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File: wizard battle.png (42 KB, 1610x500)
42 KB

Ignore the part about submitting actions to the ref. Instead, you can submit an action for either wizard; one action per post. You can post as often as you want. Actions are resolved in order. If an action becomes invalid, it'll be discarded.

I think it'll be most fun if each player picks one wizard or the other to submit actions for, but I obviously can't enforce this.

If anything in the rules doc is unclear, let me know so I can fix it.
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What changes should I make?
Drop info in thread instead of using a link

Headers/chapters for the info, maybe restructure it. Seems a tad scattered/bulky. A bit hard to digest.

Maybe even pictures to assist with the bulky info like each spell effect/mixture/resistance

Hope this helps, I'm eager to play
Ok thanks, I will do my best
What is this?
What began as a conflict over the superiority of milfs or tomboys has escalated into a war which has decimated a million worlds. Neran and Parvik have exhausted the resources of a universe in their struggle for supremacy.

But there is an end to it. The great fleets are dust. The mythical beasts are extinct. Now, both sorcerers stand atop the shattered ruin of the cosmos, their hatred fueled by a thousand centuries of continuous cataclysm.

No more schemes. No more maneuvering for subtle advantage. The time for elaborate gambits has passed.

This is a fight to the death. For each mage, the only acceptable outcome is the total annihilation of the other.

File: civ.png (323 KB, 944x660)
323 KB
323 KB PNG
It is time for a new civilization thread. Please select your race amongst the three options provided (human, elves, little folk) and how you would like to start the game (the options will be provided below, I might accept write ins if they are interesting enough).

A. Humans. Humanity is very close to the gods of this world. Whereas a human may change allegiance from god to god depending on occasion, atheism is very rare amongst the humans, who will go out of their way to perform the adequate rites for their deities of choice. Being so devout, humans receive frequent aid in the form of supernatural miracles.

B. Elves. Elves are largely atheistic, even thought they have an elf goddess that watches over them. They do not worship her as much as they acknowledge what she does for them. Still, the faith of the elves is too weak for them to have a priestly class proper. Elves however are exceptional at ranged combat, with most elves being skilled with the bow, and their elite forces often bragging they never miss a target.

C. Little Folk. The little folk loves delicious food and know how to cultivate and prepare it. Their numbers soar almost uncontrolably so long as they have food available. It is not uncommon for families of little folk to have more than ten siblings. They prefer small and light weapons, like daggers and slings.

The Paladin - you received a vision from your god that he would give you a promised land. People did not believe in you - most of them at least. You began travelling and garnering supporters and then travelled to the desert. In there you learned that the river floods and the earth around the river is incredibly fertile. This will be your promised land.

The Noble - you inherited some land, with a castle in it. The townsfolk are angry at your forefathers for ignoring their needs. The guy who ruled the land before you was a miser, loathing spending treasury at all. This makes you have a healthy amount of gold, to appease the peasants with or follow your own goals.

The Wizard - you were in need of space to work on your arcane formulas undisturbed, so you spent your hard-earned money having a tower built for you in an isolated area. Strangely enough, after being paid, the workers instead of leaving decided to build a village near your tower. You are the only one who can protect them in this wilderness. Whether you will choose to protect them or not is up to you.
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File: diola.png (927 KB, 900x1357)
927 KB
927 KB PNG

One villager arrives at your tower. You recognize her as Diola.

"Wizard, we must speak. There have been a kill in the town."

"Did a villager killed another?"

"No, it was stranger than that. One man was found dead in his shackle. All his fluids drained."

"Do you think it has been supernatural?"

"That is what everyone is thinking. There may be a monster on the loose."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> Test only the youth
Get em young.
> Never too late to start learning alchemy
> Transmutation. You may or may not have been pondering shedding your fleshy body for a better one.
>Test only the youth
>Never too late to start learning alchemy
>Test only the youth: loli is needed
>Never too late to late to commit horrible experiments in the name of progress
>The priest. Mendele this shit out.
>Necromancy research. We are all consumptive beings, the nature of the negative material plane is a natural resource to draw on to immortalize our base state.
>This is a very dangerous development, let the townsfolk stay within their homes tonight. Have none leave lest it is to summon myself.
>raise skeletons
>drape skeletons in cloaks and perfumes
>rig skeletons with fireball spells
>have skeletons keep watch outside town
>wait for explosions to investigate
support >>5411339

File: TITLE9.jpg (96 KB, 895x669)
96 KB
>Neon Terminus Evangelion
>Episode 09 - "Everywhere at the End of Time"


The steady rumble of traffic fills the streets of New Tampa. A fresh, salt air breeze sweeps across the top of the dike and flavors the air with the scents of the ocean.

You are Ethan Chandler and you're having a good day. You're out for a date with your girlfriend, Katya Skobeleva, enjoying the sights and sounds of the city as you walk hand in hand.

It feels like heaven. Unreal. Your heart is lighter than a feather. You're walking on air. You glance at her. She looks back. Her crystal blue eyes fix on yours and she smiles, sending an electric jolt through your heart.

You grin wider and look away. Glancing up you see a sign over a window-fronted store.

"Want to grab something to eat?" You ask.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: Delta.jpg (241 KB, 761x708)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
You are Captain Rose Holiday, and you can't help but note how tired your staff look. This all-hands meeting has pulled everyone off their normal rotations so a lot of people are used to being snug in bed right now.

Max looks exhausted, and Yezhov has dark shadows under his eyes like he hasn't slept in days. Mbaru looks marginally better, but all of the other technicians look worn. This 24/7 activity is taking a toll on your people.

You all stand in a loose semi-circle in the open floor of the control room beneath the chromatic swirl on the display above you.

"What's the final word, Max?" you ask.

"It's definitely going to hit us," Max says, glancing up at the display board which shows a radar map of the hurricane in real-time. "We've just been getting the outlying storm bands so far, but Delta is proceeding due West. She's going to cross the Florida Sea. We can expect a direct impact with the eye of the storm."

"Damn," you say. "What's the UN doing in all this?"

"Naval vessels are moving off," Mbaru says. Snelson is grounding all air traffic, the civilian airport will be closing to inbound traffic in six hours."

"We'll be on our own then," you say.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>No reason to panic anyone, we'll just ensure we have enough survival provisions for everyone in case of power outages or flooding
>No reason to panic anyone, we'll just ensure we have enough survival provisions for everyone in case of power outages or flooding
>>Order a civilian evacuation just in case, the military can assist with it
got a bad feeling about the storm
>Order a civilian evacuation just in case, the military can assist with it

File: Cover.jpg (320 KB, 700x1324)
320 KB
320 KB JPG
You are Anon, master baiter, master masturbator, coomer per excellence, and UOOOOOOHHHHposter bar none.

You are currently in a white void with the only other presence being a dude that looks about ten seconds away from trying to sell you NFTs.

"Rude." His expression does not change a smidge. "But noted, I shall choose another appearance when interacting with mortals. I'd go with my real self, but it gets tiring seeing wood splinters grow from all their orifices."

Can you ask why you're here?

"Because I'm sending you to another world, of course. Because you are the kind of person that wants that. And because it serves my interests."

You don't like where this is going. It's a god and not a cute goddess isekaing you, and he talks about interests?! What have things come to?!

"Demiurge, not god. I'm not prideful enough to claim the title, unlike a certain jumped-up harlot of whom we will talk in just a minute." He clears his throat. "And my interests, uncharacteristically, are the kindest of the kind: saving a world."

You are now sitting on a comfortable sofa, the being's hands on squeezing on your shoulders with fake familiarity.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>City of mages so you can the ball rolling on ancient prophecies and shiet
I remember odin plucking 1 eye out, but not the stabbing thing
>>Forest. You gotta pump your numbers up, they're rookie numbers.
>City of mages so you can the ball rolling on ancient prophecies and shiet
OP, pls don't die on us
So much potential and it was killed before it could walk

File: Ushirodo_no_kuni_stg6.jpg (144 KB, 1664x1744)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
An average day as always. You rise early in the morning, get ready, and go to work for the day. Work is a pleasant enough activity, you worked a part time job delivering pizzas on a moped for a small corner parlor, and when that shift was done, you usually went to your second job at a flower store, where the lady running the show paid you to keep her merchandise watered.

After the average day was done, you threw in your rags and headed home. And that was the last thing you remembered at least, because after you got home and opened the door? It all goes... blank.

There was a shadow waiting for you behind closed doors, and then... sleep; You guessed. You awoke not in the sheets of your bed, not in the air conditioned temperature of your apartment, and not out of these clothes you've been wearing all day long either. But, to the noise of nature, and the shocking sight of the great outdoors!

When you picked your head up, you looked around and came to discover a wholly new place you've never seen before in your life.

>A deep, lush forest under the arms of a mountaintop.
>A bristling blue and misty lake surrounded by trees.
>A dense and packed bamboo forest that felt cool.
>A field that goes on and on, of sunflowers.
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Also as much as I'd like to meet Keine, anyone else all for just bunking at the shrine again?
Fair enough.
I still prefer the pure Indiana Jones childish dream, but I can respect and understand your mixed choice
Since we are already bringing this all to the Shrine anyway, might be better depending on the what hour we arrive and how long the trip takes.
We got to plan how we are going to deal with Clowpiece's ban on the village once she follow us though. Do we just keep her outside if we go to visit in the future?
Actually, maybe police profession is a bad idea, we could run into trouble from Yukari by that if we started trying to help out other Outsiders in Gensokyo if we ever stick around as a feature. And she wouldn't like us interfering with dinner plans.
I'm gonna recsind my point.

Ignore this, just switching to support >>5419506

As for Clownpiece, we could try disguising her. Or, we just hide her torch. She already managed to actually be inside the village before causing trouble without ever actually being seen in VFIS.
QM, isn't the cruelty also supposed to change due to us hitting the baka over the head?
That is honestly a good interpterion of Albert so far. However, I still wish to maintain his dream of exploring the unknown. Honestly, I could see all three dreams meshing quite well together, a love of the past, a desire to help people in the present, and a longing for a bright future, but that altogether seems a bit much.
I would also want to bunk at the shrine again, we have to meet up with Clownpiece, and I want to talk with the turtle.
Yeah, we will have to leave the fairy outside, but we would probably need another companion to ensure she does not get into trouble.
Random thought, but does Albert no longer dream since that means encountering his sleep paralysis demon?

>This Quest takes place in the life of a mortal living in the Eastern Direction of the world of the Exalted rpg, Creation.
>Knowledge of the setting/mechanics is advised but not vital.
>This will be my first time using basic 3rd edition mechanics in a quest
>Be gentle with me senpais.

The laws of your ancestors, to be accepted by them in the afterlife and exist alongside them in their ancient home after death are these:

Lie with none outside of the bonds of marriage, that your youth may be profitable, and that you may scatter not the family and breed no quarrels with those around you.

Slay no kin, the ancestors accept none who do so, as your family is sacred and your death is theirs, so is their death at your hand eternal departure from the family, one who slays kin is no longer kin, and may be slain.

Bear fruit, do not let the family die with you, the ancestors do not welcome those who had the opportunity to produce a new generation and let that chance die with them, multiply and make great the family, let all arrows leave your quiver to good places that new archers may send them further.

Wed wisely, do not invite dissension into the family, do not wed one who will draw you away from the beliefs of your ancestors, do not wed one who will raise your children to mock the beliefs of your ancestors, do not bind your family name to reprobates, murderers, adulterers, the wicked, the ancestors will be avenged against one who does this.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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OP if you're going to have a complex character creation then do it step by step while explaining to the players what each choice means.
As the others said, you're probably committing a bit of a mistake here with the lay out.

BUT HEY, I like to support a new order.

Honestly not sure what a decent age is. So go with young adult and then we'll see where that leads us.

>Fu Huck
Also don't know what a common name is, so I'm going for a chineseish name That has a juvinile joke in.

Mental > Physical > Social
>Appearance: 1
>Charisma: 2

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Sounds great! Just the sort of thing I was hoping for, but I must sleep. Brb anons.
Probably a dead quest, but maybe the QM just wants some more participation.

>Which sex are you?
>What age are you?
>What is your name?
Lee Chan
First two chinese people I thought of


>Intelligence: 2
>Perception: 3

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Sereno Luna or if Chinese is needed, Zhou Tai
Physical, Social, Mental

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: Pimarch Quest Title.png (647 KB, 697x827)
647 KB
647 KB PNG
In the great war between the Mitu, Orks, and the Mechanicum the Priests have won. Two empires shattered to give rise to one that shall outshine both of them. But the Federation was built not just on the backs of Lucius and Dutonis but almost the entire existence of the Mechanicum. Even Primarch will find an issue trying to organize an Empire who is unified only in Faith.

++The Rules++
>Vote with Greentext, otherwise they probably won’t be accepted.
>Write-ins can be accepted, and might even be used in the final without majority rule.
>If you are going to change your vote, make it so your post only links to the numbers of the previous vote. It's cleaner that way.
>If you mix votes together without modifying them in any way, I reserve the right to employ your top most pick as your vote. Claiming it as a write-in won’t work either unless you modify it to convince me otherwise.

766 replies and 135 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah...emps plan B worked better on the narrative where souls didnt go to hell but just died.

To the Pariah Fields we go.
>The Throne of the Emperor
>>The Throne of the Emperor

TaL0S would like to see the Astronomicon, but it might actually be a sign of trust to decidedly *not* focus it.
It will be interesting to see. Tal0S may hate the warp but he has a fundamentally intuitive and technological mind. He did invent those candles. He may comprehend the thrones true purpose and potential as a psychic focus of extraordinary power, strong enough to open a rift into the immaterium.

What he may not know is: why. To what end and what purpose would the Emperor build that here.

Maybe if we are lucky we could blunt or even prevent Magnus breaching of Terra's warp barrier. I think he would appreciate that there is a wall built in hell around Holy Terra and want to reinforce it.
Yeah, if he has more specific knowledge about it, he would still detest the use of the warp but could appreciate the intent behind it.
He would also defend terra with all he had if he were around during the breach, simply for due to the danger it presents.
Heads might metaphorically/really roll after tho.

File: KLK Quest OP Image.png (1.11 MB, 1280x720)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
Guess who's back? It's me! Welcome to Part 4 of Kill la Kill Quest!

Your name is Anon Meipan, you were a member of the lower class, the no-star student body until a chance encounter gave you an opportunity you'd never dreamed off. Becoming a member of the Elite Four.

I would get right into it but it's been a few months so let's do a quick recap.
Your name is Anon Meipan as stated above, you were a No Star student at Honnoji Academy before surprising circumstances landed you a spot on the Elite Four.
Following that, you layed low for a bit until you became involved with one Ryuko Matoi and became her friend.
After passing Elite Four initiation, you then deepen your friendships with Ryuko and a new girl Maiko.
Soon after Ryuko was attacked by a mysterious man named Tsugumi, with your combined help you were able not only stop him but Nonon of the Elite Four as well.
Currently you are talking with Maiko, trying to decide what sort of club you want to make after being officially recognized as an Elite Four to the student body, although it will more than likely be related to the arts.

> A regalia similar to those worn by the elite four, with an unassuming outward appearance, when transformed it gains highlights of gold and silver and an Owl like mask
> Your life fiber controlling gauntlets, currently allow to push pull or hold those wearing life fibers. This extends to Anon himself, which allows him to do things like fly.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
702 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
Sasuga Anon-sama
What? I thought our taste in girls lined up with her. What the fuck? That's what I voted for "it hasn't changed"
I had to go back and reread. >>5407053's vote definitely fucked up my interpretation of what the vote was for.
I think that guy might have confused Mako with Maiko, which you can blame on Japan and their names

The desert kingdom of Carmine. Home to inhospitable territory, a blazing sun which never ceases to scorch all earth beneath it. Home of men who rule both the home and land. It is a land of masculinity, a land where only the strong can survive. Women cannot hold positions of power, and are subject to the whims of their husbands.

The Lions of Carmine were once proud warriors who believed heavily in honor, dignity and respect. But a number of issues both internal and abroad leave it struggling for survival. You're here to save that failing kingdom. The Azure cities are a collection of rotting piles of estrogen. Adorned gaudily with statues to further extol them as goddesses. You escaped Artemisia in the land of Azure, to find out what it truly means to be a man. To leave behind what was in the past, and carve out a new destiny for yourself.

Your name, Is Mist Aeon. And this, is your story of redemption.

With you, you brought of course,

1. A mighty Wyvern Steed who flies quickly, and has powerful breath to exterminate enemies

2. A Lark, member of an extreme feminist movement in chains as your slave.

3. A trove of wealth to start over with a new life
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>1. You're a better leader than they deserve. I'm happy to serve at your side any time King Garret.
>1. You're a better leader than they deserve. I'm happy to serve at your side any time King Garret.
OP ?
Can i pet my peanius inther viegiagne
Can i put my me penais nin her irerpreinaussenaus devegaiene ??

File: Crescent Adventure.png (152 KB, 1067x823)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
Welcome back to Crescent Adventures, a quest based on the 90s Sailor Moon universe. Things can go as that universe went or you can derail it with your actions or ignore it completely to just focus on the problems and issues that affect your character!

Previously on a sedate night, Ruka gets down to do some exam studying and reading articles in an adult magazine. A doubly punishing choice that cudgeled her brains with excessive information, some of which a young teen girl should probably not know. During her perusal of verbose, poorly written porn, the odd and creepy floating teeth entity from the cursed tansu chest was roaming freely in the Penguin Domain.

It’s taken over the strange dimension!

A most upsetting turn of events.

Our Ruka lacks the tools and penguin power to drive the creepy thing back into the chest… It also speaks with her mom’s voice, which upsets her very much. It’s a good assumption that Basalt might have let it loose when she was there last time. Why would WORST PENGUIN do that? That’s still a mystery.

An uneasy night passes, whereupon another Memory is unlocked! You see Jupiter … and a guy that looks remarkably like a one-eyed Freddie Mercury. A flash of a past life, where Ruka sounds like an older teen. It's a short memory, the morning arrives too quickly.

Then to school again! Whereupon Ruka meets up with an old elementary school friend who has moved to another class, Masato. He brings out a poster advertising a competition at Heiwa No Mori obstacle course sponsored by DARK KINGDOM NETWORK. It has a strange effect on everyone, firing up the flames of competition between the four of you… and a good portion of your school.

With considerable mental effort, Ruka is able to direct herself towards acquiring the tools to fight against the creepy teeth by heading to Hikawa Shrine. It is famed for the mysteriously skilled clergy and the many charms and amulets available there. Ruka also experiences firsthand that the reputation isn’t fake when the young Hino slaps an ofuda on her and painfully drives out some sort of possessing spirit.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Make sure no one gets hurt, you can rescue failing competitors from harm…
>>Find that weird glowing orb, there should be another one to destroy somewhere…
Feel like we shouldn’t draw too much attention to ourselves so we should sneak off and look for the orb while others are distracted
Thanks for the run, take care Crescent
> Stick by Minako and try to see what she plans on doing…
We’re partnered up, might as well take advantage of this. Maybe she’ll have a good idea of how to go about doing things?
Assuming Minako is going to be with us unless the choice says otherwise-
>Find that weird glowing orb, there should be another one to destroy somewhere…
Hopefully, It'll be easier and quicker to find with two people looking for it; while i am worried about Usagi, Mizuno and the rest of the competitors, hopefully the sooner we deal with the orb the sooner they'll be safe, or at least, safer
I hath survived! See you again soon.

File: TrademarkFunny.png (13 KB, 573x329)
13 KB
Previous thread:
155 replies and 61 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: BTSTT.png (78 KB, 743x759)
78 KB
Just as you decided on what to do before going to sleep a hooded figure approaches you.
You cannot see his whole face but you notice his ghastly wide open smile with horribly deformed and pointy teeth, it is a miracle his gums are not bleeding.
He is horridly unclean, as if he never bathed, not even with the stagnant pools offered by these boglands. His nails are unkempt, cut and they look like they had rotted.
There is hair in every pore of his body.
His eyes are somehow overly visible despite the shadow in his hood. He starts speaking.
"DILLRICK, I am Bitsott" His hands start seeping blood and it floats from his hands.
"I am a magician serving Ashkanlez, now that you have left your humble hermit behind. I can finally kill you without issue"
He shrieks as he fires a phlegmatic ray of blood towards you
>Roll 1d3 best out of 3 DC 42.
Combat will continue this sunday. Bless you until then anons.
yeah I meant transliteration
Rolled 54 (1d69)

>Roll 1d3 best out of 3 DC 42.
what did he mean by this
Sorry I meant roll a 1d100 best out of 3. To compensate for my mistake, the dc has been changed to 41.9.
See you all on Sunday :D
File: Spoiler Image (238 KB, 1400x1400)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
Rolled 732 (1d1000)

Levsone has some motherfucking explaining to do after we beat the shit out of his hiv-positive colleague. Very nice drawing btw, very Lisa-esque.
Rolled 96 (1d100)

what the fuck I can't count 0s

File: #1 Xeno Intro.png (53 KB, 2000x2000)
53 KB
>In the 40th millennium, the God Emperor of Mankind sits astride His Throne on Terra, shackled in torment as He lights an inferno in the immaterium, fueled by a thousand psyker’s souls consigned to oblivion each day. Across the galaxy, quintillions of men and women struggle, suffer, and take their stand in His Name against the numberless horrors that threaten to destroy them from within and without. They are the Imperium of Man, their hearts filled with relentless hate, and over millions of bloodstained battlefields, they and theirs return the hostility inflicted on them tenfold. It is not the 40th millennium, and this is not their story.

>This is the story of another species, risen to prominence on an alien rock that never has and never will know the nurturing warmth of Sol. They are Xenos, as far from the genetic legacy of Terra as the east is from the west. To the Imperium: Other, Anathema, an INSULT to Mankind’s existence that cannot and must not be allowed to endure. To themselves, they are the only thing they can truly count on in a galaxy gone mad. In time, the Great Crusade of Mankind will discover their existence and in a crucible of fire and fury, their right to be will be earned or it will be extinguished.

In time… First, they have to evolve and before we can get into that, you’ll need to decide on their evolutionary context. The choices to follow are simple but fundamental and will shape every aspect of their eventual physiology. Choose one per category and the vote will be tallied after roughly 24-36 hours, barring a clear supermajority.

2644 replies and 263 images omitted. Click here to view.
Hear me out, specialize warp-powers into creating safe habitats, similar to the webway. We hide from both the warp and our shitty planet using that.

Later on, we can become specialized in raiding Eldar craftworlds and coming out of webway gates to fuck peoples' worlds up. Inherent master of space seems unique.

Also it is hillarious to introduce another catastrophe (us) to the webway.

I wonder if we can reach the shadow dimension too

>Become the boogieman of the Eldar
Are there any benefits to evolving sapience either before or around the time humanity does for the later stages of the game (like more time to develop our technology) or are turns “scripted” with a set amount of time to develop before the Emperor comes to wreck our shit?

Oh and for my vote:
>Develop skeleton
>or develop another brain directly above your ass for premium shitposting capacity

The amount of time you take to reach sapience has no effect on the number of turns you'll have for the expansion stage but the amount of time is variable. No matter what, your species will have one century to expand, develop, and prepare itself for the Great Crusade, but a fine-tuned biology and robust societal structure well-suited to the rigours of carving out a place for itself in the void may increase your time, while the inverse may lower it. The amount of time your species takes to go from the neolithic to a warpfaring civilization is also taken into account. Factors unrelated to your species but relevant are your choice of galactic location and hideous luck, which may work for or against your survival. The timeframe between your species leaving your rock to claim the stars and being hit by the xenocidal armies (and legions, if you're unlucky or a hard target) of Mankind hellbent on eradicating every trace of its genome is, at minimum, one century, and at maximum, six centuries. These are further broken down into six-month turns for two turns per year, with the exception of planetside or naval battles, which will likely be regular if you aren't both lucky and cautious, and potentially wars with other warpfaring factions, which can and will do the Great Crusade's work ahead of time if you're both unlucky and reckless. By the time the Great Crusade arrives, you'll likely already have a history in your section of space. What kind of history is impossible to predict. You could very well end up anywhere on the spectrum of an idealistic, bootleg Federation utopia to an orwellian nightmare mini-Imperium the Great Crusade's leadership would silently admit an abstract respect for. Not even getting into how you'll handle other alien species, major and minor, and the scattered, desolate remnants of DAoT humanity. If you manage to get there, it surely can't be too much worse than your homeworld already has been.

There's nothing preventing you from separating your biological functions into several brains, forgoing one brain for something decentralized, or having several redundant brains and possibly a fragmented consciousness. Its shape isn't limited to the default for Terran mammals either. Really, there are no limitations but what your environment will let you get away with.
Supporting this

A new sensory organ would be good next…maybe sonar?

File: bloodstone.jpg (71 KB, 1280x720)
71 KB
Welcome to my Civ quest game. I have prompts and some stuff ready for one of three types of civs.

A. Humans(generic game)
B. Dwarfs(some flavor but play similar to humans)
C. Vampires(some similarity to humans but lots of special rules and extra flavor)
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>A. Hunt them down
Rolled 94 + 40 (1d100 + 40)

You rally your warriors to hunt down the Feral Finead Elves, a trail of blood leaves your men to a small cave entrance a few miles away from the pass leading into your mountain valley, and the outer border of the area settled by your people.

They appear to have a small work area with a dozen Finead Elves lounging. and working outside the cave entrance, along with the sound of voices coming from the inside....

You and your warriors wait until night fall to strike the Feral Elves
Roll Difficulty 60
Base 30
Feral 20
Defending 10

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Your men almost instantly cut down the Feral Elves at the entrance, never giving them a chance to fight back. The Feral Elves coming out of the cave entrance to assist their fallen brethren are either quickly killed or subdued as they exit the caves piecemeal and in small groups...

It takes several hours, but after the Ferals stop coming out you opt to lead the men inside, finding a fair number of women, a few children and elderly Ferals hiding in the back part of the Caves, which show evidence of primitive long term occupation by the Ferals, with piles of bones and waste in the dead ends of the tunnels and primitive fire pits marking the common areas.

All in all we have slain roughly 60 Ferals, with another 140 captured, including their non-combatants and wounded warriors,,,,

Our losses were light, with 2 warriors badly wounded, with the rest including our Turned Knight sustaining only minor wounds, which will heal with the next blood drinking ceremony.

The badly wounded Vampiric warriors are given a wineflask of blood wine to drink, which has healing and empowerment effects on Vampires.

What should we do with the Ferals?

A. Bring the other Vampires here to feast on them in a glorious celebration to the Gods
B. Enthrall them, while turning a handful into Vampires to manage your new thralls

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>B. Enthrall them, while turning a handful into Vampires to manage your new thralls
B. Enthrall them, while turning a handful into Vampires to manage your new thralls

File: Renovatio Imperii 3.jpg (948 KB, 2655x1888)
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948 KB JPG
Your lungs burn with every breath you take. Your muscles ache from the exertion of the battle that had lasted only scant few minutes by your measure. Your head swims and a sharp pain courses through your body as you inspect your arm.

It is broken, the mace had sailed true, and you were unable to interpose your own blade in between it. You are a sailor for damn’s sake, not a soldier. You are Ammiraglio (admiral) Vincenso Grato, and you were sent onto this supposed “supply isle” to take what you can and burn what you cannot.

And what a disaster it is. The battle line had completely collapsed after the Akeonian chevaliers smashed into you without stop. The damned bastards cut through your sailors like a scythe cuts through wheat.

Even now, they are screaming out in pain as the battle rages.

Looking around, despite the fact that your head is swimming, you can see as your halberdiers, the elite of Tarrizo charge to give battle. The heavy weighted halberds landing with a loud thud, as one halberdier manages to catch an Akeonian chevalier overextended after his killing blow upon one of your sailors. With a wet thump and screeching of armour, the steel helmet is smashed inwards, as viscera, blood, and brain matter is ejected from the cracks in the armour and the eyeholes.
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The Qm curse is evolving, Its using modern tactics!
I've heard that a little more garlic in the food helps to lessen the intensity of symptoms.
I ll hope you will be okay. We will be here waiting dw
Oof, get well soon man. For the both of us.
So, while QM health doesn't improve, I thought I'd leave an interesting video that I found related to this Quest, considering how much our nation is based on the real history of Rome and subsequently Byzantium. I thought it would be appropriate to leave this here to explain how fucked we are to try to fix this shit.

Anyway I hope it's interesting for you guys, and for QM I hope you're getting better.


File: glass.png (37 KB, 414x477)
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>Welcome to the fondation of final evolutanary reserch. Currently you're the latest monster created by fools playing god. Due to your rabid cell growth, you're curently placed in vodka, keeping you in a sleepy stupor.
How will you escape the jar?
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Hmm... I also want to vote for finding a dark corner and doing a cocoon there... until we find a hole in the wall there is no safe place, however.
>Temporal Love
>Auditory processing (hearing)
language comprehension (Wernicke's area)
>Memory / information retrieval

I take it just because we took a big chunk out of the temporal lobe, that doesn't mean we understand their language. Only that we have the chance to learn it in the future?
Hold up. That squirrel was the size of a large dog, and we were big enough to eat it, and we continue to grow larger as we eat things.
It's only now coming to me, but I realize we're the size of a REALLY big dog. yeah guys I don't think sneaking is going to work for us anymore. Good news is that if we build up enough momentum for a charge, we can body any security guard that come our way. Nothing short of some high strength tranquilizers, bullets, or a shot to the head will keep us down. Actually I'm not even sure if head shots will kill us.
IDEA STOMACH FANGS FOR injecting venom and digestive enzymes
Sounds overly complicated. We should remember to inject our food with poison next time we eat.

Do we see or smell any vending machines with food?

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