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File: E_GnZJ8XEAYyu64.jpg (49 KB, 568x378)
49 KB
Previous Thread: >>9963378

Sly the fox.
Birthday: September 12, 1996.
“Sly is a fox and tricky is he
Please don’t chase him, let him be
If you want him, just say when
He’ll peek out from his den !”
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File: FAJ_hiTX0AMDOmO.jpg (62 KB, 567x567)
62 KB
Barley the horse.
Birthday: September 25, 2008.
“When I’ve got something I must say
I may mutter a simple “neigh”
But then sometimes that just won’t do
And so I’ll stomp all my hooves, too !”
File: FAJxy4CXsAsVNVo.jpg (94 KB, 568x683)
94 KB
Dinky the dodo bird.
Birthday: September 25, 2000.
“Alright I know, I’m a little small
But what’s so great about being tall?
Soon I’ll grow up and you will see
Just how beautiful I will be !”
File: Ei5atNQVkAARfx4.jpg (65 KB, 768x990)
65 KB
Mitya the bear.
Birthday: September 26, 2017.
"Бyдy paдocть вaм дapить,
и yдaчy пpинocить!"
File: FAPJHU8WQAINLLZ.jpg (108 KB, 568x701)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Old Timer the bear.
Birthday: September 26, 2004.
“Old Timer is here to say
Rise and shine and greet the day
Stop in for breakfast, you’ll agree
That Cracker Barrel’s the place to be !”
File: FAO7Yb3VgAIzHmS.jpg (54 KB, 567x415)
54 KB
Slayer the frilled dragon.
Birthday: September 26, 2000.
“If you want to have some fun
Try to make Slayer run
Tickle his tail, then you’ll know
Just how fast he can go !”

File: 1632216850987.jpg (7 KB, 250x202)
7 KB
Any non-poorfags here also feel like they get more enjoyment out of cheap stuff?
I've stuff in the $200, $350, even $400 range. I don't think I get as much enjoyment out of them as I do simple, cheap little novelties.
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I got one of those motorized car with long track at a gas station for $20, it's unbelievable fun. Tracks are short segments that can connect & wriggle all over or even be put over stuff & the car will drive all around. Amazon sells them with various themes.

Unfortunately if a toy doesn't belong to a major franchise, a lot of collectors go all Seth Green & decry it as garbage.
what does redditfrog have to do with this?
>can't afford a replacement
So you a a poorfag. This thread isn't for you.
diecast cars can be fun, sometimes I spend $2 and sometimes I spend $50+, most of the time there's nothing to get though
File: bbi f14.png (828 KB, 800x600)
828 KB
828 KB PNG
Most toys that go above the $200 range are rarely ever actually playable. They're usually 1:6 dolls and 12" figures are pretty unwieldy. And since they're dolls, they usually use fabric and fabric on toys can be pretty fiddly, which hampers their playability too.

IF they're not dolls, then it's vehicles and playsets. $200+ vehicles in general are also unwieldy, because they're also 12"+, so it makes palying with them very hard to do. You can't zoom around a 16" tank like you could with a 5" car.
If you can treat the vehicle like a playset, like say, some 24" transport helicopter where you're loading troopers into the compartment, it can be fun.

THEN there's "super premium" toys, like diecast mecha, which frequently go over $200. That shit is rarely ever worth the money it goes for. It's basically $50-100 toys being upcharged because it's super niche, either because the company is greedy or because there's very few collectors who actually want them.
Enjoyment isn't any less or better than similar toys of that size and type. Quality is also little better, if it's better at all. Nevermind the lies that diecast is even considered a premium, when it's cheaper to produce and has less detail than high pressure injected molded plastic.
Only reason to buy "premium" shit is if it doesn't exist elsewhere.

are pulling out
Im pulling out ya bish right now bruh, shit hella loose now mayne.
shame I didnt pull out of your mother

t. your dad
of what?
>Xe made another thread
Only a tranny would harp on something this much. We now have like five fucking threads about this.
Only /pol/ thinks trans people are behind every thread he dislikes. Rent free, after all.

File: 17906384341_457cf55b57_b.jpg (135 KB, 1024x1024)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
Looking to get in to toy collecting, what're some good vehicle-based toy lines that are within the price range of a broke college student? Can be anything, not just cars.
I am going to go ahead and shoot down Hot Wheels right now because I'm not personally a fan of the super-exaggerated engines and exhaust thing or the general "hot rod" look
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>broke college student
>get in to toy collecting
you choose very expensive hobby OP
>price range of a broke college student
what are we talking about?
$20 and below? $10?
some Hot Wheels cars are factory looking
Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron
Not only this, but as a student, he’s going to leave this shit behind when he moves around
jazwares star wars vehicles with micro figures, I'd get into them but I hate that rare toy gimmick

File: mqdefault.jpg (15 KB, 320x180)
15 KB
Pretty late here, like 17 or so. I was a friendless autismo tho.
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Probably like 9-10. After that all I really cared about in terms of toys was video games and legos.
Posing is posing anon
Now this sounds like playing. He literally makes them talk, probably goes pium pium, kaboom and all that.
File: 1663193747614428.gif (573 KB, 267x199)
573 KB
573 KB GIF
Honestly, 20. Only reason I stopped was because of moving in with the gf and being too embarrassed since she's always home when I am. Although, it was only Army Men and old beat up GI Joes by that point, and it'd be a sporatic thing once every few weeks. Around 17 though, I did get way more concerned with actually converving my toys, I didn't want to ruin newer purchases, so those were strictly for posing and displaying. I do still come up with backstories for photo shoots and on the rarest chance I get alone time and there's nothing better to do, I'll dick around with Army Men at the desk, but the days of a bucket of beat up figures to simply smash around for a few hours is long gone. I think it stems from most of my childhood collection getting thrown away by my mother when she lost custody back in the day, so now I can't ruin a toy out of an irrational fear of never getting another one. Even accidentally scratching a figure bums me out sometimes. Ironically though, my gf says I can play with my toys if I ever need to for nostalgia's sake when she's around but I never did that shit in front of anyone as a kid and I'm not doing it in front of her lol. That, and I'll usually do something more productive whenever I have the time. Sorry for the blogpost.
Also, sorry for the slight grammarical errors. Sleepy.
Probably sometime in high school. I used to build my own bonkles and as I was building them I would come up with stories for them to keep my mind occupied. Nowadays I just pose my figures and leave them like that until I want a new pose for them. Sometimes I'll pose figures fighting each other and sometimes part of that is having them do motions to see if I like the feel of a pose or if the figure can pull off the pose I'm aiming for.

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What was the purpose of tying them to Coca-Cola?
Just tie-in promotion, in some places they came with cereal or fast food
These looks both delicious and thus dangerous
File: million_warrior.jpg (472 KB, 800x600)
472 KB
472 KB JPG
Anything collectible like these today beside million warrior?
i will always remember >>6950067 and utter 'gogos crazy bones nigga' any time these enter my vision
good shit, OP

File: unmasked spidey.jpg (48 KB, 750x750)
48 KB
>>10051427 Previous

-Mafex Tom Holland upgraded Spider suit and Battle Damaged Iron Man suit with the Infinity Stones up for preorder

-Ghost Rider Haslab still ongoing, but didn't meet the early bird, no additional tier announcements made besides Mephisto

>Updated Marvel Legends Checklist: https://imgur.com/a/YAVUq40

>Searchable, Tagged Database For Marvel Legends Sorted By Year: https://figurelist.co/marvel-legends-checklist/
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File: file.png (1.18 MB, 1032x774)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
Retro Apocalypse is a really cool release
I just wish they'd made him in comic colors
I'm still on the fence. It's $50 here with shipping, and those paint apps are so bare and flat I don't think it would look right next to my mafex team.
File: file.png (1.65 MB, 1005x1083)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB PNG
It's funny you say that because I think he works well so far but I am still waiting on my jean and gambit
he looks awesome and I need an Apocalypse for the X-Men shelf but I'm really trying hard to not buy shit unless I 100% love it. It would be a different story if he was in comic colors.

New video showing off the final version of the Hellwitch figure. Got to say, it looks really really nice! Paint looks good, shading on the skin is much improved over Taarna, and they modified the arm articulation. No more hideous straight cut through the bicep and a single elbow. Now its a swivel hinge at the elbow only and it looks so much better. I hope they keep that and carry it through the other figures.

84 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.
What was wrong with hellwitch?
oh, myyyy.
There was the fear that Hellwitch would end up have the same QC that Taarna, which was a total fuck up by Loose Collector, but based on the couple of video reviews it seems like this wasn't the case
whens that fat flip shipping them out i was promised a sprimg release last year
File: 5_cent.png (126 KB, 350x497)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
I'm pretty sure the Taarna was an ashcan toy, shat out for contractual or legal reasons. Considering how Hellwitch turned out, Loose Collector can only go up from where Taarna crashed and burned.

Welcome to all the spookybros who likes to collect skeletons
Any skeleton figure is welcome here, have fun and enjoy yourselves!

Main toy lines that we disscuss here:
Pose Skeleton (Re-ment)
Revoltech Skeleton (Kaiyodo)
Dokuroman Skeleton (Kaiyodo)
Boss Fight Studios Skeleton
October Toys skeleton
Imaginext skeleton
Lego Skeletons (LEGO)
Jurassic World STEM
Bone Age (Really old line that need a reboot)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Ah thank you sir... why couldnt they be 7" tall... they're fairly realistic, would be nice.
File: Target Centerpiece.jpg (165 KB, 1000x1333)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
My target got the big display up finally. Took them so long that a lot of stuff is already sold down or sold out.
File: Fortnite Gold Oro.jpg (146 KB, 1178x1000)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Fortnite has a new "deluxe" 3 3/4 inch line. One of the figures is Oro.

Behind the flap is a handful of accessories that would have come with a basic figure, but because they're vac-metal and spread out in the box it's selling for $23.
Any idea when The Yokai skeletons are shipping?
Late '22-early '23 is all we know,

File: asdf.png (846 KB, 1274x713)
846 KB
846 KB PNG
>"NECA figures are unrivaled, domestically."
25 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Your E-celeb shit and bait threads should be banned
You need to fuck off
I'm sure that'll stop them.
This. He constantly shills Neca and Storm Collectibles like his life depends on it.
Which is funny because then his asskissers go "uhm ackchually anthony da bes because he tells you how it is instead of lying to you hahaha i mean he says so himself"
>Toy fans are like Drumpfkins in their loyalty to shit.
(neolibs' literal catchphrase during 2020 was "vote blue no matter who" btw)
You're literally a retard.

File: swap.png (102 KB, 1100x929)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
Swappers beware!

37 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Customer service desk people at walmart are the biggest fucking retards imaginable. It's where they put the old ladies out to pasture after they're not capable of actual work like stocking anymore. The service desk phone rings constantly for fucking hours while the 3 people "working" just stand around chatting instead of taking care of their reshop (which management then makes the personal shoppers do at the end of the day).
Anyways, if you ever need to call a walmart for something, just call electronics. The service desk number is useless
I keep scrolling by and reading the thread title as "Swappers Cum Gets His Due"
>Defending Hasbros fuck ups
>Defending Walmart and GAMESTOP
lol, lmao even
>You don't like crime? Hah, what a bootlicker
>Bet you'd call the cops if I robbed your house instead of just letting me take your stuff to stick it to the man
>Swapping helmets out with ones that still function exactly the same is equivalent to robbing my house
Overreacting a bit? Do you shit your pants when someone jaywalks too? Get off that high horse. You'll hit your head if you fall from all the way up there.

File: IMG_20220920_104836.jpg (1.54 MB, 2153x3971)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB JPG
Previous thread: lost
If you ever feel cucked about paying overpriced Legends or Mafex, just remember that SHM bootlegs are so good that they mog real Mafex and Yamaguchi figs for just 20$, plus they throw upgraded parts, the real deal costs 70$ kek
I bought an AY Spider-Gwen bootleg and it's absolute garbage. It'll do for custom fodder and nothing else.
>retarded namefag makes a retarded Poorfag post
File: Batman with a rifle.jpg (92 KB, 720x960)
92 KB
Remember when bootlegs used to be more distinct from the real deal?
How is this distinct from the real deal?

File: tots 1000.jpg (97 KB, 700x525)
97 KB
Captain Spaulding is already out, the rest of the family is now up for preorder for Feb 2023 elase witha Tiny BAF.

>REEEE these aren't NECA ultimates REEEEE

Yeah, they're designed to fit in with 5" scale figures like Scooby Doo and Kenner's Real Ghostbusters and Beetlejuice figures.
>Trick Or Treat Studios
>House of 1000 Corpses
who's the creepy Jabba type guy?

File: 24235225.jpg (12 KB, 225x300)
12 KB
Where can I find a long Vader?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1638853298373.png (283 KB, 383x263)
283 KB
283 KB PNG
Kek I actually went on egay and bought one of these after seeing this picture. What is wrong with me?
Long Vader vs Bigger Luke two pack when?
I want Long Anakin with removable arm and legs to make him less long for easy travel.
You can easily find Bend Ems Vader for under $10 on various online.

File: useprotection.jpg (203 KB, 1500x1499)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
Okay, I'm now ready to handle my figures
10 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Wearing gloves might be too much. Though I do find myself washing my hands everytime I mess around with my figures.
>always wash hands before touching figures
>residue from soap slowly eats away at paint/finishes
Based, now pretend they're master and crazy hand from smash bros.
I always wash my hands with dishwasher soap cause it gets them really nice and dry, then put gloves on lol. I'm autistic about body oils getting stuck to my figures (happened in the past)

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