was in danger. If I had, I never would have left him there … I later learned that those young people were part of Charles Manson’s “family” … a couple weeks after my visit it happened].“ - Clayton Moore, The Lone Ranger.
>ugly ass bitch screams like a banshee for 10 minutes straight
thank you, Quentin. very cool
So every single argument you're making is "zoomer zoomer zoomer" and "it doesn't matter."

File: ,.jpg (66 KB, 675x1000)
66 KB

File: 1552698200169.jpg (41 KB, 472x586)
41 KB
You get to be the King, but you have to marry this disgusting ogre.

Worth it?
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It doesn't take long before you just KNOW. Any game I played as a kid with character creation inevitably resulted in a few THICC female characters.
Who doesn't love a good braphog?
>implying I don’t think ogres/orcs are sexy
I’d rail her so fucking hard OP you have no idea
She a PAGG: a Phat Ass Green Girl
How big is the kingdom?

File: bee.jpg (3.61 MB, 1365x2048)
3.61 MB
3.61 MB JPG
So is this goddamned movie a reboot or a prequel?
>Bumblebee, Blitzwing, Shatter, and Dropkick are Bayformer designs
>all the other Transformers are their G1 designs right down to the Cybertronian tetrajet for Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercracker, Dirge, and Acid Storm
>retcons how Bee lost his voice
>no mention of Megatron at all
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Oh joy, it's one of you retards. Did you flip your shit and send death threats to Mainframe that read TRUKK NOT MUNKY?
File: D0R4uvqVYAAh27b.jpg (620 KB, 1538x2048)
620 KB
620 KB JPG
>FUCK the stupid actress
This but literally
>dude white female black male lmao

File: image (14).jpg (32 KB, 630x472)
32 KB
we miss ya
>i want to apologize for all white men
yea nah fuck burr
What television show, film, or role of his are you talking about?

Just found out that Casey Aflfeck married Joaquin's sister.
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File: 1577050840245.png (635 KB, 820x818)
635 KB
635 KB PNG
what's the deal with affleck bros getting divorced, are they cucks?
Casey was relentlessly handsome.
I want to see Afleck brothers and Matt Damon in a hot graphic gay threesome scene.
That's an attractive cult member. Probably hard used by the free love Children of God.

File: ahsoka-tano-season-7.png (565 KB, 1020x627)
565 KB
565 KB PNG
>Gets the perfect death
>No she actually survived because of time travel
Why can't Filoni just let her go?
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File: 1575658022947.jpg (134 KB, 1080x1080)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
name one thing Asshooker added to Star Wars.
>no man she didn't die and Ezra didn't actually use time travel to save her
I haven't heard this excuse anywhere but on 4chan, why are /swco/fags so fucking dumb?
The implications are that time travel is now a possibility and they just need to do another asspull

What tv or film would be improved by an all-female reboot?
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Brokeback Mountain
Monty Python's flying circus.
No gender-bending the roles, just the acting cast, and when they have to be women, they dress as men in drag
lord of the flies

File: SendMe.jpg (87 KB, 1916x816)
87 KB
Send me to watch The Phantom Menace and Revenge of the Sith. Do NOT send me to watch Attack of the Clones!
Too weak, to understand the full kinography of The Phantom Menace, you are, Obi-Wan.


File: 1ecrer6pz5iz.jpg (13 KB, 360x409)
13 KB
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File: 1534946997318.jpg (235 KB, 1133x529)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
>"I ain't considering shit after you called me a nigger years ago."
Me and a childhood friend of mine often joke about the rumor that Tupac was interested in being in the Prequels when he heard that a black Jedi was going to be a character. This was in early pre-production and of course he died long before TPM actually was made.

We can just simply say "THE OPPRESSION OF THE THE SITH. SHALL NEVER RETURN. YOU HAVE LOST." in his rapping cadence and we crack eachother up.
>don't make me have to fuck senator amidala while you watch, whiteboy
A Sith...looord?

File: Z5GpMo.jpg (208 KB, 1000x1000)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
Cast them
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I need to see more of their body of work. Names?
left- mia alves, right- unknown german girl
>he finds Brazilians attractive
Girl on the right name?
Me as apu the prince toad

File: Hammond.jpg (190 KB, 1434x909)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
The fuck does that even mean?
He didn't want to spoil his butterfingered son Dennis with a lobster dinner
>skimps out on the lobster and instead gets hormel chili and some shitty sea bass

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