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You are Wallace Whitehorse, an acclaimed private detective who was granted a generous length of leave from your agency. Curiously, you received a letter informing you about a completely pre-paid trip to a place called The Red Spiral. It turned out to be a holiday resort on a tropical island, though you and the twenty-two other guests soon discovered there were no staff at all present, only unusual red mannequins in their place. When you touched one of them, you suffered a sudden seizure and awoke having been escorted to the emergency room by a kindly guest of the medical profession, Nicholas. While unconscious, you had a horrid dream about red tendrils grabbing a man. A dream that proved to instead be a prophetic vision.

Most of the guests were out on the beach, and then the spiraling coils descended, snatching people up. While that was happening, you witnessed the mannequins moving around like living creatures, many of them pouring out onto the beach. You warned one or two of your compatriots, snapping them out of their transfixion on the skywards beings, but were grabbed yourself. After an ultimately futile struggle, you passed out into the world of darkness and woke later that night, face buried in the sand. That is where our story continues, with you sitting up to address the unearthly occurrences that you and the others have just felt...

Previous Thread: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2022/5338893/
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>>Pick Vic for a leader. He's cold and capable, and won't waste time at all. People might not like his approach, but there's no time for rest with your life on the line.
>Suggest that Kathy takes charge. Her sudden shift to level-headedness is likely influenced by her extensive experience behind bars.

I am oddly reassured by a Martha Stewart Expy.
Is it dead, anons?
So it would seem. A sad day!

File: request326.png (609 KB, 1050x1575)
609 KB
609 KB PNG
Give suggestions on what happens next!

Story so far: https://www.deviantart.com/lom678/gallery/72146205/nawtyq-s-naughty-quest
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File: part97.jpg (1.95 MB, 628x5539)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB JPG
part 97
that last panel is golden
File: part98.jpg (1.33 MB, 614x4994)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG
part 98
File: part99.jpg (891 KB, 605x3123)
891 KB
891 KB JPG
part 99
File: 1664150980539.jpg (515 KB, 1280x720)
515 KB
515 KB JPG
>"Giant ice cream" has an epic stand-off with the "prison guard from another planet".

File: Sup.jpg (294 KB, 1920x1080)
294 KB
294 KB JPG
First thread :
Last thread :

You are Sidridijika [The Harbringer of Miracles] the white Magus, a crystal dragon. A young one, hatched in the early spring two months ago. Not a wyrmling anymore.
Your defining features are your Arcanic affinity; the legacy of your draconic ancestor, your Presence; inherent to your crystaline blood, and Strategy prowess, developped since you are an hatchling thanks to a cabinet filled with miniatures of soldiers from all the world's armies and a book detailling their forces and weaknesse; gifted reluctantly by your Mother.
You started a conflicting relationship with your litter. However, circumstances made you closer as you had to team up to survive the dreaded dragon hunters, which killed Father. Now you only have your prized crystal necklace as a memento: an extraplanar space you can fill with your own things, allies, or even unwilling enemies after an arcanic push.
What about Mother? Well, let's not talk about Mother.
Now you have bounded as a pack with Little green, the hard headed and tough fighter emerald dragon, Little Purple, the cunning and tinkering Amethyst dragon and Little blue, your favorite, alchemy-gifted, fighting-deficient, mind-reader favorite sister.
You luckily found really fast a location suitable for a lair worthy of your Pandraconium : a fallen dwarven hold, invaded with skavens, home of a Griffin and her cubs, which now have left the nest.
You are slowly tuning it to your taste and need, with the crafting of the three-moon astrolabus and the first field, effort to stabilize food production and not rely on hunt too much.
You drive out most of the skavens, with the help of chaos warrior you tricked to fight for you until their death, then become friend with the monster of the third floor.
You recruited nearby humans to serve as canon fodder against the rat tide coming right for your lair. The humans were lead by a young noble, Hector.
Your alliance destroyed the invading forces, killing the hundred skavens with only two lancers down. Hector tamed one of the griffin cub, named it Vaillant, and went on his own adventures while your larder was filled to the brim.

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Rolled 3 (1d20)

Rolled 20 (1d20)

baggin the king
File: imgs_touch(5).jpg (40 KB, 959x539)
40 KB
Hell yes!
File: fed.jpg (38 KB, 728x594)
38 KB
Rolled 18 (1d20)

Two crits? Nicely done.

Shit, I'm sorry guys. I vote to late and wasted a crit.

File: Three Houses Quest.jpg (609 KB, 1920x1080)
609 KB
609 KB JPG
You are Blair Weaver. Mercenary captain. Dark Flier. Witch. Over the past five years, you’ve been busy making a name for yourself as the leader of the Blackwings, a renowned mercenary company that has seen victory across several fronts of the ongoing Fodlan Unification War. Your newfound profession brought you into conflict against the Adrestian Empire, the Faerghus Dukedom, and the Fodlan Orthodox Church, with you coming out on top each bout. After having served the nobles of the Faerghus Kingdom for several years, you then found yourself in the direct employment of Claude von Riegan, leader of the Leicester Alliance. While in his service, you played a pivotal role in helping drive back an invasion from the neighboring nation of Almyra.

You’ve done well at playing the role of mercenary, but you haven’t forgotten your true objective. To uncover and rout the mysterious organization of “shapeshifters” that have infiltrated the Adrestian Empire, and that turn humans into Demonic Beasts. Receiving a tip from Claude about a travelling merchant working as a spy for the Empire, you and your company tracked him down. During the brief but violent battle, your suspicions proved accurate, with the merchant summoning Demonic Beasts to attack you. Unfortunately, you killed the man before you could question him, but he left behind a clue. A book written in a mysterious language you could not read.

Now, you’ve returned to the capital of Leicester, Derdriu, where you plan on reporting to Claude on the success of your mission, as well as finding out what comes next.

Archive: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Three+Houses
Blackwings Company Info/Supports List: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ESxa3V-d3Mb27ZG97cbRoVMeD6HHEIySF9nJqqd48dc/edit?usp=sharing

>Blair Weaver
>Level 33 Seraph Knight (50/100)
HP: 52 (90%)
STR: 27 (40%)
MAG: 23 (50%)
DEX: 24 (45%)

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Thanks a lot for the thread, QM!
Was there a way to prevent Elias' death?
>C): Assist Roxanne

Spears vs Axes isn't a very good match-up.

Alrighty then. Thanks for running.
>B): Back up Shelley and Diana
File: Linhardt.jpg (8 KB, 224x225)
8 KB
Maybe if he had gotten to sleep in, his reactions would have been a bit sharper.
Would the group have been harried by an Assassin with no visibility instead had Blair not woke him up? Or was the assassin attracted to the groups location by Elias's spell?

File: village.jpg (283 KB, 1000x700)
283 KB
283 KB JPG
While boatman cheerfully washes his face, you puke the remaining contents of your stomach into the lakewater. By your feet, a striped orange-white kitten -- the boatman's -- chews on the remains of a forgotten fish-head, its rotten stench occasionally contributing to your queasiness. If you had known it was going to be like this you'd have braved the day's walk through the wooded trail -- or better yet, quit the damned guards entirely. The boat lurches again. There's nothing left to throw up but your body goes through the motions anyway. You never should have come here.

"Alright, there Hal?" says the boatman.

Your name, of course, is not Hal, it's Al. Alfred Blade, newly minted guard in service to the supreme Overlord Zorgon II. But you hold up your thumb in silence, no longer even having the energy to correct him.

"We're but a few minutes off. Ye can see the shelf. Look."

You slowly turn your head (still resting on the gunwale) towards the approaching shoreline. The shelf on which the village sits rises nearly two stories from the water. Some kind of black moss grows in large, perfect squares on the cliff-face, evenly spaced, like the hollows of an upturned bookshelf. The sight is so strange that you immediately right yourself and momentarily forget your own seasickness.

"Nightwort," says the boatman. "Ye'll smell it soon." The glee with which he says this puts fresh fear into your heart, but as you draw nearer you discover that the smell is actually quite pleasant. Something between pine and lemongrass. It relaxes you -- or perhaps it's the prospect of soon being on solid earth again. Regardless, it doesn't change the fact that you drew the short straw. No guard in his right mind would have willingly taken on this assignment -- and you hadn't, you were gunning for...

>The Guards Templar: Specialists in dispelomancy trained to combat organized and/or supernatural crime
>The Royal Guard: Personal guard of the royal family; an inherently political position
>Internal Operations: The few, the hidden, the reviled and the feared; the eyes and ears of the Overlord

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You didn’t listen to the conversation between mother and daughter but focused on the marble. It was only for a moment just a moment but you thought you saw the marble turn a shade of red. You tense up slightly but relax yourself. It could be a fluke; those things weren’t perfect. You made them yourself. You should know. Or the woman before you is an unnatural being. She could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. But what was she playing at. You are sure she was the one who reported Lucius being missing to the Nightwatch. If they weren’t able to detect her then she must be safe. And the children haven’t been harm either. Only Lucius is missing.

You feel at the dagger by your side nonchalantly. You weren’t ready for a fight with just a dagger but if push comes to shove.

>Accused her now. She might not be dangerous but she is not human.
>Attacked her now. She must have killed her husband there was nothing else to do.
>Dealt with her tomorrow when she is alone. There’s too much risk with Mari and the other children around.
>Did nothing and continued your investigation. The marble didn’t even glow fully red. It was a fluke. You can always confront her later.
>Deal with her tomorrow when she is alone. There’s too much risk with Mari and the other children around.
>Dealt with her tomorrow when she is alone. There’s too much risk with Mari and the other children around.

Finishing up your meditation you get up from your cot and fold the quilt neatly. You have not been able to get any decent sleep in the past week and your mind is still foggy. However, you still know what needed to be done today. Katherine was some kind of unnatural being and you needed to deal with her somehow. The children were all cleared. After Mari had her mother touch the detector marble, you stayed to confirm the other two before leaving.

You needed to prepare for the confrontation with Kathrine. She could be more powerful than you know and it’s better to be safe than dead. You rummage through your small pack and confirmed your belongings. You packed light, there was only some small food provisions you bought on you way to the village. Your guard uniform and two other set of clothing you had. For tools and weapons, you had your badge as an investigator, 4 detector marbles, your provisioned sword, and the dagger you carried.

It was sparse but luckily, your mentor gave you a gift as you left on this assignment.

>You were given a magic garment that could ward against all physical piercing or cutting attacks to your torso. You could still be bruised though.
>Your dagger was enchanted and could cut through steel like butter. However, it would need to be sharpened again after 4-5 cuts the length of your arm.
>You had sleep powder that could be sprinkled to any food or drink. Any normal person or even unnatural beings that had no natural defense to it would fall right asleep. It was small pouch and it could be used maybe 20 times.

You prepare everything you needed and decide to head out. The early morning fog was slowly lifting and you started seeing people move about. You needed to track down Kathrine and confront her. But what to do and how to do it? You needed to know everything she knew whether she wanted to tell you or not and you needed to know whether she was a danger. You doubted she was the direct cause of her husband’s disappearance but for now anything could be possible.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>You had sleep powder that could be sprinkled to any food or drink. Any normal person or even unnatural beings that had no natural defense to it would fall right asleep. It was small pouch and it could be used maybe 20 times.
>Ask Kelvin, your fellow guard to help. You doubt you could convince him but it was worth a try.
Alone you die

File: qy56jvb4anu71.jpg (37 KB, 506x512)
37 KB
15 years ago Kumogakure ninjas suddenly attacked Konohagakure village and killed thousands including the 4th hokage.

A multi year ninja war followed with numerous atrocities and massacres and it only paused after the 3rd hokage signed a peace treaty with the raikage.

The 4th hokage's son Naruto Uzumaki grew up in wartime and became a violent and cruel adult that wants revenge.

Naruto tells his supporters 'we should attack Kumogakure and kill the raikage for what he did 15 years ago!'

But the 3rd hokage forbids seeking revenge because he doesn't want another ninja war 'no we've lost enough'.

>kill 3rd hokage and frame kumogakure for the murder and start war

>arrest 3rd hokage and declare yourself 5th hokage and start war

>kill kumogakure ninja scout team so raikage attacks konohagakure for revenge

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Wait no I change my mind

>sai (danzo and root agree kumogakure must be destroyed)
>sai (danzo and root agree kumogakure must be destroyed)
Big kek this quest is dead

File: opimage19.png (866 KB, 638x1050)
866 KB
866 KB PNG
You’re STANLEY PARBLE: a girl with a weird name and an even weirder tale: after a CENTURIES-OLD LICH woke up during your graveyard shift at the GOOD BOY DOGGIE BONE factory, your simple life of janitorial work became a bit more… Complicated.
Sure, you became pals with your now-sentient skeleton (you named him LY) AND gained some nifty SUPER POWERS from eating MAGICAL BONE MARROW, but that doesn’t change the fact that your hometown of CLEARWATER, CALIFORNIA is overrun by HOMICIDAL SKELETONS! Even worse, the guy in charge is dead-set on taking over the rest of the world while he’s at it! Not cool!

The beginning of the end: that’s what you thought, at least. Having laid HIGH SCHOLAR IZITHA, the last of TIM’S nefarious LIEUTENANTS AND PHYLACTERIES to rest in her Atlantean lab below the sea, all that remained was to take the fight to the wicked warlock himself… but how?

Your answer, you reasoned, lay with your old friend CLIFF– the ringleader of the skeletons you hadn’t reduced to dust in your travels. Heading to their headquarters at the old DRIVE-IN, you were met with not only a solid plan, but a well-deserved party in your honor, too!

Enjoying the rest of the night with your old friends, you eventually retired for the evening with your janitor companion and ex-would-be-assassin TALBOT... f-for security reasons, obviously, don’t read into it! Upon waking, however, you quickly surmised that something had gone seriously wrong… and once again TIM was behind it all.

Possessing Talbot’s body, the lich was all too happy to inform you of your grave mistakes, chief among them befriending his thralls when he could see and hear everything they do, including planning to smuggle you into his FLYING FORTRESS LAIR. Asserting his vile will on your bony friends, TIM left you to deal with the army of skeletons you neglected to destroy, a raging bloody blizzard, and a Talbot intent on tearing you apart.

Though you escaped from the trap by the skin of your teeth, some of your friends weren’t so lucky–both MITZI AND ART were hurt while fleeing, and while you sent them to the UNIVERSITY for medical aid, you focused on taking care of the Talbot problem.

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File: joboffer.jpg (44 KB, 850x420)
44 KB
“Parble, WAIT! Please!”

Hand hovering over the doorknob, you take a steadying breath before turning your head to face the holograms one more time. YeEeEsss?

“Just…” Stammers Hare as he waits for the others to chime in, “Just please sit down…”

“At least until you’ve heard our offer.” Adds Mr. Fox in a more diplomatic tone. “And we, in turn, will conduct ourselves accordingly, yes?”

“Within reason.” Replies Rat as Mantis grunts in assent.

Fine, you growl as you apprehensively retake your seat at the head of the table, but if you aren’t getting some kind of reward-

“Ms. Parble,” Crane interrupts, “We reached out to you because we’d like to offer you… a job[/b.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: stanpian.gif (5.87 MB, 498x433)
5.87 MB
5.87 MB GIF
Don’t worry, folks, this ain’t it–I feel like we’ve got a little more stuff to sift through, so we’ll be ending the thread here and immediately moving on to #20 for a few more epilogue bits and the big wrap-up!

I’m pretty much at the end of my planned material, so Thread 20 will be a bit shorter than this one for sure… but I invite you to come along as we tie up the last remaining loose ends (that I’ve planned for) and discuss the quest as a whole. Thanks as always for playing and sorry for the sudden wrap-up, we’re almost on Page 10 and I didn’t wanna rush!

Here’s the important stuff, though: since we’re just about done with the quest I’m looking for a WEB DESIGNER to take the whole quest and put it on a website in an easy to read format. I took a swing at it about a year ago and while I could probably make it happen with enough time and effort, I realize that there are folks out there who can probably do it quicker, make it prettier, and do an overall better job of it. Message me on Twitter if you’re interested and we’ll talk shop!

Anyways, here’s the usual links:

This thread is archived! Man, what a doozie!

The rest of the quest can be found here in the archive–thanks again to all the voters!

My Twitter’s here–follow this if you wanna contact me, see some shitty art, or get other updates! I won’t clog your dashboard, trust me!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
1000th post.
Excellent thread as always. Gave archived thread an updoot.
sry didn't read the seggs though.
Thanks, Bones. Awesome thread as always. See you on the next one!

I’m afraid I don’t know anything about web design, otherwise I’d be delighted to help you out. Most I can do is wish you luck in finding somebody.
No worries--you read the quest and that's what matter to me! Thanks for hanging on for the ride!

I'll see you there--it's already up! And I appreciate the sentiment about finding someone. It's not SUPER important, but if I ever wanted to share Bones it'd be nice to have it in an easy-to-read format while also not being on a certain Tibetan Bug Catching Forum, especially for the normies. A lot of my friends know and don't give a shit, but still... would be nice!

File: 3329.png (1.48 MB, 1500x1067)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
In the previous thread, you finished the beach episode, decided to stay in town while your non-bubble friends went on a trip around the country, and checked the police station to catch up with what was going on. You can’t let things go unsolved! At the moment, you’re talking with the Price Brothers, and the conversation is turning weird!

“Could you please inform me of what type of woman you like?” Maximum Price sounds demanding even though he’s trying to ask nicely.

W-What?” Vanessa is confused!

You’re confused.

Gamadiel is confused.

Yareli is impassive.

…Maximum Price is being serious. He wants you to answer with the truth and nothing but the truth. Strangely, many people have been asking this to you lately, so you’re prepared! But the thing is… Is it the truth what you want to say?

How do you respond?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>“Dorothy, I’ll ask your daughter if you’re worth saving or not. How about that?” Give Dorothy a bad deal.
File: 3365.png (145 KB, 800x640)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
“Dorothy, I’ll ask your daughter if you’re worth saving or not. How about that?” You let out a mischievous smile without thinking.

“Qua-Quack…?!” Dorothy didn’t see this coming for some reason, and she’s now ten times more concerned than when she was defeated somehow.

“Huh, I’m starting to think all of this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.” Kobashi bobs his head in pure confident confusion, if somehow these two words make sense together.

“Pointing out the absurdity of the situation doesn’t make it in any way less real.” Once you’re consumed by the nonsense, you can go along with everything more easily. Or maybe you need to admit you’re losing your mind.

“You’re right. I must *always* live in the moment.” This answer explains so much about Kobashi, you don’t know what to say back.

“Quack…” Dorothy wants your attention. “Quack.” Dorothy points at the ‘yes’ on the notepad. She’s willing to go through all of this for the mere slim chance of getting what she wants.

In a twisted way, and maybe under other circumstances, you’d admire the stubbornness – but you don’t. You don’t even understand why you’re entertaining this request. Perhaps it is not to take the decision away from Lise. It’s her mother. She might need some closure. And it’s up to her if she wants to patch things up with her mother… or get some payback. Still, bringing someone’s abuser back into their life feels iffy at best. You might regret this, you might not. You feel like either way, Lise will get mad at you.

“Mr. Phil, you don’t look happy with her answer.” Fiora is afraid you’ll burst into an angry fit.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 3366.png (317 KB, 800x640)
317 KB
317 KB PNG

“Quack?! Quack, quack, quack!” Dorothy honks angrily. She did not like your description!

“Oh, how could I forget? She was also morbidly obese.” You point out. The duck stands in shock.

“Is the password you mentioned so important to waste your time talking to her? It’s obvious you don’t want anything to do with her.” Kobashi wants the full picture.

“I think the decision should rest on my friend’s shoulders. She’s her mother. I don’t want to take the chance from her.” You aren’t sure about it. If your dad showed up in duck form, despite how much you hate him, you’d want to see it… to make fun of him. “I’m kinda worried that she’ll get mad at me for bringing her back, as far as she knows, she’s dead and gone, and has made peace with it.”

“Quack…” Dorothy didn’t like hearing that either, but in a subdued way.

“I’m sure your friend is going to find forgiveness in her! Mothers need to correct their children to fulfill their potential. I’m sure she had your friend’s best interests in mind, Mr. Phil.” Fiora says some fucked up things to cheer you up.

“Quack!” Dorothy nods in agreement. You want to smack her stupid duck head, but it’s not her body. And honestly, you should keep your feelings down, you aren’t sure what their relationship was like in detail. You doubt there’s room for forgiveness, but you can’t deny there’s a chance.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 3367.png (631 KB, 800x640)
631 KB
631 KB PNG

“You’ve done great work, fairy. We’re in your debt.” Philonune bows.

“W-W-W—Wh-What’s that little thing?!” Fiora hides behind Kobashi, she’s terrified of the cutest entity you know. The little fairy loses morale, she doesn’t want to make anyone feel scared.

“Q-Quack?!” Dorothy can see her as well and is dumbfounded by her presence.

“Am I missing something…?” Kobashi feels like everyone is acting off with no discernable explanation.

“Don’t worry, she’s my fri—”

Your explanation gets interrupted by the ground shaking violently for a moment. Some sort of shockwave expanded through the air, like a smoke ring cloud, in the blink of an eye. Power came back as fast as it went out, and with it, you realize Kobashi and Fiora went unconscious. They dropped in relatively comfortable areas… The same thing cannot be said of the person who descended from the ceiling…

“Oh… Bollocks…” It’s Houda Lan! He’s rubbing his head after the fall. “What in the bloody hell was that?”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Thanks for running!

File: stockphoto.jpg (118 KB, 1200x675)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
You are a 30-ish year old man that died alone and unsatisfied. Your last wish to redo your life. When you opened your eyes you were again a high school student with your past memories intact. You have a chance to redo your life.
>>Freshman (age:15)
>>Sophomore (age:16)
>>Junior (age:17)
>>Senior (age:18)
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Even if you cut an artery (very rare) it take hours before someone bleeds to death
Cutting has mortality rate of less than 1%

(Also, backlinking to my last post, >>5415691)
I'm a surprised actually. Attempted suicide over a guy cheating is such a bitch move especially for a grown ass adult woman with kids
Her son's also behaving weirdly, seemingly conspiring against her, and (from her perspective) maybe trying to drive her mad. She might also have any number of undiagnosed mental problems, which our MC was oblivious to because they became estranged in his first life.

File: YourLittleMermaidII.png (1016 KB, 1200x800)
1016 KB
1016 KB PNG
Man, this pina colada freeze is good. Such a buzz that you can almost forget the fact that it runs nearly fifteen bucks.
You hate tourist traps, but you have to admit, you're not carrying around an alcoholic slushee maker on vacation, and this is pretty fantastic for a mass-produced drink.
"Alex Woodsman."
Maybe that's the alcohol talking, though: It's such a buzz that your girlfriend-of-nine-months-turned-fiancée has to poke you in the cheek three or four times before she gets your attention.

Meryl narrows her eyes at you and demands your attention more closely. "Were you listening?" No. She was on one of her ramblings. You love her, but when she explains certain things, she goes on an elaborate lecture that makes your eyes glaze over. Like that time she told you she's a mermaid or something and her family lives under the ocean and she has to mate with you in order to produce children that make her... subspecies... more human.

She's not lying, surprisingly enough. Meryl is genuinely some kind of Dagonian, a humanoid with amphibious features. It's kind of like the Innsmouth nature, but instead of twisted mutations, it seems closer to her having some kind of limited glamour over her supernatural but otherwise 'clean' features. Her dad is also apparently a wizard who killed monster hunters after her family. There's more to it than that, obviously, but how does she expect you to remember the details when she barely stops to breathe? You're smart, but you have to stop and take notes for stuff you've never heard before.

Plus, you know, the booze, which rocks, is making your mind a warm fuzzy. Complimented by the ice of the freeze. Ah. That's the stuff.

Meryl places her face in front of you, to make sure you're looking at her. "Do you want me to repeat myself?" Absolutely not. "Well then, pay attention next time!" And then she repeats herself, of course. "Alex, I know I have a degree, and I'm willing to work, but I really, really want to serve as the primary home-maker. I... I don't trust anyone else but you with any children we might have."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: bear_not_to_scale.png (934 KB, 1200x799)
934 KB
934 KB PNG
You calm down and look at the situation rationally, which is harder than it sounds given that everything in your body is screaming that this woman is going to embarrass you all in front of hundreds. However, when Jessica hands Chase his beer, she only looks at you with disdain, and then with an even deeper frustration at Meryl. Meryl stares her down in turn, but the glaring match takes second billing to your discussion with Chase.

"Yeah," the former wide receiver says. "I went to Vegas for the experience. That was a mixed bag. I learned a lot about myself. Some of it wasn't good." Sounds like he's in a similar boat to you, then... but worse, because honestly you're with the love of your life and trying not to lose her, instead of having an existential crisis like he seems to be. At least Jessica is helping him through it, right? "You know her?" He's shocked.

"We used to date," Jessica clarifies with gritted teeth. "It was nothing serious, clearly." She drives the point in, making it clear that she's going to continue to be passive-aggressive but go no further in his presence. Meryl almost engages, but instead takes the teddy from you and nuzzles it, causing Marke to get visibly jealous.

"Huh. We met relatively recently," Chase says, struggling to explain how. "Anyway, I hope you're doing well. It's been a long time." It really has, hasn't it? Silently, you were concerned he would end up alone and depressed- he didn't have anyone other than the football team, but went off to college anyway. Now he's just depressed, and it doesn't have anything to do with being alone. He's got his Electrical Engineering degree, and will be headed in a different direction from you. Kind of a shame, but that's just how life is. You do want to keep in contact with him, so you trade numbers, and that puts a small smile on his face.

As that's going on, the silent back-and-forth between Jessica and Meryl intensifies, culminating in Jessica sticking her tongue out at Meryl and Meryl baring what are close to fangs while holding her teddy. Very mature. Suddenly, you remember Chase's terrifying gaze as it sweeps over the two women and they both stop what they're doing to track his behavior. None of you are in danger, and you're immune to it, but his look had a habit of reminding people he was dangerous if he needed to be. "I think we should leave," he says, taking Jessica's hand softly and causing her to blush. "See you later," he smiles and nods to you, convincing his date to come along by kissing her on the cheek and tugging her in tow.

"Well, that went better than expected," Meryl says. "Not so awful a guy, it seems." And not in danger, either. But back to you and the missus.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>You can go out on the town when Mr. Teddy is secured in the hotel room.
I guess we can make a picture or few with Mr. Teddy before we do though, it's a nice idea for mementos.

File: titlecard.png (246 KB, 1316x424)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
You had the dream again last night.

It isn’t normal for members of the Rpetilian Master Race to dream. For most of your life, you certainly didn't. Even in more recent days, the ‘dreams’ you have experienced have been more akin to divine visions, from the Dark Gods Beyond and Below, appearing to offer advice, issue commands, make bargains. This is something… Different.

The dreams vary in exact composition and structure. They seem vivid in the moment, but as soon as you wake, they grow hazy, disjointed, distant. But you remember… Yes, you remember.

You remember green armour, etched and engraved with effigies of dragons in flight, dragons in battle…

You remember the blade, similarly-engraved with images of a dragon in throes is ignoble death.

The Green Knight is coming. The last of the Yosefs, butcherer of your mother. Upon his brow sits a Diadem of Clarity, vital to restoring your spiritual brother’s shattered psyche.

You have been having the dream for two months now, intermittently. Nothing ahs yet come of it, such that you have long concluded it holds no specific or urgent meaning. You’ve told no one of it, unwilling to compromise your position by admitting to the likely root cause: your partial mammalian heritage, corrupting your mind in response to the pressures of command and the looming threat of the Knight.

You have made great strides in the Bloodrise mountain range, ancestral home of the Red Dragon King who is your father’s distant progenitor. With the aid of your allies, you have subjugated and vassalized the local kobold clan, allied yourselves with a secretive society of dark elves and a barbarian race of ‘bugbears’ (who, admittedly, you have not heard from for the better part of a season), forged a yet-more-intimate alliance with a race of sentient caterpillars, and you have enslaved to your will dozens and defeated dwarves! You worked for this. BLED for this. Lost valued allies and even a loyal lover to make it happen. You may dream of the Green Knight’s vengeful blade when you sleep, but when you are AWAKE, you dream also: you dream of a new Copper Dragon Kingdom, with yourself sitting at its top, adored and venerated, respected and loved. You have not told the Serpent Priesthood of this ambition, lest your already-skeptical superiors order a change-of-command. You will NOT show weakness now, and risk losing it all.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Thanks for running, RQM!
>not sure there's the will among players to do what you would need to do in order to make this a reality
I'm not sure about that after seeing how many anons regretted her death, RQM. Would be nice if we can at least hear about this possibility and reqs next thread to see what anons think.
For one, won't stir much in a resurection of the dwarf. She was a nice character arc, but I plan for protag to end with the novice. Even glowie will feel more satisfying than Davora.
>glowie will feel more satisfying than Davora
[Well, I'll put it to a vote at some future point in the next thread or two!]

Volume 5 begins! New thread: >>5410693

File: overgrown dungeon.jpg (67 KB, 736x525)
67 KB
There was an instance of pain- no, intense discomfort. As if you had been scrubbed down from head to toe with a scratchy towel. But before you can comprehend what had happened you lost your balance and land on the floor. And now there is a new sensation – one much more concerning – that of a naked butt on a dirty stone floor. And it wasn’t the stone of a nice bathroom tile either but something like rough cobblestone.

You quickly turn around to keep a piece of gravel from making a permanent home in your right butt cheek only to hit your knee hard on another one. “Ahh, fuck”, the curse escapes your lips, before you come to all your senses.
The air was stale and smelled of mold and sooth. Multiple torchlights, while exposing your naked body to the people around you did nothing to warm you. In front of you was a stone obelisk, maybe two stories tall, with writing you couldn’t identify. And if the figures around you aren’t larping-


You know how this story goes.

You got isekai’d like a little bitch.

And you weren’t some looser NEET that could fulfill his fantasy in another world, you were just promoted. While your world wasn’t perfect, you had a good life going for you. But in this medieval looking one you’ll probably be able to have spicy food ever again, nor know how George RR Martin wants to actually end the Song of Ice and Fire.
Okay, self-pity party is over. Let’s focus on the hear and now. The people who isekai’d you haven’t raised their voices but were whispering to one another without addressing you. While you couldn’t hear what they were talking about, you can still hear the confusion in their voices.

You stand up and idly wipe away the gravel that has embedded itself into your skin.

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>lavish, for regular citizens
>lavish, for nobility
>lavish, at balls/galas
I have to study for an exam I'll probably fail anywas, but I should at least give it my best effort
Best of luck then
>average, for regular citizens
>lavish, for nobility
>lavish, at balls/galas
I support this style

Hello hello! Welcome to capsule delivery quest!
This is a quest set in the dragon ball universe,

As for your place in the timeline
You were born in age 736 (sharing a birth year with baldy krillin and the champ)
For context, bulma meets goku in september of 749

Our story begins in the age 746 at the ripe ol age of 10!

Ever since you could remember thinking, you were always amazed by combat movies, and after an accidental press of the channel that displayed the tournament of the "strongest under the heavens" you were mesmerized by martial arts.
Your parents, tired from working all the time, where a little bit too eager to let you find something to distract yourself with, but under the condition you found a teacher within their budget...

>budget at most 10270 zeni per month (or 75 dollars)

But before all that. What is your name?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Hi so funny story actually

Captcha says g2pay
>Hi so funny story actually
Man I really hope e manage to pull Launch in the future. Definitely better wife material than Chi Chi.

"Hi.. so funny story actually, I might have one of the capsules you are looking for?"

You flash the golden capsule, mr Cons jaw hits the floor and Briefs looks mildly suprised.

"Where did you find that?! Did you steal it?!"

"Now mr. Con its rude to make such accusations."

"Yeah like, Im barely ten how would I break in? Anyways, basically there was this delivery driver overat my block, who told me he did not know the area, and had a flat tire. He was wearing sunglasses and a capsule corp hat. So I couldn't make out much. About him I could recognize other than he was tall."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Fucked the tripcode lol

File: Crazy Rhea.jpg (93 KB, 735x1077)
93 KB
You are Rhea Silvia.

In return for the dubious honor of continuing to live in a daemon tainted mansion, you have rather foolishly agreed to meddle in the affairs of both the Inquisition and a rival Slaaneshi/Tzeentchian cult.

It hasn’t gone well so far.

You have found yourself the rather unwilling guest of one “Samara Croven” (probably an alias), who is apparently the offspring of two former associates of yours, plus a whole lot of Drukhari tampering.

You have pseudo-null like abilities that make you resistant to psychic manipulation, but Samara is dangerously persuasive, and probably right more often than not.

What is it that you have really trying to accomplish over the past 15 months?

Just stay alive? Keep a low profile? It was you that chose to ask for power and wealth from your evil clone, there is always a price for such things.

Avoid angering the terrifyingly powerful? Trys’ta and Evil Rhea are less than sane and could turn on you at any time, meanwhile you keep on making more and more enemies.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
48 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Try to jump a patrol and use their uniforms as costumes to get into the Palace.

You decide the quickest way in is to jump a patrol and disguise yourselves. You don’t want to have to linger on this planet any longer than you have to. If nothing else, Audrey isn’t as immune to corruption as you and Namara are.

You wander about the resort city a bit more, looking for a suitable patrol to ambush. Although most of Evil Rhea’s soldiers are female (though often likely not originally so), many of them are bigger than the members of your group and you aren’t sure their “uniforms” would fit you well. Also, there are few locations where there aren’t at least a few witnesses around.

As you move through the city, you twice spot large groups of what you assume to be newcomers being herded towards the largest of the orgies. They seem to be drugged up on aphrodisiacs and maybe hallucinogens as well, but you start to worry more how quickly this resort can corrupt people. Rhea the Greeter has been around since the beginning of the resort’s corruption and is unmutated though not particularly sane. And you also saw a preacher’s wife you once knew leading some sort of degenerate sermon at one of the smaller orgies. But you also remember many discussions you have had with the Sexy Librarian, Nicky, and others on the nature and speed of corruption. From what you remember, some fall quickly because they are weak willed, and others get broken hard by resisting too much and in essence challenging Chaos with their defiance, but others can walk along the edge of corruption and keep their sanity for ages because they have useful personality traits, or they just aren’t particularly interesting to the powers of the Warp. There is also a pretty large randomness factor involved, plus the fickleness of individual warp entities.

You eventually find a patrol of three woman of roughly the right size taking a smoke/sex break in a relatively isolated area and take them down by surprise.

This nets you three masks, three pairs of boots, two pairs of gloves, a pair of fishnet stockings, two collars, a topless corset, a pickelhaube, a beret, two compact autocarbines, a shockprod, and an ornate lasgun.
You end up taking most of the best stuff on the basis that your blonde hair makes you the most plausible ex-Helmhaus soldier. Also you are the most recognizable and therefore most in need of an elaborate disguise.

Now suitably disguised, you make your way to the Palace with more confidence.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Like most buildings you have seen so far, the Palace is relatively unchanged. Unlike in Evil Rhea’s pocket realm where even the buildings are lewd and visibly corrupt, the resort island is still firmly based in reality, so lewd sculptures, banners, and other artwork is the main visible change to the building.

There are a fair number of soldiers around, and even a few Dark Selunites and daemonettes, but no one challenges you as you enter the Palace. For a moment you are worried the daemonettes would sense your null-like aura, but they are either too weak, or they don’t deem it noteworthy.

You know the Palace layout well enough to make it to the main hall, where perhaps Tweezette keeps her playthings chained near her throne like Kayla and Evil Rhea often did.
To your disappointment however, this is not the case.

The main hall has been redecorated as an elaborate throne room, or perhaps even a bit like a starship bridge.

Tweezette’s throne is at the far end on a large dais surrounded by advisors and guards. In front of the dais, officers and the Slaaneshi equivalent of tech-priests work away on hololiths, vox-casters, cogitators, and data-slates. Along the walls are trophies of sorts, moaning away as their own bodies pleasure them with tentacles and tongues that seem to have a mind of their own.

Tweezette now looks even more like a washed out porn star in her Dark Selunite garb, and minor mutations including oversized lips and breasts. Among her advisors you spot Cardinal Bromph, now too obese to move without an anti-grav chair, Gallantine, now in her true form as a matronly looking daemonette, and Bannick, looking relatively unchanged, though his security thugs, still the bodyguard of the governor, are becoming increasingly mutated.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

She is strapped up to some sort of pleasure device, but is still remarkably sane.

You doubt two-three years ago you could have pictured a situation where you found yourself disguised as a dominatrix-soldier, chatting with a woman tied to a dildo machine like it is a perfectly normal thing to do, but here you are...

Over the course of a several minute conversation you learn a wide range of useful information.

The original Kayla and Trish were merged into something called a “cuttledaemonette”, but in a fit of whimsy, Evil Rhea had the relatively sane and uncorrupted parts of their souls extracted from the cuttledaemonette and stuck into clone bodies procured from the Dark Eldar. Evil Rhea eventually got bored of them though and pawned them off on Tweezette, who also got bored of them and only occasionally makes use of them. Clone Kayla apparently escaped with the intention of rejoining HYDRA IX, but Clone Trish seems to have resignedly accepted her fate.

Clone Trish seems pretty interested in learning about Samara, but ultimately seems to decide Samara is more of an artificial creation than a true daughter. She declines any attempt to rescue her, feeling that groups like HYDRA IX, Frozen Heart Kabal, or even trying to reintegrate into Imperial society are more dangerous than her current circumstances, which she insists aren’t as bad as they look.

It only occurs to you then that Samara never gave you instructions on how to return to her. You hadn’t really thought of it before since honestly you didn’t think you would make it this far.

>Try harder to convince Trish to leave.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>She declines any attempt to rescue her, feeling that groups like HYDRA IX, Frozen Heart Kabal, or even trying to reintegrate into Imperial society are more dangerous than her current circumstances, which she insists aren’t as bad as they look.
She and Rhea kind of have a lot in common.
>>Try getting back to Ravenholm to report back to Samara.
Honestly as far as reporting to her goes, we can probably just go back to the hotel room. She'll probably contact us there. Then we can make arrangements to go back to Ravenholm
>>Try getting back to Ravenholm to report back to Samara.

File: Civ ThreadSimplifiedv01.jpg (920 KB, 1380x2016)
920 KB
920 KB JPG
Some ten years ago, I hosted some few Civ Threads and absolutely loved it. It's time to revisit this waste of time and give it a go, once again.

The races are very limited. The starting location is going to be a boring ol' mountainscape, a woodland or a grassland area. The goal of our civilization is to survive the struggles and trials of diplomacy, war, attrition and whatever else the world throws at us.
We have survived. A year ago, a calamity struck our world and left us in ruin. Since then, we've been traveling the cold winding mountain paths, the treacherous dark forests, and the scorching sands of vast deserts. We've endured what most would not be able to stand.
But now we've arrived. Our civilization has found a new cornerstone, a new home amidst the nature, where we'll find protection and comfort. We are but few, but our will is strong. We WILL survive.

>What race are we?
>In what sort of terrain does our new sanctuary lie in?
>What sort of tragedy broke us in our past?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Rolled 5 (1d6)

>> Prepare for combat.
Being prepared is better than nothing, even if we are just armed with rocks.
The scavenging party hastily prepares for combat, equipping themselves with whatever scrap and rubble they can get their hands on. A courageous speech whispered among the huddling gnomes can be faintly heard, as they bolster themselves and steel their nerves in wait of whatever is approaching them.

Soon after taking positions, the stranger enters the room. The warm light illuminates the hall and reveals the stranger to be a mighty orc strapped with all sorts of gadgets and scrap as makeshift armor. Not a single inch of friendliness can be seen in it's face as it sniffs the air around it, preparing to kill and plunder whatever and whoever it might find.

Finnfin lets out a war shout and the ill-equipped gnomes launch from the shadows, attacking the beast with everything they've got.

The orc kicks, thrashes, bites and slashes at the brave gnomes, killing one instantly with a hard knee-kick to the head. Another gnome is sent to face it's Gods by being thrown tens of feets through the air, smashing against a metal wall. A third gets lifted up by it's torso all the way to the orc's face where a gnarly crunch can be heard as it's arm is bitten clear off.

After a nasty, bloody struggle, a gnome bearing the name Turma manages to land the finishing blow on this beast, stabbing it repeatedly in the neck with a sharp piece of scrap metal. The beast is dead, along with a total of four of our brave gnomes.

After a silent moment for our fallen brethren, we managed to salvage the orc's light source. A gnomish invention, a near infinitely powered lyrium torch. This should make our nightly trips a lot safer and easier in the future. In addition, the orc's makeshift backpack contained a few poor quality rations. Salted rat, a questionable chunk of... Venison? I hope it is venison, and a few ounces of lyrium, safely wrapped in a metal foil.

We spent the night in the light of the lyrium torch and returned to our camp in the morning. The people were devastated to hear of our losses, but the found planter facility and the bags of produce brought enough compensation and joy to at least make sure our kin did not die in vain.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Rolled 4 (1d6)

>Forage for food and tools
Rolled 5 (1d6)


Dice roll just in case
Also let's try to Make a lyrium powered bicycle or hover board or wheelbarrow

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