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Uno champions League por favor
>loses to some shitty bean league team in UCL
city "fans" are a little too happy today.,
File: Screenshot_81.png (2 KB, 46x319)
2 KB
you've been saying that for about a decade now
Can't tell whether this is supposed to be Pep, Ten Hag or Dyche.
That's wrong, it should be
>Una liga de campeones, por favor no
white kanye

File: malawi.jpg (3.18 MB, 4000x2626)
3.18 MB
3.18 MB JPG


>Sunday, 20th May
20:45 Torino - Roma 0-3

>Sunday, 21st May
17:15 Genoa - Bologna 0-1
20:45 Atalanta - Empoli 0-1
20:45 Fiorentina - Juventus 2-0
20:45 Lazio - Hellas Verona 3-3

>Sunday, 22nd May
12:30 Spezia - Napoli 0-3

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File: 1460638850024.jpg (74 KB, 482x395)
74 KB
>have breakfast while reading /seriea/
>see quintessential Malawi post
Good morning bros

Good morning milan bros! Still can’t believe that >we did it!
Hello fra I hope all okay.
Faggot that cannot understand simple bantz between two cities
Tbh all is left now with Malawi back is some Albania schizopost on how this Serie A title was rigged in favour of Pioli being a fraud.

Seriously what the FUCK did he do to turn Milan around?
3 years ago they were closer to relegation than to top 3
The power of JIROOOOO
Juve sucks
Inter seethe
The rest dilate
One of the few bald managers who's not a fraud
giroud first goal in the 1-2 derby wasn't legit he fouled sanchez

Ask your dad who is favorite athlete was in his childhood and report back.
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>My brother's middle name is Van as a result.
sorry but this is so stupid
This is very funny to me
Probably some Mets pitcher from the 60s
Don Drysdale
based dad you better not be letting him down

Who is the greatest sportsperson of all time?
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In all honesty, its probably me
Hristo that you mah nigga?
Babe Ruth.
Wilt Chamberlain, maybe Bo Jackson
My boy Jlingz

File: 1653255965052.png (544 KB, 828x485)
544 KB
544 KB PNG
No transvegans allowed.
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File: gazzetta.jfif.jpg (123 KB, 1140x1095)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
>italy will replace them
FIFA literally told them they have no chance kek
the reason is that it's a sudaca slot, so it will be usde by a sudaca NT team
now that i think about it, brazil NT always have a couple of bald players
what's wrong with your hair?
Italy is as sudaca as Argentina
by that logic, asspain and pooptugal are sucadas.
yeah, look at our coaches

File: 1652299933712-01.jpg (79 KB, 720x704)
79 KB


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henry reminds me of him a bit but not quite as quick
some sort of democratic peoples republic...
Lets be honest here, and I am in no way trying to minimise the behaviour of those thugs, but i would love to hear what those people said to provoke such a response because it must've been fucking heinous.
based gough
File: 0.jpg (327 KB, 1032x1376)
327 KB
327 KB JPG
the humble late 'ree 'za 'unch

File: Fuck Fergus.jpg (91 KB, 739x415)
91 KB
The only reason this is a treble instead of a quadruple is because shitty spent billions on depth that Liverpool have only managed to get in the second half of this season.

No team in tje history of club football can beat this team over 2 legs.

Also a reminder: 92 points that Klopp ended up with is the highest ever achieved by that tactical mental midget "Fergie". Klopp has matched or exceeded that thrice.
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>strongest team of all time
>City have won the Premier League 4 of the last 5 seasons
How does this work?
Don't you have a mall to shart inside?>>120581173
Pedo spammer. Fergus has been exposed as a fraud.

Another reminder that Wenger had a winning record against fergus before Arsenal fell into financial trouble due to the new stadium. He then just bought the league(including ref). He has a losing record against both Mourinho and Pep. He can't compete against top tactical minds.
>current liverpool
Real Madrid will beat them
Lol. Real Putrid got lucky against shitty who are an inferior team to Liverpool. They literally only won against these oil clubs is because they're.

1) They're not mentality monsters.
2) They lack clinical finishers.
3) Competent GKs.

If you haven't noticed Liverpool has all three.

I don’t even remember who won the last super bowl desu
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I'm from socal and even I think the super bowl was forgettable, shame after such a kino playoffs beforehand too
Stay strong lads, love you
Football wasn't boring last season, but it was some of the worst disappointment, frustration, heartbreak, and anger I'd ever felt that left me really burnt out. The sad thing is that enough time passes until the fall for the scars to heal and set yourself up again for more bad times.
Golf is all that is left.
Madrid is being fun to watch now, even forced myself to watch the basketball games.

File: 1644198393332.png (995 KB, 1822x1306)
995 KB
995 KB PNG
>Manchester city won the Premier league title today in the final round in dramatic fashion
>you wouldn't even know it looking at the board
>the slow general i post in didn't even get bumped off
nobody really does care about city huh
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it's 'Cityzens' actually, which kind of sums up exactly why no one gaf when these oil-fund wankers win yet another league.
>Jolly well (ha!) spent lads!
fuck Citeh.
>wah wah wah look at me pls look at me

This is not your safe space go suck a cis dick somewhere else
>Euro board
Nobody cares that some team wins the championship by having the best record.
I'm fully convinced people would care more for City if they were still playing at Maine Road

File: ACK.webm (2.38 MB, 1280x720)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB WEBM
Luka sisters….
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>expecting /sp/ to know what a travel is
>*defends step-backs*
Shit sport.
legitimately this. The guy that got btfo would have just given a free throw if he did any blocking because the attacker is always given right of way
That's not a travel dumbass

File: serie.webm (2.34 MB, 720x1280)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB WEBM
woman moment
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Octopus are great at this too.
Carrying branches across a wooden bridge? Video or you're bullshitting.
That's a really ugly trophy. Disgusting actually.
Sure tranny
how much would i have to pay her to watch her lift up her dress and squat over that trophy to fill it with her urine and then deliver it to me so i can drink all of it

File: 1653277084490.png (646 KB, 599x890)
646 KB
646 KB PNG
My wife chino and her wife sxarp are so so cute

Why do the English not understand managing?
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American accents are very cute.
She was exposed by Hitchens
this is who wrote the article. physiognomy wins again. this pencil neck bugman will never lead people, the best he can do is snivel and point on the sidelines
She was part of the fappening leaks
pancake syrup


>May 28th Showtime PPV USA
Rolando Romero vs. Gervonta Davis
Jesus Ramos vs. Lucas Santamaria

>June 4th DAZN
Kenichi Ogawa vs. Joe Cordina

>June 4th ESPN USA FOXTEL Main Event AUS
George Kambosos vs. Devin Haney

>June 4th Showtime USA
Stephen Fulton Jr. vs. Danny Roman
David Morrell vs. Kalvin Henderson

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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gervonta literally tryna use the mandela effect to change the timeline where he doesn't get kayoed
File: FS_1mfvXEAAetAd.jpg (166 KB, 1200x675)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
>Honestly, I thought Tank was gonna walk all over Cruz.
>Pitbull Cruz really beat the fuck out of him. He made Tank fucking scared out of his mind.
>Now can you imagine if I was in there? A dude that punches way harder than both of them put together. Bigger than both of 'em. Stronger than both of 'em. More aggressive than both of 'em.
>He's not that tough. People think he's tough, but he's just a weight bully.
are Rolly is gonna send a Shockwave across the LDBC
Ruiz 6'5" confirmed
tank is scared of latinos

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