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File: 22712229_p0.jpg (444 KB, 1500x914)
444 KB
444 KB JPG
You are Noel Tiberius di Hazaran, queen of the nation of Hazaran and a warrior whose blood and flesh are mixed with that of monsters known as yōma. This has given you, and the other warriors like you, the ability to use a somewhat mysterious power referred to as yōki to enhance your senses and your combat abilities. Ostensibly, this is because you were intended as a bulwark against the yōma and their killing sprees among human settlements – in this role you were to almost literally sniff out the monsters hiding in plain sight and cut them down to minimize the amount of damage they could otherwise do.

Eventually, you and those within your current faction centered in Hazaran began to be confronted with incontrovertible evidence that something altogether more sinister was going on around you. In reality the girls and women who had been subjected to the Organization’s training and augmentations were nothing more than disposable experiments, and the world you grew up in was an open-air laboratory. The people who entered your life – from the maids who helped take care of you when you were little, to the father who died protecting you, to all of your fellow trainees who are no longer here with you – were no more than props to the Organization, meant to manipulate you to suit their own goals.

“Without a doubt,” you muse, “the Organization is one of the great evils of our world. Their selfishness, their cruelty, the madness of their goals – all of these contribute to that conclusion of mine.”

Your compatriots, many of whom have been with you for years, understand to a woman that there’s going to be a ‘but’ here, and wait for it patiently.

“That having been said,” you continue, “we lack the ability to prove that any single one of them has done anything wrong specifically, and even if they did we can also assume that many only did so because they were lied to.”

“It’s hard to argue the point,” Helen admits.
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You decide to visit both sites before approaching the nobility in Taskavaig, and find that the first site is actually rather ideal for your purposes. There are no nasty surprises which would get in the way of you spending the night there with Serana, Reika, and Zara, so that’s precisely what you do to get a feel for the area. Your rest isn’t disturbed by any wild animals, the weather is clear and cool, but not too cold, and you can tell that the area is adequately-drained so that water won’t pool in the areas where you intend to put bunkhouses for the soldiers you’ll shortly be detaining.

The same can’t be said for the second site.

[Even I can tell it’s cold,] Serana observes in the second location, the one you were considering that sits back up within a valley. [It almost feels like it could be colder than it is up in the mountains.]

“It may be,” Reika replies with a frown. “Sometimes the high valleys are like this.”

“There’s no opening to this valley,” you realize, “so cold air settles into it.”

“Can ordinary people even live here?” Zara wonders aloud. “I mean, I don’t even really see any signs that animals stick around long.”

She’s right. You can see now that while there are a few game trails here and there, much of the area around those trails appears to not be heavily grazed and the trails themselves mostly avoid the lower areas of the valley. So even animals are smart enough to know better than stay here… so how can you expect a bunch of prisoners to live here, let alone comfortably enough not to end up in open rebellion?

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>>We could have it disassembled and built into something more modern in the same location.
>>We could have it disassembled and built into something more modern in the same location.

Definitely time consuming but very useful in the long-term.
>>>We could have it disassembled and built into something more modern in the same location.
>>We could have it disassembled and built into something more modern in the same location.

File: v1.0 (1).png (875 KB, 2342x2476)
875 KB
875 KB PNG
Welcome everyone I am hosting a risk game, everyone is welcome. The rules are simple especially if you have played before.

I will also be playing as a host mainly just to build up the numbers.

To start pick a house then roll
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Take back Summerhall. Spill to close in on Yronwood via Wyl and Prince's pass.
Sorry can't really roll have to take your original roll, whatever.is simpler for whoever is.playing works for.me
File: file.png (7 KB, 260x286)
7 KB
i mean the issue is just
the board is incredibly slow
look at these numbers
I will try this in the next round
Sorry guys we have lost someone and unfortunately the game needs atleast 4 people

I will be running games alot more (and much smoother from now on that I have the app working) so feel free to join the discord to keep on top of risk games upcoming



File: #4.png (52 KB, 1148x771)
52 KB
The Nation of ferrovia has fractured with the death of king Harold with three successor states and a bandit kingdom now fighting over the nation's future. King Elric, the king's brother backed by the landed nobility of the country, wages war in hopes of holding up the monarchy and by connection with the landed gentry. As he styles himself now Lord protector Baric attempts to halt the Monarchists and reformists from harming the status quo with the backing of the army his force is small but well trained and armed. The last of the main contenders is Queen Meredith the sole child of King Harold and devout reformist backed by merchants democrats and communists alike she must lead this dispraite force to victory.

You are Sir Edmund Drayton the crow formerly a yeoman you have been knighted by queen meredith for the stroke of luck and skill that was the Albrects ford paradrop. Your new found rank has led to many foreigners clamoring for influence with you both from the aquilian empire and Corelian confederation. You've agreed to take o n an aqullian military observer and turned down a Corellian spook whos been trying to push you against aquilla.

Past threads: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=BrinkQM
1285 february 22nd 2nd year of meredith's Reign

You seen the slimy corelian spook alfred beltway packing last night and now your arriving at the hotel that acts as the queens palace until such time the capital Ironhaven is recaptured. The hotel is busy as the servants in a hectic manner get it ready for the feast set up to celebrate the liberation of Albrects ford. The servants usher you into the hall where the feast will take place where you are given a choice of dining partners you sit inbetween
>Mr Baker and a young woman
>Mr Morgan and a very young man wearing a fine suit
>Marshal Alric and a Tall dark skinned man
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Your eyes keep drifting over to the young aqullian who besides a couple slices of bread has not eaten. At first your worried some sort of aqullian plot has seen the meal to have been posioned but that doesnt make much sense for the aqullians to do.

You turn to him and ask “Mr leroy ive noticed you really havent eaten is there a problem?”. He sips from his glass before speaking. “Ah no problem but my own Mr Drayton I was wounded during an accident a few months ago that has left my gut unable to deal with meat. I was actually grounded after the accident as well as my superiors not trusting my health behind the stick.” This would explain why they sent such a young man to be their liaison they have nowhere better to place him.

>next course(last one)
>skip to mingle
Write in
>next course(last one)
>Write in: "As a fellow flyer I can sympathize about being grounded. We can talk about it later if you want."
>>next course(last one)

Hello, my dear friend! Welcome back to your life!

On your previous decisions that led you to where you are now, Ryan Moore started a day thinking it was another average day: Had a meeting at his work about how to throw dirt even more in Chicago's fine society, with the possibility of uncovering an international scandal; got invited to a private party by his best friend, finally meeting his workmates! But as night went by, Ryan started facing the dreadful thought his best friend might be involved in that scandal. Not all things are filled with desperation, however: He ended the night high as shit and brought someone back with him!

But who is it? Who are they? Let's see together, my dear friend.

>pastebin with introduction, rules, character sheet and more!

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>"how about we meet tonight? We can buy the calendar"
>"do not worry. I'll be at my best behaviour tomorrow"

You look at the phone screen, expecting their reply as soon as you answer them. You blink and sip your strong, black coffee. You take a deep breath. Memories flood your mind on what happened yesterday and your heart skips a bit. A weird sensation you can't go off. It's fine. You are just overthinking and it's early in the morning, you're getting your first cup of coffee and soon your thoughts will re-arrange.

Or you try to re-arrange them. Another ping on your phone and you look at it in an incredible speed.

"Yes, sure! I'd love to see you again! I know a cute bookshop at Eerie Street and best of all? It's open 'til late at night. They serve a delicious coffee in those italian vintage expresso machine. You gonna love it!", "Meet me at Grand station, around 8pm?", Kimberly. She doesn't hide her excitement and this energy infects you. You feel yourself smiling, even if your lips don't move a bit. You confirm your appointment.

"I hope so. I wanna see all of your good behavour, Mr. Moore. Dinner time, at my apartment. Tomorrow", Peter. You can see all conotations on what he wrote on that message and damn, and he knows what he damn wants. But this is a problem for the You of tomorrow. You confirm the appointment and dinner. Hey, at least it's free dinner from a rich guy! Let's see what he'll serve for you tomorrow.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
"I guess my brain compacted everything in a one-of-a-time experience. Really. I felt something deeper than my soul burning the whole. I flew on the sky and became a being of pure light. I saw colors in form of people... Or colors around people? I touched them and...", you sit next to him without noticing, coffee on your hands and keep talking.

"Wait, wait, wait. Slow, man", and you stop talking. "I'm still on my first sip, dude. Now I want a bit of that brownie next time you go to your guy. I need a travel hard like that"

You and Robert share a long moment of silence drinking coffee, until he finally gets up and to get some pastries. "Wow. I know this is from yesterday, but it looks like it's from today"

"It's from that bakery, y'know?"

"Damn. Real good", he serves himself more coffee. You didn't even notice he finished his and you're still on your first cup.

Your thoughts are still on yesterday, but you see an oportunity ahead of you. Robert's thoughts seem to still "loading", meaning he will talk to you without filter. You know morning meeting will be in 2 hours, but you also know not everything you can say at Shannon's face.

>"how was the interview with the tenure?"
>"i don't remember seeing Philipp with you. Was he with Carie?"
>"are you okay, man?"
>"how was the interview with the tenure?"
>"are you okay, man?"
>"are you okay, man?"

File: Alterac OP.jpg (51 KB, 451x556)
51 KB
Nine years ago King Aiden Perenolde betrayed the Alliance and sided with the Horde of Orgrim Doomhammer. Nine years ago Prince Alric Perenolde, the second heir of Alterac was sent into exile for his own protection. This exile turned permanent and Captain Normand Garside, your guardian for the past nine years made sure that you were safe and learned the useful skills that would help you in the future.

Now you are ready to carry the responsibility and unite the scattered Alteraci people and reclaim the lands that were once the Kingdom of Alterac.

Life is not always fair or forgiving. There are always mistakes and errors you or others make. And you have done one quite big one.

Two weeks ago you had a serious mishap. During your daily magic lessons, you learned how to create a fire and light a candle. That alone as a mundane human is a great success after only half a year of studying magic. But during the lesson, you reached too far, pushed yourself too far and in the middle of trying to light a fire into a hearth, you fell and lost your consciousness. If not for the fast action by Lady Nalice, you probably would have died, for she saved you and prevented you from entering the limbo of oblivion.

Your heart stopped and you were dead for nearly thirty seconds before Nalice managed to restart your heart with a sudden influx of Fel. You were saved, but the Fel did have its effect on you. Black nails, green eyes and to your worry and fear, potentially changes in who you are as well.

In the last two weeks you have practised how to walk again and you have had plenty of time to think about everything. About who you are, about your friends and especially about the future. You tried to reach too far and it backfired, this isn’t a race, this is a marathon. You have just passed your nineteenth birthday, you can slow down a bit and let your underlings handle things for you.

Yet there will be work to be done. You have met your officers and fed them the fake story of you being poisoned by a Syndicate assassin. You decided that Captain Garside would be leading the campaign of Strahnbrad Hills while you are still recuperating, but at least you would be joining them in Tarren Mill before they march out. There would be the oil negotiations and you would have a chance to meet your lover Jandice Barov.

Even in your current shape, now that you have returned back into the spotlight, there would be work to be done. And you knew that while your mind was willing and your body wasn’t, your enemies wouldn’t stop. They would just work harder.

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I have already updated the available mercenaries into the Quest Mechanisms pastebin, so I will post them here as well for sake of clarity for you lot. No need to speculate about their prices when they are already available.

Available Mercenaries:

-Carlsson's Cavaliers, 10 Regular Mounted Sergeants, 6 Wealth, Upkeep 5 Supply Per Season
-Farsteel Steppe Clan, 20 Regular Steppe Cavalry, 6 Wealth, Upkeep 2 Supply Per Season
-Redpath's Regulars, 10 Regular Footmen, 10 Green Footmen, 10 Regular Archers, 10 Green Archers, 4 Wealth, Upkeep 4 Supply Per Season
-Vance's Venators, 10 Veteran Archers, 4 Wealth, No Upkeep
>Wiklish, Mercenaries and Mages
>>Wiklish, Mercenaries and Mages
My only suggestion
>Durnholde have them give us money. And have them hire us out for their war in the summer. We should be finished with our campaign.

>hire redpath and his boys.
Can we trade "training" for some of the costs? Get their green boys to regular?

>Can we offer training to Tarrenmill and hillsbrad? For supply or wealth?

>Ask durnholde to hold a tournament. And we setup the trade fair at the same time. And send criers to dalaran, silvermoon (malevus master), lorderon, hillsbrad, southshore, the dwarves, everyone far and wide,(even our cousin in gileas). Have title, and ? wealth and maybe a dwarf armor set as reward. Ask for .5 wealth from all entrants. (Look at the supply/demand) invite garithos too kek.

Try to set it up so one of our people wins the pot for extra loots. Split the proceeds with durnholde.
Bonus as predatory practice don't tell the entrants about the fee until they're there. Come all this way do not fight? Aight kek.

We should setup a bank too. Give them all loans. Oh sure we'll give .5 for .75 kek.

Or services rendered ( aka fight the debt off)
We got a lot of fighting to do soon.

File: 4245.png (546 KB, 1000x840)
546 KB
546 KB PNG
Last time, reality distorted in front of your very eyes, everyone but you lost their memories, and now you’re at the Amusement Park to enjoy one thrill ride with a very interesting backstory. This description doesn’t do justice to what happened, but it’ll have to do because the excitement must continue! You have to enjoy the spare time you have together until it’s your turn to forget this all ever happened like a dream or what you had for lunch a month ago.

Vera has rescinded you the right to make decisions without her complaints. The Broller Coaster was really fun, but she didn’t expect you to go from 0 to 100 on the first ride, so she wants to gripe. You’d tell her that she needs to face the consequences of her actions, but after what she did today, you don’t want to touch on those sensitive points. Instead, you told her that this is just the beginning and she needs to get ready to have more fun!

Also, you got a free Shrimp Mask and a Duck Mask. A cool souvenir after the red!

The Lunar Light Amusement Park has a lot more to offer! Better make the best out of it!

What do you do?

>Go to the Haunted Castle!
>Go to The Manic Pixie Dream Theater!
>Go to The Lovers’ Gravy Boat!
>Go to The Cursed Ship of Dave!
>Go to The Airplane Furball!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>Hug Vera goodbye. You love her!
>>Tell Vera that you’re going to miss her.
File: 4268.png (666 KB, 800x640)
666 KB
666 KB PNG
You keep staring at the Red Button through the plastic protector covering it so you won’t make a mistake that you’re going to regret for the rest of your life… Protection is always good and necessary but now its usefulness has run out. The end is near.

Without saying a word, you grab Vera and give her the longest hug you have ever given to another person who isn’t part of your family. You hold her dear. You do love her, and in a moment, you’re going to lose the reasons why you do. Why you fought harder than ever before. But it’s all for the greater good. Hers, not yours. Don’t make a mistake, you don’t matter, your happiness doesn’t matter. It’ll always come behind everyone else’s. But this time it’s fine, you made this decision and saved someone you loved because of it. It pains you deeply that you won’t be able to spend more time with her like this. This is how it always goes, this is how always it is, this is the life of Johnny Ando, and it su—

“Johnny.” Vera grabs your wrinkled face swimming in negative emotions after the hug, and pulls the magic cord from the back of your neck. “Please, don’t look so sad.”

“Look who’s talking.” You point out the tears running down Vera’s face by wiping one away with a finger.

“Give me a break!!! This is harder than I thought, and I knew it was going to be the most painful thing I have ever done.” Vera gets angry one last time.

“Of course, Vera, but you’ll have to give me one too.” You smile in response. Vera wants to smile back but struggles...

“Can we do this… at the same time?” Vera is ready to pull the trigger to delete your memories with her magic phone.

With the Red Button in hand, you nod back. “On the count of 3.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 4269.png (338 KB, 800x640)
338 KB
338 KB PNG

“That’s it, partner. That’s all I could find. Now do what you have to do!” Philonune brings you back to the present! Huh, it’s good that someone can search through your memories even though you can’t imagine how that’s like. In fact, you kinda should, right? Aren’t you sharing a body? You should see what Philonune did. How does any of this work?! Whatever! You remember everything now!

And more importantly, you remember that you’re in great peril of forgetting these wonderful memories again! Vera has pulled the Phone Cord from behind your neck! She will delete your moments together a second time, but why?! She didn’t want to before! It was the Alien’s fault! Explanations can wait, you must put a stop to this!

Sadly, it won’t be on this thread, because that’s all we have for this thread! Thanks for playing! And see you on the next one! (Likely to be on Friday this time!)
Thanks for running! Great flashback!
Awesome run! Thanks again!

File: 1.gif (8 KB, 716x612)
8 KB
you're dreaming about home in a place far from it.
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File: 5-17.gif (99 KB, 716x612)
99 KB
you two untied each other's hand, experiencing severe grogginess due to all the sprinting and crawling done in the vent.
what should we do now?
Ask Canny how she's holding up
This >>5849105
Then let's try to see what we have in our inventory. Do we still have our black hole thing?
And I don't think we ever got that key from the first room that was in the vent, unless I'm missing something.

We should probably try to get Renart's gun or something.
File: 5-18.gif (13 KB, 716x612)
13 KB
"my knees are sore. otherwise fine. you?"

you are relatively "fine" too, but starting to feel bit empty. last meal you had was a lukewarm canned soup in the first room.
only thing you own as of now is a macgyver knife.
key card was lost, and black hole poster is dropped at observation room.
perhaps you should go search for these. or food.
Check to see if the door works now that the power is back on

File: Start1.jpg (20 KB, 640x480)
20 KB
After gaining all seven Dark Dragon Balls, thanks in no small part to Karn and his family's efforts, Mechikabura prepares for his revival: the Dark King's return is nigh! And with their powers gained in the effort to combat the God of Destruction, Lord Beerus, Karn and Meloka seek to master the strength of gods in preparation for the coming final battle between the Time Breakers and the Time Patrol. However, despite the PTO now comfortably ruling the majority of the known universe, threats still lurk there in the shadows. Beings who, for their own reasons, seek revenge against the Saiyan race. Will the Saiyans prevail? Or will their efforts all be in vain, overcome by their enemies past, present, and future?

You the players control Karn, the Berserker God with the power to fight against gods and other divine beings. From his lowly beginnings as a Saiyan Brawler with a sub-3000 powerlevel in Age 733, he has now become the strongest Saiyan of his time. Wielding the Berserker Soul, a power born of rage and hatred now combined with That Which Should Not Be, Karn has gained powers suited to facing the divine, and even those who wield the powers of Order, Law, and even Time itself. But will this newfound strength be enough to overcome the threats headed your way? Only time will tell, and your choices could be the difference between victory and defeat, winning and losing, even existence and not.

Character sheets and other info:
Help fund quest art commissions and get exclusive side stories as well as artwork here: https://www.patreon.com/GrandDragonQM

Quest rules are as follows(unless otherwise noted):
>30 minute vote windows
>Pick ONLY ONE option when voting
>Dice rolls are all best of first three, Bo4 when specified

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Ouch. That's rough. Did they get distracted or careless? I suppose we shall see in time.
Remember who all you've killed, all the beings who would be down here in the world of the dead. And how many could just take someone unprepared out of the fight instantly.
File: 763265286327564.gif (3.11 MB, 500x281)
3.11 MB
3.11 MB GIF
>Remember who all you've killed, all the beings who would be down here in the world of the dead.
This epilogue is going to be a bit spicy
oh god damn it please tell me we aren't going to have to fight lying eyes requiem again.

File: OPERATION ERIKA.jpg (148 KB, 1384x1125)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
April 5th, 1940
You're sitting in a grey, dingy box with one of your fellow NKVD officers, Dmitri Nicolschi.
He asks you if you're informed on the mission.
"Of course, Comrade Dmitiri," you assure him.
You run over the plan in your head.
You'll be driven through Romania, taken to a remote location in northern Yugoslavia, and flown north in a small fighter plane to be paradropped into Magdeburg, only a few miles West of Berlin.

Dmitri slams a dossier on the table, labeled OPERATION: ERIKA . You open it up, showing pictures of the location. It describes a parade that will be held there, and briefs you on your mission to assassinate Adolf Hitler.
Stalin will have your head on a pike firmly planted in the coldest part of Siberia if you fail this mission.
Pavel speaks again, in his thick accent, firmly reminiscent of the Motherland,
> "You take gun. Choose."
An unnamed officer walks in and places three firearms on the table in front of you.

One, a suppressed bolt-action sniper that fires a .223 round.
Another, a silenced TT-33 Tokarev, modified to have to be manually racked each shot. It's virtually silent.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> Walk from here on foot. No use wasting time, the plane will be here at 9PM on the dot.
Next update will be a new thread, tomorrow at 4PM UTC, and then every vote from then on will close at that date every 2 days. So, tomorrow, the
29th, and then the next update will be the 31st, and so on
the 1st*
That's a poor choice.
Well, people called me an idiot for it. I just wanted to start on a new thread and announce a concrete update schedule I was gonna follow. Anyway, threads up, so not much I can do about it now.

File: Thumbnail2.jpg (329 KB, 795x564)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
>Previous thread: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2023/5778682/


You groan as the beeping sound alerts you’ve overslept on the hard ground you lay on every night. It is not too kind on your back.

Your team and your friend’s share an improvised tent in the courtyard reserved for the less fortunate.

“Ugh, remind me again why do we have to sleep outside,” Coco Adel, your childhood friend, says. “My tits are gonna freeze come winter.”

“You said you liked sleeping under the stars,” you, Picaro Calavera, respond.

“I like the idea of it. I like it every day until I have to actually sleep. Seriously, fuck the desert.”

“Quit whining Valey Lessie,” Octavia Ember, Coco’s partner, whines back. “This ain’t your hometown, Vale, we’ve got real shit over here in the desert.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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The /uvhag/ general must be /vt/-tier.
You know they already have the first season of dlc planned out and the game barely came out. Qrow still isn't in it, maybe season 2 corvidbros...

>Picaro and Coco lurk on the thread with a sneer on the former's face.
>"This is why we should've gatekept. None of these guys play the game and just post porn of the characters. I bet cold, hard Lien these modern control babies couldn't do a dp input to save their lives. You know! Back in the Coquina arcade, fights broke out because some clown picked Theodore. I was the clown."
>"Who won?"
>"The game or the fight?"

Anyways, we continue at the usual time. Just thought it was funny.


In the 41st Millenium, there is only war. And while the hive world of Boiadero may seem relatively peaceful, there is chaos brewing under the surface. From insatiable and murder lusty cultists spreading terror in the underhive, to the millions gangs, and even up above in the hive city spires the cruel machinations of hive elite spread like a poisonous spider web, withering all that it touches.

It is in this world that you find yourself, and you may be the only dim light filling the oppressive dark. You have already overcome many challenges alongside your wife to be, but there is only worse to come. Only with faith, body and blood may your fellow Christians be protected, and only time will tell if you can hold onto your life, your faith, and your morality.

For in the underhive, all is forsaken.


67 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Should we also get a few of our guards in reserve just in case?
I'll change my vote to this
We have enough firepower to end him honestly, i don't think he would remain alive ( If he made the mistake to do something bad).
The energy guns from the dead slavers and the more present shoddy autoguns, would put him down combined.

We haven't anything like guards or many roles really. Beside the kids and a few other exceptions (like the cook), anyone that can fight, fights. Our church is very simple at the moment.
Can't we stand on something and speak to them from on top the wall or from a window?

As an alternative we can set a meeting place somewhere else or to come back at a later date.
5 for letting the creature into your home, 1 for telling it to fuck off and 3 speaking to it outside. Writing now.

File: IMG_20231117_152934.jpg (4.17 MB, 4000x3000)
4.17 MB
4.17 MB JPG
Atop a savage throne of bone, fur and leather lounges an inhuman handsome man, he of golden locks, of eyes that flickered between the Green of Truth and the Blue of a Beyonder!

Goblin King of Goblin Kings!

Monarch of Idle Torments, Lord of Thieves. He of fair skin tinted with the shade of the flower's stem! His red crystal crown rested lightly on his brow, his black roguishly royal raiment was filched from the skin and silk of beings still living.

What mighty being did not curse this fiend? How vexing was this apex of pests. He had not the power to slaughter the transcendent, but none wished to endure his foul pranks and thefts, for long had been the day that he had last fallen into dire straits.

Had they been able to reach it, a carnival of gods, archdragons, beyonders and assorted supremes would have assaulted his castle.

No, for this, the greatest of goblinkind, the only true enemy is boredom! Bane of all those who live countless years.

This is where you come in, for you are not the Goblin King of Goblin Kings, not even a regular goblin king, nor even goblin nobles.

Wretched humanoids of shades of green, yellow and red with a mismatch of verminous bodyparts, frequently bald wether they be male or female. Your eyes often do not match size, the placement is off,and all of you have ragged pointed ears only beaten in pointed size by your ludicrous noses, for all goblins offer up their all to their monarch, losing what little beauty, power and wits they might have had, but so too is their mortality offered up, for so long as the King breathes, any goblin that dies will merely reappear above his head, none the worse for wear, and all memories of woe will fade, and reckless suicidal frolicking begins anew.

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Knock on the front door. We got a pass from the queen lady that says they have to let us in.
I did the terrible act of playing a game the entirety of the night, thus I have not sleep, and thus I am not sure I'll be updating either of my quests.

It wasn't even that good of a game.
Update tomorrow.
>>5844390 >>5844753
QUEST: Restore the Nation of Lennessa
QUEST: Seek the Headless Goblin's Head
DIVINE QUEST: Find Ash Some Mutual Dutiful Love
SUMMON QUEST: Find a little time for the Knave
Current Numbers at Start of Loop: 93 g, 26 K, 25 nun
SPOILS: Ghostly Treasure, Pumpkin Flesh, Ashes of Hunger, Imperial Edict of Limited Passage
Time: First Day, Afternoon
Place: Ash's Estate
>Dig Dig!
>Knock on the front door. We got a pass from the queen lady that says they have to let us in.

Like wolves circling a stray doe, the goblins scurried around the estate, looking for a front entrance. It didn't take long for them to find a somewhat overgrown path leading from the estate into the city, and while there was no walls surrounding the estate, along this path was an arched gate. A pair of trees, grown to entwine each other, a pale metal gate stabbed into their flesh. It was sculpted not in pumpkins or geese, but in image of grape-vines.

No wall, but even if goblins had little fear of death they somewhat understood the concept of an obstacle, especially if you beat it in them. So, even though there was no wall, no fence, they knew if they tried going around past the gate that the mist would come, the goosehounds would find them, and the true obstacle that undead knight would prevent them moving forward.

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Goblins can't be moved by mundane charm easily. Mundane charm. Your minds cloud, fillled with these cold steel eyes, but goblins remain goblins. Some beings could resist through sheer force of will, or other aspects. The goblin's defence is that a goblin is a goblin, so...

>What is the first goblinic thoughts that come to mind goblins?
The tastiness of eyeballs or a juicy beetle are possible. The nuns might be thinking of the Prince of Grooms even now.
>Roll 1d93 goblins, 2d26 Knights, 2d25 nuns
>You can have as many thoughts on as few as you want, there are a lot of goblins after all.

File: feds.jpg (880 KB, 800x765)
880 KB
880 KB JPG
You look the Anarkist in the eyes and grip Bass Head's shoulder.

"For ten thousand dollars, I may be sold. But I'm keeping the kid, that way if you fuck me over he can go to Calc and spill everything he knows about your gang." You pat Bass Head on the shoulder and smile menacingly. "Sound good?"

"Sure thing. I can get you an address for a meet. You gotta come in person, Anarky wants to talk to you himself." He slowly reaches in his pocket and pulls out a scrap piece of paper. You lean out and snatch it from him, causing him to recoil a bit.

"I'll be there. The money better be what you said too, otherwise this Cobra is gonna have to STRIKE!" You emphasis the final word with a small lunge towards him cut short. It is pretty amusing to watch him skip backwards as if you actually were going to bite him, but any sense of cool is drowned out by the look you're getting from Bass Head. You sigh.

"Beat it, I'm taking this kid to my partners just down the road a bit. They can hold him for me." You check the scrap as you speak and see it's a meeting by the docks at eleven tonight. You look back up at the goon staring at you absently, you flick your fingers at him and he takes the hint to leave. You turn your back with Bass Head in tow and breathe a low sigh of relief. You also shake your head and pinch the bridge of your nose. The fucking "Cobra" why did you give yourself a name?

As you get to the car you see Huntress carrying a much larger crossbow than the small hand-bows you had seen her with before, Question carries a small club in his lap. You walk past them and open the back seat for Bass Head to crawl in.

"This is the boy?" Question asks you, same flat tone as ever.

"Obviously." Huntress chimes in, rolling her eyes. "The real question is what were you talking about with that Anarkist? Why were you talking at all instead of putting some hurt on him?"

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>"Detective Gray, he's an old friend of yours and has been breathing the SIM Case for a bit now."
>"Jimmy, you seem to be pretty close to him. We know the Mole is a cop, if anyone is gonna notice a cop acting funny it's him."
Best bang for our buck while keeping things tight.
>"Detective Gray, he's an old friend of yours and has been breathing the SIM Case for a bit now."
>"Jimmy, you seem to be pretty close to him. We know the Mole is a cop, if anyone is gonna notice a cop acting funny it's him."
>"Detective Gray, he's an old friend of yours and has been breathing the SIM Case for a bit now."
>"Jimmy, you seem to be pretty close to him. We know the Mole is a cop, if anyone is gonna notice a cop acting funny it's him.""Detective Gray, he's an old friend of yours and has been breathing the SIM Case for a bit now."
>"Jimmy, you seem to be pretty close to him. We know the Mole is a cop, if anyone is gonna notice a cop acting funny it's him."
>>"Detective Gray, he's an old friend of yours and has been breathing the SIM Case for a bit now."
>>"Kimble, he's a good man to have in a fight and I think he has more brain than he gets credit for."
Nightwing is gonna have a chuckle learning that batman would have more trouble with this than he would

Also Jimmy would be great normally, but if we're blood cells, the bars an artery. It might put him in much more danger than normal just knowing info

That said, we might wanna try talking to the city there some time soon.

File: tegaki.png (26 KB, 800x800)
26 KB
You are the grand wizard of Chan'el, Dorfrendor.
Trained by the greatest sages from birth for an ancient destiny, you reached the zenith of magic, and took up your duty in the tower of the boundary.
Outside of time, in the gap between chaos and reality, sits the tower. Built on the supreme leyline, the tower separates the realm of what is from the domain of what cannot be.

You function as an immortal mana battery, powering the tower and guarding the mortal realm from the chaos of the abyss. It's extremely boring.

The tower has three floors, from top to bottom:
The living quarters, where you sleep.
The study featuring a small library of arcane texts and a desk, made of rich mahogany.
The workshop / laboratory, stocked with magical components and reagents.

The tower siphons the majority of your arcane energies to reinforce the boundary, but in return provides life support functions. You will never starve, never age, never grow sick; never die, until you are relieved of your duties.
It has been 129,373 years, 193 days.

What would you like to do today?

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Supporting. Let’s create an artificial mana battery system so we can get up to wizard hijinks
File: wizard_clockwork_bird.jpg (227 KB, 1024x1024)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
>you decide to go to the workshop.

You haven't been here in a while; you don't recall how long ago. How long have you been sleeping? Components are strewn haphazardly around the area.
A mechanistic bird construct sits on the workbench, amidst the clutter.
What was it you were working on...
> a mana battery
Ah, yes, a mana battery. No wonder you are feeling so lethargic. You've been diverting what little remains of your mana into a battery of your own creation. It's an elaborate construction, designed to mitigate the Tower's siphon effect.

>check the battery. Roll 10 d100 to see how much mana has accrued
taking the average of the rolls

Your memory is fuzzy, but it feels as though you've done this before. The days blend together in the tower, and you've been sleeping a lot.
Rolled 72, 10, 20, 37, 99, 59, 33, 9, 9, 44 = 392 (10d100)

Go outside, I'm fucking constipated and since theres no toilet within the bathroom I gotta shit into the void
I look around the tower for coins. If I have duties to serve then I might as well be rich.

File: Fate.jpg (16 KB, 338x300)
16 KB
*There was fire when you looked back where you were, orange-yellow flame had wrapped itself around the cabin you called home. Your mother pants heavily as she holds you under her arm, carrying you as she bobs and weaves through the dark and dense forest of the Schwartzwald. "Just a bit more, all we need is just a bit more time and-" Snap, the two figures tumble through the darkness down a hill into a trickling creek. "Mom?! What happened are you-"*

*You then saw that her ankle was something broken, bone sticking out like a jagged pillar from her flesh. The fact she is not making any noises of pain, her expression of pale and stock white terror etched onto her face making her green eyes shine against the pitch of night. "Listen to me Marshall. You need to hide, I will distract the men after us but-"*

*"No! Please I-I don't want to....I don't want-" She then cups her hands around her son's cheeks before tears begin to form up. A bittersweet smile on her face, letting him know how he'll make it without saying a thing, she then tosses the boy into a hole covered up by roots in the hillside. Stumbling backwards he hears a man's rough and cold voice call out that they found her.*

*The roots obscure the view of the confrontation and you back up deeper into the psuedo-cave so you are not seen. As you're moving away you hear a howl of agony and something falling to the ground, then there was a gun firing off loudly. Two, Three, Six, Pause to reload, Six more, Pause again, Six once more. A child recognizes the death, and feels a great withering sorrowful pain, a smoldering rage that screams VENGENCE, a vortex of negativity as tears flood down your face and wetten the earth. Family and Home both gone.*

*"Worry not little Marshal" The Voice had said, the warm and primal sound echoed through your head, "We will have a day where they all will pay. While Revenge may be wicked, it is certainly natural."*
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File: Spoiler Image (198 KB, 416x440)
198 KB
198 KB PNG
I was going to say she’s absolutely Lilith but the end of days but makes me think pic related.

Both are solid guesses, as the quest continues on you'll be figuring it out sooner or later. Your fate depends on how well you manage to get along with Avenger after all
Two last questions I guess.

1. Do you have a Twitter or anything that would let us follow you so we know when the next thread is up?

2. Any clues or hints as to who we may have summoned had we not gone to kill Alba, or will we find that out as the story progresses?

1. I suppose I can make a Twitter so that I can post updates for when I'm running. But I'll be trying for the second thread to be up on Friday next week. If a delay shuffles things it'll be Saturday or Sunday

2. You'll find that out as the story progresses, but I'll give a hint for two. Both you encounter in the India Lostbelt. Both are ludicrously dangerous enemies
Alrighty then I have archived the thread. And have made the Bird account so I can keep you all updated and such

https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Fate Catastrophe/Superposition

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