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File: SpaceshipQuest.png (92 KB, 1537x1314)
92 KB
>"Hggh... My ass..."
With a pounding head and an aching behind you jump out of the burning pile of junk metal that only a few seconds ago used to be your prized companion, the STR-K. You wonder why the dozens of safety mechanisms you check and re-check are fully functional every time before you go on a mission didn't activate during the one time in your life you managed to get into an actual accident... Probably the fault of that shitty AI you installed into it last week, you swear command purposefully gave you a busted one just to make your life harder...
>"Aahh... My beautiful boy... how did it come to this..."
As you sob quietly on top of your ex-beloved companion, you rewind back a couple minutes ago in your mind.
You and your... uh... partner, flew your ships, the STR-K and the CC-DA, into orbit to investigate a strange... thing that appeared and... did stuff. Okay you aren't sure EXACTLY what it was, but it was black hole-looking and pulsated weirdly, so it was probably bad. Anyways, you tried shooting it with your ship's plasma beam, as you normally would, and it suddenly started pulsating even stronger aaand... now you're here. Wherever this is.
You could run your son's- I mean your ship's IPS to find out where you are (as long as it's within humanity's intergalactic map, at least), but entering it seems way too dangerous for now. Since you're not suffocating instantly at least you know oxygen won't be a concern.
What will you do?
>Look around
>Run your plugsuit's diagnostics
>Try to call partner using your wrist communicator
>Lay down and cry a bit, maybe it'll help
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Need a foundation before we start jumping in to shooting lightning from out hands
Ironically I was so busy drawing yesterday I didn't have time to update the drawquest. Update coming later today

File: Beta Inspiration (2).jpg (169 KB, 850x1204)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
You remove your hand from the last of the vehicles.

At this range, they never had a chance. Four personnel carriers and another infantry support vehicle lie in various states of destruction. Flipped, crushed, smoldering, torn asunder, or any combination.

One soldier cries into the shadowed night, tossed from his turned out position by your flip of his vehicle. He glows white in the thermal vision, one leg twisted back.

“Do we offer surrender in this instance, pilot?”
You question.

“No prisoners.”
Pilot Thea’s response carries a hint of exasperation. Her mind brushes yours in low-sync.

“Because of our relative position?”

“Because we couldn’t carry them, Core. Only room for two in the cockpit. And we are not shuttling around some blue POW.”

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One of the strongest emotions of the cores are their pride. To betray their allies would be an incomparable insult. Beta, after his string of negative experiences relating to meat bags and their illogical ways, may come to such conclusion but the other two, still fresh to the world would still find it hard to palate such an action and would be more in favour of going at it till one of them falls, to die guns blazing in an epic final fight with their brother. At least I think so.

Only way I can see all three of them on the same side is if Beta manages to defeat them in a duel with their loyalty on the line and disables their overrides before their pilot intervenes.
Nah, I'd be alright with defecting again
No need for that fear.

An honourable duel between siblings to match supremacy against one another, All before they are disabled and brought to safety from state sec.

I see no reason to deny them a fight, it is what we were made for. We just need to short our their "loyalty leashes" with their help.
Or do you want to make Gamma sad that you wont melee with her.

Because state sec is a worse employer. And we need a refitting station.

I mean, Id take the Tamar over state sec in a heartbeat.
>An honourable duel between siblings to match supremacy against one another
The way things are going the fight isn't not going to be anything near representative of beta's capabilities, only how desperate the support staff are getting considering how quickly Neta's frame is going to be approximating the ship of theseus, considering we're going into things already having to make do with "substandard" supplies let alone the lag time for any upgrades.

>you want to make Gamma sad that you wont melee with her.
Considering Gamma may well be getting her original pilot back, we may have an edge up on them, but also considering the drones we won't be getting close any time soon.

>Id take the Tamar
Only after going off on our own to wait things out becomes untannable, since it would actually prove without a doubt that project Warden was a failure and needed to be Cleansed. The last thing we want to do is ensure that Successor AI, never get developed.
When we'll run into our sisters, I'd prefer us to talk to them. We have made good progress on the software leashes, maybe we can undo their shackles too once time comes?

File: TuffleKaiwithLogo.png (2.05 MB, 1600x2000)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB PNG


>You are Son Peppa, Son Gohan, and Izumi Mahogany, children of Earth’s heroes, Maple, Goku, Acer, and Chi-chi

>“Canon” has taken a radical shift from the series’ norm, you’re just one part of it, and things could go even further off the rails from here

>Mechanics and character details in the pastebins here:

Peppa: https://pastebin.com/mYj7hCWk

Gohan: https://pastebin.com/P0nMbAxy

Izumi: https://pastebin.com/fXjzXsyb

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 10463646i.jpg (84 KB, 424x600)
84 KB
Okay, first thing’s first, the formless mass of angry. “We should get that over to Baba’s. The Shapeless might be a bit more talkative if it’s got a buddy near it.”

“...Especially one that it could plot with.” Cheelai remarks with a raised eyebrow. “You sure that’s wise?”

“They can handle it, not like they’d let it merge and become some kind of monstrosity to put down, and besides it’s best we don’t just leave it here anyway.”

Shun Shun shrugs and walks over to the thing. It lets out a psychic shriek… and Shun Shun responds with a dismissive, “If you keep trying that you’re going to become my lunch.” The thing quiets down. “Good.” She grabs on to the thing and teleports away.

You look over to the prone form of King Darutanias. First thing’s first: materialize a sign woven into the back of his cloak that says in big, bold letters “MOCK ME”. Cheelai and the boys snicker at that, and while Basilea seems to shake her head, there’s a very slight smile on her face. Next you try to sense for if he has anything very dangerous on his person, like some kind of weapon or whatever, but looks like he’s clear, for the most part. And lastly… you use Magic Materialization to create a stick with a peculiarly designed thing you happened to see once over in Penguin Village that- okay it’s a poo stick with a face on it. Not the actual stuff. This one’s coated with tiny, tiny glitter bits. Hehehehe. You bring it close to his face, ready to poke him to wake him up. There’s a bit of a chant from Haru Haru, going “Do it, do it, do it!”

Aaaaand you decide not to, instead placing the stick in his hand. She frowns at you, but you tell her, “How about we just get him out of here so he doesn’t end up causing trouble or… hurting himself a bit more than he already has?” Haru Haru looks at you, then looks at him, and gets a bit of a smirk on her face. She winks, then moves over to the unconscious Darutanias, who has begun loudly snoring, grabbing him and teleporting away too.

File: Cheelai-coat.png (39 KB, 300x730)
39 KB
“Well we got all of that over with, anything else, boss?” Cheelai asks.

“I do still intend on some of us going down there and trying to handle the thing residing in the depths of this palace.” you answer, placing a hand on your chin. She seems… less than thrilled by the prospect, but gives a little nod. “Hmm… maybe we could use some backup, just in case…” Okay, this might be a bit of a long shot, but it’s worth a try. ‘Hey Piccolo, the lady doing okay?’

‘Yes, she’s calmed down and Melchior is talking to her in their language. I’m about to head back.’

‘We dealt with the so-called “King” Darutanias and got him to explain a bit more on what’s waiting for us down there. Problem, it seems to have some mind control abilities. Maybe not immediately dangerous ones, but… enough that we might need a little extra ‘oomph’ just in case. You think you can check in with Vegeta and see if he’s willing to pitch in if things get rough?’

There’s a telepathic sigh. ‘I’ll… see what I can do.’

You place your hands on your hips. “Okay, good news, we’re potentially gonna have some backup. For now, let’s base camp set up again, then wait for everyone to get back.”

“If you’re sure...” Cheelai responds, getting out a few Capsules.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: ijimeru yabai yatsu.jpg (220 KB, 1025x600)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
>okay it’s a poo stick with a face on it. Not the actual stuff. This one’s coated with tiny, tiny glitter bits. Hehehehe.
If you were going to neuter it,
File: doesn't mean shit.jpg (353 KB, 1018x866)
353 KB
353 KB JPG
>You bring it close to his face, ready to poke him to wake him up. There’s a bit of a chant from Haru Haru, going “Do it, do it, do it!”
>Aaaaand you decide not to, instead placing the stick in his hand. She frowns at you
You could have just let us poke him with it, or have it smell bad while waving it around his face. As it stands now, we look like a huge wuss and our prank doesn't make sense.
File: then they're sweet.jpg (349 KB, 1070x992)
349 KB
349 KB JPG
>Did y’all have fun? Thank you all for playing, and stay safe out there!
Yeah, I did look forward to pranking the passed out Dalton, and the yugioh card is interesting, I hope she has a bad personality to offset the cuteness. Looking forward to it, see you tomorrow!

File: CSQ Header final.png (237 KB, 1200x849)
237 KB
237 KB PNG
Your name is Max Montagu and you live on Level 5. Most people live in the industrial sector of Panopolis after all, it's the biggest part of the city. Currently, you are in the DeliDiner, your favorite restaurant chain of reprocessed footstuffs. The RedMeat Sandwiches here are the best and taste the most fresh, so you love to spend afternoons just relaxing.

Currently? You're obsessed with the Heroes Franchise- The multimedia collections of stories of larger then life characters. There's Alisa the Huntress- hunting down soldiers from an evil kingdom with nothing but a bow and arrow after her tribe was burned and raided. Or Baron the Shield- a sci-fi world with feral insectoid monsters who are immune to laser weapons and stronger then any man- and so Baron took up a shield and hammer to fight them back. Or the tales of Peter Vance, the Healer, who tragically contracts a magic plague even as he battles it to save other people from it...

These Heroes aren't real, but their stories and tales inspire you. You've seen films and played games featuring them, and like roleplaying games. You even make your own paper crafts and cosplay- though you're a bit limited on what you can get from the UpCycling Stations found around Level 5. You did get this nice pair of scissors though- still sharp- and have been using it to cut up some paper and make origami for your solo-roleplaying session here at the diner.

“Excuse me, Tyler is that- oh, I'm sorry.”
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>Give him a quip and then leave
>Don't say anything
>Don't say anything
>Say something heroic and then leave
Supporting this.
>Say something heroic and then leave

File: versequest2.png (3 KB, 370x405)
3 KB
In the last thread, you created the universe! This resulted in many events some good, some bad, some ugly. The downfall of tyrannical empires, crucifixions, bizarre court cases, and the infinite misery of children!
And now that you're about to wake up from your long, divine slumber, only more of these events await you...
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(Holy. I hadn't looked at the archive in a while. Thank you, anons!)
>Stop needing to breathe altogether
We can do that, right?

>Try to find the green dot
>Breathe in more
>Breath more
>Find the greem dot
>Have Malke watch over us just in case this time
Switching my vote to support >>5848712

File: MeatwarsShaperLands.png (1.63 MB, 2432x1359)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB PNG
It is 2XXX, and a war rages between the armies of flesh, and the armies of steel, and those in the middle.. and you are an agent of a once glorious empire.
As the hovership crashed down, Lee Fang let out a little cheer. "They're down!" your companion said.
"But not out" you reply, turning around the ATV. As the vehicle was parked behind a rock, you and Lee Fang could see the yardies crawling out of the crashed salvage craft, with the intent to get it into functioning order.

The salvage craft was being seen to by a half dozen yardies. Half of them are armed, and it seems one of the turrets is functional and on the lookout. A single yardie stands above his compatriots. Some kind of glass is embedded in his head, in the shape of a cone. Judging by his stature, and the silent attention of the other yardies marks him as a leader. However, a small hatch in the side of the hovercraft marks it as an accesspoint to the reactor.

"We need to make sure," You say,"They might be joining the other yardies at the point."
"So we caught the reinforcements?" Lee chimes in.
"Guess, so. Here's what we're going to do..."

>Write in.
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Attack the turret Yardie.
Rolled 6 + 3 (1d10 + 3)

Order of initiative:
Lee Fang
Salvage Craft Turret
Repair Yardies
Yardie Leader Wounds (2/3) and Shaken
Guard Yardies

Considering you all in combat control both of the agents, I'll roll for it. It is fairly far though. (-4)
Rolled 5, 1, 4 = 10 (3d6)

Rolling additional dice.
(Wait, so dice+1d10+3d6 doesn't work?)
Rolled 4 (1d10)

apprently not
Rolled 6, 6, 4 = 16 (3d6)

Guess we learned something. I'm really considering switching to d100.

As Zanasai fires, the plasma bolts eviscerate the turret's casing, and blows back the Operator. However, without missing a beat, the yardie picks up his sidearm and..

File: Wanted Dead.png (4.28 MB, 1920x1080)
4.28 MB
4.28 MB PNG
Awareness awashed you, rousing you at the very heart of an omnipresent darkness. A languid light appeared from the void, slowly dissolving the curtains of blackness coating the things it hid like a varnish, the sights and tangibles appearing from within it sketched by rich watercolours and buttery brushstrokes. Waves of softened colours crashed against a sky of finely crushed glass, expanding with each surge, reaching higher and higher. Amidst the watered crescendo of colours, a blinding warmth bathed you: the cloudless noon sun hung above your head with its judgemental reckoning, akin to a God’s eyes scrutinising the drawn world below—or maybe, only you alone.

Sundry shapes and overflowing forms came from the banished gloom, drifting closer, like a scattering wind with crushed chalks of all hues within. Wooden facades, stone houses, spires of chapels, and leafy trees solidified around cobblestone streets—each of them absorbed and reflected the burgeoning light, like oil painting coming to life. Figures of people, too, emerged from the drifting rainbow mist. Dressed in fabrics and denims imbued with otherwordly dyes, their contours and faces smudged and rubbed, they moved about, as if it wasn’t them who stepped out of the shadows, but rather, they were always there, only needing some backlight.

When the colours sealed the circle of darkness encircling you, you found yourself still, much smaller in stature. There, right before you, walked a horse, its coat such a deep obsidian black not even the sun cold highlight it. Its mane, equally as black, laid motionless across its broad shoulders. The empty pits of the stallion’s eyes promised to show you the abyss … were you to dare to look inside. Your hands appeared second to last, reaching for another’s sidearm holster with a glistening pearl-handled revolver inside of it. A broad weathered hand grabbed your wrist, painfully tightening the hold. A cowboy rider sat in the saddle with a silver-streaked beard, his eyes as vacant as the cold metal of unlit lantern.

“You want it?” He pulled the iron from its holster in one clean draw.
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>Ask the other outlaws what they know, or think they know, about the afterlife
>Stay calm, for this too shall pass.
>> Tell the men to flank the door on both sides, ensuring none stand directly in front of it, and then bide your time, awaiting the utterance or action of the one who knocked it.

One of the faceless men, donning a six-inch crown Stetson, shifted slightly, inching his head. “Are we expecting someone?” he whispered.

Another, his hand resting on the table, stood up, the floorboards groaning as he did so. Shaking his head, he replied.

“No, we’re all here,” he said.

Reckoning that this was a gang, and you yourself as the gang leader, you gestured towards the door, clearing your throat.

“Flank the door,” you whispered, rising and sliding your fingers across the bumpy tabletop.

The featureless men responded with a unified nod; the two of them moving stealthily to either side of the worn pinewood door, its bottom gap plugged with a rolled cloth. A third man positioned besides the large wooden frame, conspicuously missing an artwork, making it appear as if it was framing a random section of the wall. He drew a revolver from behind his belt, joined by one of the men near the door. Circling the table, you felt your belt for a firearm that wasn’t there.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I feel like I lost a few players after switching from Goldie's story. Not that I want to complain, or don't appreciate those that are playing, but I wonder if it was because they assumed it was a new quest and didn't need to know what was happening with August.

Sorry, I wasn't sure how to use your Write In.
>> Remain in wait, pondering whether the door is even locked or not? You didn’t even know that. Watch and see if abstaining from answering deters the persistent knocker.

You are slime. Slime life is simple. Easy. Sit in glass jar. Food comes in. Other slimes in other jars. Food goes into them. Pale bone slime giants bring food. Good servants. Good life. Easy. Dark. Light. Food. Dark. Light. Food.

Less slimes in other jars. Less food. Jars vanishing. Pale bone slimes moving faster. Loud noises. Red slime in pale bone slime? Pale bone slimes fighting? One pale bone slime very still now. Dark. Still dark. Hungry. Very hungry!

Pale bone slime back! Bring food? Picked up? Food now?

Thrown! Jar broken! Pale bone slime gone, but still pale bone slime here...and hungry. You start with furry part of pale bone slime, always wondered about fur taste. Not taste very good. Bone hard. Grey slime in pale slime good though. Very good...but now you feel...

Odd? Better eat more.

Very odd...

Should you be feeling like this? Should you even be capable of asking that question? You focus on the...corpse. The human corpse. Didn't you used to use a different word? You...really feel strange. You look around the room. Tables. Ma... machines? A corpse, it's head partially resolved, the inside cleaned of brain matter. Another jar on the table opposite of you, a dessicated slime inside. A fallen...brother?

You are a slime, and you are far smarter than you have any right to be. And you feel...

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> Of shiny metallic skin and eating all the metal you want!
What happens when a slime learns to eat metal in a world of robots and steel girders? Greatness happens.
> Of shiny metallic skin and eating all the metal you want!
Acid upgrade? Hell yeah.
Good luck restraining us when we can dissolve organic AND inorganic materials.
>> Of stabbing your spike into machines and controlling them!
>> Of stabbing your spike into machines and controlling them!
> Of launching blasts of energy!

File: large-2086401.jpg (131 KB, 600x851)
131 KB
131 KB JPG

The story takes place paralell to the story of Kengan Omega, the martial arts anime/manga.

The Kengan matches are an underground fighting promotion headed by the Kengan Association. Centuries ago, the wealthiest merchants of the Edo era sent their strongest gladiators to battle out financial disputes. Today the most powerful corporations of Japan carry out this tradition. The underworld and the world of the living are about to intersect!

Martial artists who transcend the public sphere's knowledge exist in the Kengan matches. Those who eclipse the bounds of reason.

You are Billy Yang, a young Kung Fu practitioner searching for a way into the Kengan matches. After making contact with Yamashita Kazuo, a recruiter, you've begun training with veteran fighter Mokichi Robinson.
Your best friend Sammy gave you a lead on the murder of your mother as well. While investigating you managed to find and defeat one of five assassins responsible.

Your exam to become a Kengan Fighter is currently underway. You're battling an ex-champion boxer with a berserk fighting style.
63 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>B. Call Sammy and have him dig up information on the next assassin. You've captured the Snake, but the Turtle, Tiger, Dragon and Phoenix still remain.
>C. See what random shenanigans you could get into in downtown Tokyo.

B wins, next update is on it's way
OP-san where are you ?

Thread name: Cosmos of Shadow

Your people have grasped the stars. From the cradle of your homeworlds you sprung forth, grew, fought, consumed, thrived, learned, and grew discontent. For whatever reasons, you decided you must have more. More mysteries to solve, more planets to conquer, more civilizations to meet. And thus so your kin committed to bringing your entire solar system under your thumb. Now you look ever outwards into the void, hungry for more. You are finally ready to explore the cosmos and uncover what's out there. But tread lightly, for you might find that space is not as empty as it seems ...

>Updates will be once a week, Tuesdays.
>Players will have 1 turn per update, with 2 actions.
>No Limit to diplomacy and lore posts
>Game starts with players having colonized their solar system, and only recently learning to travel to other systems
>OP's words is final.

Currently all slots have been filled, continuing from previous thread.

And from nothing came the dust, and from dust the stars, and planets, and from the planets came the people...
71 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Dark Forest Turn 3.png (49 KB, 359x184)
49 KB
The Jordryster mechs parade along the Middilgard countryside, their crews wear thick lead jackets to shield them from the worst of the radiation, plus many lead curtains dotting the rear of the compartments. Even so, radiation is just an occupational hazard if you want to pilot the latest and greatest superweapon. Indeed, they are even testing Malmeitar munitions. The Ogres worship the Jordrysters like gods, as expected of their lesser intelligence. Still, Dragerige is optimistic for the future. We are well prepared whatever the galaxy throws at us, for the Dragons guide us.

>Action 1: Develop Speider Construction Packages (lightweight and versatile construction parts, like Meccano or Lego but functional, can be used for a wide variety of constructs, be it vehicles or structures).
As the Orms explore, they have found worlds much more hostile than in Lindheim. With no easily accessible resources like on Middilgard all supplies will need to be shipped in. Furthermore, conditions on those worlds may prove outright hostile like with Eldingheim's meteor showers. For this reason the Orms need an easily repairable material, not just that, but one that can be repurposed as situations demand. Thus the idea of a universal parts system comes up. Named the Speider Construction Packages, they are made to replace almost all the parts used on planets. Shipments of Speider Packages can be used for cars, houses, towers, etc. There's even military applications, able to be incorporated into fortified trenches. Of course not all parts are Speider parts, but most are, streamlining logistics greatly. A wide variety of designs are also made, though they are expected to be temporary, especially for structures, as concrete should be sourced locally.

>Action 2: Launch second Arn Egilson Expedition (explore toward northwest).
With great fame from their discovery in Eldingheim, and as other explorers are still figuring out their own exploration vessels, Arn Egilson bolsters his fleet and embarks on his second journey. Now accompanied by a couple warships. He heads in the almost opposite direction this time, heading toward a lone star system. With data from Eldingheim the Orms have gotten better at observing other systems. A total of 5 celestial bodies have been detected, two of which may be gas giants, one red, other purple. Of the 3 potential terrestrial planets, the closest seems devoid of atmosphere, Mercury-equivalent. The second terrestrial seems to be in the goldilocks zone, though a bit close. Water has been detected, but we are getting interference from what seems to be a ring system around the planet (like rings of Saturn, but way denser). Could the water just be from that? Finally there is the third terrestrial, which is the farthest out, devoid of atmosphere and possibly just a dwarf planet akin to Pluto.
The Union was shook by the news. The new habitable planet so inviting at surface viewing hid in it'd depths monsters so grand dragons stood no chance before them and the earth shook at their whim. Space was filled with many a terrifying thing, but a monster hunt was nothing new. The ground shaking? That's an opportunity if anything!

>Action 1: Tech - Rapid Kinetic Energy distribution - Calm and Earthquake (Vibration insight)
Rapid Kinetic Energy Distribution aka RKED, was innitially developped with the intent of creating highly durable armor able to withstand any kinetic impact and easily distribute energy attacks such as heat or lasers.

Who would have thought it'd also find use in civilian applications so quickly? Great RKED installations are placed on safer parts of the planet. The kintic energy of the earthquakes will be fully absorbed and changed into heat which in turn can be used to evaporate water to spin turbins and create electricity.

>Action 2: The great Hunt
However curious we find the monsters of New Oceana, the people are outraged as such an example needs to be made and the beasts need to be hunted, though hopefully not to extinction. As such the goal is not an extermination, but a culling, a prophaganda victory, testing of new technologies and obtaining of valuable armies.

An Elite force within the People's Army is created. Equally Dragon and dwarf. Equipped with the best traditional weaponry and and new inventions. Large U-boats are constructed known as 'carriers'. Behemoths made out of people's metal, armed with harpoons, shielded with People's Metal (very good alloy from my starting actions) and further safeguarded with RKED tech. Citadels for under the sea. For armaments the U-Carrier can dispense mines around itself for further protection,
shoot out harpoons, missiles and earthshaker artillery sells. As well as posesses 2 sets of mechanical ars on the back with vibroblades.

The U-Carriers are modular being able to shut off and throw off parts of themselves if damaged with multiple replacement parts. The main feature is a lobby able to deploy dragon underwater fighters.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Within the newly christened system of August Nova, past the ornamental worlds full of geological wonder that hint at cosmic forerunners, the polity has discovered a jewel of a world.
To some, it is the very mythological Garden of Eden from old faiths, the nigh obvious influence of a precursor race or deity sparks a new age of religious fervour among the populace.

To others, this is the greatest scientific discovery in history. An entirely alien biosphere, apparently fully habitable for human life and ready for colonisation. A resource rich in value and ready to be exploited.
Some call it Eden, though as to not stoke direct modern religious connotations, the Polity does not officially sanction this term, however popular it grows to be.

Action 1: Settle Nova Rheia, in the August Nova system.

Earth and its associated orbital territories are abuzz with the news at the discovery of a habitable planet. Colonisation of the August Nova system is announced and begun almost in the very same breath (nine months of delay).
The long and arduous process of setting up the solar rail network to connect Sol up to its neighbouring star is begun, joining the five planets of this system with futureproofed binary terminals built to handle massive amounts of anticipated traffic, double layering graviton lenses for vessel capture, both in and out.

Nova Rheia itself is considered to ideal for human habitation that little effort is needed to actually settle it, the planet broken down into administrative zones and a colonial administration complex planned to be completed within the decade to administrate the countless anticipated homesteads soon to dot the new world.
A fertile and ideal chunk of land is planned out to one day grow to be a mighty planetary capital, the city that will one day become Arcadia.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: The Joy of exploration.jpg (174 KB, 1024x1024)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
The scoured and toxic second world orbiting Sawu, the most distant star of the Timor trinary cluster, may itself be uninhabitable; but there is jubilation amongst the highest chambers of the P.E.R. when the moon that orbits it is found to be abundant in forms of Xenofloral and Xenofaunal life. The moon is assigned the name 'Raijua' by the initial exploration teams; the Learned Professors of the Chambers are soon inundated with requests from their graduates for approval of a whole range of further investigative study and sampling missions of the life-bearing moon.

>Action 1: Industrial Microassemblers (Using Microassemblers Insight)
First developed and tested within the barren confines of the Andaman System, the process after much trial and experimentation is deemed to have proven itself successful. Now many of the the polluting and laborious industries of yesteryear can be confined to the history files; the industries of our future will leave barely a whisper upon the ecological records taken under our charge as discarded materials can now be broken down and infinitely re-used by the Microassemblers. As for larger constructs, the Learned Professors are starting to debate the use of the exposed core and shattered fragments of Makamdasse III to power and supply a yard for the production of our future star craft.

>Action 2: The moon Raijua
Raijua is a life-bearing moon, and as such this habitable sphere and all the Timor Trinary system will be taken under our protection. Bilogical survey teams are assembled and dispatched to Raijua so that we can build a comprehensive image of the variety of life existent within this world, and investigate if the ecology is sufficiently robust that we Pongomen might be able to establish our own colonies and settlements in areas without causing harm or hindering the opportunities of the local forms of life we wish to preserve.
1. With the next star system towards the galactic core predicted to be close enough to the other stars to provide new path ways explorers are sent out to find what is there. (Explore the system 1 jump north of my new system, aka the HH's new system)
2. Our new system is rapidly industrialized; the ample resources and new material providing he basis for greater starship and drone production.

File: 1598492192523.jpg (882 KB, 3464x3464)
882 KB
882 KB JPG
>Time is some point after heresy broke out but before the siege started.
>Some powerful whatever entity possesses Dorn and takes control of his body
>Makes him hug perty and give heartfelt apology for how he was treated regardless of blame in a "be the better person" kind of way.
>Dorn is fully conscious during all of this, screeching mentally and trying to fight off the possession.
>Perturabo breaks down.
>Dorn is dumbfounded
>Perty crying hysterically in "Dorn"s arms about how overlooked he is while his rival rubs circles into his back and reassures him of his worth.
>Real Dorn still wtf-ing from the inside while all this is happening
>Pert tearfully swears off the traitors and rejoins the imperium
>Entity leads Dorn home and ends the possession, fucking off without a trace and leaving Dorn to deal with the situation at hand
>Countless vox calls from uber loyal reformed Perturabo wanting to help defend the palace while happy crying about Dorns (forced) apology

What does Dorn do next?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
This implies Dorn has the social intelligence to delicately find out what to avoid with perty beyond the information forced upon him.

Remember, it is what Dorn would do, not necessarily what the best choice would be.
Are you really shutting down the first vote of the entire quest? When you asked for write-ins?

Remember, qm’s aren’t supposed to talk strategy. If people still choose to go this route, have them do a hard roll for success, and if they fail then you can write it how you think that would go.
My bad. I did not mean to be dismissive of that anon at all. I'm completely new to this board, I just got tired of tg responding to any non model/ "and then everyone died" post with with "kill yourself faggot" and sought a place where people could actually play around with scenarios and not take it too seriously.
Welcome then to this place... what do yang actually do when they cant actually play out a scenario as its technically a quest
I really think you should look at some other quests and their formats. I don't think a discussion of this scenario is going to work that well on this board

File: 1.png (20 KB, 900x900)
20 KB
OH SHIT NIGGA, you are Quattro Del Petto. Cool chill skeleton. Once you were in the running to rule over your siblings but got beaten down by your sister.

After many shenanigans last thread, you've managed to obtain great power to take your revenge!

But at the moment, you're on the edge of your seat as one of your siblings is fighting in the tournament you're hosting!
1059 replies and 356 images omitted. Click here to view.
Rolled 94, 20 = 114 (2d100)

wait, what if it ends in a draw?
I guess not.
Rip Bushido1
Rolled 20, 94 = 114 (2d100)

See you... next time!
oh shit, bushido1 may have left some fight in it!
reverse dice throw!
Spooky dice rolls

File: VBR_Kate_Marsh.jpg (290 KB, 1701x2151)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
THIS THREAD IS A DIRECT CONTINUATION OF THE FIRST ARC 2 THREAD, READ HERE: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2023/5732591/

Special thanks @doom_captain for illustrating this thread's cover!


The following quest is a work of fiction. Any and all similarities to characters, groups or entities in real life are purely coincidental.


The world is engulfed by a series of interconnected conflicts spanning across the entire globe, motivated over petty and trivial reasons. Tensions between the Western and Eastern superpowers reach new heights previously unseen after the end of the Cold War, as they shift their focus of foreign policy from military interventionism to isolationism for self-preservation, resulting in numerous states to undergo numerous disorders like civil unrests, political infighting and corporate interventionism that constantly threaten the stability of the globe. And yet, amid the chaos, fear, and death, an individual has found it fit to use these conflicts to further her own agendas. That individual, is Mathilde Hansa.

You are Kate Marsh, a former Green Berets operator turned CIA analyst obsessed with chasing down Mathilde Hansa, an arms dealer that you have linked multiple transactions to individuals considered highly dangerous by your government. After participating in an operation in Ukraine that went horribly wrong, resulting in the death of your teammates and the loss of your right eye, you were visited in your hospital room by a man named 'Caseman', who planned your mission, for an invitation to a highly-secretive black operations unit whose purpose is to hunt down Mathilde Hansa and put an end to her network's operations for good.
76 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
You and Winslow followed Joseph’s lead, trailing behind him carefully. With the place bustling with so much activity, it was difficult for you both to maneuver around the hall without bumping into a customer or the restaurant staff, and so the two of you proceeded to follow Joseph in a single line. He walks you to a pair of wooden doors with intricately designed door knobs, and he twists them in opposite directions before pushing the doors open.

Behind these doors was a dimly-lit lounge with black walls and furniture in white and gold, with each table already having been set with plates and utensils that were orderly arranged. The lounge was sparsely populated as opposed to the hall from before, with the only people presently in it being you, Winslow, Joseph, and a handful of servers and other clients. You could already tell this place was only reserved for the most privileged.

“Right this way.” Joseph guides you and Winslow to “Butch” sitting at the table located at the far side corner of the lounge, who was accompanied by a female server pouring wine into three separate glasses. The man was attired in a stark black two-piece suit and white dress shirt underneath, similar to Winslow’s. To break up the monochromatic nature of his outfit, Butch wore a crimson tie with a motif formed of tiny dots.

After she was done pouring the wine, the server walked back to the bar counter of the lounge with the bottle in her hands, leaving Butch in solitude. As he was about to lift his glass, he spotted you, Winslow and Joseph approaching his table and proceeded to rise up from his chair in excitement.

“Captain!” Butch hollered to Winslow and embraced him in a brotherly fashion. “Man, it’s been a long fucking time, nice to see you again. Welcome to the states.” After he lets go, he pans over to you. “And you.. you must be Lieutenant Kate Marsh. 1st SFG, right?” Butch extends his hand gracefully, offering you a handshake. “Nice ‘eyepatch’ by the way.”

You took his hand and shook it firmly. Now that you’ve got to meet the man in person, you feel reminded of someone you’ve met back in your SF days, but couldn’t quite put your finger on who or where. "I'm sorry, but have we met before?”

“Oh yeah, sorry about that. I’ve just heard a lot about you. You know, there was word around Aleppo back then; a female operator in ODA 135 apparently was busting down doors shoulder-to-shoulder with Kurd SOF, looking for IS fighters. It's kind of hard to miss. My name is James Russo, 5th Group. Your guys did one hell of a job back in Aleppo and Raqqa; ops that my guys also took part in. Hell, we may have even crossed into each other without knowing, so maybe."

“It’s a small world out there.” Winslow remarked casually, placing his hands on your and Butch's shoulders. Butch retreated back to his seat and beckoned you and Winslow to sit down, which you both obliged to.
Joseph then walks over to the table and states, “As much as I would love to personally serve you three, I’m afraid I have other customers to attend to. If you have anything else you need from me, please let my staff know. Have a great night.”

“Thanks a lot, Joe. I owe you a lot.” Butch says. The elderly man bids his farewell to you and the others with a slight bow and takes his leave for the hall shortly thereafter. Once Joseph was gone, Butch lifted his glass to take a sip of and taste his wine, smacking his lips in the process. “You guys want to pick anything to eat yet?”

"Nah, we'll have some when the hard part of the day is done." Winslow refused, to which you nodded in agreement. It’s not dinner time yet.

Butch set down his glass back on the table and placed the palms of his hands together; his fingers intertwined. "I must say, you guys really picked one heck of a time to talk about business. Truth be told, we're gonna get bought out by this Swiss conglomerate for like five billion dollars. It's Mahler International, you’ve probably heard of them."

“Five billion? Looks like you’re moving up in the world now, kid.” Winslow lifted his glass as a gesture of salutations. “I've been hearing a lot about them buying out these Kraber Defense Electronics and Digital Perspicacity companies. What kind of business do they want with a grunt like you?” He asks.

“That hurts, old man. I'm no longer a grunt, you know. I’m a self-made entrepreneur now." Butch chuckled before letting off a sigh. "God knows what they want with someone like me or a fledgling PMC like Preying Mantis in particular, as the acquisition is yet to be finalized, but they did promise us a new facility in southeast New Mexico that is much bigger than the ones we have in Philadelphia, and we’ll also have access to Kraber’s prototype tech way earlier before anyone else, which is what sealed the deal for us. We’re going big, baby, woo!” He cheered, and eagerly began rubbing his palms against each other. Now is the time for you and Winslow to get down to brass tacks. “So, what brings you two to Preying Mantis?"

“We're looking to shop around for some third-party personnel and equipment, gonna put together a strike team here. What kind of capabilities does your company have?” Winslow replied. For now, you've decided to let him handle the negotiations and remain quiet in your chair, watching the two old friends converse with one another.
“Last time I checked, I have 150 contractors abroad protecting petro-corporate interests in MENA and about 220 domestic and standing-by. I got two C-130's for logistics, a fleet of special operations variants of Black Hawks and Little Birds, and three active Reaper drones for ISR and close air. How’s that for capability?” Butch boasted proudly.

“That’s overkill. Where we’re going, we won’t need that much.”

“Well, what do you need me for? Knowing the line of work you two are in, I thought you guys would pay me to make a country go through a regime-change or something. Where is this shit going anyway? I need to know before I give my signature on this.”

“We’re going to Colombia.”

“Shit, Colombia?” The tone in Butch’s voice shifts from excitement to disapproval. “Don’t tell me you’re looking for advisors to train some Venezuelan deserters. Believe me pal, some have tried to overthrow the Venezuelan government that way five years ago, and it didn’t turn out so well. If this is what this is about, I’m out.”

>["It's not a coup, it's an extraction mission."]
>["We can always ask the locals for assistance."]
File: IMG_20231129_015430_760.jpg (489 KB, 1278x1280)
489 KB
489 KB JPG
//VBR is resuming activity!

File: Axiotrah burning.png (672 KB, 764x527)
672 KB
672 KB PNG
Threat analysis complete. Trajectory planning complete. Initiating.

Your engines once more fire off with breakneck speed, having gotten rid of your human crew you are once again capable of numerous deadly manoeuvres. Moving with speed on your side, you cripple another larger vessel as you move close by, punching holes in the beast that sees it writhe and eventually die as the fight all around you intensifies as the numerous aliens start to satisfy their ravenous hunger with the flesh of their kin.

But that is not your concern, it is in fact quite fortunate for you. Yet the same had not occurred over Secundus, which means that there are still command and control elements within system that are more than capable of rallying the currently crippled, but still numerous foe. Xandrirah has been savaged, your own forces whittled to but a fraction of what you started with, if the enemy rallies, they could still very well overwhelm you. How much of a victory it would be for them, you do not know, but no matter what, you refuse to give them victory, even if it is a pyrrhic one.

Contact with Prime established, confirmed limited W.M.D. stockpile. Low-grade, low-yield nuclear weapons of Imperium’s make. Seemingly left behind after the colony’s founding as means of last resort against overwhelming odds. Governess is willing to use the weapons.
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>>Perhaps the idea is not bad. You should go and investigate the world and its defences.
Fucking finally.

If we get the chance to build instant communications, take it so we don't have to always babysit anyplace we take or save.
>>Perhaps the idea is not bad. You should go and investigate the world and its defences.
Might as well. Hell, we could probably jump back and forth several times in the time it takes one imperium ship to go one way.
>Perhaps the idea is not bad. You should go and investigate the world and its defences.

Just a little looking around and then we go back to Xandria again.
I do wonder, has Oddy thought of putting the Governess and Justicator into a mud pit to fight? It could make good blackmail material...
>Perhaps the idea is not bad. You should go and investigate the world and its defences.
They are both middle age women. Not nearly as good as you think it is.

File: title.jpg (85 KB, 1015x788)
85 KB
The sun's rays continue to warm your body and help wash away the darkness as you make your way up higher. Eventually you reach the top most portion of the tree where the thin branches threaten to snap under your weight. You're unsure if it's the warmth of the day or if perhaps you're tapping into the last few vestiges energy in your reserves but you somehow manage to use your training to stand atop them. Focusing on the warmth, you wish your could some how emulate this power or maybe just carry it around like you would a flame.

A strange thought bubbles to the surface in your mind.

Why not?

You suddenly remember of the small bottles of light that Ming handed out to you. She had said it was captured moonlight or something to that effect with a ritual. If the moon's rays could be captured...then why not the sun's? Closing your eyes once more, you concentrate within yourself. You try and feel for that feeling the forest gave you. The fear it forced on you and how it was being washed away by the sun's light. You reach out with your hand as you try to maintain that focus while feeling out in the material plane for the sun's warmth. It was two sides of the same coin. Much like how small breezes were simply sprites playing around, the warmth and purifying effect were one in the same. You try and pull more of it into you, suffuse it within you and try to hold it in.

At first nothing happens and you only feel the heat of the sun. But then, a pulse. Just once there is a strange feeling within your being that rippled through your body. Relaxing and letting go of the urge to try and focus harder you continue to maintain your course and you feel it again. Just a single beat from the inside that was not truly your own but seemed to come from within. The pulses slowly become more frequent and soon match the beating of your heart before seemingly centering right over it. You open your arms and bear yourself fully to the sun's rays, it's energy continues to spread from your heart but is no longer just ripples filling your body. It instead fills your chest, your heart, it mixes and churns as if melding with your very blood before being pumped throughout your body via the very meridians and veins that distribute your chi.

This new energy fills your being and burns away all the exhaustion you feel spiritually. It feels like your very soul now burns with a new flame, fueled by something more than just mere willpower and life. Without a second thought, you leap down from the tree and you cut through the darkness below. You can feel the evil infusing the forest attempting to smother you but it is not merely kept at bay as if by a normal flame. Instead it comes in contact with you and burns at your touch like flames to a web. You slowly open your eyes and are almost surprised that you were not glowing white hot even if it certainly felt like it.
50 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: talisman.png (747 KB, 593x818)
747 KB
747 KB PNG
Eventually you see it, the mass of writhing souls making it's way directly towards Ming. The wails grow clearer and louder as it steps past the threshold of the sanctified grounds. It was almost as a veil was being ripped off from the spirits as their shifting and vanishing limbs become real. Dozens if not hundreds of broken and mangled arms and legs drag themselves towards Ming. Now unshrouded, you can see the flesh rotting and peeled. The myriad of faces both contorted in pain and fear but only barely visible and torn asunder. It's once soundless steps now ring out as bones crack and snap under the unnatural weight of it's malformed body. As it approaches, you can feel Xin Lan's hands tighten their grip on you.

Ming, however, stands completely still and unmoved by the sight. Instead she simply raises her hand in the air and shouts a clear, "NOW!" You feel Xin Lan move atop your shoulders and the sounds of dozens things cutting through the air ring out before each one ends with a dull thud as they hit the trees surrounding Ming. Dozens upon dozens of seals pin themselves on the trees and glow momentarily before the light seeps down the tree trunk and into the ground through the roots. Hundreds of symbols flash for a moment in the grass as if set on fire forming a circle and enveloping the spirit before constricting like chains, pinning it down. The monster struggles against these magical bonds and howls in what can only be described as unnatural pain. To your surprise, the monster still manages to move. It attempts to flee but as it reaches one of the trees with a seal it crashes against an invisible barrier.

It rolls around and continues to repeat the attempt before Ming draws the sword she borrowed along with a fan and the symbols glow once more and drag the beast back to it's center. You hear the chime of bells and as Ming raises her arm higher and one of her sleeves falls, you see them tied around her wrist. She takes a step to the side and you catch a glimpse of more tied to her ankles. She skips to the side and pivots. At first you think she had tripped or perhaps she was getting into striking range of the blade but you are surprised to see that she continues, sweeping the blade and fan around as if in some kind of dance. You look up to Xin Lan in hopes of some kind of explanation but they too are intensely focused on Ming's movements.
File: 0MlNuL.gif (7.04 MB, 320x180)
7.04 MB
7.04 MB GIF
Ming's movements are fluid, graceful. Every step is precise, every bend of the knee, every slash of the blade, every flap of the fan was delicate but made with purpose. Had this been a student practicing their form, someone under your tutelage, you would have no words that could measure up to the praise you would feel. This was not simply a ritual being preformed. This was an art on display. But it was not the fluidity of movement or it's precision that made your heart swell. No, these were all simply accents to the true source of your feelings. What you saw, what truly moved you, was what this all represented. Here was a girl, so very far from home, with no training beyond the vaguest notion of what to do putting her life on the line for an entire city.

She could have run away. She could had simply left after all that had happened in the Library. With nothing but goodwill and the urge to do good she stuck around. Perhaps her methods were questionable at the start but now you can see what everyone spoke about. The grace in her steps as if the very winds flowed through her. The determination on her face that betrayed no fear and inspired courage. The tears in her eyes that showed mercy. Here was not the girl who cried at her own helplessness. Before you stood the Exarch of the Sacred Library...and she was going to deliver her people from evil.

>What do you do?
>Focus your Chi on Ming. Try and feel what she feels. Understand what she is going through. You cannot bring yourself to interfere in Ming's ritual. Not because you fear the results but because you respect her too much to take this away from her.
>Take your eyes off of Ming and keep an eye on the seals. You might not be able to help with the ritual but you can make sure the security is tight. You have no doubt that Xin and Tigress have more seals ready incase things go wrong or one is damaged.
>Try and sense something out of the void of the soul mass. Perhaps it might give you more information on the attack on the Library. You're not sure what you'll see though. You've never tried to peer into someone who was actively resisting and hostile towards you.
>Write in.
>Take your eyes off of Ming and keep an eye on the seals. You might not be able to help with the ritual but you can make sure the security is tight. You have no doubt that Xin and Tigress have more seals ready incase things go wrong or one is damaged.

I want to watch ming, but putting our Chi into the area will fuck with its preperations.
>Take your eyes off of Ming and keep an eye on the seals. You might not be able to help with the ritual but you can make sure the security is tight. You have no doubt that Xin and Tigress have more seals ready incase things go wrong or one is damaged.

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