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*beats the Lakers in the 1st round
They shouldn’t even be in the bubble. They fucked up during the regular season why should they get a second chance?
This team will not beat the lakers.
but the clippers will
Not if the Trailblazers beat them 1st
The Spurs will take the 8th spot

File: 1596931704253.jpg (44 KB, 600x600)
44 KB
>team has a designated cheering section
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Is "Leafland" pronounced like "Newfoundland"? "Lifflend"?
Yeah, sure, Lifflend works.
Real Madrid
go on a diet
yes, its called apehoop

How did he make Juventus worse?
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you're not making me watch your league
What the hell was he thinking here? Did he actually hit Khedira on purpose? I'm inclined to think he did because otherwise that ball would end up in the stands and I'm pretty sure Tsuman knows the general direction of the goal
he takes 50% of their wages, couldve used that money on non shit free players.
He and Dybala were the only consistent players this past year. De Ligt is too inexperienced to be the bedrock and Bonucci and Chiellini are well past their prime, hence why their defense is shit. They've also unintentionally fucked themselves with their free transfers. Rabiot and Ramsey were supposed to provide attacking options but have failed to deliver. Even if they tried to sell them, no one is going to take on their wages, so they're stuck with them. Pjanic and Matuidi are past their primes as well and Khediera wasn't ever good enough to go to Juve in the first place. There's no one on their current squad worth selling without fucking them for the next couple years. Arthur is a solid player, but he's not going to be the X factor that will push them to a UCL title. So who do they bring in? They reportedly don't have too much money to spend and teams like Barca, PSG, City, Chelsea, and United have shown they're all willing to splash some cash this transfer window. Signing Pirlo is the ultimate shot in the dark for them and they can only hope things work out, otherwise, next year is going to be the same shit storm as this year.
>Rabiot and Ramsey
I get it that getting players on a free can be a good opportunity, but come the fuck on. Ramsey is mediocre for this level, paying him massive wages just because he was free is retarded, now it’s impossible to offload him. For a club that wants to win the UCL, they’d better have focused on a better player than Rabiot or Ramsey and paid a bit more. If they want various options to rotate against minnows they could’ve kept fucking khedira

File: gm5.jpg (141 KB, 1181x720)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
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I swear if I lose more money today I'm going to go take a piss

Sounds like it's playing backwards sometimes
you're getting Pick #24 or later Chambers, keep seething like a child

Canes are picking at #13 after laffs elimination and losing the Lafreniere Bowl
its unnerving, I think its a anti piracy measure
Fuck the flyers

Who remembers when the nba a fucking oversized Larry O’Brian trophy in the middle of the court. Who actually liked this thing?
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Same reason. Players were slipping on them and they need to put and ad on it
The 2000s were a weird time.
thats a big trophy
For a big game.

>The GOAT apehooper will be a Slav from a country that cares about basketball less than black Americans care about soccer

Why do blacks hate him so much?
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Wtf, did he really start enslaving other players on the court in the middle of a game? What work did he make them do?
shut the fuck up you schizo chink
My flag is Canada's, it should be simple to distinguish even for an American and a soccer fan.
This is actually a very friendly tweet towards Luka, a rude one would be calling him fat, unathletic, overhyped etc..
I just think that if blacks are uncomfortable with whites making race jokes, they shouldnt do ones including whites either.
This is correct

why was he never seen as elite?
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no te metas con cavani, gato
even in Palermo he had some who thought he was a fraud. I saw his first gol in Europe live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3N28B8beNyE

What do you know about this?
I Didn't know about this, but I remember pretty well how he was an ultra christian, sincere in his faith when he arrived in Palermo. He did an interview in which he cried thanking god while holding a bible. It was funny because he partnered with Miccoli who was a mafioso and he a young church boy.
Then he went to Naples and he canged completely, he divorced and started living without Christ.
people only seem to post his fails, but he's scored some spectacular goals, and has a great attitude and work ethic. I always rated him, and it's sad that he was maltreated by Nerman and his brasilian goons
Seems like we need to prevent european kike devils from poisoning our pure and good intentioned sudacas
He was elite at Napoli. Then he went to a farmers league so anything he did outside of CL is irrelevant.

File: EeILS4jXsAILzQv[1].jpg (358 KB, 1124x1494)
358 KB
358 KB JPG
>tfw you feel that Liverpool feel
You feel it, lad?

File: cucks.png (28 KB, 800x500)
28 KB
I just looked at a list of the Copa America winners. Apparently Argentina hasn't won that clown trophy since 1993. There have been TEN (10) editions after that. How the FUCK is this possible in a continent that has only two real contenders, while the so called GOAT has also been in your team for most of that period. Explain plz.
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>1978 was not rigged
cmon man, no need to defend the undefendable
Just looked at a list of Euro winners and Holland only won once the same number as Greece and Denmark. How the FUCK is this possible in a continent that has only 4 real contenders
Well that is possible because what you're saying is not true. Also, era penal.
>best team in the 70's
>cant even reach the final


>b-but muh total football


>la coma antes de la o

>voxed con "v" miníscula

Aprendé castellano, soberbio de mierda.

File: 1445267365703.jpg (70 KB, 848x941)
70 KB
All Covid champions are FAKE champions, it basically doesn't even count.
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Shut up Akane go kiss your sister!
Wear a mask lads

File: image (4).jpg (136 KB, 1200x1200)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
What happened to him?
the yips, innit
everyone around him improved immensely and he stayed the same.

his game consisted of just sheer potting everything and anything, which was good, but his safety game was very poor in contrast. His safety consisted of leaving a difficult red for his opponent and hoping they'd miss it, for him to clear up.

Nowadays though, that difficult red gets potted by the top players. So the fundamental flaws in Hendry's game got exposed hard.

I'll also argue, if anything, whilst he won nothing in the 2000s, he was a better player then than in the 90s.
Don't listen to the nonce, quite a tragic story actualy, his cue was broken by a typical cunty british baggae handler while traveling and he was never the same after that. It was stolen once before and he almost lost his mind. He had such a deep bond to his piece of wood that he played with all his life, he called it an extension of his arm. Even trying several of the best alternatives on offer, it never worked properly again and he just kept missing easy pots and eventually gave up on the sport altogether. Pretty sad really..

Lessons here: Fuck airlines

What the FUCK is wrong with Liverpool fans?


File: 800.jpg (107 KB, 800x533)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
>Several sources have indicated to ESPN that Big Ten presidents, following a meeting on Saturday, are ready to pull the plug on its fall sports season, and they wanted to gauge if commissioners and university presidents and chancellors from the other Power 5 conferences -- the ACC, Big 12, Pac-12 and SEC -- will fall in line with them.

>Sources told ESPN that a vast majority of Big Ten presidents have indicated that they would vote to postpone football season, hopefully to the spring

Fuck this chink flu. I don't care about basebore, apehoop and all the other sports, I just want my football
No one has any balls anymore. Sad.
Maybe y'alll should've worn your fucking mask and social distanced back in March & April and then we would've been done with it like literally the rest of the civilized world.

But no, doing something for everybody else, for anybody else other than yourselves, is crazy in Burgerland. Too fucking stupid and selfish. That's why we won't football, that's why we can't go see lives sports.

What's not fucking clicking with the public?

>conveniently ignores Italy, Sweden, Brazil, and tons of other countries getting dicked by the exact same disease.

The gap between #1 and #2 in soccer is so big at the moment we have only seen one other instance in the history of sports, and that would be during Wayne Gretzky's tenure at the Edmonton Oilers
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If Neymar didn't play in a farmers league the gap would definitely be smaller between him and Messi but as of right now I have to agree.
one word

Messi is top 2 ever but i really hate their fans, They have a tendency to ignore any other player and exaggerate messi by x10. They're blinded by what they consider beautiful which is low IQ trait at least when it comes to making decent comparison under the field limits and objectives.

I agree he's probably the best atm but he's way past his prime and the second place is very close (De bryune/Ronaldo).
>implying Lewandowski is that far away from #1 Ronaldo
Yeah no one can touch Van Dijk atm

File: trump fat.jpg (49 KB, 600x406)
49 KB
Do you actually like golf, or do you just play it for business reasons?
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nobody's perfect
I play golf because I like improving and it's a very measurable avenue of doing so while being reasonably fun and getting me outdoors. And I have weeks or months of freetime on end so I need something to occupy the time
>used federal troops to enforce desegregation of schools thus setting the stage for the niggerfication of prosperous white neighborhoods the entire country over
There hasn’t been a good american President since the 19th century. JFK had potential before he got JFK’d. That’s it.
for now. the nigs are slowly pouring in (right after the women). the jews are next. watch out!
t.fat drunk idiot

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