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Previous thread: >>10205871

E-bay exclusives up for order! Are you willing to get your wallet eradicated by the Last Son of Krypton? Oh and some Vampire Batman is stalking the back streets of e-bay as well.

Jay Garrick, Duke Thomas Signal, Kingdom Come Batman, Superboy, Blue Lantern Kyle and Gladiator Batman just up for preorder at sane locations.
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The Action Figure Labor Singularity is where it is cheaper to actually add extra pieces of a different color to glue onto the figure (i.e. increase piece count on the tools) than it is to include those sculpted onto the figure and to then paint them a different color.

All 6" and above lines have hit this singularity.
File: 1651900291049.gif (498 KB, 500x375)
498 KB
498 KB GIF
File: 20230127_223346.jpg (3.55 MB, 4000x3000)
3.55 MB
3.55 MB JPG
I wish his body had a little more of that Alex Ross beef, but god damn is this a quality figure. Until the Mezco Man of Steel drops, this is the Superman to own.
I was gonna say cloth goods on figures this small look like trash, but thats actually not bad
File: 20230127_223346.jpg (2.08 MB, 2982x3940)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB JPG

File: 50076.jpg (131 KB, 960x1280)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Bring Arts Tifa, Bring Arts Cloud, and Bring Arts Aerith are available for preorder at roughly 13,200 yen each. They're more expensive if you preorder them from western stores.

Bring Arts Agrias has shipped out and people are beginning to receive her. The Xenogears Bring Arts Weltall-ID figure seems to be shipping out sooner than later due to some people reporting getting payment requests for it.

Dragon Quest VI's Bring Arts Terry is releasing soon as well.

Previous thread: >>10046060
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File: ghoulish.png (854 KB, 601x668)
854 KB
854 KB PNG
>Is that a custom Roy?
No lol. It is the famously long limbed Roy Mustang Play Arts Kai.
>We grieve together
Loved that tactics ogre game.
File: 20230126_233948.jpg (823 KB, 1800x1350)
823 KB
823 KB JPG
Was a Gi Joe classified.

Here's an updated photo with a much better passenger.
Oh yeah, I've seen your set up before, it always looked strange to me. Maybe it's a perspective thing, but it looked like you had a mile between you and your computer monitor with how many figures were between you and your screen.
Shieeet didn't know that Roy has a figure! I have to get her

File: Exodia.jpg (1016 KB, 2464x2888)
1016 KB
1016 KB JPG
Some new Yugioh figures popped up on Amazon, Exodia, Blue Eyes, Blue Eyes Ultimate and the 3 gods. $39.99 and around 7 inches. These look better than the figures from the Yugioh thread from a while back.
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File: 1483133801010.jpg (51 KB, 310x330)
51 KB
Zoomer? Boomer? Doesn't matter as long as it's coomer.
Something about Slifer having feet bothers me, I always saw him being an endless lower body eldritch entity.
He's like that for most of the manga but gets back legs/feet in the Egypt arc
In the anime he always had them, I think and most merchandise seem to be based on the anime since they always put them on him
The problem with that figure is that it has FEET, though. That's still wrong. He's supposed to have claws that are identical to the ones in his arms, like most chinese-style dragons.
Thank you for pointing that out anon, I was about to buy Slifer and didnt even see that they gave him feet

File: 6000201015528.jpg (199 KB, 1500x1500)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
What's your favorite DC Multiverse action figure?
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I like parallax in my collection.
The entire Blackest Night wave is also top tier except for superman because they chose not to sculpt a ring for him
File: STL244527.jpg (97 KB, 1500x1500)
97 KB
Talon. I don't know anything about the character but I like the action figure. That seems like the mark of a good action figure.
The Clayface ended up in a lot of people’s top toys of 2022

I wish they had gone with a different color for that one.
wtf really
I thought I was one of the only people who liked it

File: tjfrfrtry4.png (41 KB, 171x217)
41 KB
i just had a dream where i was able to buy a XJ9 statue/figure. it was like a foot tall and totally immaculate. the highest quality thing i've ever seen. i had to fight a woman at the mall to get it, no regrets. put that bitch in the dirt. i had a few tears when i woke up with no XJ9.
whats your (pipe) dream toy? a toy that will never exist but you want it bad.
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Very cool but also very impossible
Maybe if it were a high-detail, fixed-pose garage kit
As an articulated figure or kit, it would just constantly be falling to pieces, not be able to stand on its own and everytime you moved something it would hit something else
Again, super cool though
Im glad you like the design.
>Fixed posed garage kit
Yeah that's what I mean by model kit. Basically I just want the arms and neck to move while everything else can be fixed.
You know that there's figuarts of buu, right? Fat and super buu, no kid, not yet, at least. We're getting first form villains, so kid Buu is inevitable.
100$ all the lego decline is because of yanks and their influence
File: gsc94189_0.jpg (138 KB, 730x648)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
for me it has to be a proper gwenpool toy
the mafex one is okay I guess, but I want something that's higher quality

File: 99f57-2.jpg (673 KB, 1800x1422)
673 KB
673 KB JPG
>Hot Wheels:


>Auto World:

>Johnny Lightning:

>Tomica/Mini GT/Ignition Model etc:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: es123.jpg (299 KB, 2800x1083)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
Just picked up a few cars from an estate sale. 50c a pop.
Learned about the Vector Avtech WX-3. Its kinda neat and I like the purple.
2 porches, the silver one is metal on metal.
I like '34 Fords a lot so I grabbed this one. It looks like an early 90s hot rod.
There were more but they seemed real cheap like. Like a kids meal toy. Some sports cars with knobby tires, bent axles, plastic on plastic, etc. All of them said Hot Wheels though. Did they used to be that cheap or were they not mainlines or something?

Bunch of cool cars on there, several I got too.
I've been wanting to do something like this. I have a small board that can hold maybe 30 like that. I want to make several that hold about 25-30 and are square. Rather than having a giant one to hold a ton of cars, I want it so that they can be moved around/arranged if needed.
Awesome finds anon, congrats. Vector is my favourite out of those.
The plastic cheapo ones were most likely Happy Meal toys. As far as I know Mattel hasn't ever released a plastic on plastic Hot Wheels unless it's a part of a motorized playset of something.
File: 1609139695431.jpg (197 KB, 914x747)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
Anons who have downscaled your collections, how did you decide what to put away?
I'm nearing 1000 cars which of course isn't that much compared to what people have, but that flat number is making me think of what I really value and want to collect. I honestly like around 99% of my cars, and coming up with parameters to plan downscaling seems rather fruitless.
I'd say I wanna hang on to any car that's from before year 2000, OR is exotic or high performance irl.
If you have that much, why not sell them before their value depreciates?
I only keep one version of a casting out at any time.

File: 1673186823602864.jpg (12 KB, 302x226)
12 KB
Hey /toy/
Do you think collectibles will be a nice invest/cash out in 50+ years. I am talking Neca/Hasbro/Nintendo etc - will there be enough break down of available products to make the time worth saving mints and the such? How do you feel about the inevitable passing of your figures?
13 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Bait for what? Genuinely asking how you feel about what to do with the collection when the time comes? Are you passing it on to someone/selling the lot?
File: 1648573183743.jpg (83 KB, 569x319)
83 KB
The reason toys enjoyed a collector’s boom in the first place is because they were something seen traditionally as disposable mass-produced products with a limited lifespan (the first years of a child’s life and no further). As such nobody thought to preserve things like Kenner Star Wars figures in good condition in their original packaging. Now even though the toy collecting bubble is long since burst, people hoard toys MISB in the hopes they’ll one day be valuable - guaranteeing they never will be. You need to find something like VHS tapes, which for decades were considered disposable, outdated and a worthless format since the proliferation of DVD, but now have become collectible simply because there are so few sealed and in mint condition. I don’t know what the current toy equivalent of that would be, but it’s probably the last thing people expect like those shitty Titan Heroes figures.
I feel that physical items will become less prevalent over time I mean look how expensive plastic figures are getting now I’m not sure it will be a life changing fortune but it will probably be hard to get say Star Wars figures that far into the future idk it’s impossible to say we’ve never been in a time like this so I can’t compare it to the past, physical ownership of things may become a thing of the past imagine how much something like virtual reality could change the world people will mostly just play around in virtual worlds, I would just say definitely buy physical toys/figures now
>Titan heroes
Yeah some of those are expensive now you’d be surprised like the Rhino figure they made

File: monstermazes.jpg (182 KB, 267x400)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
Did anyone have these monster maze cards as a kid? This is the only image I could find, but I'd love to see the rest of them again.
84 replies and 66 images omitted. Click here to view.
Just like the rest of the world dislikes anything french.
So it is Karma? Understandable!
Chopper Chase is really one of the games you find plenty of photos!
File: cassettegames.png (508 KB, 1354x709)
508 KB
508 KB PNG
since getting chopper chase from ebay, i took out my calipers and have been redesigning it for 3d printing

I am taking some liberties in it, such as moving the spinners down a little to make a larger playing pieces compartment, and making sure it will fit in a cassette case. Also rather than an extension spring for the spinner (which is really hard to find cheaply at the size i will need) i will be using compression springs. I can get for cheap a bunch of the right size if I design the space for pen-springs.

File: N2668631001001_005.jpg (162 KB, 1200x1200)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Previous thread >>10219905

Where to Buy-
www.bigbadtoystore.com (For items distributed by Bluefin. Others should be purchased elsewhere)

Web Exclusives-

Latest Tamashii Nations News -

Full List of SHF Releases -

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Maybe your taste is generic at best
Guess you don't collect karate bug men, those guys have it rough.
If anything its too niche so the stuff sits on the websites for years (Tiger and Bunny and Back Arrow) and drops in price as well.
It's pretty clear they rushed these out to get on the movie's hype and be some of the first offerings on the market. Going off the original release schedule they would have beat even Hasbro's attempt at this trio.
>It's pretty clear they rushed these out
Did they though? Andrew and Tobeyman wasn't announced till long after the movie came out. Bandai's first attempts at Infinity War and Endgame figures were way more rushed than this.

It sounds like something happened over at Sony, because generally Disney licenses are a done deal from early on.

File: SpenglerPack.jpg (191 KB, 1200x674)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
The Haslab Ghostbusters Proton Pack is shipping early. Who's hyped? How many did you buy?
263 replies and 36 images omitted. Click here to view.
>I can just turn the wand off when I'm done zapping something.
Then the pack will turn off. If you plan to use the wand at all that mod alone won't be enough to resolve the issue.
Nope, that guys plug and play mod gives you full wand functionality. You may need to leave the wand on but you can still use it.
He doesn't make it very clear but I'm pretty sure he installed Spongeface's previous "Always Alive" mod on his wand, which is why he never activates the wand's third switch and fires it while his own mod is active in that video. With Spongeface's old mod it only kept the wand running if the third switch was off. If you install this plug and play pack mod it's not going to stop the wand from timing out, and when the wand goes off the pack goes off.
In the Instagram thread he said there's nothing done with the wand and you can use it like normal.
Look again.

>No matter what, you need an Always on mod for your wand. Unless you want to use your wand separately powered from the pack and use a dummy loom connecting them. The wand will always shut itself off unless you fiddle with the buttons and switches. And if it is connected to the pack, it will shut off the pack. I am opening up a wand modification service the same day I launch my plug and play pack mod. So if an individual would like, I can modify their wand to always stay on, and send their plug and play pack mod back with it. Sending a wand through the mail is easy, sending that giant pack in the mail is not. So this was my way of being able to allow people to have the best of both worlds without sending their precious “never to be made again, one and done run proton pack” through the mail.

File: 1672553338908358.jpg (448 KB, 2048x1536)
448 KB
448 KB JPG
2.5" Line

Current: Wave 11
>Classic Burrobot
>Classic Chopper

Upcoming: Wave 12
>Classic Sonic with Chili Dog
>Classic Newtron

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
49 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
Thin noodle limbs ending with huge fists and feet, this kind of design doesn't lend itself well to elbow and knee joints. They're almost always gonna be loose out of the box and have trouble blending into the sculpt.
Ah, really cool, we haven't seen this format of toy in the 'boys' in quite some time. Loved these kinds of mini figures for Digimon, Kinnikuman/Ultimate Muscle, and others and would love to see a resurgence.
That's the PMI line for useless trinklets. Jakks still has their own Prime line coming.
I think other companies could pull it off but not Jakks, I guess
A small single or hinge joint for the elbows and knees that didn't just cut a big chunk out the leg. I guess stability of such tiny joints in such tiny figures is the real problem but even then, there's figures out there that managed to pull it off
The fuck are you talking about? They already did it with the movie figures. Espio, Rouge and Chaos already do it. Hell, they practically already do it as seen with the knees. Produce that but for the arms.
It's clearly just a cost cutting reason.

File: 8.jpg (329 KB, 1075x1361)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
Feel free to post pictures of your displays, dioramas, figure and toy setups, anything like that. If you have any questions that's great too.
67 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
rate my display, I already know it looks good, but just curious what others want to say.
Fucking kill yourself you parasite
lol get fucked sven
What was there?

Who's going to make the inevitable Wednesday figure? Neca or McFarlane? Any chances of any japanese company making one? Is the show popular in Japan?
44 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
lol a brain dead faggot on 4chan with nothing physical to occupy his time, go play some retarded fucking video games already
Yep, Japs prefer capeshit than dat ugly chin creature
you mean the actual capeshit with white people not fuck ugly bipoc lgbt crap modern retards make in woke media?
File: 1623260953746.jpg (165 KB, 600x596)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
>import figure of power girl never ever
Man I hope so.

File: curr.gif (5 KB, 200x236)
5 KB
>What is glyos?

>What's available

>Thread Challenge
Just post builds lol

>Previous Thread
94 replies and 37 images omitted. Click here to view.
that's a big arm
File: warlords of wor drop.jpg (309 KB, 695x881)
309 KB
309 KB JPG
More Joe tributes.
Yeah, to hold a jumbo Mordle like that is must be
Kaisyriax size probs
File: mordlessunday.jpg (24 KB, 233x132)
24 KB
I wonder if it will just be one new mold, or if all of the other Manglors will be out, too?

I think it's a normal sized Mordle, because we're also getting a new set of them.

File: PM5pt8p.png (202 KB, 512x512)
202 KB
202 KB PNG
What should we expect for the big year next year, JurassiChads?
223 replies and 66 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: trike.jpg (162 KB, 1220x709)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Looks big.
File: 20230128_011405.jpg (258 KB, 1280x720)
258 KB
258 KB JPG


>better sculpt than the "collector's" line
At least it's a Trike that can acutally be posed with the HC Rex and not look like a dwarf.
family dollar and I think big box its made by animal planet sell a dino playset. that is basically a cheaper version of the orginal with better dinos. kids buy it and play with it. my son has it. he plays with it. he is 6 years old. I'll see if I can snap some pics. jurrasic park just trying to maximize dollars.

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