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[We are glad to announce the 247th Armature Punch Out League Finals! As you all know these 2 fighters have fought long and hard over the course of...]

I tuned out the fake cheerful voice of the hologram announcer just focusing on my inner fire to center myself as I breathed in and out as it flickered it sent waves of power through my body. Nobody really gave much of a crap about armature league in the grand scheme of things. All that mattered was giving a good enough showing here to get a ticket to go professional.

Opening my eyes I glanced at the relatively packed crowd gathered for the finals. Vast majority of them where proper Barians like me their varied horns showing their personal pride to all others to see. The rest of the crowd was an odd mix of other races both bipedal like Barians and not. Tourists from the greater galaxy but even amongst that exotic mix Treeans the plant based people and our closest neighbors stood out to me in particular. Their hair with flowers growing in them were nice to look at.

I did not get long to admire them as the holographic announcer was nearing the end of her programmed routine. [Now lets welcome our first finalist the Beast of Yuba University Hayden!] Turning back my attention to the fighting ring my opponent entered the ring. They were a big figure with sun tanned brow skin well defined musculature and bigger than average size horns. Intimidating figure that would strike fear to be sure... That is if I had not gone to a charity event hosted by him in the past. Hayden actually was a softy deep down for how little it helped me in the ring.

[Facing Hayden is the wild card of the league Chai!] While I was making my way up to the ring I was receiving way less cheers than Hyden. That was my own fault really early on in the season I made a foolish mistake and my public image has not recovered since. To be honest it was a miracle in the eyes of many that I had made it to the finals. I could not blame them for their lack of faith.

Hyden gave me the customary greeting clapping his hands together. "May the better fighter win." By the small smirk he clearly believed that he was the best fighter.

"Yes let the best son of Bar win." As son as I said that the signal for the fight to start was given along with the flash of the transparent force field to ensure the safety of spectators going up.

>Flare up your Iner Fire and give it your all from the get go.

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Oh well... Looks like nobody is intrested.
If there is no votes tomorow Im scraping this.
>find a quest I'm interested in
>it's scrapped
(if this gets somehow revived, then Agree)

File: aeala.gif (19 KB, 228x412)
19 KB
You, a humble human being, have died. But instead of being sent to the afterlife, your soul has reincarnated into the body of a race of immortal superbeings who possess godlike creative power. They are tasked with the creation of worlds.

The only difference is that they prefer to remain aloof from the grand scheme of things, and that they are of a childlike nature creating universes with as much gravitas as a child building houses from Legos. Thus, they prefer to let other beings take on the role of gods in the worlds they make.

But you were human. And your simian drive lives on. You know this, even as you rise from a basin of metallic liquid into a sweeping palace of pearl and rose gold. Dozens of newly reincarnated beings like the one in pic related gawk about at their opulent surroundings.

You are seeking out a mentor.

> Aealacreatranada, a gentle and curious creatrix who prefers to craft her scientific, consistent universes from the ground up. She is not too hard on her sophonts, always giving them a chance.
> Talaranerakolisa, a doting creatrix who's very fond of creating cartoony and whimsical universes whose tenuous laws can be bent by passionate souls.
> Yaromarekoredra, an energetic former earthling like you who likes to get right into the nitty gritty, slapping on sophonts the moment an ecosystem starts to function. Prefers to see what happens when very different things are mashed together.
> Areamashivaloka, a former earthling who creates universes solely to revel in violence. He has very vivid memories of his past life, and thus the laws of his universes are derived from the media he consumed there, especially video games.
> You have no need for a mentor. Step out into the fertile void alone.
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File: multiverse.jpg (126 KB, 734x969)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
You've chosen Mundis. An empty void floats around and before you, yet it has clearly defined boundaries. Unlike the Mundis 2900 Mundis in which you lived your past life, it's not doomed to dissipate into a horrific heat death. Instead, the vacuum is more contained. Far smaller, too.

It doesn't explode into existence, cooling out into worlds. You look back in time, and see that your cosmos has always been, and always will be. Merely by thinking about it, you have altered the past, all the pasts, to suit your will. Incredible.

The way you folded up hyperdimensional geometry ensures that when something travels too far in one direction, it will come back through the other end.

Right now, there is nothing but gentle energy distributed evenly across the finite expanse. Entropy is about the same as Earth's universe. When things fall apart, it keeps breaking apart at a normal pace. Also, to keep things easier, you kept the same number of dimensions in this cosmos like the one in your homeworld. You won't be going too extreme first time around.

Part of you wants to make something that feels close to home, while the other makes you want to go balls to the wall. As of now, your cosmos is...

> Mundis [Unnamed] D(4) H(ss/fb) S(p) E(m)

Right! Time for the hard part. The cosmic laws. Since it's Mundis, it consists of blobs of matter existing in a dark, cold void. Back in your home cosmos, it consisted of planets, which constituted worlds, and stars, which were the energy source. These were both maintained by the law of gravity, which pulled these planets roughly into the shape of a ball.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: tsh328 (1).png (24 KB, 150x150)
24 KB
So basically, you can specify what the

> Worlds
Are like.

And you can have a separate or integrated

> Energy Source
Like suns or veils.

And the relationship between the two of them. For example, geocentric worlds operating on gravity would have essentially the same relationship as the planets have with stars on our world, only that the spatial positions are reversed.

I'm excited to see what you guys come up with. Just mix shit up, it doesn't even have to make scientific sense, or any sense at all. In fact, this is your world. Here, you are the one who determines the rules of science.
There aren't many examples, but this is perhaps the best example for a multiversal catalogue entry. Perhaps when we're done I might even create a much shittier one for this cosmos.
File: tryslmaistan.gif (36 KB, 640x286)
36 KB
Oh fuck it, I forgot to post the image. Here it is:
>I actually remember reading unicorn jelly a long time ago. The world was pretty interesting.
Yeah, she can definitely make some interesting worlds. The problem is, like, everything else.

File: argonaut.jpg (432 KB, 1600x769)
432 KB
432 KB JPG
This is a prologue quest for a civ that I will run after summer, as well as a revival of an old civ that I had to abandon because of family matters. It will run up until June and then be resumed in August/September.
You will take control of a fledgling city-state colony and act as its ruler. As in any civ you will attempt to guide your civilization to greatness all while role-playing as its ruling dynasty.

It is the golden age of your people. The Amerian city-states have all reached the pinnacle of culture and economics - at least as far as you are concerned, now they have called upon their most brave and industrious citizens to take to the sea and form the "emporión's" that will ensure that the metropolis will have their trade-related needs met and finally allow them to crush their neighboring rivals! Will you serve them truly or break away and form your own glorious destiny?
27 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
A take-over at this stage would require a more established military, not that you would nescessary need to fight any pitched battles but you would however need a strong military presence to cower the indigenous people under you. Diplomacy and/or cultural assimilation is something that takes many decades to take effect.
>Improve the food situation.
>Calmly and peacefully continue our domination of the island

>I.Diplomacy & war

This past year has been good to your farmers, the seasons have been predictable with good weather and more than enough rain; as your farmlands slowly expand and your herds grow the people of Semera have been kept busy trying to store the surplus of food. Several smokers have been built and the sausage-makers and butchers of the city are constantly at work expanding on your stores of preserved meats. A new granary has been built as well and was soon starting to fill up with cereals.

By offering a small cut of the profits to the elites of Masqah you have been allowed to set up a trading post there, surely the refined wares that your men will bring into the centre of the local culture will prove your superiority. Your industrious subjects have also been continuing to settle the hinterland; While many natives would eagerly marry off a daughter or two to your people to get closer to the riches you’ve promised them - discontent is brewing among others. One native clan in particular, the Alamunids, has started to openly harass your settlers and merchants as well as agitating for an uprising against you.

Year 103
>>Population: ca. 1120
>>Food: 7/10
>>Goods & Resources: 1/10
>>Wealth: 2/10
>>Morale: 7/10

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Train a militia
>Construction: Clothmakers.
Train a militia unit to punish the Alamunids
>F.Exploration & colonization
Prospect for valuable minerals. The island is mostly cliffs and rocks, right? They have to contain something.

File: great power.jpg (187 KB, 800x443)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
New Year's Eve

And I have a lot of work to do. For a start I have a gang war to orchestrate. For a second I have a party to get to.

I'd told Dad the truth, or at least part of the truth, the other night. I'd confessed to being Hotspur, the masked vigilante all over the news. I'd told him some of what I'd been up to. But I had left out a few select details. I didn't need him stressing out, or stressing me out with his anxious worrying. Home had been a place to ditch the mask and go back to being normal, now it was just another part of my life taken over by my costumed identity and everything that went with it.

Let's start with the gang war.

I have in my possession a strange alien artifact a lot of very dangerous people had spent a lot of blood and money trying to acquire. To get myself and my allies out of a no win situation I'd promised to give it over to the black site operation running experiments on prisoners afflicted by the Chicago Explosion.

I'd promised a trade off at Indiana Harbor at noon on New Year's Day. Tomorrow.

I'd also planned to invite the other players. The Midwest Cartel, the Outfit, Stunt Crew MC and anyone else interested, along with my own crew of para-freaks just to keep it interesting. Coming heavy to the OK Corral.

It was a lot to organize, which meant meeting with various criminal sorts and setting the bait. I'd already organized a crew of para-folk, with Thunderchild's help. Now it was time to make sure the other gangs crashed the party.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1501914804741.jpg (205 KB, 600x691)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
Good night, fucker. You non virgin.
Please prioritize yourself my man

I don't want this quest to end but if it is then I just wanna let you know that I had fun and that this quest is really something special
Big shout out to bullpen for the rare successful OC quest. Best quest on the board right now hands down. We all appreciate it man. Take as long as you need to get back to 100% after your sexual arm bar or whatever and I guarantee we'll all be patiently waiting for the next thread.
if it helps I have no intention of dropping the quest

File: tower.jpg (73 KB, 564x797)
73 KB
Dusk has fallen. A light rain, almost like mist, falls gently from the troubled skies. Of the dozen or so goblin squatters you encountered, four lie dead in various spots about you. The others have fled and of those, you've wounded at least three. The lizardman--an odd choice of leadership for the goblinoids--was among them, but his natural regenerative abilities are sure to remedy his injuries soon enough.

Thunder rumbles in the distance and the rain begins to pick up speed, washing away the goblin blood from the steps and stones. The running water rouses one of the goblins--three dead, then--inspiring him to crawl slowly over the boulders and onto the grassy plain below. You pay him no heed. The fight exhausted you more than you expected and you need a chance to catch your breath. The goblin will not get very far with wounds that severe anyway.

Your body is aching for rest. Four days of ceaseless travel, driving ever deeper into wilderness will tire even the stoutest barbarian. Having enjoyed the comforts of civilized society for most your life, your prospects were grim to start.

Thank the gods for this tower. You know not what madness compelled its master to construct it here, but it serves--and will serve--you well. It will need repair of course. The walls are cracked everywhere, the stairs are crumbling like dry bread, there is a gaping hole in the wall near the roof where the rain and wind find free passage, and the whole place smells faintly of rotten fruit--but the potential is there.

Your stomach rumbles. A meal and a full night's rest would do wonders, but your curiosity compels you to explore the small tower. Or, given the possibility of the lizardman's return--likely with reinforcements--it may be more prudent to prepare some defenses.

You decide to...

>take your meal and settle in for the night

>head up the stairs and explore the rooms of the tower

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>you will stand in the front lines to lead the tribals personally--to hopefully bolster their moral and mitigate their apparent terror as well as to handle the Lizardman with your handgonne.
N.B You have 5/6 Ammo (an abstract measure). Using the enchanted ammo decreases the Ammo by 1. Ammo will be difficult to find in the wilderness, so use sparingly.

For mass combat, we'll be splitting forces into units of 6 and then adding up HD for the dice roll. Tribals have 1 HD so each unit rolls d6 (and you have 4 units). Goblins are also 1HD. I'll do a contested roll to determine casualties for each unit (given by the difference). If units have advantage (terrain, numbers, etc), I roll twice and take the highest.
>>you will stand in the front lines to lead the tribals personally--to hopefully bolster their moral and mitigate their apparent terror as well as to handle the Lizardman with your handgonne.
We can lead from the front, but have the children with bows use any firing positions in the tower while the rest amass at the entrance.
Is this a tower defense game in text form?

File: advquest.png (7 KB, 1000x500)
7 KB
This is a quest where you earn a living as an adventurer, powered by ms paint and my fleeting interest in qming. Want to try my hand at running in sessions, the first one will begin tomorrow at around 16:00 UTC.

You are a minor noble belonging to a house down on its luck. With your father's death, you've inherited a massive debt, a consequence of his lavish, wasteful lifestyle, and a destitute estate. Auctioning off the latter has allowed you to deal with financial problems, but left you with little to your name besides a horse and your trusty...

>... sword. You have spent your youth honing combat skills with the soldiers, and managed to become quite an adept fighter.
>... bow. You have spent your youth hunting and picking herbs with the common folk, and managed to become quite an adept ranger.
>... magical staff. You have spent your youth studying in the library, and managed to become quite an adept wizard.
Note: this only establishes your initial abilities, you can improve in other fields of knowledge as you progress in the quest.

After a year of menial employment, you've decided to strike out as an adventurer. Your first mission is simple: the guard captain of Liknen, one of a myriad small towns scattered across the western imperial lands, has hired you to kill giant sewer rats, widespread vermin that make an honest plumber's work hard nevertheless. What did you answer when the guardsmen asked for your name?

33 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Agree to the wizard's offer
Alright, I've decided not to flake after all, hoping there's still at least 1 player left here.

-- Sure, why not? But I'm not too familiar with all the magic stuff. What exactly is an artifact of medium quality?
-- Well, most common artifacts simply enhance something about you when you're using them. A sword might guide your swings towards the enemy's vitals, a bow may provide better sight. Medium quality artifacts are those that go beyond that, but still provide pretty simple buffs. Some examples, again, are a bow igniting arrows that are set loose from it, or a sword inflicting more bloody wounds. There's also high quality artifacts, but I doubt you'll find any when you investigate the site, these are usually either of dwarven or goblin origin. They are the stuff of legends, with remarkable effects tied to them. You'll know it when you find one. Now, about those coins...

Centun gives you a scroll permitting you to get 500 silver from the tower's treasury, which you promptly do. You have 645 silver now.
>What do in preparation for your departure to the southern lands?
Dude, nobody wants to play a quest where the QM just casually doesn't post for over a week and is like "alright I guess I WONT flake"
Yeah, I agree I'm at fault, and no apologies may redeem the damage to my reputation, but better late than never, you know? I'm planning to at least finish this thread, I'd love it if, in the end, you (or anyone) could find some time to participate.

File: 001.png (157 KB, 600x513)
157 KB
157 KB PNG

Your name is Joey Donuts.
You are Grel (half elf, half human}
You are a student wizard. You haven't picked your major and you're not licenced to use magic in areas owned by the Grand Ternion Unity.

You have SIX spells

Blast - Does 6d6+20 energy damage. -MP 20
Draw- Drain 10+2d6 mana from a target, providing they have mana -MP 5
Wrack - DO 10 damage to yourself to gain 12 MP -free
WIZARD HAAAANDS - Manipulate an object you can see but not reach. As strong as you are - MP 10
Douse - Extinguish any fire up to the size of a campfire , includes ignitions from matches and guns - MP 5
Hells Heart - Instantly double the damage of any attack (ranged, magical, or physical) by charging it with magic -MP 16
Earths Honesty - Tell if someone is lying about the thing they have just said. MP 6

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>oh wait, I already told you about it, haven't I
Joey can stop himself from having a "but why male models" moment now, I'm so proud of him
>Lumsden gives you a slightly patronising smile.
>"Maybe next time. I..I don't really know anyone yet and...I have things to do up here."
"I mean, I met them at most a couple days ago. They're just real friendly. You know when I met Mike, he wasn't even offended when I was worried he might poison me, even though it really was just paranoia."
Considering everything everyone has been saying to us about trolls, this should've been very, VERY obvious. Can't stun them, can't use HH on them, half damage from pretty almost everything, etc. Yeah, I dunno why anyone would've expected the answer to be different, and I can't blame her for having that reaction to a silly question.
The only silly questions are the ones that don't teach you anything, and now we know for certain. But really, that Hey wasn't meant as anything, just a bit of my impression of Joey.
No worries. What's that you're drinking? Need any help?
Yeah... whale.
Come on! I'd bet I'd be really good at it! Okay then. How were you doing those finger push-ups? That's pretty intense.

File: 2432342.jpg (190 KB, 1300x1000)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
You're Captain Dick of spaceship Yuckfou, on a mission to explore the galaxy!

Your ship is equipped with a Screwdrive which allows it to bend spacetime and travel faster than light.

You're having a flashback of when you were on the spaceyards around Mars having your ship built.

"Captain Dick, what specs do you want on your ship?"

You have thirty points to distribute on the following attributes.They can range from 1 to 19 each.
Values from 1-5 are common. Values of 6-10 are uncommon. Values above 11+ are exceptional.

FTL Propulsion (PR)
Sublight Maneuverability (SM)
Energy Weapons (EW)
Missile Weapons (MW)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.

You didnt really care for specs so you just asked for any random assortment of parts.

FTL Propulsion (PR) 6
Sublight Maneuverability (SM) 1
Energy Weapons (EW) 5
Missile Weapons (MW) 4
Armor (AR) 3
Hull (HU) 1
Shields (SH) 2
Life Support (LS) 1
Luxuries (LU) 3
Drones (DR) 4

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
> Zaburu
> Gunky
> Xuzobar
> Junjula
> Lets go where no man has gone before
>There's Planet Zaburu where live a race of humanoids very similar to humans, the only notable difference being that their origin as predators left them with immense strength heightened senses and a mouth full of sharp teeth.

yeah, sign em the fuck up
>Lets go where no man has gone before
Mystery box, why not? We already randomised our space ship.

File: title.jpg (154 KB, 619x607)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
Saber and Musket: The Battle of Shedford Downs


A one-shot gunpowder period war game


The high king is dead, and many more are about to die because of it.

The otherwise idyllic spring day is cut through with the distant rumble of a battle on the cusp of being joined. The bass boom of cannon fire echoes in the cool air, stilling the pleasant chirping of birds and leaving silence.

War has come to the kingdom of Aerthys. This is not the first time, and it certainly won't be the last time. Your nation has a long and proud history of warfare, mostly against its neighbors in squabbles over land and power, but civil strife isn't unheard of.

It's this second type of conflict that your kingdom finds itself dragged into, and you along with it. With no clear successor, two noble families vie for control of the throne of Aerthys. Now that the conflict has spilled from the royal courts of the capital, common men stake their lives for the future of the nation.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
162 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
>but the Chartists believe the throne was rightfully turned over to a different noble family through an older Charter.
Wait, so they AREN'T Like the real life chartists?


I mean, Legitimism was also a movement in real life, it was the people who wanted to keep the Bourbon in power.
They are only like Chartists in that they claim their power derives from a charter.

In this universe: Legitimists feel the succession should continue down traditional "Legitimate" lines. Chartists have an old document promising a transfer of power to a different family.

These details would be more fleshed out in the full game.
The river crossing was one part that had me scratching my head. How were the Chartists able to cross the river with an entire division in less than two hours, in such a way that they were able to rather easily brush away Moers' force, and with their troops no worse for wear for the crossing? There can't have been a ford, a pontoon bridge would have been easily spotted earlier on, and as for using boats, where would they pulled out so many on such short notice to be able to cross a division's worth of men in such a short time frame? Maybe I'm over-analyzing here, and I was unfortunately absent for most of the thread, but that sort of consideration would have informed any decisions I made.
They'd already begun crossing before the battle was joined. There was a ford further down river.

Moers scouts only found it after they'd gotten two brigades across and it was too late to easily contain. Moers was grossly outnumbered by that point and could only delay.
I just want to say fuck Casmians and Chartists, whoresons all.

You are Wesley Keki, NEET in training and billboard.

-You got asked to homecoming by Will Levy, Amber's idiot best friend. He wants to keep his parents off the trail of his rampant homosexuality. Not the kind of problem you'd ever have.
-Your mothers had an argument about something. You're not sure what it was, but it somehow seemed to be about you.
-Your sister Ophelia began her her first job. She's a waitress at Shake 'em Up, the restaurant chain Aunt Whitney owns.
-Amber dragged you there to see how Ophie was adjusting. You didn't want to go, because your tomboy hanger-on Summer is working there too. As expected, Summer was acting weird again.
-When Amber found out that Summer had been texting you certain unchaste photos, she did her best to instigate an outburst. It worked. Not even Amelia, a manager at the diner who's taken a shine to you, could stop you getting beaten up twice in a row.
-Summer berated you for breaking her trust, then threatened you over leaving her on read.
-At school, Amber sent you some unchaste texts of her own, which led inevitably to fooling around in your bedroom later on. Amber got a bit domineering, and your mothers almost caught you.
-Amber forced the issue between you and Summer, sending... certain messages... on your behalf.
-Summer took the bait. Although she seemed to be her normal airheaded self the next time you saw her at school, she attacked you the very first moment she got you alone again. You can't say you didn't kinda like it...

"How Heavy are the Softballs You Pitch?"
468 replies and 102 images omitted. Click here to view.
I am ready.
Is it tonight yet?
File: 1616501942553.jpg (32 KB, 640x640)
32 KB
Before the end, I have to ask: how heavy are Summer's softballs?


By SICKOFMOONROCKS on Tuesday, MMM/31/200Y, 3:22 AM.

New leaks about the New Mexico evacuation for you guys. This will be my last post. View at your own risk.

[view file]


The text fades to black, before being replaced by more


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Quickly administer the medkit to Saulson, getting the man up as quickly as possible.

Quickly, you swing the flamethrower around your shoulder, shouting out “Kirchoff!” as you quickly pass it over to the marine. Still crouching by his elevated rifle, he twists his head to see you holding the flamethrower, staring at the thing for a fraction of a second before he recognizes your intentions. “Torch them!” You command, pointing around to the antlions closing in around you while he packs and slings his rifle.

“On it!” He responds, grabbing the weapon. With the flamethrower in Kirchoff’s hands, you stow the alien bank of brain tissue that these creatures are so damn intent on holding on to, before running past the marine and kneeling up next to the near unconscious Saulson. With simple morphine and chest compressions, Kirchoff was able to get the man awake, only rolling along the ground of the rubble.

“Saulson!” You shout, holding the physicist by the shoulders. “Can you hear me?”

The physicist lets out a weak groaning noise, what little words make it through his glass helmet are drowned out by a sudden loud fwoosh of of burning fuel flying through the air, coating the walls of the pit. A warm glow radiates over Saulson’s body, reflecting in the visor of his helmet as Kirchoff holds down the lever, washing fire over the creatures coming straight down from the ruined nest first.

Seeing Saulson’s still incapacitated on the ground, you pull the small IV out of the medkit, bringing the display to life with a harsh green glow. As the screen reads “awaiting patient,” you pick up Saulon’s wrist, piercing straight through the suit with the needle and injecting it into the skin. The screen on the system blinks, before suddenly displaying distorted text reading, “ELECTRICAL BURN DETECTED. ARRHYTHMIA DETECTED.” A second later, you see the words “ADMINISTERING ANTIARRHYTHMIC. ADMINISTERING BIOLOGICAL RESTORATIVE.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
As one of the creatures just barely slips overhead, forcing you to duck as you’re blasted by the intense heat of the creature, while the other flaming antlion slams down into the ground next to Kirchoff, sliding across the rubble and knocking him to the ground, instantly catching his protective suit on fire. Still alive, swinging its legs wildly as chitin burns, Kirchoff quickly pulls the knife from his belt to stab the antlion before his own brain even realizes his skin is burning. The marine quickly scrambles away from the antlion’s corpse, screaming out in pain as the incredibly potent fire burns his right leg and chest. He slaps at the fire, and rolls along the ground in the hopes of suffocating it, futile in the hyperoxygenated environment.

Immediately, you drop the medkit, leaving it’s IV in the physicist’s arm as the screen then displays “ADMINISTERING ADRENAL SHOCK.” With the fire extinguisher you pulled from the emergency closet quickly in hand, you spray the burning marine with a jet of fire-foam, covering him in moments. The marine winces as the residual heat continues to burn deeper into his skin, thankfully dying quickly along with many nerve endings as the cold foam washes over him. Once the fire is dead, you quickly run over to him.

“Kirchoff!” You shout, kneeling next to him just as you did Saulson. “Kirchoff, can you stand?”

Fueled by adrenaline and years of service, the marine says nothing as he grabs your hand, and pulls himself to his feet while still holding the flamethrower. He nods, turning back to the walls of the pit where the surviving antlions, both workers and soldiers gather, occasionally spitting out blobs of glowing corrosive spit towards you, or into the walls. With a vengeance this time, he holds down the lever of the flamethrower. The burning fuel flies nearly in a straight line as the force of gravity decreases, every step now a hop as though you were on the moon.

“Wha- ahh... “ You hear Saulson mutter from behind you. “What happened, where…” The physicist says, beginning to stand up just before another ball of lightning zips past his head. “Scott!” He shouts out.

“Keep your head down.” You command to the physicist, pointing up to the cloud of dust up above. “They’re perched up there and firing at us.”
>”Kirchoff, give me the M40!” While Kirchoff continues with burning, start taking down the shocktroopers currently concealed in the dust up above.
>Tell Saulson to hand you the multispectrum goggles, and use the thermal setting to throw your last frag grenade at the Race X aliens firing from the smoke.
>"We need reinforcements, stay here." Abuse the low gravity to rapidly climb up the pit, through the dust clouds, and grab the attention of the vortigaunts or Xen controllers in the test chamber.
>”Saulson, calm down. Remember the wormhole plan? What do we need to do next?” While you ask this, throw a concussion grenade into the rubble covering the centrifuge to uncover it.
>Ask Saulson “Do you recognize this object? I found it on the body of one of your colleagues?” while holding up the brainstack.
>Write in.
>”Saulson, calm down. Remember the wormhole plan? What do we need to do next?” While you ask this, throw a concussion grenade into the rubble covering the centrifuge to uncover it.
>>”Saulson, calm down. Remember the wormhole plan? What do we need to do next?” While you ask this, throw a concussion grenade into the rubble covering the centrifuge to uncover it.
And if he’s coherent enough and doesn’t need the goggles:
>Tell Saulson to hand you the multispectrum goggles, and use the thermal setting to throw your last frag grenade at the Race X aliens firing from the smoke.

File: 309182903.jpg (670 KB, 3560x1440)
670 KB
670 KB JPG
Three alien races discovered the existence of each other within the galaxy. They are all multiplanet species, although their technology is very different. It is unclear which one will become the dominant power in the galaxy

Select Your Civilization:

>Harkenis. With presence in several different systems clustered together and a massive space navy, the Harkenis were warned by their Prophet that aliens were coming and so build gigantic spaceships equipped with Antimatter technology both for engines and weapons. Although they can reach a decent fraction of the speed of light, the Harkenis are not able of FTL travel and as such need to travel slower than light from one star to the next in their gigantic weaponized generation ships and numerous escort warships.
>Sudik. Aliens that look like greys, they have studied gravitational waves extensively and have been able to build Hyperdrives, their ships are capable of bending spacetime and travelling many times faster than the speed of light. They have a capable navy composed of very large carriers which take a ridiculously long time to build due to the complexity of the construction of larger hyperdrives which carry automated factories of smaller ships within it. Even their smaller ships have hyperdrives however, and very lightly armed tiny vessels can be found all over he galaxy, although the number of their carrier building homeworlds is very limited.
>Puzzoff. A culture extremelly focused on the developed of the inner life of their members, they accidentally became a multisystem spacefaring species once they discovered how to open Wormholes and safely travel through them. Once opened, they connect your spot with some other random spot within the galaxy. It is currently unknown why the range is just the local galaxy. They build the smallest crafts capable of doing wormhole travel they can and send their people out to colonize the galaxy, they have very tiny mostly undefended isolated settlements in thousands of worlds, with very few ship producing systems very far apart making more and more crafts. Their ships carry no weapons per se, but they are still rather deadly, their favorite combat tactic is just open a wormhole very close to the enemy vessel, which will suffer extensive damage as it is sucked into it without having the necessary architecture to withstand wormhole travel when transported to another part of the galaxy.
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"Lady Kalana, our scientists estimate that we will be able to understand the intrincacies of laser rifle technology in 5-10 years, and Plasma Cannon technology should take at least 20 year."


Councillor Jorandurkalevor expresses his concerns.

"My lady, weapons are not part of our culture, perhaps we should research Automated Hydroponic Farms instead."

> We need weapons, research Laser Rifles
> We need weapons, research Plasma Cannon
> You're right Jorandur, research Automated Hydroponic Farms instead

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>We need weapons, research Plasma Cannon
I can't imagine tearing holes in space-time willy nilly having literally zero drawbacks.

>Produce goods to sell (2 PU generates 1 credit)
There's also the prospect of our enemies learning how to counter such methods.
>We need weapons, research Plasma Cannon
>Produce 1 Ypterus
But be really matriarchal about it

so are they humanoid?

File: 1605830637650.jpg (214 KB, 595x660)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
Welcome to Fallout Nukaloha, a fallout inspired quest set 250-ish years after the Great War in a post-post-apocalyptic Hawaii.

Surf-Rock, radioactive pirates, ghoulish hula dancers, mutated sharks, and all kinds of freaky shit wait for you here!

You are Diego Buenaventura, a journalist from San Francisco that was shanghaied by Raiders and taken all the way to Hawaii to be sold into slavery. Too many things have happened since your arrival more than a year ago. All what matters now is that this wasteland is broken, a hellish place on the verge of absolute war, it was bathed in fire once, and it will soon be bathed in blood. You have lived in the NCR, you know that peace and democracy can be brought to the wastes, there's still hope for this once paradisaical archipelago. You have recently learned that your encounters with Daphne, a woman that you romanced shortly after your arrival, resulted in her getting pregnant and giving birth to two babies, Pukalani and Kailani Your children, along with many other kids, were then kidnapped by the High Evolutionary, a small secretive faction of Super-Mutants that rule the big island of Hawai'i and are considered gods among the tribals and raiders that inhabit it.

You are now exploring the island searching for the mysterious "Fortress" where the High Evolutionary rule from. Thankfully you aren't alone, you are accompanied by JC, a Securitron militaristic robot that like you was brought here from mainland, Juniper, an androgynous and odd yet charming airplane pilot, and Maggot, a mutated raider that joined you and has been acting like a douchebag since his arrival.

> Character sheet:

> Pre-War thread:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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"The nation state of Ohana is attacking Lana'i. They knew that the High Evolutionary would be busy with the Blood Games, that there wouldn't be many raids and attacks while the games happened, that's why they focused their efforts on our island. They want to annex us like the annexed Fallen Horizon, they didn't dare to do it while the Sons of Kanaloa were in charge because they feared their advanced technology. At first, during the first days after we defeated the Sons they didn't dare to attack us because they thought we possessed their technology, weaponry and fleets of vehicles, but now that they have seen the island full of green they have launched their attacks. I think that some spies came with the refugees that ran away from Fallen Horizon. We, we are doing what we can to hold them off, thanks to the things that I learned from Saint and the Brotherhood's help we managed to reactivate several factories, we are now producing weapons, armoured vehicles and combat robots that are giving us leverage agains their endless waves of Ohanan soldiers. The soldiers we can fight, our weaponry is superior, but from time to time the Enclave itself makes an appearance, and every time that has happened we have lost, their Advanced Power armor and Plasma Casters are too much for us... Daphne is safe, the Enclave don't know about the underground settlement of the Worker's Nest. We have hid all the elderly, children and those too weak to fight down there."

You sigh in relief, that's great.

"In any case." JC continues. "Your idea about bombarding the Fortress won't be considered. The Brotherhood won't hear anything about it, all of their Vertibirds and munitions are right now reserved to defend Lana'i. Besides, the Brotherhood is worried about angering the High Evolutionary and creating a three sided war, we can barely defend ourselves of the Enclave as we are, if the High Evolutionary join there won't be any hope for us."

"Good, the Forthress cannot be bombarded anyway."

"What? Why not?"

"Soon after you left Kunuiakea revealed that there are several silos under Hawaii with nukes that were never launched. One of the silos has a space capable rocket instead, the Enclave wants that rocket to go off-world and doesn't dares to launch air raids onto the island in fear of accidentally detonating the nukes. But I don't know, it doesn't makes any sense, why would the nukes be down there."
File: Map of Hawaii.jpg (322 KB, 1068x853)
322 KB
322 KB JPG

"Huh... I think I know the answer. Shortly after arriving in Lana'i I looked at the archives that the Sons possesed in relationship to Hawaii, to get more data and know how to better bombard the area you know? And what I found was quite weird, but I guess it makes sense now. Basically the Kanaloans theorised that the reason as of why the island of Hawaii was so bombarded in comparison with all of the other islands was because of a programming error. You see the island of Hawaii ia by far the biggest, but not the most populated one, not by far, the island with the highest population was and still is the island of Maui. It would make sense that most of the intercontinental missiles launched by China were destined to Maui, but instead most of them hit Hawaii. The Kanaloans theorised that a glitch or some error in the code made the nukes not be able to differenciate between Hawaii the territory and Hawaii the island, and that's why all of the nukes destined to Hawaii, landed on Hawaii... the island. If the pre-war soldiers stationed on the big island saw what was to come perhaps instead of launching the nukes decided to set them off to avoid an underground or mid air-collision, both of which would have been utterly terrible for the island."

"Did you find any information about where those nukes could be located?" You ask.

"There might be some entry in some old terminal, or perhaps an old note in some registry book, but you are asking for super secret information that hasn't only survived a nuclear apocalypse but also more than two centuries of decay. Chances are close to zero... Anyway, I'll relay this information to the Brotherhood and the others. It's nice to hear from you, we were all worried. I have to leave now, they need me in the northern coast. Over and out."

"Good bye JC, give 'em hell." You say to someone that isn't on the other side of the line. All you hear is static.

You look at your body and see it looking paler, healthier, colder. Your blisters have stopped to bleed, you aren't profusely sweating anymore. Still you decide to spend the entire night dozing off in the bathtub and drinking and eating all the food that is around. Dawn comes soon and so will the next Blood Game.
File: Gauntlet.png (634 KB, 605x1000)
634 KB
634 KB PNG

"E-excuse me." Says Tomas' proxy, looking more and more like a ghoul by the day. "The rest of the workers... well they also want to use the b-bathub before the next blood game y-you know?" He looks terribly afraid of you. On his eyes you can see that he also wants to ask you about the plan to create a trade deal with the High Evolutionary, surely Tomas is pressuring him about it. You have been hogging the bathtub for too long, parts of your body start to look like a prune. You nod and stand up before getting inside of the armor and leaving the tent.

You feel refreshed, sated and rested. It's the beginning of a new day, and you still have some time before the game "Gauntlet" begins.

> Canibalise more robot parts to upgrade your memory and gain another of Roa's firmware updates.
> Use your hard earned caps in buying new and better weaponry.
> Use your hard earned caps in upgrading your armor and weaponry.
> Use your hard earned caps in buying medicines and chems.
> Other options, write in.
Backtracking a little, but
> Go back and throw proxy some caps from our reward for letting us use the tub for this long. Say we'll try to discuss that trade deal today.
> Start making a small radio transmitter with Roa.
We can attempt to meet Fusumi and give it to her later.
> Use your hard earned caps in buying medicines and chems.
get super high

File: crest.png (93 KB, 1080x1080)
93 KB

(This quest will focus on The Ashford family in the events prior to the fall of Umbrella and the Resident evil games, as so main game plot points will be minimal. You will be playing the son of Earl Alexander Ashford through his adolescence and hopefully adult life)

The Year is 1981.you are Andrew Ashford,16 years old bastard son of Earl Alexander Ashford. Though a bastard, until 6 years ago you were his presumed heir but that all changed with the birth of the twins: Alexia and Alfred. They were quickly declared Alexander trueborn children and promptly outranked you in the succession line. To make matters worse Alexia,at merely 10 years old has proved to possess a intellect beyond scope and has quickly climbed the prestige ladder of Umbrella corporation. Despite this changes, your father still treats you with affection and regularly sends you letters and gifts from his family seat at Rockfort Island or from his Antarctic research station. But this week something unexpected happened. Alexander has summoned you urgently to Rockfort Island without further explanation. Its rare for you to set foot on the island outside of holydays and right now it is the middle of the school year, but you elect to board the private plane sent to fetch you and travel to the remote island to meet your father as soon as possible.

choose IQ and insanity(will affect gameplay):

>100 IQ and zero insanity.You are of average intellect and strong mental health. You Study at a regular boarding school for the wealthy and is a decent student. You know very little about your father works and what Umbrella does outside of public eyes. For all intents and purposes you are a normal rich kid with a distant but affectionate Father.

>130 IQ and low insanity.You were born gifted with a high intellect placing you easily in the top 5% of the population.Thanks to this you have attended prestigious schools and is set to enter college ahead of schedule next year before even turning 17.Your mental health is a bit fragile though leaving you suffering from occasional lapses of conscience and rage.You know your father is a geneticist and your grandfather was a virologist working for Umbrella.You know Umbrella has some weapons and virus research but apart from this you are not really aware of any more details.

>160 IQ and moderate insanity. For all intents and purposes you are a Genius(though no match to Birkin or your half-sister Alexia). You managed to enter University at 15 years old and have been breezing through ever since. Your mental health is a concern tough. You have displayed all sorts of disorders, from sociopathic tendencies and convulsions to brief amnesias. You have ample knowledge of your father and Umbrella works and is aware of the the T-virus, Progenitor virus and others. Though not a Umbrella employee yet, you are on fast pace to become one of his researchers in the future if you so wish.
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File: alexia child.gif (2.94 MB, 350x197)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB GIF

Mr. Green looks uneasy at your inquiry.
“Well you see she never did behave like a child.Maybe she is just too smart for her own good.I remember at the twins 5 years birthday, your father got her a very expensive doll,a really pretty thingwith a lot of handmade details.The young girl took it to her and closed the door. When I went to clean her room that night I found the dool had been torn apart with scissors from the belly up to the head.When your father askedwhat happened, she said she got bored of the doll once seeing its insides were made of all the same plastic and foam. *The same as all other dolls,not interesting* she would say. This was the last time Alexander ever gifted her a normal toy.” –He stares at the ceiling as if reminding of older days.
“Her fascination with ants is also a bit unsettling, and how she insists on life feeding them insects and other critters…But I suppose everyone needs a hobby.”

You think his story through. Indeed Alexia is not a normal kid or even a normal *person* but who can blame her when she was studying biochemistry at an age most kids were learning how to read?

You and Mr.Green part ways and you look at the longcase clock near the wall. 12:30.Lunch time. Perhaps your father would be eating at the main dining in the second floor by now. You could probably have lunch with him there. Or you could have lunch at the kitchen with Ms.Amyand and other servants. You could even skip lunch altogether if you aren’t felling particularly hungry.

What next?

>Go have lunch with Alexander in the dinning room

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>Go have lunch with Alexander in the dinning room
>have lunch in the kitchen with Ms.Amyand and possibly other employees
try to go eat with dad, see how he's doing and get an idea of how our siblings are.

new thread

File: 2614.png (323 KB, 640x512)
323 KB
323 KB PNG
Last time out, you listened to the long, sad backstory of the man you knew as Terrorist A (Oliver) as you kept discovering more and more information about the Five Heavenly Pillars, discovering that another person involved with them sadly died. You decided not to reveal to the others this fact until you get all the information. Now, you’re preparing for a Slumber Party! Technically, you’re just staying at Matilda’s dojo as you haven’t done everything you proposed to do, but that doesn’t mean you can't have a fun, relaxing time.

You just left the dojo with Scarlet and plan to go to your apartment to get some stuff for the Slumber Party!

Yeah, you’re not letting Scarlet go back to her dorm ‘cause it’s going to take too long, so you’re going to ask one of the girls you know for a favor and find some clothes for her. You have many alternatives to pick from, you feel like Scarlet will go with whatever since she’s too embarrassed to choose herself after Matilda mentioned those pics. Scarlet is crouched next to you, hiding her blushing face with both hands…

From who do you want to ask for clothes for Scarlet?

>Amelia, Nariko and Yu Yan.
>Write In.

Do you say something to the redhead with the red face?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>Go and take a good look at the pics Neko sent you first, and figure out if all the intel you got is any useful.
File: 2632.png (118 KB, 640x512)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
“Let’s review the information I got first. And by information, I mean the pics my clever informant sent me over the phone.” You pull out of the phone and look over them, as you all walk back to the original meeting room you were in before you left. “Oliver, come over, you know more about this than I do.”

“I mean, we can totally spot Ms. Wich if we find her.” Scarlet doesn’t think it’s that necessary.

“Yeah, but we can learn even more.” You’re not going to back down.

“…” Oliver remains silent.

In the Dojo Base of Operations (you’ll call the room that for now mentally (you reiterate to yourself that you’re not a dork)), you all sit right next to each other around the little table in the middle. With your phone in hand, everyone gathers closer to inspect the screen except San. Which Matilda makes a note of.

“Not willing to see them yet?” Matilda wonders.

“I do not wish to make the Body feel any anguish for now.” San’s priority is one and only, you should’ve expected it.

“But aren’t you curious?” Scarlet asks.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Hold on a second, below the pictures, there is a message from T_T Neko! It says she couldn’t find the son’s death certificate. What the fuck is going on?

Sadly, this is all we have for this thread. Thanks for playing! See you next time!
Thanks for running!
Thanks for running!

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