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File: 1604976437859.jpg (74 KB, 750x552)
74 KB
What's the best way to store loose figures that don't have boxes? I was thinking of wrapping them up in tissues and try to put them in a box and putting the accessories in plastic bags.
What's a better alternative?
I'll be moving early next year and they need to be in storage.
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Bill Nye is that you???
To add to this: A way you can 'preserve' your collection is to put your toys in a freezer for 15-20 minutes every couple of months.
While I smacked off my ass I put my AT-AT Pilots in the freezer cuz I thought he must've felt too hot.
Plastic bags desu
I never had brittleness... but the perspiration from the plastic did tighten some joints in old figs, and completely ruined the joins in others. some TMNT figs i pulled from storage have one tight leg, and one leg looser than a gi joe's elbow.

File: aVx1DCu.jpg (1.76 MB, 4032x3024)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB JPG
What are the odds of more Xenogears characters? I have these three coming in the mail.
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So these are 4.5 inches tall? Am I reading that right? So they won't be in scale to the 6 inch Bring Arts Weltall it seems.
File: lx0z0h79tqrz.jpg (53 KB, 460x720)
53 KB
When are we getting FF8 toys?
How are the ff 9 Bring Arts do they have any major issues? I'm tempted to buy the vivi set since it might be the best Black Mage figure we ever get.
vivi doesnt have knees. otherwise no actual problems im aware of.
I'm kind of hoping for the classic designs if it ever happens, though I don't dislike new Squall.

I need to find this Mike Wazowski watch for sale before I die. The search that has gotten me the closest is “Disney Monsters University Kids' Molded Bendable Watch Mike”
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Welcome lol. All I did was stick the model number from the Amazon listing into google. Good luck getting one!
get one yet?
maybe... his TIME ran out...
Fucking kek
I have one OP I'll sell it to you for $200

File: hot deal.png (408 KB, 1556x748)
408 KB
408 KB PNG
Welcome to the lego general. Sorry all the deals are shit.

previously: >>8583680
pbbg: >>8449276
Bionicle: >>8582377


>/lg/ Flickr Group:

>Archived Threads:

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File: Mark's House.jpg (899 KB, 2086x3110)
899 KB
899 KB JPG
My love for lime is paralleled by only a few other colors. Mostly in the green family. But for this guy, lime is the best color.

My only issue with lime is that it's not always consistent. Some parts are darker and it can limit what you can do with it.
Unfortunately, Lego prices are going up while the overall quality is on a steady decline; pretty fucking pathetic imo, I don't understand how they're okay with it

"Only the best is good enough" btw, now open your wallets goyim
> absolutely loves lime green
I think we're polar opposites Anon, I absolutely despise it; the only good things to come out of lime green parts are your MOCs
I think they have hit that point where they have pretty much guaranteed customers regardless of quality and the majority of new customers will never have experienced true quality lego, that's not an excuse, if it was my company I wouldn't let that shit slide, the most egregious example is the shitty printing quality, I know mercy has become a meme but I wouldn't have let that figure hit shelves until it was correct as advertised on all promotional material and the box
Agreed 100%, my biggest gripe is parts cracking/splitting just from sitting on display, there's no reason that should be happening
I've had more parts crack and split over the past 4 yrs than I've ever had before that; I'm pretty sure it started around 2016, and ramped up in 2017 - now
Not sure when they opened their factory in China but it probably coincides with that

Let's settle it once and for all, anons. A question that has plagued toy since its inception. Are companies like Mafex, Figuarts, and Figma better than our boys in blue at Hasbro, McFarlane, etc? Their figures may have an edge, but is it really a big enough difference to justify the huge price spike? Discuss.
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Americans get gifts for Thanksgiving?
>There is no one company that's "Better" than the rest.
Well, unless we're counting 1000Toys of course.
>Japan tends to prefer figures that are more suited for dynamic posing rather than figures designed from a more neutral pose like most American companies produce.
>not necessarily true
For the modern action figure market, which is the topic of this discussion, it absolutely is true.
Not american, anon. Plus, I bought it.
I mean, Japan produces a shit ton of toys; Figma, Mafex, and Figuarts are a drop in the bucket compared tot he sheer amount of vinyls and other figures available. even if you cut out the massive statue market in Japan it still leaves a ton of other figure lines with minimal articulation.

File: hiya toys.jpg (48 KB, 496x750)
48 KB
I wanna start collecting Predator figures is Hiya Toys the better option compared to NECA?
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Just passing by. What's happening here? Necanon vs 1/18anon?
Problem is with NECA Predators you have sooo out there so you might become a bit of a completionist. They were making Predator figs back when that Predators movie shit up the theaters. I have 3 from NECA myself: the Jungle Hunter Ult, the City Hunter Ult, and the Yellow Lantern Pred. That's it and that's all I want.

You do have the option of getting the McFarlane Predators. For awhile they were the finest Pred figs out there. Not bad for proto-NECA ones and there are much fewer of them.
Nah, just means you got a lot of selection. And they're great figures, so you can just about pick any of the the ones that really strike your fancy and be good.
Some random dude v subby. Necanon was here but he wasn't part of the battle.
I'm seriously on the fence about my McFarlane Predators. They were the absolute best when they first came out - but the only competition was the Kenner line.

Do I try to sell them on eBay, or just throw them in the garbage?

Not a shitpost either, I'm honestly not sure if it's worth the effort of selling them, but I don't want them anymore. Garage sale and flea markets are not a thing where I am.

File: Polish_20201123_222145443.jpg (2.38 MB, 1920x1920)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB JPG
I thought the same mold shit was the only thing wrong with fuknos till i got this fucking peice of shit. The feet arnt flat so it wobbles and sets off my ocd, the edges are all super fucking rough and i swear i could cut my self on its fingers, the plastic quality is shit and covered in little dents and blemishes, and the colors look way fucking better online then the actual figure. Should of bought a cheap whore instead of this dogshit baka my head.
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>unit 00 is Ritsuko's mom
Is this some rebuild bullshit?
Nah, Ritsuko is best woman. Hikari is best girl.
That isn't even the best unit-00
See > https://i.imgur.com/gunHfve.jpeg
>Is this some rebuild bullshit?
Just a reference to a theory that has been around since the original show aired.

File: 10048583n2.jpg (122 KB, 783x568)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
redpill me on model kits as a whole
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The amount of money spent on paints can outweigh the cheap cost, too.
File: saviors04.jpg (441 KB, 2000x1500)
441 KB
441 KB JPG
I just buy fucking toys and play with them.
insanely based
Pretty much what >>8591285 said but I can redpill you on that model kit in particular. Unless I'm very much mistaken, that's the coating version of the Perfect Grade Evangelion, which is an absolute disaster of a kit. The base kit is awful due to being the original PG and coming out in the 90s when Bandai had a fetish for rubber- the armour plugs over a rubber suit that has to be stretched over the "skeleton". It can barely pose and is super fragile. But even worse, that version is pre-coated in paint, which will leave ugly scars where it's clipped off the frames.
Basically, don't do it.
Are you talking about the kotobukiya kit, or is there another one now? I just finished my kit kit that I bought a few years back and feel to incompetent to paint it well myself.

How many more He-Man lines does anybody need or want? I swear there's a new one every few months. Wow it's the same mold....or a figure that looks like the same mold. Hey look this card is written in Spanish!! Fuck this shit, fuck Super7 for being lazy turds, and fuck the simps that still buy this garbage. On top of that, He-Man sucks.
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>wasting a thread to cry about toys you won't buy
cool story bro
You are desperate for attention
This is what grinds my gears the most.
It's more so to shame collectors for buying the same figure over and over for close to 40 YEARS and Super7 for being lazy scumbag fucks.
most people don't have these toys anymore and are happy to be able to buy new motu toys

File: nemesisprime.png (236 KB, 595x562)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
>>8587314 inferior.

Who are you trying to find on discount?
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File: botconclench.jpg (248 KB, 600x734)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
i love the hell out of this one. Wish he wasn't impossible to get.
New thread.
Mainlines TFs are pretty simple you can pretty much transforms them by just looking at the box art. Studio Series movie figures are a bit more complicated and will probably need the guide to figure out why that one panel isn't snapping into place.
>>yer which i have problem with a few micros
the shuttle ones and the jets
dont mind but can go on sometimes

File: rockemfigs.jpg (89 KB, 600x508)
89 KB
Rock Em Sock Em Robots
The clown one was cool
One of my favorite brief lines. washed up in the tidal wave of video games and anime toylines of the early 2000s.
I loved these. I remember using parts from the police,knight and spider bots to make a huge monstrosity.

File: 1591734130273.jpg (28 KB, 500x386)
28 KB
Why do you collect toys, lads? You're all lads, aren't you.
Do you care if anyone know about your collecting/playing or do you hide it?

Me: unhappy, neglected childhood marred by poverty and mental illness. Toys are a small world which I can comprehend and control.
No, I would not like anyone to know of my hobby. I hide toys in the are room if anyone comes to my home. Luckily my collection is manageable as I sell stuff I get sick of.
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I remember I couldn't play with my toys anymore overnight and it was quite traumatic. Suddenly it didn't work anymore and it made me very sad. Yet I have never stopped wanting toys, I wish they would come back to life like when I was little. I also love looking for toys in garage sales and second-hand shops
I wish there was some more interesting explanation other than I think they're neat.
...oh, forgot to add that I don't hide my collection or hobby from anyone, because I'm an adult.
They're neat. Really fun to play around with and it's nice to have a few things to look at on a shelf that remind me of simpler times.
File: IMG_1119.jpg (47 KB, 640x480)
47 KB

File: 1200px-Takara_Tomy_Logo.png (82 KB, 1200x657)
82 KB
Is it true that Takara Tomy is the owner of Transformers and Hasbro always just licenses it from them?
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Oh you innocent man. Just because you invent something doesn't mean you own it
Yeah, but Takara owns Transformers. And they invented them. So?
It is twice as impressive that Takara still owns TF since Kikesbro is, well, jewish.
key parts:
>NOW, THEREFORE, for one dollar and other good and valuable consideration, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, TAKARA does hereby sell, assign, transfer and set over to HASBRO the entire right, title and interest to any copyrights on the DESIGNS for the United States of America, including the right to apply for, at its own expense, and own copyrights thereon in those countries for a term of three (3) years subject to the terms of the Agreement of November 1, 1983, at the conclusion of which, unless renewed for additional terms by mutual consent, HASBRO agrees to assign back to TAKARA, free of any charge, all of the rights assigned herein, including any copyrights covering said rights that may be issued. TAKARA agrees to sign, or cause to be signed, free of charge, any additional documents reasonably necessary to permit HASBRO to apply for and own copyrights covering the DESIGNS in the United States of America.
>Please signify your agreement that Hasbro’s territory has now been expanded to the entire world, by signing and returning the enclosed copy of this letter to my attention.
2011, from when Takara bought Tomy(?), so this was just a reminder for the new company?
>For so long as Hasbro continues to pay the annual minimum royalty provided for in the Agreement, the Agreement will continue to be automatically renewed for additional successive one-year terms without any right of cancellation by either party (provided neither party has defaulted in the performance of the Agreement). The “Agreement” refers to the November 1, 1983 agreement between Hasbro, Inc. and Takara Co., Ltd. (as one of “TOMY’s predecessors-in-interest), together with all amendments and supplements to it, as well as all related agreements, between the parties.
But they do own it. They just can't be bothered to do anything creative for it other than Masterpiece.

>huge Inside Out fan
>have plush of Joy and Sadness
>see disgust in claw machine
>after a few tries manage to hook claw through string hanging at the top
>actually gets stuck on the claw
>have to play once more just to jimmy it off
Eventually I got Anger and Fear, though not from claw machine. feelsgoodman.
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Claw machines are for kids. But since we are bragging about silly stuff here, i'll let you know as 11-12 year old i once won 9 stuffed animals in a 3 day ski vacation, with spending almost nothing. Got banned out of the arcade room. My sister's room was so occupied my mother forced us to give almost all of our plush collection. Even the ones we bought years before. I can post pics if you are interested. But again i repeat this is really silly and childish.
>be a small Asian kid in elementary school
>hangout after school with a group friends at the mall
>friends realize I was small enough to wiggle into the claw machine
>they tightly crowd around to block anyone from seeing what's happening
>quickly grab as many plush toys as I can reach
>we then put a quarter into the machine for each plush toy I got
>be 7 or 8
>family trip to Disneyland with parents, grandparents, uncle, and cousins
>uncle fell off a roof years prior and was physically handicapped
>this meant me and my cousins went with him to skip to the front of every line, and he abused the fuck out of this benefit
>late at night in the park now, things are winding down
>see claw machine as we're heading back to the car, had a few bucks for cheap souvenirs
Only took one try to get a fairly big and high quality Izzy plush. For some reason I liked the ugly mascot back when it was on ads and the glut of marketing for the olympics at the time had me pumped for everything related to it. Pic semi related, not mine but just probably looked similar to it. I might still have the old thing in a box somewhere...
Happened like 2 years ago
>Go with family to beach, visit boardwalk
>They use these rechargeable cards instead of tokens
>Pay for a crapton of credit to ride rides and play games; obviously its a ripoff but still fun to indulge in every other year or so.
>They make an error and give us barely anything, which we soon find out.
>Mom unleashes a bit of her inner Karen as the ticket dudes look back through both the reciepts and transaction history to see they goofed
>Give us a METRIC SHITTON OF CREDITS as compensation
>We soon run out of rides to ride, I decide to take my siblings to the arcade.
>Mosey around for a bit playing various games until we find a Pokemon claw machine. It's got Eevelutions and Kanto starters.
>We take turns trying, to no avail.
>Around the third to last try, my brother pulls an Eevee and we go nuts.
>My sister wants to see if this luck will keep going- and she pulls a Squirtle immediately after my brother got one.
>Finally its my turn, and I go for the Vaporeon, confident that the machine is back to being rigged against us.
>The claw easily grasps onto Vaporeon and plops it in the chute.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>crane machines for children

Yeah well tell that to toreba the debt creating life destroyer lol

File: illythia-wave-banner.jpg (345 KB, 2000x600)
345 KB
345 KB JPG
>Mythic Legions: Illythia Pre-Order is Live!
The pre-order sale for the just revealed Mythic Legions: Illythia series is now live at www.StoreHorsemen.com! Bolster the ranks of Illythia's Brood, or add to the armies of Xylona's Flock with this amazing new wave!

The next amazing line of Legions figures from Four Horsemen Studios, Cosmic Legions, is set for launch in 2021. This line has been in development for years!

Preorders have ended, more news about this soon.

>Mythic Legions ALL-STARS 3
All-Stars 3 preorder has come to and end. Was supposed to come out before Arethyre, but got delayed. Estimated at a July-August production finish.

New test shots of the horses, and a few others have came in to the studio and shared on social media otherwise delayed.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
41 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Same. I think the longest I had to wait was on a bone wing I got that was assembled wrong, that took a month for them to get more from the factory. But still, they've always, always helped me out when I needed it.

And I'm like, fucking, what, 50 some odd figures in to Mythic Legions? Plus all the 7th Kingdom, and Gothitropolis...
the new Volligar looks fucking dope
I'm curious to see what the whole body looks like without the fur and pauldrons.

That collar will be fun for skellies.
I like the imposing silhouette he cuts.
i cannot wait for this goblin to arrive already!

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