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File: ATSF_7908_(22354435102).jpg (1.2 MB, 1200x793)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
Post your favourite liveries from railroads that are no longer with us ITT.

Pic related. I've always loved the red & grey/silver with the touch of yellow. I don't know if this came before or after the blue but I think it looks a lot better. RIP Santa Fe.
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what went wrong? is it just paintshop laziness?
Pretty bad. I never liked the B&O
File: milw6.jpg (1.44 MB, 1569x1039)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB JPG

File: 169412631012646718.jpg (511 KB, 2000x1500)
511 KB
511 KB JPG
>70 mpg
>automatic transmission available if you’re a gash
>never have to deal giving someone a ride

Motorcycles are how real men travel. Hit the open road and go wherever the wind blows you.
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>400 is too small to be comfortable on a highway
>you'll have the engine sitting on 10k rpm for hours
I used to have a Honda XL125V and that thing was perfectly comfortable on highway. And it went 110 km/h, which was enough to keep up with traffic here, with throttle wide open sitting almost on the rev limiter. Absolutely no problem holding that for hours on end. But with that little power overtaking becomes a problem.

The only problem with a 400 is if you've installed aftermarket pipes that scream like hell and you can't stand listening to that for hours. But with stock pipes there's 0 reasons why 400 can't be comfortably ridden on highway for hours at a time. No, the engine doesn't care if it's sitting on 7 - 10k rpm for all day. They're literally made for that.
It's regional. 80 in New England is cop bait but 80 in California or Texas is getting passed by semis. Most motorcyclists in the US live places they can ride year round which also happen to be places where 80 is getting passed by semis.
i would never cruise at 80 with retarded drivers and deer way too unpredictable

i would just take backroads
You have to lose weight and become strong.
>BSA and Triumph on the same level
>Enfield not a full 2 levels down from the other “normal” brands of the 60s and 70s
>rickman and dot bottom
Whoever made this knows nothing about motorcycles

File: images.png (9 KB, 225x225)
9 KB
I just realized I need a helmet.
I've lost couple of pounds (due to food poisoning) and e-scooter suddenly started doing wheelies, and I thought about it... It is just a matter of time before i land on the back of my head and leave brain juice on the curb, and city will fine me for littering which i dont want.

What kind of things i've to look for? I think biggest danger is that back flip can be accelerated, and fact that on e-scooter head is much higher off the ground than on a bicycle.
Top speed is not much, around 30 kmh or so, but that doesn't really matter unless you slide off in the corner and hit a curb or smth.
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it's tough because I drive safe, avoid busy roads etc etc
but none of this matters when a freak accident happens and I hit my skull on the pavement
however I don't want to wear a helmet everyday it would suck the joy of bike riding
and I have low self esteem and hate standing out in the eyes of other people
wear a helmet on longer trips or if going fast don’t use one for a leisure ride around the neighborhood
>having high volume natural twink curls
Based fellow curly head
I ride MTBs and I ride like a lunatic. The only possible comparison I have for MIPS vs non-MIPS is comparing my friend, who crashed his MTB with a non-MIPS helmet and myself who crashed with a MIPS helmet.
He crashed by hitting a large hole on the way down a path, stopping his front wheel and catapulting him over the bars. His helmet was smashed in two, held together only by the plastic shell (the foam was separated inside, visibly)
He had a concussion, got really weird (saying he was cold, asking where we were etc.) and ended up in hospital

I had a very similar crash a few years later, using a MIPS helmet. I hit a wombat near 40kph, the front wheel stopped and I got catapulted off the front of the bike. The helmet was smashed quite similarly, plastic in tact but foam visibly separated inside. After a bit of a daze, and a weird shift in my colour vision as my head hit the ground which was quite unnerving, I was fine. No concussion, no weirdness, rode myself home and slept it off.

Not exactly a study on it, but after that I've sworn by MIPS, we both hit the ground head first with significant forward momentum and I was far better off. Take my anecdote as you will, the truth is both of us were fine longterm and probably would have been killed or vegetable-ised had we not worn helmets at all.
>however I don't want to wear a helmet everyday it would suck the joy of bike riding
It's never sucked the joy out of bike riding for me. You honestly forget about it, like wearing a watch. People who never wear a watch are annoyed by them, for about 7 days. Then it is just like they don't exist, until you think about it ('you are now breathing manually' style)

File: tay bridge.jpg (583 KB, 2048x1360)
583 KB
583 KB JPG
This thread is for talking about railways, and things related to railways, in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Let's talk about trips we've made, journeys we've taken and would like to take, and trains and stations that we like, without being freaks about it.

The usual interesting links:
~Trainline (thetrainline.com/) - probably the best option for overseas visitors wishing to purchase tickets.
~National Rail Enquiries (nationalrail.co.uk/) - will show you the possible options for travelling by train, and link you to the train operator's website to buy a ticket. It doesn't matter which train operator you buy a ticket from, they'll all sell you a ticket from anywhere to anywhere for the same price.
~Realtimetrains (realtimetrains.co.uk/) - track your train in real-time: ideal for keeping on top of your ETA and platform numbers.
~Openrailwaymap (openrailwaymap.org/) - for finding existing and disused railway infrastructure.
~The Man in Seat 61 (seat61.com/) - the best UK & EU (and beyond!) rail travel resource out there.

What's happening?
~Phase One of High Speed 2 (Birmingham-London): hs2.org.uk/
~Belfast Great Victoria Street re-construction as Belfast Grand Central: weaverscross.co.uk/belfast-transport-hub/
~The Transpennine Route Upgrade (electrifying the Liverpool-York mainline): thetrupgrade.co.uk/
~The Midland Main Line electrification (no website!)
~The East Coast Digital Programme: nextgenerationrailway.co.uk/

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: IMG20230924142742.jpg (3.3 MB, 4624x3468)
3.3 MB
3.3 MB JPG
>I'm too young to be here
>My wheels hurt
speaking of grouchy Boomers with their hearts in the right place, if not always their heads, there's a new Railwatch out:

excellent piece on the mismanagement at Transport for Wales, despite how they've hidden from view behind Avanti and TPE thanks to their own balls-ups over the past 12 months
Did the full Cumbria Coast line yesterday (Carlisle - Lancaster). Really enjoyed it. Padding for the seats on the 156s were great. Sunny as well and I got some really great views of Scotland and the Isle of Man.
More signs of panic at Westminster about the government seemingly about to axe HS2 Phase 2.
>Rishi Sunak is facing a huge backlash from senior Tories and business leaders amid signs he is ready to scrap the northern section of the HS2 high speed rail line before the Conservative conference opens in Manchester next weekend.
>Several sources told the Observer on Saturday that a meeting was scheduled to take place involving the prime minister and the chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, on Monday or on Tuesday, with a decision to be announced by Sunak by the middle of this week.
so for those in the audience, the plan is to announce they are axing the Northern section of HS2, two days before holding their annual party conference in a city that they've decided will no longer be on the HS2 route, because they'd rather spend the money on inheritance tax cuts for the 3.73% of the population that pay it, instead.

...like, there are no words. it's just stupid, all of this is so stupid
>...like, there are no words. it's just stupid, all of this is so stupid
'Tory government announces new high-speed railway is unaffordable because of 13 years of Tory government, decides to hand over a big fat wad of cash to their core voting demographic of decrepit septuagenarians instead'

>Five years ago
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File: chopn.jpg (2.91 MB, 2984x1454)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB JPG
is that a gas station for choppers?
Only for the small ones.
File: eyegoat.jpg (3.18 MB, 2239x1526)
3.18 MB
3.18 MB JPG
practicefield,,,ishowand be the 'native,,,wave my stick withanailandrive them off!
>Five years ago
Honestly if you had asked me, I'd have said it was longer ago, 10 years or so.


File: xrod7-lad-mtgry-21.jpg (424 KB, 2100x1349)
424 KB
424 KB JPG
What is your very first impression of this bike? Is it comfortable, would you depend on it daily?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
The ultimate mamachari
no rack
no fenders
mtb tires
bmx stem

i don't see a use for this bike. maybe if i costed 50 bucks.
>women's bike
>bmx stem
>unusually skinny fork
>likely shitty rim brakes

You're either a woman or a tranny. Post tits or gtfo.
>>unusually skinny fork
Looks like a normal sized steel fork. Probably just that oversized downtube and fat tyres making the fork look skinny.
>>women's bike
they are the best bikes.

How do you guys learn to repair your bike? I've been a daily commute biker for over 5 years and I don't know how to do any repairs except the extremely most basic shit (replacing rim brake pads, flat repair) because I have no way to learn or practice since I only have my one bike, and I'm not gonna fuck up my own bike trying some unnecessary repair. I have never really had any significant issues
49 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
no the green bike is just sitting around atm
it weighs a tonne even by steel standards so its not really worth doing much to
i have plans for it though
the perfect bike for me is a very personal thing
i just want to choose every component of my bike so the whole thing fits my preferences perfectly
and its thanks to both of these pieces of shit that i learned how to achieve that
now i cant even imagine just buying a bike and riding it and accepting things i dont like knowing that i can swap any component for any other
By asking what your perfect bike is I meant in terms of components not your philosophy on the subject although I do appreciate your answer. As in what style of frame and so on.

>its not really worth doing much to
>i have plans for it though
I know the feeling. I've also got an old steel mtb which weighs more than its worth but it's hard to fight that urge to make it just that little bit nicer.
File: OPNIMG_20230918_143143.jpg (203 KB, 1920x1080)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
well this is the steel frame and fork i bought
those wheels arent the ones im gonna use those are just for show
i kinda cba to explain every component im gonna use tho
i have my preferences for almost every individual component at this point
>it's hard to fight that urge to make it just that little bit nicer.
yeah its very tempting but i know im not gonna ride it unless something goes catastrophically wrong with every other bike ive got
how is it consooming if it's cheaper than paying for somebody else to repair your bike? the only tool i've gotten so far that isn't in a standard home toolbox is a spoke tool for 2 bucks.
i have a buddy who fixes bikes

File: STALL.jpg (127 KB, 1280x720)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
>inb4 gaanposting
Which is fine
Someone just uploaded 10 minutes of crisp CVR audio from the Northwest 255 crash a few hours ago if you're into CVRkino

>still no Pakistan 8303 report
51 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
>"damn that sucks. Better not do what he did."
we gaan to gaanpost
was this that ATR in India that feathered the props to idle and crashed?
It was in Nepal
Was there ever any transcript released from the Germanwings crash?

File: 53103700691_e9c7010cf1_k.jpg (492 KB, 2048x1536)
492 KB
492 KB JPG
Ocean liner fans rejoice! The Queen Mary reopened for hotel guests in May and in June, I had the privilege of spending two nights on board. I'll be uploading my album of the ship over the next few days and discussing the history of the ship that I learned while onboard.
32 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
theyve had them since the 1910s

Thanks for posting these pics anon. Very cool to see the old gal.


>you vs. the guy she tells you not to worry about
I really enjoyed your thread. For once, OP was NOT a...
i grew up there, tje ship is a little patchwork because i have to imagine its a large project you cant do all at once. there's a lot of nice pieces but yeah the ship as a whole is definitely shabby

File: IMG_4202.jpg (376 KB, 828x821)
376 KB
376 KB JPG
Slide thread to bump all the bikefag shit. These any good? Not interested in ninebot.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
segway shit is overrated for a reason. it's one of the only companies making scooters that you can trust won't break a steam and kill you. at least at the price range/size. I've seen that hiboy shit injure many people from breaking. So if you don't want a full size dual suspension scooter, I'd not suggest anything besides segway.
yeah but it's called a fred sled that's gay as fuck.
Its a horribly stiff deathtrap since it lacks suspension.
There is a reason why the fleet operates ones at the least have some form of shitty front suspension.
In hopes of getting a friend to bike (success at last) I lent him my bike anr he lent me this thing, I believe I also had an injury at that time which made it convenient.
Long story short: Those things are slow, not painfully slow but slow. Which makes your commute longer. This by itself would not be a problem. But it is an extremely agonizing commute. It's just the fact that you're standing there, doing nothing, waiting for it to be over. You'd be much much rather riding a bike. Or even the bus or a car for that matter.
Also its motorised so the user is effectively a motorcripple.
Bikes too bulky, dual suspension it is
File: 2gmj5j37g4p71.jpg (978 KB, 3000x4000)
978 KB
978 KB JPG
Hiboy was making these, so I'd stay away from clones.
If you want ninebot-like - get ninebot.
If you want just an e-scooter, feel free to look for other designs that don't have such highly loaded critical weld like all M365-alike do have.

File: 34839058903445.jpg (116 KB, 800x600)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
Kill Pacers. De-cab Pacers. Drop a Pacer into the concrete from height. Slam a Pacer into a ravine. Dismantle filthy Pacers. Pour sewage water into a Pacer's fuel tank. Launch Pacers into the sun. Use Pacers for crash tests. Run Pacers into an active volcano. Crush Pacers with diggers. Shoot Pacers with lasers. Twist Pacer cabs off. Report Pacers to the regulator as unfit for service. Shoot at Pacers. Vandalise Pacers. Crush Pacers into scrap cubes. Use Pacers for nuclear flask crash tests. Crush Pacers under more scrapped Pacers. Liquefy Pacers in acid. Freeze Pacers with liquid nitrogen then drop them from a crane. Shred Pacers up in a giant scrap shredder. Sandblast Pacer liveries off. Leave Pacers to go rusty near seawater. Melt pacers down in a blast furnace. Donate Pacers to third world countries with unsuitable infrastructure. Mandatory Pacer scrappage schemes. Grind down scrapped Pacer parts. Drop Pacers in the sea. Vaporize Pacers with nuclear weapons tests. Derail old Pacers. Sink Pacers into quicksand. Set Pacers on fire. Spray graffiti over Pacers. Dismantle Pacers and crush the scrapped parts. Total Pacer death.
I liked them but whatever.
what even is this post, some shitty bot or weapons grade autism?
Bots aren't this autistic to remember paragraph length copypastas
Never had to suffer those being on the west coast mainline but I think you missed the fire them off a compressed air cannon at a target in a quarry.
No one remembers them, they copy them and then paste them into posts, hence the name. Dumbfuck.

File: 20127 - SoyBooru.jpg (267 KB, 1024x1024)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
So... im new here, i was planning buying an electric scooter just to do little tasks like going to the store but they are expensive and look gay, someone recommend me this board, i have a very retard doubt, why and when you change gears on the bike? They are faster than fixies? Im currently driving my beloved tweaker BMX
you change when the teeth are sharktoothed
usually this can be delayed if you replace chain before too much stretch
You use gears to get more torque out of you pedals. Meaning you have to use less force to get up a hill.
World hour speed record was set by a fixie.
if it's flat where you live, a single gear ratio might be all you need. but the ratio that comes with the bike may not be what someone with your weight and strength wants to push, but you can tune it by changing out what you have.
multiple gears let you spin an easy ratio to start and then gradually work to faster speeds when they spin easily enough to switch to a more difficult ratio. they really come in handy for climbing up hills. instead of mashing a fast ratio, you downshift to an easier ratio and spin uphill. a "slower" ratio spun fast can actually be faster on a climb than a "fast" ratio spun like going through molasses, and you can hunt for the gear that you like best for any particular terrain.
Very obviously your body, your legs and ass have an optimum for power delivery, force production and endurance.
Suppose you pushed on the pedal of a bike that was geared arbitarily high. You'd produce the maximum of force you are capable of producing but you can not do so for long and, unless you're able to produce more force, you wont get that thing spinning and thus power output will remain low.
Suppose the opposite: The gearing is arbitarily low. Your muscles can only produce force up to a certain speed. In fact you can only produce that maximum force determined in the first thought experiment up to a certain speed, after ehich it will drop. Also when spinning out you're utilizing alot of power merely to reverse the momentum in your legs.
At last on a bike with sensible gearing you'll be able to produce a force far from your physiological maximum but one that your fatigue resistant muscle fibers alone can peoduce. You'll be able to produce this force for possibly many revolutions per unit of time, thus increasing power, without wasting too much power on reversing the motion of your legs.
Now if the gradient shifts or wind changes your effective gear ratio changes. Which is why you want to be able to change gears.
You should, when riding, aim to be riding at a cadence at which you can produce the highest power possible, for indefinately long. Choose the gear accordingly. Do not mash unless specifically wanting to do so and understanding why. Also do not spin out, which you wont do, no one volutarely spins out.

File: ShinMaywa US-2.jpg (142 KB, 1280x720)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
>ShinMaywa US-2
>10' sea waves
>names it US
Where were you when Japan saved the seaplane?
43 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
it's a naval seaplane it's built for the pacific ocean not narrow river valleys
in fact since when did any plane larger than a cessna have to worry about this
Yo dawg
Lear to read first .
And everytime that's a deal maker or breaker ...
But since you had to ask: so's the shinmaywa, yet it's still more maneuverable than even muh meme canadair.
Btw, you forgot Siberian taiga... Lol
File: AG600M.jpg (489 KB, 1920x1080)
489 KB
489 KB JPG
Spectators came prepared with umbrellas
>Must be why dedicated maritime patrol planes (P3, P8, etc.) are and have always been "massive"...
Well, P3 and P8 were both based on civilian airliners, giving them substantial interior volume, and more importantly are built to operate from actual runways. That's very different from a STOL seaplane. So it's not surprising to me that the US-2 doesn't have a massive water payload, given the interior volume needed for those tanks when the US-2 is slightly smaller than a P-3 to begin with and has much more restrictive take-off/landing requirements while keeping a very long flight radius. Carrying people or food, or surveillance equipment, it will likely run out of interior volume before it runs out of weight capacity. It does have much longer legs than the P-8 though even considering all that.

File: 1691141270063478.png (560 KB, 2020x1198)
560 KB
560 KB PNG
I do not have a car, I do not have a drivers licence. I have never ridden a road bike.

I want to buy a road bike and go for some nice long, exploratory road riding but things like this confuse the fuck out of me and worry me especially if I don't plan the trip.

Commuters, hobby road riders, wanna-be racers, 4chan schizophrenics:
>how would you handle this road?
>what are some other confusing or potentially dangerous pieces of road infrastructure for a cyclist?
>am I overthinking it and should i just ride my bike like a someone drives a car?

If it matters more than the fact we drive on the left, I'm in Australia not the USA
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1667048349503997.png (612 KB, 2020x1242)
612 KB
612 KB PNG
>wait for the light, go straight to the other corner and stop, then turn your bike and put it in the bike lane to go the next direction, wait for the light and go straight again
That's called a hook turn and it's what the government says to do but I've never seen anyone do it
Would you fully do it like this and just join the other lane at the crossing?
I suppose so, if the bike lane wasn't against the curb.
I like going all the way to curb though, because I wedge my front wheel into the curb and lift the rear end of the bike to turn it to the new direction, like a fulcrum and lever. Maybe that's less of an issue if you're a roadie though? I carry a large pannier so the bike is kinda annoying to lift.
Still, the "proper left" where you use the turning lane (or I guess "proper right" in AUS) is way more comfy if traffic conditions allow for it. Probably why you've rarely seen hook turns.
Road riding is not nice, for the simple fact that you have to share the road with cars.
1. Rule of cycling: You go. Motorcripples are fucking stupid degenerates and have to wait. If they hit you it's their fault and they are liable. After all they do enough operating a murdercage alone and they are very aware of associated risks and still decide to do so.
2. You turn left on your green or at will as long as no pedestrian is crossing the lane youre turning into. Also watch out for homosexual cyclists and 'e-bike' fags on the cycling lane. Ruins your day when turning left.
3. You go straight on green or at will.
4. You ONLY turn right if no one coming your way wants to go straight or (their) left.
5. If someone coming your way wants to go (their) right you both turn right infront of each other.
6. If crosswalks are present let pedestrians cross.
7. A bicycle is not a pedestrian. It ha sno business on sidewalks or crosswalks.
8. If several parallel lanes are presentmake lane changes according to your wishes to go any direction at the intersection. Wanna go left then start by sticking to the left. Do not cut right across infront of everybode else.
9. Remember you're representing cyclists. If you spot any motorist including 'e-bike' forget all of the above, give chase and overtake.
You got this man.
I don't know, occasionally cars are fun. I love the smug feeling of cruising past a big line of traffic, or getting in just the right spot for a cheeky draft. The worst thing is the noise honestly, when lots of cars are passing at high speed they drown out my music

Post all you got of cars getting shown what the superior means of transport is
96 replies and 26 images omitted. Click here to view.
Its a very common and effective suicide method.
You're a transexual
What's the train supposed to do in this situation, when there's no huge accident? I mean it's not like it slowed down a lot due to the impact, so it'll take a while to stop, by then it'll already be quite far away from the car.
I mean it's kinda the same as if it hit some animal or even a person, there's really not much you can do, so do they just keep on going and report it or whatever?
Probably just stop anyways.
You can't really assess the damage from inside the train. You wouldn't want to keep going and then discover a hydraulic system is slow leaking or a shorted wire has electrified the frame of the locomotive or something.
That and why finish your shift? "Stress leave" starts as soon as you finish the police report.
>t. not an actual engineer and just making shit up
Stop and report an accident as you would in a car.
It'd be a hit and run otherwise bro.

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