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Your name is David "Gunny" Rockefeller, no relation.
A veteran of the united states marine corps, you find yourself in a far-out situation after an all-too-close encounter of the third kind!

In the last thread, You spent some time licking your wounds after fighting a large group of wraiths, including a big, nasty one.
You also spent some time with your crew, and some of Gron's crew as well, and even ended up cooking a meal for them.
Now, you find yourself in the middle of an ambush gone wrong, in that you discovered the enemy before they could ambush you.

Now, Gron seems eager to try and escape rather than fight, but you have other ideas.

>Last Thread: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2022/5213826/
>All Threads: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=humanity+-+fuck+yeah%21
>Discord Link: https://discord.gg/DMwvMw43yv
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hell yeah, fuck everyone else

This is probably a better fit. Somewhat less fatalistic.
File: Sue me bitches.gif (157 KB, 200x297)
157 KB
157 KB GIF

File: Mini-Map.jpg (1.37 MB, 3170x1316)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB JPG
This NRP is basically like any other. You make a nation and roleplay them trough the ages. The gimmick is that players play as their nations from previous games 'teleported in' from some point during that game.

This also means no new players this time around, but because that is cunty the game also has a 2nd game layered over it. Non-players may participate as patron divines creating quests 2 random players get then the quest and if either fulfils it they get a reward and the divine may add something to the world like their own feral race, a new biome, natural formation or even temple to themselves. Patron Divines also will be able to operate stores where they sell players trinkets for wealth or other things that wealth can then be added to the quest rewards making players more inclined to fulfill them. This part is really experimental so I'll need to consider what quests are valid, and what things can be sold or added to the world.

Updates each thursday and sunday.

Da rules doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lPbbQh_w4gBOZwETDIwBCIuzmmtIoEBbYkeTZuyBTn8/edit?usp=sharing

Pic related is a miniature verssion of the map.Actual one was too big for 4chins
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Rolled 1 (1d2)

It is funny how much things change, they remain the same. It is a great shame that this new world of... oh my Lord of Flesh, we Cravers remaining must make a new name for this world; perhaps Grist'halla "Flesh Canvas Haven"? A bit on the nose with the fleshiness? Perhaps Viorpia "Boring Life"? A vote is called. Aa it was stated, a damn shame that the biology here is so bloody mediocre, many adaptations already known or surpassed by the Geneforge's abilities or our own hands, perhaps we need to turn our eyes downwards for material wealth, so we may elevate ourselves later?

Veins push south, springing from Shab'let, from here a fresh Wall Tumor Farm is created admid the grasses, and beside it a slime pit is constructed- Chern'bolg first laboring to excavate a pit, and then muscus lined intestinal Flesh lines the pit, strong enough to regrow despite the slimes consumptive nature. A skin roof is layer over them, as the slime is far more comfortable in the cool moist shade. Descending from the roof are series of bone piping and scaffolding, some for feeding nutrient rich flesh slurry, and other for harvesting, slurping up slime to be placed in bone vat containers, lined with the same gastric tissue. Same problems of having to replace said harvesting pipes still remain, but such is life.

A mine begins for the phosphate, where the apelike Chern'bolg labor with bone pick and shovel, and resource laden carts of flesh and bone are hauled away by snapping Rut'ra, with Craver overseers watching away. A new Settlement near the mine springs up, connected by the same southern flowing veins as the farm and slime pits, right by the coast, named Chern'kuru "Ape Limb" in a fit of humor by the designing Craver. (If this is not a legal turn, just make a 2nd mine for the Iron perhaps?

Action 1: Expand towards the river by the mountains

We need space. Previously living accommodations were scarce, with only a minimal biological crew expected. With the introduction of organics once again meatspace living areas are reformatted and constructed.

Action 2: Construct Hydroelectric Dam at the river

A search for combustible materials would be ill advised at this stage, not to mention messy and non-ecofriendly.

Using clean power we can restabilise our failing electric grid and safeguard the lives of our digital crew.
Another day, another sun rise, to still bated breath for the wolfkin of the Black Forest. It seems like at any moment, the fungal hordes will pour forth from Kuroi Mori. This unease may have contributed to the scale of the expansion, as they may want to put as much distance as possible between themselves and Kuroi Mori. However, Queen Yuuka can't allow the realm to be fractured, she needs to keep an eye on the fringes, keep them under her reign, and keep the Wolfkin united as one entity, so they may stem the tide should the fungal hordes finally break through to this world. Still, the Azure Star Clan should bring riches from Hastung soon enough, already they tell us of hardy metal golems, though clumsy in their movement and not hardy enough to resist the bite of iron. One wonders how powerful it would be if possessed by a Guardian Spirit.

Action 1: Establish Lumbermill on the southside of the mountain near Kuroi Mori.
The Iron Leaf Clan has long prided itself on their Iron Sabres, being the only weapon to be mildly effective against the fungal hordes, as their rotted flesh easily made way to the iron edge. However, with their travel to this world, while they were fortunate to keep the iron deposit, they have no real source of charcoal. This needs to be fixed, and the first step is to source the wood. The Conclave of Life may grow wood, but it's more ideal for making shields out of than to burn for charcoal, so the Iron Leaf Clan goes and makes a woodcutter on the other side of the mountain near Kuroi Mori.

Action 2: Establish city of Hayashi Yamamoto, to the west, between the two rivers.
As people surge out of Kuroi Mori, Queen Yuuka is surprised at just how many there are, and how far they go. In fact, it becomes a large problem because the amount of land is impossible for Kuroi Mori to administrate alone. In order to control this, Yuuka calls for whitehairs to go out and found a new city, Hayashi Yamamoto. The city is a stronghold where the whitehairs gather up elders from the various clans, growing their power over their region and keeping themselves familiar with the area, so they can more effectively crack down on any rogue clan.
Forgot the image, I keep doing that.
The diplomat returns with poor news. The elves greet them with obvious lies; hiding the fact that they are farming Aetherium. Everything else they hold close to their chest and obscure to the best of their ability. Its obvious no good can come from the creatures in this world either.

1. Construct farms and stone quarry.
Construction goes on to fuel the growth of the nation: A farm within the confines of Arcadia; fueled with elemental magics and false suns with covers on timers to fuel the growth of a variety of the plants whose seeds remain. While the Arcadians no longer need to eat they still can and the food can be a good mood boost and small reminder of the days when we were still human. Second will be a quarry on one of the hard stone deposits to fuel the creation of golems.
2. Research soul creation.
We are currently unable to breed and unless we wish to steal the souls of other creatures we must learn to create souls from scratch. The old research on souls are dusted off and animals brought forth for study material, if they have souls in this world, otherwise volunteers are carefully inspected to not cause damage.

File: Jarnoia 2022-05-09-21-45.jpg (909 KB, 5160x4320)
909 KB
909 KB JPG
Read the Rules here: https://pastebin.com/mKrDuUhV

Getting Started
Pick a color from the map and fill in the bits below. You’ll have 7 points to assign into the stats below.

Name: Rename your civ from its color here.
Each player leads a small iron age civilization scraping by in a hostile fantasy world. Some may be the progeny of ancient dragons, while others are merely evolved chimps that have discovered the secrets of agriculture. No matter how you or your people came to be your future awaits you here.

After you've selected your color feel free to explain your civilization and roll your first turn. Colors are available on a first come first serve basis.
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Rolled 29 (1d100)


While some suggested sacrifice, Korem would be against such. It was not the way of the Broodmothers to sacrifice people. It was to guide them to be greater. While banishment or a branding that would only be cleansed if they were redeemed would be acceptable, sacrifice of a life was not. They were unworthy to begin with after all, and if anything offering their indolent souls up to the Great Broodmothers even if they approved of human sacrifice would be an insult. Regardless, the worst offenders would be directly banished, and the rest who proved to be slothful branded. Yet they would not be sacrificed. The settlement would be set up. And the faith would remain untarnished...

>Attempt to create another settlement called near the eastern river called Ksenlaul'Morchag...For the third time.
(0.004096% chance of this happening...6 times now...)
Rolled 11 (1d100)


> Kultele
> Wealth - 2
> Population - 3
> Culture - 2
> Knowledge - 2
> Military - 3+1

>Points -13/20 (after this turns auto increase)

>Settlements: Sumbeluun - Solamkul

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Rolled 14 (1d100)

Brown, SPQR
Settlements(2): Romae, Asteria
Finished Projects(1): Asteria Invicta

Wealth: 1
Population: 1
Culture: 3
Knowledge: 2
Military: 5+1

'do ut des' - I give so that you might give' sums up the Romans' relationship with the gods, very practical and contractual. With a suitable site to give to the gods now ready the romans prepare for glorious combat.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Just posting to say that I'm a Chad. That is all, thank you.

File: op.jpg (14 KB, 386x331)
14 KB
>What is this?
"The Mystery Dungeons" is a text-based role-playing game created to expand on the setting created by the spinoff series, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon (particularly Explorers of Sky). Players isekai themselves into the world and become Pokémon, going on adventures with their newfound guildmates! SFW ONLY

>I'd like to participate!
Always feel free to join in to see if it will stick with you. People come and go as they please, but there are plenty of regulars, including artists and writers. Outside of the main quests hosted here on /qst/ twice a week, a majority of side quests, lore, and role play happen almost all the time on the Element!

>How do I play?
First, fate must decide which Pokémon you become: https://randompokemon.com

Settings to Use: Generate 1, All Regions, All Types, all boxes checked (natures optional if you feel like giving your pokemon a little extra in characterization).
Take a screenshot so we know you probably weren't lying—admittedly while rerolling is frowned upon, no one has any real issue with it—after all, it's just you and your consciousness to deal with!
Alternatively, if you're feeling much more truthful, go ahead and roll in the thread for your pokemon! (1d905). Some legendaries and mythicals have been dropped from the available roster. Assume that the box art legendaries are unavailable.

> Okay, now what?
Join the Element and read the sticky, it has the (almost) complete starter guide! It'll show you how to set up your character profile, create locations to play in, and record the lore of your exploits: https://matrix.to/#/#themysterydungeons:matrix.org

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Rolled 3 (1d20)

"You're wrong"
Astor manifest Brazil
Astor points exactly at Limestone Cavern. Aether writes down a note on his own map labelled "Brazil." "Thank you, wise traveler."

You do not however, manifest Brazil.

Sol, Astra, and Aether make for an exit with Milo and Doppler, The two of them pausing to spare one last glance at Sirocco beforre leaving.
"Don't worry Sol! She's in good paws and wings i guess"
Rolled 4 (1d20)

"Well... I guess that's that."
I am a big liar. Sunday is the new date for the continuation, same time. Hopefully, no more changes are necessary.

File: thumbnail.jpg (21 KB, 450x300)
21 KB
This brand new 2017 Ford F-150 truck costs $20,000.

It's ALL you can afford.

You decide to...
>Drive it off the lot today!
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>>Notice her name. "Earthlington", huh? Heh. You're such a fool. How did it take you so long to notice... Rip her FaceBook™ off, chew up her alien legs and stick her in a condom.

>>No, I will take on the knight and his pink-helmeted cock alone.


You can keep the 3 I rolled earlier
Why didn't you want to mount a cock?
I didn't want to get stuck between a cock and a hard place
Rolled 85 (1d100)

>Notice her name. "Earthlington", huh? Heh. You're such a fool. How did it take you so long to notice... Rip her FaceBook™ off, chew up her alien legs and stick her in a condom.
>No, I will take on the knight and his pink-helmeted cock alone.
Thanks for running.

File: 1604601469963.png (93 KB, 1000x1000)
93 KB
Wealth, fame, power. Gold Roger the king of the pirates obtained this and everything else the world had to offer. And his dying words drove countless souls to the seas.
"You want my treasure? You can have it! I left everything I gathered together in one place. Now you just have to find it!"
Thus he kicked off an age of adventure and, more importantly, Mystery!

There are many superstitions out at sea. Not so surprising, given how sailors would be stuck with nothing but the waters for months on end, encountering one bizarre phenomenon after the other. They need to make sense of those and so they spin wild stories to try and explain the unexplainable. One of them is that if you hear the skies rumbling yet it's perfectly sunny outside you should turn out immediately. For it is the stomach of the Sea Devil that's growling and you'll be swallowed up if you don't get out of there. Yet as for many things there are simple explanations even for such strange occurrences. For example today is dodgeball day.

The rules are quite simple. Toss Marauder out and smack someone in the face with him. And don't get hit. It used to be a tad boring if we're being totally honest. Not much more than you and Will tossing a crab back and forth. But with a third player things got a whole lot more interesting. As the crab gets slapped around his shell makes a satisfyingly loud SMACK. Things get a bit chaotic as he starts going faster and faster, bouncing off the ships hull and the surface of the water. The airspace around the ship gets quite dangerous with the cannonball-like bug zooms around. It's quite a good exercise if we're being honest. Helps one hone their sky walk technique, their hand-eye coordination, dodging and the ability to smack a bitch.

Will deftly avoids the bug and after a brief chase he manages to kick it right back at you.

You're about to catch Marauder in your hands when Nutmeg swoops in and shoots the bug at Will with her scythe like a hockey puck. William is completely caught off guard and the hard shell of the bug hits him square in the face which gets a laugh out of you. He falls down to the deck and after quickly rubbing his nose he shouts at you.
"HNNNNG! NO FAIR! Big stinky cheaty cheater! Your wife covering for you is against the rules!"

You're too busy laughing at Bullseye to pay any attention to his insults... or to Nutmeg who hits the rebound bug again and sends him flying straight into your gut. With the air escaping your lungs you fall down as well and hold your hurty tummy.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Rolled 1, 6, 9 = 16 (3d10)

dammit so close
The violence has betrayed us.
Did we somehow fuck up and break the island, cause this sounds like we fucked up and broke the island.
Rolled 5, 3, 4 = 12 (3d10)

We burned all our luck on Katakuri. Or maybe we should have stayed a woman.
The fetish gods are furious

File: god1.jpg (175 KB, 900x599)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
You are a God

2000 years ago you descended on the land bring unspeakable joy and eternal order. This land is your, now and forever more.

However, as divine as you are, you can't interact with the mortal world except for rare occasion.

To that end, you have entrusted your blessing on a spoke person, your divine priestess in the mortal land.

However, 2000 years have passed, and your priestess has gone astrayed.

While you gave her eternal immortality, true immortality that prevent any harm to come to her, she wishes for dead now after 2000 years.

For that, she has conducted heresies in secret, thinking you wouldn't see.

There are other Gods, however only you are the true supreme.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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QM has been smitten it seems. I did want to maybe give her a fake version of her child.
> “Have you ever thought about switching to worshipping me? I can make it happen.”

She wants her child. Offer to help find him for worshiping the Red God
(Praying for a return of the QM)
another promising quest ded, am kms now :(
> “Well, anyway, it’s your boss.” You reveal yourself with the arrogance of the Red one

File: Prin-Quest CATCHEYE.png (631 KB, 1005x565)
631 KB
631 KB PNG
A mystical world filled with powerful arch-mages and ancient dragons, fantastic cities of gold ruled by mighty kings. In this world of Kings and Queens, you are… kind of a nobody. Not so much of a nobody that you spend your life shoveling shit and dying of a plague. You're the kind of nobody that manages to live in marginally less feces-soaked garb, while keeping the shit shovelers in check.

You are a knight, a warrior capable of not immediately being trampled in the first skirmish your obese overlord throws you into. Your name will never be inked into the tomes of history, in this land, it is custom to discard your name upon your knighting, and you are bequeathed a title by your God-chosen ruler.

As with jobs in this time, you have about as much social mobility as an aborted snail, but you do know of one singular method of acquiring your own comfy little life. A princess. Or a prince, you don't exactly care at this point. Saving one of those desperate damsels and tricking their Stockholm syndrome addled gray matter into marrying you, will earn you the easy life of duke, a barely shit-scented one at that.

But to acquire your own piece of budding royal behind, you are going to need some knowledge of your abilities. How can you expect to save a princess when you can’t even quantify how good you are at bench pressing dragon femurs?

Thankfully for your shield slugging self, your lord happens to have a mystical practitioner of the most vile of magics… Mathematics Voodoo. You make your way to your king's boy-whore/sorcerer and plead for information of your personal characteristics.

He is more than eager to tell you all about his disgusting magic, and the way he is able to quantify your very being into just a handful of numbers. These SSSSTATS as he calls them, are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT AND CANNOT BE CHANGED, EVEN IF YOU REEEEALLY WANT TO. So, humble knight, allocate these points and be on your way.


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>Shine the lantern at your unseen foe

submitting core word "Spine-apple"
>Get ready to protecc and counteratacc

Submitting cyclops
>Brandish your weapon at it
submitting mubcrab
Submitting core-word deadquest

File: Anime.jpg (1.8 MB, 3840x2160)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB JPG
Anime has become reality. Somehow the dreams of countless pudgy, pasty, pocky huffing weeaboos have come to fruition and now the whole world is down an entire dimension. You are one of the very few people left not yet converted to 2D, owing to the fact that you just happen to live in what's called an Interstice, a thin strip of land acting as a boundary for the many different zones of anime genres that have popped up all over the globe.

As far as you can tell, you’re functionally invisible while inside this space. The ‘Actors’, as you and your group have come to term the transformed populace, seem to be incapable of noticing your little hovel of a one bed and bath apartment, despite the fact that if you were to walk just one room down, you’d be up to your eyes in oriental cartoon hijinks.

While initially disturbed over your neighbors becoming a cadre of squealing rainbow haired high school girls, you find this has actually been a blessing in disguise. Even if they can’t actually see it, your room is still physically located in the apartment complex, which means you still have access to electricity, water, Wi-Fi and other utilities. The best part about all of this is that everything—including rent!—no longer costs a penny.

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wait they might be waiting for us to leave and steal back mason
>The line may be tapped and you need something to protect yourself with. Head out to the right zone where that gun store used to be.
No update tonight because work has completely fucked me and left me sobbing in a ditch. Maybe tomorrow or this weekend I don't fucking know.
>>The line may be tapped and you need something to protect yourself with. Head out to the right zone where that gun store used to be.
>Get on Cacophone and talk with the guys about this.

File: A World Without Intel.png (276 KB, 4500x2592)
276 KB
276 KB PNG
>October 2031
The world is in a state of absolute chaos, of intensity which has not been felt or witnessed since 2016 or 2008. The last 700 days has seen the fall of multiple regimes in Europe, some places unified, some places divided and then unified again. 2016 saw almost all of Asia plunged into war, for good or bad. Now almost three entire continents are gripped in war, with a fourth if you count Australia or Oceania.

>Rumors of Military Pacts
While 1991 saw the death of the Soviet Union, and 2008 saw the death of NATO, the European Union, and the Peoples Republic of China.... The last 20 years have seen the rise the rise of military pacts, of strong, specific, ideological "dreams" for the world. North America is pitted against South America, and Europa is pitted against itself.

>One Person
One person can make a difference, one group or community even more so. There are so many rumors about things that can not be explained easily, about technology or processes that can change the fate of the world. Being in the right place at the right time could be enough to get access to these mysterious advantages, which put the current "Great Powers" where they are.

>No Intel
Despite this, there appears to be a lack of information at the moment. The internet and dark web appear to not be reachable at the moment, your memory is currently fuzzy, and your books are currently few in number or in storage (Assuming you read much at all). Maybe you were out drinking, because currently you can't remember where you are.

>Faction Construction
Loading Faction Construction,
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Is me. Here to play on this quest.

>-Heavily Optimized Towards Mental Stats (Have to sit in the command trailer, unless negotiating in person)
>-Jack of All Trades Plus Specialization (Meaning you are slightly better at everything and really better at one thing)
>-Sacrificing One Stat, Boosting One Other, Otherwise Jack of All Trades
>-Jack of All Trades, One to Two Stats left at Average, Boost Two Stats
>-Heavily Optimized Towards Physical Stats (Can Train And Lead Others Still)
My intent for this ranking is to boost and specialize in one ability as much as possible. This is primarily within the Mental Stats for the command trailer.
This is quest is being shut down, there is a new one. However, since you voted, you picked the stats of the character for t he next /qst/.
Thanks. Could you link the new thread once it's set up for continuity and migration from this quest?
Sure, I can put a target on my back.
Thanks for running.

File: 3165.png (595 KB, 1200x960)
595 KB
595 KB PNG
Last time, your little food enterprise ‘The Nautical Nariko’ opened and swiftly surfed through the dangerous waters known as the competitive market of a tight knit community, and it’s all thanks to everyone’s efforts! You and your crew had to deal with the unexpected turbulence the sea carried along the way. After dealing with one of said turbulences, you find yourself having a fruitful chat with one of your investors: Annette! And she’s drunk as a sailor!

“I think you’re an idiot!” Annette offered to let you know how she feels about you.
“Why are you entertaining a druuunk instead of havin’ the night you deserve with that beauuuuty over there?! Pfft… Hahahaha!” There’s an underlying sadness to Annette’s laughter, her eyes are clinging to Chio who continues to cook expertly.

“Because I’m worried about you and your wellbeing, Annette.” This is a mood swing and a half, but you believe Annette needs to know how serious you are about this.
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File: 3196.png (244 KB, 1000x800)
244 KB
244 KB PNG
You wink, Chio looks beyond satisfied, not the usual reaction you get with your winks, but it feels like you’re understanding each other perfectly, it’s great! You admire the gorgeous teacher’s beauty as she walks away deep into the building's reception area. Once she’s out of view, you close the door and take a deep breath. That was as perfect a finale as you could hope for.

Philonune is glad for you now that he’s fully back at his guard watching duties. He was zoning out to keep your privacy as a good friend would.

There are some strange thoughts nagging you, too bad you can’t focus on them with how tired you are, you did way too much today… You need to chill.

Only the truck is here. Well, you’ll try to pay more attention to not drive backwards or something.

You take some time, but you find the Camper and park close by. To think you inadvertently ended up with so many things to do tomorrow: Returning the Truck, returning Houda’s clothes, checking on Ophelia, meeting the lawyer with Crossbill to figure out the Food Cart details, running the Food Cart itself… Hell, you even wanna know Cookie’s deal and how to keep helping Wilma. So much to do. And it’s not even your timeline!

Anyway, you try to open the Camper. It’s closed. You don’t have the keys. You’ll have to find a way in to go to sleep…

Sadly, you’ll have to deal with the door next time! This is all for this thread, until next time, and thanks for playing!

(We’re taking a break this weekend.)
Thanks for running!
Thanks for running.
Thanks for running!
Thanks for running.

File: sleeping quarters.png (78 KB, 575x400)
78 KB
You find yourself laying on a stiff, uncomfortable mattress. It would not be accurate to say you “woke up” here. You simply became aware that you, in fact, are lying on your back on this shitty mattress, like a toppled over beatle struggling to stand upright on its 6 legs. Your joints wail at you in disapproval as you struggle to sit upright.

Parallel to your own, there is a twin sized bed next to you. In the corner you are directly facing, there is a television affixed to the upper wall. There is a sparse desk with a phone, a wooden dresser, and two doors. One door leads to some kind of commodore, while the other door leads to unfamiliar and unnerving territory. A hallway of some kind? Horrifying.
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>"That's where you're wrong captain. I've commited to the Brit... The HYPERBRIT"
Quality quip
+1 blimey...
Another one bites the dust.

File: ukholmes.jpg (82 KB, 514x301)
82 KB
A long time ago, there were more than just the average types of greenskin. Besides the bestial, brutish berserkers or the lean, lanky, thugs, there were other breeds of Orc. One of these is the Pigfaced Orcs, who were eventually driven from the lands of the west into the far east, where they quickly grew in power. Meanwhile in the west, your homeland, the average Greenskin Frazetta-Looking Orcs have risen to power, with the lanky Mongrel Orcs as somewhat lesser Orcs. Then, there's your people: The Cycloptic Orcs. Your people were never numerous, and quite odd compared to other orcs; skinny like the corpse of a starving man, and with one large eye in your face, you Cycloptic Orcs lived primitive lives in only loincloths and armed with your talons, nearly bestial compared to the scavenged tools or crudely forged weapons of the other Orcs. They have taken most of your land, and driven you to remote caves in a mountain chain surrounded by a swamp, leaving you in moist, dark tunnel systems deep beneath the roots of the mountains. If you want to survive, you must come together as a tribe and adapt to outdo the other Orcish subspecies to gain the favor of the Orcish Gods, as well as survive the civilized races, other savage races, and monsters. First things first: what should we name this tribe?
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>Pie-stuffed halflings
>Bring centipedes to bear in a subtle forward assault, to paralyze and panic the defenders, then move in with raiders and warbats by night
Guys, I hate to admit it, but I'm a lazy fuck. Anyone else want to take over from here?
Welp. Another civ bites the dust.
It was dead the moment he started putting off writing and kept asking for more and more starting details.
Thanks for running.

File: taxi ded.png (412 KB, 700x420)
412 KB
412 KB PNG
You're in the capital of a "modern" 3rd world country. The wages are barely enough for a single person, and taxes are high, yet the government cares little about convenience of the people. This has resulted in private contractors becoming more popular. Thus beginning a war within the transportation industry. However, few people can afford firearms. Melee weapons will be most people's sidearm. Who will you be in this modern war?

Starting as a private worker
+Better salary
+Liked by the public
-Fewer in numbers

Starting as a public worker
+Liked by the government and police
+Larger in numbers
-Hated by the public
-Less salary

>Taxi driver

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>Intervene. Go lethal.
Result is (2) for write in
(1) for go lethal

Write in wins

Gonna start writing now. Expect it in a couple hours.
That’s enough information. Even his fellow (corrupt) workers aren’t fond of him. Office politics is not for the faint of heart, indeed.

The question is… how do we keep track of them? They’re unlikely to be posting anything suspicious outside of their private chat rooms.

However, the parents of kids who bribed them might be willing to talk. From their conversation, you can hear 2 parents being mentioned. With some confidence and research, you might be able to force those two into giving up information about these corrupt teachers.

While you were writing down those names on your phone to document it, Sorn is pretending to be on a call with someone and records the three teachers saying the intel. Now that’s a bargaining chip.

After they talk about the mission to the organizers, the conversation takes on a more personal tone. It’s rather unremarkable stuff like their personal lives and family matters. Their speech patterns resemble relatives more than contractors and clients. It doesn’t matter now.
You’ve extracted their benefits. Time to leave before they find out.

You, Sorn and seven other members walk back to the cars immediately. The other three says they have to go to the bathroom. They tell the others to go wait at the car. If they don’t return in 5 minutes, go fully armed and search the place.

Eventually, they returned from the toilets. Before they returned to the cars, they took pictures of the corrupt teachers’ license plates and cars. Nice.

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You wake up in the late morning. Sorn informs the others about the payment. You and ten others get some money for that night.

He later reveals to you that the money actually came from those dead delinquents’ wallets. In the day guarding the parking lot, he took their wallets to make sure their ID cards don’t get found to delay the investigation.

The knife guy was also wearing a gold necklace. That’s where most of the money comes from.

As for the spoils of the mission last night, the gas we collected could sell for some good money.

Barely anyone was hurt and you got some pretty good money. It was a successful operation.

Before Sorn drives you back to the capital, he gives you a pair of cut resistant sleeves. He stole it from a merchant while they’re having an argument.

With this armor, you can deflect cuts easier. (Damage sustained from roll losses will be less severe)

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>>>Spend time with Sira and help him invent tools and experimental weapons.
Fire, electricity, drugs, smoke bombs, projectiles, blades... Let's get creative

File: sketch.png (118 KB, 1709x1181)
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Theme: https://youtu.be/Wyu_b0tw8uQ

The year is 3209 of the reign of God-King Sherold The Fat.

By the will and grace of the previous God-King, Enoch the Immortal; Our world, Evergreen has been frozen for hundreds of years.

Gahan is one of the remaining mega-provinces that took up the structures of the old-world, stretching from it's volcanic surface to it's abyss-depths.

More than 300 Million people live in the ruins of the old world, making it new. Enoch's perogatives transformed Gahan into the colonial mining outpost into the powerhouse forges of the Kingdom's planet. An unbroken burrow of furnaces, carvings, caves, veins, breathing life and industry into the dining world of the now isolated planet.

Enoch's perogative allowed for the old-world technologies to be adapted into the good of his realm. The old and new put to the task of sustaining his right to rule and the well-being of his subjects.

Nano-transen, 7-Sisters, TNC, Tri-Net, all corporations were cut-off from their assets and given to those who knew how to use them, at the exchange of power and status in this new world order.

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File: Imadumbass.jpg (81 KB, 1078x540)
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Oops forgot namefagging
Roll was a 15
>stun him
File: sketch.png (375 KB, 1647x1158)
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375 KB PNG
[SPARQ 4/5]
The shot resounds with it's trademark spark-sound. The bolt casts itself into the young man's chest sending backwards with an intense force. The smell of burnt flesh is immediately intensified as the bolt burns up the impact area.

The young man manages a vibrated yell, but his mouth soon clenches as the Sparq-Shot does it's work, sending volts of electricity through the body, causing the young man to lock up.

"S-S-Shit! F-FUCK, Arthur!" The older man reaches for him, attempting to touch him but ultimately exhausted and weary of the coursing electricity through the young man's body.

The woman let's out a shriek, "ARTHUR! YOU KILLED HIM, YOU KILLED MY BROTHER!" As the pistol lands in between her legs.

>Attempted Assault on Cerberus
1 month added to charge, with 30 lashes as corporal punishment.

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>"Your relative is incapacitated and will survive, with additional charges for attempted assault. I recommend you do not attempt the same."

>Continue with zipping the criminals, still holding attention on the doors. Ensure a pat down is conducted of each after they are immobilized
Supporting >>5264236
Thanks for running.

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