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File: hqdefault (3).jpg (14 KB, 480x360)
14 KB
Test Quest! #1

My first quest
Hi all! My name is pie (just to keep up with the DM and who's who i would prefer if you used names but eh whatevs)

Only 3 ppl can join said quest so just say here! And I'll pick the first 3 to start. (This quest is part based)
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Are you underage OP?
Sorry all family troubles n shit. I am back.
You wanna be our last dude?
Are you going to test a sistem or your writting skills?
Also, you should probably start explaining what the game is about to the players
Basically you all are NPCs in someone's game! Well uh...you WERE until faggot OPs quest came to life. Now you have to go through his shitty quest stages to find ram sticks to get you the hell outta here! I'll do updates for this quest every few hours or so.

Everyone ready?
their bodies are ready, but is it your mind?
a quest is work.
consider doing an update 1 time a day or 2 if you have the time.
now go go go, make this a quest!
this is a board that is fundamentaly diferent from the rest of 4chan.
Its speed depends on you not the players

File: degraver.jpg (53 KB, 502x829)
53 KB
You awaken in the dark, which is immediately banished by the stark white beam of light emitted from your helmet. The harsh spotlight reveals destroyed machinery whose purpose you can't fathom at this time. Dust on the console scatters to the ground from a distant rumble.

A quick look around reveals stony debris, heavy sealed doors, and more broken mechanisms... Including what looks to be a conveyor belt directly behind you. Part of it seems to have been flattened entirely by a giant piece of fallen rubble. Behind that, you see several stocky, round figures with turquoise bodies and yellow helmets stand motionless, their optics lifeless and unlit. Your fellow Degravers, you realize, as your mind puts a name to your make and model. Some destroyed, all inactive. The conveyor belt vanishes into a dark corridor.

This seems like as good a time as any to take stock of yourself. You feel like you're... Missing something.

>->LIFE Core (Running at 70% Capacity)
>-Shield Battery (Low Refresh)
>->Reinforced Titanium-X Helmet (Located on Head)
>-->LED Lamp
>->Grip-Tite Gauntlets (Located in Arms)
>->Mineral Deposit Vault (Located in Torso)


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They had the exit guarded by a Mole Borer, right? Slipping around it could be possible. How wide of a turn do they make?

As per MHQ lore, Dr. Cain's original job was dealing with the mechanical plants you see in most "nature" stages. Since they're meant to fulfill real plants' ecological roles, multiple areas of scientific expertise are needed to build them. The archaeology connection is harder to explain, but Ancient Aliens-type stuff is canon for the Megaman universe.
Also, Cain heads an oversight group, but isn't actually involved in the construction of most Reploids. An operation can go EXTREMELY shoddy while still producing viable Reploids, and then there's the production lines run by other Mavericks in the first place...
Dude, every scientist in the future has a honorary degree in biology and/or robotics in addition to what they actually do.
>three or four timelines
What? I thought there was the original numbered games, then the X series happens.
I know of the Megaman/megaman x timeline, which include the Zero games ,zx and legends and the battle network timeline which includes starforce
Alright, keep in mind this is my interpretation of the lore I've gotten from shitposting around, so it's probably mostly wrong.
1st timeline
Megaman originals happen, eventually Dr light makes X, who fights the mavericks, and wins after a long war along with his buddies.
2nd timeline
Robots prove too be too hard to create, instead making computer AI. Dr wily is actually a good roboticist, but his work is rendered useless, causing him to become a terrorist using viruses. Megaman is a super advanced program, and he eventually kills a literal god program.
3rd timeline
X actually fails in his mission initally, leading to the Z spinoffs.
4th timeline
Fucking radiowave aliens from outer space after X saved the humans.

File: quest cover t2.jpg (728 KB, 800x1216)
728 KB
728 KB JPG
You are Zedek, of no surname, a young man that has sacrificed his humanity for a chance to become as the heroes of childhood stories. As a chimera, you grow stronger by obtaining monster corpses and bringing them to your benefactor, the infamous Witch of Tharazar, Endorai.

In the past days, you slew a beast that was terrorizing Tharazar, made an unlikely friend in a lowlife named Chungus, registered in the Adventurer's Guild, killed many goblins, rescuing two adventurers in the process, learned that your benefactor has a stranged daughter, and bungled your way through a date. A date in which you prevented Endorai from ruining a girl's life and met the unpleasant Duke Umveos. You also agreed to sneak into an expedition to the subterranean ruins of an ancient civilization.

Today, you have just awakened from a series of embarrassing dreams. The expensive suit that Endorai gifted to you lays neatly folded, not at all how you left it. You suppose Argis is to thank for this, too.

By the side of your silver armor, you find something new. A snouted helmet, one that fits your monstrous head much better. Another gift of Endorai's? But she isn't the type to shy away from... anything, much less from giving a gift in person.

The only person that could have done this is Argis, but the silver-haired maid doesn't seem like the type to shy away from things, either.

You make a note in your head to ask about the gift to either of the two when you can.

Today you plan to...
>Get rid of your "meowing when startled" problem. Endorai said she could do it during a chimerization, but you'd rather get rid of it now. It's embarrassing.
>Go to the Adventurer's Guild. Not only have you still not got the reward for those quests you completed, but you also need to see if they can offer you a way into Duke Umveos' expedition. You might also see a quest that catches your attention.

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No matter what we do let's try to get ourself more magic. Having a cheat code to the universe will always be useful
shower thoughts:

putting on and taking off the amulet is very obvious. I've thought of a couple of designs I'll draw tomorrow to make it more subtle, dependent on how it actually works.

our mouth is in a weird place relative to the glamour. how do we look when we're eating? Endorai did have us eat in a restaurant.

someone's going to inevitably ask:
what's up with the amulet?
why are you working for the Witch of Tharazar?

so we're going to need a big consistent lie for people to draw out of us at the speed of a truth.

my ideas:
we were part of the heroes' party, but had to leave because we contracted a supernatural illness. we were directed to Endorai (by who?) to treat it.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
What if Endorai found us? Maybe she heard us bitching about our situation and decided to treat the 'illness'
amulet could work in too many ways. need more information like
>is there a clasp
>>otherwise, is there an extra long chain to fit around our snout?
>what counts as wearing it? like does it have the same effect if we put it on an arm, or does it do nothing, or does it do something different like replace our hand with a head?

remember that we haven't actually been publicly complaining about a disease. people can figure that out. maybe something like
>we've talked about it specifically with smart people to get help. (didn't want a rumor to get to anyone who'd assume we were contagious and get us lynched)
>Endorai contacted us, probably got tipped off by one of those people.
>she hasn't told us who, and doesn't want us to help anyone figure out.
>informants are secret for a reason, and in this case, whoever it was did us a huge favor, so we're inclined to go along with that.
means we have an excuse not to share names.
Well, I think this runs into the problem that we don't actually know how Zedek met Endorai. That's something we need to establish in the narrative first before we can start lying about it, so that we don't contradict anything. But yes, if it doesn't conflict with any known facts about her, her studying our disease could be a very good cover.

If we're going to publicly acknowledge that we were in the Hero's party, then we might actually be able to use Aliss as our cover. She comes from a city of sages and prophets, maybe she knew someone who knew Endorai and recommended us to her. And it probably doesn't run the risk of getting back to the party, because they're off in some distant land fighting the demon king.

File: mentok.png (2.11 MB, 1254x2139)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB PNG
Stolen from your mother before you could walk, and trained every day for seventeen years thereafter. This was done to you for a single purpose, to make you into a living blade for the Daimyo that will one day become your master. Once there were sixteen of you, now only two. The other is named Ito, the only one of you who could remember his name. A secret kept even from your teacher. You have always hated him for it. Long have you stared into the darkness and wondered what your mothers faced looked like.

But today is the day of your final test, and your mind must remain clear. For you are already losing. Ito has passed the first test and claimed the mission scroll, he now moves with silent swiftness to place it into the hands of your teacher. Your only chance is to take the scroll from him and deliver it yourself. You cannot fail.

> You will run after him, your speed is unmatched [Skill: Fleet of Foot]
> You have set a trap for him, you know where he will go [Skill: Trap making]
> You will send a hawk after him, you have trained a beast for this purpose [Skill: Beast Mastery]
> You have donned a disguise, and await for him where the fishermen sit [Skill: Disguise]
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I think I over did the difficulty on that one too. I didn't want write ins because I was afraid people would attempt to go off the grid too quickly
"you roll and I roll and who rolls lower dies" as a combat mechanic means that the MC is living on borrowed time generally
Yea, limitless enemies but only one MC means we'll roll lower eventually. Probably we should avoid contested rolls in the first place.
No, you can do that but you need an actual system for it. you can check out collapsing for reference.
File: 2.png (702 KB, 627x1069)
702 KB
702 KB PNG
I originally wanted a system that uses puzzels that I worked on. But my program crashed and i lost all my work. So I just threw this new system together.

In this quest, normally, you’d be playing as Wade Wakeman, a 17-year old boy with a heart of gold and proud owner of the Omnitrix! But this time, we’re going to take a peek into the life of everyone’s favorite super-celebrity, Wilderbee! After being abducted and having his mind altered by alien technology, Wilderbee became a genetically modified superweapon with power so great that it nearly matches the size of his ego. But with great fame, comes great responsibility. Even a superstar has his own share of problems.


Most dice rolls will be 1d100. Modifiers will be added depending on the situation or on the alien being used(Usually +10 or -10). Crit successes and crit fails apply. Crit fails can be overridden by crit successes, but crit failures cannot override crit successes.

How to Roll:
To roll dice, type “dice+1d100” in the options field without the quotations. To roll dice with positive modifiers, type “dice+1d100+modifier number” in the options field without quotations, and with an actual modifier number. To roll dice with negative modifiers, type “dice+1d100+-modifier number” in the options field without quotations, and with an actual modifier number.

Aliens Unlocked:

Alien Images:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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“Care to join me, Prime Time?” you offer while extending a hand towards her. “ A good ‘ol fashioned superhero team-up should give us some alone time.” you add with your award winning smile. No really, you’ve won an actual award for it.

“Just me, you and some big, sweaty bad dude?” Prime Time asks while crooking her brow. “Not exactly my idea of a date...but I’m down.” she admits as she takes your hand and pulls herself up.

“Sweet!” you cry out with a big goofy grin on your face. And before Prime Time can say anything else, you scoop her up in your arms and lift her face to yours. “Hold on tight.” you mention, right before you jump out of the limo and shoot up into the sky. And unsurprisingly, Prime Time’s loving every second of it.

Despite the chaotic nature of this pile-up, it doesn’t take long for you to spot the unlucky amatuer that’s ruining your magical night. You should be at that new club partying it up with your girl and your boys right about now!

But as you get closer to the villain in question, you come to realize just how massive he is. He stands at about seven feet tall, has arms thicker than your torso, and looks like he’s covered in some sort of dark green, metallic armor. The entire upper part of his torso is somewhat shaped like a crescent moon facing downwards, with his slanted, hovering arms and hunched posture.

“What is that thing…?” Prime Time gasps.

“By the time we’re done with him, he’ll be dead meat.” you retort with complete and total confidence.

Once your feet make contact with the cracked asphalt, you set Prime Time down and approach the hiking brute that’s flipping cars around and laying out the inexperienced vigilantes. But before you can get too far, Prime Time grabs your arm and holds you in place.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
How are you gonna play this?

>Put on a heroic play for the cameras and taunt the creature into attacking you first.
>Subdue the villain and allow Prime Time to hit him with her sonic screech.
>Prime Time’s right. This guy might be more dangerous than you thought. You should take this guy toa remote area.
>Punch the daylights out of this thing with an empowered energy strike!
>Toss him into the air and juggle him with a few well-placed punches.
>>Subdue the villain and allow Prime Time to hit him with her sonic screech.
>Subdue the villain and allow Prime Time to hit him with her sonic screech.

File: Resurrected Jesus.jpg (88 KB, 779x1018)
88 KB
Open your bible anon because we're continuing Jesus Quest.
Jesus returned from his trials in the desert to find himself lost in the year 2000 of the 21st century. Unable to speak modern languages, Jesus is thrown in the asylum where befriends the doctors. The doctors teach Jesus how to use modern technology and how to speak many common modern languages.

On January 1, 2001, a doctor forges Jesus a passport and drives him to the airport. Jesus buys a one-way ticket to (vote result) the Vatican. Pope John Paul II (vote result) announces Christ's return to the world. Jesus and his followers traveled to Italy, (vote result) Greece, and Constantinople, preaching to Catholics and Orthodox but neglecting Protestants.

Protestant spies uncovered catholic sex abuse scandals that are big enough to implicate a cardinal. Crowlian spies infiltrated the Protestants and convinced them that Jesus is a fake catholic deception.

The Protestants challenged the Catholics to a debate. Jesus and the Pope fly from Istanbul to All Saints' Church, Wittenburg, Germany. The Protestant factions stand on the left, the Catholics on the right, and Jesus in the middle in front of the altar.

Ground Rules:
Jesus does not kill.
Jesus does not commit physical violence toward humans.
(Jesus did curse a fig tree and eat animals and nobody considers that to be violence except breatharians.)
Jesus does not command armies nor does he command others to kill or hurt for him. (Except in Revelations but that's inappropriate for part 2 of a Jesus Christ Chrismas-themed Quest).
Jesus does insult his enemies the Pharisees by comparing them to snakes and dogs. Swearing at people is non-violent.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Choice 2
>choice 2
>choice 1
>Choice 2:
choice 1

choice 2

Writing. Will post tommorow evening.


By SICKOFMOONROCKS on Tuesday, MMM/31/200Y, 3:22 AM.

New leaks about the New Mexico evacuation for you guys. This will be my last post. View at your own risk.

[view file]


The text fades to black, before being replaced by more


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Send a stream of homing bees around the corner with your hivehand. They might be able to locate and sting the parasites to death, if you're lucky.
>Have Kirchoff ready to finish off any of them that come into sight.

Thinking quickly, you quietly command Kirchoff, “Don’t let anything come around the corner.” You quickly reach over your shoulder for the wriggling hivehand currently sitting on your back. Nodding, the marine slings his long, unwieldy semi-auto rifle around his shoulder, and instead pulls out an mp5, not trusting the damaged m60 with the task.

The marine crouches down, lining up his iron sights right on the corner, while you wave the more vulnerable members of your team back, away from where the first alien shots come from. While Saulson complies, ducking behind a particularly large outcropping of crystals, the vorts instead begin to prepare themselves, one by one starting to charge electrical attacks, allowing small sparks to build at their fingertips before looking at you expectantly to go loud, as if already guessing your plans.

Wanting to get the first shots off before the aliens can even round the corner, you angle the hivehand upwards, hoping that the insects will com down on the aliens heads. You take a quick instant to listen in on the heavy, pounding footsteps of the incoming aliens last time, before repeatedly tapping the small flabby spot of alien tissue on the underside of the hivehand, causing the creature to belch and spit out small dartlike organisms that jet from its mouth, then veer around the corner.

Instead of hearing the low, irritated groans of the alien grunts like you expect, the response to your volley of alien hornets is a high pitched whine of pain, the sound of xen controllers getting hit. The heavy stomps immediately grow faster.

“Incoming!” Kirchoff shouts as the first grunt pokes its head around the corner, before it starts releasing its first volley of alien bees. Each and every one of you are peppered and swarmed by the creatures, two of them slamming into your side like a flechette. You wince, but continue firing, every sound drowned out by the electrical pulse of the vortiguants, and a torrent of nine-millimeter fire coming from Kirchoff. The creature is staggered by the gunfire for just a brief enough moment to allow three bolts of electricity from the vortigaunts to slam into the alien’s body, slipping down into the ground and causing the many crystals growing around the creature to pop like overcharged light bulbs.
Still hearing the high pitched screech in the gap of Kirchoff’s fire-rate, you continue firing from the hive-hand, fearing that the xen controllers may attempt to call for backup. More hornets fling up and towards what’s beyond the corner, illicting more of the pained alien screams, until the stomping deadsprint of two more grunts overpowers all other sound. The two creatures let out a deep groaning roar as they approach. One is immediately greeted by Kirchoff’s nine-millimeter rounds cutting into its carapace, while the other is hit by hornets eagerly swinging around to redirect themselves at a new target. Seeing the source of the hornets, and the greatest threat to what is probably its master licking its wounds behind cover, the grunt begins to run, charging directly towards you. The other begins to fire off swarms of hornets into the trio of vortigaunts just as they begin to prepare another trio of electrical bolts.

As the charging grunt sprints towards you, it raises up its hivehand, but not in a usual firing stance, it draws the entire arm back to strike with the talons, your first instinct tells you to dodge, but you’re backed into a corner with this damn hallway. A few nine-millimeter rounds ping off the creature’s carapace as Saulson starts releasing quick bursts.

>Right before the punch, try to help the vortigaunts, quickly as possible, pull out your revolver, and fire off as many shots as possible into the far grunt.
>See if this shiny hazard suit lives up to what it claims to be. Block like you would a human punching you, then try to counterattack with your knife.
>Try and pull out your shotgun fast enough to plant a buckshot round directly in the chest of the grunt, then his friend if you haven’t been haymakered
>Try and quickly dodge out of the way of the grunt as best you can, then chase after the Xen Controllers before they can try anything. (Roll 3d6, pass on a 14.)
>Pull a smoke grenade, then throw it right in the creatures face. With luck it might just confuse, disorient, or baffle the thing to give you a window of attack. (-1 Smoke grenade.)
>Write in.
>See if this shiny hazard suit lives up to what it claims to be. Block like you would a human punching you, then try to counterattack with your knife.
All those krav maga classes couldn't have been for nothing, right?
>See if this shiny hazard suit lives up to what it claims to be. Block like you would a human punching you, then try to counterattack with your knife.

File: Fantasykey1.png (26 KB, 900x900)
26 KB
(This is going to be a quest about fantasy military strategy with drawn battlemaps. You might remember a similar quest that was about a not!roman province governor.)

The continent of Oth is home the Free Alliance. The nations of the Free Alliance depend on one another and live in relative peace. But the borders of the Alliance are surrounded by enemies and every nation bears some responsibility for defense. There are large forts located on the borders, where joint forces of the Alliance defend against encroaching enemies. You have been selected to command one of these forts. Who are you?

>High Hammerer Urist Kolost, a veteran warrior chosen to command the northern fortress, Ngath Guluk. You will command the large ballistae and heavy infantry of the Dwarven Kingdom.

>Holy Knight Sir Rolfe the Truthful, a pious knight chosen to command the southern fortress, St. Remmonet's Abbey. You will command the clerics and paladins of the Holy Order.

>Elder Raendel, an ancient elf chosen to command the western fortress, Ionolos. You will command the spearmen and archers of the Sylvan Union.

>Archmage Tolosivic of Golos, a powerful wizard chosen to command the eastern fortress, Nel. You will command the wizards and constructs of the Golos Wizard's Guild.
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>Send the knights, 1 archer platoon and the clerics to help the encircled dwarves
>4 Spear platoons and 1 archer platoon engage the ogres fighting the dwarves

The knights are our most elite units, sending them to fight the orcs with shock and awe will be deadly enough but with the supporting fire of the archers and the magic from the Clerics, it should be enough to handle them.

The remainder of our forces can engage the ogres, though they may be large pure numbers should be enough to take them down and the archers will be of great help in whittling them down.
Archers form a line and start firing at enemies from the encircled dwarves. All archers shall keep engaged, and send two platoons of spears.

The two platoons of knights shall engage the monstrous infantry helping the other dwarwen army.

The clerics snd the remaining spears shall engage the monstrous infantry in the hills.

Since the battle is uphill try to signal the dwarves to retreat downhill and join the other company, thus msking the opponents lose the advantage in the hill. Once the battle is on flat ground, the archers can provide fire support for all engaged friendlies.
Send all of our cavalry to charge against the two orc companies in the flatland. Cavalry wouldn't be much good on a hill anyway.

Send everyone else to attack the ogres on the hill.

If the minotaurs rout after we defeat their allies, allow them to retreat. If they don't, then attack them with all our forces.
sounds good. remember not to send cavalry into the mountains. Archers form a line and signal for dwarfs to retreat. My guess is ogres move more sluggishly downhill so we can start feathering them from a distance. once dwarfes have cought up, have them form a defensive line with the spearmen. If the knights get in trouble with the Minotaurs they should also retreat behind that line.

but leave one unit of spearmen in reserve so if the minotaurs starts to move we can intercept them.

File: 1605598600514.jpg (347 KB, 850x934)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
Your name is Noah Lee - straight C+ student, scrawny runt, and lover of old ballroom dance vinyls. After a chance encounter during detention, you discovered that you possess the mystical "Type O-alpha" blood-type, which marks you as...

Monster bait. No cool powers. No "chosen one" status. But apparently, if you bleed around the wrong people, they will explode into gigantic, reality-warping monsters known as "Dragons" and immediately try to kill you. Silver lining! Surviving a Dragon attack gave you magic powers - "Alchemy", the ability to enforce your intent on the world and reshape matter and energy.

After a fraught encounter with your teacher, who burst into a Dragon and attempted to kill you, you were saved by Kendra Shields (call her Ken), a gruff, battle-worn two-star Slayer for the Fraternal Order Of Dragon Slayers (FOODS), and became her apprentice in order to learn enough so that you could defend yourself from Dragons.

After an exceptionally strange weekend where you
a: Almost got killed by a Three-star Dragon,
b: Met with anti-FOODS urban ninjas from an organization named Pandora,
c: Discussed your feelings and also cuddled a cute girl named Rebecca George, she of esoteric music tastes,
d: Discovered that the Vatican has a black ops Dragon-slaying organization named l ordine dei cavalieri di San Benedetto di Norcia, or, The Order of Knights of Saint Benedict of Nursia,
e: Ate Chinese food with your mom and discovered that your dad was a drug dealer named Valentino D'Angelo (who walked out on her, you're still kind of processing that one)
and, finally,
f: Were delivered a forbidden tome of "human transmutation" techniques that you are absolutely certain you should not have, as human transmutation is against FOODS's rules (although Pandora has no issue with it),

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You fold one arm over your chest, grabbing your other one. For a moment, you consider folding your arms entirely, but then that would probably flash your weapon, which is a bad idea. "So are you killing this teacher because they can turn into a giant monster or in spite of it?"

"Come again?" She asks, her eyes flickering between you and the road.

"Is it like putting down a dangerous animal, or did they do something to deserve it and the transformation is just an obstacle?" You ask, and she winces in some kind of emotional pain.

"Yeah. We'd want to kill them even if it wasn't for the monster thing. Maybe the monster thing is why they're bad, I don't fucking know." They exhale, flames flickering slightly. The more they talk, the less concentration they seem to be able to maintain. She shrugs her shoulders. "What's it to you?"

You hear a motorcycle in the distance, just barely. She doesn't seem to have noticed, her attention divided between too many things.

>"Just curious to see if this is anyone I would miss." Cavalry's here. [Calm]
>"Well, I gotta know if this is someone who deserves it or not. What'd he do?" Press the issue. [Assertive]
>Free Option.
>>"Just curious to see if this is anyone I would miss." Cavalry's here. [Calm]
>"Well, I gotta know if this is someone who deserves it or not. What'd he do?" Press the issue. [Assertive]
The bike is still far away and might not even be Jimmy. Don't ruin it.
>"So what, are you guys are priests exorcising the cursed, or ninjas executing a guy?"

This doesn't seem like FOODS MO, from what we know. Might be interesting to probe for connection to the other alchemy houses we know using the scrapyard guy's terms.
>Free Option.
>"I've never talked to a wizard monster-hunter before, is it that weird to be curious?"

The Silver Marches

It has been 141 years since the Stonefall. The destruction of the great Dwarven hold of the Tyrese chasm. Some have claimed the Dwarves became too greedy, and with their incessant digging stuck a fault line. Others hold it was an act of the gods. Whether fate or providence the hold fell, the great chasm collapsed in on itself, and where once had been a city was now sky and rubble.

Against all odds many survived. Within a year Silver Mantle was founded by the survivors who trekked north into the vast untamed wilderness now known as the Silver Marches. Great untapped riches were to be found not far below the surface. Silver, platinum and other metals that are easily worked. Though skill and determination -and no small measure of luck- they have survived and even thrived.

Those who had fled south from the hold's hall eventually returned to Tyrese in the hopes of rebuilding. Only then did they realise the destruction of their home had opened a pass through the mountains. Some of the tallest in the world, the starlight mountains and the airless plateau had always been impassable by airship until that point.

When word reached them of their surviving kin and the untapped resources of the marches, their course became clear. The remaining Dwarves of Tyrese would rebuild not just a city but a great airship gate. Eventually the Empires to the south would want to lay claim to the riches of the north and they would be ready for that day.

It has been 140 years since the founding and the lands between the Tyrese Gate and Silver Mantle are little changed since then. Hundreds make the journey each year with the caravans, hoping to start a new life or escape from their old ones. Men and women from a hundred nations risk life and limb just on the journey.

Orcs, goblins, monsters and demons are a constant threat to the caravans and those foolish enough to strike out on their own. Despite this more arrive every year. From craftsmen and settlers to sellswords, vagabonds, thieves and ne'er-do-wells, all hope to carve a future for themselves. All make the trek, from the surrounding lands, or port of Hennessy some 300 miles south of the gate.

As the Dwarves predicted airships have begun to arrive at the gate but few are risking the journey north to Silver Mantle. The Marches still pose risks and with no infrastructure in place there is little chance of replenishing lost gas cells if they take damage. Only the occasional shipment of platinum is worth the risk at this stage. Some day that will change there is little doubt, and it may be soon if prospectors can find what is needed in the north.

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Are you hopefully for the future of the region?
File: Shark Ship.jpg (1.11 MB, 2500x1250)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
Ayyy TSTG, you ever see this?
I feel like giants, being very wild, nomadic, and aloof to the small peoples, would really despise slavery.
I most certainly have not and I'm a little concerned that the deviant art it's from has the exact same ship class name as the one from H&D.
"Are you hopeful for the future of the region?"

Largah shrugs.
"As much as I hate to say it most of the major tribes are playing by a similar set of rules these days, making negotiation possible. These orcs were just a small band, probably acting without permission of their overlord. If they weren't acting alone we need to know about it and soon.
There are supposed to be more caravans from the south in the coming years. Enough that establishing more outposts again might start to look like a good idea."

"Do you think ending the slave trade in the region might be possible?"

Largah shakes his head.
"Not unless the orcs are convinced to do away with it first. If that were to change the slavers would stop making so much money. Without bribe money the leaders of Silver Mantle might finally drive them out."

Approaching Ballidon you're met by a rider who speeds back to the settlement, informing them the militia can stand down. Havershaw is happy that things went as smoothly as they did. After an explanation of events Largah and Kevin haul the wounded orc captive off to a healer.

"Thank you for your help Ulf. I owe you at least two gold pieces plus a cut of whatever was recovered. One of my people are going to see if they can determine the identity of the rider who was killed from what they were carrying. They're quite good at it, should be done by morning.
There are two out outstanding matters to work out, the prisoners and my ballista bolts. You can keep the regular bolts, but as they haven't been touched I'd really like the steel ones back unless you intend to buy them. They're hard to get hold of out here and it could be a month before I could get more in."

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File: bubbles.jpg (590 KB, 2000x2000)
590 KB
590 KB JPG

Once upon a time, there was a young girl. This young girl lived a happy life with her loving mother and hardworking father. She loved both of her parents very much.

One day, there came news of a crisis sweeping the nation. A "depression" is what the young girl's father called the situation. Of course, the poor little girl wasn't aware of what a "depression" was, so she cared very little about it; so long as she could spend more happy days with her loving parents, she would be happy...of course, as most would have guessed, that is not how things played out.

The girl's parents began fighting. The fights eventually became daily occurrences, which the little girl had to get used to. One cold, gray winter day, the girl came home from school...the house was cold, and felt very empty. She called out for her mother, who was generally home at this hour, but got no response. Instead, she heard her father call out to her from her parents' room. The girl did not think about how strange it was for her father to be home at this hour, and rushed over to the room........


...oh god. Blood, guts, and bits and pieces of Mommy's brains...everywhere. Daddy...what is Daddy eating?



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File: carter.png (238 KB, 700x620)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
You pick Anna up and begin carrying her on your back. You attempt to ask her to twist the enemies, but she seems a bit too shaken by this whole thing to listen to you. You ask Snake if he has any explosives, and he shakes his head.

"Sorry, kid. Looks like running's all we can do right now."

Shit. Nero roars as he blasts Gluttony right in the mouth with an eye beam, though the beam just kind of disappears into the mouth, so only the parts of the beam that touched its lips and tongues explode. That buys you and Snake enough time to run around the thing and further into the mall. You run for so long, that you lose track of how long you'd been running, only stopping when the noise of that shadow monster's laughter fades...


The speakers go on again, playing something a bit more low-key this time around. Exhausted, you set Annabelle down and collapse. Snake sits down next to you and lights a cigarette, he gives Annabelle a pat on the head.

"How are you holding up, kid?"

Annabelle takes a deep breath.

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>Slow and easy.
The group is currently exhausted after 3 encounters they need some rest so it is a much better Idea to take is slowly and safely
File: yucky store.jpg (120 KB, 728x520)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
You tell the man that you'd like to take the slower route.

"Hm. Not exactly what I would have chosen, but I assume that encountering the horrors of this place are probably quite taxing on the mind and body. Very well then, follow me."

He immediately starts moving, and you all follow him. As you continue moving, he begins to speak about monsters and anomalies that he had encountered within this area, and that he believes that this area makes copies of those monsters from other universes to use for the sake of tormenting visitors. Though he's unaware of why it would do that.


An even more modern song begins playing over the speakers, causing Carter to gaze up at the speakers with distaste; Annabelle seems to like it though. She looks up at you.

"H-hey...I'm worried that something might happen to me at some point. If I'm killed or...something else happens, then p-please don't blame yourself."

Snake sighs.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: waterfall.jpg (2.31 MB, 5402x2873)
2.31 MB
2.31 MB JPG
...well, time for a leap of faith. The three of you join hands and run through this new portal, and then...everything goes dark...




Weird. Strange. Bizarre. Those are all words that can be used to describe her world. THEIR world. There are only a couple of her left, so you have to be careful with how you treat her (or them). Where are you? You're not sure. She's not sure. They aren't sure. All you know is that everything is going to die. Yes, everything. Not everyone, everything. Reality is dead, it's going to die because of her, because of them. You can't stop it, she can't stop it, they can't stop it. You're doomed...



Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Ask Annabelle some questions (ask her how she is holding up)
>Begin searching the area with the larger mushrooms.
And the search for snake begins

File: 2nd Primarch 2.jpg (1.07 MB, 2581x1629)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
Previous threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=The%202nd%20Primarch%20Quest

You are Lieren of Nothing, Leader of the rebellion against the Tyrants of Yan, Great Hunter of the wilds, Bringer of Benevolence and Prosperity, The Hero of the Common folk and friend of the virtuous, Slayer of the twin dragons of Gao, Ender of the Cui line, Killer of the Wild Boar General, and the Wise Philosopher who created "The Journey" which has become a rallying banner that gathers the downtrodden and virtuous to your way of life. And Unknown to even yourself, the second son of the emperor, and the father of a legion of Transhuman warriors called Astartes.

Having Gained the Loyalty of the Dai, turning them against their Yan masters by revealing the true depths of depravity their fellow nobles could and had sunken to, you planned your next attack, to keep the Yan forces from regrouping or launching a counterattack to reclaim the Lands of Dai you had occupied, as they were yet unaware of their change of allegiance. The armies that gathered upon the border each posed a great to the people of the lands and your own forces.

So you employed the same tactic you used to win your first victories against the Yan, splitting your army into three equal forces and giving command of the portions to one of your skilled, experienced and talented generals.

Jinhai, son of the sea as he is now called, was given the task of leading a regiment to remove one of the three heads of the Xue, which had similarly fractured their forces. These orders sent Jinhai and his army against Xue De, the youngest of the Xue three, the renowned Generals of their house. A man confident in his tactical acumen, against the Wise Guard who looks for answers in the world around them. Accompany them, were a battery of artillery and Gatling guns, commanded by the daughter of the former house of Tao, Dandan, one of your two experts in the use, construction and care of fire arms

Yin Lei, the Unbroken thunders howl, was given the task of bringing to heel the eldest of the Xue Three, Xue Hong, who while an experienced general, was a cowardly drunk who would be expected to resort to calling his brothers to his side far quicker than the other two. Especially when faced with a General who had never before known defeat and had become a living Legend. Especially when he had the Mad Inventor Shan by his side, a man obsessed with gunpowder and its uses.

While the last portion of your arm was used to construct a trap for the Kang Army led by Kang Yongrui, who had sent word they would aid the Dai in reclaiming their stolen home. Lai song, the Lord of Cavalry and Pioneer of a new maneuver named "Storm of iron" the first to truly utilize the pure destructive potential of your rifles and Gatling guns, by combing them with the expertise of his storied riders, was the general given the task of bleeding the Kang in their march to Dai Niu and his forces.
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Printing press is a required precursor to mass education and for standardized blueprints. It kicked off the renaissance to some degree by making classical literature more easily accessable.
As soon as we overthrow the Yan, we're totally going to replace leather scrolls with paper and laminated sheets. It'd be cheaper and easier to manufacture in the long run, in addition to having a longer life span if preserved right.
File: Bamboo_Scroll.jpg (42 KB, 500x279)
42 KB
>leather scrolls
In China they often use bamboo to make scrolls and books
I still feel like properly bound paper books would be a massive step up from bamboo scrolls.
I prefer scrolls purely from an aesthetic standpoint. It's something different.

You are a Captain in God Emperor's Imperial Navy, in command of one of its near countless vessels. You and your ship have been in the Cognitus Sector for some time, and until now you have been busy fighting off a Tau incursion. But now with increasing reports of piracy coming from Arcem Subsector. You, your ship, and crew are redeployed to Port Evermore, in orbit of Arcem, to counter this new threat.

Time for character creation

Who are you?
>Jeramie Vandergfit IV (Bonus to boarding action succesrate)
>Sherridan Valeforth (Bonus to hit rate)
>Vincet Lanhouse (Bonus to void-shield regeneration)
>write in (write in any "reasonable" bonus)
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>go to the Officer's bar
>>go to the Officer's bar
While you wait for the interrogation of the arch-enemy captain (the fact said raiders were of chaos origin causing much concern) to finish, you decide to make a trip to the officer's bar to take a load off. After all, given how your enemies are chaos cultist and their associated ilk, you are certain that the next several months are going to tiring. As such you feel that this would you last chance to kick back and relax for a long time.

As you reach the Officer's Bar, which is a posh and well-decorated establishment, you notice that very few of your fellow officers are there. Which not much of a surprise given that in this corner of the Cognitus sector there are chaos raider harassing merchant traffic and on the other end the Tau (who came through a wormhole) are trying to conquer several worlds. You take a seat at a well-apolstered booth and motion for the barkeep to come and take your order.

What do you order to drink (what you choose will affect the campaign)
>Devilberry Liqueur
we drinkin' wine now.

File: dream_sailor_sa1.png (1.57 MB, 1177x1128)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB PNG
Welcome to my first ever quest! I am so excited to be posting. As my first decision as QM is to let you guys decide the first course of action in the quest.
The setting can be best described as a Lovecraftian space opera taking place shortly after the year 5000. The Dreamlands and the Material plane have merged, allowing psychics, sorcerers, and any magical practitioner to have much greater amounts of power than they ever could have dreamed of before. Elder gods toy with mortal life, playing their strings of fate like a fiddle.
I will take votes as to what faction you would like to start with first. This story will be told in four major parts, following each of the major factions.
The faction list is:
Dominion of Man. An immense feudal theocracy that spans much of the galactic sector surrounding Gaia, otherwise known as Earth. Humanity originates from this sector, but humanity has been changed irrevocably so, by the merging of the Dreamscape with reality.
The Moonlight Legion: An order of vampiric crusaders and pirates who worship the Elder gods with immense fervor and zeal. The Moonlight Legion does not care for race or class, because ultimately we will all serve the Daemon Sultan eventually…
The Order of the Third Eye: A splinter organization of arcanists who were persecuted under the authority of the Dominion. They study the arcane arts, as well as guide travellers through the dangers of the Etherium.
The Covenant: A mostly fractured confederacy of mainly three alien races. They worship their strange alien gods, that are really the only thing that unites them. Not directly hostile to the Dominion, or the Order, but they are not on the best terms either. If needed, the Covenant races can be explained later in the thread, if needed.
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The covenant! Love the idea wanna hear more <3
Voting's been closed for that part unfortunately. Voting for the next faction will be held after this arc. Sorry.
Speaking of voting, I'll get the writing for the next response done.

You are Johann Fol, a human student who had recently lost his foster dad and was forced to transfer to Garsis academy in the elven city state of Cairth under the protection of a new guardian: Miss Yuni in Gladefall Dorm, Tenfaro Street.

Under some strange circumstances, you happened upon a mysterious parallel world known as the Moonworld filled with strange creatures known as shadows thriving in a hellish post-apocalyptic landscape. It is up to you to purge lust out of Cairth as part of your agreement with a malicious entity, Ruin in Form.

The temptation for this so called infested immortality was ultimately your downfall as you had turned into a near worthless man-worm. Still, you press onwards with Maq who is trying to find a way to revert you back to normal.

38 replies omitted. Click here to view.
3 not 6 stats >>4610554
you forgot to allocate the 3 stat points anon
Well now I feel stupid
+3 END
Rolled 2 (1d2)


Actions left until disintegration : 1

"???" Despite your best efforts to communicate with the man of stone, the jubilant merchant is unable to understand your guttural language. However, you know what he wants in return for his services: Makka and... something else? It was quite odd to see all of his merchandise tethered by living tar bubbling from three different clay pots. The Merchant only displayed three random items at a time for some reason with the rest hidden in these seemingly bottomless tar pots.

Yeah, Until you can walk on two legs again, Maq should be the one talking to 'normal' actors while you take care of the crazies in this floor.

>This is too much for your worm brain [Play as Maq!]
>Say something to your new puppet [Specify]

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>This is too much for your worm brain [Play as Maq!]
Get maq to translate so we can get some sweet stuff

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