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After some consideration... you've decided that you're going to lay down a trap for the son of a bitch that fired an arrow at you, and indirectly started this godforsaken mess. Besides, you need to figure out how easy it is to walk, now, though initial testing seems... promising, at least. The main thing you're worried about is how stable your stance is, compared to before, considering you're not standing on digits instead of an entire foot... Though, you do notice that the soles of your foot are not only thicker, but... Not too dissimilar to sandpaper. Not a lot of friction, though the wet grass is still a danger. Not much more than when you were still wearing boots, but... so be it.
You leave the trapping up to Snikt and Anna, who were both excitedly working together in setting something up.
As you learn to walk and wait for the trap... you also just talk to the others. Snikt has told you a few... disturbing things about Pink, for instance, and you kind of feel like you haven't had a regular heart to heart with anybody in a hot minute.
So, as you sit down, adjusting your tail to do so, you look over to Collar and Teensy, who are both playing tag with some of the fairies.
Seems that, considering the new Prince of the Forest is friendly with you, they're rather forgiving...

All the same, he doubts that this friendliness will last long. He is quite thankful that you, essentially, turned him into a fae baron and cured his madness as a result, but still... Only so much he can do.
You call Pink closer to you, and she all but sprints over. Chad decides to sit nearby as well, as does William.
"...Pink. We haven't talked in a while, and I'm sorry. Lots of things have been on my mind... Especially now."
"Its fine, Dragon! We still talked!"
"Never really beyond what's needed, though, don't you think?"

Pink shrugs.
"You are not obligated to do anything, Dragon."
You pat her on the head, smiling, and then you get a little more serious.

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I strongly vote against transforming our kobolt friends into dwarves against their will.
Do they even have "will" of their own in the traditional sense? The Pegleg 'bold didn't even understand that having his own hatchlings (read: children) eaten or having his own limbs eaten by the ogre was a bad thing, only that he failed the ogre somehow and he deserved to lose his limb.
But yeah, on a second thought, turning kobolds into dwarves (or humans, or any other sapient) would probably work out about as nicely as turning a dog or a cat into a human - suddenly losing senses and instincts they relied on for decades (if not centuries) would probably turn out to be disastrous.
.... and somehow the IP changed again. Was Z+ciOeCa .
>Do they even have "will" of their own in the traditional sense?
Chad has shown discomfort and concern for others verging on moral compunction. Esme is in love with us and desires us (to the point of being briefly named 'Humper') despite knowing it's "wrong" for her to do so. Pink is actively undermining our authority because she thinks she knows better than us. The kobolts aren't automatons, they just have a much stronger instinct to defer to authority than a human does, and a reduced sense of fairness. They're effectively a eusocial species. Think of them less like lizards than like cute little bees or ants with human intelligence, or at least like molerats or prairie dogs; not robots, but also not humans.
Fair point. The issue is still that they sorta WILL "consent" (in quotation marks because their engineered servile instinct overrides their individual will) to anything their "dragon" (dragonhood optional) asks for, even if it's something immediately harmful for them like eating their limbs. And that's also why I said they have a sense of right and wrong but it's really warped. Most of their concepts of "right" and "wrong" are about whether an interaction between them and their "dragon" is the "proper" thing to do (likely also engineered by their creators), and whether something benefits their clan.
So once again, I'm not saying they're inert robots, but that they cannot give meaningful consent to anything that's not also a kobold. Yeah, I probably worded my previous post weird.... They're capable of individual decision-making just fine, and they clearly have emotion and a social structure so they definitely have free will, it's just that they cannot give meaningful consent to their "dragon"s.

TL;DR: Should've said "can they even give consent to non-kobolds" in the previous post.

File: Emergency_Sortie.jpg (87 KB, 959x499)
87 KB
“It’s been 28 years since the Satellite War plunged the world into chaos. The great institution that was the International Forum is dead, and with it all dreams of peace and global solidarity. The Bi-Frost satellite network that once enabled large scale global communications lies shattered. The resulting orbital debris field has halted any plans of expansion into space.”

“Now surviving nations leverage their remaining industry to fortify their fragile borders, petty warlords squabble over wastelands scarred by kinetic bombardment, the remnants of the IF’s elite peacekeepers haunt the battlefields like vengeful spirits, and over it all looms the threat of Neromius; empowered by a new generation of genetically engineered mega-cavalry and unrestricted by the sanctions of the IF; the rider-chiefs of its disparate tribes and city states sally forth into the broken world in search of spoils and glory.”


The Neromian Warlord; Doruk Demir and his Iron Tide have made landfall on western side of the N.O.D.R, dragging the Miner’s Republic into a war they are ill suited to fight. The entire western region of the country would have fallen overnight if it weren’t for a plucky band of mercenaries in the right place at the wrong time…

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"That's just typical isn't it? That this scrap heap would roll over just as the enemy retreats! You stupid metal amalgama- AAAAA, AND NOW YOU'VE GONE AND HURT MY FOOT, TOO! TRAITOR! GOOD GOD, MEDIC! MEDIC!"

>Restore Tegu MBT: Total Cost 750¢
>Remaining: 150¢
>Purchase: Ablative Armor (1) [+8 HP] (50¢)
>Purchase: Main Gun FCS (Accuracy +5, Tracking [20]) (¢75)
>Remaining: 25¢
>Level Up: Rookie > Regular [50XP / 150XP]
>Stat Bost: +4HP
>Take Skill: Automatic Fire Control

>Quacken Squadron
>Quacken Squad isn't called "Drake/Mallard" and "Launchpad/McQuack"
How will they be able to Get Dangerous like this?
"Alrighty, boys I think I'm gettin' the measure of Bessie's new toy now, might even be able to drop two shells on the same poor bastard's head at the same time if'n I really tried.
Might need to use to ol' FCS at the same time as the new one though...
Jessup, why don't you an' Barnaby start welding on a few new spars an' spalling liners why I fiddle with these here wirey bits."

>Maintenance fee: 235 Cr
>Purchase internal reinforcement: 100 Cr
>Level up to Veteran: +5 ACC, On-Time On-Target

Callsign: Risk of Rain
Role: Indirect Fire Support
XP:150 (Veteran)
Skills: +10 Ranged ACC, Flank Speed, On-Time On-Target
Chassis: Boa
Turret: Artillery FCS, Howitzer HE
Turret Equipment: Smoke Launcher, Basic FCS Ext

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Realized I made some errors in in my character sheet, it should be:

Name: Camellia "Cammy" Morgan
Level: Regular
Exp: 50/150
Skill: Top Attack Guidance
Passive: +3 Penetration
Money: 12.5

Mech: "Longbow"
Crocodile Mk2 (600)
Left Arm Mount: Longbow Missiles(150), Rapid Rocket Pod (75)
Right Arm Mount: Longbow Missiles(150), Rapid Rocket Pod (75)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I need a bit more time to make the next mission. I hope to post the briefing by next Wednesday at the latest.

File: IMG_0785.jpg (242 KB, 1620x899)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
The Amazing Digital Circus - Abstraction Infraction!
Welcome! Today is going to be the first day of a your new eternity as a character on The Amazing Digital Circus! Experience love, and mayHem in this heart stopping and mind bending adventure! After all, the only differEnce between impossible and possible is removing two unwanted individuals. That’s right! Here we do the impoible!Anywho what manner of poor sap, and or lucky individual are you? I have a feeLing that you’re gonna do wonders there! Where death is impossible, pain is palPable, and you can’t escape…the fun! So let’s see first thing is first. What of these is most prominent in your life? This will affect your stunning good (Marketable) Looks and a few other unimportant things.

>Sadness. Can’t say I’m surprised, no offense. DEF++ (Clown)
>Joy. Oh, how rare. Especially these days. You know how to live life rather than think about. AGI++ (Animal)
>Anger. Lots to angry bout’ makes sense you’ve got a temper. STR++ (Toy)
>Love. Ah, that’s so corny I can taste the butter and salt, one that so many crave but few have, lucky you. (Stuffed) CHR++
>Neutrality. No strong feelings one way or the other. It’s comfy atop the fence isn’t it?”(Shape.) INT++
>Laziness. Well, the bed IS comfy. Thinking to yourself all day as you wrap yourself in your blanketed shell. Not very ambitious are you? (Puppet) INT+ DEF+ -STR
>Fear. Lots of creepy crawlies and abstract concepts to scream at. But a cornered rat is when it’s at its most dangerous. (Effigy) AGI+ STR+ -CHR
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Could we use our ability here and interrupt this condition
Yep, but the next roll will be averaged. If you wish to use it now you can vote on it.

Best save that for a worse situation
Is this quest still active?
if only you had some sort of fifth sense that'd allow you to see things for yourself

File: IMG_0105.jpg (683 KB, 1531x2067)
683 KB
683 KB JPG
Your daysleep is restless, as it has always been since the fall of Constantinople. You relive this nightmare with more fervent lucidity than usual. Like you were there again. The moon was choked by rising tendrils of smoke. The screams of the Children of Seth running for their lives as crusaders butchered their way into the city. Trebuchets flinging death onto stone and wooden homes. Fire and blood and madness.

You look down at the scene from the balcony of the inn. You feel the fiery destruction pull you in, into rotschreck, but you resist. You recall your roots, the blood. You stand your ground against the fear. You have no need to breathe, but you breathe in deeply, dead lungs wheezing out. You are bound by the night forever.

You steel your resolve. You are a Cainite, a vampire descended from the cursed blood of Caine. You clench your fist. You are…

>Question 1: What is your name and gender:
>1. Joseph of Vienna
>2. Kalina of Damascus

>Q2: What Strata is your Clan a part of? (Choosing the Specific clan within the winning group will be in the next round of voting. Your strata gives you benefits and a flaw.)

>1. High Clans (Brujah, Cappadocian, Lasombra, Toreador, Tzimisce, Ventrue)

You recall having the best teachers, being taught the ways of the blood like a member of nobility. Intrigues were aplenty, as well as growing a power base. Your sire constantly tests you, somewhere between friend and foe.

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It was good while it lasted...
Hope QM is safe and sound.
We started last month pretty well with 3 WoD Quests.
Are you still intending to pick this back up, anon? And if/when you do, will you use this thread, or make one of your own?
>tfw even the guy who said he would take the Quest dropped


It was a good Quest while it lasted.
I'm sad. We'll never get a long running Dark Age quest.

Not until YOU run it

File: xcom 2199.jpg (597 KB, 1920x1080)
597 KB
597 KB JPG
War. War has ever drove mankind to the brink. From the First Contact Wars in the mid 21st century, to the First and Second Interplanetary Wars from 2164 to 2183. Each happening had taught us that no longer could we afford to be complacent in any martial matter, for the sword ever hangs above the throne, and no king could rule forever.
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QM Kill?
Quest Kill?
Sorry, I'm stuck with work. Second year architecture. I'll put out soon.
Forgot the trips

The sun barely shone through the smoke which rose from the earth. Where once sat the centre of a large tropical island with a few small reinforced buildings built into the ground, there are now no signs of visible life. All plant life has been killed, the place looks like a warzone... and there is a crater which is at least a few miles wide and several miles deep. Buried underneath scorched metal and chunks of rubble now rest the remnants of a vast, underground facility... One can even see the remaining underground structures, which are now exposed to the outside world... And in the centre of the crater, sits a large, newly installed structure clearly built to contain something, protected by soldiers...

The thousands of people who worked here are either dead or buried somewhere underneath all of this rubble... they may think their worst day has already past, but things are only going to get worse from here. Far, far worse.


Alpha Copernicus is a mostly oceanic planet with various volcanic islands. One of these small, remote islands hosts the Valulori Research Centre for Monster Girl Subjects (often referred to as simply the Valulori Monster Girl Centre or VMGC). This facility is one of a few known, yet still secretive, research centres for genetic modification run by the government. It has focused on creating monster girls for usage around the galaxy.

Monster girl creation is quite a new sector, one which isn't well known to the public. The main goal of the sector has been to craft efficient and highly intelligent creatures who use a mixture of organic- and nanotech-based to do various tasks. These tasks range from simple menial labour, to more dangerous and high risk tasks in hazardous environments. There have even been confirmed cases of subjects being created for military purposes...

Of course, given how new this sector of genetic modification is, the ethics surrounding monster girl creation has not been addressed very well. What is known about Valulori is that treatment of monster girls in the facility was... acceptable at best and an abuse of basic human rights at worst. Despite that, the government kept sending money and material to the facility to ensure work continued.

Because of the unknowns of the sector, the secrecy and the lack of ethics, it was unsurprising that a disaster like this would eventually occur... Details are sparse, especially given the planet's status as a closed-off research planet. But reports have slipped through the cracks, indicating that a huge blast occurred after a skirmish with a rogue subject. Few have seemed to survive, and the rogue subject has allegedly been terminated. However, due to a classified ability she was designed to have, any and all staff and subjects who are still left in the ruins are now deemed security threats to the government. Death Squads have thus been called in to cleanse the place before rebuilding can be done.
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(Since >>5845822 asked for the docs again, here they are:
Squad doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_NoldE7zglICEuon-YZNhxjXcqvjszveOsz4u8jz-is/edit?usp=sharing
Subject + Scientist doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15Z64W31Eszz9CNi-ZWe-t38yqg6riZ9oUvinfd2-F9A/edit?usp=sharing
If there are any further questions about the docs, just lmk.)
>Check the first room with the fancy equipment and machinery. The research table probably indicated that experiments had been done there... which should have documents for such experiments then as well.
>>Check the first room with the fancy equipment and machinery. The research table probably indicated that experiments had been done there... which should have documents for such experiments then as well.

That one room with the metal box? we save that for last, I don't want to risk a subject being inside and us getting screwed over for it.
>>Check the first room with the fancy equipment and machinery. The research table probably indicated that experiments had been done there... which should have documents for such experiments then as well.
Supporting. We all are in agreement.

The flame of the future felt so far away. Like a star whose luster was so unimaginably distant that none of its warmth accompanied the light.

Once, in a time that you lost grasp of in memory in spite of it only being a few years ago, you and your best friends had been at that clifftop café in Lapizlazulli- you, Leo, and Cesare, speaking of- what else- the forthcoming, and futurism, the vehicle which would bring forth such to Vitelia, and then the world.

“If anywhere is to bring about the Dawn,” Cesare said emphatically, “Would it not be Vitelia? Look at us at this table. Anywhere else on this continent, we would be two different peoples, but since our grandfather’s grandfathers, we have become one people. It can’t be much further to become one Class, surely. Greater obstructions have been conquered than stand before us now.”

“I concur,” Leo said, “Even if the Professor won’t let us write what he considers to be insurrection material, the nobility are the ones who stand the most in the way- and they have the most to lose. Yet fall they must, either gracefully or no. As the First Empire did to smash the barriers between peoples, so must a bomb shatter the castle of the nobility if they stand in the way of the Forthcoming Dawn. It’s just a fact. It will happen whether they like it or not.”

Cesare put a hand on his cheek and leaned on the table and gave his coffee a contemplative look. “Although, is that truly the way forward? Did the First Empire do it, or did it simply happen because the First Empire existed?”

Leo was a big, brutish looking man, but appearance belied truth. “I’m sure that at least some of it was a result of the Empire’s active effort.”

“Yet,” you observed, “It was also led by nobility above all the others. I imagine any highborn would have aspirations of being Emperor if the highest office now was not that of King, his ministry, or the Signore Delle Opinioni.”

“Or Vilja Domkarl,” Cesare added, “But what I was getting at, is that perhaps our unity comes from the fact that it fell, as did the Second Empire that sought to become the First. What I believe, the thesis for my Contemporary Vitelia class, is that our unity comes from an idealized vision of what once was, and an unwitting working towards the future based off of an imperfect vision of, well, what we think was perfect.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I was thinking it would probably be the thread after the next or the one after that.
So much for a one shot
Based Vinterlandchad.
>yfw this ends up longer than Luftpanzer
I wouldn't complain.

File: Kowloon Freighter.jpg (17 KB, 442x256)
17 KB
From local cluster to Perseus veil, from galactic core to the furthest rim, sapient civilizations everywhere were aware of the wild variety of events and experience the universe has to offer. Many would seek to find some guiding power or principle behind them, be they taking form of immutable laws, deities capricious or sagacious, strokes of luck or twists of fate, many committed their experiences to expressions of art in its countless forms. Almost all took to accept that nothing is wholly certain when it comes to tomorrow, aside from the possibility of each of them being the last one for the particular perspective.

Virtually all of those civilizations would at some point discover that a particular form of ending swept across the galaxy on regular basis, wiping the slate clean for the next generation of species... this ending has come to be recognized as the Reapers. A fleet of ominous machines hiding beyond the stars, that for motives unknown would periodically return and purge the galaxy of all sapient life.

Until recently.

A coalition of species built around network of Mass Relays, galactic traffic infrastructure now revealed to be about as old as the Reapers themselves, succeeded to rally around common cause of survival, and reaching for knowledge of the countless peoples extinguished in ages past, succeeded in creating and deploying an arcane device that ended the Reaper cycle of harvests once and for all.

You were there when it happened. You were looking at the sky when the story of the universe turned to a new chapter before your eyes.

And so far, you're doing your best to contribute to making it a good one.

You are Henri Ford, special consultant for the Citadel Institute for Xenoarchaeology, captain of a Kowloon class freighter MSV Chariot, veteran and survivor of the Reaper crisis and currently a freelancing adventurer.

And currently you're also waking up into a new day.
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That is indeed correct good sir
>We're going to land out of sight and look into that suspicious accident covertly.
Nice one
"We'll take the car and land out of sight." You decide after brief deliberation. "They already know our faces and have an idea what we can do..." You look towards Eve. "...but maybe we can make the best of what little initiative we have left by not being too brazen. At very least we should be able to take a look at that suspicious accident."

"Hrmpf. I don't like being relegated to backup role much, but I think you're right, it's going to be our best shot. Especially since we still have no idea what we're going into." Kris says.

"Actually... I think I have a hunch." You say. "For all his talk of individual ambition and initiative, mr. Johnson to me comes across as someone who has little patience for things outside his control. Unless I'm wrong, I expect that his presence in the area goes beyond just reputation of a war hero, and not everyone is happy with that being the case."

"Oh? What happened to not jumping to conclusions, cap?" Lea asks.

"Maybe you're rubbing off of me, miss Fari." You grin at her. "But on a more serious note... I'm obviously not certain. I suppose we will see soon enough." You look around. "Any objections? Other ideas?" There are none. "Alright then, let's move out. Time's a-wasting. Take what you think might come in handy into the car, ship would be too obvious to move."

With that you pick yourselves up and head out. In the end, your teammates end up waiting for you in the skycar because you have to change from your adventuring armor into a different expedition outfit to make yourself marginally less recognizable. Unfortunately that also meant you would not be taking most of your weapons except for the exotic sidearm Libella gave you, or the jetpack... which after some hesitation you decide to at least take into the car so you could pick it up, or have someone fetch for you later.

Eventually you depart, your Livingstone shuttle leaving the Chariot behind on Kinshasan landing zone. You let Kris drive and, after a few moment familiarizing yourself with looks Eve had chosen for the occasion - she let her hair take on colour of straw and texture of her skin take a mildly aged appearance, giving her visage of a sagacious middle aged woman. How she pulled that off is not even clear to you, perhaps it was about configuration of wrinkles or something about shade of her irises, or perhaps most likely the small smile she adopted as her resting expression.

"Do you think this will be a passable look, Ford?" She asks.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Rest of your brief trip over Atlantic was spent by poring over map of the area. The region seemed to have hit the exact balance between remote and urbanized to create a moderately attractive area for business as well as living, but at the same time remote enough to not warrant dedicated purging by a spaceworthy Reaper; That's not to say it had escaped ravages of war as corrupt creatures from the south poured from major population centers. In many similar regions this led to clashes with resistance fighters that managed to escape concentrations of Reaper forces, and in this case it probably allowed Johnson's heroic career to bloom.

Moving onto the collapsed mall, a daring entrepreneurial venture partly refurbished, partly freshly erected in freshly confirmed Green Zone, you learn of one Malcolm O'Riley, a trader who had apparently owned land in the area and returned shortly after the Victory day, having resigned his commission in Alliance logistic corps to embark on the path of enterprise. And apparently his project was quite popular, as evidenced by volunteer work put in by the locals.

According to some, volunteer involvement that failed to adhere to safety standards was to blame for the disaster that resulted in deaths and injuries. Relief was handled by locals affiliated with Johnson and/or Ambition, something Edmonton Alliance outpost took as a blessing initially as it freed it of need to reallocate crews, but that was before the controversy arose where some of the locals began to claim it was not an accident at all. As it were, the matter was being investigated by the Alliance authorities - and, as you gathered from Graves's insinuations, also intelligence service.

That's about as far as you get before your ride reaches coast of Noram and you can't help but put the display away to watch the landscape below.

Serving as a grim reminder of crisis not long past, your car quickly passes above one of the thoroughly scorched megalopoli lining the east coast, skeletons of burnt out high rises interspersed with trunks of collapsed ones with an occasional inert destroyer class Reaper sticking out like an out of place tombstone. Between scarce resources and bureaucratic challenges many of these areas were likely to remain red-zoned for a while, until at least political centers were comfortably revitalized.

Perhaps in some cases nature might end up reclaiming the terrain before man would. In fact around some of the parks you could already see it happen.

You don't really have time to ponder this as Kris guides the shuttle further above less devastated countryside, with occasional silver ribbon of rail tracks and landlines cutting through the landscape, reminding you that despite the scars, both the world and the man were healing.
As you drew nearer to your destination, Kris took the shuttle lower, giving the scenic flight a bit of an adventurous flair as the car swayed and swooped between the hills and mountains until eventually your vehicle came to a soft descent on a glade amidst a sparse conifer forest.

"Alright. We're like five minutes away from edge of the settlement. That should be fine, no? Unless you want to head to a blue zone and arrive by one of those buoyant things." Kris offers.

"I don't think that would be worth the time." You say. "This should be good enough to give us some measure of cover."

"Well, then off you go. I guess I and Lea are going to camp here." The krogan says.

"Don't take too much stuff we might need out of the car." You warn.

"Well duh, I'm used to having to bail your ass, Ford."

"Break a leg, Cap! I'll be digging through local feeds." Lea pipes in.

Thus encouraged, you confirm your location on your omnitool and then head towards the town, with your synthetic friend in tow.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: .0 Untamed.jpg (788 KB, 2031x1838)
788 KB
788 KB JPG
Welcome back to the world of Untamed, a collaborative Civilization-style world-building project. I use Project instead of Quest because you, the players, are going controlling a civilization from nomadic hunter-gatherers to a massive empire instead of a traditional story-driven quest. The only story here will be an emergent one that concerns the history of an ever-growing population of people and the struggles they face throughout the ages. Eventually, at the end of the project, a fully fleshed-out world will have emerged.

You, the anons of /qst/, control a civilization in a randomly-generated world, experiencing random events each age and fleshing out the history, technology and lore of this civilization one age at a time. There are also players who control their own civilizations individually; they play by the same rules as this thread does. The game is played out in a series of ages, in which players experience random events, are given the choice to perform a number of actions of their desire, and progress along technological and magical trees. Much like in a Civilization-style game, once each player has finished their actions for an age, all players advance to the next era and the cycle continues. You will be playing the game alongside my players, eventually interacting with them through the lens of these threads. You will vote on everything that happens to your civilization, which will be the only one in this game with more than one person controlling it and the only anonymously-controlled society.

This is going to be a long-form game, and may not be akin to traditional civ-style quest threads on this board.

Previous Thread: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=untamed%2C+civilization
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/xeYq6mJ9TB

This begins the 13th age of our people, the Roman-inspired Half-Elves.
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File: harkness test.png (224 KB, 640x848)
224 KB
224 KB PNG
Goodness, I check on the thread after a few days and come back to all of this, lol

I would like to address a few points; none of the historic/political ones, of which I am no expert, but I can talk about a few things that clarity would be helpful on.

In regards to hybridization, crossbreeding, whatever you would like to call it, I don't approach anything from a fetishistic or furry perspective. This is a high fantasy setting, it has cat people and dragon people and minotaurs and such, and simply because furries/scalies/whatever happen to be attracted to those has no bearing on me or my decisions. In all things, I try to be impartial, and act in good faith; minotaurs are cool, catfolk are cool, dragonfolk are cool. I don't see them as inherently sexual beings, even if our sexual characteristics are applied to them (for example, tits on a lizardfolk/dragonfolk etc). I don't believe that the mere act of including these things in a setting makes one a fetishist for them.

On a more specific note regarding hybrids, due to one player (well, more like two or three) I have been developing a chart in regards to what species can interbreed, inspired by the old TOEF but updated with my own personal beliefs as I find that book's chart to be insubstantial for my purposes. However, one thing I am carrying over and have always had as a quality in my settings is the ability of extraplanar creatures to universally breed with mortals. For example, demons, devils, angels, elementals, eldritch beings, etc, and yes, Dragons are part of this group, being inherently magical to some degree. Part of this is due to magic, part of this is due to shapeshifting capabilities, or something else along similar lines. Tieflings, aasimar, half-dragons and others are all part of this logic, much like the half-demons who beset us this age, who strictly speaking may not even be demons if I were to actually reveal what that woman was, but I use half-demon and half-devil interchangeably for our civilization's purposes as they would not know any better and the distinction doesn't matter much at this moment.

Note that hybridization doesn't always turn out pretty; eldritch entities in particular, being horrifying Lovecraft abominations, don't turn out well. I often point to the Dunwich Horror as an example of this.

In regards to the topic of bestiality that was raised, I don't consider consenting sapient creatures to be bestiality and refer to pic related.

In regards to the warden, the isles, the dragon's loyalty and such and concerns for the future, I'll just say that, like with every civilization each player controls, I have nothing planned and leave it solely up to my random event generator each age to determine story elements that get introduced or changed, but if nothing along those events which are generated upsets the status quo, then the status quo continues. Consider also that things could turn out to be even better for our civilization as a result of what happened this age.

And finally, let's just remember to keep things civil. I don't believe anyone here is making any choices or doing anything in bad faith or in an attempt to ruin the civilization, so please refrain from personal attacks. I don't think anything that was said was over the line or something, but like I said let's just remain polite and if you disagree with someone else, that's fine, but try to do so in a polite manner.

Anyway, the original reason I popped back in here was to make a post about how I've been hard at work on several things, notably some pretty big additions to agriculture and the tech tree. I put a lot of time and effort into the project, too many things to list easily or readily, but it's mostly stuff that's all on my side of things and will be presented organically/automatically to the players next age. I've made some changes to tech requirements for some later tier techs, been researching more ancient technology and what have you, and have been doing a lot of digging into topics related to agriculture.

As always, there's more to come in the coming ages, so I hope you're all looking forwards to it.
Thank you QM for the clarification. I think it is much needed, and I myself personally appreciate it.
I'm looking forward to this quest returning!
Just gotta say to the QM, I'm reading through the previous quests and trying to catch up to this one. I liked the first thread quite a bit, good job man.
>On a more specific note regarding hybrids, due to one player (well, more like two or three) I have been developing a chart in regards to what species can interbreed

Sounds like typical discord degeneracy.

File: Intro1.jpg (4 KB, 250x250)
4 KB
Disclaimer : I am not the OG QM. Just attempting a Redo of a quest I loved in the past.


>In the 40th millennium, the God Emperor of Mankind sits astride His Throne on Terra, shackled in torment as He lights an inferno in the immaterium, fueled by a thousand psyker’s souls consigned to oblivion each day. Across the galaxy, quintillions of men and women struggle, suffer, and take their stand in His Name against the numberless horrors that threaten to destroy them from within and without. They are the Imperium of Man, their hearts filled with relentless hate, and over millions of bloodstained battlefields, they and theirs return the hostility inflicted on them tenfold. It is not the 40th millennium, and this is not their story.

>This is the story of another species, risen to prominence on an alien rock that never has and never will know the nurturing warmth of Sol. They are Xenos, as far from the genetic legacy of Terra as the east is from the west. To the Imperium: Other, Anathema, an INSULT to Mankind’s existence that cannot and must not be allowed to endure. To themselves, they are the only thing they can truly count on in a galaxy gone mad. In time, the Great Crusade of Mankind will discover their existence and in a crucible of fire and fury, their right to be will be earned or it will be extinguished.

In time… First, they have to evolve and before we can get into that, you’ll need to decide on their evolutionary context. The choices to follow are simple but fundamental and will shape every aspect of their eventual physiology. Choose one per category and the vote will be tallied after roughly 24-36 hours, barring a clear supermajority.
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P A I N! Give us sweet P A I N!

We NEED better digestion but pain sense is critical for self-preservation.
Actually i am gonna go back to digestion gotta keep pushing it
Alright will switch from >>5846337
To give us a pain sense.

Id probably changed since i am on phone
i'll vote for this with the hope it will lead to spiting acid.
>Improve digestion with a more efficient stomach
>Stronger limbs and limb skeleton

File: Start5.jpg (44 KB, 750x535)
44 KB
After gaining all seven Dark Dragon Balls, thanks in no small part to Karn and his family's efforts, Mechikabura prepares for his revival: the Dark King's return is nigh! And with their powers gained in the effort to combat the God of Destruction, Lord Beerus, Karn and Meloka seek to master the strength of gods in preparation for the coming final battle between the Time Breakers and the Time Patrol. However, despite the PTO now comfortably ruling the majority of the known universe, threats still lurk there in the shadows. Beings who, for their own reasons, seek revenge against the Saiyan race. Will the Saiyans prevail? Or will their efforts all be in vain, overcome by their enemies past, present, and future?

You the players control Karn, the Berserker God with the power to fight against gods and other divine beings. From his lowly beginnings as a Saiyan Brawler with a sub-3000 powerlevel in Age 733, he has now become the strongest Saiyan of his time. Wielding the Berserker Soul, a power born of rage and hatred now combined with That Which Should Not Be, Karn has gained powers suited to facing the divine, and even those who wield the powers of Order, Law, and even Time itself. But will this newfound strength be enough to overcome the threats headed your way? Only time will tell, and your choices could be the difference between victory and defeat, winning and losing, even existence and not.

Character sheets and other info:
Help fund quest art commissions and get exclusive side stories as well as artwork here: https://www.patreon.com/GrandDragonQM

Quest rules are as follows(unless otherwise noted):
>30 minute vote windows
>Pick ONLY ONE option when voting
>Dice rolls are all best of first three, Bo4 when specified

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Do you mean by cooking, or in a fight?
Depends on the audience and maybe. If its a very snooty, self-important crowd who care more about appearances Baelgrill’s top-class presentation will win. But if it’s judged on the quality of the food only, Silver wins.
Impossible! How can a six-star classically trained Demon Chef that has earned the official "Master of the Grill" title possibly lose to a mere mortal? Six stars!
>Alain Ducasse has 19 michelin stars
Nevermind, what the fuck
It is time!

File: tegaki.png (19 KB, 400x400)
19 KB
Orphendactule is a prosperous and beautiful world full of magic and war, trolls and dragons, myths and legends and gods and demons. You start out as a rookie adventurer with a dream. Or is it, perhaps, a vendetta..? It’s all up to you. Team up with other adventurers or fly solo, explore this world, and find out its secrets.
There are 4 kingdoms. 5 ancient hero’s.
Rnatyueloid is the kingdom of light and follows the principles of God. A beautiful land with kind and gentle people, ruled by the mysterious church and the Head Priest. The most common class there is priest and cleric. If you choose to start from Rnatyueloid, you shall open a new skill, Open hearted ewe, which allows you to hypnotize people. You can upgrade open hearted ewe up to 10 times.
Asnetaculys is a mechanical and magical land full of dragons and potions. The streets filled with small shops and diners, the alleys filled with drunken fights and thief’s, you cant help but be in awe of the bustling atmosphere of the merchant city. Ruled by the stunning and intellectual Yojuo, adorned in fine silk, with wings spread wide, greeting..what exactly?. If you start from Asnetaculys, you will open the skill Geras gears, which allows you to equip a prototype of armor you found in a dumpster. But dont worry, the magnificent stone incased in the armor is capable of being upgraded. The most common class are rogues and, of course, mages.
Elrokque- this mystical kingdom, full of beast people has multiple tribes, constantly entangled in wars, seems to have everything but peace. But the scenery, objects and women are the best of the best. In Elrokque, the objects you will find are either true best or the worst, so get ready for a spin! The most common class are warriors and shamans. If you start from Elrokque, you will open the skill Full-swing-claw-stroke OR Dice roll. F.S.C.S lets you claw at your opponent, and Dice roll either pulls things to your favor, of from. Up to you luck!
And finally, the biggest kingdom in Orpendactule, Milosteisnisric. The land of mixed culture, there is plenty of everything. The wide fields and ancient ruins which were once inhabited by elves and witches pull you in and dont seem to let you out. With plenty of secrets to uncover, you’ll never get bored here. Ruled by the fair king Isaac, the people are happy. Or at least seem to be..
If you start from Milosteisnisric, you will open the skill Gemstone summon, which as the name suggests, allows you to summon a familiar suited to your class (and personality) which a gets stronger with you!
Explore the world, meet comrades and uncover what’s hidden, or get revenge.
Orphendactule, find yourself.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Rolled 61 (1d100)

Rnatyueloid - Sword Saint - Name "Helio Durante"
Elrokque shaman seems like it could be fun
RAAHHHH berserk class is a goooo

Rolled 3 (1d100)

Ragged sickly rasps of dying breathe rattle your hollow undead bones as you stand atop the hill over looking the small town below you.

A silent army stares ahead. Undeadly still. Flies, Maggots, and other pests fester and feed upon the scraps of rotten flesh hanging from your soldiers bodies. An Army of undead zombies stand behind you waiting for your command. A visible layer of filth and stench radiates from their rotting corpses. Your army of mindless undead move not an inch without your word.

Your flesh too is rotten and sickly but the master bless you with a new mind capable of thought. You look down at your armored hand for some semblance of recognition but find none. You know nothing of the previous possessor of this vessel nor this worlds origins. You simply are awake. All you remember is that you spent an unknown amount of time in hell. A horrifying and unfathomable wasteland you soon do not wish to return. The memories are not perfect.

These thoughts are silenced as your masters voice fills you mind.

"It is time. Lay waste to the town below and leave no survivors. Should you find any specimens of renown keep their bodies intact as much as possible. Succeed in finding a sufficient subject and you shall be rewarded. Now go."

The connection is severed but with it something else enters you, a icy tendril of magic pierces your undead skull and fills you with power.

Your empty sockets fill with a ghostly blue iris of power, your entire skull ignites and is cloaked in a blue flame aura. Your power of command has been activated. You feel the shackles of your undead binds fall as this new power flows through you and you are able to more freely use your mind now.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>ambush the merchant’s caravan once the town is out of sight

Then load up the caravan with ourselves and a good chunk of the horde, return to the gates and open them with subterfuge.

>Rush the unknowing town head on, destroy the gate and have your army swarm through, infecting and growing as many of the living as possible hard and fast.
I don't remember funger having this kind of magic

File: 1694611909492071.jpg (106 KB, 736x737)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
You're Tarkhan, the rightful son and heir of Dagur Khan and his primary wife Gura. Your father leads a small horde of nomadic horsemen across a sea of golden grass. And as the sole trueborn son, you are pegged as the successor to his legacy. The golden mantle of Khan beckons, a role you're destined to embrace. In the last thread, you led a triumphant raid against the Baatar Horde, where you returned laden with spoils and gained the approval of your father. In the light of that conquest, not only did you grasp success but also your transition into manhood, killing your first man and bedding your first woman. However, the sweet taste of victory had a tinge of bitterness. The discovery of betrayal by your own flesh and blood, your uncle, Turag, led to his exile, branding him an outcast. A necessary decision, no doubt, but one that came with its own emotional turmoil. You then navigated the delicate dynamics of your extended family, forging connections with your father's other consorts and the half-siblings they bore him. Each interaction was a dance, each exchange a calculated step, drawing them into your circle of trust and allegiance. Now, with past victories and alliances secured, you stand at the crossroads, pondering your next course of action, preparing to carve your own legacy into the annals of the steppes.

>>First Thread: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2023/5762853/
130 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.

>Public Impregnation: Deciding on a bold approach, you claim your new Erkin concubine publicly, demonstrating your sexual potency and the merger of your lineage with the Erkins. This act, steeped in tradition, is performed in front of the gathered tribes, emphasizing the significance of this union and the strength and virility of the next Khan.

It’s important to do this properly
>>Public Impregnation: Deciding on a bold approach, you claim your new Erkin concubine publicly, demonstrating your sexual potency and the merger of your lineage with the Erkins. This act, steeped in tradition, is performed in front of the gathered tribes, emphasizing the significance of this union and the strength and virility of the next Khan.
>Public Impregnation: Deciding on a bold approach, you claim your new Erkin concubine publicly, demonstrating your sexual potency and the merger of your lineage with the Erkins. This act, steeped in tradition, is performed in front of the gathered tribes, emphasizing the significance of this union and the strength and virility of the next Khan.
just to seal the ntr of the erkin khan
>Private Union in the Tent: You lead your chosen Erkin concubine to her new tent, aware of the watchful eyes of your tribe. This walk signifies more than just a personal moment; it's a display of your authority and the integration of the Erkins into your fold. Entering the tent, you are ready to father your first child, symbolizing the union of your tribes.

The latter is just icky, I agree with >>5844339.
>Private Union in the Tent: You lead your chosen Erkin concubine to her new tent, aware of the watchful eyes of your tribe. This walk signifies more than just a personal moment; it's a display of your authority and the integration of the Erkins into your fold. Entering the tent, you are ready to father your first child, symbolizing the union of your tribes.

File: Serial Killer.jpg (64 KB, 869x1200)
64 KB
"Have you been keeping up with your medication?" The psychiatrist inquired, oozing an air of condescension.

"Always." I lied. Those pills meet the drain each day.

I know I don’t need them. The voices aren’t just in my mind.

You're real, right?

Yes, we are many, and the dark lords of hell compel you to claim more souls.

We exist, our vessel approaches from a distant star, and you must end more lives before our invasion.

Man, we're just trolls from a Mongolian basket weaving forum. Seriously, take your pills.
16 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>3. If you feel compelled to kill, target those who've done wrong.
abandoned meme quest
You know this is exactly why it's better to just teach what it is, explain what it is, and assist due to what it is actually, instead of sweeping it under the rug like oops we messed up time around your environment your family your self your cat and your rat, separated greatly you from the rest of time and space that you were belonging to.

Maybe it's a game involving static and other prerequisites that involve also your eyes and visual cortex, but with wrong people at the wheel from time to time. Like when I was trying to kill myself at my grandma's place and was convinced by stopping and moving not according to my awareness until I heard some bullshit in my head that woke me from my compulsive decision. I noticed every time since. Every time attempted puppeteering of that caliber or is of, I noticed it even if I used the same delay trick, tricked, to obtain solidarity from having that knowledge learned.

I learned what that bullshit is, fuck the blame game because I'll just fucking breach through and speak the truth anyway, even if that means to make guess work for a room of people with no less than three people for a debate to even be had. One player vs another player with an audience as the example made out in some instructions booklet with monopoly in mind.

Acid is one hell of a drug over a long period of time, but we also got shrooms planted, or allowed to grow more correctly, around most of our city. Causing the craziest of things to be used as an excuse for domestic terrorism but was just ignored because ??? Okay so take the hit, just take the static electric and projection truths coming out hit ya, locally and throughout. Electric feel what I'm medicating here?

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