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File: Turn 20.png (4.78 MB, 3583x4502)
4.78 MB
4.78 MB PNG
"What is the best in life?"
"To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women."
--Demonic proverb, undated.

Welcome to Modern NRP! Build your nation, carve out a unique niche, and tell your own story. New players and spectators welcome. To join, simply make a post below using the provided starting template.
For more information, see the Extended Guide(https://pastebin.com/JBS8mr1m), or join the discord(F2Patcf).

Basic Rules
>RP and collaborative gameplay comes first and foremost. Metagaming, min-maxing, and other unsportsmanlike behaviors will be punished.
>For your first turn, see the template below. Every subsequent turn will consist of two actions
>Diplomacy and lore posts are unlimited.
>Warposts are diplomatic actions. If it isn’t in the warpost, it won’t be in the result. See the Combat section of the Extended Guide for more details.
>No tech cap, but tech rushing is unacceptable. All nations begin with a starting tech level equivalent to that of 2000 AD in real life.
>Nuclear weaponry is prohibited. Nuclear energy and its applications(including military applications) are permitted.
>Updates will be every other day(excluding Sundays)
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with the exception of the diplo with asura, thats still full canon
*(the map stays the same, the full effects of these changes will be felt next turn)*
>diplo - mountain warband
After a few seconds of communications between the diplomat and his master's a farewell is said
>very well, let us hope neither of us come to regret this. Farewell, and may this mutual non-aggression agreement continue into the far future

>the north
After images and accounts of the conditions the civilians of deinsaikne are living under, the administrative council of the free alliance makes a declaration - they shall declare for the side of the dual barons, not because they like their rule or want to rejoin regular economic relations with them but because the evils of the demons are far greater.
They state that though the barons treat their stock poorly but that they at least afford them some rights and privileges. But these demons? They treat their stock worse than the lowest of animals, and the council can never stand for that.
Thus the self defense force they had put together, alongside civilian militias with some basic anti-demon training are levied under the banner of the Free Armies of Dvesilia, under a voluntary command structure organized by a few skilled tacticians who had studied the war with the demons since its inception.
Thus they march on aeregata, the nearest demon home and the source of many of the aircraft which harass non-corrupted forces and had previously had an army of invading demons originate from it, alongside this event many isolated localities around the border of libertine control declare independence from the demonic libertines. Though a few of them were revealed to have been demonic tricks most of them were in fact pure, thus a force is sent that way as well. (the demons had not fully anticipated such a strong response with such brevity thus they had stationed few forces along the border, using their tried and true tactic of threatening their vassals into submission)

>the heart region
Though the attempt to call on the bird borne acquaintances failed much has transpired in the heart region.
The anti-demonic offensive in the city has been largely a success, with only a few areas of high demonic presence remaining, strict measures are implemented when dealing with demonically cursed areas, civilians are banned from known areas even within the zone of control and all civilians are banned form recently resecured areas.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

With increased supplies and "recruits" the deinsaikne armies make a lightning offensive at the coal baron's hideout (though orders came in to retreat they saw to much of an ample opportunity and decided to press onwards), with troops siphoned from it due to the situation in teramaja the facilities are captured and the coal supplies are tainted by demonic energies. This is done through the use of a few captured anti-demon soul weapons which are used on demons who have been deemed weak, these spiteful things have now been scattered throughout deposits and into the dirt, ruining the area. However the dvesilian creation facilities which do exist at the location are found to have been hastily cannibalized by alliance forces as fear of the demonic invasion had prompted much of the supplies of the coal barony to be moved north.

The rebel hideouts in lilismaja have now been essentially eradicated, thanks to alliance efforts and the few anti-demonic pieces which made their way to the city.

The electrical facilities are no longer under serious threat as demonic forces work to consolidate their territory and fully annex deinsaikne and its surrounding areas.

>Action 1:
establish a general metal goods factory across the dam by lilismaja, with rebel forces almost completely gone the time is nigh to up production in the face of the threats from the south.

>southern region
possessed and tainted dvesilians now march across deinsaikne with their demon allies, securing the region nearly in its entirety. Though pockets of resistance and neutrality remain most of the important parts are now under full demonic control. The seemingly last true bastion of anti-demon resistance now lies in the former oil barony, which through airdropped parts and codded messages sent from the dual barony now has a limited dvesilian production and more importantly the capability to utilize all of the designs invented for the war, allowing them the ability to raid around the fortress or flee it if push comes to shove. This increases their ability to defend themselves by a large margin. Though it means that if they are defeated these supplies could potentially come under enemy control.

>Action 2:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
From an obscure corner of the dvesilian civil war, a message is sent to (highest temple of the fire goddess) pleading for divine blessings and aid.
For much time now dvesilians of the many cults of radiation have searched for the holy and divine within the soft and dangerous warmth of radioactive substances. Believing that there was an astute connection between the most holy soul and the force of radioactivity.
But they have realized that the idols many of them have crafted or found in those slowly decaying things have been fruitless, for despite their taking of a might fortress they are still beset by forces of hell.
But they were forged in fire, in mighty furnaces atop great flames. In flame they were born and in the flames of war they will die.
Or worse...

So the congregation, at least those who are not absolutely needed in guard positions is collected, and a great ceremony is had.
Though mortal ears may hear silence, in the air is a great cacophony of chanting not through radiowaves produced by crude machines but through emanations of their very essense.

They call, they call for aid from whomever listens.

And they have called for the goddess of fire, that is why this message has been sent.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Action 2
In the former oil barony most of those loyal to the rad cults collect in a makeshift temple of worship.
But in their times of trial they need help, what they have is not enough to stem the tides of damnation.
Thus they call out not through code but through the sounds their soulforms can produce.
They pray for aid from whomever can deliver them, many are calling for the goddess of fire. Yet others call out for whomever listens to their pleas, they offer eternal service and in return they wish to survive the onslaught and to see the day when the demons are finally pushed back into their unholy pits.

If it fails they work on fortifying as much as they can, but if it works they shall do whatever their savior bids of them.

File: 0000.gif (284 KB, 650x450)
284 KB
284 KB GIF
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File: 0002.gif (3 KB, 650x450)
3 KB
???: oh shit it is on. umm, hello there. i'm sangen, you can call me gen, i'm a demon, probably can't tell, and umm... i... no, we need your help... we're bored out of our skulls and need something to do.

GEN: hmm? you're wondering who "we" are?
File: 0003.gif (7 KB, 650x450)
7 KB
GEN: here's we! you probably know these guys.

theres the blue one, dg, the shameless selfinsert that gets himself in loads of trouble, and then the red one, red, he's a jerk at times, but he's cool. and then theres the green one, xeuzia, or xeu. she exists. i guess.

GEN: anyways i want you to choose who you'll be bossing around. yes, you'll have some free will in this! so, without further ado...
File: 0004.gif (6 KB, 650x450)
6 KB
CHOOSE A CHARACTER! be warned, the character you choose might have lasting consequenses on the story.

character choosing poll: https://www.strawpoll.me/20574644
Why do you always abandon us?

In this quest you play as Wade Wakeman, a 16 year old boy with a heart of gold and the wielder of the Omnitrix! This story is being told in an alternate universe, in which there are no longer any remaining Tennysons. Characters from earlier seasons will appear, but not always in a way that you’d expect.


Last time: Wade and Red traveled to Charmy's dimension, where a fearsome villain named Malgax has eradicated the Plumbers and drastically decreased the galaxy's population. Now that humanity stands on their last leg, Charmy and Gwen have made advanced technology into an illegal contraband, for fear that Malgax might use it to locate their settlement.

Most dice rolls will be 1d100. Modifiers will be added depending on the situation or on the alien being used(Usually +10 or -10). Crit successes and crit fails apply. Crit fails can be overridden by crit successes, but crit failures cannot override crit successes.

How to Roll:
To roll dice, type “dice+1d100” in the options field without the quotations. To roll dice with positive modifiers, type “dice+1d100+modifier number” in the options field without quotations, and with an actual modifier number. To roll dice with negative modifiers, type “dice+1d100+-modifier number” in the options field without quotations, and with an actual modifier number.

Aliens Unlocked:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: Zipmunkfinished2.png (3.64 MB, 2819x4616)
3.64 MB
3.64 MB PNG

“Trixy, I require assistance. I need to counter the song’s effects.” you demand.

“I will assist you to the best of my ability.” Trixy responds.

“I apologize, but I must lay you to rest. Please, do not resist.” you say to the vigilantes. And right before they can reach you, they’re stopped dead in their tracks by a hypnotic melody projected from your sonar. With Trixy’s guidance and your analytical prowess, that brief moment of hesitation is all it takes for you to turn the tables.

For the most part, your lullaby succeeds in subduing the hostile vigilantes. However, there are a few of them who are proving to be resistant to its effects. Among them are Thunderbird, Mockingbird and that punk girl with the mohawk. They’ve got some serious mental resilience.

“They’re not going down.” Manny states.

“Let’s put them to sleep then.” Helen proposes, while extending a bo-staff.

“I need to find the source of the music. Do you think you guys can keep them busy?”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
“Mr. Morningstar…?” you question hesitantly. As you descend the seemingly endless spiral staircase, you notice a trail of pale blue ooze traveling through the creases in the cobblestone and touching the foot of the very last step. And upon examining the state of the room, you notice several things. Michael is nowhere to be found, the charms are missing, and so is Cree’s corpse. In its place, an empty tank lays barren, with a puddle full of shattered glass spreading across the floor.

(To be Continued)

Michael soars past the clouds, leaving a trail of glittering dust in his wake. His skin, now golden and glimmering with the sheen of a finely polished precious gem, shines brilliantly as the sun’s beaming rays reflect off of his face. His aura has a similar color, and is likely responsible for propelling him through the air. His long scarf flutters and flaps wildly in the wind, but the only sound that fills Michael’s ears is that of Cree’s soaking wet cloak. She’d been wearing it ever since Morningstar threw her in that tank, and he hadn’t considered the possibility that he would need to carry her out in his arms like this. He didn’t expect to be in a hurry, but then again, he wasn’t expecting a visit from one of the most well known figures on the planet. But none of that matters now. The only thing that matters is putting distance between him and X. And lucky for him, he sees his destination peeking out of the clouds now.

Without delay, Michael flies directly towards an ancient looking vessel, resembling a pirate ship, but having clear technological advancements made so that it may remain airborne without much difficulty. With it’s Solar Sails and pressurized O2 field, the captain and crew were more than safe in the harshest of environments. But more than that, the sheer size of it is astounding. It nearly rivals the size of his school, and has enough firepower to turn the mansion to rubble several times over. This was the ship of Captain Crowbill, an infamous space-pirate, and a dastardly fiend.

Upon boarding the ship, Michael sets the woman down onto the wooden floorboards, but not before being surrounded by the Captain’s freakishly ferocious crew.

“Well, lookie what we got here, boys.” growls a gruff sounding voice from above. Looking up, Michael sees the shadow of a large, man-shaped bird creature, cocking its head at an awkward angle. He seems to resemble a parrot. “Seems like we got a stowaway.” he says while jumping down onto the deck with an audible thump. This tall, muscular figure towers over Michael, as he pops the cork of a rum bottle with his beak and pours it down his gullet. All the while, his cybernetic red eye rapidly darts around. “And you wanna know what we do to stowaways?” he asks, while flexing his slender, cybernetic talons on both his left hand and his right leg. Whatever he’s alluding to, it seems to excite the rest of his crew.

“I’m here to meet the Kingfisher.” Michael firmly states.

“Well I don’t remember asking for your-” the Captain begins.

“That’s enough, Crowbill.” demands an old man wearing a long, green feathered cape. As he emerges from below the deck, the alien crew begins to tremble in fear. He wears an aviator's cap with goggles pulled over his eyes, baggy linen pants, weathered boots and gloves, and a sharp-looking rapier at his side. His each and every step boasts authority and confidence. Without knowing his name, Michael knew he was in charge.

“Oh I was just havin’ a go at him. You know I’d never harm a pretty little hair on his head.” the Captain mocks in his cockney british accent. For a moment, before he passes Michael by, he gently strokes his face with his razor sharp prosthetic claws. A bead of sweat rolls down Michael’s face as he slides the claw away, causing the Captain to laugh to himself. And as he turns around, Michael spots a human infant clinging to his back, giggling and gasping all the while. It’s a bizarre sight, but he decides not to dwell on it for too long.

“Mr. Morningstar, I presume?” the old man inquires, while stroking his long curled beard. “You have the target, but I expected her to be…” he trails off as he glances down at Cree’s corpse.

“Alive?” Crowbill chuckles to himself, while patting the infant on the head.

“Just give me a moment.” Michael requests, before digging a hand into his bag. And from it, he brandishes one of the Charms of Bezel. Namely, the Charm of Resurrection. “Now let's see if this trinket lives up to its name.” he says. He then shoves the charm into an empty slot at the center of Cree’s armor, causing a brilliant glow of golden energy to spread throughout the cracks. Her body begins to colvuse wildly, as if she'd been possessed. But all of a sudden, she raises her chest to the air and lets out a blood curdling shriek as beams of light are emitted from her eyes and mouth. Everyone except the old man shields their eyes from this display. Shortly afterwards, Cree is coughing up pale blue liquid onto the deck and gasping for air.

“Most impressive. You’ve done an excellent job, Mr. Morningstar.” the old man says while grabbing Cree’s face and inspecting her. In response, she slaps his hand away and struggles to stand, but she cannot muster up the strength to do so, and quickly falls back onto the floor with a pained snarl.

The old man extends a hand to Michael, to which the young man firmly grasps. And without Morningstar noticing, a group of shady individuals wearing bird-themed outfits form a circle around them. “Welcome to the Conspiracy of Ravens. I think you’ll fit right in.” the old man grins.

(To Be Continued)
New thread is going up tomorrow. I'll link it here just in case. Thanks for playing!

File: ABYSS01_Cover.png (1.86 MB, 1780x1780)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB PNG
In the darkest din of the deepest of depth below the coldest star and the heaviest ocean was a realm awash with blood run from the quickest oceans, and dusted with bones from ageless evils.

And yet even here, light reaches as a droplet after the sundering of a thousand suns. Light that offers us the briefest relief before we are awash with the gloom - a liquid shadow. A darkness so thick it hosts blood hungry demons that seek us for our warmth.

For countless days we Runners lasted, tending to our lamps, fending off creatures of the dark and decades after the last Starfall-- each other.


You stand before a self proclaimed diety. A two headed guardian who would sooner add your blood to the lake you landed on after all consuming darkness pulled you into this realm. You hear this tale as many others did before you and next to you as others fall from below. The useless ones were rent in front of you, consumed by the denizens of the blood lake, leaving you, The Penitent to tend to Lantern's light.

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Hetros Jistin
12 Light
Homeless Human [Brave] III
HP:40 SP: 18
Mov: 4 Str: 4
Mag: 2 Vis: 5
Grim: 3 Luk: 4

1) H20 Flask (x5)
2) Salt (x5): denatures magic
3) Bonded Chain (x5): "Iron Doesn't Exist"
4) -

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
the flails and the kama part have unique stats. namely their hitbox and ATK stat. Take note.
ah I missed that, fixing.

Hetros Jistin
12 Light
Homeless Human [Brave] III
HP:40 SP: 18
Mov: 4 Str: 4
Mag: 2 Vis: 5
Grim: 3 Luk: 4

1) H20 Flask (x5)
2) Salt (x5): denatures magic
3) Bonded Chain (x5): "Iron Doesn't Exist"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
With the start of a new week, another thread will be constructed and posted at midnight with a roll call. Do Not Roll Call Here. However feel free to update your sheets.
New Thread Live: Report in !

File: 48.jpg (30 KB, 800x600)
30 KB
Welcome back one and all into a new part of our adventure. We've managed to navigate a hostile city and ally with another one of Ama ''players'' whilst getting to know the strange spiritual guardian of our paladin a little better and finally managed to pinpoint the location of the ''Black Cat''. Things are going to get very busy in the evening... prepare yourselves.

Previous Threads

Twitter for schedule updates

Perks and spells for our main character

Characters met by Arawn.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Well, there is one way we could buy time or dissuade the incoming army from following orders even if the bitch gets away.

If we can get Leena into position to reveal the duchess's sin and if it's as bad as I feel it is than all you need to do is air out that dirty laundry somehow that's quite undeniable and even the most avaricious of mercs or human hating mamonos would puke a bit than conclude that the duchess's quick death is too good for her!

We really need to invent magitek cameras and video/audio recording equipment...
>Oh, err, how much longer until daybreak?
You're in the middle of late-night, complete darkness. Arawn would say it's 11pm or midnight.
Oh, on the Zhu getting preggers idea. I wouldn't say that she's against it nor is it a snap decision. It was, after all, the first thing she asked about after we dealt with Porky.

She stabbed herself in the gut with her holy sword to kill a Soul Eater (forget the actual name but that's what it was/does) and once the fight was over she asked Fortune "Can I still have kids?" to which she answered affirmatively.

So she's thinking about it and probably does desire it at this point. Almost losing us sent her into a berserker rage towards the person what almost killed us. Hell, Klesiah said she only saw her that mad one other time (probably the first time we died). In her own way, it seems Zhu actually loves us. Thus, would very much like to bear our children. Sooner rather than later as it really looks like we ain't long for this world!
Is this just another game for horny anime geeks?
Not really, it's more nerds trying desperately to deny the GM's burning need to REJOICE and inflict great amounts of suffering upon everyone.

Case in point, nobody's gotten laid yet in quest that wasn't already married when this all started.

Previously, on Space Derelict Quest, a salvaging expedition was forced to make the difficult decision to return to their port of call, only one week in of a two-month expedition, because a structural failure in their freighter, the Mammon, resulted in the loss of 1/3 of their fuel reserves. In a last-ditch effort to break even on the expedition, the Owner-Operator of the fleet, our character, decided to take a meandering route out of decivilized space, in the hopes of finding something salvageable. Unbeknownst to anyone else, including the other owners and shareholders of the fleet, this was because to finance and insure the expedition, the Owner-Operator used the fleet’s trawler, the Clean Sweep, as collateral in a under the table loan with a loan shark.

Ultimately, the fleet was able to find “something salvageable”, a massive ghost ship, appropriately painted white, sitting in a deliberate geosynchronous orbit above a habitable, uncharted world. Unfortunately for the men of the Starving Vultures, the ship is at least partially functional, and is has demonstrated its ability to defend itself by sending drones in suicide rushes at the fleet. While none of these drones have managed to do any damage, munitions for the point defense weaponry across the fleet are being stretched thinner and thinner, and there is only a dozen rounds of ammunition for the heavier autocannons on the fleets flagship, the Aethereal Vulture.

Further evidence of the derelict’s ability to defend itself came to light after the “catch” from the trawler was examined. While the tightly packed debris cloud sitting around the wreck was originally thought to be from the ship itself, it appears to be the remains of other ships, presumably that the derelict destroyed, though how (and why) remains unclear.
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By the same token, .223 is much cheaper than .43 Egyptian.

Yes, this is intentional, as it is not in production on the open market. Whatever you get your hands on will be from a stockpile someone is selling off, or alternatively, an illegal factory somewhere. You have a good supply right now, but eventually, you will need to "bite the bullet".
How much for vacsealed power armor?
For an armed away team? Probably about 50dT each. I might revise that price later when I figure out how much I protection I want the suits to offer, so don't hold me to that.

The new thread is up!
Let me try that again. New thread is up.

Alright, news!

... Nothing, really. We'll be running Friday this week to make up for starting today, but other than that I think everything is pretty normal so far as we're concerned.

Archive here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Strike%20Witches%202016

and Discord here: https://discord.gg/UqNSr9

There's also the IRC, but I'm not as active on that as I used to be. I keep it open, though, so if you get on, it's #SWQ on rizon.

I think that's it!


Kyou is learning- somewhat to your amusement- that your sisters have the most remarkable sense of timing.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Thanks for the run Ghost!
We give the players shit fie being nonstop horny on main, but goddamn kyou is some kind of hypersexual omnivore
thanks for running


>You're going to have to watch Kyou like a hawk around her.

The Wolf princess smells prey.

File: DEATHSHEAD.jpg (37 KB, 1280x853)
37 KB
"I'm not a miracle worker. What you are asking of me, it is an absurdity. It is an abomination." a voice reaches you in a void. It is annoyed - not enraged, but rather it is a tone you have heard, perhaps when a cashier is asked to make an exception for this or that - just this once, honest.

A reply of angry buzzing and hissing follows.
"Yes! I understand why. I certainly understand the nature of the matter. The urgency is not lost on me by any means. But we are not toying with clay or wood here. The material is far less..." a pause. Significant. Meaningful. "Predictable. I can make no guarantee."

More buzzing. Placated, somewhat.
"Of course. You can rest assured, I will do what I do best." a soft cackle. "The rest is in their hands, of course." A shift, a shuffle, a shamble.

Awareness flows over you. You can see! Sort of. You're still in a void of darkness, but it has gained depth, and a hooded figure stands before you. Your... everything feels abuzz, like it fell asleep.

"So here is the hard part." the figure states evenly, now speaking with you, "You're dead. No two ways about it. You might even say you are... emphatically deceased. I can't reveal the nature of your passing, honestly, it is of little meaning at this point. However!" a single pale - too pale, too skinny - finger is raised. "However, there is a detail in the matter of what to do with you. You're a... uniqueness." pale fingers steeple together in front of the hood. "So I present you some options for what to do with you. This is not your final destination, but how you get there..."

>I could make you into an aberration of a sort. Unpredictable, chaotic. Living, yes. Normal, no. Your genetics will be as wild and untouchable as your will. Shifting and changing. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT.

>I could make you something closer to myself. An ossified being of magic and cold death. Assembled of the dead, built from the past, a mockery of life. YOU ARE WHAT YOU FIND.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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why did I think starting this during a move AND a workweek was a good idea

It's strange to walk into a house that isn't really a house anymore. The roof, what's left of it, barely covers a space that's as wide as your armspan and along one wall and a corner. The floor is ruined similarily, and two walls still stand. There's no furniture to speak of, but with some careful work on some of the broken floor you manage to crib together a third wall that rests against the remains of the roof.

Standing in the dark, listening to the noises of the forest, you slowly come to a realization: There aren't any.

The forest is silent.

It's COMPLETELY silent. Aside from you moving around, breaking wood away from rotten joiners and rusted nails, there hasn't been one single sound the entire time. Your heart rate picks up as you listen and the void of sound starts to press in. In any forest you remember - foggy and broken as your memory is - there's always been a low chorus of noise. Bugs and birds and distant movements. This dark forest has been entirely silent except for you.

Slowly, carefully, you peer from behind the broken wood that makes up the third wall of your shitty hovel. And that's when you see it. A massive, hunched thing, covered in dark fur that ripples from a wind you can't feel. It's at least seven feet tall and just as wide, and its face is a pale mask of bone. You can't tell if it's actually a mask or some growth, but there are no eyes.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Take up the weapon. Plan an attack.

Looks like food to me. Time to CONSUME
>>Take up the weapon. Plan an attack.
>Take up the weapon. Plan an attack.
>>4351497 ">" Take up the weapon. Plan an attack.

Your name is Shu, and within the belly of a labyrinthine complex carved into a mountain of bone and crystalline humors, you’ve found yourself stalking towards the heart of a conflict that threatens to bring an artistic empire to its knees.

In the t-shaped junction of yawning tunnels in which you stand, you’re caught between the speakers of a debate, your arrival having stopped them from coming to blows...for now, at least. In the stark azure light that shines from the lines of bioluminescent filigree that lines the art-deco walls, the girl to your left is rendered as an impatient wraith, arms folded as she awaits an answer to the question that’s hung in the air for what feels like an eternity. The girl known as Rainier - or ‘Rain’ - is short, somewhere between Rath and Gina in height you realize, as she anxiously shifts from one foot to the other. Her eyeless sockets stare past you even as the swarm of stingray-like creatures orbit their master, the cobalt blue eyes embedded in their backs glancing nervously between you, the encroaching darkness at one end of the distant hall...and the girls to your right.

The trio of identical Daughters stand stock-still in rigid perfection, their sapphire eyes piercing into yours as they hold themselves with a poise and grace that would seem almost insincere if not for their wide, earnest expressions. Each one stands over six feet tall, nigh-sheer lace dresses hanging off of skeletally thin bodies, their porcelain skin so thin you can see their pulsing veins just beneath the paper-like surface.

Beauty, stretched dangerously taught.

Silence reigns, punctuated by the grinding of your abdominal teeth against one another in time with the gears of your whirring mind. To you left, to your right...they’re awaiting an answer, a decision that will inevitably put you on one side or the other of the conflict that threatens to boil over into all-out war.

But that’s not a game that you’re willing to play.

"If your leaders want to talk, I'd like to listen.” You begin carefully, your tone as even and peaceful as you can manage despite your overwrought nerves. “That goes for both sides, though, I'm not going to commit to only hearing one perspective. If they're not okay with that, then I don't see what I can do here."


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 3 bloody puppets.jpg (101 KB, 1200x675)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Bhop. I think color blindness struck again. you replied towards the wrong post. Instead of trying to recognize us anons by the color of our ID, try recognizing the first 3 or 4 Letters/numbers of our randomized ID.

Still. I'm glad that you enjoyed it.

Regarding environmental effects...I have a feeling that we're gonna end up with more and more bizarre environments the closer we get.

Some things I have to share:
I just like this song because it relates to just about everyone in the Crucible. Also, the thumbnail for the video should serve as a good daughter inspiration for you.
Here's a fun pic.

I have some questions regarding Carter's code of conduct.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>In the event that Carter does fight, does he still maintain a sense of chivalry?

Depends on the fight i reckon. he himself would never initiate with 'unchivalrous' tactics or reasons, but once the line has been crossed he's not gonna let his code kill him. he might still be hesitant about breaking it, thus needing more than just the opponent being an ass, but still wouldn't stick to it to the point it kills him. probably not the best way to visualize it, but i'd say like a '3 to 1' ratio of him trying to keep it, in the sense of like, 'three strikes against them, one thing i break' kinda thing. obviously its not actually exactly like that, he wouldn't actually be keeping count, but its the easiest way i can think to get how far he is willing to be pushed goes.

>Has there ever been a time where Carter gets irked/offended by a daughter that he throws down the gauntlet and challenges them to a duel?

probably not unless he already had or was given probable cause to excuse killing them. kinda that rare gray area where they may be someone justified in killing, but he specifically was not in danger, however you want to see such a scenario, but then their offense of him gave him cause to not only get involved, but put the personal touch a duel is on it. my first thought as an example is seeing someone half drunk or something wailing on someone else to the point they might kill them, and they either had before or for some reason during offends Carter, though im sure there are other ways to use and justify such a stance.

>Has Carter ever willingly charged head first into a fight due to his sense of personal honor?

I'd say yes, and probably more times than he would like to admit too. he's probably made more friends he 'didn't want' here and there over it even. the paradox of having a code and deep down not wanting to be alone, mixed with never wanting to let anyone get close, and all that. how far he has actually taken it before im open to interpretation though.

>In the rare occasions that Carter has partnered up with a daughter, has he stuck by them or defended them?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Finally fixed my computer.... it died on me a couple days into my vacation.

But now i got it all fixed up and upgraded.... though i did need help from a friend of mine that was way deeper into the entire matter.

He fixed it after i messed a couple things up and even helped me saving my old data on to the new Harddrive
Thanks anon. This information will help me greatly color Carter's interactions.

Also, I've found the perfect song that describes and advertises Cradleton. A song called: "Abyss of Decadence".
closed captioning in the video provides fitting lyrics that describes the deadly allure of the settlement.

File: EcwlTb9WoAA-juK.png (1.03 MB, 2047x1699)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
(Gentlemen, the 46th Vein is now open.)


File: House Shryke.png (128 KB, 608x719)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
Hello everyone!

This is a quest based in the ASOIAF universe which follows a captain of a free company that has recently been given dominion over Stormgrave, an island near Dragonstone. Ser Aurion Shryke is a common-born man with a natural affinity for leading men and making friends. We are continuing where we left off in the opening month of the year 284 at the start of the new Baratheon Dynasty.

Quest resources including character sheets can be found here:

I try to update twitter on run times/important votes here: https://twitter.com/CormaicB

Previous Threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=House%20Shryke

Now, let's get started!
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>But when she brought her people to Dorne, it is said that the Rhoynish water witches knew secret spells that made dry streams flow again and deserts bloom
Thanks, didn't know about this bit. It actually explains a lot of why the Dornish were willing to integrate the Rhoynar culture at all.
I'm awfully tempted to combine this in with what I already had. This could work. Wouldn't be a hedge knight, but the rest could fit. Maybe I could shift the year right a bit to 286 or so. Maybe they were betrothed over a notion of Doran's as a part of simmering down the tensions from Willas's Wild Ride.
Feel free to do so if you think you could make it work. A double MC asoiaf quest would be very cool.
>North makes it hard for me to subvert MC tropes, which is half my interest in this.
You could run it as a personal challenge a ways down the line, I suppose? Nobody expects a 7'2" Umber-eqsue giant of a man to be one of the foremost schemers and gameplayers of Westeros.
That would be awesome.

Thirded or fourthed or whatever. This sounds really interesting.

File: AN ETERNAL LOOP.png (114 KB, 509x565)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
Out of all of the bizarre occurrences that you had experienced in life, never did you think that the afterlife would count as one of them. It was a void of purple and black, midnight and dusk. That was a fact of this realm, and you were the only thing that existed within it.

You turned your head and then your body in an attempt to gain a better idea of your surroundings, to no effect. Everything remained as it had been when you first came there. You could not describe it as still, nor could you say that the void moved.

It was all so terribly confusing.

Then you looked down, examining your barely corporeal body and came to realize something. Your soul was in the form of your stand, and your stand was...





Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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What are the odds of a continuation of this side quest?
Two weeks from now on a Sunday? Got a way for up to keep track of you or notifications?
My twitter
Might be the continuation next next sunday
A second thread of Battle Tendency: True Man's Walls Edition or a weirder quest both sound like things to look foward to. If in SQR we got Omakes about stands in other universes does that mean during a quest about stands in other universes we could get Omakes about SQR?

I can think of so many different possibilities, 1-A and All Might reacting in real time to the events of the battle trial that have been written so far, post-arrest interagation of the two MLA agents, Toga getting introduced to the 10,000 year old coomer responsible for her bloodline by her equally sadistic and degerate Rynoafag of a half-brother Muscular, whatever 1-B is up to, Bogdanoff speak between the UA board of directors and executives of the PSC about the wierd shit they noticed with Deku and more.

File: They're Here.jpg (263 KB, 1729x1132)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
This old grand city has seen better days. The stalls sell food a week too old, the government clerks drown their sorrows to avoid dealing with the news of a war they can't win, gangs rule the streets; a tiny thousand tiny monarchies with a thousand tiny kings looking to make it big.

{Mistil The Flamespeaker}
They're coming, boss. Otis and his goons! They beat Martinos in the Trade district and they're coming for us!


Good?! You're starmad, metal-man!

We beat and we string 'em from the Gates. If old Otis thinks he's going to end up in the council, he's got another thing coming.
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EVA: 7 | DR: 0 | BAR: 4

HP: 26/26 | SP: 16/16 | ALC: 4

RESI 7 | REAC 7 | GRIT 6 | PROC 4 | TECH 7 | CHRC 4 | SENS 10 | LUCK 5

Just That Good
Aware and Agile Rank 2
Knife Bought
Run With The Slicers
Think on your feet
Bandolier of Sharps
Background: Gang

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
> gain 36 xp and 16 bits (total 38 xp and 17 bits)
> increase res from 9 to 10 and grit from 6 to 7
> get worn hood and wolf fur
> get light body guarding training and bonded arms animism (sacrifice 3 technique for the animism, bringing it to 2)
> spend my last 3 bits to get 3 technique

Final sheet:
HP 39/39 SP 12 AL 3
Resi 10 Reac 2 Grit 7 Proc 4 Tech 3 chrc 2 Sense 7 Luck 2
EV 3 | DR 5 | Bar 3
Punch: 9 Kick 6 Grab 8 Guard 12

EXP: 13
Bits: 0

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Nevermind I did a miscalculation and I don’t actually have 13 xp, I have 0 because of the bonded arms
How could they make fun? It looks incredible.

File: download (12).jpg (102 KB, 1024x595)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Your name is Dragus, your a 39-year-old, Drunk, Divorced, Out of Commission Human Cleric with little to live for but the daughter you can never see.
16 years, for 16 gods-damned years you've been fighting with your elvish ex for custody of your little girl. She's 15 now, still missed every single birthday since the 8th one, probably because her shithead of an uncle and your fuckface of a brother in law kicked you out after he pulled a bow when you tried climbing over the forest gates to see her. All you have to talk too are your friends, Avaror and Drius, Avaror runs the city and library, is the only reason you still have a roof under your head, and somehow kept a stable family longer than you. Drius works at the pub, the only reason she probably talks to you is that she has a lick of pity (and you make up about 50% of the places return in gold every night).

You don't care much for concubines or wives, for money or wine, all you want is your daughter back and to be a happy family, which, probably isn't happening for a while, with your bitch of an ex-wife still having custody.

You wake up, with a hangover, inside the small apartment room that is your home, it smells of beer and rusted armor.

>What do you do?
Quest Notes:
>You give an action, I respond, if there's something that I think depends on a little fate or randomness, there'll be a roll and an unmodified check.

>I have a pretty fucked schedule and timezone, so it might take a bit for me to respond and I might blackout for a few hours at a time

>twitter is @green_seraphim if I decide to continue this
14 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You start carrying the stuff, it's mostly barrels of different kinds of ale or wine, and some boxes of dried food

It's very blurry, but the least you remember is bumping into him while you were drinking, and some yelling started
surely I'm not the kind to start an argument, probably the guard's fault.

sneak a nibble of the dried food... who's gonna notice?
You start to nibble on some dried meat, and as you start finishing it, someone walks through the pub's doors
look to see who had come in.
if guards, we make ourselves scarce.
If they're not a gaurd, try to upsell them some of this dried meat. We can personally vouch for how good it is, after all.

File: ChristAsSol.jpg (162 KB, 462x494)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Over one thousand years ago, it was a dark time, where mankind was nothing but divided into many barbaric tribes, where there was nothing but the dark night, where sin and chaos roamed free and where civilization itself was but a luxury for the few lucky.

Yet, all of this changed when one dark day like always, a miracle occured, out of nowhere, a shining object, more bright and luminous than anything else people had seen, rose up into the skies, iluminating the world with it's divine and gracious rays, thus, allowing for the rise of mankind into an golden age of culture and civilization, with numerous empires rising up to unite mankind into a single banner, that of Sol.
894 replies and 31 images omitted. Click here to view.
Thanks qm, really good Quest, i Like your style
could you explain to me how you chose rolls?
am confuse, i just read through the quest, i enjoyed it, but it seemed kinda random which rolls were chosen. average/best of ?#. people screaming "stop rolling" if the first roll was good
I just selected whatever was the most voted, but if there was a tie, i just selected the highest average.
By the way, since the thread is near it's limits, let's go to another one, shall we ?
my pleasure best qm

File: 1591675434278s.jpg (8 KB, 250x187)
8 KB
Welcome all, to the Legion of Doom! A multiplayer RPG where you pick a canon villain from either cartoons, anime, vidya, /tg/ and much more and have him/her pit against both the heroes/nemesis that try to stop them and sometimes other villains with their own agendas.

Mostly you'll be playing as any villain from fiction that comes to the HQ, whether it be Lex Luthor and his on-going revenge against Superman, to the sinister Red Skull and his plans for Hydra, and much more! Though you are free to play the heroes that oppose these villains and their schemes for world domination, genocide, etc. As one would say, the more the merrier(usually).

Next order of business? Choosing the scheme, and making the plan!

Meanwhile, in the Leigon of Doom...

1. No god-modding/over meta-gaming
2. Resolve all disputes cordially(which means if you have something to say, better say it now than latter)
4. Any posting style goes, though make sure to post your character's picture alongside your post as to help identify who's who.
5. No character limits (tentative).

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
164 replies and 147 images omitted. Click here to view.

Sorry for the delay, but: IT BEGINS


>The main lot of you soon arrive to the entrance of the big spherical dome decorated to a undersea theme as per Sayu's requests. The place almost looks dreamy, if not for the fact that you're trying to fetch something inside. With the large interior, Alberic's knightly group had already set up fortifications! First of the lot is a large castle wall, with a gate in the middle. Manning the walls are peasant bowmen, ready to rain hell to an unsuspecting group. (Also due to time-shenanigans, Skeletor ends up in the building for some reason.)

>Two figures come into view as they cautiously approach the group: Alberic, who is on his hipogyph and Sayu, the virtual mermaid idol.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: Abarekiller.png (599 KB, 720x540)
599 KB
599 KB PNG
>Abarekiller looks over at Alberic
How about instead you leave now or face the wrath of me?

>Abarekiller looks over towards Sayu
No, we came here to murder the shit out of you for funsies
Hello, Skeletor! HAPPY TO SEE ME?




>Serpentor fires his chariot lasers at the archers

>Zaktan continues firing his Zamors at the robot, hoping to hit it

Switching to Makuta for the rest of this post

>Teridax whispers to the group

Hold on, I think we can distract them with a minor assault and find a way to infiltrate their defenses. What do you all thi-

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: image.jpg (100 KB, 1301x976)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
>skeletor could only look on as serpentor charges off towards the fortress with his own blade leaving only his magic staff as a weapon
You there white knight, HELP ME OUT HERE!

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