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Welcome to the Real Masters of the Universe General!

Previous Thread:

- Dark Horse New Eternia comic
- Mattel Masters of the Universe Origins He-Man 40th Anniversary 4-pack went up for sale via Mattel Creations on Thursday 9/15
- MCX Battle for Eternia II coming soon with Orko, Whiplash, and Wun-Dar
- Origins Wun-dar made to order on 09/28-09/30
- Masterverse movie He-man and Skeletor revealed
- MOTU Little People Creations V2 preorder up
- Origins Eternia Playset coming soon to Mattel Creations order date TBA
- Camo Khan Origins TBA
- Origins Skeletons TBA
- Motu x FallGuys tba

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>They are just "shit points of articulation"
Six swivels similar to 1978-85 Kenner Star Wars figures. It's Super7, so they figured they could sell thar as "retro", not realizing that every Nu-Ra fan was born in the 00s and don't know or care what that is.
God I wish western figmas could exist to give us better She-ra figures.
I really dislike the lack of pose-ability.
He;; when I was shoplifting the original Star Wars I hated them.
But all these weepy faggots just want to keep their figures "mint" and dream of their shitty childhoods.
Release date?
When hell gets so cold that pigs begin to leave en masse

File: 20220919_184328.jpg (24 KB, 259x344)
24 KB
Found on the Mattel website in the background of a promo photo
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They're vinyl figures. They're trying to say they're "Art figures" even though they're mass produced.
They're not even vinyl, just normal plastic. These are just "sofubi styled". Also 1000 pcs each is hardly mass production. Hence the 75$ price.
Not defending these though. still think these are shit and don't actually appeal to vinyl toy collectors or street shark fans. But they did sold out, and going by sold listings on ebay people are buying them for over $120 so what do I know.
They're regular figures, just like the old ones.
They were limited to 1000 ea

Iirc Figma now cost over $100 so $75 isn't bad for a limited edition figure with zero parts reuse.
>just like the old ones.

Except they were out of scale with the vintage figures as well. Shame, really.
Looks like a fish OP, I think it's a fish. No way is it a porno photo though...maybe for fish...

Are there any other instances of a cheap domestic toy mogging an import toy of the same character?
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Dragon Stars Perfect Cell still mogs every import brand
>Still no examples

Burgers are coping.
Japs forgot everyone isn't short like them.
>Erectile dysfunction lightsaber
Only one that really crosses my mind is the s.h.monsterarts 62 Godzilla vs the neca 62 Godzilla that released around the same time.
It's close but it was a mixture of Bandai dropping the ball and neca putting out the best godzilla they ever did

File: bros.jpg (33 KB, 310x340)
33 KB
I'm a 28 year old that finally got a girlfriend, how do I explain.. all this to her?
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did you get her by lying?
otherwise whats the problem
tell her not to worry about it, it's just the thing you shove up your ass when horny
>I'm a 28 year old that finally got a girlfriend, how do I explain.. all this to her?
23 year old woman here, look, I know guys like boobs.I am well aware they want to play with them and suck on them. I have 34c's and have plenty of experience of guys looking at mine, and I even saw last week this fat guy in his 40s thinking he could take pics of me in the grocery store without me noticing. I didn't freak out, and I would not freak out at toys with boobs that a guy had. I would get worried at toys that were super violent or gorey, but what you have is fine. Relax.
You sound like a LARPer with how much focus you're talking about with your supposed "breasts". Or a tranny but that's the same thing.
how do I find a gf as a 28yo

File: 11955-1.jpg (356 KB, 1600x1335)
356 KB
356 KB JPG
I don't like new Legos.
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Actually, the footprint of each set is about the same as a normal lego city set, so it kind of evens out.
I don't like new anything.
I still have this guy. They’re cool little creatures.

>hatin' lego, posting in a lego thread, garglin' megablocks till I choke to death, la la la....

File: SAVE_20220923_101921.jpg (917 KB, 1141x1038)
917 KB
917 KB JPG
finally arrived. Into the backlog it goes. Big fucking bix btw
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Any plans for the dick? You could probably paint some nice fax-sploog on it or if your adventurous maybe making a cum strand that hangs of it
Stop hoarding shit in prison, Chris Chan. We don't care.
Nice show us how they look when you finish them
Lit you never posted your pearl doll leaking cum you coward. Do it now you faggot.

Previous thread: >>10026611

>Super7 TMNT Ultimates wave 5 and 6 are shipping out! Fuck your wallet.
>Target's Fall Geek Out Event with NECA's TMNT merch has begun. You can find Monster Leo, Bride April, Mummy Mikey Neutrinos, Usagi, Smash and Zach, Crooked TMNT Gang and Rock Soldier and Tokka and Rahzars right now!
>NECA Mirage Renet, Utrom, and Casey hitting soon, as well as Archie Slash
>Super7 Wave 8 has been revealed
>NECA's Sewer Lair (Living Room) going up for pre-order in September
>FuRay Planet Wilderness Hunter Crocker (totally not Leatherhead!) shipping from some places!
>BST AXN is dumping loads of TMNT now. Clogging all shelves.
>Playmates...still full on retarded, but at least they're doing something with the license?
>Diamond is bringing back TMNT Minimates!

>Useful Links:
TMNTToys, a useful resource for TMNT toy history - http://www.tmnttoys.com/
Necastore - https://thenecastore.com/

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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it's an interesting reimagining. i didn't know Mouse Master was part of this. it's neat they're all different sizes.

Hey, thanks anons. I was going to pick the colour scheme I liked best but discovered I'm selectively autistic enough that Bebop's glasses don't have a required colour but if his shoes aren't red I'll never be able to accept him on my shelf, so that's new.

Other versions of his on his origin story:
-A genetic mutagen experiment on a snapping turtle, who escapes the bad guy lab, fights the turtles, survives, then comes back later on reformed and helps the turtles.
-Raphael's pet turtle, who Raphael complained to privately causing Slash to hate the other three brothers. He is later exposed to mutagen and attempts to kill the other three turtles, and a ton of shit happens and he's eventually a reformed ish turtle ally.

It's worth noting that while his allegiance and backstory vary quite wildly from each series, his affection for a small plastic palm tree from his original turtle tank is largely maintained in each continuity.
Is that a skateboard? Might at least get Mikey.
New thread:
>I think it's just a name..
I'm pretty sure I've heard Brian or maybe someone else from the company mention "these are the ultimate versions of the character" or something along those lines (paraphrasing) when they talked about the MMPR figures having multiple likenesses for unmasked heads (for example, both Jason and Rocky heads for the Red Ranger). It's not too far-fetched to assume the same type of philosophy would apply with TMNT heads, especially if it's something as simple as just including an unmasked head at all.

File: q5q.png (988 KB, 750x866)
988 KB
988 KB PNG
Eurobros - we can't stop winning. Just saw this new kinder-line that has another bunch of neat animal figures!
Finally something cool - i'm tired of seeing that godawful Kinder Joy with terrible toys!
File: 65j65.png (817 KB, 749x887)
817 KB
817 KB PNG
This what i got - the frog is my favorite! It's such a nice simple toy.
Whale is my next fav after that!

these tiny animal figures really remind me of that part from Aladdin when sultan was playing with animal toys
>these tiny animal figures really remind me of that part from Aladdin when sultan was playing with animal toys
In my country we still have shitty surprises. Hope it will arrived here soon.
They're not as good as previous animals set, but nice.

File: silly.jpg (556 KB, 1080x1403)
556 KB
556 KB JPG
This is a Lucky Loony. I had never seen one before today.
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: 6-3.jpg (67 KB, 1068x566)
67 KB
Pretty rare now.
are you uncut or cut?
that's cool, where did you find it OP? I only found one on google and it looks slightly different
>Unreleased Popy Cutie Honey
Big if true

Headie is what happens when you make a real head, 5% too big. They look enormous. Small heads, just make figures feel taller
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: catwoman.jpg (30 KB, 800x800)
30 KB
What do you think about long legs and side eyes? I think these stuff are sexy
You know even aside from that fucking head, I have no idea how anyone excused that thing. Straight thigh swivels sure. Cut waist swivel, yuck. SHIN SWIVELS...no.
>I have no idea how anyone excused that thing.
Subby did it.
The only reason these figures even have shin swivels isn't for articulation, but for helping Hasbro with reusing parts. It entirely benefits Hasbro and not the consumer.
It's all a matter of preference. Sometimes, it works as a stylistic choice (e.g. Medicos Jojo's Bizarre adventure).

File: booth.jpg (212 KB, 960x720)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
Do you regularly sell your toys to make sure your collection doesn't get TOO big? I already feel overwhelmed by all the stuff I've collected. How much stuff can you even appreciate at one time? At what point are you just burying yourself in a plastic tomb?
24 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Con't Also, for the record, even as a kid I thought Star Wars figures were pretty shit and the only ones I ever had I got for birthdays and christmas from my grandma. But I went big into G.I. Joes. It's also important to remember that nostalgia comes in two parts - it's not just the memories of playing with them. When the O-ring Joes came out they were mindblowing with all the articulation and accessories. If you grew up in a later era when you were more spoiled for choice, of course they wouldn't have the same impact. They're not objectively impressive. But at the time they were some next-level shit in terms of quality, and the memory of that sticks with a person.

I try to sell some of the toys I don't want or I know I bought out of impulse. Then some I tend to toss them in the trash if they are to far gone & can't be salvaged for anything.

I at some point realized I was just hording & buying trash.
Everything I don't want to display goes into a dufflebag.
>sylveon plush my ex got me
>battle for atlas ships/figures
>loose mario figures
>shit I lost interest in
I just trash toys that I don't want.
>$7 each
I hate these fucktard sellers who think that charging price + shipping for an in-person deal is justified. Plus the "I paid such & such 25 years ago for this, I am NOT taking a loss" assholes who think selling stuff for $3 to unload it is an insult. So many of these dumb shits charge out the ass for garbage at these sales & then claim buyers are just "cheap" for nor wanting to pay a premium for old toys with no accessories & paint wear. It's why they run stalls & not businesses.

File: file.png (491 KB, 729x788)
491 KB
491 KB PNG
TM2 Megatron looking fine. Hoping for Cryotek but still, great looking figure.
(Old thread: >>10048652)
>Upcoming Transformers
https://pastebin.com/C8Ww2hdM (embed)
>Leaks and rumors
https://pastebin.com/TNvdh9sV (embed) (updated)
>Online Stores for TFs:
https://pastebin.com/eEc5GkWs (embed)
>Where to watch TF show:
https://pastebin.com/xiX5Q7SE (embed)
363 replies and 109 images omitted. Click here to view.
At least it looks like Arcee, unlike the coomer version.
Please, Anon, where would one acquire those aliens?
I'm not that anon, but they look like Mega Bloks/Mega Construx minifigures.
Much obliged. I looked for Mega Bloks before inquiring, but all that came up were xenomorphs.
It’s the x files greys

>Previous thread:

> Select 6" Zapdos and Lucario now available at Target
>4.5" Wave 11 Repack Wave Showing up now: Aerodactyl, Sharpedo, Gengar, Charizard
>Battle Figure Wave 12 Showing up now: Hawlucha, Absol, Ivysaur, Pikachu/Aipom, Deino/Vulpix, Snubbull/Machop
>Battle Figure Wave 13 Coming Soon: Magmar, Electabuzz, Sylveon, Clefairy/Torchic, Geodude/Mudkip, and Duskull/Treecko
>3-Packs Wave 12 Showing up now: Lucario/Dreepy/Arcanine, Absol/Mimikyu/Treecko, Dartrix/Torchic/Eevee, Boltund/Mudkip/Pikachu
>New Jazwares pics for Epic Lugia, Electronic 6" Charizard, Environment Packs, Deluxe/Regular Holiday Calendars, Halloween Calendar
- New Tomy Moncolles: Blaziken, Kleavor and Mega Metagross released on July 16th, Glaceon in July, and Sylveon in August
- Tomy Moncolles now doing the humans: Leon, Steven Stone, Cynthia and Ash protos shown
- Targetchad rumors: Wave 2 Selects will also include Tyrannitar. "Wave 4" will include Typhlosion, Samurott, and Decidueye (likely Hisuians) and "Wave 5" will include Suicune. "Wave 2" of the diorama Playsets will include a Snowy Scene with Galarian Darumaka & Piplup, Jungle with Mankey & Treeko, Ruins with Trapinch & Charmander
338 replies and 106 images omitted. Click here to view.
What's the DPCI for Moltres?
I will say those silver Pokemon, and shiny variants, have been done for a long time. Remember that Hoenn 10 pack? Remember the glossy finishes on some of Tomy's Pokemon? The consistent factor here is TPCi. Repacks are probably coming out because things are being held up, scaling is probably a joint thing, TPCi not caring and Jazwares not caring, so those go through.
Just did a conversion with USD and yeah, i agree that's overpriced despite that it's an import to you guys
File: 5264_original.jpg (1.24 MB, 3456x2168)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG
I remember when Tomy USA had the license, they had it all planned out for the entire year. Even then, i knew it meant less product to sell but it doesn't really feel any different now

Here you go anon.

File: s-l640.jpg (40 KB, 640x640)
40 KB
Hey, /toy/. What do you think of Takara Tomy's Jobraver toys?
3 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Looks cool. How big are these little guys? They look like they'd make good friends for my TFs. Also they look like a cross between the old Choro-Q robots and Brave, which is awesome.
The jobdroid and the vehicle are both palm-sized. Transferring it basically adds their legs and feet to their size.
So why is the Tomica logo a rip off of Lego?
OK, neat. could work with Legends then. Look super cool anyway.
>The spring gimmick is unnecessary
Yeah it makes the shoulders floppy, unless I missed a way to secure them in place in robot mode.

As a concept I like this more than Shinkalion though. I want that Yamato truck.

Sentinel Spider-Gwen up for preorder

Mephisto added if 12k purchases are reached of Robbie Reyes Haslab

>Updated Marvel Legends Checklist: https://imgur.com/a/YAVUq40

>Searchable, Tagged Database For Marvel Legends Sorted By Year: https://figurelist.co/marvel-legends-checklist/

Previous >>10045895
421 replies and 74 images omitted. Click here to view.
The retro carded one was at retail forever.
Rent free
Man, Crimson Commander sucks.
I would have paid the extra $10 for the paint that's on the Hasbro Pulse version. I'll stick with my preorder and probably try to sell Dazzler and Longshot, the X Baby Wolverine I don't mind.

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