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File: Truth.jpg (172 KB, 795x1146)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
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>Assume AARON’s identity
File: alexandra_elbakyan.jpg (117 KB, 600x900)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
A challenger appears
Bring it up in the qtg thread.
Good guy but it turns out that it's possible to be too paranoid even if they really are out to get you. I don't think the government killed him but they definitely drove him to the brink.

If you want to do something constructive in his memory, there's a hackathon planned.

In his offence what are the chances he would resist sjwism later on. He would have been just another reddit admin fighting the ebil fascists now. They all talked pro freespeech then.

File: drakkar.png (410 KB, 548x410)
410 KB
410 KB PNG
>Blood and thunder! Victory at sea!

Tremble weaklings, the Norsemen come! What days go by like wind, that you come from your frozen shores to green and pleasant lands ripe for pillaging!

Led by jarl Ragnar Icebreaker, you and your twin sibling sneaked off from the farm one day to board a longship headed southward. Your naive dreams of glory were struck hard by the harsh viking life, especially as young unbloodied whelps.

However the sight of land and promise of plunder have stirred the spirits of all aboard, and you are no exception! But which sibling are you, that heeds the call of the gods to destiny?

>Erik, brother of Elsa!
>Elsa, sister of Erik!

Just a little open-ended quest for some fun!
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File: night before the ship.png (237 KB, 517x764)
237 KB
237 KB PNG

Having come all this way across land and sea, you could do with a chance to relax and enjoy yourself. Certainly you've earned it, having achieved the first milestone of settlement in this new land!

"Come Erik, join the singing!" your sister proclaims as she drags you to her side and hands you a hearty dinner and a drink.

You weren't feeling so bold as to get right in the thick of the celebration but you can certainly enjoy yourself for awhile, along with everyone else. At least until Elsa drinks herself into a stupor enough to leave you alone.

As you find a cozy spot by the fire and beside folks though, you watch the embers rising and come to look around at the crude but sturdy fort you've surrounded yourselves with. Not bad at all for a quick effort with low resources. And definitely the security you'll all need to properly undertake the colonizing effort here. A welcome appreciation others have for it as well, as you get plenty of compliments and thanks through the night for your organizing and building effort.

At the same time though... you also have an interest in what the warriors are up to, and find an excuse to haul some food and drinks their way, the warriors you're most familiar with.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>That ought to wrap things up for now, that you've established a solid foothold in this new land! We can end things here for now, and maybe continue later. Was a fun little quest so far, so thank you all for participating!
We haven't kill anything yet, this is both disappointing and also probably a good thing.


Its a slow start, but its interesting, I hope to see it pick up, maybe we get more people from another longboat, or we encounter other vikings that are lost or coasting alone the shores.
Will there be a next thread?
There might be. It was only supposed to be like a non-serious one shot for some fun, which it was, but if my work schedule permits then I might continue it. With the holidays coming up though, I can't say for sure.

File: Into Existence.png (8 KB, 400x400)
8 KB
There is a single universal law that stands above all else: ALL THINGS MUST PASS.

This holds true for everything. Even you, powerful deity that you are, are limited in your actions by your own KARMIC ESSENCE, spent in every action you take.

There is no means in this Universe for one to regain their Essence, nor to truly halt its consumption. Once one's Essence is exhausted they can only fade away, dispersed across existence.

Fortunately, your own Essence far outshines anything else in this Universe. How you wish to spend your limited existence and leave your mark upon it is up to you.
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>Regional 500
Lets not be too harsh on them
>500 Regional

make sure the location is where they're densely populated, though
Has the tower of Babylon fallen yet? Feel like that'd be a pretty solid way to divide humanity

RIP Op, this was a fun little God Sim, fell in love with the only 2 characters in the story already, hope you come back or continue later down the road
True, rip this quest. One last bump

File: 1421853483825.jpg (4.79 MB, 2700x6000)
4.79 MB
4.79 MB JPG
Hey anons, lets try some shit i made.

First 3 votes for a race picks it, first 3 for a biome or region picks it. Pick races from anything on pic or on the table bellow, anything picked outside of the table bellow will be made into a little civ statblock before we start, i'll hold a vote on the statblock before settling.

What all this shit means:
Health Points HP
Strenght S
Toughness T
Offensive Skill OS
Defensive Skill DS
Ballistic Skill BS
Movement M
Discipline D
Size SZ

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No anon, i'm sorry, but i'm no way i was the first one to do it and didn't even make this specific pic, i made one of the weirder looking ones based around insects shit.

I was talking about this specific way of running it but ends up i passed out midway through the night, now i'm going to bed properly.

If the thread is still up when i wake up i'll continue it, otherwise i'll take the choices made here and try to get it going again.
Inspect ship. Damage report.
Hand them over

File: 1532243611146.jpg (55 KB, 495x1069)
55 KB
He is Leon M. Dragoon II, the eldest son of the king, and he is an imposter. The original prince died at childbirth, but was quickly replaced by a Yuan-ti/Human hybrid. In secret he was raised in both the ways of the human royalty, and the culture of the fallen empire. He had mastered his natural shape shifting ability in time for when his Yuan-ti support network had to go underground to avoid detection. In the six years since they have been out of contact, and in that time Leon has realized that they were being overly cautious. There was at least a half a dozen other groups who have infiltrated the palace.
His "Father" was blessed by gods of Fortune and Civilization, combine this with his optimistic and honest outlook has made King Leon I oblivious to all of this. So it was up to Leon II to both defend the palace from infiltrators and to push his own group's infiltration.

The day begins at dawn by walking through the garden. If his people have returned they would mark the Stag Statue in the middle of the garden. As he approached the garden center, he saw someone dart into hedge maze from the statue.
>Check the statue for marks
>Call out to the person
>Pursue the person
>Write in
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File: 001.jpg (92 KB, 718x868)
92 KB
Got out of work late
>Go along with her
"Let's get one thing straight. I don't report to you."
Alecia seemed unimpressed, "My apologizes sire, I meant no disrespect. I am merely concern with everyone's safety."
>Lost potential contact/ally Alecia

Leon followed Alecia to the private dining room were his family awaited. At the head of the table was his "father," King Leon M. Dragoon I. "Good morning junior! You made in time, we have a special treat for breakfast"
"OYSTERS!" shouted the King as the servants open the lid to a large bowl of oysters.
"How...delicious," replied Leon as he sat down to the right of the King. On Leon's left was his much younger brother who was playing with a piece of toast that he had bitten into a horse shape.
"Leeeeon, what's a oi steer?"

>Dote on your brother

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Dote on your brother
Getting along with family even if they are ,,family" is always a good thing
>Dote on your brother
Well shit, I thought this was player abandon.
Leon smiled at Homer, "It is a sea creature that we eat out its shell."
"Sea cree-churr. Does it taste good Leeeeon?"
"Very good, and if you are lucky you might a pearl." He then turns to his father, "Isn't this a bit heavy for breakfast?"
The King stroked his beard, "You're right we need something light to go with this. Toast, jam, honey, and butter."
Leon sighs, the best chance of killing this man his through his stomach. Though he'll have to suffer with him. He stabs the first oyster on his plate and eats it.
"Hey! I found a pearl!" laughed the King as he set to the side of his plate.
"Is Eirine joining us father?"
The King shook his head, "Unfortunately your Fiancé has indigestion and won't be joining us."
"I'll check on her later," replied Leon as he ate his third oyster and a bitter taste erupted into his mouth. It was poison, thankfully his Yuan-ti ancestry has made him immune to toxins, but it also allowed him to taste them as extreme bitterness.
"Another pearl for me!" laughed King.
"Lucky you," said Leon right before biting into another poisoned oyster.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: TheDoorQuest.gif (1.91 MB, 560x420)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB GIF

"whaaaaat...the fuck dude...."

You are Daniel. Sometimes you go by Dan. After coming home from a long day of testing printers at your job yesterday, you decided to relax by smoking some weed and playing some video games. A very unfulfilling and unproductive way to spend your time but this is how you've ALWAYS spent your time! Sometimes you might exchange weed for alcohol and video games for Netflix but regardless, rarely do you ever decide to do much else with yourself and between weed and your job you find that most days seem to often blend together. Was it Tuesday? Thursday? Friday? Who knows! However today, was a day that was different from the others! Something unusual happened! You were asleep but sometime during the night you woke up and when you woke up you saw something that was there that wasn't supposed to be. A door. A strange door. A door made of strange black tentacles and flesh. What was it doing there? How did it get there? Why is it there? You have no idea. The thought of it gave you a deep anxiety. You decide to sit up on your bed. Your pet cat, "Saturn" sitting beside you.
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Ask for Saturn. Ask why she is scared. If there is a monster run or hid, which ever looks like it would work.
You ok OP?
welcome to first threaders, enjoy your stay

File: Cobra Tape 3.png (236 KB, 1021x770)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
Cold and exertion burn your lungs, your legs ache from endless walking, hands numb, feet numb. You are Cobra Commander and you’re only just above your lowest point yet. Once atop a throne of the worlds largest criminal/terrorist organization you’re now a fugitive. Having freshly escaped from Blackguard UltraMax prison you wander an unknown snowy waste with a small gaggle of followers. Karasu, a bruiser of a man, former Japanese domestic terrorist, and Viper, and old man who once led an organization not dissimilar to yours follow you.

As far as you know your escape is as of yet undetected. Now to make your way back to Cobra.


CobraQuest is a re-imagining of the origins of the international cult/terrorist organization Cobra. You the players will fill the role of Cobra Commander, and you’re exactly what the name implies. We’ll see Cobra rise from relative obscurity to that of a global scourge with your iron fist as its guiding hand.


I typically post at 6:00 PM EST, I aim to do 1 vote per day with weekends off.

I always try to incorporate (and encourage!) write-ins if they don't violate the spirit of voted decisions, though I may edit or tweak them to fit better.

Thread Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=CobraQuest

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: Jump good.gif (1.1 MB, 480x360)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB GIF
While I'm all for enhancing our troops, I don't exactly see how doing so helps us deal with aircraft 1000 feet in the air. Unless they Jump really good.
Sorry buddy. I just really enjoy the first one.
It helps that this is my only interaction with the franchise outside of those films, so this is all new to me.

Survivability for one. enhanced reflexes for two, better handling of G-forces allowing for greater manouvers.
Mind control properties, making for.....Perfect items to use on Destro.
Multirole capability is probably going to be part and parcel of any new aircraft (Cobra actually used Mirages in the pilot and at least one other episode because lol-France), and allows us to use the Rattlers more exclusively for ground attack and anti-shipping duties.

Speaking of Rattlers, maybe we should invest in the ability to set up small containerized airbases across the Earth at a moment's notice for use by our VTOL capable aircraft. Sort of similar to the concept behind the Harrier's ability to be used just about anywhere.

Hell, even just adapting the USAF's own concept behind rapidly buildable improvised airbases would be nightmarish for EAGLE and the October Guard to counter.
>>We’ll accelerate our timetable and finish off the United States
>Start planning to pay back Duke and EAGLE

File: s-l300.jpg (13 KB, 300x300)
13 KB
> you are a virgin, young man
> a night, you fall asleep in your bed as always
> suddently, you wake up in a different place.
> it looks like a huge building like the one that appears in the movie "the cube", without windows but with rounded and soft walls, similar to gym mats. The floor is also similar to a huge gym mat.
> you are dressed in your pajamas, except for the fabric which is different, much softer and more precious. It looks like silk and glides on your skin with enormous ease. In fact, you struggle to keep your pants on, which tend to slide downwards.
> everything smells good, similar to a barely mentioned female perfume.
> Your room is very large and high-ceilinged, but empty except for a short climb leading to a door. On the other side a wall with an inscription "we know you are here".
> the writing creeps you and you approach the door, that seems not locked.
> strange noises come from the other side. They seem like moaning but have a particular cadence. Hearing them makes you feel weird, making you slightly warm.

What do you do:
1- Go through the door;
2- Go through the door taking off your pajamas (if so, which part). Note, this could give you movement bonuses but an armor malus;
3 - Stay in the room and wait for help.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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> speed check (success!) you manage to get the baton without problems. It is heavy but looks powerful (new skill: weapon attack; new skill: weapon damage).
> the other pedestals disappear into the floor, unfortunately it was not possible to recover the other objects.
> with nothing else left to do in the room, you approach the red door.
> you enter the room, which consists of a corridor dimly lit by lamps placed in the 4 corners. The walls are barely visible.
> the corridor is wide enough to allow two people to pass side by side.
> at the end of the corridor, at a distance of about 7 meters from you, you see a girl chained to the wall, and next to her a “numeric” door like that of the Leg Room;
> in front of the chained girl there is a woman https://imgur.com/a/07kNCPv
> the woman is dressed strangely, she looks like a medieval cosplayer but her clothes are extremely sophisticated. They looks real. It has an object resembling a sword, for the moment still in the hilt.
> the woman is turned towards the woman, but hearing the red door close behind you she turns and smiles at you "here you are" she tells you "you were good at surviving in the Leg Room, but still going through many obstacles before you can understand why you are here "
> at this point the woman begins to move provocatively. His sight turns you on (lust + 1), but you try to stay in control. He says to you “why don't you submit to me? We could have fun together ... "then the woman looks at you with a less benevolent expression" or, you could fight for her "and points to the chained girl, who seems to be stunned.

What are you doing:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> examine the walls
>ask / say something to the woman
Who are you? Who is she? What is happening here?
>ask / say something to the woman
“Did you have something to do with me being dragged here ?”

For House & Dominion: Aftermath / Epilogue (3)



You are Sonia Reynard, Viscount of the world and system known as Rioja. One system among many belonging to House Jerik-Dremine. Some two decades ago your House was barely a footnote, one of hundreds making up the larger Dominion of Royal Houses. Now it is one few can choose to ignore. Though still weak numerically it makes up for this with advanced technology, an elite military and strong allies.

The terrible wars that have wreaked havoc on known space and beyond for the last twenty years or more have seemingly come to an end. Threats still remain of course and because of them the Factions Alliance will continue its work safeguarding the Factions against external threats. Many of their most powerful warships and weapons are being mothballed as part of a new agreement. More than enough will remain operational to meet their current needs. Protecting the borders and peacekeeping through the former Neeran territories require far less numbers than the war did.

Neeran civilians, those not being held for war crimes, are being quarantined in specially prepared areas of the Dyson Sphere. They will have no access to technology. It is the hope of some sphere caretakers that they will be able to teach these people a better way. If they fail the Alliance and the Factions are prepared to deal with the population once and for all.

Fortunately the caretakers will have help. Baldr and many from the Neeran Isolationist faction will be joining their distant kin. This is partly out of necessity. The Isolationist fleet lost many ships helping the Alliance in the heaviest fighting of the offensive. Thanks to emergency teleporters and prompt rescue efforts the bulk of the crews survived, but there are not enough city ships to house their post-war population.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>[ ] Put in some simulator time during the flight

Pass the time, also discreetly test ourselves on how much we have not improved. And see where we fall on said rankings, preferably above average if not ace or elite?
>[ ] You're just taking the gunships to pickup the latest upgrades
Compromise. Give the simulator a quick spin so you're at least brushed up on the controls.
Well you can't crash on a simulator at least
I like it.

File: Persona Moonless OP.jpg (27 KB, 440x425)
27 KB
You are Johann Fol , a human student who had recently lost his foster dad and was forced to transfer to Garsis academy in the elven city state of Cairth under the protection of a new guardian: Miss Yuni in Gladefall Dorm, Tenfaro Street.

Under some strange circumstances, you happened upon a mysterious parallel world known as the Moonworld filled with strange creatures known as shadows thriving in a hellish post-apocalyptic landscape. It is up to you to purge lust out of Cairth as part of your agreement with a malicious entity , Ruin in Form .

You voted for grub to stay, a bit astonished from how blatantly racist Lev was. She clings to 'numbers' and 'statistics' to fortify her biased claims. Of course a sheltered girl like her would say so.


Join our discord:
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>>Check on Bogza instead
PC master race reporting in

What happened to Bogza? He used to be so brash and hot-headed, the orc has been in this gloomy state for quite a while. When questioned, He didn't give you a straight answer stating that Mestaph wanted to cheer him up a bit with her new game/console without any ulterior motive at all. It didn't work out as intended apparently.

Bogza had returned to the old reliable way of passing time: calisthenics exercise.

It was his way of cooling off, you felt ashamed with your stick-like figure compared to his superior physique but that can be changed with vigorous workouts.

++++ Strength. Rank level up! 1->2 [2/?]

You ran out of breath as Bogza kept going. At least you got a laugh out of your friend for looking like a roasted Gyag. Finally, the day has ended on a good note.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Thank you gastropod-sensei
Thank you.

File: Opening 10.jpg (93 KB, 1024x576)
93 KB
Girls Und Panzer Quest 10: After the All-Stars! The Show match and the Unlimited Class!

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/u/RafaelQM1
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rafaelqm1
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=rafael

Tuesday 29th August (Day 142)

That morning when you arrive at the warehouse, you’re glad to see things kicking into gear.

Your morning began well, as it usually does when you wake up next to Yuzu. It gets even better when you arrive at the warehouse. Your teammates, after taking some well-deserved rest after helping take out the All-Stars are returning to top form, likely the result of the news of the upcoming show match on home grounds with Chi-Ha-Tan and yourselves taking on St. Gloriana and Pravda. While you didn’t get the best impression of them when you fought them the last time you’re confident you’ll be able to win, especially since for the rest of your teammates they’ll be fighting in their home city which should hopefully help negate the firepower advantage that the Gloriana/Pravda joint team will bring.

You observe for a minute as you walk in the various teams tending to their tanks. Ooarai thankfully took very little damage in the match especially given the proclivity of the All-Stars to target opposing Commanders of which your teammates are not.

“Hey, Commander!” A soot-covered Azusa greets you as you walk in. “How are you?”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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LMAO, work that in as a joke on them as well.
>”I’ll fly it with pride.”
changing mine to also include
>”You made a mistake here.” Hit them with the finger circle.
File: YuzuCasual.png (361 KB, 640x942)
361 KB
361 KB PNG

>”I’ll fly it with pride.”

Your promise seems to surprise them a little bit.

“Really?” Ayumi asks. “Do you mean that?”

“Sure, I do,” you reply. “It looks great, what better way to show everyone who I am.”

The Rabbits start cheering at that, talking between them about how excited they are.

“Oh no,” you say, examining the flag more closely. “There’s a mistake with the stitching here!”

“A mistake!?” Aya cries. “No way! Show us!”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: Thanks for Playing!.png (358 KB, 596x768)
358 KB
358 KB PNG

That seems like a good place to end the thread so let's leave it here.

It’s archived here:


Give it a vote if you can, otherwise stay tuned for the next thread.

Thanks all for playing, Uni work is picking up so I can't get into the ultimate league this thread. Hopefully, we'll return a week or so before Christmas to get that all done.

Any questions drop em below otherwise see you soon!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/rafaelqm1

File: Dead of Night.png (727 KB, 3000x2100)
727 KB
727 KB PNG
You are Tomoe, a RONIN, and for the past few months, a WANTED WOMAN

Previous threads:http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=Hedge+Quest

It's been quite some time since you had to evade the law due to a misunderstanding involving the murder of foreign royalty. It wasn't long after that not just the city of Ophelie, but the entire country was on high alert. Thankfully a halfling artificer of shady repute, Emery, has helped you hide out since then. He's even fixed up your little tin can robot friend, and you haven't had to pay for either yet!

Though, with all that time gone by, you can't have just been lazing on his couch, right? What have you been up to, Tomoe?

>Investigating the crime to clear your name!
>Embracing your situation as a wanted criminal!
>Seeking means of escape out of the city and the country
267 replies and 35 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Ask about her.

mmm tasty
>>Ask about the other countries of the Occident
>>Ask about the old Occidental Empire
File: The absolute state.png (36 KB, 996x872)
36 KB
>Ask about the other countries of the Occident
>Ask about the old Occidental Empire

"Ah, the remains of the empire. It's honestly a sad state of affairs."
The vampire shakes her head as she plucks a geography book from one of the stacks, opening it up to a map of the Occident
"It used to be just wonderful, now look at it! All these petty kingdoms and toll booth castles! Don't even get me started on the border gore, eugh!"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
How old are you
>Are you a Princess? Do you know any?

>There is a Magic The Gathering manga by this name though it does not take the plot I'm presenting here

In 1992 a small company named Wizards Of The Coast released a card game to the public that was attacked hard by Evangelicals for it's depiction of demons, wait is, and occult themes. Rather than pussy out as a non-anime timeline would, they doubled down and relegated their card game to being sold in the back of Witch shops and Flea Markets like tarot or Quija boards. The game proclaims that players make soul pacts with their cards and the other player that whoever wins will have their wish come true. Many events could be claimed to be the work of Magic but none can be proven. preventing Y2K, 9/11, nothing burger over the Mayan Colander, Trump becoming president...

The meme magic may or may not be real. But parents concern is that it's marketed toward kids. And for those who do take it seriously it is a heavier cost that the cards themselves or the little mana symbols over them knowing at the end of the day there is no God to judge you, no karma, no monkey's paw... If you are willing to take it it is yours. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. As such many Law of Attraction and soft occult books at least mention or outright serve as strategy guides and price almanacs for these cards.

You are a typical 14 year old soft boy who girls don't like and guys hate you more for being a nerdt cuck believing in fairy tales. But the good news is this is the last day of school for good. They're completely shutting the doors and online classes will become the new normal. No doubt do to Covid but it does beg the question... Did some mad lad wish for no more school? Or worse did someone wish for Corona? There's a few kids whom you know but don't generally talk too much who also play if you wish to learn more.

>You can go talk too Rex. Asian kid who almost got suspended for getting overheard saying he was gonna go ER on everyone at this fucktard school.
>Weevil. A short bowl headed asshole who most of the time says he's too busy doing it for free running one of Magic The Gathering's sub reddits.
25 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: c83ahsukfyl41.png (2.22 MB, 1680x1050)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB PNG
The list is as follows

Bandit Keith vs Rex

Chazz vs Mai

You vs Jack Atlas

First response can pick up to 2 colors to "manage limited consistency".
The second and third response can roll 3d6 to see how the plot will be advanced for match ups not related to your duel

After the first 3 players have been eliminated it will be an all or nothing among 3 of you. Jack is terrible at hiding his secret identity though not only with his loud obnoxious voice but his...
>OH WOW LOOK AT THAT MYTHIC uhh I mean... What a LAME card I cannot believe I could pull such a LAME card, must be the fact that SOME OLD GEEZER not naming names, wouldn't let me smoke during proceedings.
>Black and white
Rolled 6, 3, 5 = 14 (3d6)

Rolled 3, 1, 3 = 7 (3d6)

If you want to be able to simulate boosters from previous sets you can use this website. http://mtgen.net/

File: Eternal War.jpg (203 KB, 1025x639)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium there is only war. Imperium of Man, once strong and proud, now is slowly crumbling, whole regions of space are lost to the horrors that lurk in the darkness of the void. Sector Deus is just one of the thousands of Imperial provinces that form the front line in the war to defend Humanity itself. Corruption from within and aggression from without threaten it. But the Emperor sends us hope. High Lords of Terra commissioned a Chapter of Adeptus Astartes, finest warriors Humanity has ever seen, to defend this region of space. They are the last line of defence that hold Age of Ruin at bay. They are the Ghosts of Retribution and this is their tale.


Chapter Chronicles and starting point for the novice initiates:

Last thread:

Battle voxcaster frequency, all allies are welcome to join:

+Unused power slips away.+
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Rolled 1, 2 = 3 (2d10)

>Asten's attack, 46 pts success. Nairn's defence. 10pts success
Roll 1d10+8 damage

>Nairn's attack, 16pts success. Asten's defence, N/A.
Rolling 2d10 for his damage
Rolled 6 (1d10)

>Roll 1d10+8 damage
File: Astartes psyker btfo.gif (2.21 MB, 480x218)
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Asten roars in defiance as his dripping crimson blood clots even before it can drip from his grey armour, the Veteran Sergeant risking all on a brutal assault in disregard of Nairn's vicious warp claws.

So surprised by the Astartes' ferocity is the possessed creature that its flailing claws only land some minor scrapes and slashes against his chest and arms. "FOR THE EMPEROR!" Asten bellows above even the noises of swiling flame as he plunges his blade clean through the daemons' midriff, before lifting the monster off its feet by the blade and smashing his armoured head into Nairn's with all his might. The corrupted creatures' skull collapses with a sickening wet squelch, flame and sparks bursting from the shattered bones and flesh before Asten pushes the corpse from his blade in disgust.

After taking only a moment to savour his victory Asten rushes to the fallen Ostron. Without the Interrogator's purity and his abilities to channel it the Sergeant most certainly would've been overwhelmed by a more rapidly mutating Nairn, and Asten is pleased to find Ostron alive but badly burned.

"Brother!" Artemis grunts from the cathedral entrance, a detonator in his hand as Nairn's broken body starts trembling and sparking, flames crackling and billowing from the monster's rent flesh. Asten hauls Ostron over his shoulder and runs, power armoured boots thumping against the stone floor. Just as soon as the Sergeant passes the great archway does Artemis smash the button, melta charges erupting around the cathedral's exteror before the great masses stone come falling down in a great hurricane of dust and rubble. Nairn, the remnants of the corrupted altar, and the maimed wounded cultists that remained within the field of gore are all crushed as one by countless tons of Imperial masonry, with an echoing boom that seems to fill the entire miles-wide hive floor like some terrible earthquake.

Artemis and Asten watch the crumbled rubble, boltgun and heavy bolter ready as the techpriest holds Ostron in his mechanderites. Finally the rubble and dust settles and a beautiful silence falls over the cold, stone & metal artificial environment.

"It is done then." Artemis grunts.

"Aye." Asten replies, the Veteran Sergeant sheathing his power sword. "Let's move out. Our Brothers and the Interrogator need attention. The Inquisitor Lord will want to know what happened here...."
>Inquisitor Lord Harkon Braulasz.
>Nobis Report #3391.
>Mission Status - Success.
>KIA: 1 Astartes; 1 Psyker; 2 Crusaders.
>- Ozeak Cult #49 terminated with extreme prejudice
>- Ghosts of Retribution exhibit wilful resistance to spiritual corruption, confirmed viable for requisition in Ordo Malleus activities
>- Interrogator Ostron Gaun successfully halts daemonic ascension with sanctic ritual, recommended to the Conclave for immediate promotion to Inquisitor

Thanks for taking part in this little side mission. I hope some enjoyment was had and you all have a good weekend.

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>>- Ghosts of Retribution exhibit wilful resistance to spiritual corruption, confirmed viable for requisition in Ordo Malleus activities
I guess we passed.

Your name is Alphonse Renoir. You are the sole prince of a well off kingdom called Lilaros. You’re supposed to be getting married today.

Key words being: supposed to.

Your mother and father are marrying you off to the princess of Drunia, her name is Lilian Bergamo. Lilian is a real bitch. Pretty bitch, but still a huge bitch. The very definition of a brat. Besides the point, you really don’t like being used as a pawn for political schemes. This is just an attempt by your two kingdoms to form an alliance and crush the other two, instead of ending this stupid war the right way.

So you’re running away. You promised yourself you’d go out and see the world on a grand adventure before you had to handle the burdens of princely life, and you’re sticking to that promise.

You have a set of regal looking light armor, a silver sword, a bag for carrying more items, several pouches of gold, and a smoking habit you should really make an effort to quit.

What you don’t have, is a plan.

What the hell should you do?

>Fake your own kidnapping, maybe you could convince a bunch of knights to act like they’re taking you away.

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>Master of Deceit
This is another choice, right?
>Borrow from trainees.
In line with previous choice.
It's fine. Formatting is OP only anyways.
Yeah, this is a choice. i forgot to make that clear. sorry for that. I should probably make a tripcode.

Anyways, uh. Choose.

[blue] It seems like your bluff worked against her. You were a master of deceit and lies, using all your advantages to the fullest, and excellent at coercion. Most of your best attempts of deluding hadn’t worked against her, and you didn’t expect for her to believe you with this kind of situation, so you were quite surprised. (+4 to Charisma and Wisdom, +2 to Deception and Social related rolls) [/blue]

[red] It seems like your bluff worked against her. You were not a man of words, preferring to go straight to the point despite your royal rearing. Growing up with swords and guns, not that adept with social interactions other than formalities, you were extremely surprised. (+4 to Constitution and Strength. +2 to Physically related, and Military-related rolls) [/red]
[green] It seems that your bluff worked against her. You weren’t much of a man of words, more of a scholar. It didn’t help that you had a higher comprehension than most, and your curiosity for knowledge. You can make your presence unnoticable with ease, and was very light on your feet. Although you can lead a conversation with ease, in front of this princess, a super social butterfly, you were surprised. (+4 to Dexterity and Intelligence. +2 to Stealth-related, Perception, and Academic rolls.) [/green]

I'll leave this open for you guys to decide(for the fleshing out of character).



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After a moment of thinking, you decided to borrow from the trainees. I mean, they’re naive and easy to mislead, except for the 5th one. With your charisma it would be pretty easy to do so.

Now, if you remember correctly, the barracks were pretty near to the guard towers. The five should be in their dorms painting their knight armor black.

… Or, so you thought. Only one was doing so, and it was surprisingly the fifth one. The others were either missing or talking with each other. You frowned, but you heed no mind to it.

As soon as they saw you, they kneeled, “Your Highness!”

“Where are the others?”

“They went outside to wash off the black paint, sir.”

Hm? “Defying orders from the prince?” You felt annoyed. You were still mindful of your status, and felt unsettled that recruits of all people wouldn’t listen to you.

“Well… um-”

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>The Casemate(In the building you're in, used to store artillery)
No one should look for the missing prince in the arsenal, I guess.

Well, alright ^^. Since no one's really voted for the character building one, Master of Deceit it is.

Writing now.

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