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File: E4Bh27UVcAMgOQl.jpg (228 KB, 790x1106)
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228 KB JPG
You can't recall much before the Invasion began. In fairness, most people - the handful that probably remain that is, couldn't. All you remember before the sky came apart and the world got plunged into an unending nightmare is a sudden bright light. Not unlike the sun, but brighter and worse somehow. Much, much worse.

Just a short while ago, you, a completely unremarkable Power User were doing as you usually had, scavenging and salvaging from the corpse of a long-dead world. Now, you were in over your head and dealing with the consequences. You only pray that things will not get any worse than this.

Previous Thread: >>5355429

Character Profile, Resources and Abilities:

Thread Archive:

Rolls will almost always be a best of 3 1d100 from every player participating. DC will vary and will depend on what's being rolled for.
1 and 100 are a crit fail and a crit success respectively. In the event that both a good and bad crit are rolled simultaneously, the good will outweigh the bad one unless two or more 1's are rolled.

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>Inquire as to what the purpose of this 'dream' is.
File: FYETgRiXkAMcqsq.jpg (238 KB, 790x1106)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
What are Sonerol and Onusivar?

The mouths repeat another long string of words - that unfortunately, whatever psychic or energetic force is allowing you to understand this entity fails to translate immediately. You do catch a part of it however.

>"O' Guardians of the Omnetheon, holy and eternal - aysil ixzcrutel Soneorel, illsidad Onusivar. From above and beyond, they shepherd us."

It goes silent for a while after that, only the sounds of its body cracking as it is absorbed and flashes of energy flickering in and out of existence punctuating the moment. After a while, the faces start chanting again, slow and rhythmic.

You decide to ask it another question, one to perhaps aid you in your predicament.

Is there a way to stop the dream from swallowing us?

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>Thank the Beast for its aid, and apologize that you cannot do more for it.

>Ask the Beast for any parting wisdom it may share.

File: FQQ_Banner_fancy.webm (845 KB, 1200x562)
845 KB
Previously on Final Girl Quest:
Don't be discouraged if you're new, it's a short read. ;~;
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>Drag Miles inside.
>Go get one of the boys to do it while you call 911.

Our jock buddy will have an easier time.
>>Go get one of the boys to do it while you call 911.
>Drag Miles inside.
Update coming soon™.

File: 1623164281779s.jpg (6 KB, 250x250)
6 KB
Wealth, fame, power. Gold Roger the king of the pirates obtained this and everything else the world had to offer. And his dying words drove countless souls to the seas.
"You want my treasure? You can have it! I left everything I gathered together in one place. Now you just have to find it!"

It's these words that ring in your ear now as you blankly stare at the room you're in. Maybe it's from the relief that this is all over, or from the adrenaline running out of your system but it feels like you've been standing in place for weeks now even though it was only a few minutes. Your rampage has come to an end, Clown has been successfully converted to your cause. You should feel happy, content even. But a strange sensation dominates your heart, one which you've not really felt before. A strange form of guilt. Everywhere you look all your eyes can see are signs of the path of destruction you carved. Or rather the beast that took possession of your body carved. Feeling drawn somewhere you begin retracing your straps back into the fort, completely ignoring your friends who are just glad to see you returned to your senses.

"Captain! Where are you going?"
Jaws asks but you don't answer. You have too much on your mind.

Walking past the splatters of blood, the claw marks and the metal scraps you get to the spot where three individuals tried to stand in your way. Lucci, Kaku and Mary lay where you left them. Motionless. Injured. But still alive.


"Fix them."

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That's just not quite fair, more often then not Anons are pretty great.

Ah yes, that would look great. "Mama! Silver beat me up, stopped me from killing Pound and left without me being able to do a thing about it, please punish him!"
Honestly I'd imagine Cracker being in more hot water after that one then we'd be.
"I'm taking Pound away from here! You better knock this guy into next week or I'm coming to beat your ass! Got it?"

As you're talking to him however Cracker sneaks up behind you, sporting a couple more arms all wielding an exact and whole copy of his sword. Even the original you just broke is back in prime condition.
"You talk too much!"

He brings down all of the blades at once but finds you standing on top of them without a scratch on you. Giving him a brief grin before ducking you allow Luffy to deliver a smack to his jaw.
"I don't need your help Sissy!"

"Even if you did you wouldn't get it! Now kick his ass. And I'll see you tomorrow! SPIDER!"

"Yes Silver!"

Popping out from your hat Ann shoots out a web that wraps around Pounds body, allowing you to lift him out of there easily and with the Seducing Woods being incapable of stopping you. Once you're out of there you fly to the outskirts of town where you drop down Pound who looks like he's about to hurl.
"Sorry. Not used to flying."

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Alright. That should do it for today I think.
I hope you enjoyed this session. We'll continue next week.

And this is where I must break the bad news. Basically how things have been going up until now is that I wrote stuff at work when I had the time and downloaded that stuff to my phone to use later. Now due to some changes in the workplace I likely won't be able to do that. Meaning from now on there will be less sessions during the week and not on the weekend.
I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience. I'll try to compensate by writing in the afternoon but that may not always be possible.

Anyways. Have a good night!
Thanks for running Spooks, sorry to hear the job is clamping down on your writing. It's a damn enjoyable ride you've taken us on and I'm really hyped for what comes next.
It's just going to be beautiful, and if I get my wish we'l be going after Peclo and Du Felt and in so doing expand the accidental and burgeoning empire we started with Outer Heaven
Okay everyone. I think Saturay might be a good day for continuin the quest. Usual time as always

File: helsing.jpg (34 KB, 563x874)
34 KB
So you're sitting there in your office, past twilight, fork on one hand, knife in the other hand, bib on, the blinds pulled down, the gun on the table—loaded (you're not crazy)–the chunks of lamb braised to the tenderness of fresh cheesecake, television on mute, the sign on the door, definitely (definitely) flipped to "Closed", and in comes this broad, knocking on the glass window, cupping her hands around her eyes and peering in like she's scoping out the place for a robbery later, and your disappointment is immeasurable and your night is ruined.

"We're closed," you say.

"What?" She knocks some more on the window.

With the reluctance of a vampire lover breaking up with a phlebotomist, you put down your knife and fork, almost consider the gun, and then shuffle without it to the door. You open it about half an inch, to better hold up the red sign to her face, but the woman pushes the door wide open and enters with an equine quickness, leaving behind a trial of pungent, citrusy perfume that stings your nostrils like hot bleach.

"Mr. Helsing?" she asks.

"We're closed," you say.

"Please, I need your help."

The Helsings have always been suckers for damsels in distress. Even now you can feel the pull of the old blood, even with the meal you've been savoring for at least a month and a half sitting untouched on your desk, even when that meal is critical to your livelihood; to your very survival.

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>>Let her talk at her own pace; eat your food [humble]
>Let her talk at her own pace; eat your food [humble]
>Let her talk at her own pace; eat your food [humble]
>>Let her talk at her own pace; eat your food [humble]
Did somebody say Surelick Holes?

File: smug_dragon_miranda2.png (372 KB, 635x597)
372 KB
372 KB PNG
Wow. 120. Well, here we go.

Well, you’re on the site of the job now, officially. And the first thing to do is to get as much information as possible. You’re being as plain and unobstructive as you can- but the fact that you have a VIP badge should allow you access to wherever you please, so long as you don’t try anything too obviously offbeat.

Looking around, you can see that there’s a few smaller, old buildings clumped together- you suspect some sort of old servants quarters if you had to take a wild guess, considering the castle in the distance. You can see people with badges going in and out of them, so they’re likely where some of the groundskeepers are being housed- or quite possibly the contestants. You're not sure. A bit across from them, in their own cordoned off area of a parking lot, are a number of large production trucks, no doubt for carrying all the extra gear needed for the events. Either option will work well for you if you want to risk it.

Of course, there’s also the method of simply heading into the filming/stage area and talking around. Find the right people backstage, and you might be able to squeeze some info out of the right people if you play your plainness right.

General Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/u/MGFHQHandler
MGFH Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1H43OFoxE9QyMgIqBg_YdPO7IPn7_ES6iST7Xnv9Ou7Q/edit#gid=0
Character Details: http://pastebin.com/9J70gqM2
FAQ: http://pastebin.com/8unLWUjF
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MGFHandler

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Only the owner can use the bag of holding, it has to be attuned to the user
>’Big Times’ Storage Bag- 3 Motes (Large): A simple, purple looking drawstring bag, claimed to be able to hold any number of things. It requires a small portion of mana to ‘attune’ yourself to it, and after that, you simply reach in and desire what you want. The bag can hold anything that can fit in the opening, which has a roughly one and a half foot diameter.
As for what I meant for direct help - he could subtly help her navigate the maze and lead her towards the food. He doesn't need to meet her face to face and ask her acceptance to do this, come on anon.
Yeah, even if the organizers are going to hand out special bags for storing the food, having extra limbs would allow her to carry more than can fit into the bag and could come in extra handy in case if she has to protect her food.
Alternatively Gartoum could run interference while we try to help Jazzi navigate the maze and collect food ourselves (the Vanishing Plate works as long as the user has mana and if we use Levitation Crystal then we'd be able to move around without making any sound or leaving footprints>>5393901). Plus we could step in and protect her if anyone tries anything dirty.
It might be possible that some of the contestants could've gotten a copy of the map and learned the layout of the maze and location of the food before the event. If we spot anyone gaining speed in a maze when they think that other contestants don't see them or if they try to look for food in the exact spot where it used to be then we can confirm that they are cheating.
That Redwall guy knew exactly what tricks are allowed in the first round, and he's old money too. I think he should be a priority target.
Will post today, but last week was hell at work and I needed to decompress. I was hoping to feel better by today, but really I'm not feeling it. Apologies.
No worries boss, hope you feel better soon!

Saturday 11th November (Day 209)

It is cold when you wake up that morning. An unfortunate reminder that it’s winter in Japan. Ooarai has managed to avoid most of the bad weather given its ability to move around the ocean, but unfortunately to fight a match on Japan you have to return to Japan where it’s freezing.

Otto has also realised the temperature hence his massive protests when his biological heater gets up to get out of bed. It’s so cold that instead of charging out for breakfast, he stumbles back into the blanket.

“I can’t blame you buddy,” you chuckle as you get up and get ready yourself. Twenty minutes later, you’re out of the door and on your way to the warehouse. Surprisingly, you’re the first one to arrive – usually Miho and some others are around first. You just shrug and get to opening the warehouse.

A few minutes later the first crew arrives.

“Commander Hermann!” Azusa cheers as she arrives. “Wow! You’re first? Usually Commander Nishizumi is here!”

“I know, right?” You chuckle. “How about you get your tank moved out here for transporter since you’re here first?”

“Yes sir!” Azusa declares, before rallying her girls to get their tank moving. As they do so, other crews start to arrive, and they begin moving their tanks out of the warehouse as well.

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Rolled 20, 19, 20 = 59 (3d20)

Guppie... dead?
Massive skill issue for someone

>Just continue to sit tight. Everything seems to be going according to plan.

You watch the puffs of smoke that indicate Erika’s progress back to the safety of the buildings.

“How’s it going, Erika?” You ask. You get no reply for a moment, presumably she’s busy with something, you leave her to it for the moment and turn back to the rest of your tanks.

>Kill the Engines, rely on left-over power to aim your guns. These people and Count High use echo-location in low-visibility conditions.

“Everyone else, kill the engines if you can, they don’t know we’re here yet, so no need to give them any more information on our position,” you order.

Max dutifully complies, turning Werewolf off, leaving the power traverse of your tank down to the battery. Most of the other nearby tanks do the same, but some – the flag M6 and the tank destroyers don’t.

“I’m alive,” Erika suddenly replies. “Man, how embarrassing. I take a hit from a KV-1 and I don’t even manage to kill it back.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Rolled 1, 11, 6, 13, 19, 4, 11 = 65 (7d20)

>Send tanks to help south. (Tank Destroyers)
Shouldn't be too hard for them to get shots, right?

File: 2iluzigo4ex41.jpg (78 KB, 640x800)
78 KB
After way to fucking long I decided to continue this thing
World Doc: https://pastebin.com/Zuiz5LxM
Last session: https://www.4binz.org/753

As you and Hika approach your assigned Huey you find Shamus, Ramierez, and The Kommando are on your flight. Walking up to them you are met with a round of mornings before Shamus addresses the elephant in the room.

“Oi Rabbit, you got yourself a native piece of ass, didn’t yah Rabbit, a little young though don’t you think.” Shamus jokingly questions.

“Yeah, this is Hika my wife and before you ask it was a shotgun wedding.” You say introducing her to the group.

“Yeah he’s my husband, don’t try anything or I will stab you!” Hika yells out in a flurry of energy whilst brandishing a knife.

“Damn chica’s got some balls.” Ramirez chimes in.

“Yeah she’s got some fire in her, chased me across deghome for months until she finally cornered me.” You say as you floof Hika’s hair.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1629720907588.png (818 KB, 640x640)
818 KB
818 KB PNG
>>secure the perimeter

“Mac I’m taking Hika and going wide around the perimeter.” You call out over the roar of the Huey’s propwash.

“I copy Rabbit, the rest of us are going through the center of the complex. Meet up with us there after your sweep.” Mac responds, hoisting his Browning m1919 as he walks off into the complex with the rest of your chopper.

You turn to Hika and say “Follow me and stay close, you haven’t been to this area and there are plenty of sinkholes for you to fall into.” as you grab a bundle of marker rods.

Hika nods as the two of you walk off to the far side of the complex. Your patrol goes smoothly until you spot an indentation in the ground, pulling out one of the marker sticks, you push it into the ground as it collapses around the stick, revealing the punji trap beneath.

“Moutherfucker” You say, motioning for Hika to come closer. “This is why I wanted you to stay close to me, one wrong step and you're getting impaled on one of these.” You say motion to the trap.

The rest of the patrol reveals a few more pit traps, two sinkholes and three skeletons completely out of place in the southeast asian styled temple. Placing the final marker next to a clearly Norman skeleton, you can't shake the sinking feeling of something watching you from the temple complex. Hoping that it's just a bored Son sighting you into his scope, you and Hika march into the temple in search of Mac and the rest. Upon entering the winding passageways of the temple you are faced with a choice of taking the left, right or central passageway.

take the left passageway, taking note of the marked traps and the fresh bloodstains from the poor bastards who didn’t watch where they were going. You soon make your way up to the top of the central tower where Mac and the rest of your squadmates are eating lunch.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>go down and meet the convoy
File: 1be.jpg (90 KB, 680x464)
90 KB
“Alright, I’m gonna down there and find what the fuck happened to them and why the fuck there are camles here.” You say, preparing for the bullshit answer that you know is going to await you. “Hika stay with Mac” You say as you climb down from the top of the tower.

To say that the ground team was in chaos would be an understatement, between wrangling the camels, unloading the transports and dealing with whatever else was going on there was little time for organization. Walking over to one of the Pattons you grab a stick bang it on the side of the tank to its crew’s attention.

“Oi, any you know where Squawbrook is?” You ask, trying to find the only man who probably knows what is going on at this point.

“He’s probably by the M19 Chaffees, a Rok made pass on us on our way over here. They drove it off but they got hit pretty hard.” One of the tankers said.

“Alright thanks” You say, as you sprint off towards the battered anti air vehicles.

The M19s were shredded, dented and covered in blood and feathers. Letting off a whistle upon seeing the gash marks on a particular Chaffee, you make your way through the crowd in search of Squawbrook. It didn’t take long to find him, having a heated discussion with a man in traditional Afghan tribal garb.

“For the fifteenth time we do not want your camels.” You overhear Squawbrook saying.

“I said nothing about want my friend, I said that you need my better than new used camels.” The apparent camel salesman says before he notices you “My boy, please tell your leader about the wonders of hump based transportation.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

“Well I came down here looking for answers and I got them” You mumble to yourself before you turn towards Squawbrook. “Heard you guys got hit hard, what's the damage?”

“Nobody dead, plenty of wounded though. The Rok totaled one truck and wrecked the Chaffees.” He says turning to the closest Chaffee and sees a camel sized bite mark on the tank. “Those fucking camels.”

You just laugh

“Very funny, wise guy” He snaps back before continuing “You think these yuppies are going to find anything?”
“Doubt it this place got stripped clean during the early days, they’re not going to get anything good until they venture farther out of our territory.” You say.

“Well they better find something good this trip is getting too expensive already.” Squawbrook says as the sound of helicopters fills the sky. “Took them long enough.”

>meet the choppers
>find Hika

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Your name is David "Gunny" Rockefeller, no relation.
A veteran of the united states marine corps, you find yourself in a far-out situation after an all-too-close encounter of the third kind!

In the last thread, you finished cleaning up after your battle against the Federation Drone-ships, including a number of wraiths and demons that were drawn in by a dark-matter spill.
After disconnecting and gathering up the AIs that were piloting those drone ships, your crew spent some time fixing up the ship, and in the downtime you finally bit the bullet with Cylia.

A quick visit to the Dark Star base later, your plans for dealing with the remains of the drone ships came together and you made your way back to Thekia Station, where one of your crewmates had created quite the mess.
Now it seems that he'll be staying behind here, to make use of the resources and manpower that he's collected for himself. Those same resources which may come in handy for the coming conflict against Xebric Station and Sadia Corporation.

>Last Thread: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2022/5354485/
>All Threads: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=humanity+-+fuck+yeah%21
>Google Doc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rNxD6ccWY5M48dLWuTWdr5LiYLuS_YIAMKlTLw42eeo/edit#gid=0
>Discord Link: https://discord.gg/DMwvMw43yv
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Rolled 30 (1d100)

talking him with clank sounds like a good idea.
>>Now would also be a good time to discuss what you want to do with Silus once he's captured, assuming he lives
I want to present this information and line of thougth to Clank. It's up to him to deal with the skulldruggery
>Hand him over to Clank after interrogating him and one of his guys seperately.
Update might be late tonight again.
Shit's been rough lately, sorry.
Thanks for the update. Take care.

File: jie-ma-don-quixote.jpg (631 KB, 1488x2048)
631 KB
631 KB JPG
PRELUDE: Life is the stag pierced by arrows
Made into wounded wings.
238 replies and 217 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 20220928_112032.jpg (406 KB, 1131x1929)
406 KB
406 KB JPG
The Naked Mountain occasionally belches and sputters (his hooded servants eagerly pounce forth to collect the froth of salivation) and then speaks - in a bizarrely high-pitched, infantile castrati voice:
- BLEURGHgahhhrgghh... wife... want... wife...? Pretty-wife! Pretty! BLEURGHrrggnnnghhagah!
File: praveen-natarajan-007a.jpg (973 KB, 1920x1920)
973 KB
973 KB JPG
(more dribble spit-froth produced, enthusiastically collected by attendants)

You see Sabagadis Sleer step forth, and speak with a soothing sarcasm:
- Indeed, my Lord. Your vision, the Voice Of Oration, guides us always. The Path you propose to tread, the Path to end this needless strife of the Discourse Of Salt And Iron, must produce the long-awaited Peace.
File: 20220928_180339.jpg (368 KB, 938x1952)
368 KB
368 KB JPG
Yet before Sabagadis even finishes his utterance, before the press of his lips have managed even to meet beneath the hideous twisted star-metal of his exposed barbarian war mask... At the mention of "...Peace", the colossal mound of flesh that is Lord Grotius Balbinus convulses in a tantrum of violent rage, contorting as he sneeze-vomits:
- BAAALLLEEUURRGGHHhaaggnahyahhnnngah!
PEACE?!? PEESE?? PEE-ssse?! Bleurghh-gah! NO PEE-ss! No pee! ...ss! POUND! POUND! Pound... WIFE! PRETTY WIFE! Pound... fall. Plop! Ploppy-plop plop! Fall - defecate. Wife, pretty! No pee! Deprecate? Preci-ate? Defecate: I ate. Defecate! Pound defecate, pretty wife. No pee! POUND WIFE! BLEURGH-gah! Hnnnyahgahgah!

A mysterious moist smear is evident beneath the hovering gravitic palanquin bearing Lord Praecentor Grotius Balbinus. The tormented faces within the lion mane of the Persuasion Engine, the beast of burden harnessed to his supporting dais, moan and whimper wordlessly.

For the first time, as the procession approaches closer to you, between the ranks of Oration devotees the Glagolitic Guard, you begin to appreciate the colossal dimensions of the meaty flesh mass of Lord Grotius Balbinus. You think that to fully encompass Lord Grotius visually - at close range within your field of vision - would require a wide sweep of your head from side-to-side.

The enraged cloacal outburst from the obese Lord Praecentor alarms Sabagadis a little; Sleer seems perplexed by its meaning.
- Do you need... company, my Lord? Your wife? To speak to your wife? Which consort do you desire, Lord Praecentor?
File: 20220929_051805.jpg (164 KB, 734x991)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
As the shadow of his majestic adiposity looms closer, one surprising facet of this interminable procession at least provides you with some relief.

You were expecting to be overwhelmed by the smell, the olfactory assault of a most loathsome stench of human waste. Instead, as you prepare to withhold your breath in anticipation of the blubbery mass of the Naked Mountain, you notice that Lord Grotius is in truth quite fragrant.

His sycophantic hooded attendants are fastidious in aiding and performing his ritual ablutions, anointing his eminent form in perfumes and glistening unguents, swinging thuribles of sweet misting incense before his path, and swiftly harvesting and collecting in spittoons and chalices the drenching drool and saliva that trickles down from his gargantuan, whale-like meaty bulk. If there is a slight tang of fishy entrails and watery intestinal feculence, you cannot detect it at all. Lord Grotius smells of ointment. Like strawberries, given by a loving mother.

As the rippling distended mounds of flab wriggle closer, you observe for the first time too the concubines of Lord Grotius. There is a long train of these women, moon-like beauties - previously eclipsed behind the enormous inflated rotundity of his girth. (You think strangely of the Sun King in Mariamne's fantastical myth). They are led by a woman bearing a banner, a standard of the Trade-Fallen, trailing long pennants with the sigils of the Old Five Hundredfold, lost Names of forgotten gods.

You remember the Oath and the Light, the Oriflamme venerated by the Oration - yet the Five Hundredfold Banner borne by this concubine is not the proud martial blaze of vermillion that you would expect.

The standard hoisted by this woman is of such a sinister darkness of red, a shade so benighted, it might as well be a banner of mourning.
File: 20220929_051624.jpg (841 KB, 1920x3321)
841 KB
841 KB JPG
The concubines of Lord Grotius Balbinus that follow him possess a wan, funereal beauty. They sway with the elegy of the procession, willing participants attired in the shade of lamentation. You see that similar to the Protector of Lord Grotius, Sabagadis Sleer, the concubines wear masks, fine white porcelain features sculpted into expressions of gentle longing - a sidelong glance or subdued stolen passion. The white masked faces of the concubines are veiled in transparency, some transparent polymer of an almost medical sheen - you dwell a little upon the hygiene implications of Lord Grotius and his incessant expectorating spume (BLEURRGHhhnngg), and shudder involuntarily. You cannot imagine how they might... mount him. The Naked Mountain. Perhaps these haunting ethereal women serve in some other capacity.

In his gibbering high-pitched falsetto, Lord Grotius Balbinus burbles contentedly:
- Bleurgh. Isonomy! I - so, no me! Meee! Bleurgh. I - son, no meee! Isonomy plop, defecate. No pee. Pound wife! Hnngggghh. Bleurgh!

File: Word Art.jpg (205 KB, 583x857)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
You are Kolinaisi Kaiko Wahthiri. Ruarua, Captain of the Something Fierce. Defeater of a titan.

You are barely able to stand.

You lift your head to the sky as rain starts to fall.

To think just a year ago how things were compared to this.

You begin to inhale.

You clap and stop your feet.

You begin to utter a Hakka for those few who fell. It's supposed to be moving. It needs to be beautiful and sad, from the soul. You sing of those few who stood beside you. Those brave chain breakers, who came to battle merrily, on a different planet to die.

You call out each of their names.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> Kolinaisi held her tight and thought about the coming days before sleeping.
Just cuddle with the waifu, we can take the jump for a full relationship when we aren't falling asleep
>> Continue the ruse for a little longer
>> Talk with them, analyze there discussion
I just remembered about the love potion lipstick. Yeah, kissing her is a bad idea, don't want taint this relationship by getting magically drugged.
Also it's going to be funnier when we end up getting together anyway without the crone's plan, so we can lecture her about being a bitch again.
Support hugs not fugs
> Kolinaisi gave her a kiss before sleeping

> Continue the ruse for a little longer

> Ask them why they are here

File: 4303.jpg (156 KB, 1280x800)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
This is Boruto Quest, a quest set in the universe of Naruto. It is during the generation of Naruto's son. I haven't kept up with the series beyond the end of the original one, so this one is intended to recapture the feel of that time of Naruto. I will not be incorporating the main show or the Boruto movie's plot into the quest, although some recognizable characters will be present.

You play as Takeshi. A highly capable Chunin, who is returning from years of training with Sasuke Uchiha. A new journey is starting.

As always, voting rules are as follows. Voting is typically completed following 15 minutes after the first vote. This may be subject to change according to activity.

Takeshi's Skills and Abilities

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can you link to the archives.
thanks, well it loos like I'll see you guys in around a week or two.
Hey Mini, have you found the milk yet?
Finally back. I missed my two week deadline by a day.

File: d04.png (207 KB, 680x564)
207 KB
207 KB PNG
>Previous game >>5389898

Chapter 1: Tissue Supply

You have now been edging for 16 hours, not by choice but there's no tissue paper left.

You live in a small studio appartement.
You wonder if the tissue delivery will arrive on time, or if you have to continue until the next day.
You also start to get hungry and you've again run out of instant noodles.
You start to feel your PC muscle getting sore from this non-stop edging marathon.
>I wonder how much longer I can go

What do you do?
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>sorry that took me so long, i was in the middle of my work out routine where I do pushups using only my cock. I call them dickups.
+1 Try to impress the lady. Can't let this chance slip away.
Rip Coom Quest.
Is it considered bad etiquette on /qst/ to take over an inactive story?
kinda, but after this much time and from a bait new quest no one really cares, so go for it pal

Archive: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=40kai
Refresher/Infodump: https://hastebin.com/bokawifure.yaml
Apologies for the format. Pastebin thinks it's obscene, and I couldn't find any similar site that actually displayed text properly.
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>implying the emperor would work along with us

dude always had issues playing with equals,ask the primarchs and perpetuals


i readed the belisarius cawl novel "the great work"

cawl goal is the same as our AI,to find a manner to contain the warp and isolate it,as is called "the great work"

in the process he discovers noctilicth (the material of blackstone) can be attunned to block the warp or to be a super conductor of it

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Meds. Now.

QM died again, someone has to go down to the core to reboot it.

It is the early 1500s.
A small south eastern country called “Sablestream” and many others are being watched closely by western powers for possibilities of alliance or colonization.

Decades prior, the war between them and their neighboring country, “Galepeak” ended. Commerce between nearby nations and Sablestream has expanded massively since, with many foreigners eventually taking root in the land.

This era of prosperity slowly fades away as the the people and the government drifts apart.

While many things played a part of alienation, such as the abandonment of multiple magic disciplines deemed “unnecessary” while exclusively pushing out more healers for the military, the lack of funding given to rural cities, one scandal finally severed their trust - the truth behind a cult.

The “Cult of the Father” was cult that quickly amassed a following, due to their production of cheap “medicine” and ability to manipulate people into having blind faith in this cult. Originally, the population was led to believe that this group were merely grifters that could only control gullible provincials.

In reality, it was an organization that infiltrated society at large, having ties to nobility and government, who uses them to shape what will happen in rural parts of Sablestream.

With the help of several of her allies, a goblin called "Pine" was able to unleash the truth to the public. Her skills as an assassin played a large part in orchestrating such a plan and evading retaliation afterwards.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>This is odd. Look around the tower in case she finds anything strange.
This is suspicious.

Pine looks around the tower for any signs of foul play.

Noi’s potion shelves looks normal.
The lanterns around her room have extinguished a long while ago, with barely any candle wax remaining.

She didn’t see anything unusual downstairs either. The spiral wooden stairs to this room looks about the same.

Fearing for the worst, Pine returns and puts her ear against Noi’s chest.
Her heart is still beating. There’s still air coming out of her nose, so her lungs are also working.

She spots something on Noi’s desk, inside a half open drawer are several vials of unusually shiny blood.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
The meeting starts out fairly formal, with Bow mostly asking questions about their future plans, the plausibilities, internal politics, logistics and other parts that are necessary to import the ingredients and sell the finished product in the capital.

It lasted for several hours, but Bow was eventually satisfied with their plans. They still have to wait for a approval from the higher ups, but it seems likely that they will be part of Red Winter.

Before leaving, they exchanged gifts as a symbol of good will.

Zeal and Cris gave her an ink bottle containing invisibility ink that can be seen when heat is applied.

Noi gave her a box of dried fruits covered in herbs and medicinal powders - a snack to alleviate the summer heat.

Bow gave each of them a bottle of Messenger Blood.

Messenger [of the gods] Blood refer to liquids that put Birdmen’s blood inside them.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Most Messenger Bloods have only a small amount of Birdmen blood in it, with the majority of the liquid consisting of juices of sweet fruits, to compensate for the extreme saltiness of the blood.

Lower quality ones barely shine while high end ones resemble liquid metal.

Even ingestion of a small amount pushes the body function beyond what is normally possible, granting more stamina, strength, faster reaction time and regeneration.

It is best compared to a stimulant rather than a drink.

Giving such a precious substance as a gift is a sign of wealth and immense trust.

Naturally, Noi wanted to test the limits of such.

After drinking a finger sized vial of the Blood, she performed several tests on her body, from exercising to pain tolerance.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Observe Bow

File: FallingStar.jpg (152 KB, 725x726)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
There is darkness, and a sense of pressure. Then a presence, a woman with a clipboard, dressed in blue, looking nervously at something. An entity wakes up, without form, body or memory.

“Sir! Good to see you’re awake again. We’ve hit a bit of a snag with the operation.”

It takes a moment, but the entity finds its voice. “Operation?”

“Oh dear. A few snags then. I am Ava, your assistant. We’re a pair of spirits, bound to a magical core, buried in the earth. I need you to focus your will, force the dirt away from us and build a tunnel to the surface. Can you do that?”

“Yes.” The entity exerted its will, compacting and transforming dirt into stone, shaping that stone into bricks, building a chamber around itself, and another that opened into sunlight and trees. Air and Mana rushed in, bathing the core in power. The entity’s awareness expanded to the stones it had just formed. The feeling was like stretching after a long sleep, but there was a sensation of something missing, of quite a bit missing.

“Excellent work sir. Well the good news is we’re stable again. The bad news is the core has suffered severe damage. We’re going to have to gather the pieces up to get full functionality back, or rebuild them ourselves. On the plus side I can actually see one of the pieces in the recently excavated chamber. Fetching that now.”

The entity watched as a jagged pebble, a wayward piece of itself, lifted off the ground and flitted into the core room. The core itself resembled a shredded flower, most of it missing. The pebble slotted into place and a few memories surfaced, fragile and weak, but containing the skills to create its first defenders. One memory would stay, the others would perish to feed it.

> Kobolds: Fairly weak, but can build a wide variety of traps and defenses to give themselves the edge in combat

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: TwoAndThreeCostUnits.png (47 KB, 594x528)
47 KB
>Eep, Dakk, Bulk
>Jitt, Eep, Bulk, Bulk
>Wheeler, Wheeler, Wheeler, Wheeler
>> Replace parts on the existing golems
Replace one of warboss dakks for a spot, so it has higher rolls overall
Replace his bulk for an eep, the chamber barrier already does that
Replace jitt dakk with an eep
Replace jitt wheel with a spot
Replace jitt wheel with a jitt
That's 11 parts overall with some extras
make a new golem with 1 bulk and 3 dakks, put him where warboss was. With the spare parts it should cost us only 1 part
Make a new golem with 3 wheels and one bulk and put it on the upgraded Landscape, with the spare parts it should only cost us 2 parts
And that's 14 parts spent
You can't make a golem with 4 wheelers
We, not you, I had just woken up.
Anyway, this is the post that says we can't stack 4 wheels, just in case

Each component can only appear on a golem a maximum of three times, with an exception for multi-attackers like Dakk. There's a limit to how much power you can squeeze out of stacking lesser components.

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