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File: huscarl_op_01.png (843 KB, 1600x1021)
843 KB
843 KB PNG
You are a huscarl: a free man, a brave warrior, and a sworn fighter of your clan's chieftan. By iron, by oak, and by the will of the gods, may you have the courage to stand firm in battle, and someday win yourself a glorious death.
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Thanks for hosting. See ya soon!
Thanks for running!
Thanks for running.
Thanks for running chief! Looking forward to the next heat city nights!
Thanks for the game!

File: anato-finnstark-web-petit.jpg (1.08 MB, 2500x1235)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
This mountain had been the scene of your birth. The small hamlet you once belonged to had straddled two peaks, and was nestled in the flattish bridge, thick with trees, between them. Many memories were sifted through when you pictured this place, and now again as you looked. First you thought of the music. Every night had been coated in music. There wasn’t much for instruments but a few folky, stringed things, and they weren’t so much of consequence. Singing was always the jewel. Your father had one of those notable voices, and it was broad and ached and happily loved rhythm. His efforts to coax out something similar in you didn’t replicate it, but you got an education there. One lesson that was always repeated: these mountains around you, all with similar bridges peak to peak, were musical. Rising and falling was the core of music, he said. Lots you considered now was seen through that lens.

The hamlet wasn’t here anymore, because of a series of bad omens that culminated in the settling of a Witch right next to the homes. Therefore, the folk left, with good faith to the godly thing, and set about finding a new place to live. It was found, nearly identical, somewhere south. It was this Witch you came to see now. A purplish smoke told you where to find her, nearly centered on the ghost of the village. Getting there would take a trip around the mountain, which gave you time to appreciate your childhood.

The mountain was cloaked in trees up to a point, and the trees matched the ease of navigability and slope. All through and around the place sprang out long dormant kinetic memories. An ache to jump and play like old flashed briefly but subsided at your wonder. It had been many years since you’d seen the most notable trees of your lifetime. It must’ve been the soil that fed these giants, as thick as your embrace and far taller than grandest buildings. A climb, in your youth, of just one would have taken a boy an afternoon— boys of vast fascination and experience.
Your path was once a regular thoroughfare of the village, and even today, the undergrowth hadn’t much taken it back. It winded up the mountain, breaking the tree line, and then sloped gently down into the village main. As you reached the apex, with the peak looking very isolated, you found an important artifact. The little shrine was an alcove of arranged loose stones, well fitted, that accentuated the rock niche it occupied. Inscribed on the small, centered tablet were the words,




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Rolled 6 (1d20)

Rolled 20 (1d20)

Real life is kicking my ass. This will be on hiatus for a little while, possibly as long as two weeks.
This wouldn't be as much of an issue if the update wasn't so huge, but on the bright side, after it's out, you will have much more to control and do. That will make the updates smaller and more frequent, which eases my workload a lot.
Thanks for giving my quest attention, it means a lot.
Thanks for running, this thread probably won't last that long though.
I've archived it.

File: Clarity.png (475 KB, 1000x1900)
475 KB
475 KB PNG
By their birth, all men capture
a piece of fate from the gods.
It is man’s duty by deed and bearing
to return their piece in a proud state.
The moment comes when a man must speak
at a crux in all his life.
It is ordained that this be how
gods and men shall hear of him.

Welcome to Clarity, a skirmish knocked together in 24 hours for the Skrimjam, loosely based on Norse mythology. It's a lot like a board game, played on a square-grid map. You and other anons are to take the role of fates laid upon and within a fighting man, and work together to survive his journey to manhood. In time, he will speak you and be bound by his word. Your word.

Skrimjam event thread here: >>4628608

Details to follow.
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Hello all. Unfortunately, I've truly lost all momentum with this game, so I must call it off. I've learned quite a bit about organizing the workload, but encounter design and scope management are still things I am inexperienced with. With the practical experience this session has provided, I now know a little better how to refine Clarity and other games into things that run to completion.

Thank you all for your time and interest, and please enjoy the rest of Skrimjam.
Thanks for running. I'm sad we don't get to finish, of course, but I'm glad the project has taught you some useful things. And I had fun with this.

>Storm Cancelled, all is Stillness.
I had a bit of fun floundering about.
>The waters recede.
Bummer! I still had many things I wanted to try!
But I understand, and I hope what you learned can be useful to you and to your future endeavors. To a next quest!

>The wolves reach
I look forward to seeing what you have in store in the future. imo your style seems more suited for Nation RPs, something much more freeform and creative than just the usual move and kill that Skirmishes have. I enjoyed it though, see you around.

File: Paradox16.png (1.56 MB, 1000x1000)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB PNG
The Grail War continues, and you've found yourself accidentally involved with a vampire-infested town despite that.

You are Shinji Makiri, Ten years ago you suddenly found yourself with the memories of a complete past life that saw this world as a fictional story due to some unprecedented form of inter-dimensional transportation. Since that day, your new composite being has been working to change the grim future laid out for you.

To that end, you have done much, involving yourself with events and situations that have shifted the future away from the one that you once would have faced and instead onto one of uncertainty and chaos.

The Fifth Holy Grail War lies ahead of you, and the challenge and danger it represents to you, the people you care for and the world itself is far greater than you could have ever predicted. Though the grail might be corrupted and the war itself might be a sham, the stakes couldn't be higher.

Archive of Paradox Reincarnator: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Fate/Paradox%20Reincarnator
General Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=WhatIsAQM
Status Menu: https://pastebin.com/LhUfnHD2
Shinji Status Page: https://pastebin.com/UNxStSSQ
My Twitter: https://twitter.com/WhatIsAQM

Last Thread: >>4630905
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>as long as the players and he are on the same page on what the intent and assumed mechanics are
Well, that is exactly the problem. Truth magic is a nice high-tech toy shame that instruction to it comes only in chinese.
I wish QM would take more hands-on approach in that regard and explained to us things related to truth magic more clearly. Especially in those cases when we simply don't have enough information.
Here are some good examples of what I would like to see more >>4641763 >>4641655
>"I want to interrogate them first. Get some answers."
>"I'm thinking of having a subordinate of mine forcibly end their contract of Servant and Master in order for somebody else to take it."

Seriously, we don't need to go full Khorne on them, but taking Ibaraki from her is pretty fair.
Hey QM if there is a tie you can count my vote as
>"I want to interrogate them first. Get some answers."
>"I'm thinking of offering the two of them the chance to join me, after I explain the truth to them."
So we don't waste time on waiting for the tiebreaker.
>"I want to interrogate them first. Get some answers."
>"I'm thinking of offering the two of them the chance to join me, after I explain the truth to them.”

Was too tired to vote last night but this is what I’m votin for. Should also help break the tiebreaker (if there is one)

File: MirandaFanart.png (392 KB, 800x600)
392 KB
392 KB PNG
Sorry I've been away so long. Grandmother died and more bullshit besides. It hasn't been a pleasant start of 2021, but I'm still hopeful. Anywho, let's get back into doing dangerous and morally dubious things for interdimensional currency!

This is not what you’d hoped for. Maybe five or so minutes, possible less until your ride across the ocean is gone for this job of bringing a dark age to this world for a reasonable payday...and you have to deal with some church noticing your...well, you’re not sure what he is, but it’s someone you filched from a hidden base in the Drogan Empire. He hasn’t really done much for you, but with his mana capacity, you’re kinda hoping your investment on him pays off. Meaning you’re not exactly keen on letting him go just now.

Of course, this means that at the moment, you’re trying to argue to a bunch of aquatically-minded religious folk that he’s not exactly up for just getting...taken. “Look, can you not just check him when we get back?! We ARE coming back, you know. I kinda have to." A lie, to be sure, but whatever. They can’t tell that. “You can do all your whatever AFTER we come from the islands.”

“As we said...the choice lies not with you,” the lady responds with a touch of acid. But fine. If they want to play it that way...

“Hey, Fairy Chosen!” you call out. “Remember what I told you, if you want the whole truth, stay with me. I'm close, I’m telling you! It’s just a matter of time." He DOES look at you, and though his face doesn’t much move, you can wager he’s seriously considering the issue…

“To return to the darkness if one is so close to the light is expected. The fear that the light may burn.” Hmph. Well shi- “But for those who continue, they may find it pleasant.”

He turns away, back to you, and the priestess’s face is a perfect ‘o’ of surprise.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Have a sit by the Storyteller’s Circle. See if they say anything interesting.
>Have a sit by the Storyteller’s Circle. See if they say anything interesting.
what >>4659343 said, they might contain intel.
>Have a sit by the Storyteller’s Circle. See if they say anything interesting.
File: The singing creature.png (98 KB, 1577x563)
98 KB
>“Nestland Island?” you find yourself asking.

>“One o’ the islands in Baku, o’ course. Furthest south, and a nasty place fer most folk. Beasties there are stronger an’ more dangerous than most. Some folks say it’s where the last o’ the old, primordial beasts back in the day live. If you’re ta find anything, it’d be there.”

so, what are the chances of encountering the singing creature from the tale we read in Gran Torun's library?
Also, if the fairy boy's boost is comparable to Seither then we can use it to enhance our gauntlets' restoration spell and repair our clockwork turret. And there's also a mysterious green orb with a crack in it that we've picked up in that Drogan Grand Fortress, might fix it as well.

Snickers Dickerson has recently become an adept Roboticist, working on the cutting edge of science and reason. However, he has also died once and was transformed into a robot. Will he catch a break in the next space station, Bud Light Station.

McSnickers Dickerson was an ordinary man who once had a career as a Clown. Now, as a worker in Nanotrasen, he aims to advance the field of robotics and bring about the future of augmentations. However, it should also be known that McSnickers has already caused a station to be evacuated. Now, what will happen when the Crew is stupid and the Traitors much more dangerous?

McSnickers Dickerson
Standard Skills
Social Skills
>Authority: 10
>Fellowship: 50
>Conspiracy: 25

Intellectual Skills
>Technology: 40
>Machines: 10
>Atmospherics: 0

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Badmin%20QM thread archived, time to shill my dudes
Don’t forget to vote
Where are you my dude ?
School, work, actually making the update now.
New Thread, sorry for the wait

File: deerman.jpg (29 KB, 225x350)
29 KB
Sorry for the hiatus, previous thread and character sheet can be found here:

The three of you stand around in a triangle on the rooftop of the Academy for a moment while contemplating your options before you break the silence with;

“Hyūga… if I may ask, have you awakened your Byakūgan?” Tokuma’s milk-white eyed raise in confusion.

“ ‘Awaken’ ?”

“Yeah, have you awakened it?”

“No…? We are born with the Byakūgan.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Like you neckbeards are entitled to a qst thread. Eat some tendies while you wait and play with your toys.
Why so hostile, anon?
File: 1612648482617.jpg (69 KB, 669x696)
69 KB
You have no clue how delighted to see this quest die.
Nah anon is right, this QM is a total flake. Makes a thread and updates it what, 3 times over the course of a month? Story goes nowhere, he obviously has nothing planned and chokes when people pick choices. Waste of time
Hey. Since QM is a sham who clearly doesn’t actually give a shit about his quest. I have a suggestion. Why doesn’t somebody else take the reigns? Because I must admit the concept has potential. It just needs a good QM.

File: The_Question_Mark.jpg (43 KB, 593x630)
43 KB
Welcome to the Amateur Superhero Sessions.

After returning to your parent's home due to a string of petty failures in life you've discovered you have a super power. At the precious age of 27 someone more confident in life has had the wise idea and enrolled you into a program specifically designed for people in your position.

Jobless, penniless, tomorrow you will be attending the Amateur Supervillain Sessions, an initiative designed to support adults with super powers and to help them integrate into the community. You will be assisting everyday people, including the most vulnerable, with their daily tasks and chores in your city. At the end of the scheme you will receive a professional career reference in order to help you return to work. Whilst on this scheme you will receive income support as well as required super power training and instruction from certified professionals.

Naturally you're hesitant about your first day. Doubly so with your power, because as usual it's something in life which makes you want to blush...

Superpower: Catering Wrap - You can control various forms of kitchen and catering wrapping materials from moderate distances.
>You may bend kitchen foil, cling film, twine, and grease proof paper to your will
>You may allow spirits of the recently deceased within the vicinity to inhabit any shape the wrap takes (up to three total)
>You can 'feel' and sense things through the wrapping material.

Superpower: Phone Booster - You can amplify and control radio waves emitted from mobile phone masts on the electromagnetic spectrum. You cannot understand how other people feel and do not respond well in social interactions.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Any tips?

You play these fools at their own game. Working your way around an imaginary corridor you pretend you're in your own home. Suddenly everything becomes a bit more real. In your minds eye the room is flooded with smoke and fire burns along the wall. Quivering and unsure you stand fixated at something others probably can't see; if they can, you're in trouble without knowing it.

You snap back to attention and are stiff all over. The pretense is gone and you're making your way to the victims. You slap one of the group members across the face, recoiling at your harder than necessary hand. You smile and begin to drag them across the unvarnished wooden floor; one of them picks up a splinter. The Captain claps you on the back and the group members cheer.

You never noticed the sun shining through the roof panes, but there it is bright as ever. Maybe you're cut out for this superhero thing after all.

I'm done with this, thanks guys.

Sorry, that wasn't a comment on the quest. It was OK so far.
Just for now? I enjoyed it while it lasted if not
Oh it was a bit short but thanks for running
Ty man

File: evangeliontitlecard.jpg (66 KB, 1364x586)
66 KB
In the closing year of the 20th Century, a meteor suddenly hit the South Pole at near-light speeds, vaporizing Antarctica and knocking the planet off of its axis.

As a result, sea levels rose, ethnic conflicts spiraled out of control and limited nuclear warfare ensued. By the time the Valentine’s Day Treaty was signed in the year 2002, half of humanity had been killed.

A terrible tragedy sparked by sheer coincidence.

Or at least that’s what they, or rather the United Nations Security Council, would tell you.

You see, the true cause behind the Second Impact was not a wandering meteor but instead the arrogance of man. Buried deep within the perma-frost of the South Pole was a being unlike anything ever seen before, and humankind attempted to harness its power.

As a result, Second Impact occurred, awakening a host of beings that wish for nothing more than humanity’s destruction.

That is why the special organization NERV exists; to combat the angels wherever they come.

Indeed, that is also why you, an employee of NERV, are here.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
50 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.

[ ] Make a call to your employers. They must want to hear whether you made it in or not.
[ ] Go seeking out a shop that sells sheet music.
Please don't pull an Anno and delay the next part forever
[x] Explore NERV-HQ. It would be best to familiarize yourself with the workplace.
[x] Walk around the city. You’d like to meet more of the Lilin. They are quite the species.
[x] Explore the government-assigned housing.
i guess we will never again get a good Evangelion quest

File: OP Pic.png (17 KB, 800x500)
17 KB
>Driven by MS Paint, opening choices to follow.
184 replies and 56 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Lucacrushedskull.jpg (495 KB, 750x1200)
495 KB
495 KB JPG
>they cant hit us if hitting us hits them
Fund it
I'll give my vote to this since its cool and the sooner we decide what we're spending these on the better
I reckon something like a power negation aura would be the way to go with our leftover points.
We have the skill to gank mundanes all day but we're fucked hard against anyone with something more esoteric like energy beams or mind control.
I want to believe this quest will come back
Looks like we ain't gonna get it back anon...

File: 84.png (1.91 MB, 1832x2510)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB PNG
“Hey, senpai! Order up!” The barrel-chested waiter exclaims, raising his hand in a mock call. A few waiters and waitresses crowd your booth.
“Family burger tastes best with family!” A pair of waitresses declare, flanking him. “Mom and dad’s favorite family burger!”


“And the star of the show, a kickin’ beef..!” The lead waiter clenches his hands in excitement.
“Patty!” A burger-headed man tops the show with a meaty punch.

“Here’s your four supersized family burger, three large fries, and large coke..!” A smiley waiter sets the vast breakfast at your table, clearly struggling to balance the shrine to gluttony on the minuscule serving tray.

“Oooooh! Wow!” The mushroom fiend exclaims, her expression lighting up at the whimsical amusement. She claps her hands in excitement. “Amazing! They did a dance, Onishima!”
“Mmmm. They did.” You sigh. At least the dance alleviated some of the cramp in your wallet. “You seriously dragged me out at 8 AM for burgers?”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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My guess, this devil man is acting like a vigilante. Living a normal life during the day, and slaying devils by night
File: 139.png (1.57 MB, 1832x2510)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB PNG

>Hokkaido Asahikawa Kita High School. Have we been there already? If not then we can use this opportunity to pose as Heart's puppet's relative. We could visit her, she would show us around the school during lunch and Meta could use her nose to sniff out the devil.

"Right. So.. you could use your puppet-"
"My big sister." She corrects you.
"..Your 'big sister' to get my into the school. I pose as a relative and you could 'show us around the school' during lunch." You plan aloud. "Meta can use her nose to sniff out the devil man."
"Well, that could work. You'll have to wait a couple of days, though, since I skipped school today and we don't have school tomorrow." Heart responds, staring up at the ceiling. "If you come to Kita on Monday, I can probably pull it off. You'll have to do it quick, though. Even if your fiend does look human, it probably won't be too long before people start asking questions."
"Alright." You can't help but feel a bit nervous, admittedly. A human that can turn into a devil.. "I'll come to meet you outside the gate then."
"It's a date." Heart smiles.
File: muchroom for mushroom.png (9 KB, 553x326)
9 KB
Going to call the thread here!

Devils cycle between the two worlds. When a devil dies on Earth, it reincarnates in Hell, and when it dies in Hell, it reincarnates on Earth. It takes on a different form when it reincarnates.

As for contracts, it can vary. In the manga, Public Safety Bureau seem to have a secret location that acts like a "prison" for devils from which Public Safety Hunters can get contracts from. The Future Devil was seen there and its implied that the bureau has other "friendly" devils there like the Fox Devil, the Ghost Devil, and the Mold Devil that many Public Safety Hunters utilize. For Private Devil Hunters, its not really expanded on, but they seem to find devils themselves and make contracts independently, like Yoshida with the Octopus Devil or Sawatari with the Snake Devil.
See >>4644094
PSB keeps some cooperative devils around to make contracts with employees. Fox is one. Don't think they had Ghost, but people in the manga had contracts with Ghost. Thirteen did not appear in the manga.

Like OP said, devils are immortal in the sense that as long as humans feel even a little fear towards them, they'll exist (I think). Dying means they reincarnate in the other realm, and reincarnating is the full deal of being reborn no memories new personality etc. Notably there are primordial devils, such as Darkness, who have never been defeated and thus never left Hell. Strongest being to appear in the manga, very big deal, apparently who chicken man somehow has a contract with which is why people are freaking out. You'd have to go to Hell as a human to get that contract in the first place.
bewbs go bouncy bouncy

File: Rulesheet.png (686 KB, 1800x3200)
686 KB
686 KB PNG
> What is this.
Skirmishes are cooperative roleplaying games that are generally combat focused and anchored with a definite ruleset. That is what this is.

>Why are you running it
I am participating in an event called SkirmJam, in which GMs create and run skirmishes. Jotunheim is my entry.

> What's this skirmish about?
The image opening this thread contains a brief rundown of essential information pertaining to the game. Basically, your employers have lost contact with one of their research facilities. They have hired you to investigate the situation, and either resolve the problem or return to them with a comprehensive report. Solving mysteries and narrative intrigue is a major focus of this game, so more details will be uncovered as you play.

> How do I play?
Make post with the following template.
You will need to choose a name.
You will need to distribute 5 points into any Attributes of your choosing.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
228 replies and 89 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: T17P03.png (111 KB, 1800x1029)
111 KB
111 KB PNG

Fluorescent light spills out from the thresholds of the breakroom and bathrooms into the empty corridor causing the daunting ambiance which had settled over you to wane ever so slightly. Above you, the sound of fans steadily churning, cycling in warm air, gradually melds into the natural background noise of the station. Basking in the manufactured warmth , you continue monitoring your surroundings.
[Perception]: Tubes of glass loom overhead, grey and dead. Evidently, the hallway light fixtures seem to have burnt out at some point.
In the storage warehouse, several spotlight lamps cast wide blinding beams down upon and around the hulk of the frieght elevator. Stepping into the light, you wander up to the stack of papers attached to the crate. They appear to be a compiled shipping manifest dating back several months. Flipping through the pages, they detail deliveries of basic necessities, specialized electronic components, and industrial-grade coolants. However, several high priority orders stand out, these orders record that deliveries for purified samples of Nobelium, Lawrencium and Curium were received periodically over the past two months.
( 3d6+{1d6}+0 v 5d6 // 14+{5}+0 v 18 // SUCCESS)
[Erudition]: Nobelium, Lawrencium, and Curium are synthetic transuranic elements. All of which are extraordinarily unstable and will rapidly undergo radioactive decay if left unattended. The costs involved in synthesizing and then suspending these elements in an inert state would be considerable.

You turn away from the crate and pinch the bridge of your nose, roughly three hours have passed since arriving here and the wear is beginning to add up. From the hallway, Hartlocke enters the room and begins surveying the various stacks of crates and eyeing the elevator. Hopping atop a crate, you take a moment to relax and recenter yourself.
> <Tension> reduced from 2 to 1.

( 3 of 6 AP used, 0 over half // {1d6} v 0d6 // {1} v 0 // SUCCESS )
[Volition]: On and on your neuro-magical thought engine whirs, an absurd factory of connections and lightning, throwing out ideas with mechanical alacrity. The wear-and-tear is negligible for now.
> <Tension> remains unchanged.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: T17P04.png (969 KB, 1800x2171)
969 KB
969 KB PNG

Maneuvering around the generator, you snatch up the ice pick and open the toolbox.
[Coordination]: The tool box’s lid has a folding design which cleverly conceals two separate compartments
[Perception]: Peeking inside, you find an assortment of loose screws and bolts, a couple screwdrivers, a small wrench, some pliers, and a spool of electrical wire.
> Gain (Toolbox)
> Gain (Icepick)

You perform a few dozen jumping jacks, warming your body and getting your blood pumping.
[Imagination]: Your motions are captured and bent by the overhead light, forming erratic and sinister shapes which scurry and spasm across the walls and floor.
> <Chill> is reduced from 6 to 5.

( 4 of 4 AP used, 2 over half // {2d6} v 2d6 // {9} v 8 // SUCCESS )
[Volition]: On and on your neuro-magical thought engine whirs, an absurd factory of connections and lightning, throwing out ideas with mechanical alacrity. The wear-and-tear is negligible for now.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: T17P07.png (111 KB, 1800x1029)
111 KB
111 KB PNG

Picking up the pace, you proceed down the corridor, striding over pools of light, flowing out from open doorways and languishing upon the metal tiling. Despite the menacing boom of the sirens you feel refreshed, the gradual warming of the surrounding air not going unnoticed by your aching body. Eventually, you reach the corridor’s end and emerge out into a large warehouse, packed with crates and other miscellaneous containers. At the epicenter of this disarray perches a large elevator platform.
[Composure]: The lights employed in this room are quite harsh, and you are forced to momentarily shield your eyes as they adjust to the intensified luminosity.
[Perception]: Glowing with affirmative green hue, a light on the elevator’s control panel slowly flashes.
You spot Gudmundur resting upon a crate, half-heartedly leafing through a stack of documents. Glancing up at you then to your bandaged shoulder before nodding with sympathetic acknowledgement, then returns to what he was doing.

You level your sidearm at the lengthy passage you just passed through and settle into position. Between Gudmundur watching your back, and the narrow point of entry, you are fairly confident that you have the situation well under control
[Imagination]: Unless one of those things are in this room right now, amidst the crates. Lurking, waiting for the perfect moment to strike when your guard is down.
[Perception]: There are dangerous things here, but none of them can harm you of their own volition.
[Shivers]: Doom hangs above your brow like a crown of thorns. The pipes beneath your feet moan and carry strange echoes.

( 4 of 5 AP used, 1 over half // {2d6} v 1d6 // {7} v 6 // SUCCEED )
[Volition]: On and on your neuro-magical thought engine whirs, an absurd factory of connections and lightning, throwing out ideas with mechanical alacrity. The wear-and-tear is negligible for now.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: T17Overview.png (1.05 MB, 1800x3200)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
You may now post actions.
Next turn will go live in roughly 24 hours.
>4ap: Transport the barely alive guy to the company vehicle.

[Physique] : (8)
{Fitness} : 2
{Endurance} : 2
{Strength} : 2
[Motorics] : (6)
{Coordination} : 2
[Psyche] : (4)
{Volition} : 2
{Authority}: 0
{Empathy} : 0
[Intellect] : (5)

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The first thread : http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/4591534/

The Master of Archer sleeps. And in sleep, he finds dreams, again.

Of a beautiful world, where evil - real evil - cannot go. Of a dream, perfect and ephemeral, where friends are made in battle and misunderstandings are forgiven. It is a thing of such beauty that he dreams of - of friends meeting under sakura blossoms, of the warmth of a bonfire late at night, of the comfort of company tyou truly trust, admire, and understand.

It is beautiful because it has been missing from his life. It is something he never truly had. To be a magus is to be alone - to work and toil with partnerships, not friends, with transactions, not favors or gifts. It is a life of practicality, perfection, blood, and cold, remorseless death. Where even success - the greatest success of all - is to be jailed forever by an archivist just like himself, to be studied.

That bright dream of a night in a festival, surrounded by friends, hurts him like bright light upon awakening. The envy that surrounds it is so thick as to be solid. For a moment, a glimmer of sad scorn tips his tongue, but just as fast, it is destroyed.

And thus the Master dreams still, while his Archer rides to war.


I'm not happy about this in the slightest.

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>Screw finding the mage kid. Barrel for Solomon.
>Screw finding the mage kid. Barrel for Solomon.
>Screw finding the mage kid. Barrel for Solomon.

>"I think it's a dragon, ze." she says without much concern. " 's red? Oh, I think maybe it spotted us! 'S a Rider, Master, I can see some guy on its back, like! Not much detail, though."
>"Naw, probably fiction grail. Still, never good to underestimate a dragon."
>Someone summoned Caim
Oh fuck.
Well, at least his Master will end up fucked too.
>Screw finding the mage kid. Barrel for Solomon.

File: 186.13.06.jpg (57 KB, 600x338)
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Location: Iceland

Coordinates: 32* 27'S, 70* 40'W
Time: 1200
Attached to the documents are the plans of attack. Mission is to secure an embassy built for Hanse. Intelligence uncovered a plot to kidnap a visiting ambassador who is secretly a researcher. Callsign Paleo. Other ambassadors are presumed dead, the ones that escaped noted enemy state suit pilots entering the embassy and demanding Dr. Paleo before executing those stationed there. Unknown amount of assailants, witnesses counted at least 8 enemy suit users, one medium and one heavy confirmed. The facility has two safe rooms where Dr. Paleo is presumed to be hiding, one is on the ground floor at the heart of the facility, behind a knox styled vault. The other is underground in another vault, access is in the embassy garage. Mission is to neutralize enemy suit users and recover Dr. Paleo as well as find other survivors.

>>This is OOC
"This is chat"
This is actions

Those who have previously reserved post suit builds. Chat is in discord.
Okay, link to the discord?

You are a captain of the west kingdom, it has been told to you to go and clear the dragons cave north from the capital city, arround 150 miles.

You were given
10 archers with rudimentary bows and no protection
10 pikeman with lether armor
A small wagon with provitions for 10days
1 horse which is pulling the cart
You currently wear the plate armor your grand father left behind before he died.

Reglamentary sword hangs on your belt.

Still on the capital

Next post decides what to do.
this is my computer
Pull up the backgrounds and appraisals of each warrior, put it together with our own, and see what this group has to work with, since it’s all we’ve got apparently.
Requisition any compiler reports or information regarding the dragon, its cave, & the surrounding area.
If there’s a town within 10 days travel on the way to the cave, then Start marching.
If there isn’t, start marching anyway.
Wow, the king must fucking hate us if this is all he gave us to work with.
File: 1.jpg (98 KB, 746x516)
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Out of the ten pikeman you can only recognize three destacable individuals.

[Philip Tea Bag]
Philip has become popular by drinking in excess and public nudity, always getting into fights. Despite of all this, there was no one that can match his sword abilities, so his brothers in arms made sure of his company removal. Maybe that's the reason he ended up in this company, as a pikeman.

[Edmond Nut Liker]
He is an old priest who got kicked out of his hometown church for lick frogs from the church backyard pond, he's always trying to find ways to disconnect from reality. Hi's trajectory in the army has been short but gave him enough time to win the appraisal of his mates, by winning the contest of 'Who can eat more shit and not puke' in which many said he was drugged the whole time. His combat abilities lack the proper training, no one knows how he ended the basic military training. Worthless in combat but sometimes will toss a joke and increase moral.

[Bower The Mace]
Bower seems to be a regular soldier at first glance, but if seen in battle you can say you don't want to fight against him. Fast, strong and smart. His combat style has been two maces since he was a child who could bear them. His chest look grotesque in comparison with the pike he is wielding. This thick fellow recently had a fight with his superior and the captain ended without eyes and fingers, strangled to death. Many said he was guilty, but no one could prove it.

[Dragons Cave Information]
Their lair is on the south east region, beyond the empire realm. The empire ends his control right where the mountain lies. Many people say there is a hidden passage but the only know one is the reach. Some how, an area of 3 miles of plain divides the two kingdoms leaving it as neutral zone. Beyond the reach, the mighty old forest stands up. Some how growing every day an inch, making it the perfect place for a dragon nest to appear. Old town doesn't seem warned of the threat that this nest provokes for their citizens. Your first plan should be hiding your men's during the trip on their lands, and a horse...

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Philip Tea Bag sounds like quite a good fellow.
Anyways, we start marching north

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