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File: 1609533087750s.jpg (7 KB, 250x166)
7 KB
>From previous thread

An expedition to expand the city of Zion has run into disaster, an unknown race of mushrooom people have attacked part of the expeditionary force at camp Gamma, wiping out over a third of them so far, and plunging the remainder of the camp into a fight for their lives. With communications to the other basecamps cut off, and a massive enemy assault battering down the gates, survival is uncertain. This is the Mossdeep Disaster.
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Rolled 31 (1d100)

Rolled 2 (1d100)

oh no

>no post tonight
4 more days until busy season ends and I can actually start having sleep and posts.
Things are moving as planned, I'll resume posting (finally) on Friday!

File: images (1).jpg (15 KB, 245x206)
15 KB
The Gods of civilizations long past never truly die. They exist onwards with the inheritors of Western civilization, molding and shaping it as they go. Sometimes, even their spawn are released onto this world.

This, is the beginning of a new epic, a tale of Grand Proportions...

Yet when does it take place?

>Pre American Revolution?
>In the 'Wild West'
>Pre WW1
>Modern Day
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>>Try and move around him so you can use him as cover for the man with a gun
(Small problem fellas, we'll have to call it off for tonight. My mom's sick and I'm helping her. We'll be back tomorrow)
Damn. I hope she's all right. Take care.
>>Try and move around him so you can use him as cover for the man with a gun
Hope she's okay, take care of yourself and her!

File: Knifequest1.png (100 KB, 2007x720)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
The year is 20xx, and Barker’s Bay is bustling. A thriving metropolis on the eastern seaboard, it’s a regional hub for shipping and manufacturing, with a booming economy and a growing workforce. It also happens to be your home. You originally came here with your dad years ago—he was a longshoreman, chasing rumours of reliable work and affordable housing. Now he’s just a corpse.

“Cheers, old man.” you mutter, tapping your beer bottle against the headstone. “Can’t believe it’s been a year already. Here’s to shitty luck.”

You upend the bottle and finish it off, grabbing the last one from the sixpack and twisting off the cap. Not much waiting for you at your apartment besides a mediocre stirfry and a handful of houseplants, so you’re in no rush to finish up. You lean back against the manicured lawn of the cemetery, listening to the sounds of passing cars. It’s quiet here, giving you a sense of distance from your usual troubles.

“Bet you never thought your son would be some two bit dealer, huh?”

It’s not like it happened on purpose, either. Just some bad luck and some decisions that made sense at the time, and now your full time job is selling weed and pills to college kids. The kind of kids whose parents are still alive and making six figures at some corporation grinding puppies into fertilizer.

“But I’m not bitter!” you laugh out loud, and finish the beer. Such is the way of the world. Some people have shit luck, and some people don’t. You’re not so bad off, in the grand scheme of things. You’ve got a place to sleep and you get three meals most days, not to mention all the drugs you could ever want. So when you pat the gravestone one last time and stagger to your feet, it mostly feels like contented resignation filling your heart.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Rolled 1, 3 = 4 (2d6)

>>Time to do some research. No way can a magic knife go totally unreported in this day and age—there must be info about it somewhere. (roll 2d6, best of 3)

>Call back Vic, meet up with him early to show off a little. Much as you hate to admit it, he is the closest thing you have to a friend.
Rolled 3 (1d3)

Three votes, one for each option...lovely. Rolling to break the tie.
Rolled 3, 5 = 8 (2d6)

>>Time to do some research. No way can a magic knife go totally unreported in this day and age—there must be info about it somewhere. (roll 2d6, best of 3)
>Dead after chargen
Every time. Let this be a warning to prospective QMs everywhere: just start the quest with the choice you actually want to write.

File: tegaki.png (23 KB, 400x400)
23 KB
You are a Herald, one who bears a flag and a message that you are willing to deliver at all costs. You have a set of plate armor and a single flagpole that will soon bear the symbol of the cause you've dedicated your life to. You live in a fantasy world of myriad races, magic, and skills- all of which you may acquire throughout your journey.

First and foremost though, what kind of cause do you champion?

>Religious (name God and what they are a God of)
>Other (Write in)
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File: tegaki.png (22 KB, 400x400)
22 KB
Finally, you find the tunnel opening up into a larger cavern, where you’re greeted by the sight of two hobgoblins eating...human flesh?! You had read they sometimes eat prisoners as a food source, but seeing it in person is truly disgusting.

You watch as Jeanne holds back the urge to vomit, Barret clenching his fist in anger. Clarissa, however, has the most powerful reaction.

Eyes wide with horror, she begins speaking. ”B...B….B-Brent….They’re eating….Brent…” she mutters, apparently recognizing where the arm and leg the hobgoblins are eating came from. ”YOU FUCKING BASTARDS, I’LL KILL YOU!” she screams as she charges ahead to face them.

”Wait, don’t just charge in so recklessly!” Jeanne calls out as her and Barret follow.

You can’t help but feel uneasy about the situation. Sure, eating humans is disgusting in and of itself, but something about this just doesn’t feel right. In the back of the large room you can see a tunnel leading elsewhere, perhaps to the real leader’s main lair even, but something is off. Surely these creatures would have heard all of your screaming and fighting by now- so why were they so leisurely enjoying a meal?

Nevertheless, you don’t have time to contemplate the situation any further. Your allies have already charged ahead, and going against two hobs is going to be tough- they’ll need your help. After a moment of hesitation, you storm in after them- only to hear a loud thump behind you as you enter into the large room.

The hobgoblins drop the limbs they were eating, sporting cruel grins as you and your companions freeze up. Slowly, you turn around, greeted by the sight of an enormous figure blocking the way out, stone and rubble still raining from the ceiling of the cave where it dropped from.

”Hello, adventurers”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Thank you everyone for sticking with me and reading and playing in my quest! I'll resume with part 2 either tomorrow or Friday at the latest.

You can find the article already archived waaay earlier than it should've been because I'm a noob here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=herald%27s%20journey

And you can interact with me on twitter here: https://twitter.com/HeraldQm
File: mmm.gif (1.71 MB, 331x197)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB GIF
> you storm in after them- only to hear a loud thump behind you

Ohhhh.... chills. I could feel the doubt in his heart, knowing something was amiss and then his suspicions being confirmed.

Thank you Herald QM! This was a fantastic run! I can't wait until you start up the next thread!
Dang it, why the cliffhanger?
Hell yes--nice cliffhanger! Thanks for running, Herald, can't wait for the next one.

File: Paradox15.png (1.56 MB, 1000x1000)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB PNG
The Grail War continues, and you've recently gotten engaged... by accident.

You are Shinji Makiri, Ten years ago you suddenly found yourself with the memories of a complete past life that saw this world as a fictional story due to some unprecedented form of inter-dimensional transportation. Since that day, your new composite being has been working to change the grim future laid out for you.

To that end, you have done much, involving yourself with events and situations that have shifted the future away from the one that you once would have faced and instead onto one of uncertainty and chaos.

The Fifth Holy Grail War lies ahead of you, and the challenge and danger it represents to you, the people you care for and the world itself is far greater than you could have ever predicted. Though the grail might be corrupted and the war itself might be a sham, the stakes couldn't be higher.

Archive of Paradox Reincarnator: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Fate/Paradox%20Reincarnator
General Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=WhatIsAQM
Status Menu: https://pastebin.com/LhUfnHD2
Shinji Status Page: https://pastebin.com/UNxStSSQ
My Twitter: https://twitter.com/WhatIsAQM

Last Thread: >>4623343
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Just use the virtual keyboard.
Just dictate the update in speech to text.
JVst Vse V instead.
remap U to X

Here's the update in a new thread!

File: 20210130_212026.png (1.75 MB, 1467x674)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB PNG
Ladies, gentlemen, Victors, Victims..
Welcome to The Jam (Come on and slam.)
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It takes all sorts. Including our wonderful players.
Well then, jammers, about two weeks in now, halfway there. I Hope our valentines were all lovely? Let's do a little mid-game review. Players, what do you like about the skrims so far, is the pacing juuusssttt right, is the combat satisfying/challenging? Are you piqued, excited, or are you sadly...bored? Vent your frustations in some healthy critique, note the word HEALTHY, though. Our jammers only had a short time to make these.
Let's do a bit of critique dialog, even.
GM's, are you happy with your games? Do you feel you could have done better, in the allotted time? What do you think works, what doesn't? how are you feeling about your players? Do they "get it"?
Each update takes longer than I'd like to prepare, and comes packaged with a burdensome backend. I'm sure that there have been details which I've lost track of over the past 10 turns.
The system requires further streamlining.
I'm quite enjoying the jam so far. Keeping up with the variety of rulesets and game-styles has been a bit of a challenge, but not detrimentally.

Londry: A little sad the game ended before we really got to a crisis point, but it was fun poking around with little shards of divinity. Deffinitely a unique game and interpretation of the jam-theme.

Raven: Good old-fashioned viking raid and extreme violence. Gameplay was fun, and decently challenging. The field of combat felt a little small, but I think that's just experience with Freelances/HCN bleeding expectations in, so that's on me.

Sandcastles: Still in progress. But, I think the point about it being back-end heavy (>>4656567) is valid. On the other hand, having a good bit of the mechanics obscured does fit well with the investigation/mystery nature of the game; keeps things a little vague and tense.
I'll add more when the game finishes.

Directly, if there's anything we players can do to ease the processing burden for you, don't hesitate to ask.

I'm happy with my game, and I think the players are as well. I could have done better if I hadn't spent several hours working on a totally different game that I scrapped. Certain things really worked out: my test of campaign phase skill check actions went well, and I think the new weapon system is a big success. Others, not so much; there were a few things that proved unintuitive, so if they do see a return in a future game, I'll know to make them more clear in the rules sheet or intro sequence.

File: 1610527028005.png (1005 KB, 2400x2400)
1005 KB
1005 KB PNG
"Haha!" Logan slaps his knee. "What a exciting day today is. Crew!" He tosses a pokeball in the air, a Vandash materializing in the air. The helper pokemon blinks in confusion as Logan tosses the selfie stick at him. "Change the stream title right to the now. Lets call it..." He waves his hand in the air "Surprise Reunion, Heartwarming?" He snaps his fingers, "And dont forget the hastags."

Eighties stars at the pair of you. "Um what's going on?" She glances at you and Logan suspiciously. "You didnt tell me you two knew each other."

"Um kid, look I like fans and all." Logan lowered his shutter shades to glare at the kid. "But can you cut the chatter, kinda messing with the audio of the vid." He tries to shoo her away. "Can you wait a bit, well do a photo op, ill give you free merch, it'll be the biz. Buuuuut I'm trying to smoke pewdiepie here, can't do that with drama."


"Aw... cut!" He slid his hand over his neck as Vandash turned the phone off. "Way to go twerp, now I'm demonitized." He sighs. "Hate kids."

"I hate you the fuck too." She glares at the two of you. "Now give me answers or I'll give ya eye a yellow dollarsign ya supreme skinned little wanker."

"Me?" Logan raises a eyebrow, tossing his shades to the hanginny behind him. "You seriously don't know who you talking to here? I'm the biggest deal in the region, bar NONE. " He grins, pearly whities glistening in the dust and gloom of the tower.

"Names Logan Paul, officially verified member of Blue Mark. Got Animago City on lock DOWN." His grin twists into a smirk. "Funny thing about those Johtions, you can't treat them like you do down in Kekkoh, they are all about the respect down here. But I give them that." He grabs the cuff of his jacket and poses, showing a glittering metal badge in the form of a noose. "They LOVE me down there."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Rolled 64 (1d100)

Rolled 7 (1d100)

Rolled 50 (1d100)

File: logo.png (541 KB, 1022x594)
541 KB
541 KB PNG
Alright... you can do this. You are Alex Fucking Mason, you are only in a tower controlled by lunatics, you have 2 conscious pokemon, millitary training... and you are possesed by ghosts...

You look up and notice a air vent, formely occupied with blowing spooky fog throughout the building... Hmm, you have a idea, its a radical one... but it just might work.

You climb up to the vent, prying the grate off as you slip in, vanishing as you hear the commotion below you die down...

Minutes after you finish climbing in the vent two replyguys climb up into the room, scanning the area for any sign of you...

"Bro she like... escaped." One of the hipsters said, scratching his beard as another sniffs.

"That's... not good." The other mutters. "She could like, be anywhere, committing all sorts of racisms... We gotta tell the boss."

You watch them leave, peering through the vents.

"Yippie Kay Yeah...." You mutter.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: Clock Work Mansion.png (1.58 MB, 1920x1200)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB PNG
It's a strange time in your life. You recently quit your job of five years and are uncertain of what to do with yourself. However, you know that you need change more than anything else. With your humble savings you can move, but are unsure where to or what you'd do when you arrived. Suddenly, there's a knock at your door. It's the mail and with strange news to compliment your needs.
A distant relative has left you a sizable fortune and a vast estate. The only catch is that you must live on the estate to earn your inheritance. Without a doubt you leave your old town behind to start a new life.
The mansion, referred to the locals as the Clockwork Manor is vaster than you could have imagined. It's a sprawling house with dozens of acres surrounding it. You walk up to the door but are greeted by a strange sight. There's no door knob or bell to announce yourself. However, you do see two odd holes in the door you could fit your hand into. What do you do?

>Stick your hands into the two holes

>Stick one hand only

>Circle the house and look for another way in

>Knock on the door

>Wait outside until someone notices you

>Call out
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Yes, back from another sabbatical.
She hums to herself as she continues to stroke your bottom. Finally with a bit of reluctance she lets you up and proceeds to dress you. By the time she's done you're wearing a long sleeve white button up shirt and old school cotton pants held up by black suspenders from the turn of the century. "There Master, you look dignified!" With that she leaves without saying another word. You're now free to explore the front of the estate without the harness or any of the other odd contraptions following you around or so it seems.
Using the breakfast doll you order some pancakes and start your day prepared to finally get to the bottom of this Manor and the strange woman your Grandfather left to service you. However, you must focus on an avenue to pursue.

>Look into the strange caretaker

>Look for your Grand Father's study

>Attempt to leave the manor and walk the grounds

>Go back to the orientation room you met the caretaker in and head into the back of the manor to explore its hidden depths
>>Look for your Grand Father's study
You've fully explored the front portion of the Manor and found nothing that further reveals its strange nature outside of the mechanical dolls, which no long act with an agency of their own for the time being. So, you move your search into the room you originally met the Caretaker in. Within its strange transparent walls you can see gears and what looks like other passageways you could "ride" through if you so choose. There's also two additional rooms you hadn't found before. An office and what looks like a humble bedroom that's been lived in recently. You suspect the Care Taker was staying here but has since moved onto another part of the Manor waiting for you. The Office appears to have belonged to your Grandfather but within it you find little. Scribbles of various contraptions and some outlines for the mechanical dolls. As you're about to give up and move on you suddenly locate a journal. Written by your late Grandfather the Journal is dated from the past two years with the last date from over six months ago.

>Read the Journal

>Keep the Journal and move onto the back of the Manor

>Skim the Journal for anything of interest

>Try to call up the Caretaker and ask her about your Grandfather's last days
>>Skim the Journal for anything of interest
>>Skim the Journal for anything of interest

Previous thread

Summary of setting and events so far:

Without faster-than-light travel, mankind has spread from solar system to solar system, and has spent countless generations among the stars. Yet mankind grew docile and complacent, turning their entire society over to crude AI. Having perpetual abundance of needs and wants, Mankind lost all concept of struggle, and fell into a technological and societal stagnation. This state of affairs lasted for millenia until Man was invaded by a powerful and aggressive alien empire capable of planning interstellar campaigns across thousands of years. This alien race captured star system after star system, sweeping aside all resistance; with mankind struggling to coordinate a defensive effort across the vast gulfs of space in between stars.

The system of Chandra is the current front line of the war. By far the most effectively-militarized society, they have built a megastructure known as the Cradle, which is unrivalled in the galaxy, intended to act as an impregnable fortress against the alien threat.

You are Captain Hathor Grandenson, displaced scion of the ruling family of a fallen star, with nothing to lose, you have joined the Chandra Navy to fight back against the alien threat. You were assigned to the Albatross Heavy, a hastily-refitted cargo ship of ill repute with a mixed race female crew plagued with poor discipline. Your first officer is a paranoid princess-in-exile who has trouble controlling her emotions; your weapons officer is an airheaded ditz who is bafflingly competent; your chief engineer is a cult leader; and the empire you serve performed unconsented brain surgery on you as a little girl.

Despite this, you serve Mankind and your crew to the best of your ability, and stand as the first line of defense of Chandra. You are currently stationed over a year's voyage away from civilization at the edge of the system, at a desolate iceball so remote, it has no name and is only known by its astronomical designation of XOC2.

Now, at last, the first battle of the war is underway, and you will be among the first to lead the charge.
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Don't you die on me, damnit! Live! LIVE!
This incredible writing and storytelling has left me erected beyond what is safe. You wouldn't believe the dissatisfaction I felt when I realized there were no more updates but I trust fallenQM will show up again and treat us with incredible writing once again.

This option: >Sweep the tram for traps then send it down the tracks at full speed. I can see many boom booms going off, so much I wouldn't be surprised if the tunnel collapses. In fact, I'd rather move to another Silo but the others will have explosive welcomes as well... it seems we are still in a vacuum with no gravity. Wouldn't it be great if we glide by the rock ceiling of the tunnel? I can tell there are fewer traps on the UP side. I want to save the last decoys for when we meet people and not automated defenses.
>Write in
>Have the infiltrators lead the way to the airtight door by gliding through the "roof" of the tunnel. They will disable what traps there might be and warn the rest of any automated defenses there are on the way.
I assume a human might realize a person is *there* but not a machine since the infiltrators have no discernible features and give off a minimal heat signature. I'd rather not have their spy drones leading the charge because those would trigger the defenses.

Once the team reaches the airlock, well, it's gotta open somehow
Rolled 78 (1d100)

87 is a high number but I wanna beat>>4659397
here is my roll!
Hi everyone, sorry to leave you hanging so long. I promise an update shortly, real life has been keeping my hands tied.

Your name is Bayushi Kimiko and though you were born to serve, you know you are destined for greatness.

It is the year 1082 and you are a samurai of the Bayushi family, and of the Scorpion Clan. One of the seven Great Clans of Rokugan, their purpose is to sacrifice their honour in the name of duty – only through under-handed deeds can the stability of the Emerald Empire be assured. As a warrior of this clan, manipulation and ruthlessness are the weapons that you shall wield against the Emperor's enemies.

You are currently attending court in the estate of Yogo Kanzaburo, the daimyō of Beiden, where you are expected to help the acting seneschal handle a delegation from the fearsome Lion Clan.

>Welcome to a quest based off of the Legend of the Five Rings setting, a fantastical world bursting with conflict, intrigue and plenty of samurai drama. Previous experience or knowledge of the L5R setting is not important, as I plan on providing exposition as we go along. The player character is almost as inexperienced in this world as you are.

>In this quest, I use a simplified set of rules based loosely off of the 5th edition of the Legend of the Five Rings RPG. I will post the rules when they become relevant, but if you want to read them in advance, this link contains them as well as the character sheet for Bayushi Kimiko. This is not mandatory reading whatsoever:
>And though there are only a few threads so far, here's the archive:

>Before I start, I have something to say.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
660 replies and 98 images omitted. Click here to view.
>>Shosuro Kinnosuke shall stay. Everything that you hear, your protector shall hear as well.
>Take the initiative and tell him everything, without him even needing to question you. Your meetings with Atsushi, your conversations with Yogo Yukari and Shosuro Jojuri, your interrogation of the hinin and so on. You have nothing to hide.
>Shosuro Kinnosuke shall make up his own mind. He's not your subordinate.

>Stand your ground. Technically, Shunmyo has no power over you. You do not answer him, so you do not need to tell him anything. (This will require a roll using your Earth ring of 2 and your Command Skill of 2. You will need to keep four successes.)
>Shosuro Kinnosuke shall stay. Everything that you hear, your protector shall hear as well.
>Stand your ground. Technically, Shunmyo has no power over you. You do not answer him, so you do not need to tell him anything. (This will require a roll using your Earth ring of 2 and your Command Skill of 2. You will need to keep four successes.)
>Shosuro Kinnosuke shall leave. Tell him to do as the sergeant asks and wait outside.
>Get defensive. You don't appreciate his tone, and you're going to let him know that. Is he so foolish that he expects that you might be involved in the killing of Matsu Kaneru? Did he really bring you down here to accuse you of that?
>>Shosuro Kinnosuke shall stay. Everything that you hear, your protector shall hear as well.

Sometimes it has paid to have a witness to the conversations we've had, though I'm not sure this is one of those times.

>Take the initiative and tell him everything, without him even needing to question you. Your meetings with Atsushi, your conversations with Yogo Yukari and Shosuro Jojuri, your interrogation of the hinin and so on. You have nothing to hide.

I'd rather not gain a bunch of strife at the start of the day. I'd also rather not be needlessly reticent to answer some questions, remember we've failed to get 4 successes with 7d6 in the past, here we have 6d6 and only 2 earth ring meaning we'd need 2 6's as well as 2 other successes.

(Formerly One Man of Many)

>You are Stanislaw Krol, a Huzaran pilot in Sturmwing Chimera of the Fliegermacht! Having met your Flight, and some rather bizzare characters, you have spent the last month in harsh training!

Previous Thread

You'd never seen a dying man, you recall. You had seen dead men, surely, people from your town were mere mortals.

But that was until Alzen. Or at least, Alzen was in the distance, visible past the hills.

Von Feldmann had sent you west at last, ostensibly in the direction of Alzen, the frontline of the Western Front. Luigi had roared in enthusiasm at the news. Even you'd had a mix of excitement and nerves. Real combat duty at last!

Baldir Base had an attached hospital, and as it happened, that's also where you were going to be operating from. It was far enough to avoid artillery fire and sudden raids. Close enough to be useful.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
469 replies and 143 images omitted. Click here to view.
>I did what came to me. Sometimes you gotta dance with the wind brother. Trust the plane and she won't let you down.

Thank you for running as always! Can't wait to read what you have in store for us Friday!
>I did what came to me. Sometimes you gotta dance with the wind brother. Trust the plane and she won't let you down.
>I did what came to me. Sometimes you gotta dance with the wind brother. Trust the plane and she won't let you down.
New thread in a bit I think.


File: Open Roads Quest.jpg (125 KB, 570x427)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Everyday, people walk or ride along the Gem Road. Rivers and oceans provide the lifeblood of trade and commerce via barges and ships, but the Gem Road is one of the few ways to cross over the Merakash mountains. Those unfamiliar with it assume that it received its name from the bejeweled and fine velvet clothes favoured by the men spearheading caravans from one of the various Grand Companies, covered in wealth and guarded by fierce soldiers clad in burnished steel. People who have travelled it’s long and winding path from the Calling Sea, through the rolling Harade Plains, to the sandstone cliffs at the edges of the Harrotian League know better. Stones of various hues, from tawny yellow sandstone and pitch-black mica, to green hunks of microcline and grey slabs of granite are cemented together, one of the marvels that survived the slow collapse of the Meridorite Empire.

Counting the milestones that you have passed so far today, you figure that the caravan is making good time from Port Josiah today. It should be another hour or so before the town of Angelsfield comes into sight. Finishing off the thin cigarillo, you tap off the cherry and grind it on the leather sole of your boot. It’s cheap and rank, but the heavy smoke keeps the ever-present blackflies away. It’s starting to get warm out now that the sun has reached its zenith, so that heat should keep them away until you arrive at town. Cracking your knuckles and rolling your shoulders, you turn to the drover sitting on the bench next to you.

“Ease up on Orion and Charlotte there Johnny. We’ll stop at Angelsfield’s outskirts, the Black Dog Inn is a sturdy freehouse and should have enough room for us there.”

“Aye messir Stonyfield.” Johnny replies, easing up on the reins leading to your two oxen. Orion and Charlotte are still in the haleness of youth, and they should only need a mild dressing-down when you arrive. “D’you want me to give a shout when it comes into sight?”

401 replies and 104 images omitted. Click here to view.

>Spent a total of 4.25 Wealth! Gained 1.5 days of Medium Food and Water(Value 1.25), and one week of Medium Beer (3 Value). Supply wagons are fully loaded, without putting undue strain on your beasts of burden. Now have 7.5 days of Medium Food and Water, and 2 weeks of Medium Beer. Total Profit is +0. Total Caravan Wealth on you is 3.75, with a Personal Wealth of 19.3.

You, Sooty, and Ryan give Johnson a hand loading up the wagon with the supplies you’ve purchased. It was a hassle maneuvering the beer barrels into place, but they sat into place nicely with the sacks of flour and millet as a stop. The couple bags of barley and root vegetables fill up the last of the space available in his narrow wagon. As he gets ready to hitch his draught horse back into place, you tell him who to watch out for among the people back at the Inn.

“Talk to Hector, he should the one manning the checkpoint. The other carters should be around so that you don’t have to unload it by yourself. They’ve had a couple of days off, so they should be fresh. No need for you to wear yourself out when there’s enough hands to make the workload light.”

Johnson just nods at you as he brushes down his horse, the horse’s nose sniffing all over him. Probably looking for hidden treats. Tilting your cap to him, you leave the shop behind you. It’s as you get out of earshot, Ryan pipes up.

“Hector’s not the lad on duty today messir. It’s Neil and Randall watching tonight. Hector was on yesterday with Jeremy.” You just sigh by way of response as Sooty stifles a bit of a snigger. One of these days, I swear. Just one day where they don’t embarrass me, it’s all I ask for Kalimdor. There’s a faint breeze that stirs up a couple of fallen leaves, rustling them on the ground. You can almost hear the mocking laughter inbetween the rustling.

>End of Thread 1! You managed to avoid spending a large amount on some Goods, nailed down the path taken, and won a surprise duel against one of those Capwell swine. Plus got through chargen with a minimum of fuss, but that’s neither here nor there.

Archiving it, Thread 2 should kick off on Feb 27th at 01:30 UCT like usual. Next week’s supposed to be pretty busy, and don’t want to flake on you all.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Thanks for the thread OP!
I had a lot of fun. Not sure I can keep all the mechanics straight independently (yet), but you do a good job of giving the info needed when we need it. Snorri is best girl (platonic), I think she's hilarious, but Miguel just proved himself surprisingly based, so who knows.
Excited to find out what our dark and mysterious backstory is, including the identity of our mystery waifu.

Archive is here, vote as you please.



Thanks! It took me a while to try and nail down the level of granularity that would be sufficient in depth to make things interesting, without being completely opaque. Abstracting it to Value rather than describing exactly how many bundles of hay or lumps of coal you have seems to hit that sweet-spot. We'll see if I change it much more.


I'm just glad people haven't tried to try and jump their retainer's bones right off the hop. I've seen how anons tend to react to the first friendly woman they meet in a quest. Even saying they're married doesn't help with those damned NTRfags cluttering shit up. Miguel takes his craft seriously, sub-par work is not stuff you put on display in Meyard.
Having a map of our route would be nice if possible.

Sorry for leaving you on the hook for a while, had to take a mental break from online stuff for a while. Nothing serious, just other shit going on.

Here's a map of the most prominent cities on the continent of Perion. The planned route to get to Kingsfall is labelled in red, solid where you've travelled so far, and dashed is the current planned route. It's not exactly to scale, didn't want to spend forever determining correct distances to the last km and shit. The borders are in frequent flux, and these aren't exactly countries proper. They're more like political conglomerates of city-states, petty kingdoms, landowners, etc. Each of the boundaries are more like which of the major players on the continent has sway over the people that live in that area. Fransican consider themselves 'proper' Meridorites, with the remnants of the old Meridorite Empire the seething losers of the War of Peonies as an example. Fransica is geographically smaller, but holds more of the populous cities and cultural touchstones that made Meridor Meridor.

The Merakash mountains run roughly along the southern border between Haradeen and Kalim, roughly halfway into Meridor. Even though it seems like Cloud Pass and the Gates of Iron are equal length, the currently planned route has a lot less smooth roads, travels through more forest rather than grassy plains, and spends more time in the mainland part of Jironth before reaching Kingsfall. Not to say that you can't trust the knife-eared blighters, of course. Why, you even have one as a personal retainer and trust her with most of the security matters. They do have a bit of an unsavoury reputation though, especially in Kalim where they eventually stop fighting each other every so often and decide to start beating the poor Kalimites who just were trying to live their lives.

You know that Baron Whateley's grounds are near Starfall, so you'll probably go down that way to skirt around where the Merakash mountains extend into Meridor. I'll leave that up to anons when it gets to it.

If anyone has any questions about political entities, landmarks, etc., I'll try and get to them before this thread self-archives. Otherwise, I'll respond to them in the new thread.

File: Quest 1999.jpg (227 KB, 964x502)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
A single wooden desk takes its rightful place as the centerpiece of the room, in front of it two antique armchairs rest while god knows how many heavy bookshelves surround it. Each shelf is filled to the brim with books from different time periods, dealing with a plethora of subjects. The mystical atmosphere is further intensified by the dim light which illuminates the whole room from above, no doubt the time has come to replace it. Footsteps of Alexanders heavy boots echo across the quiet room. He called you a few minutes ago concerning the strange disappearances and murders happening lately, and let's just say you weren't fully prepared for the gift he got you. The moment he placed the evidence before you peace which reigned supreme over this humble office shattered in an instant. You contemplated for a second, but decided not to open the large colonial style windows from which the moonlight penetrated the room. For right now stability of mind is far more important than a relaxing cold breeze.

Philosophical nonsense is what you were expecting, and why shouldn't you, after all it is only right to denounce the acts of evil the moment you lay sight upon them. But it was not disdain for the committers of the act which filled your mind. What you experienced while looking at the pictures of the crime scene was primal fear, the kind of fear that sends a lion running for his life. Body of a unidentified man in peaces, perfectly cut as if you were looking at a aftermath of a battle between world class swordsman. Yet it was something else that sends chills
down your spine, his chest area or lack thereof. No man is thought to be capable of such violence, or perhaps the works of horror are more realistic than previously thought.

"Name, Location and some context please." Clear and Straight to the point, that's how you conduct business. Despite being a detective you truly detest long conversations abut morbid events. "though sometimes such talk is necessary." You think aloud while getting your favorite cigars from the small leather box in which you keep them for special occasions. It may not be the healthiest method, but it certainly calms you down.

Although he is clearly tired, old man Alexander manages to crack a smile before answering "Name is not important. Location of the incident is a warehouse by the docks, the night guard is a associate of mine so rest assured we have some time before the police storm the building. Now listen closely kid, i won't repeat myself. We ether interview the night workers in the area before they are placed in witness protection or go strait to the crime scene and try to find the murder weapon. We will discuss the context of this event at a later date. You know the rules, its your call to make."

"What should i do, encircle the enemy or strike before the pieces have been set?"

>Get a physical description of the killer by interviewing the workers.

>Acquire the murder weapon before the police do.
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>Call for help.
>>Call for help.
>>Call for help.

Call for help wins. The quest resumes tomorrow.
Seems a bit long for tomorrow, don't you think

Welcome back, honorable bushi of the Crab Clan, to the third installment of L5R Chanbara Quest. I'm your host, Wong, and you are Arinaga Daisuke, a vassal of the Hiruma family of the Crab Clan, student of the Hiruma Bushi School, possessor of a very fine katana, devout hater of goblins, bully of Scorpion girls, and murderer of bandits.

Last time, you made your way into Koumugi Village, killed the only two bandits unlucky enough to exist in your presence there after a long discussion on the importance of proper noodles, and made your way to the castle. There, you discovered that your aunt's bodyguard is an insufferable Phoenix (possibly ex-Phoenix) duelist by the name of Nishiyama Takeshi. A duelist dishonored for conduct unbecoming a gentleman. Unfortunately, he is running the castle like his own personal fief and keeping your bedridden uncle in the dark about more or less everything. When you informed your uncle of the truth, the horrible old man flew into a rage, took up his sword, and went out to slay the bandits and possibly Takeshi as well...only to suffer a heart attack and fall down the stairs, breaking his neck.

Leaving you standing over his lifeless body. The truth will set you free, right?
1102 replies and 93 images omitted. Click here to view.
Is it more acceptable if we bring it back as proof, along with O-Tora’s head and tiger skin? I kinda want to dump all three onto Takeshi’s table during dinner, right in front of the guards. Possibly INTO his dinner, as well.
Firstly carry heads is what peasants are for.
Secondly all the more reason for them to be a fitting gift for the cuckoo.
File: 1600197431227.png (951 KB, 1086x1080)
951 KB
951 KB PNG
remove peacuck
File: 1607881210352.jpg (74 KB, 780x784)
74 KB
> PeaCuck

New thread.

File: the party.png (1020 KB, 1629x765)
1020 KB
1020 KB PNG
It's not as bad as it sounds.
It is quite an improvised adventure with quite a lot of the city designed with random rolls on /b/.
We have a party of 4 in the elven city of What. Everyone can play any and all of the characters, and generally all posts are accepted, except for the ones who don't make any sense at all. No rolls are required, but if you want to roll feel free to.

The party is as follows:

Melvin III
Archetype: Warrior Mime
alergic to silk, but favorite food is spiders
arcane trickster halfling
all the dex items belong to me
Snodgrass: elven mage
has a penis instead of his left ear which makes him self conscious

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>It's not as bad as it sounds.
But it is
Agreed. OP should at least let US make the lolrandom character decisions, not present us with these forcibly-wacky pregens in a half-finished adventure.
/b/ is so retarded as to just give every character only a line or two. Surely you can fill in the blanks. I admit, the dickelf is hard to go around, but the halfing and the orc are practically blank, and the mime warrior who eats spiders can surely be spun into a worthwhile character.

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