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File: delphos9.png (386 KB, 600x450)
386 KB
386 KB PNG
It is really annoying when a civvy ship gets out of route. Always something gnarly, something that shouldn't be, but the higher ups refuse to "waste" their elite forces on that unless confirmed beforehand it is absolutely essential. Something about not using their best superluminal engines unless it is absolutely necessary. You heard some weird stories about such engines, how, sometimes, the largest spaceships equipped with them come out of hyperspace coated in interdimensional goop that gives weird life signatures. There is probably some exageration to the story, but that is how I heard it, no way to confirm with how uptight the Galatic Defense Force (GDF) has been these last couple decades.

That's why you couldn't hide your annoyance when a seedship deviated grossly from its trajectory. On your shift.

"This is Delphos-9, reporting on Acorn-27 trajectory. It is headed straight to a blackhole."


"On the blackhole?"


"72 days."

There is a long silence in the hyperspatial comms. You poke the device thinking it is broken.

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"Well, it all boils down to whether we fly away to the middle of nowhere, or to near a human colony."

"Decryption Complete. Exhibiting Files."

"Woa, it finished!"

"Let's check these files!"

You go through the files and they have complex molecular formulas for synthesizing what would be a cure for this condition that afflicts the crew. The file says the cure is experimental and may not work as intended in all cases. The vaccines need to be tailor made to the DNA of every person that takes it, to target only what has been damaged by the infection. Reading carefully through the log you see that the infection is caused by a lifeform that shares only a small fraction of Earth's DNA, as if it went about its own evolutive path billions of years ago.

"This goop infection shares a little of Earth's DNA."

"So it is not aliens?"

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>> Give the cure to Zara and Kara
> Wait until the ship is fully charged to jump
File: tegaki.png (4 KB, 400x400)
4 KB
> Wait until the ship is fully charged to jump
> Give the cure to Zara and Kara
> See if it's possible to hide our footprint on the ship (logs, transponder info, etc)
If high command is behind this were gonna get [redacted] anyway, but if they're not we gotta to cover our track's. Don't want to be hunted down for knowing too much

You are Pristine Klause and you received a call from the Procurement, a branch from the Galactic Defense force. They are demanding you dispatche one of your old Portal spaceships for a mission. Immediately.

You only have one of them operational right now. The one you are currently in.
A behemoth, most of its space occupied by modular fusion reactors, and a huge organic computer that calculates the crazy portal math, that maybe three people in the galaxy understand.

One of them is your Navigator, Doktor Shekov Kravulev, PhD (his thesis was about n-dimensional fractals).

High Command said you must rescue some engineers who got stranded dealing with a contaminated seedship. You honestly pity the fools who got into those traps back in the heyday of space colonization. Few actually colonized any planets, and by the time they arrived, FTL technology made possible to send small amounts of people basically anywhere in the galaxy within a few years.

The problem, of course, was the others. Throughout space colonization we found signs of their presence, but they were ever elusive. Eventually we figured they inhabit a higher dimension. Portal tech went through their farm universe, a place filled with an edible self propagating life which resembled a mixture of algae, virus and tardigrade. Upon entering in contact with a human being, the weird alien food "enhanced" their metabolism and made them biologically immortal, but ridiculously hungry. Their daily calory intake easily went from two or three thousand to over fifty thousand.

On some subjects, a form of telepathy was also discovered, but it only works when they aren't being fed enough. They form a kind of hivemind, where everyone infected can read everyone else's thoughts. The area of effect is unclear, but this telepathy seemed to travel faster than light, so we started studying it to deploy in the field. Third generation FTL comms were created based on this advancement, using organic computers laced with the telepathy inducing alien thing to communicate with other nodes. The problem that anyone using the system could read everyone else's messages was easily solved by using cryptography.

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Nice Quest !

You've set up a small folding table against the farthest wall of your room. You had to move some stuff out of the way, but you want to make sure you do this right.

It's easy to play Corner Solitaire. All you need is a deck of cards, a few candles, three pennies, and a freshly cut flower. The fresher, the better. You stole from the neighbor's terrace. Technically, you don't even need the flower, but that sounds like a bad idea to play the game without it...

You read about the game online and finally set aside an evening to play it. It's about Midnight. You light the candles and flip the lights off, the soft tinkling light filling your room with long shadows. You sit down at the table and turn so that you're facing the wall and the corner, and set up the deck, spreading the cards face up to hunt and find for...

There it is. The Jack of Diamonds. This is the card you need to start the game. You take the card up and hold it up to your face, and close your eyes. You need to focus on someone who you know loves games. Your first thoughts go towards your dad, a big MtG nut before you were born, and then your thoughts go to your boyfriend, who always likes to play pranks. The rules of the game say you should pick somebody closest to you for the best experience- but you also can't stop also thinking of one of your favorite streamers- XOneOne. He's a pro-gamer but you mostly watch his stuff in the background. It would feel a little weird to pick him, but then again... maybe it would be the least risky way to play the game?

Who do you think of?
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Bravo! This was a delightfully creepy run. Not every quest needs to be a twenty thread monster, something like this is perfect in small doses.

Thanks for running.
Sweet, good to see it'll be remembered.
I'm almost curious to ask about what would've happened if we turned around at any point.
I really admired your writing and scene-setting! I enjoyed your depiction of the protagonist thoughts and sensations, the emphasis on her small movements and feelings.

I have to say, I did not find it frightening or disturbing, because whilst you did successfully inhabit the player, and it felt there was some psychological affinity being conveyed, there was not a tremendous sense of threat or trauma lingering in the background (maybe you were not trying to convey this). I was engaged more by the mystery of motivation and manifestation, there was an intensity to this - I kept expecting some Silent Hill or Kojima Productions P.T. style family horror reveal with the father.

If you wanted to move in that direction you could incorporate memories, maybe as the protagonist girl glances around the room she could see more items, photos or objects that remind her of past scenes or life events (with friends, with the father etc) before each turn of the card. What I also liked with regards to your writing is it was relatively understated - the idea with horror is to produce the unnerving sensation without repetitively using the horror words, eg demon, ghost, blood, it is very frightening!! etc etc. (See the TS Eliot objective correlative theory if you want more detail on this)

You could trigger new memory recollections that explore why she plays the game, surface reenactments of a relived moment of distress, or you could use them as prompts (pbta style) from the player audience here to further develop the scenario eg, what does she see in this photo that reminds her of a time her father made her resent him etc. You could make this more supernatural by doing the P.T. thing eg the radio or tv / phone / tablet turns on with a news event alert mentioning something disturbingly related etc. and describe and elaborate the scenario further. Maybe things are happening outside in the world... but she is trapped in the room playing the game, and cannot get out to help somehow unless she completes it?

Overall I really enjoyed this experiment, I was very impressed by the writing and invention of this established scenario! I have to admit also (if another anon had not highlighted it on the qtg) I would have missed it, I thought just glancing at your cover picture it was literally about playing solitaire lol. I am very glad I read it, though!
roll 1d20
Rolled 7 (1d20)


File: OP.jpg (552 KB, 1512x2268)
552 KB
552 KB JPG
Your name is Saywo Leemu. You are a cross-dressing soldier from Liberia, who first served under Commander Alieu Kosiah during the First Liberian Civil War, and then learned improved war skills from the infamous cannibal, General Joshua Milton Blahyi. Armed with an AK-47, you are an expert in close-quarters combat and a good marksman. After the war, to avoid political persecution, you moved to the United Kingdom, and pledged allegiance to King Charles III. After passing a grueling recruitment process, the National Counter Terrorism Security Office has hired you to hunt down terrorists, hostile rogue AIs, and other foes. You form your own independent unit and answer to no one.

Current budget: £10,000

For your living quarters, you are going to:
>Apply for free council housing
>Rent a luxurious apartment
>Take over an empty villa

What are you going to do, today?
>Work on a mission for the NaCTSO
>Recruit a team from the streets of London (African males, rare)
>Recruit a team from the streets of London (Indian males, common)
>Recruit a team from the streets of London (British females, common)
>Visit church for inspiration
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File: Cathedral.jpg (2.23 MB, 1712x2288)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB JPG
You are in the main hallway of St Paul's Cathedral. It looks rather grand, with its high ceiling and beautiful stained glass windows, especially with the sun streaming through them. For you, who was born in the jungles of Liberia, this feels like a completely alien world, one that is too grand to fit with your reality, to have any meaning or relevance to you. Who is that mysterious god that is worshiped by the British? You have a sense that there is something not right about all this, but you have no idea what it is. As you wander slowly through the cathedral you look around, and try to take it all in, but you know that you do not understand this place, or its history. When you reach the altar you feel strange, as though a wave of fear suddenly sweeps over you, almost paralyzing you.

Roll [b]1d100[/b]. The [b]DC[/b] is [b]75[/b].
Rolled 97 (1d100)

Prophet run?
Join the rolling quest
Rolled 84 (1d100)

Is it best of 3?
Brother, you're too late to the party. I had said it's not best of three, but everyone can roll. I even described the bonus obtained from having 5 players succeed on the role. Since only one person rolled, I didn't write a next post. I wanted to write a quest for a small group of friends, not just one person. But I'm not giving up on this board. I hope the mecha quest, that someone else wrote, will succeed better. I have posted there to know what that person is up to.

File: earth.jpg (256 KB, 640x960)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
A sandskiff sails across the Si Wong Desert in the dead of night. A desperate father to be, and struggling hopeful mother cut through the darkness and cold as they try to get to the nearest of the Nomad communes. They couldn’t risk it, not this time, they couldn’t risk their fourth. A scream of pain forced the man to give it his all, despite the pain in his arms and the shortness in his breath, he pushed the sands against the sails and kept going. He knows his love is even more tired, in even more pain, so he forgets his own as he continues on.

In a land across the earth kingdoms, the howl of angered spirits assault the valley. An ancient sanctuary of trees and mountain springs, the steel and machines of man hanging above it and threatening to destroy the home of spirits that had lived there before man could bend the elements. An aged woman surges through the valley, bending all the elements to protect the lives of those here just to work, just to provide for their families, just to bring the pure water here to the thirsty against spirits who wish to not have their home stolen and corrupted by man. Fire, earth, water, and air all used to protect mortal life, to redirect the spiritual, all as she cries out for spirits to become calm again, to let her help find a compromise. The spirits do not want compromise, the men do not want failure. The tension is too great.

She is struck, both bodily and spirtually, by a being of ancient anger and protective instinct in the shape of a monkey. The woman hits the ground, and crumples, pulling into herself as her body screams in pain. She is old, she has been in many battles…she coughs up blood into the ground, and darkness eats away at her vision.

She hears a scream of pain, and surges back into the fight.

The man in the far away desert hears the same scream, and pushes beyond his limits.

The master of all elements fights once more, urging the spirits to calm, urging the humans to run, calling for peace, calling for understanding. She then finally demands it.

The man finally stops at the commune, and even as he falls to the ground exhausted he screams what strength he has left for help. Before darkness engulfs his vision he sees his love carried from the Skiff to the commune’s medicine woman.

The old woman, the avatar, sends her power back to sleep, and holds herself up as the two sides make peace. The sun sets on the valley, and when she sees that the tension is gone, and a resolution found, she falls with the sun.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Oh sorry, I’m still here. Weekends tend to be the time I’m too distracted to stick to my writing times. So I didn’t pretend this time.

I’ll close up the vote tonight or so and try and get started on the post so we can continue Monday.
Would be good to start on a new thread
4 for roofs

3 on streets

Roofs win, writing

For the bump, maybe. The issue is that the bump seems to time out with the frequency I post relatively quickly.

new thread everyone

File: Joe Biden.jpg (93 KB, 1200x800)
93 KB
Officially, each of you is a member of Joe Biden's Cabinet. The truth is much darker. You are part of a cabal of evil humans and non-humans who lead and manage our planet, hidden in the ungodly spaceship Discordia, orbiting around Earth. Earth is a vast loosh farm serving the interests of intergalactic shareholders, and your job is to harvest as much loosh (emotional energy) as possible from the human populations. Do you remember Project MKUltra? That was your work. Throughout history, dissidents have been given various forms of torture, such as lobotomization, forced abortion, electroconvulsive therapy, and ingestion of mind alterating drugs, all to cause psychological terror and produce high-quality loosh. The humans who faithfully serve the NWO are rewarded with adrenochrome, the life-extending drug infused with loosh.
29 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
It’ll be simple. You’ll organise more conflict and instability in Europe, it’s ripe for a new conflict, and with the suffering of untold millions you’ll have plenty of opportunities to harvest that sweet, sweet loosh. With your position as the most powerful country in the world, it should be an easy job. Your masters aboard the Discordia should be pleased. But first, you have to figure out how to start it. How will you go about doing that?

>Contact your colleagues in charge of other European nations. England and Germany are the big ones. If you coordinate something with them it should be simple.
>The Balkans are always ready for a war. It’s just a matter of the right motivation.
>The Ukraine has been trying to get in the good graces of your masters for a while. And they’re no friends of Russia, a bastion of Tradition and anti-globalism which must be eliminated.
>Accelerate your other plans. Everyone must eat the bugs and own nothing. The people will rebel, but that’s what you’re counting on.

Additionally, once per turn you may use your resources to subvert another country. This will replace all their leaders with body doubles and have them act as puppets for you, doing whatever you please. The difficulty of this roll will vary according to how subverted a country already is, e.g if you try to subvert Russia, the last remaining bastion of Masculinity and Tradition and anti-globohomo in Europe, it will be extremely difficult. If you fail this roll you will make an enemy of the country. I recommend choosing a country that will make things easier for your current goals, whatever they may be.
>The Balkans are always ready for a war. It’s just a matter of the right motivation.
Bosnia could fit some more minefields.

>country roll
Gentlemen, I propose to install our enlightened rule in Brazil, it has already fallen prey to our transgender-industrial complex and is generating a large amount of misery as it is, we only need to turn our informal covert rule into a formal covert one.
A most agreeable choice, comrade! I agree.
>The Ukraine has been trying to get in the good graces of your masters for a while. And they’re no friends of Russia, a bastion of Tradition and anti-globalism which must be eliminated.
The Vatniks must be stopped before their efforts in the donbass pay off, and no more. We must immediately start a massive war and strike down Putin once and for all!
>Contact your colleagues in charge of other European nations. England and Germany are the big ones. If you coordinate something with them it should be simple.
I've been wanting to see a sequel to Battle of Britain for years now

File: Thread ArtCropped.jpg (66 KB, 364x364)
66 KB
The civilized world is doomed, although few can see it. Every kingdom feels the press. In Egypt the court astronomers warn of doom in the stars, the royal scribes in Assyria record ever falling crop yields, the Hittite kings struggle against nomadic raiders in ever greater numbers, and closer to home ever less all-important tin flows eastwards in the hands of Hellenic traders. Furthermore, the power and administrative efficacy of the high king in Mycenae have substantially eroded over the generations.

Even now, the plan of Zeus is coming to fulfillment...
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WTF I love Homer
Just finished reading all this
Top tier quest Homer!
That's why rocks are the best weapon.
Mankind oldest friend
If no one got our back, rocks still got us.

We're back my noble companions, ahead of schedule.

File: 2.0 32.png (368 KB, 445x677)
368 KB
368 KB PNG
You are Charlotte Fawkins, dashing heroine, detective, adventuress, heiress, sorceress, etcetera. Three years ago, you drowned yourself in a quest to find a long-lost family heirloom; nowadays, you're just nobly c̶a̶u̶s̶i̶n̶g̶ solving problems with the help of trusty retainer Gil and mind-snake Richard. Inexplicably, many people tend to "dislike" you, though you've never done anything wrong in your life.

Right now, you are ready to uncover a mystery you've been pursuing for several weeks. You just need to get the mystery to talk, first.

Woe is you! If only it were that simple. Real Ellery, looking more haywire than usual, has been bouncing his heel against his ankle for the past five minutes. His skeleton fingers are tightly laced. His eyes dart between you and Madrigal and Earl, but they mainly seem to land on you and you again. He scratches his scruffy cheek. He bounces his heel.

"We can sit here as long as you want, you fucker." Madrigal's been trying variations of that since you all sat down, which was instrumented by her telling Ellery that he had fucking guests, and if he burnt his house down that was his problem, and if he wanted to pull the whole I-can-do-anything card he better find a couple of chairs. You wound up on a chartreuse settee, and he plonked himself on a beat-up lounge chair. He hasn't been lounging, though— he's been hunched over and bouncing. Some ash gets in your nose, and you sneeze.

"Hell, we can sit here and not say a word. Is that what you want? You son-of-a-bitch? We can stare—"

You sort of think that is what Ellery wants, but you've been restraining yourself from interrupting: Madrigal looks ready to plaster anybody who speaks up. All the better. You need the time to figure out how to upstage her.

«Charlie, that's not a useful mindset to have.»

Excuse you? She's the one who stole your rescue, made friends with her stupid kidnapper, obtained powers, magycked Ellery without turning evil— she's back in her usual whoreish clothes now, and nobody's said a damn thing. Now she thinks she can detectivate better than you can, just because she's slobbered all over Ellery a couple times? She thinks she can figure this all out? Last you checked, you're the one who learned all about— ahem—

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Thanks for running!
Thanks for running!

Now to second guess if accepting that apology was the right move for the next few weeks.
Thanks for running!
Thanks, folks!



File: map.png (560 KB, 2047x2151)
560 KB
560 KB PNG
**Game 6 of Nations Role Play GMed by Lux**

>Updates will be every Tuesday and Friday
>Players will have one (1) turn per update, two (2) actions per turn
>If a Player misses a turn, he will receive one (1) make-up action the next turn
>No limit on diplomacy or lore posts
>Initiating a war requires an action, but subsequent battles are free
>Game starts after a bronze age collapse, and includes magic
>Rushing, meta-gaming, & otherwise unsportsmanlike behaviour will be punished
>OP's word is final

We are not currently taking new players, though people may join as Nations fall
All are free to spectate; the Discord - F2Patcf
202 replies and 47 images omitted. Click here to view.
Certain independently minded Voraik strike out across the river valley with pick and shovel to prove to their families that there is wealth outside the direct control of Yarvik. By the end of the tyrn they display to their kin a secondary supply of copper, and a small amount of lead, with the north providing fine stone for building. Indeed they have taken the liberty of setting up a quarry there. Ra'prisha takes note of these works, and perhaps to get the Voraik more firmly on her side, though more likely only because it is closer to her construction site, the Icemind herself purchases a huge amount of stone from this new quarry for her construction project. The plans are very deliberately laid out so as to avoid the Mareev-run complex and instead roads are built from the forge to the new temple. Though not as grand a building as the Markalinaroki, the idol of Aiyavakeen is a site to behold in its own right. Though intended for use primarily by the chieftess & her Yavapori, a number of men & women outside the caste come to give homage and it soon becomes a cult site to Yavitov with an annual pilgrimage.

The news the Waddans give is troubling, that such savagery exists in the world is not news to the Order, but that it is so widespread is. It is their holy mission to eradicate such brutishness throughout Sarghun, and if overwhelming force is required to do so, so be it. An additional forge is built close to the mines for faster alloying, and ports ready to construct a fleet to bring the arm of Volos down against those who would perpetuate the barbarism of the cataclysm. Stone roads, hoped to soon also reach to Edion, are laid to more easily facilitate the fast flow of metal, meat, and men throughout the country.
Without pain or fanfare settlers spread south, finding the land warm and not wholly uninviting. Those in the more northern reaches of the expanse find that when digging wells & ditches and the like, that no trace of minerals comes up with the dirt, indicating sparse resources if any to be mined. [When prospected, only a single mine may be built in the region]
Edion remains under siege, unable to maintain their lands, leaving enterprising Irreechians to move in. Overt hostilities have paused, as there is murmuring in the camps of royalty slinking from the city under cover of night.

The fearsome visage of the scorpion men has spread and exaggerated back home in Kirisfut, prompting the elders to call up the strongest sons of each family to aid Boreos and his beasts to bring them to heel. If they cannot be convinced to become an ally to the Odithians, they will be crushed under foot. They will need full bellies to complete such a task however, and so a second grain farm to provide them bread is ordered too.
>LC cont.
As the men prepare themselves for victory, those not chosen to march south are sent far and wide to scour the land for anything that may aid them in the quest. Those who went east return with a soft, blue-grey nugget, which leaves the fingers tasting sweet. Those sent west return with an equally soft nugget that glimmers the colour of sunshine. But those who mill about the homeland bring out a rock shot through with green flecks, a little dejected by it's apparent uselessness.
And as quick as she had appeared, Kiri vanishes with the fullness of Mento-Dwo.

Potentate Koson's building master plan continues to be carried out with extreme precision, if modified a little to incorporate the new hazelnut orchards. Additional lumber and meat for the already groaning stores and warehouses too, and at last a formal market for those with mercantile inclinations to begin swindling their fellows.
The army, long sat around waiting for proper orders is sent east along the coast to survey the island of Nemosa. When traipsing out of the forest, General Orlon; another fat, gouty, distant relative Koson kept at arm's length with a cushy position; trips over a large stone which first he takes to have drawn so much blood to have completely soaked in it, but he soon sees is just red naturally. There are a number of them about the surface, indeed the whole field has a red tinge [Bonus cinnabar, one mine may be built]. Cousin Orlon's adventures do not end there though, for when travelling south he is accosted by a veritable swarm of angry ermine.
The navy meanwhile fairs far better, having docked for some time in the waters of the Ahmosi & Parahuami, they set off south. First they spy a red sandstone mesa towering over the surrounding grassland, and only later spot small farmsteads in the nearby bay.
Over all of this however lingers the news brought to them by the returned party of once thought lost adventurers, who journeyed through the Onos Gate, to find others God Gates and tribes of slaves. That the religion of these barbarous peoples rings with some truth to the one true pantheon, even shedding light on some dimmer parts of the legends, is equally warming and worrisome. The priests, scholars, and a good number of the royal family spend many nights this tyrn, and surely for tyrns in the future, discussing the potentialities that such a meeting may bring about.

At last Libromus has heard Fumatri's calls for additional food, but what are these orders they bring with them? Another port? Another navy? Built with what?! Supplied with what?! Do they not read the letters sent to them?! There is no wood! They have no copper sent to them for picks to quarry! They are barely surviving still! [Next time read the spreadsheet, all you're getting this turn is a single farm]
>OC cont.
Third fleet continues skirting the isles of Nemosa, spying very little of interest on their eastern shores. Second fleet does likewise, but on their north-western coast spot the smoke trails of campfires. First fleet however makes the most noteworthy discovery, that of the city-state of Orpiellery.

[NM] The tension of the age is made manifest, for arising from the low and made high is Jannah, daughter of Arana, Crusader and slayer of the iniquitous. Time shall tell if her righteous bloodthirst shall be slaked.
Crisis averted, the Ahmosi have seen sense. The wall is to be a curtain alone, without parapets and towers from only one side accessed. It is a small price to pay to avoid the wrath of men who must be truly mad. Thank Deepak for the Oc.
Harppa is in a flurry of activity with the war that was on the horizon drawing to a close before any blood could be shed. What is built includes a forge, which soon outfits the flagging army with weapons of copper [You'll need to research alloying for bronze], a proper market, and a new port in preparation for a second city, of which little is known save that it is very exciting.
The navy returns to their pre-scheduled duties, scouting the north coast in search of riches, having now learnt from the Oc what the strange lumps in the plains up there likely are.

Trellkriger are little more than savages, kept in line with food and fornication, in so many tyrns the Wights have dulled the minds of their thralls to be obedient brutes who kill when told to kill, fuck when told to fuck, and even bark when told to bark. This is the fate of the once proud and gold-ringed Tarnsmen who had the misfortune to be lost in greater Vettirgard.
Dozens of Seawights pile onto the fleet for the maiden voyage into the warmer waters southwards, rowing for all they're worth as the wind intends to push them into the open ocean. But they are stronger this day than the breezes, and manage to cross the shallow sea to misty islands the Vardyger has seen on his astral travels. No doubt because of their new, bellowing shanties. Below the clouds that obscured the good hofthing's view however, the Seawights notice something he could not, an isle teeming with flora most varied and bright with colour. Opposite it, barely above the waters, is a a quagmire of an island of little note.
Spring draws to a close and the marsh in the forest dries up, once again granting free access to the ruins of the temple there and the blocked off valley.
The army, though few could call it such with a straight face, is shipped off to Stanbyld for training, the hard earth on the island perfect for the task. Gone are the days of an easy, if relatively meagre, wage to stand about Glinsterjested looking fearsome, if one could be very fearsome with a pot belly and a tarnished spear. The men of the army are whipped (sometimes quite literally) into shape, into ranks, and into line. The disdain many had for the force, seen as being a drain on resources and a painless dumping ground for otherwise unsuccessful sons, is undone and most families now see it as worthy profession, often pointing out their sons in the alabaster rolls whenever passing the parliament buildings.
Quinces are the most prominent trees grown in the orchards along the Glinster, being hardy with fruits that preserve well, along with being quite delicious when served with the boar that roam the forests. Quince jelly is among the most favoured goods on sale at the new markets too, a final sweet taste of home before merchants set off on long voyages across the seas.
Captain Beninga of the first fleet does not wish to risk the rations not lasting for the return journey and so orders their return to Stanbyld. Captain Jelckama of the second fleet on the other hand has well restocked and is sent north-west, and aided by strong westerly winds finds him and his men in the most calm waters there in sight of two large bays. To the west, towering white limestone cliffs form into a delicate sea arch around which a number of fishing boats are spotted. [>AV >CK] To the north there is very little activity at all, save some little wooden huts. [Of course if you had names in mind already, disregard]

Hroth has arisen from the dust of the field, and to the highest throne has climbed o'er skull and blade, forever may he reign as Karn, god of man in flesh. His first order is the expansion of the lands to encompass the freshwater lake, reaching into the jungles therein. In this task his men return with word that there are yet more men to the north of these trees, men of weak bodies and white beards. His second order likewise sets his men to work, this time in scouring the land for resources beneath the dirt. They deliver their samples of additional copper and lead close by the capital, and of what they control in the far south a small nugget of native gold. [You cannot build mines on resources the same turn you discover them, though you can build a blind mine and hope for the best. So you will get another hunting ground]
The earth shakes in the west, violently for but a brief moment, but it is enough to change the very face of Sarghun! Water from the great lake begins to spill into a new depression in the earth, a trickle at first but then stronger and faster until there stands a river where there was none a tyrn before!

New thread here: >>5617152

File: 29038409.png (4.41 MB, 1383x2875)
4.41 MB
4.41 MB PNG
Several civilizations live very close to each other in a large continental island. One lives in a vast river valley, with plenty of food but little else. The other lives in an ancient forest with very tall trees, providing a variety of resources. The third lives in a mountain, having access to imense mineral wealth.
Each of them has to contend with a type of creature who annoys them above all others. The river valley civilization is plagued with lizardfolk who live in a swamp at the mouth of the river. The mountain people are constantly harassed by dark elves who want to enslave them. The ones who live in the forest are attacked by demons who hide deep in the woods.
Though it might be possible to engage in diplomacy with the monsters, you don't speak their language.
Which of these three civilizations are you the leader of?
> The river valley civilization
> The mountain civilization
> The forest civilization
> Other (specify one terrain and one enemy that would thrive on such location)

And what is your leader skilled at?
> Fey Touched. You can become invisible for up to an hour once a day.
> Barbarian. You have been doing extrenuous exercise all life and are stronger than ten men.
> Rider. You know how to ride a common creature in your area and you fight expertly while riding.
> Other (specify one power and the explanation for having it).

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"We shall worship Pneusis as a goddess.", you decree.

You start the construction of a small shrine for Pneusis and then have the people do a procession to her to bring her offerings.

People give her a lot os stuff and then her eyes cross with a tiny halfling kid who then hides behind his mother, but keeps peeping at her.

"Bring him to me. He shall be my priest.", says Pneusis, pointing at the kid.

Pneusis then spends about an hour teaching a lot of stuff to the kid everyday, thinks marvelous and weird about the seas, swamps, rivers and the gods. The kid tells the things to his mother who is less than impressed, and to the shamans, who at least listen attentively. Maybe someday he will be a real priest.

The soldiers you sent to escort the sick wizard return. Well, at least most of them. They say they found the master of the apprentice, who then bought the phoenix stuff the adventurers took to him, and ended up using most of it to return his apprentice to good wealth. As a token of gratitude for saving us, the apprentice wrote a long letter full of platitudes promising to help us someday if we need his help.

Upon being inquired as for why not all soldiers returned, they inform some died on the road while others decided to become adventurers in their own right after listening to the tales of glory of the adventuring party. One of them even joined their party, a fellow named Gig. We may yet hear of him again.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Im willing to play lol lemme see.
>Accept the offer and get the potion. Give it to the drake and our cattle to grow.even more food. Worship pneusis and maybe do.some research on Skilia

File: Evo.png (116 KB, 1206x1230)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
On a far away planet, at the furthest arm of the labyrinth constellation, sits a planet. On this planet comes the stirring of the first complicated life.
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Well, since you asked. The end-theme for Flotsaw in my mind was some sory of eldritch horror with very unusual or even grotesque appearance. I think its odd, passive nature of environmental filter-feeder kinda fits and the color scheme is almost gory anyway.
I was planning to add some "plant mechanics" tomorrow, but the Squeebs and Wyrms need to get some action too. Not sure what I'll do.
File: Hydra-Wyrm.png (5 KB, 321x260)
5 KB
Having grown two heads and two tails, albeit both smaller than the originals allows the Hydra-Wyrm to absorb nutrients from two places at once while also expelling toxins at different angles, thus making it less likely to "swim" through them
File: 1677169192344630.png (5 KB, 302x260)
5 KB
Due to the plume and algae both growing larger the Squeeboid's bottom also expanded in order to still act as anchor despite the greater surface area
File: 1677168988279353.png (5 KB, 302x260)
5 KB
The probobod lost its tail but gained an additional six proboscis' which basically makes it impossible for it to be flipped on its back
swim bladder increases in size allowing it to rapidly sink or float up the water column or "rapid" compared to other members of its genus tthis mutation was created from a doubling of its genome reslting in its weird bifucated apperance

A young girl stands within her modest Shinto shrine abode. Though it has not yet occurred to her, today is her BIRTHDAY.

Who is she?

>>Reimu Hakurei
>>Red White
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My trip keeps disappearing……
I’m not sick! Just… Sick of planes. No worse way to travel in North America.
Prince? You alright there?
Another victim to the curse?
RIP quest. Was fun while it lasted.
Three weeks is enough to be considered dead and buried, right? Regardless, I archived the thread just in case https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2023/5578776/
At the very least it's there for posterity

File: Better_Map_2.png (5.67 MB, 2560x1440)
5.67 MB
5.67 MB PNG
Welcome back.

Rules are simple: Votes are tallied every hour, with whatever course of action being the most popular being the course of action taken. Write ins are encouraged and non-mutually exclusive votes will be combined if possible.

When a roll is called for, roll however many D100 are specified. 5- is a 'crit fail' and generally means something bad is about to happen. 95+ is a 'crit success' and generally means something good just happened. a 'crit success' trumps a crit fail. User input on both will be taken into consideration.

Inventory, pokemon stats and other links: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15i2N08IpWqitoTJujsUMishe4PLbao1lqT-bCAmvPcE/edit

New Discord for questions, discussions and announcements: https://discord.com/channels/968086995756793897/968098198411440128

For a short summary for the new and to recap:

You are Alex. A newly minted trainer and camping enthusiast just starting out on your journey at the age of seventeen after your father lost his job in order to help pay the bills. On the road, you met Fie, the Fire Gym Leader, Gareth a novice Aura Guardian on pilgrimage and Holly, a runaway heiress using a pseudonym. You've also made enemies of Team Green a group of violent, radical activists looking to abolish pokemon training.

Last time, you set out to the Barrier Islands to find Holly a Psychic teacher, Kay O-o evolved and Fluffy and Volta were injured in separate battles. You were also asked to safeguard an artifact from Team Green by a Slowking. Presently, you're resupplying before heading out to find a place to hide until Fie and the police have resolved matters.
545 replies and 23 images omitted. Click here to view.
>No Dream
A deep restful sleep.
>Wake up early.
We have much to do.
Help Hollydeal with her lust and pouting.

>Wake up early
Let her have an early morning shlicking session.
We go gather some berries/firewood/bonnetes growing on the mountain side/crunchy salt/sootfoot root.
We can make some rice/potato mochi as roadfood/pokelure.
>Wake up early.
Rolled 3 (1d4)


File: stupidanimefuck.png (120 KB, 233x270)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
I Received the Death Penalty and Now I'm in Another World?!? Otherworld Plantation Life

"Tenou Izaya. Your last meal."

A tray slid through the slot. My final meal request. Did they get it right? Katsudon. Yakult. Milk tea. Well, they fucked up the Korean fried chicken, but they got it alright. I took one of the paper packets, and myself some instant black coffee. The other paper packet I ripped some chopsticks out of.

In a second, a lukewarm chicken bit hovered before my lips, my tongue at first tapping the bit before I engulf it whole. Sweet, sweet delicious and stale fried chicken. Hey, what's a war criminal got to complain about? I have no regrets.

After my meal, was my second request - method of execution. Euthanasia? No, no. Firing squad.

Hot brass flew through my rib and liver, and finally cleaved my cranium in half.

The cold embrace of nonexistence came to be.

>Where did you go?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: Drunken.png (582 KB, 512x512)
582 KB
582 KB PNG
"Link Start."

Apustaja frowns. "Yuo have bad taste."

My ego rips from the cold aether of superposition existence, and plunges into the newly modified vessel - a Japanese American with medieval militarist history. A knife. The brain screams like a knife cleaving into the grey matter. The throat bubbles with a sore dryness, my own respiratory system infected with a terrible smoky gas. The nervous system, and by extension all motor functions, ripple apart and seizures back and forth in shockwaves. After the shock, there I lay hunkering into a fetal position. Ibuprofen. I NEED IBUPROFEN.

I open my pained eyes, there revealing a horrible aftermath of debauchery. Belly dancing whores sprawled around the floor, their risque garments revealing whatever dopamine-inducing imagery. Glasses and bottles of fermented fruit scatter about, each one being picked up one-by-one by the few servants here. Above and around me was like a beige-colored odeon, no, a bathhouse but without a bath and instead a bunch of mattresses. It was more or less open-air, one of the walls just being a bunch of arch-windows.

Oh fuck. I have a hangover in some whorehouse. How much shit did I spend.

Fuck her! I'm the best man of all of Ariana! I gave her my time, and I treated her so well!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: DesertAIJap.png (431 KB, 512x512)
431 KB
431 KB PNG
Within a few moments, I can expect my elder to collect me. Still, I need to formulate a plan off this.

On my voxstone contact list:
>Timur, 3rd Class Lay Chief - the equivalent to a squad leader
>Jochi, 2nd Class Lay Chief - the equivalent to a Corporal
>Plantation Headservant
>Stable Headservant
>Financial Advisory of Ariana

Military-wise, the unit is currently unlevied, but even if my unit gets levied, I should have special absence reasons being that I'm the only family heir.
The plantation is still effectively frozen due to Hoslems.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Call the financial advisor. Some of my inheritance might be stolen
>Survey of the stable steed. Maybe I need to execute some servants
>Rendezvous with the military boys. Informal barbeque to catch up
How expensive is a cleric?
Also probably wanna delete the Ex's number. We're starting a new life and this vessel's bullshit should not be apart of it.

File: tempimg.png (247 KB, 1190x670)
247 KB
247 KB PNG
SRM quest is a more "gamey" quest about being an evil minion over a period of 12 hours. The Five win condition of this quest are as follows:
A: Earn the coveted "employee of the month" shirt.
B: Escape the dungeon and become FREE.
C: Kill the HERO.
D: Prank / molest / bully the Overlord and survive.
E: Complete your "class specific" quest.
You win by achieving any two of these, but it is possible to succeed at all five in the same run. You lose if you:
B: Fail your "class specific" minion prerogative.
C: 12 hours pass
Losing the game simply means a fresh start with a new minion. The dungeon will always reset to the same place, and events will always play out the same way unless you change them.

More mechanics will be explained as they come up.
45 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
-Exit in a random direction (cost: 1 MW point)
-take a mushroom for potential murdering hijinx (3mw?)
Dead quest?
The wicked Sojourner has started a new quest and abandoned this thread before its blood was even cold.

You knew what you were getting into.
NTA, but I didn't recognize that cunt's artstyle.

Your name is David "Gunny" Rockefeller, no relation.
A veteran of the united states marine corps, you find yourself in a far-out situation after an all-too-close encounter of the third kind!

In the last thread you tested SHODAN's new body, both in combat and in the bedroom, and found that it exceeded all expectations.
You also held a spar with Asta, a young caithan male and one of Gron's charges. After teaching him a few things, you think he could be a decent combatant.

Afterwards, you made your way to a certain asteroid belt where your new crew has been mining materials for the carrier.
It also happens to be where you've hidden the drone ships stolen from the Federation for the time being.

On your way there, an unknown ship attempted an interdiction, but you flipped the table by opening up your shutters and firing on them mid-warp, destroying them all.
Once you arrived at the mining outpost, you found everything mostly in order, and began your work on clearing out the federation killbots infesting some of your ships.

However, things didn't quite go to plan. The ship sustained not insignificant damage, partially due to some reckless behavior on your part.
Now, SHODAN is beginning to suspect that there may actually be something wrong with you. Who knows, maybe all this staring into the abyss is actually getting to you?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
408 replies and 27 images omitted. Click here to view.
Killbots and plasteel.
>Plasteel Armor (plate carriers, padding, helmets, ect)
>Heavy Laser Turrets
Alright, calling it for plasteel armor and heavy laser turrets.
Update tomorrow.
File: .png (76 KB, 194x261)
76 KB
>4 threads away to get archived
>its been literally more than a month since this thread is created
I- I didn't realize...

New Bread
May or may no have an update/vote later today
I hate starting a new thread with no vote but it is what it is

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