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File: Wx7ywzpg_400x400.jpg (16 KB, 400x400)
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/NRL/ up the bloody knights edition

File: braga.png (23 KB, 139x181)
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*wins copa libertadores 2021, 2022 and 2023*
Baseado e rivotrilado.
I hope so, all the traditional teams here are soulless.
how can they win the copa libertadores when Red Bull play in the Austrian league?
era of the bull
trips confirm

*joins the Lakers in 2021
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*gets hurt the 4th game
Probably won't even win if he goes there. Steph and Klay will be back by then, plus KD and Kyrie.
KD and Kyrie won’t do SHIT.
He wouldn't fit well in LA. He's also going to be overpaid somewhere. He's too streaky.

Thread theme https://youtu.be/p8iM90U2uYs
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Brunson is 5-2 past 7 fights and his losses are to Izzy and Jacare. There is simply no comparison between Weidman's level of flushed and Brunson's
File: 1596946473209.webm (1.27 MB, 480x270)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB WEBM
I was beaten to it this time.

New if you care about Chrisbros.
If not, well, I'll see you later.

File: Scores.jpg (191 KB, 935x738)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
All three judges scored 30-27 Khabib. Even Rogan said Khabib lost before the cards were announced
Based. This is exactly what will happen

File: goat.jpg (277 KB, 1052x924)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
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wtf mods are messifags???????
why is this sticky?
File: hay mano de messi.webm (109 KB, 480x608)
109 KB
> Messi is an ass guy

How does that make you feel?
Why does he have the just hair. Was this taken after 2014?

Why is football generally the only sport that suffers from extreme tribalism and violence? Even if it happens in other sports (rarely) it's to a much smaller degree.
because most other major sports are American, and we save that brand of retardation for our politics
Football is the most popular ubiquitous sport, it's literally everywhere so ofc you'll see.more violence from it but it's not a just football thing.

There was a huge riot from chariot racing, refball has been a thing since sports have existed

Great reading, cheers

File: nxuD1G_Z.jpg (71 KB, 680x383)
71 KB

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We're fine, any major name would've come out by now. If we have Llorente, Morata, and Oblak we're good.
It's Diego Costa and Savic
Best case scenario for us lol
is Werner in the lineup for Leipzig or are they playing without them? Having him in their lineup was the only hope they had of advancing
>is Werner in the lineup for Leipzig

>Having him in their lineup was the only hope they had of advancing
He is shit against bus parking teams anyway, could be a blessing in disguise

File: college football.jpg (95 KB, 1000x563)
95 KB
good night, sweet prince.
File: 2005_Ncaaps2.jpg (172 KB, 1050x1500)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
welp, it's time to bust out the ole' PS2
I'm blaming Harvard again
based homefield advantage earthquakes

File: 1582098063583.jpg (61 KB, 605x680)
61 KB
Post football reaction images.
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File: 1526141640027.png (55 KB, 445x594)
55 KB
File: tsuu smug 2.png (353 KB, 334x461)
353 KB
353 KB PNG
>12 minutes later
>no replies
The roast has lost its power over spee
File: 1586598052903.jpg (38 KB, 552x473)
38 KB
File: 1573721637153 - copia.jpg (27 KB, 265x423)
27 KB

File: Messi Crying.jpg (11 KB, 225x225)
11 KB
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Scoring more goals might have helped them win more games
Some of the Spanish farmers became CEOs
Decline has been severe he doesn't have the fortitude or drive to keep going like Ronaldo
He has predictably spent more time deep in midfield dictating play with his passing as he has lost his pace with age. Note the record season in assists.
Sarri is a fraud.

File: pepefrog.jpg (15 KB, 410x357)
15 KB
>team scores
>7 nation army plays

You went too far Chinaman Virus.
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3-0 for red bull fc

cases in Madrid are exploding, more players will test positive soon, I predict the CL won't be completed.
Wasn't the deal they should not get infected in order to play?
Something tells me it's a typical case of unprofessional moron players that ignored their restrictions and got coofed on. I don't see how that should nullify the competition
We're fine, any major name would've come out by now. If we have Llorente, Morata, and Oblak we're good.
get fucked Loserpool fan
By what, losing?
Just cancel the whole thing, not worth the risk. Let Liverpool be champs for another year

Most fucked team in the nba.
>lost by a bad bounce vs the Raptors
>lost Jimmy Butler and JJ
>zero cap space due to have 4 max players
>giving 34 year Al Horford a max deal
>Team Chemistry is fucked.
>Star Players Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons are both injured for this years playoff run.

What can save this team? Modern day late ‘90s early ‘00s Timberwolves?
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>lost by a bad bounce
they would have lost in OT anyways
The owner that bent to the will of Adam silver and retained the 3 assistant GMs to colangelo. It's a terrible organization uplifted by good talent. Too many people in the front office with power over a coach too weak to whip his players into shape.
Rehire Larry Brown as a coach to knock some sense into Simmons and Embid
ironically this.
Good players, bad management.

File: Gareth-Bale-1691019.jpg (57 KB, 620x413)
57 KB
Is he the biggest CHAD in football this last decade?

Bayol's CHAD achievements the last few years:

>Made Zidane rage quit the club he loves

>Told his agent to talk to Perez and fire Ancelotti

>Threatened Perez he leave the club jut after winning the CL for Madrid.

>Outlast Tsuunaldo in the team

> 600K a week doing nothing but siesta and golf.

>Delaying Mboopi transfer because of his big wages

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Sad but true. Oil hated and Bayol Goated for doing the same thing.
He'd 100% start at rw for united
Lmao who the fuck cares if he's going to be remembered in 50 years or not.? Oh yea, inces.
he makes more in 3 months than I will in my entire lifetime

But I won't remember him in 25 years so lmao I win.
ozil got blacklisted for calling out the chinks

*beats the Lakers in the 1st round
They shouldn’t even be in the bubble. They fucked up during the regular season why should they get a second chance?
This team will not beat the lakers.
but the clippers will
Not if the Trailblazers beat them 1st
The Spurs will take the 8th spot

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