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Today is my first day of High School. I'm excited and terrified but about what on either account I don't know...
Today I woke up; took a shower; brushed my teeth. Whilst brushing my teeth I gazed up into the mirror and was shocked to find looking at me no reflection! Where did I go? I honestly couldn't remember what I looked like.
I'm a 16 year old American male—I certainly know that much—but what is my race? height? weight? what do I look like? Good God! what is my name? how can I forget that?! and am I religious? What's wrong with me today? what is today? what year is it?
This is my first ever thread on this board so I'm sure it will be shitty. I really hope you like it nonetheless.
P.S.—I will be draw-fagging ITT.
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Nah, just really uncreative. I wish I came up with a better title but this is my first "quest" and I don't know what I'm doing. Lol. Just kind of winging it.
Damn. This shit is dead fr fr.
Not trying to disagree (because /qst/ is pretty slow), but you might get more responses if you make it more clear when you're done writing updates and maybe provide a few choices. Simply tallying votes and saying 'votes closed, writing' will give new readers an idea of when input's required.
Similarly, asking for Write-In responses might scare people off, especially early on unless it's a drawquest or something. A good method to try is the '3 choices and a Write-In' approach. For example:

What songs should be on the playlist?
>Classic Rock: Zepp, AC/DC, Nirvana
>Rap: Snoop, 50 Cent, Tupac
>Classical: Beethoven, Mozart, Bach

It seems contrived, but that sometimes helps coax out players. Might not be a bad idea to take a look at a few other quests on the board too and see how they format their updates--might help a little bit.
Anywho, I hope I don't sound condescending or anything--just thought I'd offer some advice since it's your first one and all. In the interest of keeping things alive, I'll vote for...

>All Weird Al Playlist. Literally all his discography. Every song. Every Polka.
Research rap music because of your prior concern about not knowing black culture and then when you show Zoey you're really trying to show Tresean
Thanks for the advice, bro. I didn't notice this for a while, was kind of demoralized honestly but this is good advice.

File: Start1.jpg (20 KB, 640x480)
20 KB
Saiyans. Known throughout the universe as the warrior race, their power and combat prowess proved invaluable in the Covenant's downfall. And with the largest threat to the PTO destroyed, their remnants scattered across space, the universe has been united under one banner. Peace reigns across the galaxy, under the rule of Lord Freeza, Emperor of the Universe. But not all wish it to be this way. Remnants of those who were conquered are gathering in the shadows, increasing their power, and plotting their revenge. Despite this newfound age of peace swiftly spreading across the stars, there are those who would seek its end. Will you be able to stop them, or shall the universe once more be plunged into the fires of war?

Welcome to Saiyan Conqueror Quest! This story takes place in an alternate timeline within the greater Dragonball EU. You the players control Karn: once an ordinary Saiyan warrior with a meager powerlevel of 2,830 who has risen to become a mighty Berserker Super Saiyan, and so much more. Throughout your many adventures, the “Dragon of New Salda” has grown into the symbol of Saiyan might and power, widely recognized across the universe as Freeza's close friend and confidant, not to mention his right hand man and General of his forces. From humble beginnings on the now long gone Planet Vegeta, Karn has become the pride of his people, and their greatest champion.

Character sheets and other info:
Help fund quest art commissions here: https://www.patreon.com/GrandDragonQM

Quest rules are as follows:
>30 minute voting windows
>Pick ONLY ONE option when voting(unless otherwise noted)
>Dice rolls are all best of first three, only correctly rolled dice pools will count

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What was the first time?
When Chilli asked why we hated him.
Fair. You’re really going to like this epilogue then
I just wanna be as good a father as our kids deserve dawg.
Fucking tore my heart out to hear one of them think we disliked them to the point of actively avoiding them.
I have never met anyone with an emotional fist.

File: 3368.png (405 KB, 1000x800)
405 KB
405 KB PNG
During your investigation to find out more about the ghost (Duckrothy) inside Kobashi’s home, an earthquake and some sort of shockwave hit simultaneously, causing the home owner and his new daughter to fall unconscious, bringing the research to a halt. They’re both fine otherwise. You’re trying to get a hold of yourself as you learned that there’s another uninvited guest (Houda) here, and Naiad informed you that the gate is ready for you to leave the bubble dimension! Was the sudden movement a result of that? Or was it something else?

A lot to process in a short amount of time…

“That’s great news!” You mentally send the information to the fairy through the fish hat on your pinky.

“You mind passing that over?” Houda is requesting the pic back. “No matter how charming Vanessa is, that harrowing image must be kept sealed from the eyes of this uncaring world.”

“Quack.” Dorothy wants you to find Lise to seal her fate.

“One at the time, please...” You want order.

“I’m playing second fiddle to a mere duck? It’s a fabulous bird, but it hurts the soul.” Houda isn’t happy being as important as a bird.

“It’s complicated.” You scratch the back of your head.

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>“It better be good, or else I’m not forgiving you.” Make her know she raised the expectations with her bad attitude.
>“It better be good, or else I’m not forgiving you.” Make her know she raised the expectations with her bad attitude.
File: 3399.png (845 KB, 800x640)
845 KB
845 KB PNG
“It better be good, or else I’m not forgiving you.” You let her know that thanks to her awful attitude, she raised the expectations.

“Don’t put expectations on me.” Esperanza dislikes what you’re doing.

“Too late.” You won’t refrain from being petty.

“Serve yourself.” Esperanza drops her hand and opens up a portal. It has some kind of watery texture, twirling from the outside to the inside – colors seemingly random and ever-changing. It’s nauseating to stare at. “It’s in there.” She goes through it.

You share a glance with Philonune, then follow the irritating girl to wherever this strange gate leads you to.

For a long moment, it felt like everything stopped, you were conscious for all of it – but couldn’t do, say or hear anything. Like waiting for a loading screen to finish. You hope that’s not literally what happened.

You find yourself in what could be considered the bastard child of an old-timey colosseum, a courtroom, and a martial arts stadium. The dreamy feeling of the Distant Frontier is absent, it’s difficult to articulate, but your body has its weight back, and all your senses have fully returned as well. You’re by the combination of a juror stand and a balcony, it has a great view of down below, which contains a combat ring. This place seems to be a VIP section.

“Woah.” You try to sound enthusiastic, but it doesn’t come out strongly.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 3400.png (578 KB, 800x640)
578 KB
578 KB PNG

The lights inside the venue focus on the entranceway towards the ring below, a young woman more or less your age comes out of the curtains. She looks like she doesn’t want to be here. She’s sporting a flame right on her neck.

“Judge, I’m really trying to go along with what you want! But what the heck am I supposed to do?!” The girl shouts from the center of the stage. “I came here alone like you asked, now what?!”

“Just go to the ring.” Esperanza pulls a megaphone to throw instructions. She puts her hand over the speaker. “What an idiot.”

“Seems simple enough.” The girl starts walking down the ramp with the lights following her, and enters the ring, not without struggling with the ropes. “Nggh…” She gets embarrassed by her clumsy movements. The ropes didn’t want to let her boot go.

Esperanza snaps her fingers again, the lights get redirected at the stage once again, now a man comes out of the back…

“Buahehahuhihihi!” It’s Oliver… And he has a theme song? He’s doing all the theatrics on his way to the ring too. There’s no crowd. He’s being stupid.

“Show off…” The girl glares at the eccentric idiot.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Thanks for running! Great thread!

File: 09092022map0.png (1.65 MB, 3100x2909)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB PNG
Read the rules: https://pastebin.com/hQMZiGUM
How to play: https://pastebin.com/ehJnx9SL

The dice you put in the "options" box is:

>What is /conqst/?
/conqst/ is a 4Chan story-telling, strategy game that is just like Risk but allows you to have more freedom in defining your civilization. Build your nation on the path that you choose, be it war, economical, benevolence, pious, or just plain chaotic. You tell the story of how your nation thrives in this ever-changing world. Just remember one thing: Your ultimate goal is to conquer the world.

>Can I join?
If there's any territory shaded in white, yes. If there isn't any, some players may be nice enough to give you land or allocate a puppet state. If not, then you could wait until the next game (or when I kick out inactive players).

>How hard is it to learn how to play this game?
It's better for you to learn as you go, but it's not difficult to play. You start with 5 territories as one nation, expand until you can't expand, and choose to attack, fortify, and/or defend. Plain and simple. You also get +1 attack and +1 defense for every certain amount of territories you own, and gain National Strength (NS) and gold every roll.
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Because of this.
HA. Hell no, just because you now got power you think I'm gonna do that?
If huntress squad wouldn't have helped you you'd still be a little thing.
As matter of fact, I can't because if I do it you'll be powerful enough to destroy huntress squad and kingdom of lemurs, I agree to become the puppet of huntress squad just to fuck you over.

You can go and fuck your self if you think I'm gonna do that.
I sacrifice everything I have to the sentient being who created this universe, to gain the power and strength to turn the outcome of my current situation and destroy my enemies.
All mighty creator, I kneel before you to acquire the blessing I so much need and desire to liberate my self from this pity, disgrace, and sorrow to give my people a better life, hope, dream, but over all, a better kingdom.

Spend all my resources.
Rolled 4 (1d10)

>attack the USSR in general

bold of you to assume I would betray my allies like that. The reason I attacked you to begin with was because you cut of my expansion in India then basically told me to attack Kingdom of Lemurs (who was my ally and trade partner) to conquer southern India. If you didn't ally with Germany I would have just been content to take northern India and leave you alone.

I was offering you an end to the war and a way to survive.

File: bandit.jpg (39 KB, 564x923)
39 KB
Your mother abandoned you on the steps of a church when you were just a baby. You've been told you were ugly, even then, and as you grew up, your looks only got worse. It's been a hard life. People see you and think they know your character from the wideness of your eyes, or by the brokenness of your teeth. Even in the church, where every weekend they would preach that everyone was equal in God's eyes, that it was the good inside that mattered, not appearances, even there, you were the invalid. The other kids learned quickly how little the nuns trusted you and how easy was to shift blame to the "ogre" (so they called you), and you learned how vicious the nuns could be with the rod when they wanted, and how futile are the cries of mercy of an ogre.

You ran away from the church the moment you reached manhood, and then you pursued a wanton life of banditry and pillage. For a time, your disfigurement didn't matter, and became almost a strength. You yourself became strong and others cowered at your feet. If they didn't love you, at least they feared you. Then you were brought to justice. You were shackled, whipped, imprisoned, then sent to this godforsaken island to work off the remainder of your sentence in dismal disgrace.

You've been here two years and carved out a crude kind of life among the other convicts. They leave you alone on account of your bulging muscles and relatively short temper. A few of the weaker ones do little odd jobs for you in exchange for protection from the others. One of them has even become something of a close friend, an old codger named Milosh, who you saved from being harassed by the Roarke gang his first day off the boat. He's a sharp, merry fellow, if a bit mysterious. No one knows what he did to get here, and he won't say, but everyone agrees that he doesn't belong. His cheerfulness rubs some people the wrong way–misery loves company–but you find in it a strange comfort. He reminds you a little of the only man from the church who ever showed you any kindness or love, Bishop Hugo. You've never forgotten him.
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>Make a deal with the guards to put the convicts back in line

For as much as Milosh fucked up and betrayed our trust he does not deserve to die like this. He was and still is our only good friend here. As we owe Roarke and his gang nothing and we know where he is going with his ship. We can offer the guards two things so that they will free Milosh and maybe even reduce his sentence so that he can be with his daughter sooner.

We can tell the guards we know where the Roarke gang is going so as to free Milosh from the stocks. And as we are the strongest man here we can take over from the Roarke gang and keep the other convicts under control so they do not riot and get everyone killed. If we do that it may get the guards to release Milosh early so that he can be with his daughter and save her from the streets. It is what a good friend would do.
>>Make a deal with the guards to put the convicts back in line

We crack few skulls, get milosh out of the stocks, and set up our own petty underworld. Not the worst outcome.
>Stay out of whatever happens, even if it means having to go it alone.
>>Make a deal with the guards to put the convicts back in line
Milash you dam fool, now we need to save him
>Take charge of the revolt and lead the convicts to freedom
Just give us a bad end instead of just quitting.

File: cublet.jpg (38 KB, 564x564)
38 KB
It's been more than two days since your mom left the lair. She told you she was going hunting and that she was going to come right back with a fresh kill and then the two of you would eat it together. You were hoping it would be deer this time, or the ones that had that soft, white stuff all over their body, sheep, you think your mom called them. But it's now the morning of the third day and still no sign of her. She told you not to leave the lair under any circumstances, that it's not safe out there in the forest, that you're not big enough to go out on your own. Every night she would tell you stories about the all the things lurking out there. Slimy geckos that cling to trees, waiting to drop on unsuspecting victims. Crab spiders that can change the color of their bodies to make themselves invisible, to ambush their prey from above. Giants that dwell in the foothills and roast disobedient cublets over their roaring fires. And, of course, the most dangerous creature of all: the 'venturers, with their sharp, shiny tools and their hard shells, who won't even kill you sometimes, but will bring you to a fate worse than death (what that fate was, your mom never bothered tell you, but you think it might have something do with why your dad's gone).

The lair is safe, and as long as you're in the lair, you're safe too. But you're hungry. You've eaten up all the food that was in here, picked every bone clean, and then even chewed up the bones. You're scared too. Maybe one of those creatures got your mom. Something that attacked her from above. Or maybe a 'venturer took her away. Sometimes they'll leave nasty traps in the forest, sharp little mouths without eyes or tongue that bite down hard and never let go. Or a mess of chains that hold you fast, tangle you up—until they come for you. What if she's hurt and she needs your help? And you're so, so hungry...

What do you do?
>Wait till dark, your mom always went out to hunt in the dark
>Take the familiar trail to the river; you've caught fish there before with your mom
>Try to follow your mom's scent, even though it leads deeper into the forest
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>Climb up and cut the prey down, it'll make for a decent breakfast
>Climb up and cut the prey down, it'll make for a decent breakfast
>>Ignore it and swim across to the other side of the pond, to follow the tracks
>Ignore it and swim across to the other side of the pond, to follow the tracks
>>Hide yourself and wait for the spider to come back, maybe it's seen your mom

File: wizard battle.png (42 KB, 1610x500)
42 KB

Ignore the part about submitting actions to the ref. Instead, you can submit an action for either wizard; one action per post. You can post as often as you want. Actions are resolved in order. If an action becomes invalid, it'll be discarded.

I think it'll be most fun if each player picks one wizard or the other to submit actions for, but I obviously can't enforce this.

If anything in the rules doc is unclear, let me know so I can fix it.
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
What changes should I make?
Drop info in thread instead of using a link

Headers/chapters for the info, maybe restructure it. Seems a tad scattered/bulky. A bit hard to digest.

Maybe even pictures to assist with the bulky info like each spell effect/mixture/resistance

Hope this helps, I'm eager to play
Ok thanks, I will do my best
What is this?
What began as a conflict over the superiority of milfs or tomboys has escalated into a war which has decimated a million worlds. Neran and Parvik have exhausted the resources of a universe in their struggle for supremacy.

But there is an end to it. The great fleets are dust. The mythical beasts are extinct. Now, both sorcerers stand atop the shattered ruin of the cosmos, their hatred fueled by a thousand centuries of continuous cataclysm.

No more schemes. No more maneuvering for subtle advantage. The time for elaborate gambits has passed.

This is a fight to the death. For each mage, the only acceptable outcome is the total annihilation of the other.

File: civ.png (323 KB, 944x660)
323 KB
323 KB PNG
It is time for a new civilization thread. Please select your race amongst the three options provided (human, elves, little folk) and how you would like to start the game (the options will be provided below, I might accept write ins if they are interesting enough).

A. Humans. Humanity is very close to the gods of this world. Whereas a human may change allegiance from god to god depending on occasion, atheism is very rare amongst the humans, who will go out of their way to perform the adequate rites for their deities of choice. Being so devout, humans receive frequent aid in the form of supernatural miracles.

B. Elves. Elves are largely atheistic, even thought they have an elf goddess that watches over them. They do not worship her as much as they acknowledge what she does for them. Still, the faith of the elves is too weak for them to have a priestly class proper. Elves however are exceptional at ranged combat, with most elves being skilled with the bow, and their elite forces often bragging they never miss a target.

C. Little Folk. The little folk loves delicious food and know how to cultivate and prepare it. Their numbers soar almost uncontrolably so long as they have food available. It is not uncommon for families of little folk to have more than ten siblings. They prefer small and light weapons, like daggers and slings.

The Paladin - you received a vision from your god that he would give you a promised land. People did not believe in you - most of them at least. You began travelling and garnering supporters and then travelled to the desert. In there you learned that the river floods and the earth around the river is incredibly fertile. This will be your promised land.

The Noble - you inherited some land, with a castle in it. The townsfolk are angry at your forefathers for ignoring their needs. The guy who ruled the land before you was a miser, loathing spending treasury at all. This makes you have a healthy amount of gold, to appease the peasants with or follow your own goals.

The Wizard - you were in need of space to work on your arcane formulas undisturbed, so you spent your hard-earned money having a tower built for you in an isolated area. Strangely enough, after being paid, the workers instead of leaving decided to build a village near your tower. You are the only one who can protect them in this wilderness. Whether you will choose to protect them or not is up to you.
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File: diola.png (927 KB, 900x1357)
927 KB
927 KB PNG

One villager arrives at your tower. You recognize her as Diola.

"Wizard, we must speak. There have been a kill in the town."

"Did a villager killed another?"

"No, it was stranger than that. One man was found dead in his shackle. All his fluids drained."

"Do you think it has been supernatural?"

"That is what everyone is thinking. There may be a monster on the loose."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> Test only the youth
Get em young.
> Never too late to start learning alchemy
> Transmutation. You may or may not have been pondering shedding your fleshy body for a better one.
>Test only the youth
>Never too late to start learning alchemy
>Test only the youth: loli is needed
>Never too late to late to commit horrible experiments in the name of progress
>The priest. Mendele this shit out.
>Necromancy research. We are all consumptive beings, the nature of the negative material plane is a natural resource to draw on to immortalize our base state.
>This is a very dangerous development, let the townsfolk stay within their homes tonight. Have none leave lest it is to summon myself.
>raise skeletons
>drape skeletons in cloaks and perfumes
>rig skeletons with fireball spells
>have skeletons keep watch outside town
>wait for explosions to investigate
support >>5411339

File: TITLE9.jpg (96 KB, 895x669)
96 KB
>Neon Terminus Evangelion
>Episode 09 - "Everywhere at the End of Time"


The steady rumble of traffic fills the streets of New Tampa. A fresh, salt air breeze sweeps across the top of the dike and flavors the air with the scents of the ocean.

You are Ethan Chandler and you're having a good day. You're out for a date with your girlfriend, Katya Skobeleva, enjoying the sights and sounds of the city as you walk hand in hand.

It feels like heaven. Unreal. Your heart is lighter than a feather. You're walking on air. You glance at her. She looks back. Her crystal blue eyes fix on yours and she smiles, sending an electric jolt through your heart.

You grin wider and look away. Glancing up you see a sign over a window-fronted store.

"Want to grab something to eat?" You ask.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: MetroMap.jpg (62 KB, 692x520)
62 KB
You bring your weapon up and around, pirouetting on the ball of your foot as you center the pistol.

You hear the angry hum of a bullet crack past you but you don't flinch.

One shot.

Your pistol jumps and the NervSec agent's head snaps back, his body going limp.

You turn away and sprint the rest of the distance to the metro, jumping into the car as the doors close. Mercifully it's empty.

Concealing your pistol in your waistband again, you take a moment to try to catch your breath. A simple map of the subway line you're on catches your eye and you follow its trajectory. You can change cars at Mabry Circle which isn't far. Then another change of cars should lose your pursuit entirely. They're not going to risk making a big scene to catch you.

Then it's just a matter of roaming, circling around, and doubling back until you're sure you haven't been followed.

You sit down on the hard bench seat and feel the car accelerate out of the station. You're shaking. You look down at your empty hands blankly. They're visibly trembling.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
"This stop, Mabry Circle. Mabry Circle."

Your stop.

You get off the car in a daze, moving through a loose crowd of people who board behind you. You feel sweaty and sick, but also distant, like this is all a dream.

"Get it together," you whisper to yourself. "Get it together. Don't fall apart. Not now." You clench your hands into tight fists and fight off the shock settling over you. You're alive. He's not. That's all there is to it.

By the time you board the connecting Metro, you're feeling stiller, more centered, your mind quieter.

You ride the metro for an hour, trading cars several times as you work your way toward the outer edges of the city. Then you spend another hour walking the streets aimlessly. You circle, zig-zag, and double back on your own path over and over again as you aimlessly meander.

You have to be positive-absolutely positive-that you're not followed. If you lead NervSec to Max then you'll doom both of you.

The rain lets up eventually and the sky is starting to lighten when you finally reach Max's place. You're soaked through and shivering, your legs feel like rubber, exhausted.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>I don't want to be alone tonight. Help me get out of these clothes.
handholding with the lights off
>>I don't want to be alone tonight. Help me get out of these clothes.

File: Cover.jpg (320 KB, 700x1324)
320 KB
320 KB JPG
You are Anon, master baiter, master masturbator, coomer per excellence, and UOOOOOOHHHHposter bar none.

You are currently in a white void with the only other presence being a dude that looks about ten seconds away from trying to sell you NFTs.

"Rude." His expression does not change a smidge. "But noted, I shall choose another appearance when interacting with mortals. I'd go with my real self, but it gets tiring seeing wood splinters grow from all their orifices."

Can you ask why you're here?

"Because I'm sending you to another world, of course. Because you are the kind of person that wants that. And because it serves my interests."

You don't like where this is going. It's a god and not a cute goddess isekaing you, and he talks about interests?! What have things come to?!

"Demiurge, not god. I'm not prideful enough to claim the title, unlike a certain jumped-up harlot of whom we will talk in just a minute." He clears his throat. "And my interests, uncharacteristically, are the kindest of the kind: saving a world."

You are now sitting on a comfortable sofa, the being's hands on squeezing on your shoulders with fake familiarity.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Yeah, I thought that the forest was basically the "head to the demon castle" route, so my thinking was get mage > get equipment (+ maybe fighter?) > go kill stuff
>City of mages so you can the ball rolling on ancient prophecies and shiet
I remember odin plucking 1 eye out, but not the stabbing thing
>>Forest. You gotta pump your numbers up, they're rookie numbers.
>City of mages so you can the ball rolling on ancient prophecies and shiet
OP, pls don't die on us

File: Ushirodo_no_kuni_stg6.jpg (144 KB, 1664x1744)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
An average day as always. You rise early in the morning, get ready, and go to work for the day. Work is a pleasant enough activity, you worked a part time job delivering pizzas on a moped for a small corner parlor, and when that shift was done, you usually went to your second job at a flower store, where the lady running the show paid you to keep her merchandise watered.

After the average day was done, you threw in your rags and headed home. And that was the last thing you remembered at least, because after you got home and opened the door? It all goes... blank.

There was a shadow waiting for you behind closed doors, and then... sleep; You guessed. You awoke not in the sheets of your bed, not in the air conditioned temperature of your apartment, and not out of these clothes you've been wearing all day long either. But, to the noise of nature, and the shocking sight of the great outdoors!

When you picked your head up, you looked around and came to discover a wholly new place you've never seen before in your life.

>A deep, lush forest under the arms of a mountaintop.
>A bristling blue and misty lake surrounded by trees.
>A dense and packed bamboo forest that felt cool.
>A field that goes on and on, of sunflowers.
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>Decline. You already had one chaotic Fairy willing to follow you, you couldn't take two of them! Reimu, give her a spanking! (5+ Grace)
I said this would happen.
>Decline. You already had one chaotic Fairy willing to follow you, you couldn't take two of them! Reimu, give her a spanking! (5+ Grace)
>Make a declaration to Cirno that we will never become her subordinate, and one day we will be strong enough to challenge her title as the strongest with our own power!

Reoccurring mini boss battle route GO!
>Make a declaration to Cirno that we will never become her subordinate, and one day we will be strong enough to challenge her title as the strongest with our own power!
I could get behind this one as well, I can see this leading to hijinks with Cirno showing up unexpectedly at the wrong place at the wrong time just to fight us.
A somewhat relevant image.
Seeing Okina's robe from the back made me think of Goku.

>This Quest takes place in the life of a mortal living in the Eastern Direction of the world of the Exalted rpg, Creation.
>Knowledge of the setting/mechanics is advised but not vital.
>This will be my first time using basic 3rd edition mechanics in a quest
>Be gentle with me senpais.

The laws of your ancestors, to be accepted by them in the afterlife and exist alongside them in their ancient home after death are these:

Lie with none outside of the bonds of marriage, that your youth may be profitable, and that you may scatter not the family and breed no quarrels with those around you.

Slay no kin, the ancestors accept none who do so, as your family is sacred and your death is theirs, so is their death at your hand eternal departure from the family, one who slays kin is no longer kin, and may be slain.

Bear fruit, do not let the family die with you, the ancestors do not welcome those who had the opportunity to produce a new generation and let that chance die with them, multiply and make great the family, let all arrows leave your quiver to good places that new archers may send them further.

Wed wisely, do not invite dissension into the family, do not wed one who will draw you away from the beliefs of your ancestors, do not wed one who will raise your children to mock the beliefs of your ancestors, do not bind your family name to reprobates, murderers, adulterers, the wicked, the ancestors will be avenged against one who does this.

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OP if you're going to have a complex character creation then do it step by step while explaining to the players what each choice means.
As the others said, you're probably committing a bit of a mistake here with the lay out.

BUT HEY, I like to support a new order.

Honestly not sure what a decent age is. So go with young adult and then we'll see where that leads us.

>Fu Huck
Also don't know what a common name is, so I'm going for a chineseish name That has a juvinile joke in.

Mental > Physical > Social
>Appearance: 1
>Charisma: 2

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Sounds great! Just the sort of thing I was hoping for, but I must sleep. Brb anons.
Probably a dead quest, but maybe the QM just wants some more participation.

>Which sex are you?
>What age are you?
>What is your name?
Lee Chan
First two chinese people I thought of


>Intelligence: 2
>Perception: 3

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Sereno Luna or if Chinese is needed, Zhou Tai
Physical, Social, Mental

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: Pimarch Quest Title.png (647 KB, 697x827)
647 KB
647 KB PNG
In the great war between the Mitu, Orks, and the Mechanicum the Priests have won. Two empires shattered to give rise to one that shall outshine both of them. But the Federation was built not just on the backs of Lucius and Dutonis but almost the entire existence of the Mechanicum. Even Primarch will find an issue trying to organize an Empire who is unified only in Faith.

++The Rules++
>Vote with Greentext, otherwise they probably won’t be accepted.
>Write-ins can be accepted, and might even be used in the final without majority rule.
>If you are going to change your vote, make it so your post only links to the numbers of the previous vote. It's cleaner that way.
>If you mix votes together without modifying them in any way, I reserve the right to employ your top most pick as your vote. Claiming it as a write-in won’t work either unless you modify it to convince me otherwise.

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I mean we already gave the Acillians a Primaris Organ we kinda already opened that can. A bigger organic body can hold more/bigger augments and would cost less than making someone smaller bigger through technology.
Fair. Maybe it might cost less, but I'd factor in greater rejection issues over bionics. Crossing the Rubicon has a very high attrition rate.

Plus theres always a limit to how big you can flesh grow someone, but never a limit to how much steel you can put on a man. The upper end of bionic shell bodies is limitless. I'd love to see Dreadnoughts as an honor 2nd legion all aspire to earn in life, not in death alone.

that being said, no idea if QM will even entertain just straight up primaris. I'd be happy for Sons of Anteus/Storm Giants when it comes to organically bigger marines. If he does see it in the cards I cant say I'd be against it but it seems much
Truth be told the fact that we have installed the magnificat gene but our Acillians are not taller or physically stronger than Astartes begs the question: are we unawares of magnificats full potential? Or are we aware but not tapping it.

It is the magnificat that gives primaris their extra foot of flesh height.
>theres always a limit to how big you can flesh grow someone
laughs in tyrranid Bio-Titans. you need to remember this is basically a science fantasy setting.

the magnificat is an upgrade we give to elite units and even then only the Acillians have it. I imagine only Decarii and up got it.

changing my votes here to unless QM says Mal won't accept in which case I'll continue to support Nano's vote.
>Ask for the Genome of the thunder warriors.

File: KLK Quest OP Image.png (1.11 MB, 1280x720)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
Guess who's back? It's me! Welcome to Part 4 of Kill la Kill Quest!

Your name is Anon Meipan, you were a member of the lower class, the no-star student body until a chance encounter gave you an opportunity you'd never dreamed off. Becoming a member of the Elite Four.

I would get right into it but it's been a few months so let's do a quick recap.
Your name is Anon Meipan as stated above, you were a No Star student at Honnoji Academy before surprising circumstances landed you a spot on the Elite Four.
Following that, you layed low for a bit until you became involved with one Ryuko Matoi and became her friend.
After passing Elite Four initiation, you then deepen your friendships with Ryuko and a new girl Maiko.
Soon after Ryuko was attacked by a mysterious man named Tsugumi, with your combined help you were able not only stop him but Nonon of the Elite Four as well.
Currently you are talking with Maiko, trying to decide what sort of club you want to make after being officially recognized as an Elite Four to the student body, although it will more than likely be related to the arts.

> A regalia similar to those worn by the elite four, with an unassuming outward appearance, when transformed it gains highlights of gold and silver and an Owl like mask
> Your life fiber controlling gauntlets, currently allow to push pull or hold those wearing life fibers. This extends to Anon himself, which allows him to do things like fly.

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So qm, is everything ok?
> Remain calm
> Go and prepare at the clubroom. Sangeyama can wait.
> Remain calm
> Go and prepare at the clubroom. Sangeyama can wait.
don't die
I won't I promise. Sorry shit's been busy. Will try to get back as soon as possible

The desert kingdom of Carmine. Home to inhospitable territory, a blazing sun which never ceases to scorch all earth beneath it. Home of men who rule both the home and land. It is a land of masculinity, a land where only the strong can survive. Women cannot hold positions of power, and are subject to the whims of their husbands.

The Lions of Carmine were once proud warriors who believed heavily in honor, dignity and respect. But a number of issues both internal and abroad leave it struggling for survival. You're here to save that failing kingdom. The Azure cities are a collection of rotting piles of estrogen. Adorned gaudily with statues to further extol them as goddesses. You escaped Artemisia in the land of Azure, to find out what it truly means to be a man. To leave behind what was in the past, and carve out a new destiny for yourself.

Your name, Is Mist Aeon. And this, is your story of redemption.

With you, you brought of course,

1. A mighty Wyvern Steed who flies quickly, and has powerful breath to exterminate enemies

2. A Lark, member of an extreme feminist movement in chains as your slave.

3. A trove of wealth to start over with a new life
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>1. You're a better leader than they deserve. I'm happy to serve at your side any time King Garret.
>1. You're a better leader than they deserve. I'm happy to serve at your side any time King Garret.
OP ?
Can i pet my peanius inther viegiagne
Can i put my me penais nin her irerpreinaussenaus devegaiene ??

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