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You now remember Luca Toni
More like Luca Fraud
He bullied Lancuck Soinovan and made him go back to MLelSoi. Based Luca
File: matze knop.jpg (49 KB, 1280x720)
49 KB
How could you forget Luca Toni?
More like [spoiler]kill yourself[/spoiler]

File: 1590228816587.jpg (30 KB, 311x362)
30 KB
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File: 1576382852096.jpg (49 KB, 645x1260)
49 KB
whoever wins it is gonna get a big fat asterisk
Bayern will win it
File: apu sings.png (71 KB, 1054x526)
71 KB
Ce sont les meilleurs équipes
File: aaaahhh.png (177 KB, 1054x526)
177 KB
177 KB PNG

File: 919551_v9_ba.jpg (242 KB, 1080x1440)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
Can't seem to find the clip anywhere but I wanted to show some fags since it's pretty epic

Tyson is quoted saying something like "Money only causes problems anyway, people wanna take it off you when you got it and when you got no money you're fucked and when you got all the money you're still fucked. Moneys never really been a big motivation... I'm fighting because I'm here, were here boy and no one else"

He's basically talking about money and quotes the movie Zulu. I cannot find this shit anywhere on the internet so if someone could post a link or tell me how to find the clip I would greatly appreciate it.
File: Fury-fat-jpg-1424541.jpg (95 KB, 615x798)
95 KB
The ultimate Norf unit
Imagine this man cheering your club on... What could've been...
i know exactly which clip you're talking about. it's fairly easy to find on youtube, actually. but i won't be telling you, because this isn't the right board to make a thread for such a request.

Zulu is a great film though.

The bad guys won. Icardi to PSG.
another loser with a bad mentality, just what PSG needed
loser moves from loser club to loser club

File: 1539512696891.jpg (62 KB, 960x638)
62 KB
The Vanuatu Blast T10 is back TODAY.

Past Results

>21st May
1. Mighty Efate Panthers beat Ifira Sharks by 5 wickets
2. Mighty Efate Panthers beat Mt. Bulls by 37 runs

>23rd May
1. Ifira Sharks beat Mt. Bulls by 1 wicket
2. Mt Bulls beat Mighty Efate Panthers by 3 wickets


>30th May

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send bob and vagene
The terror is to the wire what monster zero ultra is to diet coke
A man may live like a fool for a year, and become wise in a day
brainlet cope


File: images-3.jpg (21 KB, 700x438)
21 KB
>From 2024 the competition will have 32 teams in four groups of eight
>24 sides will retain their Champions League places each season regardless of their domestic performance
Sounds based
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>play in a literal farmers league
>haha we champs now
semen slurping
But Arsenal have two European trophies.
Arsenal Sarandí or Arsenal Tula?
The Kenyan poster is probably giggling to himself like a schoolgirl due to finally having a thread that has over 50 plus replies

Time running out for McCunt eddition:
>> 100152174
Quote from the goy himself
>” “Unless there’s an absolute miracle and the world turns around in the next three months, which I don’t see happening – people are crazy right now over this thing – I don’t know (if McGregor will fight). I don’t know anymore. Since this thing started, I’ve been trying to get ahead of it and get ahead of it and get ahead of it. And every time we thought we got ahead of it, the next day it would change. I’m not going to sit here and act like now that it’s all starting to come back, I know what’s going to happen 30 days from now, because I don’t.”
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Dumb whore needs to be tamed
Why does she need to take all those photos and post them on social media?
>conor is trying to gas khabib by blocking his punches with his face
looks like the kind of meme card that's taylor-made for reddit
He is a roidbaby midget and his body and mind are collapsing after 20 yeards of taking roids

Where was he vs Dortmund?
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>expecting a fraud to deliver in big games
shiggy diggy
File: lothar.jpg (280 KB, 500x588)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
Holy based
same for ronaldo desu
File: Robert.jpg (227 KB, 1080x1085)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
>le pocketed by Akanji man

File: 1590813269096.jpg (43 KB, 493x352)
43 KB
Which team should I root for
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Nice jersey, enjoyable players, almost made it to the WC
CL, I shall sleep, bye
I hope I can move to São Paulo and see which team i'll take
I thought Coleman would be one of the best RBs of the world
Damn. I was so close to tracking you down too. I'll get you next time.
>root beer
It's just root beer. Aussies don't say things like they root for a team or they were rooting around looking for something. They do say things like:
>oi Sheila, you wanna root?
>root me stupid, fuck me blind
And rooted also means something is not able to work, needs fixing to function, or if a person says they're rooted it means they're tired as in they can't move.

Since eurangutans and sudacas can't into space travel is it safe to say that the upcoming intergalactic space colonies will not have include soccer and it will mostly be space hockey?
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Dont worry soon well put a black transwoman on the moon
Imagine where the human race would be now if based German scientists were free to do their research instead of being forced by that autistic polcuck to build war machines.
Why do Americans think nobody, including their own astronauts, haven't been in space for the last 10 years?
Also why are they so happy about privatizing space flight?
Looking forward to tug of war without anything to hold on to.
>why are they so happy about privatizing space flight?
Why are you not? Spacex is making old technology obsolete.

>the düstroyer of düsseldorf
>No where to be seen against Dortmund
>Farmer team comes up next
>”Hey I can suddenly score”

File: ERkpFxWWkAApHkA.jpg (188 KB, 1080x1080)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
Dread it, run from it, destiny still arrives /sp/
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Dresses like Thom Yorke when he was dropping OKC

I agree
File: 0teyyihl7i221.jpg (232 KB, 1536x2048)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
Lois Lane and Superman are LFC fans too

File: ET0g5xrXsAEDHix.jpg (203 KB, 1241x1533)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
With the first selection in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Carolina Panthers select Trevor Lawrence, quarterback, and the future GOAT
pants would suck enough to land him. too bad that organization isn't good enough to make use of him and he would likely waste a good chunk of his career there.
Welcome to Jacksonville

Were the Spurs a dynasty?
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Literally (as in this was documented and completely happened) they were propped up by game fixing refs that were on mafia payrolls.
Stern would let a season play out every so often without maximum rigging for the sole purpose of pointing at the team who won to say "see, would I really have let THAT team win if it were rigged?"
The Spurs were a dynasty in the sense that they won almost every single one of those years
Dallas fucked up their chance
> implying stern didn't absolutely hate the spurs winning as a small-market, team-first, no diva superstar to sell the league
duncan was just a good dude. didn't really seek the spotlight. nba hates that for marketing


Manu you mean. Hit the go ahead 3 then shit the bed on D fouling Dirk. Cost them the 3 peat. Pop wouldn't have let the refs run wild the way Johnson did with Wade.

What exactly did bronny mean by this?
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in just 5 games?
he was daydreaming
File: 1564334039898.gif (1.29 MB, 195x229)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB GIF
even his teammates are confused
Webm please
>No Timmy
typical Pop being a stickler for his rotations.

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