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File: file.png (35 KB, 900x602)
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Hey assholes, you did remember to case the join right? What are we robbing?
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Rolled 2 (1d100)

Eat the hotdogs
File: file.png (46 KB, 900x602)
46 KB

Holy shit you really fucking did it, now do your best not to shit your pants you fucking idiot. What now?
You can have this (You)
Rolled 40 (1d100)

Roll to not shit my pants

File: This is where you live.jpg (112 KB, 800x496)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Your enemies are many and dangerous while you are a single friendless vulnerable man. This WILL be a oneshot. If you can survive and get lucky or get gud, that could change.

The world that your grandparents grew up in is gone. Back then, there used to be clear skies and grassy fields. People could permanently own property, were paid a fair wage for their work, and had a say in their elections. Everything has changed. Now all you've ever known is the urban sprawl and smog. You own nothing, you live in the pod, you eat the bugs, and you are PISSED. You're FUCKING tired of it. Tired of renting everything with UBI that isn't enough. Tired of fatcats who have never held a shovel making your decisions for you. Tired of all the blind people living their lives like nothing is wrong and things couldn't be any other way.

You are finally ANGRY enough to do something about it. You have made a decision to take matters into your own hands. Normally, men like you get their bodies thrown into a crematorium by the end of the day, but you have a trick up your sleeve. You're an unregistered super. It awakened a few weeks ago and it's only a minor edge, but you've done everything you can to hide it and it will have to be enough.

Roll 1d100. You'll choose what type your superpower is between the three rolls. If more than one roll is in the same category you get an initial powerboost.

>1-25: Offensive
>26-50: Defensive
>51-70: Augmentive
>71-80: Supportive
>81-90: Esoteric
>91-100: Jackpot, Reroll Twice and take both.
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No worries, RL takes priority. Thanks for running.
Like I said earlier, consider taking a week or two off so you can get your schedule situated, deal with burnout and not have to worry about not making a daily update for a while. And thanks for the great quest, this has been my favorite one in quite a while.
Other anons are right, real life takes priority. Take your time QM, the boards not going anywhere and you wont be lacking for players if you decide to get this quest up and running again, it’s been phenomenal so far
I appreciate that. I didn't have the time to update today and as I got home from work a couple of hours before midnight, I honestly didn't have it in me. It's almost 3AM at the time-of-writing because it's hard to disappoint. I'll do what I can when I'm off for some of this weekend. After that, I'll call it for this thread and let things sit for a week or two. I'll admit there has been a bit of burnout but it's mostly just my heavier work schedule and the thread loading time with my connection compounding the difficulties. Thank you for your patience.
Just take a break and start a new thread in a week or 2.

A bit more than sixteen years ago, in the Empire’s Old Hinterlands:

Your name is Odovacar, and it seems that you are not sure about anything anymore. For a start, you are not sure what is wrong with you. A fortnight ago, your Socket just … failed. You were checked before returning to the Full Brother’s dormitory, and things went exactly like they had since you had the Socket installed. It worked fine as a replacement for the eye that was pulled to make room for it, but when it came to interfacing with the testing equipment – or a Spot-Dosimeter for that matter – the results were erratic, to the point that they were not reliable. As you had been dozens of times before, you were scheduled for a quick recalibration, right before morning prayers. After arranging to be woken up early so you had enough time, you went to bed. And when you woke up, the dammed thing was dead.

You could not see out of it, and when they hooked you up to the testing equipment just to make sure, they could not get any readings. Complete failure like that is uncommon, but even odder is that your graft – the remains of your left optical nerve, which connects and interfaces the Socket and your brain -showed no signs of rejection. Even still, the Ophthalmos was worried that there had been a breach in the shielding, and you might have been dangerously contaminated by the Strangeness from the Socket’s death. But after being checked, you were found to be well within the range of Strangeness considered acceptable for a Dosimetrist.

In the end, they pulled the corpse of the Socket, and sent it away for testing. Two days later, you were summoned back to the Operating Theatre, and a larger, higher resolution Socket was installed in your left eye socket. Now, it always takes time for a body to get used to a Socket, and vice-versa, but it has been whole weeks, and your readings with this one is as erratic as they were with the last.

To make matters worse, you started getting pins and needles in your feet and occasionally in your hands, which you know to be a symptom of lead poisoning. You reported it, and your direct superiors and the Ophthalmos were … sympathetic, but ultimately, they have not done anything about it. You should not be too surprised about that, lead poisoning sort of comes with the territory. It is not called the ‘Inquisitors Illness’ without good cause, after all. There have been headaches as well, but you decided against mentioning them. They are still fussing over you, trying to figure out why you cannot get proper readings with the new equipment. After a lot of back and forth – most of which you have privy to – all they have decided is to send you to a specialist Ophthalmos, apparently the same man they sent your dead Socket to.

There is something else on your mind, however. Something weighing much heavier than the pound and a half of hermaphrodite where your left eye used to be. Aborgast’s maid, Amalasuintha.
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>Use whatever is left of the piglet to enter into a Strange Fever. You will not risk any of the equipment, but there is the risk of making noise, venting, and becoming more Strange than you were before the Self Salt-Remediation. (Note, you can only enter into a Strange Fever when you are Strange in the First Degree, or less)

honestly I am just curious about this option.
>>Use the Glyphery. You are not particularly familiar with this piece, so making it on this will be the hard, but the flip side of that is you risk damaging the equipment that you cannot do much on.
With a little focus, any magic user can temporarily strengthen their connection to their Form, allowing them to perform feats of magic that they would not be able to otherwise. There are of course, serious drawbacks to this, the biggest being that this connection requires fuel - and that is separate from whatever they need to perform whatever spell they are attempting. They will basically start consuming the most readily available fuel that they are in direct contact with - either magical fuel, like fuel nodules, or mundane stuff like oil or wood. If nothing like that is available, then they will consume anything that will burn at all, which includes equipment and clothes that have not been proofed against fire. Once they work through that, then caster will start to cook themselves, slowly raising their body temperature well past the point hyperthermia to fatal levels. Hence the name, Strange Fever. If nothing disrupts them, they will continue to cook after they fall unconscious, right up to the point that they die.

It should be noted that the state of Strange Fever only refers to the point when the caster is cooking themselves - typically you have about a minute and a half before you are risking permanent damage, and another thirty seconds before you are risking unconsciousness. One of the things that sets a Witchlet apart from a Witch is that a Witch has demonstrated their ability to safely and stably use fuel sources to strengthen their connection to their Form for prolonged periods of time without slipping into Strange Fever once. Those non-Strange Fever states have names and statuses as well, but Chlotsuintha is simply not strong enough yet to reach them.

Despite the power that it affords, Strange Fever is a dangerous and thoroughly inconvenient state. Even if Chlotsuintha is not able to harness power from fuel (and by fuel, I mean burnable substances) that does not mean that she wont start burning it when she enters Strange Fever. You also have to be naked, or at the very least, wearing fireproof or fire-resistant clothes (wool doused in water or fire retardant, something like that), or you risk burning yourself as your clothes are consumed - so it is not something that can be used in combat typically. You will also vent Miasma, a byproduct of the Firmament itself heating up in a specific area. It does not spread Strangeness, but it is visible to everyone with any magical ability, including those who are just latently magical. It is also dangerous to inhale a lot of it so you need to either enter the state while you are in a ventilated area, or you need to keep moving - though if you do move, you are more likely to make Noise, which is another byproduct of messing with the Firmament. Imagine if a steam whistle could scream in agony, and you have a pretty good idea of what it sounds like. The caster hears the Noise as if it was in the distance, but everyone else hears it as if it was coming straight from the caster.
And I mean everyone, not limited to just those with magical ability.

To learn more of the Many Mysteries, Chlotsuintha is going to have to get comfortable with using Strange Fever to dip her toes into magic that she would otherwise not be capable of working with yet, as well as mastering the safer, more stable states beyond Strange Fever.

Anyway, I have already posted in the general, so I am going to grab dinner and wait for a tiebreaker. Hopefully we can make the decoy, then have an overnight vote on what to do next.

File: Professor Gorilla.jpg (287 KB, 1136x1600)
287 KB
287 KB JPG
{Previous Thread: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2022/5180270/ }
{Art: Jiro Kuwata}


You stare in shock as Karmak begins looking over dried feces in the cell.

The only thing that matters is the mission. When the Doctors leave I only have so much time before their intelligence leaves me.

You see the dung is shaped into French writing.

*hh* This lab is illegal under Directive 2010/63/EU. Exposing them will lead to an EU crackdown.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Shit, I forgot all this initially happened because of the weapons dealing going on, starting with Nightwing being trained and sent to that auction early on. As long as the weapons get taken off the street, that plot thread will be dealt with. But that's after we finish our business with Raptor and the Doctor, yes?
Locking for Raptor's Revenge with the stated modifications.

The final update will be posted in sections through the weekend and into the week.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.
Thanks for running it!
{Dialouge: Tim Seely. Pencils and Inks:Javier Fernández . Colors: Chris Sotomayor. Letters: Carlos M. Mangual }

I'll help you catch Doctor Cornelius, but not kill him.
That's not an option, 'Wing.
There is always an option. You thought I was special forces, but I'm something different. My partner and I work outside the system, to bring justice when it can't.
Your partner who just pulled a gun on you?
No. My real partner.

You pull out your wrist communicator.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: catalyst upgrade.jpg (195 KB, 401x637)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
{Pencils: Dale Eaglesham. Inks: Art Thiber. Colors: Jeromy Cox}

The air above Castle Cornelius stirs as the Buteo arrives at a private landing strip. Raptor walks out and through a checkpoint attended by two guards.
He comes to an elevator and types in a code. Thick titanium doors open and let him in. The lift descends for a long time, opening in an all-white bunker.

Quoi de neuf, docteur ?

Raptor opens his hands in a sarcastic greeting in front of Dr. Cornelius, who sneers in his chair.

I told you no Baguettefresser talk around me. It's bad enough you don't know Deutsch.
Sorry, Doc, I guess all the crime against humanity had me too busy to learn a fifth language.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 3117.png (431 KB, 1000x800)
431 KB
431 KB PNG
Last time you didn’t really do much. You’re on the date with Chio you prepared yourself for with the help of the original tomato pair, and it’s going pretty pleasantly, except for one tiny little detail…

You’re blind! Someone stole your glasses and you don’t know who!

Everything has turned blurry, then blobby, then back to blurry! Was it the strong emotion of despair that turned your surroundings into such blood-curdling creatures for a moment? Or did something trigger inside the deepest catacombs of your mind that these images of terror rise up from the depths of the void? A glimpse of the unnerving trauma that subconsciously keeps following you to this day?

Or is it just your idiot brain trying to make sense of these indistinct visuals and you not liking the result?

Whatever the answer might be, it doesn’t matter! You can’t continue having a good time in these conditions! You need to find your glasses or else you’re doomed!


The red blur you assume is Chio hasn’t said a word since you lost your vision. Philonune continues to act apologetic, but tells you he might be able to find a way to circumvent your issues if you choose to.

You must weigh your options.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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What about Brimstone Path like Johnny's grandfather.
No, no, we need something CLASSY, like “Vache Heureuse”
Still a Happy Cow, but with so much pretense it would blow away this shitty restaurant
Name it "Better Than The Fat Guy's"
But we serve fish

I like that, what if Johnny's grandpa comes to eat here in this timeline and that's what inspires him to start and name his restaurant as such?

File: Njorun.jpg (961 KB, 1050x1200)
961 KB
961 KB JPG
It's dark. You don't know where you are, and you certainly don't know how you got here. Last thing you remember was hiking out in Zion National Park. The trail got a bit thing in places, and-

[A freak lightning bolt struck the trail and you wound up falling to your death.]

Huh? Where did that voice come from?

Oh, wait, there's light now. Light, and a lady with the biggest bazongas you ever did see giving you an apologetic look that's slowly turning to disgust. Wait, can she read your mind or something? Well how on Earth are you not supposed to notice such a pair of massive mammaries when the chainmail they're hiding behind looks like it's going to burst open?

[Human men are so predictable...] The woman lets out a soft sigh and forces a smile onto her face. [But, since my brother's negligence got you killed, I suppose I can let it fly. Now where are my manners - Greetings, Mortal. I am the Goddess Freyja, who presides over the cycles of life and death.]

You think you read this one before. The next thing she's going to do is apologize for the gods making a mistake that resulted in your death, probably Thor playing around with lightning. Then you'll get reincarnated into some sort of fantasy setting loosely based on the Holy Roman Empire with a cheat power and maybe some gigachad confidence and charisma to build a harem... wait, why is she giggling now? Oh God, she can read your mind, can't she?

[Nothing, it's nothing], the goddess shakes her head, her eyes alight with amusement. [Your assumptions are largely correct. My brother Thor was appalled that his quarrel with Loki resulted in someone's death, and Loki himself thought it might be amusing to try out that particular template. Though he may have... well, you'll find out about that later.]

So you ARE getting a cheat.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Is it? I ran a dialogue-heavy quest and I don't think even the tensest or most emotionally-fraught situation took more than a few days to navigate.

That said, been liking the quest so far, despite misgivings about the level of lewdity.
I meant flaking
Well you ain't wrong there.
Boss, you still alive?

File: Starter.png (3 KB, 350x350)
3 KB
A simulation boots up, stringing together 1s and 0s to form a virtual environment. Within this landscape, several creatures are born, each programmed with their own internal logic, with the intent of interacting with each other and growing from it. These entities each possess a hidden genome that they pass on to offspring, with room for little mutations within. They must eat, flee, and struggle to survive in this landscape, or face extinction. What sort of insights will the simulation's observer gain from watching the little fellas? Well, only time will tell.


Heya! Welcome to my Evogame. It's a game that takes place in a virtual world, thematically based off those Youtube Videos on simulated evolution, such as Primer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZGbIKd0XrM). For those who haven't played before, there's a couple bits of info for this sort of quest:

What's an Evogame?

>An Evogame is a style of game on /qst/ where a few starter creatures are given, and anons make edits to the drawing to represent them changing and gaining traits as the generations go by. It's a sort of Spectulative Evolution/Biology game. For this game, biology is a bit less of a concern, as it's more about behavior and the internal logic of the creatures.

>Evogames typically have events over time to spice them up, like new environmental stimuli, mass extinctions, and other things to shake up and influence how creatures evolve.

For those who play these regularly, it's just the standard fare.

>Don't directly evolve your own creatures/submissions. It's meant to be a collaborative game. Don't evolve the same line too many times in a row either, try to mix it up a bit.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: producer hole.png (8 KB, 256x287)
8 KB
while holes offering protection there is actually very little chance for fruits too end up outside the hole filling up the pit, if a herbivore falls in they will have a good food supply for awhile until they starve too death and planting a new producer in the pit.
File: Producer-B.1.png (7 KB, 250x250)
7 KB
Eking out its existence in the holes, Producer-B.1 reaches a height of 2 tiles to attract herbivores to it that would otherwise be unable to.
File: herbivore 1.png (6 KB, 250x250)
6 KB
extending its body allows this herbivore to glut upon fruit that exists down in holes or a slim chance of survival when trapped in a hole if a producer is adjacent to the edges of the hole
File: carnivore leaper.png (7 KB, 269x258)
7 KB
by freeing up its frontal limbs has allows the predator too hold onto a meat token allowing it too last longer without catching prey
File: herbivore 2.png (15 KB, 1017x347)
15 KB
by creating body segments they have body redundancy where if any body segment is eaten the whole can survive and carry on. one problem is they cannot go backwards due to the simple body segment programming where they just follow the segment in front

File: lumberjack.png (786 KB, 730x615)
786 KB
786 KB PNG
You are Axel the lumberjack. Your town lives under the yoke of a powerful necromancer you never saw and don't even know his name. Every year he sends skeletons to collect tax.

But no more! You made clubs for the town's youth and together you beaten up the goddamn skeletons. You steal their chest filled with silver. After counting it twice you realize it has over two thousand silver coins.

Now the townsfolk are looking for your guidance as their leader.
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Seems like solid ideas.
>7 - The youth caught a taste for warfare. We could likely recruit more brave young people to bolster our ranks.
8 - One of the elders says he remembers the last time someone rebelled. There was a horrible early winter and the crops withered away. Perhaps we should ration grain to make a stockpile.
Recruit and scout
File: Spoiler Image (68 KB, 839x816)
68 KB
This is not enough Citizen ! We need to send all reactionnary forces to the guillotine, and so, we would not need rationning anymore ! Off with the heads of the Tyrants, and the people will be free, equal, and unite around the Fatherland ! The revolution knows no boundaries nor limits !
>1 - Very few people ever left the immediate vicinity of the village, there is a concern about scouting.

There are others under the necromancers yolk, lets free them!

>7 - The youth caught a taste for warfare. We could likely recruit more brave young people to bolster our ranks.

File: Motor world ref 1.jpg (688 KB, 1598x936)
688 KB
688 KB JPG
A long time ago, The world was ruled by wizards, and their schools and cities, Prosperous, And in control of the wider populace of the magically impotent, However, Eventually. A war had broken out, No one knows the cause for certain, But it happened, And the spells of the wizards had destroyed all, Leaving the world a mass desert, With fogs of mystic miasma, which kill and mutate all in their path.

However, Relics of the old world remain, Oddly enough, The inventions of the mundanes, Cars, Motorcycles, Trucks and motorboats, In this ruined world, Who are you?
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we're pretty well locked into transforming into a buick century, but i'll back fire truck. more abilities to use with the ladders and hoses and sirens.
Fuck off back to Bay12, or should I say Gay12?
Now if only the quest contionued

File: dbq.jpg (57 KB, 564x798)
57 KB
Two forces wage an eternal war: order and chaos. The adherents of the first have erected high walls, they call themselves civilized, they bind themselves to each other with ideals like honor, duty and love. The other acknowledges only power, separating those who have it, from those who do not. It is to this you have given your whole allegiance.


>A monstrous insect, the sole surviving queen of a merciless holocaust, seeking now to renew the brood and stand once more at the top of nature's interminable chain
>A man, cast out by his own kind for peering too deep into the places they dared not look, obtaining knowledge they dared not wield. As ever, they hate what they do not understand. And you shall make them fear it too.
>A machine from a distant land, sent to this world for a purpose now forgotten; sustained only by its own ruthless curiosity
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Such is the fate of most such civs, sadly.

All hail Space Monke and Kobold Swamp Survival, the chosen ones!
Can you link those, anon? I'd like to read a full civ quest for once.
Genie also finished all his civs but he ran post apoc.
They're in the catalog, friend.
>6 posts, ~2-3 paragraphs on average and 2 posts per day
>only wrote for a whopping total of three (3) days
>had 32 unique ID's (probably 20-25+ actual players interested)
Couldn't even keep that going? Pathetic. Press S to spit.


File: portrait.png (379 KB, 728x537)
379 KB
379 KB PNG
It was a gloomy dark night in the elf tribe of Akunamadh when their highpriestess Megara bore her first child, a little baby girl she called Talya. The elf sages calculated the horoscopes and determined she was to become a great priestess like her mother.

Talya grew receiving the best education available in her tribe, separated from the other elf kids so she could grow to become a priestess.

This looming fate displeased her. She was angry because she couldn't partake in the same pleasures as the other elves and this anger simmered into resentment.

When she became of age, Tayla decided to leave her mother's tribe and go see the world.

Poorly supplied, Tayla wandered the wilderness until she found a human village.

The humans didn't see elves much, and the village's sages nursed her back to health. They wanted to partake in her wisdom, as elves are well known for having many secrets.

She taught them a thing or two she learned from high priest training. The sages then asked what she wanted from them.

She just want to be trained so she can face the world.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You kill the goblin and the lizard. The gnoll takes time to eat his fill with the lizard flesh and pack some into his warpack.

You keep travelling away from the doomed settlement until you catch sight of a large walled city.

You are well aware the gnoll can't follow you inside, but perhaps you could go in on your own. The gnoll has enough food to last him for awhile, that should not be a big concern.

Still, the risk that your reputation spread all the way here is real. Maybe you could find some dirt to tarnish your distinctive pink hair with, you're likely known only by descriptions of your appearance, so you're not bound to attract too much heat with a more mundane look.

There is also the problem you know nothing about the people that live within those walls. Your time with Gerard taught you that you can learn much about a people by just watching they go about their lives. Maybe it would be wiser to take your time to know their customs better before seeking admitance into their city.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Investigate the walled city further

Finding a vantage spot perched on top of a tree from which to observe the walled city, you and your gnoll companion spend some time watching what is going on inside the city.

It seems to have a thriving market, a very large number of people seem to partake in trade within the walls.

A caravan arrived while you were watching the walled city. It had a little over ten people on two big wagons pulled by oxen. The caravan came from the opposite direction you are coming from.

You decide to watch for another day to see how common exactly are caravans to the city; yet on the second day no caravan arrived. That they don't arrive daily is clear, but you have not managed to discover how often they show up.

Around the walled city there is a fair amount of farmland. It is irrigated by channels and the water source seems to be a stream passing nearby which has been partially channeled into the walled city.

There are two large constructions which dominate the walled city landscape. One is what you think to be a grain silo. The other one is a modest castle, about five stories tall. The castle is taller than the silo, but not by much.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Try to enter city unnoticed
>> Try to enter city unnoticed

File: World Map starts.png (3.58 MB, 1920x1080)
3.58 MB
3.58 MB PNG
The world of Sordengod has gone through many eras and many great civilizations have risen and fallen. Choose one to guide through the remainder of its life, whether it will grow to reach new heights, or waste away as others take what was once yours.
Choose One.
>A tribe of wood elves that just underwent a bloody rebellion near an expanding human empire (Late 2nd Era)
>The skaven survivors of a dwarven purge, escaped to an old abandoned dwarven stronghold (3rd Era)
>Some of the first humans to set foot in the world, crafted from clay (Beginning of the 2nd Era)
>A newly awakened Great Gem of the Crystalids, in the ruins of a high elven city (3rd Era)
>A newborn hivequeen, near the great mountains (Early 1st Era)
>The great coalition of the Bullywog Tribes, at its zenith, after the great dragon Tyrandmor has moved to its swamplands (1st Era)
490 replies and 39 images omitted. Click here to view.
How dare, I'm just busy with finals. When I can make the time I will.

File: henchman.png (1.31 MB, 900x1560)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
Your name is Sean Clayton, aka Gunsmoke, aka Defcon. Last time, you infiltrated a secret police nerve center, spearheaded a daring kidnapping, suffered a devastating betrayal, and have been press-ganged into Task Force X.

Otherwise known as the Suicide Squad.

> Hello everyone, and welcome back to another issue of DC: Henchman Quest! As always, I’m AxisQM. Rules are simple but flexible: 20-40 minutes to vote / roll what I say, rolls count even if you (or I) mess up the modifier, crit successes override, write-ins encouraged. If rolls / votes are slow to come in, I’ll do my best to adjust for it. As always, my eternal thanks to the gigabased anon who came up with our cover art.

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/RwY7nc3S

Link to Previous Thread: http://thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2022/5170625/

Link to Archive: http://thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Henchman
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> Iraq. You know the terrain, you’ve had experience dealing with the locals, and you know what places to avoid. But you’d rather not step foot there ever again.
the devil you know and all that shit.
> Iraq. You know the terrain, you’ve had experience dealing with the locals, and you know what places to avoid. But you’d rather not step foot there ever again.
> Iraq. You know the terrain, you’ve had experience dealing with the locals, and you know what places to avoid. But you’d rather not step foot there ever again.

It's like pottery
>> Iraq. You know the terrain, you’ve had experience dealing with the locals, and you know what places to avoid. But you’d rather not step foot there ever again.
>Iraq. You know the terrain, you’ve had experience dealing with the locals, and you know what places to avoid. But you’d rather not step foot there ever again.
Back into the sandbox we go.

File: Crescent Adventure.png (152 KB, 1067x823)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
Welcome back to Crescent Adventures, a quest based on the 90s Sailor Moon universe. Things can go as that universe went or you can derail it with your actions or ignore it completely to just focus on the problems and issues that affect your character!

I had a hiatus because of Canadian Freedom Convoy family/friend fistfights and the Russian Invasion of Ukraine throwing me off the loop for a while. Also covid but I've mostly recovered from it.

To continue on, our character is Houseki Ruka, a 14 years old girl attending Juuban Middle School whose life has turned upside down with the return of a recurring Dream and strange monsters attacking her fellow classmates. With her newly discovered supernatural powers involving water and her innate sneakiness, she seeks to unravel the mysteries surrounding her.

Like Sailor Moon and Sailor V!

Previously last thread, Ruka sneaked into Juuban Hospital and succeeded in cutting some supernatural flowers off some sleeping ladies. Azul provided great assistance due to his invisible penguin nature to scout the place out.

All 9 flowers are removed and can do no more harm.

Our girl also discovered that there’s a spooky 'thing' wandering the halls of Juuban Central Hospital Ward A, it is no mere tall tale told by her classmate Mizuno Ami. It exists... well, she assumes it exists given the reactions of the nurses. There are real supernatural monsters in this world after all. Ruka has slotted the chances of the 'thing' existing under 'highly probable'.

Escape from the hospital was a little dicier than expected too. Another different spook appeared and started following her as though to attack. Azul amply warned that 'it' was bad news. Our sneaky girl isn't sure exactly how 'it' is part of the evil plot involving those flowers from Midnight Zero but... Ruka is sure there’s a connection.

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> You learn a bit more about Mizuno Ami
>You hear from Tomio an interesting tournament at Heiwa no Mori...
I hope to have a new post/thread on May 13! see you then.
Take care Crescent, see you then
Here is hoping the QM curse won't become extra strong on Friday the 13th

File: Three Houses Quest.jpg (609 KB, 1920x1080)
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You are Blair d’Rusalka. Student at the Garreg Mach Officer’s Academy, Dark Flier, and an Officer of the Black Eagles House. You were sent to the Academy by your guardian, Count Charles d’Rusalka, to undergo training and become a Knight in his service. After attending the White Heron Ball and experiencing your first kiss, what should have been a calm and relaxing end to the school year was turned upside down. Monica, a fellow student at the academy, reveals herself to be in-league with Solon and the same group that attacked Remire Village.

She kidnapped your friends Martha and Xavier and lured you into a trap. After toying with you for days, she left you for dead at the hands of a Demonic Beast. You were saved by the timely intervention of Corrine and Kate, but unfortunately, Monica’s twisted schemes had cost Martha and Xavier their lives.

Returning to the Monastery with vengeance on your mind, you are heartened to hear that Monica’s whereabouts have been located. The traitor is hiding nearby, in a place known as the Sealed Forest. While she’s likely waiting to spring another trap, nothing will stop you from taking her down. You join a strike force of Black Eagles students, led by Professor Byleth, intent on bringing Monica to justice.

Archive: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Three+Houses

>Blair d'Rusalka
>Level 22 Harrier (0/100)
HP: 41 (90%) (+5)
STR: 21(40%)
MAG: 15 (50%)
DEX: 18 (45%) (+1)
SPD: 26 (65%) (+1+)

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>B): Let Felix handicap himself
File: Felix (3).jpg (660 KB, 1920x2967)
660 KB
660 KB JPG
>“If you’d like to drop that shield I certainly won’t stop you. Just don’t go complaining when you lose.” You taunt Felix.

The boy smirks. “Now look who’s being rude. All right then. Let’s begin.”

>Felix Hugo Fraldarius
>Level 25: Swordmaster
>Crest of Fraldarius
HP: 47
STR: 30
DEX: 20
SPD: 30
LCK: 16
DEF: 18

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File: Ingrid.png (378 KB, 800x801)
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378 KB PNG
“Not bad, Blair! Let me take it up a notch!” Felix taunts. The familiar glow that emanates from him signifies the tell-tale sign of Crest activation. He swings at you hard on his counterstrike. Without your “Alert Stance”, you find the attack much harder to parry away, even with your “Swordbreaker.” Felix’s hit lands true, and you are sent flying back hard. The blow, enhanced by the Crest of Fraldarius, hurts badly, but you take solace in the fact that he was unable to critically strike you with his weapon.

>(21 + 10 (Crest of Fraldarius) = 31 Damage! Blair: 12/43 HP)

You roll once, twice, three times before getting back up to your feet, heavily rattled. Instinctively, you go back into your “Alert Stance.” Clearly Felix has gotten better with using that Crest of his. You take the defensive, but Felix does not follow up. Perhaps he’s learned his lesson from the last time he tried to breach through your defensive stances. Instead, he watches you with his guard up, warily. He’s not the only one either. As your head finishes reeling, you’re snapped back into your surroundings. Your bout has attracted the attention of the rest of the students at the Training Ground, who are watching and shouting.

“Take out the common trash, Felix!”

“Knock that smug bastard on his ass, Blair!”

“No way that girl’s gonna win!”

“She’s still standing even without a Crest?”

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>A): Maintain your defensive stance. (60% Chance to Dodge)
As much as I think chugging a fireball in his face would be funny I think the dodge is a more safe option
>B): Catch the boy off guard with a magic attack
His Res is low enough that this just might get him... Plus we get a range advantage.

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