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File: IMG_4894.jpg (52 KB, 600x600)
52 KB
A lighthearted fantasy inspired by SEA mythology.
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>check up

Perhaps Warin could buy these kids freedom, but she is not part of a charity, nor does she have unlimited money. She was sent here to investigate and solve an issue that prevented this workshop from being profitable.

Warin plants her staff on the ground. Wind swirls around her as she thinks about a location in the workshop she has previously seen. She fades.

While slower than Sira’s fade, hers do not require line of sight, much like the tree spirits.

Warin emerges at the back of the workshop, nearby the back entrance and sickbay. A couple shadows follow her.

I’ll feed you guys soon enough, don’t worry.

The wind dissipates…. and.. she hears… moaning..?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Wind slams against the door. Inside the toilet are two young adults, a woman being pressed against a wall by a man. Most of their clothes are resting on the large water jar in the corner of the toilet. Their bodies are lean and dark brown in color.

‘’‘’What the fuck!‘’‘’

Warin stands in the doorway.

“You two were the ones in that forest a few weeks back, aren’t you.”
“People do say a lot of things when they’re horny, don’t they.”

‘how long have you’ve been watching us?’

“A couple rounds. They said they like your thighs.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Warin could pin the blame on the cutpurse couple, and both Nuan and the Lady of the Plantain tree will be satisfied. She can’t tell brown people apart, anyway. Those two would probably be killed by Red Winter. The workers will be cured of ailments, and workshop will remain just it has always been. However, if this couple ever gets caught again, people could be cursed all over again.

If Warin reveals the truth, this guy would probably be killed or tortured, and relations between this workshop and Red Winter will be heavily strained. There may be drastic changes to the workshop and their forests. However, the cutpurse couple will likely survive, and the workers will be cured.

Warin concludes this investigation.

Nuan, the Lady of the Takhian tree, cursed the workers with nightmares, but the true culprits were a gang of cutpurses. Young teenagers who are debt slaves.

The Lady of the Plantain tree cursed the workers with pain on their mouths, hands, and groin after witnessing a couple having sex in their forest and mistaking the man to be from her harem.

Warin pins the blame on…

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
A little faster update than usual. Tomorrow I am going to be busy.

Also, I just figured out why I have two trips despite typing the same password. I used my phone and my tablet to post.
>Donate money to the debt slaves
>Have them marked by Nuan

The mark is to ensure they keep their word, the money is to repair the wrong they've done.

File: electrock duo.png (1.32 MB, 1000x1000)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
>What is this?
"The Mystery Dungeons" is a text-based role-playing game created to expand on the setting created by the spinoff series, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon (particularly Explorers of Sky). Players isekai themselves into the world and become Pokémon, going on adventures with their newfound guild mates! SFW ONLY

Want to catch up on the story? Previous Threads:

>I'd like to participate!
Always feel free to join in to see if it will stick with you. People come and go as they please, but there are plenty of regulars, including artists and writers. Outside the main quests hosted here on /qst/ twice a week, a majority of side quests, lore, and role play happen almost all the time on the Element!

>How do I play?
First, fate must decide which Pokémon you become: https://randompokemon.com

Settings to Use: Generate 1, All Regions, All Types, all boxes checked (natures optional if you feel like giving your Pokémon a little extra in characterization).
Take a screenshot so we know you probably weren't lying—admittedly, while rerolling is frowned upon (although no one has any real issue with it)—after all, it's just something you and your conscience have to deal with!
Alternatively, if you're feeling much more truthful, go ahead and roll in the thread for your Pokémon! (1d905). Some legendaries and mythicals have been dropped from the available roster. Assume that the box art legendaries are unavailable.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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"Alright, I hear ya, I'm getting that thing." Kaku goes down the icy path Vee came from.
"Hehe. No, there are stone protrusions you can push counter-clockwise to rotate the room. Just don't, hah, do it now. There would be no point. Otherwise, I need you all to head down that way to go looking for the globe. Haha. There's a giant chasm with a scrawny bridge. Just head down."

Sneasel grabs his tail to stop him. "I appreciate the enthusiasm, but not right, hehe, now."

"Because I don't know where, heh, all the other leyline points are. So we activate the Planetarium and find the ones that are being tampered with and go looking."

Citrine strikes the room with a Power Gem, causing a blinding burst of lights as all the stars flood the room in their false starlight. Stones stained purple, pink, and blue practically glow under the sudden addition of radiance. Particular stones, you realize, are much larger. They dwarf the stones in comparison. Lines are drawn between stars, forming intricate silvery patterns in "space." However, some of these stones appear dusty or muted, as if covered in a thick film.

With your vision briefly restored, you can see Sneasel is sitting on the pedestal, staring at Charles. "The Federation," she replies with confidence.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: ChibiVee.jpg (68 KB, 900x900)
68 KB
Vee takes note of Sneasel's advice, but is more intrigued by what she says after.
"Ooh! Are we gonna be in conflict with the Federation? That sounds really fun..!" Vee is salivating at the thought. He's positively glowing!

Vee used Refresh!

"Are we gonna have to steal anything?"
Rolled 13 (1d20)

>Sable figures that even with his health at max, the amount of pain he's in means something's seriously wrong and can't be fixed with just some 400-year-old topical medicine and a little hope.
>He decides to hide in the darkest parts, where only he can see. Hopefully.
Sorry, nothing for this week. Forgot to post that earlier.

File: Dbw8w_MV0AAtz2V.jpg (34 KB, 350x490)
34 KB
You are Ookami, a fox working a dead end office job in Japan. The drudgery of the office work is occasionally broken up by your coworkers but your life still feels mostly empty besides the endless cycle of work,sleep,repeat. It's time to make some meaningful decisions or at least to make the best of the place you find yourself. It's currently lunch break and the usual cliques have gathered around the dining area as you eat a meager lunch you mull over what to do with the rest of your time.

>Return to work early and put your nose to the grindstone
>Try to insert yourself in to a clique
>Perv in either locker room (Select Male or Female)
>Write in
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>Now shut up and lift!

You help Haida with a few more tips to refresh him and help him get back in the groove while you fill him in on a couple of the reasons you like Fenneko, you think she's smart and her snarky wit is funny, not to mention she's easy on the eyes. Plus there's just something about her dedication to helping Haida and that adorable laugh that seals the deal.

>"Now shut up and lift!"

Haida takes the advice pouring himself a bit more in to it for the sake of himself now that he doesn't have to worry about impressing Retsuko as much and you push yourself pretty hard as well, it helps to burn off some of the jitters even if you are still anxious about waiting to hear her answer and by the end Haida is totally worn out but you're both left feeling pretty good. He thanks you for your help again and you both head out together until you split off to head home.

(Realtionship with Haida +10)

>Go to bed
>Text someone

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Shower, dinner, bed
>Look at Fenneko's social media history without making your online presence known
stalk the stalker

lmao not a half bad idea, but lets save it for another day so we aren't tired tomorrow.

File: ame_openingII.png (1.1 MB, 1061x705)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
You are Uzumaki Shiki, a chūnin currently on assignment in the Hidden Leaf Village as an exchange student - at least, you are in the time you come from. By your rough calculations you’ve come back about nineteen years into the past through a freak accident involving the whitest man you’ve ever seen and a turtle, which probably about ties the record for weirdest thing to happen in your immediate family.

You say that because a shadow clone of your mom, Uzumaki Naori-ue, is here with you after (before?) a completely separate incident brought her back in time a roughly similar number of years. The problem for her is that the incident in Rōran hasn’t happened yet, so that means there are two of her running around right now - enough to give any of the five kages a heart attack, an aneurysm, or more likely both at the same time.

Clearly, under no circumstances can they ever be allowed to meet.

It’s not like you don’t have your own problems too - just a limited example of what could go wrong, your mom’s shadow clone could take a hit and disappear. In your own time your mom had the benefit of some of this clone’s years of experience and perspective, the absence of which may change the outcome of the Fourth World War, which in turn may mean you’re never born, which means you can’t go back in time, and then nobody knows what happens. The hell of it is that even if all that had a chance to play out it wouldn’t answer the question - nobody would ever know and you’d be too busy not existing to tell.

Setting those thoughts aside, your biggest problem is that the Ōtsutsuki you’re going to blame all of this on later is after Uzumaki Naruto. Not the hokage and fully-matured jinchūriki from your time, though technically in a roundabout way that could still be considered true. No, while that may be the ultimate objective the way he plans to do it is attack the Uzumaki Naruto of the past (or, the now) that Naori-ue has told you about - the talentless spastic idiot with everything to prove and nothing to lose.

“So…” Kōshū-kun muses, awkwardly trying to start something approaching a conversation. “You’re… Naruto-kun?”

“Well, yeah,” he replies, staring back just as awkwardly. “We kinda went through this, ya know?”

“That’s true,” you grumble. “It’s just we didn’t come here expecting to talk to you or anything.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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“Well,” Kōshū muses thoughtfully, “I don’t really know. So why don’t we start by trying it?”

“Makes sense to me,” you shrug. “What’s the worst…”

Your face still hurting from the first attempt - which ended as soon as it began with an unexpected slam into a wall of hardened ice - you go over what went awry.

“Well,” Naori-san smiles knowingly, “I’d observe that it’s easy enough to hide oneself in a surface - in water, in mist, inside stone, and so on. Then I’d ask you what you think is different in this case.”

“It’s your chakra,” you grumble to Kōshū, pinching the bridge of your nose.

“Of course,” she sighs. “So how do we fix that?”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>What about adding nature to shape, and combining the ninjutsu like that?
>>So is it possible for one person to add wind to my water and turn it into ice?
>>What about adding nature to shape, and combining the ninjutsu like that?
>What about adding nature to shape, and combining the ninjutsu like that?

File: 22712229_p0.jpg (444 KB, 1500x914)
444 KB
444 KB JPG
You are Noel Tiberius di Hazaran, and you’re currently wearing the proverbial hat of a leader among the half-blooded, silver-eyed monster slayers you consider your family. With you at the moment is a team of three - Serana, a one-armed and mute warrior whose level of skill and ability were once considered a step above your own, is the first of these. She also happens to be among your closest friends and confidantes. Second you have Alexandra, a talented sensor-specialist from what by your reckoning was the last full class of rookies trained by the Organization that created you. Alexa has looked up to you for years after you led a trio of her fellow rookies on what had been intended as a suicide mission, ensuring their survival even above your own and thereby earning their respect and loyalty. Last there’s Solaris.

Solaris is a bit of an unusual case, a warrior who at one time passed the limits most of your kind set on the use of their own powers. Each warrior has a different limit, and their respective techniques place a different amount of strain on the body as it transforms to serve in combat. This power is called ‘yōki’, and you owe your ability to produce its energy to the flesh and blood of the yōma that was surgically implanted in each of you when you were young girls. But when a warrior like Solaris uses too much of that yōki the transformations become almost impossible to reverse, and a warrior becomes an even worse sort of monster than those which they once fought.

Or at least that’s how it used to be. Solaris was the second of what is now several “awakened beings” who have traded feeding off living human flesh for a relatively simple dietary supplement, now grown fairly extensively at a series of farms in your family’s ancestral fortress town of Scaithness.

With these three teammates, you shadow the movements of a defeated attacking force as it withdraws across the northern border of your homeland, Hazaran, which has served as a refuge for warriors like you who value your duty too much to simply die as your former Organization had designed.

[They’re slow,] Serana observes from a distance.

She’s right. “They’re exhausted,” you reply with a slight frown. “They have wounded.”

“They insisted on evacuating them?” Solaris asks curiously.

You nod. “They did. Seems we’ve managed to frighten them into acting irrationally… at this point we can’t say anything to make them trust us.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Let the main column head on without you. This small group is the vulnerable one.
You elect to let the main body of the column go ahead of you, since right now the most vulnerable are the ill men they will be leaving behind. So for the next four days that is where you remain, until the ill men begin to recover. By the fifth day the soldiers are, to various degrees, ambulatory again.

It’s a laborious process to get them moving again, but eventually they are on their feet again with a fresh supply of water. To eat you furnished them with little bits of dried meat from a deer you hunted a few days ago, some dried fish, and what greens and herbs you could gather. This won’t last twenty-two men for very long, but with their limited endurance having just regained some of their strength you figure you should have plenty of time in the evenings to hunt and gather enough to keep their bellies just full enough to walk. Their packs are mostly shed as they go, and their weapons are left behind as unnecessary weight.

On the second day of travel some have already recovered enough strength to fish in a little stream near your camp site, helping to feed themselves and their comrades. Morale is slowly improving - the men who had seemed to you hopeless, even anticipating death, are starting to allow themselves to think that maybe they’re going to make it out of this ordeal after all.

It’s on your third day of travel, seven days after going your separate ways with the main column, that things change.

>3d10, best of three
Rolled 7, 6, 8 = 21 (3d10)

Rolled 3, 3, 2 = 8 (3d10)

Rolled 5, 9, 3 = 17 (3d10)


File: 40kstuff2.png (162 KB, 997x1045)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
You're alive. Unbelievable, but true none the less. A moment ago you were on borrowed time hanging for your life on top a rotten tree, dangling only a knifes throw away from the growing murder of the living dead waiting for you to drop. Desperation had brought you to this destitute and ancient battle site, where the residual magic of earth shattering spells refuse to let the dead slumber. It is here where deathroot grows among the spell fused bones of shattered dead. In deep debt to the local thugs, it was your only hope for the copper you needed to save your skin. You damn this accursed swamp with whats left of your energy. You curse the loan sharks that forced you here with your possible last breath. You hate yourself for your lack of self control.

When rescue came, it was from a source as contrived as the one that got you here. A wizard of some power walked through the heavy mist and made short work of the rabble. Fire and lightning shot out from his hands and onto your would be murders as easy as coins came out from yours and onto gambling tables. So overwhelmed with your second chance at life you dropped down into the mud and scorched remains, and quickly moved to thank the wizard. The hero you found was not what you expected, you had assumed such power must have come from a wizened old man in saggy robes and a pointed hat, what you got was a short young man wearing exotic clothing. His face was gaunt and tired, and he barely found the energy to outstretch his hand and...


A reward? You have none to give, not a copper to your name. Thats why you are out here after all. Your answer does not please him, he takes a moment to answer while taking a long time to blink.

"Oh.. Alright."

He answered before walking away once again into the mist.
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>- Hang out with the wizard and try to entertain him, unfortunately he destroyed the red light district so you're not sure where to go. (+1 Wizard)

As long as we stay in the house, don't want plothooks sneaking in and murdering our childhood friend while we're away :V
>- Hang out with the wizard and try to entertain him, unfortunately he destroyed the red light district so you're not sure where to go. (+1 Wizard)
Supporting staying put and coddling wizard. If we wants to go afield, remind him meat's right here, and if he wants to eat it he'll stay close at hand.
>>What do?

ok here's my excellent plan:
>play cards with Xian
>suggest harmless wager
>lose on purpose
>double or nothing
>repeat until you can trick him into wagering something lewd
>stop losing on purpose and use your awesome slight-of-hand skills to cheat and win ez
>Hang out with the wizard and try to entertain him, unfortunately he destroyed the red light district so you're not sure where to go. (+1 Wizard)
party time whoooo
>Hang out with the wizard and try to entertain him, unfortunately he destroyed the red light district so you're not sure where to go. (+1 Wizard)

File: ZZZ2.png (11 KB, 512x512)
11 KB
A little while ago our protagonist Peter Johnson woke up inside a dream world with no memories. He and his slimey companion Flubber went to and found a surfer dude named Adrianne being chased by land sharks. After some scuffling and drama, Adrianne was convinced by Peter to go save a mysterious drowning girl. Influenced by Peter's actions, he decides to go into a rage and starts killing any nearby sea creatures. Shortly thereafter, Peter was surrounded and killed. Waking up trapped in a noose, Flubber sacrificed his life to save Peter, after which he discovers his name and of those around him such as Vincent, the leader of the Roadside Runners, and Icarus, an ambitious rich man who's infamy rings throughout the city known as Paradise. On his way to school though he met a cat which happened to be the god named Hypnos.The new power he was granted by him is strange as it can be used for multiple things such as determining someone's aura and marking them to be able to enter their dreams. While further experimentation is required to find out all it can do this power lead him to believe that through sleep and interacting with dream worlds Peter could get stronger. Now Peter lays in his bed, ready to drift to sleep.

Previous Thread: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2023/5562642/
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Rolled 16 (1d20)

>You taste salt in the wind. You're wrapped in cloth and swaying in the air. You yearn for freedom.
Rolled 18 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

>You taste salt in the wind. You're wrapped in cloth and swaying in the air. You yearn for freedom.
You decide to take a gamble and put a hand through this magical stream. You feel a sinking feeling in your gut as soon as your skin makes contact, as you're flung away and slung into a hammock. Your comfortable linens are replaced with itchy cloth and leathers. Before you can open your eyes again you almost shit yourself.



You fumble trying to escape and immediately face plant against the wooden planks of the ship. You're almost rocketed out of the ship as you see a new hole made by the cannon ball that was just shot in. This is immediately different. Your clothes changed and people beside the dreamer are interacting with you. Before you can continue processing this new information another canon ball pierces through the ship and you almost get killed by the shrapnel alone.


You lost on that gamble and you have to make a comeback. If the dreamer wants freedom, maybe they'll let you go?

>Raise the White Flag.
>Man the Cannons (Roll 1d20-3 Bo2).

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Rolled 15 (1d20)

>>Man the Cannons (Roll 1d20-3 Bo2).
Rolled 13 (1d20)

>Man the Cannons (Roll 1d20-3 Bo2).

File: 381729.png (4.08 MB, 1383x2875)
4.08 MB
4.08 MB PNG
Pick race and location.
214 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>This look like a great place to retire
> Halflings are just super hard mode. Other races don't see them as a threat for good reason, just loot sacks. Great quest QM.

Hmm... I might have been a little too heavy handed with the orcs. Though there has been some build up in the tensions and plenty of warning.
I suppose we could end the quest here.

My plans were for you to uncover at least one of the ancient shrines and recover its powerful magic, but I suppose the split with the priestesses did hamper your ability to do that.

I also gave you a rather hard mode scenario, in the middle of a cursed land surrounded mostly by other halflings and with powerful neighbours outside your native biome.

If you guys agree we can wrap it up here and start a new one.

Please vote for race and location here so that I can start the new quest with a picture other than the common civ template.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

but if you guys want to continue let me know, we could keep going
I knew the orcs would probably come they had 5x our army when they made base camp that was our best chance. The Finlocks thought is was a good idea not to hit there beachhead. And talk us out of it. We doubled our tripled the army after that and the orcs 20x our army. I do think we deserved the attack.

The deal with the Finlocks a huge mistake they didn't have firehounds and banned halfling slaves our only successful income. They couldn't feed themselves even though every Halfling adult is a skilled farmer. They where probably on the orcs side.

Choose Race and Location
Demon, Orc or Human.

Karsts or Glacier
I'm fine with different terrains besides massive flat areas.
Tech Level (regular tech or weird tech)
> Bronze Age
Weird tech
Magic (common or rare users)
rare users

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I'm down for demons glacier.

The finlocks probably got rid of the firehounds because we didn't have enough meat and thought it would be better for the dragon. We kinda deserve the attack we practically did the same thing to the other tribe.

File: Damage.jpg (1.37 MB, 2000x1432)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB JPG
You are Beta Core, an AI built to operate mecha Frames in conjunction with a pilot. The day of deployment to the physical world nears, and there is but one final test to secure your place as the first of your AI line to see action.

Last time, you received a brand new pilot. Sophie, a young cadet grossly underprepared for the reality of syncing with an AI core. Nevertheless, you crushed your human opposition and defeated Gamma Core in a sim-battle, proving your superiority.

Prior threads can be found at:
(Yes, I know I borked the description on the first one)

Another month has passed by, intensive syncing exercises with Sophie allowing her to practice reaching up into mid-sync. She still describes the experience as uncomfortable, but the process has gotten easier, as her Will has hardened.
+1 Will

With only a month to go until deployment, she also reports to you that your personal Frame was decided on for the base chassis. This delights you.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
785 replies and 27 images omitted. Click here to view.
to >Deep recon and disruption.
From a purely fun standpoint sniping convoys with a cannon, destroying communication outposts, sabotaging any piece of important infrastructure we come across, holing up inside a storm and acting out a mechanized horror story with us as the villain, running out of ammunition and resorting to guerilla warfare sounds nice.
Know what, I’ll ask about a couple paths not taken.

>If we didn’t pick Sophie as our pilot, would she have ended up piloting one of our sisters?
>If we had gone aboveground during the attack, would our sisters have been killed by Captain Blake no matter what or could we have “saved” them by driving off the enemy?
>What would have happened if we lost to Gamma and/or Delta during training? More simulators? We’d be one of the AIs assisting our sister during the attack? Something else?

I’m also wondering what Beta’s “theme music” should be. It’s like a handshake protocol for humans, and it’s nice for psychological warfare and “humanizing” ourself to the troops. Important if we ever want to make demands of them.
Some Roads Not taken answers:

Sophie and her stack of replacements would have gone to Delta. With somewhat predictable results.

Going above-ground would probably have meant Blake wouldn't have been able to coordinate as well of a defense underground, but the attackers would have been somewhat stymied in getting reinforcements. No, it wasn't a guarantee that your sisters would have died.

Losing in the sims to Gamma meant that she would have been installed first in a frame. Losing to Delta? Well, then you probably still get to be the first installed, as long as you beat Gamma. Delta's just too unstable and unwilling to be managed. We'd still pass out of the 'tutorial' training arc.

Music? Well, that's up to you. I know what I listen to when I write, but that's also not really representative to the characters.

It is way too much Arknights stuff. "All Hail Savior" is running on a loop in my head and I can't stop it, alongside Operation Pyrite.
I’ll try and get Beta to acquire theme music IC, but it’ll probably take a bit. Can’t see why he’d care unless he can use it to get something he wants.

Better music than me. I have Eurobeat stuck in my head most of the time, and if not that then Touhou. Often they overlap. I listen to Diversity in a vain effort to keep my music fresh.
>Beta learns about music from Sophie
>Sophie gives song recommendations to beta
Sophie is a metalhead

File: Delicious 3.jpg (151 KB, 1280x1280)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
Hello there! Welcome to the world of Pokémon! This world is inhabited by creatures called Pokémon! For some people, Pokémon are pets. Others use them for fights. Yourself...You cook Pokémon as a Profession. First, what is your name?

>Penny Pudding

That's right. I remember now! Penny Pudding. You're an amateur chef in charge of your own restaurant: 'The Tall Tale', named after the fishing habits of Slowpokes. You're a specialist in cooking Water-type Pokémon, and learnt the trade in Grillburg city from your master, Masao. Your partner is the Mantis Pokémon, Scyther, who's a great help in hunting Pokémon, but still needs lots of aid while in the kitchen.

After three weeks of developing your customer base in the small town of Lobraise, you're on a steady road to success! You just need to hire another chef today, obtain another partner Pokémon, and you'll soon be set on labour. Its been extremely busy, and you look forward to more leisurely days ahead... despite the problems looming over the horizon.

On the last episode, you've:

>Almost gotten robbed of your Pokémon by a thief who stopped by in town
>Introduced a new menu item: Tankoyaki!
>Become closer to one of your waiter, who seems to be having a rough home life
>Started training on a new sub-speciality
>Developed a growing feud with a competing restaurant, Sizzlipede Sizzlers, who's directly trying to compete with you

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
547 replies and 80 images omitted. Click here to view.
>>Work on an Omanyte dish with him, then advertise it online. It's imported, so there won't be the concern of pollution. If you choose to go ahead with procuring an Omanyte supplier in the future, you'll have a bit of a head start.
I think Drednaw and Corsola would also be interesting to pursue.
>Work on an Omanyte dish with him, then advertise it online. It's imported, so there won't be the concern of pollution. If you choose to go ahead with procuring an Omanyte supplier in the future, you'll have a bit of a head start.
>>Work on an Omanyte dish with him, then advertise it online. It's imported, so there won't be the concern of pollution. If you choose to go ahead with procuring an Omanyte supplier in the future, you'll have a bit of a head start.
>Work on an Omanyte dish with him, then advertise it online. It's imported, so there won't be the concern of pollution. If you choose to go ahead with procuring an Omanyte supplier in the future, you'll have a bit of a head start.

Fuck you, Sizzlers! We got that gourmet shit.
I think I asked about Corsola in the first thread and QM said it was inedible. Our Water/Rock options are mostly turtles, similarly rare as Omanyte (Kabuto/ps, Relicanth), or are...Binacle, which looks like a hand and therefore maybe people will be squeamish about it? But it might just be like a weird clam or geoduck.

Archive of previous thread:

You’ve decided to head to Oileana, Paracelsus’ homeland, after taking a brief stop to take care of a victim of mana poisoning. Doing that saved the harbor a lot of money, so you got a free ride to Oileana and a big meal for everybody. Now, it’s a week’s worth of sailing before you reach your destination.
Unfortunately, you have been beset by pirates, and while they only intend to take a portion of cargo and leave the rest be…
They decided your kobolts count as “cargo”. And they want Emeralda.

You look to Paracelsus, and tell her to tell this scum of the earth, in no uncertain terms, that you are going to rip his throat out and char his men to blackened, screaming corpses if they don’t decide to back off.
This isn’t bluster, either. Your lungs almost seem to burn, and you can tell from the faint discolouration your eyes are glowing brighter than before. The man seems confused, as well, and when Paracelsus starts talking in their language…

Some shuffle nervously.
The captain you were talking to? He seems to take this as a reason to start talking big. He laughs, his breath stinking of alcohol and rotting meat. His teeth explain a lot behind that smell, and you feel yourself… growling.

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>>Leave him with a burn mark. As a permanent reminder of what he did... then turn him loose.
Nothing too serious just enough that he can serve as a warning not to fuck with us. like we don't want to outright terrorize his neighbors and the fact that we showed him mercy should not be overshadowed by the punishment we inflict on him.
Still, we want to make sure that we use him as a means of making sure that the slavers stay the hell away from us.

Idea: burn away the hair on his head. some or all of it, but make it somewhat unsightly without being outright harmful to his long term health.

Also, we should tell him that the only reason we are letting him live is so that he can let the others know to leave us alone, and that we're not going to go around burning villages down with dragonfire ripping peoples throats out with our teeth just because they piss us off, but WE VERY WELL COULD IF WE FELT LIKE IT.
>Decapitate him.

He's a slaver. Slavers should die, full stop, no excuses, no forgiveness.
>>Decapitate him.
he is an evil man and destroyer of the innocent, and we are a knight this is a clean-cut and dry choice.
You look at the slaver for a moment... and look a bit longer at the would-be slaves. Your decision making process is not a quick one, as you really try to think of all the pros and cons to each.
However, it wasn't that hard. You take your sword, and begin to drag it towards the man, who is already screaming in terror.
Paracelsus steps away, and you can tell that the slaver is screaming some very hurtful things towards her. Most likely, he expected to be let go after giving all that information, which is a common mistake these kinds of scumbags make. Everybody is far more merciful than they would be, after all. Not this time, though.
This time, you want to both make a point and clean up a problem.

You swing, and the head goes flying after just one mighty swing. It takes sill to do it that cleanly, and you look at the head on the ground for a few moments as his consciousness leaves him. Shock mercifully saves him from fully knowing what's going on, and then it's done. Cleaning the body up is something you do yourself, lifting him over your shoulders and tossing him a fair distance from the camp. You don't want to deal with the miasma of the freshly deceased, it tends to make your evenings very uncomfortable. It's another thing that you kind of wish you didn't know, actually, but the crusades, as per usual, were a pretty big learning opportunity.

With the slaver dead, and nothing else bothering you, it's a comfortable night after that trouble is done and dealt with.
In the morning, things are packed, and the journey continues. Sure enough, with the headstart you gave yourself, you see the town just a bit before noon. It's a sleepy-looking town, set up near a river that supplies much of the village's food if you had to guess. You see a fisherman on the water in the distance there. The people here don't even seem to look at you for longer than strictly needed, and you permit your party, and yourself, to head into the local tavern and get a drink.
While the village doesn't have that many people in it, it's still along a fairly major road, so it inevitably attracts plenty of people.
Enough to keep a tavern running, at any rate.

Once inside, you sit down at a big table, mostly to rest your legs and lean back.
Snikt sits down next to you, after that, and holds your arm.
"...Dragon?" She asks.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Of course!
>But why do you want to?
We should check on how the changes are affecting our little ragamuffin, too. She might ALSO start feeling the urge to hoard, dominate, and destroy soon.

File: 287802226-256-k794629.jpg (13 KB, 256x400)
13 KB
You, harriet potter, hold the distinction of being the first transgender student to be admitted into hogwarts. On your first day at hogwarts, professor snape (a notorious chud and incel) sneers: "you'll never be a real woman, potter!"
>>have sex, chudcel!!
>>fuck you, snape, no one likes you!!
>>you'll always be a loser virgin and cuck and no one will ever love you!!
>>your fear and hatred are rooted in ignorance, professor. It would benefit you to educate yourself on transgender issues.
>>((kick snape in the shin))
>>((report him to the headmaster))
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>>>((harriet's parents are alive in this timeline but they are disappointed with harriet's trans identity))
Kek. Will we have a transbian relationship with Ronda Weasley?
>>((harriet's parents are alive in this timeline but they are disappointed with harriet's trans identity))
Feels more relatable this way. If my kid is trans I'd be disappointed too
testing spoilers don't mind me
[s] test [\s]
test 2
Let's join the girls quidditch team and dominate purely on merit

File: IDB01.jpg (818 KB, 1472x828)
818 KB
818 KB JPG
> [[ Encrypted Chat ]]
> [ w0rm ] » HEY BARBIE
> [ stingray ] » Barbie?
> [ w0rm ] » ye
> [ w0rm ] » u like it huh? (≧◡≦)
> [ w0rm ] » i have been
> [ w0rm ] » tryn 2 think of a good pet name 4u 4a while
> [ stingray ] » Why Barbie.
> [ w0rm ] » ur cute and real stingrays have barbs
> [ stingray ] » Worm.
> [ w0rm ] » worm!
> [ stingray ] » I’m going to be busy for a bit, so don’t message me. Auto-responder is going on.
> [ w0rm ] » (︶︹︶)

Tucking your PDA into your bag, you peek out from your hiding spot in the tree lawn of artificial shrubbery against the inside perimeter of the Marion Center’s fencing. This is an incursion, and architecture is on your side. The main building has clear signage pointing to the entrances, as well as glass windows and doors that provide a view of the interior. The premises are wide-open, affording clear lines of sight to the facilities. The exterior is mostly parking lot by surface area. You can’t help but grimace at the strangely-suburban sight, a common trend among upper-class facilities further from Freeland’s heart. There’s enough space here to rehome half the Avenue. This late at night—or early in the morning, depending on your frame of reference—it is almost completely unused.

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Or we could just skip the whole talking thing and just hand them over and hope we get enough time to ourselves to be ready the next time they come rolling around. Play the submissive if he makes additional demands and just work on our own shit and hope we are ready in time. But I don't want to do that.
>Refurbish and replace drones with printed hardware to serve the Quarters’ agenda.
File: The Nest.jpg (72 KB, 784x520)
72 KB

> [[ Encrypted Chat :: w0rm ]]
> [ stingray ] » Yo, Worm.
> [ w0rm ] » (゚ロ゚*)
> [ w0rm ] » we are NOT talking rn
> [ stingray ] » I was busy not getting killed, sorry.
> [ w0rm ] » (“ ̄m ̄)
> [ w0rm ] » lemme guess
> [ w0rm ] » u want more Stuff
> [ w0rm ] » and have absolutely no things to offer in return
> [ stingray ] » Some info, yeah.
> [ stingray ] » What do you think it’d take to subvert the Freeland drone network?
> [ w0rm ] » a fat fkn pair of nuts

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
> Inform the Worm about the group called ‘exception handling’.
> Ask the Worm if they know anything about a merc with a Wukong staff.

Give and take. Not interested in having another plate to spin. Wolf can wait. If Worm isn't knowledgeable in the angle we were after then it probably isn't worth pursuing in the short term.

> Mount light drone turret (-40 scrap, -1 nanofilament) x2. If the exchange goes well, you’ll dismount and keep these for later use.
> Install tracking and remote backdoor mechanisms in the drone avionics.

Both of these. If all goes well and relations are friendly then us being a bit more up to date can't hurt and our subtlety can be explained as paranoia or an insurance policy if discovered. If things are sour right away then all the more reason to do this.
>Ask the Worm if they have any intel on the Wolf and her whereabouts.

>Install tracking and remote backdoor mechanisms in the drone avionics.

File: 3669.png (445 KB, 1148x800)
445 KB
445 KB PNG
Like a strong wind blowing from below, the white void pulls your body upwards into more nothingness. A strange tingling sensation spreads throughout you, but fortunately, you can scratch any itchy spots. Down below, everyone is being lifted as well: Dorothy first, then Galactic, Matilda, Oliver, and at the tail end, Jesse. With nothing better to do, you try to talk to them, but your voice comes out as glitchy — like someone dropping their drinks onto a DJ’s deck. Anyway, no one reacted to the sound, so it may not carry on here.

You still have Philonune and Naiad if you feel like talking. But your old experiences traveling through different dimensions tell you that you’ll be home any moment. This is the perfect moment to decide what to do when you get there! Well, after dealing with the immediate aftermath of the landing.

The original plan was to take down the White Flames. It still is, technically! But, there are more pressing matters you could attend to first, some of which give you a tingling sensation that they might be related to those Angel fucks! — and no, this feeling has nothing to do with the one you described earlier! You have a new perspective to bring to your timeline, make it count!

What’s the plan moving forward?

>Pet Bradford Jr., you miss your newly acquired cat. In other words, take it easy for a bit!
>Talk to T_T Neko. You have a long list of names you need to go through together.
>Find Yu Yan! You have to tell her that she’s a pod baby! Pod Baby Yu Yan!
>You must meet with Fiora at your mother’s grave.
>Find Mr. Won-Jae in the Comatose Wing in the Grand Hospital. You’ll find Esperanza too…
>Write In.
95 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah sure.
>“I’m all yours, agent Bubbles.” Tease Scarlet.
File: 3686.png (185 KB, 800x640)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
“Thanks for everything, Hostile Cutie. I’ll return the favor.” You promise! Establishing a good partnership with Lise is important.

“Don’t be stupid. She’s always been my problem, and if things get out of hand, you’ll beat her up again.” Lise counts on you to make Dorothy behave.

“While there’s no risk of betrayal on my end, if I had to face you, I’ll be more prepared next time.” Dorothy is confident she’ll kick your ass.

“...Just don’t fuck this up, Dorothy.” You stress to the scientist. This is the only chance she’ll have to have a half-decent relationship with the Hostile Cutie.

“Don’t be ridiculous. With this refreshingly young body, I have a different perspective! I’ll not err in the same manner!” Dorothy’s ego is still as enormous as her gut once was. But… is she expecting to make mistakes? Maybe it’s the ‘trial and error’ mentally speaking for her that some scientists have.

“Right, keep that spirit.” The optimist in you prefers to believe she’s going to do her best and that you haven’t created an entirely new problem. “See ya, everyone…” You didn’t notice when you started being pulled out of the room by Scarlet. She’s dragging Matilda too.

“See you later. Thanks for keeping Naiad safe.” Xavi waves goodbye. “It was fun spending time with you again too, Bubbles.”

“Quack.” The duck flaps its wings to say goodbye as well.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Thanks for running! Glad to be back!
What a tease

You wake up… where to, next?
9 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Sail off to New lands!
>Get to the cave by ship
Since we want to be armed, we should go to a place that stores arms.
>Go to the Armory (or fort if there's no armory).
Quest is dead tard

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