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File: LIzMo8bY.jpg (546 KB, 1856x2470)
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What's next for Jane Levy career-wise? She was great in Don't Breathe.
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File: mmmmmmmm.webm (1.01 MB, 1280x720)
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1.01 MB WEBM
Wearing dark coats and red lipstick in a town that isn't what it seems
yeah...like an r-rated Goosebumps movie. she's perfect for that shit.
jane levy's pusy

Who are the coomers of the Star Wars universe? We already know Luke is one.
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How do you figure?

Luke could have kept the truth about Leia to himself and railed his sister, but instead he went to live as a hermit on an island full of fish-men.
Vader and the Emp
The fans
Count Dooku.

File: 209.jpg (118 KB, 400x480)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Hear me out okay?
Now I know nobody can play Walter White but Cranston... but... AND JUST HEAR ME OUT... I totally think Robin Williams could have pulled it off... hes got that quiet intensity that just screams Walt
Not only could he have pulled it off. But he coul've done it dressed like an old english woman.
Yeah, that's what we need, a Walter White who does bad mexican, gay, and surfer accents. In the same sentence.
that's exactly what we need
File: 1587583498823.png (12 KB, 600x800)
12 KB

Has there ever been a more tense and funny scene at the same time as this one? Gun jamming repeatedly and passerbys quickly running away from the scene

File: 0148037[1].jpg (65 KB, 450x599)
65 KB
ITT: movies that drop from a 9/10 to a 4/10 halfway through
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File: Marked.jpg (167 KB, 1539x850)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
>wow! This movie has METART girls in it
>oh they're gone now
>turns off
Almost all of the best scenes happen in the first half. Second half is Bond as a prisoner for an hour straight and it's very tiresome and dull. The shootout isn't bad but the whole "army pretending to be asleep" is stupid even by Bond standards. And Goldfinger doesn't even check to make sure? His master plan years in the making and he can't even check one fucking body?
From dusk till dawn
There are 2 versions of this. The unrated and the fox version. where can i see the fox version? fox version has 2 kids in the end
File: fdtd.webm (1.07 MB, 1280x720)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB WEBM
You shut the hell up.

File: 1582507091545.jpg (46 KB, 736x414)
46 KB
Is there a more based character in television history?
A realer nigga there never was.
File: myniggabg.jpg (24 KB, 512x384)
24 KB
>leans into u

They don't make them like this anymore: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmZm8vNHBSU
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Alright bros:
>Best Episode of Justice League
>Best Episode of Unlimited
I don't remember Unlimited very well but I always enjoyed Ace's episode
JL: For me, its Starcrossed. Hawks using their weaknesses...sorta, special cells, a low-power fight scene with Wondy being fuckin awesome, the fight in the batcave. For me, only weaksauce bit was Hawkgirl losing to Hro Talek.

Unlimited: For the Man Who Has Everything
JL: Justice Lords Episode
JLU: The Once and Future King

File: 1551138255735.jpg (130 KB, 1600x903)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
You don't get to bring more than one toy.
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I was wondering what would break first, your plastic or your metal
File: dancing_kat.webm (464 KB, 1080x648)
464 KB
Nice thread
Or perhaps he’s wondering why someone would trick Buzz Lightyear before knocking him out of a window
File: ToyStory_Sid.jpg (13 KB, 396x218)
13 KB
I'm in charge here!

Can someone tell me what the fuck I just watched? (Pic related).

I can't tell if this was boringest movie I've ever seen, or the most cerebral tactical action spy movie ever made.

This was directed by fucking Steven Soderbergh. Everytime I read reviews on the movie, it gets some middle praise and i begin to wonder if people are even watching the same movie as I am.

Seriously, what is this thing?
man I love Fassbender.
>I can't tell if this was boringest movie I've ever seen, or the most cerebral ____ movie ever made
this is how I feel every time I watch a Soderbergh movie
There was nothing boring about Gina Carano in stockings squeezing a guy's head between her muscular legs

File: 1590519534592.png (461 KB, 636x700)
461 KB
461 KB PNG
Clean it up janny.

and do it for free.

File: aztecs.png (577 KB, 577x536)
577 KB
577 KB PNG
Has anyone actually made a film about the Aztecs?
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>sacrifice a kid today
yeah its called Plan B, teenagers can pick it up at your local pharmacy
They're leftist soiboys manchildren scientists
like.. baby sacrifice is available to even the dembest fucking nog in the US

abortion is only available in a pozzed hot spot here
um, excuse me anon, it's not a kid unless the mother decides it is. Bigot.
The only thing the spaniards did wrong was burn the near entirety of mesoamerican literature.
>inb4 mesoamerican "literature"

File: rgb_logo_650-1.jpg (16 KB, 650x385)
16 KB
I'm watching the Bond movies for the first time, and after loving the first four Connery movies and OHMSS, I'm about to give up because of how fucking boring they're getting. Diamonds, Live and Let Die, and Golden Gun were all 4/10s. Should I just skip to Dalton or Brosnan?
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nothing says fun Bond flick like watching James get brutally whacked in the nuts
>the poker scene takes forever
That's literally taken from the very first Bond story

Casino Royale's 2nd half is a reasonably faithful adaptation of the book
so what?
Dr. No and FRwL were pretty good but they've got that early '60s crustyness that can make them kind of a drag for zoomies
Goldfinger, Thunderball, and YOLT are where Connery peaked, they're all fun as hell and have just the right mix of cheese and drama that makes for the perfect spy flicks
OHMSS is hit or miss for most people. I personally don't like it because I think its very slow paced and melodramatic, but the ending will stick with you no matter what.
DaF, LaLD, and MwtGG form the campy trilogy, where the tone is more saturday morning cartoon than action film, which certainly isn't for everyone, but if you can vibe with it you'll probably find yourself laughing with Diamonds and genuinely enjoying LaLD and Golden Gun
The Spy Who Loved Me is Moore's "legit" movie and its pretty good on all accounts. Go watch it.
Moonraker then undoes everything good the last one did and gives us another goofy dumb film except they forgot to add the fun.
FYEO, OP, and VtaK are passable but you can definitely tell that they were running out of ideas and Moore was running out of steam.
Dalton's films, Living Daylights and Licence to Kill are pretty straight action adventure films, and definitely the most grounded in reality. They're pretty great but you might think they take themselves too seriously
Goldeneye is a goddamn masterpiece, everything is done perfectly and it gets everything right. Tomorrow never Dies is a worthy followup that doesn't do as well but has a lot still going for it. TWiNE is a boring piece of shit that will make you hate Brosnan. DAD throws new interesting shit at you literally every scene and about 40% of it sucks but if you can make it through that you'll have a good time.
Craig's films are just Jason Borne meets Captain America

File: 220px-Anton_Chigurh.jpg (15 KB, 220x208)
15 KB
I'm just gonna admit it. This movie had a point. But I didn't get it because I'm dumb. I can't really tell what the point was ,my guess is that getting involved is not always the right thing to do. Spoonfeed prease
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haha omg where did you find this image? can i save it?
That was the hubris part, to believe that the world is anymore wicked than it was 50 years ago, or a hundred years ago. It's not, human beings are doing the same terrible things to each other that they did when we lived in caves.

His uncle or whatever basically tells him this. It's the pride of an old man to think that when he dies there will be nobody to defend the wall, when young men have been signing up to defend the wall since time began.
You are the type of fags who stand in front of a toilet in a museum thinking how deep and thoughtful that ART is. It's just a fucking movie with a simple story. Don't overthink it, it doesn't have any message.
You missed the part where the boy gave him his shirt.
The world has good people to balance out the bad.
It's not that way. Good times/soft men/bad times/hard men. When idiots dig up quotes saying "Look! Ancient Civilization also bitched about kids!" Yeah... they did one generation before their fucking empire fell.

anything like it? I miss it so much

File: 6e9.jpg (41 KB, 750x669)
41 KB
>left: where tarantino fans think they are
>right: where they actually are
Any more films/directors that are like this?
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i have 98 iq. I enjoyed pulp fiction and one of the kill bill movies. I forgot which one.
>155 IQ
>chose an Oliver Stone movie.
Zack Snyder apparently ever since 2016

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