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File: n2624575001001_002.jpg (128 KB, 1200x1200)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Let's have a thread about combining mecha.

Megazords, TF combiners, and others.

What's the most satisfying combination you've ever owned? Any obscure favorites or hidden gems?
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If the zordbuilders were detailed and more elaborate like the Japanese originals, they would've been my dream line as a kid. I always liked the idea of Megazords being able to swap parts.
I would have bought the magic henshin girls but the fact they fucked up the regular combined mode (no tank) so much that they tried their best to hide its existence bothered me. That, and the need to use extra pieces to connect the legs and thing that just don't stay together very well.
File: 20210814_154121.png (1.74 MB, 720x1280)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB PNG
I skipped it because the alt modes are kind of crap

here's the combined mode without the t-rex tank, if anyone was wondering.
File: 20220918_160545.jpg (3.3 MB, 4000x3000)
3.3 MB
3.3 MB JPG
The wild force zords are nice little beefy animals. Im glad I finally got a hold of some for a good price. I need to hunt down the other animals though.
File: 20220918_161749.jpg (2.36 MB, 2899x3953)
2.36 MB
2.36 MB JPG
The combined mode is nice and the chrome and diecast make it feel great to hold.

File: SAVE_20220923_101921.jpg (917 KB, 1141x1038)
917 KB
917 KB JPG
finally arrived. Into the backlog it goes. Big fucking bix btw
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Any plans for the dick? You could probably paint some nice fax-sploog on it or if your adventurous maybe making a cum strand that hangs of it
Stop hoarding shit in prison, Chris Chan. We don't care.
Nice show us how they look when you finish them
Lit you never posted your pearl doll leaking cum you coward. Do it now you faggot.

The next wave of Disney Ultimates has been revealed as an entire wave of Nightmare Before Christmas figures.


In other news:
TMNT Wave 5 are in the US and waiting to ship.
TMNT Wave 6 is on the water.
G.I. Joe Ultimates are also close to shipping from China.
Thundercats Wave 5 is shipping to people.

Pre-Order statuses can be read here:
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i buy more super7 toys than just turtles, why do you assume the worst in me
I know at least three YouTubers got a hold of some.

Seems like no one but Toy Bro wants to review anything but TMNT, Transformers, Thundercats, G.I. Joe, and maybe Disney.
Very strange there's no reviews, it's a good movie
Can't wait for Toybro to get the other half of his brain removed when cancer comes back.
I have been also wondering if Super7 will pick up the Rob Zombie license. I know it's fairly easy to make a 5poe from scratch, but some of us are too lazy and/or busy to do even that. But then again, Super7 has enough licenses under their belt as they are. Fair to say that Super7 is the Mr. Creosote of indie toy companies at the moment?

Garden Railway Summer edition

How are your trains coming along?
>Post your own models and layouts!
>Ask for tips and info!
>Discuss all things about model railroading and toy trains!

Previous thread >>9771171
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it's up to you depending on what coaches/track layout you want depending on the set, the loco is the same hornby railroad tooling in each one as far as i know
What about the Hornby Railway vs Railroad sets?
File: bruno-270919-63154.jpg (43 KB, 700x465)
43 KB
the trains and rolling stock that hornby sells in their train sets are all from the railroad range, the "railways" range refers to their better detailed standalone locos. they come in fancier boxes
File: ERTL Bluebell.png (241 KB, 561x310)
241 KB
241 KB PNG
Now we just need a version in a Conrail scheme for the most egregiously inaccurate thing ever made as far as model railroading goes.

Welcome to all the spookybros who likes to collect skeletons
Any skeleton figure is welcome here, have fun and enjoy yourselves!

Main toy lines that we disscuss here:
Pose Skeleton (Re-ment)
Revoltech Skeleton (Kaiyodo)
Dokuroman Skeleton (Kaiyodo)
Boss Fight Studios Skeleton
October Toys skeleton
Imaginext skeleton
Lego Skeletons (LEGO)
Jurassic World STEM
Bone Age (Really old line that need a reboot)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: Metro market - 04.jpg (216 KB, 1333x1000)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
The stone finish on some of them is interesting.

Last year I bought the iridescent Unicorn.
File: Metro Market - 05.jpg (197 KB, 1333x1000)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
The dragon is rather disappointing seeing as how only the wings have the shine to them.

I wonder if we'll see any blood or slime decos in future years? It's not like you couldn't just paint a normal one up yourself, but those are two color schemes that would be easily done.
File: Metro Market - 06.jpg (237 KB, 1333x1000)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
And that's if for this store. Not a bad little selection, but it pales in comparison to past years in terms of the variety of items, as well as new offerings.
How tall are those Realistic Skeletons?
File: realistic skeletons.jpg (195 KB, 1000x1805)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
About this tall.

Previous thread: >>10026611

>Super7 TMNT Ultimates wave 5 and 6 are shipping out! Fuck your wallet.
>Target's Fall Geek Out Event with NECA's TMNT merch has begun. You can find Monster Leo, Bride April, Mummy Mikey Neutrinos, Usagi, Smash and Zach, Crooked TMNT Gang and Rock Soldier and Tokka and Rahzars right now!
>NECA Mirage Renet, Utrom, and Casey hitting soon, as well as Archie Slash
>Super7 Wave 8 has been revealed
>NECA's Sewer Lair (Living Room) going up for pre-order in September
>FuRay Planet Wilderness Hunter Crocker (totally not Leatherhead!) shipping from some places!
>BST AXN is dumping loads of TMNT now. Clogging all shelves.
>Playmates...still full on retarded, but at least they're doing something with the license?
>Diamond is bringing back TMNT Minimates!

>Useful Links:
TMNTToys, a useful resource for TMNT toy history - http://www.tmnttoys.com/
Necastore - https://thenecastore.com/

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Casey Jones re-issue with slightly different colors and a new unmasked extra head
That'll be $70 please
it is a little odd since super7 was still in their playful mode at the time, and his prototype art did show an unmasked head. but I guess he already came with enough stuff with all those weapons and the bag.
sometimes autocomprete happens.
oversight is an exaggeration, but i'll say this.. if he had swappable heads, he would have had a different head peg which would make it a lot easier getting the bag on!
I think it's just a name..
File: samuraipizzaanimals.png (394 KB, 895x438)
394 KB
394 KB PNG
We got teasers for the Samurai Animals TotallynotRaphael and TotallynotMichelangelo
it's an interesting reimagining. i didn't know Mouse Master was part of this. it's neat they're all different sizes.

Hey, thanks anons. I was going to pick the colour scheme I liked best but discovered I'm selectively autistic enough that Bebop's glasses don't have a required colour but if his shoes aren't red I'll never be able to accept him on my shelf, so that's new.

Other versions of his on his origin story:
-A genetic mutagen experiment on a snapping turtle, who escapes the bad guy lab, fights the turtles, survives, then comes back later on reformed and helps the turtles.
-Raphael's pet turtle, who Raphael complained to privately causing Slash to hate the other three brothers. He is later exposed to mutagen and attempts to kill the other three turtles, and a ton of shit happens and he's eventually a reformed ish turtle ally.

It's worth noting that while his allegiance and backstory vary quite wildly from each series, his affection for a small plastic palm tree from his original turtle tank is largely maintained in each continuity.

File: FdNx1znWIAEZZ3q.jpg (106 KB, 936x936)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
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It's 1/12 collectors. They have a mental illness and need to collect real people toys.
One thing /toy/ hates more than minorities is overpriced toys.
File: RCO016.jpg (361 KB, 1024x1586)
361 KB
361 KB JPG
I was gonna use them as bad guys for my Marvel Legends, until I saw they were $50.
It's all depending on who the license is. Disney's insane so they're going to want more control.
>nword posting
Don't be a bitch boy, say it loud and proud.

File: 24235225.jpg (12 KB, 225x300)
12 KB
Where can I find a long Vader?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
A long time ago in a galaxy far far away.
File: 1638853298373.png (283 KB, 383x263)
283 KB
283 KB PNG
Kek I actually went on egay and bought one of these after seeing this picture. What is wrong with me?
Long Vader vs Bigger Luke two pack when?
I want Long Anakin with removable arm and legs to make him less long for easy travel.
You can easily find Bend Ems Vader for under $10 on various online.

32 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Wish I could get some of these but they're useless and not cheap
yeah like ALL amiibos. anyway, they also are amiibos and worked with Smash.
Has there ever been a successful 3D print of all the Weapons from Final Fantasy 7? After years with the ability to extract the files from the game, has no autist ever completely created every possible character to 3D print?
Not to my knowledge.
I remember wanting them a lot back in the day because I loved the first Pokémon rumble game and Pokémon ranch. I looked them up recently to try and get some but they go for like $40 or higher.
There's like an order of magnitude's difference in the number of primitives used between field and battle models. That's basically double the work you'd normally need to get a printable model.

Welcome back. Hope you're all doing well.

As most of us can see, the new Black Flesh bodies have been released. Black Flesh Clover and Montagne/Mare should be in the hands of anyone who ordered them. They're no accompanying Really/Arty who dropped last month. Again, for those who don't know or missed it, Vania is has gotten a re-issue and is up for Pre-Order at the moment. Marisa should also be the next release in the line according to the last information given by Daibadi. The official Polynian 4koma manga has been started. The first page is out now with more to come. The manga will be about the everyday life of Polys and will also give more details about them. We should hopefully be getting more news on following releases soon as we only have 2 figures up at the moment.

As always, here is the assistance e-mail for those who need it, so if any problem should arise, feel free to contact them over at "user_support@mile-stone.jp" or the shop you purchased the figure from.

Once again, feel free to share your photos and adventures, they add life and some fun to the thread. Also, welcome newcomers, we hope you enjoy your stay.

Last Thread:>>9793845
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No, she genuinely IS tinted. See >>9920008 - someone parts-swapped her with Ianna and pointed out that her bits aren't the same color. I can confirm with my own Lily that she does, in fact, have some pink blush on her body compared to the others.
I'll have to give it a look, I've got a couple Ianas and Lily maybe I can capture the color difference in a photo.
That would be good for future reference.
Hey, I got fairly recently my first Polynian, Montagne. It's pretty cute. I will try to build a collection slowly. Unfortunately, some joint are too tight, I feel I may break them trying moving them. There any way to loose these a bit? I don't want to damage the pieces.
>More Touhou Daibadi/Polynian
At long last!

File: q5q.png (988 KB, 750x866)
988 KB
988 KB PNG
Eurobros - we can't stop winning. Just saw this new kinder-line that has another bunch of neat animal figures!
Finally something cool - i'm tired of seeing that godawful Kinder Joy with terrible toys!
File: 65j65.png (817 KB, 749x887)
817 KB
817 KB PNG
This what i got - the frog is my favorite! It's such a nice simple toy.
Whale is my next fav after that!

these tiny animal figures really remind me of that part from Aladdin when sultan was playing with animal toys
>these tiny animal figures really remind me of that part from Aladdin when sultan was playing with animal toys
In my country we still have shitty surprises. Hope it will arrived here soon.
They're not as good as previous animals set, but nice.

File: silly.jpg (556 KB, 1080x1403)
556 KB
556 KB JPG
This is a Lucky Loony. I had never seen one before today.
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: 6-3.jpg (67 KB, 1068x566)
67 KB
Pretty rare now.
are you uncut or cut?
that's cool, where did you find it OP? I only found one on google and it looks slightly different
>Unreleased Popy Cutie Honey
Big if true

Headie is what happens when you make a real head, 5% too big. They look enormous. Small heads, just make figures feel taller
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: catwoman.jpg (30 KB, 800x800)
30 KB
What do you think about long legs and side eyes? I think these stuff are sexy
You know even aside from that fucking head, I have no idea how anyone excused that thing. Straight thigh swivels sure. Cut waist swivel, yuck. SHIN SWIVELS...no.
>I have no idea how anyone excused that thing.
Subby did it.
The only reason these figures even have shin swivels isn't for articulation, but for helping Hasbro with reusing parts. It entirely benefits Hasbro and not the consumer.
It's all a matter of preference. Sometimes, it works as a stylistic choice (e.g. Medicos Jojo's Bizarre adventure).

File: bJhVoR9.jpg (113 KB, 1022x500)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Schleich Edmontosaurus Edition
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Might be the Chen Tyrannosaurus?
What do we think of the Cyberzoic/New Beasts of the Mesozoic species?
Like Allosaurus Jimmadseni and fragilis
And Acrocanthosaurus
File: 20220909_163114.jpg (128 KB, 759x430)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
2 variants here are based on the Iguana
David said the A. Jimmadseni will likely be based on iguanas as well thought not a fan of the use of iguana colors.
File: jasbAAl.jpg (155 KB, 1800x1151)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
File: 7fUQxxV.jpg (140 KB, 1800x1151)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Red and green

File: booth.jpg (212 KB, 960x720)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
Do you regularly sell your toys to make sure your collection doesn't get TOO big? I already feel overwhelmed by all the stuff I've collected. How much stuff can you even appreciate at one time? At what point are you just burying yourself in a plastic tomb?
24 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Con't Also, for the record, even as a kid I thought Star Wars figures were pretty shit and the only ones I ever had I got for birthdays and christmas from my grandma. But I went big into G.I. Joes. It's also important to remember that nostalgia comes in two parts - it's not just the memories of playing with them. When the O-ring Joes came out they were mindblowing with all the articulation and accessories. If you grew up in a later era when you were more spoiled for choice, of course they wouldn't have the same impact. They're not objectively impressive. But at the time they were some next-level shit in terms of quality, and the memory of that sticks with a person.

I try to sell some of the toys I don't want or I know I bought out of impulse. Then some I tend to toss them in the trash if they are to far gone & can't be salvaged for anything.

I at some point realized I was just hording & buying trash.
Everything I don't want to display goes into a dufflebag.
>sylveon plush my ex got me
>battle for atlas ships/figures
>loose mario figures
>shit I lost interest in
I just trash toys that I don't want.
>$7 each
I hate these fucktard sellers who think that charging price + shipping for an in-person deal is justified. Plus the "I paid such & such 25 years ago for this, I am NOT taking a loss" assholes who think selling stuff for $3 to unload it is an insult. So many of these dumb shits charge out the ass for garbage at these sales & then claim buyers are just "cheap" for nor wanting to pay a premium for old toys with no accessories & paint wear. It's why they run stalls & not businesses.

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