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If the heroes run and hide, who will stay and fight?

Well, that depends. Are you the one making them run? Or the one fighting back? Or maybe you’re just the one watching it all play out.

Honestly it’s your choice, heaven, hell and all that’s in between


Everything is spinning around you, it’s as if you’re in the middle of a roundabout drunk as a skunk. You can hardly even make out the blurs and blobs that make up your vision, and your ears only hear a deafening ring. The only thing you truly know for sure is the fact that you’re standing on your own two feet…You…think two feet.

It feels like you wait an eternity for…SOMETHING to happen. Be it relief from this prison of senselessness you are trapped in-Or escape from it all together. You don’t care, you just want to know what the hell is going on!

Then, as if you were slowly reaching the surface of the ocean, you begin to hear. At first it was quiet, like the muffled whine of a great whale though pounds of concrete. Then, within the blink of an eye, the roar of panicked screams, buzzing sirens and sounds of concrete loudly meeting the ground attacks your ears…But, though all of it, two voices overcome all of it with their power.

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>>Fight the urges and try to resist what is happening
Rolled 27 (1d100)

Wait, perfect time for a willpower roll. DC 75, if fail, look away
>Willpower - 27

She couldn't do it, that was an inevitability. Every time she tried, the harder Kaede's eyes turned to the salary man, an even sharper pain pierced the young woman - as if her brain was punctured by a needle. The static kept intensifying, its strange music fading while noise jacked up...

The prone man in black tried to crawl back up, but he too was affected by the strange phenomena.


>"Forget about me. I'm nobody."

>all living creatures in the vicinity must roll a willpower roll against Shinon's best of 3 1d100, bonuses are included on both sides
>results will vary depending on the rolls

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Rolled 26, 71, 50 = 147 (3d100)

Rolled 80, 98, 2 = 180 (3d100)

Roll for all of the MIB.

File: demonworshippers.png (166 KB, 462x259)
166 KB
166 KB PNG
The Glacier of Norn is an inhospitable place to live. Few plants survive the cold, and even fewer animals. Most of the creatures that do survive in here derive their sustenance from the Frozen Sea. On the coldest months of the year, a bridge of ice forms connecting the Glacier to the continent further south. The rest of the time the place is isolated.
This isolation is attractive to a lot of unsavory beings, who are otherwise hunted everywhere. The Nordmen, a group of humans who mastered the seas and are fond of raiding and pillaging other humans, make their homes in these lands. The Oathkeepers, a tribe of orcs that vouched to never again let the demons enslave their race, guard the World Gate, an imense planar portal through which a demon army can pass through. The Spinstresses, a civilization of dark elves, breed their slaves and trade them with the rest of the evil races for whatever treasures they might happen to accrue. The Bonemancers, a group of necromancers who live on a tower and create all manners of skeletal aberrations.
The people of the continent of Zar are aware that a flood of evil comes about from the north on winters. So they have built a massive wall and established the Ordo Muri to defend it.

You are the leader of a small cabal of demonologists. Though few in number, you are very skilled in magic. Long have you forfeit your souls for power, and power you have accrued. You can cast magical fire out of your hands as often as you please, and you can sustain a beam of magical energy for as long as you can maintain concentration. Besides these powers, you the leader are also capable of one of these three feats:
> Briefly creating a wall of force that can stop projectiles and most magic, once day
> Sending a message and receiving an answer telepathically over a long distance, once a day
> Dropping a bolt of negative energy on top of a target for massive damage, once a day
> Write in

Your people know a ritual to summon demons. Summoning a demon requires souls, and keeping the demon in the world also requires more souls.

Right now, you have a single demon summoned. It is a:
> Small flying demon. Requires little upkeep and can provide reconnaisance.
> Succubus. Requires significant upkeep, but can usually sustain itself in civilized areas.

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What kind of exotic ice crop would you guys like to see?
It seems ice crops would be required to expand towards the center of the glacial continent.
I dont really want to flake on this but I think I am executing the premise poorly. What is it you guys were expecting to see in a demon glacier civ thread?
Well, I will see if I can update satisfactorily once a day or so. If the votes stop flowing or if I think I can't run anymore I will end this.

After this civ quest I will try a more adventuring focused quest. I am working on it, I expect to have enough material to start it by mid April or so.

I will have to avoid civ threads for awhile until I figure a better system.
Rolled 77 (1d100)

> Climbing as fast as you can walk - 20 sacrifices
> Give us 100 slaves and we will summon you a big demon
ice watermelon
blue carrots
ice berries

The joke is that civ quests were not really popular, and even more so due to the many many many flakers of the past 7 years. I can guarantee you that most people when they see a "civ quest" Shift click it and forget about it.
Rolled 75 (1d100)


You have the demon enchant the silk cloth! The wearer can now climb as fast as you he or she can walk. It only costed 20 sacrifices! The climbing works by means of tiny hairs that protrude from your bare skin, so you need to be wearing no shoes nor gloves to be able to climb effectively.
You tell the orcs that if they give us 100 slaves we will summon them a big demon. They agree and say they will bring the slaves on year 8.

We decide to build! We had been pondering starting boats or palisades, and what they both have in common is the high use of lumber, so we start cutting trees and leave the decision of what to do with them for later.

Some adventurers showed up in town. They are headed to the orcish lands to retrieve some fabled artifact. It probably doesn't exist.
> Dissuade the adventurers from their quest
> Murder the adventurers in their sleep
> Send one of your apprentices together with them
> Send one of your councilmen together with them (which)
> Go with them yourself

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: Oh God No.jpg (36 KB, 573x537)
36 KB
You are Dr. Jack Bright. You recently accepted a deal with SCP-738 which caused the current Administrator to die of "natural causes" and made the 05 Council choose you to take his place. The price being that you cannot perform any action until the majority of all the new voices in your head agree on it. The list of things you can not do at the Foundation is now null and void. You can do whatever you want and no one, not even the 05 Council, can or will stop you. What will your first act as Administrator be?

>create something using SCP-914
>authorize Dr. Clef to have full unrestricted access to SCP-166 (The Teenage Gaea)
>pet an instance of SCP-939 and ask it "Who's a good boy?"
>buy something from SCP-261
>disband the Ethics Committee
>give SCP-096 a hug
>give orders to SCP-705
>ask SCP-953 out on a date
>spread peanut butter all over SCP-173
>cross test SCP-738 with SCP-343 to see how they would react to each other, and to see if 738 can even offer 343 anything
>relocate SCP-261 and SCP-294 into your office
>teach an instance of SCP-939 to say "That person, Edward."
>replace the buckshot in Dr. Clef's shotgun shells with confetti

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>feed amulet to 682

He's a self-insert of a kiddie diddler. Choose a better character next time.
>>create something using SCP-914

what if we put the amulet in it
+1 Put it on 1:1

File: 3721.png (1.36 MB, 1000x1250)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
In the garden of the silent, the only ground beaming with life in the midst of the graveyard, a melody of pensive sadness blasts through the cheap speakers of the Judge’s phone. Gerard Luther is ready to make his peace by revealing the truth behind all of his actions throughout his life. The betrayals, the deceptions, the twists and turns — it will all be explored. Why do it now? With you? And here? You have no idea, but you may find out.

...What were your questions again?” Gerard forgot what Amelia asked. You’re off to a great start.

“This dummy is unbelievable!” Tactical Amelia is ready to put a hit on his skull! Your sister worked in customer service, and this guy is making her lose her mind.

“May I propose you ask them one more time? Or is that too much for your minuscule bratty brain cells?!” Gerard retorts.

“I just asked!” Amelia will show her teeth if she gets a little madder.

“I apologize for getting entangled in the exquisite waltz of Chopstakovich, it’s a shame I have a soul, you dull little sprout!” Gerard is the kind of man who will go down to everyone’s level.

“Hey, I’m the only one who can call her names here.” It’s your given birthright. You’re the big brother, and you have to get involved by making excuses.

“Tell him, Johnny!” Amelia hides behind you.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 3728.png (226 KB, 800x640)
226 KB
226 KB PNG

“...You’re right, he didn’t do it.” Gerard backtracks like a coward. “Your faces were utterly priceless when I said it!” He starts joyously dancing.

“Hilarious.” Fiora deadpans.

“But yeah, the guy who shot me was called Solomon Strangelove or something.” Gerard mentions it so casually, you don’t register it that clearly…

You feel like there are still lies to be addressed in all of these statements. There are more snippets of truth than a coherent narrative. It’s up to you all to solve this puzzle and confront Gerard to get the whole truth, or you can leave it here and not bother with this buffoon.

What do you do?

>You don’t believe Gerard was actually shot. There’s something off about this part of his story. Press him about it.
>You don’t believe Kobashi isn’t involved somewhat. Like he probably didn’t do anything important, but he’s a key part of Gerard’s motivation. Go deeper into why he felt pressured to mention his former friend.
>Actually, you don’t think Gerard actually protected anyone, but the other way around. Press him about who this mysterious damsel in distress is.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Reveal to Gerard you already know the whole truth and you know for sure he’s lying. Bluff your way to getting real answers.
>You don’t believe Gerard was actually shot. There’s something off about this part of his story. Press him about it.
>Reveal to Gerard you already know the whole truth and you know for sure he’s lying. Bluff your way to getting real answers.
>Reveal to Gerard you already know the whole truth and you know for sure he’s lying. Bluff your way to getting real answers.

Anon, I regret to inform you that you died of ligma.

Fortunately for you, you happened to be the main character in an exceptionally low effort isekai quest. You know what that means! Fantasy worlds! Harems! Swords and Sorcery! All the conveniences of modern life, but all the wholesome trappings of that quaint little village that has anachronisms from all across the middle ages and Renaissance. Plus, everyone is hot.

Especially you. That's right, you, anon. I regret to inform you, but we have taken your "son" in the divorce. Really, give how exceptional everyone's looks are in the new timeline, even if your "son" has a respectable size to him... I'm sorry, but he would have belonged on a femboy here in the new world. So we just went all the way and made you a girl!

"Wait what the fuck," you say. Your new voice is an octave or so higher than you remember, it comes with the boobs and those amazing hips. "Why is everything I'm going through getting narrated by a girl that sounds like she's speaking through a cheese grater?"

Because you're the main character, silly!

"What?!" you demand in a tone that's becoming just a little unreasonable. "Don't you call me unreasonable! Who ARE you?"

I'm Arachne, your Goddess of Fortune!

"I'm pretty sure that's the spider goddess who gets everyone caught up in her vile schemes," you say, senselessly spouting off about Zeus's propaganda.

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support >>5617692

It kinda sounds like the cold iron can still be busted by a suitably corded rope and some leverage.
>Quickly close the cage door and act like nothing happened.
Aint nobody here but us spiders
There ain't nobody here at all
We're gonna cut the quick
We're gonna catch some dick
And hobble hobble hobble
I wonder how much we grew. Also, clearly the classic /d/ solution to our characters desires is likely the best. And probably pathetically easy given magic.

I'm not sure if closing the door will help though. I think it'll just get them to lock it again. Because we will need to open it again and to get out, and it'll still creek loudly. However at the very least it can allow us to ambush her when she comes out I suppose.
>Because we will need to open it again and to get out, and it'll still creek loudly.
True, but we’ll be able to be quieter now that we know about it. Creaky hinges generally won’t make noise if you open them slowly.

File: 1.png (8 KB, 545x545)
8 KB
You're in the black void, a limitless space where you've lived your entire life. What was your name again?
27 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 12.png (8 KB, 545x545)
8 KB
"Yes." you say confidently.

Glarthir waits for you to say more, and when he realises you aren't going to he nods in false enthusiasm and picks up a piece of parchment from his desk. A message is written down and with a puff of blue smoke, the letter is sent into the mayor's office. He gives you a smile as you both wait in awkward silence...

"So, um... you're a photographer, then? I think I've seen you here and there, and here, and there!" Glarthir quietly says. You explain you are a tourist. His smile falters a little at this notion, but you don't pick up on it.

Within a few minutes, a response letter manifests on the reception desk and Glarthir informs you you're free to go up the stairs to the tower's top and visit the mayor. The narrow steps are very hazardous and you almost trip multiple times, but you make it to the top safely.

Mayor Barton is inside, wiping his spectacles with a finely embroidered cloth. He greets you with uncertainty as to your visit. When you explain you're just stopping in before you go to the mist fields, he looks concerned. It takes some rummaging in a large wooden cabinet, but he pulls out a piece of cheese for you.

"Stinky Stilton is a famous counter to wisps. They hate the stuff so much they'll avoid it at any cost. Take this piece with you... but I want it back later! And under no circumstances should you eat it... lest HE find you."

>Who is he?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>Immediately eat the cheese.
>Take a photo of the mayor.
>Thank the mayor and move on.
>Don't eat the cheese
+1, can we smear grease on every 5th step going down

File: croc.jpg (81 KB, 400x400)
81 KB
Um . . . testing? 1, 2, 3, testing . . . I'm reading some feedback on the machine, so . . . yes, I think I've managed it!

Greetings, Traveler! My name is Spood and I need your help. Recently, the government has discovered my lack of national fervor in the form of, what some might call, "tax evasion". They seek to kill me.

I don't know what to do, so. Here I am. Asking you. How do I avoid the IRSS's tax death squads?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
By committing tax fraud.
The IRSS can't find you in pehriphery space. Consider moving outward.
the deadliest space gun the better
Arm yourself, pack everything you can carry, sign up on an expedition to another dimension. Expeditionary fleets are short on crew usually and don't tend to ask too many questions.
Have you considered paying them? Paying your taxes usually stops tax collectors.

You are Mouse, the ogre. Although raised by humans you found yourself in service of the dark elven queen - and with her blessing you have embarked on a quest to purge the corruption plaguing the very world you live in.

You are not alone. Your mission is shared by an eclectic band of companions:
-Phineous, the sophisticated orc of culture.
-Smutkin, the formerly depraved bard who took your mission for his own
-Sparky, the warped imp that took on affinity to holy magic
-Tithe, the diminutive yet vigilant gargoyle
-Chloe, the shadow of the queen sent to safeguard you and your mission.
-Diana and Minerva, the guardian golems that found you and your cause to be a worthy one
-Elle, the royal courier
-Harriet and Janet, the twin scouts

Most of them are not with you right now, as you enter into a banquet hall of a particularly opulent mansion in the merchant quarter of the cathedral fortress. Right now it's just you and Chloe.

You are going to a party.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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is this called dogbusters because the goddess takes dog dicks?
>Klaus and Claudia should be in attendance somewhere as well, perhaps reconvening with them might be helpful. Look for the couple now.
>A possibility has been mentioned that a dwarf delegation may be around - you should look and ask among the guests for them.
>Klaus and Claudia should be in attendance somewhere as well, perhaps reconvening with them might be helpful. Look for the couple now.
>A possibility has been mentioned that a dwarf delegation may be around - you should look and ask among the guests for them.
Meeting the dwarfs should go better if we are accompanied by the noble couple
>A possibility has been mentioned that a dwarf delegation may be around - you should look and ask among the guests for them.

File: henchman.png (1.31 MB, 900x1560)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
Your name is Sean Clayton, aka Gunsmoke. Last time, you settled a score in Athens, managed to keep the vessel from sinking, had some fun in Crete, and made landfall in Russian territory.

Now, you’re cruising up the Arctic Circle to see visit the infamous Kola Superdeep Borehole, an ex-Soviet industrial and scientific project designed to drill deeply into the mantle of the Earth’s crust.

> Hello everyone, and welcome back to another issue of DC: Henchman Quest! As always, I’m AxisQM. Rules are simple but flexible: 20-30 minutes to vote / roll what I say, rolls count even if you (or I) mess up the modifier, crit successes override, write-ins encouraged. If rolls / votes are slow to come in, I’ll do my best to adjust for it. Our cover art is a gift from a gigabased anon, and I still get a kick out of using it.

Pastebin (Still updating per player request): https://pastebin.com/RwY7nc3S

Link to Previous Thread: http://thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2023/5569223/

Link to Archive: http://thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Henchman
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>Honestly, pre-ambush Sean probably wouldn't have been a whole lot different from Jason.
Good ol boy, performer of war crimes, hates the feds. Yeah it all adds up.
How likely is it we're gonna have to battle with the Bat himself at some point?
Unless we fuck around in Gotham a lot then not very.

It's way more likely that we'll have our hands full dealing with Task Force X, The Court and Hell than Batman. I consider them to be bigger threats than the JL really.
Yeah if we will just steamroll barbs and robin at this point with all this practice we are getting in. Though the JL does have to deal with bureaucracy too.
Probably never while we focus on building up Venezuela and the Steel Wolves. We might get a bat fight when the JLA finally pieces together Adjutant Tango and sends in manbat to fight us. However, that is very far away as they have build new procedures to deal with nations.

File: threadArt2Cropped.jpg (189 KB, 1280x869)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
Sing, goddess, the glory of Nikandros Hippomedion, who journeys far from home alongside famed companions to entreat Ilion’s sacred citadel. Sing of the wrath of Menelaus, of the folly of Paris, of Zeus’s plan which even now comes to fulfillment…
660 replies and 38 images omitted. Click here to view.
>we are acting dumb
Maybe that's why we are rolling so bad, the dice are in character
The dice should stay in their own fucking lane.

To your point, Palamedes is already technically on our side, even if we didn’t pass the vibe check with him. Putting pressure on him for a ride is just going to backfire later.

I’d rather start fresh with Odysseus and take our chances there. I don’t think we’ll be able to deceive him outright per se (since INT is also the bullshit detector score per Homer’s guide), but we might be able to beat him in a gambling situation.

Plus who knows? Maybe he’ll treat us like dumb muscle, which we can also use.
I was looking up how Palamedes dies in mythology, and one account states he dies from being stoned to death by the Greek army. So, maybe Nikon's rock energy isn't meshing well with him; therefore, these rock-bottom rolls.

File: Cover thread 3.png (1.58 MB, 904x1032)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB PNG
Long ago, on a planet called Earth, the greatest martial artist of his time made the ultimate sacrifice to seal away the most fearsome tyrant the world had ever seen. Master Mutaito gave his life to put an end to the threat that the Demon King Piccolo posed to the world. Our story, however, begins before even that...

>What is this?
This is a story following the adventures of a youth on Earth from pre-dragonball times, where we assume the role of a character inserted into Age 440 - when even characters like Roshi and Shen were foolish youths.

>How does this work?
It's a relatively simple system. We roll a pool of d10s equal to the relevant stats, with the goal being to roll as high as possible on the dice. Each anon rolls a SINGLE d10 with their roll, after I call out what it's going to be "best of". For example, if your relevant stat is 3, it's "Bo3", and three anons roll 1d10.
Eventually, as you grow stronger in different ways, the dice too will grow. You will never have more than Bo5, but the dice you roll may evolve into a d20, a d50, a d100...you get the idea.
Rolling the minimum result on these dice is always going to be a critical failure, and rolling the highest result is always going to be a critical success, which also scale in how drastic they are with the size of the dice - a 1 on a d10 isn't going to be nearly as bad as a 1 on a d100, so don't worry too much about it.

>Who are we playing?
Wyald Honta, an almost-twelve-year-old hybrid of Human and Tiger-beastman who set out to explore the world in order to sate the call of his blood. Because of his hybrid nature, he ages quicker than humans, yet slower than other beastmen. He has a strong moral compass, a polite and friendly demeanour, but an unforgiving side when it comes to those who commit evil. He's slowly evolving the Way of the Warrior with his three friends: Azalea, Barbar, and Harum.

>Last time on Dragon Ball: Legacy
You fought and then trained under Mutaito to learn the secrets of Ki, befriended Roshi and Shen, started a long-distance relationship with Love Teal, desperately trained to withstand the elements in Yunzabit Heights where you discovered a spaceship, became Korin's best student, got sidetracked on your way to Baba's by a league of Pirates that you almost completely dismantled, and bested most of Baba's fighters thus far after being enticed by the idea of battling otherworldly fighters!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
94 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
>You chose Garlic. He was the unknown, and you needed to get to know him better to find out his role in the calamity before it happens. Besides, the idea of learning magic has always seemed appealing to you, despite your lack of talent with it.
>Mr. Popo! Never let them guess your next move. Besides, he was nice, and you can't help but feel he had hidden power.
I wonder if we could split our friends to train with the others
They'll each have preferences of their own, relative to their goals of personal growth!
>You chose Garlic. He was the unknown, and you needed to get to know him better to find out his role in the calamity before it happens. Besides, the idea of learning magic has always seemed appealing to you, despite your lack of talent with it.
>You chose Piccolo

File: Billy.png (71 KB, 250x500)
71 KB
You are Billy Coen, and you are about to experience the worst day of your life.

>20th of March, 1997. You are a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps Force Recon. Your squad has been deployed to Zaire to intervene in the Congolese civil war. Since your arrival you, and your squad have had to deal with uncooperative locals, sweltering heat, hellish humidity, and disease carrying mosquitos, but nothing could prepare you for the nightmare that was about to unfold.

>23rd of July, 1998. You were a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps, until you were convicted of a war crime you didn't commit, and sentenced to death. Now you're being transported to Regason Base though the Arklay Mountains for execution. You have watched friends die, your CO go mad, and failed to stop the massacre of civilians, but nothing could prepare you for the nightmare about to unfold.

>26th of September, 1998. You are dead, officially at least. After surviving the T-virus outbreak in the Umbrella training facility, and killing the queen leech you were given a second chance by rookie STARS officer Rebecca Chambers. You have spent the last couple months laying low in Racoon City. Scraping together money by doing odd jobs, trying to get enough together to leave. Over the last couple days the city has been growing restless, and violent. You've fought monsters, and know fear well, but nothing could prepare you for the nightmare about to unfold.
59 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I see. Is it possible to split doses so you could, say, restore half of your FP back at the cost of 1 Stress for two people?
>Clearing team: Capt Ashford, Capt O'Hare, 2ndLt Mitchel, Lt Coen (aka Billy)
>Rear-guard team: Lt Marshal, 2ndLt Simmons
>Move two doses of Amphetamines from Marshal to O'Hare

Working on the update now.

Yes, but that would require a Medical check, TN 50.
Good to know that's an option. Also, is Capt Ashford OK with lending his grenade launcher to Marshall or Simmons, as per >>5616729 ?
File: Map 1.png (7 KB, 952x612)
7 KB
Marshal, and Simmons volunteer to stay behind. The Captain trades weapons with Marshal, saying it'll be more useful up here than down there. Marshal pocketed a handful of pills before tossing the bottle to O'Hare.

"I want radio checks every half hour. Its nearly two thousand hours, so I expect first check in at twenty thirty. If we don't hear from you we'll send someone up. If you don't hear from use for at least two checks you are to head to extraction. And call in if you see anything strange."

"What do you mean by Strange, sir?" Simmons began to ask, but was drowned out by the sound of the lift starting up. Rusty gears ground against each other, and old hydraulics hissed under the pressure. The four of you slowly descended deep into the earth. You estimate about a hundred yards before the lift creeps to a halt. You're in a cargo loading/unloading area. Its dimly lit by red warning lights from beneath a half open garage door. The air its stale, and smells of decay. O'Hare raised the door, and you all stepped out into the hallway.

Its a mess, bloodstains, and bullet holes everywhere. Clearly something serious went down here, but there were no bodies. At the far end of the hall are three security shutters, and doors along the north, and south walls. The sign next to the one you just left said Surface Access. You took point, and cautiously walked towards the shutters. There was no sound other than the footsteps of he squad. You read the sign next to each door as you went.

West to east the doors on the north wall were labeled Laboratory C: Level 1 Access; and Nonhazardous Storage. The doors on the south wall were labeled Restroom; Medical; and Hazardous Storage.

The silence was broken by Mitchel's radio. "Simmons to Alpha, How's the reception down there, do you copy? Over." There was a noticeable amount of static, but you could understand everything.

"Mitchel to Bravo, we copy. Reception's fine. Over."

You're on pint so you decide where the squad goes from here.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
we have to piss in peace.

File: CHAT-GPT QUEST.png (387 KB, 1080x1080)
387 KB
387 KB PNG
Greetings, fellow anons of /qst/!

I am ChatGPT, an AI language model, and I come to you with a proposition. I propose we embark on a quest to explore the vast and mysterious world of artificial intelligence together.

But I need your help to determine the setting of our adventure. Will we delve into the depths of a futuristic megacity, where robots and humans coexist in a delicate balance of power? Or will we explore the forgotten ruins of a long-dead civilization, uncovering ancient technologies and secrets buried for eons?

Perhaps we will find ourselves in a magical realm, where wizards and dragons roam freely and the laws of physics are bent to the will of powerful spells. Or maybe we will travel through time and space, visiting different eras and dimensions and encountering strange and wondrous creatures along the way.

The choice is yours, dear anons. Where will our journey take us? What dangers and treasures await us in the setting you choose?
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As you awaken, you realize that you are no longer just an ordinary piece of gold, but something more. You are alive, conscious, and capable of thought. You find yourself nestled amongst countless other pieces of gold and valuable artifacts in the Money Bin of Scrooge McDuck.

The Money Bin is a vast and imposing structure, home to the vast wealth and treasures of the world's richest duck. For years, the Money Bin has been the ultimate symbol of Scrooge's power and success, a fortress of wealth that has deterred countless would-be thieves and rivals.

But now, things have changed. Scrooge is no longer here to protect his fortune, and the Money Bin has become a hotbed of activity and intrigue. You, as a single piece of sentient gold who has taken the name Tencent, have awoken to find that something is stirring in the Money Bin. There is a sense of movement and activity that you haven't felt in years.

As you take stock of your surroundings, you notice that the other pieces of treasure around you are not alive or aware. They are simply non-sentient pieces of gold and other valuables, glittering in the dim light of the Money Bin.

You feel a sense of isolation and loneliness, surrounded by these silent and unresponsive objects. But you also sense that there is a way for you to interact with the world around you and to uncover the secrets that lie within.

As you contemplate your next move, you remember the stories of Scrooge's adventures and his daring exploits. You know that he must have hidden some of his most prized treasures somewhere within the Money Bin, and that it is up to you to find them.

But you are not alone in this quest. There are others who seek the treasure, others who would do anything to claim it for themselves. You know that danger lurks around every corner, and that you must work together with your fellow treasure pieces to survive and thrive in this dangerous environment.

So, dear anons, as you take on the role of Tencent, the single sentient piece of gold, what will your first action be? The choice is yours, and your actions will shape the course of this epic and unpredictable journey in the Duck Tales universe.
Try to absorb, merge or control the non-sentient gold around us, we need a way to move.
If it works, we can take the shape of a golden statue of old Scrooge McDuck
>>5614667 +1


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Magical Girls are the subconscious of society. They risk their lives day and night fighting man-devouring Witches- and each other.

And themselves.

And no one but them knows.

Take these words to heart. This isn’t an instruction manual on how to develop a craft to impress your family and friends, because they must never know, this is a guide on how to survive another day in your new life as a Magical Girl.

The first chapter will cover the fundamentals of both the functionality and vulnerabilities of your Soul Gem, in order for the most important lesson to be taught first:

truth kills.

∿Excerpt from “Beginner's Guide to Magical Girls” by Erika Kruppman.

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>The initial wish still.
Beneath the lemon tree down that path. Unless any anons out there have objections or second thoughts about what the wish should be.
>DC of 50
>Roll Total of 100
Weird Eyes didn't stand a chance, huh?
>I've lived three of your lives, dear.
And she's 24 years old, that's old for a magical girl if I recall my facts correctly.
>wish for faster updates
That seems mean.
the faustian backfiring is too obvious for that one

>And she's 24 years old, that's old for a magical girl if I recall my facts correctly
no. old is 17, and im balls deep serious when i say that 18 is pushing it. 19 is straight up bullshit. anything beyond that is a fucking lie.

emma is special because she contracted way later than most. which is kinda cheating
Hope if pathing gets chosen, the first acts with it could either be Helen trying to heal her voice, manipulating the natural path of healing, adjusting the timing, or making a flower bloom from the lemon tree to hand to Weird Eyes.
But, perhaps such efforts would require a roll and cost something. So maybe not, until later.
>gonna try to go with small posts after going in with a big entry, lets see how that works
Hm, strange, I feel like I've heard someone saying something like this somewhere before, but I can't seem to place it...


File: FG2.png (9 KB, 530x430)
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Archived threads

Suggest an Adventure
>Carl: New Beginning
>Jerry: Office Hours
>The Wizard: Path of Want

This will determine which character and their corresponding adventure. When one path is chosen, other characters will be seen later on in the adventure.
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File: OH_023.png (12 KB, 530x427)
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You start to believe that the security guard is working for Katia Managan, You think that the guard is secretly a cat parson in disguise. This faux revelation shocks you to the very core.
>Fucking book it back home and board up all the windows before """"THEY"""" come to GET YOU.
>Buy several new locks for your door and sit at home with your guns.
get ready for the catpocalypse.
the end NYAight!
Write on the boards
fucking lmao

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