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File: images-6.jpg (20 KB, 640x480)
20 KB
>reduce to 16 teams
>bring in Celtics and Rangers
>make more money than NFL
Simple as
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Based worst poster on /sp/ making retarded controversial shit posts
I like your consistency
only rangers, let celtic stay there and kill the league on their own
Celtic are midtable tier, Rangers are Championship midtable tier and the rest are scattered across League One and League Two.
Their imperial mystique would fade away rather quickly. The owners know it and don't even want to join. There is never going to be a European Super League for the same reason. It would expose Bayern, Juve, PSG and many others.

File: zsvzvbbf3ijngwrcy6hv.jpg (95 KB, 580x580)
95 KB
Yay! France are again the World Champions 1998. When do we get live sports? I want live sports. I know Bundesliga is on but they don't show that here on the telly :(

Contrast team make-up, 98 with 2020.
not really actually, check the picture again fatass
I dunno why people are obsessed with 1998 Final but whatever…

Rummenigger only managed to show the world that his "competition" is rigged from the beginning

File: eldritch.jpg (189 KB, 799x1126)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
>tfw Leeds get promoted


File: mnu.jpg (14 KB, 235x248)
14 KB
Seems like a good time to be united.
File: 1589520799469.png (733 KB, 1081x842)
733 KB
733 KB PNG
>make updated line
>thread dies


File: Eternal Bottler shirt.jpg (181 KB, 962x749)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
lmao starlets
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I thought they must've won more, what with having invented the sport and all the shit they talk
Now THAT would have been based.

>To this day there is ZERO proof about 1978.
it's the most blatantly bought off cup in history
lmao England trolled you guys hard

File: is 2 hot b.jpg (28 KB, 234x339)
28 KB
what does he have to do to make you consider him as top 10 all time?
actually be a good player

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The issue is that TV markets are a bust longterm. Cord-cutting isn't tomorrow, it's 5 years ago.
What ended up happening with that. I haven’t seen many numbers but it sounds like a disaster and the main reason the Big 12 is so poor.
Nothing. The remainder of the Big 12 that couldn't escape took it like a bitch
The Big XII really shit the bed when it comes to conference realignment and the keeping up with the Joneses. Everybody unanimously blames Texas and Texas honestly thought it was that much of an integral party of college football that they were untouchable. Now Texas is an afterthought.
File: big12-fake.png (73 KB, 700x321)
73 KB
Correct. Texas thinks it shits gold, and the Big 12 thinks it also shits gold as a result, despite being complete garbage, underpaying their non-TX teams, and zero contenders outside of OU.

They literally sperged out during realignment, "Oh, zero teams outside the Big 12 feel like Big 12 teams, therefore we will not add Big 12 teams."

They are the poster children for fuck-ups. At least the ACC hid its weakness by expanding.

File: Serie A.jpg (13 KB, 474x237)
13 KB
Why does this league have no fan support? Was it different in the 90's, or has this always been the case.
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>Why does this league have no fan support?
I think they call it a leading question
Juve wins lmaaaoooo is boring now.
1. Outdated stadiums. Most were built decades ago with different and outdated technologies and knowledge, also they were meant to be used for multiple purposes, hence the horrendous running tracks around the pitch which make the visibility, and in turn the experience, even less pleasing. For instance pic related is the view from Stadio Olimpico's Curva Sud.

2. Recession and cost. Prices are way too high, considering the service.

3. Poor infrastructures. If you live in Rome's suburbs you can easily reach the stadium in 15 minutes by car, but it takes at least 30 minutes to find a car park and more time to reach the stadium on foot. Is it worth it? No. Are public means of transport decent in that area? No way, Rome's public means of transport are horrendous on their own, add to that thousands of hurried fans.

4. Too big to be filled. Olimpico can host 72k people, San Siro 80k and San Paolo 60k. While these numbers can be reached for some important match or derby, it's very hard to sell out for a match against Carpi. So even if the stadium is half filled, it's still a considerable amount...also keep in mind that since the view is usually terrible from most stands, people tend to sit as high as possible, which makes the lowest seats appear even emptier.
File: curva_sud.jpg (102 KB, 700x405)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
calciopoli ruined their reputation

File: 27690521_0.jpg (207 KB, 1080x1349)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
Are you ready to celebrate it (online), bros?
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such a bogey side just like Bournemouth
the old colonies
Frog Island.

File: FB_IMG_1590909843787.jpg (60 KB, 1000x1000)
60 KB
Based Lakers supporting the American riots; burn it all down.
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I have lived in America before, though.
File: PROMOTIONS.jpg (42 KB, 600x703)
42 KB

You have 5 hours to prove your japanese. The clock is winding.

Yes I can timestamp, would you like a nice shot of Tokyo too?

Go for it.

File: 1371019982212.png (26 KB, 201x219)
26 KB
Hello argiebros, you will gift us qualification matches, right? We are shyte and we need them. Nevertheless, remember that we (uruguayans) love Argentina!
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This is totally gay
And now a leaf is involved.
I bet the league system for qualification will be voided and we'll end up with those old knockout systems we used to have in the 70s.
Hope we can fuck over Chile again
That will probably not happen. How could you lose to Chile?

File: 2012-13-joel-anthony.jpg (34 KB, 600x600)
34 KB
2x NBA champion, Joel Anthony
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How do you do this?
36 hours in ps
>open pic in paint
>select half of the pic
>invert pic horizontally
done, now send $100 to my paypal or you're mom died
Good thread
Unlv when Kruger coached there

Heeminder that Nunez is free money against Spencer at any odds.

The judges have already written their scorecards for Nunes in preparation for the fight. Women’s champ-champ GOAT easy money free wins they’re feeding this dumb whore to her and everyone knows it.

File: download (4).png (1.16 MB, 4592x3196)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
Are red countries based or cringe?
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I don't think our season has been officially called yet
>anything got cancelled at all
>no fans allowed for a year until the microchip vaccine exists
everything is cringe nowadays
File: unnamed (17).jpg (88 KB, 512x341)
88 KB
>Isle of Man in grey
File: 1579442173113.png (20 KB, 640x591)
20 KB
>league season cancelled
Estonia are bretty good :DD

The most competitive league in the world and it doesn't have that much global coverage.
>Its not licensed FIFA so zoomers don't care
>Its only televised in fucking Bosnia and Portugal (only the Flamengo games wtf)
>Brazil is a thirld word jungle so that repels many people
>Not even ESPN or Fox Sports talk about it
How do we make the macaco league global again?
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But still more competitive than european leagues, tbf the shit didn't even start yet, in the last 10 years Flamengo won 1 time, Palmeiras only 2 times.
global = soulless
Timezones are all fucked

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