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File: 20200713_092221.png (115 KB, 724x776)
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This is the 2nd thread for 'VR of Miracles'. We pick up from very last vote on the 1st thread update coming soon.


Quest Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=VR%20of%20Miracles
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>Don't take the lead (Preset first conversation segment)
File: Qinglongmon_crusader3.jpg (88 KB, 320x320)
88 KB
Soon as the link was established and the cherry image of Holydramon manifested. The Kunemon around us gasped and even Flymon tensed upon seing the image.

"Hello! I'm so glad to here from you guys again." Holydramon greeted. "Is see you have made friends."

"Not exactly." Replied Gwen that was more than a bit uncomfortable being surrounded. "More like we just beat a major destructive nutcases and the hive did not want to let go of them for private interrogation." She said that as she was gesturing around us to everyone including the paralyzed Kyubimon who's only indication of being still awere of the situation being the moving eyes and the sleeping Kodokugumon.

"I see so intraductions are in order my Name is Holydramon formally also know as the Dragon King of the South Sea." Then they paused and gave a small nod.

Then another hologram apered and a new dragon apered it was made of blue light and bound in chains only it's face was covered in blue armor piece and had a beard. "Greetings and my names Qinglongmon the Dragon King of the East Sea. This is my intraducion to the humans as much as everyone else." So another one of them shows up that should be all 4 tought Goddramon only has been mentioned before in passing and the titles were a new thing probably reserved for serious meeting like this one with the hive.

"A pleasure. Let's start the interrogation first." Spoke up Flymon. "We can deal with pleasantries later." At that the 2 dragons turned their attention to him and I had the feeling they gained somthing of value from that alone. Like a small bit of amusement for Holydramon and Sagely wisdom for Qinglongmon. Neverthel less they gave their approval.

It started with Kodokugumon not only because Bakumon can wake him more easly but because it's safer than allowing Kyubimon to try to pull a lemming by seting this place on fire."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>How is Neo Genesis more important than your sister?
>How do you know each other? Would you be able to tell who other infiltrators are, even if you or they evolve?
Sory another brutal day so no update. Will try to make tomorow 3 updates since it's my day off.
Oh, Digimon. I haven't thought about that series in years.

File: Location report 1962.png (3.76 MB, 1996x1460)
3.76 MB
3.76 MB PNG
Previous: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/4325521/

TLDR: The 50's went and passed in mostly peace and prosperity, not counting the first two years.
Our budget expanded, the commies had a small famine problem but have also recovered and are on track to modernize their armed forces.

Elections are coming this year and our ministry of defence will no longer support the "limp wristed administration". Instead we will be backing the rather hardline conservative party that ruled for three terms between 1946 and 1958.
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>>We are out of stored small arms to reinforce our beat up units, order a batch of firearms from France via air to guarantee a hasty arrival. We will pay them back with funds from the 1964 budget.
>We are out of stored small arms to reinforce our beat up units, order a batch of firearms from France via air to guarantee a hasty arrival. We will pay them back with funds from the 1964 budget.
>The 155mm guns may not have enough shells to last to the end of August if we keep this rate up, call the Americans to airlift some more artillery and aircraft ordinance.
>The 155mm guns may not have enough shells to last to the end of August if we keep this rate up, call the Americans to airlift some more artillery and aircraft ordinance.
>We are out of stored small arms to reinforce our beat up units, order a batch of firearms from France via air to guarantee a hasty arrival. We will pay them back with funds from the 1964 budget.

File: 1508032758578.png (187 KB, 700x394)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
You are Nanako Yakumo, originally known as Hana Shimura, daughter of a wealthy businessman, yet also the granddaughter of the legend Nana Shimura. Due to an unfortunate tragedy, you are the sole survivor and embodiment of your family. Having lost your memories in addition, you find yourself waking up in a hospital two years later, escaping into the wilderness. Until recently, you lived a life of solitude, pushing yourself to become stronger in between living the lifestyle of a phantom thief. Eventually finding yourself coming to reside in Musutafu.

Through a series of events, you established yourself as an MMA fighter and handyman for the Busujima family. On the public surface, you’re an average student attending Musutafu Academy, a private regular school. Slowly adjusting to your double life, something inside began to awaken from its dormant slumber. Sleeping at the depths was the mysteriously implanted quirk, All for One. Merging with your original quirk Plug & Play, the composite quirk All in One was born. As it brings forth great power, so too did it brings great responsibility.

With your memories unlocked and having accepted the triad of your persona, you began your journey walking down the path of redemption. In spite of the burdens of your past, the legacy you carry, and the looming danger lingering on the horizon. You push yourself forward on your path into being an underground hero. Facing adversities head-on, with a smile just like your grandma.

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=MarutaQM
Character Sheet: https://pastebin.com/RNv22vaX
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>Possible aftermath of Nanako and Rie's "spar"

>The area temporarily being used for the spar has practically just been destroyed
>Nanako is looking especially feral, with shark teeth bared, her features just barely approaching Nomu like, her long tongue hanging out as she pants heavily not from exhaustion.
>But from the sheer bliss and excitement of fighting her senpai. As she suspected, she was good at fighting, and more. Saiko is barely managing to reign her in; keeping her from going to far.
>On the other side is Rie, in a similar state of excitement.
>Feelings that had long laid dormant in favor of being the idol that everyone loves, now roused by her frightening kouhai. Fear that is giving way to sorrow and euphoria. "How long," she wonders, "how long has it been since I've had a decent fight? A fight that makes my heart race?"
>As if in synch, both fighters had the near same thought: "How long has it been since I've wanted to rip my opponent apart, and known that they could come back from that, and more. And more. AND MORE!"
>Predatory grins mark their faces as if to emphasize their thoughts, their hearts beating ever faster.
>Frighteningly, this was just their warm up.
>so they're all fighting maniacs ?
>always were

>Chisa: OY!
>Both fighters freeze up, as if caught with their hands in the cookie jar
>Chisa: Good grief, at least wait until you're out in the arena before you really lay into each other! Are you trying to deprive the audience of a good show?!
>Both fighters visibly relax, though they are still quite excited.
>Rie:...Ahahaha...sorry boss~I don't know what I was thinking~that said...:struts over to Nanako, and tenderly(?) holds her by the chin, and strokes her cheek: ...Don't you DARE disappoint me...I haven't felt this good years~
>Nanako: Hahaha~don't worry, big sis, I won't...just make sure that YOU stay up long enough for me to get my fill~
>Rie: Hmhm~I'm looking forward to it~:proceeds to leave to the arena, sensually swaying her hips:
>Nanako: :dreamy sigh: Big sis really is the best~

>Chisa: :Takes a long drag from her cigarette: When the hell did I become the manager of a freaking circus...?

Also, is it wrong that I'm mentally voicing Chisa with Balalaikai's voice actors, Japanese and English?
File: 1589957435773.jpg (1.97 MB, 1353x3507)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB JPG

Not at all
File: 1513127780286.jpg (26 KB, 293x377)
26 KB

>Hareta: Technically, the colosseum, which you own, was called "The Grand Circus" in latin; so apparently you've been the manager of a circus for some time now.
>Chisa: ...
>Hareta: Just speaking facts, ma'am.

File: Title Card.jpg (44 KB, 780x511)
44 KB
>I HAVE RETURNED. Fuck, everything sorted out with work, and I have a two month vacation, so I can post a bit more. I really want to finish this quest.

>Some small changes under the hood. Got rid of ammo counting. That's pretty much it. Simplify inventory management etc.




>And with that, let's get back to the action

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You leap forward, reaching desperately. Behind you, the cruel laugh of the Scarab echoes as he departs. Flailing your arm, you reach and grab Annika just as she begins to fall. You are almost wrenched from your perch! Your feet slide, and than catch on an outcropping. Annika, her pale blonde hair blowing in the wind, looks up at you with tears in her eyes. With a mighty heave, you pull her to safety!

Shuddering, the two of you hold each other. Despite the peril of the situation, the feeling of her lithe form pressed against you brings most improper thoughts to your head. But wait! Richarde! The both of you turn, to see the Frenchman lying on his back, in a pool of blood. You rush over, and see he is still breathing, albeit barely. You press your hands to his wounds in desperation, stemming the slow trickle. Annika hurriedly runs to the console, and the elevator descends. The final sight of the Scarab is one of his back turned, strutting arrogantly towards to his zeppelin, and freedom.

Down in Lemuria, you are greeted with gasps of praise and horror. Kumari rushes to the aid of Richarde, and as you are pulled away by Edward, Will, and John, you cannot help but feel a great anger. You were so close! The Scarab was nearly in your grasp!
Still, the feeling of your bosom friends around you brings you back. John, is his suit of armour looks hail and hearty, Will has a large smile on his face, and even the stoic Edward is beaming. Glancing around, you see Mr. Nordvik embrace his daughter, with tears in his eyes. He quickly wipes them away with some embarrassment. Mrs. Wodehouse is reunited with her son, and there seems to be almost a carnival air developing. Richarde, too, seems more stable, and Kumari says he will be fine, with her Lemurian arts.

Quite quickly, an impromptu party erupts. The crew breaks out the grog, and someone finds a few instruments stashed away. The Primordials, who came to your aid in the final assault, even join in, their simple faces wrinkle with pleasure and disgust to the drink. With the artificial Lemurian sun 'setting', you glance about the happy crowd, and decide to...

>Find your friends, and enjoy a game of whist and drinking in great companionship
>Find Annika. She is dear to you, and you wish to express your admiration
>Find Kumari, and let her know how much she means to you

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>Find your friends, and enjoy a game of whist and drinking in great companionship
>>Find Annika. She is dear to you, and you wish to express your admiration
>>Find Kumari, and let her know how much she means to you
>Find your friends, and enjoy a game of whist and drinking in great companionship
>Sit with Mr. Nordvik, Mr. Hughes, and Runcibald, and discuss the future
>Find Annika. She is dear to you, and you wish to express your admiration

You find Edward,John, and Will sitting next to the bed-bound Richarde. The Frenchman waves, and smiles as you approach, his neck swaddled with bandages. He can't speak at the moment, but you see the brotherly love in his eyes as you clasp hands in firm handshake.

"Henry, join us!," bellows John, "I've been trouncing these fools!" he says as he lays down his hand.
"Yes, well, I've never been one for these sorts of games," responds Edward, quite primly.
"Ah, you just need to loosen up. Here, have a belt," Will chuckles as he pulls out a flask. Pulling up a chair, you watch with surprise as the vicar's son takes the flask and swigs it with nary a grimace. Grins turn into laughter as the four of you begin to drink and play. The expedition has been trying for all of you, and it brings you a great joy to see their faces healthy and whole. Edward, your moral compass and firm ally. Will, the rogue who helped you out of more than one scrape. John, who was grievously burnt, but still is as strong as ever. Richarde, the stalwart Frenchman who stood by your side against all dangers. A man could not ask for better companions. Feeling bold, from drink and game, you stand and say, "My friends. It has only been a month since our departure from London, but during this time, we've grown closer now than ever before. I could not have asked for truer companions to have at my side. May we never forget where we stood, and what we stood for, in our coming years!" Your toast is met with a loud huzzah.

Fortified by liquid courage, you wander out from the group, waving them off as they protest. You are looking for Annika. The lady, once an enemy, has become quite dear to you. You find her sitting on the edge of the camp, staring outwards. Her sides are bound in bandages, and her pale blonde hair catches the light most fetchingly. She looks up at your approach.
"Why, Henry, so good to see you," she says, a faint smile on her face. You are faced with her beauty, a faint upturned nose and fetching eyes. You stop, briefly, but then steel yourself.
"Ms. Nordvik, may I sit by you?" you ask, perhaps a little more formally than needed. She laughs, "Ms. Nordvik? Please, Henry, you know me too well."
"Fine...yes...of course...Annika, I must confess something. I had it all planned out in my head, but now, it's gone. I...care for you...deeply. You are..." Whatever you were going to say is cut off by the sudden and extremely pleasant feeling of her lips being placed over yours. She pulls away, breathlessly, and whispers, "Just shut up, you stupid boy." She kisses you again, this time with feeling. You lean into it, lost in a bliss beyond compare. You reach around her trim waist, and pull her towards you. Her small gasp and the feeling of her body against yours is heaven.

>Continue, and lead her out to a quiet place to continue this 'discussion' at length

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: Elegy Part 15.png (1017 KB, 1200x1200)
1017 KB
1017 KB PNG
You are Arthur Bernhard: 20 year old leader of a slowly growing army of darkness, killer of both men and monster, wielder of the Power of Destruction, Bearer of one third of Dominus and Dark Lord Candidate beholden to Chaos.

After a teleportation spell went awry and you ended up somewhere in Romania with only two of your allies by your side. Anna Morgan, a botanist dedicated to the creation of a new Dark Lord, and Camellia, a powerful monster who was terribly wounded at the hand of Alucard, your newly decided upon nemesis.

Since your teleportation, you have once again managed to gather more allies. First, Mistral, your fairy familiar took on the form of a goddess. Then Jeste, the owner of a demon circus, agreed to serve you. Then finally, you met Celia, a young girl with incredible potential for dark magic, convincing her to also join you.

Currently, you are searching for your adversary, a fire wielding Dark Lord Candidate who's name you are currently unaware, in an apparently haunted abandoned castle...

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=WhatIsAQM

Character Sheet: https://pastebin.com/zZKZAjgU

Previous Thread >>4310544
411 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Go find Dario to force him to submit to you and relinquish his Power.
I think we can take him as we are, but going to Shanoa for help also seems fine.
We might need to break up her and drac if they're fighting again though.

>Massive training arc in a mindscape.
>The description of the Arm of Time.
Has this quest become a Xianxia?
And it seems to have a function like Fragrach too, if I understood it properly.
>The description of the Arm of Time.
I can't believe we developed King Crimson.
Not quite King Crimson.
More that instead of deleting time itself, you delete a single cause of an effect from time, preventing that effect from occuring and having it's effect.
The ability does have a limit though, and you can't delete the cause of an effect if it has been too long since it occurred.
I'd say you'd be limited to removing the cause of an effect as long as you did so within about three seconds of
So it's more like a non-lethal Fragarach. Gotcha.
>Go find Shanoa to request that she train you in glyphs and combat skill.

File: OP Imge 6.jpg (116 KB, 654x817)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
It’s been three days since you won your battle with Vernon and narrowly escaped from the seemingly ever-present jaws of death. The mysterious blackouts have become infrequent but they continue to disrupt all of the electronics and machinery in Nucite City with no signs of stopping. As a result, you’ve had to stick to light training sessions, cut back on battling, and stay close to the Pokémon Center in order to avoid completely wearing out your team. Though the days seem to crawl by without any serious action, you have a sneaking suspicion that this respite won’t last for much longer. The only thing that you are uncertain about is the nature and scope of this upcoming phenomenon.
392 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
This marks the end of thread #6. Thanks again to everyone for your support and if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the quest so far, I will respond to them as quickly as possible. I’m currently in the middle of a short vacation, but I should have Thread #7 up by either Wednesday or Friday.

I’ve noticed that combat takes up a bit more time than I would like, and this problem will only become larger as the the difficulty ramps up along with the story progression. I’ll try to think of ways to mitigate this issue without butchering the system we have now, but I’m open to suggestions.
This marks the end of thread #6. Thanks again to everyone for your support and if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the quest so far, I will respond to them as quickly as possible. I’m currently in the middle of a short vacation, but I should have Thread #7 up by either Wednesday or Friday.

I’ve noticed that combat takes up a bit more time than I would like, and this problem will only become larger as the the difficulty ramps up along with the story progression. I’ll be working in the background to come up with ways to mitigate this issue without butchering the system we have now, but I’m open to suggestions.
Hey QM you posted the same thing here on >>4376833 and >>4376850. Were you gonna post post something else or was it gonna end on Shane making that question?
Maybe in a fight we could summarize it be being aggressive, defensive or balanced and the Pokemons moves would be one of the three, and just fight the real important battles like we are doing right now maybe. And of course, roll for it. My only fear is that this would turn into a more elaborate rock, paper and scissors game
There was a small spacing error in the first iteration of that post. The ending was the same in both versions.

I already run simulations for the less important battles, but your idea would be a good way to flesh them out rather than relying mostly on RNG to settle the simulated battles.

File: 1536369409204s.jpg (4 KB, 250x227)
4 KB
You are 999, a blobby mass of joy and happiness for all! And you're continuing with your discussion.

List of (most of) your current Traits/Skills/Trinkets/Friends&Enemies/Unknowns:
Quest Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=999%20Quest

>Last thread ended a bit too early, so this one will be continuing directly from where we left off.
40 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
>>"I'll answer your question with a question: Who are *you*?"
>>Introduce yourself. It's only polite after all.
>"I'll answer your question with a question: Who are *you*?"
You think it's quite fair to answer their question with a question. Namely, asking them who they are and why they're here.

The figure actually fully turns towards you, the gleaming brightness of their face obscuring any details you could make out beyond the stream of hair.

"I am a ruler. Someone to guide my people against the night. Yet here I am, stuck amidst the ruined works of my God."

The figure goes on, their tone becoming more and more somber. They speak of how they did everything in their power to delay 'the end', everything they fought and bled for and yet it still amounted to nothing in their eyes. Nothing changed.

>Ask about the God they mentioned.
>Maybe give them a hug? They seem like they could use one?
>"What is this place?"

>Introduce yourself. It's only polite after all.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>Maybe give them a hug? They seem like they could use one?
>Maybe give them a hug? They seem like they could use one?

You outstretch your arms, wrapping them around the luminous figure, who seems mildly surprised by the action though they barely make a remark. You wrap around them and start to soothe.

It's not okay to be hurting all alone like this.

>Heart Of Gold (D+++)
>Selfless (A++)

"I am confused by your actions, little one. But I shall accept them nonetheless." the figure replies, patting at your arms with a hand plated with metal and gold.

"This place is a domain of so much power, yet it has been wounded. I have had to leave what little of my Church I still have in order to try and mend the wounds present here. Yet I am always blocked, cut off. The repairs to this fragment of God do not last when I leave.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: Pillage of a Village.jpg (61 KB, 600x432)
61 KB
The many mountain tribes of the outer realm have always been in a state of constant conflict and wars, many of which were sown by foreign states. The Kingdom of Boutra in particular, was able to enjoy decades of prosperity and growth. It was during the reign of King Markos Stamatallis of Boutra, that for the first time in three decades the mountain raiders of Triniros would descend their mountain villages. Unlike before, the raiders were larger in numbers and strong. Mighty enough that the Armies of Boutra would suffer minor defeats, culminating in the humiliating loss of Loles.

Using the newly captured Loles the raiders set up camp, they threaten the city of Nease to the East and the provincial Capital itself, Meianos to the north. Count Alekos is desperately raising a new Field Army and has promised his county to "Once and for all put every single mountain dwelling monkey to the sword"...

Pick one:
>You are the son of a merchant.

>You are a promising war orphan.

>You are actually a bandit.

(>Write in)

Roll 2d20, one for your rank perk, one for your trait.
Assign skill points, total of 10 points:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Rolled 19 (1d100)

Lets see if we hold
Looks like the right flank is crumbling
Rolled 19 (1d20)

Rolled 5 (1d100)

Have a bump

File: 1559751879010.jpg (141 KB, 1323x1228)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
So to those who knows,Male Powder Fantasy:ASOIAF fanfic is on hiatus due to QM's busy life.
However,QM has hinted at restarting the quest. But is divided between Arkan Island and Arthur Tallon. Thus I beseech you all to vote for either Arkan Island or Arthur Tallon.
The one with the most votes shall be given life again.
Voting begins now!
>Arthur Tallon the Lord of Shit and Bog
>Arkan the Chad of Lys
28 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Oh, also it was a poisoned crossbow bolt, not a bullet.
>Arthur Tallon the Lord of Shit and Bog
this thread lasted more than my last relationship
Anyone got a link to the discord. The ones in the archive are dead

File: Garbageland.png (189 KB, 1079x1056)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
>Previous Threads

Once creations of simple design, the Autonomous Machines are the final legacy of a once grand civilization; now but dust and ruin. Machines built to adapt and survive, the AM’s continue to fulfill their programming to a miraculous extent. Now ruling over the dead world their predecessors once mysteriously abandoned at the height of their grandeur, these beings of artificial life don’t just survive, but thrive. Behemoths of burning metal bellow ash and smoke as they stride across desolate plains of chemical ice. Rusted wraiths skulk through a desert of scrap and marshes of viscous oil, fighting over the weathered carcasses of broken down robots. Reefs of diverse mechanisms teem across the expansive seafloor off the coasts of artificial continents. And above, Something stirs in the colossal structure encaging the planet.

But seriously: It’s a regular evolution game but with robots. Nothing fancy, just back from over a year's hiatus is all.

For anyone new or rusty (get it?) I strongly suggest reading the OPs and event posts in the previous threads for a quick breakdown on the game so far, instead of painstakingly reading down the lines of every single animal. Especially the first thread for an easy explanation on how the food chain works.
>Choose an existing organism, open your preferred art program, change some detail about the creature in some way, post a brief explanation of what caused the organism to change. From environmental factors effecting it’s survival, to adapting a better means of competing for its niche, or just a fresh new paint job.
>Don’t worry about science and bullshit. If something doesn’t make sense just pretend it does and blame alien science magic. It’s what I do.
>Don’t worry about not being artistic. MSpaint shitscribbles are perfectly acceptable as long as you can explain what it is. People that go hard artistically just do it for fun, it’s not an expectation.
>Anything goes as long as everyone else doesn’t have a problem with it. Typically the only things that get you backlash are rapidly chain-evolving your own organisms to fulfill some goal you have for it, being weirdly competitive, or completely overhauling a creature in one post. Naturally those kind of defeat the purpose.
20 replies and 19 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1595604277700.png (9 KB, 400x459)
9 KB
the buttersquid, due to it's diminished size, is much more susceptible to heat loss; to deal with this, it has overclocked it's data processor so much that it runs red hot. While this technique prevents it from freezing to death, it also presents a completely different problem: the heat doesn't spread across the body evenly, and some areas start getting TOO hot, to the point of steam constantly rising from them. To prevent itself from burning itself out, the Buttersquid has to take occasional baths in the local coolant lakes - a process that is deeply unpleasant to it.
File: 1595587786292.png (9 KB, 590x310)
9 KB
The Riveters have taken to repairing their hoversteeds using the various garbage that they can find around them.
File: he thicc 3.png (8 KB, 415x312)
8 KB
Another creature has been consolidated, to the point where it's original form has ceased to be recognizable; The Icebreaker roams the cold wastelands it calls home, using it's superheated drill to penetrate deep into the earth and pull up valuable ore and oil. Thanks to a flexible, extendable cord, the drill can reach as deep as 80 meters beneath the surface.
(Hey, so sorry to interrupt! Do any of you have a link to the Evogame Discord?)
here you go dude

File: cogburn.jpg (120 KB, 564x738)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
There's nothing a rooster hates more than rain. Wet feathers, mud beneath your talons--you'd bet there's never been a rooster that likes to walk in the mud, not even in the time of the Gallants. Being tied to a tree while a treacherous fox gloats over your capture doesn't help matters either. Of course, Vulour has made two very crucial mistakes.

"What is the matter Cogburn? Fox got your tongue?" Vulour taps the heavy brass ring he's fastened around your beak and laughs. The ring prevents you from opening your mouth, which in turn prevents you from Crowing. His first mistake though, is not binding your feet. Vulour does not know you're a skilled practitioner of Doodle-Do--the rooster martial art of the twelve kicks--but he's about to find out. "I'm going to enjoy roasting your flesh," he says .You look to the cookfire, pathetically sputtering against the slash of rain. The other three members of his gang, another fox--Vulour's brother, Pierre or Percy you can't remember--and two lizards are trying to glean whatever warmth they can from it. "Did you really think you could take us on all by yourself?" Vulour sneers. He draws his dagger, balancing it on the tip of his paw. "Now you will die because of your arrogance. Goodbye Cogburn." He flips the dagger around to the handle and then throws it. A perfect headshot--at least it would've been, if not for the throwing star which it knocks out of the air.

Vulour's second mistake is thinking that you came alone. He reaches down and picks up the four-pointed star, scrunching his eyebrows at it. It's a foreign weapon, not something he or his ilk will have ever seen. He looks up and to the side, toward the trees but there's only the sound of the rain and the howling wind on the branches. By then it's too late anyway. Another star cuts through your bonds, thoking against the trunk. You shake off the ropes and stumble forward. Vulour whistles. "In the trees! In the trees! Fan out!" he says, gesturing to his men. And then he draws four more throwing daggers from his belt, two on each paw, and faces you down. You remember that Vulour put your weapons in a small cave behind you. It's a fair distance away, but you can make it if you run.

>Risk the knife to the back and make a run for your weapons
>Charge Vulour, parrying his knives with your Doodle-Do
>Get the ring of your beak and try to Crow
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Imagine being such a fag that you even dare to put the #1 tag on a quest in wich you only posted 3 times.

More like a cock. I guess discount Redwall quest is dead.
>>Grab a clod of mud with your feet and try to blind him with it
>>Grab a clod of mud with your feet and try to blind him with it
Bros, it's been a month

File: yzymmpeapvi41.jpg (1.08 MB, 1061x1500)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
You are Alice, the banished princess of a kingdom that was destroyed by the Ignian Empire. After fleeing your homeland you crossed the Sapphire Sea to find your fortune and rebuild your name. Your dream is to one day not have to get sweaty just for the chance at a hot meal.

After arriving in the Sapphire League and being swindled out of nearly all your worldly possessions, you took up adventuring to try and make a name for yourself, and also a shit load of money. You met an ex-mercenary swordsman named Donovan who agreed to join you in your quest, and the two of you bonded over the wholesome activity of slaughtering Orcs. You then took your dusty asses to Farmville, a town cursed in reverse by a forest spirit known as Prince of Azure. With the help of a local herbalist and spellcaster named Gilbert, you killed the forest spirit, so that the town was only a little cursed. You then defended it from a goblin warband, teaching the gobbos about representative democracy and also killing their chief. That's your story and you're sticking to it.

After all that excitement you received a divine quest from a spec of dust that told you it was totally God. You believed it because of course God would be a spec of dust. It told you to go get a crown, and you went to go get the crown, joined by Donovan, Gilbert, and Gilbert's goat. You found a ruined castle surrounded by the walking dead, and made your way inside with the help of the goat and clever thinking. inside, you met a stone golem who turned out to be a huge dick when he tried to kill you. You got him first, but destroyed your sword! Luckily you did find the crown even without his help, and retreated back to town to recuperate. You decided to cleanse the castle of its curse, and to that end you hired a band of Dwarven mercenaries called The Outcasts and promised them Gilbert if they came along. Gilbert would probably have been fine with it if you told him. You also traded your family's ancestral armor to have your family's ancestral sword reforged, as well as enchanted and imbued with a Rune of Fire.

You met the dead soldiers in battle, using the power of your new Diadem of the Dragon Knights to slow them as your company cut them down one by one. Suddenly the magical energy released by their collective defeat summoned a powerful Bone Daddy that literally ate a Dwarf. You attacked and got some good hits in, but ultimately it took your combined might to slay the monster, and the magical energy released created an explosion that decimated the battlefield. The battle was won, but you lost consciousness, unsure of what would happen next...


Previous threads:
(First thread is lost to time, sorry)
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I enjoyed it. Thanks QM.
It was a good time, and thanks for leaning into the heel turn. Most qms would pussy out.
I demand more!
I am now going to archive this quest
Thank you kindly

File: Zener-cards-1024x354.png (22 KB, 1024x354)
22 KB
You rest uncomfortably in the back seat of your father’s car as it bumps down an old narrow road, your head propped close to the window, absentmindedly watching the dark green and brown blurs of a forest move past. This was supposed to be a fun trip, papa promised as much when he rushed you out of bed and to the car, but it's been anything but. Watching the farms and forests roll by outside was neat for a few minutes, and playing guessing games with your sister was alright for a while too, but both got old what feels like an eternity ago. There isn’t even a comfortable way to sleep with all the boxes papa loaded into the rear of the car with you, every time you adjust to a new position something is always poking you slightly or just not quite right.

The car jolts over a particularly rough patch of road, pulling you out of your sulking. You move over slightly and peer past the intervening boxes to your twin sister, Evelyn. A mess of tousled long black hair partially conceals her face as she notices your movement and looks up. Her back is resting against the door, legs pulled in closely on the red bench seat in a vain attempt to find a comfortable way to rest in the cramped confines. You share a miserable look, understanding one another perfectly. This isn’t a fun way to spend your eighth birthday.

“Another game?”, Evelyn asks unenthusiastically, green eyes meeting your own.

“No.”, you answer quickly. Evelyn puffs her cheeks out and sighs, blowing some of her dark hair to the side.

“Well, what then?...”, she begins to ask before her eyes suddenly widen. Instinctively you twist and look behind, but see nothing through the window except the passing forest.

“Did you see something again? I missed it.”, you ask in a whisper. She nods, paler than usual.

“In the window. A fire.”, Evelyn answers in a shaky hushed tone, glancing quickly towards papa in the driver's seat and then back to you. Papa always gets upset when either of you mentions seeing odd things.

“Is everything alright back there? Be careful moving around.”, papa questions somewhat absently, keeping his focus on the increasingly rough and twisting road.

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>>Leave and find your classmates.
>Leave and find your classmates.
>Leave and find your classmates.
>>Poke around the other instruction rooms, maybe there are more devices.
QM pls

The Galaxy is ripe for the taking. With the development of FTL travel, humanity has spread through the stars, discovering systems, colonizing worlds and splitting into dozens of myriad factions. The hyperlanes are abuzz with the warp drives of thousands of ships, systems buzz with the electromagnetic chatter of vessels, mining stations, habitats and settled worlds. Humanity has become fractured and already distinct differences and unique cultures have sprung up.

Some groups have taken to roaming the stars in great nomadic fleets, harvesting what they need from the floating asteroids and moons while others prowl the fringe systems, preying on those unlucky enough to cross their path. Others crowd around the banners of Military Dictators, of self styled God-Kings, of Corporate overlords, squabbling and snarling for territory, for wealth and resources. Alien races are met as trade partners, as allies, as verminous scum fit only for eradication. Humanity is as varied, as widely spread and as savage as ever.

It is in this galaxy that your fledgling civilization has come to be, independent from all others and free to forge your own path among the galaxy at large. Your story is as yet unwritten and you alone hold the pen.

>What do you call your nation?

>The Dominus Empire.
Render unto Caesar.

>The Yahzu Dynasty.
By the will of the Eternal Empress.

>The United Systems Republic. For Terra and the Republic!

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>We must cut off those rebel reinforcements to the east if we do not wish to be surrounded in turn.
Hope not.
Thankfully not dead. I broke my phone the other day (surprisingly not as shatter resistant as they claim) and just picked it up from the repair shop today a bit ago. thanks for the patience guys.

New thread guys and guys

You've never really liked halloween.

But between the candy and the skimpy outfits it does provide some unique opportunities.

Anyway that's how you ended up in the woods getting frisky in the back of a car.

What? What do you mean horror movies say that's a terrible idea??



- Didn't wear an outfit, damn kids
- An absolute chad

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Before you can even cover your ears he grabs the assailant by the arm, pulls them INTO the car and slams his elbow into theirs, drawing a sickening crunch and cry of pain, them slams them in the head with the butt of the pistol.

All without taking you out of his lap.

Coach is a gigachad.

"Get the door!" He orders you after kicking the limp figure out of the car. You jump into the passenger seat, holding Mai's stunned form to yourself as you yank the door shut. Coach hits the master lock just as a second figure starts trying the handle on his side.

Coach starts the car and floors it, driving away from the cars blocking the road, looking over your shoulder you realize they're following you.

"Get in the backseat." Coach holds out his hand with the gun in it.

You swallow and take it, sliding through the gap between the seats as Coach orders Mai to buckle up.

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.... and?
Where the fuck are you?
These threads last a fucking whil after they die huh? 11 days since last post. Christ.
God damn, I hate you breeders.

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