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File: brawl3.jpg (137 KB, 1200x675)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
*Record scratch*

*Freeze frame*

Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation.
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kek love how this exact moment led to the crash and burn of the Brown's season

I don't need proof when I have faith
yeah I forgot, whites are guilty til proven innocent, my bad.>>99560741

The burden of proof is on the oppressor

File: file.png (35 KB, 405x353)
35 KB
KC: Chiefs sign TE Ricky Seals-Jones to one-year deal
FA: Texans showing interest in free agent Eric Reid?
ARZ: Bill O'Brien: Hopkins wanted a raise, HOU declined
LAR: Michael Brockers passes physical, re-joins Rams
CHI: Ryan Pace declares open QB competition for Bears
KC: Watkins agrees to restructured deal to stick in KC
LAR: New Rams stadium may not be ready for Week 1
LV: Raiders take one-year flier on Damarious Randall
FA: Chief NFL doctor: Return will depend on testing
FA: John Clayton: Jets considering Clowney run
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I think Rex Ryan is forgetting that Dak was on the Trubisky/Mariota/Winston path before trading the cowboys traded for Cooper.
File: antonio-brown-cowboys.jpg (135 KB, 1200x1200)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
File: download.jpg (9 KB, 275x183)
9 KB
based redneck
corn-fed revenge tour
At least he didnt cry like bosa. I always knew Joey was the one to be trusted.
File: IMG_20200203_183955.jpg (142 KB, 760x1024)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Nick eternally BTFO by mutt and company

File: Big Baby is Back.jpg (181 KB, 1080x1350)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
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I've just woken from the most beautiful dream. Old man Golovkin one punch KO's Canelo in the trilogy fight. He slips to the inside of a Canelo jab and lands a perfect right hand counter. Canelo lifeless, crumbles over as he hits the deck.
Whatever happened to the irish spic poster who sucked off canelo?
he now uses a dutch proxy
File: IMG_20200404_044052.jpg (107 KB, 720x523)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Mtk global is an international money laundering scheme for Irish drug gangs everyone knows this
Yes they promote and do real boxing things just like a mafia pizza parlor really makes pizzas but washes mob money

A pal of mine who used to fight Jamie Kavanaugh his dad was killed by rivals in Spain like 5 years ago he was an Irish gangster with mtk it’s a brutal life

Take the Conspiracy 58-pill.
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you've been in a coma since 1933
spygate, 2007 formula one season
mclaren mechanic essentially got the ferrari's blueprints from a friend in the team, his wife took it to a local copy shop and got exposed
You know what's interesting about what you say? The Scots who are notable are the ones who lived in the lowlands. They became notable because they learned English and were then able to learn from the heroic Anglo.
The highlanders (not the ones who were born 400 years ago and are immortal) continued to speak Scots and because of it stayed as little more than cavemen.
So my point is by speaking Scots we'd all be as brain dead as you. And don't give me that "I'm from the clan McDonald" bullshit that you lunatics often come out with.
Do you mean Gaelic, or actually Scots?
Was she that desperate for BBC? Not surprising NGL

File: 1585032271097.webm (2.96 MB, 480x852)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB WEBM
>week 2 without games
>Ligma might return until May
>Nacho Trellez die at 103yo
>Enrique Bonilla got coronavairus
>Andre Marin is fine, our reptilian lad got intestinal infection
>the mexican Angie Varona: Norma Palafox cries about getting attention
>Benfica could pay 14md€ for Leo Fernandez(Toluca)
>Confirmed: Pelagatos Higuera "used to" robot for América
Tiene coronavairus pero no se detiene con las noticias, Newsbro:
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>creacion de la LigaMX Femenil
Se introdujo en el país de manera forzada por la FMF para evadir impuestos de acuerdo a la agenda que seguía televisa

Para un diferente nivel:
>Contratos de la LigaMX Femenil
En un principio las jugadoras acordaron cosas como lucir femeninas, resaltar su figura en redes sociales y no hablar de lesbianismo mientras tuvieran contrato, incluso había una clausula que anulaba el contrato en caso de embarazo, conforme el movimiento feminista ganaba popularidad en México, esto fue perdiendo fuerza y las jugadoras comenzaron a ventilar su vida privada. A partir de la epidemia del covid-19, la FMF canceló los torneos menores, excepto la liga femenil, siendo la que menos ingresos aportaba por una cuestion mediática.
no se supone que ya habia una de esas rondando por las internetz webz? pero bueno de las que me acuerdo

la que yo les dije hace un tiempo sobre si no tienes conocidos en el futbol mexicano tienes que dar las nalgas para por lo menos que te hechen un ojo
el telefono rojo ( televisa y fmf)
narco marquez
grupo caliente
arreglo de partidos ( faitelson y joserra)
gobierno del estado y equipos de futbol
usa controla la seleccion de mexico
File: 1582505389517.webm (2 MB, 672x826)
2 MB
>tfw no ley seca en tu estado
File: 1523412109446.webm (2.91 MB, 1280x720)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB WEBM
Si recuerdo tu post, incluso hablaste de la verga de zague antes de que saliera su vídeo por tus conocidos de fuerzas basicas. Gracias por los temas.

File: 1513028576270.jpg (27 KB, 400x400)
27 KB
Did we take sports for granted bros?
File: 1484430695125.jpg (221 KB, 1911x1080)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
yes but we still have each other
File: 1563401867079.png (345 KB, 1054x750)
345 KB
345 KB PNG
jolene jolene, jolene jollllleeeeene, i'm begging of oyu pls don take my sports

File: 2214016.jpg (490 KB, 800x1130)
490 KB
490 KB JPG
i fukken luv me afl
y don't the world play it ???
can't tell if you're drunk, retarded, a zoomer, or a falseflagging pajeet student at La Trobe
Because the short shorts are fucking gay!
Is that video game good tho?
If the teams didn't had generic burger names like 'Tigers' 'Lions' Eagles' 'Giants' or 'Bulldogs' it would be more appewling to the international community.
Poos don't watch AFL, nobody does except white anglos.

Has anyone ever tried to create sports leagues from the prison population? There must be a decent sized population who essentially work out and play sports all day, so I'd imagine they'd be somewhat decent, and the revenue could be used to finance the prison system. It's a win win for everybody.
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>extension gunners
So, it's like crew-served weapons with extension cords??
>go to prison for fighting someone and killing them
>fight your way out of prison
Not much different in america. Look up Reggie Cole.
what does a wrongful conviction have to do with what you replied to
not the same at all, weird attempt at seething, I gotta say

File: turnieimpact.jpg (75 KB, 530x520)
75 KB
fuck ya in the ass
yeah i got the brass
make ya wish yous in a ditch
cause I just made ya my bitch
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Shea Stadium was still better than the enclosed cookie cutter stadiums but yeah, it was still a cookie cutter stadium. The absolute worst were Three Rivers, Riverfront, Veterans, Fulton County, the enclosed version of Angels Stadium, Candlestick, etc.
File: Shea stadium 2006.jpg (594 KB, 2000x1200)
594 KB
594 KB JPG
shea was in the middle of a parking lot and next to the train. it wasnt that scenic but it could get very loud and still had some "soul". at least citi field retained the nice parts of shea and incorporated it into the new ballpark
File: 1570398130499.jpg (362 KB, 1405x1536)
362 KB
362 KB JPG
>MLB officially cancels Cards vs. Cubs in London
We knew it was going to happen, but still...
Based dullahanfag. How are you holding up with no baseball?
>that brit who bought tickets
yeah, this is a “kek lol oh no” moment

File: 1585356141582.jpg (242 KB, 800x522)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYJdpnjuSWVOLgGT9fIzL0g/videos

Marbula One Standings - https://jellesmarbleruns.fandom.com/wiki/Marbula_One_2020

Main Website - https://www.marble-sports.com

Last - >>99493829

8th and final M1 race this Sunday
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Sounds like some more O'cope.
Genuinely hate oretardos so much
>Tomorrow is the last qualifying day

marbula e is starting soon. Also, apparently Marbula 2 is in the works as well.

File: bracket.jpg (98 KB, 1280x720)
98 KB
Last day of the regular season, anon.
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File: 1563811027491.png (91 KB, 400x333)
91 KB
i'm up!
File: 1584362277741.png (18 KB, 300x250)
18 KB
Huomenta, but the opposite.
My life is a mess lads. No two ways about it.
shall be taking a nap later today

File: nba.jpg (58 KB, 382x372)
58 KB
CLG: Nuggets complete 14-day home quarantine
CLG: All Brooklyn players officially symptom-free
CLG: Toronto bans public events through June 30
CLG: Lakers players complete 14-day home quarantine
BKN: Joe Harris says he wants to re-sign with the Nets
BOS: Marcus Smart says he's cleared of coronavirus
CLG: Jim Dolan has tested positive for coronavirus
CLG: Forward Paul Reed declares for 2020 NBA Draft
CLG: Killian Hayes to enter 2020 NBA Draft
UTA: Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell medically cleared
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File: 1529624809143.png (996 KB, 1244x706)
996 KB
996 KB PNG
>time was ago
can't deal with this mumble shit, cloud shit, trap shit
This started in Seattle dipshit
Seattle isn't getting a team in this decade. May not be 2 decades.
File: 9pw9xutfm5m41.jpg (128 KB, 1125x1301)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
masai ujiri finesse god

File: 12z756234643.png (374 KB, 658x902)
374 KB
374 KB PNG
He's gone and done it again. Never give up anons
>having children

That's so irresponsible
That's pretty old, a woman shouldn't have kids at the age of 44

Did we ever have a Nations League?
22 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yes retard, and you got cucked as usual by the NIGGERlands
Based /elite/ bros
What's the point of having this and the euro?
Is it because Germany bitched about being in League B that they changed the format?

That was football

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Still the highest test man to ever play the game
File: Sérvia x Albânia.webm (1.87 MB, 1280x720)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB WEBM
Looks pretty based to me
You all forget that originally you could kick a cunt in the shins if he picked up the ball.
Footy was better in the 1800s.

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