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Best QB in the NFCE
i literally despise niggers. i cannot stand them
that's like being the smartest nigger
OMG I just realized this. To give him credit he stopped throwing picks and getting sacked. Which is literally all you need at this point to be elite in the NFC least.

File: firefox_ATVVqyQBae.png (92 KB, 209x247)
92 KB
You may only post in this thread if your team is leading the NFC East

>Football Team
File: Danny Dimes.jpg (114 KB, 828x784)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
>Giants are going to the playoffs and Biden is our pres.

Daniel Jones is elite.

File: nfl.jpg (10 KB, 225x225)
10 KB
I have never watched nfl. Is there some sort of world cup or other that is interesting to watch?
Excuse me?

File: boomer.jpg (94 KB, 364x554)
94 KB
/afl/: Collingwood defender Tom Langdon retires
/nrl/: Jack de Belin to remain stood down after jury unable to reach a verdict
/cric/: David Warner ruled out of final ODI and T20 series due to groin injury, in doubt for test series
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Think he meant BATMAN.
Which bit?
we're in here
saturday arvo is pure kino, i'd assume the cast would be different over there though
most of their callers seem to tailor towards the average working class aussie bloke
think he meant BANE

File: wince.gif (112 KB, 220x189)
112 KB
112 KB GIF

Literally the worst death in modern sport history
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Old cuban sport fisherman reflected on his existence and life while trying to catch an especially large marlin
>anything could happen to you and have to wait hours before any help reach you
These guys have some guts
File: EoGO9uNW8AETBC3.jpg (68 KB, 680x382)
68 KB
>Vendée Globe : the most prestigious and demanding boat race of the world
>guy's boat in OP pic sank
>spent a couple hours on pic related
>an another contestant come to rescue him
>waves fifteen feet high
>the rescue boat pass just a couple feet away from him so close they could speak to each other
>but he was too far to caught him so the rescuer had to turn around
>a waves just take him to the abyss
>tfw the rescue boat had come maybe 5 minutes sooner he could have lived
Vendee Globe race (solo sailing round the world race), guy in the pic activated his distress beacon because his ship was destroyed. He's now all alone in a raft, somewhere south of Africa.
Harnessing the wind is a sport

File: edp445.png (598 KB, 1024x492)
598 KB
598 KB PNG
Stream Link
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Which ones burned down? Not had a few fires. Burned down.
>St. Louis
Lol ok. Think you should check your media overlords.
We dont need a bail out lmao, all we need is money for the economy because we have jobs, all the POC already on welfare deserve more welfare?? Is that what you're trying to say?
You can meet an african american and flip a coin for 2 reasons. Heads they have herpes, tails they are on welfare or some kind of government assistance. These are statistics.
eagles ruining the spread lol
so mad at the stupidity of this post i have to (you) you

File: unnamed.jpg (66 KB, 512x388)
66 KB
For all of us doomed office workers, what would you consider the bests sports to save our spines from over sitting and stay healthy in the long run ?

Combat sports type ? Ju-jitsu / Wrestling
Endurance type ? Running / Cycling / Swimming
Fitness type ? Lifting / Stretching / Yoga

Please do not talk about office "best practice" like getting up for a little walk every hour. Only discuss about sports.
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I play footie once a week. It fucks up my legs and hips, but it is great fun.
Lads it's yoga. It's the fountain of youth. I started with DDP Yoga a few years ago, haven't kept with it but helped get healthy and lose weight (my flag, I know I know) lately I've been doing ones from YouTube. You may think "increased flexibility, who cares?" But it helps in every area of life
how were you able to post this?

File: roids.png (527 KB, 605x373)
527 KB
527 KB PNG
I never come on this board because i don't care about sports, but maybe I would if instead of professional sports having strict rules on drug usage to prevent other athletes being at a disadvantage, they just totally lifted all restrictions on drug usage and doping so that no athletes were at a disadvantage in a sense that they are all free to take as many drugs as they want. It would be a lot more interesting to see absolutely roided, fucked up, barely human mutants playing, say, american football than it would be to watch normal people. Allowing for extreme bodily alterations like trimming away and streamlining certain parts of the human body to make them more aerodynamic or suited for their particular sport would also be cool. It would add a whole new element of body horror to the sporting world which I believe is sorely missing.
Sounds like reddit might be more your speed.
Have sex, go outside, get a clue and then come back to post
I hate this thread and I hate you OP
Technology isn't there yet pal. All that's going to happen is a bunch of roidrillas going around raging

File: 1591025963464.gif (24 KB, 112x112)
24 KB
>browns are 8-3


8 3 be from.cincinnatti right now
Based boomer sooner leaf holy shit ream my ass raw please

>first female to play in Power Five College Football game
>doinks it about twenty yards

Holy shit man me sides
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>Men's sports doesn't exist
>what is crabcock
Eh, I think it actually might have been intentional. 50% because she probably only could've added 10 more yards on a real kick, and 50% to eliminate any chance of a return and having her get ripped in half
Oh, there's no doubt she could have blasted it. She probably just got nervous and shanked it.
unironically an openly fixed game
in a sane and just world both teams would be thrown out of the SEC and sanctioned into oblivion
>I've been wanting to say that for awhile
Christ no wonder they were fired.

File: download (6).jpg (13 KB, 182x276)
13 KB
Why couldn't he hold on to his lead?

Why the fuck don't they play in a tournament format?
>hurr it's more fair because they all play each other
Who the fuck cares? That just makes it harder for an underdog to win.
>hurr why have an exciting season conclude with a climactic last game when you can put all of them into a retarded points system where a game between Team A and Team B can decide whether or not Team C wins the championship
Who came up with this shit?
>inb4 "durr ur an american ur retarded"
Not an argument.
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Football is but it's the only one that should have a playoff system. The other three major sports have no reason having a playoff system
Of course
gotta love how mutts are consistently the worst posters on any board
But even football has divisions that you use to qualify for playoffs no?

File: images-12.jpg (35 KB, 554x554)
35 KB
The next Neymar Jr
I know Neymar is kinda "shit" but come on, don't insult him like that
>that flag
Mentally ill
to be fair >you have a lot of great young kids coming through but de la fuente isn't one of them
he's just a runfast meme with no brain, sadly

Frens....cancel culture won... Matera is no longer Captain
Tiene un super pedazo el grone ese

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