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File: BFB-MagicHenshin.jpg (2.57 MB, 2166x1731)
2.57 MB
2.57 MB JPG
cute robot girls transform into vehicles and combine into a hot robot woman


AmiAmi https://www.amiami.com/eng/search/list/?s_maker_id=7389

HobbySearch https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/search?target=Series&searchkey=Magic+Henshin


The Chosen Prime https://www.thechosenprime.com/BFTMHGCombiner
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The descriptions of their transformations in-book were even creepier. The were good, fun stories, though - though they were surprisingly gory for the age group they were targeted at.
Yeah, it's something about the combination of dark metallic pink and the pearl white that manages to drown out all the detailing
agreed, should just be matte pink with detailing
yeah I would much prefer a bubblegum pink
Gory and surprisingly heavy. Those kids were essentially child soldiers and they had to deal with those psychological ramifications. There was even a story about one of them being put on trial for war crimes.

These books have plenty of goofy shit, but as a kid I didn’t understand just how serious some of these storylines were.

It was my favorite game so I want a figure of this guy. Which one of these figures look more like the character in the game or is worth getting?
The one on the left seems to be a cancelled line. But saw one place selling it.
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File: index.png (3.37 MB, 1434x1076)
3.37 MB
3.37 MB PNG
Get the Gokins. Promo shots do not do them justice as they look and feel better in hand.
I wana sex the pink cat.
File: 222525_3550208915.jpg (59 KB, 501x396)
59 KB
The ES Gokins are easily the best figures Pizza Cats have ever gotten. They're expensive, but they're very well-made. There were two types of Bandai model kits back in the day. The one you posted (known as the "Mega Up" kits) has very little articulation and needs paint. The other type (known as the "Edomae Set" kits. pictured here) require no paint and are basically simple snap-together action figures. Both of these model lines are from 1990, so be prepared to scour Yahoo Japan auctions or whatever for however long it takes for one to show up.

There was also an unlicensed figure from China few years ago, but it's not as good a likeness as the ES Gokins.
what are the sizes like? I do like the ES Goskin but the size seems to be a bit big for a cat if I want it to be in scale with other 1/12 figures
ES Gokin Speedy is 11 cm, which is actually almost exactly 1/12 scale, considering that his official height is 133 cm.

File: Habsro Fan First Friday.jpg (113 KB, 1080x1080)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Today at 11am EST/9am PST Hasbro Pulse will be showing off reveals that were most likely intended for SDCC via their Facebook page. Be sure to tune in to see the newest figures. The ML team said July would be a crazy month, here's hoping we get to see the Haslab Sentinel.

Previous thread: >>8252229
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>Almost nothing they make is based on American comics though. They're just Yamaguchi's spin.
Literally only applies to their Venom you retard, and it's not "Yamaguchi's spin" as much as it is a combination of multiple incarnations, including Ultimate, yes, because Yamaguchi doesn't actually know comics. All the others are based directly on a comic suit, and you've been shown proof of this multiple times.

Kill Yourself My Man
File: 003-9.jpg (107 KB, 1000x1000)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Not worth the effort and he doesn't actually care or is mentally capable of accepting shit he doesn't believe.

Ahh, seeing some of those classic sperg rants. Sure they make less figures, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're selling less units, or profiting less than before. Being focused with their IP selection can mean smaller loss too. So I don't get why you think they're doing poorly just from that. They're even making non-PVC action figures now like Optimus or Shinkalion Eva which can be more expensive to produce.

It's amazing you have such strong opinion on toys you never tried. You sound bitter that they stopped making toys you cared about and focused on the sculptor you clearly dislike. To a point you're not making that much sense. FYI this is coming out end of July, you might like it.
5,737 Backers in less than 24 hours. How does it feel to be completely BTFO on a level not quite seen before?
File: sentinel.jpg (11 KB, 156x181)
11 KB
Dem sexy lips.
Would you?
I would.

Anyone here make their own figures from scratch? I'm starting a new project to get some practice in to eventually make my own glyos line.
Post your projects.
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Last one for now, sorry for spamming.
You're good, mate, looks nice!
good shit
Thanks anon :)

File: OH LAWD.jpg (99 KB, 1500x1475)
99 KB
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It isn't fun, and honestly NECA trash is about what Valve deserve.
Hey, I just don't want to let you mislead any newfriends into making regrettable purchases. Nothing wrong with a bit of community service protecting people from middle-eastern unpaid shills.
Ah dammit Heavy fuck off! You are dead.

I bought a few porcelain ball joint dolls from a retired dollmaker as she was selling all her possessions.
I have no fuckin' idea what they're worth, paid like 30 bucks each but then I go on eBay and see porcelain bjd's go for 3k.

Can you give me a quick rundown of what affects the price?
These are very well made.
Post pics please
Let's see it! From the sound of it you got a great deal, especially since it's porcelain and instead of resin.
Show us the pictures already!
My posts aren't getting through no idea why
If I try to attach a pic the message just disappears wtf

File: IMG_20200708_003241.jpg (3.39 MB, 4000x3000)
3.39 MB
3.39 MB JPG
Looking to sell my Godzilla figure but I don't know the name of it to price match, any help?
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Also, looks like it's made of some sort of plastic with paint over it.
File: gojira.jpg (290 KB, 1600x1112)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
It is a repainted DX Banpresto.
You can see the original colors in the spots where the paint is coming off.
Seriously anon, I'm interested
How much?

File: DSCN3026.jpg (1.3 MB, 1500x1061)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB JPG
Thoughts on Men in black toys? Anyone had any? I'm surprised the animated series didn't get toys based on it nor MIB International did...
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Nah, I think Sony will reboot MIB at one point in a few years.
It's avalible on sony's streaming service "Crackle". It's free, but you have to sit through ads. Crackle sucks pretty bad though, they took RGB from netflix but didnt even put it on crackle.
Anyone else prefer MIB2 over 3? It's just despite being a rehash of the first film it actually feels like an MIB movie.
I like the opening, that conspiracy feel and larger than life ending. I am surprised they didn't use Roswell and area 51 in their movies yet.
Honestly I think MIB3 makes a better second movie than MIB2. MIB2 makes little to no use of the alien concepts, where MIB3 actually explores it and even makes nods and references to popular conspiracy theories from the 60s and shit. And though it's use of smith's character is lazy, Im still more into it when compared to 2.

File: Vote_For_Skeletons.jpg (1.16 MB, 2120x1192)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
"Factories are just now starting to go full speed" "the virus shut everything down" "were waiting on the factory to give us a schedule" but "whatever the schedule is going to be, its probably going to be bumped back by at least 2 months" "Arethyre was supposed to finish in July and ship in September".

Source: https://share.transistor.fm/s/6497255d?fbclid=IwAR3MRCGvbItRqgTcqZwZMr6EKfocNPcUqixGXQcxWROrPhyncTAT4D050R0

>Interview with Pixel Dan
[YouTube] Four Horsemen Interview May 2020 - Mythic Legions Talk with Cornboy

>Four HorseMan figure.
20th anniversary horse-man figure was supposed to be preordered in March, but is now delayed.

>Mythic Legions ALL-STARS 3
All-Stars 3 preorder has come to and end. Was supposed to come out before Arethyre, but got delayed. Estimated at a July-August production finish.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Honestly, I never thought about it.
I wonder how big the gay fan base for ML is?
Some test shots
I like the dead horse aesthetic, but I need a zombie/skeleton body to match.

While San Diego Comic Con is cancelled, there are still toy exclusives that were made for the event getting revealed for online sale. Post some of the interesting stuff you see
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Fucked up for EE to allow individual commercial sales of bootleg toys
Storm could do a Brock Sampson and I would buy it instantly
For me it was the personality of the characters. They all sounded the same... 4 Michelangelos.
Yeah, why don't they resell all those Black Pather funkos nobody bought and use the proceeds to BLM or whatever reverse-hate group that will go around smashing windows and burning Targets.
fuck off Stannis

File: 1972737.jpg (370 KB, 1920x1081)
370 KB
370 KB JPG
1/12 accessories general.

Post 'em.

Discuss 'em.

Rate 'em.
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Go back
just get it.
Get it and sculpt armor over the exposed parts. Actually that sounds like a fun idea, might try it myself if she ever goes on discount.
File: Y7q6176.jpg (213 KB, 918x1630)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
I've never sculpted anything in my life, but I might still consider getting it for the accessories. And maybe beef up my Windranger
The beauty of sculpting is that you can just start over if you fuck it up. Just sand it down, then re-sculpt it.
File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (80 KB, 1280x720)
80 KB
God when is LA going to make WWII guns?

File: images-3.jpg (15 KB, 268x188)
15 KB
Do you have a Hoberman sphere? What model/brand? Would you recommend it? I'm in the market for one
I love the giant one in the Liberty Science Center
NJ? what else do they have there that's cool
Fuck, I remember seeing that when I was a kid and the place itself was fantastic. Now I'm in another country and old enough that if I visit people will look at me funny.
alright lads offered for an older model, large-format. will post pics if I get it

File: dooku perfection.jpg (753 KB, 1514x1440)
753 KB
753 KB JPG
It's time again for more Star Wars General!

Old thread: >>8231265

>Black Series Wave 25 case assortment updated, one of the double-packed Battle Droids will be replaced with Dooku.

>TVC Chirrut and Bespin Leia revealed, along with the Bespin Freezing Chamber Playset for you to double purchase.

>Hasbro Fan Vote 2020 went to Cody, to nobody's surprise.

>Black Series Ghost Crew re-release plus deluxe Zeb available for preorder.

>Black Series Darth Nihilus, Jango Fett, and Purge Trooper available for preorder at EB Games in Canada.

>Eight more TVC mystery figures in Wal-Mart's system, on top of the five previously reported.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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That cape blows.
Aside from the cape, absolutely the best Vader figure hands down
Can you pop off Black Series Grevious's feet? I think mine's might be reversed, because they seem to be molded at an angle but in the reverse of what you'd expect.
Inside cape is a wire, so you can correct that a bit
Black Series 40th Anniversary/ESB, Mafex RO, or Figuarts ROTJ. Black Series is the best value overall.

File: recent.jpg (150 KB, 807x605)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
recent purchases or items that just arrived in the mail
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File: 20200708_144906.jpg (3.16 MB, 4032x3024)
3.16 MB
3.16 MB JPG
Where did you buy the Spidey?
I can't find it anywhere for a reasonable price
picking up overwatch ultimates after finding this set for 25 didgeridollars at EB Games AU. Have the Soldier 76/Shrike Ana pack on the way from Amazon. Any figure recs for this line - eyeing Tracer and Sombra
File: 20200710_174341.jpg (940 KB, 1899x1899)
940 KB
940 KB JPG
Figma horse came in, ordered it before the 2.0 version got announced.
new steed for my other figures is gonna be nice.
Sombra’s OK. Soldier 76 is my personal “best of the line”, but I never did get a Reinhardt. Tracer is disappointing AF. Do yourself a favor and source out the figma cheaply if you can. Once I got figma Tracer, I bagged up all of my OWU and put them in the closet.

Also, the Gold version of Soldier 76 is better-produced than the 2-pack version. He’s got firmer plastic all around, sharper details, and less globby paint.

File: 6000200172696.jpg (267 KB, 1500x1207)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
Leafs, redpill us on Play Day. Is it just rebranded Block Tech for Walmart? What other foreign and exotic brands do you have?

Previously: >>7912417

Lego General: >>8085187
Mega Construx: >>8084488
293 replies and 115 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: IMG_18271.jpg (240 KB, 1600x1200)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
Instead of building something today I tried my hand at a little micro-gunsmithing. From the last couple bulk weapons shipments I ended up with a large stock of these KOs of the MinifigCat Uzi with removable suppressor; unfortunately the KO version is molded as one piece, with the suppressor on backwards (see top left corner with correct configuration beside it). Some drilling, cutting and fine-tuning later and we're all set for covert warfare; perfect for gun battles in libraries, churches, cemeteries ( don't want to be waking the dead whilst making others dead eh) and anywhere the loud and proud BOOM HEADSHOT would be met with a stern look and a sterner Shhhhhhh!
File: IMG_18275.jpg (216 KB, 1600x1200)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
>Problem, sound?
wow, nice job.

what is that supposed to be in center row, second from the bottom?
File: IMG_16604.jpg (226 KB, 1600x1200)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
For the longest time I didn't know; it's one of the more common rifles to show up in those piles of guns lots off AliExpress but wasn't made by any of the more well-known Lego armorers. Turned out that BrickTactical, formerly X39BrickCustoms is apparently the original producer of the weapon, which they label as an SKS. A quick look-up does show the SKS rifle with Tapco Intrafuse Stock System as being the likely IRL inspiration for the gun.

Think I'll do a few more of these, forgot about pistols heh. Also tempted to look through my purchase history to figure out where I got the most of those Uzi KOs, gone through over half my supply making these and it was pretty fun.
File: Patton 002.jpg (716 KB, 2304x1728)
716 KB
716 KB JPG
it ain't me.

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