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File: KMQ_4.jpg (263 KB, 700x1000)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
After the Nine Great Clans united the long-divided lands of Kiyoshu 30 years ago, the empire has entered a golden age of peace and prosperity. However, the will of the samurai lives on! Swordsmen and warriors all around the country still strive for strength and mastery, to compete and reach the very peak of martial skill!

You are Hiroshi Nobuyasu of the Hiroshi Clan, a vassal clan of the Toumi, one of the Nine Great Clans. From a young age, you have been exposed to the way of the sword, trained in the arts of the Toumi School of Swordsmanship. But as fate would have it… You aren’t particularly good at the discipline. In fact, despite your hard work and determination, it would be apt to say that you are rather inept. At best, you are average, no better than some nameless foot soldier. Yet, you are far from discouraged. As one who shows deep passion and appreciation for the blade, your perseverance holds you firm. Never faltering in the face of adversity. Never abandoning the sworn tenets of the samurai.

>My Twitter:

>KismetQM Discord:

>Post Schedule:
I’ll try to post as often as I can, but expect posts to mainly come on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Weekends. If the quest ropes in enough people, I may consider hosting sessions.


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Yeah, even if we don't, not sure if Yuyo won't do anything of his own
He is also disarmed, disabled and lying in the streets of the taria prefecture. We didn't slay him in the heat of combat so it would be murder now, or at the very least disrespectful to the peace keepers of the province.
He's a bandit, he will be hanged anyway. No need to dirty our hands with this scum.
I'm this ID from mobile, just participating in discussion, don't want to samefag.

Looks like we'll spare the guy. Writing, though I may not be able to get the post up by tonight cause I'm quite tired.

File: Four Folks.png (15 KB, 512x512)
15 KB
Shit went crazy. Felt like fifty different things happened at once. Regardless, the world ended, but that was like... what, 8 years ago now? Sure, you were mopey and sad about it at first, but now... now you have a goal. An aspiration. You've made the internal decision that you wanna start a sick-ass post-apocalypse gang or something along those lines. There's already plenty of them out there after all. But you wanna be the biggest gang in all of Wakerplain. Not gonna be an easy feat... you'll need plans, men and resources.

But... who are you, anyways?

>I'm Eyepiece Guy. I have the unique item Spiral Eyepiece, which lets me hypnotize a weak-willed individual once every 8 hours, for about 2 hours. I also start with a valuable, sellable artifact.

>I'm The Bellboy. I have the unique trait Luggage Loader, which lets me stack items in my inventory, up to a maximum of 3. In addition, I have a very small chance to redirect damage back to the enemy when attacked. Luck of the Fez!

>I'm Life Jacket Girl. I have the unique item Life Jacket, which lets me float on water regardless of how encumbered I am. I also gain a modest bonus to social interactions for being cute.

>I'm The Wizard. I have the unique trait Enchanted, which allows me to create and use spells. I can learn one new spell every week. I suffer a small negative to social interactions for being an eccentric weirdo.

Oh, while you're there, tell me your name!
>Write in for character name
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>Head to Low Walk ("A couple hours" - Kirby)
Shit, made me realise I called Low Town "Low Walk".

My bad, ahaha.
>Head Home (1 Hour)
We should get go know our companion idiot and get a plan instead of aimlessly wandering. We can safely get whenever we want tomorrow.
>Head to Low Walk ("A couple hours" - Kirby)
let's check out that loser gang that runs this place.
>Head to Low Walk ("A couple hours" - Kirby)

File: Origin Choices.png (1.67 MB, 1920x1080)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
Time and time again, the Enclave has been beaten down, beaten back and its plots foiled by some exceptional wastelander whether it be from the west or the east. Poseidon Energy Oil Rig, Navarro, Raven Rock all of them have been lost. The Outpost in Chicago has been buried underneath the weight of the Midwestern Brotherhood. In this year of 2281 what hope is there for a united America when all that's left are remnants of the Enclave?

can you re-forge the disparate Enclave Remnants in your own image?

With that out of the way here's the rules for rolling in the quest

Rules D100 roll under a give Difficulty value, Difficulty value is modified by character traits, perks, and the scenario itself, Menial DV 90 average DV 70, challenging DV 50, Brutal DV 30, Impossible DV 10.

Example: Combat Scenario
John is a remnant fighting off an NCR Veteran Soldier
DV is 50 because this is challenging.
John has a +25 from perks, traits and equipment for a DV of 75
The NCR Soldier has a zealous hate for the Enclave -10 so DV is now 65

Best of 3 rolls, crits cancel (1 and 100 in gifteds case 1-10, 90-100), crits don't stack

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In the short term robotics are the best way to reinforce our manpower problem. In the long term, we are gonna get dependent on raiding vaults for the population. For the west coast, all the vaults are tapped out except for those located in Cascadia thanks to the NCR. The longer we stay in the NCR the more we will hurt for manpower in the long run. Robotics is a simple quick fix dependent on how much we can get our hands on and refurbish into service as quickly as we can. We will end up with a shit ton of Gutsies simply because Mister Handies and Miss Nannies are very easy to convert into Gutsies. The hi tech caravan is key for acquiring the tools/equipment needed for everything and buying robots/parts. As there isn't a whole lot left that the NCR hasn't picked clean already with notable yet often deadly exceptions like the Big Empty and hellish terrain like the Divide with its terrible weather/very rough terrain that required the Courier to actually find a route through. With Cascadia being the only notable exception left on the entire West Coast thanks to the NCR.

Basically, the NCR is utter shit for development. Good for fucking around yes but not for anything else. Simply too many enemies and too little resources.
All of this is idea, but only if we're aware of Hopeville, and can reactive all of the facilities to claim ownership of everything before the NCR does an opsie and send the nuke activating device there that fucks everyone.

>In 2274, Robert House contacted Vault 21's residents with an offer of inclusion in the resurrection of Vegas. While most of the Vault dwellers wanted to refuse the offer, some residents were in favor of it. As a result, residents in favor of Mr. House's offer challenged each level's representative who was in favor of staying isolated. After a game of Blackjack that lasted for many hours, those in favor of opening to the outside won in an extremely risky move. Soon after, Mr. House ordered the Vault to be filled with concrete.
It's 2272 or 2271 right now. We have slightly less than three years to get to Vegas and win over Vault 21. That's all we got.
Fiends are practically a non-issue for us. They'll be easy pickings.

Regarding the robot army idea, we could buy scraped robots and have them shipped someplace secured so we could eventually move them closer to the Mojave and Hopeville so we can get trained technicians (Vault residence) to repair them. Is we start stockpiling on robots now, we can have a larger robot army in the future, and you're right about the Mr. Gutsy ideas. We will have to rectify the glitches and flaws in the Gutsy's however.
I am not saying I disagree, I am saying that it will be a bitch to accomplish and we likely need security codes that went up with Richardson.
LMAO just nuke the NCR and Ceasar's Legion.

Thread 2 is up.

File: 2nd Primarch 2.jpg (1.07 MB, 2581x1629)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
Previous threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=The%202nd%20Primarch%20Quest

You are Lieren, great hunter of the wilds, friend and savior of the common, hero of the rebellion, virtuous sower of prosperity, benevolent giant from nothing, patriarch of the wanderers in the fog sect of "cultivators", wise inventor and father of "The Journey" Philosophy. And oath brother to the recently crowned and named king of the new dynasty, Long-Jia Jinhai. You are also one of the emperor's sons, a primarch and you've recently encountered the astral avatar of one of your similarly astray brothers, Magnus the Red of Prospero.

Your first deed in the name of the new government and the peaceful era it embodies, was to investigate troubling rumors and accounts of entire villages vanishing from the Huang region. Fearing the work of a malevolent force, you left the former capital city, which was now named Carp's Celestial Ascent, and endeavored to solve the unsettling crisis befalling the people of the Huang province. Choosing to focus your investigation on the local most likely to reveal to you the secret of these bizarre vanishings, you lead your party drawn from the membership of your personal guard and headed towards the site of one of the latest reported vanishings.

A quiet travelers' town built around the inn that gave it its name. Stubborn Ox's Rest, where a unit of veteran soldiers, well armed in both armaments and experience had gone missing when they sought to investigate the silent ruins of the town personally. Arriving at dusk, you discovered what remained of the unit, tattered and half mad. And you discovered the source of their woes. A member of the Aeldari race, a bandit from the stars raiding the country side to feed its hunger for torment and fresh slaves. Stealing knowledge from the wretched creature's mind, you began to hunt down the rest of the alien invaders. A treacherous family of vipers, that served their mutual progenitor and lord out of fear and ambition rather than any familial love.

The trap you laid for the two you tracked, left Xin with only one arm, and Bai and Red Faced Wei nearly consumed by their desire for vengeance. Calming your friends, and ordering them to relent on their suicidal wish to follow you into the viper's den, they stayed with the rest of your companions, tending to the injured Xin as you once more walked the fogs to bring justice upon the Aeldari and their wicked lord Patriarch, the self styled lord of the Stellar hunt Cearnarch.

Enraged by the visions of atrocity that their Aeldari brigands decorated their camps with and delighted in committing, you released the half starved Fog panthers and Tigers they managed to imprison, before infiltrating their star ship to confront lord Cearnarch personally.

He provided little challenge, even with a cybernetically enhanced and tortured dragon as his steed.
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> QM Malal confirmed no oceans, just xbawks hueg lakes.
Man, that just sounds so fucky. I know fiction requires suspension of disbelief, but it's still so hard to imagine a world functioning like that.

> It's pretty likely they're going to be based off of the real life Basque people from Spain.
I'm gonna be honest; I forgot they even fucking existed. I thought they were just Malal's token white people of a planet primarily populated by Not!Chinese and Not!Arabian/Indian.

This is true. Malal's champions are basically psychopathic time bombs who hate themselves only slightly less than they hate everyone else. Shit, Malal doesn't even do daemons very often; it's how he can operate so quietly even when fucking up the other God's plans. Instead of macro/micromanagement on a cosmic scale, it's just One Spiteful Prick and the Most Unpleasant Motherfucker he could scrounge up from the mortal trash bin.
Well, shit. Forgot they exist too.
I know that a lot of people here aren’t familiar with cultivation stories so I want to clear some stuff up.
The goal of cultivation isn’t just self-improvement but to become an immortal/god by reaching the Dao which is part of the reason the “Heavens” hate cultivators. Cultivation as a process varies greatly but the general rule for the lower levels is that you have to build up refined qi to form a foundation for your cultivation will but built on then create the golden core (which is a common but purposeful mistranslation). After the core’s formation cultivation gets surreal which can be compounded by the cultivation style used and internal demons.
Cultivation style defines the precise focus of the cultivation since there is a cultivation style for everything there’s a story out there where the MC wants to reach the Dao by cultivating his food cooking skills however conflicting cultivation styles can lead to the dreaded qi deviation. What is qi deviation? Nothing good but more precisely it’s when your “internal demons” start fucking you over with “internal demon” more accurately described as “some part of you” than as actual demons.
The Dao is a bit of a difficult concept to grasp so I’ll just explain the basic idea. The Dao is a sort of “truth” that encompasses reality, while normally unreachable people can reach the Dao by creating a path to it by using your own truth, both the path and the truth are considered the Dao. If you can understand that then you have a basic understanding of the Dao.
Other than that here’s a link for other concepts we’ll come across.
Any questions?
It's because the whole world is terraformed, it's not real geography.
Go over tribularions and breakthroughs, anons need the lesson.
Maybe sentient object or animals that also are cultivators.
Actually, just levels of cultivation and hiw each tier interacts with the previous and the next is probably better than a rock that cultivates and becomes a monke.
Maybe pills, beast cores, consumption of souls and forbidden cultivation (like encoraging internal demons to become stronger) could be good too, since they are the artificial or evil ways to increase power, so what our enemies might be, or just in case it's what Magbus suggests.

File: Treasure Hunters.jpg (170 KB, 701x1000)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
You are a wannabe adventurer/scholar/tomb robber who has recently been drawn to the field by a string of notable discoveries in the steaming jungles of the Fantal Islands, discoveries that made those involved incredibly rich!

Now everyone and their dog are trying to get in on the action, whether they be colonial powers, pirates, criminals, shadowy occultists, freelance mercenaries, or free spirited adventurers.

But you have something they don’t.

A map.

And a plan.

Maybe not really a plan, but definitely a map.

>Pick your character and three support characters:

- Hans Wagner – Broody Belkan (German/Prussian) Beefcake

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>Hit her with your wrench
>>Hit her with your wrench
>>Yell out a warning
>Try to discretely draw one of your crew mates attention to it
>Hit her with your wrench

“The Krieger Corp is the life for me,
A gun, bed and funeral for free.
That’s my lot in the Black Company.”

It took the Earth 10 long years to die. Like every planet afflicted by the pervasive sentient plague that swept the galaxy at the turn of the 23rd century, aptly named The Rot, Earth’s demise was slow and agonising at first then violent and sudden by the end. The seas boiled and the air turned to ash in the wake of the continent-shattering orbital bombardments that cleansed her and a hundred other worlds.

20 years later, the dust of the Purification Wars has settled and the surviving xenos empires have finished carving up the remaining colonies of those less fortunate races between them, including those few left from Earth’s initial phase of expansion. Just rewards for the victorious alien’s part in saving the galaxy. The surviving human population, once many billions, now numbers in the mere millions. An entire race of refugees, vagrants and backwater outcasts begging, stealing and labouring as second-class citizens, servants or slaves under uncaring alien masters.

A lifetime of backbreaking work for stale recycled oxygen units and a handful of credits is the best fate most humans can hope for. Little wonder then that the violent but lucrative life of a mercenary holds such appeal. As the novelty of peace wears off and the rival alien nations rattle their sabres once more, human mercenaries are in high demand for their crude effectiveness and affordable prices.

And of all the human mercenary firms, there are none so infamous and so highly sought after as the services of the Black Company…


Twitter: https://twitter.com/BlackCompany666

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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> BC is the last bastion of humanity
> commander fucks a bug-lady

> The Black Company is an organisation, true. But Vinehound squad is your family. Which would make the rest of the 77th platoon your retarded cousins or something. You’ll do whatever it takes for you and yours to survive, and thrive. No one else matters. Nothing else matters. Family first. That right there is your idea of honour. [Firebrand]

I agree with Crane on one fact: that Nat has to accept what she did as her own choice and not blame orders. She had a choice even if pressured, and that's on her.

The other bullshit about honour? I'd buy it if this wasn't you know, a mercenary company meant to take on dicey and ambiguous jobs.

In any case, this choice strikes the middle zone
I'm looking for.

>>4906170 First post.
>> The Black Company is an organisation, true. But Vinehound squad is your family. Which would make the rest of the 77th platoon your retarded cousins or something. You’ll do whatever it takes for you and yours to survive, and thrive. No one else matters. Nothing else matters. Family first. That right there is your idea of honour. [Firebrand]
Xenophobe is too Prince for me... I think this one fits.
File: comfy bando.jpg (44 KB, 300x300)
44 KB
first post
In all honesty, I like all three. However:
Xenophobe: a little too...cold. We definitely care about the Company, but our squad is special. Would we put our squad in danger to accomplish a goal or save several times as many members of the company? Yes, but we would do everything to keep them safe, and there is a limit.
Firebrand: I like it. If it wasn't for a last minute analysis of Daredevil, I would take it.
Daredevil: At first it seems like to sudden of an option. Our kind of honor isn't quite this. But the option says that "You’ve got a long way to go before you can comprehend Crane’s brand of honor. But you’re willing to try.". This merely helps pave the road. We can still abandon it later or refine it into different forms. Besides, we are from a Deathworld. We are well aware that despite the limiting factors of our environment, everyone makes their own choices, even if its the only choice they would ever make, and it either damns them or saves them.
> Maybe… maybe he isn’t. You can only be held responsible for your actions as an individual, not some ‘big picture’. And ‘us vs them’ is certainly not defined just by who signs your paycheques. You’ve got a long way to go before you can comprehend Crane’s brand of honour. But you’re willing to try. [Daredevil]

Forgotten, with all the delays and haituses, I hope you are taking care of yourself. You do quality work and tahts why we support you, but the only thing worse than your work quality decreasing is it being due to poor health. If you need to catch up on sleep for a few days, just let us know and get some rest. I had a prior QM have his aorta rupture, I dont want to hear about you not harnessing yourself properly and falling of the bottom of the planet.
>> Maybe… maybe he isn’t. You can only be held responsible for your actions as an individual, not some ‘big picture’. And ‘us vs them’ is certainly not defined just by who signs your paycheques. You’ve got a long way to go before you can comprehend Crane’s brand of honour. But you’re willing to try. [Daredevil]

Verification: >>4906620
>Maybe… maybe he isn’t. You can only be held responsible for your actions as an individual, not some ‘big picture’. And ‘us vs them’ is certainly not defined just by who signs your paycheques. You’ve got a long way to go before you can comprehend Crane’s brand of honour. But you’re willing to try. [Daredevil]
I get the feeling, this vote'll be close.

File: PANOPTICON.jpg (506 KB, 1200x801)
506 KB
506 KB JPG
The 21st Century was a time of utter turmoil, domestic strife, and international upheaval. The War on Terror reduced the prestige of the victor of the Cold War of the 20th Century, the United States, to only one among several global powers. The surveillance state it created soon had become so large it could but only be unleashed domestically, and its rivals were all too eager to mirror what they saw as a useful tool of societal cohesion in the face of chaos. The new spies sat largely at computers, and rarely spied on anyone but their nation's own citizens. This was noticed, many were alarmed, but no one had the power to stop the ascendancy of the intelligence agencies to a place of power that dwarfed even traditional powerhouses like the national militaries or increasingly wealthy corporations.

All of this was just the beginning, as the Resource Wars of the 2040's ripped asunder the longstanding era of relative peace among peer powers. Beginning with the Chinese invasion of Taiwan and ending with much of the Middle East reduced to a radioactive waste known as Samson's Ashes, the wars worsened the already escalating climate emergencies across the globe. Weather storms that were once the thing of tall tales became annual, and sea levels rose. The global community turned to finding some way to solve the issue, or limit the damage. They were far too late.

In the coming decade the old powers fell apart. China fell to warlordism, India descended on its perpetual foe Pakistan and joined it in the pyre of nuclear flame. What remains of either barely manages an 18th century standard of living. Russia did what is has always done: shed it's skin for a new one. No one can verify the new Tsardom's claim of descendance from a Romanov branch family. No one really cares. And the United States stands as a testament to the failure of the international system it created in the wake of the Second World War. Coastal states faced devastation, and became entirely reliant on Federal Aid, destroying an already crippled economy in the wake of the Resource Wars and decades of chasing the specter of Terrorism across the globe. The response of many interior states was simple: secession. The leadership of many of them stopped supporting the waning Federal Government in the wake of years of failure. The military, its reputation ruined and manpower utterly depleted in the failed defense of Taiwan and subsequent war of attrition across Vietnam, Japan, and the rest of the Pacific, failed to put up meaningful resistance to the spreading effort. A house divided against itself cannot stand, and so it fell. What followed was an age of terror, the veneer of civility withdrawn by the terrible decades preceding it, homegrown extremism became the self fulfilling prophecy the security state had both warned of and created.
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Even better, Chik Fil A catering.

Update soon.

" Yeah, why not? Agent Ritter, you had me down, I do need a distraction."

He grunts. " Yeah, no shit. C'mon newbie, let's see what what Aberdeen thinks after I'm done with you."

You join Agent Ritter in the elevator after disposing of the remains of your meal. He inputs the code for the Dojo, and you are joined by two other agents you don't recognize as you feel the device begin it's descent.

"You're new." One of the agents says, his tone leaving it clear he isn't asking. He's a tall man of African heredity, his voice a low rumble. "Not military, that's clear. One of Mcgregor's hires?."

You nod at his assertion.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
"Fuck Jackson, I was hoping to bloody the kid a bit. But Id beat your ass for free. I'll leave it up to the newbie, and I'll try not to break your boyfriend too badly." Ritter's look is sinister, his voice low.

Lewis speaks now, his voice almost singsong. "I am going to enjoy this, Ritter. Don't worry, we'll make sure the newbie is okay. You can have a paid tour in the infirmary for all I care."

> Choose

> 1 on 1 with Ritter

> 2 on 2 with Ritter against Jackson and Lewis

> Let this idiots whale on each other, you'll just train with Aberdeen instead

> Write in
> 2 on 2 with Ritter against Jackson and Lewis
Ritter is getting more and more pissed off... I think it is better if we let them slam each other to the ground because if not, our partner is going to throw our poor piggy ass all the way to the infirmary... Lewis is not THAT bad yea¿?
>> 2 on 2 with Ritter against Jackson and Lewis

File: OP_compressed.jpg (248 KB, 900x600)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
You are Nakashiri Koharu, third seat officer of the esteemed fifth division, and you are currently on an assignment.

To Hueco Mundo.

Officially you should be in Osaka, but your secret missions for both Aizen and Urahara take you to this dayless realm: To make more arrancars in Aizen’s name, and to find Urahara’s missing exiled captain.

Bizarrely, you’re in a westerner-style pizzeria that an arrancar is running in one of the four realms (at least, those that you know of) here, in Azulwald, the blue forest. Having just talked to a malformed hollow called Mal, who has Zilya’s parasite stuck in him, you are interrupted by a panicked, goofy-looking hollow.


There’s a moment of silence before the whole bar erupts in laughter. One of the four women, the one you saw outside first, approaches the hollow and puts a hand on his head.

“Oi, Dondochakka, the fuck you talking about? We’re in Vanaheim. We got the walls and the Exequias.”

“Y-Yes b-but! There’s an army of Gillians!”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>my id changed
Well that’s was unexpected
File: astolfoexhausted.png (144 KB, 495x581)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
So after shitting my guts out twice, I'm still somehow alive, albeit quite weakly. At least I'm not in a state of constant suffering, so MAYBE I can think straight tomorrow, which could mean me managing to write an update. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for all the well-wishes, they gave some much needed positivity.

In the mean time if you have some ideas or plans on what you'd like to accomplish in Hueco Mundo, do post/discuss, it'll help me write towards them in the long run.

>just got my wisdom teeth removed
Gambare, anon-san!
>Hueco Mundo plans
Making sure Lahela finds some friends here. Laughing at Grimmjow getting stomped by Uno. Messing with spiderbitch (the copycat, not OG). Exploring Zilya’s former realm. Make more arrancars with Celaris’ influence.
Hollow kingdom run by Drianni in Zilya’s old realm. Zilya’s pet turned into a guard dog. Possibly launching a preemptive countercoup against Aizen before he inevitably turns us into the SS as a power-hungry hollow-sympathizing despot. Though that can come on a later trip.

Just small things, y’know? Take a week tops, then we can chill with Akane and have fun setting up anime love triangles between us, Akane, and Lahela.
Off the top of my head, finding out more about spider lady’s old realm and setting the groundwork for conquering it for ourselves, probably using it as a testing ground for social and infrastructural changes that we could implement in Soul Society. Covertly expanding Koharu’s influence throughout Hueco Mundo, starting with that one spider hollow we met earlier. Getting Koharu to be more confident and less scared. Having fun with Lahela. Training
Besides the exploring/reusing Zilya's old grounds and Lahela socializing the others mentioned, maybe get an arrancar/Espada not named Grimmjow to be on our side and find Zilya's perfect child. Not really a plan, but I want to keep Jorogumo hidden until we can get our hands on Septima

File: 1.png (7 KB, 500x500)
7 KB

what do
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What is a tomorrow
a social construct
Rolled 75 (1d100)

Like Marian's dignity
File: an hero.png (78 KB, 500x500)
78 KB
Thread's gonna be delayed for 1 more day because OP does not know how to manage time
now's the time

File: TheHedge.jpg (210 KB, 2048x854)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
Once upon a time, the world was filled with power. This power was expressed in many ways - it moved the winds and shaped the weather, it brought life into the world and took the consciousness of the dead away, it dictated the flow of electricity and the motion of the water. The Power, to call it properly, was nature itself. Humanity learned, in small bits, the nature of this Power, and used it for their own ends.

And the more they learned, the more they yearned for. They learned to heat metal, they learned to direct electricity, they learned to store information in increasingly smaller and smaller, denser and denser forms. Eventually, they mastered more than the simple expressions of Power, and learned the more basic underpinnings of those expressions. And this harnessing of the flow of Power, they called Magic.

Magic, with its seemingly free manipulation of the flow of Power, granted humanity even more prosperity than before. Pollution once brought about from their plants and refineries was cleared away. The density of their populations seemed solved with soaring acropolises and yawning underground complexes. There was no end, it seemed, to the great favors that Magic brought them, and humanity flourished more than ever before.

But humans eventually attempted to grasp the foundations of Power itself - they attempted to reach beyond manipulating the expression of the Power, beyond the flow of the Power, to manipulate the functioning and generation of it. The earth trembled when someone attempted to change how Magic itself functioned, and though this meta-magic's nature is unknown to this day, what is known is that the single attempt was all it took. Like a parent punishing a naughty child, the grasp of Power was taken from those who dared to use it still. Its gentle touch upon the souls of its users became a grasping, clawing force, tearing apart and remaking their forms. Weather was sent wild, and cities fell.

Few humans lived through the Turning of the World. Ruins, mutated beasts, and hateful, vengeful spirits of the Power remain, alongside the Uplifted beasts that have risen to replace the proud and foolish Humans.

This is a story of that brutal, Upturned World, where Magic mutates those who dare to use it, and the world itself wants nothing more than to finish the job and wipe humanity away.

But there are many in this story who can tell it.

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>Take a shot on the Lieutenant's face. Cut down the leadership and their caster, get the kids.
>Take a shot on the Lieutenant's face. Cut down the leadership and their caster, get the kids.
>>Take a shot on the Client with the best aim I can muster, right at his head. Stop the transaction and worry about everything else.
>Take a shot on the Lieutenant's face. Cut down the leadership and their caster, get the kids.
>Take a shot on the Lieutenant's face. Cut down the leadership and their caster, get the kids.

File: Warband.png (297 KB, 470x461)
297 KB
297 KB PNG
Hello, and welcome to Warband! Today we'll be playing A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying but in Warband's setting! Depending on how rolling our house goes, we'll see if it evolves into a full quest!

First things first, the realm! Where is our house from? Roll 1d6:

1 - Kingdom of Vaegirs
2 - Kingdom of Swadia
3 - Kingdom of Rhodoks
4 - Kingdom of Nords
5 - Khergit Khanate
6 - Sarranid Sultanate
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mountain bandits slain by forest bandits, seems fitting
>I shall send a man from Valourhold to Saren and see if there is any reasonably priced olives
They may be scum, but those black pearls are a treat.
We are north of the oil/butter divide, and as staunch butterbearers, olives need to be saved from being processed

Is Valourhold near Reindi castle on the og map, or near Almerra castle on the warband map?
>brainlet moment
yeah im gonna assume its somewhere near Reindi Castle(maybe is that location) or nearer to the small forest between Saren and Unuzdaq Castle
Go to Saren, ask them with they lost tgree men recently.
They may be filthy Rhodoks, but they atleast deserve to bury their dead.
You return to Valorhold and send a man with the Rhodok corpses and instructions to buy olives. You now have all of your council before you, from your court physician to your master of coin to your marshall to your spymaster. Who do you talk to and what for?
Physician: what can be tell us of our father’s death? Natural or suspicious?
Spymaster: Do we have any enemies? Anyone trying to usurp our position or take over our land.
Master of coin: What towns/holdings do we have in our domain? What sources of revenue? What areas of opportunity for investment, what areas have been neglected and need to be repaired etc? Are we in debt or have obligations to anyone? Any trade opportunities?
Marshall: what troops do we have, who is in charge of training (we should meet them). What about banditry in our land? Who are our powerful and weak neighbours. Who is our ally and who threatens us. What are our strengths and weakness in our military.

All of this should be explained in character ideally, not a text dump. Each of these npc’s should have a personality and tell us things from their perspective, and give us options on what we want to focus on in our domain.

File: 2775.png (370 KB, 860x688)
370 KB
370 KB PNG
Last time out, Past Wilma revealed her sad past to you and Chio, you stole a Cookie from a cookie factory, and completely obliterated said Cookie in a race. Now you’re going to the Main Gate to reunite with Matilda with half of the tomato army with you.

As you arrive, you see a familiar looking vehicle being parked near it! It looks like your van but it’s a Motorhome! From the driver’s seat window, Matilda peeks out.

“You’re way too late, I was waiting for you.” Matilda smirks, satisfied with what she’s showing off.

“Is that it?” You ask as you start approaching the potential new base.

“Impressed, aren’t you?” Matilda is too smug. “Hop in, we have much to discuss. Use the door by this side.”

“Is this where our dinner is going to be held or is this merely our way of transportation?” Chio seems confused at the scenery.

“I don’t know…” You shrug, making Cookie reawaken, she almost fell asleep again. A perplexed Chio walks inside through the door that magically opens once she gets closer. Wilma, bothered by the laziness of the dough sister on your back, pinches near her neck.

Gah! I’m awake! I’m awake!” Cookie complains!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Thanks for running!
File: Sorry28.png (142 KB, 640x512)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
Sorry, everyone. There won't be a thread this weekend! (Taking it off because it's my birthday soon!)

The Anniversary is soon, but we will hold the popularity poll for a later date this year because we haven't accumulated enough thread to make a big difference.
No problem and happy birthday!
Happy almost birthday 9M10! Hope you have fun!
lmao The crying bit is the best part.

Happy birthday! The big 3-0. Congratulations.

File: ruins.jpg (751 KB, 1920x725)
751 KB
751 KB JPG
A king of a distant northern kingdom brought unprecedented prosperity to his land by channeling the power of souls, ushering in an era of soul arts.
That is until the colorless deep fog swept across the land, cutting the kingdom off from the outside world.
Any who dared penetrate the deep fog never turned.

Until the king's royal guard broke free from the fog to tell the world of their plight.
The old king had awakened the Old One, the great beast below the Nexus, from its eternal slumber.
And that the colorless fog sweeping in from below the Nexus had unleashed terrible demons.
The demons hunted down men and feasted on their souls, leaving behind empty husks of the soul starved void of their mind.
The mad attacked the sane and chaos and ruin befell their land.
He spoke of the alluring power of the soul, each time a demon claims a human soul, the demon's own soul is reinvigorated by its life force.
And the power of a mature demon soul is beyond human imagination.

The legend spread quickly, and mighty warriors were drawn to this accursed land, but none have returned.

The colorless deep fog slowly creeps beyond the kingdom's borders.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>drop off down the ledge to the west, there must be another entrance from deeper below (free action)
Rolled 2, 1 = 3 (2d6)

>scale to castle wall on the eastern side
>>drop off down the ledge to the west, there must be another entrance from deeper below (free action)
Rolled 3, 4 = 7 (2d6)

>scale to castle wall on the eastern side

File: classic_hexcrawl_1.png (40 KB, 757x566)
40 KB
Let's play a classic hexcrawl /qst/!

Rules are simple. You all control one character. We keep going until either...
a) The character dies
b) The character reaches the sixth level -- 60XP -- at which point he retires and becomes part of the game world
c) The character accomplishes his starting goal (ditto)

...at which we point we start with a new character some years later.

To start with, choose your character:

>Pedd the Stern
Goal: To gain enough power and renown to win the hand of the princess
Attributes: S:15 I:12 W:16 C:10 D:10 X:10

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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support and ask her whether she is okay with us moving the mirror. In any case, if she's rude, disrespectful to us or leading us to any trap just smash the mirror. It's the only just thing to do to false waifus.
Sry OP quest is great but new captcha is a bitch also some of us lurk a lot and if the current anons answers are satisfactory enough we abstain from voting
Being straight with you, this board has been more than half dead for many months if not years, the only way to start a new quest that isn't a fanfic quest when you aren't an established QM is through luck, stumbling upon a great premise while putting in high effort into the quality of the writing, being a drawquest or being some kind of quest that requires very low effort to participate in or being some kind of game like a skirmish or light roleplay thread, all that and of course the final option is to simply stick with it and be persistent, and frankly I consider it the only realistic option and only way to build up a new quest or build a following.

New quests typically have an initial influx of interest based of how interesting the first few posts are and how often the QM updates, then rapidly lose interest until they start to struggle getting 3 voters over the course of a day, with the longer periods of waiting being a day and a half since some of the consistent voters get delayed, sometimes QMs have to wait 3 days for random new voters to stumble upon it just to get 3 voters.

This causes a death spiral where QMs update less often and more viewers lose interest or check up less often as they write the quest off as dead or dying. I just think you have to struggle through with a minimum of 2 voters sometimes until you get to about 5 threads, then new voters come in as they recognize that there is a QM dedicated enough not to flake.

>>4910463 This too, new captcha sucks, and lurkers have this habit of acting like super introverts at a party. If the vote they want is winning or covers all their bases, they abstain from voting or supporting a vote. This is kinda the exact opposite of what this board needs at the moment, but whaddya gunna do?
Her skull should be pretty easy to spot if it has the same jewel from her reflection stuck in it. Maybe that's the key to transferring her spirit to a more shatter proof prison. Say, a shiny helmet? 360 views and mobility await her if she knows how to do the damn thing.

File: -1.png (30 KB, 347x642)
30 KB
Nigga quest is back!

Previous threads:

In the last thread, Cassius met up with Ma’kayla, the nigga god of guns. However, he rejected his ass and stayed loyal to the arson god. Cassius then woke up, and began talking with the catgirl tranny.
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File: 17.png (19 KB, 885x622)
19 KB
"How about YOU bitch niggas get out of MY way?", you holler at the asteroids as you get ready to swing your big moon at them. This only serves to agitate the asteroids.

"Who you callin' a bitch nigga, nigga?"
"I'm a fuck you up!"
"Ayo put this on galaxy star"

Your big moon swings around as they move in on you. You take out several asteroids with the first swing, then several more with the next. In the end, all the asteroids have either fled or been smashed into your moon.

As you finally prepare to exit the asteroid belt, you hear a loud, angry voice from far away. It's the sun.

"Eart.. I mean Planet Nigga, how the fuck did you leave your orbit?"

> Sun be right, physics don't work like that. (Wake up)
> Gravity be racist, always keeping a nigga down. Miss me with that shit (Continue to the outer planets)
(If you choose this option, specify what action you take there. e.g. snatching Saturn's bling)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>"Don't worry, just going to get a pack of cigarettes, I'll be riiiiiiight back."
>Don't question it. Follow through the plan, get the saturn bling.

although I actually would like to wake up soon and go back to regular nig noggin
> Sun be right, physics don't work like that. (Wake up)
Self-awarness is a valid reason to wake up, so this is a nice opportunity for a smooth transition back into the waking world.

Pretty cool alt-arc, but I habe to agree that it's getting kinda meh since it has no connection to the main plot. We can alwaus continue the solar system rapearashuns during the next nap.

Support, we gotta level up n sheeit in the real world

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