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File: IMG_20200701_161623.jpg (145 KB, 1159x637)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Figures you like so much you bought doubles. Whether it was for the alternate heads, accessories, different pose, display ideas, whatever, post figs you liked so much you bought two of them.
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File: P7093404.jpg (138 KB, 1240x932)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
It was troublesome to pose them like this without the stands, but they sort of supported each other.
File: P7083392.jpg (419 KB, 1280x960)
419 KB
419 KB JPG
I got one at release, and another on ebay for cheap due to a broken arm joint. I had a spare red joint so I was able to fix her up.
different anon here but that is fucking hilarious. I love Kakugo myself but only own one from each line, SHF, SIC and the max factory trading figs. I considered buying a second one cause I had magically lost one of his hip armors, then my friend offered to recast the piece for me so that stopped me from buying another one.
I don't normally call people on this board incels but God damn dude...
Well I don’t even have them yet because it’s a pre-order, but I ordered three of these for the shadow clone jitsu and also because they’re relatively cheap.

File: image_1.jpg (259 KB, 1280x974)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
ITT: /toy/ related reaction images
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File: MURDER.png (194 KB, 337x471)
194 KB
194 KB PNG
File: DURRPHIN.jpg (222 KB, 960x720)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
Greg Mazujian got his own action figure?!

File: 1593961707289.jpg (277 KB, 1280x720)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
Previous thread >>8230919

Where to Buy-
www.bigbadtoystore.com (For items distributed by Bluefin. Others should be purchased elsewhere)

Web Exclusives-

Latest Tamashii Nations News -

Full List of SHF Releases -

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my Sagat just arrived and on his own he looks great, even has a nice matte finish... but next to the others he is painfully way too small. How the fuck did Bandai drop the ball so hard on this?
I sold all my street fighter figuarts because of it.
Made no sense to make him that off scale.
If they get deeper in the line how small is zangieff or t. Hawk going to be?
They fucked up.
same here, this was the release that made me sell my SHF and switch to Storm. sigh
So I ordered the Best Selection Naruto but then I realized it comes with like no hands. Does anybody happen to know if the Boruto hands work on the Naruto mold?
Sagat, Ryu and Q are my fav street fighter characters, I mean anyone ever doing Q is just imaginary at this point and seeing how Ryu has wall eye and Sagat is the wrong size... yeah, I'm selling off the rest of my SHF Street Fighter too and probably just keeping Sagat.

While San Diego Comic Con is cancelled, there are still toy exclusives that were made for the event getting revealed for online sale. Post some of the interesting stuff you see
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How in any capacity did they think those ugly things were gonna take off? They don’t even look like a caricature of the tmnt anymore...

Fucked up for EE to allow individual commercial sales of bootleg toys
Storm could do a Brock Sampson and I would buy it instantly
For me it was the personality of the characters. They all sounded the same... 4 Michelangelos.
Yeah, why don't they resell all those Black Pather funkos nobody bought and use the proceeds to BLM or whatever reverse-hate group that will go around smashing windows and burning Targets.

File: s-l1600 (2).jpg (657 KB, 1200x1600)
657 KB
657 KB JPG
Any other Gemmyfags on /toy/?

File: P4200005.jpg (270 KB, 1492x1536)
270 KB
270 KB JPG
Odd that there's not a BJD General on /toy/. I could really use some advice.

Thanks to my Trumpbucks, I bought a Dollfie Dream Sister off eBay. This is my first DD I've bought in years. I have 4 already. She's used, but untouched as far as face ups and blushing goes. There's several flaws that the seller noted, but I think I can fix those. But what I wasn't expecting was the neck post snapped off. Clearly it broke during shipping. I've already wrote an angry (yet politely worded) letter to the eBay seller.

At least it's a clean break. I'm guessing I can fix the neck post with some heavy duty glue and a small piece of wire or metal pin in that center hole. But what type of glue should I get? I need something that's strong and can take the stress of a moving head joint. It also needs to bond to plastic & metal.
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OP if you haven't lit yourself on fire yet please just get a heat gun, they're often used for molding plastic or melting tough adhesives but won't produce an open flame, and the heat isn't quite so intense that you run the risk of lighting yourself or anything else on fire. They're cheap too, 20-40 bucks tops for your needs.
File: EVFSApdWkAA5LOg.jpg (100 KB, 1189x888)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Ah, nutter-butters. I wish you said something earlier as I just picked up a mini butane torch today. I spent $23 for the torch itself and butane. A $20 heat gun would have been preferable.

But I'm gonna stick by initial decision to use a mini torch. I need the torch for other things anyhow. Plus, If I do majorly fuck-up, then I promise to show all of you anons for maximum keks. So it's a win/win either way.
hes posting shit like "how do i make awful customers like YOU not buy my product" every week
Yikes. Did anything set this off or is he just sperging out on his own?
I just bought a SmartDoll this morning. Danny is really nice until you get on his bad side. Unfortunately, it doesn't take much to get on his bad side. However, I really like how his dolls look, and he fills a niche by offering darker skin and unique vinyl dolls. There isn't really a competing product in that regard. I also kind of find it endearing that he's always telling people to fuck off, but at the same time still obviously cares about his customers. I just hope to stay in his good graces. At least until I get my doll.

>bought an entire box of a kinder egg KO for one kraken figurine
This ever happen to you, guys?
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File: 1565642640595.png (1.65 MB, 1500x1500)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB PNG
I like Dragamonz
very neopets lookin
File: dergoz.jpg (202 KB, 1600x743)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
Yeah, I'm a bit of a sucker for collectible figure games. Too bad Spin Master's allergic to my area as I still can't even find series 1 on shelves.
I've bought too much. I realized this because I got sloppy and bought a doll that I'm not too crazy about without check the size, she's a good 3 inches taller than most of my other dolls! I have one more US based doll coming in and them waiting on 3 from international so I think I need to take a break. ughhhhh
Based. I got a bunch of these lil dudes.

It's rumored that the first series have been showing up at Dollar General or Dollar Tree stores recently.

File: Grundy's-heart-attack.jpg (405 KB, 1200x1600)
405 KB
405 KB JPG
I like a know which toys have a removable part from bodies specifically, I know that Diamond select Marvel zombies and this Grungy have a removable limb, anything similar to those figures?
File: Stego.jpg (256 KB, 1600x1223)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
Probably not what you're looking for, but the Kenner Jurassic Park line had 'Dino Damage' dinosaurs that had rubbery, removable chunks of flesh - they were designed to be 'bitten' off by the dinosaurs with biting action. The newer toys also have 'Dino Damage', but it's just a sliding door instead of an actual, detachable plug.
Also, I remember the original Dennis Nedry (also from the Kenner line) had removable arms designed to make it look like a dinosaur had dismembered him. Some of the old Terminator toys had detachable parts to expose the T-800 Endoskeleton, too. Basically, look for 90's era toys - that was a pretty big theme then.
King Korpse has the removable rib cage and heart
File: inner.jpg (177 KB, 1280x811)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
Inner Monster subline from Monster high dolls.

Press their brains to change their eyes (rotating cilinder inside with 3 different eye designs), open their torso shells and insert candy and heart organs into their spines.
File: IMG_0331_1024x1024.jpg (155 KB, 668x1024)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
My three favorites growing up were:
1)Captain Alexi from Resaurus' Virus movie line. Not only is his flesh removable but his entire skull/spine.
2)Kenner Aliens Bishop. Torso separates in halves, making his chest and arms removable.
3)Dennis Nedry from Kenner's Jurassic Park line. Both arms are removable at the shoulder joint and even have blood red pegs/sockets, a gory detail for a fairly modest kids line.
Should have bought that Solomon Grundy figure when i had the chance.

File: alien.jpg (153 KB, 959x640)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
Lanard Aliens

What does everyone think of this first wave? the marines figures are pure arse but the aliens are fantastic! i have the queen and two of the other sets has anyone else picked them up?
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that yellow one tho
For me, I have no space for these shitty humans/vehicles. If they just sold the aliens, I would have bought all of them.
The humans are just filler, it's worth the price for the Aliens, they're great.
File: st1.jpg (72 KB, 600x600)
72 KB
Also inbound from Lanard - not-Starship Trooper.
I love them and would buy the alien queen and the not starship trooper bug thing if they weren't insanely expensive outside of the US.

>Can't find them here in [Canada] It's bullshit

File: beby stuffed seal.jpg (10 KB, 300x214)
10 KB
I collect stuffed animals (particularly seals) and was wondering if there are any online communities for fellow plush collectors that aren't just for teddy bear people. Been searching for weeks and the only thing I can find is fucking teddy bear exclusive groups.
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Oh, he does!
>I bribe them with hookers and blow.
That's irresponsible, gondolas, you should know better!!
File: Where da blow go.jpg (507 KB, 882x1199)
507 KB
507 KB JPG
They know. They just don't really care.
About how many dye tests do you usually go through?
I think I went through less than 10 for Chansey. Mewtwo is my first time making a plush that's 100% made from hand dyed fabric. It's also my first time dyeing large pieces of fabric, so I'm super nervous about fucking up.

File: Creature.jpg (168 KB, 936x1500)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
I want to get a Creature from the Black Lagoon toy or model kit but everything looks expensive online right now. I want to display him on my horror book shelf and back light him with a blue light. Is there a substitute I can by to act as a stand in at the very least until I can afford a version of him?
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The fins on his legs look so stupid from the front, looks like he's wearing pants.
Plus from a distance he can pass more for a bug man than a fish/reptile man like the classic Gill Man.
This is nice but...
I prefer the classic "Gill Man " honestly.
gonna do a full 180* from wet to dry and say mummies.

I'm looking for a 12" scale fshmn; could be a shape of water, a monster squad, even a lovecraftian deep one.
any ideas?
On May 2nd NECA basically tweeted confirming they had the license, but today they tweeted saying they dont have the license

so not sure whats up with that
source: >>8269617

Anyone here make their own figures from scratch? I'm starting a new project to get some practice in to eventually make my own glyos line.
Post your projects.
185 replies and 45 images omitted. Click here to view.
Rough painted prototype. Hoping to sell this as an army builder once I get it just right.
Old and new.
Last one for now, sorry for spamming.
You're good, mate, looks nice!

File: EQgKa5zU0AEUvqK.jpg (55 KB, 923x713)
55 KB
Have more toys coming in today ! What do you guys got coming in?
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Yep. I'm worried about the sights on the MP7's but so far nothing has broken.
File: file.png (396 KB, 600x600)
396 KB
396 KB PNG
a delivery with pic related and the daibadi aigis got delayed, I have the ZA Blade Liger model kit on the way and I won an ebay auction for the fansproject ninja insecticons

I kinda wanna buy a couple eva revoltech too, waiting for paypal for a refund on an order that I suspect was a scam
File: hnilw.jpg (37 KB, 620x464)
37 KB
Pic related is me when I finally get my figures.
My two Mafex preorders have been in perpetual delays, and my next batch is all the way in September
File: 20th Film Goku.jpg (22 KB, 400x400)
22 KB
He's in the mail, probably will be here tomorrow. I usually collect the Figuarts but he looks great and I kinda want a few statueshits.
File: 20200710_010839.jpg (506 KB, 2172x3862)
506 KB
506 KB JPG
Old Chestnut figma horse coming in tomorrow, finaly my Figma Erwin with horse should release this month..

Sadly Edelgard got delayed.

Post the figures that you had the chance to get when the price was low but didn't and now want.
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the chair adds a lot, i'm glad i got the DX
Arkham Knight's one is better, cheaper and available everywhere
It's a different look. OP is the comic look and is a damn good figure. Probably the best that line offered honestly.
File: dwq.jpg (114 KB, 1449x864)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
>wanting armor bits instead of the sleek smooth tights
what are you, gay?
Dick needs a seamless figure. That ass needs to be sculpted to perfection.

I have nothing but sympathy for the poor souls whose parents bought them Crazy Bones
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I mad back handed a kid that tried to steal my first glow in the dark bone, twas great.
I had all 3 when I was a kid honestly they pretty much were just fads that kids played with at school I ended up playing card games that are still around like yugioh then magic good times
File: IMG_2110.jpg (857 KB, 1512x2016)
857 KB
857 KB JPG
These were popular for one summer in my area. I only have a couple but they were kind of fun to collect. None of my friends were into it.
I have an unopened package
that's a cool fact

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