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File: 1218-1220.png (241 KB, 2721x1389)
241 KB
241 KB PNG

The year is 1220, 14 years hence from the onset of the great invasions of Genghis Khan - Arch Sorcerer, first among his divine kind and master of the great expanse - began. What now lay under mongol boot is spread from the island of Sakhalin to the Carpathian Mountains and from the northern reaches of Siberia to the Gulf of Oman and parts of the mysterious lands of India. No empire before has ever wielded such arcane powers as they, and most shake in their boots at the thought of being conquered by such terrifying and unstoppable foes.
Over these years 9 generals have risen, with 4 falling to mysterious circumstance while the rest continue to conquer in the name of the Khan. Now is your chance to become the next among them, and if you play your cards right - the greatest.

>template for the creation of a general and army with explanation information, all armies start in mongolia
>General Name
(literal meaning in english, name in original language optional)
(what general wants to do)
>Character Flaw(s)
((a) flaw(s) are an important part of roleplay - thus please put down the greatest flaw of your general (more will mean less overwhelming but more numerous flaws))
>Tribe/Warband Name
(literal meaning in english, name in original language optional)
>map color

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Seeing how the island of Lanka wouldn't submit to her, she'd create a small force for the invasion of the island before moving to make what she'd call the 'eastern protectorate of Hindustan' or Theravadia as it was called by everyone else, and likely would still be called after it became part of what she called the 'eastern protectorate' Of course, the forces she delegated to Lanka would be ordered to rejoin her armies once they were finished with their invasion, and of course she wouldn't leave them leaderless, deciding to chose one of the trusted priests, Bhageerathi, who she had kept with her since her earliest conquests in Hindustan to aid her. While they weren't exactly trained for war, they had been with Dzam Harguy for some time and were able to see her reactions to what the enemy was doing, and learned a decent bit from her. Regardless, Lanka was not something she particularly cared about too much. More a minor symbolic victory and nothing more.

As she would move to prepare an invasion of Theravadia, she'd look to the Elephants once again, and work on perfecting the role she had planned with them. And, the best way of doing this was making the armor molded further for the Elephants form, and to be in such a way that it didn't hinder the creature's movements while still providing the same protection everywhere. Something that'd take a fair bit of magic. Needless to say, it was quite likely with the work she was doing that her Elephants were likely not to die in battle, and more likely to be taken down by their riders being slain. Of course, she couldn't do everything, but to finalize and 'perfect' Elephants, it'd be something she'd certainly look too once she had finished her work on the Elephant's own armor, then she could look to protecting the riders further, likely by making the harass they ride upon akin to a sort of small wooden castle tower.

>Split a small force twice as large as Lanka's garrison to invade Lanka, and prepare an Invasion of Theravadia.

>Research better, more mobile and protective armor for the Elephants.
Faced now with Constantinople just beyond the Bosporous, but not way properly through to the theodosian walls, Khar was ill seen for several days.

Sequestered by himself with the stolen knowledge of his many campaigns he began researching a way past this issue, himself eventually turning to the numerous heretical texts of the abrahamic religions to pick them apart.

As the false god of christendom split the water for fleeting slaves, so too will Tengri now split the Bosporous for Khar, but not for retreat, for attack.

Enveloped in a shamanic ritual Khar researches a new variant on N’Shuurga, N’Shuurga Shugam III.

This allows him to push the effects of his Provence wide weather effects together, and focus them into a single line at the expense of losing the rest of the storm.

With this developed, a method to split the Bosporous strait was at hand, and The Shapes in The Rain marched on Constantinople.

>Develop N’Shurrga Shugam, stronger line based gout of weather rather than a Provence wide one
>Movement: Invade Yemen and Cush
>Research : army enhancement spell and Dark portal lvl 3

Having decided that he has better things to do than personally leading his armies to conquer some backwater bedouin tribes, babur ordered his two officer two continue in their conquest without him. after a short pilgrimage in Mecca, Babur returned to the library of baghdad and spend most his time researching the arcane. of interest are how to use his portal magic to enchant or strengthen his armies and the second to improve his Dark Portal to Lvl 3, allowing him to contact a powerful being from other planes and hopefully make a deal with him/she/it/???
Leaving most of his dead in the current providence, Darga takes time to try and extract some of the knowledge possibly hidden in the Xia heartlands. He rides the dragon corpse full of dead like a steaming freight train towards the nearest local collection of shamans, mystics, and ie anyone that may have scrolls of power.


The waiting dead form a strange line as stand silent and still until they are handed simple wooden caskets, prepared by the small assembly line of men that make of living of the Foul Riders. While it will take time, and a good bit of looted wood, soon the dead will be readied for transport.

Attempt to find a source of local magical power to learn from.
>>Tsasjin Borjigin and The Northern Winds

>Movement Action: Send Kökege Nokia to Pan-Finland. Send Tsasjin and the main army to Bulgaria.
Preferably send the majority of reinforcements over to Tsasjin's army to recoup the losses from last battle.
>Research Action: Tsasjin's Affection (Tsasjin's Embrace - lvl 2) - Quick Cast, General/Army Leader/Kheshigs only. Misty air envelops an area, before the air and those within it rapidly begin to freeze, clinging ice bringing them to a halt and causing harm. Great for locking down groups.

Tsasjin fumed within her tent, spreads of maps, scrolls, and troop movements littering her desk. First the Russians, now the Catholics. She had lost many good men to far greater forces coming to assist her enemies. She had extracted revenge on the Russians, and she would do so once more with this "Pope" and his followers. But not yet. She'd need to regain her strength, and perhaps call upon an ally of her own first - eyeing the half written letter addressed to the Khar of the Shapes in the Rain.
For now, she would conquer the last of the orthodox, seeing as they had been excluded from the pope's protection.

In a similar vein, she began work on constructing a mighty spell of her own. The storm weaver had his unstoppable lightning, the black sheep had his many powerful portals, and the "demon" had his own personal dragon under thrall. Tsasjin only had her men, and while they were fearsome, she lacked her own signature power to rival all others with. Something to fall back on should numbers be suddenly thrown against her. She honed the embrace, forgoing the ease of the spell's requirements seeing as every man already carried a wide-reaching version with on their every arrow. Strengthening it for only her most elite to use. A chilling wind turned to bitter frost.

File: OP_compressed.jpg (248 KB, 900x600)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
You are Tamaki Koharu and you’ve found yourself having accepted training from an amusing, but sketchy as hell candy-store man. You’re not sure exactly who or what he is, but if Hisashi, the shinigami whom you befriended about a week ago trusts him enough to introduce the two of you, you’ll take it.

Urahara-sensei gave you an ominous warning regarding spending too much time outside your own body, but it’s not very comforting given how restrictive and frail your physical body is. Still, he asked you to come with it the next day. Maybe he’ll be able to help you understand why you can separate your soul in the first place.

One week. That’s the time Urahara promised to give you for training. He’ll be in Osaka for the whole duration, so technically you could just train the entire time. But that’d give you all kinds of problems with school, as well as make Akane and Chie worried. Then again, you could always call in sick and nobody would probably question it.

Hisashi also mentioned that if you want to help him find lost souls and hunt hollows, he can take you with him. You write that off more as him sucking at Reikaku, spiritual awareness, rather than any other possible agenda.

>Dedicate your complete time to training. (More progress on abilities and powers)
>Do your school duties and then go train. (Potential to make friends spiritually aware, potential encounter)
>Train during the day, hunt during the night. (Gain practical experience, potential encounter)
>Other? (Write-in)

(This will determine what you do for the week, though there will be possibilities to deviate sometimes.)
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Generally the best way to protect them is to not be anywhere near them.

>I'll do it

If only because established real world bleach stuff is boring.

Gotta hit the shrine first though.
Support, we aren't ready for soul society yet, the place is a feudal hellhole mixed with AN ENTIRE DIVISIONS OF MAD SCIENTISTS AND ASSASSINS how the fuck are we supposed to evade detection and to not be fucked if not by the nobles them by the zealots, Central 46 did worse to A Noble who had the power to mind control zanpakuto imagine what they would do to US unless he pulls yoruichi from his ass we would be fucked thrice over going there
This sounds fine; we do have a few things to do first. The shrine, saying our goodbyes, etc.

The thing is, even though Soul Society is a dog-eat-dog ghetto, Koharu's "living" on borrowed time and is stuck going there sooner or later. It's not like hopping back inside his broken body and being stuck in a coma to avoid detection is a viable option. Even if Hisashi tries to cover for Koharu, it's only a matter of time until a different Shinigami comes by to forcibly konso him. Better to leave on our own terms.
>I’ll do it.
Also supporting >>4467484 and >4467633


Looks like while there's some reluctance, it's a green light for SS. The vote's still open though until the start of today's session in ~4 hours.

File: landsknecht.jpg (42 KB, 770x443)
42 KB
This is going to be a slightly odd genre mashup. If you want more clarification just ask.

You wake up with a start. You reach for your zweihander and find it lying beside you. You wait and listen for a moment to the sounds outside your tent. You hear Thomas the cook humming as he works and the men of the company yawning and conversing over their breakfast. You smell the wood smoke from the fire and the meat that's sizzling in the pan. The danger you reacted to was in your dreams. You're safe, For now.
You are captain Ludwig Johannes Hoffman, of the mercenary company known as the Free Pikes of Gourk. You were born the bastard of a minor noble house. It was an embarrassment to your family and your true lineage was never recognized. You were raised by the servants and guards of the house. That noble house was wiped out in a bloody war. You escaped and fled to Gourk, where you became a mercenary. It wasn't long before you started your own company. You have a deep hatred for aristocracy and relish every opportunity to kill them on the field.
You have a company of 60 infantrymen. Most are pikemen while 10 among them are swordsman. You also have a small auxillary of 5 arquebusiers and a small entourage of cooks, wives, etc. Each month you pay your pikemen 1 crown each and your swordsman 2 crowns. The auxiliaries are also given 1 crown each. You also pay roughly half a crown per month to feed each man. This brings your total monthly maintenance costs to roughly 107 crowns per month. You currently have 300 crowns.
Until last week you were employed by the duke of Frem, but he could no longer afford your fees. Your company is expensive but worth every coin. Unlike the frightened peasants that make up the rank and file of most armies, your men are skilled professional soldiers. Now you have no employer. You have a few prospects you could investigate:

> The King of Lagosland, who you recently fought. He is known for his wealth and needs troops to fight the Duke of Frem. He might not have forgiven the losses you inflicted on his army last time you met. You would have to cross the battle-scarred land of Frem to meet him.

> The City of Ladis. The powerful city state is always hiring mercenaries and sometimes repays exemplary service with ancient artifacts. They also produce many fine arquebus, cannons, and gunpowder. They follow a strange religion. It lies to the East and getting there would involve a trip near the dark forests of Kalub. The savages there are getting bolder every day.

> The Council of Labor. The revolutionary Council of Labor has claimed much of the Duchy of Gest and executed the Duke of Gest. They are a union of peasants and wealthy burghers who are opposed to the aristocracy and intend to form a new nation based on their ideology. They don't always pay on time but they reward loyalty. It lies in the South and would require traveling through the Haunted Mountains. The strange beasts that stalk that land are hideous and unnatural .
153 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
>The pay is good, the client isn’t disagreeable, and success will aid to further my reputation and possibly bring more wealth. It’s that simple, really.
>Yes. I want to uncover the mysteries of the Golden Age.
+1. We're mercs.
>Yes. I don't rightly know, exactly. There are many reasons. Wealth, power, reputation... they have their value, but those are not the reason why I risk death. I remember stories from my youth about the Golden Age. I used to pretend to be one of their heroes. I... Sometimes, a venture into the unknown isn't a choice.
>Yes. Money and Reputation is good, ruins also might contain loot which keeps the lads happy.

Were you to travel the stars, across this vast universe, no doubt tales of a mighty warrior race would reach your ears. Many speak of the Saiyans with awe and wonder, marveling at their power and aspiring to become like them. Others speak in hushed tones, of the fear and despair in facing the warrior race in battle. But one thing all agree on, is that standing against the might of the Saiyan race would spells certain doom. Many have tried, several going as far as to invade the Saiyan’s homeworld of New Salda. Yet every invasion has failed, defeated by the Saiyans and their most powerful warriors: the golden-haired Super Saiyans, and the green-haired legend who leads them. But once more they march, leaving their home behind and advancing into the heart of their enemy’s territory. Which side will triumph, and who will perish?

Welcome to Saiyan Conqueror Quest, the story of an alternate timeline in the greater Dragonball world. Currently it is Age 749 and you the players control Karn: once an ordinary Saiyan warrior with a meager powerlevel of 2,830. Throughout your many adventures, the “Dragon of New Salda” has grown into the radiant symbol of Saiyan might. Now as a PTO general with a powerlevel of 24,819,000 and close friend and confidant of Lord Freeza himself, Karn has become one of the strongest beings in the entire universe.

Character sheets and other info:

Quest rules are as follows:
>20 minute voting windows, pick ONE option when voting(unless otherwise noted)
>Dice rolls are all best of three, only correctly rolled dice pools will count
>Crits are 100 on a d100(a 99 or paired rolls may net you an extra bonus)
>Crit fails count -only- if no roll passes the DC, or if two different 1s are rolled which will OVERRIDE even a critical success, resulting in a catastrophic crit failure
>Write-ins are both allowed and encouraged.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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We haven't had a fight, but we had our hands going to the hilt when talking to Mechi. Did you not read? Chaya's sword got melted by bug acid.
This is a quest where slitjaws were a threat. Dante is beyond them.
They're only a threat in numbers or as a result of magical fuckery.
The fact they are scaled up to the point they are strong without the handicaps is the point you idiot.
Episode 141 is here: >>4466682

File: HeyThere.jpg (92 KB, 600x600)
92 KB

That's all you've known for so long, all this time floating, trapped, in an endless and dark prison, black being all you could see. A nightmare that seemed infinite.

You don't remember how you got here, you just have no memories at all, all you remember is one thing: your name is Gob.

For all these years you've lost all hope of escaping from this eternal dream, for you it was simply impossible...

Until now.
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>"Good boy"
>Pet the beast
They are the same thing
If that fails, throw the Strange Watch at it and run.
>> Run, Run, RUN!

“Pick a card. Any card!”

It’s a cheap gag, and that suits you just fine. You’re Alex. Just Alex. A tarot card seller who works in the black market, a few miles underground. Your ramshackle shop is nestled deeply in the Dark Quarter, where only users of tarot cards can even enter. Sure, there’s the old revolving door that keeps out anyone who can’t perceive what’s really going on. But you have appearances to keep. Cards to sell.

“Don’t be shy!” Your voice is slicker than the grease in your hair. Some sleight of hand is even smoother. With a practiced flick of your wrist, two of the three priceless items in your palm are slipped back up your sleeve. “A two of swords would suit you just fine. Wouldn’t you agree?”

“Y-Yes, I think it would!” The rotund man stares at the outstretched card with greedy eyes. His excitement is palpable. Hook, line, and sinker already.

You’d have thought it would have taken more. “Now, I know what you’re thinking.” You accent your speech with a flip of the card in-between each finger. “What abilities could a measly two of swords come with?” Flip. “There’s no face!” Flip, and a twirl. The customer’s eyes light up, and you genuinely grin, “no major arcana, even? Well! Watch and learn!”

Taking the card between just two fingers, you look to its design. The original owner’s ink was accented with ruby-red. The backing of the card is just as fierce— though it has no further decor, beyond the singular color. The blades take all of your focus. It’s the blades that your aura settles on— and the aura is normally subdued. No one thinks twice about your ragamuffin trench coat, the usual briefcase at your side, or the mild way you connect to the tarot.

But with a customer on the line? The hold tightens, just slightly, and the tips of your fingers flicker with red. In an instant, the card seems to vanish up your sleeve— but you know it’s still in the palm of your hand.

Every finger curls into the palm of your hand. Into a fist.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>D] 3 of Cups: Expend 1 aura. (Bartering. Enhances the ability to argue ANY point.)
have him use the 8 of cups
>>D] 3 of Cups: Expend 1 aura. (Bartering. Enhances the ability to argue ANY point.)

Hopefully he doesn't talk us out of our cards. That is a pretty powerful card.
>D] 3 of Cups: Expend 1 aura. (Bartering. Enhances the ability to argue ANY point.)

You did try to punch me, so surely you understand if I don't feel entirely safe. Perhaps you could persuade me though, if you were willing to make a gesture of good-will. Just a token gesture though, say, putting your cards safely out of reach over there so we can talk.
(Thanks for your patience all! Busy busy busy. The VOTE IS LOCKED. We'll be working on the next post. It will absolutely be out before the day is through!)
Hey guys, just a head's up, Alaric has been dealing with a severe sinus infection for several days. Really don't want to string anyone along and promise further updates when it's not 100% if it's still possible to run and deliver updates with any quality. Since this is a collaborative project first and foremost, we're going to put this quest on the back-burner, and call it here. Might run the concept again at a later point in time when health isn't an issue. Sorry for the big delay, and thanks so much for all of the participation. Was a lot of fun, and hope you guys enjoyed the posts we did get out!

File: QTG.jpg (36 KB, 693x371)
36 KB
Welcome to /qtg/, a place to talk about quests.

>What is a quest?
An interactive story in which the Quest Master writes and provides the readers with options on how to proceed. Dice may or may not be included.

Useful links:
An old collection of advice and guides. It is worth a look for a new QM.

Archive of quest reviews:

Archiving guide:
Go to http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/requestqstinterface.html
Fill out the request form to archive a thread.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
603 replies and 103 images omitted. Click here to view.
How do I archive a thread ?
Go here and follow instructions In filling the form. Thread number is just number of the first post in the thread.

What would appear to be a pretty fuckin major case of samefagging is going on in the Fate Isekai Quest.
Seriously there's no way that it's not being samefagged to fuck.
The vote is literally with one option in front of the other option by one vote and then two more votes pop out from 1 post IDs and then it's balanced out by another 1 post vote and then the lead is taken from another 1 post.
It's samefag hell.
I can see the same shit happen nonstop whenever a major shiroufag vs coomer choice comes up.
For what purpose?
Do I even want to know what you mean by that?

File: flooded quest the depths.png (48 KB, 1149x1008)
48 KB
Sorry for the late thread, had to a surprise operation.
Last we left off, Hermann the Prime-Biotic had begun rising through the tunnels of the silt island. Unfortunately bioluminescent navigation has attracted a monster in the caves, locking Hermann in combat. Is a healing factor enough to survive these alien abominations? Find out right here, right now.
Hermann the Prime-Biotic
Body: Your body is exceptionally thin, coated in a layer of mean muscle and taught tendon. This makes you exceptionally agile but means less internal fat, leaving you with vulnerable organs. Your natural biology means that you have thin skin and fragile muscles, but your stronger and heal faster.
Prime-Biotic Unique: Multiply mutation

Mutations-Physical Ability: 0
Flesh Shaping

Magic Circuitry-Magic Skill: 0
Level 1 Creation Circuity(Clone)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
162 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Rolled 91 (1d100)

Late night doot here we go
File: Shapely Diplomat.jpg (356 KB, 1318x1992)
356 KB
356 KB JPG
After a few days the fighting dies down. Your soldiers have performed above and beyond there duties, patrolling the depths in day, and guarding the cliffs at night. Some have taken to carrying burning oil, and the priests light up the sky with beams of golden light. There have a few injuries, but few causalities on your side. The Shapely stopped sending there own troops after the 3rd dead fell from the sky. Still, your soldiers never falter, and drive off any enemy that gets within eyesight of the island. Well, Kin eyesight, which isn't far, but the sentiment stands true.

Your Curse forces you to sleep for half the day, and as such you miss most of the construction. Instead you'll begin hibernating on a bed of moist earth, and come to surrounded by trenches, and the occasional ramada built around you. At one point you even slept through a tidal surge of Haze. The silt firebreaks did there job and no workers were harmed, but you did pause when waking up covered in ash. Otherwise, the Kin are extremely happy to have gained new land, even if only as a defensive garrison. The workers respect you for defending them.

The Shapely's next attack is... unconventional. They have sent only a single mage, clad in some kind of ceremonial robe and wielding blue flame, who demands to speak with the woman in control of this invasion. They are also demanding a formal reason for these "unwarranted and violent and violent assaults on the "Kingdom of Telly." She's either powerful, or confident(perhaps stupid?) enough to think this is a good idea. How do yo respond?
>Speak then. You've been leading the charge, soldier and worker alike look to you for guidance. You and an honor guard of soldiers will confront this woman.
>Bzarzara. She has authority to speak for the priests, and can convene before meeting. You will accompany her, of course.
>Caped warrior. He's been the one leading the actual attacks. You've heard heard him speak actually, so you'll have to talk on his behalf. This will look less like you taking control of the Kin, but the warrior might have his own ideas.
>Write in.

On another note, How do you respond to these accusation of unwarranted violence?
>Write in.
>Bzarzara. She has authority to speak for the priests, and can convene before meeting. You will accompany her, of course.
Let's not give her the impression we are controlling the kin. btw OP how much until we reach our quota of sleep of this year ?
Your curse requires and extra 60 days of sleep each year. That either sleeping a whole day each week, or sleeping an extra 4 hours each day. You can hibernate for extended periods of time so you don't need to sleep later.
oh it's 60 extra ? thought it was only 60. but still with the 8-12 hrs hibernation we've been getting will reach it soon

It’s a special day in the city of Molliscor. Special because, whether your maker knows it, today is the day you set out to become a hero just like in your favorite fantasy movies! If you can just leave the house, that is.

What will you do?
103 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.
oh I thought it was a potted skull n' spine
I just assumed it was a plant because of >>4461147
>Tag team the monster with Leon. Punch it at the same time!
File: galaweb.png (422 KB, 750x1160)
422 KB
422 KB PNG
Did fan art. Sorry for any inaccuracies. Intriguing world so far. Earthbound vibes.
Seconding this

File: file.png (325 KB, 1280x720)
325 KB
325 KB PNG
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Holy shit so many draw quests
>Take him along

File: dragonfly.png (25 KB, 726x488)
25 KB
You are a humble dragonfly. You have several magical abilities because you are no mere bug, but a celestial spirit who obeys the orders given to you in dreams.

You have: a dimensional space you can store items in, the ability to talk, the ability to blow bubbles.

You currently have 30 EXP and are level 2. EXP can be earned through roleplaying or by defeating foes. Dicerolls will be requested on combat initiation.

Tonight you dream... What do you dream about?
>Your new mission
>A new friend
>A new enemy
>A new threat to the land
40 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
yes, sometimes control switches. sorry if that's breaking board culture, I'm new.

“‘As above, so below.’ Sometimes, on the very stillest of nights, the sky and stars above, and the Moon, my Lady, can be seen in the lake. I visited her realm once that way, in a dream. She told me of it’s healing properties then.”

The moth, Hilde, has a distant expression on her face. She says a little bit more about the lake, calling it "moon-touched." For a moment, you wonder if you can switch gods. Well, surely Cernos had you two meet for a reason.

"Do you know which way to go?"

"No," Hilde says, "But I know someone who has been there before and can be our guide. Are you alright with ... bigger creatures?"

"How big?"

"Pretty big. It's a harpy that nests near my home."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Go say hi to Hilde's harpy
>go say hi to Gildes birthday
If you ever have doubts on what to draw, do a nice looking flower.
File: harpy.png (59 KB, 1359x782)
59 KB
In a fluffy nest of feathers, a harpy rests. Hilde waits until night to speak with her, resting on her hair. You tense, picturing the moth brushed away but nothing happens.

"Luna, it's me. I've come to go to the lake. Will you take me and my friend?"

The harpy stirs, "Yes... I'll take you tomorrow. See you then."

On the eve of the morning, the harpy is well-rested and preening her feathers. She stretches her wings and says "It might help if you ride in my pack. I can fly farther than you and you'll expend less energy."

Oh no, every fear of being crushed you has comes back! What will you do?

1) Travel in the pack
2) Fly for yourself
3) Other (suggestion)
>Travel in the pack

File: EvoGame-World-Map.png (5.15 MB, 5300x2650)
5.15 MB
5.15 MB PNG
Hello again fellow creators/questers. After another hiatus we're back with the Final Part of this EvoGame/CivEvo series. This thread is focused on the cultural/nation building aspects of all Essarian races, including the expansion of nations, wars, genocide, etc. The Evolution aspect at this point in the game is predominantly null and void, in lieu of the game's focus of civilization building.

As GM, I'll be actively observing the thread, making sure to catalog and note any new cultural/political changes in the world and they're likely ripple effects. Additionally, I'll be providing folks that are building and fostering the growth of their sapient societies plot hooks and general technological innovations in order to keep the game progressing. This CivEvo concept is still in its testing/tweaking phase with so some mechanics, but it should at least keep it freeform enough so that player societies can develop without letting things getting out of hand.

How to play [EvoGame Rules]:
• For regular evolutions, just open an image of a species in MS Paint, Photoshop, etc; make one small evolutionary change to that species, save as .PNG, and post it with a description about the evolution and why.
• Please indicate the Generation #, the region it lives in, and any other important details about your organism.
• Details regarding a creatures size or name aren't necessary, but are encouraged.
• Nothing too outlandish. Anything incredibly silly or outlandish will not be considered a canon species.
• CivEvo Rules will be explained in a later post.

General Notes:
• Unless stated explicitly, no race/nation/culture is considered to be totally wiped out in-game.
• Every 24-36 hours, I'll be posting a small world update with technology options for advancing each sapient groups.
• Every 24-48 hour, I'll be posting a regional event pertaining to specific races, nations and/or cultures.

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File: hadron collider.png (87 KB, 2509x2180)
87 KB
nice. 'Artificial Intelligence' for stitchers really means: using the stitcher brain in the stitcher computers in ways that not only follow rules but also create new ones. For the purposes of this game, it's just bio-AI, just treat it like normal AI w/e.

Now to the fun stuff

Considering that the physical makeup of the strange liquid was so completely and incredibly alien, and so unintelligable even for the strongest stitcher minds, it was finally decided to brute force the issue: Hook up a strong stitcher computer, maybe five, six hundred stitcher brains worth, to the hadron collider as it produces whatever it was that made the liquid first manifest, and have the computers try to just get anything intelligable out of it using self-learning bio-AIs. They are essentially hundreds of extremely fast random-script-generators. The intelligence only comes into the equation in their ability to determine when something has a lawful effect.

The collider was running for days, weeks, while the brains on the computers slowly liquified as they were overclocked ten times over. Bodies were switched out, false positives dismissed, until, finally, gold was struck.

Unit P'-009532-T-T-'' worked a somewhat simple script, which, on the surface, seemed nonsensical, a random string of commands that were able to resolve, but didn't really do much more than just allign the mechanical comoponents of the Stitcher-Collider interface in a way to have the script run, terminate, and repeat.

Something in that structure, it is theorized, must have caused what happened next.

In the middle of the switched on colider, a disk appeared, a flickering, completely 2D disk, just hovering in its middle, covering about 45% of its inside. Faint electrical energy eminated from it from time to time, as it swirled and shifted, but remained as long as the P'-009532-T-T-'' kept its program running.

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>Hm, thought the scientists. This really opened up more questions than it answered. No one was quite sure if this was to be considered a success.
Okay next step, send in something fitted with a camera
I think the intention was much simpler: Since ectoplasm breaks down into null light, and null light manifests ectoplasm out of consciousness, putting ectoplasm onto a zombie would manifest more ectoplasm for a bit (and since they are open all over, it leaks).

Doing that, you can use a zombie as an ectoplasm dispenser. A living stitcher with a zombie on his back could then, if he knew how, manipulate that ectoplasm using his own consciousness. That latter point, I think, was the roll.
Rolled 6, 3 = 9 (2d8)

The Sujardin scouts do a sorta mediocre job - about half the initial squad ends up being cannibalized for parts for the other half, and the fact that grabraf society isn't used to hunks of dirt and scrap walking around on the streets means that most scouting will have to be done covertly.
The Torray team has much better luck, arriving with only a quarter of their numbers having fallen apart, and blending in almost seamlessly as the only thing they need to blend in is a stitcher corpse and some creativity.
Rolling for setting up camp
Rolled 2, 4 = 6 (2d8)

>Aw shit, it's Red Hurkun Plague all over again
Niu Subter would lose two-thirds of its livestock, some of it Hurkuns brought by Grabrafs during the civil war - but it crossed species boundaries and affected the domesticated Faceted Tourmalines, tamed long ago to aid in Subterranean Braffibush pollination. The Marabunga virus wiped out two-thirds of Niu Subter's livestocks - and with most of the Faceted Tourmaline gone, the Braffibush harvests went with them. The country is now experiencing potential famine, and as a precaution some of the surviving Faceted Tourmalines are shuffled into the incomplete Satokh-Otai Ark. Dippy felt the additional stress from this.
The virus' jump between the Hurkuns to the Tourmalines fascinated some doctors and scientists. How can this be? They search for answers.
In the meantime, progress on the Ark continues. With the power generating systems now fully operational (the nuclear reactor swimming pool's closed now and working as intended), next on the line is life support systems. Good thing that the Faceted Tourmalines are there already, to er, test for survivability.
>Rolling for: Genetics, Ark Life Support

File: opt_anim3---.gif (4.57 MB, 800x800)
4.57 MB
4.57 MB GIF
Welcome to X-com Quest! This is be a quest based on the development of the titular organization X-com from its foundational years up to and through the alien invasion.

This will be following a similar path to the X-com Ufo Defense mod X-files where we will begin small tackling cults and small creatures and fighting for every cent of our budget. This will be a strategy focused game where most of the focus is in the geoscape rather than individual battles.

Last thread our commander Clarissa Farthings worked through half a mountain of extraterrestrial reports, hired a mostly reliable team, bought illegal weaponry, and captured then researched the first monster.
Winning Vote
Personal Action:
>#Hire some more help.

Agent Actions:
>#Continue working through the paperwork. (Elias)
>#Get Live animal storage. (Harris)
>#Get secret gun storage. (Yisabeth)


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i must have missed 3 then my lineup was 76 95 68 4 59 58 63 88 43 84
You missed this roll here >>4455420
It should've been
34 64 76 95 58 4 59 58 63 88 43 84
I made a mistake too. There were only 12 rolls. I can roll one more if you'd like.
nah that's all I need. 13 was just the max I could have needed all I did need was 12
No problem.
please be more careful next time and don't be afraid to ask your players for help in rechecking things
Cool. When you make a discord, I’ll check in with you. We can talk more about it in DMs. I should note that I’m not the best with handling military equipment info, but I’ve done my fair share of editing and formatting text.

File: 001.png (157 KB, 600x513)
157 KB
157 KB PNG

Your name is Joey Donuts.
You are Grel (half elf, half human}
You are a student wizard. You haven't picked your major and you're not licenced to use magic in areas owned by the Grand Ternion Unity.

You have SIX spells

Blast - Does 6d6+20 energy damage. -MP 20
Draw- Drain 10+2d6 mana from a target, providing they have mana -MP 5
Wrack - DO 10 damage to yourself to gain 12 MP -free
WIZARD HAAAANDS - Manipulate an object you can see but not reach. As strong as you are - MP 10
Douse - Extinguish any fire up to the size of a campfire , includes ignitions from matches and guns - MP 5
Hells Heart - Instantly double the damage of any attack (ranged, magical, or physical) by charging it with magic -MP 16
Earths Honesty - Tell if someone is lying about the thing they have just said. MP 6

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Thread archived:
File: jornweb.png (366 KB, 650x1317)
366 KB
366 KB PNG
it was meant to be a sketch. it got away from me.
Jorn a cute! How are your character designs always so kino?
File: FB_IMG_1593372705226.jpg (43 KB, 1080x675)
43 KB
>long voluminous hair
>tig ol biddies
>thighs for days
>nice outfit
>thigh highs
Very good
File: Painfully thick Aku.png (494 KB, 480x608)
494 KB
494 KB PNG

File: milk.jpg (157 KB, 1280x720)
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157 KB JPG
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a short but fun quest, good start MQM
Good shit

Someone frame this up and save this. I wanna give this bad boy a +1.
already on it.

completely lost it when OP linked the song.
Milk Quest 2: The Second Milking
>will there be a sequeal?
god I can only HOPE ANON

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