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File: Depths AI generated.png (419 KB, 512x512)
419 KB
419 KB PNG
You have returned from the newly discovered archipelago, bringing with you the spoils of knowledge, some interesting armor, and a captive Wanderer. The metal man traded knowledge of magic in return for your captured Red Rat. And boy was it worth it, for you now posses the knowledge of advanced circuitry surgery, allowing you to activate latent magic.

Afterwards you explored a large island, discovering native First-of-Steel, a freakishly strong species made of metal. The entire race is obsessed with "Great Achievements" and communicate through nonverbal body posture. They exist in a total absence of government, and care for little beyond themselves. Despite this, or because of it, the First-of-Steel are exceptionally skilled in there craft, whether that be mapmaking, magic, or martial arts.

Moving on to the connected mountain chain, you met the Wanderers, smoky beings with incredible senses and the ability to form tools out of their bodies smoke. Unfortunately, that meeting was an ambush, and you lost the life of the Bored warrior. When the priest tried to heal him the effects were catastrophic, creating a undead creature that fed of divine grace.

While you were gone the clone was hard at work with your new shrine and order to allow Shapely settlement of your island.

40 days ago, Clone POV: You will dig down into the shrine, placing the Scorched Rock into a large central chamber, Already you can imagine the intense heat generated and held within the mountain. Of course, the artifact will need some source of power. You know that sunlight vastly enhances its capabilities, in terms of both heat and its production of the dreaded Haze. The Kin's holy light has similar properties to sunlight, but is much less harsh, so perhaps that will serve as substitute? Or you could go the other way and fill the inner chamber with water, allowing the opposing elements to react freely. what to choose?
>Sunlight. The well leading to the Scorched Rock is directly below the shrines tower. With an open top, a coating of white ash, and lots of polished bronze you can beam light straight down. It will be strongest at noon.
>Kin lanterns. These orbs of holy light emit for years on end. Lots of them will remove the need for sunlight but may have unknown effects.
>Water. The Scorched Rock is aligned with heat and earth, who knows what reaction it could have with cold water? Fun!
>Write in. There are abundant options, you could combine methods, use some other material like dredged silt, or even something creative like tunnels to let air flow in and out.
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Original POV: You run(jump and regenerate when your legs break) down the mountain. The fields are abandoned and paths cleared. Your first sign of life is the village square. Rael and a squad of soldiers are patrolling the area, circling the village in patrol formation. Everyone else has hidden inside the half built houses littering the village.

Your ex-adventuring companion, the winged Shapely has been scouting from the air. She lands in a two point stance and gives a quick bow.
"The enemy is engaging in skirmishes, we're safe in large groups or secure positions. Only soldiers and mages are allowed outside the town. The Kin have holed up underground, but there hives have some underground entrances to the islands cave system. They're not being open about engagements, but from what I've heard it's not going well, the enemy dominates in enclosed spaces." She briefs you quickly.
"Any way I can help? I know where they're coming from but the only usable entrance is blocked." She shakes her head at your question.
"Rael is commanding officer at the moment. She won't risk troops in the caves, though she'd appreciate your support here." She nervously fidgets while checking for anyone listening. She leans in and whispers "We'll be fine for a while here. If you want to help, go the Hive."

It seems that everyone's in a siege mindset. There's no risk right now, but this village is new and lacking food stores. It won't last more than a few days without food from the fields. The Kin might go longer, but not by much. Where should you go?
>Stay. Help the village, You have some ideas forming.
>Rael Cun. The Telly kingdom owes you a favor or two. You could cash that in for some firepower from the main army.
>Hive. Tensions are strained with the Kin. This could fix that, or ruin it. Or maybe you just want to help the people.
>Write in. There's always a better choice.
File: Facility updated 1.png (57 KB, 884x1084)
57 KB
Clone A POV: The end of the hall has a larger room connected to many smaller hallways. Two of the metal spiders are in this room, but instead of attack they retreat to one door, holding position where they can watch you. It seems they're smart enough to know that an even fight is unwinnable, and that you can regenerate back to fighting form in minutes.

The doors to each hallway remain open, giving a small preview. One leads to a workshop filled with the limbs and body parts of those spiders, the ceiling monsters, and things you haven't see before. Another leads to weird glass cages filled with dead plants. The penultimate door leads to some public eating area and presumably bedrooms. And of course, the spiders are guarding a door to something else. You don't know what's in there, but it smells like old chemicals and dead flesh. Pick a door, any door.
>Workshop. You can see some movement, but it's mostly inactive.
>Plant place. This one is much bigger than the others.
>Living spaces. Do the spiders need beds?
>Guarded door. Well that's got to be the most important one. You just have to fight a few spiders to get through.
>Write in. Then again you could always...
>Hive. Tensions are strained with the Kin. This could fix that, or ruin it. Or maybe you just want to help the people.
Let's check up on them, we might be able to push to the vault from the hive

>>Workshop. You can see some movement, but it's mostly inactive.
I think this is the one closest to the door might as well start with it, also the spiders being that smart terrifies me

File: ARK.png (40 KB, 1000x1000)
40 KB
The Digital World was born mere months before its collapse. However, these months translated to billions of cycles in the Digital World, allowing for the evolution of countless digital entities.

In a last-ditch attempt to save its progress, the Digital World created the ARK, a Virtual Machine that would continue the processes while the Digital World attempts to self-repair.

The ARK contains a mere 100 Gigabytes, a tenth of the Digital World's 1 Terabyte capacity. It is divided into three layers and today, we will be inspecting the Ark's first layer.

It takes the form of a vast plains, divided by two into the North and South halves. At the extremities of these halves, forests where plant-like digital entities thrive, and in the plains between the forests and the mountains, animals thrive.

On the mountains, viral and anti-viral programs continue their eternal war, while within and beneath them, animal-like programs and fungal digital entities thrive.

The moons located above the Ark sort the junk data coming from the outside and stream them into the artificial habitat. The first of these moons is named 'Gravity', that keeps the animals and plants anchored to the ground.

Next, we will look at the lucky species that were saved by the Digital World so they can thrive in the ark.
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The only thing you voted for that is still alive is the Bowplam.
File: troll.png (37 KB, 700x500)
37 KB
On the safer stretches of layer 1 some trolltans' defense mechanism begin to lose their purpose.
A strain that is distinctly separate from the main branch and exists parralell to it stops ever closing their portal, leaving a permanent connecion between space and subspace.
Its luring mechanism also becomes more lazy, relying on errant Deschatons to simply fall in. However, it is ready to inject it spores at any time, being fertille all year round.
Unwelcome intruders in the hole are directed into the empty void of subspace by a smooth repellant skin, where they become other digiforms' problems.

File: SMT Logo.png (14 KB, 225x225)
14 KB
Multiple groups converge on Tokyo, preparing for a series of events that will shake the world. Elements from every corner of the MegaTen series will be present, from Mainline to Persona to DDS and more. You will be playing a high school student that gets embroiled in the middle of this conflict, who may yet prove to play a key role in the events to come. The fate of both humans and demons could depend on your choices. Also remember to have fun.
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But anon I want to mate with Asherah.
That's great if you like pencil mazes.
To be honest I was thinking more along the lines of dazzle camouflage but pencil mazes works too.
>his first instinct isn't to take out his sharpie and go from entrance to exit
You bet your sweet bippy that's an innuendo
File: Dante Makes a Bootycall.png (465 KB, 1038x565)
465 KB
465 KB PNG
>He doesn't want to swim with her in a deep sea of blankets and unload torpedoes into the underside of her hull until she capsizes in defeat at his skills, and then take out the sharpie for the amount of "kills" you made on her during that night.
I really shouldn't be hyped for a SMT quest but it's such a fun setting to play around in.

File: OP01.jpg (372 KB, 1000x600)
372 KB
372 KB JPG
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well, I was mostly asking about the sensor to know if the ennemy was able to detect us as well as we detect them for ambush purpose with the second LSV.
I would add that if we're going to use it to ambush, better reduce as much as possible its signature.
We're at 5 days since last QM post. Still alive HQ?
The QM apparently has overcome his art block and is probably busy drawing Star Trek smut.
Does he have a twitter or something? "HQ" isn't exactly search friendly.

Well... fuck. I guess weird shit can happen to anyone, out of anywhere. I was just going through the motions of just another day, waking up, moving about, it didn't feel special when I woke up- there wasn't some spider-sense that went off and the hairs on my neck didn't stand up. But something happened, something must have happened because now I'm where I shouldn't be, I'm not even on earth... at least I don't think I am. I might be hallucinating for all I know, I mean everything looks real it all feels real.. but this city.. I'm not from here. I know this can't be my earth because this place doesn't exist where I'm from.

This is the same planet, but a different dimension. A whole different reality from the one I know yet I know so much already about this one.. It's like I've fallen through the pages of fiction- to the world of ink and words.

Current Location: Earth. Gotham City. 2016

You stumbled through the unfamiliar streets, along busy roads and well-lit crossroads without much of a destination in mind. This whole thing was wrong, you shouldn't be here. This shouldn't be here. The whole city. You didn't have a map for a place that didn't exist, but you found yourself moving before you knew it. Looking at the sights, trying to find anything that seemed familiar, anything that stood out that you recognised from home, anything to tell you this wasn't real.

You didn't find anything in a whole two hours you bumbled around the city. Every once in a while you would see something you could recognise, not from reality but from somewhere you read. A passerby mentioned Metropolis, another Arkham, and you passed the Gotham City Hall once or twice- with the faded gold lettering spelled out the name of the city, and posters of Mayor Hamilton Hill lined the walls.

You didn't stop moving.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Just take a moment to write up all the people you know you can get in contact with, and try and estimate how hard each would be.
we could get a job from dent
.....this quest isn’t dead is it?.....goddamnit its just like that Symbiote quest. I find it and its already fucking dead.
Support ×2

And nah no worries anon, I'm sure Coauthir is just busy with rl stuff. Lets focus on getting us some super powers. That speedster formula was a good idea but bronze age post New-52 xcomics seem to require more steps. Maybe if we take that equation to STAR Labs, there'll be an unfortunate accident? We end up in the center, try and save someone, BAM! Either death or super-powers, either way it's worth a shot.

Daily Planet Quest Issue # 2

The District of Metropolis sits as a shining beacon upon the Delaware Bay, home of the shining City of Tomorrow upon New Troy Island and its adjoining satellites. Such a satellite island, St. Martins, is in turn home to The Daily Planet, a newspaper that itself acts as a shining beacon of Truth & Justice.

You are Lois Lane, intrepid reporter and rising star of the Planet’s CIty Desk. A few days prior you were present for the first commercial flight of the Lexcorp suborbital craft. It was shot out of the sky by a battery of smuggled weapons by notorious organized criminal group Intergang, but that in turn led to a miracle as a flying woman you would soon dub in print as the Superwoman.

Since then, life has been a whirlwind. With the help of intern turned full timer Jimmy Olsen, and City Desk newcomer Clara Kent you’ve uncovered a near century of government cover ups and manipulation of history of the miraculous, the other worldly, and the metahuman. Soon after you landed an interview with the Superwoman herself, learning she was an alien refugee. Also there are multiple overlapping government agencies policing these matters.

One tried to detain you, another tried to help you. It tried to help you because it turns out your father, General Sam Lane, was it’s Director.

It’s all like something out of the Major Comics you would sometimes read with your sister Lucy back when you were brats on assorted bases growing up.

Now...now you have to recuse yourself from some of the flurry of articles you helped research for ethical concerns. For that you punched your father in his damn face after thanking him for his efforts toward your long term safety, though your immediate safety was managed by the Superwoman.

A complicated circumstance arose as you now stand in the break room logging into your social media accounts on the smart fridge there in anger to announce your conflict of interests.
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Rolled 6, 5 + 1 = 12 (2d6 + 1)

Rolling + sharp to investigate a mystery (Diana Prince)
This mustn’t register on an emotional level, play it cool. Don’t react: 10+, big success

“Well we’ll just have to do some research on her,” you frown to yourself looking at the device, Clara catches sight of it between your fingers and her expression matches your own, “though likewise on that weird sense of familiarity,”

Clara looks about the room, a bit suspicious and frustrated. It feels like the world slows down, and you have the oddest sensation of scrutiny. You know that feeling at least in context as you gesture toward the sliding door onto the affordable cookie cutter hotel balcony, though in this moment it feels like the discomfort of being under a dentist’s x-ray.

Slowly you pull a spare shirt out of your open bag, setting the small transponder down amid it. Carefully you wrap things up, as many layers slowly folded as you can manage while prompting with a silent mouthing for Clara to ‘keep talking’.

“Well, with everything that’s been declassified in the last few days we might be able to dig up something,” she offers slowly and turns away from the open door, which lets in the comparable cold but for Alaska temperate weather.

With slow and even hands you knot the sleeves around your tightly arranged bundle and set it out on the balcony while she speaks before closing the well insulated door and closing the curtains.

Walking slowly backwards from the wall, you sigh.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

“Don’t be out too long. I’m gonna dig through what I can find out about Prince,” you explain as she steps outside, “We’ll need to be fresh for tomorrow,”

Sitting down with your laptop, you connect to the hotel wifi...though double checking that your tape over the built in camera and microphone remains intact and there are no unexpected devices or dongles in the ports, vents, or drives.

You begin your research on the newly appointed but not yet Senate Confirmed Secretary of Extranormal Affairs, Diana Prince…You spend a few hours on this before Clara returns and both of you get sleep against the start of tomorrow's hiking and camping. The hotel room coffee doesn’t help terribly much with the jetlag.

Investigate a Mystery: 12. Pick two questions from the list below and pose a third question not on the list within reason.
>Where/When did Diana Prince come from?
>What sort of Meta is Diana Prince if she is one?
>What are her weaknesses in her public position?
>Where has Diana Prince been since the IADC closed?
>What did Diana Prince do in the IADC?
>What is Diana Prince likely to do in the public eye?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>Where has Diana Prince been since the IADC closed?
>>Where have you seen her face before?

>>She goes to speak with a third party who she knows was spying on you
>What did Diana Prince do in the IADC?
>Where has Diana Prince been since the IADC closed?

>She’s having second thoughts about these theatrics and takes a jaunt home to vent to her Ma

File: cultivation_quest_2.jpg (67 KB, 1000x288)
67 KB
In the realm of the Great Xia Dynasty, there exist cultivators who cultivate their understanding of the Martial Dao and Heavenly way, in search of strength and immortality!

You are Wen Shan Yi (文山意), a wandering scholar from the Mortal Plane seeking to unravel the mysteries of the divine Dao that, through a fateful encounter with a powerful cultivator, was brought to the Heavenly Domain to join Divine Autumn Sect (皇春宗) as a disciple.


Previously, we left off at the opening of the Profound Autumnal Pools, an ancient tradition of Divine Autumn Sect where disciples are allowed to soak in its mystic waters to strengthen their physiques.
111 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

“What did you see, Disciple Wen?” Lin Wu Xie asks while looking at you with an inquisitive look. This was possibly the most emotion he’s shown to you at this point. The other three disciples also looked at you with slight curiosity in their expressions.

You pause and collect your thoughts before beginning your description “So it is like this…”

“It’s just like Senior Brother Feng (风)!” One of the disciples, a female, says with mild shock in her tone.

“Indeed.” Lin Wu Xie responds.

Confused, you ask “Forgive this Wen for his ignorance but what does Senior Sister mean by that?”

“The starry sky.” another disciple, a male, replies. “Not many swordsmen receive visions of the starry skies. Out of all of us disciples, only Senior Brother Feng who has accomplished this.”

Lin Wu Xie stands up and walks toward a window, staring out at the bright moon. “En, it is as your Senior Martial Brother says. The starry sky is a symbol of vastness, infinity, the unknowable, the unobservable, much like the Dao, and yet much unlike it. The mountains you see, yet to climb, represent wisdom yet unraveled. The lake, a profound metaphor for the depths of the Dao, the reflection within it being one’s own perception of the heavenly way!”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Meditate with the sword
>Before sleeping, take a glance at the scroll so you are at least familiar with the starting sword technique
>Starting tomorrow, Meditate with the sword.

I want to continue cultivation of the four seasons tempering art, but this being the Dojo of the sword and given express orders to practice till we master it, we'd better at least become proficient in it's use before returning to the four seasons tempering art.
I like to think that Wen is dedicated to finishing what he starts. We still have.....3? sections of body tempering to go through.

File: Treeperson.jpg (35 KB, 360x360)
35 KB
You crash into the water of river in the cover of night. Your descent from the skies calculated with precision to ensure that no unnecessary damage, beyond breaking a few of your small outer branches. After some time of being knocked around by the flowing water, you wrench yourself onto the shore by digging into the earth a bit with a few of your more thick manipulator branches.

Your hard amber ayes adjust to the night sky of this new world. You look up to see the reassuring light of the seedship brushing this world's atmosphere. No doubt sending more of you down to spread your roots to this world. You are a pioneer, here to learn about this world and prepare for when the second wave ships come. The automated seedship will travel to a different world soon, to awaken more pilgrims and send them down on their mission.

You sruver your surroundings. You are in a hilled land with green non-motive forests surrounding this river. The trees are not that much taller than yourself.

What do you do?

>Follow along the river until you reach something
>Investigate the forrest
>Try to memorize the celestial bodies of the night sky, to know which direction you are going
>Something else?
15 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>>Follow the river
>>Follow the river
makes sense as life collect around it and would allow us to find coasts or lakes where plants would flourish
>>Try to memorize the celestial bodies of the night sky, to know which direction you are going
>>Follow the river
>Follow the river

File: 1604601469963.png (93 KB, 1000x1000)
93 KB
Wealth, fame, power. Gold Roger the king of the pirates obtained this and everything else the world had to offer. And his dying words drove countless souls to the seas.
"You want my treasure? You can have it! I left everything I gathered together in one place. Now you just have to find it!"
Yeah right. And fight your way through ridiculously tough guys like Jinbe, First son of the Sea. Somehow that part is never mentioned in the stories.

But no matter! After doing your business on Flip-Flop Island you return to the Grand Line richer with money, knowledge and a new crewmember! Of course things don't really go smoothly here in the pirates paradise, they never do. Hagetaka never left dry land. As a filthy landlubber she spent her first couple days being seasick, then once she got better she had to learn how to operate on a ship and how things work around here. This gives you an idea that maybe you should write down some rules for the future to make this process easier.

But after about one and a half weeks on sea she's finally starting to get her bearings. And now she even went ahead to do a little something for the crew, seeing how she can't exactly hunt with no game around. She took down your plain black flag and painted a symbol on it with Marcella giving her tips regarding how a Jolly Roger should look. Once she's done she wipes some of the stray paint off her forehead and stretches her back.
"There. Done."

"Oooooh! What's this?"

"I took the liberty of designing you a flag. It's important for pirates right?"

"Cool! But what are those arrows?"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>ignore Alabasta

And let that Straw Hat claim victory? Never! We need upstage the damn bastard, by committing to something even he was afraid to do... kidnap/recruit a princess.[/spoiler]

What about that mystical whirlpool island(s) that one anon talked about, but instead of all the mystical shit just let them be quarrelsome and self-sabotaging each other, and have it be an allegory for how feuds and hatred can spiral out of control and drag everyone down with it.
I hate my life, and I'll leave it like this
Y'all know what I just realized? They said they got Onigumo guarding the tribute ship. It's theorized he has a Spider-Model fruit. Bats EAT Spiders. He did not luck out here.
>we got Spiderman on our next adventure

Anybody got the Memes.
File: 85786879898.gif (3.03 MB, 480x265)
3.03 MB
3.03 MB GIF
Oh come now. You know you love the idea of a mycotic mooring maestro! He would be very fly, naturally. Perhaps a bit shaggy? Certainly a fairy.

You cannot stop the puns. They are too powerful.

File: 946809.jpg (1.05 MB, 1920x1080)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB JPG
In this quest you play as Wade Wakeman, a 17 year old boy with a heart of gold and the wielder of the Omnitrix! This story is being told in an alternate universe, in which there are no longer any remaining Tennysons. Characters from earlier seasons will appear, but not always in a way that you’d expect.


Last time: Wade, a mutant diplomat and the Omnivore team up in order to defeat the traitors belonging to the Gourmet Empire. However, things get complicated when Julie, Ship and a mysterious Galvanic Mechamorph-enhanced capital ship are thrown into the mix.

Most dice rolls will be 1d100. Modifiers will be added depending on the situation or on the alien being used(Usually +10 or -10). Crit successes and crit fails apply. Crit fails can be overridden by crit successes, but crit failures cannot override crit successes.

How to Roll:
To roll dice, type “dice+1d100” in the options field without the quotations. To roll dice with positive modifiers, type “dice+1d100+modifier number” in the options field without quotations, and with an actual modifier number. To roll dice with negative modifiers, type “dice+1d100+-modifier number” in the options field without quotations, and with an actual modifier number.

Aliens Unlocked:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
166 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Bat-a-Boom.jpg (100 KB, 774x1032)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Your eyes desperately scan the room for an exit. Anything that can take you away from this unintentional ambush. And that’s when you spot the transforming obstacle course off in the distance. The morphing pillars, roaming barriers and shifting terrain makes it appear to be an arduous undertaking for any normal human. It’d make a perfect escape route!

You immediately leap out of the way and make a beeline for the obstacle course, just in time to avoid the incoming plasma bolts. And from there, it isn’t long before the pillars begin to obstruct their line of fire. Your evasive footwork is playing a huge part in their lack of accuracy, but the unpredictable nature of this training room is a welcome distraction. Oftentimes, you find the soldiers tripping over barriers, smacking into pylons and accidentally getting caught in their ally’s line of fire. And it only gets more amusing when you get to the jungle gym.

In such a hectic and unusual environment, you find yourself right at home. Dropkick’s long, gangly arms are great from gripping onto slippery surfaces and are definitely strong enough to swing your entire body with ease. Any attempt to apprehend you within this obstacle course is immediately met with a swift kick to the chest, or something equally as embarrassing. Even in the maze-like cage of metal bars, you clear the obstacle with little to no effort on your part. Dropkick’s enhanced coordination and sense of balance plays a huge part in this.

But eventually, you realize that you’ve spent far too much time here already. In fact, it’s a miracle that you haven’t been morphed into a random alien by now. “This was fun. We should do it again some time.” you squawk as you leap away from the obstacle course and head for the exit, leaving only a group of exhausted and battered soldiers dangling from the metal bars.

Upon landing, you dramatically kick the door open, sending them flying off the hinges and crashing into a nearby wall. It would seem like this hallway isn’t as crowded as the others. There’s no one here but you at the moment. But before you even get a chance to formulate a plan, the Omnitrix goes haywire again, delivering an agonizing electric shock to your system as it envelops you in violet light.

Once the light dissipates, it isn’t long for you to recognize which alien you’ve transformed into. These orange, sweaty palms are a dead giveaway.

You’ve become Bat-A-Boom!

“Aww, man. This stinks…” you growl in your usual bass-filled tone. It almost sounds like you’re trying to sound scary, but that just seems to be the way that this alien speaks at any given moment.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Then again, you think you’re getting a whiff of Red’s hair gel too. You’d like to make sure that he’s safe, but you aren’t exactly sure if you’re willing to trust his mother after her people just attacked you.

What will you do?

>Chase after Gwen’s scent. You need to group up with your teammates before you do anything else.
>Track down Red. You might not trust his mom, but you’re willing to put your faith in him.
>Focus on escaping this crazy facility. You won’t be able to get anything accomplished if you keep getting chased around like this.
>Chase after Gwen’s scent. You need to group up with your teammates before you do anything else.
>>Chase after Gwen’s scent. You need to group up with your teammates before you do anything else.



The following is a summary of information gathered from onsite agents during the events taking place during the events of Operation “Black Mesa,” as of 17:37, __/__/200_


-Agent Gabriella Oppenheimer, undercover as a security guard within the Anomalous Materials laboratory provides backdoor access into laboratory backdoors.

-Connection to Anomalous Materials is lost, final moments show a vast power surge. ATTACHED: Scientific readings of Anti-Mass-Spectrometer Final Moments. READINGS LATER CONFIRMED BY DR. ELI VANCE TO BE “RESONANCE CASCADE” PHENOMENON. VIEWING OF SCIENTIFIC DOCUMENTS WILL NOWFORTH REQUIRE TOP SECRET CLEARANCE.

-Satellite readings confirm strange emissions from Black Mesa Research facility. Campaign to regain contact with onsite spies is begun.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Wells is simply quiet for a moment, perhaps thinking, or perhaps he just doesn’t have anything to say as a response. You’re sure its not too strange of a response given that he’s a marine, likely used to obfuscation, and taking orders without questioning. You use the opportunity to push against the button on the final canister. Having learned your lesson form last time, you simply tap it in the direction of the alien spinal cord once. Almost immediately the stuff shoots out like a bullet, and once it smacks into the alien spinal cord, you feel yet another pulse of alien electricity. This time, it’s like when you held it up towards the exotic matter sitting in the air. Rather than burning you and your nerve endings, a much softer buzz barely pushes through the leadlining and rubber of your gloves before dying off. Hit with an interesting idea, you wonder if the effects of the migraine might give you more physical abilities. You press the tap once again, letting more of the exotic matter jet out of the canister.

The material shoots off, and you watch as occasional bolts of green and orange energy fizzle in the air. Much of the orange energy arcs towards the alien spinal column, sending energy towards you. A rare few of the blobs of reflective gas go astray into the air, suddenly bursting. The rare few that hit material hit it, stick to it, then in a small but surprisingly powerful blast of force, warp it.

As the electricity arcs through your hand however, the memory of vortigaunts firing electricity sticks in your mind. Not only would it be an incredibly useful ability to have, the part of you that squeals with glee everytime your stealth suit goes invisible that you’ve tempered with years of CIA training adores the idea. You focus on the feeling of the electricity, the residual feeling of something pushing against the migraine from the small particles of chameleonic hydrogen still floating in the air. Knowing you won’t look silly with your face covered in a gas mask and high tech goggles, you shut your eyes and internalize the shocking feeling, like a monk meditating. Every little arc of electricity that runs through your nerves, you try to understand and study. You calm your breath. You focus, trying to push your thoughts just barely outside of your brain, into the synapses that connect your own muscles, and nerve endings. The migraine kicks back, but you keep your focus for a solid minute, focusing on the painful feeling and trying to redirect it trying to push it and stimulate it with your thoughts just like you did the neurons of the Xen controller. The electrical pulsing does pop a few times, but it doesn’t seem to be of your doing, just particularly large chunks of exotic matter bursting against the spinal cord, hitting you with a heavy pulse of electricity. You focus more, hoping that you may be able to guide a few of these pulses.
The dull numbness of nerve endings in the very tips of your fingersdying starts to present, and you pull away as nothing comes of your focus. Either you can’t control electricity like the vortigaunts, or it would take a lot more training. You let go, allowing the spinal cord to expend its energy into the steel floor before picking it back up. However as you stand up, you begin to notice occasionally wisps of odd blue energy now present in the room. It’s a similar shade of blue you glimpsed on your computer screen last morning, when you just barely saw the corrupted image of a mushroom cloud in a hurricane, as you can best describe. It sits there for a moment, but once the final few pulses of energy leave the alien spinal column, the mysterious lights disappear. You also then notice that the spinal collum, which was already weak, is now missing a few vertebrae at the bottom, and a chunk or two of loose bone. You quickly look around the area, and while you don’t see the vertebrae anywhere, you do notice that there are a few pieces of the bone or ligament that have scattered around. However the missing vertebrea has somehow landed on the ceiling, held there by the gravitational anomaly that runs through the room. Not only do you not remember it flinging off, you don’t see how it would get up there.

Leaving it aside, you decide it’s time to get moving, stowing the alien artifact in a biohazard bag in your backpack, and saying, “Kirchoff, Vorty, lets get moving.”

Kirchoff nods, and Vorty and his two alien allies both begin to move towards the duct. As they do however, Wells approaches you for one last time.

“Oppenhemer, Let me talk to you before we split about the vortigaunts.” He explains. “I want some answers with all of this.”

“You understand how much of it is sensitive information right?” Marietta responds.

“I do, but if you kill my boys and ask me to work with you, I don’t wanna be jerked around. You’re way too comfortable around these things, falling asleep in a fight, and killing my men when you had rubber bullets.” He looks back to where you just messed with the exxotic matter, where residue of the stuff still sits, “not to mention whatever the hell that was. I still don’t know why I should trust these things, and you want me to move with half of them in my squad.” He points to the vortigaunts.

At this point, The vortigaunts are halfway into the ducts, and KIrchoff isn’t far behind. You should probably respond to this, then move right afterwards. .

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
With finals coming up, I think I might take somewhat of a longer term break than usual. I don't know yet, but I'll probably have a plan by wednesday, I've been feeling kind of burnt out myself with my classes pressing me down. Also, don't feel pressured to read if you don't want to. If you wanna take a break, and binge read it later when you feel like it, go right ahead pal.

Also, this update was way too long, I like writing details, but i could really do with refocusing.

>Tell Wells what he knows is Mairrieta’s discretion from here on out, and that he should ask her.
>”Wells, I get that you’re upset over your men, but you attacked first, and you know damn well you can’t take down a marine in a pcv with rubber bullets. I’m sorry, but it was a messy fight. That doesn’t give you the right to classified information.”
>”Wells, you’re a smart man. You’ll get a grip on it, but in intelligence you have to turn over the rocks most people don’t even realize can be turned over. I can’ t go into detail, but I’ve got a hell of a job.”
>Give him a quick explanation of “The migraine,” focusing on what it does more than the less understood and personal nature of what it is, and hope he believes you.
>Give him a quick rundown on what the vortigaunts have taught you, and other ways they helped you, doing your best to obfuscate information where possible.
>Lie to the captain, telling Wells that, while you haven’t personally verified it, CIA command has confirmed to you that the vortigaunts are friendly, and you trust your hadler with that kind fo information.
>Write in response.
>”Wells, I get that you’re upset over your men, but you attacked first, and you know damn well you can’t take down a marine in a pcv with rubber bullets. I’m sorry, but it was a messy fight. That doesn’t give you the right to classified information.”
Rubber bullets are only effective on unarmored targets, that's definitely true.

The part about gabby not seeing any differences in them is hilarious, though I doubt they mind all that much. They are one in the vortessence, after all.
>>”Wells, I get that you’re upset over your men, but you attacked first, and you know damn well you can’t take down a marine in a pcv with rubber bullets. I’m sorry, but it was a messy fight.
Feel like we can at least give him that we gained some psychic powers before everything went down. And that a scientist early on figured out how to free the vorts from the collars.

Dunno about giving up more than that atm. Maybe entice with "you get back from a successful mission and you get one question"?

File: world21.png (3.23 MB, 2340x2317)
3.23 MB
3.23 MB PNG
Once in every eon, a pulse can be felt across this still world. Charged by pure passion, tenacity, and a primal will to SURVIVE; the blood of this earth beats a single thump.
> And with it, the cycle of Gods and men is upon us once more, as life begins to crawl from the mud.
> You are a being of creation, or what the people of this realm may come to call, a God. You are born with innate knowledge and immense power. It feels only right to fill this empty terrain with your own creations.

Welcome to the fourth installation of Beings of Creation, a long-running tactical civ-style hexcrawl based on your imagination. You are a non-omniscient divine being of great power. You find yourself spontaneously brought into existence in a seemingly untouched world.
The rules are fairly simple, and may be picked up as you go, but the document below goes into detail. Most people here are familiar veterans of the game, don't be shy to ask questions.

Game is currently full player-wise, but newcomers are free to lurk.

The oceans stir with movement...

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Oh yes, Industrial Development Agency is using Furnlatha's Divine Influence
MA/DI Americus alters the spiders which produce the silk used in the cloaks that protect against fungi spores, making the structure at the microscopic more complex so that the silk will capture more spore particles

MA Quarantine and Isolation: with the fungi spores and infected roaming the cities of windy and space, the healthy population is told to isolate themselves for the open air and remain indoors, to block and close as many openings as possible. Any infected trying to get to them should be driven back even if that means killing them, the Infected are no longer your kin, they are no longer human, they are pawns of Ofu who seeks to destroy us all. Infected are to be killed on sight

>UI The E.E.F and H.E.F continue to attack the city
>UI Americus's wardens prepare to attack any of Ofu's forces that try to move past them
>The First - Explore strange lands
"Well hello to you, ever changing being, it is quite a... Fascinating place you made to yourself, although i must say, does lack a bit of life in it, even though, i must admit this, the way the very... Well reality... Moves here is not without reminding us of the world of Flesh.
Anyway kind inhabitant of this land may i request a service out of you? I would require a guide. Sometimes ago a great being came from around here. I would very much be interested in seeing from where such a being came. You showing us would be tremendously appreciated."

>MI - Weavers Both weavers units continue their way to Myxoma, build roads as they go. (The bridge will let them build on it/enhance it. It's a nice bridge) (Also i would be grateful if the road is made next to burrower)

>MI - Hekezqe Taking the new roads, Hekezqe go as far to the north-east as possible, aiming to pass the mountains by the north.

>MA [Develop] - Still one city to make!

>Ma [Develop] - Machinery
While the bio-engineering developed recently has shown great success with two great works already completed and functioning beyond expectation, new projects would need a finer control. Colossus were not the solution to every problems after all. Smaller mechanisms were needed, ones who could integrate in small rooms, or even Gardeners without trouble.
At this point, the God of Stories entering strage meditation for concerningly long periods of time is almost accepted by the Akreties, working their unusual mindsets to loop back around from it being abandonment to it being some sort of test of their independence. Akros refuses to comment on this.

>Major Action, Development [Education]: Until now, Akreties society has operated on a sort of freelance apprenticeship system, where each individual is taken under the wing of a craftsman, farmer, hunter, soldier etc. at a young age after deciding what course they wish to follow in life. However, this ultimately stifles them as they grow old, lacking the flexibility necessary to change their path if it doesn't go very well. As time passed and this issue became more obvious, an edict was passed down to "solve the problem". Vague as it was, a lot of ideas were thrown around before resulting in something resembling a simple standardized schooling system, hosting many groups of students and teaching them a variety of subjects before allowing them to focus on one specific thing, while simultaneously bringing together the brightest minds of the people to allow for greater cooperation in a variety of fields.

>Major Action, Development [Medicine]: The new experimental system bears fruit quite swiftly, the newest generation of youth giving off a promising image, though adjustments are made as time goes by. More important in the short term is the collection of various experts hired in order to teach. With the Homes growing larger as time goes by, the ongoing health and safety of the Akreties becomes a greater issue, with rudimentary chemists and herbalists working together on a variety of new, (mostly) effective medicines.

>Major Action, Development [Chemistry]: And with such effort being undertaken to experiment with various elements for the sake of healing, the Akreties working on the aforementioned medicines, along with their swiftly growing apprentices, naturally branch off into attempting to understand ever more of the natural world and all it's moving parts for further growth.

>Major Action, Development [Cartography]: All that aside, with the ever-expanding nature of their civilization, the Akreties come to the somewhat embarassing revelation that their natural penchant for exploration and wayfinding as minions of the God of Travel will simply not be enough to facilitate their travels, so artists are paired up with traders and hunters, then shipped off into the wilderness for the sake of mapping the local area, something which soon becomes an art in and of itself.

>Minor Action, Communication: Akros, apparently satisfied with the ridiculous amount of time spent in thought, cocks his head and motions for the Goddess to elaborate, apparently intrigued by her wording, his natural curiosity seeking to sate itself before the issue is fully dealt with.
>follow Regala
> mjr act develop whey protein
The ultimate in workout gains whey protein isolate will bring mainstream ways of bringing protein to all types of people for recovery after workouts

Gonna wait to do anything else till next turn.

File: NEW LIFE OP.png (31 KB, 500x500)
31 KB
Let me know when you are here. Also, my eyesight is giving me a constant headache and waiting for it to go away hasn't worked at all despite waiting all week, sorry about not replying.

Previous thread >>4513510
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File: zoe 036.jpg (294 KB, 1280x1871)
294 KB
294 KB JPG
>>Go into her room

Later that night.

"Hn..." We knock softly on Zoe's door
"Y-yes!" She calls back, and quickly opens up the door.

Hmm? Isn't this the same dress she was wearing earlier? Did she took out some bits only? Well, she looks cute, so its okay. Well, our kittymouto always looks cute.

"Ah, does big brother do it with or without?" She asks, looking serious. "I-i am alright with doing it without, you know? I'm big now!"
"Hm? Alright, without, then?"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Have Lyann and Dawn help her change
We should tell her that our town is quite pacified right now.
We should get a local Adventurer Guild and a Foodgeon/Dungeon set up in our town.
>We should get a local Adventurer Guild and a Foodgeon/Dungeon set up in our town.
There's 2 in our capital (the main city of the march), but none in the surrounding towns.
>>Have Lyann and Dawn help her change

can i get a thread description?
>can i get a thread description?
"Zoe gets her wish, our pets get symmetrical"?

File: Shifter1.png (56 KB, 475x600)
56 KB
You were born in the hall at Beruhorne. You were raised there by the Akus Clan. The hall was crowded with strange beasts and they were your family. You didn't look like them but you didn't find it strange at all. When you were quite young you met your grandfather, Great Akus. He frightened you at first. His antlers, fur, and eyes were all beastly. But he was the best grandfather a boy could ask for. You sat on his lap and he told you about the world. He told you about the Long Dream.

"Before the Age of Men, there was the Long Dream. The world was a living thing then. The border between the spirit world and the natural world was blurry in places. Men had only just begun to practice their crafts and could claim only small pieces of land from the dense primal wilderness. All manner of magical creatures roamed the land. Our kind were much more common then."

"Our kind?"

"Yes, young one. Shifters. Beastmen. Those who are born as children of mankind but can reshape their bodies. Young humans look as you do. But older humans do not look like me. I became this way long ago, during the Long Dream. You will learn in time and your body will take on the shape that you prefer."

And he told the truth. As you grew, you faced difficulties in your daily life. As you hunted and worked with the herds you found your body inadequate to the demands of life at Beruhorne. When you saw animals with the traits that you envied, shifting came naturally. Which animal shape did you first learn?

>Fox. You were clumsy when hunting and spooked a deer. You yearned to be stealthier. Your feet grew pads that made no sound when stepping in the forest. You became a much better hunter.

>Hare. After losing a footrace with a cousin, you yearned to be faster. Your legs grew thick and your feet grew long. You never lost another footrace.

>Ox. When you worked in the snow you often slipped and could work only haltingly. You wished that you could work hard and push through snow like the ox. Your feet twisted into hooves and your legs became the powerful haunches of an ox.
14 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.

You became very familiar with humans and their ways. You shifted your face to be more attractive to them and learned how to speak well. You also learned to recognize the look of fear in their eyes when they realize what you are. Because of your skills you were put in charge of trading at Beruhorne. You managed to get some good deals for your family.

It was only a few days after your coming-of-age party that your uncle Kilos came to the hall. When you first saw him your hair stood on end. He had long ago abandoned the human form and there was nothing human left of him. He stood on huge haunches and his face was elongated into a snout. He was covered in shaggy fur. He was incapable of human speech and communicated using telepathy. He had not come for the celebration.

He stood in the hall, speaking with Great Akus. He explained the journey he had taken through the spirit world. There was no time to travel that great distance through the material world. He came to report that one of your relatives was dead. It was strange news to carry so urgently. Your family is very large and spread over the whole continent. You hadn't met most of them. But it was the cause of death that caused this urgency. Your cousin Veus was killed and eaten. The bite marks weren't from any natural creature; only a shifter could leave such a mark. The hall was in an uproar. Most of the young shifters were confused and suspicious. The oldest were quiet, withdrawn into memories of an antique age. Finally, Great Akus spoke and everyone became quiet.

"It can only be the Rexans. We thought they were all killed or sealed when the Long Dream ended, but I can see no other explanation. We must organize some hunting parties. If these Rexans feed on any humans we'll never be at peace again. They must be found and killed."

Rexans and Rexus himself were familiar to you. They were often the antagonists in those Long Dream stories. They were shifters who considered themselves the apex predators and heirs of the world. They had no qualms about feeding on humans or even other shifters. As far as you knew they had been dead for hundreds of years.

You were selected as a hunting party leader. You were tasked with visiting every human settlement on the continent and asking them if they'd seen any monsters. Anything that sounded like a Rexan had to be killed. You were told to make a party of 4, including yourself.
>Brother Calcite. He is graceful and proud. He made himself very light so he could fly. He loves to show off his colorful feathers.

>Sister Diorite. She is wise and curious. Her form is mostly human but she has an impressive set of antlers. She's very curious about magic and the spirit world.

>Cousin Vaum. She is strong and fearless. Her bearlike claws and long fox ears give her a strange appearance. Her personality is optimistic and energetic.

>Cousin Belug. He is strong and dependable. His huge build and ox horns give him an imposing appearance. However, he's a vegetarian who always seeks a peaceful resolution to conflict.

>Cousin Feldspar. She is graceful and sly. She has padded feet and sharp teeth. She's one of the most accomplished archers at Beruhorne. She tends to lie often and shes very good at it.

>Cousin Basalt. He is graceful and carefree. He has webbed hands and feet. He loves to swim in the ocean and can hold his breath for hours. Some call him lazy but he says he's "just taking it easy, man".

>Uncle Geru. He is wise and patient. He has elk antlers and hooves. He speaks seldom and weighs his words well before he speaks. He's one of the most accomplished mages at Beruhorne.

>Aunt Ghethne. She is strong and quick to anger. Her hundreds of years have done nothing for her temper but they've given her a wealth of knowledge and experience. She loves hunting and fighting.
>>Uncle Geru. He is wise and patient. He has elk antlers and hooves. He speaks seldom and weighs his words well before he speaks. He's one of the most accomplished mages at Beruhorne.
>Cousin Vaum. She is strong and fearless. Her bearlike claws and long fox ears give her a strange appearance. Her personality is optimistic and energetic.
>Sister Diorite. She is wise and curious. Her form is mostly human but she has an impressive set of antlers. She's very curious about magic and the spirit world.
>Cousin Feldspar. She is graceful and sly. She has padded feet and sharp teeth. She's one of the most accomplished archers at Beruhorne. She tends to lie often and shes very good at it.
Ignore my previous post, I didn't read the "including yourself" bit.

>Uncle Geru. He is wise and patient. He has elk antlers and hooves. He speaks seldom and weighs his words well before he speaks. He's one of the most accomplished mages at Beruhorne.
>Aunt Ghethne. She is strong and quick to anger. Her hundreds of years have done nothing for her temper but they've given her a wealth of knowledge and experience. She loves hunting and fighting.
>Cousin Feldspar. She is graceful and sly. She has padded feet and sharp teeth. She's one of the most accomplished archers at Beruhorne. She tends to lie often and shes very good at it.

One moment they held the power to change nature itself, the next they are sealed away, intended to be kept in the void until they went insane. Forced to sit here for all eternity pounding against a sealed tomb, unable to even succumb to starvation or illness.

They try to summon minions to raze a army that can break the seal, but instead of the usual intelligent creatures all that comes from the summoning circles are animal-istic, diminutive, and magic-wielding.
They acted so curiously, maybe it would be better to let this play out while they get themselves situated in their new environment. Maybe they can grow into minions who can actually stand a chance against
some half-rate group of adventures...

Welcome to Beyond the Door Evo!

This is going to be a fantasy based Evo-Game with a steadily expanding map and a QM controlled NPC (though they might listen to suggestions via events if you bring up a interesting idea)

At the center of the starting map is a dimensional door covered in a few ruins, it gives off light and heat in a manner similar to a sun, and sits half a kilometer up from the Highlands.
The "Void-Rock" shown on the map is a dark-colored organic looking porous rock that expands outward from the center in every direction for what seems to be forever.

Temperature: 50°F (10°C)
Light Level: Light level goes from 0-20, with 0 being total darkness, and 20 being light enough to damage unprotected eyes.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I thought the extra light from the cave in >>4535968 was from a sun of some kind, my bad. Instead it is due to light metal yeah
File: Exploding Ball Rotid.png (31 KB, 640x480)
31 KB
To better ensure survival in the Cluthian, Ball Rotids start to evolve specialized spore pods (hereby named Thorn Seeds) that once matured enough would be shot with a strong gust of casted wind

To keep the air pressure high enough to shoot pods as well as create a even better source of heat, the belly of this organism also stores excess mana in their large empty cavity.
As a result of all this air pressure and huge pools of liquidized magic, jostling by predators causes the entire creature to explode violently, both spreading their seeds and also causing the organism to have to regrow itself; few organisms are able to survive this, becoming food for either predators or other Rotids/Terabos
when ones predator is mainly blind having wide soft feet to cushion the sound helps extremely.
a wider beak allows for taking bigger bites increasing the speed of food ingestion just to avoid predators.
and longer hair around the eye decreases the chance of dirt entering it.
File: Boxing Nacht.png (21 KB, 640x480)
21 KB
The Nacht, having lost their original food source, have developed more aggressive and mobile ways of procuring food.

They have started to be semi-bipedal, walking on their hind legs when looking for food or predators, as well as challenging each other for territory around the more food rich Lantid zones. They live in somewhat large multi-family groups, defending or stealing food from outsiders while foraging by clubbing them with their pads; their ancestral density abilities being used to deal heavier blows.

Their tri spike tail has also shifted shape, covering more of the exposed bone in flesh to stop heat from being sapped away, as well as allowing for cutting motions; enabling them to chop off parts of more dangerous plants without hurting themselves too bad.
File: 1605511084649.png (18 KB, 480x540)
18 KB
Drawn to the Dustbowl due to a lack of competition the Fidj'te not only grows larger but develops a new magic as well as a fourth head

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