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File: soinic.jpg (122 KB, 851x961)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Any ideas what line this is and what it's worth?
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that looks filthy as shit, $3 at best
That is definitely the Jazwares release of the 8 in Super Poser Sonic, you can tell because of how the eyes are painted. I have the original Toy Island version which has crooked eyes. With those scuffs and missing ears I doubt it retained much value
That is a jazwares super poser sonic, looks like the final 2012 release to me. I bought mine for about 30 Australian dollars mint but unboxed. I’d say for yours you’d get 15. Hope this helps.
repaint it as sonichu
That would be perfect. Ears are already cut off

>I made it this far now
>And I'm not burning out
>No matter what you say
>I'm not afraid

>What the hell is glyos?
Thanks for the idea, I generally include somethint like this when I refresh the sofubi thread, dont know why I never considered it here

>What's available

>Thread Challenge
Post glyos that are running for their dear lives!

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I'm the 2nd person complaining about swears.
File: HE'S GONNA SPRAY IT.jpg (23 KB, 400x382)
23 KB
He's gonna spray NWO right?

I bet his shoulders hurt
>back to /pol please

File: 1652911339977.png (2.17 MB, 1920x1080)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB PNG
Last thread went extinct, this time life finds a way
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get help, take meds or something, have a wank.
File: s-l1600.jpg (251 KB, 1600x1200)
251 KB
251 KB JPG
This Dino Showdown line gave me big hopes for the 2015 movie toyline, but we all know how that turned out. I still have the Allosaurus and Pachyrhinosaurus set. The unreleased Stegosaurus in now on eBay, the prototype.
Oh god, the locust leak is real lmao
Her acting is so garbage and wooden in every single scene she’s been shown so far and her walmart wig looks like shite tf
Is this Malcolms daughter from the second JP movie?

Nexo Knights reboot when? It was my favorite show and toy set when I was 12, it’s entering its nostalgia period
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3rd wave was cancelled in the middle of it tho. And it shows, even if you look at the villains. Compare the vampires to the lava or rock monsters.
Boomers always talk about shit ‘flopping’ but if you look at the shit they’re obsessed with (MOTU, TMNT, MMPR, etc) it’s all stuff where the specific version they were obsessed with was popular for about 2-3 years. They just grew out of the age range for that type of media and think kids aren’t enjoying shows and media they weren’t paying attention to
was it the best made play feature of all lego sets?
Yes and it was very cool one.
When did this board get a zoomer shitting up all the threads? sad

File: Woody 95.png (460 KB, 289x625)
460 KB
460 KB PNG
Hi guys! Looking for Toy Story or Mario plush collectors here!
Here's a picture of my Woody doll from 1995.
What are you gonna do with them once you find them?
I'm gonna cum in them

File: 20220520_123606.jpg (216 KB, 852x1280)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
Welcome to the Doll General!
A thread for discussion of fashion dolls including Barbie, Disney, LOL OMG, Living Dead Dolls, Licca-chan etc but not BJD.

Other toys considered dolls as well as girl collectable toys that are related to dolls or can be used as accessories to dolls are also welcome such as LOL, Capsule Chix, Shopkins, Polly Pocket and the like.

Previous Thread: >>9782177

>Archived Threads: https://archive.alice.al/toy/search/subject/Fashion%20doll/
>Sewing pattern books from Google+, reuploaded
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You're funny.
Someone post the omg pride pic with the dyke flag
Are you guys ok?
File: 1642773220729.jpg (89 KB, 600x800)
89 KB

Welcome back everyone. Hope you're all doing well, let's jump right into this.

As many of you know, Vania is finally getting a re-issue! Pre-Orders are now open on all of the usual figure sites so make sure to get an order in if you missed her the first time or if you want another with the new paint job! Vania is set for a November 2022 release, but we should expect a delay as most of this year's figures have had. With that said, Clover/Torifoly as well as Really/Arty and Montagne/Mare should release this month, but we should expect delays for one or two of these releases. We also received a minor update that hints that the next release in the line is Polynian Marisa! After disappearing for ages, it seems that the work needed to use her rights are finishing up. No details on release date or price have been given but will be updated as they become available. Other than this we still have no updates on any of the new reveals from the last Daibadi display but some should be coming up after Marisa is listed. Finally, Lily has finally released after her minor delays! Anyone who ordered her should have her in hand and she is still in stock on most sites for those that wish to pick her up.

As always, here is the assistance e-mail for those who need it, so if any problem should arise, feel free to contact them over at "user_support@mile-stone.jp" or the shop you purchased the figure from.

Once again, feel free to share your photos and adventures, they add life and some fun to the thread. Also, welcome newcomers, we hope you enjoy your stay.

Last Thread:>>9654699
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No, because the Marisa figure has nothing to do with yukkuri stuff.
>vania reissue on amiami is 7200 yen
probably the first time in a long time I've had to look elsewhere for better deals
you find one?
She's 6,900 on HLJ
yeah that's where I ended up ordering

File: FRh5be8UcAAjJpQ.jpg (86 KB, 799x1085)
86 KB
Last thread: 9665762

Furay Planet Crocker prototype shown, series 2 teases and more!
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I think I might get one to use as a Bronze Tiger
It can depend on the artist, also Croc in The Batman was full gator.
are there more pics of the pupper?
the duck body works better on Scrooge than it did for Darkwing duck

Hi all, has anyone with one of these found a display case large enough to put one of these in? I don't mean like a piece of furniture, I just mean like you would put a figure in. I have shelves in my game room, and nearly everything is still in the box for display (amiibos). There is one corner of the room where I would like to put this big guy, but I also don't want to unbox him until I can put him in something to keep him clean. I work too much to be able to clean something like this often enough. Even something like using a can of air on it everyday would add up to the price of a display case eventually, and then surpass it, so I'd rather just immediately put him in one. I've searched a fair amount, but the best I've found is a custom display case site. Any help would be appreciated, thanks! Post what you're looking for, and maybe someone can point you in the right direction.
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File: 1626857539544.jpg (5 KB, 249x297)
5 KB
>nearest ikea is 9 hours away
Update: The remote is kinda cheesy, but a single LED strip is way brighter and looks way nicer than the original bulb. I knew it would be, but I was planning on using two strips. Just the one has exceeded my expectations. If anyone is looking for a cheap LED Strip, I recommend the 6.5 foot Great Value brand. There are a few color options as well.
Welp, had a good run. Thanks for sharing everyone! I really did enjoy seeing everyone's display cases. Perhaps someday I'll have a nice one of my own!

File: IMG_5944.jpg (62 KB, 733x656)
62 KB
Majisto the traitor edition

Previously >>9791210


>/lg/ Flickr Group:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I love shit like this.
We need a company to make more Lego TP Dinosaurs in general, a lot is missed out such as a new one of Pic Related

That's pretty cool, and I like the gray peasant torso with the black arms. I did that same build for a Wolfpack Maiden minifigure MOC I made. I'll take a pic later.
Soul overload, that's what I call a battlestation.
I really hope viking village wins the ideas vote. call me soi but I'm going to build a new asgard. I have goat boat and I plan on getting maybe two of the new 3 in 1 viking boat builds coming out soon

Previous Thread >>9767148

>New/Latest Pre-orders
The Vintage Collection:
-Phase I Clonetrooper - Troop Build Set (Pulse)
-Padawan Anakin Skywalker - AOTC
-Mandalorian Super Commando
-332nd Clone Trooper
-Stormtrooper Commander - Gaming Greats (Fan Channel)
-Heavy Assault Stormtrooper - Gaming Greats (Fan Channel)
-Figrin D’an
-Imperial Death Trooper - Troop Build Set (Pulse)
-Shae Vizla (Fan Channel)
-Lando Calrissian - Battlefront II (Fan Channel)
-Mandalorian Super Commando Captain

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: Capture.png (280 KB, 1097x436)
280 KB
280 KB PNG
Give me one good reason why I shouldn't buy 300 of these right now
File: TVC_TH_IG.jpg (354 KB, 1080x1080)
354 KB
354 KB JPG
So is Hasbro going to fuck us and everything is going to show up all at once?
Just balance the figures instead of wasting over a hundred dollars
I am pretty good at balancing figures as all of mine are like that now but sometimes a gust of wind from my fan knocks one of them over and he takes 6 others with him. Also the TVC battle droids are basically impossible to get standing for longer than a day without them randomly falling over from the force of a car passing by or a door being closed.
Even basic peg stands can make more dynamic poses much easier, especially with figures that don't have ankle tilt. I don't own any, but I get the appeal. I'd probably use them if the figures included them.

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Nothing, he was just my last figure with the line. He's stellar imo and it definitely left me questioning my choice in no longer collecting Mezcos. But ultimately them pulling shit like shoving glowing eyes on Spider Man of all characters to justify the $120 cost justifies me decision.
Is Mr Freeze stuck in some kind of limbo because of Warner Bros no gun rule? He was announced before that was implemented and guns (albeit freeze guns) are his main accessory and the characters gimmick.
Nice, what BP are you using currently?
>Mr Freeze is frozen
Sh figuarts infinity war with a marvel legends “classic” Bp cape

File: Mcfarted out repaints.jpg (272 KB, 1800x1060)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
I don't know why the previous doot thread disappeared, but we are getting more merch and that warrants a thread.
151 replies and 30 images omitted. Click here to view.
And Doomslayer is in the foreground.
I'm not too familiar with McFarlene,

Can I expect the armor and shoulder pads to be like a soft rubber overlay that I can remove? I'd rather just take pieces from this guy and put them on a body that I can articulated doing cool poses. I don't expect this figure to be able to do that many.
Except that's not true, Doomguy is the guy front and center.

Atleast according to the creator.
>Can't pose *well*

Any post brick can do a slight hunch.

File: DSC00306.jpg (1.57 MB, 6000x3376)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB JPG
Toyphotothread! - "The Great Outdoors" Edition

Go with the thread theme or ignore it, you toys your choice. Special thanks to Articulated.Snake for the thread theme format.

Previous thread: >>9465038
253 replies and 142 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: IMG_20220506_234000881~2.jpg (695 KB, 3643x1671)
695 KB
695 KB JPG
File: IMG_0584B copy.jpg (886 KB, 800x1200)
886 KB
886 KB JPG
File: PsychoBlue2.jpg (146 KB, 756x1008)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
I haven't taken any photos in a long time. It was fun.
File: IMG_0608b copy.jpg (647 KB, 1200x800)
647 KB
647 KB JPG
hell yeah
great lighting!
those girls made the vehicle look that much cooler!

File: MuhWallet.jpg (2.53 MB, 2048x2048)
2.53 MB
2.53 MB JPG
Welcome to the 1:18th general. All 1:18th scale lines are welcome including larger scales that may work with 1:18th. Post pics of your latest purchases, dios, customs and whatever else you feel like posting. We encourage mixing lines. Let's keep this general fun and help each other out.

>1:18th lines
Acid Rain(post apocalyptic soldiers, mechs, robots, vehicles)
Boss Fight Studios(Fantasy, Zorro, Tarzan, Zombies, The Phantom, Flash Gordon, horses)
Dime Novel Legends(Western figures)
GI Joe
Hiya(Aliens, D.C., Predator, Robocop, Judge Dred)
Indiana Jones
Jazwares(Halo, Fortnite)
Joy Toy(Warhammer 40k, Modern/futuristic military soldiers, mechs, dioramas, vehicles)
Jurassic Park
Marauder Gun Runners(Modern military, WWII, Vietnam)
Marvel Universe

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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That poor paratrooper.
Some are ok some are garbage but that specific set sucks.

The helicopter is too thin and needs to be widened a couple of more inches. Only think even keeping out of the set is the artillery and it is just fair.
The problem with these sets, as >>9799784 points out, is that all the vehicles are absurdly narrow. For example the truck in this set has just enough room for a single driver in the cab. That's not how a truck is supposed to do.

These sets are supposed to look good when you're walking by and see them face front sitting on a shelf. But since they also intended to take up as little space on that shelf as possible, they make all their vehicles super thin so you can stack more of them on a single shelf. A kid won't really notice this until after you get home and bust em out of the box, and the parent won't care since it's cheap crap the kid will bust in a week.

If they're selling for super cheap, they're ok. They're good as background pieces as again, they have very thin footprints. But you're not getting some super massive transport chopper with this set as it'll only look good from a specific profile view.
Chap Mei/ World Peacekeepers are far better (still shitty figures though).
I would stick to these, Animal Planet stuff (for Diving hard suits, mini subs, one man choppers ) or TRU's Soldier Force / Action Force.
The ALL have shit figures.
they look awesome! in comparison to using a desktop theyre great. when I look at a picture like
I like how it makes the whole scene. sure, there are sharp edges, but when you look at it, the figures are plastic, so why would a cardboard edge look out of place? plus its colored well enough to take good pictures. its great for shots that arent giant set pieces

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