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File: 20350816872458.jpg (108 KB, 600x387)
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File: XB-36.jpg (157 KB, 1280x827)
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157 KB JPG
plane tank
tank plane
Somewhere on the way from my apartment to my parents house there was an old boxcar on a field (held up with blocks) advertising horses.
File: train.jpg (121 KB, 1024x783)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
File: 4vzp20oxi3f41.jpg (359 KB, 1280x960)
359 KB
359 KB JPG
train bridge

File: wp2185281.jpg (83 KB, 1920x1080)
83 KB
Don't get me wrong I do acknowledge AIRBUS superiority, but I still can't believe that they killed this beauty.
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Why not just have one big tank?
>one big tank
What if there is a leak? Also, you have to have anti-slosh baffles so you might as well compartmentalize the tanks so you can trim.
Isn't the Airbus A380 failing exactly because it's not cost competitive for airlines?
The tu-144 died because it was the epitome of soviet dysfunctional reverse engineering, they took the plans for Concorde then proceeded to blyat everything up. It was obnoxious, unreliable, unsafe, and somehow still unprofitable despite cutting every possible corner and outfitting it for tourist class service.

24 year old graphic design graduate with Aspergers here. Clearly there's no jobs going for me now so I've started thinking about an old childhood fantasy - becoming a truck driver.

I think I'd love the comfy long haul journeys with my music on, seeing new sights every day, going on comfy night drives. I'd totally make that thing my home and take real good care of it. My family have basically disowned me and no girls want to be with an Aspergers weirdo so having no social interaction doesn't bother me. All I need is music and food.

How do you actually become a trucker with no prior experience?
>How do you actually become a trucker with no prior experience?

sign up with JB hunt, get trained then leave as soon as you can to get on local point to point deliveries.

You make just as much or more doing local point to point. Long haul is old 70s shit.

>no prior experience?

Preferred. Since modern transportation laws basically blacklist anyone who got an accident they look to hire foreigners from eastern europe or people moving from a different field.

Be advised that once you get in your first accident they will fire you.
File: 6x4-concrete-truck.jpg (316 KB, 2000x1333)
316 KB
316 KB JPG
JJ Keller
English something
All train you to get your
Class A license, and endorsements for whatever particular trailer types you'll use

Commerical Driver's License

Some other endorsements can be like, for operating the mechanisms on a Cement truck, or garbage truck. Crane truck (big $$$$, but very limited jobs)
is JB Hunt the best to do this with?

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White is the worst colour though.
Wrong. White is always right.
Half the people commenting on this will have basic bitch flat paint with no flake lmao
it's not white though
double wrong, white is bad luck for a bike
>ghost bike
ride to velohalla, shiny and chrome
File: ride shiny and chrome.jpg (202 KB, 1024x996)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
>ride to velohalla, shiny and chrome

File: maxresdefault.jpg (256 KB, 1280x720)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
I love airplanes, aviation, and travel, but I cannot fucking stand "aviation people". I grew up around them. My father worked in airport management. I used to wander around the hangers and admire the beautiful planes. I don't think that would be possible anymore with security but those were different times. When I was too young to know better I was friendly with the pilots and ground crew. My father warned me about airplane people especially the pilots, and said most of them were broken men with damaged marriages and no well adjusted person gets into flying, but I thought he was just being harsh. Little did I know. When I grew up my first job (in a different city) was with a fairly well known air transport company and that's when I first started to get a clue. Again, I told myself it was just the area I was in. Then aviation communities appeared online and I joined them. Again I told myself the weirdos were just a few too-online people.

But over time I started to realize something about airplanes attracted fucked up people. Maybe I'm one of them? Are they trying to fly away from their problems? Are "we" trying to fly away from our problems? Regardless I don't want to be around them. So I switched careers and I'm much happier with my coworkers. I just do flight sims now and it's so much better.

tl;dr if you're a youngster and you're thinking about it, just don't. It's much easier to like when appreciated from a distance.
I know that feel but with trucks. Ended up doing fleet service, which destroyed my soul, until I got a real job in an aviation shop. I'm still coping because I have a lawn full of trucks and a garage full of engines I'm sick of looking at.
>aviation people
You mean birds?
Have you seen happy transportation workers above a certain seniority?
They are very rare, probably enthusiasts who still enjoy their work enough to make up for the countless drawbacks it brings.
>something about airplanes attracted fucked up people.
It's not that the demands of the industry fucks people up?

File: collectile.jpg (465 KB, 2000x1500)
465 KB
465 KB JPG
It has never been tougher to get your hands on a vintage mountainbike
So many have been butchered into ebikes and its only going to get worse
What can be done to educate the public about this wasteful fad?
It crushes me inside to see them like that
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Does this count as a collectible bike? I got for free a few years ago and I’ve had only changed out the tires for some panaracers 1.95. Sorry, I don’t know much about it
mean streak diamondback, I think it’s from the 80s, all original parts to my knowledge except the bell I added and the tires and brakes
forgive me for my shitty phoneposting anon I can provide more detail if needed
Have you guys considered that maybe old mtb geometry isn't that good for mtb-ing as the modern one?

File: r22-bank-718x480.jpg (32 KB, 718x480)
32 KB
>mast bumps you to death in your path
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>The only solution is to have more than 2 blades, but then you have to fully articulate them.

I don't know how the industry makes people this dumb. It would be comparatively trivial to install a servo on the pitch linkage and an accelerometer which would prevent the pilot from inadvertently exceeding limits.
>an industry I can assure you we are exhausted by this topic

As an industry, I guarantee that posts like OP's trolling is half the reason you're fellow employees are eating well, gaining healthcare and pensions, etc.

Little Jimmy wants to protect us from the goddamn terrorists so your company gets the contract to keep him safe, huh? Clearly we decided that mast bumping was enough of a problem that we pay you to solve it.

Fuck you. We need MORE R44s, being a superhero is dangerous too, and anyway last time I checked the goddamn terrorists were still driving Toyota pickup trucks.
I literally have no idea what your point is land bitch.
File: Schiebel-social[1].jpg (39 KB, 1200x628)
39 KB

My point is that the military is the chief motivation for advanced technology, because the Americafat public feels more threatened by Arabian pool contractors than they do by threats, like diabetes and heart disease. My second point is that you spread a mentality which is created and propagated by industry, for selling weaponry. This improves the weapons manufacturing processes, but is not the best for people who want to fly for sport. To summarize, the rotary wing paradigm is based on military market, military pilots, and the problem described (low maneuverability / no negative gs) is first being addressed in the context of weaponry, which is dumb
I recommend therapy.

post things that look good
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File: 1647705517862.jpg (25 KB, 474x473)
25 KB
>uses GCN as a source
File: abifgile4u.png (1.35 MB, 360x640)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
This is one of my all-time faves. Just the 90's JDM tech vibe does it for me.
>.png (1.35 MB, 360x640)

File: Honda_Wave_125_S_2007.jpg (1.22 MB, 2048x1536)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB JPG
Who here has taken the SEA pill? Most efficient transportation in terms of cost/time is the motorbike. Here in Vietnam, you can buy a brand new ultra reliable Honda Wave for just over $1k USD. These get 80mpg in the city driving like a maniac and over 120 driving conservatively. You can park them almost anywhere and they're cheap to maintain. A broken mirror costs $2 and an oil change costs $.50 in labor and $4 in oil.
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>like nethergay and others which we can't because of ridiculous hills
stop being poor
stop being a homo

this looks like a cool little shitter that people would have everywhere in the USA IF it wasn't for the fact that anything over 50cc requires a moto license and moto insurance. That's what kills the fun of these super practical babies here in the USA. A place like greece? You could ride that to South East Asia and punch OP in the eye for being such a dildo.
nam (not a moped)
Man, I'm a cycle frog from the UK. Hate scooter drivers and never really understood scooters or motorbikes.

Until I went to Vietnam earlier this month. Did a couple of trips on the moped from Vinh to Hue and Hue to Hoi An.

I really loved it, and I'm considering buying one. But I don't think I could buy a moped. Just not enough power.
>honda wave
So is that what they're calling the Honda Biz in Vietnam, huh

>limits your gearing range
>limits how close your gears can be
>wears out drivetrain components way quicker
>those fast wearing cassettes are also conveniently way more expensive
>many new frames don't even have front derailleur mounts anymore, forcing you into using 1x
And the best part? People will unironically justify this by saying that clicking a button on the left handlebar is a "hassle" and "too much to think about".
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>What I want to see are cassettes with less gears but bigger steps between the gears
There are quite a few, pretty much any 10 speed or less MTB cassette fits this criteria, Microshift even has a whole 1x9 groupset with an 11-42 cassette
reminds me of that movie with joseph gordon-levitt
I think he meant more like 5/6 speed, something like this: https://ritzelrechner.de/?GR=DERS&KB=34&RZ=11,16,22,30,42&UF=2215&TF=90&SL=2.6&UN=KMH&DV=ratio
This is one of the dumbest posts on this board ever
go click up and down your 1t jumps fred. you seem a little stressed.

File: AbsolutelyFree1060.jpg (216 KB, 1060x704)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
If steel is so great, why do all the cost-no-object high end steel frame builders put carbon forks on their bikes?
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It's just a fatigue test bro, relax. Shows that steel doesn't last forever even in lab environment.
Nothing lasts forever is exactly what I said. I’m not the one saying steel or any other material lasts forever. Maybe if you don’t ride your bike it will last a long time, but that’s a different conversation for another time.
you should probably be telling this to >>1855027, not me
can somebody explain this in more detail? it's hard to imagine my cannondale frame not outliving me by a long time. it's like the sturdiest thing i own.
90 strokes per minutes are 5400 strokes in 1 hour.
So, 200'000 cycles are 37 hours of pedaling.

If you pedal standing up 2 minutes every day, its 730 minutes a year. Which is 12 hours a year.

Which means 200.000 cycles will be completed in 3 years. MINUS all the other stresses.

This is not reassuring. And is compatible with my experience.

So, the best frame is probably NON super lightweight toring steel frame.

Is it safe to say new york city has the most iconic bridges and tunnels?
145 replies and 85 images omitted. Click here to view.
Serious answer, the engineers weren't sure if it would be stable to build a suspension bridge with multiple mainspans, and they didn't feel capable of building a single massive span at the time, so they built it as two separate bridges connected by the island anchorage for the cables.
>he hasn't taken a cliff's virginity

There's a couple theoretical advantages to prestressed concrete beams. They can have a better depth to span ratio than steel beams, enabling either more vertical clearance for a given span or a longer span between piers, reducing the number of piers required. They also don't need painting because the concrete is supposed to protect the reinforcing steel from corrosion and the prestresing is supposed to keep the concrete from cracking.
Not a terribly convincing explanation.

Do you get excited when a woman is 'supposed to' have sex with you?
File: skyway.png (735 KB, 1058x746)
735 KB
735 KB PNG
The Sunshine Skyway is still there

Could motorized bicycles replace cars in congested cities?
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The wind is a good AC albeit, and the engines got a lot of heat. Personally, I don’t prefer a car to this type of a bike because I live in the city with piles of endless traffic and no available parking spots and you can get ticketed for any little wrong thing you do. I would choose car out in the burbs.
>and no available parking spots
Vote for governments that want to introduce parking minimums.
Parking isn't a problem in cities with good infrastructure.
Isn't that called a moped? Because I don't think that would work out as a lot more people use cars than mopeds
I don't know, could they..
You know, I used to be against g-bikes too until we got one for my great grandfather. He used to ride his bike everyday as a child. So for his birthday we got him a Harley Davidson g-bike and took him down to the local multi use path. Let me tell you, seeing his face light up as he ran over all of the walkers and joggers and other cyclists on the path brought a tear to my eye. I will no longer criticize people who choose to ride g-bikes, it is good for the sport because it makes it more accessible for people like my great grand pappy, or people who are physically capable but too lazy to turn the pedals themselves. It is important that as many people be on the trails as possible. This is good for cycling and if you disagree you are ableist. The implication that my beloved "four-wheel g-bike" (a GMC Hummer) shouldn't be ridden on the local bike path is insufferable gatekeeping. Just because it has four wheels instead of two doesn't make it any less of a bike. Like every other cyclist, there's a simple joy in getting around town just pushing the pedals (the gas and the brake) and feeling the breeze in my hair.

File: video-1024x566.png (560 KB, 1024x566)
560 KB
560 KB PNG
>it's taken them over 8 years and they still aren't even close to done.
Tornado was already half way done by then, why are Americans like this?
because building trains from scratch is difficult, and expensive.
Not enough American foamers to pitch in money like the limey's do.
Also, frame casting is about to commence next year for 5550

File: pedestrian-signal.jpg (38 KB, 400x300)
38 KB
I hate how stupid traffic signals are.
>press beg button
>traffic lights are red for all the lanes I want to cross
>pedestrian signal doesn't let me through even though it's safe
>sit there for 2 minutes watching a clear and safe crosswalk that I could be crossing
>traffic gets a green light and now I have to wait out a whole light cycle
>I don't get to cross until it circles back around to the state it was in WHEN I FUCKING PRESSED THE BUTTON
This happens to me multiple times a day by the way. It drives me insane.
This is why people just ignore the rules.
32 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Having the lights be green for both road traffic and pedestrians would defeat the whole purpose of a traffic light.
What are "european crosswalks"? In Berlin I did experience the idiocy of timed crossings without buttons, but I assume that's just a Berliner retardation.
Lol you actually have buttons at crosswalks? They don't just automatically cycle through? Imagine living in a city with such little pedestrian traffic that that's the solution
The ones with induction loops still need buttons
>annoys pedestrians who just miss the cycle and have to wait (also germans, who will feel the need to wait when there's no traffic)
>annoys drivers who have to wait when there are no pedestrians
this seems like the worst of both worlds
if you want to prioritise foot traffic just have a button controlled crossing with the button given more "weight", so to speak

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