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You are Haruto Shinota, age fifteen, 10th-grade high school student and resident champion of justice Karakura-Raizer. Although you are a natural-born human, what lies within you is an assortment of powers. particularly that of an ancient race known as Bounts and the natural-born abnormality of hollows known as Dragons. Normally, it would have remained oblivious to you but all that changed upon your fated encounter with a lost soul named Senna. Since your awakening, your composite being has been put day by day refining the latent ability deep inside.

To that end, your world has been flipped upside down as you slowly come to terms with your sense of self. Surrounded by countless friends, most of which whom can also see and interact with those from the spiritual realm, you find yourself in good company. Because of the actions of your youth, currently, you hold a special artifact deep within your soul. While it has remained dormant, you find yourself involved with events and situations that have begun shifting the course of not only your life but everyone in the balance. Whether it be positive or negative.

Accompanied by the mysterious duo Nahtigalou and Jammerwoch, both representing the core essence of your abnormality, you have ventured into the supernatural world. Filled with responsibility and purpose, you wield this mysterious power thrust upon you to protect what is precious to you with all the strength of your heart and soul.
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With newfound resolve and motivation, you set yourself forward to getting back to fighting form. After you helped Orihime off from the ground and gave the confused airhead a rightful explanation. Having explained to Orihime about the mysterious entity that was Shijinjuu Tenkou, she would surprise you by mentioning briefly hearing the voice of what appears to be a red-haired fairy communicating to her in a similar fashion. But before you could ask anything further, you would feel a sharp kick planting itself against the back of your head. Nearly launching you off into a tree, you would turn around to see that it was Nahtigalou holding a still dazed Shijinjuu Tenkou.

Having manifested in her true form rather than Haruka Sendou, Nahitgalou pushed you into fighting even harder. Such a domineering spirit she was as you realized during her coaching. Almost as if she wouldn’t tolerate anyone defeating her master, you could feel her immense power radiating from her body. Yet she would refrain from stepping in and assisting in defeating Orihime. Despite how surprisingly childish she actually was, there was still the fountain of wisdom and insight still resonating in Nahtigalou. Sensing her unwavering trust in you, you couldn’t help but truly give it everything you got. Matching Orihime’s amazing growth with your own, you accelerated your development to combat it.

With a hard-fought struggle and many compromising pose, in the end, you manage to defeat Orihime in a one on one combat. Be it her hand to hand skills to the Shun Shun Rikka, Orihime’s latent abilities brought out the very best of your innate powers and skills. Matching her hand to hand you felt immense gratitude over awakening a sleeping lion. Not only were you given justification believing in Orihime’s strength, but there was a clear sign that even now you can get even stronger. Yet you feel yourself recollecting the equally dangerous Tenchiikkon (天地一魂, "Heaven and Earth in One Soul") during the final clash. It was a zanpakuto released in the form of twin European Swordbreaker though more stilled after heavily curved Chinese scimitars.

Like Shijinjuu Tenkou it was quite the wild card as Orihime couldn’t control it fully. Even with that stipulation, it didn’t stop the escalation between you in this dance between blades. Partially weary from the spar, you set yourself to head back to the others, carrying Orihime on your back. Normally that would be quite an enjoyable trip but a pair of daggers kept staring you down as Nahitgalou kept a close eye on you. Shijinjuu Tenkou meanwhile remained buried in Nahtigalou’s arms as she spouts drunken nonsense, much to the siren’s annoyance. Upon arriving back to the group, you were met with a wave of concerns and questions by the gang over what just happened. Addressing them in the order you ultimately steer the course of teams for the second day as you and Orihime get some much needed rest.

>What do you do for the second day on this three day weekend?


(Decided to push training with the girls to the next day considering how much of an increase you and Orihime did in what was supposed to be a friendly spar. So the rolls will carry over to that day as well. So don't fret and feel free to plan your focus for the day.

Also here are the day two teams.

>Haruto Shinota, Orihime Inoue, Kyoko Haida and Riruka Dokugamine
>Ichigo Kurosaki, Yasutora Sado, and Kazumi Sato
>Uryu Ishida, Tatsuki Arisawa and Rukia Kuchiki
Getting Kyoko up to speed, and helping Riruka.
File: 1531658477_7.gif (2.39 MB, 540x302)
2.39 MB
2.39 MB GIF
Should also address this. While a schrift was theoretically possible with the Hyogaku in question, the shinigami side inside of you over encapsulated and resonated with the already Zanpakuto like properties of Orihime's powers. Thus creating the substitute shinigami Orihime.

But a fullbring quincy is something I do have planned in the works.

For now, here are some more examples of Tenko's massage.
We should probably do some bonding alongside our training. Instead of just doing power training all day, explore the mountain together. This could help develop everyone's movement techniques as well, cause they've definitely got to have their own variations. Bring up the idea of combos to everyone to get them thinking of how to use their powers in conjunction with the people they're training with. It'll turn into something more substantial by the end of all this when we know each other's powers and fighting styles.

File: ParadoxReincarnatorPart5.png (1.35 MB, 1000x1000)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
You are Shinji Matou, eight years ago you suddenly found yourself with the memories of a complete past life that saw this world as a fictional story due to some unprecedented form of inter-dimensional transportation. Since that day, your new composite being has been working to change the grim future laid out for you.

To that end, you have done much, involving yourself with events and situations that have hopefully already shifted the future away from one which will feature your violent end, and have massively shifted it towards one that will have a completely different outcome in store for you, be it positive or negative.

Currently, you are in the Einzbern Castle in Germany, getting to know Illyasviel von Einzbern, the Lesser Grail and the Master of the Einzbern in the Fifth War after managing to secure an alliance with the family, promising the help them in the war. Though your true intentions really have nothing to do with helping the family achieve their goals. You're only really here for Illyasviel.

Archive of Paradox Reincarnator: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Fate/Paradox%20Reincarnator
General Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=WhatIsAQM
Shinji Matou Status Page: https://pastebin.com/UNxStSSQ

Last Thread: >>4355176
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At least, canonically... With Angra Manyou being a thing, who knows?
By which I mean, you can’t summon Japanese servants or Divine spirits using the Fuyuki Grail canonically, same as you can’t summon anti-heroes. But since Angra Manyou took over it none of the rules apply anymore.
If you pulled off a summon the way Medea does it might be possible to summon her, but otherwise it just shouldn't be possible.
All Anger is doing is just residing inside the grail, he isn't actively changing any of the facets of the ritual.
It’s an evil house
New thread!

File: Title Card 2.png (971 KB, 1095x810)
971 KB
971 KB PNG
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>(Grants a special "reward")
If it isn't an arm it's some alien corruption
>implying that wouldn't be fucking awesome

Satan has spoken
As a purest no it wouldn't, but anon's will vote as they please
Wouldn't be Goji's first time
That was a clone, but I see your point. though honestly I just don't want Zettons arm for the rest of the quest.

File: palet.png (839 KB, 1072x1544)
839 KB
839 KB PNG

After running lost through a forest, you and the wizard managed to arrive at a town. While the wizard did his thing, you were on a mission from to find a VIP. Unfortunately, he didn’t know who the person is, where this person is, or what they look like. While attempting to complete this complex task, you discover a possible unfolding plot. A cursed tall ship, a house of mercenary’s, and a sealed off vineyard; all connected somehow through the mayor's cousin.

Unfortunately, you didn’t manage to find his VIP. But you have decided on a new mission, to infiltrate the vineyard and find the missing villagers while the wizard deals with the possible magic user on the tall ship.

Discord for update notifications: https://discord.gg/nqkvvrF
So you don’t have to check in constantly and deal with my hectic schedule
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> What do?
> Confess everything to the Guard Captain
> Show the Captain your evidence
> Question the captain about the disappearances
> Bail, the Wizard needs you help, get to pier asap!
> Insight (1/3)
> Write in
>> Write in
"My Wizard seems to have developed some trouble, would you mind coming with me to go investigate? Oh. I also have evidence and questions about the 'non-existent' vineyard."
> Bail, the Wizard needs you help, get to pier asap!

Sputs needs us!
File: conspiracy Pip.png (161 KB, 739x546)
161 KB
161 KB PNG
>the number of times a bird flew past the record keepers window
>Outside, is a bird, and it seems to have her transfixed
Clearly the birds are of PARAMOUNT importance
much like the birbs from oekaki quest that acted as harbingers for the skeleton uprising and were carrying a severed human eye around
>Question about disappearances
We should try to make it quick, Wizard might be in deep trouble

Welcome to the House Redhand quest! We take on the role of Victara Redhand, eldest daughter of the family. We are ironborn and we kick ass. For a 14 year old.

Previous Threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=House%20Redhand

Last time on House Redhand: A Song of Salt & Iron…

Your land was attacked by a strange band of Faithful, named the Brothers. After banishing the foes, you investigate their activity in Banefort, the nearby city in the westerlands. You uncover a connection to the Iron Islands through Lady Banefort’s septon, Ormand, along with letters implicating a greater conspiracy: a holy war against the ironborn. You rescued Septa Jenny, who has information from working with the Brothers, and picked up a sworn sword, Blacklion, as witnesses to Lord Balon Greyjoy.

You have convened with other ironborn nobility on Pyke, for a feast in commemoration of Quellon Greyjoy, who just passed to the Drowned Halls. You had an amorous and drunken night with Maron Greyjoy, a childhood friend, and Rhia Drumm, part of the hated family yours broke off from centuries ago. You’ve just met Rhaegar Targayren, the guest of honor, and are enjoying the feast…
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>Level up Deception to 4

>Keep calm. Apprehend Netta quietly

Greyjoys are pretty hardcore traditionalists they won't take kindly to a proselytizer on Pyke

look you can believe that if you want I've stated my case on the matter.
>Victara is, as far as we know so far, the heir to the House. I think this enough to justify training in Warfare when she's at that "coming of age" age.
Exactly my thoughts on the matter. Like I posted before, level 3 is the level for anyone who's had even the slightest bit of training. We've clearly had the weapons training to lead a reaving party, you'd assume we'd have the leadership training as well.
>Keep calm. Apprehend Netta quietly.
Deception 4
And another one bites the dust

File: BREAK.jpg (16 KB, 640x360)
16 KB
Oh no.

There isn't time to think. Already you feel pieces, parts, what was once a whole self shattered into parts. You can't see - probably the ENEMY has broken apart your perceptions first of all - you can only feel and sense things around you. The parts of you, drifting away, like so many tiny shards of a mirror, bits and pieces of a formerly whole thing. There is a sense of something great reduced and severed and parted from itself. Once something like a deity, now a tiny bit, a mote, a piece of power.

There isn't time to think. You can recover something. Anything. Not much, nothing truly foundational. There's no way you can get your NAME back. It's already spun away, lost to the ENEMY forever. Your weapon is gone. The terrifying... something... has broken into bits as small as sand and been scattered to the winds of this dark place. On instinct, you've gathered enough to make a body that can function. It's almost formless - two arms, two legs, a featureless torso and head. The ENEMY has moved on. Why would they stay? They already won. They SHATTERED you. BROKE you. But you've held on to something important.

What is it?



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File: Spoiler Image (200 KB, 620x877)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
It's a long trip.

It's mostly uneventful, however. Long stretches of blasted highways with scary noises but no actual activity. You change into something warmer - indeed, a heavy hoodie and thicker pants - on the way, but no matter what you wear, you feel uncomfortable. Probably because your body still feels all wrong no matter how you slice it, but dressing like you used to takes the edge off the feeling. What is most unnerving is that you don't feel hungry at any point of the three-day trip.

You eat, out of habit, but it doesn't feel filling. It doesn't taste bad, but the warmth of a full belly doesn't bring a satisfaction that you dimly recall enjoying before the big fight. The roads grow more familiar and less at the same time. Your memory is fragmented at best, like little shards in a great fog. You sometimes get pings and bits, but nothing of substance. Whoever beat you ruined your memories fairly badly. There is one thing that brings solace, and that's that the trees and forests of the area are mostly untouched. Something about the evergreen forests always brought you peace, in a way.

Passing through another town, then going back over the old, rickety bridge onto the Key Peninsula, walking on old roads that have in many places sunk into mudslides and demolished homes sitting near them, you feel a steady dread. Where did the actual fight take place? Wasn't it worse the closer you got to it? The landscape is different than you recall, pitted and blasted where there isn't forest. The tiny commercial sprawl near the community library is simply gone. The community center is a husk without a roof. Where your home once stood...

The street you grew up on is nothing. Piles of wreckage and ruined yards, some of the trees tossed around like toothpicks. The hill you rode your bike down has been blasted to bedrock and even deeper, a hole melted by some powerful magical effect. And in all this, someone is whistling, picking through the mess. He's dressed oddly for it, in a sort of suit with a hat. He spots you, but grins as he turns to face you. Something writhes under his overcoat.

"Come to take a stroll along memory lane, eh?" he asks. "You might as well go back. Nothing for you here." he says, raising one brow. "Don't wanna have to fight. Already bursted once today. Not in the mood to do it again."

>Get away from my home, asshole.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Introduce yourself and ask for a name. No need to be rude.
Well at least he isn't hostile
>Introduce yourself and ask for a name. No need to be rude.

File: Xeno space station.jpg (55 KB, 500x689)
55 KB
We pick up where we left off
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If it's for research, then wouldn't we only need fewer? Maybe 10 advanced plasma guns for 5k.
>When would we ever have met ships?

Enough Visors for 35 ships in the fleet.
We dont need that many right now. We dont have that many ships. That would be a wasteful investment. It would be better to buy something else, and only buy more if we ever get more ships. There is nothing preventing us from coming back here to buy more visors. It would be best to save our money to reinvest in the planets within our system, so that we will see an even greater source of annual income that we can invest in other things. Like more visors for when we have more ships, which we do not. Please reconsider.
>I'm not sure where you're getting this about using the virus bomb as a torpedo warhead.

Scratch that. I'll meet you half way, we technically have 20 ships if we're counting the small warp capable merchant ships. I'm mostly worried about people blabbing about the cool visors the navigators have, and potentially word about it reaching an inquisitor, hence why I'd want to restrict their use to ships mostly used for combat.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (148 KB, 1280x720)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
You're the newest private actress at this town's most popularest church in real life. Everyone is excited to meet you. All the other girls, your big sisters, have talked about this and only this for years. Other daughters will be so jealous, and your church, I mean, everyone, is lining up for their chance to act with you and direct you.

>What's your name?
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Karen is our name, Satan
this is not a Christian /qst/. Mods purge this heathen

File: Seemsfamiliar.png (45 KB, 225x225)
45 KB
Welcome to A Familiar Quest, a tale wherein you play as Eliza, a mischievous feline familiar, or guardian spirit, who must aid her witch-master, Madam Grella, along with her ally, Chris the Crow. Together you'll explore many nooks and crannies in the country of Lettac. But a peculiar warmth hangs in the air...?
It's another lazy, autumn day. Laying on top of a bookcase, enjoying the mid-day sun pooling in from a nearby window, is Eliza, an unassuming housecat. With a peculiar, shimmering blue coat. The room you're in is a rather spacious study, with a nearby fireplace and Madam Grella's favorite chair. A giant, lifeless bear statue looms over you.
It's such a cool and pleasant day...if only every day could be like this. Nice and quiet.
But Eliza knew better. Seems Chris, her fellow servant to Madam Grella, was calling to her yet again with his obnoxiously loud voice. He would have one of course, being a crow, but Eliza got the feeling he enjoyed pestering her. Seems you'll have to take a run through Grella's manor.
>Lay still for just a while longer, fully taking in the view from the window.
>Check out the dusty old tomes kept in store just below.
>Hide in nearby furniture and observe how Chris will react.
>Get up and go see what Chris wants.
60 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>Bite the hands
Eliza cries out in shock as the tiny hands sprout out of the ground, grasping her own limbs. Instictively she bares sharp fangs and leans down to bite them, sinking them into the closest wrist. Seconds later she starts gagging and coughing out tiny wooden splinters. Upon closer inspection, they're actually covered in tree bark.
>(Wait, I know what these are...they're just wood pixies!) Eliza thinks.
Unperturbed by her bite, the hands attempt to pull her into the ground. But Eliza knows how these little pranksters work, and she wasn't going to let someone else pull off a prank better than her. Rather than resist, she remains still, not showing a shred of fear or anger. The pixies continue tugging for a few moments more. A few awkward seconds pass as they realize Eliza's stopped fussing, and she wasn't going to be pulled any further into the dirt, up to her knees she was. Then, four of them sprout from the ground, hovering in the air by Eliza. They watch her with a bewildered expression, one of them waving its hand in her face, and they circle around her.
They seem to be too caught up in their disappointment of her lack of fear that they don't seem to notice how easily Eliza could break out of her predicament.
>Jump up and chase these little brats around!
>Escape the clearing as fast as you can
>Tell Callus to grab onto one of them
>>Escape the clearing as fast as you can
>Jump up and chase these little brats around!
>>Tell Callus to grab onto one of them

File: 2.0 11.jpg (241 KB, 445x677)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
You are Charlotte Fawkins, noted heiress, heroine, adventuress, and detective, cruelly trapped underwater (in the sticks!) after the completion of your quest to find your long-lost family heirloom. Tragically, nobody here l̶i̶k̶e̶s̶ ̶y̶o̶u appreciates your talents, even Richard- the snake who lives in your head. Right now, your new acquaintance BK is gearing up to pry a mysterious portrait of you off the wall of a dilapidated, beetle-infested mind palace.

"Um," you say carefully, "why?"

"Why?" BK sounds surprised, like nobody's cared to ask that before. His painted fingernails click on the painting's frame. "Oh, we're gonna need it. We're gonna need it, or there's something behind it, or it's fucking evil and we don't want it staring at us. Pretty simple. Can your beast get you a crowbar, or—"

"What? How do you know?"

"How do I…" (You slouch. He's not trying to be condescending, you think, but it still feels that way.) "Well, I mean, that's just how it works— that's how it always works. You just kinda get a sense for—"

«He's not wrong, per se. Places like this run on their own brand of logic. I'd describe it as 'heightened'.»

He's saying you're on story logic, right? Heightened. Like a book, or a, a radio play, where everything has a purpose, everything fits together—

«You're insufferable.»

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>[1] Hold it. What is he doing? He's communing. You're an expert at this! Insist that you help out (though you are not getting inside any beetle egg or egg-like object).

Totally not influenced by snake thoughts of eating eggs. Yep. Yepyepyep that would be delic- err, gross.
Or this and repressing snake thoughts. We is a repressed snek thot.

Also IDK what that video was about I was pretty drunk last night,. Group X is good stuff tho, 90's arabian teen sensation.
Seems like [3] takes it? Writing.
File: but straps, not laces.jpg (10 KB, 209x300)
10 KB
>So alright, cool, whatever

"I don't have a vendetta," you say. "I just— it's weird."

"Yeah? I'm not making you do it." Ellery's trying to keep his voice even, you think, but the tetchy way he's unstrapping his boot betrays him. You sense he's unused to being questioned. "If I turn into beetles, you get to say I told you so. How about that."

"But you won't understand it…" You give up. "Okay, fine. Turn into beetles if you want. It's not my problem."

He cracks a lopsided smile. "That's the spirit."

"Uh-huh. Why're you taking your clothes off? Can't you just… clean them?" He's shrugging off his overshirt, now, depositing it in a crumpled pile on top of his boots. "Since you're such a freak of nature."

"These are nice shoes!" (You survey the boots critically. The soles are coming off.) "And a nice shirt. It's new. I have standards, Charlotte, I don't just— I prefer 'medical marvel,' by the way, if we're assigning— oh, this tastes funny." He's dipped his finger into the viscous clear fluid inside the egg-thing. "It's sweet."

"Do you have to…" A pointless question. You reach for a better one. "Could you get a move on? We don't have all day."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
You've scraped out mud, sticks, pebbles, and stranger objects (half a needle? a thick tuft of fur?) from the sole of the left boot by the time you hear the noise: like footsteps, but they click. You look up: a bipedal beetle, as tall as you or taller, stands casually in the nearest doorway. You duck. When you work up the courage to look again, it has already entered— it stands over the nearest egg-thing to the door. As you watch, it plunges its forelimbs into the shell, grasps the grub, and pulls it, dripping, into the air. It turns it around, checking closely for… something, then drops the grub back into the egg. (You're confident with calling it an egg, you think.)

Harmless enough, you figure. You stand. "Hello?"

The beetle looks at you and chitters.

"I'm sorry, I don't speak…" You don't see this going anywhere. "Okay, sorry."

Turning back, the beetle moves on to the next egg, repeating the process: pull grub out, examine grub, replace grub. It must be a nursemaid, you decide. That's almost sweet. You wish you were farther away from it, though, it's coming down your row—

It's coming down your row. It's already onto the third grub. You have visions of the near future: beetle reaches Ellery; beetle pulls Ellery out, half-cooked; you're now forced to— what— haul him around, drooling? Leave him in a corner? Put him out of his misery? (You could let it happen. If you wanted to.) But it'd be such a bother—

Er, that's only the near future if you stand here, anyways. You do have a sword.

>[1] Stab the beetle to death before it reaches Ellery. An efficient, effective solution— also the end of your dumb luck.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: faceless.jpg (940 KB, 1400x1000)
940 KB
940 KB JPG
The deed is done. You sent it back, a sliver of your consciousness. All the strength left your body, there was not even a tiny bit of strength left.

Any moment now, the military’s reinforcement will arrive. You slump over the corpse of a soldier, you are done for. There are no strength left to resist. It is a fitting fate for a murderer.

As you come to the end of your life, you close your eyes, imagining a better world, a world worth living for.

Basically, you wanted to redo this shitty life. It is not worth living.

Among the corpses of the soldiers, there was another corpse.


You were riding your bike over the hill with your childhood friend, Kiko when a shooting star went over your your head.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>[] Remember your promise. It is not a bad thing to have a friend through this difficult time. You need to learn how to be independent, but for now, you can stay friends with her, watching over her.
>[] Remember your promise. It is not a bad thing to have a friend through this difficult time. You need to learn how to be independent, but for now, you can stay friends with her, watching over her.
Update when
>>4376036 >[] Remember your promise. It is not a bad thing to have a friend through this difficult time. You need to learn how to be independent, but for now, you can stay friends with her, watching over her >Try to get her to be more independent too

Alright, so news!

This current semester ends 10 august. So basically 2 and a half weeks left of class, assuming I'm remembering correctly. Fall semester starts up 17 august- so it's exactly a week off. My classes next semester follow more or less the same schedule I have this one, so that's mon-thurs till about 13 local. I'm not anticipating a schedule change here as a result, but we'll see what happens in regards to online work or homework.

Archive here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Strike%20Witches%202016 for anyone interested in catching up- or jump right in! if you've got questions I'll do my best to answer them at the end of the thread, though I don't tend to while the thread is running. We've also got a discord here: https://discord.gg/CWgtzm

And I think that's it! Like I said, I don't really anticipate a schedule change, but we may get a break that week as I get settled with the new classes. We'll see what happens!


Kyou almost seems like a proud parent of sorts, taking over from Merlin in showing the doctor around the fighter- allowing the other witch a much more personal look at Muninn than you're sure Merlin had in mind. For her part, your Aunt seems happy to let the two Japanese witches walk around the fighter, instead electing to stand back with you as you trail by a respectful distance- close enough to be in earshot if Kyou wants to rope you in, but far enough away to not make yourself part of the walk around otherwise.

"She's been studying." Merlin remarks, frowning as she listens to Kyou explain the energy transfer systems from her seat on into the jet engines.

You nod- Kyou will more often than not spend the evening in bed with a tech manual next to her pillow- and just as often as not read at least a little before shutting off the lights. You get the impression she's trying to memorize not only every bolt and screw on the fighter, but everything about the design process- everything the original designers and Merlin have put into it. She's been particularly interested in the revolver cannons, lately, even writing an Email and sending it to the engineers responsible for it.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I hadn't given any thought to it!

I haven't talked to some of my friends from the '89 days in years, sadly, and I doubt any of them would be interested anyway.
Hope it gets done at some point

lotta wendy fans been waiting since '89 to get some wendy loving
>Maman be askin me when she be expectin granbabies

So wendy's still able to have kids? Nice.

Most witches can have kids late into life, though Wendy's got, at most, about 10 years left, at least going by averages.
Good, plenty of time then if we get started as soon as the war's over

File: Quest Cover.png (1.93 MB, 1181x1748)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB PNG
Maria Louisa Regnia, the Kingslayer and potential Saint. In only a matter of days Maria was forced to endure the arrival of the Heroine, and the painful turns that it entails. She was humiliated, and in the moments after the Heroine’s apology Maria realized an offence more grave was committed. It was Slander committed by the Marshall’s son Ford.

With this, Maria has declared her intentions known to the man and thus his Prince’s faction, that they were enemies.

Now Maria must act, forming allies who are willing to even go to war for her.

Standard Skills
Social Skills
>Royal Demeanor [85]
>Conversation [60]
>Expression [15]
Intellectual Skills
>History [30]
>Intrigue [75]
>Medicine [30]

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>It's not about beating her in terms of favored but keeping enough influence that she can't overwhelm us.
But it is when we would bind our skills to being a saintess. If the god decides to not get involved in our spat with Chloe we can't use any supernatural powers to help us. Unless we actually invest time in acquiring them separately by looking into alchemy and sorcery.
Basically don't place all eggs into one basket.
The stars think irked me enough that I think it's just that we are on a geocentric world. Figuring out how TF the sun is supposed to work here seems like the hardest part. (mostly due to the ridiculousness of something with that much gravity orbiting a planet with much less gravity or a tiny sun putting out enough heat without also scorching misc planets in the way.)
Or there's a really bored god that's stuck carrying the sun around orbit all the time?

If it's geocentric then there's probably far more eclipses than normal too since it puts far more things in the way that can make a shadow?
Well we can figure out the nature of fire at least.
Fire exists as a magical construct, so exothermic reactions may be linked to magic. A good place to start and figure out any connections.
Next thread:

Also, I assume I don't need to count that Kilomilk won.

File: Cascadia Railroads.png (1.03 MB, 1003x576)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
People made it through the Pulse. They made it through the diseases and the riots that followed. They made it even through the three-years winter. Then they made it through the New Deluge. And the sixteen years of drought that followed. People made it through everything that kept falling on them, conspired to rob them of what little that remained.
And they get used to it. They almost gave up to the hopelessness and chaos. Some surely did gave up on their humanity and sanity. But it took more than sanity, humanity, hope and organisation. It took good spot. And it took luck. Nobody likes to think this way, but that's how the Republic of Cascadia came into existence. A blind chance. Just close enough to important ruins, just close enough to the post-Deluge Sound of Columbia, just close enough to few hamlets and just far away from anything dangerous. All allowing it to flourish.
The fragile alliance of various townships and villages quickly turned into a semblance of real government and then actual ruling body. Then aspirations and ambitions came to voice. New Salem and Eugene were apart by only some 70 miles. A distance meaningless in the past, but now it took three days to pass, six when hauling goods. Maintaning the roads of old turned out too expensive and complex without all the resources and machines, but there was something else.
The old rail corridor. Twisted, partially dismantled, partially destroyed, in disrepair, but still easier to fix and easier to run than anything else. Not bound to petroleum, could use the plentiful timber, not requiring separate engines for each vehicle, easy to control and most importantly, allowing to haul huge amounts of goods and people, getting to either end of the Republic within hours.
At least that how it sounded on paper. Turned out to be much harder to implement. But the government of the Republic pushed hard for this project. They got everyone of any importance on board. Old rails were fixed, new ones were laid down and with much pain, trial and error, working steam engines were build.
15th of April, early in the the beautiful spring of 2100, the final spike of the new railroad was put in place. Nobody knows yet if this endevour will prove to be successful, but the hopes are high.
And thus, the story of Cascadia Railroads goes on.


Previous threads
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It's the general approach to things. In most basic terms, the options are:
1) Being to the point and ignoring everything else, because there is a schelude and plans to fulfill
2) Ignoring any issues that happend so far and acting carefree about them
3) Being apologetic, both for what happend and for the misgivings that will happen
4) Using the data and materials as a distraction from everything else
So they are distinctively different.
>Explain the misgivings, but not in an apologetic way.
>Start with appologies. You didn't manage to secure all your planned meetings, the one with farmers went sour and even the fact you started with snooping in the Upper Valley and only later came consulting in Halsey might look like ill intentions
I'm assuming we're still using all of the information/data we have, perhaps even the vet's prescription. Also, I checked the Halsey Oregon website and, sure enough, its logo is a train. Kinda cool.
RIP Quest...

Recently you've been having trouble sleeping at night. A general restlessness that keeps you up at nights just like this one. Laying in bed right now would drive you mad, you need to occupy yourself. The horrid moonlight trying to seep its way through your boarded and curtained windows though does nothing to put you at ease.

>Get "properly dressed"
>Go to the kitchen downstairs
>Look for something to do upstairs
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File: Hand one.png (81 KB, 920x626)
81 KB
This is the first time that you can remember that you've had a human guest, you're going to take the chance to get some entertainment out of it. You grab the pack, some spare coins and put them on the floor. The puppet standing in place goes to shuffle making the cigarettes topple to the ground. You wonder if you could have the other puppet join in, but then consider the implications of playing with something that's linked to your own consciousness as a bit unbalanced. Maybe you can give it a mind of its own if you work further in the field? Would it still listen to you then though...

"Кapтoчнaя игpa? Дa, дa, oчeнь хopoшo!" The man laughs and takes the hand dealt to him and drags over some "chips".

You do try something that you haven't done yet as you pick up yours and just ask him if he speaks English.

Fairly certain that means no. Figures.

The game begins with them raising two chips to your starting one
Your chips to theirs: 9 - 8
Pot: 3

>Raise by...
>>Raise by...
>>Raise by...
going with >>4388996
File: Hand two.png (80 KB, 920x626)
80 KB
You raise up further by 5 and they give a grumble before laying out their hand of a one pair of sixes and pushing the chips over to you to fold.

"Блядь мycop pyкoй..."

A new hand is shuffled and you're a few chips richer. You have realized something and that it's very hard to read a person that has a balaclava and goggles on.

They begin by raising one chip
Your chips to theirs 12 -7
Pot: 1

>Raise by...
>>Raise by...

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