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File: images (33).jpg (46 KB, 458x669)
46 KB
ITT: kino Japanese TV

Starting off with Sukeban Deka: https://youtu.be/5oWNUrPax80
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you're browsing /tv/ you fucking moron, your opinion means nothing
Was this theme song?
File: 1596780515588.jpg (104 KB, 1024x831)
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104 KB JPG
Monday Late Show is my favorite comfy viewing

File: 2XPbNhb.jpg (172 KB, 1080x1080)
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172 KB JPG
Who are your fav celeb sisters and what are their best movies/roles?
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Rooney walks in, pouting at you. She is wearing a t-shirt and nothing else. Her hands behind her back.

"I've got such a great for you, anon...gonna share everything with you..."
She steps forward, and reveals...

Three Lego sets.

"I wanna make a big spaceship! Let's make a big spaceship together, anon!"
Why is this so erotic?
Kate has that look of lust.
Sisters are so fucking hot

Am I the only one who used to finish a bath by pulling the plug and the laying there while it drained and pretending I am Han Solo being unfroze from the carbonite?
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Not the same but I used to cover myself completely in bubbles and lay really still pretending to be thawing out. The bubbles evaporating really enhanced the realism of the experience
chewie? more like rapie
back when women could actually take jokes and wouldnt just empowered social justice cunts. Carrie was a real one
I have a morning ritual that I need to share. I call it "the terminator". First I crouch down in the shower in the classic "naked terminator traveling through time" pose. With my eyes closed I crouch there for a minute, visualizing either Arnold or the guy from the second movie (not the chick in the third one because that one sucked) and I start to hum the terminator theme. Then I slowly rise to a standing position and open my eyes. It helps me to proceed through my day as an emotionless, cyborg badass. The only problem is if the shower curtain sticks to my terminator leg. It ruins the fantasy. I think maybe I read too many comic books when I was a kid...
>my terminator leg
I'm imagining some fat guy explaining all this to the completely empty break room at work and it's getting me good

Post your favourite movie from the year you were born
File: 1597046380923.png (778 KB, 460x690)
778 KB
778 KB PNG
cringe toddler
based babby

File: waiting.jpg (65 KB, 1280x720)
65 KB

File: 1583671026046.jpg (45 KB, 500x346)
45 KB
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You couldn't be more wrong
it's always fun when these guys go to the whore
Our pubis is what defines us.

I was born a poorfag in 89' and missed out on a lot of 80's movies, and a good amount of 90's movies too. Movies I pretty much know through pop culture but have never actually seen. What do I need to go back and watch?
The cinematographer for that movie shot Mac and Me so I guess you should start there. Look for Jennifer Aniston. Apparently she's sitting on a curb in the background.
The 80s timeless kino canon:

Indiana Jones trilogy
Back to the Future trilogy
Top Gun
Star Wars OT (First came out 3 years before the 80s, but stylewise I would say it's an 80s movie, maybe the first true 80s movie)
Karate Kid 1 & 2
File: 1590684425499.png (263 KB, 640x426)
263 KB
263 KB PNG
Quest for Fire
First Blood
Red Dawn
Back to the Future
Fright Night
The Fly
The Princess Bride

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File: 1594950918259.jpg (1.91 MB, 2949x4096)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB JPG
Is her acting career over?
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So ABC studios is
Average Beaner Cock
File: kiki.jpg (168 KB, 1039x863)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
>2 hour Tay x Kiki softcore kino
Why aren't you a producer, anon?
Based will there be gokun?
She should have stayed thin. The more weight she gains the more she looks like a Crackerbarrel waitress
File: 20200718_180216.jpg (1.95 MB, 2268x4032)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB JPG

File: Stalker_poster.jpg (14 KB, 247x403)
14 KB
Seeing what's the juice.
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39 min. NOW, in color!
I think it's the writing style after coming off of Hard To Be A God. The Zone has way more personality by virtue of them explaining what happened to people who lived near/in it when it was created and the and weird ass artifacts like the empties and black sprays which are so alien that it's impossible to even guess what purpose they have. Personally I prefer the version of the Room in the book due to to the weird ass mechanism attached to it you have to use, that they never explain other than giving it an ominous title. Pilman's explanation of why the Zones are where they are at the beginning of the novel is going to be the tone it shoots for most of the time.
51 min. Love this shot.
File: yo no understando.jpg (23 KB, 448x373)
23 KB
Please tell me: how the fuck could you appreciate a movie if your mind incessantly goes back and forth from movie to 4chan?

File: 91ZaNnJP2uL._AC_SL1500_.jpg (307 KB, 1058x1500)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
I just watched Mad Max (1979) for the first time. It was nothing like what I was led to believe it was.
>dystopian future looks to be as dangerous as rural Montana
>Max's revenge-driven rampage begins 15 minutes before the end credits
>Biker gang is as silly as a villian from Police Academy
>Half of the bad guys are killed in collisions just because Max was chasing them
All of the tropes that this series is known for must have happened in Beyond Thunderdome, because this just feels like a bunch of Aussies got together to play Cowboys n' Indians...or more accurately Convicts n' Abo's.
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Yes, toecutter is a lot like zed from the police academy films. I’ve always assumed zed was based on toecutter.
You just got filtered, go watch the second one if you want another postapocalyptic shclock.
>Beyond Thunderdome is a triumph
This but unironically.

Mad Max > Beyond Thunderdome > Fury Road > The Road Warrior
Fuck me, I just realized Road Warrior is not the 1st movie. I've never fucking seen road warrior. brb.
>To understand this post-apokyclipse tale you have to literally method act as a feral child from an even more fucked-up situation
Then they have unironically wasted far too much time on things no one should care about in all 4 films.
Oh wait, yes I did. It's just too boring to make it through without being blackout drunk.

File: spartacus.png (292 KB, 642x269)
292 KB
292 KB PNG
>she's a Q-tard
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Ok incel
>literally everyone making fun of some dumb vapid whore
>"t-triggered libtards?"
hope she sees this bro
Some autist on /pol/ was shitposting about le epic war between Trump and demonic child-eating elites and how the news are gonna hit mainstream media ANY DAY NOW. Brought legit boomers to the site, anons got tired of him and started shitposting in his threads, he threw a fit and moved to 8ch, which got nuked for obvious reason and now he's literally on some philipino farmers board where everyone can use the tag.
You are fucking retarded. If he was really what he claims to be, he'd be dead. Kennedy was killed for much fucking less, you tard.

>Went from the sopranos to this

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>This is THE most common thing in the world now
Havent left your house in a few years, eh?
how soon after was she found murdered?
Or they could just cover it up.
More like Meh-dough. Am I right?
At least they'll know who to go to when she ends up murdered.

File: 1576171211557.jpg (148 KB, 709x1024)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
I exclusively only watch asian movies these days

Every single, yes, every single western movie and tv show is choke full off extremely ugly actors who look like antisemitic and anti-black caricatures, and the shrill dialog is totally pozzed
They make me literally sick
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Wow, you think Andy Smaberg and Lupito Ngoyo is ugly?
You don't like the shrill yelling of a grbabler woman?
What is wrong with you?
she's asian
the uglification of western cinema is distressing
For me is Sara Aizawa.
This but unironically. All I watch these days is kdramas and japanese tv. I don't think I enjoyed anything mutt-produced since Terror

File: 90148257326.jpg (3.27 MB, 2400x1600)
3.27 MB
3.27 MB JPG
how about that airline food
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How would you know? Have you watched the show?
That's Friends.
that's weird since I always see you watching this show when I come over to fuck your mom
But it’s MY CAR!!
There was 100 billion gays and lesbians watching this when it aired making it #1?

File: tsdlite_ec003-h_2018.jpg (51 KB, 648x365)
51 KB
why cant americanfats take in adult amination that isnt a comedy
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>The Maxx
that's the one about the simp with the manic pixie imaginary waifu right
>a bunch of buzzwords that didn't exist in 1992
Actually, yeah.
because burger animators now use rigged shit in after effects instead of hand drawn keyframes.

its pathetic and looks shit, you can get away with it in kids stuff but anything even mildy oriented towards adults the cal arts one style suits all is atrocious.
File: 1580572517712.webm (2.9 MB, 1280x720)
2.9 MB
Oh really Mr Wizard? Tell me more about a field you know absolute dick about.
Animation is seen as a a lesser medium, so hollywood wants to push cartoons as just another genre of TV show, so writers can pad out their resumes with cartoons before moving on to work on REAL tv shows.

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