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he never confronts people to their faces, he just acts dumb and plays along like he agrees with them. and only after the fact, in the safety of his recording studio, he'll do a voice over of how stupid and ignorant the people were.
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I hate this retarded cunt but I love her
You'd have to watch the documentary. There was something sexy about her.
>Learns a nig has a gun.
>ignores it.
>questions these nigs further
Can't tell me he isn't based,
He will take your first child to oven, MICROWAVE OVEN. He will make oven ON. There he will show you that he wants money.
you will give him, there is no othah weh

File: hulk.jpg (184 KB, 1080x1080)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
anyways, any sisyphean kino to help me get through the day?
You're gonna carry that weight, son.

File: finn-last-jedi.jpg (60 KB, 740x389)
60 KB
watched it again last night and this scene is still just as infuriating as the first time I saw it, if not more:
>Finn is denied his redemption / salvation arc
>saved by Rose with some liberal lubby dubby dialogue "saving who we love is how we win"
>awkward kiss
>they sit there in, impaired, and front of walkers that for some reason don't just shoot at them
>Finn drags Rose's unconscious body all the way to the resistance cave, amidst first order walkers moving towards the same cave, and just allowing it, and still not shooting at them for whatever reason
what the fuck, why didn't they just let him die?
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As horrible as this movie was this scene and its cringe worthy dialog was the worst part. I'm glad I never bad a dime to see this pile of Rian shit.
Because he got indoctrinated as a child and even then he refused to shoot civilians. Finn was never a bad guy. If that's what they were going for then JJ really fucked up in the first movie.
Yeah, he is pointless. If he'd sacrificed himself for a reason that would've been something. He did nothing in TROS
Did you like TFA? I thought it was shit and skipped the rest. When Disney makes new movies, will you watch them?
>Did you like TFA?
I thought it was OK. I didn't expect brilliance from TLJ but I also didn't expect to basically be insulted for watching it


File: p14592194_v_v8_ac.jpg (274 KB, 960x1440)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
This wasn't so bad at all.
Definitely didn't deserve to bomb.

For John... ;_;
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It was completely alright.
The good:
>Rev9 manipulating people
>the first Grace hammer fight

The bad:
>muh borders
>muh women
>muh womb
>most of the action scenes are a badly shot cgi clusterfuck

why didnt they just cast a woman with bigger tits
this is worse than thinking the sequels are good
I sincerly was thinking about going to watch it in cinemas, but all the advertisements for it were all so bad and went into this bad grrrl pwa way i did not go.

It did not deserve to bomb on its own merit i agree but man i dont understand who gave Hollywood the idea that woman are the target demographic for action films.

File: 2145235875.jpg (435 KB, 1200x1452)
435 KB
435 KB JPG
Hey /tv/ could you recommend me any kino Nixon movies? inb4 Frost vs. Nixon. Not that I didn't like it, but I've already seen it.

Also, preferably ones that portray him as either the badass that he was or in a good light. Please, no leftist shit. Thanks in advance.
File: dick nixon.jpg (71 KB, 850x400)
71 KB
File: 51rZeX6G.jpg (41 KB, 339x500)
41 KB

File: image0.png.jpg (229 KB, 750x420)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
What did you think of the ending to season 2?

File: flashes.jpg (67 KB, 1920x1080)
67 KB
What the FUCK were they thinking?
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t.grant gustin
They were thinking that autistic incels like you needed something new to latch on to and cry about on the /tv/ board.
the on set pics look fine, why did they make it look terrible?
seems kind of GAY
was that the intent

What makes her so watchable?
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File: laura-dern-star-wars.jpg (511 KB, 2000x1333)
511 KB
511 KB JPG
File: 1575345370363.png (30 KB, 902x735)
30 KB

her face always looks like she is smelling something foul from her own pussy.
she was so sexual in twin peaks
because she looks like that one friend you had growing up's mom did

File: memento.jpg (399 KB, 1022x1500)
399 KB
399 KB JPG
why didnt he just use a tape recorder lmao

File: City Hunter 87.jpg (1.32 MB, 1200x1697)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB JPG
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>”90’s edition”
>marketed to look desperately like 80’s shit

No wonder this didn’t sell
How about some '90s nostalgia instead?


South Park, Tarantino etc...every of your examples are full swj, were every deviant attitudes were seen like something cool, rap music were full of insults but it was clearly in the propaganda to be against the conservatism etc...most of these stuff were ironic, no white could have called someone nigger seriously.

It's like to say the 2010's are antifeminist because there are porn everywhere.


Sure, but the intensity were not the same , the grunge and the rap were everywhere, that have killed every other styles of music
It was also à way of life, to be cynical and lifeless.
you're seriously grasping at straws there buddy
File: ryo_and_kaori.jpg (339 KB, 764x925)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
city hunter was peak kino

File: sdff77f7sf90sdfsfs.jpg (249 KB, 596x762)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
Which one of these early 2000s epics is the best and why?
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I just read a book on Alexander and have been meaning to watch the film. Not sure what cut I should watch tho, theres like 4
what a shitty era for film.
Gladiator, followed closely by Troy. KoH is trash, and I haven't seen Alexander
Gladiator is the only good one in the bunch

File: 1.png (1.67 MB, 1041x901)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
>you just used me to get inside
>inside what?

It’s up
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>imagine having tastes this shitty
Based, gonna watch in bed tonight.
File: ea4.jpg (105 KB, 1200x649)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
old dead meme
Kino, should win awards when it's completed.
File: georgie.jpg (48 KB, 580x326)
48 KB
You ever think we went too far?

File: __5deb3ecdb7b7a.jpg (405 KB, 1800x776)
405 KB
405 KB JPG
Kino of the highest order
Saints Row:Lego Movie
thing go boom

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