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File: l8q6tfpzkcr21.jpg (1.52 MB, 2356x3556)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB JPG
You are a kobold. Currently, you're facing down a wooden mimicry of a powerful magician that could likely rip someone in half with minimal effort. Most would think that the kobold would lose in this fight, even with the various other kobold warriors coming in to help, but who cares what most think? You're not exactly a normal kobold considering the tiny wings on your back and the magic in your veins, but that's besides the point. The point is, that you will not go out without kicking and screaming.

So it helps that they wouldn't expect you to stand your ground. As they leap forward to behead you with their scythe, you swing upwards, cleanly tearing through their organic coat and slicing the torso. You roll forward to get away from the likely follow up and turn to face them again. "Aren't you a bit overconfident just calling us pests?" You say, quite irritated. "The offer still stands to talk this out you know."

The faux-magician clutches its chest inquisitively for a moment. "Regardless of how difficult to remove, vermin remains as such. Your nature is antithetical to mine, therefore you shan't belong here." Below the oversized leaf hat and pointed bark nose, glowing yellow dots stare daggers at you. A flurry of swipes lash at you, so you make yourself busy dodging them. An opportunity is spotted and you pin the weapon down with your draconic blade and pull out one of your favorite treasures. The powder pistol you took from the vile human rings out, spraying pulp out their chest from a righteous hit.

A creaking groan of rage rattles out at the wound and a clawed hand strikes you away, stinging pain spreading. You're sprawled to the ground on your back and the mage leaps on to you, his scythe stabbing into your side pinning you to the dirt. It hurts like hell, but the position brings an opportunity. "Farewell lizard." He pulls the weapon out and raises it to give the final stroke.
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>Expeditious expedition (2d100)
Rolled 19, 49, 78 = 146 (3d100)

>Standard speeds (3d100)
Rolled 36, 71, 45, 49 = 201 (4d100)

>Cautious exploration (4d100)
Rolled 49, 18, 20, 81 = 168 (4d100)

>Cautious exploration (4d100)
Rolled 84, 97, 81 = 262 (3d100)

>Standard speeds (3d100)

File: Chimera.jpg (786 KB, 1450x1433)
786 KB
786 KB JPG
Chimera: A fire-breathing she-monster in Greek mythology having a lion's head, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail/ an imaginary monster compounded of incongruous parts. While the former is a powerful beast, worthy of being immortalized in legend, you're unfortunately just the latter. You're a pitiable beast, clocking in at about the size of a rat, and made from nothing more than scraps of the lowest vermin. Certainly a far-cry from the titular beast of myth, or even the myriad of lesser, lowercase chimeras that populate the world. You sleep within your cage, covered by a scrap of cloth, ignorant to the world around you...


The Mageling stood before his desk, a proud smile etched onto his youthful face. The Great Hall of the Academy was bustling with activity today, as parents and teachers wandered about, their robes swishing majestically behind them. His Teacher stopped before the desk, looking over the sketches and pieces of parchment that were pinned up behind a cage.

"What have you got there, boy?"

With a flourish, the boy whipped the cloth off, to reveal his project.

Select your 3 components: (You're limited to the size of a rat, so nothing bigger than that)
>A mundane, small creature
>Another creature, from a different type of animal (Mammals, birds, etc)
>A tiny, inconsequential magical animal

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>Follow the path even deeper
Now that we have a place to hide we need to know were the heck the emergency exit is before anything.
>Search for the rats and hunt them down

We can explore once we've secured the tunnels and can be sure we won't get ambushed by rats
>Search for the rats and hunt them down
>Search for the rats and hunt them down

NotBerserk apostle quest when?
>Hunt for some rats

File: 1.png (10 KB, 1376x610)
10 KB
Bad news everyone.

The zombie virus is here. It came like a storm while you were 6 hours into a 12-hour night shift at the mini-mart in a working class neighborhood in Franklin, Tennessee. You had caught the tail-end of a news broadcast before the power went out. The newscaster described the zombies as slow, but capable of sprinting short distances. They spread the infection through a bite, and can only be killed by destroying their brain.

Since you take the bus to work, as soon as you heard the chaos outside, you figured it would be safer to turn off the lights and lock the door than try to make it back home. You listened throughout the night to the sound of screams, gunshots, and car crashes. A few people rattled on the door to get in, but could not. When morning finally came, things were quit. Looking around outside you could see the street was full of abandoned cars, and several zombies ambled around aimlessly.

The mini-mart, which had apparently become your home base, was stocked with a variety of snacks, candy, beverages, basic medicine and cigarettes. There is a bathroom and a storage closet in the back. Management keeps a fully loaded .38 Special 5-shooter under the counter, but without any extra ammo. All in all, its not the worst place to be during the apocalypse.

The morning is here. It's time to figure out how you're going to survive in this new world. The mini-mart will keep you fed for a while, but eventually you'll need to find a more sustainable lifestyle, and probably find some other survivors.

You crack open an energy drink and start to think.

What's your first move?
>Work on fortifying the mini-mart. You might not be staying here forever, but you should at least make it a suitable home-base so that you can sleep easy without worrying about zombies or other people breaking in. [Specify what changes you make to fortify the store].
>Try to sneak out and explore another building. You may find valuable supplies or other survivors. [Specify which building]

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Is there a back entrance?
Use the alley to go to the roof, and have Raj keep a lookout.
File: 5.jpg (11 KB, 401x171)
11 KB
No back entrance.
(I started using external dice)
You quietly open the door, crouching out in front. Raj follows behind you. You lock the door and do your best to avoid the zombies, hanging close to the cars as you cross the street.

Unfortunately, about halfway across the street, Raj's rifle clangs against the side of a car. You hear the zombies in the vicinity all start towards you. You and Raj give up sneaking and rush to the veterinarian's clinic. You are able to outrun the zombies, and make it to the vet door.

By some stroke of luck it is unlocked. You both make it inside, slamming the door behind you and locking it. You can see that there are at least 8 zombies battering the clinic's door. The noise they make is attracting more from down the street.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>try to see if there are any zombies by the back door
Stay close with Raj.
Lay low and wait for the zombies to thin out, while studying their movements in the silent shadows. Make an immediate plan (getting back to our base)
Make a short term plan (for tonight/tomorrow)
And make a long term plan (the next week or two, if we make it that long.)

File: Crescent Adventure.png (152 KB, 1067x823)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
Welcome back to Crescent Adventures, a quest based on the 90s Sailor Moon universe. Things can go as that universe went or you can derail it with your actions or ignore it completely to just focus on the problems and issues that affect your character!

Previously, after Ruka had finished her little mission of cutting some flowers at the hospital, she met a girl that makes her feel very awkward and weird. That girl's name is Aino Minako and she is a mystery that makes Ruka's heart do flipflops.... Ruka assumes she'll never meet the other again.

Moving on, strange things keep on happening. Firstly, Ruka receives an unwelcome gift and letter from her mother, a stuffed penguin. Then the Journal starts to get even weirder as more entries are entered into it. A new additional penguin is running around in the Journal too! A drawing of the stuffed penguin doll.

Finally she had a Nightmare in a strange odeon. It had some guy named Adonis reciting poetry and an audience of monsters. They tried to give chase but it was a cinch to escape! Ruka flees into a field of Red Roses where, unfortunately, it wasn't Azul who guided Ruka out. Instead, it is a living copy of the penguin doll.

It's a creepy silent bird. Also, you plucked a Red Rose!

Azul is nowhere to be found in the Waking World! And Ruka has school and FM 10 Radio to do today! A quick search shows that he isn't in the Penguin Domain. Does this mean today's mission is cancelled or Ruka will be forced to go solo or team up with the new unknown penguin?

Speaking of the silent penguin, she is a sticky handed thief. Mizuno Ami agrees with the assessment and agrees there's merit in keeping quiet about seeing the invisible penguin. The loot will be restored to their proper owners.

Lunch time isn't even over yet and it's already been pretty hectic...

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>Talk at the Silent Penguin, maybe she'll do something?...
Hopefully she’ll be more cooperative now
>Talk at the Silent Penguin, maybe she'll do something?...
> Go and read the letter from your mother and check out the stuffed penguin doll...
>>Study and do some homework...
>Go and read the letter from your mother and check out the stuffed penguin doll...
>Clean up the apartment and get the mail...

File: The World Is Ending.png (1.55 MB, 1393x569)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB PNG
I did not know it at the time, but looking back, I know that 2008 was the day that all of this started. I wouldn't say that 2008 stood for one specific thing or another, just that it was the day that everything we knew about the world began to bleed away and become something new. Looking back at the time, it seemed like the beginning of chaos and destruction. 2016 was when things seemed to somehow get a lot worse before they got any better. It felt at that point like the world was coming apart and everything I knew was being swept away. The whole world was fragmenting into a million pieces and I was just watching peace slip through my fingers. I think I cursed myself and the world, because I recall begging the universe for things to... come back together.

What a fool I was. Hindsight reveals so much, and I was so ignorant at the time.

The world is carved up into alliances and spheres of power. Each of them has conflicting ideologies of how the world should work. Heh. We always had Mutually Assured Destruction right? The fears were that some "Rogue Nation" would get a WMD and use it, or that nations would fall apart and lose access to their stockpiles. As the new alliances rose up to replace the old ones, there arose a new "Superweapon" that would make the old ones obsolete more or less.

This new "Superweapon" was not a WMD, it could not be fired at someone or detonated over a city. No amount of rubber and lead would protect you from it. This technology was known as an "ARASI". This was a classified and highly powerful technology, and there still is a lot of rumors... But the general idea is that if someone was able to daisy-chain enough PlayStation 7s together inside a mobile trailer... Some random person could use the ARASI to communicate with, organize, and lead a formation. The ARASI was so advanced and intelligent, that it could amplify someone with intelligence, but little understanding of war... into something on the level of Napoleon or Patton or Alexander.

This technology had already won wars, and just a handful of systems with tens of millions of American dollars worth of processing power had already won three civil-wars. Germany, France, Nigeria...
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I am having serious, hard-core, balls to the wall issues with the map software. As such, this is taking longer than I want.

I am also preparing to do the next thread, since the next chapter is starting.
>preparing to do the next thread, since the next chapter is starting
Qst is slow. You haven't hit bump limit yet. Plenty of time.
That took awhile but

Why are you making a new thread so soon?
Because I asked if it made sense when a new chapter was starting and people told me yes.

Next time I will wait longer.

File: 1652111001580.png (712 KB, 640x960)
712 KB
712 KB PNG
test quest is a game where I can test how /qa/ works and see if I can sustain a session. Lets begin

>you wake up there. What do?
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>Throw the Almonds at a passerby. The flood is allergic to Almonds so they will be safe.

>Ask your local Choas Cult if they are accepting new members then crash their bookclub using your bike
> Fire the the eye laser
File: Stigmartus.jpg (97 KB, 344x540)
97 KB
>while riding your bike you trhow activated almonds at passerby. the pigs start going for the passerby instead of you
the crowd is being raped by the pigs while you escape
>you find a little station turned into a bookclub named
chaos cult: go away
>you ask if you can stay with them
the whole cult says NO!
>you grab your bike, throw activated almons at the cult members and destroy the inside of the bookclub using your bike
>you go outside and activate your laser eyes
the whole gas station is bu4ning and is about to explode. you drive away....
Cool guys don't look at explosions.

Welcome /Qst/ers, to a quest of exploration and colonization in the universe of Mass Effect! You have been chosen to make a mark upon the galaxy by being the leader of a colonization effort led by 1 or more species, depending upon what you choose. But first, let us choose our world!
Choose 1 world phenotype:
[] Arid
[] Desert
[] Savanna
[] Alpine
[] Arctic
[] Temperal
[] Tropical
[] Ocean
[] Archipelago
[] Supercontinent

Special phenotypes(requires picking either 2 complications and/or anomalies):
[] Gaia (life grows without concern for restrictions. A perfect jewel in space.)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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okay, so this isn't the greatest feeling in the world, but i think i will have to stope the quest in its infancy. Basically, some shit happened in my real life that i have to focus on, so i am sorry, but i don't think i will have the time QM'ing.
That's fine, if shit happens, it happens. You can always decide to pick up the quest again or restart it whenever you are ready to.
the Curse strikes again. Sucks for all involved, but thanks for letting us know instead of just disappearing. We'll still be around if you do a redux version at a later date or something.
Aww dang. I hoped this would go somewhere after just finding this quest.

Maybe write everything down as a Save State archive it and when you have time again pick the Quest back up again.

I hope everything works out for you
boo, hiss, etc.

PRELUDE Through rambling tufts of feathermoss and tongue-leaf, sprigs of bearded ferns, crook-necked branches and drooping fronds, the pathless forest whispers and beckons.
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Deathseer Crown
In many worlds they speak of the beauty of the age of the elves. This crown was worn alone among the Trees by a Dancing Elf-Lord, who watched the Sword-Servant fall from the stars and descend upon the land below.
File: 20220520_120155.jpg (360 KB, 1564x1080)
360 KB
360 KB JPG
Flower Garland
It is woven by someone who really likes tricking people. You should not wear it, unless you want to look silly.
Ha, this quest managed to slip past my notice; I guess that is what happens when you ignore qst for a week lol.
It is probably a good thing that I missed it though since I make things more violent and I think I may have trampled over a lot of the things Souv wanted to do last time with my hyperactive gamer ultraviolence.
hehe I like ultraviolence too, my videogaming days were mostly ultra gore dismemberment or arena first person shooters like quake 3, ut2k4 soldier of fortune 2, gears of war chainsaws, manhunt, or that cool F.E.A.R. railgun that makes glistening skeletons hehe. These days my aim is not good so I play only a bit of PUBG and cosy rpgs instead.

But what I enjoy more nowadays is the question of when to use violence in games, who to trust and who is your friend (I do not think videogames are good at exploring this, even the narrative driven ones). For example the battle here
Fighting Gandalf lol here
versus the Maiden Knight here.
Why did I suddenly spawn in this item? Why did I include Bastich, who tells you to lie - is it ever good to cheat and lie? Which battles were worth fighting? The one in a dream on a battlefield filled with tempting swords, or the one where your life is at stake, warned repeatedly you are about to be executed? Magic will not help you (Maiden Knight blocks it), the choice is up to you to go all out hyperviolence or not...

What most videogames do is give you very clearly defined enemies and missions. Kill this bad evil person etc. What I tried to do is show you that good and evil may not mean a lot.

For example if you play Assassins Creed Valhalla, it will have better graphics lol than this text game, it will have a more emotionally fulfilling happy story. But that is precisely why it conveys little meaning in terms of the real world.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Why did I make the withering elf-sword Wild curse here, make it so that you cannot speak if you were willing to bear the curse? This was a test to see if you were truly committed to the path of hyperviolence, hehe. It is the equivalent of skipping all the cutscene dialogue in Fallout so that you can go back to headshotting people. In fact, if you reverted to a bestial beastman state, and then entered the dream battle/shield wall, maybe things would have been very different...

File: 718r5zSuzBL.png (1.6 MB, 1386x1692)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB PNG
For aeons, your lineage ruled the surface world. Your reign was so long that none can say when it started, or how many phases of mystical and technological advancement rose and fell, laying geological strata one over another in layers upon layers of glorious history. Slit pupils watched as gods and kings rose and fell, and the world was shaped to your will. It was not an age of reptiles, but rather multiple ages, such as to make the briefness of the current mammalian reign look like a single flicker of your nictating membrane.

And in that era, that bygone Age of Scales, even kings had kings… The Dragons.

A dragon is no mere overgrown lizard, no treasure-hoarding kidnapper of princesses, as the surface-filth slander them. They were titanic, almost divine—demigodly philosopher kings who blacked out stars with their wingspans and rose over mountains in their majesties. They were wise beyond wisdom, powerful beyond comprehension, totally complete in their dominance. They were kings of the world not by some genealogical dictate, or even by the whims of fate or the weight of pooling battle-blood. They ruled as by default, by self-evident right, by their very nature. To be Dragon IS to be a lord of creation itself.

But the Age of Scales, the Age of Dragons, has passed into myth, legend, and nightmare, and beyond even that remembrance and into the simple, toothless fable which mammals tell their whelps to bring comfort instead of righteous fear. They have forgotten the sight and sound of the ones who once towered over their tallest citadels, shaming their wisest mages and extracting tribute from their fiercest warlords. They no longer remember the Fearsome Presence…

But you will remind them. You are their scion, their legacy made flesh!

Deep beneath the earth, you were hatched: a reptilian champion born from the Fleshweavers’ best efforts to bring forth those lingering dragons of dragonfire in the blood of the Reptilian Nobility, and to thus revive the great kings of old. In many ways, they succeeded—though you are yet young, you loom over most adult males. Your recessive traits have been brought to the fore, granting you a noble and draconic visage and wicked talons meant to crush the morale of foes and rip their tattered pride from their bleeding backs. Your skin is armour, your breath the primordial eruption of a volcano. Even those in the Serpent Priesthood, highest-honoured of your noble Master Race, struggle to hold your gaze.

You were trained from birth for a purpose: to rally the faithful, the loyal, the scattered nations of scalykind; to remind the mammals of the past which shall be future; to carry the banner of the Dark Gods Below and Beyond! Where the hairy, degenerate races of the surface put their faith in their weak and puny ‘Gods of Light’ and their pathetic ‘Paladins’, the Master Race puts its faith in you!

440 replies and 83 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Press on, summoning the Great One to join you in exploring the true depths of this great pit – maybe you will find even more treasure, and an even greater and more glorious quarry!

All we lost from this fight was some of our mana, we didn't even get hurt from anything. I really want the Great One to get into some kind of fight or adventure, here. It'll be good for his development, and I also would like to level some more of our combat stats before the expedition.
>Strip the corpses of valuables and climb up from whence you came, to return to the forward base before the Novice’s cover stories fail you
>Press on, summoning the Great One to join you in exploring the true depths of this great pit – maybe you will find even more treasure, and an even greater and more glorious quarry!

I feel bad that so far he's just hung to a wall
>Dedicate your victory to the Dark Gods, and beseech their aid – surely you have earned their favour now?
>Dedicate your victory to the Dark Gods, strip the corpses of valuables
Frankly I think continuing on into this dark pit will delay us enough to cause us trouble, but if anons can devise a way that won’t fuck us over just before we leave, I’d be up for it.

File: 2nd Primarch.jpg (1.07 MB, 2581x1629)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
Previous threads: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=The%202nd%20Primarch%20Quest

You are Lieren, the primarch of the emperor's second Legion of Adeptus Astartes and father to its legionaires, greatest scion of the village of Nothing. Heroic hunter and philosopher, friend of humanity and the oppressed, sworn enemy of wicked spirits and devils, betrothed to the ancient vessel Kanzeon, spreader and protector of prosperity, slayer of tyrants and grand architect of the Long-Jian, Grandmaster of the psykerist sect "The wanderers in the fog", the Great hunter of the wilds and teacher of the brothers of the panther, Writer of the Journey, Slayer of the foul tyrant Nitya Sinha and witness to the just execution of the black iron king's bride, Avalokiteśvara, caried out by her own sisters, Kanzeon and Mari.

Having ended the greatest threat posed against humanity upon Shangrala, and freed a second of Kanzeon's sister, the studious Al-uzza, you left your noblest son Dae-Hyun to be recover and be freed from the shell of his dreadnaught while you left behind the known world of Shangrala, to make contact with the mysterious Zoroast peoples, disguising yourself as an excited tradesman and awefilled adventurer, you and your legionaires, joined by Kanzeon and aided secretly from the mists by the Aeldari host lead by the journeywoman Carys, investigated the society and culture of the disparate Zoroast states and where necessary pruned them of corruption and wicked men. Tyrants were hung, and for a short time, you found a measure of peace teaching your sons the techniques of your three martial arts and guiding the blessed amongst them into accepting their gift of psykerism, unhounded and unbothered by the earthly ambitions and manipulations of the chaotic powers, meeting only minor cults festering unseen amongst the thousands of faiths followed by the Zoroast people.

But, once more, the shadows of the primordial tyrants was cast before the sight of your kind golden eyes, and you were drawn into action against their mortal agents and thralls once more, having found a great temple of the corrupted faith known as the Spenta directly over the resting site of Kanzeon's sister Anahita, and discovered a new breed of humanity in the form of the Angra.

And while the majority of these Ox like men were corrupted to serve the malevolent powers of the warp, there existed peaceable tribes of the uncorrupted, demure pacifists who were hunted and mistreated by both the Zoroast and their own corrupted Kinfolk.

Deciding immediately that you could not let such abhorrence continue unchallenged, while Kanzeon lead a squad of your sons into the earth to reach Kanzeon, you gathered the majority of your space marines to find and guard the innocent yet unmaddened Angra, so they may be taught how to defend themselves.

And taught more importantly how to fight, so they may never again be oppressed and slaughtered for the crimes of their cousins.
109 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>A spiritual assault, utilizing your psyker sons, the Wanderers in the fog, and the Aeldari visitors. Make an opportunity to teach your psionically gifted sons that the Aeldari are not your enemies, despite Kanzeon's dislike of them.
>Directly, Kanzeon is right you two and sixty of your sons are more than anything on this planet can resist.

>Have Kanzeon pick up Dandan, her artillery and the Steel giants, and use overwhelming fire power to turn the temple into a glass plain. When dealing with such corruption, total destruction is the cure.

>A spiritual assault, utilizing your psyker sons, the Wanderers in the fog and the Aeldari vistors. Make an opportunity to teach your psionically gifted sons that the Aeldari are not your enemies, despite Kanzeon's dislike of them

Personally I'd prefer orbital bombardment but that doesn't make sure everything is clear.
>Directly, Kanzeon is right, you two and sixty of your sons is more than anything on this planet can resist.
>A spiritual assault, utilizing your psyker sons, the Wanderers in the fog and the Aeldari vistors. Make an opportunity to teach your psionically gifted sons that the Aeldari are not your enemies, despite Kanzeon's dislike of them
>A spiritual assault, utilizing your psyker sons, the Wanderers in the fog and the Aeldari vistors. Make an opportunity to teach your psionically gifted sons that the Aeldari are not your enemies, despite Kanzeon's dislike of them
>Assault the Spenta base directly but have Lieren stay in reserve unless necessary to avoid endangering his forces from his brand creating a breach in reality.
I'm thinking Kanzeon, eldar, psychic sons, and the rest can clean up the Spenta with little to no issue and possibly rescue any prisoners or find useful information. Only reason why I don't advocate the bombardment is that possibility of survivors or useful information.
Lierens brand could cause the attacking force to suddenly have to start ripping through a daemonic incursion which may force Lieren after the fact to break his promise to dad so because of that he should hold back unless necessary, he can still observe and direct the forces from the reserve point, hell he could astrally battle in the warp to intercept warp fuckery without risking a warp breach.
>Infiltrate, sow dissent, kill the leaders, lead them into destroying themselves.

File: TatamuOP.png (1.71 MB, 1500x835)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB PNG
>>Previous thread: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2022/5187049/’

>>RECAP of the prior thread…

The year is 76 A.C.

After the Cataclysm that blasted away the human order and man’s collective progress, water now covers approximately 90% of the world.

Mankind stands at 100 million strong.

Hanging on the knife’s edge between civilization and barbarity.

Struggling to find purpose and meaning in a Flooded World.

… … …

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
50 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
>>Accept Gully’s invitation for a movie.
On one hand, our not-family. On the other, Gully.
A tie? I'll break it.
>Accept Gully’s invitation for a movie.
I appreciate the vote, but I'm afraid that at the cutoff time, the vote won out for Jean, Caroline and Tom.

File: Free City of Babylonia.jpg (127 KB, 1244x700)
127 KB
127 KB JPG

>>To Holt…

“…I might take you up on that offer,” you say amicably, “But not right away. I’ve got something to take care of first.”

Holt nods. “Fair enough. You checkin’ in on friends and family?”

“…something like that.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: Caroline Godwin-Barbet.jpg (616 KB, 1127x1127)
616 KB
616 KB JPG
Then come the crew members, the deckhands and bridge bunnies, the engineers and technicians. You blend in with them easily enough, electing to fight the crowd rather than attract attention to yourself with the officers. As sailors hug their loved ones and reunite with their families, you quietly and discretely push your way through the crowd, ducking into a nearby alleyway to escape Bracken Plaza.

You already know where you’re going, even though it’s been years since you last visited.

673 Harbor Hill.

A quiet little neighborhood just straddling the line between the Middle and Outer Rings, bordering the nicest parts of Upper Garden. Decently priced for a middle-class family with members who work across both of the Rings. It leans on the nicer side of housing, foregoing apartments in lieu of townhouses – complete with its own automated gate.

It takes you all of an hour’s worth of walking and two gate checkpoints before you’re standing at the entrance. You fumble at the keypad, punching in a code that you barely remember in the hopes of getting past the gate. And much to your surprise, it still works. Why hadn’t Jean or Caroline changed it?

Then before you know it, you’re standing at a familiar door, on the front of a familiar home. Hand raised and a dozen things on the tip of your tongue. The moment is at hand, staring you no differently in the face than the start just before a drop in your PUEXO.

…after what passes for something like an eternity, you muster up the gusto to knock sharply on the door.

“…coming!” a voice calls faintly from inside. Muffled by however many layers of doors and walls, but still indistinct. You’d never be able to forget or not correctly identify her voice.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Your name is David "Gunny" Rockefeller, no relation.
A veteran of the united states marine corps, you find yourself in a far-out situation after an all-too-close encounter of the third kind!

In the last thread, You spent some time licking your wounds after fighting a large group of wraiths, including a big, nasty one.
You also spent some time with your crew, and some of Gron's crew as well, and even ended up cooking a meal for them.
Now, you find yourself in the middle of an ambush gone wrong, in that you discovered the enemy before they could ambush you.

Now, Gron seems eager to try and escape rather than fight, but you have other ideas.

>Last Thread: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2022/5213826/
>All Threads: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=humanity+-+fuck+yeah%21
>Discord Link: https://discord.gg/DMwvMw43yv
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Rolled 30 (1d100)

now check this funny roll as everyone finishes
It's called luck, and its gonna run out.
the dice are getting awfully close ... i don't like
don't worry, david is invincible
Rolled 29, 56, 10, 11, 50, 61, 62, 31, 90, 16 = 416 (10d100)


File: Mini-Map.jpg (1.37 MB, 3170x1316)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB JPG
This NRP is basically like any other. You make a nation and roleplay them trough the ages. The gimmick is that players play as their nations from previous games 'teleported in' from some point during that game.

This also means no new players this time around, but because that is cunty the game also has a 2nd game layered over it. Non-players may participate as patron divines creating quests 2 random players get then the quest and if either fulfils it they get a reward and the divine may add something to the world like their own feral race, a new biome, natural formation or even temple to themselves. Patron Divines also will be able to operate stores where they sell players trinkets for wealth or other things that wealth can then be added to the quest rewards making players more inclined to fulfill them. This part is really experimental so I'll need to consider what quests are valid, and what things can be sold or added to the world.

Updates each thursday and sunday.

Da rules doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lPbbQh_w4gBOZwETDIwBCIuzmmtIoEBbYkeTZuyBTn8/edit?usp=sharing

Pic related is a miniature verssion of the map.Actual one was too big for 4chins
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File: Komyozenji_Stone_garden_1.jpg (1.89 MB, 2592x1944)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB JPG
The tanuki are tired. the neverending war against the godflesh have left the nation weary physically and mentally.
after finding out they survived, the tanuki didnt even bother taking revenge against their godflesh opressor. the ones inside Sadeo were were quickly captured and imprisoned, their fate will be decided later. for now its time to rest, recover and rebuild the country. the reincarnation of Gurindai was quickly appointed as the new patriarch of the Jugemu clan. his first order is as follow

1-2. rebuild the Illusion array of sado previously destroyed in the godflesh war
The illusion array is a strategic weapon made by the 4th reincarnation of Ponpokopi in the 8th Tanuki-Godflesh war. it is a massive rock garden hidden in the center of Sado with numerous rocks deliberately arranged to form pattern on the sand. its main function is to increase the speed of tanuki illusion magic rituals. with the illusion array, the tanuki did not have to redraw the magic circle everytime they need to cast illusion magic rituals and simply just rearrange the pebbles to form different pattern needed to cast the magic ritual.

3. build a new settlement on the river mouth and
4. expand in the mainland
with the recently freed tanuki slaves, the tanuki population have grown too large for the island of sado to support. Gurindai gave the order for the newly freed slaves to settle on the surrounding areas in the mainland. a new city named suigyomatsu (meaning "where water eventually goes") is also built on the rivermouth to provide the tanuki settlers the logistic support needed for them to settle the mainland.
Rolled 1 (1d2)

It is funny how much things change, they remain the same. It is a great shame that this new world of... oh my Lord of Flesh, we Cravers remaining must make a new name for this world; perhaps Grist'halla "Flesh Canvas Haven"? A bit on the nose with the fleshiness? Perhaps Viorpia "Boring Life"? A vote is called. Aa it was stated, a damn shame that the biology here is so bloody mediocre, many adaptations already known or surpassed by the Geneforge's abilities or our own hands, perhaps we need to turn our eyes downwards for material wealth, so we may elevate ourselves later?

Veins push south, springing from Shab'let, from here a fresh Wall Tumor Farm is created admid the grasses, and beside it a slime pit is constructed- Chern'bolg first laboring to excavate a pit, and then muscus lined intestinal Flesh lines the pit, strong enough to regrow despite the slimes consumptive nature. A skin roof is layer over them, as the slime is far more comfortable in the cool moist shade. Descending from the roof are series of bone piping and scaffolding, some for feeding nutrient rich flesh slurry, and other for harvesting, slurping up slime to be placed in bone vat containers, lined with the same gastric tissue. Same problems of having to replace said harvesting pipes still remain, but such is life.

A mine begins for the phosphate, where the apelike Chern'bolg labor with bone pick and shovel, and resource laden carts of flesh and bone are hauled away by snapping Rut'ra, with Craver overseers watching away. A new Settlement near the mine springs up, connected by the same southern flowing veins as the farm and slime pits, right by the coast, named Chern'kuru "Ape Limb" in a fit of humor by the designing Craver. (If this is not a legal turn, just make a 2nd mine for the Iron perhaps?

Action 1: Expand towards the river by the mountains

We need space. Previously living accommodations were scarce, with only a minimal biological crew expected. With the introduction of organics once again meatspace living areas are reformatted and constructed.

Action 2: Construct Hydroelectric Dam at the river

A search for combustible materials would be ill advised at this stage, not to mention messy and non-ecofriendly.

Using clean power we can restabilise our failing electric grid and safeguard the lives of our digital crew.
Another day, another sun rise, to still bated breath for the wolfkin of the Black Forest. It seems like at any moment, the fungal hordes will pour forth from Kuroi Mori. This unease may have contributed to the scale of the expansion, as they may want to put as much distance as possible between themselves and Kuroi Mori. However, Queen Yuuka can't allow the realm to be fractured, she needs to keep an eye on the fringes, keep them under her reign, and keep the Wolfkin united as one entity, so they may stem the tide should the fungal hordes finally break through to this world. Still, the Azure Star Clan should bring riches from Hastung soon enough, already they tell us of hardy metal golems, though clumsy in their movement and not hardy enough to resist the bite of iron. One wonders how powerful it would be if possessed by a Guardian Spirit.

Action 1: Establish Lumbermill on the southside of the mountain near Kuroi Mori.
The Iron Leaf Clan has long prided itself on their Iron Sabres, being the only weapon to be mildly effective against the fungal hordes, as their rotted flesh easily made way to the iron edge. However, with their travel to this world, while they were fortunate to keep the iron deposit, they have no real source of charcoal. This needs to be fixed, and the first step is to source the wood. The Conclave of Life may grow wood, but it's more ideal for making shields out of than to burn for charcoal, so the Iron Leaf Clan goes and makes a woodcutter on the other side of the mountain near Kuroi Mori.

Action 2: Establish city of Hayashi Yamamoto, to the west, between the two rivers.
As people surge out of Kuroi Mori, Queen Yuuka is surprised at just how many there are, and how far they go. In fact, it becomes a large problem because the amount of land is impossible for Kuroi Mori to administrate alone. In order to control this, Yuuka calls for whitehairs to go out and found a new city, Hayashi Yamamoto. The city is a stronghold where the whitehairs gather up elders from the various clans, growing their power over their region and keeping themselves familiar with the area, so they can more effectively crack down on any rogue clan.
Forgot the image, I keep doing that.

File: Jarnoia 2022-05-09-21-45.jpg (909 KB, 5160x4320)
909 KB
909 KB JPG
Read the Rules here: https://pastebin.com/mKrDuUhV

Getting Started
Pick a color from the map and fill in the bits below. You’ll have 7 points to assign into the stats below.

Name: Rename your civ from its color here.
Each player leads a small iron age civilization scraping by in a hostile fantasy world. Some may be the progeny of ancient dragons, while others are merely evolved chimps that have discovered the secrets of agriculture. No matter how you or your people came to be your future awaits you here.

After you've selected your color feel free to explain your civilization and roll your first turn. Colors are available on a first come first serve basis.
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How is it getting progressively lower every turn...?
Rolled 53 (1d100)


Name: Vero - Red
Wealth: 6
Population: 1
Culture: 5
Knowledge: 0
Military: 0

>Auto-Increase Culture
>Project: Mercenary Lodges

Although the Vero people are not the type to embrace war or cause any sort of purposeful conflict, they recognize the possibility of danger reaching them that doesn't share their peaceful disposition. Hoping to maintain their pacifist ways, the nobles try to attract promising tribes to place on retainer.
Rolled 47 (1d100)

>Teal - The Fearless Frogmen
>Wealth: 1
>Population: 5
>Culture: 3
>Knowledge: 1
>Military: 4
Settlements: 3 (?)

Auto +1 to Population
With the expansion of our fertile lands comes the expansion of our women's fertile womb-sacs. We are a big, happy family... With aspirations of warfare and domination!! We create effigies and mock up dummies of Humies and train our soldiers to leap on them and give them a licking.
(Roll to increase Military)
Rolled 29 (1d100)


While some suggested sacrifice, Korem would be against such. It was not the way of the Broodmothers to sacrifice people. It was to guide them to be greater. While banishment or a branding that would only be cleansed if they were redeemed would be acceptable, sacrifice of a life was not. They were unworthy to begin with after all, and if anything offering their indolent souls up to the Great Broodmothers even if they approved of human sacrifice would be an insult. Regardless, the worst offenders would be directly banished, and the rest who proved to be slothful branded. Yet they would not be sacrificed. The settlement would be set up. And the faith would remain untarnished...

>Attempt to create another settlement called near the eastern river called Ksenlaul'Morchag...For the third time.
(0.004096% chance of this happening...6 times now...)

File: op.jpg (14 KB, 386x331)
14 KB
>What is this?
"The Mystery Dungeons" is a text-based role-playing game created to expand on the setting created by the spinoff series, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon (particularly Explorers of Sky). Players isekai themselves into the world and become Pokémon, going on adventures with their newfound guildmates! SFW ONLY

>I'd like to participate!
Always feel free to join in to see if it will stick with you. People come and go as they please, but there are plenty of regulars, including artists and writers. Outside of the main quests hosted here on /qst/ twice a week, a majority of side quests, lore, and role play happen almost all the time on the Element!

>How do I play?
First, fate must decide which Pokémon you become: https://randompokemon.com

Settings to Use: Generate 1, All Regions, All Types, all boxes checked (natures optional if you feel like giving your pokemon a little extra in characterization).
Take a screenshot so we know you probably weren't lying—admittedly while rerolling is frowned upon, no one has any real issue with it—after all, it's just you and your consciousness to deal with!
Alternatively, if you're feeling much more truthful, go ahead and roll in the thread for your pokemon! (1d905). Some legendaries and mythicals have been dropped from the available roster. Assume that the box art legendaries are unavailable.

> Okay, now what?
Join the Element and read the sticky, it has the (almost) complete starter guide! It'll show you how to set up your character profile, create locations to play in, and record the lore of your exploits: https://matrix.to/#/#themysterydungeons:matrix.org

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Rolled 3 (1d20)

"You're wrong"
Astor manifest Brazil
Astor points exactly at Limestone Cavern. Aether writes down a note on his own map labelled "Brazil." "Thank you, wise traveler."

You do not however, manifest Brazil.

Sol, Astra, and Aether make for an exit with Milo and Doppler, The two of them pausing to spare one last glance at Sirocco beforre leaving.
"Don't worry Sol! She's in good paws and wings i guess"
Rolled 4 (1d20)

"Well... I guess that's that."
I am a big liar. Sunday is the new date for the continuation, same time. Hopefully, no more changes are necessary.

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