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He's scored like 12 goals against them in a couple of games mate. Yeah maybe he should stop stat padding.
>it's ok when Messoi does it!!!!
CR7 score in nearly every game since becoming a forward (2007), irrelevant or not. Every player statpad,the question is how good you counter it with important goals, and CR7 put the best counter football ever seen.
Why the fuck did he play so often against Malmö?
When does he do it?

Not what this thread is about

> tfw all the GOATs are white guys
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bird had the highest peak of any nba player ever he is the goat
where's jake paul
File: Bladee.jpg (63 KB, 948x1546)
63 KB
Wrong white rapper
accurate with the exception of the entire left column

File: Central_America.png (53 KB, 400x285)
53 KB
redpill me on football in these countries

do they like their football as much as south americans? Do they watch their national football leagues? or they prefer mexican/colombian league?
How do their domestic leagues compare to south american ones in terms of quality of football?
What's the best/worst league/national team among these countries?
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Dominican Republic >>> Haiti
Callate chicano chupapija
Ok I'll start,It's true they eat literal mud cookies?
>>that Costa Rican neo nazi that had a racial youtube channel who went from WE WUZ WHITE AND SHIT to WE WUZ CASTIZO to AMERINDIANS ARE BASICALLY WHITE ANYWAY
who are you quoting,mae?
Actually Fernando is costa rican, it's a shame I've to share my flag with that autistic

File: file.png (378 KB, 680x606)
378 KB
378 KB PNG
Do we need to accept that Ole's got this? Is Ole at the wheel?
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All the Sancho money went to bribing the refs and VAR officials.
Van Gaal had a plan but a few of his transfers flopped and then Woodward came in his pants over the prospect of Mourinho at Yanited and fired him after he won the FA cup final.
The problem was there was zero continuity between managers after Fergie. Barcelona has an identity as a club as far as style of play. Manure did under Fergie but they thought they’d be clever and play a more “modern” style by imposing Van Laal’s antiquated possession based system. Then they went with the most diametrically opposite system possible under Mourinho.
And the transfer policy has been consistently shit even since the Fergie years.
None of the issues can really be laid directly on the managers. It’s clear that Woodward has no idea how to build a squad and just buys whoever has the most social media impressions. They haven’t signed a single right winger since Valencia. The have spent almost a decade exclusively attacking down the left side.
Ole in of course
he's a placeholder til Potch wants to manage again
File: oles at the wheel.jpg (54 KB, 620x413)
54 KB

File: 1605997854540.jpg (47 KB, 265x376)
47 KB
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Basically, either RTTF Peres will go up to 200k or it will completely crash Rulebreaker Cuadrado. Bebou is a bit more risky, but there's no other striker like him in the Bundesliga apart from OTW Hwang who won't get an upgrade all year
Okie dokie thanks. Gonna buy his black ass
Dunno much about bundes but surely there is a better option at CAM no?
Should i use shadow or engine for Bruno Penandes at 433 CM?
Engine is what my gut says but I'm also a shitter.

File: jamal adams2.jpg (70 KB, 1280x720)
70 KB
u mad haters ?

File: n.jpg (454 KB, 1596x1629)
454 KB
454 KB JPG

Messi is next
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>This is considered racist in Britistan
They don't do it in Italy
I thought they did it in South America, I was born there(Peru) and I'm surprised to hear this
Mind you I was born long ago but my wife is taking my name, not up for debate
Thankfully I've met a nice European girl for a few months and things are going splendidly

Don't women in India take the first name of the husband to be their last name?
Because we don't base our superiority to women with such retarded stuff, if they believe they are better than us we just beat the shit out of them so they know their place, they can do whatever the fuck they want after that

File: 1606414439375.jpg (51 KB, 760x434)
51 KB
General for the discussion of current winter sport events

>Thu 03.12
13:30 Biathlon, Mens 10km Sprint, Kontiolahti (FIN)
16:30 Biathlon, Womens 7.5km Sprint, Kontiolahti (FIN)

>Fri 04.12
15:30 Ski Jumping, HS134 QUA, Nizhny Tagil (RUS)

>Sat 05.12
10:30 Alpine, Mens Giant Slalom Run 1, Santa Caterina Valfurva (ITA)
11:30 Alpine, Womens Super G, St. Moritz (SUI)
13:20 Biathlon, Mens 12.5km Pursuit, Kontiolahti (FIN)
13:30 Alpine, Mens Giant Slalom Run 2, Santa Caterina Valfurva (ITA)
15:15 Biathlon, Womens 4x6km Relay, Kontiolahti (FIN)

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previous threads:





Stop deleting these threads. We're discussing sports here.
File: biathlon meet up.jpg (249 KB, 1185x1200)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
Why are we so persecuted?

RIP Rei das Subidas

Paços vs Famalicão (2-0)
Tondela vs Vitória (0-2)
Santa Clara vs FC Porto (0-1)
Sporting vs Moreirense (2-1)
Portimonense vs Nacional (15:00)
Gil Vicente vs Rio Ave (15:00)
Boavista vs B SAD (17:30)
Braga vs Farense (20:00)
Maritimo vs Benfica (19:00)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: file.png (83 KB, 979x379)
83 KB
jesus how does porto unironically employ this fucking retard?
literally has a meltdown every matchday firing in all directions if porto doesn't win
Lito Vidigal would be perfect for Vasco.

We'd get rid of litoball while Brazilians praise another "innovative thinker from Europe" at the sight of every bus parking performance. And Vasco would still find its way to a Libertadores spot.
File: EoGtHtbXYA03_Vl.jpg (113 KB, 1039x581)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
All this talk about Pokemon cards and i never bothered to collect. Only have that one that came with the vhs of the 1st movie.

And fuck Otomendi, he is the new Emerson. And I hope he is doing on purpose because if he isnt, he is a already mentally challenged at the age of 32.

His job is to bark.
I dont know if Pedro Pinto will change anything at Benfica, but i hope he brings Portas with stats and then contacts germany and puts Otomendi in a sub so i never see him ever again
File: bump.jpg (243 KB, 1538x2048)
243 KB
243 KB JPG

File: mlels.png (110 KB, 1200x1268)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
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File: 1587452841091.png (69 KB, 714x574)
69 KB
obviously an NA only callup, but I guarantee idiots are going to lose their shit about it regardless
Who would you call up instead? Keep in mind it's not a fifa window so the yuro chad's cant come

File: FaggotKeith.jpg (29 KB, 696x392)
29 KB
Worst sports media personalities. I'll start with this overdramatic asshole.
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I’ll never let 4chan convince me that DLB sucks or is a SJW or whatever. His daily show is the best on radio, so great
Olbershit easily.
Yeah, looking at that guy makes me cringe, like how does a grown man even act like that?
Jim Rome; the guy looks like a total asshole. I still remember the incident he had with Jim Everett.

File: JS29611696.jpg (124 KB, 1200x900)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
/147/ - loldottwins edition

>UK Championship 2020 on until December 6th
>Link for the sessions:
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more like fried so lard heh

Fresh brains!!!


I genuinely like pool, both eight and nine-ball, provided it's an American-style table and not the monged set-up we get in British pubs and snooker clubs
Snooker is still a far superior watch though, of course
I think it might be Dott’s year.

File: Whiteman.jpg (98 KB, 1100x825)
98 KB
The White man marches on.
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File: jack kelly.jpg (85 KB, 1280x720)
85 KB
His dad looks like the black version of Charlie's uncle from Always Sunny.
The Seahawks have this inability to close out any game. They only beat the Vikings with a fluke TD at the very end of regulation because Zimmer was a shithead
NYG first place baby!
>4-7 on 3 game win streak
>lowest points scored in nfc, third lowest in nfl
>same record as last place lions
>don't look at my HANDS
wilson is build like a tank and he is one of the fastest and most athletic QBs ever but ok

File: Patrick_Mahomes_II.jpg (2.65 MB, 1796x2408)
2.65 MB
2.65 MB JPG
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>Mahomes fumbles/throws an interception to the Patriots. Play is called dead for no reason.
>Mahomes throws a pick to a wide open Buccs cornerback. Roughing the passer flag thrown after the pick because an arm hit his helmet.

Mahomes is so great he never turns the ball over
File: Eli.jpg (18 KB, 510x364)
18 KB
You're young kid, look up the tuck rule and spy gate. Fook the Cheating Brady, he will always be 18-1. Go Giants
Same as a Pitcher or 1st Baseman.
You can be a Fat Fuck and still be seen as a top athlet

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