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File: img_9590.jpg (109 KB, 1366x569)
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File: ysnebq2w86y21.jpg (96 KB, 1280x720)
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>The West will literally never be "allowed" to make a film or franchise like the LOTR trilogy again

Is this a good or bad thing?
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File: 1620511782151.jpg (48 KB, 512x512)
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>>Sara Ogabuga

Careful now...
Ah yes, clearly those top-hat wearing capitalists are doing this to attract that lucrative African audience. It's just not conceivable that everyone making the decisions in these organisations effectively believes 100% in racial communism.
disgusting right
There isn’t some boogie man stopping movies like this from being made. Any exec would be clawing down the doors to make something this successful again. But super high quality, beloved films like that are rare thing. Not for any nefarious reason, but just the nature of art
Who gives a fuck


This film is pretty irresponsible
You're an idiot

Humans are robots and the robot overlords are essentially humans.

If I was a robot overlord I’d just want to vibe as a human. The robots could have just fucked off to another galaxy and spread life there as well and left the humans to vibe. I view a greater intelligence to be above “an eye for an eye”.
I wouldn’t do what the “humans” or robots did because I could fucking do anything. Limitless choices. No one had to do anything they did everything is so arbitrary and limitless.
Why didn't the robots just use all that energy to take off and colonise the solar system and asteroid belt? They don't need air or plants afterall. I mean the humans obviously wanted to win the war in order to have peace and reclaim the earth. The machines have no requirement for earth and its hopelessly contaminated by black clouds or w/e it is blocking out the sun.

I mean are there even any plants left to produce oxygen? I know they mention the humans have some machines that do it, but is the amazon rainforest still there? The oceans and stuff? Otherwise the whole biosphere would have died off and there'd be no atmosphere and the oceans boil off. Many such cases.
the more i think about these movies the more i realize how dumb they are. The very concept of some prophesized "chosen one," doesn't make any sense in the context it's in. Anderson doesn't make a lick of sense, nor does all these sentient computer programs. it's just kinda dumb, and not in an entertaining way.
It’s what they call a “movie”

File: 1584744710920.jpg (263 KB, 1200x756)
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what is he watching?
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whatever im watching
JAV seems like heaven, any dorky loser or old man can become a porn star and cream top tier women daily
kill all mass repliers
this looks like my best friend james before he died.
Well it sure ain't fitness videos.

Just saw this, what did I think of it?
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File: 5347126[1].jpg (56 KB, 1279x720)
56 KB
No. Cuter.
You even get to see a short shower sex scene
Obtaining it now. Thanks, Anon.
File: racists bitch.png (1.75 MB, 1896x796)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB PNG
I liked it, even though the racist paki girl was annoying
I actually watched it on a whim when it came out and it was painfully generic. The racism was really forced too, from the home owner. Anyway, it's not something I'd ever watch again. It has post-wall Alison Brie for anyone that wants it.
It got me decently excited when the "plot" picked up, but it quickly subsided once I realized the movie turned into a weak slasher movie with a fucking Freddy Krueger mask wearing unknown villain.. This way it ended up being neither a good relationship drama nor a horror movie.

File: KEhleyr_klingon.jpg (899 KB, 1291x1326)
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899 KB JPG
Klingon GF Edition

previous: >>150734250
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File: 1618522461115.jpg (62 KB, 665x1000)
62 KB
File: 1619255159923.jpg (391 KB, 1436x1080)
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391 KB JPG
late TNG Troi was best Troi
File: 1557219053338.jpg (85 KB, 1207x898)
85 KB
Should have kept the dress
File: 1595822748828.jpg (1006 KB, 1200x1500)
1006 KB
1006 KB JPG
I could be wrong but Im pretty sure she's wearing the shoulder pads here in All Good Things, which were either non-existent or not as pronounced in Encounter at Farpoint. It's really those shoulder pads that finally gave her a figure.
>literally posing smiling in the wreckage of Enterprise-D that she caused.

why the fuck did they have to cuck him, why cant there be ONE cool character
finale was based and reminded me why i watch the show in the first place
rip gordo
because you watch soulless pozzed garbage

A couple episodes in, I thought S2 was going to be a disaster, but holy fuck did they pay it all off

except for that retarded voiceover during the funeral, what the fuck

File: Joaquim_de_Almeida.jpg (82 KB, 540x720)
82 KB
>we need a Latino bad guy
>I know a guy, sir!

>90 years old
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Lol? Kill yourself my nigga
He still works, just dropped an album recently.

damn I wanted to ask him what thought process led to this performance?

White people age like wine.

File: Isabela_Merced.png (1.69 MB, 1440x1095)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB PNG
Now that Sport Untamed is soon releasing what's next for Isabela Merced's career?
isnt she in some upcoming movie about the sex pistols or something?

File: buffalo-66-md-web.jpg (211 KB, 960x1350)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
What was the moral of the story?
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How to rip off Pedro Almodovar but since no one watches Spanish films they'll think yours is original
stop being a sperg
>be handsome
>don't ever not be handsome
just be yourself
and >>150749569

Darkseid Chads....

I kneel....
I don’t care much for DC but when will Lobo get his own series?
Also fuck nu-52

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honestly this. the way he played the three jokers in gotham telegraphs his ability to play a character like cletus as well.
Mouse shills are out already.
So no one picked up on another pale white character being turned black like domino in deadpool?
or are we all desensitised to hollywood diverse casting by now?

File: Laura Palmer.jpg (212 KB, 1217x1772)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
Why didn't she just stop fucking half the town?
That seemed like her biggest problem.
she's a w*man
Well Shelly was a whore but managed to get by on just two dicks.

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