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File: Fatboy.jpg (40 KB, 610x850)
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Yes. I don't know how you can try and just run it back next year after that performance. Also Paul will be 38. But what moves can they realistically make? I don't know, Sarver's a cheap owner so I doubt he's willing to spend big. They will probably end up making some desperation moves to try and shake things up, but will probably end up worse for it.
>brown dwarfs
No you can see kd's fucked up head
Why he is moving like 60 year old Chuck?

File: MEATY.gif (3.7 MB, 444x250)
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3.7 MB GIF
If baseball doesn't work out, does Vogelbach have a career in sumo?

File: usa_today_16842304.0.jpg (72 KB, 1200x800)
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Any sport is welcome
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File: zion swole.jpg (42 KB, 655x469)
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File: E5OTgLqVcAMNKwe.jpg (424 KB, 2048x2048)
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>sit out entire seasons because you feel like
>get paid millions and don't have to move a muscle
>get to enjoy their hobbies carefree while getting paid not to work
Are there any players smarter than him and Ben Simmons?

File: download.png (5 KB, 225x225)
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this is a celebration.
They didn't choke. They were beaten.
File: FS2zWrpWUAAyj7E.jpg (62 KB, 828x824)
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File: maxresdefault-12.jpg (118 KB, 1280x720)
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>Hey guys I just got in. What did I miss?
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The thing is he isn't strong and has shit ball security so even when he does post up he either goes nowhere or the double comes and he loses the ball
Wizards were winning since he got traded there lmao even beat my Mavs you nigger brain morons are retarded.
Literally the only good thing about Dinwiddie is his playmaking. Literally the only thing that seperates him from Tim Hardaway Jr. And while we desperately needed that because Brunson is clearly not capable of running an offense (at best Brunson is just a sixth man, scoring option), Dinwiddie still shits the bed offensively outside of running the offense. He was on fire tonight and he went off and I'll give him that, but outside of Game 6 and Game 7 he played shit. He disappeared the first 5 games of Utah series and then showed up for Game 6. We aren't going to win a championship with him picking and choosing when he wants to show up. Same thing goes for Bullock and DFS.
File: 1645467721522.gif (2.11 MB, 200x150)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB GIF
>Wizards were winning
Spencer is a gunner. He is a low budget Jamal Crawford. You want him out there chucking and gunning with the second unit, and ideally killing the other teams reserves and giving your main guys some rest. He does well when he can do that. just run around and chuck. On the Nets when they were bad that worked. Sort of. On the Wiz they hated him for it because the ball stopped when it got to him. On the Mavs? When Luka is out there with him he doesnt have the nerve to chuck. he looks for Luka to give the ok. They just need points to come from a collective and they have a few wildcards with Spencer being one. He's pretty animated and energetic on defense when he gets to do this so more power to him.

Based Uber Eats does not give a shit about assists, pre assists,scans and other bullshit metrics
i refuse to believe there isnt a better goalkeeper than donnarumma in ligue uhhn
there is Alban Lafont
>marquinhos and donnarumma

the only reason PSG isn't in the final right now and the reason Italy isnt in the WC

File: Phoenix-Suns-logo.png (56 KB, 3840x2160)
56 KB
When is the nba going to step in and do something about this fraud
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So what's Phoenix's excuse?
New york knicks need intervention
Phoenix is a small tv market. You retards probably think market = population
copium desu, ur like mid market stop trying to pretend ur a pacer fan (it's misreble)
What the fuck are you talking about? There are pacer fans?

File: Giannis_traveling.webm (1.7 MB, 640x360)
1.7 MB
Is Giannis being the best player in the league not a condemnation of basketball itself? Here's a guy that started playing when he was 19 years old that is a mediocre facilitator with bad handles and no shot outside of 3 feet. On top of all of that he's legitimately a 60 IQ brainlet. He has almost no skill, but since he's big and strong and has ref support he can charge defenders and travel as much as he wants to get into that 3 foot range.

The whole sport seems like a joke desu. Are there comparable superstars in other sports that have basically zero skill and rely entirely on their physical attributes?
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>Asian bois
Just bad.
>bending the rules is okay in order to boost the entertainment factor of the sport, unless it's too obvious
>pumping the players full of steroids is okay for the same exact reason
it really feels like a joke. it's not a sport, it's a show. at least non-american sports try to hide it
That WebM looks like a clip from a globetrotters game.
Anon, what in the goddammit shit are you talking about?
exact same thing happens in football?

So, it happened AGAIN. We can blame injuries, we can blame fatigue, we can praise Newcastle's effort but the truth is it's simply not enough. Tactics, determination you name it, it all stinks.

Don't get me wrong, I still have full faith in Arteta y los muchachos, but MASSIVE reinforcements are desperately needed in the summer. Otherwise I'm not very optimistic about the next season, or our chances in qualifying for the Champions League Ro16 for that matter. Not playing like this. What do you think, /aug/? Is Wenger the problem? Or is it Xhaka? Arteta #IN or #OUT?

Some helpful links to numb the pain:
united will be in the conference league and spurs in the europa league lmao

good luck keeping son and kane then :)
the arsenal general after a loss is unironically the best thread on 4chan

>Cincinnati Reds lose despite throwing a no hitter
>Two NBA game 7s decided by a combined margin of over 61 points
Hockey it is then...
>Battle of Alberta
>Battle of Florida

File: hoc-dfw.png (413 KB, 420x420)
413 KB
413 KB PNG
it's ogre edition
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Nigga what?
I'm 20 and it only started in secondary school for me.
yeah, shit's fucked
maybe they'll finally scrap the stupid fucking helmet rule
I play emulated NHL 13 on RPCS3 PS3 emulator.

The elbow never even came close. See video, other angle. The hit wasn't even much of a hit. Crosby played two days later.

Rangers are the youngest team in the league. The penguins are just old now. Window is closed. Time to tear down and rebuild.

No man has done more with less than this man.
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He made it to the WCF the very next season and was leading by 30 before Zaza stepped on Kawhi's ankle, Kawhi leaving was the real nail in the coffin and even then he made the playoffs the next year.
Imagine saying this with all those HoFs on he’s working with
he deserves it, man started in the mailroom
He always looks like he's on the verge of a mental breakdown.
Based Ash. Saving the world with only one hand.

File: 🐐 think.jpg (29 KB, 640x544)
29 KB
Ayesha's curry. you know she keeps the doors unlocked, opened to get dawged

File: ham.jpg (217 KB, 900x600)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
How can one man be this /fa/?
bald fraud
Fucking autistic?
seeth more, your fucking autist lost

I have secretly been a manchester city fan since 2013 but pretend I’m not and join the hate bandwagon against them here. There are probably a lot of others in the same position, just so you know spee
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>Your hand is shaking as she hands you the felt tip pen.
>"Will you sign my shirt anon? Nothing rude though, as my parents will see."
>Your eyes dart around her torso, looking for a blank space as you begin to sweat.
>"Here anon, there's some space on the front" she says, pointing to just under her left breast.
>Your trembling hand removes the cap from the pen, accidentally flicking it onto the floor as you calculate how to approach her.
>She grabs your hand and guides it to the blank area. "Don't be shy!"
>You crouch down for a better angle and begin to faintly write your name
>"No anon, you've got to press harder than that for it to write properly"
>You press harder and can feel the resistance of her soft but firm stomach against against your pen
>"That tickles!" she giggles
>As you complete writing your name you look around at the others, trying to work out the acceptable way to finish it. An x? Love hearts?
>"Go on, give me a kiss." she says playfully, seeing you hesitate.
>You stand up to your full height, now with a bonk on having felt the warmth of her young body against your hand

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oh yes
Remove the disgusting last three lines
>turn it from funny to utterly cringe
lmao fuck you
why would you pretend not to be a fan on an anonymous image board full of eurangutangs and other freeks??
>emma cuckitini

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