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File: 1622457862551.png (206 KB, 1200x1450)
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File: 4t4d.jpg (111 KB, 961x702)
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He wants that FMVP so badly. And get a ring before Durant. He's on a revenge tour.
He still looks washed as fuck.
the white man marches on

File: FB_IMG_1653273792871.jpg (24 KB, 720x422)
24 KB
This cant be true
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>tfw our leagues will never have relegation
Why live?
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so do we....

way more than you lol
name them
>relegation/promotion is literally how clubs change and grow and progress
wow, just look at all this change, growth and progress.
>It's so cool that Wales hasn't had a team in the EPL for half a decade
Yeah and when did they won their champonships, the Middle Ages?
Dont @ me

File: 1423853.jpg (48 KB, 750x445)
48 KB
I just checked reddit and everyone is Mbappe. They're so pissed he chose money over prestige and honor.
Lol, he's lost 4chan, he's lost twitter, and now he's lost reddit.

He could have had Champions League glory, a passionate fanbase, and honors galore. Now? Nothing. That's what happens when you turn us down.

But hey, he made his bed, now he has to lie in it.

¡Hola Madrid!
Forever and ever!
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did you forget to change your proxy
their lives and all of their bloldline going back in the past and on the future combined
>Anonymous (US Flag)
Stopped reading there
hola OP :)
spuh is a prem and bundes board
we don't care beyond laughing at madrid

File: Lionel-Messi.jpg (28 KB, 615x409)
28 KB
>plays every match with PSG
>still selected by his NT
Am I supposed to believe he's shit because he stopped scoring and converted into Pirlo/late Rooney? If he was that shit, he would be benched.
>and converted into Pirlo/late Rooney?

that's where he gets to play 5'4" beaners like him, not 6'2" BVLLS
he played with the 2 biggest egos of the last 10 years of course he is going to take a backseat to them to make them happy. He's a grown ass man and knows what to do.

File: wayne-gretzky.jpg (94 KB, 1200x800)
94 KB
Is he really the Great One?
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it's an aluminum stick
Not really. Led the league twice and then immediately got mogged by Gretzky while Gretzky also had twice as many assists
IMO it's because he was at such a level above the competition that he didn't have to make great plays to score.
I do agree though that his reel is pretty lackluster, his most memorable moment desu is probably the famous "Gretzky had it, lost it"
he only played 10 years, but his stats are up there in GOAT status
Take every single goal he ever scored in the NHL and he's still the all time leader in career points. Also, his seasons with 200+ points compared to everyone else is absurd.

File: 71079.jpg (198 KB, 752x1000)
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198 KB JPG
Just started, get in here
File: brooke raboutou.jpg (98 KB, 640x800)
98 KB
First for Rabbitfu
The first Boulder was so much harder for them
>Video unavailable
>The uploader has not made this video available in your country
She was robbed by the top on boulder one she got a second late
Sucks but she should've been faster. Anyway, quality thread lads, same time next week?

File: Warriors.png (235 KB, 416x416)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
I'd like to congratulate the Golden State Warriors on winning the 2022 NBA championship.
doncic tiene un pecho heladizimo
doncic perro kaka
The rest of the league are cucks for letting them win again. Embarrassing front offices and coaching, all of em.
this playoffs makes it obvious the Western conference is fraudulent
Heat and Celtics will be too beaten up to put up a challenge and the Warriors are going to be able to get plenty of rest after sweeping the Mavs.

File: FTYwSHLWUAET0_w[1].jpg (180 KB, 1024x683)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
The PL season finished earlier today.

Earlier nonsense:
Barcelona coach Xavi has confirmed they are in talks to sign 33-year-old Bayern Munich and Poland striker Robert Lewandowski. (Goal)

>Paris St-Germain are preparing one final offer for Paul Pogba but Juventus are confident the France midfielder, 29, will join them on a three-year deal worth close to £10m a season when his Manchester United contract expires this summer. (Mail)

Arsenal have had a £76m bid for Nigeria striker Victor Osimhen, 23, rejected by Napoli. (Calciomercato)

>Newcastle, West Ham and Southampton are interested in signing Chelsea's Armando Broja, with the 20-year-old Albania forward also attracting interest from Italian sides AC Milan, Inter Milan and Napoli. (Goal)

Everton are plotting a move for Chelsea's England Under-21 centre-back Levi Colwill, 19, who has spent this season on loan at Huddersfield. (Sun)

>Tottenham had scouts watching Serbia winger Filip Kostic as he helped Eintracht Frankfurt win the Europa League this week, and Spurs are now readying a summer bid for the 29-year-old, who is valued at £25m. (Express)

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I guarantee it's not in the top 4. 100% guarantee it right now with jam on top.
no it's the money you retard
united outspent them and have a gd of 0
yeah, he's won so many CLs without messi. It's incredible. Truly a phenomenon.
Is Joao Moutinho staying at Wolves next season?

File: Golden_State_Warriors.png (46 KB, 200x244)
46 KB
>beats dallas 4-0
>faces whoever comes from the east, tired af for playing 7 games
Based Warriors exposing this shit sport.

Who is De Gay talking about?
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Definitely not about Mata LOL
Yeah bro, it's real. There's only one fax machine in Madrid and it broke that day. Damn shame.
>Who is De Gay talking about?
me. I'm leaving. goodbye, bros.
twain, I'll miss you, you fuckin schizo.
Shit forgot about that legendary agent blunder

File: rawk1.png (58 KB, 1107x581)
58 KB
This is a thread for enjoying the salt from Liverpool supporters. Share your best salty finds from rawk, reddit, twitter, etc.
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They're right though. People are too insistent on being anti-liverpool on this site. If Liverpool fans said that being able to pick the ball up in your hands made the sport worse, half of you would argue that Gaelic football has always been the superior sport and it's a good change. They may be salty, but referees need to be held to a higher standard.
>it's spurs lads

The real final was the two legs between Barcelona and Liverpool, which were 120 minutes of pure kino.
Spurs, Ajax kek...just a formality, neither stand a chance, although Ajax would have put a a bit of a fight, instead of roll over like SPurs ALWAYS does in semi-finals, and finals(in case they miracously reach them)
It was still hillarious seeing Liverpool playing at snail pace and comfortably dominating that shit club from London.
fuck off ZIOnazi
>world cup 2018 will be the one and only true world cup of all time.
muh VAR

>France still got massive refball help in the fucking final lol
Wait until the salt gets more higher when Liverpool slips to Madrid

>not Barca
>not Liverpool
>not United
>not Inter
>not Juve

Can we consider these three clubs part of footballing royalty?
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Who cares, the only thing that matters here is where are the cat's ears
File: 1651998908745.png (819 KB, 1000x1000)
819 KB
819 KB PNG
good boi wpuld pet
>1956 to 1960 are mickey mouse titles
is this copebait?
calate maricon

So, instead of going to the best club in the world and getting $200,000,000. He decided to stay at a shit club and get $500,000,000.

Why? Is money really more important than ambition?
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on en apprends tous les jours
Halal customers are easily the most deluded group on Earth. They really need to be brought down a peg.
since 2000
spain: 10 uel, 10 ucl
france: kek
that's not really relevant to deny your domestic league has no competitivity beside the same 2 sincz forever

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