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File: lee.jpg (65 KB, 575x542)
65 KB
He didn't have a basement.
File: DA.jpg (33 KB, 600x337)
33 KB
he does from my point of view

File: Snake Eyes.jpg (199 KB, 1080x1350)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
It was okay.

>Snake Eyes’ father was killed in front of him after being forced to roll a dice and getting snake eyes.
>Snake Eyes drifts from town to town hustling underground fight clubs while searching for his killer.
>Yakuza boss Kenta recruits Snake Eyes for his gun smuggling operation in Los Angeles and orders Snake Eyes to prove his loyalty by killing captive spy Tommy Arashikage.
>Tommy is the heir apparent of a ninja clan that has defended the world for generations. Kenta was cast out by the Arashikage for being a cunt and now Tommy must kill him.
>Snake Eyes instead saves Tommy, who returns the favor by taking Snake Eyes back to Japan so he can join the Arashikage.
>TWIST: Snake Eyes is actually working for Kenta to infiltrate the Arashikage and steal a magic jewel that they have guarded for generations in exchange for the name of his father’s killer.
>Tommy’s adoptive sister Akiko doesn’t trust Snake Eyes, but eventually gets wet for him, shows him the magic jewel and explains that the clan’s most important oath is never to use it.
>Snake Eyes goes through three trials and becomes a ninja master. He is conflicted between revenge and his new friends, but still ends up choosing revenge.
>Scarlett drops by to reveal that Kenta is working with Cobra. The Joes has been around for years and they frequently team up with the Arashikage.
>Snake Eyes betrays the team and gives up the magic jewel’s location to Kenta, who attacks the temple with an army provided by the Baroness. Tommy is seething.
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>"like the shadow before the storm."
what does that even mean
Nope. Probably won't even happen at all in the sequel either. Golding doesn't strike me as the type of actor who would do the whole covering his face and not speaking thing unlike Ray Park.
It's just more horseshit. His last name means Storm Shadow. From wikipedia:
Storm Shadow's real name is Thomas S. Arashikage (トーマス・嵐影) (Arashi meaning "Storm" and kage meaning "shadow" in Japanese)
So the Hokages in Naruto mean Ho Shadow?
They're hookers of the night!
I liked it a lot

File: New Rat.png (140 KB, 1066x491)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
>New rat. Whaddya think?
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File: jewish rodent.jpg (49 KB, 470x604)
49 KB
Cool it with the antisemitism
Very nice.
How did a nigger like you get so tasteful?
Impressive. Very Australian.
Dubble dubs czcheched

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yall losers tj miller is based
he is a fucking retard who rightfully was written off the show for behaving like a slob
learning that he's exactly the same irl as in Silicon Valley made me kek
high rn ama
File: monkeyreturns.webm (2.09 MB, 408x720)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB WEBM
TJ is a fucking moron.

File: R.jpg (122 KB, 1031x761)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
remember when you thought THIS was funny?
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>zoomy looked up the movie and found out Iron Man was in it
File: 3amigos_roflmao.jpg (106 KB, 687x1023)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
better than this "classic" ameriturd comedy in every way
File: tenor (9).gif (2.92 MB, 296x280)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB GIF
nah blazing saddles is the quintessential painfully unfunny shit everyone pretends to like
I loved this guy in the movie. And I love the role even more because it's something that is so uncommon. A big name actor playing a near unrecognizable role as something of a side character. I watched the movie without all the side shit like trailers, interviews, etc and I had no idea this was Tom. Hollywood and movies in general need more of this. Instead, for decades, we get every actor essentially playing themselves or the exact same role in movie after movie. Woody Harrelson? Same stupid dork in every movie. Morgan Freeman? A classic example to mock that he's the same fucking black character in every movie. I could go on, there's hundreds of examples, but it'd be ridiculous. The point is, they don't really alter their appearance, mannerisms, etc nearly enough for their so called acting profession and their ego/agent needs them to always be immediately recognizable to braindead normies.

File: DrByronOrpheus.JPG.jpg (18 KB, 335x232)
18 KB
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Wife marathoner it with me a second time for the last season. Twice I ate her out and the Dr. Dugong bit killed it for me she'd crack up laughing
File: 1594434185363.jpg (47 KB, 500x500)
47 KB
This show has so many quotes that crop up in my everyday life st random fucking moments
>flipping channels
>on some random show someone mentions malamar cookies
>colonel gentleman's voice appears in my head instantly
File: Venture bros epilogue.jpg (167 KB, 1234x718)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
I should have stopped watching at this episode
Nothing after was worth watching
I hope you brought your rubbers...

What is your goal /tv/ related body?
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Women conspire
Men get inspired
pic related but in man of steel when he’s in Alaska or wherever it is
File: gyooot.webm (1.91 MB, 1280x720)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB WEBM
there's only one choice
Or men just don't care because their men and don't give a fuck what other people think of them because they are not women and can think for themselves.

File: 20210724035748.png (363 KB, 369x364)
363 KB
363 KB PNG
So this little cunt refused to marry the princess and become king to prevent disastrous war with the infidels which would kill thousands of his own. Why? Because a few blood thirsty knights would die in the process.

Is this really what an honorable man with should do? Or is Hollywood just fucking with us?

Bonus : Why is this movie so awesom?
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Did you not even watch the movie?
A man cannot go to st peter and say can you let me in heaven because all the evil I did I was ordered to do.
Fifty camels. No more, by Allah!
saving the lives of thousands outweights the lives of some knights, even is they were innocent.
What? Are you saying this guy turned down prime Eva Green and the crown? What is he, some kind of faggot?

File: 1627091779361.jpg (155 KB, 1100x619)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
Lets write a Movie About Some Alt Right Wanna Be kek Nazis Going to the North Sentinel Island to fuck over some Primitive Niggers & Then ..................................................................


File: the-green-knight-poster.jpg (1.63 MB, 1847x2736)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB JPG
Are we excited?
Ignore racebaiters.
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>entire film is racebait
No. I'm not white and I'm not interested. . . .which is somewhat interesting since I generally like Arthurian legend stuff.
Kill yourself nigger faggot
>picked the actor they felt best channeled the role I suppose
oh fuck off, don't be disingenuous. You know very well he was picked primarily for diversity points.
I don't think so. Doesn't really strike me as a Lowery/A24 move. Anyway, all early impressions point to him performing stellarly.

christianity!? after cowboys!?
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at least you're honest about you illiteracy
I have literally no idea what you're talking about.
Reminder that this conversation started with the assertion that Christians have done nothing wrong ever and are used by the nefarious Jews as scapegoats. Apparently, the idea that Catholics have a pedo problem is absurd, and 100% Jewish propaganda.
So what's the consensus then, /tv/? Is Christianity bad or good?
>251 replies
>64 IPs
Fuck. We need quarantine control.
s4 is better than season 3, havm't seen 5 yet because にほんごのしょくだいをむすかしよ

File: drunc.jpg (121 KB, 618x768)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
File: druk.webm (2.44 MB, 640x800)
2.44 MB
2.44 MB WEBM
woah cr friend

File: IMG_20210724_110551.jpg (74 KB, 938x865)
74 KB
Choke and die on your bong you absolute fucking hack. What's left of your career is forever tarnished.
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So you're telling me you're a pissbaby? You're mad kevin smith isn't a pissbaby like you? Wow.
Isn't that a tranny insult?
Your mom's pussy.
Is that you Kevin? It's the same quality writing.
she's jewish

File: file.png (530 KB, 397x453)
530 KB
530 KB PNG
Still holds up
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why didn't he just play vidya and shitpost in online chat rooms?
>ywn go back to AOL chatrooms and Counter Strike 1.6 all-nighters
What is the deal with all these fightclub bait threads?
How is it bait to say it's a good movie?
This entire movie/book is an allegory for faggotry

How is it? I want to start my journey into steven seagal late career kino

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