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File: Deep Dungeon 2.png (4 KB, 800x600)
4 KB
Welcome to the second run of Deep Dungeon!

I have done some balance changes and introduced a couple new mechanics that I hope will make the game a bit more interesting. For one shops should be more common now hopefully. Rules are in the next two posts.

Rolls are first rolled first served, but do leave room for others to roll.
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>it's still a zombie
Rolled 20 + 7 (1d20 + 7)

Let's see if we job this
Rolled 15 + 1 (1d20 + 1)

Looks like that hits.
Now prepare for it's attack!
wait actually it's stunned right now so yeah it's your turn to attack
Your current stats
>20/20 HP
>5 SPD
>5 EVA

>Equipped: Stun Spear (4 DMG +2 SPD +2 EVA)

>Shortsword (2 DMG)
>Leech Life Shortsword (2 DMG)
>High Confidence Shortsword (2 DMG)

>Zombie's stats:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Welp this thread died down.
I guess stun could be seen as too powerful and removing any tension from battles. Maybe changing it to a slow effect would be better for the system?

The year is 1374 DR. Sixteen years have passed since the Time of Troubles, when the gods were made humble, and forced to wander the Realms as mortals. With the ascension of the mad god Cyric, Prince of Lies, and the recent return of the tyrant god Bane, Lord of Darkness, the future of Faerûn seems increasingly uncertain. It falls to bold individuals who possess an abundance of cunning, might, and determination to shape the future... should they be up to the challenge.

Far above, the clouds obscuring the crystals suspended above the roofless surface world break up, revealing the moon, now shaped like a crescent, and the endless blackness that surrounds it on all sides. Tonight, your deeds have seen both Rupert Tenpenny and Brandt Greycastle removed from the Council of Elders and driven out from Everlund, ending whatever influence they held over the city permanently. In their absence, they will no longer be able to obstruct measures to aid the Eilistraeans, your odd kin.

Whether some new adversary or obstacle will spontaneously manifest to further complicate your quest is a different matter. That said, the taste of victory remains fresh on your lips, and you reckon that you have earned a reprieve from your numerous problems. The dreadful spectrum of evil rays shooting out from the Dreaming Dragon informs that you will not be visiting tonight, but otherwise, the town is yours.

Where to?
>The Phantom Knight Inn. I want to rest my head. And legs. And back.
>The All-Faiths Hall. I simply feel a need to go there, for whatever reason.
>I deserve to be drunk. There must be someplace in this city I can inebriate myself, besides the Stag at Bay.
>I will go to the bridge and watch the river for a spell. To catch my breath after the previous battle.
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>>To the Hells with it all! I have never confided in anyone else about my flaw. He will have the privilege of being the first.
>To the Hells with it all! I have never confided in anyone else about my flaw. He will have the privilege of being the first.
This isn't the underdark anymore
>To the Hells with it all! I have never confided in anyone else about my flaw. He will have the privilege of being the first.
>"The place I came from... those who have these sorts of issues are... well, mocked for it."
Vote closed.

File: off1.png (90 KB, 698x590)
90 KB
Your name is —---
You have been assigned to an elsen called by the surname “Boromir”.
Boromir is currently out cold.
He is relatively unimportant in the grand scheme of things, but don’t let that discourage you.

The two of you will start in zone 0.
Good luck.

(first time QM, please be patient! Otherwise, enjoy yourselves.)
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its understandable, quests are high maintenance with little reward, draw quests even more so. regardless, you got a lot of potential so keep refining your craft, people are gonna love it
so, was zacharie actually definitely totally trustworthy?
was boromir named after the well known LOTR character?
is dedan actually a softy on the inside?
what would happen if boromir dies seven times?
zacharie was legit on the player's side yeah haha
boromir's name came from wanting to use a random russian name for our main elsen. most everything about him was decided on the spot in that first post haha
dedan is an interesting case! i wanted each zone gaurdian to be either completely replaced or missing, dedan would've been found either dead or consumed by an expanding mound of flesh that was taking over the alma plant.
and finally thats actually an interesting interpretation! i had planned for the chakra graphic to be related to finding add-ons who had run amok and were casuing mayhem. officer delta, having being taken over by the crown add-on, would be the first encounter with these addons. i had planned for the crown add-on to reappear at alma as a flying halo with your worksuit kind of hanging off the bottom for a rematch encounter. loosely in the grand schame of things, i had planned for each addon to end up being turned into the main characters in off after the final encounter with the jury, with the final chakra representing the player. this would sort of link into the beginning of off with offquest being this faux prequel. there was a very loosely planned out series of things, i remember i had planned for the martian apes from the secret ending to be inhabiting a derelict zone three, helping eventually transport boromir to the void where the finale would take place. other than that most everything was up in the air lol. ty for your understanding, its much appreciated
Damn, well we appreciate your running this quest. It's been extremely fun and kino, I'd go as far as to say it was one of the best made quests in /qst/, especially with things like end chapter mp4s and custom music.

But I do have some meta questions about the story.
What happened to the original cast of OFF? Would we of met Judge or the Batter?
What's up with the whales?
Who was going to be the main villain, if any?
And finally, what would have been the main purpose of the quest? Like, what choices would probably be made for things if we were reaching the end?
Noticed this too late to participate but just wanted to say I'm really impressed with what you got done before burning out. It's a shame seeing a talented creator crumble under the weight of their own ambitions but it's still nice to see all the things they managed to put out before that you know. Anyway thanks for not leaving us in the dark and I hope you have fun doing whatever it is you decide to do next.
Big fan of those designs, they really capture that off energy.
You mentioned doing creative works outside of this, im curious about what else you are making. Could you link or mention a social or place where you post stuff. Unless you dont want your name here of course.

File: False Woman Quest.png (599 KB, 1000x1000)
599 KB
599 KB PNG
"Few paths lead more quickly to damnation than that of innovation. The longer you walk it, the more Old Night closes in around you."
-Magos Scintilla Vex

It had begun with a tapping. A scratching, that traced on the inside of your head. Not on the bone, not scraping, but deeper, tracing pathways on the inside of your head, but never quite approaching the bone. It followed the inner edge to your nose, your tongue. It made ripples in the water which drew you in, deeper and darker.

It completed it's revolution - inside your ear - and then it became the Voice.

The Voice was the water, and with the water, it would press into your mind and make thoughts, like leaving a handprint in clay, that washed out with the tide.

Tide. Clay. You knew what those things were, now. They hadn't been things you'd known before, but now you knew the texture of it, how it smelled or crumbled when it was dry.

You would ask questions, and the Voice would answer, pressing new thoughts into your mind and rushing old ones out. It seemed pleased by some questions, and if you had asked others, you could not recall. You did not know what to call the Voice, only that you must listen to it. You were not to speak to it as you would a master. It was not that, and it was more than that, but it did not teach you the difference, and so you returned to the water.

First, it taught you the world. Earth and sky. Floors. Walls. Switches. Cups. Fluids. Then it began to teach you what you are.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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She makes a noise of agreement and nods her head, breathing in through the tube. “Give it time, kid, you'll find a few vices that agree with you.” She breathed out smoke which wafted in your voice. The smell was acrid and unpleasant, but you passively ignore it. Smoke was something to be expected in the docks, or in any other setting that involved judicious use of incense, and you had been tailored with a fairly potent resistance to it.

You finish the anointing, and pull the cloth back. The fluid reservoirs were all at their maximum levels, so you leave them be, and the engine had been greased by you yesterday, so...

Looking around, nobody else seemed to be in any hurry to leave. Errat seemed like he had finally calmed down a bit, and was sitting in the driver's seat with his door open, eating something out of a bag. Liv had turned her attention away from you, looking out across the abyss that was just behind you while she smoked. Erich was carrying on a conversation with Cad, the words loud but indistinct from the other side of the truck.

Replacing the tools you had used, you pull out one of your ration bars, deciding now was as good a time as ever for it. Liv looked over at the sound of crinkling foil, and her eyebrows shot up as you bit into the bar without thinking. “You can eat that stuff?”

“It is efficient.” You take another bite.

Liv snorts. “Guess you really are a bit of a cogboy." You hesitate too long to ask what that means before she waves her hand. “Me, I can't get over the taste. Too much like pure fat, to me, I always got to eat it with a little something for texture.” She lapses off into silence again as she takes another drag on her cigarette, letting whatever the rest of her thought was die with the conversation.

You open your mouth to ask, but reconsider. You had a moment to steer the conversation briefly, it seemed like a waste to ignore it for now... Cad and Erich were wrapping up their conversation, starting to pull away from each other like they were heading back to their trucks.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>"How am I a cogboy?"
>>"Errat seems to dislike me. Do you know why?"
>"Errat seems to dislike me. Do you know why?"
>"What are we carrying, anyway?"
>"How am I a cogboy?"

I really like how this feels a bit like metro 2033 right now. Well done!

File: file.png (505 KB, 868x868)
505 KB
505 KB PNG
You find yourself as a Border agent in Mikado City, where otherworldly Neighbor attacks have been occurring in the past couple of years.

The technical mechanics/system can be found in the manga.
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Don't let this thread die mane, I love world trigger. Please make a simple skirmish quest and continue (T ^ T )
File: tegaki.png (25 KB, 400x400)
25 KB
I love it too!!! I'm not sure how to make a quest, I was honestly hoping someone else would take over... but if no one does soon, I'll try to do something!!!
Ok so how to run a quest

[Give players options]
[Players pick options]
[Build on that]

Alternatively you can let the player do their own thing while the background stuff goes on.

Gameplay ideas

>Have a week by week gameplay where our protag develops their skill (Slice of life)

> Have a survival type game where the protag is trying to survive the neighbor attack (adventure)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: tegaki.png (25 KB, 400x400)
25 KB
Is stickman-wars-drawn-on-paper-at-school anon here?
How about started-WT-quest-with-characters-in-B-rank anon?

If I can choose, I'd like to play Yukimaru

Past the reflection in the window of the train, purple twilight dances with the distant auroras on the horizon over the low skyline of Helsinki. These days, the stars were far more bright and vibrant than your ancestors ever could have imagined. One day the lights abated, and the skies grew clouded, but when the clouds finally parted man kept the lanterns dim so they could see the stars they missed all that much better, and it's nights like these that give you hope that it is all worth something.

Your name is Fiona Jarnafeldt, and in your absences of mind, such as in the idle moments of train rides heading to lands yet to be known to yourself, you feel something in your arms. Something small, something precious. Something you want to hold close and kiss on the forehead, something you can touch with a finger and would grasp it back with its two tiny little hands. Something with a head full of blonde hair and sparkling eyes like yours, though you wouldn't mind if they were blue. But that is something you can't have. Not yet. You have to earn it.

Mother Nature's Providence, the governing body of controlling humanity's impact on the planet formed from the ashes of the old one, has to make sure humanity doesn't repeat its mistakes. The world cannot bear twelve billion people. It cannot bear seven billion. It can only bear two billion for only so long. No, MNP has declared that there can only be a billion souls on Earth at a time. And with this job, you hope to earn the right to bring one of your own into this world.

The job is joining the Helsinki Stormwatch. Helsinki is as big as any other big city in the world, sitting sparse below the hard limit of one million people. And just like every other place in the world, there are things that want to predate upon humanity, be it monsters or other humans. The Stormwatch is a force dedicated to cleaning up the stormdrain underbelly of the calm and gentle city of Helsinki in between the storm seasons, its litter a pile of criminals and monsters. If you get promoted to a Level 3 Stormwatch Agent, you are given a golden ticket that's yours to keep. If you don't, you'll have to hope you get lucky with the lottery, or some other job.

Now, you don't have a man, or anyone. But you're tired of the dreams. You're tired of waking up from them.
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Thank you for running QM!
Welp, hope we don't get asked to kill those kids...

Thanks for running, QM!
New thread soon!
Mainly just an OP and final preparations, seeing if anything needs to be explained, and if so, how.
File: unnamed.png (329 KB, 800x768)
329 KB
329 KB PNG
New thread has launched!

File: esoterica2.png (2.98 MB, 2036x2105)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB PNG
The world was changing. Many denied it, as well they might. How COULD they not? Simpleton and scholar alike had enjoyed an era of peace prosperity, and nobody wanted that stability to end.

Well, maybe SOME did. SOME had never had peace, or prosperity, or stability to begin with. And some, neither simple nor merely scholastic, pursued a deeper truth: the lies that underpinned and propped up the illusion of peace, the façade of stability. Some saw the writing on the wall, and chose not to close their eyes and turn away, but to DECIPHER that dread script.

Before the Death of the Paladin King, the bloody rise of the Empire of Evil, the Rebirth of Dragons… There was just a strange little girl name Izirina Henzler, sitting in the eye of a hurricane that had not yet begin to whorl with its full fury…

And you. Her half-elven rival-turned-friend.

Well, you liked to THINK you were still friends. You’d been estranged this past year, ever since a drug-fueled vision had clued you into a terrible secret, and your unauthorized researches into decades-old records had revealed still darker depths of conspiracy.

Izirina Henzler was no normal girl, but… Something else. Not just a foundling raised to be a magical prodigy, but some sort of… Experiment, or weapon, or WORSE.

Her ‘mother’, the Archmage of Hawksong’s prestigious Mages’ Tower, was party to a sinister plot involving serpentine subversives and advanced biological magics, to uncertain ends and with seemingly malevolent means.

And the only ones who might have had the answers you sought, to learn the TRUTH about what happened twenty years ago and what the Archmage has done and WOULD do, were some outcast goblins dwelling amongst a ramshackle band of ruthless raiders.
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How far ahead are you timeskipping? Are you skipping to the point in time where Theral was being puppeted by Big Red or after he banished Big Red
[I was thinking about a month, so around the point where Theral was possessed, though that reference point probably means next to nothing and would sound like mad rambling to Tips.]
nice, we really did it.
will we encounter our mother some day ? and what are you basing the elven tongue on ?
>will we encounter our mother some day?
[Up to you, but it's an option I'll be addressing in this coming thread.]

>what are you basing the elven tongue on?
[English-to-Drow translator, mostly. Sometimes I tweak it a bit. it's oddly easier to find a functional Drow translator than non-Drow. I blame Drizzt.]
How many people are we making really really mad with that little experiment of ours?

As we tangled soul with Costella, is a menage-a-trois possible?

File: Lady Knight Quest.jpg (802 KB, 1500x1165)
802 KB
802 KB JPG
You are a Lady Knight.

Your noble visage inspires the commons to work harder in the fields as you pass, and fight harder in the battles against the vile monsters, and wretched imperial dogs who dare to intrude up your borders.

For your many deeds of valor, you have been entrusted by the king with a fief large enough to support a troop of forty men-at-arms. This comes with the expectation that you keep the king's peace in the kingdom, assist the church in cleansing the lands of heretic and monster, and rally your men to arms when the call of war sounds.

Right now, you have clad yourself in full harness and taken half of your men-at-arms upon a mission most vital. Fifteen men and five women who have all been trained in a mix of spell, sword, and pike. What mission is it?

>Goblin suppression in the low caves
>Scouting an orc encampment for subjugation
>Putting down an armed rebellion against the king's law
>Storming the tower of a heretic sorcerer
>Purging a cult to the Dark One.
>A retributive attack against the Imperial Dogs who raided a border village.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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She flings you away like a rag. Where the dark lance pierced you, a curse mark is left behind...
>She pierced you through the womb.
>She pierced you through the breast.
>She pierced you through the heart.
>She pierced you through the shoulder.
>She pierced you through the eye.
>She pierced you through the thigh.
>She pierced you through the hand.

It seems Justinia forgot the cultist that she flung away. Or perhaps she simply did not care enough to bring him with her. He is not the only treasure of the tower, for once Damien gets the vaults open... everyone, highlander, man-at-arms, and knight gets a share. In addition to coin equal to a thousand silver pieces, yours is...
>A flask marked with the sign of the sun, which produces an elixir equal to a lesser healing potion every hour.
>A ring that, when worn, grants the knowledge of the old tongues once spoken in this region of the world.
>A lantern that when lit can illuminate hidden things, ranging from lost keys hidden in a cushion, to invisible creatures.
>A belt with sixty four pockets upon it, each of which is a 10 cubic foot area of extradimensional storage.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>She pierced you through the hand.
is the curse mark the dark primrose or something else ? shit. and would this happen anyway ?
>A lantern that when lit can illuminate hidden things, ranging from lost keys hidden in a cushion, to invisible creatures.
>She pierced you through the heart.
>A flask marked with the sign of the sun, which produces an elixir equal to a lesser healing potion every hour.
Healing is always handy.
Rolled 58 (1d100)

>>She pierced you through the eye.
gib eyepatch

>(I'm Feeling Lucky) Roll 1d100
We ball
Rolled 5 (1d7)

This was a competently written scene - until you felt the need to describe how sexy Louise looks in torn armorsilks. It really messed up the tone. Imho, if you absolutely had to include that armorsilk cut, you should've emphasized the angle of an overwhelming opponent toying with her, and let the anons realize the implications themselves.

I'll roll a die for the pierced spot

File: MaxSpiderBanner.jpg (388 KB, 1440x900)
388 KB
388 KB JPG
You are Ben Parker, super-powered criminal and thief extraordinaire. After being bitten by a radioactive spider, you underwent a miraculous change, and adopted the identity of "The Huntsman"! But it's not all bad! Your clone brother, Abel Parker, works to protect the city, and potentially help clean up some of your messes. He goes by the name of "Spider-Man"!


Last time: The Huntsman split up with Cindy Moon as he went to investigate an attack on ESU. Little did he know, the Unstoppable Squirrel Girl was already on the scene, and she’d already found the culprit behind the Pixel Punks’ creation. After a thrilling team-up, both of them managed to subdue Ember Quade and convince her to help them take down a common enemy: Arcade.

But unfortunately for them, Doctor Doom’s hellbent on making sure that Arcade’s new invention doesn’t fall into the hands of anyone other than himself! And he’s willing to raze the city to the ground to make that happen!

Now, Ben must use every resource at his disposal to save the city. Hero, villain, and everything in between. But can he manage to avoid losing anyone precious to him in the upcoming battle?

Find out more in the latest issue of…MAXIMUM SPIDER QUEST!

Most dice rolls will be 1d100. Modifiers will be added depending on the situation or on the alien being used(Usually +10 or -10). Crit successes and crit fails apply. Crit fails can be overridden by crit successes, but crit failures cannot override crit successes.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Nothing. Just let her vent until she’s gotten it out of her system.
>”I know how you feel. This was the second time in my life that I thought I’d be losing a friend. I know what it's like to feel helpless, but you can’t beat yourself about things that are out of your control.”
Let her talk then say something comforting
>>”We’re not psychic, Callisto. You can’t be held responsible every time someone gets hurt. Sometimes shit just happens.”
except this is kinda the third time we get a friend almost killed and permanently transformed by proxy so maybe we are the lowest common denominator
>”Do you want to grab a bite to eat? It’ll be my treat. We don’t have to talk if you don’t want to, but I’m here to listen if you want to get something off of your chest.”

If it would come up we can mention that Cindy got hurt yesterday too. And her parents kept her safe by locking her in a vault. That's the only way to be sure, but we obviously can't do that.
>”There’s enough places mutants can get protection in exchange for mistreatment. You’ve built one of the few communities that cares enough to simply give it. Don’t lose sight of that.”
>”Do you want to grab a bite to eat? It’ll be my treat. We don’t have to talk if you don’t want to, but I’m here to listen if you want to get something off of your chest.”
Still not thinking a phone call is the best way to have this conversation. It’ll be better if she can vent and see we’re paying attention.

If she’s not up to going somewhere for food we could always swing by a food joint, pick up some to-go food, and meet her near one of the entrances in a quiet place.
>>”Do you want to grab a bite to eat? It’ll be my treat. We don’t have to talk if you don’t want to, but I’m here to listen if you want to get something off of your chest.”

File: 1 - Ushi on U.A. get it.jpg (330 KB, 1800x1200)
330 KB
330 KB JPG
You are Ushi Walker, the half-Japanese/half-American wielder of the mighty quirk “Everything is Bigger in Texas”, one of U.A. High’s better-than-average students, and at this moment, aching mightily for some answers. Just a bit of honest-to-goodness clarity on this shady ‘All For One’ character that seems set on terrorizing you and your classmates in 1-A.

So far, your and Shoto’s own endeavors (heh) have fallen short. But now, Bakugo, after witnessing you fail to glean anything substantial from Midoriya as you all departed your last day of the school term, seems poised to succeed where you two had stumbled in interrogating his neighbor.

It’s not a surprise to any of the four of you in that alley that it’s a much more hands-on and physical means of questioning.

It’s also hard to deny the part of you that’s excited by the turn of events…in that ‘gettin’ the job done’ way. Not in the ‘two boys wranglin’ ‘n one physically dominates the other’ way. Nope. Definitely not… That part of you would’ve rather been the one doing the wranglin’ after all.

But there will be, no doubt now, a bit of wranglin', and maybe some yelling… likely some yelling, by Bakugo, and then Midoriya will finally let you know about All for One and how All Might is involved in all of this!

Shoto may not approve, but it's a just cause: the safety of everyone in 1-A! Probably more than that, like whoever else has a League of Villains' target on their back. Besides, Midoriya is holding back and keeping secrets, even when he knows y'all know something’s up. None of this would need to happen if he just gave you what you wanted!

And not at too high of a cost at that. Like Bakugo had just said, he'd just go home after this and that'd be that. Just getting home to his Mom a little later than expected, maybe shakened up and bruised a bit.

By people that should have been his friends, cornered and extorted by them for the truth…

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You must be new in this quest, Mic is in an abusive relationship with his life and his work, waiting is mandatory.
That's the present mic experience. No point in waiting for updates, just come around once every 2 weeks to check if there's a new one

Nah, I've been around for a while.
Yeah, making a thread was probably a mistake...

Or you could fight for a more fair work-life balance.

Or open a patreon.

File: tegaki.png (5 KB, 400x400)
5 KB
Previous thread:

In the last thread, we have inherited a heavy cruiser and are now on our way to Liteia. We also received a cryptic warning in our dreams, but it's probably best to ignore that for now.

You wake up, feeling all strange and giddy. How did you even fall asleep in this cramped turret? After stretching your weary muscles, you trudge back to your bunk. There you find a note in Silas' handwriting instructing you to contact him with the walkie-talkie hidden under your pillow. This can't be good. You gingerly whisper into the radio, "Silas, you copy?" His voice booms back:

"Still feeling light-headed? That's what carbon monoxide poisoning will do to ya. Thankfully they only wanted you asleep, not dead. No, you're too valuable for that. Over"

"What? Who's they? Uh, over." You almost hit your head on the ceiling.

"Get your legs down here to corridor 10C and I'll show ya. Don't rush, don't ask anyone else for the way. And before you go, make sure to
change the passwords on everything. Over and out."

With adrenaline flushing the drowsiness out of your system, you quickly clamber down into the engine where Maintenance Corridor 10/C should be. After a few minutes negotiating narrow passages and tight turns, you arrive before a hatch which has been left slightly ajar. While you are fumbling for the walkie-talkie, a hand reaches out from the gap and pulls you in. Cold metal against your side as the door slams shut. The pressure soon lets off, however, and a familiar voice rings out.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You had three choices:
1. Apologize
2. Stop acting like a nigger
3. Continue acting like a nigger

You chose 3.

>CTRL+F 'xm8EBiQV'

>Fire on Ox-2, maybe its captain is not so happy about being used as a shield like that.
>Target the converted carrier Ox-3, you do not want to be harassed by fighters for once you close in.

Take out their strikecraft, battle becomes easier..
>Target the converted carrier Ox-3, you do not want to be harassed by fighters for once you close in.
>Prepare the torpedoes, now's the perfect chance to strike against Yonaoshi-1 and Yonaoshi-2.
>Target the converted carrier Ox-3, you do not want to be harassed by fighters for once you close in.

File: onager 00.png (669 KB, 1280x720)
669 KB
669 KB PNG
Space: the final frontier. This is the crusade of the starship Onager. Its unwavering purpose: to bring law and order to distant worlds; to shepherd the meek and crush the wicked; to unite all of the lights in the sky beneath a single banner.

Your name is Akal Tekan and you are a proud son of Cardassia.

Your shining black hair is slicked back to display the prominent, tear-shaped ridge that sits in the centre of your forehead, along with the scaly cartilage that decorates your throat. Your slate grey skin glistens in the dim light of the vestibule while you wait in the austere comfort of a chair that would be better suited to a torture chamber. Objectively, you are a truly handsome specimen of your species but today, you will need to be more than that. Today, you will discover if you have proven yourself worthy of leading your people to victory.

You have spent the past two years of your life at the Akleen Military Academy, training to become an officer of the Guard. Like so many other young men, you have always dreamed of serving your people on the deck of a starship, where you will have the opportunity to slay the enemies of Cardassia and seize virgin worlds in the name of the Union. If you have proven yourself worthy, you might even get the opportunity to captain a vessel of your own – to become a gul.

The hiss of an opening door snaps you out of your reverie. Another candidate marches out of the legate's office with a swagger in his step – you have no doubt that he was given the posting that he was hoping for. You rise to your feet and brush off your uniform one last time, dusting off the black scales of your breastplate with your hands. When a distorted voice calls out your name over the intercom, you march into the office and leave behind the other hopefuls, who wait anxiously in their chairs.

The legate's quarters are surprisingly bleak. There are no decorations, no medals hung on the walls, no certificates or commendations put on display – just steely grey surfaces, unremarkable furniture and dull, sterile lighting. The man sat behind the desk is equally unimpressive, a thickset and doughy old soldier whose ridges have begun to sink into his wrinkles. However, his division strip and the shining seal of the Union emblazoned on his breast serve as evidence of his station, no matter how unimposing he might seem. Without hesitation, you salute.

“At ease, Deghilzin Tekan. Take a seat.” Without looking up from the console in his hands, Legate Karzek waves a hand dismissively in your direction. This is the most important day of your life, yet he can barely muster the enthusiasm to look at you.

“Yes, legate.” You struggle to hide your wounded pride as you take a seat opposite of him. This chair is possibly even more uncomfortable than the one you were waiting in outside. It almost feels as though you are violating yourself simply by sitting in it.
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>Akrat Desset.
I'd say go for Elrana Vekt.
>Last update was 2 weeks ago
Sad to say it, but it's dead, Jim.
No shit, even if he returned I would not want him to. The QM is a flake and will flake again.
It fucking sucks, innit. I mean i know 90% of quests flake, but we always get these star wars quests and warhammer quests, but now we finally get a quest about star trek, and about the CARDASSIANS at that, and it flakes.

Real shame. Cardassians are cool.

You are Anon, a 6’2” albino man of exceptional strength and magical energy who can remember only faint vestiges of his past, is unaware of his real name, and is a Master in the Akeldama Great Holy Grail War, which is taking place in a city in an artificial world called Akeldama. Your Servant is Avenger of Red, a winged girl wielding considerably powerful magic who has declined to tell you her true name so far. Most recently you’ve had an unexpected encounter with the Magic Goddess Hecate, who temporarily took over Avenger’s Spirit Origin to manifest herself while your Servant was unconscious. The Goddess tricked you into swearing yourself to secrecy before presenting you with a plethora of revelations that shed some light on the context of the Holy Grail War and your identity, assuming she spoke truly. After that you sparred with Lancer of Red long enough to aggravate a wound in your stomach, but you discovered a couple more uses of the abilities you already had in the process. Your match against her also awakened something in your blood, or perhaps in your spirit, developing a modicum of Divinity, though you’ve kept that fact to yourself so far.

First thread: https://archived.moe/qst/thread/5331278/
Subsequent threads: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Low+Speed+Anti+Divine+QM
Reference for Servant (and other related) stat-blocks: https://pastebin.com/5mPbUP4G
TL;DR timeline recap: https://pastebin.com/fYqqL7s4
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No bants with a thirsty degenerate today!
You dodged a couple of dead-end options in this encounter, so my congratulations.
good to know
“Let’s be rid of it then.” You answer your Servant, “I don’t see a point in further dialogue.”

“Gladly.” Avenger confirms as she conjures four magic circles in the air at her sides.

The voice hastily tries to dissuade you, “Hey hey slow down hot stuff you’re climaxing way too-” before it falls silent as the corpse is engulfed entirely in flames emitted by the circles your Servant drew.

You wait the for half a minute as the body is reduced to a heap of ash before scattering into the wind. You allow yourself a moment of sentimental reflection, and suppose that whoever the body originally belonged to would be comforted that it could no longer be used as a puppet of evil.

“I suppose the interruption is sufficiently dealt with.” You remark as you return to Caster’s territory.

“Indeed.” Avenger affirms as she accompanies you back, “I wonder what they’ll try next, I doubt this is the last we’ll see of those tiresome ghouls.”

“They haven’t taken a very direct approach so far, perhaps the Servant summoned by the Dead Apostle commander is lacking in attack-power.” You speculate, “Rusalka’s Servant Diomedes had raw power to spare, though perhaps he’d be thrown for a loop by Caster’s concealment spell.”

“Magic Resistance could mitigate some of the ill-effects of his spell.” Avenger replies, “For instance, a Servant with Magic Resistance could resist the distortion to their sense of direction, though if Caster conjured an obscuring mist, the resistance alone wouldn’t let them effortlessly see through it because the mist would simply be cluttering the environment with useless visual information, rather than aiming to directly affect the Servant.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
“Would be convenient for us if he were, but you’re probably right.” Avenger sighs. This time you don’t find yourself in complete agreement with her sentiment, since you are grateful that Kuro no Archer was able to land the killing blow on the main body of Sun Wukong. Sure you’d have been more pleased to do it yourself, but his assistance was invaluable even if it was largely circumstantial.

Anyway, the two of you are almost back at the hotel as the morning creeps closer toward afternoon. What would you put next on your agenda:

> Get properly healed up
> Improve the knowledge of the magic you already know
> Try out herb-lore
> See what’s in Caster’s workshop and tinker with something if it catches your eye
> No need to restrict yourself to the hotel, you’ll go on a walk around Caster’s territory; you remember hearing there were shrines in this area, you could take a look
> Something different (write-in)
>> Get properly healed up

File: 1693320683617458.png (38 KB, 640x640)
38 KB
It has been 100 years since ancient beings, known as the Old Ones, walked the Earth with their two strong feet. Now they are gone and we animals now rule the remains that they left behind. With our new knowledge of sword and sorcery, we were able to survive in peace for a while, but then came the three factions.
The Apes: Strong giants, claiming to be as just as the old ones and believe they should be the ones to rule over the new world.
The Pigs: An intellectual but slothful group who wish to rule the world with an iron hoof and remain kings while the others remained as dumb animals.
Then there the Lizards: A fast and large group that want to set the world a blaze. Trying to forget the harsh past that the old ones left.
All three sides wishing to go war and destroy one another to bring in what they believe to be true peace.
But, unbeknownst to everyone, there was another group. One that was trying their best to find a way to heal everyone. To bring back order.
You found it.... and now you are taking care of it.

A D&D Homebrew Adventure.

Previous Quests:https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Rise%20of%20the%20Awakened
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Enjoy your dinner QM. I guess we'll stop here for the day, or at least I will, since only Ursus needs to reply to that. I'm meeting back up with Kinny and the rest of the cats, but since he's not here I'm gonna have to wait until Tuesday to continue. The implications of this are interesting.
Fair enough.
I hope you all have a Blessed Night.
Are we all good for tomorrow?
They said they're coming to work on my room tomorrow. But fuck it. They said they don't need my help. So I'm going to DM for you guys if I can.
Thanks QM, appreciate it. Hope it doesn't end up being too much trouble for you. We'll see if Kinny and Ursus can make it though. I should be able to make it, though I may have to leave part way through the session suddenly, since I may have to drive a family member somewhere.

File: Heretic Cultivator - Copy.jpg (475 KB, 1920x1080)
475 KB
475 KB JPG
Previous chapters: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Heretic%20Cultivator%20Quest
16th thread: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2023/5733571/
MC info Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/x5rCdZpq
Sect/ disciple info Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1A0Yghkqs4WxALnnlVJ2uPpphQk9NQ4ME32DzC1qWp7Q/edit?usp=sharing

You are the miraculous existence known as Huanliuxue (欢流血, Happy Bloodshed/ Happy to Shed Blood), the greatest prodigy beneath the heavens, the guardian and leader of any demonic beast with half a brain, the reigning monarch of all felines, upholder of the rules of nature, possessing boundless talent and potential, and beauty that could catch the eyes of even the loathsome gods you abhor. You are also the founder and first head of the heretical sect of the Palace of natural laws (宫殿的野生彝宪, Gōngdiàndīyěshēngyíxiàn) and foremost amongst the two practitioners of your equally heretical law of cultivation and techniques, the Ruler of the Great Wheel's Law(统治者的这重大轮回法律, Tǒngzhìzhědīzhèzhòngdàlúnhuífǎlǜ).

And you have done some audacious even by feline standards. You've snuck into the nine heavens, finding that when one simply reaches for the stars, the path isn't well guarded or maintained at all. And having taken immediate advantage over the complacency of your most hated of rivals and seeking to satisfy your curiosity of the world were stars fly and what you would become if you to swam in the waters of astral chaos and drank greedily the breath of the cosmos, you ventured forth to investigate the cosmic wilds by sneaking up the celestial courts.

And things were going well, until a god cast out of the heavens for failing to kill you when you attained your human form, shot an arrow you narrowly avoided by obliterated by on the outer edges of the heavens, making you give a yowl of pain that alerted the lazing watchmen of its gates to your presence. But thinking quickly and using some of your more untested and esoteric abilities and powers, as well as your natural good looks and charm, you were able to pass yourself off as a goddess wounded by the terrible Huanliuxue beast.

And things were going well, until your attempts to frighten your wet nosed, still reeking of their mother's milk "Saviors", lead them to flea with your injured form to the palace of the foremost martial deity, and while this did save you the trouble of making your way through most of the nine heavens and kept your deception from being found out, you knew you needed to escape before any divine servant or lord got too close of a look at you and saw through your disguise.

And you had snuck out of that palace without being noticed, and were well on your way to the limits of the skies above even the heavens, when you realized that the unsettling feeling you experienced as you scaled the walls of the martial god's palace, was the spiritual sense of its gate keeper, a scared guardian diety.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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We learned how to trap souls in jars thank to the souls eaters journal, getting rid of it outright is stupid when it clearly contains useful information.
Not to mention that despite learning how to devour souls ourselves, we have yet to do so even once. It's a tool, it's all in how you use it. Tossing it away is for people who don't trust themselves not to use it responsibly, and I trust Huanliuxue plenty.
You mistake me. Your every point I agree with and knowledge is what we need. Every vile practice is used because it works, if we know how it works we can use that helpfully while discarding the bad aspects.

I merely take great offense at sub optimal bargaining practices. You sell the heart ad an heirloom to the crows, to incite bidding wars. And you sell the book as the foundational text of soul draining. Mega shit.

I dont think we should, it is letting genies out of bottles, but if we did, that is how to do so.
>literally i have no shekels but i must jew
You gotta respect the hustle.
you have eyes but do not recognize Mt.Tai,
don't you know that the only thing an auction does is allow an MC to purchase something of incredible value for really cheap?
We'd get ripped off!
>Xue Laohue is a hunter of beasts. He fights like men are any other animal. He sees and fights every opponent as if they were his quarry. He won't expect to have the tables turned on him. Have Tiexingege and Yinying lead ambush parties of varying compositions to weaken and blunt the approaching army, while the dusk marsh wolves, Summer Sea dawn, and temple of celestial fire sects do the same

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