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File: 1200px-Arsenal_FC.svg.png (213 KB, 1200x1412)
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213 KB PNG
Is there any particular reason that Arsenal is so popular, especially among foreign fans?
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I never asked the brown kids at school why they liked arsenal, wish I knew, then I'd answer your question.
I don't know how much of a factor this was but Arsenal were also associated with "beautiful football" from around 2003-2010 ish

United were portrayed as the tough talented thugs who won at any cost, Chelsea the "defensive team" and Liverpool that one meme team that bored everyone (before Torres) but kept getting important results somehow

The joke before the 2006 final was that it would end 0-0 because both Arsenal and Barcelona would keep tippy tappy passing trying to walk the ball in and ultimately fail to score

As hard as it is to believe, as late as 2008 I remember watching La Liga and the commentators trying to defend the idea of Barcelona playing the most attacking game in Europe rather than Arsenal

Their style of football became a bit of a joke in later years when they went on the long trophyless run but it might have been a factor in why people chose to identify with them

For a very long time Arsenal were associated with being the best ball playing team in Europe
It felt like it was the only British club at the turn of millennium with a heavy focus on foreigners, while United and Liverpool focused more on local lads.
Arsenal legit was the first team that would pop up when you browse the Premier League on FIFA. The badge is legit a gun and the team name is easy to say. Of course Americans and Africans would pick them
File: lfc 0304.png (25 KB, 684x463)
25 KB
>the only British club at the turn of millennium with a heavy focus on foreigners
This is complete revisionist bullshit though, take this one random example. You can do this with United as well.

File: img.jpg (123 KB, 1024x732)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
How did it go?
I played against Keinan Davis once in a 6 a side tournament. Can't say he was too impressive
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File: IMG_20210510_135857.jpg (396 KB, 1080x1934)
396 KB
396 KB JPG
Played against Luis Mejia in a school tournament. Our match ended 2-2.
yes i played against a guy who is in AC Milans youth team right now. i beat him and then he called me bad lol
A friend played against Jack Wilshere for the county yoof. Told me his mum was a giant chav who got into a shouting match with another mum who was there.
I played against Omar Bolden and Bobby Wagner in high school. I got a good shot on Wagner when he was playing tight end, he got mad and tried to start a fight.

he was a fucking diva
yes. I played against a guy who is now one of the best table tennis players in my country. I've beaten him every time. I was 15 and he was like 8 but still lol

Can we just dissolve this waste of space please?
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they develop a lot of talent.
nobody relevant

Teams that fall into Serie B from Serie A have a one year bonus.
Didn't balotelli play for them?
The Italian West Brom

File: 1611220804498.jpg (1.09 MB, 1365x2048)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
Is Camavinga any good? Literally never heard of him before today but now apparently Real Madrid and Bayern wants his signature.
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he's 70M good, a bargain for a club like arsenal
I rate him very highly, main target for PES 21 lad
Now you're just being mean to the lad
he'd be perfect the match with their 80M pepe desu
If Arsenal bought him they would have an insane midfield, I believe in him since he's never bad in football manager, it's not like those never flop

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7 years and we are still here.
and always will be
I bet the qatar wc is gonna be fucking shit
The best world cup ever, Mesi choking was brilliant.
File: download (7).jpg (11 KB, 226x223)
11 KB
you can't unsee facepalm

File: EZEFKuTU8AAUFvp.jpg (209 KB, 1200x1200)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
Picture that ends every Ronaldo/Mesi debate
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There's literally no argument against this, Messi won the only CL final they faced.
I mean Juve have dropped to 5th and lost 3 fucking 0 to AC Milan
you do realise he scored Man Utd's only goal of that game right?
File: E0-ROeBWUAEXZPN.jpg (186 KB, 1080x1080)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
>cucked by a 50 year old Zlatan
File: 1605017319003.jpg (133 KB, 640x348)
133 KB
133 KB JPG

File: dybala.jpg (6 KB, 300x168)
6 KB
Why did Juventus waste his career?
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*catches 20 different strains of covid*
maestro birlo likes wing play instead of the soulful 10 ever since kaka mogged him
he sucks, should be thankful he managed to play for juve
>cucked by messi with the national team
>cucked by ronaldo at juventus

poor dybala
He should have chosen Italy

File: francesa.jpg (127 KB, 625x352)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Soo now we got a caller.. uhh, anon from /sp/, go ahead anon
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Hey Mike long time first time um, what's ya undah-ovah for Norwich City avoiding relegation from the Prem next season? You think Pukki with get results this time 'round or flop again? Tanks, I'll hang up and listen.
Hey Mike, big fan of the show. Do you think when Amani Toomer caught touchdowns back in the day he said "I'M GONNA TOOM" when he was running to the endzone? I'll take your answer off the air.
My buddy said the number 7 horse from Schenectady is gonna win the derby?
Yeah, Mike. What if the Mets put deGrom in right on his off days like Ohtani?
Hey Mike, when is New York gonna elect someone to clean up the city again like Julie Annie did? Can we get Jacob deGrom for mayor or something? I'm gonna hang up and listen to your response, thanks.

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It's not even about the stadium sale, it's about the amortisation method they use when depreciating player values.
Most clubs use a straight line method for this. So say a club buys a player for £10m on a four year contract. Their book value starts at 10m, goes down to 7.5m in the second year, 5m in the third, 2.5m, before finally ending at 0 when their contract is finished.
Derby's method assigns a residual value near the end of the contract, so if they had a £10m player, they might set a residual value of £5m at the start of their final year, so over that period £5m will decrease in the first three years of the contract, and £5m will decrease within the final year. Derby argue that this more accurately reflects a player's value over a contract than the conventional method. This method allows a bit more freedom for Derby to spread the player's value out, but the start and end points of the amortisation are the same: the price paid for a player at the start, 0 when the player leaves at the end of their contract.
The original panel found in Derby's favour because they found that their method does not go against standard accounting practices, and they also mention that some Premier League clubs use this method, but they did reprimand them for not disclosing the practice as well as they could have done. Even if this is overturned, however, I think it's quite unlikely that they will be deducted points. That part just seems like clickbait from the tabloids. It will probably just be a fine and the EFL telling them they need to follow the straight-line method from now on.
It was actually 3 seconds, kek
The only punishment for that is a fine, like you said a points deduction is very unlikely
Huh, so this is why 538 was giving wycombe a 1% chance to stay up even with the season over

Dustallah Ibn’Poiriyah edition
news at topdog.com
THE heemvious?? >>108261264
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With the change in my wallet I could buy 10 Romanian women. Worthless nation full of smelly gyppos
Probably as even the smelliest gyppo would be an 11/10 in bongland

Can't wait for this califag to get brutally heemed again
Rotherham was not rape or grooming, those anglo bitches willingly sold their cunts for a pack of ciggies and some chips to paki BVLLS and then got rightfully BTFO when they thought they could manipulate the pakis for more when they pretended to be victims.
Honestly pakis were the only victims there for having to fuck those disgusting a*gloid cunts.
File: 1608434298493.png (168 KB, 310x510)
168 KB
168 KB PNG

File: scottparker2909[1].jpg (112 KB, 1200x800)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
So is this guy a top-league level manager or not?

I don't see how anyone who understands the sport could rank him anywhere outside the top 5 of all time. Where he ranks in comparison to Messi, Maradona and Pele is debatable, but he belongs in the GOAT conversation.
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>but he belongs in the GOAT conversation.
Why? Because he was a great goalscorer who played for great teams?

I think Shearer and van Nistelrooy were more clinical scorers for worse teams than him

Other than that, as a ball playing midfielder he's just lucky
> Terry had a chance to win it, missed penalty
> Griezmann missed penalty, Juanfran missed penalty in 2016 CL
> Griezmann missed penalty in Euro 2016
> Ramos scored a last minute header in 2014

This man's team was literally on the verge of losing but for intervention from other teammates ( see also Eder and Bale for winning tied matches)

And let's not even go to how invisible he was in many of those matches

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Everybody already knows Penaldo is the GOAT (gayest of all time)
>conveniently ignores performance leading up to the finals AND the 2017 final
File: tsutrick.jpg (494 KB, 914x1116)
494 KB
494 KB JPG
The coping by ronaldofags after yet another humiliating defeat in which he did nothing is brilliant. Keep 'em coming, boys.

Hey Patrick just calling to let you know there’s a real GOAT coming up. Ian book will win more super bowl than mahomes. Bank on it

File: gdre54ds.png (959 KB, 1200x1058)
959 KB
959 KB PNG
Will Mahrez get a Ballon d'Or if Man City wins the Champions League final?

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