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File: roncero.jpg (32 KB, 739x415)
32 KB

What language is that? This isn't Spanish.
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autistic monke screeching
No, donaruma and benzema did. Not a single spanniard involved.
Appreciate that. Delicious.
To madrid absolutely. Even the customers who cheered him want him to get his leg broken by some random ngubenku who plays for angers SCO.
Spanniards really are closer to monkeys than anybody else.

File: 20220523_073700.jpg (55 KB, 749x454)
55 KB
ABLbros, we won!
Did you really expect Leicester to win the league again?

Uno champions League por favor
>loses to some shitty bean league team in UCL
city "fans" are a little too happy today.,
File: Screenshot_81.png (2 KB, 46x319)
2 KB
you've been saying that for about a decade now
Can't tell whether this is supposed to be Pep, Ten Hag or Dyche.
That's wrong, it should be
>Una liga de campeones, por favor no

File: gayfootballer.jpg (70 KB, 703x419)
70 KB
Alright, who is it?
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Aaron Rodgers (forma de inglaterra)
>married with kids
Adam Johnson
Michael Ricketts, Kevin Phillips or Frannie Jeffers.
Wasn't there supposedly footage of Cashley at bisexual swinger's orgies and shit? Amazed that it never leaked out really.

File: 2022-MLB-Map.jpg (108 KB, 1324x678)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
So what if we contracted the Rays and Marlins, moved the Athletics to Montreal, and banned the owner groups of all three organizations from baseball forever?

Name a single downside to this.
montreal isnt a baseball town
It is more than Oakland or Las Vegas.
i'd love it if the marlins were actually viable and the rays spent.

File: image.jpg (3.16 MB, 4032x3024)
3.16 MB
3.16 MB JPG
>ahhhh I’m so happy we won the league we are expected to win every year
>our 4th one in 5 years so special
>even though we got knocked out of league cup, fa cup and bottled the champions league
What an utter fraud
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He's the biggest fraud in football.
File: 1653259617255.jpg (268 KB, 700x800)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
At least we scored a goal for once!
Next year we will get back into Europe for sure!
Agreed. The prem league outside 3 teams is very weak.
Not for a team with unlimited money it's not.
Murderpool customers cope

File: usfl_.jpg (61 KB, 700x394)
61 KB
Philadelphia Stars (3-3) def. Tampa Bay Bandits (3-3), 35-28
Birmingham Stallions (6-0) def. Michigan Panthers (1-5), 33-17

New Orleans Breakers (4-2) def. Pittsburgh Maulers (1-5), 26-16
Houston Gambers (1-4) vs. New Jersey Generals, 4pm EST
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my gennies :)
Lmao black coaches btfo’d
it doesn't matter what league it is, this is legally required for all Houston teams, per the U.S. Constitution.
File: hg.jpg (48 KB, 315x316)
48 KB
File: usfl.png (49 KB, 1024x683)
49 KB
>season 60% over

File: FTJxokwWUAcK3Cg.png (811 KB, 680x680)
811 KB
811 KB PNG
The Senegalese FF has written a full manifesto defending Gana Gueye and insulting the FFF and French government for their positions toward Idrissa Gana Gueye and considering legal actions against the FFF
Full manifeto here:

Key points:
>When ethics is based on hypotheticals and diktat, individual freedom is in danger.
>Are we really in this France that we were told and told about in our schools, the one whose motto is freedom, fraternity and equality for all?
>This is how the whole problem of freedoms presents itself today, they are no longer universal: there are those that have been promoted or even imposed, even with forceps if necessary, others for which we turn our heads away and who do not will never benefit from a dedicated championship day unfortunately.
>The Senegalese Football Federation (...) also reserves the right to seize the competent international bodies in the field of sport or human rights so that what looks like institutionalized harassment ceases.
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>Homosexuality is illegal in Senegal and punishable by prison sentences of up to five years. It is also illegal in Qatar, where PSG's owners hail from and where the men's 2022 World Cup will be staged later this year.
massive flex ngl
Nobody can force me to like LGBTQ people. Won't bother them, but won't support them either
African and Caribbean immigrants will save Europe from the downfall caused by gays and trans

5:33 pm ET: All-Star Open
8:13 pm ET: All-Star Race
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Who's the Special Olympian?
Because that's how it's pronounced.
Nah, saying it like that sounds retarded.
shut up queer bend over and take his cock up your ass some more disgusting disease spreading degenerate

File: leeds.png (186 KB, 802x741)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
Marsch is king
Leeds are buying Aaronson and maybe Adams
get in here and discuss the NT bros
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File: 1648970930818.jpg (7 KB, 233x216)
7 KB
>He scored a world cup goal, was outstanding in the world cup
One of those statements is true
He scored a goal yes
He also gave up the goal against Ghana. He was very bad in those 45 minutes he played
And yeah he was decent in the Copa America but the issue is those games were 6 years ago and he played alongside the veteran Geoff Cameron. Now he's the veteran and he's still playing like he has the game awareness of a rookie

>Can't blame him for not getting up for meme tournaments like the gold cup
I can absolutely blame him. He's supposed to play with pride whenever he plays for the US. He plays hard whenever he plays Poopensharten and he needed to bring that commitment to the national team. He didn't and now he's gone from the team. Good riddance
leeds ain't some theme park ride, you don't get the yorkshire mind. It's not welcoming to outsiders
Taylor Booth wil ascend next season.
Booth gang

File: 1240618198.jpg (227 KB, 1400x1400)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
What is the play one good match every 10 matches mindset called?
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I'm lazy and procrastinate at work so only get a few overly productive days per month. I get it
the black pulisic
Pogba special

File: 1424193630902.gif (103 KB, 250x336)
103 KB
103 KB GIF
Did they ever had a realistic chance of winning EPL today
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back then, winning the league used to mean something
>only Arsenal, Man United and later on Chelsea used to be favorites
>used to mean something
All of it was staged to make City look like an exciting team.
Did Villa even have anything to play for?
Where was Emi Martinez too?

I don't think you can say the choke was knocked out of City. They beat a team that was checked out anyway. They also in no way should have been 2 down
Reminder that Liverpool still don’t have a legit PL title without an asterisk.

File: EiIkczXWsAQOFDa.jpg (100 KB, 581x1024)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Are boy is one frame away from regaining his tour card!


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File: 1650205835581.webm (2.74 MB, 1280x592)
2.74 MB
2.74 MB WEBM
Swing and a miss
I've started reading Stephen Hendry's autobiography. You were right; it's absolutely brilliant. I haven't read many celebrity autobiographies, but of the ones I have read, this is easily the best. He also gives a list of his top five albums, and #5 is In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, the classic /mu/ meme.
>tfw the /147/ musos are asleep so I can post truly brilliant music

Fucking kneel, no one can compete, best Brazilian team in decades.
>can't win against argentina

yeah i don't think are you beating the top european teams
Vini wasn't playing in that game. You gonna get washed during the real thing, son.
That formation wouldnt work even in my sunday friendly
That formation gave France the last World Cup, dumbass.

File: BOSHBOSHOHMYGOSH.png (1.18 MB, 1066x590)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
Not. cool.

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