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File: download (4).png (1.16 MB, 4592x3196)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
Are red countries based or cringe?
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I don't think our season has been officially called yet
>anything got cancelled at all
>no fans allowed for a year until the microchip vaccine exists
everything is cringe nowadays
File: unnamed (17).jpg (88 KB, 512x341)
88 KB
>Isle of Man in grey
File: 1579442173113.png (20 KB, 640x591)
20 KB
>league season cancelled
Estonia are bretty good :DD

The most competitive league in the world and it doesn't have that much global coverage.
>Its not licensed FIFA so zoomers don't care
>Its only televised in fucking Bosnia and Portugal (only the Flamengo games wtf)
>Brazil is a thirld word jungle so that repels many people
>Not even ESPN or Fox Sports talk about it
How do we make the macaco league global again?
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But still more competitive than european leagues, tbf the shit didn't even start yet, in the last 10 years Flamengo won 1 time, Palmeiras only 2 times.
global = soulless
Timezones are all fucked

File: downloadfile-5.jpg (37 KB, 590x350)
37 KB
Erling edition
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Put an engine on him
Playing weekend league on PC, went 4-11 yesterday. My team that felt godlike in rivals plays amateurish and I can't defend from shit. Team is 2m all totssf players, and don't really feel the need to upgrade. What's your worst wl record?
People used to say everybody gets to g3 because of the balancing, now even s1 feels miles away. Scripting is shite as well, one game the keeper keeps all shots out, passing is dreadful, in the other every shot goes in.
I got 11 wins today. This was my worst weekend, I feel I average around 12.5 if I played all my games. Sometimes you get balanced opponents.
The thing is you are not supposed to play many games Friday, lots of people are just starting so you won't get matched as much with your skill level. For example you can be 4-5, they will match you with someone 0-1 or 1-2, that person could be a 20 win player but had a terrible start.
On Sunday you get more balanced opponents.
If you know the game is fucked why in the hell are you trying this? Stop forcing passes. Hold L1, tap L1 and r1 to move players, use pullbacks, use roll overs, use double triangle, r1triangle.
Fifa isn't about knowing the sport. It's about knowing the best way to exploit and increase your chance of winning. It's why so many buy Ben yedder. Knowing the game plus reaction speed is what makes you good at fifa.

6.00pm AEST: North Queensland Cowboys vs Gold Coast Titans

7.55pm AEST: Sydney Roosters vs South Sydney Rabbitohs
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File: 69f.jpg (15 KB, 354x286)
15 KB
>i can't help falling in love with you
File: pirates.png (164 KB, 340x307)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
>new nrl team by 2022
>it's another qld team
west coast pirates WHEN

Balding cunt overcompensating.
Ellery didn't flop.

But true, all their halfbacks have been shit.

File: 1494826001431.jpg (31 KB, 433x419)
31 KB
>...esta noche amarga no la vamos a olvidar nunca. Pero tampoco vamos a olvidar aquella gesta memorable que nos han regalado estos muchachos, nuestra memoria no puede ser tan fragil, nuestra memoria no puede ser tan fragil para olvidar aquella jornada que les decian a rio de janeiro cuando el campeon del mundo se hacia cobarde y se colocaba de rodillas, hablo de España en aquella oportunidad. No nos vamos a olvidar de aquella noche del 4 de julio de 2015 cuando enterraste roja linda y querida casi 100 años de amarguras y decepciones al levantar esa Copa America que habia sido tan esquiva y que por fin pudiste convencerla para que se venga a nuestra vitrina, y no a la vitrina de Argentina. Vamos a recordar por siempre cuando te encontraste nuevamente frente a frente a Messi y compañia y mediante los penales cambiaste tu apodo de campeon a bicampeon allá en norteamerica, la noche del 26 de junio como no recordarlo, del año pasado. Ha sido una noche para el olvido, una noche negra para esta generación dorada que nos...que nos tenia acostumbrados a disfrutar de ella. Que nos tenia acostumbrados a abrazarnos, a los abrazos, a las celebraciones. Hoy no se pudo y nos vamos con una tristeza enorme al igual que usted que está en su casa. No se pudo hacer mas por dios. Fue una clasificatoria llena de obstaculos, por dios que son dificiles las clasificatorias aqui, a este lado del mundo a este lado del continente a excepcion de Brasil, que tire la primera piedra aquella seleccion que estuvo libre de sufrimiento. Gracias por todo Chile igual, guerreros. Gracias por entregarse por siempre por esta camiseta que la llenaron de gloria. Chile esta noche queda eliminado de la Copa del Mundo. Esperamos pronto...pronto...un futuro de esplendor. Abrazos para todos, que amargura, por dios que tenemos.
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dude shut up
am i the only that feels like uruguayans have been posting way more frequently as of late?
var sinson
perro caca
did the rangeban end?

File: 5eac2553a4a4e.image.jpg (45 KB, 500x635)
45 KB
On September 25th 1998 Sammy Sosa hit his 66th home run of the season, passing McGwire for the all time single season record. McGwire would go on to hit FIVE home runs over a three day span from September 25th to the 27th putting the record at 70. How many steroids do you think he did over those 3 days?
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he was by far the best player on a Cubs team that eeked into the postseason (had to play a one-game playoff vs. the Giants because they were tied in the standings)

why? the ball is already on easy-mode. we get dingerfests without the need for drugged-up freaks
but the overall # of HRs has skyrocketed. its why the league and teams keep beating records but not individual players.

that said, watching baseball cause muh dingerinos is pleb-tier, casual, and an insult to the game
He was 10th in WAR in the NL
>yfw the top 4 posional war players, Bonds, Olerud, McGwire, and Vaddy all missed the postseason
Also fucking shame Olerud had to go play for seattle, fucker was an amazing player
league wide ERA was higher this season than in 1998. There were also 1,712 more home runs hit in 2019 than were hit in 1998. Ball is already juced to fuck
File: DAcTAqUW0AAKJI2.jpg (425 KB, 1544x1204)
425 KB
425 KB JPG
Jesus the Cubs had 6 fucking captains

It's not about how hard you fall it's about you get back up and respond to it. Tyron will be back.
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He's 38......That's not young in any sport but bowling and darts.
Fuck off joe
40 is expiration date. 42 for HW, 38 for LW and lower.
>tfw lost money on the ivanov fight

So fucking gay, fence grabbing shit. still made 10$ due to burns though
Everyone is on the juice, retard.

File: End my life.jpg (131 KB, 620x802)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
>tfw no tomboy hockey enforcer gf to bully me

Why am I still here? Just to suffer?
Hockey chicks always end up being dykes.

File: 1568848815323.png (54 KB, 1124x685)
54 KB
Guys, I was just watching the Georgia Auburn football game from 2013 (the miracle catch game) and I was wondering

What can I use to stream full games that are available on youtube to watch with my /sp/ brothers? I haven't used any of them in years so I don't remember what services are out there. If someone could give me a site, I'll put some classic games on that we could watch together so at least we have some sports to watch this weekend. All i could find on google was Twitch and I'm not using that garbage

Thanks in advance, bros
File: 1568824731913.png (58 KB, 657x527)
58 KB
bump, please help frens
Sorry FBI, not today.

This guy needs to fight Marty now and then have them both test positive for roids, then Colby swoops in and fights Masvedoll for the title.
complete magatard take

Do you golf /sp/?
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yes. i suck but i love it
Mayonnaise and ketchup

t. Usain Marley Drug Violence
No I play real sports
File: e bahhh.jpg (5 KB, 261x193)
5 KB
An Australian! My goodness! How do you do?

File: heemGraveyard.jpg (271 KB, 1906x1080)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
Tyquil dies up next
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Point Break
Yeah when he said that with zero conviction, it would have been better to say nothing at all
is insanely strong and is unsubable

is actually good we only hate him because he's a cut baby and is friends with gender bender
Lel burns reaction
a broken fighter

File: seahawks.jpg (3.54 MB, 4032x3024)
3.54 MB
3.54 MB JPG
Lets drink edition

SF: Dee Ford doing much better following knee surgery
KC: Fowler: 'Not much traction' in Chiefs, Jones talks
BAL: Ravens' Matt Judon officially signs franchise tag
ARZ: DeAndre Hopkins: 'I see my stats going up'
KC: EA Sports keeps exclusive NFL video-game license
BAL: John Harbaugh: Roles for all four running backs
FA: NFL hopes coaches return to facilities next week
DET: Lions, Decker haven't had 'major' extension talks
SF: Trent Williams agrees to minor contract tweak
NE: NFL kills 'Belichick' end-of-game penalty loophole
50 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
Reminder half the NFL only exists to play football against the chiefs. This includes teams like the Patriots, Raiders, Broncos, and Chargers.
I don't know. Gase is always hailed as this offensive genius and every single play he call is short of the sticks. And I sincerely think he has autism.
File: methhead fans.gif (3.86 MB, 250x442)
3.86 MB
3.86 MB GIF
shut up meth head
That’s what pissed me off in the end. However, I want to see what he can do with a darnold fully healthy all year. He can coach a team to the playoffs with Miami
>>make nfl QBs in the sims 4
>>Stafford and Carr are bros
>>Rodgers and Eli fucking hate each other
>>Brady is scared of water
>>Cousins accidentally killed himself
>>Carson wentz made Baker so mad he died of anger
>>Brady, Brees and Ryan are all drinking with each other
>>Mahomes pissed himself waiting for a toilet
>>Trubshitsky cries over the death of cousins
>>rivers feeds the dogs
>>Roethlisberger just fucking dropped off the face of the earth
>>Dalton and Dak hate each other
>>Mariota keeps trying to bang Erin Andrews
>>really tempted to make one with Coaches

Don't mind me, just the biggest winner of the China Cup passing by.

File: Officer_Carl.jpg (21 KB, 300x300)
21 KB

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