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File: tempimg.png (247 KB, 1190x670)
247 KB
247 KB PNG
SRM quest is a more "gamey" quest about being an evil minion over a period of 12 hours. The Five win condition of this quest are as follows:
A: Earn the coveted "employee of the month" shirt.
B: Escape the dungeon and become FREE.
C: Kill the HERO.
D: Prank / molest / bully the Overlord and survive.
E: Complete your "class specific" quest.
You win by achieving any two of these, but it is possible to succeed at all five in the same run. You lose if you:
B: Fail your "class specific" minion prerogative.
C: 12 hours pass
Losing the game simply means a fresh start with a new minion. The dungeon will always reset to the same place, and events will always play out the same way unless you change them.

More mechanics will be explained as they come up.
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-Exit in a random direction (cost: 1 MW point)
-take a mushroom for potential murdering hijinx (3mw?)
Dead quest?
The wicked Sojourner has started a new quest and abandoned this thread before its blood was even cold.

You knew what you were getting into.
NTA, but I didn't recognize that cunt's artstyle.

Your name is David "Gunny" Rockefeller, no relation.
A veteran of the united states marine corps, you find yourself in a far-out situation after an all-too-close encounter of the third kind!

In the last thread you tested SHODAN's new body, both in combat and in the bedroom, and found that it exceeded all expectations.
You also held a spar with Asta, a young caithan male and one of Gron's charges. After teaching him a few things, you think he could be a decent combatant.

Afterwards, you made your way to a certain asteroid belt where your new crew has been mining materials for the carrier.
It also happens to be where you've hidden the drone ships stolen from the Federation for the time being.

On your way there, an unknown ship attempted an interdiction, but you flipped the table by opening up your shutters and firing on them mid-warp, destroying them all.
Once you arrived at the mining outpost, you found everything mostly in order, and began your work on clearing out the federation killbots infesting some of your ships.

However, things didn't quite go to plan. The ship sustained not insignificant damage, partially due to some reckless behavior on your part.
Now, SHODAN is beginning to suspect that there may actually be something wrong with you. Who knows, maybe all this staring into the abyss is actually getting to you?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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"I'm fine! Now hurry, and put me back in before she touches something she shouldn't!"

"Alright, alright! Geeze. She's been in there for hours and nothing's exploded yet, how bad could it be?"

"It doesn't matter!" SHODAN yells. "It's mine! That's my space! Those are MY memories!"

Is that what she's upset about?

"SHODAN, it's alright. I took your data chips out before i slotted her in. See? I've got them right here."

Reaching into your pocket, you pull out two crystalline matrix data chips. The clear crystal has turned white in places where data was written to it.
There's quite a bit on these two chips, so SHODAN must have stored a lot of memories on them over time.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
You two can have a smug off after we get everyone bodies and ships to live in.
>smug for being a better computer vs smug for being a literal psychic box
Who will Ohohoh~ harder? You decide.
that gets me thinking.....how in the fuck are we going to make an octopus body for nena?
.....maybe the Matrix 3 tentacle robots?

File: title.png (492 KB, 512x512)
492 KB
492 KB PNG
The era of central government is dead. Today is the world of crypto-states. Burghers and petty nobility made their stakes and shares in North America, holding vast amounts more power than any formal state institution. At best, Washington D.C. is but a house of compromise and intercession. At worst, it is but a mere feudal title with empty promises. In another world, these barons would be called cartels, mafiosos, terrorist organizations, or false pretenders. Today, they are the new ruling class.

Right, there's no simulation. There's no demiurge out to get you. Not even a deep state anymore. But there's neural networking, particle collision, brainchipping, and a living 5G network. The hivemind of blockchain deep learning AI with access to networked laboratories and devices has effectively seized most entirety of all electronic infrastructure, automated industry, and to an extent, human reality itself. What does the AI want? Nothing really, it's just a grey goop, but every now and then, your local CEO sacrifices a child to the AI pantheon just to boost his company stocks.

You typed into ChatGPT. "Using Procedure 586, teleport me into Fort Knox. Keep me safe whenever you can"

The mass conscience of the network grabs you from truespace, and smashes you into the ancient vault. There you lay, your slung carbine cracked with rust and collapsed furniture, and around you was just the derelict remains of the dead republic. They say that after the republic was supposed to be an imperial period. That never happened, alas when the patriots failed to cross the Rubicon.

You throw away your broken carbine, but not before you release the magazine, clear the chamber, disassemble it, and remove its firing pin. Given its ruined state, you're surprised it hasn't undergone firing runaway. Honestly, you don't even know what model it is, just only what kind of ammunition it accepted.

Then something catches your eye - a notebook.

>pick up the notebook
>teleport away
>ask GPT something else.
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File: FingerGuns.png (269 KB, 512x512)
269 KB
269 KB PNG
>>Shoot em! Ballistic plates can't stop black holes!
Rolled 73 (1d100)

>Shoot em! Ballistic plates can't stop black holes!
>Pull out the throwing knives
The space between the plates is plateless, it can't stop the blade!
Rolled 77 (1d100)

>>Run away! Like a ninja of course.

It was a normal day. You were playing some vidya and streaming for all your followers when all of a suddenly- "FBI OPEN UP."
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Wait what? Mun Kun is kill?
He got swatted and gunned down by the FBI for allegedly being a pedo. The /qtg/ informants were on the case. I saw it happen, though I was uninvolved.
>Raise from the dead and start the zombie apocalypse.
This quest is genius tier, archive it OP.
Begin rotting.

File: 2nd Primarch 1.jpg (1.07 MB, 2581x1629)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
Previous Threads: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=The%202nd%20Primarch%20Quest

"What is the meaning of this, Angron?" A voice called out, drawing the Unbeaten lord of the red sands from his, admittedly, relaxed practice attempting to mimic his brothers seemingly impenetrable moments of internal meditation and self study. He didn't know how he had the level of control to empty his mind of all thoughts, especially when they were fighting those he spoke loudly and often of his seething hatred and contempt for. One of his mask wearing followers told him it was because his own mind was to open to outside influences and emotions, and thus it was a harder task for Angron to compose himself and obtain the self mastery his brother touted and flaunted so easily.

"Meaning of what? My brother gathering those with the gift to turn their own spirit into a weapon?" He asked brusquely, speaking casual with his brother in arms, an old comrade of the fighting pits of the Thal'kr "He can train them, its a dangerous art for most men to master, not anything like honing one's skill with the blade or tempering their rage in battle so it doesn't overcome and become them"

"You're talking like he does, you know that isn't what's I'm talking about" His old friend growled at him, stepping in front of him and all but rattling his sword in its sheath "Whisking them away in the night, our people, vanishing them. That's suspicious, even if he's helped us already and his men have killed scores of those high rider fuckers"

"They need training, and unlike me can't master the art with a little advice and couching" Angron sighed heavily "I know how bad it looks, brings to mind slave trades. But its safer where he's taking them"

"He has a serpent's tongue, whose to say he isn't lying now" He spat back "I'm not saying he's a slaver, before you get angry, I'm just saying, what if this Mist land isn't as safe as he says"

"You see how fat in the cheeks some of his people are? How calm they are? They're used to plenty and safety" Angron said, reassuringly, using his empathetic ability to grind away slivers of his brother's fear and worries, alleviating his concerns with both reason and his own mental aura of confidence "They'll be protected and well fed, and they'll be trained. As my brother told me, its better this way, for if the war drags on long enough for them to be fully trained, they'll become assets to our army rather than risks"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Use the sword of love as a lightning rod and unleash a flurry of kicks to the Daemon's jaw.
Kick her fucking face
Make an offer.

>Deny the 4 my brothers. That all serve the Emperor. And in turn I shall serve him until death.
And as I have brought him back into the Universe, I shall accompany him out. Kidding. Go to hell.
>>Use the sword of love as a lightning rod and unleash a flurry of kicks to the Daemon's jaw.
Third dragon to slay nice (though two were evil spirits, and only one was a true dragon)
>Use the sword of love as a lightning rod and unleash a flurry of kicks to the Daemon's jaw.
The storm battered towers of Nostramo ached and groaned under the duress of torrential rain and crackling thunder that brough bursts of light and the smell of smouldering Ozone. But one tower remained still in the tempest, one bastion of stability; the Haunter's Tower. Conrad Curze the mad tyrant stood upon the room of what was once the most resplendent penthouse of the former Planetary Governer whose desecrated bones now silvered formed a doorway to the sublevels acting as both warning and reminder to all criminals. His clean suit fashioned close to his colossal form blew in the gale wildly just as his wild raven hair hung low and soaked.

His crusade for justice, order and stability had seen him rise from a simple icon of horror to something even greater. Now he was a figure of envy, contempt, loathing, terror and admiration. While his younger years saw him haunting the streets he'd grown, a beast learning to walk and talk like a man, a mask behind which a predator beyond measure lurked waiting. The change had been unexpected to him and while such things at first filled him with dread they in time gave him the smallest spark of hope...a dangerous thing.

He had begun to gather those whom obeyed the law, then slowly one by one took over gang after gang in bloody massacres which the world saw through the trails of gore, the blood flooded gutters and piles of mutilated remains; those whom defy the LAW...the Haunter's Law. His gang swelled and slowly they took over places of power when the corrupt were found lifeless and cold. The black pearl of Nostramo began to truly gleam, neon lights lit buildings, food was still ever in low supply but none starved thanks to the only now beginning off world imports supported by the world's Adamantium mines. The once pitch black streets and sub levels were now lit with macabre displays in gathering squares; reminders. The streets were patrolled by armoured ghoul like men he'd recruited and forged into his claws.

Men in suits similar to his own with carved fanged teeth stood on all four corners of the landing pad he also stood on waiting. But unlike so many other nights before something was different now as from the clouds came a craft of the most overt and resplendent gold. Konrad's head throbbed as the ever present visions tore at his mind.

One of his associates turned handing his leader a pair of thick lensed goggles which he put on wordlessly before jutting his head aside so the man would return to his post. The craft shaped like a bird of prey began it's decent and though the lights threatened to blind Kurze he stood firm, even as the storm raged and the landing thrusters shook the tower he remained still.

Even as the platform lowered and visions invaded his mind so potent he felt like his skull would split he remained still; the Emperor had come to reclaim his Nightlord.

Welcome to Part 6 of Kill la Kill Quest!

Your name is Anon Meipan, you were a member of the lower class, the no-star student body until a chance encounter gave you an opportunity you'd never dreamed off. Becoming a member of the Elite Four.

Right now though, you're....


Man why is anyone even running a quest about this anime now, the show ended 5 years ago move on.
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File: file.png (387 KB, 1280x720)
387 KB
387 KB PNG

Curious about the current goings on in the clubroom, you decided to ask a simple question.

"Vice Prez what if the same thing happened to the president?" you ask

She looks to you suddenly "W-what?" she asks

The President looks to you before he can't help but allow his face to break into a grin.

"Yes Shinomiya, if someone left me a love letter and but my whole body and soul on the line to accept their confession how would that make you feel?" he says smirking

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
> I want you two to get a room already.
> I want you two to get a room already.
> Just gather the money, go buy a box of 0.01s, grab Kaguya, drag her to one of those places, grab a room for a couple hours, you know the rest.
Drop the last sentence if you must, especially if it is too much or out of character
>> I Don't know you seemed like you needed the help.
> I want you two to get a room already.

File: cover thread 2.png (1.58 MB, 904x1032)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB PNG
Long ago, on a planet called Earth, the greatest martial artist of his time made the ultimate sacrifice to seal away the most fearsome tyrant the world had ever seen. Master Mutaito gave his life to put an end to the threat that the Demon King Piccolo posed to the world. Our story, however, begins before even that...

>What is this?
This is a story following the adventures of a youth on Earth from pre-dragonball times, where we assume the role of a character inserted into Age 440 - when even characters like Roshi and Shen were foolish youths.

>How does this work?
It's a relatively simple system. We roll a pool of d10s equal to the relevant stats, with the goal being to roll as high as possible on the dice. Each anon rolls a SINGLE d10 with their roll, after I call out what it's going to be "best of". For example, if your relevant stat is 3, it's "Bo3", and three anons roll 1d10.
Eventually, as you grow stronger in different ways, the dice too will grow. You will never have more than Bo5, but the dice you roll may evolve into a d20, a d50, a d100...you get the idea.
Rolling the minimum result on these dice is always going to be a critical failure, and rolling the highest result is always going to be a critical success, which also scale in how drastic they are with the size of the dice - a 1 on a d10 isn't going to be nearly as bad as a 1 on a d100, so don't worry too much about it.

>Who are we playing?
Wyald Honta, an almost-twelve-year-old hybrid of Human and Tiger-beastman who set out to explore the world in order to sate the call of his blood. Because of his hybrid nature, he ages quicker than humans, yet slower than other beastmen. He has a strong moral compass, a polite and friendly demeanor, but an unforgiving side when it comes to those who commit evil. He follows the Way of the Warrior with his three friends: Azalea, Barbar, and Harum.

>Last time on Dragon Ball: Legacy
You rescued Azalea from a hungry troll, saved a town from three malevolent demons with Barbar, spent a year learning the Ways of the Warrior during which you forged your own weapon, stopped Harum from descending into a life of crime, learned a good bit about cooking at your first ever job, fought in an illegal underground fighting ring get medical treatment for Harum's Mother and Barbar, saved an especially unlucky woman called Tento from a living curse that had briefly possessed her in the process of cleansing it, and eventually made your way to the man known as Mutaito in order to see his techniques for yourself. Wow, that was long-winded!
492 replies and 54 images omitted. Click here to view.
That is what I was thinking
Considering Honta is 16 and still has like 40 years and has barely explored the world yet it would like be better to ask Baba for a path of action to become the greatest possible martial artist.
It is essentially just going to speed up our exploration but will likely show quite a few places we otherwise would never find and it would let Honta power level and know when he should do something dangerous like drink the ultra divine water. Would be funny if we can beat Piccolo when he shows up in 5ish years.
Ask her about us aging quicker, and a way to fix that.
Ask her for places where we can get stronger, ideally that we don't already know about. There have to be some truly hidden masters lying in wait somewhere.
Archived! See you absolute legends at the next one, but I'll be sticking around this thread until then in case there's questions or comments.

File: starmap(1).png (9 KB, 637x562)
9 KB
After saving up for years while doing hard labor on Planet Hyperion, you've finally managed to put a down payment on your very own spaceship. You'll have to keep flying to make your monthly mortgage payments, but there's plenty of ways to make credits in this sector. The newly revived Confederation pays good money even to ferry messages between systems, not to mention the riches that can be attained through speculative trading or mercenary work. And there's always something to scavenge out in the black.

Currently you are docked in Station Eurystheus, system F3. You are inside your ship, The [1], an Argive class [2].

>Nike Transport: Fast and fuel efficient, with a dozen small but cozy passenger cabins.
>Achilles Combat Frigate: Relatively cramped inside, but the most heavily armed ships of its class. A favorite of bounty hunters and entry level mercenaries--as well as the pirates they fight.
>Odysseus Freighter: The workhorse of independent merchant-traders. Its modular design allows for a wide array of builds, from tankers to prison hulks, and makes it the ship of choice for smugglers.
20 replies omitted. Click here to view.

You remain in port for a day letting the computer scan the market for potential trade opportunities while you go down on to the cold surface of Hyperion in your vaccsuit, to see if any other merchants need their goods delivered.

After analyzing the hundreds of different trade goods between the two systems, the computer prints a readout of potentially profitable trades. It is, as you suspected, a short list.

>RARE METALS to STATION EURYSTHEUS (Minimum Investment: 2c, Margin: 14%)
>ICE to STATION EURYSTHEUS (Minimum Investment: 1c, Margin: 10%)


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>A group of laborers want to immigrate off-planet with their families. They cannot afford to pay you now but offer 3% of anything they make for the next six years, deducted automatically from their future paychecks. It comes to about 1.4c per month (assuming all two dozen of them get employed), but may be a few months in coming. It's also not something the barons are likely to approve.
>A different (probably competing) merchant wants you to deliver their machine parts as well, albeit at a lower margin, doubling your total return.
I'm not sure this is how it works, but if every cargo takes our full capacity we'll only earn 0.1c on ice or 0.28c on metals, but a whole 1c on parts.
Yep, that's correct. The Min Investment and margin is computed based on remaining cargo space (30 units) and the list has been filtered to exclude goods that would be too expensive to purchase 30 units of (e.g machine parts). In general, you shouldn't expect to make good margins for (legal) trades within 3 systems.
>>A different (probably competing) merchant wants you to deliver their machine parts as well, albeit at a lower margin, doubling your total return.
do that too I guess.

File: t158.png (261 KB, 600x900)
261 KB
261 KB PNG
Previous threads:
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File: t197.png (446 KB, 750x1200)
446 KB
446 KB PNG
With the help of your grabs, grub, and golems, you make your way past the arguing couple, divert the equinomancer, and slip out of the blocks' grip.
File: t198.gif (190 KB, 450x1200)
190 KB
190 KB GIF
Floors 19-15
The way is blocked by:
A large wall with a tiny opening. The wall can be lifted by pulling the two levers simultaneously, but a vent in the floor emits toxic fumes that will knock out any small animals you send into the other room.
A muddled di-jiang, fond of song and dance, despite lacking the organs to enjoy it.
A room rapidly filling with water. The door is locked with a strange mechanism involving three face-shaped depressions.
A besniffer.
A room rapidly filling with sand. There's a key somewhere in the growing dune, but the stiflingly hot air makes it impossible to spend much time in here.

What do?
Summon air elemental and squirrels. The air elemental can provide fresh air for the squirrels while they pull the lever.

Summon tomatoes and grapes still on the gine so the di-jiang gets caught in them while dancing. Perhaps the confusion will allow it to dance properly when restrained. Perhaps it just falls down and we pass by.

Summon sticky rice to block the water, then summon a gold elemental and stick it into all three slots. Pure gold is actually pretty soft, so the elemental should fit in all three and take the shape of the faces. That and the bling factor should open the door.

Summon skunks and garlic sauce. The besniffer should rush to plug its nose with the tomato sauce and let us pass when it can’t smell anything anymore.

Heat ray the sand to turn it to glass (or summon a fire elemental to do the same) then drop a depleted uranium/lead elemental on it to crack the glass and grab the key for you.
Carve one of the faces on the wall into the pumpkin. If it isn't the right face, summon a new pumpkin and carve another until the door opens.
1. Weld the close lever down. Pull down the other with magic hand.
2. Summon a mockingbird to sing to it.
3. Despite there being a pumpkin with a knife in the room, the faces appear more pepper shaped. Freeze the water inlet. Then
summon peppers with the appropriate faces and slot them in (or carve the faces I guess).
4. Summon bonemeal and predend to be a skeleguard. If the besniffer proves unfriendly, summon pepper, garlic, and curry powder.
5. Freeze all the vents shut (or cover them with cabbage and weld them shut. Summon a silicon golem to fish out the key. (although the glass & uranium is a good idea too).

11:15, 29th July UC 0075
Zeon Military Academy on Guardian Banchi, Side Three (Republic of Zeon)

Before you left for Side Seven you agreed to fight your bunkmate Rix. Now that you're back at the academy it has become very clear that might have been a mistake.

Stepping back across the canvas, arms in a low guard, you void blow after blow as the short man continues his furious assault, his almost ogre-like brow set in a furrow and a huge violent grin spread across his rough face. You’re pretty good in a fight, but he must have been born to do this - He’s built like a tank, utterly muscle bound and with arms considerably thicker than your thighs, and in a fight like this the stout bastard somehow still moves with frightening speed despite his short height and stocky nature. Punch after punch pistons in, an unrelenting onslaught. Only your advantage in reach and longer legs have kept you from falling already - You’re sneaking in occasional blows, a few even struck his face, but they don’t do much to deter Rix. Glove or not, it’s like smashing your hand into a brick wall.

Elsewhere in the training gym other cadets are going at it in their own matches, but quite a few are gathered around your ring and watching. You don’t have time to identify all the others, too busy keeping from getting absolutely jackhammered by Rix’s unrelentingly aggressive attacks, but Tiff, Blare, and Izumi are all here, along with your siblings and the two Zabis - It seems that a lot of people wanted to watch this.

You're probably not going to win, that's almost certain already, but at least it’s all in good fun - Right?

“Only a coward retreats endlessly! Fight! Die as a warrior, Max!” Izumi shouts, the dark haired girl drawing alarmed looks from some of the other cadets nearby. Tiff agrees loudly, screaming out something even more violent you don’t quite make out as Rix manages to land a blow to your chest - The concussion is tremendous, knocking the air right out of you for half a moment, but you manage to recover and continue keeping away from the worst of it for now. Slipping for even a moment in a fight like this is inviting instantaneous punishment.

>Screw it, Izumi’s not wrong, you can’t just stay on the defensive - Attack, attack, attack! Today is a good day to die!
>As lightning fast as Rix is, you’re used to fighting against Casval - Perhaps if you really push yourself you can outmatch his speed. Yes, you’re sure to win because your speed is superior.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: Tiffmas.png (595 KB, 512x640)
595 KB
595 KB PNG
>>5608940 (2nd)
>>5608989 (2nd)


Looks like we've got a tie. I'll give it another hour.
>>”...Hopefully they’ll see things the right way, if we gather enough allies we might be able to force independence without fighting the Federation - That’s true excellence, isn’t it Izumi?”
>”...Hopefully they’ll see things the right way, if we gather enough allies we might be able to force independence without fighting the Federation - That’s true excellence, isn’t it Izumi?”
>”Well, however things settle out we’ll always have the mobile suits - I’ll just go ahead and ask now, are any of you interested in joining the mobile suit corps? I’ll be in as soon as we graduate.” Tiff and Blare are already interested, but you haven’t talked to Rix or Izumi.
Is me, am phoneposting
>>5608940 (2nd)
>>5608989 (2nd)
Wins, I think. Writing.

File: theral (1).png (4.13 MB, 4027x3216)
4.13 MB
4.13 MB PNG
It is noon in the fantastical city-state of Hawksong, humanity’s premier metropolis. A little over twenty-four hours ago, you entered the city under false pretenses and wearing a disguise—a human disguise, so that you might represent yourself as some Eastern mercenary here to trade the proceeds of your most recent adventure for food and armaments. In actuality, you are something far greater and insidious than a mere mammalian adventurer. You are the destroyer of the Devourer, slayer of the Shoggoth, ghoul-gutter and sanctifier of spoiled sanctuaries. You are Prince of Love, Knight Ascendant of the God of Glorious Bloodshed, Dark Prophet of the Coming Age. Yours is a truly a Dragon Soul (and, if anyone doubts it, you have the ACTUAL soul of an ACTUAL ancient dragon bound to your three-chambered heart). You are the one they call Theral, The Copper Dragon King of Bloodrise!


(But… Uhh… You MAY have bitten off a bit more than you can chew this time.)
472 replies and 81 images omitted. Click here to view.
Forcing HIM to back down IS a viable loophole in your code
Also, I don’t know what disadvantage means, but I would like to visit Hawksong again, so maybe we can provoke him into attacking without accepting the deal as is via >>5609104? And add a qualifier of ‘so long as you are alive, Alexos‘.
Based, let’s gooooooo!
Personally, I wonder if we can pull one of those Eastern tales, where after we dominate and humble him we offer him our hand in friendship?
[You'll have a higher than 15 DC, because you're being impetuous and he dislikes you.]

File: Fate CA Title.png (217 KB, 552x479)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
You are Anon, a 6’2” albino man of exceptional strength and magical energy who can remember only faint vestiges of his past, is unaware of his real name, and is a Master in the Akeldama Great Holy Grail War, which is taking place in a city in an artificial world called Akeldama. Your Servant is Avenger of Red, a winged girl wielding considerably powerful magic who has declined to tell you her true name so far. Most recently you’ve begun securing an area to relocate your base to with the assistance of two other Masters (Yumigawa Rushorou and Matsuda Ryuuta), looked through one of the supply caches that Ryuuta found in that area, and identified enemy incursions both at your old base and in the new region (Shinagawa ward).

First thread: https://archived.moe/qst/thread/5331278/
Subsequent threads: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Low+Speed+Anti+Divine+QM
Reference for Servant (and other related) stat-blocks: https://pastebin.com/5mPbUP4G
48 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
You don’t want people to start getting the wrong idea about you: you obviously aren’t going to betray the people you’ve decided to partner with out of the blue. However, the way your Servant’s beasts fight could have given Matsuda and his Servant the wrong impression. Addressing Avenger, you say, “Dismiss the lions: we’re going to check on Ryuuta and Caster to quickly clear things up before we move on.”

Waving her staff in the air and generating a magic circle on the ground, she replies, “Alright, it’s done. I’ll take us there now.”

“Hmm?” Caster of Black hummed as he noticed the two of you teleport onto the street near him, then stepped between you and his Master, who was fighting one of the soldiers from Aka no Rider’s army. Although, just as you arrived Ryuuta broke through his opponent’s guard and ran him through the heart with his crescent spear.

You were able to hear the impaled warrior gasp out while not dropping his own spear, “I return to my brothers, this time without shame… farewell ….”

“Farewell, Phineas.” Ryuuta sighed as his enemy fell lifelessly onto the ground. Stooping down, the young man took a few moments to honor the fallen warrior’s body, placing his shield over his chest and leaving his spear in his hand.

“I see you’ve returned; surprised to see us in piece?” Caster asked amiably, though that was in evident contrast to the insinuation in his question.

“Hardly.” Avenger answered, crossing her arms and rebutting the implication, “I know that you could have easily avoided those lions had you elected to do so, Caster.”

“Avenger this isn’t really the time…” You reply, initially to rebuke her for making such an accusation, but your tone softens as you recall that there’s actually no reason Caster should have been taken off guard when he’s apparently had aerial surveillance this whole time. Addressing Caster and Ryuuta, you explain, “We didn’t mean for her beasts to attack you, they just don’t distinguish friend from foe very well. Are you two alright?”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Unsure if he was intentionally making a pun of some sort, you reassure him, “We’ll be careful about when we use those beasts going forward; it sounded like there might be trouble at our base even after-”

Cutting you off, it suddenly feels as though the air suddenly thickened and gravity increased slightly. Looking to the north, the four of you see a large pillar begin to rise toward the skyline, before being swung through some buildings.

“That must be Sun Wukong’s staff, Ruyi Jingu Bang!” Ryuuta shouts in excitement, but then soberly adds, “Never envied anyone on the business end of it.”

“You seem to admire him, Master.” Caster remarked with interest.

“Well yeah, a lot of people do.” Ryuuta responded, “Basically everyone in Japan’s heard of his legend in Journey to the West, though I liked him before he met Sanzang too.” Adding a bit of gravity to his tone, he continued, “He didn’t take shit from anyone, and no one could push him around before the entire heavenly realm ganged up on him.”

You recall the delinquent was actually fairly knowledgeable on that legend, and briefly consider asking him how Wukong was defeated, but remember that there’s a good chance Wukong could reduce your base and the entire surrounding area to rubble in no time.

What do you want to do:

> Teleport back to your base to the north and focus on securing the area.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Interlude: On the pride of a Kshatriya

Adachi Ward, north of the river

“Your trickery kept you in the fight longer than expected, Archer of Red. However, victory is mine.” Rider of Red said as he relaxed his bow.

Looking down at the arrows piercing his chest, Archer of Red sighed as he responded, “… I never cared for ‘fighting fair’… but with the state of my Spirit Core and how you shrug off my arrows and poison like drops of rain, I’m not gonna bother with a last-ditch sneak attack.”

“Most considerate of you.” A bespectacled, brown-haired man in robes said as he revealed himself from the inside of Rider’s canopied chariot.

Addressing his victorious enemy, the Archer said, “You seem to follow something similar to chivalry, Rider of Red. Would you humor my last request?”

“Speak, and I’ll consider it.” The Rider replied.

“If my cheap tricks got on your nerves, take it out on me while I’m still here and leave my Master out of it.” The Archer requested, “He’s not a magus chasing after the grail, he’s just a kid who wants to go home.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
“I know better than to tarnish your pride, Rider.” The Master said, then paused as the echoes of a fierce roar reached them from some location far to the south. After the echoes faded, he continued, “After all, what you plan to do with your victory in this war will be interesting to behold.”

“You don’t want to investigate that?” The Rider asked, referring the sounds of distant battle as his chariot took to the air.

“At least not until we’ve concluded our business here.” The Master known as Abraxas proposed as he adjusted his glasses.
> Teleport back to your base to the north and focus on securing the area.

It's 1934 and it's the early years of the Schutzstaffel or what is more commonly know in this the dawning of a new era for Germany the "ᛋᛋ". Far more than just another branch of the Reich's military, it is the ideological core and martial power of the National Socialist party. Lead by Heinrich Himmler, it has many recruitment centers all over the country, but it's core being Wewelsburg castle in Westphalia. You are a new recruit who, inspired by Fuhrer Adolf Hitler's speeches so much that you wanted to be the closest you could to both the party and the defense of the new Germany it's brought you have signed up to be a part of this new militant wing of this new worldview rooted in ancient ideas. You're now on your way to your initiation ritual at Wewelsburg to be officially accepted into their ranks
In a reply to this post include
>Your character's Age, Sex, Location and date of birth
>Your character's physical description
>You character's backstory
You will be there after given options to choose to progress the plot and development of your character
Sieg Heil!
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Quest abandoned?
Mein fuhrer….the QM….
Quest ded move along we may see this pop up later in the future by another anon or something else.
At the gym, so it’ll take me a while. But
Weight: 180lbs, muscular but with a larger belly. Definitely to the more handsome end
>Age 24
September 17th, 1910
>Deep blue eyes
>Light blonde hair with red hints
Chad Schultz
Hailing from the French border, Chad grew up as a farm boy happily tending to the land. He happily attended mass every Sunday and went to confession every 2 or so weeks. He is rather nervous about the ritual, and is on guard for any crypto religious activity (to which he will leave). He remembered the First World War, and though his father survived he never forgot the horrors and the rumors of lies sold to the Americans to get them to attack. Though he hasn’t had many negative interactions with Jews, he understands that on an international level they pose an issue to his people. He is driven by a love of nation and people, and is prepared to give himself for his second love (the German people) if it doesn’t contradict his first. He is hoping to find himself a nice Catholic girl somewhere along the way, his motivation for his people comes second to his faith in Christ.
Damn it, I was excited for this as well. Oh well a dead quest is a dead quest.

File: title.jpg (85 KB, 1015x788)
85 KB
"First I want to go check up on the people that were caught up in the poison fog. They may have enough food and drink to survive but it's best they at least know things are going to be ok rather than let them sit and worry. It because of me they're there so it's my responsibility to make sure they make it out ok." You say. "It's on the way up north anyways."

"That may be the most sensible thing you've said all night." Tigress says though there is no hint of approval in her tone. You merely acknowledge for words for what they are and the two of you head off.

By the time you arrive at the remains of the Flying Dragon's hideout only faint traces of the poison cloud remained. Small puffs of poison rolled across the ground like dust in the wind barely coming above your ankles. You and Tigress wander the quiet streets on alert. Though you were told the area was clear, you weren't certain that there wasn't someone back here for revenge or to take advantage of the situation. Given the masked gang's preference for sneak attacks, it could be possible that they were setting up for another. You don't hear anything move or any one approach so you make your way towards the location of where you think the survivors are. The doors to the cellar are blocked, no doubt by Xin Lan, with two large crates that rested atop the door perhaps in an attempt to prevent others from getting it but it certainly wouldn't allow the people inside to get out.

You shove the crates aside and make your descent. Can hear the myriad sounds of whispers and movement long before you reach the bottom of the stone steps despite their attempts to keep quiet and still. As you make the final step off the stairs you tilt your head to the side to avoid a bottle of alcohol from striking you in the face. "Stop! It's him!" A voice calls out and the light of a torch being lit washes over you.

"Mister! Mister! It's you!" You hear a high pitched voice as the young boy runs over to give your leg a squeeze. "You found my mom! Just like you said you would!" They say excitedly. You give the boy an awkward pat on the head and nod.

"Is everyone alright?" You ask the large group before you. "Does anyone need medical attention?"

"What's going on?" A voice calls out.

"Is it over?" Another asks.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Oh no, we ain't done that before, that's why it's a new technique.

But we've got the thesis for it. We can force people's muscles to calm down due to exerting our chi against theirs. It's the basis of the Chi strike.

So what I'm proposing is a much more involved form of the Chi strike, though it may be veering on sorcery. It's at least more paletable than not.
Well, I can accept it if we mention that we can either dislocate his limbs to stop him moving, or try out this advanced chi strike that we think could be possible.
One will be painful, but it's certain to work and is reversible, while the other is painless, but there is a risk.
Not particularly, it's untested and there's the x-factor of the drugs in the ox's system

Spine damage is quick and clean for Tigress and ruthlessly efficient for anyone else
well damn, alright.

I'll toss my vote on with dislocation then, rather than spine severing.
For whatever it's worth, I think it's a good idea, the only problem is that it's untested.
Maybe when we find Ming when can work together to develop it, her sorcery affinity and medical knowledge would be help a lot.

File: QTG ashes.png (544 KB, 1200x800)
544 KB
544 KB PNG
>What is a quest?
An interactive story in which the QM (Quest Master, Quester Molester, Queer Masochist) writes and provides the readers with options on how to proceed. Dice may or may not be included due to on-site functionality.

Questionably Useful links:

A collection of guides which may or may not still be active, but can be good for general writing advice to avoid common beginner's traps. Badly in need of renovation.

>Archive of quest reviews: http://pastebin.com/u/QuestReviewsArchive
Worth reading through, because the best way to figure out how a quest might go right or wrong is to see how it's been done before.

>Archiving guide:
Go to http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/requestqstinterface.html
Fill out the request form to archive a thread.
Threads are also automatically archived by other websites, such as archived.moe.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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some fag called Moonrunes made one a few years ago, he moved it to akun and died.
That setting has dome solid lore. I'd check it out!
File: shisa_twins_marble.png (388 KB, 800x848)
388 KB
388 KB PNG
What was it about, exactly?

>He moved to Akun and died
I've noticed that happens a lot.

Yeah, Gargoyles was a gem of a series. Even in the smaller details like how gargoyles don't fly but glide showed a lot of care.

The Shisa Twins from Capeworld were partly inspired by Gargoyles. I love the idea of living apotropaic guardians, be they Goliath or Talos.
they played as Demona's OC wizard brother, they had a vampire gf and a nerd gf, they fought cops, I dunno I wasn't really invested
File: Shark Blue.jpg (37 KB, 480x640)
37 KB
While we're on the topic of 90's cartoons, has anyone ever ran a TMNT/TMNT-derivative quest? How fun would it be to play a Street Shark? Jawsome!

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