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File: 20191002062205silva1.jpg (86 KB, 850x647)
86 KB
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lmao, this nigga is european, he doesn't have excuses, that's just racist
As a negrito I don't care if lil' congos are racist or not but I would be pissed if they were a shit product
Bernardo Silva is based

File: 1605997854540.jpg (47 KB, 265x376)
47 KB
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So sweaty goals all day then
>salah, mane, kante, van dijk, pogba, all these overused premier league players
I didnt say they were cheap, but you can have a team like that without spending money at this point 100%
just use a la liga team with the same kind of players but for 1/3 price
As someone who had just sold a la Liga team there really aren't people on that level.

Italy is the best if the mainland Europe leagues by a county mile.

File: messi.jpg (143 KB, 827x827)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
lmao why you crying negrito
Zero dimes

File: younghoe.jpg (101 KB, 960x587)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
The NFL MVP so far... change my mind

File: 1558196383660.jpg (527 KB, 900x612)
527 KB
527 KB JPG
*>schalke edition*


18:30 Borussia Mönchengladbach - FC Schalke 04

>SUNDAY 29/11
15:30 Bayer Leverkusen - Hertha BSC
18:00 FSV Mainz 05 - TSG Hoffenheim

2nd /bundes/
13:30 1. FC Heidenheim - HSV

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Got my new television delivered today.
First thing I noticed when I put something on was this weird windy sound underneath the normal sound. Turns out it’s a well-known problem with Samsung televisions.
Well I certainly couldn’t live with that, but the thought of putting it back in the box and returning it and then getting a new one was too much, so I went and bought a soundbar instead.
Now everything is in order, although the tv sure is big.
I don't like Samsung, always mistrust them.
for me, it's LG
Not your blog


File: 1601583387757.jpg (412 KB, 992x1098)
412 KB
412 KB JPG
You may only post ITT if your club is currently top of their national top division.
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do we realy want to win the league yidbros? I think it would ruin our club identity
Olympiakoschad reporting in
File: 1606729936737.jpg (3 KB, 120x125)
3 KB
Very cool

Congrats to Hawkes Bay, Tasman and LT

>Saturday 5th Dec
Australia vs Argentina, Bankwest Stadium, Sydney

>Saturday 28th Nov
Wales 24-13 England
France 35-22 Italy
>Sunday 29th Nov
14:00 Ireland vs Georgia, Aviva Stadium, Dublin
>Sat/Sun 5th/6th Dec
Finals, TBD

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Except kicking in bad field position is exactly what a turnover based attacking structure does. Kick it back and try and win the ball back in the opposition half, then move the ball wide within 2-3 quick phases to exploit space at the far side. That's what Scarlets did, Beirne/James Davies/Barclay/whoever would win the ball, there'd be a hit up and then a pullback by a tight 5 player to Patchell who'd move it onto the 13 or an outside back break down the 15m channel. Prolonged phase play was very rare outside of goal line situations.
That's clearly what Pivac is trying to do, but we aren't winning the turnovers. It might be a different story when Navidi and Ellis Jenkins are fit but it just isn't happening
I really miss these years leading up to and including the 2015 world cup. Even the disappointment of our loss to NZ in 2013 in Dublin fills me with nostalgia for the greater passion I had for what seemed to be a more entertaining and interesting time for the game.
Only problem with this era was France regressing in form.
2013 Lions tour was banter as well
Rugby has got more dull since 2015. One of my best memories around the sport was going to a rave in Nottingham in my Wales shirt after the group game and doing a load of mandy just loving getting shit from people
Wew Rory Thornton and Dillon Lewis both on tinder, I'm gonna try and fuck with them
Ben Thomas and Dewi Cross both on there too

File: ronshunoved.jpg (162 KB, 970x546)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
>Thu 03.12
13:30 Biathlon, Mens 10km Sprint, Kontiolahti (FIN)
16:30 Biathlon, Womens 7.5km Sprint, Kontiolahti (FIN)

>Fri 04.12
15:30 Ski Jumping, HS134 QUA, Nizhny Tagil (RUS)

>Sat 05.12
10:30 Alpine, Mens Giant Slalom Run 1, Santa Caterina Valfurva (ITA)
11:30 Alpine, Womens Super G, St. Moritz (SUI)
13:20 Biathlon, Mens 12.5km Pursuit, Kontiolahti (FIN)
13:30 Alpine, Mens Giant Slalom Run 2, Santa Caterina Valfurva (ITA)
15:15 Biathlon, Womens 4x6km Relay, Kontiolahti (FIN)
16:30 Ski Jumping, HS134, Nizhny Tagil (RUS)

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File: fourcade.jpg (56 KB, 1280x720)
56 KB
First for 4chad. Gone but not forgotten

File: 1020113041230.jpg (212 KB, 1080x1076)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
What went SO RIGHT?
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Even when they're shit they're still top of the league.
For the French league to become interesting, either the Qataris need to go or some other French club needs to become some fat Arab's prestige toy.
So your banter nickname version of their name is...island? Vraiment? Pas drôle
File: Niko-Kovač.jpg (41 KB, 980x554)
41 KB
Leave Ligue 1 to me.
Losing the CL final
>Lille and Montpellier on top places
So. Frenchbros, who are this generation's Hazard and Giroud, respectively?

The UK Championship is one of snooker’s most historic and prestigious tournaments. The defending champion Ding Junhui has already been knocked out. Who will take the trophy?

The 2020 event will run until December 6th.

Link for the sessions: http://livescores.worldsnookerdata.com/Sessions/Tournament/14166/betway-uk-championship-2020
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I think your stream may have a slight delay.
It was fucking BBC lmao
:^) :3
bbc stream has delay
Needs the Shorn Morphy dance webm.

File: fplmonday.jpg (48 KB, 680x304)
48 KB
Monday night thriller edition

Vardy (c)hads, show yourself
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So what did Cavani say?
File: ifonlyyouknew.jpg (139 KB, 1409x885)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
When the FUCK is brenny going to play my boy Under? His link up play with vardy is ELITE
what are the odds of justing getting 20 points?
All Vardy (c)'s report
"Gracias Negrito". Guaranteed 8 game ban thanks to the Suarez precedent

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Coke, hookers and alchool
It bugs me that we could've had the kino'est of kino Messi WC win but got some soulless germans calmly accepting their 700th World Cup instead
Manolo bringing the heat
that was also Maradona's only goal for newells

File: USATSI_15249310.jpg (162 KB, 1000x600)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
>The best team and quarterback in the league need the refs to take away an interception just so they can beat a 43 year old man by a field goal
Tom Brady is the apex of human life.
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You, sir, are the idiot. The chiefs had 10 penalties for over 80 yards. Penalties are one of the chiefs' biggest problems. They get called constantly and most of the time honestly they are good calls by the refs. Believing that the chiefs won that game due to refball is delusional. They won that game because for some reason the buccs decided to single cover tyreek for the first half of the game and their play calling was awful.
Fucking seething Toomfag
Fake news
Yet, just a moments later Brady had the same thing called by referees...so the referees were consistent.
Why it took Brady two quarters to have the engine running? Why can't your boy Brady run with the ball? Mahomes got two first downs himself, and almost had a 3rd one. He isn't scared of being tackled.
Keep seething. The dogs bark, but the Chiefs caravan keeps going hahahahahahah

File: 1605584359336.png (148 KB, 782x758)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
>Class tribute from Messi. Fitting it comes after a vintage class goal. I really wasn’t expecting this. Brought me to tears. Absolutely beautiful moment.
have sex
File: 1606260879840.png (187 KB, 496x550)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
b-b-but i thought he played for boca juniors?
File: 1598990591888.jpg (22 KB, 246x248)
22 KB
>have sex

File: 2ndpick.jpg (71 KB, 800x622)
71 KB
I honestly don't think I can do it anymore guys. The superb owl jokes are almost just stupid now. It's going to be really hard since most of my family are Burrs fans, but I just don't think I can support them anymore.

It's been 30 goddamn years now since Burrs were a dominant team, guys. 30 years. And the winning seasons in that time have been so precious few.

I never liked Lazor. Really I didn't. I never thought his offensive guru bullshit was a fit for the Bears. Regardless of the problems with the quarterback, the coaching, the front office... I just don't think I can support this team anymore. I can't take another year of the shame, the embarassment. And its hard because when you're a diehard fan of a team for so long, when football is the only sport that really matters to you, the history of the team is ingrained in your body, and they can't succeed... why even go on? You have to make choice. End it. Your life, or the life of the team in your heart.
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File: 1606531194972m.jpg (64 KB, 561x1024)
64 KB
Bears fans will never experience happiness.
File: 1606361250326.jpg (101 KB, 823x900)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Cowbro here, OP. I know exactly that feel
File: burrs4.jpg (202 KB, 453x659)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
existence is suffering

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