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File: Super quest rex.jpg (122 KB, 1280x720)
122 KB
122 KB JPG

My meds have been fucking with me lately, and the last bit was written while I was constipated and in a shitty mood, so the qsts not over yet.

After finishing up the quest for the weird old guy, Anon bought a bunch of weird shit, and chugged down some goo a weird old man gave to him while winking. He got a sudden craving for the flesh of the living, but thankfully only killed a deer before passing out and finding he was starting to transform into another of Queenie's species! He could now understand her, and spit some real burns. This is because his spit was acid. Two asswipes named Nathan and Riko were picked up and added to the caravan, though Riko is 89% of the asswipe-ery. Anon fucked Queenie, and the QM had a brief fit of intense autism and wrote it out in detail using advice from Wattpad, and forgot to include enough handholding. Hector then approached the pair and said that they really needed to ice the clown. After recruiting a mentally unstable child soldier, Anon and Queenie attacked Bobble. Anon attempted to chug another vial of GOOP, but Bobble shot it out of his hand while panicking, we now resume the adventures of autist and alien.


You leap towards the vial of goo, and Bobble whips his pistol back at you and lands a shitload of darts in your chest, you power through the numbness, and snap it open like shredder at then end of the good tmnt video game, chug it down, and yell at Greenkid to clear the fuck out.
Now, the bloodlust and pain will surge thorugh your body and you will tear this barnum and bailey reject! Just gotta... wait a bit. Now? no? Howaboutnow? FUCK!
>"Idiot! I'm using tranq darts! Your metabolism is dead! It won't stop you from eventually getting your gifts bestowed, but it's enough time to kill you three!"
With that, Bobble hurls his tranq gun at Queenie, and it just kinda... bounces off, not doing any actual damage. He then suddenly produces a shitload of throwing knives out of his weird baggy clown clothes, and starts hurling them at you. Queenie roars and attempts to charge, but is forced to leap from a small barrage of knives. The GreenKid simply throws himself on the ground and attempts to start slowly crawling towards Bobble while he continues to blabber on.

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>Try again
We already had acid pouring on the ground earlier. If that's inert by now, suffering another shock may get us drool some involuntarily. Gonna hurt, but worth a try if those runts can't get it off.
>"Uh, Anon, I don't think that's a good"
>"F-Fuck-k-k "
Great, now you have a stutter from being shocked all the time. Andy roughly grabs you by the neck to stop your spasms and takes a look at the lock.
>"Well, whatever we're SUPPOSED to use to remove this thing would probably disable the shocks before actually detaching it, so we might be able to get whatever we need at the base."
>"Right, then we shou-"
And with that, Andy marches off to the front of the group of cars. Hector sheepishly gives you a apologetic smile and a thumbs up before jogging to catch up with her, and you can hear him talking to her as he walks away.
>"Are you sure you didn't just forget to put in a requisition? I mean, not to shit on you or anything, but weren't you in charge of that thing with alask-"
Sighing, Queenie drags you into the back. You spend a couple of hours wiggling around like an idiot before you finally regain your senses, and spend the time doing random shit with Queenie, like competing to see who can keep away the tail from the other longer, and just cuddling when you both get bored. Finally, as the sun begins to set, the caravan begins to slow as you see a former hospital with tons of graffiti, hastily applied repairs, and a bunch of random people running around in uniforms. It seems that you've finally arrived. After another poor guy in a gas mask nearly faints from having to get too close to unlock your cage, Hector greets you again while poring over a catalogue.
>"Hey there Anon! Uh, I need to work out what I need to order to get that thing off you, but apparently word has spread real fast about you, and there are a bunch of people who want to... meet you."
>"There's the medical officer, the guy in charge of this camp, and..."
He takes a moment to spit on the ground

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Meet the person from central
First things first, making sure we wont get treated like animals or test subjects in Canada.
After that i'd go with the medical officer and camp leader in that order. Really interested in how we will all interact amd their reactions to our "quirks".
The route that gets this thing off around from our necks the fastest, before someone gets any bright ideas.

Well, it stands to reason the person from central is probably the one who can just order the engineers or whatever they have to do something about your malfunctioning repurposed sex toy (you're 90% sure you can feel bits of fluff they forgot to tear off). You thank Hector, and he apologizes once again for not being able to find the collar remover. You then meet with... Andy, and she appears to start yelling at you, but hesitates from the fact Queenie is already growling at her, she coughs into her hand, and begins speaking loudly, just enough for it not to be considered "yelling".
>"Subject anon! I have been instructed to inform you that three officials wish to meet with you, they are, in ascending rank and therefore importance-"
>" *Hk-k-k* Hec-TOR already told me-Queenie about them, *chrak* want to-to see-meet central person."
>"Ugh. He's not supposed to divulge information that way, but whatever. The official is in the hospital."
She then does one of those 180 one legged turns and begins walking while pointing at random rooms and what they are for. Eventually, you reach the stairs, and Andy takes out a chain of keys and unlocks the door.
>"The official is on the 6th floor, the only one with a fire escape we've managed to breach, so don't start complaining."
You begin to trudge up the stairs, with Queenie holding your hand beside you.

Wat do?
>Remain silent
>"So... what happened in Alaska?"
>"What does the fire escape have to do with anything?"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 129196.jpg (89 KB, 375x500)
89 KB
January of 796 UC, the battle of Astarte is about to be fought between 40,000 warships FPA and Lohengramm Fleet of 20,000 ships, commanded by recently promoted high admiral, Reinhard. You are an officer fighting for the Reich.

Pick a forename from one of the list below:

Pick a surname from below:

roll 1d6 for your rank, below is the number ships under your command
>1‑2: commander: 0, you serve as first-mate of a captain
>3‑4: captain: 1 ship, you serve under a commodore
>5‑6: commodore: 400 ships, you serve under an admiral (full/rear/vice)

roll 1d6 for your commanding admiral:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Rolled 5, 12, 10, 6, 2, 5, 4, 12, 1, 9, 2, 8, 8, 8, 4, 9, 7, 9, 6, 8 = 135 (20d12)

Yes. 786 brave Walküren martyred themselves for the Empire today, but their sacrifice was not in vain.
94 enemy battleships, containing thousands of enemy soldiers, have been taken down. I hate to sound like a Utilitarian, but compared to the 16 taken down at the loss of 84 allied destroyers, I believe it was worth it.
It's time.
I will send every single one of my 40 battleships to attempt a boarding of the enemy.
Here's my first roll. Then I will do the other one. I don't want just one turn to take 4 posts so I'll leave the rolls for control of any captured ships, mine and the enemy's, to our honored OP.
Rolled 1, 5, 10, 12, 1, 11, 12, 2, 7, 3, 5, 1, 1, 5, 1, 4, 11, 8, 8, 3 = 111 (20d12)

9 successes and 3 counterboardings within the first roll. Let's see the second.
File: rect1971.png (34 KB, 500x355)
34 KB
The rebels are successfully able to rendezvous, you give them a chase for a while, then suddenly they turn and rush forward before you have a chance to fire, and hit a surprise volley in close range. It seems like it was a feigned retreat... And they gambled everything on a this single volley.
Its impact is following:
the 192 enemy destroyers reduce your left-wing to 259 destroyers.
25 enemy cruisers and 13 battleships reduce your left wing's battleship to 77.
also, the enemy has sent their rear guard of 19 cruisers to finish your detachment of 30 destroyers approaching von Kock's squadron.

The tension on the bridge eased somewhat as the tides of battle turned to empire's favour. Captain von Lübeck even caught himself preparing the suitable choice of words for when he would deliver the news of his part in ensuring the battleship Koch somehow managed to capture would be handed over to the Empire when the situation changed drastically.

The entire enemy fleet, just moments ago in full retreat with Lübecks forces on their heels, was suddenly turned around in blatant disregard for laws of physics, unleashing salvo after salvo into the pursuing imperial craft. Imperial forces were so shocked at this development they even stopped firing for some reason!

Not only did the enemy fully reverse from withdrawal, they even interposed themselves between Lübecks force and Koch's beleaguered group!

This was bad. If the rebels can pull this sort of trickery, the battle, nay, the war could go very badly indeed.

>1st destroyer squadron is to advance along the flank of destroyer formation. Depending on reaction form enemy destroyers they are to either bypass the formation entirely and join in support of the detached destroyers from 3rd squadron and Koch's group, if enemy destroyers move to intercept the 1s squadron is to keep them at bay while 2nd and 4th destroyer squadron bite into their flank along with 5th cruiser squadron
>3rd destroyer squadron is to provide support for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th cruiser squadron as they meet the enemy cruisers.
>5th destroyer squadron shifts to the right in preparation to outflank incoming cruiser force. If the enemy chooses to advance with their battleships, either towards bulk of Lubeck's force or back towards the stranded imperials, 5th destroyer squadron will be in position to swoop in and deprive them of their support tenders.

File: qtg.png (1.36 MB, 1277x940)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
Welcome to /qtg/, a place to argue about quests. Mad monk edition.

>What is a quest?
An interactive story in which the Quest Master writes and provides the readers with options on how to proceed. Dice may or may not be included.

Useful links:
>https://pastebin.com/2T37iDFQ (embed)
An old collection of advice and guides. It is worth a look for a new QM.

Archive of quest reviews:

Quest discord:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Part one of A Herald's Journey is finished!


Feeling pretty good about it- hoping to kick off Part 2 tomorrow or Friday.
Thank you for running, that quest is great.
168 AHC... insane. Coulda shoulda bought higher calls.
Some anon claimed to have shilled it on the FGO thread there.
Congrats, man--good stuff so far! Hope we get more opportunities for flute-offs.

File: Stoker_Quest_Title_Card.jpg (469 KB, 1043x1286)
469 KB
469 KB JPG
A dead sun hangs above you, its bloated remains ringed by the ruins of the very device that killed it. Below, a war is about to begin.

"I urge you to reconsider this engagement, surely there are other methods of resolving this conflict." You insist, the threat of bloodshed looms over the arid wasteland. The nomad caravans squabbling are both prepared to exterminate the other side. The scavengers you are trying to calm down seem to be rousing each other to action, spurring people to pick up whatever arms they have. The closest thing this group has to a leader turns a glassy look to you, it is as cold as the abyss above.

"What are you proposing, Stoker? We let the bastards draw blood and then let them off? Sun be damned we will see them dead."

The amount of emotion exhibited is uncanny, but perhaps not for a man of his age. He was born during livelier times, you wonder what his seething rage must feel like for it to push him to such lengths. The Soldier you are supposed to carry out your mission with is eyeing the gathering militia, his neck ticks mechanically at every turn of his head.

"Negative. Odds of victory uncertain. Massive casualties guaranteed."

The old veteran groans, snapping at the roughed up Servant you brought along."How did you go about figuring that out? They tell you to scare us straight?"

"Negative. VREK-456 machine gun rate of fire greater than single shot rifles, but immobile. Position easily overwhelmed by superior numbers. Casualties guaranteed, victory improbable."
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>Ironfist. To show your greatest strength comes from the allies you have made, in the form of an iron gauntlet.
>Yes. Your work is your life, if there is no need for it you wouldn't want to go by anything else.
>Yes. Your work is your life, if there is no need for it you wouldn't want to go by anything else.
Anything else would legit feel wrong
>Yes. Your work is your life, if there is no need for it you wouldn't want to go by anything else.
>Yes. Your work is your life, if there is no need for it you wouldn't want to go by anything else.

File: Cyber1 (2).jpg (228 KB, 1200x1200)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
You are Kaguya Muramoto, the illegitimate daughter of the pluto-aristocratic Muramoto Family. Once nothing more than another city girl among the millions of Urban Noir, since then you’ve since left your grimy arcology behind. Now you are educated in everything from history to advanced mathematics to politics, tutored in etiquette, archery, and the traditional arts. All of this to someday blend in perfectly as a true member of the Muramoto Family. But every now and then, you wonder if there is really a place for an illegitimate child like you in the rigid and formal world of the Plutocrats.




Today was the day of the visit. An important social event between the Ishii Family and the Muramoto family. Part of the reconciliation after a brief skirmish between the Ishii Conglomerate and Muramoto Corporation. And … you weren’t invited.

The first thing you had gotten in the morning was an itinerary of the planned tour of the Manor grounds. Along with a strict warning from your governor, Winslet-san, to avoid that planned route and schedule without fail. Otherwise, classes were scheduled as normal.

Which is why you’re surprised to find a tall, handsome boy in the Archery Range.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>Try to charm Seiko-chan (Social Combat)
>>Try to charm Seiko-chan (Social Combat)
>>Cater to her and be a good host.
> Cater to her and be a good host
I wouldn't be surprised if Seiko-chan is a specially engineered anti-plutocrat social weapon.
>Cater to her and be a good host.

she doesn't seem to be saying a whole lot for them to listen to

File: 1612556768960.jpg (2.11 MB, 3230x1403)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB JPG
Welcome to /risk/ World Edition (Beta)!

How to play:
If you are a new player or a returning player:
State your country name.
State your color.
State your starting location.
You get 5 territories to start.

You can opt-in at any time. See the rules on opting out. Also, this game uses dice.

Opting in makes you immune after your country is shaded in on the map. Any subsequent maps after that removes your immunity and allows you to take action.

1. By default, the RiskHost will generate a new map approximately every 30 minutes based on all actions for the previous map. Depending on the number of players and activity, the new time may be as soon as possible (once everyone plays), or later (I cannot guarantee a timeframe).

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I am 73sQH3w7
am zqgW0/5H
Screwed up there
LeYHC2tM gang

File: 434.jpg (145 KB, 773x562)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Follows USS Enterprise-D during events of the Dominion War, it will not acknowledge awful TNG movies and treats All Good Things... as the previous appearance of the characters.

It will a skirmish where everybody plays a different character, I'll wait for (24h) a minimum of three players (and max of seven), if somebody drops (is inactive for 48h) off, somebody their character can picked up.

Your character will be determined by 1d7 and every character will have pre-made stats.

The skills are:
charisma: determines how good are convincing people with words.
social: determines chances of awkward interactions with other crew members.
tactical: determines how good you are at shooting photon torpedos.
combat: determines how good you are in hand-to-hand combat.
medical: determines how good you are at helping the wounded
engineering: determines how good you are fixing the ship
logic: determines how good are coming up with a logical solution
Max skill is 6 and min 1.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Good point... Well, Inception didn't bother giving him an excuse to be there, so I won't either.

Fine... Whatever let's throe Reginald Barclay in too, it is now 1d9.

Their stats will be:
8. Lieutenant Miles O'Brien
charisma: 3
social: 3
tactical: 3
combat: 3
medical: 3
engineering: 4
logical: 2

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
The D was destroyed before the Dominion War. Shouldn't we be flying the E around?
>it will not acknowledge awful TNG movies and treats All Good Things... as the previous appearance of the characters
I love Trek guy but you could be less of a cunt about this
Rolled 1 (1d9)


File: Sun Belt 6.png (636 KB, 749x444)
636 KB
636 KB PNG
The year is 2021. The United States of America has again descended into Civil War. Across major cities, communists rise up under the banner of the Proletariat Revolution. In the Northwest, a fascist warlord state has emerged to provide order and security. The East Coast is consumed by fighting between remnants of the US military, patriotic warlord groups, and U.N. Peacekeepers. Texas is its own republic again, and the West Coast has turned into a Chinese puppet state run by powerful mega-corporations. The whole world's going up in flames, and nobody knows what tomorrow will bring...

You are The Messenger (former name, Walter White) and you lead the Sun Belt Crusaders. Your group is best described as a radical Catholic cult claiming the papal throne and supporting itself via meth trade, violence, and cunning diplomacy. Having fled your former territory in Southern California, you have established a presence in Arizona, specifically in the village of Mobile just southwest of Phoenix.

Your radical group has not only won the support of the nearby communities diplomatically, but has proven itself to be a powerful force on the battlefield in taking a mountain base used to launch raids on surrounding communities and finding success in smaller skirmishes. The nearby town of Maricopa has begun to provide significant material support in exchange for your services, especially in light of aggressive actions by downtown Phoenix's revolutionary republic. In a week's time, there will be a meeting between the town and said revolutionary republic to determine the fate of Maricopa. Your faction has also made a meth deal with a group of prisoners turned raiders for slaves they've captured, whom you have freed from bondage.

Your faction is currently growing, building, and generally doing well. This, however, could change any moment, as there are many dangers in the Southwestern Badlands. These dangers range from escaped convicts turned raiders, potential cartel elements, hostile government actors (perhaps even in your own faction), and a myriad other groups you're slowly, but surely coming into contact with. The proverbial elephant in the room though is the major urban center of Phoenix. Phoenix is currently occupied with a massive war raging between the communist Phoenix Occupied Zone (POZ) and a loose coalition of right wingers. If either faction takes control of the city, it will immediately become the regional hegemon and a threat to everyone else. And, of course, Chinese controlled California or another outside faction could start making moves in the area at any time.

Your short-term goal is to serve the Maricopans and build up your base of power. Your medium term goal is to secure Phoenix and set your sights on California. Your end goal is to bring the Glory of Christ to the entire country, no matter the cost in blood, meth, or tears...
133 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
I support the sentiment man. I say a final plus one is in order.

Even if nothing else comes of this, the memory of the Sunbelt Crusaders will live on in my post-apocalyptic tabletop campaigns.
Man I helped kill this quest.
I feel empty man.
>Yes an epilogue would be great.
Maybe the faction survived is one way or another or a local legend.
>I guess I'll have to pick up some whiskey myself now.
I got a half a liter of bottom shelf vodka left over, mate
>I would have thought Dragomir would be the one to give in, having lived through the horrors of a previous Civil War, and being the cautious, meticulous type.
Proud of the man for ordering to affix bayonets, busting out some speed and leading the charge
Not what I expected
As for the fate of the quest, could we get a desperate final meth fueled charge on the prison with the main force of Crusaders after they hear of this? No fucking way the raiders will learn to use the mortars in such a short time-frame

File: sammax4.jpg (351 KB, 720x838)
351 KB
351 KB JPG
Somewhere in a run-down part of New York lies an old, busted-up building just near the intersection between Straight and Narrow. There, on the second floor, a particularly desperate soul can find the office of the Freelance Police, taking on cases the regular police can’t, won’t and shouldn’t handle. Though currently not occupied with an open case, in it rests a six foot tall anthropomorphic Irish Wolfhound in a blue three piece suit and a striped tie that never was in style to begin with. This dog’s name is Sam. This dog is you. You are Sam, the arguably better, or at least more reasonable half of the Freelance Police. Idly waiting for a new case to arrive, you are currently resting your bare feet on your rickety office desk, barely finding room between the stacks of paper, old TV, empty boxes of ice cream sandwiches, melee weapons and other doodads. To pass the time, you are plucking your trusty banjo while humming a country tune.
Sam: “There’s nothing like brushing up on your fingerpicking while eagerly anticipating yet another excuse to terrorize crooks, mooks and gangsters as we stubbornly disobey traffic laws, eh, Max?”
You look over to your partner and best buddy in the whole wide world, Max. Max is a- well, you’re not quite sure what exactly he is, but he kind of looks like a white rabbit, if you shoved a watermelon in his head, caffeine in his brain and ditched the moral compass, common sense and whatever keeps you from biting into a AA battery because it was getting too crammed in his noggin. He’s currently hopping on your half-demolished couch, trying to swat a fly with his bare hands.
Max: “Did you say something, Sam? You’re gonna have to speak up, I punctured my eardrums with your Sudoku pen as soon as I saw you pull out your hillbilly guitar. Now don’t bother me, I’m trying to miss the vitals. Death would be too good for this lowly insect.”
Sam: “You crack me up, little buddy.”
You chuckle at your partner’s antics while gingerly picking up the pen on your desk and throwing it in the trash and make a mental note not to touch your eyes for the next 48 hours.
Just as you are about to resume your playing, the shrill bell of your landline grabs both your and Max’s attention. Before you can stand up, Max yells out “I GOT IT!”, and gets ready to lunge directly towards the skewed drawer on which the rotary phone rests.

>Try to beat Max to the phone (Medium)
>Try to intercept him (Hard)
>Shoot at the couch (Medium)
>Just sit back and wait
109 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Talk to Jimmy
A+ writing, there are a couple of side-destroyers wrapped up in there.
Personally, I think it might be more fun to roll for how well Max contributes. He's a crazy little bastard as it is, it sort of fits.
>Talk to Jimmy
>Talk to Jimmy
Please don’t be dead
Shit wrong post. Meant for >>4648871 but still. Hoping this quest is just on hiatus and isn’t dead. Its been fun so far. And hey any Sam & Max content is better than none at all I suppose
shit, you gave me hope

File: Paradox17.png (1.56 MB, 1000x1000)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB PNG
The Grail War continues, and it seems that no amount of distance from Fuyuki City will stop that.

You are Shinji Makiri, Ten years ago you suddenly found yourself with the memories of a complete past life that saw this world as a fictional story due to some unprecedented form of inter-dimensional transportation. Since that day, your new composite being has been working to change the grim future laid out for you.

To that end, you have done much, involving yourself with events and situations that have shifted the future away from the one that you once would have faced and instead onto one of uncertainty and chaos.

The Fifth Holy Grail War lies ahead of you, and the challenge and danger it represents to you, the people you care for and the world itself is far greater than you could have ever predicted. Though the grail might be corrupted and the war itself might be a sham, the stakes couldn't be higher.

Archive of Paradox Reincarnator: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Fate/Paradox%20Reincarnator
General Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=WhatIsAQM
Status Menu: https://pastebin.com/LhUfnHD2
Shinji Status Page: https://pastebin.com/UNxStSSQ
My Twitter: https://twitter.com/WhatIsAQM

Last Thread: >>4636569
2354 replies and 139 images omitted. Click here to view.
>This problem you keep bringing up simply doesn't exist in my plan anon.
Of course it doesn't since you refuse to admit it and that's why you and I are going to vote differently when the time comes. I simply cannot abide deliberate orchestration of suffering for the people just to seize power. I wouldn't want to explain the necessity to any of the Pendragons either.
I can't say I was expecting so many people to get behind the idea of conquering the UK with Mordred.
Hey, opportunity is the lifeblood of business.
And Shinji is a businessman.
Crisis will happen no matter what. People will suffer with our without us.
Besides it is entirely in character for Shinji to disregard and ignore average people.
Bam. New Thread, finally.

File: qst plays aurora 4x.jpg (1.92 MB, 1920x1080)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB JPG
Food shortages caused by global warming. Overcrowded cities unable to support their weight. Necessary resources too scarce to uphold the standards of living, their extraction becoming too expensive for anyone to bother. Millions dead as coastal nations fled the rising seas.

Humanity was on the brink of extinction.

Or so the stories say.

All of that happened over a thousand years ago, long before we arrived on our new home.
We don't remember which nation it was that came up with the plan to send humanity into the void, but it worked.
The colony ship set down here on New Terra around a century ago. Automated Factories created the infrastructure needed for us to live, harvested fields, created cities.
And then created a new humanity to populate it in artificial wombs.

And (You)'ve been chosen to lead it.

But not only have we found a new home here, we've found new materials that make what our 'ancestors' achieved on Earth primitive.
These Trans-Newtonian elements will be our future, a future that will allow us to explore the stars, not just flee from our home.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
64 replies and 22 images omitted. Click here to view.
>[Fleet] Immediate Response: Destroy the Outpost
Too close to an interesting hub world.
Industry and Shipyards. Time for war again. Maybe.
>[Research] Balanced Research
>[Shipyards] Build up Fleet
If it proves too much, the older vessels can be scrapped later.
>[Exploration] Explore at current pace
>[Goals] Build up Drayton as Hub System (Future Capital?)
Goal: Secure and develop Drayton. That means the neighboring systems are free of Xenos, including Criode.
>[Fleet] Build up proper Assault Fleet at current Tech first
>[Production] Focus on ??
Are the academies keeping up with officer needs?
>[Research] Focus on ??
Ground fire means ground forces. Put some tech into ground combat.
>[Shipyards] Build up Fleet
Drayton is the gate to the rest of the galaxy, and as such needs to be heavily defended to prevent us from being boxed in.
>[Exploration] Explore at current pace

>[Goals] Build up Drayton as Fortress System
Unless a dormant point is found, it is the only line we have to the rest of unknown space. It must be kept open to us.
>[Goals] What does our Nation focus on achieving in the next years?
Besides above, now is as good of a time as any reinforce the mines and mineral logistics. We can never have too many minerals.
Yet again the shipyards spool up, producing Fleets for humanities protection.

The Hatred and Protectar Classes yet endure, in their fifth iteration now, having gone through multiple upgrades to their armor, engines and weapon systems over the past decades.

Ground Forces are also trained, to round out the existing invasion forces and deal with any planet-bound aliens in the Criode system.

After seven years of preparation, the fleet sets out from New Terra, multiple Garages stationed at Drayton for their eventual arrival to rearm and refuel, and arrives within the month. After a quick repair of some smaller mishaps on the journey, it leaves for Criode.

Within days the fleet arrives, weapons armed, in orbit of Criode-A III, but no enemies can be found. Assuming them hidden once again, the ground forces invade with orbital support, yet, they too, find nothing.

After scouting the entire system and finding nothing, the fleet returns to Drayton to rest in the Orbital Maintenance Facilities.

While the missing aliens are cause for concern, with the fleet stationed in Drayton we are safe enough. Hopefully, they decided to retreat from the system so as to not cause a war. Unfortunately we cannot be sure, and the possibility of another foe remains.

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File: Year 110 Colonies.png (25 KB, 385x800)
25 KB

>[Production] Focus on ??

>[Research] Balanced Research
>[Research] Focus on ??

Will autobuild as needed
>[Shipyards] Build up Fleet
>[Shipyards] Keep as is


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Something something economic base?
>[Research] Balanced Research
>[Shipyards] Minor addition to Fleet to support below.
>[Exploration] Explore at current pace
>[Goals] (Continue) Build up Drayton as Hub System (Future Capital?)
Additional defenses for Malachi

File: chapter4.jpg (102 KB, 955x487)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Give suggestions on how the story should continue

Story so far: https://www.deviantart.com/lom678/gallery/67815001/notquesty-tale-of-the-twin-dragons
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File: part165.jpg (948 KB, 466x3324)
948 KB
948 KB JPG
part 165
File: part166.jpg (985 KB, 434x3791)
985 KB
985 KB JPG
any lurkers?
Subdue the crazy chick
File: part167.jpg (1.08 MB, 525x3779)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
sorry for the long wait!
File: part168.jpg (899 KB, 444x2770)
899 KB
899 KB JPG
part 168

File: 1591033525079.png (321 KB, 707x656)
321 KB
321 KB PNG
Royal Rumble is a small draw quest about the management of a fantasy kingdom. It priorities the personal drama and engagements of prominent characters in the world. In this quest, if you should ever die or become incapacitated, the quest will continue as the character who is next in line to your throne. Time moves in blocks of days, weeks, months, or even years. You can find yourself playing as the grown up spoiled child of the previous MC, running your fathers kingdom into the ground. The quest is to be updated daily, this can be more or less frequent depending on the player activity.

Eighty years ago, the kingdom of Ynedrred was at the height of its power. A land rich with good fields to seed and harvest, and precious metals that protruded out of the ground in vast veins. The people of the land grew wealthy as the kingdoms political reach extended well beyond its borders. At the heart of this kingdom, was the Blue Mountain. Settled underneath the mountains shadow, was the capital city of Revin who drank deep the wealth that flowed from her. Gems of all colours flowed from the mountain like endless glistering rivers. So high the kings sat, that they could never see the fall before them.

Eighty years to the day, came wrath, came ruin, came fire, and it bore itself upon great black wings. The devastation of Sserilyin the black was vast and terrible. Whole armies disappeared beneath his incinerating flame, the earth shook and split beneath his thundering steps, and the land knew only night beneath his mighty wingspan. When he was done, the line of kings was broken and the land splintered. The wealth of the blue mountain and the kingdom of Ynedrred stopped flowing, seemingly never to return. Only then, did the great dragon rest in the creator that once was a majestic city. He has not been seen since, not that there are many brave enough to explore the old ruins.

Presently the lands are controlled by reviling barons and enterprising piety nobles. All holding the dream of a united Ynedrred in their hearts, if only under their rule. The seat of power changes hands quickly in these lands, and one such shift happens now...
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Perhaps we could look at taking out a loan for the construction of the cathedral, provided the interest rate was reasonable?
A little bit of debt never hurt anyone... right?

+1 (though not opposed to meeting the prospective waifu like another poster said).
File: 2668646-die maus 5.png (85 KB, 425x814)
85 KB

You, and only you, have been visited by the friendly fowl of Yule time spirit. As a gift from the feathery feline, you have received a one time voucher to add +4 to any roll in the coming year. This voucher must be presented at the same time as you make your roll.

If you wish you may use a temporary trip to bind it to yourself for future threads, or may simply use the honer system and hope no one else redeems it.
Nice! Good job, anon.
Nice catch anon
friendly fowl a cute
File: 1585652128354.png (18 KB, 124x157)
18 KB
thanks birb

File: tegaki.png (7 KB, 400x400)
7 KB
"Dr. Medici with the latest numbers on the 19-Zelenavirus' new airborne strain, and where we go from here, welcome doctor-"
"-everything you need to know about the latest social media fad, the Jeffrey Dahmer challenge, but first..."
"Disturbing bodycam footage now emerging of the police shooting of nurse Sharice Thomas, single mother of two, which sparked the protests blocking the I-90 and other highways across the nation-"
"Rioting downtown erupting into violence as indiscriminate shootings from individuals on both the right and left leave seven dead and 17 wounded..."
"The President now directing his anger toward the victims of the 19-Z flu themselves, inciting his followers to extreme violence against fellow Americans in a seriously inciteful series of tweets that's drawn criticism even from Republicans. Twitter has since removed the posts and blocked his account-"
"They ain't never cared about us! They've always been killing us, now we jus' killin' them back! Blue lives don't matter tonight ni-"

Alright, that's enough of that. You turn off the TV and start getting things together - you've already packed some bags and made some preps for something like this. You breathe deep, trying to calm your racing heart as you anticipate engaging in actual life or death combat for the first time with the weapons you're packing - a short aluminum baseball bat, a hunting knife, a prybar-hammer-hatchet combo tool, and a semi-automatic pistol and two magazines. You toss a black hoodie over your t-shirt and jeans, make sure all your gear's secured properly, and do a full routine of stretches until your body feels ready for action.

The zombie apocalypse is beginning, there's no other explanation. Well there may be no stopping the rest of the world from falling to pieces... hell, maybe it was headed that way anyway. But you can sure as hell do something about the here and now. This is your house and property, and you're not gonna sit around waiting for the authorities to bumblefuck this whole thing up and let it spiral out of control. If there are zombies on your street, in your neighborhood, you're gonna go put 'em down right now.

You step out onto Maple St, a typical suburban row of nice 2 story homes. These are your neighbors, who you barely even know, and never talk to. Now they might be the people you need to count on to survive what's coming, or a threat to your very life. Alright, door to door... here we go... time to become a hero.

Gotta start somewhere...

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You slip out the way you came in, wincing as you realize the damage you've done to their front door. You owe these guys a lot, but they'll be thankful once you've secured the 'burb.

Next house, across the street. Lights on. Large sounding dog barking next yard over. You knock on the door and wait almost a minute before you hear someone approaching the door. "Just a second," he says. The door opens halfway and you catch the reek of stale sweat, followed by the sight of a haggard looking young man in a bathrobe, pajamas, slippers and a medical cloth mask. "I'd keep my distance if I were you," he sounds exhausted. "I'm-"
He freezes and his eyes widen as he looks you up and down. "-sick." He coughs into his mask as if on cue. Little flecks of blood leak through the fibers. "W-what can I do for you?"

Shit, what do you do? You hadn't thought about this...

>He's gonna turn. Explain what's happening to him and offer to put him down before he turns.
>It's only a matter of time, but you can't just execute him... force him inside and bind him, then lock him up.
>Force him inside and get a pillow, shoot him in the head. One zombie less.
>It's only a matter of time, but you can't just execute him... force him inside and bind him, then lock him up.
Do we have a mask on? We better not get that damn zombie flu or we'll have to put ourselves down too, and a hero doesn't go down like that.
>>He's gonna turn. Explain what's happening to him and offer to put him down before he turns.
Supporting this better let him know
You firmly force the door open with your open palm. The sick man is too weakened to resist, and falls back into his home with a look of despair. "If you're here to rob me-"

"I'm not here for that," you tell him. "You've got the 19-Z."

He coughs again, turning away from you and leaning against the wall for support, and you see the veins climbing his neck are beginning to swell and blacken. Shuddering, he looks back. "Maybe you better take one of those, too," he points at several boxes of medical masks on his shoe cabinet. You help yourself to one. "I used to think it was just another flu. I'd heard about the mutations, but who takes anything in the news seriously anymore? Now I've got it, and..." Another coughing fit. "This is serious, isn't it... So are you with Trump's army?"

"The President? 'Shoot 'em all in the head?' You're not... well what are you here for?"
"Actually, that... no, never mind. I'm not gonna hurt you, but the virus is gonna finish you off." He shuts his eyes and sobs gently. "And then you're gonna turn into a zombie." Now he regards you with confusion. "I can't let you run around infecting others in undeath. This is a critical moment in stopping things before they get out of hand."
"Uhh... yeah, that... is what he's calling us now, I guess. Listen, you know it's a figure of speech, right? That's just something -cough- conservatives call anyone who disagrees with them, like sheeple. There's no such thing as actual..."

There's just no getting through to these people. Enough talk, you order him upstairs and find a closet that opens out, tell him to empty a space, secure his arms and legs with a pair of belts, and wedge the door. You hear him sobbing gently in the darkness as you head back down to leave. This is totally fucked, but you can't save everyone. Once he's turned... you'll be able to do it... you will...

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Can't update til end of day today, friends. Sorry, hope we don't mind a slow update from time to time.

File: BWQ Title.jpg (383 KB, 1366x768)
383 KB
383 KB JPG
The year is 1866. You are Daniel Stockton, a veteran of the American Civil War and general in the Aizu Domain's military. You've come to Japan looking for work, and with the nation on the brink of war, there is an ever-increasing demand for men such as yourself. Last time, you arrived in Antwerp and began preparations for the Diamond Job.


Info Paste:
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>>Look for the boxes.
>”Nakajima, find Sato and get him back here.”
>Look for the boxes.
>”Nakajima, find Sato and get him back here.”
>”How many boxes are we looking for, exactly?”
>Look for the boxes.
>Look for the boxes.
>”Nakajima, find Sato and get him back here.”
>”How many boxes are we looking for, exactly?”

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