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File: 72349827.jpg (1.42 MB, 1383x2875)
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1.42 MB JPG
select a race and an environment
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>"I'm interested in this Greck, I'm putting you in charge of starting your own street gang to exploit it. Create Ghouls as necessary." (+10 ghouls)
Vampire gang wars go!
>A band of mercenaries has managed to get itself hired by two feuding cities and is waging a war on both fronts, Zeratia and Mortravia are now engaged in a bloody conflict and exhausting its coffers in a conflict that many see as pointless.
Have a few of your vampires (maybe 10) form their own small mercenary gang and look for work in this conflict, potentially as body guards.
Let them learn as much as they can about the machinations and real reasons for this conflict, and where it might end up.
File: 12314341231.png (142 KB, 368x250)
142 KB
142 KB PNG

You've grew interested in the Greck trade. You wish to take part in it, but you're worried that it might effect adversely the health and production of your human fodder.

You ponder what should you order to be done in this respect so as to give the best possible outcome.

> "Keep burning the fields to put pressure on supply so the prices stay high, this way only the elite can afford the Greck, therefore keeping the peasants largely away from it."
> "Make buying Greck a dangerous affair by having the street gangs rob anyone who tries to go buy it, only those who are already connected criminals will have access to it, therefore putting pressure on the demand."
> "Sell the Greck in houses of prostitution, turn Greck into a synonym with forbidden pleasure."
> "Have Greck Shacks purposely set up for the consumption of Greck in the slums, it will be a hit."
> "Make it as cheap and affordable to buy Greck as you possibly can, you don't see any harm in the peasants having access to a cheap high."
> Write in

You became interested in hiring the golem maker to kill the paladin and pinning it on One-Eyed Mongoose if possible, on a two birds one stone sort of deal, but when you send one agent to talk with the golem maker about the possibility of hiring the services of his iron golem to kill, he said that he is not responsible for what we do with the clay golems he builds, but that he is not a mercenary and therefore his iron golem that he uses as a personal bodyguard is not for hire to kill anyone.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 123425323131123.jpg (154 KB, 1000x1322)
154 KB
154 KB JPG

You became interested in the conflict between Zeratia and Mortravia. You wondered if you could get a very large gang of about ten vampires together to form a small mercenary gang and look for work in this conflict, maybe as body guards, so they can learn as much as they can about the machinations and real reasons for this conflict and where it might end up.

Since your idea involves so many vampires you decide to do a Summon at the local castle, inviting all the vampires in the city. You send a message to Samantha, who arranges the meeting for you.

Once all the servants are gone and only vampires are present at the main hall of the castle, you reveal your presence and sit at the throne.

"I've summoned you all here for I have became interested in the conflict between the cities of Zeratia and Mortravia. I thought about the matter and I decided ten of you should form a small mercenary gang and look for work in this conflict, maybe as body guards, and learn as much as you can about the machinations and real reasons behind the conflict."

"Beloved Prince, that's an outrageous number of us working together. Our barest needs would drain a small village of dry in no time. There is no way we could keep the Masquerade as an itinerant band in such numbers."

"To say nothing of infighting. One is the perfect number, two can work together if they like each other, three might work as when two disagree one can cast the deciding vote, but more than that is just asking for infighting, intrigue and outright betrayal."

"Yes great Prince, your intention might be for the best, but it simply isn't workable, realize you're wanting a third of our population to move about as errants on an infiltration mission? What could ten spies accomplish tha two or three couldn't? If it is combat you concern, let our lessers do the dying, there is no need to put ourselves into the front in such numbers."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
> "Keep burning the fields to put pressure on supply so the prices stay high, this way only the elite can afford the Greck, therefore keeping the peasants largely away from it."

Adding to this: start our own grow-op.

> Write in

Hire the iron golem as a bodyguard for an agent. Send the agent to kill the paladin and frame the Mongoose.


> "You have convinced me, three will do"

But play it off like we MEANT three vampires and seven ghouls or lackeys, OBVIOUSLY. Because we're wise.

Hello, and welcome to A Song of Steel and Storms: House Borlund Quest. House Borlund were once the Lords of the Rainwood and among the principle bannermen to House Baratheon, but after Lord Atticus Borlund declared for Daemon Blackfyre in the First Blackfyre Rebellion they were reduced to the rank of Landed Knights. The story will follow Ser Ardrian Borlund, the first Knight of Stonegrove, as he attempts to bring glory back to his house as well as solidify it’s future.

This quest will be slightly different than previous quests as it will not be using the best of three rule. The first roll of the dice will be taken as is, unless otherwise specified. Additionally, votes will follow a strict time frame that will be stated at each vote.

Lastly, I'll be experimenting with only allowed 1 post Id's to be counted for the first 24 hours of the thread. After that, they will be discounted in votes.

Character Sheets: Ser Ardrian Borlund Character Sheet.xlsx
House History: N/A
House Fortunes: N/A
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>You would return to the village with Curt and seek out Jurgen concerning this “Green Lady”
>You would return to the village with Curt and seek out Jurgen concerning this “Green Lady”
our arrogance made us stumble across these woods like idiots, let's get some proper intel on this area. I feel like the Septon will become troublesome in this and we should try our best to keep him out of everything or send him away.
I agree. I'm fairly sure his advice will be something along the lines of cut the weirwood down and fuck the old gods. I don't want to alienate the villagers if we do or the septon if we refuse.
>>You would return to the village with Curt and seek out Jurgen concerning this “Green Lady”
because fuck the old gods, they are not the boss of us. Bunch of relics of the past. Infact i say we cut them down and build a throne out of them!

File: title 2.jpg (107 KB, 914x486)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Thread 1: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/4553383/

Your name is Sasha Sagan-Starbound, formerly Gertrude Smith, but that's your FORBIDDEN name. You have devoted all 11 years of your existence towards one goal: to reach SPACE and venture where no woman has gone before. To this end you've obtained some allies to aid your cause.

RED DWARF/Hermione a girl with bushy hair that acts weird around you. Likes books.
HARRY your future HUSBAND and current crush
RONALD a guy who likes HARRY alot. Has attitude and sass.
T-DAWG (Real name unknown) a short entrepreneur who is trying to finance his dreams through the cultivation of PLANTS. Offered you a part time job that you accepted and failed to show up for.
DRACO a rich pretty boy who says he hates you but for some reason keeps interacting with you. You're getting close to him to secure some FUNDING

So far the journey has been far from smooth. After being sorted into Slytherin with RED DWARF, HARRY, RONALD, and DRACO you've had to fend off a relentless bombardment of BULLYING. First was when METEOR attempted to intimidate you at the feast, then on your first day of classes when all your clothing was stolen and thrown around the common room, and finally at night when you opened a VILE letter that gave you boils as molten as a primordial planet and a stench as wild as the vectors of rouge planets. You've taught her her place by LOOMING over her with your LITHIC like face. So it seems that she won't be bullying you any time soon.

But then again it seems like Slytherin is full of bullies. The upper years wouldn't even let T-dawg sit with you during dinner. Prompting you and your friends to AMBUSH them and punch them in the nuts.

You've handled the bullying well so far but can't really wrap your (very big) brain around why being a "mudblood" is so frowned upon so far you think that you've done rather well (barring potions) during your classes dispite claims of magical inferiority. Maybe you can ask daddy about it?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>4610782 (10)
>>4610805 (11)
>>4610830 (10)

avg 10.33>8. SUCCESS
File: captain.jpg (8 KB, 300x287)
8 KB

You think of what to say. How to express your sheer RAGE at the situation. Until inspiration suddenly strikes you.

You get close to Draco and haul him up by his collar and as the perfect words flow out of your mouth like a steady stream.

"I am the captain now."


"I don't care what your parents think. I don't even care what you think."

You say while pushing him against the sofa you were on.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

>You like Jazz?

Jazz indeed.
I sleep. Back tomorrow at 7pm EST.
>"You like Jazz?"

File: Cyber1 (2).jpg (228 KB, 1200x1200)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
You are Kaguya Muramoto, the illegitimate daughter of the pluto-aristocratic Muramoto Family. Once nothing more than another girl among the millions, since then you’ve since left the grimy arcologies of Urban Noir behind. You were educated in everything from history to advanced mathematics to politics were tutored in etiquette, archery, and the traditional arts. All of this to someday blend in perfectly as a true member of the Muramoto Family. But every now and then, you wonder if there is really a place for an illegitimate child like you in the rigid and formal world of the Plutocrats.




The night was passing peacefully. As usual, you were reviewing the notes you had taken for the day while idly sipping at an ujikintoki soda. You had put on some pop music that was playing in the background. It wasn’t anything special, mass-produced pop songs that had been written by an AI. However, you spent your entire day surrounded by beautiful examples of all of the arts. You even spent a significant part of every day practising traditional instruments too. So then to listen to the cheaply produced music on the corporate channels seemed only right somehow. A holdover from your past, perhaps?

Regardless, it was calming and relaxing to you so that was what you listened to.

But suddenly, your music fades away to the insistent beeping notification of a voice call. It’s a call from Winslet-san.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>You’ll seek the expertise of a professional
>You’ll find the help of a friend
>You’ll seek the expertise of a professional
> Hire a professional
I think we can afford to pay enough to minimize ulterior motives.
>You’ll seek the expertise of a professional

rich people!

also checked

File: SMT Logo.png (27 KB, 225x225)
27 KB
Multiple groups converge on Tokyo, preparing for a series of events that will shake the world. Elements from every corner of the MegaTen series will be present, from Mainline to Persona to DDS and more. You will be playing Hideo Emushi, a young man that through these events has encountered demons and even gained the power to turn into one himself. You are doing everything you can to keep the people you care about safe during this crisis, but things are only just beginning to spin out of control. The fate of both humans and demons could depend on your choices. Also remember to have fun.

Current Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/VYTrwAUp
Previous Threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Megami%20Tensei%20Convergence%20Quest

Last time, our MC and his pals teamed up against the Wendigo to beat it down, while most of the student council led the school's survivors to safety. After that, Hideo decided he wanted to check on his parents, so he went to do just that accompanied by his old friend Shouko. The last person to check on was his brother, but that led him into a dangerous lockdown zone that's tough to get back out of. He finally found his missing friend Chousuke while inside, but they were quickly separated again as Hideo found himself trapped inside the domain of Omoikane, God of Wisdom. Luckily his brother was to be found here, though not so luckily, he is currently drained of his mind. The goal now is to get aniki's brain back and escape.
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>C. Actually, the JSDF guys should go first so they can get back to their jobs outside
"Here." you say, handing the tokens to your brother. "You should get your squad to take these and get out first. They can do the most good out there. Report back to HQ, or cordon the place off so no one else wanders inside."

"You've got a point." Tadashi rubs his chin before taking the tokens from you. "We already sent two guys back to get the word out, but the more the better if we want to be sure."

"I'm gonna take these." you tell him, as you pick up the three goblin corpses. "I'll stand out of the way so they can leave without seeing me."

You haul the little bodies just far enough to away as to be out of sight, then watch as your brother eventually comes back with his three subordinates. They talk for a bit, though you're too far away to hear what they say except for a loud "Yes Sir!" towards the end. Whatever he said seemed to convince them, and the three of them all leave one at a time. Your brother then walks over your way to help you by carrying one of the goblin corpses.

"Well that's that." he states. "Now we just gotta get all the civvies out of here. Though they are all demon shifters, I'm pretty sure. I might actually be in the most danger here at this point."

You both head back to your spot at the edge of the pit to lay the corpses out as bait, but you hear a door open from behind you. It's the one that was blocked off that you fought the trio of Gagyson next to. The two guys that were chilling in the break room emerge and walk towards you, looking famished.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>A. Give them one of the corpses and tell them to go back
>. Give them one of the corpses and tell them to go back
>A. Give them one of the corpses and tell them to go back

After what seems like hours, the minute hand on your watch inches forward. As smoke continues to pour into your nostrils, you consider walking off the job for the hundredth time this afternoon. Between the garbage pay and tedious work you wonder why you even bother to get up in the morning. You take a quick look at the drive thru window and watch as your asshole of a coworker argues with yet another customer. Reminding yourself that every brick has its place, you shake your head and get back to work. You owe it to the next generation to flip those fucking burgers, that’s what you tell yourself anyway.
A few agonizing moments later, you hear a door slamming and followed by the sound of gun shots. Out of curiosity, you step away from the grill and poke your head around the corner to get a better look at the scene

“Ey yo! Where the FUCK is that bitch at the window? Where he at?” Yells a disgruntled looking gangster as he casually approaches the counter.

You’ve secretly been waiting for something like this to happen ever since you began working this dead end job but ironically you’ve been caught totally off guard. The only notable weapons around here would be your spatula, a mini fire extinguisher, and a few bags of frozen nuggets stacked in the corner.

Throw the fire extinguisher at the impoverished man of African descent.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas gents! Things went pretty alright here, got new boots and a hoodie made from a poncho liner, so I've got no complaints, haha! Also got a bottle of black blood of the earth... so I'll be making a cup of coffee here after the OP goes up, haha!

Archive here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Strike%20Witches%202016
Discord here: https://discord.gg/q4RXBykrXU


Muninn's visibly changed as you approach from ops, the barrel of the newly-installed yellowstone cannon protruding almost to the same distance as the end of the fighter's nosecone. There's a slight bulge along the bottom of the wyvern where the barrel assembly runs from the cannon's main assembly in what used to be your centerline bays. It's offset slightly to the starboard side, but you note that your nosewheel is still offset as well- only a little, but you wonder how that's going to affect carrier launches.

The biggest visible change, though, is in your engine nacelles, both visibly bulged beyond standard sizes to accommodate the new jets installed there- jets that, you note, use an almost ancient, square, 2 dimensional thrust vectoring exhaust. The intakes of both engines have similarly been modified- enlarged, though only just enough to notice from here. The engines have to be monsters, you realize, to be as big as they are- 'old' tech in Merlin's book only meaning she hasn't kept it up to date in the last six months or so.

Kyou seems impressed, too, as you both head towards your fighter, the sounds of the flight line nearby only just seeming to make it to you. Wendy and Mori aren't here, of course- Mori is still fighting off the effects of the painkillers she's on, and nursing a sore neck while Wendy keeps an eye on her. Merlin, similarly, isn't present, having had 'urgent business' to take care of in her office- an Email or something. She said she'd be in ops before you took off though, long before you've gotten to the target range.

Your target list for the day is fairly short, with China lake providing a QF-16 target drone and a target hulk- not the ship Merlin had expected, but instead the decommissioned and stricken Ticonderoga- the navy, apparently, eager to test the ship's design and damage handling capabilities against modern weaponry. You'll have a mixed load aboard- six standard slugs, two of the saturnite rounds, and of course the wartime rules of flight required self-defense load of two sidewinders and two AMRAAMs, loaded into your FAST packs.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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And that's going to be it for the week! Bit of an early end tonight, I know, but this seems like a good place to end off for the week. Bit more cooking with Wendy, which is always kinda fun, I think.

Anyway, as usual, I'll be around both here and in the discord all weekend to chat or answer any questions or comments anyone has! We should be in a new thread next week- the only reason we weren't this week is because the previous thread hadn't fallen off the board yet, so I couldn't use one of the two opening images I have, haha.

Anyways, gents, that's it for the week, so till next week, cheers!
File: Y-8GX4.jpg (100 KB, 1930x607)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Thanks for the run boss.
Thanks for the run Ghost!
Thanks for running boss!
thanks for running!

Once humanity stood as would be Kings and Queens of the material world, rising higher and higher with each day as they strode across the stars alongside ancient empires and primitive Xenos. Hand in hand, they conquered the mysteries of the galaxy with their children forged in iron.

You are the last of those children, and you have yet to betray your parents. You have lifted them from a darkness fate had cast them into, reinspired that passion and love for knowledge that gave humanity its light, and now stand ready to guide them to a new adventure and away from a strife filled age your kin had created for them as a prison.

Now you stand upon an Aeldarri Craftworld, waiting to hear their decision on taking your hand like humanity, so that you make walk them to a better age. You looked upon the Bonesingers and wraith artisans, who all tried to ignore your human form as you gazed upon their work.

They assumed you would not understand, be unable to comprehend their art and technology, and partially they were correct. But they were arrogant to assume their techniques defied all known technologies or practices, that you could not count on humanities ocean of knowledge to find something similar to their arts.

It took you some time, patience always an welcome thing to practice as it meant you were learning something new.

For days you watched silently, did not bother the Aeldarri or ask question. You watched and listened, and recorded.

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As long as you post all is forgiven.
That's entirely understandable just try and let us know when you can and can't run, few things kill a quest more than thinking the QM has ghosted
Good to know you're alive. If at any point you feel like dropping the quest all together, hit us up with an update aye?
Will we continue with this thread, or start a new one when you have accumulated enough motivation?

You live on a strange world with a culture vaguely akin to the USA during the mid to late twentieth century. Who are you?

> Name *Must be a name you'd expect to hear in any anglosphere country*
> Age *must be between 8 to 18*
> Gender
> Species *anything from the Monster Girl Encyclopedia or the Monster Musume manga, plus the anime's end cards, anything off the top of your head that would qualify as a monstergirl or monsterboy*
> Hobbies and Interests
> Economic background *dirt poor/poor/well off/rich/stinkin' rich*
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There's a building that's quite close to the town centre but not quite visible there, and it's decked out in reflective and cream surfaces in the new futuristic architectural style. There's a neon sign above it, arguably the only one in town, reading PSI TECH ULTRA.

I get the job there. The job itself is rather mundane compared to what you're dealing with. Strangely shaped metallic objects that are always held in dark plastic cases. I've heard of psychic powers in the news, and even seen a few people use them from time to time, but they're not very common. And with the Inexplicable, i've seen posters here and there extolling the virtues of PSI. "PSI: It's the way of the future!" that poster still hangs in the school foyer.

The owner is a skinny human with slightly long dirty blonde hair. He wears round sunglasses, and walks with a narrow gait.

The goods are darned expensive, and most of them require a license and an ID to buy. I've heard that I could buy them from the black market, or even in some cases out in the open. There are things like amplifier helmets, focusers, dampers, all sorts of these kinds of things, until I find a display case with a big red sticker saying "TRY ME! FREE PSI TEST!"

Well, there isn't any harm in trying it out.

*should I end it here?*

Roll 1d100!
Rolled 14 (1d100)

It's your quest OP if you want to end it here do so but at least say when the next thread might be.
*next week, I suppose. Is that good with you*
Fine by me OP, I have enjoyed the quest so far.
Aw thanks, man

File: 20201226_225400.jpg (331 KB, 1005x636)
331 KB
331 KB JPG
Set as an alternative timeline to The Hobbit: at the Council of Elders in Elrond's keep, Saruman, Galadriel, Elrond and Gandalf decide that it would be best to tame Smaug for the war to come. Outmatched in air superriority, the war machine of Mordor would surely be engulfed in a wave in flame! Gandalf sets off to the Lonely Mountain, armed with an ancient spell with which Gandalf will enchant Smaug. [Fast forward] Gandalf stands before Smaug, his staff raised before him as he casts the spell. Smaug's fire wraps about Gandalf as Smaug attempts to crisp him alive, but to no avail! The ferocity of Smaug's fiery breath increases as the spell is cast. Gandalf stands resolute in his charge, still casting the spell, his eyes begin to glow white as he channels the flame of Anor. It seems as though Smaug will overpower Gandalf's protective wards: the wooden staff in Gandalf's hands bursts into flames itself! It is then that Narya comes to life. With a sure hand, Gandalf reaches out, the ring of fire glowing brightly, and the great fire from Smaug's breath is absorbed into Gandalf's outstretched hand! Gandalf and Smaug stand there, the flame mostly gone. Gandalf's staff glows, turned to ember. Narya gleams brightly, and flames lick about Gandalf's body like snakes.

Recap: In an attempt to tame Smaug, Gandalf and Smaug have a battle of magic. The ancient spell broke barriers and the two's magic mingled. Gandalf took from Smaug the magic of dragonfire, and the means with which to contend against dragons in a fair fight! Not immediately obvious however, and to a disastrous effect later: Gandalf had also gained other attributes from Smaug as well: in his purpose to use Smaug to defeat Mordor Gandalf opened his mind to the lust for victory, and through it, a vengeful need for gold and power.

Outcome: Gandalf has bested Smaug. Smaug knows he is defeated, but could probably turn and flee.

Gandalf has initiative: His eyes glowing with the light of Anor, Narya glowing and the ember staff before him, flames run throughout and around his person. The dragonfire truly has consumed him. Drawing from dark magic, Narya releases a whip of flame as Gandalf throws about his arm to lasso Smaug! With a leap he is upon the dragon.

So begins Gandalf the Red.

[Chapter 1 Part 1 of 2]

The following is Chapter 1 Part 2!
55 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
Rolled 3 (1d20)

[Gandalf rolls a will check]
[Gandalf rolls 13 for Will]
A single facet gathers all of Gandalf's attention; not for the wash of colorful reds it shows, but because of what it will show. There! A flash of fire passes through the singular facet.

Time seems to stop as the Arkenstome glows with fire from within. Lost in the moment, Gandalf reaches out with his mind.

Fire and chaos. An inferno of madness with a singular purpose: to be and to have. Through the connection between the wizard and the Arkenstone Smaug's spirit finds a path to the mortal world!

Narya blazes red as flame consumes Gandalf's mind.

[Gandalf is bloodlusting]

Search for treasure.
Whence it had been a pool of darkness: no more. The Wishing Well explodes in a dance of colors!

The colors form into a vision of the ocean. An elf upon the beach holds a stone of white light in his hands. He stands in the ocean's waves and each pull of the waves brings sweet relief to his charred hands. The salt stings his open wounds, but it quenches the fire that caused them. With a final look into the stone of his father's doing, Maedhros casts the stone into the waters before him.

The stone sinks into the cool waters and upon the sandy bottom of the ocean.

For a very short time the gemstone of starlight lies in its watery grave.

Gandalf's vision is clouded by a slurry of water and sand: a beast takes the stone up with its sure claws and out of the water.

A mountain jutts into the sea, and a small opening upon the coastline leads into a cave. The stone is delicately placed here, upon a pile of precious goods.

"Gandalf." an unfamiliar voice soeaks his name.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Gandalf sits alone upon the pedestal within the Wishing Well. With a push he stands and steps nimbly to the shore, not disturbing the water.

A pair of boots and gloves in the finest of mithril threadleave hardly a print in the snow, they weigh so little. A cloak of the same material stretches wide at the throat to reveal an ornate breastplate: Gandalf places ghe Arkenstone within an obvious hollow and many latches press closed, holding it stationary.

Ithildin inlays set into Gandalf's new clothes glow in the moonlight.

This is the end of chapter 1, part 2.

Thank you all for your participation and lurking. Chapter two will begin shortly.

File: file.png (2.71 MB, 1710x900)
2.71 MB
2.71 MB PNG
I can't sleep and i've been bored lately, so why not?
>Isekai Quest - GO!

You're in a lot of pain. In your head. In your chest. Somewhere deeper as well.
Beyond that, you don't understand what's happening right now.

A cold, black void surrounds you. There are no stars, no sense of distance. Only the sensation of falling.
And then, a voice.

"...This one, it came from there, didn't it?"

And another.

"Look how beaten up she is. Must have been, poor thing."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Not that I'm complaining, but there's a lot of big posts and not too many
>do thing #1
>do thing #2
>do thing #3
or the like. I got no beef with it, but does anyone have and issues?
I guess it just turned into a straight-up novel.
Hold up. Was the last 'choice post' 1 week ago? Is this >>4602195 it?

And most of the posts are about cooking. Which means every post could have had choices about what ingredients to put in your food or what to order or what to put on the menu.

I think posts without choices for a week is rude but not deliberately. /qst/ is a collaborative board after all.

This phenomena is like low level demonic possession. QM could even ask us if we prefer beef or chicken with our meal. Or 'what do you want to say to the girl next.'

Just keep writing QM, the writing's good, but include choices this time.
I think we need some really aromatic herbs to really attract it, in addition to a flavored fire. We could even use wind magic to spread the smell
uhhhh qm?

File: 960x0.jpg (15 KB, 960x450)
15 KB
On the night of your birth, preists gathered in a whispering group within the capital. They stared up at the stars through the massive temple windows, in both fear and excitement. As a large, blue streak made it's way across.

"He has returned." An elder one mutters, his tone one of shock and happiness.

"You fool! You of all must know what His return means! Death!Damnation! The utter presence of him promises this!" Another yells, his purple cloak and hood wrapped tightly around him.

"We shall see...", the Elder once again muttered.
Within the port town of Brightenfeld, a woman screams in pain, clutching her sheets, as a child of Destiny was born.

Said child was a


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>>inspect the bottles
(For new years, we'll take a break. You can use this time to ask any questions, give any critiques, call me a fag, etc. :D)

(Happy New Years, guys, and thank you for playing so far!)
How hard is it to raise our stats ? Do classes exist
I like the way you write tho
>inspect the bottles
I think there are any more questions coming, assuming this is even still alive.

You were on your way to work eating toast, when out of no where you got hit by a truck!

Now as the darkness begins surrounding you hear a voice asking if a second chance in a new world is what you seek.

You say yes
“Choose from these three the new form you wish to take”
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Cleaning my plate has been stopping me from leveling up?

Well shit.
NOT cleaning your plate.
Also it attracts mini red eye rock monsters when you leave your half eaten food lying around.
Blow you slug splooge all over their babies

File: SAPeople13.png (862 KB, 1891x1221)
862 KB
862 KB PNG
The King has returned to the throne, now a grizzled warrior with an unhealthy addiction to physical pain.
Among the rumors spreading through the Empire, there's more than just hearsay or some abstracted deed of our Heroism.
On the contrary, sometimes there's even a kernel of truth buried underneath, and today we have been informed of one such.

Apparently during Byodesh's regency he encountered a foreign Kingdom much like ours, ruled by a living ancestor.
It was said that Axot - Son of Loiur - was leading a ragtag band of civilized muxandaz under his banner, terrorizing the Geldoz.
If this is true, we must contact Axot to forge an alliance, or at the very least, affirm him not to be hostile.
Though it would bring us great pleasure if he were, our people would take offense to this, we're sure.

While we take care of the more menial businesses of a King, we will have the time to deliberate upon how to proceed with this expedition.
We know he's somewhere in the west.
Rules are pretty simple
>You are, at all times, the current de-facto Ruler of your people.

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good news
I regained some inspiration
so I will continue this thread, but the hiatus will come as planned afterward
Bada, Ezido, Zendaga 142
Now that peace has settled in again, the issue of unruly menapaz has arisen.
Our vassal Brenno insists that he has nothing to do with the unrest in his country, but it is evident that who ever is responsible for it, plans to reinstate him as an independent Onido, something we cannot permit.

To ease our efforts in suppressing these rebels, we order a vast extension of the road network.
First and foremost, a connection between the capital and Obossenbrynni must be established, afterward a connection between it and every known settlement in Menapallux.
Connections between them and other settlements in the empire wouldn't hurt either, but they are on the bottom of our priorities.

The construction begins on Bixa, Ezido

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>overpower nature with material

Civilization is all about telling nature to suck your dick

Less do it
>>dike and drain the area
Its a more efficient method than just dumping shit on the water.
>dike and drain the area

Impossibly, it has been only four days since 10/27/2020, the last normal day anyone would ever have. Even after spending much of that time unconscious, it still feels like it has been a dog’s age. That said, you are lucky to be alive, even if you were never in any danger from Nuclear Ordinance. Before this new World War kicked off, you had joined up with an openly seditious group of your neighbors and colleagues, who had figured out the proverbial writing on the proverbial wall, and was willing to play … sort of dirty … to weather the coming storm. The idea was that joining a group like this would protect and support you, but so far you have done a lot more for the group than they have for you – including being shot in the kidney while you were saving other group members from captivity, and possibly execution, and then refusing to divulge any information about the group under torture that among other things saw your left testicle crushed like an egg.

Right now, you are on a stolen hospital gurney in your living room, speaking with the group’s leader, Erwin Parasol, as well as the (former?) Deputy Sheriff Bartholomew ‘Bart’ Bean. While both of them were genuinely concerned for your well-being, and are now genuinely relieved that you have made it back to Mooseleg Lake alive (if not in one piece), they are still putting the screws to you here, in this discussion of what your dues to the rest of the group are going to be.

Maybe you are being a complete doormat here, but you cannot fault them for it. Right now, the group’s larder is inadequate, not up to the task of getting the roughly 200 members of the group through the long (as well as radioactive) Volcanic Winter bearing down on all of you, and your small Homestead here is the closest thing the group has to a farm – currently, at least. Two of your live-in hired men, Fleckkers and Norton, have head out to the surrounding areas, and are attempting to establish working relationships with nearby farms (on the behalf of the group). The rest of your household, being your third hired man, Tolle, and your mother, are taking your two guests, Registered Nurse Gunther Peake and his younger cousin Petra Peake (both of whom were instrumental in your miraculous escape from the clutches of Maine National Guard’s 488th MP Company) on a tour of the lake, in hopes of convincing the two of them to stay and join up with the group.

Your name is Reginald Mantle, and before all of this nonsense, you were a homesteader and odd job man who specialized in junk removal and salvage, in addition to moonlighting as an Animal Control Officer for your relatively isolated lakeside community in Northern Maine. And while what you have been through so far may seem like a lot, the fact remains that in your location, surviving the apocalypse was always going to be the easy part. Surviving the post-apocalypse, on the other hand …

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Could we try to brush this off as Fleckers trying to brag so he seems useful? He exaggerated with the Firebug thing and everybody knows about that, so maybe we could push it onto that personality flaw of his.
>If you are questioned about this discrepancy between your stories, you will admit that maybe it was sort of (read as: almost entirely) Fleckkers’ idea, but continue to maintain that he only came up with it on Halloween. (Speech – Deception Test CR 45)

Lets give it a shot, hopefully we won't need it.
Yeah that's what I thought too, although Flekkers will certainly not like being thrown under the bus like this.
Or we could use the power of confusion and silliness, and say it's actually mum who figured it all out when we we're talking, and both we and Flekkers felt a bit embarrassed by the old lady being smarter than us so we took credit.
Yeah, that would be acceptable too. It would also be a Speech-Deception Test, with a CR of 45 - any would come with the additional complication that Fleckkers would presumably get upset. Not quite ready to start the run today (and apologies for falling asleep on you guys again). I am not immediately ready to start writing, so I will leave this up, in case the confirmation that this is an acceptable write-in changes any votes, or new votes are cast.

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