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File: E1tgNgGXMAI6O1W.jpg (170 KB, 790x1106)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
You can't recall much before the Invasion began. In fairness, most people - the handful that probably remain that is, couldn't. All you remember before the sky came apart and the world got plunged into an unending nightmare is a sudden bright light. Not unlike the sun, but brighter and worse somehow. Much, much worse.

Just a short while ago, you, a completely unremarkable Power User were doing as you usually had, scavenging and salvaging from the corpse of a long-dead world. Now, you were in over your head and dealing with the consequences. You only pray that things will not get any worse than this.

Previous Thread: >>5174645
Character Profile, Resources and Abilities:

Thread Archive:

Rolls will almost always be a best of 3 1d100 from every player participating. DC will vary and will depend on what's being rolled for.
1 and 100 are a crit fail and a crit success respectively. In the event that both a good and bad crit are rolled simultaneously, the good will outweigh the bad one unless two or more 1's are rolled.
Vote periods will close from around 50 minutes after posting to 1 or 2 hours, or after a unanimous agreement between posters

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>Raise your Bubble against the coming assault.
File: ExXLjuxXAAQBwJy.jpg (333 KB, 800x1120)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
Bubble it is, time to place your rolls. Roll a 1d100.
Rolled 73 (1d100)

Rolled 46 (1d100)

Rolled 86 (1d100)


File: file.png (891 KB, 823x507)
891 KB
891 KB PNG
I may have recently binged a couple episodes of Gurren Lagann and felt like running something in the same vein. It's hard to say how long I might run it for, but practice makes purpose am I right?

A great deal of time has passed since the adventures of our heroes on the Arc Gurren, the Anti-Spiral War having faded into memories of old. Veterans will have stories that seem almost fantastical to believe as they regale children with how nearly their life perished when the Mugen attacked.

Life has moved on, barreling on as the quest for peace changed to the quest for development.

Our story centers on a young beastman named Peter.

Every day Peter lives his life in monotony as he "attends " his mandatory schooling lessons.

He can't help but find himself drawn to the mountains near his home as the earth beckons to him.

It's in these quiet moments where he secludes himself in the mountains that he feels truly at peace. His thoughts are not intruded by the hustle and bustle of modern life. The crickets are a blissful replacement for the chattering of his peers.

A few years ago, he found a wheelbarrow with some old mining tools, containing various tools, such as a hand drill, some pickaxes, a mining cap, and a shovel.

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Fuckkit change mine to I'd appreciate that.
Really hoping this isn't dead

Sorry for the wait, real life kicked my ass this week, back though.

Peter takes a moment to think as he looks at his parents eyes upon him.

He weighs the choices in his head as he rocks his head from side to side, doling out each of the pros and cons before settling on one.

"I think I would appreciate that." Peter decided, he never was a fan of the rigid structure of school, and besides, his parents seemed far more accepting of his galivanting nature than any truant officer would.

His parents squint their eyes as his father claps. "Well that settles that!" He claps. "How about some desert?"

His father pats him on the back as he heads to the fridge to take out a cake box that he lays out on the table.

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>Head to school, I don't have many friends but it's probably courteous to say my goodbyes before I'm officially transferred.
>Head to school, I don't have many friends but it's probably courteous to say my goodbyes before I'm officially transferred.

File: Title1.png (30 KB, 600x600)
30 KB
Somewhere in the BIG city of stikland...
Our protagonist finds himself in a dire situation!
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>check out the mech
File: Ket.jpg (3.93 MB, 3024x3024)
3.93 MB
3.93 MB JPG
As mentioned before work has been hectic
Have a cat while im busy
That is a very nice looking cat. I like their face.
I should probably archive and put this on hiatus
Sorry for that anons
Harder to update as work gets more hectic
Too exausted to draw
Once the season is over ill resume
File: stick.jpg (15 KB, 548x612)
15 KB
See you next thread stiQM, I hope you feel less exhausted soon!

File: tegaki.png (16 KB, 400x400)
16 KB
Jonny has woken up in the middle of a dirt road, he sees:
-A tree
-A rock
-Something on the tree
-Some water body far to the right
-A mountain very far to the left
-Not so much forward of the dirt road

>What should he do?
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File: tegaki.png (8 KB, 400x400)
8 KB
As Jimmy awakened, his eyes were immediately directed towards his creation, moving, and now alive creation.
That golem observed him, his creator, it had a feeling of familiarity, and it was just there, standing on both of its tiny feets...
Jimmy took some time to observe it, and understood that, even though he had no clock to be sure about it, he was out for quite some time, some branches were... invading? rooting? over the front of the rock... So, it was working as intended.
After some more observation, he got up, and decided to finally do something... And it was about time, because his stomach also rumbled a little bit.
He went to the other side of the river, to pick up some grapes, or berries, or whatever those fruits were, from the plant that he had seen before, and without even thinking about his safety, he ate a handful of them.
When he ends eating those tiny fruits, jimmy has already decided what he is going to do next.

unless somebody decides to suggest anything
>>is there some guide about what should Jimmy do?
It is on the ground in front of him, a conveniently placed manual!
File: tegaki.png (8 KB, 400x400)
8 KB
When jimmy was moving to make things happen the way he needed them to go, he stumbled upon a new discovery, a tiny and interesting new discovery...
There it is, a book, and not just any book. Its The Spoonfeed 101!
Jimmy enthusiastically picks it up because he knows that he needs it as much as the air, the tiny (and nameless) golem celebrates because now everything is easier for them.
As Jimmy opens the manual, magical information starts to flood into his brain:
-Welcome to the Spoonfeed 101™ guide book, the one and only book that you will require for the rest of your life! In this book we will teach you how to do things correctly, and tell you some of the most interesting things (while also bringing up some details that it seems (((you))) have ignored)
The objective of the protagonist is to *censored* or, to at least have a good life doing whatever he can do. The character referred to as "Jimmy" (or called by similar names) had, just some hours ago, waken up in the middle of nowhere, and he should try to figure out what's going on, or at least ensure his survival.
Jimmy can do a lot of things, but because there is no need to throw directly the fun to the garbage, the Spoonfeed 101 guide book will not cover all of the possibilites... But, the Spoonfeed 101 has noticed some clueless coming from the "decider", so additional functions had been activated for further help. -Babysitting activated- -Extra pampering activated-

>The Babysitting functions notices that there could be some potential issues because of the lack of guide. Generating guide:
-Babysitting 101: Knowing what the first page of the Spoonfeed 101™ said, it could be really helpful to keep asking. Knowing that Jimmy has been out for quite some time, it could also be useful to go and eat or drink something...

>The Extra pampering function notices that there will probably be some problems because the lack of exposition. Generating exposition:
-Extra pampering:
>Keep reading the Spoonfeed 101 guide book to understand more

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>The extra pampering function will provide the rest of the exposition, as it is really needed to progress:
-Extra pampering:
>Go and create a hut/shack with whatever can Jimmy find out there.
minor caution this option could have some differences if different words or descriptions are used, it's recommended to just copy what was suggested as to avoid any kind of mental stress.
>Do something else...
[EXTREME FUCKING CAUTION][/B] this option will maximize the levels of mind stress, it will be a creation made out of the very imagination of the "decider", it's strongly recommended to never use this, as this options is very harmful and difficult to use
>Keep reading the Spoonfeed 101 guide book to understand more

A Quest about fighting monsters and hippies with your government-mandated shoulder loli.

>Boots on the Ground. Looks like the PT extracurricular you signed up for starts up pretty early in the day. Huh, there's an option for night classes, too. You may as well put this body of yours for a test run, see if there's anything you might have missed.

Your first class is being held at some field a fair distance from your current location. Thankfully, a quick glance at your work phone shows that the transportation systems are up and running again. Scanning the area, you spot a bus stop sign and accompanying steel bench about a dozen feet away.

Ruffling Valentine's hair earns you her attention and a swift jabbing with her tail. She follows you with only minimal grumbling, settling down next to you on the bench, then dozes off with alarming speed. Must be the oatmeal.

Just before she starts leaning against you, you spot what must be your ride approaching in the distance. You can certainly appreciate their punctuality–by all counts, the earlier announcement was sent out less than half an hour ago.

Valentine stirs as you nudge her awake, blinking dully all the while. You can't help but sigh; is she really going to be fine? Basic or not, PT isn't something you can really do while half-asleep.

You're drawn from your thoughts as the bus comes to a stop with a near-silent hiss. As the doors slide apart, you tug your Alice along, nodding a greeting to the silent driver.

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A twinge of annoyance and shame hits you. You don't need more people rubbing your newest failure in your face.

"I don't have the same kind of strength. It's not like I chose to turn out like this, you know. Besides, what's a combat instructor doing here? Isn't the Coalition a literary group?"

You walk as you talk, though the taller woman only needs a few short steps before she overtakes you again.
Unexpectedly, the woman accepts the bitter tone of your words in stride, nodding thoughtfully.

"Mm. I see, I see. You don't know, huh?"

Then, to your surprise, the woman sweeps you up in a bridal carry. You barely have time to object before she's chattering away again, the same grin on her face.

"The SLC's a book club, sure, but we're also a registered combat course! Keeping the peace and enforcing library rules ain't easy, but it's real good practice!"

And with that baffling statement, she takes off, long legs eating up ground at an insane pace. Your heart leaps into your mouth as she bounds up the massive staircase leading up to the clocktower's entrance in seconds, clearing a height of 15 feet in 3 leaps. The wind blows past in a sudden rush, forcing you to leave your many, many questions behind.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Gonna archive the thread now. Next update will be on a new thread. Not too sure when it might release, as I've accidentally let my grades slip and need to catch up on a shitton of work as a result, but it shouldn't take more than a week. Same cover image as always, so please look forward to it.

Apologies for the painfully slow progression in the thread this time around. Hopefully this last bit injected a touch more energy. Critiques are as welcome as ever; don't be afraid to let me have it. God knows I deserve it...

Introduced a number of new cast members this time around, so I'd like to ask: Did the character voices come out okay? Juggling them sometimes is a little tough. I hope they all felt distinct from one another, at least!
Good stuff, QM. Everyone has a unique feel to them and Alice’s continue to be cool and in some cases, cute.
really not bad at all. The characters so far are all distinguishable.

I might have to start using that software a buddy recommended to write down notes... This seems like it could bloom into a massive network of interconnected relationships.

Also that the Book Club is s Combat Course as well just made me laugh. Do they have problems often? Do they regularly invade the Wanderers Library?
Good honestly
I like it so far, and the slow progression is not much of an issue. Besides you have informed us every time if you had a problem with an update or what not.
That's something i highly appreciate.

File: RCO096_1649169219.png (1.92 MB, 975x1397)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB PNG
A tear in the delicate fabric of reality, a bleeding maw from which a disease completely anathema to life emerges, from the wound cancerous looking clouds made of pure raw emotion spill out, poisoning and dissolving any asteroid unfortunate enough to be floating around. From the breach in the material universe an Ark Mechanicus emerges, there are no lifeforms inside of it, but saying that it is dead would be erroneous. Lying dormant in the deepest guts of the forgeship there is a single soul, a shrouded figure wrapped in red tattered robes that has been entombed in a mechanical sarcophagus and who is now awaiting for the best moment to wake up from its millennia long stasis slumber. Calling this slumbering being a person wouldn't be right, for this wretched devil has been so altered and misshapen that it doesn't pass for anything remotely human anymore. He, or she, is a shadow of what it once was, it's been aeons since the last time that it was awake, and before going to sleep he actively made sure that nobody would remember him after his return. It has no records anywhere in the Imperium, every mention of its existence has been thoroughly censored and destroyed, and every mind that once had the bad luck of meeting it in life is now long dead. Whoever this Magus once was, nobody knows anymore, not even itself, for its mind have been purged of most memories and information leaving it a mostly blank slate.

His brain was scooped out and cleaned out of everything but one thing, an endless and relentless hatred for the Imperium and everything it encompasses and represents. It doesn't knows why, but it knows that it must create and army and fight the Imperium at any cost.


1 0 0x0000A4 0x000000000000000000 start memory directly 0x0000A4 0x000000000000000000 1 0 0x000014 0x000000000000000000 CPUQ starting cell relocation0 0x0000A4 0x000000000000000000 1 0 0x000009 0x000000000000000000 CPUQ launch starting EFI0 0x0000A4 0x000000000000000000 1 0 0x000009 0x000000000000000000E003D CPUQ launch starting EFI0 0x0000A4 0x000000000000000000 1 0 0x0000A4 0x000000000000000000 start memory discovery 0 0x0000A4 0x000000000000000000 0x000000000000000000 1 0 0x0000A4 0x000000000000000000 start memory discovery 0 0x0000A4 1 0 0x000009 0x000000000000000000 CPUQ starting EFI0 0x000000000000000000 start memory discovery 0 0x0000A4 0x000000000000000000 0x000000000000000000 1 0 0x0000A4 0x000000000000000000 start memory discovery 0 0x0000A4 0x000000000000000000 1 0 0x000014 0x000000000000000000


EEEE I3000000032940xf100110303B77500EEEE I400000004294_M8_BL1_10221D113B323EEEE5

Cogitator Temperature: [ OK ]
Sacred Oil Levels: [ OK ]

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Are you alive QM?
darn it QM this quest looked cool!
QM you nigger, first learn what a paragraph is before starting a quest
>> Search for a mutant or abhuman colony. The bionics might not fit them perfectly, but nobody is going to bat an eye for some disappearing mutants.
We may be a heretic but we're not as far depraved and mindrotted to consider consorting with Xenos unless they are directly in the service of the chaos god(s) and by proxy, us.
Learn to read dates

File: file.png (303 KB, 600x965)
303 KB
303 KB PNG
I'm trying this one more time since it seems to have been deleted last time.
Welcome to Pepe Quest.
In this world, you can make new characters and play as your own character. Currently you can't play as other people's characters.
There are no hard rules. You can determine whether someone has to roll for an action, etc.

My character is Farmer Pepe. He is simply tilling the fields today. He has 10 HP. Will some other pepes come to attack him? Or join him?

There are several standard routes for this quest. One is slaying the dragon. Another is toppling the evil government. Another is saving the princess from the undead valley.

Welcome to Pepe Quest.
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There's a skeleton roaming around with a carrot in its skeletal bunghole!
File: file.png (143 KB, 450x311)
143 KB
143 KB PNG
I'm just really busy, sorry bros
File: file.png (138 KB, 450x311)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
Sorry bro, I let you down.
Maybe someone can take over? Or make a new OP. I think this kind of quest is fun to do and a nice breath of fresh air but I just got too busy
it was comfy, i'd like to see it keep going
I still am busy as fuck. I was hoping people could self-"dungeon master" it but apparently the lack of my presence has kinda killed the momentum... maybe someone should start a new thread? I'm out of ideas

File: SixRoomsWIthNewBossArt.jpg (560 KB, 1000x1781)
560 KB
560 KB JPG
Spawned for seemingly no reason and hidden beneath the cobblestones of the city above -- here sits a little dungeon.
A timid, lonely, little dungeon with barely any monsters or traps to defend themselves. Located underneath an abandoned orphanage in the city of Duskmire.

Unfortunately, the wicked whims of fate decided to reveal the dungeon's presence to the people of the city above and burdened it with visitors before it was well and ready to stand against the perils of the world.
And thus their struggle began. A tale of rapid expansion, fierce battles, and horrible corruption.

From a single chamber and one measly [Goblin] to an impressive amount of rooms filled with loyal subjects.

You are the Little Dungeon.

The Dungeon is currently 9 days old

Previous thread

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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There is an easier way. "Reconstructive" Surgery with a Sledgehammer
>Still hoping for an update today
>Although, hope is a fickle mistress
>Bountiful days, makes you feel like more of that delicious nectar, drug of the senses, marvelous crumbs of story will keep falling from the sky
>While, ducks of the park we are indeed unsure wether the nice lady will come back again tomorrow

Life is suffering, /qstPartyMembers
I'm working on it, but updating the OP is always a bit of a thing.
Oh well, life turns out to be beautifull.
New thread:

File: tcqop_76.jpg (845 KB, 1394x800)
845 KB
845 KB JPG
Lark had changed a great degree over the past months. It had been a quiet (for Sosaldt) village for decades, shielded under the protection of nearby Todesfelsen, and after a brief shootout during the rise of what would become Mittelsosalia, the village had swollen into a town, largely to service traffic heading in and out of the former city-state. A role it had played to a degree in the past, but the amount of cooperative travel had exploded since the territory had been united under one banner, the roads patrolled by a singular power, and though currency was still a mix of whatever was available with a preference to East Valsten or Vynmark’s trade-backed money, as Republican Soldiers could be found in outposts all over, force was increasingly a less valuable commodity within the borders of a new nation enforcing peace within its expanding borders.

Most of the same people who had been in the town before remained still. The martial types had never been ones to remain there rather than seeking greater opportunity- and most did not return. Save for a select few.

“Urgh.” Anya was laid up in bed, with a book. The worst part of being wounded- and she’d been told that it might take a year for her arm to get back to normal after the surgery. ”If it’s ever normal again.” Hogshit, it’d get better. She always did, like that time just before where she’d had a knife struck right into her chest…but for now, she was down an arm, and though she was good with both hands…there wasn’t much she could do with just one, that had any lasting zest to it. Complaining about it to Alina led to a stern reminder that the normal in Sosaldt for the sort of injury she’d suffered might very well have been an amputation, rather than the most advanced surgical treatment that the Archduchy could procure. Hell, at least that would mean she wouldn’t have to lie around, waiting for the nagging, burning stinging to get tiring enough to stand a hit of morphine.

Anya was afraid of that innocent looking dark glass bottle. The release was sweet- so sweet, she remembered, that her mother’s mind was destroyed by it for as long as she could remember.

“I have food for you, Anya,” Alina came in through the door. This place was a little cottage that Anya’s money had bought- though some sponsorship from the Republic had come too. Appreciation for what Blind had done, since Mittelsosalia didn’t have any shiny medals banged up to give out yet. “What’s that look for?”
780 replies and 30 images omitted. Click here to view.
>How is the Republic's acquisition of air assets going on? We didn't see much of the new Republican armour mentioned during the ride with the Lances, - aside from Fram and Narr's tanks, with the former probably not the best representative of the wider forces - do they finally possess the great equaliser that is a permanent fleet of fighting aircraft yet? Did the Netillians leave much salvagable materiel behind in their withdrawal for them to collect up?
Building an air force from scratch is quite expensive, on top of having to organize and equip an army in the first place.. The Netillians left as little as they could- and no aircraft, if they could help it. Suffice it to say, whatever is possessed is in very small numbers and mostly unsuited for modern war rather than courier service or scouting, at best.

Depending on whose counsel the Minister of the People follows, it will either remain this way until Mittelsosalia has the economy (and government infrastructure) to support a significant armed forces expansion without cratering what growth it has, or one will have to be bought in a hurry upon the backs of expensive loans. It all depends on whether one thinks Xenakis or Wossehn has the correct view of what is to be done in the future.

>>5266204 (You)
How does AA get distributed in the Strossvald military? Are Battalions expected to provide their own, or do Regiments distribute them like >>5252846 suggests?
The Battle Line doctrine assigns anti-aircraft assets as it would artillery- so yes, it is distributed from higher above. The doctrine of having no weak place on the front would theoretically ensure any incursion is met by a withering barrage of flak- which has worked well enough thus far, but then, the Archduchy hasn't faced an air force powerful enough yet to make them change their ways to focus more on active air control, even if it's what their theorists expect in the near future...

>Nice planes, could you do a version of the K-19 but in Netillian livery?
Sure, why not.
>Also since >>5266377 brought up salvage was wondering how the Lances are typically paid for their contracts. Does the Archduchy demand hard cash/cheque or are other forms of payment accepted (such as salvage rights or tech transfers)?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: fighters_netilland.png (412 KB, 1500x1036)
412 KB
412 KB PNG
I also had the UFkz-31B on the backburner so I finished that and put it there, the Damselfly, as it's known. An actual Netillian plane, unlike the one below.

Somehow painting an Ellowian plane in Netillian colors felt like some sort of corruption more so than the tanks ever did.
I know the K-19 is supposed to be the oldest model but somehow it looks the most modern lol. Maybe it's the cockpit design?
Once Richter has that rank secured we really should ask somebody what the deal with shelling that town in Valsten with food colouring was all about.
Yep, it baffles me to this day.

You are Chimpanzee.

More importantly, you are alpha male of your troupe and you are named Bobby the mighty! (You like the name bobby.) As you enjoy your life as ruler of the "Los Angeles Zoo." humans give you food and you're troupe worships you.

Life good for bobby.

But, All that changed after feeding on some nice bananas one afternoon. A bright flash happened and everything went dark for a second and You awaken in an unfamiliar place. Trees everywhere, birds chirping, and no walls or humans anywhere. But thankfully your troupe has been taken by the flash with you! As they awaken just as confused and scared as you looking to you for leadership and comfort you survey your area trying to figure out what you're next move should be. Thus begins the rise of the chimps in this magical land.

What do you decide to do?

>Sit and wait: Maybe if you stay here humans will come and feed you. There's an anthill you can eat here
>Go to the cave: You spot a cool cave that maybe has food and water. You might want to go there.
>Look for humans: Maybe if you find humans they can take you back home and feed you.
>Make tool and eat ants:
31 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: putin monke.png (459 KB, 600x663)
459 KB
459 KB PNG
When are we invading Ukraine?
>>Put George and billy on patrol to make sure they don't comeback.
>Put George and billy on patrol to make sure they don't comeback.
We should name one of the chimps Joe or Rogan
>Put George and billy on patrol to make sure they don't comeback

WHERE HUMANS!? Should have been back.

>Lament the loss of children throwing peanuts into the enclosure
>Nothing. they left and thus problem over must go back to eating berries and your squirrel. Bobby has down enough for tonight.

File: OP_compressed.jpg (248 KB, 900x600)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
You are Nakashiri Koharu, co-Lieutenant of the 5th Division, but also the descendant of the Tamaki line, from which you’ve inherited the sealed souls of Celaris and Zilya. As if there’s not enough conspiracies already, another one has popped up with the death of Kameko as she had refused to set you up for the Tenjiso. A joint operation with the Western Temple almost ended up in disaster, but with some mind alteration its chief priest (and your great-x-grandfather) has become an ally, although an unreliable one.

Now you’re on your way to the Southern Temple lead by the gūji Usami Fusakage. On the official records you are visiting to talk about further joint operations and to build up trust between the Gotei 13 and the Tenjiso temples. Unofficially, you are looking for further leads to figure out who is out to get you. Usami-gūji had lead the investigation into the Wailing Forest incident before your arrancars had settled there and the one to give Nijo-gūji the reiatsu samples.

Perhaps he is the one behind Kameko’s death; perhaps not. You’re going there to find out. This time, there should not be any liabilities around.

South Rukongai isn’t that different from the other districts, but the deeper you go, some differences start appearing. For one, the terrain gets more rugged and mountains dot the landscape. You don’t go further than the 48th District, where the Tenjiso Temple is located, but you see on the horizon even more mountains.

The Southern Temple, Natentera, is very much like its western counterpart in style, but instead of a single building rising in height towards the center, it’s in an L shape with three pagoda-like towers and a large courtyard. Behind it, a steep mountain rises up.

“Welcome, Nakashiri-fukutaichō.” A group of priests bow at your arrival, with the one at the center speaking. “We hope your journey has been without problems.”

“It has been pleasant indeed, Usami-gūji. I hope I did not make you wait.”

163 replies and 57 images omitted. Click here to view.
Take care and rock on!
File: astolfocute2.png (218 KB, 384x383)
218 KB
218 KB PNG
Alrighty tighty. I seem to be at least in a good condition again, so we'll resume with a new thread tomorrow. Character sheets and social links updated, though I might've missed something, so tell me if I did

Good thing I took this week off. Insomnia tried to bite at my ass again and quite a bit of other shit, but fortunately managed to kick that shit out and get what I needed to do done

Hope y'all been good

Eurovision disappointed me
File: bankaireference.png (698 KB, 1000x767)
698 KB
698 KB PNG
Also, a fren found this and recommended for reference with Koharu's bankai (and out-of-control bankai). Enjoy
File: astolfoyay.jpg (21 KB, 225x225)
21 KB
New bread!

File: 61dc7b03f077e.jpg (208 KB, 1280x800)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
Your name is Brandford Bronzebiter, and you are the 28th king of Stonekeep. Two decades ago The Deluge began, and an apocalyptic quantity of hellspawn and abominations were released into the region, putting the kingdom under existential threat. Only now has that threat began to lessen, and has Stonekeep dared to reclaim its former lands.

It is currently the 68th day of Rebirth, 1383 years After Salvation. Your morning was spent in a fierce battle against the demons, who have converted the abandoned capital of the kingdom, Blue Ridge, into a keep of their own. Now you and your men rest for the night, listening to a tale as you eat. You sit quietly as a soldier with greying hairs and a booming voice narrates the Torching of Northpoint, an event long ago in which humanity overcame an invading race, much like how humans resist The Deluge today.

Thread #1: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2022/5115951
Thread #2: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2022/5174571/
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>>That is your pet! If the Court Mage wishes to perform such tests, then he may capture another beast. You'll even lend him a small number of men to do so.
>That is your pet! If the Court Mage wishes to perform such tests, then he may capture another beast. You'll even lend him a small number of men to do so.
>That is your pet! If the Court Mage wishes to perform such tests, then he may capture another beast. You'll even lend him a small number of men to do so.
I love a good opportunity to catch and train 1, 2, or even 10 griffons. Other are expendable, the one we got is a magnificent, unparallelled specimen that is indeed worthy of becoming a king's mount.
>That is your pet! If the Court Mage wishes to perform such tests, then he may capture another beast. You'll even lend him a small number of men to do so.
>That is your pet! If the Court Mage wishes to perform such tests, then he may capture another beast. You'll even lend him a small number of men to do so.

File: Heavenly Light.jpg (42 KB, 800x530)
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In the beginning, there was darkness without form. There was no shape and there was no time. All that was, is, and will be was in chaos. Then came The God, who with a wave of His Hand lit the heavens, shaped the earth, and set still the waters. Now, all things were, are, and will be in order. The God looked on the heavens and partitioned them apart. With His Voice, He declared that the heavens and the earth would forever be divided. He let forth His Power and His Will shaped it as clay. The Power was dimmed and divided into a grand multitude of orderly forms and lesser powers, yet The God was undiminished for His Power knows no limit. Each form then knew its purpose beneath The God and so were satisfied, for The God made them to be so and each then knew there could be no higher cause.

You count yourself among the first of the lesser powers, and among the grandest of these. In the moment that your form crystallizes, you know what you were, are, and will be until the end of time.

>Who are you?

>He Who Carries The Throne
>He Who Knows The Word
>He Who Strums The Lute
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MC pondered itself to death
What a shame, this quest was lit. BTW wouldn't it be funny if the God had no idea we were sentient?
>One day, lucifer is giving a speech about how his place and his brother's place in creation is shit compared to man's, then there is silence, and we suddenly speak for the first time and say "Dude, at least you are not a fucking table".
Shame, I loved this quest. I think QM might've wanted us to reject our purpose earlier or something
We must ponder all of the things.
Then let this serve as an object lesson to "never leave crucial aspects of your quest's premise in the hands of the players." RIP

File: Khorian Pass.jpg (515 KB, 2000x1638)
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515 KB JPG
Khorian Pass, early afternoon
"Run, you fools!" shout of your commanding officer jolts your unit into action and you are now rushing towards the sound of battle. It has been two weeks since the disastrous defeat near Aelburn and efforts have been focused on evacuation ever since then. Barely in the middle of your training, your graduation was hastened and you have been deployed to assist in securing the passages of Khorian Pass. It's a treacherous territory inhabited by orcs and worse but now the caravan trains are heading in and they must get through.

As you emerge from the edge of elevated copse you see about two dozens of what looks like village militias running towards you, dread and panic in their movements and faces. Behind them, scores of orcs are in close pursuit. What you are witnessing makes you want to turn and run too but you try to steel yourself and remember your training.

What do you do?
>A. Take out your bow and attempt a long-range precision shot.
>B. Try to rally the few villagers directly in front of you, hoping to turn the rout into organized retreat.
>C. Try to organize the cadets near you to form a defensive line.
>X. Something else (write-in)

tentative schedule one update per day
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>C. You are made Reynard's batman
>>B. You are not assigned under any senior ranger, becoming defacto a pariah
>>>A. You are assigned to a squad of people Reynard dislikes the most, and presumably will be volunteered for some kind of suicide mission
>B. You are not assigned under any senior ranger, becoming defacto a pariah

What do you mean by Batman?
Cancel this vote swap to
>C. You are made Reynard's batman

I just think this position would be funny

A British military officer's orderly.
A person allowed by the government to every company of a regiment on foreign service.
A Turkish weight varying in amount in different localities.

File: tournament arc 3 op.png (49 KB, 756x569)
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Previously, on TOURNAMENT ARC: Across the world, a mysterious organization recruits martial artists for a grand tournament, the Kumite, held once every five years. The winner will receive a prize of one million dollars, and the title of the world's strongest fighter. Who will be invited next? Will they survive the starting round to claim their spot in the tournament and a chance for victory?

Chapters: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Tournament%20Arc
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>Go find a friend of Grandfather's, who can help you advance your chi cultivation

"There's a person I'm going to try to track down," you say. "A friend of Grandfather's, out in China. He's told me before that, if I was serious about improving my chi cultivation, I should go find them." You aren't especially pleased with your own performance today. And as it turns out, your opponent isn't even part of the martial world. Although it's impressive as hell that he could compete just on natural talent and size alone, it does mean your future opponents will probably be stronger. You'll need some kind of edge or upgrade if you want a better shot at winning the whole thing.

"So how come you haven't done it already?" Jack says. "If you knew how to improve your chi, why not do it before?"

"Grandfather made it clear it was something I should only do if it was important. But I figure qualifying for the tournament counts." You hestitate, then add, "He also made it sound like it was risky. Maybe even dangerous. But that's a chance I'm willing to take."

"I'm sure you can handle it," Jack says confidently. "All right, so, you'll head out to China and pump up your chi. I'll track down Max and get him to teach me something he held back on. Then we just have to each beat down our side of the bracket, and meet in the finals. Easy." He leans back with a smile. "It'll be the perfect time to settle the tie score between us. Just make sure you don't lose before then."

"You're the one who had better watch yourself." You find yourself smiling. "Don't lose to some punk or trickster before the final round. We'll find out who's the best there, once and for all."

A cool wind blows down from the mountains. You and Jack both look down the open road leading south, leading towards whatever awaits you in the future, wondering what it holds.

TOURNAMENT ARC will resume June 11th.

Community discord for discussion and further updates: https://discord.gg/4p9mmau

Thank YOU for playing!
Thanks for running.
Thanks for running!

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