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File: Child of a Dead Empire OP.png (251 KB, 2000x2000)
251 KB
251 KB PNG
Twenty years ago- years before you were even born, your homeworld repelled an alien invasion which arrived with no warning, no declaration, no communication. The invaders killed tens of thousands of your people before they all suddenly died- killed by their own ships.


You can read the previous threads here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=COADE
Check your stats and inventory here: https://pastebin.com/xN3kzUYp
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You sigh sadly, turning away from the clothes and weaponry. There would be another time to get such things- actually, didn't ST mention needing to get you a suit of armor eventually? Perhaps he'd have an idea as to where you could get such things.

That said, there were a few smaller things in here you could take. The photo you'd already picked up already, but you'd also spotted a few, small knickknacks while you were rifling through the drawers.

"Can you tell me what these two things are?" You ask, holding up the tome and the blue cards you found.

The scarab perused the spine of the tome. "A grimoire. I do not know the specific volume."

"And a grimoire is?"

"A book that can only be opened by those who can utilize it's contents." The scarab recited.

"...and what does that actually mean?"

"I do not know." The scarab thought to itself. "I would hazard that it is some manner of encryption or security."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Take both.
>Take the grimoire
File: interface.gif (2.02 MB, 200x150)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB GIF
>Take the data chits.
>Take the grimoire

File: OP image.jpg (9 KB, 194x260)
9 KB

The first thing you feel is the weight. On your chest, holding you down, preventing you from drawing breath. On your arms, as you strain to reach out and struggle, grasp, claw, dig. On your legs, wrapping an unyielding embrace that creates an illusive feeling of being dragged backwards contrary to your strained attempts to stretch out.


The scream tears out your throat, raw and echoing in your head. Only in your head, the heavy weight holding even the smallest movement still. Without the ability to breathe in, you find you are similarly unable to breathe out even the merest whisper of a scream.


Your struggle avails you naught, as the panic turns to determination to escape. Still, your attempt intensify until your muscles ache.


Unknowing how long in the darkness you strain against your world of enforced stillness, with the only evidence of your struggles being the ever increasing pain. The ever increasing HATE hiding the deeper panic behind it and the fear that if you stop now that you might not have the will to start again . . .

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Hey it's gonna be a bit different.

We're going to start out with some options here. Just need a tic.
>[2] Enact Stipulation 332: Whomsoever Signs This May Be Shorn In Twain And Live In Twixt
> You grab your Token

You attempt you remember what had happened to you. It's very foggy. But you remember you were:

> A Ruthless General

A sharp pain from the pyramidal point punctures your finger. Relieved, you push harder to ensure that your blood flows, the genetic lock beeping an affirmation of identity.

You are the Kingfisher. The Fisher of Men on the field of battle, then the Fisher of Kings when your victories brought you into the Halls of the Lords. Schemer, conspirator, backstabber, manipulator - the praises of your enemies sang in your ears as they fell beneath your schemes.

How upsetting to find yourself falling afoul of a plot. A terminal one, it would appear.

No matter. An obstacle is an opportunity waiting, perhaps you might even stay dead for a while. At least until you return to the capital, maybe even a little longer to see what little fish dare to swim into your pond thinking they are safe.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: Life Is A Battlefield.jpg (78 KB, 707x1000)
78 KB
> You grab your Glass and Gun

You attempt you remember what had happened to you. It's very foggy. But you remember you were:

>A Great Warrior

Outside the walls of the Capital, you were the weapon of the Lords. Inside the halls of the Capital, you found were naught but prey.

You are The Great Warrior, born from the cradle to be forged in the Creche. Genetically twisted from the threads of the true Heirs over the ages that failed, made to serve but not in despair. Your genetics may be mixed and muddled, and you may be known as one of many mutts raised to fight and likely die, but you still had the right to rise as high as any other.

The Lords never discard anything that might be useful, and your heritage had naught but noble blood. Perhaps it might rise once more, they told you.

And rise you did, right up into the hallowed halls. But when one rises, other fear that they might fall.

Was it a stipulation that you crossed, some agreement that you stepped afoul of?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Rough start lol. Should have pre-written this.

Vote is open until tomorrow 6pm Mountain Standard Time. Then I'll run for a couple hours and vote times will be quick to rip through the first thread.

Discord at


If anyone from the first thread wants to discuss overall plot or setting, or wants to QM at any point but I do plan on just going ahead myself for the most part.

Also if anyone has questions about the character selection feel free to ask.

File: chapter2.jpg (104 KB, 955x487)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Give suggestions on how the story should continue....

Story so far:
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File: part27.jpg (660 KB, 539x2403)
660 KB
660 KB JPG
part 27

And they do! Three of them. A skitty, an Unovan Glameow (which is female and proud of it and the Unovan flag), and a Unovan Meowth (which is Garfield memes)
File: part28.jpg (589 KB, 577x1797)
589 KB
589 KB JPG
part 28

She catches Garfield-Meowth, anyway.

But then she finds a Unovan-Galarian Meowth, a cat that's a scottish wild lass. So catches that, too.
File: part29.jpg (1.04 MB, 524x3041)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
part 29

File: 1575068486214.png (2.59 MB, 1920x1080)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB PNG
You are Keichi Hakumasa. Fifteen-year-old High School student of Hakoniwa Academy, Kendo Club Captain, and Part-Time General Affairs Manager of the Student Council. Only son to World-Class Archeologist & Historian Daichi Hakumasa and Famous retired Doctor & Martial Arts Grandmaster Hitomi Hakumasa, you are the future heir to the School of the Undefeated East. As a byproduct, you are a true to heart otaku for martial arts and anything relating to Action/Adventure Genres. Thus, leading to a long life as a reluctant delinquent.

As the semi-retired Banchō Devil of the West, you have an unfortunate knack for getting into trouble as danger seems to always follow you. Perhaps the most dangerous adversity of all is being Medaka Kurokami’s arranged fiance. Because of your father’s close relationship with Medaka’s father as sworn brothers, you spent your entire life with Medaka since the age of two. Making your normal life even more non-existent, you are also the childhood friend to Hansode Shiranui.

Recently after a series of unfortunate events, you manage to uncover more of your lost memory down your path towards finding the truth. In order to confront the source of your trauma, Misogi Kumagawa, and uncover Anshin’in’s true identity, you masquerade into Suisou Academy as Keikō Onizuka, a transfer student from Kyūkō Middle School. Equipped with 『The Beginning』 and your childhood best friend Hansode Shiranui, you begin your journey anew infiltrating the school and slowly uncovering its dark secrets.

Faced with countless Not-Equals, can you achieve your goal and return to Hakoniwa Academy without losing something in the process?

Profile: Coming Soon

Archives: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Medaka%20Box
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Rolled 6 (1d100)

What the hell is going on with the dice
File: oh-my-god-jojo-gif.gif (177 KB, 248x182)
177 KB
177 KB GIF
It's a damn conspiracy, anon.
Rolled 17 (1d100)

Rolled 95 (1d100)

Little bit too late, buddy

File: jobsearch2.png (639 KB, 2160x2160)
639 KB
639 KB PNG
Previous thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3966505/
Ayy lads.
Aight, last we left off. Thomas and Bear tried to spread the magic that is Classic Italian Disco. Sadly the venue he had booked didnt sell any tickets, he crashed his private jet and he tossed stale ass cookies at pedestrians while promoting his music and caused some injuries. Needless to say he is up to his eyeballs in debt and that's not even mentioning that Lenderman Lenny wants his ass on a pike for not paying him back.

Also your agent has been radio silent all day long.

So they drove off via Taxi into the night and ended up in the Farmer's City if Cornopolis. With no shelter, food or money to your name you decide to pick up some jobs. Bear thought night security at a museum would do some good. It would give them ample time to plan in silence for their next move. Of course, if there is another job on your mind, Bear is willing to listen.
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Rolled 30 (1d100)

Rolled 59 (1d100)

Of course the power of song and dance prevails
Rolled 97 (1d100)

File: sleeps.png (584 KB, 2160x2160)
584 KB
584 KB PNG
Alright. I just nodded off. The successful attempt was successful. You'll get the details tomorrow.

Gnite kids. Sorry for the short session.

Even from the ridge the heat of the eternal fires makes your armor uncomfortably warm, makes the air shimmer around the blade of your sword. You squeeze the leather bound grip tighter and take a deep breath.

Your body is weary from the months of journeying to this point but your resolve is strong.

With your free hand you lift the hem of your tabard. The bandages on your thigh, once pristine and white, have turned sour and black. The stench which at first had turned your stomach is now a reminder of the limited time you have left to cleanse this place. You let the tabard fall back into place and utter a silent prayer to Othalia to guide your blade as you stride down the ridge line.

Closer to the fire waits the beginning of the end of your trials. A camp of spawn, men who’s flesh had given into the corruption of the monolith, roast the remains of one of their brethren in one of those gouts of hellfire.

Your body is weary, but your resolve is strong.

You raise your blade, joining both hands on the grip as you bellow out a challenge.

“Foul things! Face me! Face me and die! Lay the path for your masters in that insidious tower to whatever hell you have crawled from!”

Their misshapen and scabrous forms are quick to answer your call with a chorus of hollers, shouts, and chitters as they work themselves into a frenzy.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> Roll of 27! Success!
>> You embrace the power of friendship!

A realization sinks over you, a single blade is only so useful. Two blades are better, but a third may be just what you need to carry the day.

You slip into a fighting stance as the Reborn the Skulltakers break into a run down the ridge, you have but a few moments before they’re on you. “You all chose to follow, even when I had abandoned you. We will stand together now and until we reach the Monolith.” Grumvang’s face widens into an incredulous smile. “I thought Weapons of Othalia didn’t form connections? I didn’t know you cared nameless one.” Surtain hides his happiness better. “Gwen was the only one to hear reason when I spoke, I should’ve known the pair of you would stay. We all will drown together in waves of spawn then.” You can hear the gratitude in his voice, despite his admonishment.

The blade-panther lets out an low growl as the fastest three of the Skulltakers draw near. Surtain nods at the beast. “Jethari, I release you. You need not die here.” The massive cat lets out an angry hiss, as if it’s offended that it would leave even after you had chosen to stay. Surtain shrugs at the cat. “Suit yourself.”

The first Skulltaker, a beast of scales and claws throws himself at your group, aiming for you in particular, but the blade-panther leaps to intercept him. The two of them collide mid-air and roll into the dirt, a blur of snarls and slashes.

The second makes his way to you as Surtain and Grumvang fan out to intercept the rest. You point the blade at the things face, a cracked and serrated beak instead of a mouth clicks angrily at you. It’s arms, eight of them in total, writhe wildly as if they had no bones. Each limbs ends in a wickedly sharp talon and it quickly launches two of them at you. You dive to the side, letting the calm rhythm of your goddesses teachings dull the pain of your leg and hip.

Your body grows strong, only because your resolve is stronger.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Jethari, the blade-panther, limps back towards the three of you, eager to help it’s bonded master before he’s overwhelmed.

The Reborn, having taken its time and allowed the Skulltakers to soften you up, finally decides to join the battle. It utters our an impossibly loud bellow that brings fear even to your disciplined gut. It lowers its horned head into a charge, aimed directly for Grumvang. The berserker laughs and readies his pole ax. “Come defiled one! Meet your better!”

>>Aid Surtain, his cat is wounded from its scrap and he’s outnumbered.

>>Aid Grumvang, this Reborn is different than the last and night finally be a match for the old man.


>>Roll 1d20+15 (+20 for Master of Arms, +5 for Veteran of It’s Emergence, +10 for Blessed of Othalia, +5 for Her Calming Graces. -10 for Severely Outnumbered, -10 for Poison of the Walking Dead, -5 for Weeping Wound)

>>Best of Two
Rolled 16 + 15 (1d20 + 15)

>>>Aid Grumvang, this Reborn is different than the last and night finally be a match for the old man.
Rolled 2 + 15 (1d20 + 15)

>>Aid Grumvang, this Reborn is different than the last and night finally be a match for the old man.
Rolled 7 + 15 (1d20 + 15)

>>Aid Grumvang, this Reborn is different than the last and night finally be a match for the old man

File: 1941.png (193 KB, 600x512)
193 KB
193 KB PNG
Last time, your expedition to find the cultist’s secret entrance turned violent! You took care of most of the evildoers and let your new ally Xavi take care of the rest, as your old new allies, B-WORM and Dudley, were in need of help as they succumbed to the cultist Valdemar Bruun and Giorsal, the leader of the judges!

You almost got Philonune stolen by Ethempress’s cheap trick: Pretending to be knocked out! As the spell to remove your partner started, you tried to reason with her but to no avail – but Giorsal took back control of her body and stopped to listen to what you had to say. She was presumably about to knock you out to talk to you at the Distant Frontier, but at the last second, Bradford Jr. flew through the air and landed on the woman’s face, netting you some time to escape!

You’re in bad shape thanks to your overuse of your own abilities and it really hurts when a Judge wants to take your flame from you. But that’s not all your problems, B-WORM and Dudley remain unconscious next to the taxi with Valdemar as well – and you went the distance just to rescue them.

What do you do?!

>Stop Bradford Jr.! Try to reason with Giorsal again! You have no energy to escape!
>You have no other option but to escape! You won’t let the cat’s maneuver go to waste!
>Move away and try to call for backup! You can’t let those two there, right?!
>Write In.
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did we break her?
She doesn't have the creepy blue shit around her eyes anymore and she's not calling us master so it's safe to assume she's not mind controlled, just very thirsty. She's probably not used to hearing the words "I like you for who you are, not for your boobs"
Did maxing out handsomeness unlock Kata as a waifu? I really want her muffin.
Max is 7 and she definitely wants the cock
She wanted thecock for a long time now, we just got a warning that she is a bit yandere and it's a bad idea. We accidentally seduce tons of women already anyways.

You feel the dirty damp mattress pressed against your cheek, wind howls from an open window, and rain splatters the dripping sill. A voice, velvet and warm, fills your ears lightly whispering to you.

"Sweet child. I've so enjoyed our time together, I can't stay with you child, I believe in throwing one's self into the deep end, you seem strong. You won't need me. Find others and they will help you grow, dont deny yourself the pleasures of your new life. Your vampire life." You see through one half open eye. Your lover? Your parent? Your everything. They stand and move to the window before wistfully looking back at you. It lasts only a few seconds but you feel millennia pass. You blink and where they once stood a shroud of mist slowly seeps back onto the streets of Los Angeles. You speak your first words for the second time, "Don't go." But there is no answer.

You open your eyes fully, the clock on your wall tells you the sun has only just gone down, but last you cared to check it was nearly 3am on a Friday. It's Sunday. You stand from the bed and see a disgusting sweat stain shaped like you, and a little dried blood. You touch your neck and it flakes like crimson snow. Your head is pounding, and you feel like you could eat a horse. You hear a rattling and banging outside as the local bum digs through garbage looking for his next meal.

>Grab something to eat from the fridge.
>Get some pills for the headache and check out your neck.
>Yell at the Bum to keep it down.
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Hahahahaha thanks for the laugh.
File: vampire bust.png (453 KB, 750x544)
453 KB
453 KB PNG
It typically makes a vamp stronger, assuming the bum was a lower generation than us. Not sure if you have to drain them entirely, I played the game a while ago

Good news, we aren't a nosferatu, considering the cop didn't shoot us on sight
Assuming this is vtm?

MC-Kun just blood bonded himself to the Bum. Congrats. One step closer to absolute slavery to another being.
So his blood was more potent than say a rando human and drop for drop worth more. It comes with some draw backs. So for anything more than need less blood for the same amount of power we would have needed to 1) Completely eat him and 2) He be a of a lower gen than us.

the draw back being feeding your blood to something is how you blood bond something to you. How Ghouls get addicted to their vampire and how new vampires tend to be loyal to their sire. Since making a new vampire requires you give them a bit of blood.

One drink isn't enough to make us a slave, but we're gonna end up thinking rather well of him, or try to justify his actions to ourselves.
Guess this is dead? Disappointed, but not surprised.

Saiyans. Were one to travel the stars, they would undoubtedly hear tales of the mighty warrior race. Some speak of them with awe and wonder, marveling at their power and aspiring to become like the mighty warriors. Others speak in hushed tones, of the fear and despair you’d feel facing them in battle. But one thing all agree on, is that standing against the might of the warrior race spells certain doom. Many have tried, several going as far as to invade the Saiyan’s homeworld of New Salda. Yet every invasion has failed, defeated by the Saiyans and their most powerful warriors: the golden Super Saiyans.

Welcome to Saiyan Conqueror Quest. Currently we are in Age 748, decades before the ‘canon’ events of Dragonball began. Yet this universe is vastly different, as you the players have control of Karn. Once an ordinary Saiyan with a powerlevel of only 2,830, the “Dragon of New Salda” has grown into the symbol of not only the might of the Saiyan race, but of the PTO itself known across the universe. Now, as a general of the PTO with a powerlevel of 18,915,500 before transforming, Karn has become the undisputed second in command, only Lord Freeza himself ranks higher.

Character Sheet, powerlevels, and other pastebins can be found at:
Quest archive link:

Quest rules:
>20 minute voting windows, unless otherwise stated
>3 vote minimum to proceed
>Dice rolls are best of three, first 3 correctly rolled die count
>Crits are nat 100, unless otherwise noted(a 99 or matching rolls may net you an extra bonus, depending)
>Crit fails count -only- if no roll passes DC, but two different 1s will OVERRIDE a 100, resulting in a catastrophic crit failure

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
374 replies and 64 images omitted. Click here to view.
Well Gotenks would unfuse if he traveled to New Salda. But that’s a BIG if.
>Implying that spoiled tard wouldn't try it when he thinks he could get away with it when no one is looking
I’m not saying he won’t try. But after Karn escaped from the Time Nest itself, after sneaking in unnoticed, security has been tightened by several magnitudes. Not even Hit or Jotaro can sneak in now
>Implying they think an idiot like him is up to something
Stupid is it's own benefit in a way, especially if they can stay quiet with "ninja stealth"
New thread: >>4032481

File: Exalted.gif (1003 KB, 320x320)
1003 KB
1003 KB GIF
Reminder: Tim Quest uses the rules from World of Darkness 20th Anniversary Edition in conjunction with Exalted VS World of Darkness.

Last Time on Tim Quest: You, Timothy Dane, McDonald’s employee and occasional badass, were given sage relationship advice by the child vampire Gina. You promised you’d get better curtains so she could sleep on your couch, and administered headpats to her. For someone capable of turning himself into a half-raven death machine, you are surprisingly wholesome. You also uncovered the identity of your would-be assassin: a vampire belonging to the sinister sect known as the Sabbat.

Rufus the wereraven made good on his end of your bargain, risking his life to acquire the book containing information pertaining to the strange changes that have overcome your body and soul. A trio of werewolves came in not long after asking for his whereabouts, and you convincingly feigned ignorance. Reading the first third of the book, you found out that you’re what’s called a Lunar Exalt, what you understand to be a person imbued with great power by the Moon. That’d be great, if you knew how the hell the power worked. You’ll just deal with things as they come, you suppose.

You also did some research into the megacorp Pentex, for which one of the three werewolves works. A superficial understanding was reached, but you’ll have to dive a lot deeper if you want to figure out the true nature of their connection. As the sun rose, you headed off to buy some drapes and a hoodie, your old one having been carved up by the assassin.

During your retail run, a band of unsung heroes conducted a surgical strike against their great enemy, the Wyrm. To this end, they sought to kidnap the CFO of Pentex, and succeeded at the cost of two of their brethren. A powerful enemy appeared in the form of a security guard named Michael, who nearly prevented them from escaping with their charge. And now, we return to you, having completed your shopping…
49 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.

>"Call me Bond."

You pause, just so the sheer length of your verbal middle finger can set in, before finishing your flippant answer. "James Bond."

With that, you flip up your hood and stride back into the funnel of people, becoming a drop of blood in the veins of the Hub once again. As you walk up the street, you wear a broad smirk on your face that your hood and shaggy hair combined can't hide, for not only have you trolled 'Jet Black', but you're on your way to get a god damn burrito, and if anything more kooky characters end up getting in your way you'll be certain that fate itself is contriving against you on-the-spot. Thankfully, though there are interesting-looking people out tonight, that's just a feature of living in a big city. In such troubled times, reaching Chipotle feels like an achievement.

And by whatever divinity is out there, you do reach Chipotle, and you do order a burrito, and you do receive immense satisfaction from eating it. It's been a while since you've been up in East Concourse, and it's different from your neighborhood. Kinda feels wider and more open out here, in a way you're not sure how to feel about. Winding alleys and side streets have always been more your style. The presence of the Multiplex next door makes you reflect on how long it's been since you went out to see a movie. Sitting here, eating your burrito away from home, it starts to dawn on you just how sedentary you've been. From work, to home, to work the next day - that's been your life for years now, give or take some grocery shopping.

Fuck, do you have any friends? You're friendly with people, but would you really call them friends?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Dauntless Silver Raven: Prepare for Battle
Quick reminder: Dauntless was the warrior, Shadow was the leader and Blue was the sorceress
>Dauntless Silver Raven: Prepare for Battle
>You're your own master now.
>Dauntless Silver Raven: Prepare for Battle
>Dauntless Silver Raven: Prepare for Battle

Police Intelligence has uncovered a small-scale meth lab in the middle of suburbia. You and your team have been tasked to take it out and arrest everyone in the house.

129 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
RAMIREZ! You're SWAT now! Defend Burger Town!
im dying, been very tired lately. and i dont have the time to host this as often as i want. would you guys be interested in a discord server for this
I'm all for playing wherever but I feel most anons would prefer here, even if slow paced
Sorry guys, I have a lot of stuff hitting my plate. I'll be able to do the live action stuff on Saturdays and Sundays. Link me that thread here.

File: NERVop19.png (1.08 MB, 900x700)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
Previously on NERV: Second Daughter... We're getting close to the end. You can feel it too, can't you? We've come a long way, you and I. All this time, I've been by your side – watching over you, wishing you well, even protecting you when I had to. Well, it's been fun but I think it's time for this to end. You don't need me any more, and I never liked long goodbyes. Time to cut the cord and be done with it.

You really wish they found a better place for you to sleep. The BLUE EYE dorm, even without any lingering thoughts of the girls no longer present here, is far from luxurious. The beds aren't particularly comfortable, the dorm is just a little too cold, and there's nothing to do except for Emma's arcade machine. You glanced it over, but one look at the high score screen – row after row of EMA – caused you to turn away in dismay.

She never did beat level eleven.

As you turn away, you find yourself staring directly at Johanna. Her double. Her... replacement.

“You're Holly, aren't you?” the young girl begins, “The Doctor told me about you.”

“The Doctor?” you ask, “You mean... Doctor Bergmann?”

“Yes,” Johanna replies, her cheeks darkening with childish embarrassment, “She doesn't like it when I call her “Mama”. She said I'd understand when I was older. I don't get it, though. I want to understand it now!” A pretty frown crosses her face, her hands clenched down by her sides. “Is it because I'm too old now? Or is it because she went away for so long?” she continues, only to hurriedly bite off the rest of whatever she was going to say, “I'm... sorry. I'm not good with new people.”

No kidding. Then again, you're not much better. “Well, uh, how about I introduce myself? Then, I won't be a new person,” you suggest, holding out a hand for her to shake, “I'm Holly. You got that right. Holly Reynolds, if you want to be formal about it. And you're Johanna, right?”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
323 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
The body count rises.

Is it time for juliet to gattai with her sisters?
This is not Eva anymore, this is fucking Bokurano.
Give us the girls back Moloch.
I worry about Holly's mental state. She lost Coraline (executed herself), Nate, and all of BLUE EYE team in just a few days. Shit we still need to break the news of Nate to Kaori and Claudia. We were the original four pilots.
Nate was never a pilot
Original group then. You know what I mean.

In the realm beyond our own, the Dark Place, there are monsters, oozing into our realm through every available crack. Some seek to rule this world which they see as an Eden, some must feed on the soul and flesh of mortal men, and others still play with men as though toys, mutilating, killing, and driving men to madness of nothing save sadism and spite. They rule the night, claiming the innocent in their sleep, or wondering the dark streets, looking for wayward victims.

You have seen them for what they are, abominations, and in this, you must stand. you, the hunters, the saviors of the mortal sort. you must drive the horror from your reality, you bring light to where the darkness thrives, you must retake the night!

Hic genuflectitur Humanity denegat!

Welcome to Hunter Quest
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“No clue, when I found you, you were all mangled up.”
"Thank you for pulling me out off... Whatever that was, do I and the rest owe another favor?"
“Don’t worry about it. Just take some time to recover. I’ll talk to you when you’re in better shape.”
He nods as he falls asleep. you walk from the ER, it's begun to rain.
You walk home, it's not all too far. On your porch is a box, within is the SMG and a few other gifts, a frag, a grappling hook, a badge, and a letter, you guess you're official now.
You walk inside and collapse on your bed before you start reading the letter
"Welcome to the cause.
In note of your great deeds in the name of humanity, you are granted the title of captain. The seal (enclosed) is a sign of your rank and affiliation with our forces to any other hunter in contact with the greater network. Your local hunter group will meet you at "Morlan's Tavern" at 4:30 PM, you will know them.
Hic genuflectitur Humanity denegat"
You collapse into sleep
(2 Points to add to your Attributes, and a new special item or spell of your choice)
(Was I any good?)
>(2 Points to add to your Attributes, and a new special item or spell of your choice)

I’ll put 2 in finesse and I’ll take Expeditious Retreat as my new spell.

>(Was I any good?)

You don’t need to worry about that. The storytelling was good, the mechanics were solid and allow for a lot of strategy and creativity. Your posting was consistent and you were flexible throughout the thread. As far as the game goes, things can only go up from here. I’m with playing through as a solo act, but hopefully a new player or two will join.

Your name is Norman Soothsaw

Your job as a park ranger has lead you to experience many things people would consider unnatural and not of this world. At this point these experiences have become a norm, so much so that you and your colleagues are prepared to deal with supernatural situations should they arise, and in the place you call your home, they often do.

It’s 8:34pm and you are currently walking alone towards a location where hikers had called from half an hour ago. They reported that one of them had gone missing and that they heard what they thought was an animal somewhere off the trail after they had noticed their friend was gone.

Your .44 Magnum is holstered in your belt just in case there is some kind of dangerous animal out there.

> Check Inventory

> Onward

> Readjust Your Stetson

> “Are there any demons around here?”
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You see Ranger Winslow hang up the phone and you open the door. Winslow turns and stares at you.

Winslow: Norm? Jesus where have you been? I’ve been trying to reach you since you called in the hiker last night. We’ve all been pacing around waiting for you. Is that blood? Norm what the he’ll happened??

[Enter Dialogue]
I was attacked by something in the forest.
Winslow: You mean like an animal?
If it was an animal its unlike anything I've ever seen before.(descibe the events that lead up to our encounter and the monster)

Winslow: Christ Norm, are you ok? I should’ve gone with you.
I need to document this. It doesn’t sound like any being we have on record... If we don’t figure out what this thing is soon we’re going to have some problems.

The hiker’s body is still out there...
I’m going to call the rookie and go with him to take care of it. He still doesn’t believe in any of what you, Awres, and I have been through. Maybe it’ll change his mind.

You should get cleaned up. Stay here in case we get any calls. Take it easy Norm.

Winslow pats your shoulder as she steps past you towards the door. You hear the sound of an engine and after a few moments it fades away. You are left with only the ticking of a large clock hanging above the lodge fireplace.

File: Title Card.jpg (44 KB, 780x511)
44 KB
You are Henry McDermond. As a young man growing up in London to a wealthy merchant family, you always dreamed of adventure. After your studies and a stint in the Cadets, you became a member of the Royal Expeditionary Force. You and your friends from the Cadet Branch are aboard the HMS Chiron, bound for the Antarctic.

The mission is to discover the nature of a mysterious Whirlpool that was spotted off the Horn of Africa.

>Use d100, Bo3 for rolls, roll equal or under. Crit range is 1-5, and 96+, on the first roll.
>Character sheet: https://pastebin.com/GFae5V1j
>Lore & Companions: https://pastebin.com/1sytCiXe
>Updated QM name

Lemuria! The fabled lost land, a myth to many scholars, now proven real before your very eyes. The land rises to a great series of points in the middle, and all around lies flat plains, grasslands, and jungle. The peaks themselves reach up towards the roof of the cavern, where lies a glowing orb. At the edge of the land is water, which laps at the shoreline like a lake. Beyond the water, the cavern walls. All told, you would estimate that the cavern is some 40 miles in diameter, or more. A truly massive area lies within. Square, stepped pyramids rise from the jungles at occasional interval. The platform is lowering still, and eventually settles on top of a ziggurat, mirroring the one above.

Kumari turns to you pulls you close for a passionate kiss. Her lips are delicate yet firm. You are taken aback, and you can feel the blood rush to your face. She pulls back, delighted, and yells, "I am home! Oh, thank you Henry! You are a marvel!"

To keep yourself from blushing any further, you decide to quickly head off the platform, as quickly as possible, and towards the nearest place of safety. The Scarab is likely already down here and several steps ahead.

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>Help Will explore the wharf for anything else
Our skill in engineering is limited to "hit things with hammer", we are better at literally everything else.
>>Help Will explore the wharf for anything else
>Help Will explore the wharf for anything else

Seeing Kumari fully engrossed in setting to work, and her current nonchalance to her state of undress still somewhat unnerving, you turn to Will and say, "Well, old chum, let's be about, and see what this place has to offer."

With that, you and Will venture outwards. This factory, for there could be no other word for it, consisted of four docks, and three large buildings. The largest, in the center, was where Kumari was located. You spend the next few hours relaxing, secure in the knowledge that the defense systems will stop any intruders from the jungle. Will and you chat idly, a welcome reprieve. The two of you have become quite a team. In one of the buildings, you find a long spear made of the same metal as the armour. A bit more tinkering, and you find that you can make the spear retract, lengthen, and even produce a sort of pure fire that dances across the blade. Will also pockets some small medallions and bits of metal. He seems in fine spirit, certainly a lot more than when he was underwater. You've put him through quite a lot over the past few weeks or so.
>Gained: Lemurian Battle-staff

With that sorted, you begin to plan your next move with Will. He suggests that the three of you return to the elevator shaft, and secure it for a more robust descent from the crew above.

>You agree with him. Best to set up a concentrated effort. It will definitely bring the attention of the Scarab
>Decide to stay put, and hope that Runcibald and the others make it down alright. They have plenty of information, and perhaps you can continue scouting the land
>Head towards the Primordials, and secure the cave entrance. Using this would take longer, but the Scarab would most likely have no idea
>You agree with him. Best to set up a concentrated effort. It will definitely bring the attention of the Scarab

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