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Cristiano bros..
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>wasnt going to work
>scored 101 in 134
Ronaldo is definitely not fun to be around
Honestly every non fabricated account of his behaviour and interactions I've seen point towards him being kind of awkward, like he faked social confidence and now he can seem social but is still slightly autistic
what makes it "unprofessional"?
his profession is to hit a ball and win games
File: 1632152948028.jpg (45 KB, 1200x675)
45 KB
didn't have the italian league have some teams banned and put in 2nd league because some match fixing..ironic

Why are their star players so bad at scoring goals?
cos theyre shit. the stars(players they spent 50m+ on like lukaku, werner, havertz pulisic etc) are all dogshit, the players carrying them are the ones they got for 30m and less, and the academy ones

File: kobrick.jpg (519 KB, 2000x1470)
519 KB
519 KB JPG
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The eastern confrence his whole career was recruit difficulty desu.
File: 20200707_143728.jpg (49 KB, 567x567)
49 KB
>mfw Kobe made the NBA75
also this
File: gigachad.jpg (65 KB, 1068x601)
65 KB
just more records for the books, deshita

File: 2019_ARI_wbg.png (12 KB, 500x500)
12 KB
Do they have a chance, or are they going to choke in the Playoffs?
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Just like how everyone said they were going to choke to the Rams early on, yet they slaughtered the Rams like Abraham in lieu of Issac?
Thrid times the charm my friend.
By that time Kliffs meme Air Raid system got figured out

Cards' Offense won that game.

I actually thought that Bills were their most serious threat until last Sunday.
They will go Undefeated. Cap this.
no cap fr fr

File: espn-logo.jpg (198 KB, 1200x627)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
ITT: Dogshit sports networks/media
You first

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why isnt Cherki a 100m player already?
sometimes it turns out well
Paquetotti is leading them towards glorious times
That'll be 200 million for Paqueta
do you really find him good ?
personally i'm still doubting he'll play in a bigger club and succeed

File: tottenshit.png (22 KB, 614x227)
22 KB
How is it even possible for a club as big as Tottenham not to absolutely dominate the Conference League ?
One would think that being the absolute trophylets they are, they would at least try to win 4th grade european trophies
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i've paid no attention to the conference league but that's actually a pretty tough group
i don't know who the fuck mura are but rennes and vitesse are decent teams
>spurs fans
there's no such thing silly
Think we're stretching the definition of tough a bit. Rennes finished 7th in France and Vitesse 5th in Holland.
decent for union berlin maybe
tottenham should have won each game at least 5-0
>a club as big as Tottenham

File: 1616219067891.png (227 KB, 598x852)
227 KB
227 KB PNG
Kick it to Scoops edition
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mumza's birthday today
ordered uber eats
ueber eats deliver shard yet?

File: 1632917767833.png (489 KB, 626x719)
489 KB
489 KB PNG
the thread dedicated to the gentlemanly sport of cricket
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is shaheen shah afridi not playing in this brainletbash or something then
he’s the best bowler in the world
We're knocked out lol
god damn I wish this new Black Country new road song was better than it is

stealth new thread
Ireland were awful. Well done Namibia, shame they'll get raped in nearly every game

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sports aren't for us chuds anymore. it's for yuppies who want to larp as working class. all of sports media now reflects this ideology.
>baker mayfield
>Apparently she got a full ride there
Oh I dont doubt that she did.
She graduated already

It's one of the biggest party schools in the country.
It's decent academics-wise; pretty good schools of law, business and engineering, along with a respected school of journalism (for what that's currently worth).
Your son going off to ASU is nothing to worry or be ashamed about.
A daughter on the other hand...

File: bodø.png (115 KB, 1200x1228)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
>Team from fishing village in bumfuck nowherere faces the team from the the most historically and culturally significant city in Europe
>Every R*ma player worth more than the entire Bodø team
>Bodø humiliates R*ma defense, passes right through all of them
>Scores outside the box
>Scores from a pass after Roma's ngubu defender got lazy and thought it was out
>Chips the keeper
>Scores from a beautiful through pass even when bodied into the ground by a salty R*macuck
>Dribbles the keeper

Name ONE (1) team with more SOVL than Bodø/Glimt. This is what happens when you have a non-merc team.
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Where I live it gets to 100 in the summer and 0 in the winter, my home has seen hurricanes tornados and blizzards with 4 feet of snow.

Euros whining about weather is so cringe. They get their panties in a twist about climate change because their climate is perfect.
It's not that bad but imagine arriving in it after spending most of your life closer to the equator. meds always find our shitty weather to be a shock to the system.
I truly, truly hate amerisubhumans with every cell in my body bros.
very rarely and its basically the only place outside serra da estrela where it happens
pretty sure were the only european country where it doesnt snow on a yearly basis, when it happens its a freak occurance

Why do Scots insist on watching football, a sport they fucking suck at and will never make a world cup for, when they could watch cricket, a sport they are good at and beat nations of 160m people in?

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I don’t like cricket
Oh no…
New Zealand are literally world champions at cricket
2 english and one saffer, rest are true scotsmen. The best player even speaks Gaelic unironically
fuck up daniel
/cric/ /cric/ /cric/

File: cuppa.png (7 KB, 246x205)
7 KB
previous: >>114352149
previous previous: >>114342556

thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GStr1ZHxlDI
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>spaghettinigger vs hue monkey
And Issy struggled against Kelvin Gastelum
It happens
A based retard
>locks in
>he was already smiling
>he knew he had it
>I knew he had it
>Adesanya's faggotry undeniably put to an end
>my fucking face when ce la sta per portare a casa
>doesn't triangle legs
after Gastelum going for the takedown and Romero not following up I was this close to permaheem myself bros
>the unironic doge logo
jesus christ

Why can't athletes just use their real heights?
Saw Tyson Fury next to Jason Mamoa and he's not 6'9, more like 6'7. In that case the Klitschko brothers were shorter than 6'7, Wilder is more like 6'5.
10 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Fury is 6 ft 6 wilder is 6ft5
wtf is wrong with momoas head

looks like its twice the size of an average persons
roids and childsblood presumably
File: pricey.jpg (156 KB, 675x559)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
Wilder and Tyson are literally the same height.

File: 1198923350.jpg (1.59 MB, 3200x2133)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB JPG
Uh? You guys told me he was a bust
It's the regular season.

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