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File: heat city nights 6 OP.png (1.75 MB, 900x1274)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB PNG
In the year 1987, crime and corruption in America is an epidemic. Drugs and guns flow into the country from everywhere in the world, and the gateway to it all is the coastal paradise, Heat City. This is a place of shining high-rises and shadowed alleys, sunsets and smog, neon and blood, ruled by ambition and greed and power. Here in Heat City, you can get whatever you want -- if you can pay the price.
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Rolled 9, 3 = 12 (2d10)

Name: Limbo
Type: Brain [lvl0]

Attributes: Hard 0 Cool 0 Sharp 3 Weird 3
Derived Stats(+Move): HP 7/7 Edge 5/8 Move 5(6 temporarily because of Inspire) Defense 4 Crit on 7

Skills: Spook: [Spy] Spend 1 AP at a door, corner, or hiding spot to spot out what's ahead while staying hidden.

Gear and Weapons: Pistol Range 10 Dmg 2 Ammo 2/8 , Fists Melee Dmg 2 Crit+1. Gym Bag and the stuff inside, Medic Bag, 2x Smoke Grenades, 2x Frag Grenades.

Outfit: Lightweight Armour Vest +1 HP

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File: file.png (59 KB, 382x370)
59 KB
The smash did in fact break the wall with the guy's head. The explosion was a visual glitch. Or you can go with Seline's explanation and say you're just so cool your Smash explodes.
File: Doors are hard.png (139 KB, 1050x433)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
Realizing now that there is a difference between closed and opened doors I realized I didn't exactly need to spend an ap to open it. I would like to go for the same action to amend a bit of my turn.

>1AP: Move 2N, 2E,1N, 1W (The Door is opened)
>1AP: Close the door gently
>1AP+1EDGE: Aimed shove the Shirt through the window West (this is of course considering that you can in fact aim the shove)

I didn't realize the difference until going back a few turns and am now glad I understand door mechanics better.
>Name: Jackal
>Type: Psycho
>Stats: HP 6/9, Edge 2/5, Move 5, Defense 5, Crit 8
>Attributes: Hard 3, Cool 1 (-1), Sharp 0 (+2), Weird 2
>Skills: Smash(0ap, 1 Edge)
>Weapons: Smg (Range 10, DMG 3, 0/15 Ammo, Auto, Crit+1) , Pistol (Range 10, DMG 2, 4/20 Ammo), Molotov (Thrown, Ammo 2/3 Area 2 flames for 2 turns, 1dmg and 2 burn), Fists: (DMG 2, Crit+1)
>Ammo belts: +2 magazines of ammo
>Heat: 2
>Wanted: 0
>Assets: Old Manor, unknown phone number

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Might be a good idea to run Jack, the cops are coming yeah.

Also you wanna join the discord?

File: Wanted Dead.png (4.28 MB, 1920x1080)
4.28 MB
4.28 MB PNG
You had nothing else to tell her that you reckoned she wouldn’t ignore; you ruled it was better to keep moving ahead. Perhaps, though unlikely, her hopes would ring true, and she would find her brother an unchanged man. Else, the devil would get his dues. You glanced at her with brief pity and then moved ahead, your soles drifting through the sand and leaving your imprint on the Graveyard Frontier. With a seething expression, Goldie looked as you ignored the watch hand guiding towards Henry and instead trudged to where you deemed right to go. You were not going to be led by a child, neither were you going to walk to your death … even though Bill said the El Dorado Warren was not a nice place either.

Another couple of hours passed in trudging silence, the soreness of prick marks boohooing in mild annoyance. The bullet wound crackled in your luminous flesh as if it was a sunken knife that chipped and then shattered into dozen shards while still inside your shoulder. You grasped your joint but it did little to veil the pain. The only thing keeping your attention from the wound was your thirst: what meagre drops of cactus juice you had in your body were becoming a memory. If Prickly Nicety’s nectar was a drink of choice in the Graveyard Frontier, then you hoped you would chance upon it again, even if it was going to dress in the flesh clothing of someone you knew. It wouldn’t be another Mercedes. Would it? You knew other people the welcoming and kind presence who could try and challenge your reason besides her, true?

As you recollected their names and visages of them, you heard the sound of creaking metal and then, once you focused your gaze, a dazzling spectral monument in the shape of a windmill—no, a windpump. Standing there was a tower of abandoned opaque lumber that was curved and shifting like mist, similar to the ranch you saw not so long ago. Its eerie glow shifted from pale blue to intense green and cast a dim light which battled but soon faded into the fog. The many unmoving blades flashed under the moonlight, scintillating rust gnawing on the outlines. The rotor ground and groaned, but barely moved an inch. You neared underneath the phantom construction towards the empty pipe, as dry as your throat. You swallowed and scratched your head, was this some sort of joke on the behalf of the underworld?
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> Do not speak about anything until you stumble upon anything interesting, hopefully, the Warren.
> Make Goldie feel bad by mocking her morals and how she left the shackled prisoner to wallow in slavery.
> Ask Goldie what she plans to do after her brother kills you and the two of them return back.
> Ask Goldie if she is aware of any way to return to the wild west USA if, by chance, her brother is unable to kill you.
> Ask Goldie if she is willing to tell you about the deal she made with the Devil, and the details of how it was achieved.
> [Write In]
>> Do not speak about anything until you stumble upon anything interesting, hopefully, the Warren.
> Ask Goldie if she is aware of any way to return to the wild west USA if, by chance, her brother is unable to kill you.
Hey, it’s possible someone else could kill us first. This is also an indirect way of asking how we could escape ourselves. I won’t be surprised if she doesn’t have an answer though.
> Ask Goldie what she plans to do after her brother kills you and the two of them return back.

Get her talking, she might slip up and give us something useful.
> Ask Goldie what she plans to do after her brother kills you and the two of them return back.

File: delegated.png (7 KB, 400x300)
7 KB
The Flanester river runs across the countryside and through the dense oak forests. It runs across a valley and reveals the entrance to the Flanester Cave System, through the South Lanrevest Mountain, which has been a legend and such a feat on the level of climbing Mt. Everest in your world, but even more deadly. Many cavers have unsuccessfully tried to explore the cave system, but died in the process. Even more lie as mauled corpses near the bear that guards the popular entrance. You constantly dream of exploring the cave, despite its suicidal reputation, and always wanted to conquer that place once and for all.

You may ask questions, and I, the narrator, may answer them. You may issue commands as to what you want to do, and I will enact the response back to you. You will find dangerous monsters, hard puzzles, and beautiful treasures to carry with you on your way out.
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>Inspect goblet
The goblet is surprisingly cold, and full to the eye of a crimson liquid. At the bottom of the goblet is a sparkle that makes the goblet tingle at the shake.
Take a small sip of the liquid to see if its safe to drink
File: tegaki.png (10 KB, 400x400)
10 KB
You sip at the drink, and a metallic lump stops you from drinking any more. You have found a golden key! Congrats!
Look around for a locked door or chest

As one of the few retainers of the honorable Clan Miare, you are beholden to a number of responsibilities. These range from common chores - cleaning, shopping, or delivering tea when called for - to slightly more specialized tasks, such as the regular maintenance and updating of the clan's archives.

You were a scholar, once. To be precise, you were…

>A naturalist, fond of exploring the great outdoors. You've developed some skill in herbology and tracking as a result and can work your way around even the more fantastical creatures that roam the land. (Practical knowledge and a lay of the land have earned you respect and success. You know how to deal with trouble, and not just through violence.)

>An accountant, bookkeeper and master analyst of the clan finances. The vagaries of fortune are an open book to you; in another life, you'd have amassed a fortune to rival nations. (Problems that can be solved with money aren't problems. Don't let Reimu get her hands on you.)

>A cultural historian, knowledgeable in both myth and fact. You've got an artist's heart and an open mind; the village children love your stories, and if a few youkai drop by every now and then… Well, no harm, no foul. (A deft tongue and generous soul have won the hearts of many, youkai and human alike.)

All of Miare's retainers are held to a certain standard of education–part of why the estate remains so woefully understaffed.

Such was your life in the Human Village of Gensoukyo. Mild labor, familiar scrolls, and the occasional guest lecture at the local school whenever Miss Keine called for it and you had the time, which was not often.

Then the Madame announced her pregnancy, and suddenly what few hours you had to yourself vanished into thin air.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Quest Ending:You pass of old age quietly into the night. The euologies are divided between remembering you as a scholar, diplomat, and hero to the children, but also as the primary enabler behind one of Gensoukyo's worst nightmares. Peace, but at what cost!?
Either way, you finally cross the Sanzu River and come face to face with Eiki in her role as the Yama of Paradise. Tallying up your virtues and sins, she offers you a choice between:

>Becoming a shinigami and working as her assistant.

...Out of the corner of your eye, you notice a rather frazzled Akyuu busily scribbling away at the pulpit. You close your eyes, and with a soft smile, take the third option.
>Join the Child of Miare in the cycle of rebirth. "You did say you wanted someone to be with you in the next life, no? I'm sorry it took so long for me to get here."

Bam. If I ever disappear off the face of the Earth, assume I've been spirited away to Gensoukyo and got eaten by Rumia
that this is how the Quest finishes.
Probably it would help, Shiki already lectures whenever she can.

>I've been spirited away to Gensoukyo and got eaten by Rumia
Just stay near a tree if you see any slow moving balls of darkness.
Now you have me wondering what the “evil” route would look like.
Hmm... In an attempt to pursue longevity for Akyuu's sake, you stumble across the youma books located at Suzunaan and "inadvertently" corrupt yourself (possibly Kosuzu as well) into becoming a youkai and are exiled from the Human Village as a result by an incredibly reluctant Reimu who eventually works up the will to exterminate you (but not without some good old trauma). Bad End, game over. The Bad Apple was you!
Feel free to come up with your own Bad Ends, there's tons I can think of (mostly with you ending up in a youkai's gullet because Spell Card rules aren't a thing yet until Touhou 6 afaik)

File: Start_1.jpg (26 KB, 480x360)
26 KB
With the defeat of Majin Buu and the Remnants at the Battle of Namek, peace has come to the Seventh Universe. With no imminent battles to fight or wars to wage, the Saiyans have enjoyed their first long-term peace since their ancestors first landed on Planet Vegeta all those years ago. Yet this peacetime hasn't slowed the progress of the warrior race known as the Saiyans, whose power have continued to grow day after day. Foremost among this warrior race is the Fateless man known as the “Dragon of New Salda” and the first Super Saiyan to have appeared in a thousand years.

You the players play as this warrior named Karn, a man who has grown from a brawler with a powerlevel less than three thousand to now being the strongest of his kind, wielding the ancient emerald power of the Berserker and father of nearly a dozen children with his wife Meloka. After mastering the Yardratian ability known as Spirit Control, your power has grown beyond all previous limits.

Character sheets and other info:
Help fund quest art commissions here: https://www.patreon.com/GrandDragonQM

Quest rules are as follows:
>30 minute voting windows
>Pick ONLY ONE option when voting(unless otherwise noted)
>Dice rolls are all best of first three, only correctly rolled dice pools will count

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>What is that thing?
Some kind of entity that exists in an (Abyssal?) rift to another dimension.
>Why does Kirby grabbing a star turn it into an energy sword?
It's not a star, it's a crystal, and it turns into a crystal gun for an aerial shootout.
>Why is that thing’s mouth an eye?
You should be asking why its eye is made to look like a mouth in the first place.
>Why don’t the fairy thing’s wings move?
Well she doesn't really need to flap them when Kirby's giving her a ride, does she?
>Why does this look like it was animated on an original SNES?
It was a late N64 game actually. Pic related is what 3D animation on the SNES looked like.
>Well she doesn't really need to flap them when Kirby's giving her a ride, does she?
Wait nevermind, it's not really visible in that first gif, but she IS flapping them and she's the one giving Kirby a ride.
>What is that thing?
It's name is 02 and its a thing called Dark Matter thats made out of (allegedly) negative emotions, darkness, and evil, and is particularly weak to light or pure goodness
>Why does Kirby grabbing a star turn it into an energy sword?
Its a magic crystal made of light that turns into a sword.
>Why is that thing’s mouth an eye?
There's really no concrete answer that isn't just a schizo theory. A lot of people just assume that its because Kirby and 02 have an ancestor in common or are the same species with the latter being a more malevolent iteration of Kirby's race
>Why don’t the fairy thing’s wings move?
Idk, probably a GIF thing.
>Why does this look like it was animated on an original SNES?

New Kirby's lore and tone is so fucking retarded after RTDL and I hate how everyone gives it a pass because its Kirby and how "funny" it is for a cute thing to fight satan for the 900th time
You see that final boss and you think Kirby wasn't tryhard before?
File: Spoiler Image (1.46 MB, 4032x3024)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB JPG
You dare post MY childhood game?still works, pic related
And I was comparing it to andross, big floaty headass.
I was more confused upon review of the gif why her wings GROW. They more than double in length.
Glad I was never on that fandom honestly. I have enough series I like going to shit, don’t need more.

On the planet Skik IV, once known as Hery'Atarch, a lone yellow figure patrols the rooftops of a low income Hazaari slum. Dodging the industrial humidifiers straddling the buildings on this dry arid planet; he seeks only trouble in this part of town. Like all the Hazaar-Vassal-State worlds- poverty leads to desperation and greed.

The people below on the streets know him as the Yellow Fellow, a Masked Crusader, defending the Hazaar from the most opportunistic among their own kind. Making a name for himself among the criminal circuits in the city below. Though this largely than life figure has a weakspot; a secret identity and a family all his own!

Just below, he hears the signs of a “involuntary redistribution of wealth”, and decides to step in...
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It's just too sketchy.
>Rape Her
Quite frankly, I also want to see her naked. Backlink: >>5611569
You’re overthinking. This is just another of those morality votes so bananas can boast that his players are feral genocide lovers on /qtg/.
Can we get a beancount n stuff?

I swear, we're going to have an early supreme death just because of some rapefags...
After several threads of hidden trap votes, i doubt it. Remember when people said choosing "hate" for Yuan was going to be "a fun option"?

File: Nuclear war.png (546 KB, 938x616)
546 KB
546 KB PNG
The end has come. It seems that the world finally plunged itself into the atomic fires when the leaders of the old world ordered nuclear strikes upon their enemies. Who fired the first shot is unknown and of no matter or use to you now.

You are commander of a military command of a country that was hit by the nuclear hellstorm and now without contact with your superiors it is up to you to lead your boys in these trying times
Choose a country
>Germany (West Germany if cold war is chosen)
>The United States of America
>Great Britain
>Russia (The Soviet Union if cold war is chosen)

Choose a setting for the apocalypse
>The cold war: The classic, the one that started it all. Somewhere in the timeline of the cold war things went hot and now you and your men are dealing with the fallout. (Choose a decade from the 50s to the 80s)

>The modern day: The familiar option with modern technology and knowledge. Though how much use that will be to you and your command is up to debate.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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The public house, tavern or inn. Is relatively intact. A picture of the local football(soccer) club hangs on the on of the walls, as well as various other clubs and local organisations the fishing club, the church choir and some other clubs.

The bar itself is relatively cleans although the owner should have cleaned it more often. Looking at the the price tag, you were reminded of the high tax of alcohol that was common in scandinavia. The tables scattered around the room was were also in need of a cleaning.

There was a jukebox in the corner. Although the plug was taken out.

Where would you like to take a look?
>Take a look in the bar for glasses and alcohol
>Look in the backrooms for alcohol

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Take a look at the jukebox
There's probably no power, but it'll have quite the collection of vinyl. Then we can grab a pint and wait for this to all blow over.

Still gotta wonder where everyone went. People don't just up and leave town en masse like that unless they both have to and have somewhere better to go, and there will always be a few holdouts who refuse to leave. Something doesn't seem right here.
>Take a look in the bar for glasses and alcohol
>Look in the backrooms for alcohol
Our men deserve something to relax
Look for a basement first, before looking for the booze. Work before pleasure of course. I gotta agree with >>5617838 too, something is off. Of course the nuclear war would drag a lot of people away, but everyone? Yeah, there'd be holdouts. Maybe they're hiding from the Russian carrier that appeared, I dunno.
>>Take a look at the jukebox
>Search for a potential basement

File: qtg springtime.png (562 KB, 1200x800)
562 KB
562 KB PNG
>What is a quest?
An interactive story in which the QM (Quest Master, Quester Molester, Queer Masochist) writes and provides the readers with options on how to proceed. Dice may or may not be included due to on-site functionality.

Questionably Useful links:

A collection of guides which may or may not still be active, but can be good for general writing advice to avoid common beginner's traps. Badly in need of renovation.

>Archive of quest reviews: http://pastebin.com/u/QuestReviewsArchive
Worth reading through, because the best way to figure out how a quest might go right or wrong is to see how it's been done before.

>Archiving guide:
Go to http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/requestqstinterface.html
Fill out the request form to archive a thread.
Threads are also automatically archived by other websites, such as archived.moe.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: FndZbulX0AEev_3.png (40 KB, 830x930)
40 KB
I had a dream in which I was with a girl and then I woke up and realized my reality is so far away from that dream it made me want to kill myself.

How to make this into a quest?
>pic unrelated
This is how waifufags are born. Welcome friend! You're one of us now.
Split it into two sections, a dreaming part and a waking part. The goal of the waking parts is to manage your stress levels so you’re likely to sleep peacefully when you next dream of the girl. Goal of the dreaming parts is to live with the waifu. Do badly at managing stress, your waifu ends up in a nightmare and probably dies, then you have to wait even longer for the next good dream. Either way, you eventually wake up and have to go to work again, waiting for the next dream to happen.

Overall structure lets you pad out the time between each dream as you’d like so you can throw a variety of short- or long-term challenges at the player if you want. The quest ends when the MC dies or you let them hook up with someone in real life. I’m guessing the latter wouldn’t be an option.

It wouldn’t be my cup of tea, too much suffering built into the quest, but I know if you removed that piece then you’re not capturing the right feeling.

I thought they came from consuming too many shipping charts. Seaborne navigation, the ultimate gateway drug.
File: Maiden_2.png (291 KB, 614x665)
291 KB
291 KB PNG
>Quake 2, from your picrel
you can rail this Strogg wife, yay

I had a really good time, sadly no useful feedback though.

File: GDP.jpg (177 KB, 892x629)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
Princess Marie Naivetus Sigismundus has been tasked with governance of the Questarai Thread. This chain of stellar systems has a well-earned reputation for unruliness, and it is even whispered that the unholy taint of Chaos has been allowed to take root.
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>A princess can't just leave without saying thanks and goodbye
Give the big lad a hug and thank him, then head off with Bellhouse. I guess if Bellhouse has any rations we can give it to him too.
Beware, QM, or Disney's lawyers are gonna hunt you down!

Supporting >>5617671
Rolled 9, 3 = 12 (2d10)


+ 4 Princess Points


The year is 1374 DR. Sixteen years have passed since the Time of Troubles, when the gods were made humble, and forced to wander the Realms as mortals. With the ascension of the mad god Cyric, Prince of Lies, and the recent return of the tyrant god Bane, Lord of Darkness, the future of Faerûn seems increasingly uncertain. It falls to bold individuals who possess an abundance of cunning, might, and determination to shape the future... should they be up to the challenge.

"All right. Once I create the circle, it's as simple as walking directly into it. You may experience some... mild discomfort, but I promise that you'll be (mostly) fine." Lael lectures the Eilistraeans, waggling his index finger at them whilst pretending a comically stern demeanor. Chessayne smiles and waves at the amassed crowd who carry as many supplies as their arms will hold. "And remember dearies, this is not a race."

The mage bows ostentatiously at Chessayne, beaming at her - a gesture she returns. Luaue's left eye twitches, yet she refrains from commenting on this. Her frustration comes as no surprise, given that he did not offer the same respect to either of you. "Listen to the kind lady, children, and let me handle the rest." Without further delay, the half-breed unfurls his scroll and takes his place at the far end of the dining hall, reciting an incantation in a bizarre permutation of the traitor tongue.
84 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
"Are you daft?!" Shouts the half-breed, extending an open hand in your direction as she argues against him. "Why is she allowed in, but not us?! Do you expect these children to fend for themselves?!" Clearly distraught, the man wipes a bead of sweat from his brow and sighs. "I- I don't have the power to make these decisions! Please, understand!" He pleads, yet the half-breed will have none of it. "No, you understand! We..." she cuts herself off and shakes her head, drawing a heavy sigh.

"I'm... sorry. I shouldn't be like this." Luaue pivots to face you and folds her arms. "For now, we will return to the Silverwood. With the followers of Malar gone, we will finally have the chance to mourn our dead. I know that you said you would convince these people to come to our aid," she huffs, glancing at at the anxious guardsman as Alantha gleefully torments him, "but you are welcome to join us, sis- Sindiira. We have the supplies to make it through the better part of a tenday, so there is no need to rush."

>I will see about speaking with the council right this moment. I can convince them, somehow.
>Right now, I must rest. I shall see about this council business tomorrow, in the morning.
>Heavens know why they care so much about the dead, but I suppose I shall accompany them.
>I don't think it will be easy convincing the council, but I better start right away. Hopefully it will be done before the tenday is over. No doubt some tasks will have to be done. I will speak to my abban, Amaranth. If all goes well we can provide some aid to you in the forest meanwhile.
>Assuming you feel you can make it to the Silverwood on your own

Basicly, Jez is aware this will be a process requiring politics and no doubt quests, better get to it asap. Meanwhile we have some connections and gold, which can hopefully be used to maintain some safety or supplies to them outside the city walls until/if we manage a proper agreement with Everlund.
Maybe we could get a few guarsd/mercenaries to help guard the refugees while they are in the silverwood, until something better is setup.

However, it would have been cool to see Luaue meet the body of her mother the cleric with that magical sword. If that is where they are headed.
>Right now, I must rest. I shall see about this council business tomorrow, in the morning.
Need bath. Need bed.

I really would rather Jez speak with her allies before anything else, her having friends in the council and the Mielekki priesthood should be utilized before meeting with the council itself. Both for pertinent political guidance and resources to shortly sustain the Drow population if possible. Though I imagine Amaranth would be far more important than Willow in this regard, Willow doesn't exactly strike me as the most politically oriented.

As for the council itself, Jez is probably going to have to end up doing favors for Brandt Greycastle, Rupert Tenpenny, and Sten Silvershard. Dulnar and Arara are likely going to refuse to do anything regarding the Eilistraean refugees. I seriously hope that Tenpenny doesn't require much, haven't forgotten about his general.... everything, along with how he groped Jez. Furthermore, I can't imagine Sten would care for any favors that would be done for Tenpenny or Greycastle, as said favors are probably highly illegal, and he's still a paladin of Helm.

Man, I hope this doesn't end with all the Eilistraeans being slaughtered by the gnomish stalking artifice or whatever, or other Drow interceptors that are still after Jez. Also, where the heck is Lael?
>>Right now, I must rest. I shall see about this council business tomorrow, in the morning.
We are overworked and we need to zzzzzzzz

File: DualityOfRoll.png (692 KB, 640x720)
692 KB
692 KB PNG
Archive :

You are Sidridijika [The Harbringer of Miracles] the white Magus, a crystal dragon. A young one, hatched in the early spring eleven months ago. Not a wyrmling anymore, but still far from adulthood.
Your defining features are your Arcanic affinity; the legacy of your draconic ancestor, your Presence; inherent to your crystaline blood, Your Flight mastery, the way you broke out of your egg, and your Breath, light element multi shaped tool.
Last, but not least, your Strategy prowess, developped since you are an hatchling thanks to a cabinet filled with miniatures of soldiers from all the world's armies and a book detailling their forces and weaknesse; gifted reluctantly by your Mother.
You started a conflicting relationship with your litter. However, circumstances made you closer as you had to team up to survive the dreaded dragon hunters, which killed Father. Now you only have your prized crystal necklace as a memento: an extraplanar space you can fill with your own things, allies, or even unwilling enemies after an arcanic push.
What about Mother? Well, some recent third eye vision might explain her behavior as natural and normal Draconic hatching mindwarp, and you decided to go look for her. More on that later.
Now you have bounded as a pack with Little green, the hard headed and tough fighter emerald dragon, Little Purple, the cunning and tinkering Amethyst dragon and Little blue, your favorite, alchemy-gifted, fighting-deficient, mind-reader favorite sister.
You luckily found really fast a location suitable for a lair worthy of your Pandraconium : a fallen dwarven hold, invaded with skavens, home of a Griffin and her cubs, which now have left the nest.
You drive out most of the skavens, with the help of chaos warrior you tricked to fight for you until their death, then become friend with the monster of the third floor.
You recruited nearby humans to serve as canon fodder against the rat tide coming right for your lair. The humans were lead by a young noble, Hector, that tamed one of the griffin cub, Vaillant.
Hector proceed to tie a deep relation with you, becoming your guardian. You bailed him out several time, until he saved your life by defeating countless undead while you were out after a demon hunt.
He proceeded to transform into a worthy, then unstoppable fighter, thanks to the power brought by your link on one hand, and the runic relic he found on the other, leading two squads of battle-proven Errant Knights.
And he have not checked on you since way too long. Ungrateful kid. Well, he's got his big thing coming, leave him be.

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>Temporary retreat. Everyone gather what troops he can, regroup, assault as soon as possible.
>>Temporary retreat. Everyone gather what troops he can, regroup, assault as soon as possible.
Poor Apples, he is just a good boy and we done him dirty
No mercy no respite for the Beastman

i know i am biased. i did not think someone would support me kicking him out.
I think it was because my plan of keeping him involved the engine, maybe if I sent the scepter underground to Vert to take care or something like that the other anon would have supported me
Maybe Apples will return one day as a beastmen warlord seeking vengeance.
Well using the engine to nuke the army would have been good if we had been where the Necromancera and Skaven met. That could have not only broken the spell but also take huge chunks out of their troops. I would not have used ut passively or for them to find

File: banner.jpg (557 KB, 768x512)
557 KB
557 KB JPG
A mechanics heavy quest controlling a tribe of Axolotl-like sapient’s called Altfylis's. Set on an arid planet with deep canyons and dangerous weather and animals.

On an arid planet that's surface is scarred with deep canyons that have sheer cliffs, lives a species of sapient amphibious people called the Altfylis.

It is just after the Grand Spawn, a gathering of the four tribes at the sacred lake that happens every five cycles. The new exalted shaman ascended to her position in a important ceremony, and the council of elders gathered to share information and facilitate trade.

It's been a prosperous five cycles, each tribe has had a large population boom to boast about. But a large tribe over hunts the land, and attracts the great monsters that hunt them down wherever they go. The exalted shaman suggests a new tribe form, made of volunteers from each tribe, to ease drain of local resources and lower the chance of attracting the attention of the hunters. The elders are hesitant, no new tribes have been formed in their lifetime, and a large population is a sign of prosperity. But emboldened by the shaman’s suggestion a group of eager volunteers does form.

A group of 12 Altfylis's will take 284 units of food (enough for two weeks assuming they don't forage or hunt while traveling.) to make a dangerous journey to their new home.

The head of this group receives support from their tribe of origin that changes the starting supplies and location you leave from.
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>Craft winter clothes
>Inspiration travois
Inspiration travois
>Craft winter clothes
>Inspiration travois

If this is something you don't want to reveal yet just ignore this but so far any "magic" that this world has would be the ritualistic kind something akin to the stuff from UnReal World

File: Intro1.jpg (465 KB, 2418x1466)
465 KB
465 KB JPG
It took three months of planning to get to this moment. Scour the grounds, make it past the wards, the walls, the houseguards, breach the vault, in, out, clean. And then, the getaway.

That part . . . That part should have been planned better.

It's turning out surprisingly hard to run with an arrowhead digging into the softer tissue.
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Thank the stars, Quill can’t swim!
Are you sure you people have a degree in whatever you've been doing? Because there seems to be way more variables then expected up until now...
File: 1680038443183.png (1.84 MB, 1616x957)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB PNG
Rolled 2, 6, 5, 8, 7, 1, 2, 7, 10, 2, 4, 7, 8, 2, 10, 5, 2, 6, 8, 3, 9 = 114 (21d10)

>[Fast] grab the FIREBOMB as per Mimic's allowance [Fast] YELL and HISS at >>5618135 for BUMPING into ME "Watch it TOBY, you bumped into me!!"
>(-1S)Seeing Toby sweep the Clawhound after he just bumped me, draw my bow and try to shoot the motherfucker out of his hands (shoot Hound, not Lerone). I make sure not to hit any friend and/or accomplice while doing it. [DC+1] [Harasser's Heart][1Stamina+2Marksmanship+2Violence-2Fast](3d10)
>(-1S) Move W-N-W
>(-3S) [Instincts] Throw the FIREBOMB at the front side of the ship submerged in wine with explicit intent to ignite the alcohol and set the ship on fire [3Stamina+2Marksmanship+2VIOLENCE+3Sense](10d10)
>(+1Fat) Run to Doc (E-N-E)
>(+5Fat) Plug the holes as fast as I can, perform CPR, assist Mimic, do anything to unkill this dumb idiot! [5Stamina+2React+1Cunning](8d10)
"You're NOT DYING on us!!!"

Ryona, Stalker (Dangerous, Twitchy)
Fatigue: teetering at 8

RES 10

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Look at her soar. A beautiful sight, no? It is but a cheap mimicry, yet this child of mine is derived from the volatile oils of an incendium sac - it yearns to serve its purpose.
Don't know much about chemistry, but those are some damn good aerodynamics on that bottle. Flies like a dream. Also, be sure to catch a breath once this hell's over, overexertion won't get you far in this line of work!

File: request233.png (216 KB, 678x1206)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
Previous thread is going to die soon

Give suggestions on how the story should continue!

Story so far:https://www.deviantart.com/lom678/gallery/72146205/nawtyq-s-naughty-quest

NotQuesty has accidently turned himself into a girl named NawtyQ. Help him find a way to turn himself back to normal
44 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
Did she steal the room from Nawty G. (Nawty Goron?). Not her fault that Anju's got terrible handwriting and her G's are lopsided and closed up, I guess.

Anyway, let's go check out our room; see what sort of loot and lodgings we've lucked into.
File: part176.jpg (1.36 MB, 653x4889)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB JPG
part 176
Rupees? We must find a shop now. God I hope we're playing with RTX on.
File: part177.jpg (978 KB, 657x3431)
978 KB
978 KB JPG
part 177
Let's actually check these are quality maps before chancing buying any.

File: 5412996552_e4fc4a32da_b.jpg (390 KB, 727x1024)
390 KB
390 KB JPG
a lean few years - the little men insist the harvest has been bad, and since you lost a fight with your old boss, Skrag, you've been on your own. It's not proper - trolls are meant to travel in bands, or to settle down under bridges or old ruins. Without brother trolls to scrap with and make jokes about, you're as bored as you are cold and hungry.

All you've got left in the world besides the clothes on your back and your own two tusks is...

>Your birth-stone. A hunk of old brickwork with your name carved on it in the old words. It's bound to you - you can't travel without it, but it wards off the daylight a little, so the sun just burns a bit rather than turning you to stone like it did your old dad.
>A good stick - a stripped oak bough, sturdy for swinging or walking with.
>A solid cook-pot, given you by your mother when you were whelped. You carring it slung over one shoulder - means you can cook decent stew and carry enough water to keep the stone-sickness off when you get wounded.
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>Cunning, dart into the forest, where his eyes cannot follow, and begin hurling rocks at him. [Cunning]
>>Charge him before he can get off the bridge and try to barge him into the water below. [Aggressive]
>>Brace, with the hard skin of the backs of your arms up to glance off his sword, should it come. [Defensive]

File: troll_maiden.jpg (209 KB, 800x1020)
209 KB
209 KB JPG


Please come back, OP. I need to know what happens to our poor troll friend.

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