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File: Kingdom Hearts Otherverse.png (455 KB, 1080x1080)
455 KB
455 KB PNG
After the folks over at Akun Game Over'd on the quest in a narratively premature manner, it is now time for you magnificent folks to shine, and potentially claim narrative glory for you own. Good luck.



Two weeks ago, King Oswald The Lucky Rabbit was tasked by his yet-to-be-named Keyblade Master to perform greater research and science in order to prove himself worthy of her education and consequential bequeathing of a Keyblade. Consequently, it was one week ago that a scientist was hired to assist in making a wormhole between two universes. But instead, the two accidentally made a massive entrance straight to the Realm of Darkness. Though this entrance was closed soon after, much too late were the efforts to stop what pumped forth, as worlds all over swiftly became infested - if not just straight-up consumed - by a raw, massive Tide of Darkness, and old evils once thought long gone manifested yet again to wreak havoc upon all in their warpath. And as if that weren't bad enough, many of the heroes of yore mysteriously vanished within this brief Tide of Darkness, leaving little more than bleakness in the hearts of witnesses - and consequently raising the count of victims even further, as their hearts would give to darkness. The situation reached a point where masses of refugees had to be plucked from their doomed planets to the shelter of 'Haven Planets' willing to protect them in such times.

Though the situation has slightly mellowed from the initial panic as refugees gather their bearings, things are nonetheless looking dire as the Tide of Darkness continues to encroach and infest. Many are left answerless on how to proceed, while others vow to protect their worlds to the last. Regardless the circumstance for each soul, there is one thing for certain: Oswald The Lucky Rabbit finds himself in exile for his error, damned to never return to his kingdom until the Darkness is thoroughly cleansed. Left with little at his immediate disposal, he finds himself in something of a desperate pickle, relying on either generous wills or the recruitment of mercenaries for assistance in his universal chore.

"But how do I know all this?", you might be asking yourself. Well…

Honestly, the best way I can answer this is with another question: "Who is this 'I' you speak of?" After all, it's a little difficult to say how you know something if I don't know who you are in the first place, with which to appropriately grant an answer regarding such an entity.

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>>Fuck it, go wildly walk around
Sorry for the wait again, folks. Had a busy day helping my dad basically dig a trench for some more pipe stuff for his work. t-that, and I don't feel like I've been giving it my all these days...

Oh, also because it legit took me a long-ass while to find some fitting music because there isn't any for this city in the official soundtrack, so you get this instead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBr_SthDzgA

"Perhaps we should check out the Refugee Help Center?" you insist to Oswald.
He raises an eyebrow in stern confusion. "Uhhhhh why?"
"If nothing else, they could give us some information on things that might help us find our answer."
Bronadon pipes up. "It sounds like it'd be a good place to get directions to the right people we could ask about the Keyhole."

Oswald "Hmmmm..."s for a good few moments in contemplation as he rubs his chin, and even taps his foot for a bit. But then, he eases, and answers with a "Fine."
The three of you thusly follow the signpost direction to the Refugee Help Center, which is only about a minute's walk, and enter through the glass doors into the establishment.
It is there that you are greeted by a few lines of several strangers lined for the counter ran by a few workers.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>"...On second thought, maybe we should try someplace else."
>Figure something out to speed up the process
>Figure something out to speed up the process

File: ThumbnailLarge.png (4 KB, 384x384)
4 KB
[_____] [_____] [_____] [_____]

Good {morning/afternoon/evening}, user. Your conscious self has been in stasis for 119,293 years. Self-correction needed. Your conscious self has been in stasis for 53 years. Self-correction needed. Your conscious self has been in stasis for 469,391,154,807 years. To facilitate a comfortable awakening procedure, please remind yourself that your form is no longer physical and that you exist as a human consciousness expertly inserted into the Lifetime Extension Sch-

[_____] [_____] [_____] [_____]

The rolling feed of text vanishes and the sterile voice is cut off. In front of you, a series of angular shapes of red, white and black appear. You perceive them as a vaguely face-shaped mass with two arm appendages and two legs at the bottom. It looks to be... smiling.

There is a sudden shrill voice, grating. Distinctly not sterile. Loud. It is accompanied by a text feed in startlingly bright red.

"Hey, I mean... if at first you don't succeed, try try again. That's me talking to me not to you just so you're aware. You're up! Uh, yep. Looks like your old databanks are completely RUINED or maybe not ruined but just inaccessible to me at this time or something ahahaha. You're gonna have to pick a new name. I'm Batty though so you can't have that one unless you wanna be like Batty 2 haha. "

You can't reply or get a good grip on a physical sense of form yet. The face doesn't really emote when it speaks. It's more like staring at a drawing while hearing somebody yell loudly. In a few seconds from now, the thought of "What the fuck is going on?" will hit you. Again, the voice speaks.

"Sooooo basically i kinda need a break and/or some fresh ideas for the whole human overlord petting zoo idea. You're candidate, what, seven or eight now. The other ones kept going bleghhh or like frying when i tried to turn em on, ya know? Funny thing is the guy before you was like actually awake and i was like 'ok so you can work for me or kill yourself' and he totally chose the latter. im not even sure how. did he like self-delete from stress... eh. whatever... So do you want a rundown here or can i just put you in charge and take the backseat ahaha. Oh wait. uh. okay there. you can talk now i think it's enabled."

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"Although that's fucked up, there's more logical concerns. What do I get out of this? How does an AI like you get tired? What can the experiments do besides entertainment?"
>So like, is there an immortality drive in them or something, or do we just have to make sure not to kill them?
>i do not understand the logic of your statement why torture if you do not enjoy it and if you enjoy it why take a break

You are one of many; a victim of circumstance stuck in the eye of the storm known as the Great Age of Piracy, heralded by the late Pirate King Gol D. Roger. Countless men from all walks of life have now decided to raise the black flag and spill blood in its name. A tale as old as time, one that sadly has only become more frequent as war wages across the seas... unrelenting, uncaring, and indifferent to the suffering left in its wake.

Now orphaned and forced to live in a realm where there is only war, besieged by forces unimaginable. Yet all hope is not lost, for where conflict arises the allure of sweet bounty and opportunities follow suit.

Will you answer the call of the seas?
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>> Stay at the crime scene and
> Loot the house for valuables
We must make money. It is the Pirate way.
>Stay at the crime scene and
> Loot the house for valuables
We need a tie breaker
Blah, couldn't vote before getting home.
>Book it, run from the crime scene immediately
My thinking is that this should buy us a little bit of time before the law starts breathing on our necks.
>Book it, run from the crime scene immediately

File: CivQst.png (77 KB, 1080x608)
77 KB
>Glory to Urubis, the city of gods, which still stood in the time of my grandfather. I curse the water which swallowed you, I toil and sacrifice to mesure to your a speck of your light. I, king of kings, swore to you my soul, to be taking in the halls where my forefathers rest, beneath the waves of the world. I, hegemon over the world, swore to paint your mausoleoum with the blood of all marauders and beasts and worshippers of dragons
- Agadon, Hegemon of Adamuria to the priesthood of his city.

Choose a civilization
>>The hosts of Altyradai. Sheparded by Lord Altyr out of Urubis of Light ten thousand years before it fell and thought them how to sing and make weapons, how to ride horses and how to speak with the animals on land and in the air and many other things. They ride and hunt endlessly, unchanged by the passing of time and having no history of their own except for their songs. They fought against the Urmenos and Pandokai whit their lord Altyr a century after the Fall, until all sides grew tired and begun to lick their wounds. Their god parted with them to lead the souls of their dead in the sky, leaving them on Unbreakable Rule, to never fall in the trap of civilization and history. You will lead your clan from one of the three Great Hosts across the plains, expect conflict and hubris

>>The Urmenos. Survivors of the Fall and their servants and scions, washed up upon the shores of their holy lake-made-sea. Possessing the last remnants of their civilization, they ventured inland to carve out a new Great City, shedding much blood fighting the Altyradai and Pandokai. You will make your own citystate in this new old world, expect politics and xenophobia.

>>Pandokai. The tribes and spirits who never entered Urubis, settling the lands outside of it. Though they differ much in form, they are all find their roots in pre-mythic epochs before the arrival of the gods. Much can’t be said about them, for they share nothing in common other then their malforms and unclean lineage. Though lesser then other thinking beings, some still came to ally with the lord of Urbis. Animal people, expect infighting and QM regrets.
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>"We, the Anahabei, are lords by the will of the Gods themselves, anybody who foresakes that proclaims himself against all Urmenos and their forefathers."
>>"Because that wouldn't guarantee anybody's rule. The usurper can fail and face the consequences or succeed in deposing me and have to deal with a power vacuum bigger then himself."
Also this quest is epic Zeitgeist. Saw the advertisement on qtg
>"Because that wouldn't guarantee anybody's rule. The usurper can fail and face the consequences or succeed in deposing me and have to deal with a power vacuum bigger then himself."
No updates today due to bad time management on my part, I will make it up for it tomorrow.
>I will make it up for it tomorrow.
Ain't I a bloody liar... The last couple of days were really busy but expect an update this Saturday or even Friday with a bit of luck and proper time management. Still not flaking, I've thought too much about the setting to let it go to waste.

The exorbitant feast of extravagance is a ruckus affair, scantily clad servers trot the grand banquet hall. Their derrieres on full display, little was left to the imagination. The oily flesh of men and women glints under the vibrant lights. Staff bow deeply and hound the nobles present, offering up delicacies and pleasantries freely.

Only the bravest servants approach you and your crimson robed cadre. Their wide orbs pass over your unimpressive frame, not dismissive or hateful in nature. Instead they track the towering beast at your side. A senior officer of your Secutarii, even when out of armour the Legio wouldn't send you anywhere unprotected after all and while the rest of your crew would die for you. Degalla Vakium would kill countless before she fell. By the omnissiah she would perish pulling you back into the grasp of the Legion.

You couldn't help but smirk as the naked man offers her an appetiser. Some kind of baked good wearing an azure emulsion of sorts and a hat. Now you didn't know the extent of her augmentation, but as with all it was significant. Only a portion of her face remains, a pale puzzle piece fitting around metallic ones. You wonder who would have guessed the planet was in the middle of an intense siege, if a million eyes watch this scene playing out. How many could imagine the carnage transpiring beyond the walls of the fortress.

Placing the sweet within what remains of her mouth she wastes no time consuming it. "Fruity!" The warrior declares her implant modular vox box working in tandem with her impaired vocal cords to produce a somewhat serene tone that lacks static.
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I was expecting that Gilgamesh would have been our Engine's name instead of some asian one
Agreed. This is 40k not Firefly FFS.
>However it would be latinized
Legio Tauri Caelestes "Heavenly Bulls"
It's probably not a correct translation, but the latin being wrong fits with the rest
Sad no one voted for Psi Warlords a vote or two back, Ordo Sinister be where its at.
>>(Mediate) "Both are plausible, the calculations have yet to be confirmed but the probability is far from lopsided. I believe discussion and investigation areas, the best course of action, joint operations to reaffirm cohesion. Like any great machine we must, pray and grease and sooth the correct component to ensure suitable outcomes. Like the conflict within a tumultuous machine spirit we must not allow it to lead us astray or worse against one another."
>Taurus Argentum “Oncoming Storm”

Your pen ink touches the page of your journal. Documenting the events of the past month.

Team (Choose one)
[X] It's just you.
[x] Choose an additional bonus

[X] It's you and a stranger you met
[x] If they go missing you won't be obligated to find them again, although it'll draw suspicion.

[X] It's you and a friend/family member
[x] Gain high quality team member
[x] Write-In what relation they have to you

Location (Choose one)

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yep also messy start?
yeh its like the reverse of plot armor
>What commanded you from the grave?
Vengeance. Raw righteous fury. That beautiful Mopar shaggin wagon didn’t deserve such an ignominious end. Also they killed us which is a bummer, not to mention they stole our favorite commie battle rifle. These sons of bitches must pay.
1. Try to be quieter/stealthier
2. If anyone does find us kill the fuck out of them we’re undead surely we have some kind of powers
3. Remember how we died so we know who to slowly dismember to get our SVT40 back
I'm officially killing this quest, it was a nice run while it lasted peace!
You’s a bitch ass nigga

File: T0.png (129 KB, 2448x2464)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
/Qst/, I want to play a game.
Here are the rules.

> Set-up
Pick an unused color to represent your pieces
Select an edge of the battlefield to deploy your pieces.
When deploying, none of your pieces are allowed to be within 5 spaces of an enemy piece.

>Piece rules
The same as chess with some notable exceptions.
Pawn || 1 pnts: Can move 1 space N, S, E, W. Can Attack 1 space NE, NW, SE, SW.
Bishop || 2 pnts: Same as usual.
Knight || 3 pnts: Same as usual.
Rook || 4 pnts: Same as usual.
Queen || 5 pnts: Same as usual.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
6 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: T1.png (673 KB, 6896x2720)
673 KB
673 KB PNG
> Black action // Non-responsive, GM will randomly move three pieces.
Pawn @ (3,5) moves to (4,5)
Bishop @ (2,4) moves to (8,10)
Pawn @ (2,10) moves to (3,10)

> Silver action
Pawn @ (28,2) moves to (27, 2)
Pawn @ (28,5) moves to (27,5)
Pawn @ (28,9) moves to (27,9)

Turn 2 begins immediately.
Players have 24 hours to submit their actions.
File: T2.png (673 KB, 6771x2563)
673 KB
673 KB PNG
> Black action // Non-responsive, GM will randomly move three pieces.
Pawn @ (3,10) moves to (4,10)
Knight @ (2,3) moves to (4,4)
Pawn @ (3,8) moves to (4,8)

> Silver action
Pawn @ (27,2) moves to (26, 2)
Pawn @ (28,3) moves to (27,3)
Bishop @ (29,4) moves to (26,1)

Turn 2 begins immediately, and will be processed as soon as both players produce actions.
Since Black's player seems to have bailed, lurkers are invited to take up control of Black.
Players have up to 24 hours to submit their actions.
>Players privately submit their actions to the GM (me) via discord
Is this a tranny quest?
File: T3.png (680 KB, 6886x2651)
680 KB
680 KB PNG
I wanted to test simultaneous actions in chess.
4chan doesn't have a way to properly facilitate this.

> Black action // Non-responsive, GM will randomly move three pieces.
Pawn @ (3,9) moves to (3,10)
Rook @ (2,9) moves to (25,9)
Bishop @ (8,10) moves to (17,1)

> Silver action
Bishop @ (26,1) moves to (17,10)
Rook @ (29,2) moves to (27,2)
Pawn @ (28,7) moves to (27,7)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: T4.png (671 KB, 6768x2584)
671 KB
671 KB PNG
> Black action
Pawn @ (1,2) moves to (1,3)
Knight @ (4,4) moves to (7,5) // Illegal movement, adjusted to (4,4) to (6,5)
Pawn @ (4,10) moves to (5,10)

> Silver action // Non-responsive, GM will randomly move three pieces.
Knight @ (29,3) moves to (27,4)
Pawn @ (29,10) moves to (28,10)
King @ (29,5) swaps with Pawn @ (30,5)

Turn 4 begins immediately, and will be processed as soon as both players produce actions.
Players have up to 24 hours to submit their actions.

File: SCP.jpg (60 KB, 1280x720)
60 KB
You are Daniel Cruz, a D-Class member of the Foundation, operating out of Site-21. Last mission you discovered pies that made you suicidal, nearly killed yourself because of them, and now you’re back at Site-21, waiting for whatever comes next.

Previous threads: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=anomalous+containment

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/eTMpFsTR
85 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
> the classic 8008

but no joke we need to run
File: Goddamit.png (97 KB, 183x239)
97 KB
>Delay post by a day
>Get sick next day
Sigh... Update will definitely be coming soon. In the meantime, please reflect on your decision making skills any why it's not a good idea to take a 2/500 chance.
>please reflect on your decision making skills any why it's not a good idea to take a 2/500 chance.
I have gacha addiction. Deal
Still alive by the way, just been exceptionally busy recently. Not sure when update will be done, hopefully in only a day or two.
No problem chief, see you sometime later!

File: trump.jpg (71 KB, 976x549)
71 KB
Each of you is a member of Donald J. Trump's Cabinet. On January 6, 2021, a mob took control of the United States Capitol for several hours, and proved that Joe Biden had indeed stolen the election! Since then, President Trump has remained in power, and you have helped him to Make America Great Again, fighting all the problems, dissenters, and enemies that seek the ruin of the United States. Recently, Trump himself has gone missing, and you’ve declared war on Disney who have tried to take over Florida! A failed assassination attempt on Joe Biden has also left the country on edge, and most of the cabinet is missing! Will you be able to Make America Great Again, or will you fall into an age of horrifying darkness?
91 replies and 27 images omitted. Click here to view.
Rolled 80 (1d100)

Unless anyone has an idea they want to spitball to me.

>Lay claim to the center of the Arctic yourself. With the tablet you should easily accomplish it, and you better prevent Canada from trying to grab it again.
I’ll figure I’ll spend this roll addressing the Mexican Migration problems, try and nip one of the less issues in the bud.

Mind helping us expand our line of control, Secretary of the Interior and Development?
Rolled 81 (1d100)

Sure. Rolling to help expand line of control.
>Unless anyone has an idea they want to spitball to me.
Investments seem sensible enough to me.
Thanks Dr. Bright!

Anything you want to roll for, Herr Hate-Monger?
I'm waiting to hear if my gambit with the demon has yielded results to plan my next move.

File: 1616559199481.jpg (171 KB, 742x673)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
I am sorry I have been gone friends. My schedule was rough and I found out on Thursday that the pain in my stomach area was actually acute appendicitis and just got released from the hospital today. On the upside- pain killers and an enhanced appreciation for good surgery. Apparently my appendix looked like it had been pickled.

You are Kolinaisi Kaiko Wahthiri- Ruarua of Somethin Fierce, your ship, and Primarch of the Eleventh Legion. You have slain another Beasty today, the Venerable Ol' Salty. You saved some of the eggs so more can grow, as apex predators are important to the Ecosystem and you are on your way to the pole. One of the few places on De'lormosa you have never visited before. So far the trip has been productive, but the answers of your sons has you worried for certain aspects of the governance of your fathers imperium. Though their eagerness to learn from you, and the discovery of your own rare psyker talent seems quite extraordinary.

As your sons actually get to know the pariah islanders who volunteered, you look outside. Icebergs. Creatures you have never seen before. It's quite beautiful. But it's already cold, as if Meerah and Erihapti cuddling next to you for warmth wasn't enough of a sign. Gellah slides down the ladder and walks over.

"Good news cap, we are almost there. We had a tail wind most of the way here." Gellah looks at Meerah who is sleeping then at you then smiles and sits down and tussles Erihaptis ears as Boots yawns lazily from her hood. She then gives you the serious talk look only she gives to patients.

"Ya ever deal with the polar people before?" She asks ya and you shake no.

"They different. They speak different. They smart. They have a lot in common with us. But they got problems. They have a lot of medical issues. If you can help me with healin some of them, it would probably earn a lot of good will."

"That's easy enough."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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He has a new tattoo yall decided was the great man tattoo and its stark white. He hasnt gotten the reat of his tatts yet.
File: The Four Chad Brothers.png (857 KB, 1771x1895)
857 KB
857 KB PNG
Here's the new meme.
It's hard to prove our identity on an anonymous mongolian basket weaving forum
Fate point added.
> Offer, after dealing and keeping the polar tribe involved, give them a brief tour of De'lormosa, have them meet the tribes then, after giving them whatever the old man promised them, write up an accord. 5
> Call a moot. Again. It is appropriate, and everyone has to be involved in this. 5

> Smart. Just what the old man offered, and weapons.
Lure them in and make it
> Adjustable, start with what the old man offered- and maybe a little more, and then offer to adjust it and share more or less over time.
Have the end goal (of decades or centuries of good relations and trade)
> Actual alliance. You offer up what you have. They offer what they have. They call for aid, you help. You call for aid they help.
>> Ask him to elaborate on what he needs to know. 1
>> Ask, if possible, if you can see what you are dealing with- Dorrick seems like he may be willing to show a bit more 2
>> Talk with ya sons first, see if this is something that could cause problems. 2
>> Offer, after dealing and keeping the polar tribe involved, give them a brief tour of De'lormosa, have them meet the tribes then, after giving them whatever the old man promised them, write up an accord. 5

Writing up the accord-
like this anons choices and his reasons for them

File: YLMOP#5.png (592 KB, 1200x800)
592 KB
592 KB PNG
(First Thread: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2022/5337401/
Last Thread: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2023/5534759/


The gale whips around you, making it hard to see. Still, the trees stand, and so do you.
Your name is Alex Woodsman. Your family has been in the periphery of America for two hundred and ten years.

Rattling fills your ears as the doors and windows shake. Thankfully, the bunker should hold, and it's going to be quiet down there.
You were born and raised in Scoville, Virginia. Scoville is a town so stupidly ordinary it won't show up on a map.

It feels like a single gust of wind could rip you off your feet if you don't keep the focus on.
An ordinary, if privileged, childhood awaited you. You were an All-American lineman on a championship football team, the Spartans.

You guess this is what they mean when they say your life flashes before your eyes.
Selling industrial equipment wasn't your thing. Instead of taking up the family business, you got a bachelor's degree in Biology.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
34 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Spoiler Image (609 KB, 1400x1400)
609 KB
609 KB PNG

The coldness is there, the man your sister Alice is terrified of. "You want everything?" he asks bitterly. "You asked for it." He swallows and continues speaking. "My paternal grandfather, Dietrich, was a spy for the USA during World War Two, the ideal fit for the job based on our phenotype. In fact, his own father was specifically selected for intelligence, athleticism, and handsomeness. You have to understand, nobody knew what was going to happen. To them, it was just a way of improving their family line. That and his being a spy would have been enough to bury." He pauses for a moment to breathe, but he continues, more salty and hostile than when he started.

"He served as a double agent within one of the Nazi cults formed by the mania of the period." Because they assumed he was on their side and part of their magical society, he was able to dig into their private lives to help the war effort. "Most were pressured and didn't want to participate. A few were just delusional. At least one was a 'sane' true believer. Whatever Gramps learned, he discarded when he came home. The Marshall Plan gave him his soul back." Dad's voice wavers: Finally, the cracks begin to show. "S-So much destruction in what should have been the world's greatest century made people doubt everything. The fabric of human reason frayed: Magic and madness filled the void. The more people saw, the more it spread." He's on the verge of tears, literally begging. "I pushed it to the periphery, so it wouldn't creep into your life like it crept into mine! Alex, please, for the love of God, for my love for you, just stop asking questions! Knowledge is death!"

A pause. Dad, I can't. You have to know, or you, your wife, and your child are going to die.

Dad doesn't say anything for about thirty seconds. You call out to make sure he's still on the line. When he responds, he seems to have regained his composure. "I really am going to lose you, aren't I?" he asks. "My baby boy. Any other way... Not like this." At long last, he answers the hanging question about the wind elemental, and without your prompting. "He's the big bad wolf, that's all I know. It's such a damn awful cliché, but there it is. When you hear about a big bad wolf in Grimm fairy tales, it's him." So why's he after us? "He's an enemy of humanity, the wolf at the door: He doesn't need a reason!" Dad's lost his temper again. "I'd tell you to come home, but I don't know how it would help!"

What can you possibly say in response to something like that?
>"Dad, I am home." You're not going anywhere. You'll rely on what you've built with Meryl to weather this storm.
>"Knowledge is power, Dad." You're a 'natural sorcerer': you'll lean into that.
>"Please take care of Meryl." If fate has decreed your death, the buck stops with you.
>Try and distract him. "Any suggestions for the baby's name?"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>"Dad, I am home." You're not going anywhere. You'll rely on what you've built with Meryl to weather this storm.
>"Knowledge is power, Dad." You're a 'natural sorcerer': you'll lean into that.
Hiding is not an option against the big bad wolf. Even a brick house won't be enough against the wind he blows.
>"Dad, I am home." You're not going anywhere. You'll rely on what you've built with Meryl to weather this storm.
>"Knowledge is power, Dad." You're a 'natural sorcerer': you'll lean into that.
Screw fate.
Thirding asserting this is our home - after all, homes tend to have value beyond mundane in the supernatural, do they not?
As well as knowledge. We can’t let our family be hurt.
>>"Dad, I am home." You're not going anywhere. You'll rely on what you've built with Meryl to weather this storm.
>>"Knowledge is power, Dad." You're a 'natural sorcerer': you'll lean into that.
Backing these choices. If he's the big bad wolf, let us find something to make him huff and puff in vain.

File: yvng thvg.png (107 KB, 1920x1080)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
You are Gerald, some loser with shit vision and even shittier fashion sense. For no reason in particular you find yourself in the middle of a grassy plain, with a few trees here and there to keep you company.

What do you do?
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Cover yourself in bird feces to ward of the invisible mole men that are plotting to make you kill your entire family.
>Stuff grass down my pants to simulate a bulge that distracts from my poor fashion choices
>Go dive in a river, call yourself Gerald of River.
>Search bushes for pants
Rolled 69, 13 = 82 (2d69)

File: tegaki.png (11 KB, 400x400)
11 KB
"There is a glint in your heart, girl. Did you notice?"

Then the jacketed deer regards you with flat eyes, silent and stock still.
Then the jacketed deer regards you with flat eyes, silent and stock still.
Then the jacketed deer regards you with flat eyes, silent and stock still.

Realization comes at length. To truly behold such stillness, one must mirror it. An impossibility, in your life. Yet the world is holding its breath for you. With unfamiliar control, you begin to speak.

>What do you mean?
>Is that snakebelly trim?
>Oh, sorry. Dreams have only... happened to me before.
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Rolled 3 (1d6)

Coup attempt on Bunny...
File: 6.4b.png (5 KB, 400x400)
5 KB
Rolled 6, 3, 6, 2, 6, 5 = 28 (6d6)

>Olessya enters Close range of Taylor and Upsplashes her. [-1 Traction, -2 Stamina, +2 Spray. +2 Soak to Taylor.
>Bunny Upsplashes Olessya. [-2 Stamina, +2 Spray. +2 Soak to Olessya.]
>You enter Melee range of Bunny, maintaining Close with Taylor. [-1 Traction]
>You attempt to Coup Bunny. Miss!
>Big Wave strikes Bunny. [-1 Traction]
>Taylor enters Melee range of You, keeping Melee range of Bunny, and Coups you.
>Yer out!

It's a race to the bottom, and you've hit sand. You try to take Bunny with you, but while you struggle to blink away the water, she wriggles from your clutches. Taylor's surer fingers reach you, and you surrender before you have to suffer a complete massacre of your flanks.

>Dice: [3 dice] Churn Intensity threatens all. [3 dice] Initiative.
File: 6.5a.png (5 KB, 400x400)
5 KB
>Taylor is Unbalanced. [-3 Spray. +3 Soak to Taylor.] Taylor is Blinded.
>Turn order: Taylor, Bunny, Olessya.
>All recover and dry off.
>Taylor no longer Blinded.

It's all over the the dying. If you'd just managed to trade your life for Bunny's, Olessya could have handily won this duel against a flailing, dripping Taylor. But with both of the Soul Sisters fresh and eager off a first conquest, Olessya sees no choice but to admit she is their second. The splashfight is lost.

Having felt yourself fading fast soon after surrendering, you make your way to the ladder out of the pool. It probably wouldn't matter if you collapsed and drowned in a dream, or if anyone saw you do it, but there's no need to tack that to the end of something pleasant.

>Say nothing to the victors. Hold on to a moment of Frustration.
>Congratulate the victors. Hold on to a moment of Grace.

>This one gets a little time to breathe. Feel free to ask further questions in the meantime.
>Congratulate the victors. Hold on to a moment of Grace.
>This one gets a little time to breathe. Feel free to ask further questions in the meantime.
I'm not sure if these are questions for you, Answerer, or for our friends, but if it's the former, who is the deer? How are we acquainted?
You do not know Deer, and this was your first meeting. He resembles people you know only in broad terms; enigmatic, affable, fashionable somewhere in the world. Animals don't talk. Dreaming papered over the surreality of it all, but it becomes obvious in daylight. The subject of Deer will get a bit more attention in coming updates.

File: IMG_3290.jpg (302 KB, 1091x1031)
302 KB
302 KB JPG
The year is 1870.
You are Hokkyokusei Danketsu, and you have just watched an... interesting, shall we say, interaction between your brothers and two other children around their age from the Rukongai. You walk back towards the two of them, having distracted Tsukuya with some sort of meat on a stick that she was chewing through now, thinking about what you had seen.

>Outright ask the two what happened
>Simply make a note of the two other children, resolving to keep an eye on them
>Think that if there was anyone in this world you wouldn't treat like a tool, it was your brothers, and so decide to leave their lives and decisions to themselves
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It's a high DC, but 9 rolls? I could definitely get 22+ in 9 d30 rolls.
File: Screenshot_2.png (700 KB, 880x429)
700 KB
700 KB PNG
The only way that you had a chance was if you threw caution aside and attacked with reckless abandon, you reason. It’s not like fighting with defence in mind and trying to actively avoid her attacks was working anyway - she’d still managed to hit you multiple times, and you were yet to land a hit on her. May as well focus on doing the latter if the former was going to happen anyway.

With that in mind, you charge her again, leaping into a flying kick similarly how to your brother had done so against you just minutes earlier. Unlike him though, you expect Tsukuya to dodge your attack, and so purposefully jump low, reasoning that she would react to the act of you jumping, rather than the height of said jump.

You turn out to be right. She dodges to the side, preparing to counter you as if you were at her chest level, but your kick falls into a slide that becomes a sweep at her legs. She’s able to see that coming too however, jumping over your low sweep and coming back down at you with a stomp on your head. Instead of rolling to the side to dodge as you might normally, you instead avoid the attack by rising as quickly as you can from the ground, transitioning into a gazelle punch as you leap upwards.

The unorthodox attack seems to catch Tsukuya a little off-guard, having seemingly expected an uppercut from that position rather than a jumping hook. The result is that you just barely manage to graze her cheek before she’s able to jerk her head back, and then eat a heavy counter for your trouble. The hit to your liver drops you instantly once again, and Tsukuya looks down at you as you groan in pain.

“Well, that’s the closest you’ve come to hitting me, Danketsu-kun… Shall we call it there?”

>Yeah, I’ve had enough
>No, let’s keep going
>Yeah, let’s do this instead (what?)
>No, but give me a handicap (what?)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Yeah, I’ve had enough
We're clearly not going to win. We're just jobbers in physical confrontations.
>Yeah, I’ve had enough
Check on the twins
>No, let’s keep going
we gotta become the best somehow.

File: 3687.png (1.38 MB, 1250x2000)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB PNG
Ah, yes, Cuddling, commonly defined as the act of lying closely together while caressing each other. To hug tenderly. To nestle. To snuggle. To stay close in a long embrace. These incredibly handy insights are being provided by your level 5 Knowledge, aren’t you glad that this information is useful? You wouldn’t have had it otherwise! You were already the one true monarch of coziness, but every inch of knowledge makes you a better human being, doesn’t it?

‘Why are you concerned about cuddling?’ You ask yourself in your own inner monologue. The answer is simple! Before you went on an adventure where you cuddled with many women, you promised one particular sweet redhead that you’d snuggle with her before drifting off into dreams. And that’s what you’re about to do!

In one of the many rooms in Matilda’s dojo, a futon was specially laid out for you for a good night’s rest — you know it was Wilma because she left a one-line note on the pillow wishing you sweet dreams.

This place doesn’t look big enough to hold these many rooms, they’re tiny and compact, but still! The fact that everyone has their own space for the night is pretty impressive! So here you are, in your own cube waiting for Scarlet to return in her pajamas. She didn’t have any clothes when you randomly decided to stay the first time (she had to borrow clothes from Ruby, and you’ll never forget how that went...), but she requested a change of clothes while in Dream Hill.

The first thing you’ll do tomorrow morning is to pay a visit to the cemetery. To meet Fiora… But will you go alone?

Recruit someone for tomorrow?

>Yes. Bring Amelia.
>Yes. (Write-In Who.)
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File: 3718.png (323 KB, 800x640)
323 KB
323 KB PNG
“Later, after we’re done talking.” You prefer to keep things here. Odetta isn’t trustworthy yet.

“Very well.” Fiora doesn’t object. No one else seems to mind either. Going from a graveyard to a comatose wing isn’t the most uplifting of prospects… “There’s a beautiful garden over there. Let’s move our business to that spot. We shouldn’t be a bother to the ones mourning, and the mourned...” The tall gall commands as she cleans up the hot dog crumbs near the graves.

Originally, Fiora wanted to go on a walk while telling Kobashi’s story, but the tale proved too dense to not stay in one spot. Hell, it was so captivating, you didn’t notice when she got rid of the bouquets! Anyway, she wants to move away from Marcela’s tomb in case that filthy Gerard comes back.

You’re by the central garden inside the cemetery, it’s a large beautiful circular spot full of flowers with sidewalks. There are no tombstones, no graves, or any type of plaque. Except for one right by the entrance that reads ‘Life Continues’. Weird thing to have here, but you’re not going to question it. People create strange things when they’re mourning.

“Hmm, Ms. Fiora. I have a question.” Amelia is slowly warming up to the goth lady.

“What is it, my dear?” Fiora continues having her inviting aura. Despite her appearance…

“What happened to everyone else involved in the battle against Lokie? I mean the people that didn’t have superpowers, like Mr. Ihor or the Lion guy!” Amelia asks.

“I don’t think we should talk about the Lion guy.” Odetta has a cool head on her shoulders.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 3719.png (289 KB, 800x640)
289 KB
289 KB PNG

“As for Mr. Testudinata, in the following years, he immersed himself in his work. All to secure his family’s future. Bigger and more difficult cases, one after the other. I helped a couple of times, and he tutored me back. Then one day Mr. Testudinata simply disappeared without a trace...” Fiora adjusts her hat. “But what makes it truly perplexing is that he returned, almost three years ago, begging for my father’s help for his ‘final case’. I wanted to contribute, but he declined as the case was deemed too dangerous. He told me that if anything goes awry, I’d be the last hope. Then they were gone and I haven’t seen them since...”

“Maybe they’re over there.” Odetta points back at the visible graveyard portion outside the garden…

“Wah! Y-You’re a monster...!” Amelia is flabbergasted by Odetta’s indifference. The ghost girl finds your sister’s reaction funny.

“Twisted sense of humor aside, I’m certain they’re alive. No simple hunches. But facts.” Fiora doesn’t hesitate. Odetta liked the detective’s straightforwardness.

“Y-You people! How dare you move this meeting to some other place without my consent?!” Gerard Luther is back, and he’s pissed!

“Hey, if you wanna talk so much, why don’t you tell us what your deal is, huh?” You’re way too annoyed at him.

“W-What do you mean by that?” Gerard is taken aback by your question.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 3720.png (250 KB, 800x640)
250 KB
250 KB PNG

“Just tell us!” Amelia has enough and roars! “Why have you been a huge jerk to everyone you’ve met this whole time?!”

“Little child, what you’re doing at this moment is something we adults call ‘Hyperbole’, to some peasants. it’s a valid figure of speech, but to me and other grown-ups alike, it is nothing but exaggerated lies. And let it be known that through lying one cannot conduct a serious conversation. So, behave!” Gerard refuses to admit everyone hates him.

“But why? Why did you betray Mr. Kobashi? Why join the Terrorists? Why betray them too? I don’t get it!” Amelia has had enough.

“Ah, you’re aware of my adventures… If you’re so interested, I will explain everything to you peasants. These seemingly nonsensical patterns will reveal the one true crossword puzzle that is my ethos.”

Gerard pulls out his phone to put background music on…

Sadly, this is all we have for this thread! Thanks for playing! See you next one!
I love Gerard
Thanks for running

Maximillion Pegasus if he was cancer

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