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File: James rose.jpg (24 KB, 640x360)
24 KB
You are James an infamous if criminally incompetent member of the notorious team Rocket.
After your recent failure of acquiring influence in the Galar region a particularly vicious female superior within Team Rocket (the secretary of the big boss himself) taunted you and your partner Jessie with all the Pokemon you previously trained having been tracked down and captured by them waiting to be sold or experimented on.
Your initial disbelief was replaced with shock and anger as you realized that they planted each of the poke-balls they handed out to you with tracking chips permanently attached to the caught Pokemon.
In the confusion you finally decided to end your criminal path and seek a way to save your old buddies.
Your only option remained an elusive international agent named Looker with whom you cooperated a few months before.
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Writing up.
I´ll try to update within the next 8 hours then have to sleep up for night shift.

I´m leaving it up to vote.
Just remember James and Jessie get together since this is a prequel quest to another where they get married.
So you might want to score plus points.

Think the stereotypical native american dressed all in blue jeans but since it´s James he makes it stylish.

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Hey QM you're still around?
Yes. Just not very healthy lately + shift work is draining me even more.
Wait wrong tripcode
Get better. Will stick around until you start again. Until now, I'm running my own quest here :
Feel free to join the fun

Your name is Shu, and when the world was devoured by a predator from beyond the stars, you took the hell it became and made it your heaven. Humanity’s been reshaped into a vicious, feral thing by the Crucible, their bodies twisted into raging beasts of muscle and bone, voices and minds warped into tools of war. The Daughters—combatants elected by the Crucible to fight and devour their fellows to reach even the apex of hideous strength—are perhaps the lucky ones, granted the freedom of choice in a world where most humans, flora, and fauna have been melted down into a carpet of raw biomass that’s pulled taut across our world.

Like every other Daughter in existence, you can feel the pull—gnawing at your bones, pulling every fiber of your being towards the tether between a mutilated earth and an alien sky. You call it the Cord, and it’s said that reaching it’s summit will grant the Crucible’s victor the power to reshape all that is into all that will be.

A siren’s song, beckoning you to the end of all things.

But you? You’re not interested in playing dice with the universe.

You’ve defied the will of alien conquerors and slain gods-apparent on your way to break this eldritch game, but you count your greatest victory to be the allies that you’ve gathered by your side; a team of fellow Daughters that you’re honored to call family. Gina, Rath, Amara, Julia, Dorian, Francine, and November...to say nothing of the dozens of other like-minded survivors who’ve refused to let a little thing like the end of the world stop them from doing what’s right.

Now, as you seek to surmount a range of perilous cliffs, you find yourself skirting the edges of two threats—a massacre before you with its butcher in the aftermath, and a titanic being that’s brought cities to their knees.

This is your story…

...and you are in control.

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File: EhkVm4hX0AE8gi-.jpg (663 KB, 1275x1650)
663 KB
663 KB JPG
its honestly one of the best pieces of media ive partook in in general. honestly while it would need some smoothing out the base setting plus writing quality could outright be competitive i think in an actual market. niche audience for sure, but still.

though at the same time im not actually sure that means as much as i mean it too as imo alot of 'hobby markets' today have gone really damn downhill.

lord knows i was blown away he brought it back after so long. thats the real impressive part and i'd think he deserves credit for that regardless of quest quality.

you guys are great in return, and a bit of heat here and there i dont thinks so bad. means people care and works kinks out of things... sometimes.
It's one of the better quests on this board, I agree. BHOP updates frequently and with quality posts, the characters are endearing and the worldbuilding fascinating, and BHOP's cultivated a pretty nice playerbase with actual conversation and involvement instead of people just voting and then leaving. I think the only other quest I've enjoyed as much as this is the venerable Totemist Quest, and unlike Totemist Quest this one actually came back from its hiatus. I mean, I don't know what's going on in Diarca's life, I shouldn't snipe like that, but you know what I mean. Most quests tend to go on hiatus and never return, the fact that BHOP didn't really makes this one stand out.
>you guys are great in return, and a bit of heat here and there i dont thinks so bad. means people care and works kinks out of things... sometimes.
Yeah. We wouldn't argue if we didn't care. I've seen way too many quests where there's no debate or conversation at all, the fact that we're invested enough to argue is a good thing, in my opinion. It can be stressful sometimes, but better a mostly-good environment with occasional spots of bad than nothing at all.
>you guys are great in return, and a bit of heat here and there i dont thinks so bad. means people care and works kinks out of things... sometimes.

Ha absolutely. We can be quite the bickering bunch. It has slowed down a bit since we got kind of gotten onto the same page for battles and RP. But still getting to argue a bit just makes things more spicy and exciting i find as long as there are no hard feelings afterwards

And a Relic derived from the video as inspiration!
>Ancestral Observer: The severed head of a bearded old man, his solemn visage constantly cast in highly contrasting shadows. The head appears perfectly preserved and almost disturbingly at home with the ruined setting of the Crucible. The Ancestral Observer does not yield immediate benefits nor provides combat benefits immediately apparent, only from time to time during certain events throughout exploration or combat springing to life and give quips in observation of its surroundings in violet prose (i.e. Character death, critical hits, hunger checks, etc.). Many combat oriented daughters would balk at bringing along such a useless trinket, and yet just as many do not mind bringing such a trinket along their journeys. It's deep reverberating voice adding a compelling mood to the grim world in which they live in.

File: 1.png (312 KB, 2000x1800)
312 KB
312 KB PNG
OH SHIT NIGGA(s) it's an adventure about being knights n shit.

4 knights are sent on a glorious quest to bring home the holy grail! Which have been stolen and taken to the Tower City!

Each Knight needs at least 1 player to be the voices in their head to tell them what to do n shit.

Just name yourself something with the highlighted title under the knight to identify which team you're going with.
Example: Scythe Knight herpaderp -> Controls Gustaf the Scythe Knight

Need at least 1 player for each knight for 'em to be active

Currently the party just defeated a gang of thugs and retreated to a safehouse. Planning on using the Tower City's secret passages to move upwards in pursuit of the grail!
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There is nothing to explain
Should have recruited server character Quattro to solo this instance
>possibly gay
what's next, vegan
New throd

File: 47.png (685 KB, 1000x1000)
685 KB
685 KB PNG
The Grail War is pointless. It has always been pointless. But you knew that. You always knew that.

You are Shinji Makiri. You were Truth Given Form. An Outsider.

You sought to change the world. To give it hope.

You will only bring despair.

Archive of Paradox Reincarnator: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Fate/Paradox%20Reincarnator
General QM Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=WhatIsAQM
Status Menu: https://pastebin.com/h152hbhV
Shinji Status Page: https://pastebin.com/a6fiNxrZ
My Twitter: https://twitter.com/WhatIsAQM

Last Thread: >>4960519
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And there's no need to be rude to him at all, if for no other reason than pity he displayed in earliest threads, when he said how no one will understand Shinji.
Poor wording but nothing new from me; meant it as an example but as I see it can only trust to work with us in as far as Manaka winning here even in the best case for them would likely result in the birth of another, more active, Azathoth. The knife probably works as intended at least for what he wants us to know but do note that were desperate enough he can tip his hand that he's working on countermeasures to us and it seems more interested in removing Truth from the board.
May not know exactly what plotting but his fundamental nature is that of a malicious deceiving manipulator, goodwill isn't in his nature unless it benefits him and at least for the moment it does.
He doesn't have a fundamental nature, ostensibly. He can take any nature.
Manaka winning will probably result in reality being rewritten, which may cause incompatibility with other structures of reality and accelerating total entropy, but that's just a presumption.
Who's winning?

>setting: 40K

You are among thousands amid the little world that is the imperial battleship “valorous liberator”. 90 years ago, the ship began what was a simple warp jump, but got stuck in the warp currents and has since been stranded on this very long journey. Two generations have been born midtransit, of which you spring from the second. outside the ship is naught but chaos and madness.

The imperial cult aboard claims recently that the journey shall finally end soon, while the more rebellious crew descend ever further into chaos.

Where are you on this ship though? How well off are you? Are you hated or accepted? That depends highly on the history seen and done by your ancestors among the original ship crew, who were...
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>no name QM
fake and gay
Don't be mean, anon
Prompts man, give us prompts
>>Son of one of the armsmen
How the fuck this is still up lol

File: Rough Rats Colonel.jpg (35 KB, 500x469)
35 KB
Be Colonel Tadeas, Commanding Officer of the Tagrian Rough Rat’s: 84th Mechanized Infantry Unit. The 84th and I, have been reassigned to reinforce Scarus Sector from a steadily rising number of Ork Raiders, as such the Departmento Munitorum has Co-opted a Merchant vessel to transport us to the sector (Though If I’m being candid, I’m almost certain the Munitorum Co-opted the merchant to save on costs on transporting just a single regiment.) This was supposed to be a few month’s travel, a simple trip from the Calixis Sector to the North eastern fringes of the Scarus Sector. 2 months minimum and 5 at maximum. But things are never really that simple.

Midwarp transit, our little merchant struck a shore in the warp reef, whatever the blazes that meant. With a start, our vessel found itself desperately steering into even more turbulent currents, rather than see the ship torn asunder by the jagged reefs. For nearly 10 hours we had been thrown nearly every which way aboard the ship as the blasted navigator did their best to get us back on course. Bloody good that did us.

Having passed the 6th month mark I eventually forced an audience with the Captain to get an understanding of the situation we now found ourselves in. To my horror our situation was quite a deal worse than just being delayed to our position. The navigator was having extreme difficulty trying to pull us out of the warp, from what was explained to me, we were in some sort of warpstorm that wouldn't let us leave. Until we could navigate free of this warp storm we would be stuck traveling in the warp. Remaining in place was not an option, we would need to keep moving.

2 years is how long it took before we managed to break warp. 2 years of practice drills, 2 years of drinking, 2 years of pointless administrative paperwork, 2 years of occasional reprimands, 2 years of being stuffed up with a regiment of guardsman with cabin fever. When the ship's fuel was beginning to run to a dangerous low, the emperor showed us that he might indeed have a bit of sympathy for the 84th, and finally parted the warp storm. The return to realspace saw an instant rise back in morale.

As it is my duty I should of course check on the tactical disposition of my troopers.
>This is my first time trying a quest, I've only really worked on contained stories on Tg and was made to move to Qst for a necron story I've written.
>Here’s hoping you all enjoy the trip.
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File: Dark Streets.jpg (454 KB, 1920x1080)
454 KB
454 KB JPG
We called into the 2nd platoon, They were about to engage the 2nd trio of hydra’s and would keep us posted on the results while we would begin to move onto the 3rd Trio of enemy hydra’s. Following that I vox’d into the colonel. “1st enemy hydra detachment has been secured, some injured are returning back to the ship for immediate evac. We are moving onto the next target sir. 2nd platoon is already in position” After a short moment the colonel spoke back through the line.

“Excellent work Captain.” There was a brief pause. “Monitoring their vox traffic they will have a convoy coming in a few short hours for a resupply run. Best work quickly.” We ended the call shortly after some logistical talk. I made a call to have our chimera’s come back in and lift us and drive us off to the next hot zone. Within a few short minutes an entire contingent of chimera’s and hydra’s began to mobilize. In under 10 we had reached the edge of the enemies scouting perimeter.

A Sergeant got my attention. “Captain, we still have 4 more hunter killer missiles. We could cause a significant distaction, or more precisely blow the bastards into smithereens.” I let out a sigh. “If you see a cluster larger than 5 you can open fire.” With that we marched into the enemy line, Having the hydra’s get into a higher vantage point.

File: Lasgun.jpg (98 KB, 1967x562)
98 KB
The platoon broke into their squad with our original tactic in mind, our specialists advancing ahead and we advanced shortly after. No immediate threat was noticed as we began moving into the industrial remnants of the maze, and both groups were advancing fairly quickly on the hydra’s, only a mile and a half left of walking before we would reach them. The specialist squad hailed my comm bead. “Captain, identified a collection of the enemy. They appear to be eating Captain, permission to open fire?”

I paused for a moment. “Line up your shots and fire ONLY when the Hydra has let out another salvo. The sound will make the las fire unnoticed.” The sergeant thanked me and let the line end. After that little call we waited for the next salvo...closing my eyes and holding my ear to the sky, I waited there for a minute, waiting for the dreaded sound. Then it came, the constant discharge of autocannon shells, and the distant and very brief flash of red light off to the south of our position.

“9 Hostiles eliminated, captain, reports say 11 remain.” The Sergeant vox’d. “We’ll find them soon.” I assured him. “For now keep advancing on the Hydras rear. The emperor is with us here today, I'm sure of it.” I reassured him. As if to highlight my point, when we moved in closer to our target a squad of 5 or so of these turncoat secessionists were patrolling near us. The salvo was going so I looked over at my men. “All together open fire.”

been a bit busy ill try and do some posting when i get the chance.
File: Average rough Rat.jpg (77 KB, 849x589)
77 KB
(Been dead a few days, couldnt really focus any)
With their ground troops taken care of, we vox’d into our other forces and got to task getting in firing range of the enemy hydra’s. The trio had been positioned along a winding series of Rising highway crossings, with clear line of sight above the mangled industry and decay of the labyrinth. Our chimera’s could not advance alongside us.

Disembarking once more we threaded through the Spaghetti mess of the junctions and off ramps, finding ourselves hanging close to the rockcrete barriers and crumpled remains of crushed and decrepit civy vehicles. We were closing in on 50 meters before the next series of salvos began to deafen us, seeing no better time we closed in on them. Rushing in, we got into optimal firing distance.

We entered into a pincer teams, lining up our shots on the ruddy gunners. I had my own lasgun lined up, pointing it at the head of a wrinkly head of the gunner. Together we fired off a single concentrated volley and watched the enemies bodies go limp as they were shot through with around 2 dozen las rounds each. Moments later I received confirmation from the other 2 teams that the other hydra’s had been taken.

File: DSRTGRDSMNVWIP.png (333 KB, 1920x1920)
333 KB
333 KB PNG
Yeah ill just write when i can find the time again. But this is a project i would ideally like to continue

File: Starter.jpg (973 KB, 1920x966)
973 KB
973 KB JPG
It all started the 26th of September 1983.

The norwegian FMS Northern Star was docked in Haugesund when it happened, it was a Monday, a pretty busy one at that. Cargo containers were being moved and hauled from one side of the shipyard to the other, workers and trucks scurried between the roads and warehouses, cranes slowly turned...

Normally most of us enjoyed listening to the radio in some way or another, the radio wasn't as distracting as TV, and the music and radio programs helped muffle the constant noise and boring shifts. I can remember it as if it were today, I was listening to the NRK radio and then suddenly the newscaster went dead silent for a while before speaking in a worried and stuttering tone.

"M-my God... We do have... coming in... confirmed reports. I repeat, confirmed reports of nuclear detonations in the United States, Germany, France and England. Nuclear rockets have been seen being fired from all over the Soviet Union and according to the Norwegian military several countries have started firing back and multiple nuclear rockets are heading towards Moscow and Leningrad along other territories. It is advised to travel to underground locations and seek shelter. Radiation and-"

And then the radio went dead silent and started spewing nothing but white noise...

The northern winds would soon bring a poisonous wave of radiation towards Norway, soon enough most of the world's surface would be deadly. The hysterical masses didn't take long to come and seek shelter in the ships, first were obviously the longshoremen, then the people from the nearby towns and anyone that by pure happenstance was driving nearby. In a moment like this human generosity shone like a lighthouse. All the docked vessels took people in, but far too many of them were terrified about the possible incoming radiation and left before they were far from full. Still, several workers waited behind and stood for as long as they could, guiding people to the different ships, filling them with as much cargo as they could, directing the different ships to avoid collisions.

I can proudly say that the FMS Northern Star was the last one to leave. As the captain I chose to wait as much as possible. My ship was the fullest one, my ship was the one with the most cargo containers on it, my ship will be the one that will survive.

Our mission is clear, find a suitable place to dock and settle in. It's either that or perishing like the rest of the world.
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Good quest!
Could you tell us some of the easter eggs?
Cool end, could be the begin of a post-apoc quest
>Could you tell us some of the easter eggs?

> Easter egg 1:
The ship's name, the FMS Northern Star is based on a norwegian shipwreck that can be found in Fallout 4.


> Easter egg 2:
WWIII happened the 26th of September 1983. This is a reference to the 1983 Soviet nuclear false alarm incident.


In that incident a soviet nuclear warning radar reported the launch of five nukes from the United States. These launches were suspected to be false alarms (which they were). But had they been deemed real the Soviet Union would have attacked the USA, and with that World War III would have erupted and every nuclear nation in the world would have blasted the planet to hell and back.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: Spoiler Image (180 KB, 647x500)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
Cool quest Axsi.
Now slowly get back in that chair and run Moonaloha or I'll turn your stash of fallout erotica to dust.
And here I was thinking FMS was a Star Trek reference (Ferengi ship prefix)

you are in the lounge of carribean cruise lines “princess of the sargasso”, enjoying gambling and hitting on frumpy 30yo fridge-shaped femoids when over the PA comes “passengers pleasr do not be alarmed, two individuals aboard our ship have tested positive for covid. they will be isolated in the aft section of deck two, deck two is now off limits for passengers thank you.”

the zombie outbreak has begun and they didnt even let you bring any guns aboard. do you:

A. break open the nearest fire suppression station and take the axe

B. pocket the steak knife

C. go search for the flare guns. there must be flare guns here somewhere
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Settings been played out by under a graveyard sky. Answer is that the crew is going to try their best to keep things under control but theyll quickly go out of control. At best they will distribute supplies to living quarters and sound a general alarm. Then they're gonna use the computers to lock all of the doors outside of keycard access by crew. Most of the crew and a handful of lucky passengers hanging around the right places are going to get on the life boats and disembark. Theyll feel kind of bad about it. Then everyone else is going to die like a rat in a cage waiting for help that'll likely never come. Only real chance of survival if youre left behind is being locked up in a food storage area with water lines that're below the level of the main drinking water tanks and getting rescued before you off yourself.

If you are out of your room then youll either get zombied because youre in an open area or just die of thirst in a random hallway with all the doors locked because you were in a closed area.

If you manage to avoid this and get a key card of a deceased crew member then youll die when you open your first hot compartment with dozens or even hundreds of zombies on the other side of it.

Major cruise liners have thousands of people aboard and its the equivalent of trying to clear a horizontal skyscraper with lots more hidey holes. Its just too much for any one person or small group of people armed with melee weapons to handle.
Is this still going?
>A. try to rally other forward thinking men to ethically cleanse the infected

Use the axe to make an improvised spear for any man who will join us.
Oddly enough I liked those books more when talking the politics of running an armada nation over the action sequences.
wonder what board this got booted from.
Op got a date with zack

And we're back again! haha. Couple things before we get going, just so it's out in the open for everyone.

Got a job interview for a full time (44hrs/wk mando, probably plus more) Job Friday Sept. 24. Not sure how things are gonna go there, but if offered I'll probably take the position, which means a few *more* weeks of lag as I move and get an apartment set up again and all that. I will do my best to keep everyone up to speed via twitter or discord. Speaking of, Discord link here:


There's an archive in the discord, but for anyone who'd rather not use it, archive here:


This will probably be a multi-day run, I kind of want to try posting across the week in general. I'm considering, after we wrap up this first season, moving to another site for the quest, possibly Akun or whatever the hell it's called these days, or somewhere similar, but I don't know yet. We'll worry about that later though, haha!


"Four seat wyvern?" Mori asks, reading over your shoulder. Technically she shouldn't do that- your computer is secured, afterall, and she has her own, but it's not like her clearances are any different from yous. It's one of the things they figured out early on, thankfully- you can't have WCTs with members of differing security clearances, so everyone is cleared into the same things at the same times.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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[x] Sounds like a plan.

You shrug. "Sounds like a plan." You say, agreeing. Regardless of the fact that you've been 'taking it easy' the last few weeks, it seems- you know that things can change quickly enough and that you might as well enjoy the chance to lay back and enjoy some extra nap time if you can.

Mori nods, her grin, if anything, getting wider. "Good." She says. "It'll also keep them honest, since I'll be there again. They can't try and tell the princess what she wants to hear."

"You think they would?" You ask, trying to ignore Merlin's excited expression.

"Better to prevent it this way." Mori says.

You nod. "Yeah." You say. "So you'll make sure she judges based on information and not looks?"

Mori laughs. "I'll try." She says. "Though I expect Wendy to do most of that work. The princess seems to appreciate her input."

You nod. Wendy sort of has turned into a sort of advisor- albeit one that's got entirely unlimited access to the princess. It's worked out fairly well so far, because, for all her teasing, Wendy is still fairly well grounded, so long as the subject is serious.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Ok, that's it for the week! I am planning a run this week as well, probably starting Friday. Scheduling has been weird, of course, and will probably continue to be for the forseeable future- I'm going to talk with the manager tomorrow about my availability, haha. I agreed to cover a shift- not just work it forever, and it's been more than long enough that they coulda made a hire!

I probably won't be on any longer this evening, but I'll be up pretty early, and can answer any questions or comments then! Otherwise gents, till friday, cheers!
Thanks for the run Ghost!
thanks for running!
File: ASF-X_Carrier.jpg (1.58 MB, 1727x1191)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB JPG
Thanks for the run boss.

File: 2915.png (530 KB, 800x640)
530 KB
530 KB PNG
Last time, you lost your own evil minion for a good cause, gave clues to (hopefully) reunite a family, and learned the true nature of the world you’re currently in! Right now, you’re taking this information in as you continue your conversation with those outside it!

“Wait, when you say that it’s slower here, do you mean it’s going faster outside?!” Took a while for Scarlet to understand, but now she’s all worried.

“No, the other way around. A minute in the real world could be an hour here.” Xavi clarifies. “It’s like there is an internal clock that you have to make go slower for it to—”

“Can you just admit you were wrong?” Lise raises an eyebrow.

“I’m definitely not wrong here. It’s all abstract, who cares?” Xavi doesn’t see this as necessary.

“How can you even do that?” Lise asks the key question you all are wondering most likely. Except Scarlet. Maybe she’s thinking about ice cream or something… She’s staring daggers at you for some reason. Did she read your mind?!

“Fairy magic…? Naiad is never going to tell me.” Xavi throws a cop-out.

“It would be useful to know the conversion rate.” Matilda requests. “We have been here for more than a day and a half.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>Mess with his Recliner. Pull it back so far to throw him to the ground!
>Have Philo lift some shit
>>Bang on the walls to scare him!
>Write In.

Knock something over in another room (something that will make a loud thump), then sneak over to his TV while he’s away and once he goes back to the TV, start changing the channel slowly until you hit static.

If you really want to scare the piss outta him, you gotta set the mood with a good misdirect (the thump) before you grab his attention with the actual trick (static on the TV). If there’s nothing worth knocking over for the distraction, start turning on any faucets within earshot.
I completely agree. We've gotta run this like a real horror movie if we want it to work.
Also, when we switch the TV to static, we should also remove the batteries in the remote so he has to get new ones, therefore giving us time to continue fucking around with him. Maybe have Philonune turn his BarcaLounger to face away from the TV?

File: great waifu tournament.png (341 KB, 1014x709)
341 KB
341 KB PNG
The time has come my friends.

[u]Welcome one and all to the official great tournament of /qst/ waifus, a prestigious contest I invented like yesterday to find the answer to that ominous question that we have long sought an answer to.[/u]

>"Who is the best /qst/ waifu?"

We will find out at last

>"Wait a minute isn't the 'best' purely subjectiv-"

Shut the hell up.

Before we begin, let us go over a few essential suggestions in the form of a rule set for users to follow.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
1343 replies and 375 images omitted. Click here to view.


Well done.
power level weenie waggling
(it's not like this thread is going anywhere anyway)

Can your waifu:
- maintain a proper posture throughout an entire day
- beat a toddler
- beat a dog
- beat a homeless guy on crack
- beat a police man
- beat a swat team officer
- beat a soldier
- beat the Terminator
- beat mecha hitler
- do moderate weight lifting
- run for a mile without stopping

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>- maintain a proper posture throughout an entire day
>- beat a toddler
Could. Would not.
>- beat a dog
Eat the dog.
>- beat a homeless guy on crack
>- beat a police man
Yes-- we've beaten staggering amounts of them.
>- beat a swat team officer
Yes. Most notable was the time she dabbed on a whole squad of them solo while carrying two people along. We ended up breaking the head-SWATman's nose, among other things...
>- beat a soldier

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

>Would your waifu/contestant make any dealings with long-eared, bunny/cat-like beings?

puella magica Catastrovania when?

File: wheel of time.png (60 KB, 860x573)
60 KB
[This quest will contain spoilers for all the Wheel of Time novels. You have been warned.]

The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again. In one Age, called the Fourth age by some, an Age yet to come, an Age long past, a wind rose in the Mountains of Mist. The wind was not the beginning. There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time. But it was a beginning.

The wind blasts westward, buffeting the high towers of Tar Valon before veering north to the Field of Merrilor. There it whistles against the shining hill of crystal that marks the grave of the previous Amyrlin Seat. At the base of this sparkling mound is you and your horse, taking a break for dinner. You sit and watch the light of setting sun dance across the Power-wrought formation while you hungrily shove food into your mouth.

It has been over half a century since Tarmon Gai'don; the battle between the Dragon Reborn and the Dark One. The war against the Shadow was before your time, so all you've heard about the Final Battle is what others have told you. You live a fairly simple life as a messenger, a profession that has not gone out of style even with Traveling becoming more common and advances in mechanical carts. Your current job is to deliver a parcel from the Kingdom of Malkier to Tar Valon. Why the Aes Sedai don't just open a gateway is a question you've been asking yourself but is ultimately none of your business. You're not going to pry.

[Who are you? What is your name? Give a basic description of yourself.]

[What is your gender]

[Can you channel the One Power?]

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You put the brush away carefully and grasp the mace at your waist. Turning slowly, you position yourself with your back to the setting sun and stare down into the deep shadows beneath you. You see nothing. Only the breeze shuffling the foliage of the vegetation.

"If you want to talk, I would rather you approach me in the light", you yell down the hill in your drawling Seachan accent. All that replies to you is silence. You grip your mace tightly in your right hand. Both your common sense and your instincts are telling you that you shouldn't do it, but you decide to anyway. You begin to walk down the hill.

The sky is clear, now turning from robin's egg blue to near-black. Your shadow stretches out before you, a dark arrow that is eventually swallowed by the shadow of the hill. The red-pink light along the horizon refracts in the crystals behind you, occasionally lighting small patches of gloom. The wind picks up as you shuffle down the slope towards where you saw the movement. Air buffets at your traveling cloak and leather-chainmail armor.

After what seems like an hour but was probably only a couple of minutes, you arrive at where you saw the figure. Crouching down, you search for clues. A cursory glance shows no disturbances in the dirt, but you do notice a small, bent twig. So it wasn't just your imagination (or an illusion constructed with the Power).

But now you're really on edge. Why haven't they replied to your voice? And why haven't they attacked you?

Sugar whinnies in surprise, and then anger. You swear out loud. They're after your delivery! You turn back to sprint up the hill and see two figures emerge from the shrubbery with weapons drawn. They're a little ways uphill, but not yet blocking your path back. Sugar can hold her own for a short while but not if the attackers have ranged weapons or use the Power.

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Sorry, character has already been picked.
>Run past and get to Sugar.
>Attack the ambushers head on.

Is there someone near Sugar? Or two people approaching horse are only ones we see?

File: 1x2w9l5fd3541.jpg (50 KB, 1000x508)
50 KB
Before you can see, you choke for air, a weak and desperate physical reflex to try and get some amount of oxygen betraying you as smoke filled your lungs and forced you to cough out both whatever you had taken in and what you had left inside you. It's hot, there's crackling and popping noises all around you, with your eyes opening to see nothing but fire all around you attempting to consume the metal of some kind of vehicle and the metal that formed the ground beneath you. Primal fear took hold in your body as you swung your head in any direction you could manage, your body choosing to trust the flight response and then giving it full control as you stood from the metal that burned at your skin. Bare feet, connected to a bare body, slapped against the heating metal earth as a small frame ran to where the flames seemed thinnest. Small hands shot ahead of you, your mind forcing them to slap and push anything that obstructed your escape away, cuts and burns ignored as survival took center stage in all theaters of the mind.

There is a brief hiss, before you feel weightless and see the world spin and sway, before the earth strikes you as if you were its enemy. You let out a soundless cry of pain as your head swam and your vision blurred, but that oldest of human drives pushed past it all and demanded you rise to your feet and keep running from the danger. Despite your efforts, you successfully rose to your feet and looked around the area, searching for where you could go.

>There's break in the floor, leading to an unknown darkness of ancient machinery deeper within the world made of metal and unknown machines you found yourself in. Darkness meant no fire, meaning no more burning metal or smoke, a perfect route to take.

>A gap between two cliffs of twisted metal, leading to a large doorway that looked partially open from a chunk of vehicle that had cut clean through it. Your small body might be able to fit through the gap, if you could make the jump across the predatory drop below.

>There is a pool of green water the fire seems to be avoiding, a pool that flows beneath a wall and beyond the area you found yourself in that remained conquered by the burning death that sought you out. The metal around the pool seemed shinier than the more ancient metal above the water.

>A break in the flames lies ahead of you, showing ventilation shaft that had fallen loose that lead into the ceiling and dozens of bigger and smaller tubes and shafts. It was swaying, but your small body might be light enough to climb through it before it fell apart.

>There, to your left! a section of the vehicle that might have held cargo or passengers lies partially upturned. The door looks like it might work, so it could serve as an adequate shelter until the fires die, though the fires seem to be growing more violent and you don't know if the explosion that had sent you into the air will be the only one to visit this infernal territory.
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>Gather the container and it’s contents and try to make the delivery, Obed still expects success.
>Gather the container and it’s contents and try to make the delivery, Obed still expects success.
>Gather the container and it’s contents and try to make the delivery, Obed still expects success.
Quest dead?

File: Goku in HxH.png (454 KB, 736x768)
454 KB
454 KB PNG
Out in the depths of space a proven and mighty warrior must face a decision. He is a brave man but at this moment his heart is griped with fear; frieza is coming. It's not something he can fight against. Nobody could. That monstrous aura would tear apart his home and nothing in this galixy could stop it. The alien Nen beast gifted to him had shown the calamity. The events were running though his mind he reaches the nursery and with a casual blast kills the soldier on guard. His son was the first priority. The coming battle would be disastrous even if his plan succeed and his son need to be removed from the situation if he wished to survive. He stalk to goku's cradle and hoists it up, carries him to the attack ball, then consults his scounter.


Weak. He needs to pick his planet carefully. The heritage of the sayins roar to life as children left their cradles and had to fight the crushing gravity of their home world, growing stronger from the pain of their first zenkai. He needs to choose well for his child, a land of hardship that would crush, grind and temper, but not break. The computer finally spits out a decent candidate. A world filled with terrifying monsters except for a small spot where a sayins-like race dwells. Lacking Zenkai and the Great Ape they were but they would be suitble sparing partners untill he grew ready to conquer the world beyond. The warrior punches in the code and, with a fierce expression, looks on as his son is blasted into the sky.

[So goku is being sent to the world of hunter x hunter, but where exactly will he land]

> Canon-like (Grow up with gohan character in the wilderness)
> Custom (Write character goku will land near who will probably take a liking to him)
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>Goku and Bulma hunt for legendary treasure
>>Goku and Bulma hunt for a legendary treasure
>Use the journey to steadily improve your physical strength as you also get used to incorporating Nen with your blows.

Don't see why we can't improve our Enhancer abilities as well as keep honing our physical ones on this journey.

The storm has been brewing for a while. Every year things just get worse and no one does anything to fix them. Its like everyone, the media, the politicians, are just content to let our whole country fall apart. The people who want to take everything from us are just getting stronger and its time we fought back. The government has failed and its time to take matters into our own hands.

It's time for an American Insurgency (quest)

In this quest, you will be one brave insurgent facing down the US government. Although you start alone, you can gain influence and followers as you progress and develop into a military/political movement to challenge the government.

To start:

>What is your ideology?

>Where in the great US of A do you live?
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At the parks like other anons suggested.
bring some workout gear to get fit and not look like a hobo
File: img_7174.jpg (6.42 MB, 4032x3024)
6.42 MB
6.42 MB JPG
Months of stretching have led up this moment and Joshua has plastered the wealthier areas of Chicagoland with flyers advertising free yoga in Marquette Park, pictures of chakras and people ascending vibrationally included. Joshua pulls up outside the park on Saturday morning and is pleasantly surprised by the number of people there. As Joshua predicted, most of the people there are middle aged White women in stretch pants and bearing their own yoga mats, but there are also a scattering of younger hipster looking types and one fat old man.

The class goes fairly well, considering that Joshua has only been doing yoga for a few months. He is more flexible than the pathetic showing at the park and most seem to be eating up his talk about breathing curing the body of toxins and increasing life energy. Most people leave after the class is done, but a few stay behind to talk to Joshua or rather listen to him pontificate on why the Man has tried to suppress yoga and its healing energies for so long. A few of these women, and one young guy, seem interested in 'expanding their minds' and agree to meet up next week to see Joshua's product, which he has decided to transport to the park in his Honda Civic.

Next week there are fewer people at the park and no new faces, but the group Joshua talked previously is there and, as promised, accompany him to his car after class and buy a baggie of shrooms each and some salvia. Joshua nets a nice $450 off the deal and manages to talk to these people more about his ideology. None are interested in doing drugs with Joshua, yet, and all seem relatively familiar with what they're buying, but surely the mind expanding effects of the drugs will bring more customers and, eventually, comrades.

>Established customer base of 3 divorcees and 1 stoner guy
>5 divorcees and 2 stoner guys interested in your beliefs

>The yoga thing seems to be working as a way to earn money and at least some people are interested in your beliefs, if not yet radicalized. The choice is now how to progress from here: what should the money be used for? What steps should be taken to aid recruitment?
Forgot the name. This post is approved by the QM.
make a bank account for the yoga business to throw the sent off of us from the feds to make us look like a regular bot
Get a gym membership to get swole too.

Also creating an llc for our yoga business sounds like a good idea

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