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>0-2 against Brady in the postseason
>worse passer rating in Superbowls than Sexy Rexy
that GOAT conversation died out pretty quick lol
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oh nononono you mahomes stans were boasting about how he was going to pass brady 3 weeks ago.... what happened????
lmfao learn the rules of the game before you talk shit, retard. When a player is lined up offsides any int is called back on the ensuing play
not him but as of now it looks like herbert but thats a big if, usually the white guys who tear it up year one dont end up as goat tier either, brady and manning both had meh first seasons as starters in their careers (I know brady won a bowl but outside of the playoff run he wasnt a world beater at that point, and I'm the biggest brady stan) manning threw like 20 picks as a rookie
File: the death of espn.png (182 KB, 1265x689)
182 KB
182 KB PNG
>n-noooo they said it was my turn to be the goat

File: real madrid.png (53 KB, 600x470)
53 KB
>refballing against atalanta

why they do this?
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He’s not a striker, heading left further reduced his angle for a shot and you’re ignoring that the keeper was in play,
Yellow card at most, the fact that he didn’t even check VAR is pretty damming as well.
I bet he’s masturbating with an old sweaty Zidane jersey right about now
If this was any other team you wouldn't bat an eye. But proving once again that being ABRM is a mental disorder
If it was another team (except Barcelona) it would have been a yellow. Only Real Madrid and Barcelona get away with this shit in the CL. Glad they are both shit and la liga is going back to irrelevance.
>just the way it goes.
Causally against Madrid... Again

File: _20210224_100702.jpg (156 KB, 1080x981)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
England BTFO
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That's not how it works you fucking bong.
File: file.png (500 KB, 590x392)
500 KB
500 KB PNG
>play for african team
>get machine gunned like Togo in 2010
>get kidnapped and held hostage by boko haram
>fly in airplanes that feel like they could fall out of the sky at any moment
>get swarmed by enormous mosquitoes in the hotel
>dare to drink local water and get diarrhea even though you boiled it

doesn't sound very comfy
it's the other way around you retard
File: DE8JA27XUAAxheR.jpg (44 KB, 601x622)
44 KB
Based musiala, england have enough black fellas on their team anyway lel

File: pct[1].jpg (1.34 MB, 2136x1292)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG
It's the Snooker Players Championship 2021!

>Dates: Monday 22 to Sunday 28 February
>Location: MK
>Watch: ITV4, Eurosport (outside UK), Twitch (probably)
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Time to hit up some peng news ting.
>Hurr durr coronavirus again
It's like (((they))) don't want us to pay attention.
File: 20210224_231828.jpg (81 KB, 354x607)
81 KB
couple beers and trying to find something to watch on tv
>oh look there's nothing
when did tv become so shite?
Business idea: ban repeats outside of graveyard slots
Business idea: talented artfag person draws a cute badger mascot for /147/, he could be called The Badger of the Baise

File: file.png (2.49 MB, 1080x1496)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB PNG
and does /fa/ approve?
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pep is too basado for the average cum brain
This is true, but the most fashionable manager is infact actually Spanish
They have a contract with Dsquared
They're getting paid and get to wear outfits like the jackets and sweaters in the Carabao Cup final

Now cry more, seething faggots
It could buff out, then might have a wabi sabi look after being distressed

Who'll be the next new team to win the world cup? Will a team outside of Europe or South America ever win it?
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not even mad
Deserves it. Mexico is an established Football country. I would gladly be happy to see Mexico lift the World Cup, in the same fashion a Brazil, Argentina or Uruguay did.
El basado

File: 1613414676713.jpg (342 KB, 1654x567)
342 KB
342 KB JPG
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who ?
Canada’s number one soccer player
>Lennox Lewis
Fuck you
>soccer players
File: lewis.jpg (1.12 MB, 1340x899)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG

When football was pure, technical, beautiful to watch before teams completely changed their style to adjust the influx of pacey physical Africans on their teams thus destroying the technical side of the game. I can barely watch it nowadays bros. Why has it degenerated so much? It's like I'm watching basketball
or something; all about athleticism instead of the beautiful game.
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File: cristiano-ronaldo-jews.gif (599 KB, 500x263)
599 KB
599 KB GIF
subpar tournement overall, spain won by default given how those barcelona fuckers knew each other by heart. i actually enjoyed 2008 spain, it already had the tiki-taka touch, but hadn't morphed yet into that 2009-2012 boring monster. you gotta missa dani güiza.
nevertheless, 2012 spain only beat portugal in the pens, which is pretty ridiculous, considering how awful that portuguese team was. it provided this gif though.
Only 2 teams could do it
That's what made it so unique
They had a declining Villa and a Torres who lost it. They had no forward. Obviously goal scoring wasn't going to be easy.
for once, the american is right
Spain 2008 was amazing, 2010 and 2012 was a borefest carried by shit competition and luck
They won 30 something plus games in a row. Not even a strong Germany team could beat them

File: file.png (11 KB, 800x480)
11 KB
first day here, why do they obsess over germany so much?
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File: German Empire.png (349 KB, 1200x1000)
349 KB
349 KB PNG

Yep, Bismarck was correct and announced that Germany was a satisfied power with no further European territorial ambitions.

At least we've seen an end to Prussian militarism. Shame it took two world wars to get there.
>unironically bootlicks billionaire tranny semen
yaaaassssss I love billionaires and corporate sponsored censorship, you slay that commie queen!
Treaty of Versailles
your shitty flagpost doesn't invalidate his point lmfao

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who the fuck do i make captain this week?
kane, dcl, gundo. fernandes?
>palace and newcastle overperforming their expected goals
lol. i hate this stat though. why is it everywhere all of a sudden. xG xA xA+xG90 etc. makes me fucking sick.
>i hate this stat though. why is it everywhere all of a sudden
it's hilarious how suddenly it has permeated the normal football consciousness and people now casually rattle it off. sky sports are trying to cram it into every infographic they produce. hearing kelly cates and jamie carragher mention xg off the cuff was a weird experience
Will i make it?
Yes i did and i fucked it up

I know he's making a lot of money off it as well, but...really?
>qué pasó kuny?
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You have no idea how poor we are...
Footballers aren't really smart
This, 500 dollars is what? 40k ARS? You maybe live one month with that wage.
Ese victimismo mediocre, que pedazo de cuck que sos hermano, no te rebajes para satisfacer a nadie
>Factual reality
>cucking oneself
Nigger what?
Do yourself a favor, do not associate our low murder rates and general lack of violence with not being poor like the other shitholes in latin america.

File: Eu8aSsGVoAAzDTa.jpg (804 KB, 2000x1800)
804 KB
804 KB JPG
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lazio wins the rematch
that's ryan bertrand idiot
3 - 0
last minute goal by keeper
Looks like Liverpool are going to have to smash them once again
Liverpool are busy humiliating another German team.

File: jay buhner.png (650 KB, 953x720)
650 KB
650 KB PNG
What the hell did you trade Jay Buhner for?
he was better in King of Queens desu
okay boomer, whatever you say
King of Queens is just dogshit, oh it’s true. It’s damn true.

Also, Yankees getting smacked by my doggie doos this WS is going to be kino

File: 1614102572617.png (669 KB, 466x528)
669 KB
669 KB PNG
>Come swim, anon, there are CR7™ Trunks in the next room...
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how much of his "psychotic" presentation-of-self is just
>grew up poor, very unhappy, probably abused, probably often afraid
>intense sporting effort got him out
>continued intensity kept him on top
>worst nightmare is to be poor again
>not booksmart
>therefore max intensity level always & everywhere, no exceptions
it comes across as psycho but Ronnie just doesn't know any other way to live.

a few years of introductory college courses may do him well, just to chill him out and turn his nervous intensity into calm confidence. despite his wealth he may still be scared of the world.
I ain't reading that shit lol
Why are americans are so obsessed over height?
he's actually 187cm or ~ 6'2"...
tldr, ronald was a poor child and is afraid that once football isnt enough he will be poor again, so he tries hard, VERY hard to be the best always

File: EvAuV_JXAAInS6I[1].jpg (72 KB, 680x680)
72 KB
That's some bullshit, I lost my rent money betting on the israeli team.
16 replies omitted. Click here to view.
this need updating

>betting on the Israeli team
>World Cup Quarter Finalist and 2nd in their quali group Italy at home
>A team with 2 wins from 9 that has never even qualified for a World Cup

You deserve to lose your money.
Based Italians. Getting euro cents out of the Trevi Fountain and hiding it on the pitch, so the jews get distracted and swallow 12 goals.
why are women like this?
C h o s e n
>By themselves

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