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File: Osaka_Cover.png (4.54 MB, 5600x3973)
4.54 MB
4.54 MB PNG
Time Fold Success. Mobius Force's link with Near Future 10y is reading steady. Aegis Command will now duplicate a Liaison Program onto your Local Time.


Jockeys, Please note. You have been inserted to the direct past of 10years ago. Records show that this location will be condemned to the effects of Ragnarok, 89% of its people eradicated to the elements due to compromised defense structures and an overwhelming enemy force. As such , your primary mission here will be to perform an Aegis shift on the population of Osaka's 2.3 Million soul by ensuring their escape to our HQ.

Your superiors from HQ will also relay high priority missions to you, such as linking up with the extraction team from this time who have been sent to investigate The X-Cult.

An overwhelming number of X-types will flood the area, unlike last time you do not need to destroy them all, as a delayed Photon Bombardment will take place after your successful extraction to ensure no biological footprints remain of their presence.

>Opening Phase, report in if you are not deployed or ACT.
[Turn will synch at 8pm EST.]
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I had assumed that when you said "only pawns can use it", it meant that only pawns /would/ use it, as in it could only be viable on the pawn, since the knight melee weapons were so much better. I realize now that you were talking about the exterminator rounds. However you did mention earlier that the polearm would be "enormously useful", so I probably should have responded to that post instead.
actually I know someone figured out a way to make a 2 turn counter/domain build using the massively increased range of the polearm for knights.

For single target raw damage the lance is probably the worst yeah, but it's value isn't in single target damage. It's a one handed defensive option that can provide two turn counters or domain (or both) with skill investment. It also is a 2L 30 damage AOE with ground boost system.
>but it's value isn't in single target damage. It's a one handed defensive option that can provide two turn counters or domain (or both) with skill investment.
I would argue that the other knight melee weapons are hardly single target exclusive either, since they attack in an AOE as well. Also, a 20 damage counter on defends doesn't strike me as strong enough to base an entire build around, even if you get two turns out of it. I can see the counter from Close Combat, but where do you see the domain?

>It also is a 2L 30 damage AOE with ground boost system.
Why would I choose this over having the SPAS, which has a significantly larger AOE, much more potential damage, and doesn't force me to move at least 3L first?

The one upside I can see here is the two turn 2L counter, but that feels not strong enough to me to justify passing up the, in my opinion, far stronger alternate knight options.

That's fine, I'll just buy it myself.

File: Fluff.jpg (30 KB, 800x600)
30 KB
Welcome back one and all into a new part of our adventure. Myrtidal ugly secret has been exposed with the ambition of a cold merciless pharaoh coming to light, we might night to rethink our priorities... Like making an unlikely alliance with our nemesis? Is her game finally over? At least you can be glad with the fact you've managed to find a ''good end'' even if you needed the witch help!

Sheet updated with your recent acquisitions, don't forget to look for a fresh reminder.

Previous Threads

Twitter for schedule updates

Perks and spells for our main character

Characters met by Arawn.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Late anon also agrees with this split.
Thought about it, I want to learn more about the goddess. Her web, how her domain differs from the others we've experienced. Perhaps why going full fusion has such a bad result for us if we do it for more than 10 measly seconds (and, by extension, how we might be able to circumvent that BS), etc.

This will also tell Ama how she might be able to manifest without an anchor but hey, fair trade. Full powered up Gardy (with modern magitek enhancements to boot) vs. Ama with only a few pearls sounds like a fair fight...
Starting to reach my mental threshold with how much I can write, so I think I'll make the discussion on the road the end of the thread instead of writing it and skipping for the inn. I'll have a little something to ask once we finish the thread, but for now I'll concentrate on updating and likely need more inputs while were at it.

I'll update tomorrow with
>If Mina will be healthy enough to speak after her rejuvenation, ask her about the goddess, the general states of shards. How does Mother Earth web function? This is so interesting!

Whilst going with >>4539179
I'll keep vote hoping until 6 pm and begin writing.
I might have to end our thread here, health isn't doing so well. I'll do my best to post in a day or two.
Alright, I've decided that I'll make our new thread with this new update. The night at the tavern will be important since it'll be the last one before arriving into Marleon. I'll do what I can do make it next week, maybe re-use this thread while I'm at it since they last a while on /qst/

File: 1585395848760.jpg (56 KB, 563x573)
56 KB
It is the 201st year of the 4th Era. Helgen burns. The Skyrim Civil War rages on without a victor. Rumors of dragons spread to every corner of the land.

You are but a humble resident of Skyrim, a native trying to eke out a living in the midst of all this chaos, used to its frost and savage wilderness. You've always enjoyed the simpler pleasures in life: the warmth of the hearth, the taste of good mead and the long rest after a day's work well-done.

In Skyrim you were born but where specifically did you grow up?

1. The Old Holds
>The Rift
>The Pale

2. West Skyrim

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Dice are loaded, We don't cheat Benor does!

Fuck it, all or nothing.

Also can someone roll for me im mobile fagging :3
Rolled 52 (1d100)

only cuz you rolled trips.
Did qm drop quest because we failed our first hardship and we panicked a little?
*sigh* Another one bites the dust

File: space-station 1.jpg (64 KB, 595x354)
64 KB
25 years have passed since the Dark Eldar raid, and nearly a century since you first awoke to this new dark galaxy. The Sibaran people swell in number and knowledge, now boasting over 10 million citizens, from what was once 200 thousand. While they have become educated and have changed, they still create family large family units, each couple having usually at least five children each. With no infant mortality, and death from disease or wounds or age a thing of the past, the population swelled.

The cities of Sibara now fill with many people, all of them seeking the secrets of the universe through education and research and artistry. A thriving entertainment industry has formed, with a documentary based on Kala's life being quite popular, though films from the golden age have filled the theaters and inspired many new directors.

While Sibaran Culture grew, so did the Sibaran defenses. A thick net of hologram generators and debris orbit Sibara, along with numerous manned stations and drone platforms ready to defend against all threats that dared to approached. Nova cannons, torpedoes, with the primary defense station even build with a temporal distortion gun (A design acquired from the Magos). Already these fields were partially complete around the other worlds of the system, with the world at the mouth of the system fielding its own complete defense works and manned by a trained military force and even a few Stellar vessels, equipped with powerful weaponry and Aegis shields of the highest quality.

Though a few ships and platforms had been dedicated to guarding the breach into the webway, now held together by a system of pylons that could shape the opening at will. On board the lead ship stood the first Psyker to reach adulthood on Sibara free of the Crone's threat, an captain who had been trained to use his powers intelligently with the aide of your programs and devices sporting the synthesized crystals meant to calm the minds of psykers. of course, his ship held a squad of Crones ready to fight psychic entities or take him down, but it was something he gladly worked with.

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Hes been playing in another warhammer quest so that's why he hasn't been posting. :p
One problem with this theory. He hasn’t posted in a while in that thread.

But regardless quests entirely dependent on the qm posts and can’t move if they don’t post. For now all we can do is discuss.
It was party a joke, and a jab.
Let’s if I’m doing this right
Cup bearer is back up guys

File: 001.png (349 KB, 1000x1675)
349 KB
349 KB PNG
So who are you?

What are you?
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>also, checks oneself for belongings, pockets in pants, in jacket, etc.
[also OP, this is amazing!
I'm enjoying it very much.
+1 ing this. Love what you're doing OP

File: spaceelevator.jpg (560 KB, 2048x1280)
560 KB
560 KB JPG
Space, the final frontier.

When the first hyperdrives were developed by the Bogdanoff & Bogdanoff Megacorporation in the mid 22nd century, the first wave of extrasolar colonization soon began. Besides the great expeditions supported by nation-states or corporations, several smaller, free expeditions set out over the years to found new nations. Among them, one had settled in the Eterani star system and founded what over time would become the Extrasolar Free State, a nation that today encompasses 10 colonized planets and a large sector of space to the galactic east of the Solar system. The EFS, with its longterm focus on growth and expansion, has been exploding in population and territory over the past decades of relative peace and prosperity, even as mankind as a whole remains divided, presently split in two blocs - one being around the Eurasian Alliance, controlling most of the human population and much of its territory and the other being our own Alliance of Extrasolar States. Some could say that these two blocs are in a Cold War at present even.
Alien civilizations beyond human space have been known for decades, but only relatively recently has trade and travel increased to the point where cultural and technological exchange is regular. It is becoming evident that alien forces are also influencing human affairs in other ways, as the recent terrorist attack in Delta Pavonis has shown us. Even as mankind's technological advance has made interstellar travel cheaper and faster than ever, we have defeated disease and created artificial intelligence and virtual reality and in some places experiment even more with bending the laws of the universe to our will, war and intrigue remain as companions to our present history, well into the 23rd century.

How it's played:
The collective of players votes on the primary actions that the civilization as a whole takes every turn and during events, battles and so on. Individual players can make factions which can be anything from corporations through religious orders and political parties to research groups and sports organizations. Either as an alternative to a faction or as part of it, a player can make characters too. Factions and characters can pursue their own agendas within the civilization as a whole and influence it and the world beyond it one way or another.

Helpful links:

1.The archives - catch up on previous events!

2.Important national statistics - population, economy, fleet, administration and military.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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It would be another week of sporadic fighting across Gralgar before a group of envoys with some measure of popular support behind them would finally assemble and come before us at Jordies'. These envoys were mostly women, speaking on behalf of the civilians of Gralgar and broader Drazerii space, who wished for peace, along with those warriors with a better sense of strategy, who saw this as an opportunity to cease the fighting with one of their enemies so they could focus on the other. Military and political leaders from across the Human Alliance are present, either personally or digitally, so now on the 1st of August, 2288, peace talks can finally begin.

Put down some proposals of yours, gents.
Treaty of Jordie:

-All human slaves to be freed, slavery of humans illegal
-All raids into human space to be halted indefinitely
-Return of Roberts body for burial
-New zone of control to be set up at Aktika and Argaba, we can call it an international zone. Its resources and output shall serve as reparations for the years of raids and exploitation
-All their galactic knowledge to be opened to us
-Return of Zoram space
-Free all human slaves and cease enslaving humans
-End of raids into the human sphere of space
-Reparations of material for damages done during past raids
-Return control of the systems that belonged to Free Zoram
-Share knowledge of their star charts
-Return the body of Robert Jordies
I suggest a combination of these two be applied.
Further, the anti-human slavery clause should be enshrined in their law
The killers of Robert Jordies should also be punished for murdering their CO, even if he fought against us, he did so bravely.
-All loot taken in the invasion is now the permenant property of the Human Alliance
support a combination

File: DoDQuest.png (88 KB, 600x600)
88 KB
Your name is Gob, getting out of the darkness and decided to escape, last time you went back to the C.A.G.E floor of this research complex, releasing three prisoners: a mechanical man, a kid with a big eye for a head and a fluffy adorable creature. With them you've made your way into a basement formed by a maze-like system of tunnels, obtaining more information about the New Light Foundation, or at least its past.

Finally after taking out an 'Alpha' Guard, grabbing his helmet, and dealing with a bunch of doors, you've passed through a gas-filled room and found yourself inside the engines room, now you're at the power supply panel after messing with the controls.

Your current inventory is:

> Strange Watch
> Level 1 Keycard
> Tribal Mask
> "Morph Ball"
> "TS:1074-1080" and "TS:1500-1505" file boxes
> Light Rifle
> 'Alpha' Helmet


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Rolled 8 (1d100)

Bumpin' before the internet dies again bc I still need two more rolls
Rolled 18 (1d100)

damn those chances
Rolled 21 (1d100)


File: ORION QUEST SPLASH.png (37 KB, 800x800)
37 KB
It is Dusk. You awaken alone. You are lying on the ground in an open-air Temple, with a clear view of the sky. You do not recognize the symbols adorned around you, but the arches and structure seem familiar enough. It is the second cycle. It is the first day of November. You do not know the year. You can see the three stars of your Belt rising to the east. You are wearing a loincloth, a light leather tunic, and thread-bare sandals. You have no memory of how you got here, or your life before this moment.

“Stand, Hunter.” A voice booms from the skies above, and the columns around you tremble from the resonance. You are drawn to your feet, a limp puppet dangling from strings, and your legs just barely manage to hold you upright when the invisible force abruptly releases you. “As was promised, you have been drawn from your damnation for a task, and an opportunity. I would have left you to your torment, but my brother has insisted that you be given a chance to prove yourself to be more of a man than the Beasts you hunted. On the thirty-first day of March, five months from now, your Belt will sink below the horizon, and on that day, you will be judged. If there is an ounce of justice in this world, you will have proven yourself the rabid dog that I know you are, and you will be put down like one.” The voice lowers into a whisper, standing every hair on your body on end, “I look forward to that day.”

Two misshapen wooden cudgels clatter to the ground in front of you. They are yours, you know this, and the urge to reach for them is overwhelming, but your arms hang limp at your sides, not yet yours to control.
154 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
As you make your way to the one giving orders, he catches sight of you out of the corner of his eye and raises an eyebrow. He’s a bear of a man, and stands only a foot or so shorter than you, but he is heavily muscled and even more heavily haired.
“You the one sending these trunks then?” he gestures over his shoulder where his men are using some kind of hooks to drag the second log to shore.
“Yes, those two are mine.” you reply, gesturing to your axe with a nod.
“Well I can’t imagine who else they’d belong to. Figures a half-giant would be the one sending them. Still, have to be sure. Show me your mark.” he says, pointing to the sand beneath your feet. You kneel down and scratch the twin clubs framing a rising sun in the soft dirt, and he nods approvingly. “That’s the one. You have a name, stranger?”
“Call me Solon.” you reply, growing more comfortable with the pseudonym.
“I’m Nerouda.” He reaches out and shakes your hand firmly, “And this is my workshop. I can’t say I’m not glad to have good oak to work with again, but you’ve caught me and my boys by surprise. That mouse that’s handling orders for the hall said someone had asked about work in the forest; I didn’t think anyone’d be crazy enough to actually go and do it though.” He sighs and looks back to where his crew of four men is just now dragging the log up onto the shore.
“You still want the logs though, yes?” you ask.
“Yes! Yes, of course I do.” he lets out a dark laugh. “It’s either yours or those gods-be-damned land-rats’. They’re robbing me blind, but we need the lumber to keep up with the build. Let me take a look at what you’ve sent, make sure it’s in good shape, and if so I’ll make sure you get a good price for it. While you’re waiting, you’re more than welcome to take a load off in the shop. I’ll have one of the boys bring you a cup of poscana and some eliopso. Sound good?”
>Stay here and try… whatever those two things are. No point leaving without your pay.
>No, you want your pay now. You brought the logs they wanted, the rest is their problem.
>You’ll come back for your pay later, Nerouda seems honest enough and you have things to do.
>Stay here and try… whatever those two things are. No point leaving without your pay.
Yes, we are very familiar with those things, we definitely have not spent the past several generations imprisoned in the stars for some crime against the gods. Your culture has not shifted in ways that are oblique and upsetting to us, don't be silly. We are a normal human man like yourself.
this pleases me greatly.
Next installment will probably be tomorrow morning so if anyone wants to chime in feel free, otherwise I'll lock this in when I start writing.
>Stay here and try… whatever those two things are. No point leaving without your pay.
>Stay here and try… whatever those two things are. No point leaving without your pay.

File: civquestop.jpg (6.69 MB, 2880x8640)
6.69 MB
6.69 MB JPG
On the world of Pandora fate is very much a real thing however there exists an opposing force known as chance. If fate is myriad golden threads delicately sewn through time than chance is its many frayed edges.

Your tribe was one born of such chance for they have no fate that can be seen by even the best of prophets and seers. Your tribe exists merely as the plaything of chance and eldritch beings beyond the veil of worlds.

Will your tribe grow into prosperity or will it fall into destruction? You decide anons.

Firstly what is your tribe’s race?

>choose one race from image or write in

Hey this is SystemQM who QMs System Install. This will be a one shot civ quest run for around 12 hours (or until your civ dies) today from 9am to 9pm Australian time.

Expect updates every 30mins or so if votes are fast enough. Also note there are no safeties of any kind within this quest, if you die you die.

Secondly this quest will use a first to 3 system where the first vote to 3 votes will automatically win.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Okay trolls died but at least this civ completed. Writing now. This will be final post which includes epilogue of the barbaric trolls
The rebellion of the Banana-Men was unstoppable. With the lack of unity of the trolls, the only real defence against the Banana-Men was Trolgar, Lakjin and their warriors however unlike previously there was no heroics to be seen. For all of Trolgar's individual strength, he could not defeat the newly Physical magic empowered Banana-Men.

Trolgar fought like a beast and slaughtered hundred magic buffed Banana-Men solo however even that was not enough. In the end even his trollish regeneration could not keep up as the Banana-Men finally killed the tyrant amid a field full of corpses. His death was a heroic death that would be told in Banana-Men myths for centuries on end. He was known as Trolgar the Unstoppable Demon, the greatest threat to Banana-Men independence in the times of legends.

Lakjin's death was much less heroic as he was promptly killed by the Banana-Men who far surpassed him in magical ability, he died a dogs death without achieving much and unremembered in history.

The banana-men would wipe commit genocide against the trolls who they could not trust whatsoever. After all the trolls had spit on their offers of food and friendship not to mention enslaving them. Every last troll men, women and child was slaughtered in acts of barbarity that Banana-Men historians in the future would often comment was a result of the times. Some conspiracy theorists in the future would even claim the very existence of trolls are false and that trolls only exist as a external enemy to keep the Banana-Men united.

The Banana-Men would in the end form a powerful pirate's republic which would be a massive thorn in the High Elves Slaver Empire due to their Physical Magic and the Banana-Men's cultural values of "Breaking the Chains" + "Suffer not a slaver". Some future historians will even claim it was only due to the trolls influence that the Banana-Men brought about the end of the High Elves Slaver Empire.


Thanks for playing everyone.
>a civ thread being completed on your /qst/
Much likelier than one would think! Thank you for running OP, this was a blast.
So the story was about the Banana men all along. Chance played us all. Thank you for running OP, was fun while it lasted.

File: Tomboy Retrieval Quest.jpg (191 KB, 1280x720)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
If there’s one thing that you’ve learned about working at a boarding house for superhumans, it’s that shit goes sideways in one way or another on a day to day basis.

“What the FUCK do you MEAN they just DISAPPEARED?!”

A shrill voice yells in your direction as you quietly sidestep a wooden chair, the sound of it shattering against the wall nearly deafening you.

“It’s as I said, ma’am. I went up after they didn’t come down for lunch, and behold, all of their rooms were empty. Please stop breaking the furniture, I’m not sure we have enough to replace it.” Your voice is quiet and respectful, even if your eye does twitch when you hear her break a glass in the midst of her tirade.

“Isn’t it your job to keep track of them? Don’t fuck with me, Michael, I’ll have you FIRED.”

“They’re adults, ma’am. I’m not going to stand over their shoulders to keep them in check.”

“Listen here you little shit—”

Your chin is promptly grasped and jerked up, forcibly taking your attention away from the fine wooden floor and instead directing it at the blonde haired woman whose face is purple with rage. Your face remains composed as you stare into her green eyes, despite her huffing and puffing minty breath into your face.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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QM had his fap and slinked away...
Maybe. I still have hope.
The QM is really sick at the moment so he can't run
Oh ok. Where did he say this though, the /qst/ general?
In his discord group. He didn't put the link in here though but he's the QM for another quest called Gun x Glory.

File: GREAT POWER.jpg (185 KB, 800x443)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
Dad’s eyes were set to the screen of a dead tv, bottle of Jack in his lap sitting in the crusty embrace of a third-hand couch. If he’d worked today I couldn’t tell, but since he was half done with the bottle I doubted it. He didn’t look when I came in, or when I passed by to my room.

We didn’t talk much even when he was sober. I figured we’d run out of things to talk about.

I threw my bag on the bed. Cockroaches scattered up the wall.

I didn’t have much to decorate my room with except mounds of dirty clothes. Dry wall crumbled in stark patches and the roof was mottled with dark spots.

The stink of sour milk hung heavy in my room, bad enough I cracked the window, bringing in the howl of a police siren zipping down the street. The cool fall breeze fluttered the curtain, chill biting through my sweatshirt. A cat raised its heads out on the fire escape, pink nostrils flaring as if I’d offered it an invitation inside. It was scrawny and wet with mange, no way in hell was I letting it into the apartment.

A drunk sang somewhere below our building, shout-singing as he shuffled down the street, only to get cussed at in Spanish from the apartment windows opposite. The sun had mostly set. It was a quarter past five and the city was waking up.

At my desk I went over today's homework. We were doing a report on the lead up to the Civil War, Bloody Kansas, John Brown, all the blood and guts stuff, and I could get a head start. I also had a whole bunch of math to do, and a couple pages of Hamlet to read.

The teachers implied I could blow it off though, being a sophomore just transferred in.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Chemistry had me hunkered down behind the nerds. Annie and Ben were filling their friend Chad in on something conspiratorial. Everyone was a nerd these days, even senators played video games, but there was something a cut above about the pimply trio. Anything that fell into the realm of the ordinary fell out of the range of their interest.

"Did you see those drones hovering over down town?" Annie asked Chad, "I saw it on the forum, photos of weird drones, looked military."

"UFOs," Ben said with a sage nod.

"Its not aliens," Annie hissed back.

"I never said aliens, I said UFOs," he replied just as sharp, "Literally unidentified flying objects."

"They're military drones," she said, "Taking atmospheric readings from the site of the explosion, I'm telling you..."

Mr Nfume tapped the white board hard to get their attention. I scribbled down what he was saying.

"The explosion," Annie muttered out of her mouth, "Harmless my ass. It's had some effect on the population, individuals in the population. I'm guessing its some kind of MK Ultra-esque super-soldier experiment, investing a random selection with fantastic abilities, to be harvested for service by the US military. The Hotspur guy? He's covert propaganda to normalize-"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>go find Kay and ask her on a date
A deal is a deal
>go find Kay and ask her on a date
locked in

sorry, shit's come up and I have to go. I'll post the update some time later, probably tomorrow.

File: 4lneea.gif (2.22 MB, 398x500)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB GIF

3QM-NRP is a Semi-Freeform game where you roleplay as a fantasy nation. The point of the game is not to win, but to create stories and a living breathing world

> Rushing, Meta-gaming, & other faggotry will be punished
> You can start one diplo with an NPC per turn (you can continue it over multiple turns though)
> Diplomacy is free and not tied to turn order

Updates will be Monday-Sunday (6 turns per week, 2 actions per turn, Thursday no update). Players can post until 20:00 UTC, update usually at 22:00 UTC.

You can take any actions you want as long as they are reasonable, here is a more detailed ‘system’ description with the nation submission template: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14HNy14bXFeStBhhfgMOh6pppbZGHuIS-nH32POHvB1U/edit?usp=sharing

> Discord Link (yes, you have to join)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: close the pocket.png (290 KB, 941x717)
290 KB
290 KB PNG

Action military move against the nightmare cult in north sealund with the goal of capturing as many cultist leaders and mages as we can, having them will be key in understanding how to combat the nightmare threat

Action symbiotic Bio suits 1/2, [think venom from the MCU] these suits will make our soldiers stronger faster tougher and will protect against infection as the infected will be unable to bite through or force nightmare into the body. Depending on the personality and person the symbiote bonds with will alter its color and as time goes on how its intelligence develops.

war post
the navy moves its ships into position around the bulge, from north and south they will cut off the bulge crush it with ships shrinking the pocket on all sides. the bulk of the fleet is put into this effort

yellow force attacks the cultists in sealund

red force finishes clearing north sealund, while blue force patrols the lands to make sure any straggler infected are dealt with.

Pink force continues to patrol Fraternitas
With news of this 'long night' the elves begin to take action to prepare for the absolute worse whatever it may be

1 action:Upgrade the umber mill. A lot of arrows are going to be needed between two cities

1 action:Considering that the land of nightmares are coming to them, they decide it's best to finally pry into those that saw the dream whale all that time ago and see what knowledge they have on it be it a weakness or repellent
>Action 1: Build Infrastructure (Forts)
Fortifications are made in the cities as some areas are sunk, others are raised, and walls and spikes create chokepoints and cut off entrances.

>Action 2: Military Action ("The Arbiters Influence")
Might can solve anything; With the Arbiter working more closely to the first now his influence grows and with it the military and its competence. To clarify, the Arbiter makes them better mages; He is a mage who teaches magic. The Ithempeli military is exclusively war mages who do not subscribe to tradition mage + swordsmen military lines, rather specializations within fields are magic are made.
Frontline soldiers typically specialize in sinking the earth, controlling areas with their Attract Metal spell, or causing earthquakes which would prevent their enemies approach. Middle mages would specialize utilizing their seismic sense to keep the army vigilant or in raising the earth underneath their feet so that the soldiers may find themselves immune to swordsmen. Backline mages utilize their deadly projectile metal spell. With the invention of the Mana Cannon spell which allows them to amplify their power together these roles are often rapid and powerful, with their platforms shooting into the air at the earliest detection of an opposing armies vibration or laying down the suppressive fire of a bladestorm against opposing ranged armies.
Special divisions exist as well, such as the Rammers who create a thick triangular structure and utilize their mana cannons amplified power to give great speed to the object, riding it like a vehicle and slamming the raised earth into opponents like a heavily armored cavalry.
Their equipment is composed of a golden runed shield which absorbs magical attacks, their thick carapace armor, and sacks of Kunai-like blades made of metals acquired through trade with Ga'ga'ul. Their bodies are adorned in runes which provide them bursts of agility and a rune which grants them the ability to share the senses of nearby runed allies.

>Diplomacy: Shorino & Eden
As stated to Shorino, anyone who was affected by the Statues recklessness will be recompensed plus some for their efforts, though no absurd fee is tolerated. 120% is considered an acceptable number.
As time would stop and news of apocalypse would reach the island, the First would send word that they accept the Shorinos demands but only on the condition that the First stays with the Cult to assist them in weathering the storm. Otherwise Shorino would have to settle for the greatest playwright of the Island. To the Ithempeli the most creative is just as valuable as the most wise, one is simply more essential to weathering a crisis at the moment.
Due to the new menace, the Vassalization issue will be put aside for a while. It shall be a perfect excuse to rearm and squeeze the Shorinans for all they have.
Mantain the military development and ask for military aid, both men and equipment from the Shogun.

Start stockpiling resources and prepare to fight with everyone we have. We must preserve our resources, whatever they are. Establish patrols and focus on absolute defense, reinforce the walls.
The Crystal Asylum finds most of its exports being the Scintillack harvests, which are used to recharge batteries quickly, or make Death-Bronze. Further experiments are are made with adding the Scintillack to molten electrum and it's levitation properties.

Krthgl’tltlkrgh the Spirit Walker, is contacted for use of his abilities. A mission to barter with the spirits and recieve something of worth. Stone Lord's wish to make contact with a Sea Spirit of some renound, to make a show of faith for the Giants.

File: Otome Cover Pink.png (1.93 MB, 1181x1748)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB PNG
Maria Louise Regnia, daughter of the Dragon and Slayer of Alkain’s Descendents. It has come midway through the winter break and Maria travels to the Miaphate. Originally her Purpose is to complete a pilgrimage to the sight where the Lord above first made his contract with Mortals. However she has also been invited by the Miaph, the Devilishly Ambitious Solomon. What will come of this only the Lord himself may know.

Standard Skills
Social Skills
>Royal Demeanor [85]
>Conversation [70]
>Expression [15]
Intellectual Skills
>History [30]
>Intrigue [75]
>Medicine [30]
>Economics [65]
>Military [70]
Physical Skills
>Agility [60]

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Ah good. I was hoping to lure out extra traitors with the blackmail if he tried to silence us (and get some combat), but that will do.
The Cult of Sahara doesn't sound like the desert god from before, if only because I can't find it with ctrl +f. I wonder what these guys are about.

Maybe we might see a marketplace eventually.
Oops, its the Cult of Sarhar. Autocorrect is a pain.
Ah. So the plague demon was an assassination attempt/success. Even better
So to recap, Losters cult is trying to kill us and got caught, Baltics Cult has opened itself to investigation, and we have the ability to convert a demigod of the Sarhar cult to our religion which they can't exactly object to because of the fact our god is native to these lands. . . This is absolutely a great situation to be in.
Next Thread

File: Mundo 2020-11-09-19-52.jpg (347 KB, 1920x1017)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
3rd Chapter of the tribes quest. This time, most of the tribes find themselves into the middle of the bronze age, fighting for supremacy in their respective regions and developing new political and social systems. As always, feel free to peek at the Quest discord to check the battles firsthand and access the more detailed information. Link: https://discord.gg/7eJQdcFhWn
For those already playing, feel free to take your actions now, and remember next turn is on the 15-16 weekend.
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Disregard rlthis post i thought i had two rolls
Rolled 10, 10, 7 = 27 (3d20)

Several enterprising farmers from the ruling clans in Virn Dural attempt to better the current farms they have and use some of the already existing space.

As the population grew several miners attempt to find ways to introduce indoor heating for the cold winter months.

Several smiths come together to improve upon the armor design made by the last moot and start working on a way to make better protective armor for their brethren.
I have a +1 from a luxury bonus and +3 from all actions relating to stone

>Ku Kobold Klan
The Kobolds of Richmond having experienced the annexation of their settlement by Frankfort, the basis of herding of goats and pheasants developing, and first contact with a new race of beings, they find their numbers also increasing by 2.5 times. The colonist families of the three seperate states seem to still have different goals. The descendants of Kentucky supporting their original Governor seem to have consolidated power this generation. Kobolds, descending from Alabama and Georgia, send their leaders to their former respective states to request aid of the Governors to reverse the annexation of the settlement. The original charter agreed upon the first three Governors is sought to be honoured.
The Governors of Alabama and Georgia, receiving this request, meet to help return the balance of power between the three states. A fourth state, as proclaimed by their predecessors, would help with this, but Richmond's population is not on the same level as the others. They offer a unit and quarter of population each to be sent to help colonize and stabilize Richmond. To ensure this, some of the colonials sent hail from bureaucratic families in good standing with in the Klan as a whole.

The Kobolds, back in Richmond, turn their heads to stabilizing their settlement and the surrounding area with local government, since their proclaimed Governor resided so far away. They wish for the residents to be represented within this government so that works can be done to improve the lives of the new colonials, as well as to rebrand the name of Virginia. Much deliberation is done before the new immigrants arrived, but a conclusion is reached. The Virginia General Assembly will be formed, consisting of 100 Kobolds who each will represent the population broken into 100 districts Virginia will be divided into, and 40 Kobolds who each will represent the population broken into 40 counties Virginia will be divided into. The 140 Kobolds will be chosen on a specific day where each adult Kobold will be able to stack a specifically cut stone for the Kobolds representing their county as well as their district. The stacks with most stones would be the chosen Kobold, those of the districts to be called congress members and those of the counties to be called senators. The Virginia General Assembly will be tasked with passing legislation; the 100 congress members choosing to pass postulated legislation, and the senate passing the legislation or amending it and returning it to the congress members.

>action 1: have Birmingham and Atlanta send 1.25 population each, that includes some prestigious bureaucrat families to Richmond to help bring balance of power and reverse the annexation

(bonus to roll +1 luxury musical item)

>action 2: form the Virginia General Assembly

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Rolled 10, 4, 15, 11 = 40 (4d20)


>Ku Kobold Klan continued

The Georgian Governor is ashamed of what has become of Atlanta. He sets to finding the most experienced terraformers and civil engineers. He sets them to finding a way to ensure that the sewage lines, the drinking water supply, the cleaning water supply, and the irrigation trenches do not cross or contaminate each other. The dirty water disease has plagued them for far too long. Hopefully these new water routes will stop the suffering of the Georgian Kobolds

In Birmingham, after the immigrants leave for Richmond, there is only one thing on the united mind of the Alabamian Kobolds. We must have a town, even if we have to build it for the rest of our lives, it will be made for our children.

>action 3: Create better water routes for the poopoo pee pee water, the cleaning water, the drinking water, and the irrigation water so they never contaminate each other again.

(bonus to roll +1 luxury musical item

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: qtg.png (19 KB, 1443x716)
19 KB
Welcome to /qtg/, a place to argue about quests.

>What is a quest?
An interactive story in which the Quest Master writes and provides the readers with options on how to proceed. Dice may or may not be included.

Useful links:
An old collection of advice and guides. It is worth a look for a new QM.

Archive of quest reviews:

Archiving guide:
Go to http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/requestqstinterface.html
Fill out the request form to archive a thread.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You're on 4chan, m8. How about you go somewhere the fuck else with your "above it all" faggot bullshit?
Yup, just like in Black Company Quest.
Seriously? Do you not remember the shit that went down in that quest? Do you not remember the ending? We did not have a happy ending, we lost a lot of people, we had to kill White Bitch and our unborn baby
I'm merely talking about OP flaking when it comes to killing MC. Not everything around.
I prefer reading slash running quests with more polished writing, but unlike you I realize this is a board of sometimes-ESL amateurs writing quickly with no edits. Every QM, even if they're writing trashy fanfic, is putting in days/weeks/months/years of work for no reward but (you)s-- they should be commended for that, not trashed for their prose.

Also write your own quest loser

Oh wait it was bait

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