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File: Splash_5.jpg (461 KB, 800x791)
461 KB
461 KB JPG
You are Nagata Miho, former HR employee turned idol manager.

Your place of employment is Matsuno Inc. Idol Agency located in Tokyo, Japan.
Here you manage three idols: Kaiba Aoi, Chigusa Iki, and Enatsu Mari.

Below you’ll find a link to the wiki with all the mechanics, character sheets, and more.

I typically update the wiki after each in-game week.
If you’d like to catch up, I recommend reading the story in the wiki.

Alternatively, here's the archive:
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When we're choosing jobs I'd check on the wiki. If you want to use an alternative site or store it elsewhere I would be fine with it.
This is my situation as well.
Only sometimes when I need to check stats or recall a conversation
QM??? You alright?
QM's going through it, anon. :(

File: 4074.png (1.95 MB, 1800x1199)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB PNG
Last time, you celebrated freeing Billy at Nina’s apartment, left a renowned criminal inside your apartment with only your cat defending the post, and joined the largest casual poker tournament you’ve ever been part of. 20 competitors. 5 are left. 1 is a surprise entrant. You participated in the supposed Group of Death and decimated it to qualify for the finals, channeling Bradford’s sportsmanship to succeed. The analysts are calling you the man to beat, the one true favorite in the competition, the king without the throne. You can’t get cocky, the real challenge starts now!

The final 5 sit on the table in the middle of the room. The other participants are part of the crowd. Tonight, the Bradford will go to someone’s home to be a questionable piece of furniture.

“Shame! My sidekick didn’t reach the finals.” Gerard doesn’t sound that disappointed by Helmaer’s absence, it’s like he expected it. “But I’ll be more than satisfied with wiping that silly little smile off your face.” He points at you, his finger dangerously close to your nose.

“I’m not smiling…” You raise an eyebrow. The Judge is already antagonizing you. What a petty man.

“And it’s going to stay that way! Do you wish to know why? Hmm? It’s because you’re going to taste the one dish that is as dreadful as your own: Defeat, by my hand!” Gerard crosses his arms with confidence.

“You admit you make bad food, got it.” You think the metaphor is not great.

“N-No, how dense can you be, you ignorant child? Can you comprehend how an analogy works? I can’t serve you victory! It doesn’t make a nick of sense!” Gerard is more offended that you’re misunderstanding his words than his cooking skills are being put into question.

“But you will anyway.” You get cheeky. Gerard frowns.

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>Liu was the hiccup girl that lured you to their trap. Confront her first and go from there.
File: 4103.png (136 KB, 800x640)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
You’re going to face Liu, the Hiccup Girl, who lured you into the Fan Club’s trap. You’re going to be honest with yourself, without your willingness to cooperate, they probably wouldn’t have kidnapped you, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t rude of them to try.

Anyway, you aren’t exactly sure in which class she is in, but you’re going to find out with your sleuthing abilities. First, you’re going to ask Liu, who casually peeked through your classroom’s door for a brief moment as soon as the break began. She didn’t notice that you noticed.

Liu is right there! Fuck finding clues, you must seize the moment before she escapes! You walk away from the classroom to catch up with her in the hallway. She’s carrying a stack of books, so this meeting is clearly coincidental.

“Excuse me, Liu! Do you have a moment?” You’re not entirely sure how to tackle this subject, so you’ll be polite.

“J-J-Johnny, you remember my name?” Liu sounds as shy as last time. Her voice comes as low as Smalltilda’s stature, and she can’t bring herself to look at your face.

“Well, it’s not complicated.” You scratch your side cheek with your index finger.

Ah?!” Liu thought you wouldn’t hear her if she was muttering. She takes a deep breath to give herself a moment to regain her composure. “H-How can I help you…?” The hiccup girl tried, but she can’t bring herself to look you in the eyes.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Thanks for the thread as always
Oh she's adorable.
I'm not a regular here but I always noticed your threads among others and I wanted to say good job!
It's inspiring to see you keeping the story alive for so long and drawing such nice art!

File: CaveOfDesires.png (7.65 MB, 3560x1313)
7.65 MB
7.65 MB PNG
(If this becomes too spicy for a blue board, feel free to move it to /trash/)

A young wizard treks through the jungle, a map and a compass in his hands. Entering a clearing, he looks up from them, and starts scanning the rocky hillside he has arrived at. His glance halts at a cavity. He promptly rolls up his map, hangs the compass back on his belt, and heaves up the rock in front of the cavity.

A faint blue glow is visible from deeper within the opening. The traveler fastens his hat, and begins the descent.
Before coming very far, the cavity opens out into a tunnel. On the wall he just emerged from, letters etched into it glow in the same blue as the crystals now around him. He ruffles through his robes and compares the scripture with one of his notes. He has found what he had sought.

>7. The water level, temperature, and structure of the circles adapt to the guest's will.

After copying the script into the notebook, he turns to follow the tunnel. Into the ceiling, similar scriptures are etched.

>6. The waters of the circles cleanse all illnesses and poisons, unless the guest desires otherwise.

>5. The guest decides if any belongings are transported with a person when arriving here, and which.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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just go to /trash/ you weird-ass faggot
>he didn't read the sticky
The tall old man with pale skin, white hair and blue eyes. Dressed in a poncho, leather pants and boots, has spoken
>Okay, now what ? The instructions in my book were not very clear.
Your strongest desire is to be loved by yourself so you appear, the you that appears also wants to be loved by yourself so another you appears, the cave becomes filled with you

Your best friend is a (trans)catgirl. You..

>.. are childhood friends.
>.. became friends in high school.
>.. met at college.
>.. met at work.
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kys nigger
File: 600.3813915.jpg (121 KB, 600x843)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Gazing at her cat ears and tail, you're struck by how strikingly lifelike they are. "These must be top-of-the-line haptic prosthetics, right?" you venture, trying to maintain a casual tone, but the surprise is evident in your voice. Aika tilts her head, allowing her ears to be more accessible. "Take a closer look if you'd like, Hideo." As you examine the ears, astonishment overwhelms you. "This doesn't make sense... body modification at this level?" She sighs, her expression becoming melancholic, "Not exactly. Let me share something, Hideo." From her bag, Aika retrieves an aged photograph. It portrays a young boy, unmistakably from a very wealthy lineage, with a cat by his side. "Two decades back, a child came into this world, born to the most renowned Onmyoji lineage in Japan. Directly descended from Abe no Seimei. This child, though assigned male at birth, felt a dissonance... and in seeking alignment, struck a pact with a powerful cat yokai to transition." The resemblance between the child in the photo and the young woman before you becomes unmistakable. You..

>.. exclaim in surprise, "That was you as a child?"
>.. wrap your arms around her, whispering, "I'm glad you found your true self."
>.. are in disbelief, "You're kidding, right?"
>.. are in disbelief, "You're kidding, right?"
I mean, obviously we accept her, but embracing her is reckless for two reasons:
>1) She might not be into that
>2) We're actively driving
Plus,we didn't believe in the supernatural a moment ago. Let's, with informed consent,
>reach out to touch her ears and verify this is true.
> 1.are in disbelief, "You're kidding, right?"
> 2.exclaim in surprise, "That was you as a child?"
>.. are in disbelief, "You're kidding, right?"
>.. exclaim in surprise, "That was you as a child?"

... A cat yokai with both human and cat ears and likes dealing with corpses... where have I seen that before...

File: Noble Bloodline 40K.jpg (306 KB, 1024x1024)
306 KB
306 KB JPG
Each turn will be a generation of this blessed noble House, where through marriage (and not so-marriage) we breed la crème de la crème of humanity, improving our bloodline one dicking at a time. Praise the God-Emperor.

Gameplay will involve you selecting one of our scions (among three, representing the most promising of the generation), and one suitor (among three, representing the top three suitors among all available) to produce the next generation of scions; along any additional actions to manage our noble house. Gameplay may change as we go along, this is all pretty experimental. Blame /qtg/ for motivating me to run this with their talk about quest mechanics.

But, first things first, esteemed ladies and gentlemen.

Name of the noble house, as well as emblem, theme, and other trivia:
>Write-in. If they're plebeian I'll just make up my own.

Select a House perk:
>Matchmakers: Your house's culture fosters diplomacy, dialogue, but most of all: getting the right people together to produce your descendants. You select from 4 scions and 4 suitors instead of 3 and 3.
>Warp-navigators: Your house secretly holds extremely valuable ancient charts and tools that serve to navigate the warp more effectively, allowing you more access to other planets, as well as exceptional maneuverability and logistic capacity in general.
>Rulebenders: Your house, advisors, and lobbyists have quite the way with loopholes and creative interpretation of the rules, an art honed over millennia. You may breed with the mutant, the abhuman, the heretic and others with less of a chance for consequences for it; besides just having much more legal leeway in general.
>Dealcutters: Unless you just go after Hive scum or Feral world savages and the like, marriage involves negotiation, politics, and deals between the two parties. With this perk, you'll get the most formal benefits out of wedlock.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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OP ?
It's over. Chaos has won.
All according to plan.
Ah ffs, really, dead? Well, at least it was really fun to read how anons created many problems for themselves.

File: ADtitleFinal.png (1.49 MB, 1192x800)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG
A trio of grey-cloaked figures stood atop one of the many crystal spines that stuck out of the ground of the peninsula in the deepest, darkest part of the Huldraviklands. Despite the peninsula’s emptiness, they had lingered- and quietly observed the visitors as they slaughtered each other en masse, completely ignorant of the significance of this place. Yet, even those who blundered about with little knowledge of what they trampled could cause great harm- so the cloaked people watched carefully.

Not for the sake of the environment, goodness no. “Master would prefer not to be found,” one said quietly, a tall, spindly figure with all-consuming darkness being the only thing that peered from under the hood. “The Dreamer’s waking will draw attention that is most unneeded.”

“Most unneeded,” another agreed. Short and wide- masked with a curtain of reeds.

“Do we go to it, then?” The youngest of them asked, who wore his cloak like the first but whose hood’s shadow still clearly held a face.

“No, of course not,” the first said.

“Of course not,” the second echoed, but added on, “A being most ancient as that will prove a terrible threat to us, who have a higher purpose.”

“Then we find Master?” the youth asked.

“We do nothing.” The first said.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Hey tanq do you have a collection of all the various national flags in one place? I know we've seen them scattered throughout the quest.

This Vitelian one is pretty nice actually, though maybe it should be a tricolour or bisected evenly, idk? What's the green represent though?
File: pcqflags_2023.png (897 KB, 2000x1652)
897 KB
897 KB PNG
>Hey tanq do you have a collection of all the various national flags in one place? I know we've seen them scattered throughout the quest.
I compiled what I have. Note- these are subject to change and updating depending on how much I like them and should not be considered concrete. Mostly.
>This Vitelian one is pretty nice actually, though maybe it should be a tricolour or bisected evenly, idk? What's the green represent though?
The Verdant Land, restored to its prime after the Dawn. The sun rising over a healed land purged of all Imperialist ruin. A vision of the future- so they would say.
Imagine unironically having a utopian revolution in your country. How embarrassing.
Vitelians are an embarrassment of a people after all. Nauk chads stay winning as the superior continental empire successors.
Lots of repeating symbolism with the stars there, even though the only prominent celestial body we've touched on so far is Hvrgull.
Do they usually represent something literal or more abstract?

File: F1L4oeRXwAIWn_s.jpg (371 KB, 1470x1959)
371 KB
371 KB JPG
In this quest, a group of cute trans girls will team up and save the world when no one else can.

>>Chose the enemy



39 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: tegaki.png (7 KB, 400x400)
7 KB
isn't a trans girl a guy?
Thanks for running. Will you run another one?
I might but it'll be different themed.
Please post a link to it when it's up. Or make a Twitter account. Please.
I approach the trans girl and ask him what diet and routine he used to get a stomach that thin

File: Gobking.jpg (175 KB, 512x512)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
Handsome as always, the Goblin King above goblin kings glowers on his throne, he has tossed some of his goblins out for his own entertainment. Yes, for his own desire to escape ennui born of long life and the terrifying power he weilds, many goblins face the terrors and joys of the world beyond his castle. But all horror and fun will fade from the goblins' minds once they die and return to the goblin king they have offered their mortality up to.

Only if a goblin becomes a noble, severing their fate from their beloved and capricious monarch will the cycle of death and respawning end only then will a goblin have but one life to live. This does not bother the Goblin King.

No, what has disturbed his wild temper that spins from brighest joy to lightless black... is where he currently sent his goblins. Well one of the places anyway. He had taken up multi-vision watching, but one scene was larger than the others.

A decaying city surrounded by silent monstrous pine trees. The pumpkin that grow throughout the city have far more vitality than the inhabitants of the city. Instinctually they know that the days of Ellaholm being a glorious capital of the Magic Empire of Midnight Ellalund are long gone. The vassels keep the pretense of empire only for their own wallets. The cityfolk try not to think about the missing midnight hour, long gone for many generations, of the disturbing curse the imperial family is under. So in a city that once upon a time was filled with song and dance, only the cries of the geese that seem like the true owners keep Ellahulm from being as silent as the Hungering Pines that seek to devour all.

Within he sent his goblins, regular ones, knights and nuns of the Prince of Grooms. He chose on a whim, but now...

Before his vision is one of many noble estates that like mold on a log can be found throughout Ellaholm. If anything this estate could be said to be even poorer and meaner than their peers. They probably even secretly ate pumpkins and geese, considered the food of the homeless.

Yet there was one who could not even have pumpkin and gooseflesh. The goblins surrounded her inside a grand pit of ashes of monster pines. A young elf woman just beyond childhood, a budding flower neglected and abused such you would expect it to wither. Yet golden eyes still shone, the sheen of hair greener that the most vibrant grass could not be consumed by soot, and all the malnourishement and beatings could not obscure her moonlight skin. Even the King had to admit she was remarkable and with the nobility that radiated from her bones, her very being, even the ragged sackcloth she wore gave the illusion of being proper clothes.

One who had become a woman while having lost her true name, called only Ash the Liar if she was fortunate.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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The metaphorical hounds at my door have been very insistent of late, while I attempt to give them a good beating, I'll be taking a break from this quest.

I have an idea for a low effort quest that I'll run while I'm busy assaulting the mental canines.

I might be back to running this in mere days though. I have been enjoying it, and the pieces of the mess are actually assembled in my head.
Alright Steller, take care of your mental health!
I look forward to a continuation!
I hope the best of luck in taming those mental dogs.

To tide you over while I deal with things...


Isekai Gods Quest, where you pit a poor unfortunate champion against the stinky Demonlord!

File: presidents.jpg (309 KB, 967x1200)
309 KB
309 KB JPG
"where am I???" "You're in the presidential battle royale where every president of the united states will fight to the death for the title of the greatest president ever and get one wish of unimaginable power!!!" "what?" "you heard me. Now which president are you again?"

>________ (pick between 1 to 45)
23 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Punch his wrist super fucking hard so he drops the club
Another thread killed by politics and write ins. Haroo.
You believe that the quest about presidents fighting each other was 'killed by politics'? Wasn't politics and killing THE POINT?
> Punch his wrist super fucking hard so he drops the club

File: battle.jpg (301 KB, 1024x955)
301 KB
301 KB JPG
You’ve just returned home after wasting yet another afternoon killing time, prolonging your time outside of home as much as you can. It was an uncomfortable hot and damp summer night. The old CRT tv was the only light source in the room. From the busted speakers the excited voice of a commentator greets you.

“If you are just tuning in, we are returning to Aztlan’s yearly Challenger Cup semifinals! Tonight, we’ve got the rising superstar Maximilliam Blackstone and his Machamp facing off against an old favorite, General Orizaba and his trusty Garchomp”

“And here it is folks! It’s their signature strategy. Garchomp is rushing in for a quick finish. And… Oh damn! He gets countered with a Bullet Punch to the throat! Max’s mons are as brutal as always…”

The only other sound in the room is your father loud snoring. He’s passed out on the couch again, which is always preferable to find him conscious, irritable, and violent. Empty bottles of liquor litter the already sticky floor. By his side is his trusty Zangoose who glares daggers at you the moment he notices your presence, as if it was threatening you before returning its eyes to the battle displayed on the screen.

Your stomach growls, you haven’t had a bite all day. You open up the fridge trying to find anything edible. There are only weeks-old takeout leftovers that your father was keeping to himself, warning you to “stay away from em, unless you want to start some shit” doesn’t matter anymore, they’ve spoiled by now, it’s rotten odor is enough to diminish your appetite.

Just another Friday in your lovely home.
960 replies and 65 images omitted. Click here to view.
> Tell her to not bother you, you got enough on your plate as it is.
>Other/ write-in.
Leave to watch Hiro's matches instead, and try to learn something from his battles. (How he commands his Pokemon versus how his opponent does. Might learn something from observing how others battle).
Sorry anons, won't be updating until monday the 2nd. See ya then.
See ya
Can somebody archive this thread?
I did, but as soon as I pressed "go" I realised that I forgot to put MediocreQM into the tags. Sorry Medi

File: ame_opening.jpg (123 KB, 1280x720)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
You are Funato Seiren, and this is definitely the most reckless and idiotic thing you’ve done in your entire life – but unfortunately it’s probably also the first truly necessary thing you’ve ever been left to do on behalf of your clan. Your stupid old man’s the clan leader because he’s the strongest, not because he’s smart or even a particularly capable leader, and he’s committed himself to a classic ‘strong but stupid’ plan of action in waging a war of revenge against Kirigakure.

His excuse would be that they’re cracking down on piracy, which has been your clan’s way of life for generations. Really, he’s just so homicidally pissed about your mom’s death that he doesn’t care about anything else including your clan’s survival. He even went so far as to kill your brother himself, presumably for daring to consider finding a peaceful solution that doesn’t involve getting your whole clan killed.

“You’ve always been like this!” you shout angrily, slipping into the spacing you think will favor you against him. “You never think about anyone or anything but yourself and your own bullshit!”

Too close for him to easily skewer you with his spear, but too far for him to grab hold of you and pull out all your blood through your pores – that’s the spacing you have to stick to if you want to survive. And surviving is the first thing you’re going to have to do if you want to win.

“You were always rebellious!” he barks back, swinging the haft of his spear wildly. “But even I couldn’t have guessed you’d be a traitor!”

“You were the one who killed Isari-kun!” you shoot back, seizing an opportunity to get in closer. You leave a shallow cut against your father’s side, and manage to get back into the right spacing while ducking under the end of the spear’s haft as he swings it at your head. “So I don’t really wanna hear it from you right now!”

It’s heartening to see that the brats from Konoha are holding their own against the regular soldiers who’re still following your old man even now, and while you don’t exactly feel the warm and fuzzies for Buntan of the Seven Swords it’s good to see she’s as capable as you’ve been told.

“Just another failure!” your old man counters, sweeping low towards your legs and forcing you to take a leap to avoid the haft of his spear. Then he steps in, and before you can position yourself to swing your sword he hits you with his fist. “All a child needs to obey and he couldn’t even manage that!”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
129 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>>What do you know about the political situation? We may end up running into what passes for “authorities” there.
>>Rogue shinobi, hm? Wasn’t there a cleanup there around the same time as your first visit to the country?
>>What do you know about the political situation? We may end up running into what passes for “authorities” there.
>>Rogue shinobi, hm? Wasn’t there a cleanup there around the same time as your first visit to the country?
>>The most important thing will be having a place to lay low and use as a base of operations. Have anything in mind?

I know its greedy, but there is no reason not to ask all of these before such a dangerous mission. Preperation is key.
“Wasn’t there a purge around the time of your first visit to the nation?” you ask curiously, recalling some of the little tidbits you’ve heard throughout your childhood.

Konan-san shakes her head. “Not quite. The man who had been considered the leader at that time was captured along with many of his subordinates, but there was no concerted effort.”

“So many of the mid-level players would still be there,” Sumire guesses.

Konan-san nods once. “It’s possible, yes. But not certain – the underworld does have a certain tendency to turn over all on its own.”

“I can see a likelihood that we’ll encounter some of the current ‘authorities’ whether we want it or not,” you observe. “Please, onee-san, explain your second visit to the Land of Silence for us.”

“It was to update the Shinobi Union’s incident records,” she replies. “I covertly investigated the situation at the time within the nation.”

“What didja find?” Wasabi asks.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Would ordinary people there be willing and able to shelter us for a few days while we work?

File: title-card.gif (996 KB, 1135x1135)
996 KB
996 KB GIF
This had to be the refinery. My gaze flicked from the rubber hose to the wooden door and back again, hunger gnawing at my gut. I wanted nothing more than to force feed myself the black blood of the Goddess until my stomach burst. Still, I had a greater purpose than to feast. Standing there outside the door I allowed myself a moment. A deep, calming breath helped me clear away the fog, and then I shook the tension out of my shoulders. Channeling the casual confidence of someone who belonged there, I stepped through the door hoping that my own white robes might allow me to blend in with the daruni.

I emerged into a large chamber which was absolutely coated in some manner of black film. It clung to the walls and all the furniture, dimming the yellow light cast by swollen pustules throbbing on the ceiling. The flesh in the center of the room had been carved out to make room for a brick platform. It was raised a few feet above the floor, built to house two large vats at least twenty feet wide and half that deep. It was into the nearer of the two that the hose spit ichor.

There were half a dozen daruni scattered throughout the room, all of them wearing gloves and masks of rubber. Three diminutive women in white robes were standing around a large ceramic pot raised half a dozen feet in the air on a wooden scaffolding. Each of the workers dispensed clear essence from spigots at the bottom of the pot into small glass vials. Hundreds of those filled vials were gathered in wooden crates against the far wall, stacked there by a large man in white robes who swapped them out for crates of empty vials as his sisters of the cloth worked. A section of the room was set aside for an alchemy lab. Beakers, alembics, and all manner of glassware I didn't have names for lay stacked in haphazard piles across three tables, some of it broken.

The masks worn by the refinery workers possessed clear glass visors, and a metal cover over the mouth and nose onto which two canisters were attached. Glancing around I found spare masks hanging on pegs set into the wall on my right, and blackened rubber gloves tossed into a pile on my left. I donned both before proceeding. Once I had the mask on I could no longer smell the heavenly stench of ichor. It was lost under a pungent assault of lavender, mint, and rose.

"Oi, big girl," a muffled voice called out. "Get over here and help me."

I turned towards a masked woman in white robes who beckoned me up onto the brick platform at the center of the chamber. I approached, trying to mask my ignorance with a confident stride. When I joined her standing beside the ichor vats I glanced down and saw that they were lined with silver. The bottom of the vat on our left was filled with a brackish mix of water and divine ichor, while the one on our right contained only water.

13 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

Based, thanks for the notification
Many such cases. Good luck.
>Not dead, just a hectic week. I really envy my college-aged self all the free time he had.
I know that feel, running a quest when youve got a job is a fucking killer.
Here lies Soma
He tried
He died

File: 22712229_p0.jpg (444 KB, 1500x914)
444 KB
444 KB JPG
You are Noel Tiberius di Hazaran, and you’ve asked one of your own to make a gamble. That’s not something you do often but in this case there’s been a broad consensus that it was necessary – that having been said, you’re still not going to just let the die fall where it’s cast. There are still ways for you to tilt things in Sabrina’s favor even from afar, even if by only a little.

“I’m going to get a little greedy this time,” you confess of your plans to interrupt your enemy’s communications using the transmitting equipment aboard the ship your faction stole from them. “I’m not ready to give up having a warship like this at our disposal.”

[Who is it you plan to get fuel from?] Serana asks curiously. [The only place I can think to look is our enemy.]

She stares back at your grin with dawning comprehension. [What.]

“Of course I know full well that it would take too long to refuel a ship of this size properly,” you explain, “but our enemy has multiple ships of this type. So long as we have one at the end of the day, any of them will suffice.”

“And the others will have more fuel aboard already,” Valentina realizes your thoughts. “Saving us the trouble of having to do it.”

[You plan to strip down the warship we have and use it for bait?] Serana adds. [How do you intend to convince the enemy to come for us?]

“I’m not proud of this strategy,” you admit. “In fact, its use in warfare has been ruled as a crime against the common dignity in several neighboring kingdoms.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
110 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Rolled 10, 1, 5 = 16 (3d10)

“We should be able to repeat those results,” you suggest, “to be more certain about how they’re organizing like this.”

To that end, you and your company decide after some brief debate that Sabela’s suggestion of simply repeating your attack a second time actually makes the most sense. Once again, two convoys carrying the same kind of food and supplies you attacked the first time wander into your trap, and much like the first time you manage to destroy much of the critical supplies in one fell swoop. The guard is more extensive than before, however there’s very little they can do when it’s so easy for you to attack, withdraw, then attack again under cover of darkness.

As before you managed to inflict serious destruction, and as before the two units quickly regroup.

“The timing was even more drastically different,” Sabela observes.

Helen is quick to agree and offer her assessment. “It seems that they can’t actually communicate directly.”

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>Decapitate the snake – locate the officers and capture them.
>Decapitate the snake – locate the officers and capture them.
>>Decapitate the snake – locate the officers and capture them.

File: images.png (1 KB, 629x487)
1 KB
Question one: Your best friend is overwhelmed by the Thirst without any prior symptoms . She lunges forward at your other friend draining his blood on the spot while not paying any attention to you. What shall you do?

>Contact the nearest F.D.U, Seek shelter inside the closest Panic-Pods

>Attempt to kill your now-feral friend according to your publicly mandated F.D training.

>Try to reason with your friend, actively working against local authorities.

>Take this golden chance to drink some of your fallen friend’s blood since all shall be blamed on your feral friend.
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>Seek medical attention. Euthanasia is risk you are willing to take.

Final Question: Congratulations, your wife had delivered a healthy girl. Which Scarlet Lord shall bless her feeble body?

>Athio, The Scarlet Lord of Clot. The Bulwark, the Protector of the meek. The Gentle Sister.

>Kethdia, The Scarlet Lord of Rot. The Consumer, The Avenger, The People’s sickly shadow.

>Tenhenk, The Scarlet Lord of Gold. The Source, The Sunless Mother, The Will of all.

>Moliuen, The Scarlet Lord of Veins. The Hidden, The Pale Seer, The Great Archiver.

>Weheith, The Scarlet Lord of Limbo. The Martyr, The Weeping miracle, The Betrayed.

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>Tenhenk, The Scarlet Lord of Gold. The Source, The Sunless Mother, The Will of all.
>Athio, The Scarlet Lord of Clot. The Bulwark, the Protector of the meek. The Gentle Sister.

Thank you for answering this Questionaire truthfully! Unfortunately, you have seen too much. Lord Athio wishes not to see her tapestry of lies getting undone by a group of vigilantes and their self righteous concept of cosmic justice.

Death will touch your curious body and your valiant comardes very, very slowly. For your Collaboration with the Scarlet Harlot to topple off the regime safeguarding mortals from their demise, your suffering shall be legendary.


File: Titlecard.png (43 KB, 1351x862)
43 KB
The Lovers of the Sun are an order dedicated to getting the attention of THE SUN and her affections through acts of great HEROISM and COMBAT PROWESS.

Some would call them a CULT, but not (YOU). (YOU) are a member of them, and are going to do GREAT DEEDS to catch the attention of THE FAIREST MAIDEN OF ALL!
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>A local guide would certainly be more helpful than YOU.
Welcome back, QM!
>Oh? Send you with me, you say...
Force this bastard into helping us perform a great deed to catch the sun's attention
>A local guide would certainly be more helpful than YOU.
We bullied this loser into giving us his hard earned cash. Based.
>>A local guide would certainly be more helpful than YOU. (Leave and find someone you'll like more to show you what's going on around here. Who knows who you'll meet... :v) )
When he's in a proactive mood about your rivalry, there are times you wish you could do the same to get him to leave. Alas, you are flat broke but for the spoils of adventure. The money from your last reward is running low, and this is likely enough to pay for a map and keep you fed and sleeping (relatively) safe for about 4 days. Or, pay to have a local show you the area and help you solve this.

You know from experience that he, on the other hand, has more money than he knows what to do with. Between family connections, his skill at fighting and magic, and knack for investment (you found THAT out by ruining several of his investments, on accident), combined with his utter lack of things to spend it on (one of the few things you can appreciate about him is his total refusal to indulge in any vice) he's flushed for cash. You have taken advantage of this several times to get paid in a similar way to now, just as he has taken advantage of your... enthusiasm for the sun and the lack of money that inevitably brings to get you to do his job for him.

You've done so before, no luck yet. On The Sun, not on getting him to do things. THAT was successful.

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