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File: RangerPendantHeader.jpg (56 KB, 736x552)
56 KB
Welcome fellas to the Ranger’s apprentice quest

This’ll be my first go as a QM and I believe it’ll be a first for ranger’s apprentice here as well. As it is my first I’ll be relying on some good feedback to make sure I’m doing a sufficient job so please don’t hold back.

>The Setting
You’re living in the recently instituted Mandragor Fief in the Kingdom of Araluen 30 years after the death of Will Treaty. The fief is located on the Uthal plains north of the mountains of rain and night. The town is buzzing with optimism day in and day out, with everyone working their hardest to develop the new fief and prove their worth to the kingdom. Due to the mix of people from all over that came to populate the fief (generally people of high standing) the people enjoy a higher than normal standard of living. The current king is Duncan ll and all previous treaties/alliances are annulled, however there’s no current conflict. Book knowledge won’t be too necessary to follow along as I’ve taken some creative liberties and also won’t be using anything from the royal ranger onwards.

>Your Character
Your name is Gideon Page, a half Araluen half Toscani boy. Your family moved here from Redmont fief to experience a new frontier with the prospective annexation of the mountains, rumored to be home to hidden treasures stowed away from past conflicts.

One day not long after finally getting your meager belongings set in the humble home your parents were able to secure. Your father was asked here by Baron Cormac for his skill, he was well known in some circles for his forging. Your mother found work in the Baron’s castle, helping direct the kitchen staff and handle guests. The only person who was struggling to adapt to the environment was your older brother Beren, you rarely saw him in the first week as he spent most of his free time away from your parent’s and the home, preferring instead to explore the surrounding woods. Before long he was returning home with small game for your mother to cook. Over time you all settled and about a year later when at the age of nine your parents approached you offering to bring you along with them to their jobs so you may begin finding your own way in the world. Who did you choose to shadow?

>Go with your father to assist with his work as a blacksmith
>Go with your mother to serve nobles in the castle
>Go hunting with your brother

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>Join the battleschool prospects in their mock battles on the training grounds
>Join the battleschool prospects in their mock battles on the training grounds
>Join the battleschool prospects in their mock battles on the training grounds
>Explore the forest
Dead quest already huh?

File: 4210.png (551 KB, 800x1000)
551 KB
551 KB PNG
You just escaped a building on fire after shooting a guy in the leg after stealing blackmail documents from an important political figurehead’s office. And not without deleting a terrorist’s memories in the process. That sounds way more exciting than it was, but hey, at least you shot your first gun. Your first illegal action. In other words, a crime.

Funnily enough, you were right about your bomb alert…

You’re inside the black car Mama Bodil facilitated, your getaway driver “Eddie” is taking you back to the Ewing Family’s office. An unconscious Vera is by your side, exhausted after using her powers. Inside your hoodie rests Lawyer Cat the Plushy, like a good lawyer, he always has your back. You don’t know if it’s an actual lawyer, perhaps he’s just another type of bureaucrat, or better said, a bureaucat. You feel like you’re losing the Knowledge you gained after all you’ve done today with that bad pun.

In your hands, you have the incriminating evidence against Ayde Magogue and your phone. You better select the appropriate person to contact first, you have a hunch that things will drastically change depending on who you talk to first. Maybe it’ll ensure their safety…

Who do you call first to inform them about what you got from your successful heist?

>Wessam Carpetier. Having the information out there will secure Vera’s safety.
>Mama Bodil. You need to tell Mama that entertaining Ayde is no longer necessary.
>Call your little sister. She isn’t in danger despite your hunch, but, huh, you want to listen to a familiar voice after what you went through.
>Call the Hotel you stayed at and tell the receptionist she’s a fool.
>Write In.
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>>The Broller Coaster!
>>>The Broller Coaster!
File: 4244.png (220 KB, 800x640)
220 KB
220 KB PNG
Since Vera decided to not get angry at any decision you make, you choose to get on the Broller Coaster! You really want to get on a roller coaster with Vera, just imagining her reaction already gives you a good chuckle. You grab a voucher with the specific time you’ll be able to ride the things instead of doing a stupid queue. It’ll be in 20 minutes. In the meantime, you two bought something small to snack on, and waited outside the attraction.

The Broller Coaster is weird. It’s an Ocean AND Sauna themed attraction that has no water, and it’s about the unbreakable friendship between a Duck and a Shrimp. The cars look like they’re made out of the same wood you would seat on in a sauna, with the front one having the heater, by its sides the aforementioned animals are plastered, and they have tubes expelling steam to create a cool smoking effect while the ride goes. It’d be neat if it wasn’t so out there.

There’s a wooden sign revealing the backstory of the legend that inspired this ride. In short, a duck and a shrimp found themselves lost inside an Ogre’s cavern. The beast asked them who she should eat first, the duck convinced him to go for the shrimp first, which the shrimp accepted. The duck felt so bad for his actions that he jumped inside the Ogre’s mouth to satisfy his hunger. It didn’t really matter, as the monster ate the shrimp as well.

In their stomach, both animals befriended each other and waited to embrace their ultimate demise. But then, they found a magical stone that the ogre had eaten, and used it to kill the monster from within. They couldn’t escape though, and died inside the beast’s belly. This awoke the Goddess within the Stone, who revived both animals, and took them under her wing as her pets.

...But the Duck and the Shrimp weren’t on board with slavery, so they killed the Goddess and waged a war against the heavens. This ride represents their journey to the heavens to behead all members of Olympus. A monkey joined them, but that bit isn’t part of the ride.

What the fuck? Forget that, it’s time for your ride! Vera had to endure special measures to keep her in the car, but all in all, you two had the time of your life! It was so stupidly fast, it really felt like you were invading heaven! Obviously, Vera was very scared and held onto you like her life depended on it! Her offer has been rescinded, she will complain and complain about your choices forever!

For a moment, you both forgot that this is all the time you’ll have together…

And the same can be said for this thread! Thanks for playing! We’ll be returning soon! See ya!
Thanks for running!
Thank you for running!

File: character sheet.png (243 KB, 478x896)
243 KB
243 KB PNG
As the vestiges of the nightmare faded, Wetware's eyes snapped open — the backseat of his 2005 Honda Civic cradling his frame like a makeshift cot. The car was a beater; rust gnawed at its edges, the paint job was more of a patchwork quilt of past collisions than a factory finish, yet the engine murmured its reliable heartbeat underneath all that decay. It was this contradiction of resilience in the face of ruin that had always spoken to Wetware, a reflection of his own existence.

His phone, a once-shiny testament to modern connectivity, now clung to life by a thread, its battery indicator a critical hue. Beside him, the AR-15 lay dormant — its surface bore the tale of uncounted engagements, and the handguns were a collection of cold metal and potential, magazines fully fed though starved for maintenance. They would not falter if called upon; his crafts assured it, but like him, they were worn.

The workshop — Wetware's haven of solitude, creativity, and the arcane — now reeked of the feral and the fierce. The Uratha, werewolves of the modern night, had claimed it as their den. Those creatures, bound by pack and moon, held no reverence for the work of a man like Wetware. They saw not the sacred geometry of a gear nor the spirit of the machine. Their invasion was an affront, a violation of his claimed territory, and their presence churned his gut with a cocktail of anger and a pinch of fear. This was his ground to stand, his line in the sand, his cause for war.

Whispers broke the stillness within the Civic. The spirits, once silent, now spoke with voices coaxed into existence by his spells, each object home to an essence now given tongue.

The AR-15's spirit was brash, its tone metallic and sharp, the echo of a shell casing hitting concrete. "Well, Wetware, you gonna clean this mess up or what? Those mongrels got your scent and your space."

His car, a loyaler companion Wetware never had, hummed a thought through the worn fabric of the seats, "My wheels are ready, but you gotta steer us clear, boss."

The phone, ever pragmatic, added its digital drawl, "Battery’s low. Make the calls you need before I go silent."
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>Know Spirit
Casting at basic potency, standard duration and scale. Is wetware close enough to the spirit to cast without using reach? With spirit (3), gnosis (1), and a silver bullet used a yantra (2?) that gives a dice pool of 6.
File: spell.png (169 KB, 2276x1042)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
Any objections?
No objections.
Rolled 2, 8, 9, 3, 9, 4 = 35 (6d10)

Rolling for spell outcome
Alright, the Withstand was 2, so you get to ask 1 thing about the spirit. What is it? You may make up your own question or use the ones from the book.

File: IMG_0576.jpg (1.19 MB, 3946x2972)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
historical fantasy featuring scary ghosts and an even scarier property caretaker!
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>>a terror.

File: Spoiler Image (572 KB, 3946x2972)
572 KB
572 KB JPG
Can’t finish it tonight but here is a seggs WIP

File: star eater dragon.jpg (1.24 MB, 1011x1300)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG
For the past dozen or so sleep cycles, you've been having the same dream: a jade-handled sword flies at you and you catch it, dark figures gather outside the door of your hab box, a woman with crimson eyes offers you something that makes the world itself shudder.

Which are all things that are going to happen in the near future. It's something your mentor had always resented: the very literal nature of your dreams. To her, prophetic visions were supposed to be steeped in allegory and mysticism, all dragons devouring suns and phoenixes weeping blood, requiring days or weeks of meditation and introspective reflection to decipher.

Your off-hand remark that you're simply made different did not make her any happier. And she was secretly glad that you ultimately failed to make any meaningful progress down the path of Omen, despite her outward commiserations and sympathy.

That said, you did figure out that when those kinds of dreams came, they did have a deeper meaning. Because whenever they happened, they always marked a time of change and upheaval. A time to abandon your current path and find another.

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>You've always been the type who likes to personally see things through to the end. Drag him to a medi-point, get him patched up, and then escort him to the next planetside shuttle.
Not like we have anything else planned.
>Call out to him to get his ass down here. You might as well keep him where you can see him
Update might be delayed a couple days, as I scored some side work that I could really use with the holidays coming up. I'll keep the voting open until then.
>You've always been the type who likes to personally see things through to the end. Drag him to a medi-point, get him patched up, and then escort him to the next planetside shuttle.
>Call out to him to get his ass down here. You might as well keep him where you can see him

File: nothing.png (114 B, 370x405)
114 B
114 B PNG
Hello. Nothing exists. Except for you. Well, you kind of exist. You certainly exist more than most things right now. I suppose this means it's your job to create the universe, a certainly rare occupation. What shall we do?
>Create stars
>Create planets
>Create a God
>Create yourself
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File: johnnydeath.png (3 KB, 370x405)
3 KB
God's brave court opponent wasn't so lucky though... After his son mysteriously disappeared Johnny was accused of killing him. Having the murder of a child on top of his already extensive list of charges was not good, and so he was sentenced to a life of hard labor! One day, after a failed escape attempt, Johnny was shot down by the guards and left to bleed to death in the dirt. A somewhat fitting ending for a very scummy, dirty, and nerdy man.
God has met and made many people in his story thus far. I wonder who he'll meet next...
(Alright, this is the end of Thread 1!
I'm about to go make Thread 2, it should be up in a few minutes.
Now that the thread is over, how did you like it? Any thoughts, or criticisms now that a chapter of God's story is fully complete? Let me know!)
Damn forgot about these two.

It was pretty kino. I still have the same criticism of sometimes votes passing even if they don't get the majority, and the speed can be a bit too much at times, but otherwise this is a very solid and top tier quest.
(New thread is up >>5826265
Very kino QM, probably one of the fastest quests I've participated in recently.

File: iiiiiiiiiiiiiA.png (297 KB, 381x493)
297 KB
297 KB PNG
Because you deserve it.
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>I'm a bit surprised it was only girls.
she was on her lesbian phase. she outgrew it quickly after figuring out that just liking one gender did make her close-minded and traditional

>PROMPT: Did Rita ever try a sport?
all of them. she did golf by hitting the leftover, rotten apples and oranges with a tire iron, from the roof, then football by kicking a ball she made out of grocery store bags at a dog she trained to be a goalkeeper, then tennis by slamming lightbulbs against the wall of a nursing home for people with downs syndrome, then she made a racing car out of rubber tires and a cupboard which she attached to a fuckton of dogs, then 100 meter runs when she used to steal shit from the chinese market down the street (mostly dog food)

rita's core issue is that she smells like shit all the time. no, really. her personality is great, she looks friendly, she knows a lot of silly magic tricks, and she is very caring of the people around her. but, she smells like shit, and is so used to it that she doesn't notice it. and even thought she takes baths, always right before going out to play and run on roofs and scavenge trashcans

thing is; the people down where she lives is pretty dangerous, and the people at school turned out to be too snobby. despite being a naturally very open and social person, she simply didn't fit with her given context- and that caused her to close in on herself
btw forgot to mention
rita didn't even know what cosplay was when she began putting together fantastic pieces out of shit people gave away for free at church and stuff she found at the back of whore houses

i wish i never had to work ever never again
>i wish i never had to work ever never again
don't we all

>just liking one gender did make her close-minded and traditional
but liking things based on social validation is pretty fucking stupid

so, how does rita never get ill from being a fucking possum?
This is so damn wholesome, QM, you have no idea. Gave me the warm fuzzies inside...

>Rita never getting ill
Natural immunity, pal. Her immune system's been on Red Alert since she was born. Now all her White Blood Cells are equipped with the equivalent of some kind of sci-fi supersoldier
>they both could hire a war tank full of snipers
I always have some difficulty trying to grasp how wealthy the Kruppman family is.

>PROMPT: Is Helen a ruler from the shadows at School like she is at the Orphanage?
Side note, but is the movie Helen referenced to WE about a car air conditioning system manufacturer an actual movie?

File: 1694240473172507.png (232 KB, 612x601)
232 KB
232 KB PNG
They Company of the Black Knight set out for Albion, the land of Giants and Mist. There they hope to find the locations and knowledge of the great magics swimming through the lands and thus gain an immense advantage against the Necromancers of Nagash.

No rest through comes for the Heir of Ruin, for he has now learned the weapon of his benefactor has disappeared. For such an evil weapon it would only make sense that it has its own purpose in the Schemes of the First Necromancer.

++The Rules++
>Vote with Greentext, otherwise they probably won’t be accepted.
>Write-ins can be accepted, and might even be used in the final without majority rule.
>If you are going to change your vote, make it so your post only links to the numbers of the previous vote. It's cleaner that way.
>If you mix votes together without modifying them in any way, I reserve the right to employ your top most pick as your vote. Claiming it as a write-in won’t work either unless you modify it to convince me otherwise.
>The aim for rolls is low.


For the update schedule expect to be semi-daily with the chance I disappear for a week. If something comes up for myself I am placing that before this quest, so that should be kept in mind.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Hide one’s face
If it was golden, then we would do it publicly, but the green might hit our honour.
>>Allow it to be seen.
MISTERIOUS I don't want a life of normalcy for Lucian. Attempting to pave his way into 'ol knighthood with bickering, revelry, carousing, tournaments, lands... bla bla bla bla!!
>Allow it to be seen.

Instant distrust? Yes.
Some dramatic reveal later down the line thst causes us headaches? Nope.

The truth will set you free.
>Allow it to be seen.
Like anon said, better to get it over with now than risk causing a whole lot of headache later.
>Allow it to be seen
The green knight

File: Spookpumpnice.png (206 KB, 578x398)
206 KB
206 KB PNG
On nights like these, your form is most indistinct.

Breathing in the chilly evening air, you watch, as you usually do, unseen, unknown and untouchable. But then for such a vague thing, watching is all that is possible. Even a world such as this rich in mystery as it is, can barely tolerate your essence.

How pitiful to be spurned by one's homeland. High is the moon, bright and with a gaze almost as penetrating as your own. The blue moonlight casts a gentle spell over fields of wheat far too bewitched to ever be harvested, you've yearned to taste it once more, but even blood is denied to you now.

Ragged scarecrows in robes of feather they gave fear dance through stalks, leaving mystic furrows in the meadow. Such joyful mannikins, though the sacrifices they slit from crown to navel are considerably less cheerful about this night's activities.

Really knowing these meadows, these fakemen are quite daring, scrawling their scribbles and spilling blood here in your old haunting grounds that you were once so rudely evicted from. Why if they aren't careful, rather than whatever dark being they serve, they could attract the attention of something far more beyond understanding.

Something like you.

What a wonderful chance to put your roots down, to once again feel the true embrace of your beloved soil, to no longer be so harshly foreign to home.

The only trouble is deciding what to encroach...

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Check the last bit of IsekaiGods

It won't answer all your questions but it'll give enough to connect a few dots.

As for your form, when incarnated, an indistinct being, only some definition from the vessel you sacrificed.
Ok, I see, thanks for replying. Though it seems to be restating the obvious mostly (we're a being of curses), I see we were imprisoned in a rock for a while?? And carried out the will of the gods against a Demonlord in a cyberworld or something. It is still very mysterious.
I still haven't discarded the urge to explain, but it's a lot harder to have something be fantastical when you strip all mystery away.

Were you in a rock? Were you a rock? Was the Cursestone really a rock?

Romantic Romance up tomorrow by the way.
Keeping it mysterious is absolutely fine and understandable. I just hope that the mystery will unveil when we (hopefully) finally reunite with Brisganne next October. Though it is a year away and things may change... I still hope this quest will appear again!
>Romantic Romance up tomorrow by the way.
Great, looking forward to it!
Tomorrow is today. Romantic Romance is up. Would have been better done a few days ago, but hey.


File: Dark dreams qtg.png (1.32 MB, 754x918)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
Welcome to /qtg/, a place to talk about quests.

>What is a quest?
An interactive story in which a Quest Master (QM) writes and provides the readers with options on how to proceed — similar to a gamebook.

Questionably Useful links:

>Old pastebin containing advice for QMs:
Badly in need of renovation.

>Archiving guide:
Go to http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/requestqstinterface.html
Fill out the request form to archive a thread.
Threads are also automatically archived by other websites, such as archived.moe.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
1508 replies and 260 images omitted. Click here to view.
Running a quest helped me maintain some routine and sense of enjoyment during some tough times these last couple years.
the worst part of actually running a quest is losing the ability to talk about what would happen in your quest because now you'd be actually spoiling it
I first started writing quest in college. It was 3 in the morning the day an assignment was due, I chugged two Five Hour Energies and needed multiple outlets for creation. I pumped out an opening on Akun and published it at, like, 8AM and people told me I was retarded because nobody was going to vote.
I miss the structure to my life college provided, and Akun was a part of that chaotic yet structured and scheduled lifestyle I now yearn for a lot.
You have my sympathy, my close call really highlighted how shit your position is.
Let there be a minute of silence for the lost quests and flakey new qms.
>Greek quest
>End in tragedy
Haven’t read through it but that’s kinda kino

File: youtube_banner02.jpg (693 KB, 2560x1345)
693 KB
693 KB JPG
A few days passed since your expectations were shattered. Dark Falz appeared once again. Central Cannon didn't work the first time but now that it is done it might just finish the job.

Back then, you weren't a part of the main fighting force. Assigned to doing logistics, it was all you've ever done in your time within ARKS. This fight wasn't any different, and it didn't get any easier just because you aren't being attacked. Special equipment needed to be ready to be delivered to those fighting, preferably before the ones already deployed were depleted.

Central Cannon started having problems. The one purpose it was built for is in its sights, and it was failing to accomplish that. The first shot it made messed up everything, and Dark Falz was still alive. Adjustments needed to be made, parts hot swapped in for fresh ones, but a follow up couldn't have been done in time. Encasing the area around it, all contact was lost.

This happened the first time Dark Falz attacked. All that was left now was to wait and hope the guys inside could wear it down. Everyone else had their bets placed on one guy, but if he was any good, they would've killed it the first time around. Truthfully, at this point, there wasn't any more hope in you. Aelio Town was reduced to a crater, and this was just delaying Central City's turn.

The sphere shattered, and the Cannon fired its second shot. It was long since ready for it, but even after all this, it wasn't enough. The beam hit dead on, and yet it was still there. Like you thought, it's over. What else could have been done?

A streak of light, so brilliant it could be seen from afar. Landing on Dark Falz's limbs, it danced around its attempts to swat it away and pierced through its core. Dark Falz floated limply, rising to the skies where it promptly exploded.

You expected the worst that day. The end, really. Every part of you before would've thought this was pointless, but today, you walk away from the class counter. Starting now, you're an ARKS Defender proper.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
40 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
I wrote part of the update with these rolls in mind, then I was forced to take off and go outside. There’s enough of it done for me to finish it on my phone if the WI-FI here lets me post.
Sorry, but it nobody minds me waiting until I get back to finish and post, I can do that. It’s still best of 2. Parsi doesn’t really need a reroll, but Ravinia sure does.
Rolled 3, 1, 3, 1 = 8 (4d6)

Sorry. Life threw me up shit's creek. I was just called and my mother fell ill. I have to go to see her a few states away and I don't think I'll be able to write in a state like this. Fuck, man. I really did want to write this quest as a way to flesh out my headcannons and of the characters of me and my friends made in game.

I don't think I'll be able to come back to this anytime soon, but I hate being left on an abrupt stop as much anyone else here, so I'm going to share the plans I had in mind.

This was basically a tutorial for how I wanted to handle fights and dice rolls, and for that, I think I did ok. Realized too late that in avoiding heavy lore drops, I didn't explain enough of the setting of NGS. I didn't want to explain about all the regions because this quest wasn't going to take place here for long. Instead it was going to take place in the Engima, a place removed from Halpha.

I'd justify the sudden relocation with a canon event in the game, in which Creative Spaces were discovered accessible though teleporters. Instead of the expected destination, a batch of the first pioneers would have their teleport hijacked. I'd heavily incentivize you guys to be on that first batch, though I did have a plan if that didn't happen. The story of Halpha, the planet where NGS takes place on was that it was an experiment to create people strong enough to fight another threat, the Starless. DOLLS were artificial recreations of Starless. The leader of this experiment, Zephetto, went off to face the Starless arriving on Halpha, confident that the experiment finally created a success, which was the one who killed Dark Falz.

Zephetto went missing, leaving a power vacuum in place for the experiment. Enigma being separate from Halpha meant I was more open to using settings from PSO2 classic since the four regions of Halpha was hard defined. It would've been run by Pinno, a second in command of sorts to Zephetto.

In contrast to the Parsi being inspired by Dark Falz's defeat, Pinno would've seen the Starless arrive and just give up on the original experiment. The Starless decimated ARKS a long time ago after all, and now they're here again. Might as well have his fun. He'd run Enigma more openly, treating it like a death game. Pitting ARKS Defenders in heavily unfavorable situations, he wanted to see them turn just as hopeless as he was before they died. Metawise, the scenarios I would've written are taken from PSO2's challenge mode. He'd go from the collected, uncaring character, to losing his cool the further along you survived and undermine his intent. Eventually, Central City would find Engima and depending on how far unhinged he became, he'd either give up and suicide, leaving Central to figure out how to extract everyone or make a final stand, unleashing his DOLLS forces on Halpha in an organized manner, instead of the usual freely roaming kind that populate the place. Either way, Pinno's end marks the end of the quest as I intended.
There were more classes in NGS, 10 of them total, and I was workshopping how'd I do them for the Quest. Each of the classes would have at least one character representing them and subclassing was going to be a thing with the next set of 3 I was going to add. Hunter, Ranger and Force were the basic versions of the Melee, Ranged and Magic trinity, and they'd have advanced forms as Fighter, Gunner and Techter. Fighter would've been all offense compared to Hunter's tankiness, Gunner was a self buffing gunslinger as opposed to Ranger's support role and Techter would've been team support and also a pseudo tank, doing so with healing and temp health.

I didn't get far enough to workshop Braver and Bouncer, hybrid classes that used Melee/Ranged and Melee/Tech respectively. Braver would've probably have done more with counters and
Bouncer a support that helped with downing DOLLS like was tried to imply here. Waker and Slayer, I've zero idea how'd I do yet.

Ravinia would have a sister, Lethia. They fell out and don't really get along anymore and while I was committed to that part of the character, I wasn't too sure on the why of it. Ravinia being a Hunter and Lethia being Ranger implied a Force sister, but that didn't cross my mind and isn't the case. I wanted this quarrel to be something between 'friendlies' and not just stick Lethia with Pinno and kinda force it with inherent opposition. Maybe she distanced herself realizing that one day, Ravinia was going to kill herself in a bad, reckless play and thought this would've stopped it from hurting as much. I dunno.

There was Sumire, intended to be a Bouncer. Shy, unconfrontational, doesn't hear well and had a peculiar accessory she can't bear to part with. An easy conflict here is her losing it and needing to be worked up from parting with such a sentimental item. A bit open and shut on my end.

I had a homage to Elenor Camuel, a CAseal from PSO1. More of a remake really. She would've been a Gunner. She wouldn't have a problem of her own, but would've caused one by chafing with the more nihilistic characters of the group. That would've split an otherwise unified force and made you guys decide which one to go with, or attempt to mediate between the two schisms. Of course, this would just lead to a more disastrous break up down the line if the root of the problem was dealt with.

Kratt exist as the Force. Comedic Relief. Pictured above. Probably would've had a shitpost twist if I really needed it.

Also for the guy that hates NGS and taking it out on me, go fuck yourself.
Thanks for trying. Take care of yourself.

File: pyronesia finalized.png (131 KB, 1440x881)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
You are the leader of a Great nation, PYRONESIA.

Months ago you declared war on FEMCIA, a nation with a population of 80% Women.

So Far, You sent a couple hundred troops and took over a small northern island, but the FEMCIAN army was ready, and after a month of silence, exterminated 15 scouts, Now is the time to act.

Your Move.

side note, updates will be slow because of factors out of my control, expect between 5 hours to 3 days for an update
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Buy off some pirates to raid their shipping containers going in.
We have rounded up all of the civies on the island, FEMICA has done nothing at all to retaliate

At the same time in LADRATIA, A rebellion broke out with the LNM, some kinda fascists or somethings

What do you do?
>Try to contact the rebellion
I'm honestly not entirely sure what's going on in this world.
soft reboot, the LADRATIAN (too lazy to do colors anymore, sorry) Civil war is over, the FEMCIAN war is stil going on but it's basically a stalemate now, in FENTEU another civil war erupted, and there's a global economic crisis on the horizen

(Note, all actions taken before this still apply)
K... Not sure what we're meant to do. We have some pretty compelx geopolitics with establsihed blocs, we don't know anything about any of them really... Or even about our own nation.

File: wasteland_2.jpg (100 KB, 700x702)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
The date is September 30, in the year 2023 AD.

Forty years ago, the world was bathed in an atomic baptism. Chaos reigned until the next generation emerged into this brave new world and began to rebuild. Today, civilization has reclaimed the Shenandoah Valley, but a plague of apocalyptic proportions threatens to end it all. You are Elaine Rosewood, a literate farmhand from Thornton.

When the plague came, your entire family was taken, but you were spared. Rumor tells of a cure in the Dominion of Columbia, a subterranean civilization below the former capital of America: Washington DC. With nothing left to lose, you journeyed north, passing through Front Royal, a settlement reduced to a ghost town by the sickness. After days of walking, you ended up in Shenandoah City. There, you met up with Rudy Callahan, a young mercenary fleeing from his old life. Together you set out north for Hubcap, in hopes of catching a caravan to DC.

>Inventory: pastebin.com/raw/tVtRribk
>Previous Thread: >>5774754
>Archive: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=2023%20AD:%20After%20America
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>Leave right now
An update on the quest:
I just don't think I'm in the space schedule wise, nor mentally, to continue this quest. I know that sounds like some pussy, typical flake shit, but it's the truth.
This was an experimental quest for me. I only stuck to established fandoms and tried worldbuilding using IRL locations. I also stuck to one post long updates to keep a consistent schedule. Neither of those panned out, so I'm starting to think I'm just the problem lol.
So I'm calling this thread here and archiving it on suptg now. I want to apologize to everyone who participated, especially those who went above and beyond using real geography Write-Ins.

End of Thread 2, I guess.
Very sorry to hear that QM. Hope you feel better soon and find your muse back!
I mourn the end of this quest. Good luck qm.
Farewell, this quest is some of the best-written I've seen, and I mourn for its premature end.

After some consideration... you've decided that you're going to lay down a trap for the son of a bitch that fired an arrow at you, and indirectly started this godforsaken mess. Besides, you need to figure out how easy it is to walk, now, though initial testing seems... promising, at least. The main thing you're worried about is how stable your stance is, compared to before, considering you're not standing on digits instead of an entire foot... Though, you do notice that the soles of your foot are not only thicker, but... Not too dissimilar to sandpaper. Not a lot of friction, though the wet grass is still a danger. Not much more than when you were still wearing boots, but... so be it.
You leave the trapping up to Snikt and Anna, who were both excitedly working together in setting something up.
As you learn to walk and wait for the trap... you also just talk to the others. Snikt has told you a few... disturbing things about Pink, for instance, and you kind of feel like you haven't had a regular heart to heart with anybody in a hot minute.
So, as you sit down, adjusting your tail to do so, you look over to Collar and Teensy, who are both playing tag with some of the fairies.
Seems that, considering the new Prince of the Forest is friendly with you, they're rather forgiving...

All the same, he doubts that this friendliness will last long. He is quite thankful that you, essentially, turned him into a fae baron and cured his madness as a result, but still... Only so much he can do.
You call Pink closer to you, and she all but sprints over. Chad decides to sit nearby as well, as does William.
"...Pink. We haven't talked in a while, and I'm sorry. Lots of things have been on my mind... Especially now."
"Its fine, Dragon! We still talked!"
"Never really beyond what's needed, though, don't you think?"

Pink shrugs.
"You are not obligated to do anything, Dragon."
You pat her on the head, smiling, and then you get a little more serious.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Oops. This was meant to be a reply to >>5845243, and also is me.
>>Fine. Leave him with his happiness
it doesn't actually sound like he's been brainwashed based on what he's described. Yeah he's bitter about what he was like as a human, but he's not really wrong to be. I'd be more concerned about imputing his own failings on the rest of humanity than his mostly healthy level of self-loathing for his own past. Humans have the capacity to be both good and evil, and most of them are somewhere in the middle, and our duties as a knight errant and squire is to give people the best opportunities and incentives (like not getting stabbed in the head with a sword or shot or burned alive) we can to make sure they can be good, instead of evil.

Anyway, medium option, remind him that the nature of his duties as a squire don't mean blind obedience, and he has a duty to disobey us in certain circumstances, if he recognizes that our orders or priorities are contrary to our own vow as a Knight Errant. Maybe bring up the ogre, and the other 'bolts, and our concern about making sure that if anything like might happen, it's his duty to make sure it doesn't. I feel like he's been able to handle that when we've had our own problems so far.
I am very sad to see the vote going this way for poor William, truly heartbreaking
I'm happy for him, but I am worried about the actively anti-humanity bent our found family is gradually shifting towards.
>but I am worried about the actively anti-humanity bent our found family is gradually shifting towards.

based on the past few updates I can safely say it is coming from pink. I am glad to see we can agree on that even if I bitterly disagree about William, poor bastard.

File: Emergency_Sortie.jpg (87 KB, 959x499)
87 KB
“It’s been 28 years since the Satellite War plunged the world into chaos. The great institution that was the International Forum is dead, and with it all dreams of peace and global solidarity. The Bi-Frost satellite network that once enabled large scale global communications lies shattered. The resulting orbital debris field has halted any plans of expansion into space.”

“Now surviving nations leverage their remaining industry to fortify their fragile borders, petty warlords squabble over wastelands scarred by kinetic bombardment, the remnants of the IF’s elite peacekeepers haunt the battlefields like vengeful spirits, and over it all looms the threat of Neromius; empowered by a new generation of genetically engineered mega-cavalry and unrestricted by the sanctions of the IF; the rider-chiefs of its disparate tribes and city states sally forth into the broken world in search of spoils and glory.”


The Neromian Warlord; Doruk Demir and his Iron Tide have made landfall on western side of the N.O.D.R, dragging the Miner’s Republic into a war they are ill suited to fight. The entire western region of the country would have fallen overnight if it weren’t for a plucky band of mercenaries in the right place at the wrong time…

403 replies and 73 images omitted. Click here to view.
"That's just typical isn't it? That this scrap heap would roll over just as the enemy retreats! You stupid metal amalgama- AAAAA, AND NOW YOU'VE GONE AND HURT MY FOOT, TOO! TRAITOR! GOOD GOD, MEDIC! MEDIC!"

>Restore Tegu MBT: Total Cost 750¢
>Remaining: 150¢
>Purchase: Ablative Armor (1) [+8 HP] (50¢)
>Purchase: Main Gun FCS (Accuracy +5, Tracking [20]) (¢75)
>Remaining: 25¢
>Level Up: Rookie > Regular [50XP / 150XP]
>Stat Bost: +4HP
>Take Skill: Automatic Fire Control

>Quacken Squadron
>Quacken Squad isn't called "Drake/Mallard" and "Launchpad/McQuack"
How will they be able to Get Dangerous like this?
"Alrighty, boys I think I'm gettin' the measure of Bessie's new toy now, might even be able to drop two shells on the same poor bastard's head at the same time if'n I really tried.
Might need to use to ol' FCS at the same time as the new one though...
Jessup, why don't you an' Barnaby start welding on a few new spars an' spalling liners why I fiddle with these here wirey bits."

>Maintenance fee: 235 Cr
>Purchase internal reinforcement: 100 Cr
>Level up to Veteran: +5 ACC, On-Time On-Target

Callsign: Risk of Rain
Role: Indirect Fire Support
XP:150 (Veteran)
Skills: +10 Ranged ACC, Flank Speed, On-Time On-Target
Chassis: Boa
Turret: Artillery FCS, Howitzer HE
Turret Equipment: Smoke Launcher, Basic FCS Ext

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Realized I made some errors in in my character sheet, it should be:

Name: Camellia "Cammy" Morgan
Level: Regular
Exp: 50/150
Skill: Top Attack Guidance
Passive: +3 Penetration
Money: 12.5

Mech: "Longbow"
Crocodile Mk2 (600)
Left Arm Mount: Longbow Missiles(150), Rapid Rocket Pod (75)
Right Arm Mount: Longbow Missiles(150), Rapid Rocket Pod (75)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I need a bit more time to make the next mission. I hope to post the briefing by next Wednesday at the latest.

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