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File: 1603981104862.jpg (25 KB, 500x500)
25 KB
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Leftist means "thing I don't like", same with "fascist", "alt right", and "Communist"; what's the problem?
/pol/ too on here, if you say something that triggers someone and that they don't like, even if it has nothing to do with politics the person will start screeching about /pol/
bit gay if i'm being honest

Yes. Except "Orwellian".
why do Spanish men cry so much and why are their women so feminist? disgusting behaviours desu
Tottenham next.

>20 wins in a row after this weekend

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none of those teams had high elo
For me, it’s 27 wins and then it stops on the 1st leg of the UCL quarterfinals
Maybe because htey attributed low coefficients to south american teams?
when they play themselves
Boca went 393 days unbeaten in the 1998/99 season. 40 games. How does that account? Is beating Levante and Granada more commendable than beating 90s River and Velez?

Narcissistic psychopathic fedcels STILL S E E T H I N G from last night. This strikes fear into their hearts.



Previous: >>106247106
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jeffrey wasn't there to take me to the fair to change my underwear
File: images (67).jpg (38 KB, 679x452)
38 KB
She is going to be dead in 10 years
No :)

Top 10 current white basketball players
1 jokic
2 doncic
3 vucevic
4 sabonis
5 porzingas
6 Hayward
7 markkahnen
8 love
9 valicunas
10 herro

>the state of white peepole holding onto any semblance of relevance in the society they built

where is ben simmons?
>Jokić, Dončić, Vučević
File: Garrison Mathews.png (210 KB, 1040x760)
210 KB
210 KB PNG
Where's Garrison Mathews?
>No Caruso
>No INgles

Shit list, rethink your life

We can all agree he is the GOAT yeah?
the 5 foot 7 guy?
What sport does he play?
not even the best hip-hop artist or best lyricist from his own city from the same ERA
Wouldn't be surprised if he got canceled for not kissing enough white ass. Like Lauryn Hill.
everything after GKMC has been meh

Let it rip
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File: brees.png (22 KB, 807x249)
22 KB
>brees considering not retiring
>this happens
don't mess with brady
it makes it even funnier
David is still really important in that defence because White is still not great in coverage
Barrett they could survive without but he rounds out the pass rush nicely
They’re a completely different monster when Vea is playing.
every single video I've seen of asians getting attacked in these ao called racist incidents is them getting attacked by some black or hispanic schizo looking dude

File: 1413070416393.webm (1.98 MB, 512x314)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB WEBM
>February 27th DAZN USA
Joseph Parker vs Junior Fa

>February 27th FOX USA
Anthony Dirrell vs. Kyrone Davis

>February 27th DAZN USA UK
Saúl Canelo Álvarez vs Avni Yildirim
Julio Cesar Martinez vs. McWilliams Arroyo

>March 4th NBCSN USA
Serhii Bohachuk vs. Brandon Adams
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SNAC has played a huge part in my training camp
>while they're apparently allowed to have Wilder fight bum Martin.
You really just believe everything you read online don't you.
Fury might actually kill himself if has to face wilder again. Fear is a powerful thing
Not gonna lie, it would be pretty legendary if Fury actually does fight Joshua immediately next. Imagine that on his resume? Beating an unbeaten, 5-year champion and then beating the other top guy with the belts back-to-back? How often does that happen? Has it ever? Would be another fantastic historical feat to Fury's repertoire.
do you have conte's roid hook up bro

File: gurche_neanderthal.jpg (76 KB, 670x456)
76 KB
For me, its Barcalona Forward Messi.
File: haaland.jfif.jpg (66 KB, 976x549)
66 KB
for me, it's haaland
Looks more like Zlatan

File: goodsellers.jpg (1.42 MB, 1984x2972)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB JPG
26th February
>Vitória SC【20:30】Boavista
27th February
>Santa Clara【18:00】Paços de Ferreira
28th February
>Tondela【17:30】Gil Vicente
1st March
>Benfica【19:00】Rio Ave

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pigs are squealing because someone on sporting´s staff didn´t allow the players of some sport to use quint*na´s name on the shirts of their next game
i think the point of the white shirts with "QUINTANA 1" written on it was to show it was beyond club allegiances
but that's just how i saw it
File: MAD.jpg (28 KB, 200x325)
28 KB
>beyond club allegiances

fuck them, nothing would make me happier than having them play in the distritais
File: .png (522 KB, 775x715)
522 KB
522 KB PNG

File: 1575751757577.png (503 KB, 896x500)
503 KB
503 KB PNG
nazio - bayern edition
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Damn, I just put money on them lol only 3£ but it's basically beltics ml, Braaaptors ml, packers ml, pistons +11.5, lal +9, hornets +9. 5 @40>>106320554
No more betting on the Celtics until they get Marcus Smart back. This team is just an embarrassment.
Can you explain why they're so bad? I don't get it, they should be motivated to bounce back after two close games
They have 2 good players. Terrible center rotation and nobody who can create their own offense other than the 2 stars.
>tfw I wasted my $50 NBA champion futures freebet on the Celtics @ 16

File: It's your tactics.png (515 KB, 1024x271)
515 KB
515 KB PNG
We all hate Miles edition

>Essential downloads:

>Guide to Football Manager:

>Tactic and Strategy Guides:

>Training and Mentoring Guides:

>Team Talks:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: zbr18d.webm (2.14 MB, 720x720)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB WEBM
leaked training footage
File: 1606080842880.jpg (146 KB, 503x465)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
>tfw you sign an american
USA has some ludicrous youth rating in 21, they're 6th in the world on my save and they keep producing insane regens
File: 5RpmVBg.png (239 KB, 1344x533)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
the only non-worthless player in the intake
rate him
I don't use wingers, he's gonna be retrained to CWB
oh wow so this game is true to life then

File: gianluca-brambilla.jpg (32 KB, 600x400)
32 KB
Brambilla edition

UAE Tour this week
02/22 Stage 2 | Al Hudayriat Island - Al Hudayriat Island (flat TT)
02/23 Stage 3 | Strata Manufactoring - Jebel Hafeet (flat with a mountain finish 10km 7%)
02/24 Stage 4 | Al Marjan Island - Al Marjan Island (all flat)
02/25 Stage 5 | Fujairah Marine Club - Jebel Jais (hilly-flat with a mountain finish 21km 5%)
02/26 Stage 6 | Deira Island - Palm Jumeirah (all flat)
02/27 Stage 7 | Yas Mall - Abu Dhabi Breakwater (all flat)
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Taken with a digital camera made in 2002.
joão wins tomorrow
What is the name of Canyon's endurance bike?
Pretty sure I just switched timelines. Maybe Pinot can win the tdf in this timeline.
nah u just swapped to the back pain timeline, no tdf in this one either unfortunately

File: s-l400.jpg (23 KB, 285x400)
23 KB
For me, it's Quim
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The early 2000s were a different, sexier time Joao.
>votes for a political party that gets its brains beaten out every time
Holy fuck ahahahaha
What the FUCK is that tank top
that's rui costa
Couto looks not bad desu

The nba logo is racist because it has a black guy on it
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Same reason they came up with "man." Same reason your dad calls you "killer." Not that hard
what the fuck are you talking about
I'm not saying people shouldn't strive for greatness; people should have high self-esteem. But calling oneself a Black King or King unironically has become kinda cringey.
It comes from the myth that Africans taken from the west coast of Africa and transported to America as farm equipment are somehow direct descendants of Egyptians from the north east of Africa.
Basically they have a hard time grasping reality. A lot of them seem to be under the impression that Wakanda was something they could have achieved despite never having invented the wheel and even more of them seem to think Wakanda is/was a real place. What do you expect from them? We're talking about a people (and I'm being generous) who are so stupid that IQ tests had to be re-calibrated just to pretend they weren't retards.
Jerry West was pretty good. That's why they made the NBA logo a design of him

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