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File: BWQ Title.jpg (382 KB, 1366x768)
382 KB
382 KB JPG
The year is 1866. You are Daniel Stockton, a veteran of the American Civil War and general in the Aizu Domain's military. You've come to Japan looking for work, and with the nation on the brink of war, there is an ever-increasing demand for men such as yourself. Last time, you Finalized an order of arms, equipment, machinery, and a set of new Krupp C64 cannons.



Info Paste:
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>”Your office is quite impressive, sir. You have clearly accomplished a lot.”
>”Our delegation is very interested in the possibility of sending Japanese students to study here. Do you know if such a program could be established?”
>”Our delegation is very interested in the possibility of sending Japanese students to study here. Do you know if such a program could be established?”
>”I was told that this is the preeminent center of knowledge in the German states, and was curious what sort of institution would hold such a title. Could you give me an overview?”
Changing to
>”Our delegation is very interested in the possibility of sending Japanese students to study here. Do you know if such a program could be established?”

File: VM2.png (355 KB, 1885x1594)
355 KB
355 KB PNG
Welcome back to the Violent Masquerade!

A Drawquest where we take a role of a super powered thief, in his quest to become greatest super rogue of all time!


We stole the BIGGEST STOCK, but got betrayed by a cybernetic seagull, and ended up in prison, from which we are currently escaping.


A thrilling continuation (and a possible conclusion) of the...

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>What is next for Dick Man the Twink Destroyer ?
A room without gravity!
Puzzle room!
Double tag dominion. I don't believe he's dead until I see his brain matter ooze out.
>Take a piece of rock guy with us
Let's leave but also make sure to take rock guys hat in his honour.
Grab some ceiling and smash your ankle brace with it.
Then go out with Jessica.

File: 8iQDQaw.png (2.83 MB, 975x1345)
2.83 MB
2.83 MB PNG
In this world, is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or law? Is it like the hand of God hovering above? At least, it is true that man has no control, even over his own will.

Alas, they are certainly welcome to try and struggle to deviate from the laws of causality. Such is the case for a human mortal by the name of Vlad Santana. A young male who would find himself at the crux of a story that would eclipse his mere mortal soul.

Character Profile and abilities

Previous Thread:

Thread Archives:

Rolls will usually be a best of 3 1d100 from each player, DCs are context sensitive but transparent when prompted to roll.

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File: DT366859.jpg (1.93 MB, 3901x3123)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB JPG
"My friend in the caravan is missing a hand, do you have any prosthetics?" You ask Rickert about giving Zhafira something akin to Guts' metallic hand - Hopefully without the arm cannon. -

"I think we have a spare, but we would have to see him personally to adjust the measurements."

"Her. Poor Zhafira got her hand chopped off as punishment for her father not being able to meet a deadline. No need to do anything fancy, she's just a girl who likes puppets and carpentering."

"Understood... Weird to ask a man specialised in war assets to do a regular prosthetic." Rickert rolls his eyes to the gadget he has.

"Consider it a break from what you're currently working with. I'll even give you a good tip once we discuss the pricing." You point to the gadget he has under his arms. "What is this, anyway? It's too thin to be a cannon."

"But that's exactly what it is." Rickert shows what appears to be a hand cannon with a few ornate triggers. "There were a few unfinished projects in Godot's armory, and I thought it would be interesting to continue his work and experiment with his ideas. I would never sell them, though. It would just feel disrespectful to take the credit of finishing someone else's work and merchandise it as your own."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

>Pay Ricket in advance.
>Stroll around the hill of swords.
>Help The Pegasus up the hill.
>Give Water to Erica.
>Help Zhafira with her measurements.
>Pay Ricket in advance.
>Stroll around the hill of swords.
>Help The Pegasus up the hill.
>Give Water to Erica.
>Help Zhafira with her measurements.
>Pay Ricket in advance.
>Help Zhafira with her measurements.

Maybe if we have some time afterwards, >Stroll around the hill of swords.
>Pay Ricket in advance.
>Stroll around the hill of swords.
We never did get closure for our friends in the falcons. Here, at least, we can pray for them. Their souls are trapped within Femto, but...prayer is worth it still.

File: hyena.png (2.33 MB, 1564x716)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB PNG
You are the Head of State.
The Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.
The President of the United Unions.
The Den Mother of the esoteric order of debased fiends known only to mere dozens as... the Hyena Cabal.

...Al Gore?

HAH! He's just the puppet. You've got your hand so far up his ass you could twiddle your thumbs in his empty noggin socket.
It's true you've never seen a finer pawn, though. You've got to admit, he fools the world well, even those W.A.T.O. "vampires" you call allies.
His vice president Bill Clinton leaves a lot to be desired, unfortunately.

You came to rise by exploiting and campaigning on the death of Rodney King, who police officers beat to death brutally on film.
The Curb Stomp Heard Round The World, you call it, only to other Hyenas in the Cabal.

Use enhanced psychotropics to brainwash a minority into paranoia and tell him you've killed his family, and give him his car keys, and watch him go...

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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This may just be a failed quest if there's not more interest in another day or so. Zorry not zorry
Sorry, bud. Might have started a little hard on the esoterica.
>You go to issue your first command but the nukes have already been launched, and everyone dies.

The end.

Pfft, and people say QM's never finish quests.

Yeah, this one was a little half-baked (and I was fully baked when I made it). Just gonna call it off now, I'd delete it if I could. I'm going to take a break and focus on better preparing the other quests I plan on running.

Anyone else who comes across this thread, sorry, it's over. Special apologies to >>5252722, sincere thanks for showing interest with your unique write-ins.

Everyone, keep your eyes out for my upcoming quests, which will not stop prematurely, as this thread did:
Mutant Moshers: Disco Division (Skirmish), Craigslist Killer Quest 4, Civ Quest TURBO 2 and Paper Mario TURBO 2.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
RIP, Den Mother. You were the best NPC of the year 2022, and will be remembered for many years.
A sentiment shared by creatures of all shapes and sizes, I'm sure.

File: knight.png (2.22 MB, 1024x1583)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB PNG
Sands Of Time Quest

Your ancestors led the brave people who settled this land, and from thence on your lineage has stood as the rulers of men. There have been great kings, bad kings, and all else that can fall inbetween.
Ever since the time of your grandfather, Uriel VI, the continent has been in turmoil. More and more settlements lost contact with the capital and the kingdom fractured. Without the support of the heavy knights and well trained archers from the capital, most small villages had no way to resist the rampant advances of monsters.
You know not why they came here, but a suspect your father had and told you is that the monster invasion came about by means of dragons and demons, which plague the continent. They instructed the monsters and deliberately destroyed the defense capabilities of our land.

You may have your heavy knights and longbowmen, but an army spreaded too thin is vulnerable; you can't be everywhere at once. So difficult choices will have to be made.

>Name King and Kingdom
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The war against the Archduke couldn't have fared worse for you up until this point. The average soldier's morale is in the dump, and a majority of peasants has turned to the rebel side. They would never had been able to conduct this revolt if they had not the support of the common man - and that including the common soldiery. No single soldier is even a decent foe to one of your knights, but in large numbers they are dangerous.

Therefore you decide to send your full might into the battlefield - or at least as many warriors as will still hear your plea. Your knights are largely loyal, maybe because they would rather not risk their privileges in a war whose result is indifferent to them, maybe because their loyalty to the royal house runs deeper than whatever momentary benefit they could amass.

In terms of common soldiers, you are outnumbered badly. In terms of knights, you would have to summon your army from all over the kingdom to really overwhelm the dissidents. Of course, there is the problem of who would lead the local armies if you pull all your knights to gather at the capital and reach the front.

A fast mobilization can be achieved by giving the "royal in danger" sign to the watchtowers. They will light bonfires and within a day all the knights in the kingdom will be flocking towards the capital. It has been decades since this signal was made, and you're not even sure if the bonfires all over the kingdom are even being manned. Still, you would get a large amount of knights in time for whatever sortie you desire to send, so you can crush this rebellion at once.

By defaut mobilization would be made through couriers sent to the various villages. It is the same scheme you use to pay your knights, but instead of receiving their money they will be summoned to war. The roads taken are largely well guarded, at least the ones closer to the capital. Farther away it is more dangerous for the couriers, for there are always monsters and brigands. Your couriers rely largely on speed to get past any trouble on the road, but accidents and traps happen.

You could also just send for the second son knights. There is little difference in terms of skill, but considering how expensive knight armor is the other sons of the lower nobility after the first may not be as well equipped. They are also often not in the royal payroll, living all expenses paid by their noble parents. By summoning the second sons, you won't leave your outer villages unprotected, but the ones that survive will likely feel dissatisfied if you don't give them some extra pay for their troubles.

Lastly you could just send what knights are in the region imediatelly near the capital.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

1 - The peasants in all honesty were expecting you would leave them to languish and die. Your aid at the critical moment has sedimented their loyalty towards your house. But it is as they say, a week of hunger is all it takes for any man to change allegiance. The peasants could use further aid.

2 - Many women tried to convince their husbands and sons not to join the revolt, with varying degrees of success. They see the whole thing as pointless, specially considering how we have enough problems with monsters and hunger already. They would be pleased by a diplomatic solution, or at least a quick one.

3 - The army is optimistic they can win this war very quickly. How quickly will depend on your strategy. They also expect promotions and honors for the victors and fallen alike.

4 - The merchants believe the conflict will be protracted over many years, specially if you don't take decisive action right now. Either you crush the rebels entirely, or doubt about your ability to do so will linger, and may even spark further rebellion.

5 - The lower nobles are eager for war. Many of the youngest have not yet tested their mettle against a worthy opponent. This war is just what they needed to become heroes, whether or not they survive.

6 - The remaining loyal nobles are likely weighing their options. Their message to you is "tread carefully" and "don't take our allegiance for granted". Of course, none of them would say that to your face.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
my aim is one update per day but if I skip a day or two dont worry too much I'll be back later
> Keep Kaleb, tell him to not tell you about pointlessly expensive proposals
> Send couriers to summon as many knights as possible

Offer tax exemptions to the poorest of peasants and to those that enlist in the war.
Offer the High Priest (or a priest of lesser rank) a position in our court so that they may advise us in spiritual matters.

Let's try to get the two most displeased factions up.
>Caleb, costly
>Second son knights
Action 1:
>Let loose the hounds of war. Death to the rebels, and to the victors go the spoils. Make it swift, and without sounding the emergency alarms, so this isn't viewed as more unjust, incompetent or tyrannical than it already is.
Action 2:
>Placate the peasants and the priests with yet another holy day/holiday, rather than a consumerist festival, this time the holiday is a somber day to remember the fallen, worship the gods, and come together as a community against external forces. Make an allegory where a great angel (us) slays a terrible beast (Trygmont), so that peace may reign over the world (our country) again.

File: Logo.png (224 KB, 672x303)
224 KB
224 KB PNG
The drive is…oddly quiet, despite being ran with several jeeps. Jessica is sleeping, still, after being briefly woken and fed a few apples. They’d opted to put her in a vehicle with Izumi, unsurprisingly. “We’re not going to mince words here. We need the greenhouse as intact as possible,” Lia says. “If that girl can do what she did again, that’ll be lovely, but regardless we need the place cleaned out. As I said before, we’re not expecting you to handle it all yourselves. If you can get us in, we’ll focus on things from there.”

“It would more expedient to help you afterwards anyway,” you respond. Starting to get tired of all the zombies and tentacles and whatnot. Even the costume is starting to chafe a bit, you think. You don’t want to overburden Jessica, but hopefully this wouldn’t be TOO difficult either way, and rather quick.

That hope dies just a little when she points out exactly what you’re up against, coming out of a bridge tunnel near the outskirts of the city and looking ahead, down a small hill to where the street terminates into a T-section and the city proper nearly ends into more suburbs and grassland. She’d stopped the convoy to show you. Straight ahead and a bit to the right is where she’s pointing, and, well…

While in terms of size, it’s not larger than the tortoise thing (barely), it is…far less of a singular entity, clearly. It’s wrapped in a mass of smaller, thinner tentacles, like wild vines having overtaken the whole shebang. You can barely see the glass underneath the mass, even. And clearly there’s a number of Wracked nearby, walking through the wide grounds given it. Several of them are large, and…new to you. Even from this distance, you can see some with strange protrusions around their necks…almost like petals, ironically enough. Or maybe that’s intentional?

“Yikes!” Zipper says, almost waking Jessica up. “That’s a mess. And you need to clean THAT up?”

“It is,” Lia admits grimly. “Which is the whole issue. Strike down a few and the rest will come after you, if the roaming Wracked don’t first. Very territorial. And yet this commercial greenhouse area would be the best boon we’ve had in some time. With your abilities, we stand much more of a chance of taking it for ourselves.”

Well, as long as it ends this job faster.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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to be fair, in the mecha world the megacorp was trying to do megacorp shit; if we had gotten a higher intimidation stat the whole quest would have gone VERY differently. same for the wild west quest; they guy was trying to haggle the payment and we called his bluff
Just my personal preference - sets that kinda fit the setting but have high enough Intimidation (like the last two exapmles from picrelated>>5270693) seem to work better and cause less problems imo. We're more noticeable and people clam up quicker when we question them, but that beats having to deal with stupid schemes of opportunistic clients or proving ourselves for each time the job starts.
something like that did happen in Mono's 'solo' job iirc.
eh, but thats only happened twice so far, and it wasn't in a row even. mr. shade-evil overlord paid up immediately after he got freed and the same happened in all the other missions we've done
I wouldn't really count it, as the people we were working for were cultists for some dark god, and the monsters in the maze were properly monstrous. I'm talking about taking a job somewhere that looks like it'd belong in a cartoon series for kids 8-10, all colorful and with a tagline about how being friends is the best thing ever. There'd probably some sort of noble in charge (chances are high they'd be a princess), and the bad guy is doing evil because either he's a misunderstood jerkass or is trying to get "power" or "magic" or something nebulous like that.

Y'know, THAT kind of job.

File: Blood elf warlock.jpg (483 KB, 729x1064)
483 KB
483 KB JPG
Four years have passed since what is now called “the Sunwell Crisis” - a time when the infamous Sunhawks, led by prince Kael’thas Sunstrider, attempted to summon the demonic Burning Legion into this world. In a desperate struggle the mad tyrant and his slavish loyalists were defeated - and a new age has begun for the elvenkind, one of recovery and prosperity.

But you are ‘Lynestra Dawnstrider’, the last Sunhawk, hiding from the law in the land of human cutthroats. There, even those of them you've considered friends have revealed themselves to have dubious loyalties and secret agendas, while those that oppose you openly have turned out to be harboring shocking secrets. With Mercer's grimoire and his little book of secrets, you could very well be on the verge of ousting and destroying him, should you find out he deserve that.
In order to find out the extent of his guilt and consult with someone on your next step, you've sought out a fellow warlock of the Argus Wake, Godfrey Church. Your discussion was fruitful and touched many subjects, although it was somewhat marred by a trap he laid for you in your meeting place - a cadre of demons hidden in an ambush.
And yet, your talks are over - but the trap remains unsprung...

>Google document, constantly updated

>Twitter, because you have to have one these days

>Previously, on the Last Sunhawk
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>A man consumed by flames.
>A man consumed by flames.
>Suns, fallen and otherwise.
>>A man consumed by flames.
>The fire in the skies.

File: Oneshot Part 5 Image.png (3.62 MB, 1600x1000)
3.62 MB
3.62 MB PNG
You asked of your sentient moss companion to attempt and cover the unbloomed flower with its greenish fibbers. They did so, skidding off your neck and down the length of your arm on which you held the lily. The flower whimpered as your sentient-moss-on-neck wrapped its verdant body around it, patches of greenery concealing the alluring presence.

The petite beast stopped, its yellow eyes dimming. It shook its head, disorientated and shaken. Raising its gaze to notice you, it bent its back and pushed the rest of its body aback. You rose the axe above your head, waving it towards the frog-like-creature. It stood unmoving yet frenzied until you made an agonistic step towards it. It wheeled around, rushed, and soon disappeared from the bushes it came.

You lowered the axe with a sigh of relief. “Maybe its best to keep it covered until later,” you said.

Sentient-moss-on-neck whispered many words, most of them in approaval. No other carnivore or critter troubled you on your way out of the morass, and you soon left the Russet Swamp, although a bit away from the waggon and Carinda’s gaze. The flower was cryptic; it was as if neither you or it knew what needed to be done for it to blossom. You both had guesses, at least. You asked your mossy companion to unwrap, and then settled the flowering swamp plant on the grassy field below.

The moistened moss relocated back to its scarf-like form under your neck. You winced, the bright winter sun temporary blinding you. You sat a few meters away from the flower, watching as it basked in the sun.

It made a noise as the sentient-moss-on-neck left but remained silent even after you called for it. Time passed, and you had no other choice to wait for something—anything—to happen. It did. With a brilliant golden flash the lily unravelled, its petals and sepals as bright as a burning torch. A dew of liquid gold-like fluttered across its reddish-amber leaves, there but refusing to slid off and fall.

“I feel great! It feels so amazing, to be full of vigour, of energy, of life.” Its voice cracked like a flame. It danced, its petals and leafs fluttering in seeming uncontrollable yet somehow graceful manner. “It feels strange. It feels weird. It feels undeserving, but I have bloomed now irregardless!”

You scratched your cheek, “So you will -not- poison those who’ll eat you?”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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> Were you fine with the prose, the grammar, the second person narration, the past perfect tense?
Some words and tense/grammar was a little strange but it was all understandable so not too big a problem
> As she was the focus, was Carinda an interesting character for you?
Honestly felt she didn't get enough screen time, though since it was mostly a teacher/student relationship it makes sense. That and you are beholden to the decisions of others
> Do you prefer the main character to gain personality as the quest moves on, or starting with a strong personality already
I prefer characters to have defined traits and morals that we can play towards, it really helps to direct our decisions/actions e.g. we can guess what Tetreus or Vera would do or say based on what we learned about him. If you want to mix it up a bit may be introduce another character to play as for a while
> What can I do to improve in the future quests I would like to run?
Some choices seemed illusionary, (like they were just different ways of saying yes ala Fallout 4) or the consequences were not clear enough (cutting the stomach of beast vs the neck, killing the first sentient tree vs avoiding it). For the first one it was mostly for small choices and exposition so it's not too bad a thing. The second one is probably just preference, since there are some things the character has no way of knowing. Maybe have a DC system with modifiers, with different choices relying on different stats. It's a boatload of extra work though so don't blame QMs for not doing it
File: 1651880861891.png (198 KB, 797x494)
198 KB
198 KB PNG

> I will say that I was a little thrown by the way you describe characters moving various body parts -- maybe I'm just not picturing it right, but it sometimes seemed very flourishing and jerky, like exaggerated puppet movements, and they didn't always (to me) make sense for their mood and dialogue.
I struggled with character expressions; I even bought a book called “The Emotion Thesaurus” but, as you said, I understand I went too far in the other direction and overused their body language and expressions. That’s how it was supposed to be with Vera, but not anyone else. It’s hard, at least for me, to do when writing and editing with just a couple of hours; I don’t want the update to be lifeless and boring, but I will try and be conservative next time.

> Some words and tense/grammar was a little strange but it was all understandable so not too big a problem
I’ll work on my editing and grammar, and I hope it’ll improve with time.

> She was fine, if not exactly waifu material to me. I liked her as a kindly mentor figure. Vera was best girl, Tetreus was an entertaining jackass.
I understand, she was both a mentor and Julian’s crush and I had to combine both.
File: Personality Cards.png (131 KB, 632x542)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
> There were a few instances where I wasn't really clear on the meaningful difference between the choices presented, such as for dialogue or when planning how to use the beast's stomach acid. Sometimes it seemed like all the options could feasibly be done at once, or that whatever option we picked would have the same end result (or were all such unknowns that it was a crapshoot). That may just me being a brainlet, but if not, that's something I personally think could stand some recalibration for your next quest.
> Some choices seemed illusionary, (like they were just different ways of saying yes ala Fallout 4) or the consequences were not clear enough (cutting the stomach of beast vs the neck, killing the first sentient tree vs avoiding it). For the first one it was mostly for small choices and exposition so it's not too bad a thing. The second one is probably just preference, since there are some things the character has no way of knowing. Maybe have a DC system with modifiers, with different choices relying on different stats. It's a boatload of extra work though so don't blame QMs for not doing it
Since you both had this problem, neither of you is a brainlet and it is the fault of my writing and presentation. I do regret not implementing any kind of rolling-rpg system and my next quest(s) are sure to have it. The way I was writing from update to update was until there was a choice I could stop at, and then bright forward to a vote. I did not know how exactly to scale between small choices and big ones, or between dialogue choices and action choices, so I understand that some of them came up on the short end. During workdays, I did not have a lot of time to prepare an update, and I “forced” myself to find a decision point; I will not do that in my future quest and will decide on a moment where a choice is needed from the players first, and if it's a longer update then I'll postpone.

> This was a really good cozy fantasy quest, with just enough adventure to keep the stakes from being too low and things getting stale, and I'm really glad you ran it to the end. Thank you, QM!
And thank you very much for playing.

> If you can guess who is who by those cards it means I did an alright job.
>I understand, she was both a mentor and Julian’s crush and I had to combine both
I think it came across well. She just wasn't my cup of tea, in the end.

Left is Vera, middle is Tetreus, right is Carinda?
Last thread added to the archive if anyone wants to give an upvote(!), but of course I fucked up the numbering.

No~ Left is Carinda, middle is Tetreus, right is Vera.

File: 1531448049552.jpg (129 KB, 1017x786)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
Following the Emperor's death at Endor, the once unstoppable Galactic Empire has cracked and began to crumble. While the members of the Rebel Alliance come together to form the NEW REPUBLIC, the remnants of the Empire begin to tear themselves apart at the hands of IMPERIAL WARLORDS who each seek to install them-self as the next emperor. With nearly half the galaxy in the hands of the New Republic, the IMPERIAL REMNANT seems powerless to stop the rebel advance.

Among the soldiers and sailors of the WARLORDS, terror and hope fills men and women in varying forms, as those who serve seek their calls of duty and responsibility, surviving just to live another day in a galaxy without order....

>previous Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=Remnant+Captain

Up to date Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/w3n6dkqR

You are Commander Slythas Caimes, Once more fighting rebels in orbit above Uyter, a revolting imperial Agricultural world. Down below, Imperial navy forces make their move to rescue an Imperial Army Regiment from vicious rebel armies under the atmosphere...
172 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
That's fine QM, I hope you did well in your exams!
QM is ded, RIPerino
Maybe his Finals got him
Let him rest, he'll probably be back, he got this far.
Best prayers to qm

File: sopa primordial.jpg (59 KB, 673x628)
59 KB
the world tiamat the infinite abzu the universe is a vast expanse of bubbles a primordial bath of nothingness. will you dear reader create existence life death wisdom and everything else interesting that makes life worth living ? do you have the finesse of intellect it takes to leave your mark in the chaotic multiverse ?

i am chronicler hyu your qm i do not participate in the quest i do not think judge or lead i merely keep a record of the humble events that will transpire.

how am i better than god master qm or shi the qm. i do no claim to write as well as either of them nor to be a better storyteller. yes god master qm is known to be a passionate chronicler and shi the qm a master of rpg design the bar has been set high but actually it hasn't. what sets me apart ? it's simple i don't write very well in fact i'm from brazil what sets me apart is that i don't flake. this is my first quest but i am known for my endurance in every task whether it is about studying working out or keeping my engagements i have never given up on anything in my life.

i'm not going to post the rules again you know them dont you ?

17 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>There is no Eternal Law but that of power. There will be no consequences for actions taken, save for those inflicted by your fellow divinities.
>Time does not yet exist but there is a paradoxical progression of events. Each Turn will be posted in two real-world days from the last. Mini-Turns/Rounds for significant events can and will be more frequent.
>There is no hard requirement for fluff but it is cool, and all else being equal, a more creative approach will yield superior results to detached one-liners.
>If you do not post in two days, it’ll be assumed your god has gone dormant and will defend themselves if attacked but will neither grow nor pursue their goals.
>If your God is slain, you can rejoin the game as a different God when there are less then 8 Gods.
>I'll be keeping track, but writing your own Ren totals in your posts, your artifacts, and replying to the pantheon post for your actions involving Ren or fighting would be appreciated.
>Pls inform me if I'm a brainlet and have miscalculated something at any point.
>I won’t be a hardass about getting a trip but it might be a good idea.

>Actual Mechanics:
>Each God possesses an amount of Ren. This is the power of the spark of creation. It has limitless versatility and can be used for almost anything, even things outside of a God’s sphere. Actions which don’t fall under a God’s sphere are more expensive and if challenging a God within their own sphere, a God without it will always be at a disadvantage. Such as a God of Wind attempting to create a blaze to match that of a God of Fire.
>1 Ren is enough to raise or raze a city such as Sodom. 10 Ren is enough to forge an artifact blade that knows no rival that was not made by the hands of the Gods. 20 Ren is enough to alter the fabric of the universe. 100 Ren is to throttle the heavens and reshape creation in your image, if uncontested. In broad terminology, a one-time use of Ren for an effect is a miracle, while investing Reb into a permanent creation is an artifact. You can and are encouraged to get creative with its use. If you want to spend Ren on something and aren’t sure how much to invest to get your desired result, it costs nothing to ask and receive an estimated price total.
>Ren is divided into a Ren pool and an Ren cap. The Ren pool is the amount of Ren a God currently has, and an Essence cap is how much Ren a God can reliably store. If a God’s Ren income exceeds their cap, that God has a 1/10 chance to increase their Essence cap by 1 for each turn and for each point the Ren income exceeds their cap. In the beginning, each God has a Ren income of +2 per turn. This will be reduced to +1 after 3 turns, and will be reduced to +0 after 5 turns. Finding an alternative source of long-term power is of paramount importance but in the immediate term, other things may demand your focus.
Ren is simultaneously the power of a God and their life (or death) force. Reducing yourself to 0 Ren is not directly fatal but it does leave you vulnerable. This vulnerability can be mitigated by the protections of other Gods, defensive artifacts, and hiding and hoping you get lucky. If two or more Gods come into conflict, the battle is resolved by an opposed roll of 1d10+X, X being the amount of Ren each God has spent. The number that a God’s roll exceeds their opponent’s is the amount of Ren the losing God has lost. This is not gained by the winning God, it is lost, and if it drops below 0 that God is weakened, either crippled or comatose, and can be killed without contest.

>If a God wants to protect a crippled or comatose God, they may attempt to do so if they’re willing to deal with the potential consequences of challenging the God or Gods responsible. If the God responsible simply wants to escape with the corpse before they are caught if chased, it works as combat but a fatality cannot result directly and they receive a +4 to represent their headstart.
>If a God consumes the corpse of a God, which can be fluffed in any way they like to, the God immediately receives a refill of +6 Ren or 1/2 of the slain’s Ren pool rounded down whichever is higher. In addition, they receive the option of partially absorbing the slain God’s spheres, with a selection of three closely-related spheres tailored to the consuming God and their interests. If none of the three are liked, the God can spend 2 Ren to choose their own and if it’s related to the sphere, or the sphere as is if desired, it will be theirs. If the God does not want a sphere, they can destroy it to receive +2 to their Ren cap and an immediate 4 Ren independent of their cap. This can exceed an Ren cap but while unspent, an Ren cap cannot increase from an Ren income. If a sphere is destroyed for this, it cannot be regained from that God in any way, it is lost to creation, though a similar sphere may arise.

Despite their inherent deposition to create a god may participate in the antithesis to the order that brought them about and fight in glorious combat. In order to fight another god, a god must specify who they're attacking. Then if no parties wish to flee the attacking god will roll 1d6 + any of their combat bonuses. In order to defend the opposing god will do the same. Any god may flee from combat after a round of combat or when attacked if they haven't fled that turn.

Gods may attack a specific divine being or creation 2 times per turn, and may continue attacking an unlimited amount of times. A god may defend an unlimited amount of times and flee once per turn. Once successfully fled, a god may not be attacked by any specific god. A god may only flee if they're being attacked or have killed a god in the last round. A god may not flee if they have attacked that round.

An attacked God must decide to flee or fight at the beginning of combat unless they can no longer roll. Then both the attacking and defending god may roll.
Mortals are lesser beings they are naturally inclined to worship whoever created them, but they can be influenced by all. They may be unable to exert much influence over creation, but their numbers naturally go up. In order for mortals to survive, they need to be within a realm.

A mortal race’s Ren will grow by 1.5 rounded up if there’s enough space for it to do so in its realm. Space is calculated by doubling the total amount of Ren spent on a realm for example a [4] divine realm would allow for [8R] of mortals to live in it.

While weak individually the combined belief of mortals over a large scale seems to have a similar effect as the spark of creation allowing for Ren to be harvested from them through worship. A mortal race can worship two gods at a time, one major and one minor, with the total amount of Ren worth of mortals a god has worshipping them determining how much essence can be derived from them. Every [6R] worth of mortals worshipping a god provides them with +1 [R] a turn.

Ex) Humans, [10R] Mortal race - [M] Zeus], [m] Athena

Conversion: A god can convert a mortal race that's not full-on gods to their faith by spending Ren on a miracle that will go to the mortal race’s total Ren. If a mortal race has a full amount of gods, a god can try and steal a mortal’s faith away from a specific god by challenging them to competition this works the same as combat except artifacts don’t help, and there are circumstantial bonuses. Finally, if a mortal race’s major god is killed the attacking god will become their major god unless contested by another god.

Circumstantial Bonuses: Whoever creates the mortal race becomes the major god of that race. A major god has a +4 bonus to defend their race from conversion while a minor god has +1 bonus. The more domains a god holds the more powerful their attraction is to mortals. A god will receive a +1 bonus to protect against and attempt conversion for every additional domain they have from base 1. If a god has killed another God they receive a +4 bonus to protect against and attempt the conversion in that turn, since mortals value power. Additional circumstance bonuses will be added depending on their scenario for example water elementals will find it extremely hard to worship a god of fire.

Structures are the buildings within a realm that do not contribute to the realm's total strength or defensive bonus but may have other uses. There are 3 types of wards. Wards, Strongholds, and temples. Wards weaken the attacks of those specified within a realm usually foreign attackers. Strongholds strengthen the attacks of those who are specified to it within a realm. Temples strengthen conversion attack and defense.
File: 1651407287292.jpg (159 KB, 480x640)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
Fat fuck of a cat
Break into every single wine cellar
High alcohol tolerance

File: opimage16.png (312 KB, 800x700)
312 KB
312 KB PNG
You’re STANLEY PARBLE: a girl with a weird name and an even weirder tale: after a centuries-old lich woke up during your graveyard shift at the GOOD BOY DOGGIE BONE factory, your simple life of janitorial work became a bit more… Complicated.

Sure, you became pals with your now-sentient skeleton (you named him LY) AND gained some nifty SUPER POWERS from eating MAGICAL BONE MARROW, but that doesn’t change the fact that your hometown of CLEARWATER, CALIFORNIA is overrun by HOMICIDAL SKELETONS! Even worse, the guy in charge is dead-set on taking over the rest of the world while he’s at it! Not cool!

Your growing popularity, it seems, is both a blessing AND a curse. Thanks to a tip from CHRISTY: YOUR GOOD BOY COMPANY CONTACT AND PERSONAL ASSISTANT EXTRAORDINAIRE, you and your merry gang of misfits were finally able to cross an old sidequest off of your TO-DO LIST: 'Find the Missing People!" The trail led to an old ART GALLERY-- its non-Euclidean and very avant-garde walls housing a deranged tenant you haven't seen, and would be better off not seeing, since the threads were in single digits: JED P. SLAUSON: A.K.A THE CORPSE-ART KILLER!

Eager to get to know you better, Jed bypassed the tried-and-true route of buying you dinner in favor of a decidedly more sinister method--one that involved several unwilling participants and a handful of tricky questions on morality. So, you know, the usual serial killer stuff. Though not every hostage made it out in one piece, an ART BITCH is still an ART BITCH--foiling Jed's plans with the help of your pals SYBIL, GUS, and MITZI, you cornered the undead killer just as the building was set to collapse, escaping just in time to grab ICE CREAM outside!

With the surviving hostages and the culprit's skull in GOOD BOY CORPORATE SECURITY'S custody, you and your gang were free to set your sights on your main goal: the elimination of THE SEA WITCH: THE LICH'S FINAL LIEUTENANT. Unfortunately the dumb bitch decided to hole up in ATLANTIS, and with the possibility of a ravenous SEA DEMON patrolling CLEARWATER'S coast, getting to her will be anything but simple!

To make it simpler, you sent one team to the CLEARWATER MUSEUM for clues, the other to THE UNIVERSITY for some expert advice. You and your crack team consisting of LIL’ STANLEY, SYBIL, MITZI, AND TALBOT are headed to the one landmark you have that could possibly lead you to the sunken city:


With an ash-stuffed breeze blowing past your face and a fistful of determination, THIS is where your story continues…

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File: audiologs.jpg (6 KB, 315x160)
6 KB
You start by tapping your PRISM against the words spelling out-


Huh. You thought that spelled… you know what? Never mind–this works too! Just like the last outpost, a line is drawn from your position to both OUTPOST A and the colossal pyramid shape to the EAST. UNlike the last monolith, however, this outpost seems to have a few more bars in SIGNAL STRENGTH!

“It’s not much…” Sybil mutters to herself, “But our other choices aren’t too enticing either…”

Just once… just once would it kill them to, like, roll out the red carpet for you or something? ROCKY kinda did that!

“He also attempted to trick and kill us.”

Yea, but at least it was easy to get to that trap! Jot down those numbers, would ya? You have a few other bones to pick with this thing! As Sybil dutifully pulls out her phone and starts typing, you tap the next option in the list…

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: telefail.png (6 KB, 330x153)
6 KB
“Jokes aside, Stanley,” Sybil giggles, “This would imply these… Atlanteans have been here for quite some time… but where exactly did they come from, hm? That’s the question.”

You’ll be sure to grab the next bonehead you find and ask ‘em, you huff. Lord knows these morons like to blab.

Speaking of, the monolith sputters to life once more with another log… one from the same person, too!

Moronic fools!

Hey! Watch it, pal!

Hakned reporting–more for insurance than anything else… Those damned savages are attacking our facility DAILY now… the few we’ve managed to interrogate suggest some sort of ‘DEEP MOTHER’ has declared war on us. I’d almost find it cute if they weren’t so damn ANNOYING.

You hear something slam against the stone. A fist?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
“Amazing…” Sybil whispers, still taking it all in. “Extradimensional travelers, Stan!” Her childlike glee quickly gives way to apprehension. “... And accidental saboteurs, it would seem… Thinning our dimensional borders-it certainly explains a lot-”

You can do your history homework later, you snarl! You’re a HOMEOWNER now! In CALIFORNIA! No one’s messing with this dimension if you’ve got anything to say about it! In fact, you snicker, you’ve got some messing around in mind, yourself!

Tapping the PRISM against the words ‘SECURITY SYSTEMS, you cross your arms and grin as a series of massive purple spheres emerge from the three destinations marked on the map.

Moments later, a swarm of several red dots populate the area around OUTPOST B, a few around OUTPOST A, and above the LAB sits one massive red sphere–you can already guess what that’s supposed to be!

“The SEA DEMON. At least it’s predictable.” Sybil remarks. Right… you were gonna say the demon, yep!


“Dat’ ain’t good.” Ly hisses. “Remember dose’ kids dat’ hacked da’ school website back in High School?”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: maptarget.jpg (32 KB, 612x344)
32 KB
Still, you frown, kicking around the wet muck at your feet, those could really help clear out these SKELETONS… and that DEMON, maybe!

“True,” The Goth retorts, “But if this submarine is carrying what I think it is, we don’t want its matter being dispersed, do we?”

You frown. Maybe? Sybil gives you a long, hard stare that starts to make you blush a bit. Quit it, perv!

“... you’re right–I’m sorry.” Sybil sighs. “You’ve gotten us this far–just be sure to think it through, okay? There’s no telling who else has access to these systems.”

AWAITING INPUT.” Kelly interrupts, prompting you to give it attention. AGAIN.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: ame_opening.jpg (123 KB, 1280x720)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
You are Uzumaki Shiki, son of Uzumaki Naori and her partner Ryūzetsu, and a member of Konohagakure’s Team 15. For the first time in six months you’ve come home to the shinobi village Amegakure, together with your teammates who have just finished escorting a group of art merchants between the two villages you currently call home. There was some trouble on the road in the form of five deadbeat former genin who decided to try robbing your party, and they got much more than they bargained for – one of their guys is dead, one is in the hospital recovering from his wounds, and the other three are in prison by now.

It wasn’t even that you were trying to kill the guy, you simply threw an attack their way to create an opening for your teammates. But when two of your just enemies stood there and got hit instead of defending themselves properly, of course people were going to get seriously hurt or killed. Then again these were also the guys who thought that standing in the middle of the road in a group counted as an ‘ambush’, so maybe you had them overestimated from the start.

In any event you’re in Amegakure now, having arrived at your family home with your team to find your sister Makoto waiting for you. Needless to say, your teammates have found the whole experience so far to be rather confusing and surprising.

“It’s always been a bit... odd,” you admit with a slight frown. “Definitely formal, almost ritualized, but only in specific ways and at certain times.”

“Naori-ue in particular always acts way different with her close friends,” Makoto adds thoughtfully, putting words to what you’ve both long understood. “That’s how she was raised – with a really specific understanding of how to interact with certain people.”

“Our parents had a lot of rules,” you explain, walking over to one of the small cabinets and pulling out some cushions. “But they always explained the reasons for them, why they applied when they did and why they were sidelined when they were. And despite how busy they still are, they always made time for us.”

“Yeah no, both our parents are the kind of person to whom the people they love are the most important thing in the world,” Makoto shrugs before taking a cushion from your hand. “So while it made it hard to bring friends over, I think we were born lucky.”

“Not like we had many friends,” you sigh, “at least none our age.”

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“Well it seems like he uses the minimum force against some enemies but then goes way overboard against others, which may not make sense at first,” Kōshū-kun explains. “But that’s because he’d be embarrassed to have to take people he thinks of as “weak” seriously, so he tries to use as little force as possible. Against people he thinks of as “strong” he can be brutal, even cruel, because he’s too eager to prove himself –“

“And by doing that, impress his adoptive father,” Naori-ue guesses.

Kōshū-kun nods in agreement. “And that’s Shinki-kun in a nutshell.”

“Why are you telling us this, really?” you ask with a frown.

“Because Shinki-kun’s only paying attention to three people in this tournament anymore,” Kōshū-kun replies, her tone somewhat tense. “He saw Wasabi-kun here as someone to beat, sure, but he really wants to fight me, and the two of you, Shiki-kun. You and Sumire-kun.”

“I know already what I should expect from him. I figured it was only fair to let you know too.”

>Honestly, when you put it that way I kind of get it. I think it’s unacceptable, but I get it.
>You know, it’s actually a little suspicious that you’re acting so friendly towards us like this.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>I hope you know that I’m committed to beating Shinki, even if that means going through you.
not as a threat, more a warning
>>I hope you know that I’m committed to beating Shinki, even if that means going through you.
>>I hope you know that I’m committed to beating Shinki, even if that means going through you.
>I hope you know that I’m committed to beating Shinki, even if that means going through you.

File: 22712229_p0.jpg (444 KB, 1500x914)
444 KB
444 KB JPG
You are Noel Tiberius di Hazaran, and you have to admit that you’re a little tired of this nonsense. Every single day for more years than you care to think about now has been dedicated to the play and counterplay between yourself and your fellow half-blooded warriors and the Organization that has spent at least the last century experimenting on people like you. Girls and young women with nowhere else to turn, brutally trained and conditioned before being split open and having their insides replaced with flesh and blood taken from man-eating monsters – created, as it happens, by the Organization itself. Used as part of a system to keep the local population controlled and to extract their wealth for services, the need for which was manufactured in the first place, until your deaths. Tortured, emotionally and physically, pushed to the edge of sanity in an attempt to create the perfect warrior.

After the formation of an open rebellion the Organization was seemingly destroyed by its own hubris as it sought to wipe out the enemy its own cruelty had created, it seemed like all you had to do was collect the last holdouts of your kind from around the various nations. But that changed with the arrival of an entire army from a distant continent, sent by the shadowy backers of the same Organization that you rebelled against.

That army quickly seized control of the northern nation of Sakia, right up to the northern borders of Hazaran, using machines of war and artillery well beyond anything you’d ever seen in person. What has followed is a largely asymmetrical war waged in mountain passes and under cover of darkness, with short raids on key locations and fortification of the choke points where the enemy’s armor has to pass in order to invade Hazaran.

“I want to end the war,” you declare. “And I think you both have a chance to help us do that.”

You’re speaking with two representatives of an enemy force, which had been positioned outside the northern border city of Daria. After destroying the supplies they were meant to be safeguarding, which were probably intended to support an eventual siege of Daria, you accepted a surrender for the sake of getting treatment for those wounded in the raid.

“That’s quite a declaration,” captain Klemel tells you with a frown, as sergeant Jargar takes notes. “It sounds like crossing a definite line.”

Lucia, one of your comrades, takes notes as you reply. “It is. But it’s also pursuing the very thing I promised you – repatriation.”

“By ending the war you can send us home quicker.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>I think we should try to draw as many of the soldiers out of the fort as possible.
>3d10, best of three
Rolled 3, 7, 6 = 16 (3d10)

Rolled 3, 2, 10 = 15 (3d10)

Rolled 8, 4, 1 = 13 (3d10)


File: panel001hill.png (119 KB, 1900x796)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
Welcome to Faceless Wrath.

You and your squad have been assigned to investigate a building that had been recently discovered in the desert. Apparently there was not a single reference to it on any map or tax document or public record, or so the higher-ups tell you. More likely they're trying to spook with a "sCarY gHOst" warehouse, and then miraculously find the title deed or whatever when you get back. Oh well, it doesnt matter, so long as you get to keep any scrap you find.
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File: Spoiler Image (88 KB, 622x667)
88 KB
Light fills your eyes...
Sound fills your ears...
File: Spoiler Image (27 KB, 972x639)
27 KB
And thats it.

I plan on making this the prologue of a larger story.
If you have any questions about the story I'll answer them here.
(Also why did this thread randomly stop bumping in the middle)
Cool, awaiting the main story. I like the art.

Threads autosage after a couple of days on /qst/. Last Reply or even Creation Date is better for sorting out the board than Bump Order
I feel like I might change the artstyle, its a bit wonky and takes too much time.

Thanks I didnt even know you could sort by last reply.
You could try predrawing assets and saving them in different folders. Or maybe try a different program that offers more freedom in editing, like inkscape. Bit of a learning curve if you're unfamiliar with stuff like Photoshop, though. Either way, I'm excited for the quest, whatever you decide to do with the art.

New players welcome. Don't worry if you have no idea what's happening - directly below this post will be a summary recounting all the major events so far. If you wish to read the first thread anyway, there is a link to the archive below. Everybody is welcome to participate and vote.

In Barovian Legends #2, Aranuel will learn her role in the fate of Barovia, and come face-to-face with the blight that keeps Ravenloft adrift, separated from the realm of the living: the Curse of Strahd.

Archive of Previous Thread

Character/Quest Info
Info / FAQ: https://pastebin.com/sTurBdHZ
Stats, Spells, Inventory, Character (updated in real time): https://pastebin.com/chuTtwgW
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>What do you think we should buy?
a spare waterskin
Nevermind then. Brutal. Finally an authority figure who’s being nice to us and he has to suffer…
>Take several pouches of blessed water
>Go to the Abbey of Saint Markovia now.
Thought I'd bump in to say I'm a few days of updates off, but I plan on catching up tonight or tomorrow
Welcome back friend.
I can't write the next update today anyway, I'm a student and there is too much coursework in my backlog, so you have another day or two to catch up before I resume my typical update schedule.
I am going to be running the Abbey of Saint Markovia like a dungeon, so I expect there to be a lot of combat for me to manage over the week.

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