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I ride a brooks c17 and I get fucking saddle sores after each ride !

I wear a chamois, I'm not fat and I've been riding for ages.

I'm comfortable during the ride but the day after I usually get two small saddle sores at about the same location.

how the fuck do I fix this ?

I ride a giant tcx, set up as a gravel bike.
the fit is on the relaxed side of things.
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Wait? You're not a real doctor?
I never said I'm not a real doctor. I often have my patients undress for my viewing pleasure under the guise of it being part of the diagnostic process. This isn't the first time my chub was interrupted by my actually discovering pathology. I once found skin cancer on a 92 year old man's taint during a consultation for an ear infection. Saved his life.
I'm fat and don't get saddle sores, I ride every day. Have you tried not being retarded, or showering properly?
File: 903MW001_TOP-1.png (746 KB, 1200x900)
746 KB
746 KB PNG
Get a proper saddle like the Selle San Marco Aspide Supercomfort
I ride it without chamois without any sores or issues.
I rub my taint with alcohol before I go out on a ride and then again after I finish the ride before my shower. Haven't gotten a single sore since I started this over a year ago.

File: 1634509524083.jpg (24 KB, 400x267)
24 KB
So I'm a full blown nut case that will eventually meet the same fate as Chris McCandless

This is in the U.S.A.

I wish to travel nomadically with the seasons, without a vehicle. Working for money wherever I go. I am a good laborer with basic skills.

I figure a inflatable kayak/bicycle combo would be the best, however recently I've heard about pack goats and these little fuckers will carry your gear while you walk, and shit, I'd rather just walk at that point.

So for nomadic hobo type lifestyle, whats the verdict? Blow up kayak + bicycle OR pack goats??
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urban adventuring is piss-easy .... at least in the west.... probably get more of a challenge doing it in the gulf
First off, false. The south is cool with livestock. You literally wouldnt even draw attention at a shopping mall. The west coast, on the other hand, is full of faggot that are addicted to rules like its heroin, and they will try to stop you from living your life just out of boredum.
I am OP. Your imagination will take you anywhere, words can only tell so much. This is literally not a difficult task, though obviously its more fun for you strangers to imagine otherwise. I dont care about you.
Yes you can use words to make anything sound whatever way you want it to sound in the end you're still doing roughly the same things
I will be stopping by parks I prefer them its more private but i wont spend much time in those kinds of areas I already am in a similar lifestyle, its obvious that nobody here has experience being a hobo because youre all trying to focus on how to still function normally, which is very stupid.
>its obvious that nobody here has experience being a hobo because youre all trying to focus on how to still function normally, which is very stupid.
ive embraced hobo life. i store all my belonging s in bags and carboard boxes now.

I also shower everyday now that i have access to shower everyday. lol jk. i told myself i would tho, but i havent

Is it Volvo?
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I work for a medium size USA freight carrier and we recently dumped all our Volvo trucks, they broke down too often and cost more to repair. Volvo’s apparently have a comfortable air ride, but are more mechanically complex (and smaller cab room).

Now our entire fleet is Freightliner. Good but maybe not the best. Peterbuilts are probably the best, from my understanding, but more expensive. You see them more on showtrucks and smaller fleets who don’t have to buy hundreds of trucks.
> As of December 2020, Freightliner is under a court order to improve safety, and was fined $30 million by the NHTSA after an investigation found that Freightliner had failed to recall dozens of known safety defects in its vehicles.[5] In 2019 alone Freightliner was forced to issue safety recalls 24 separate times by the NHTSA, and there have been over 100 recalls total on its flagship truck, the Cascadia. The Judge found that Freightliner had no system in place to track faults, and ordered $5 million of the fine be applied to upgrading outdated paper-based systems and converting to recall software used by other automakers for decades.[6]
> As of May 2021 Freightliner has at least three open investigations against it for electrical issues, including several fires.[7]
Sounds like they just replaced their Volvo trucks with some cheaper trucks.
I think there was a Bedford mini van meme on /o/ a while back. You got it, post it.
File: $_86[1].jpg (115 KB, 1024x837)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
It's just bedford rascal
File: 1634925345600.jpg (632 KB, 1440x1920)
632 KB
632 KB JPG
I'm driving Volvo
top fun

File: 1624773170876.jpg (472 KB, 820x823)
472 KB
472 KB JPG
hey guys, this might be a long post, sorry for that
I recently moved to a large city (cca 1mil ppl, biggest in my country sry) because I enrolled to uni (trying to give myself a 2nd chance and stuff, nvm that) and was thinking of getting a bike bcz I don't wanna waste money on trams and it's pretty good for getting to places fast,
but today I saw a guy riding a skateboard and, since some of my buddies ride skates etc, an idea came to me that I should just ride a skate to uni and back, since it's much cheaper than an average bike (I could buy a new skate for less than 30 euro)
so I guess my question is, what would you reccomend to a beginner 26yo cca 186cm tall (I guess 6'1-2-3'' for you ameriturds), cca 73kg (I guess 150lb)? how do I maintain balance and how do I turn and shit?
I just wanna ride the skate to uni and back (and ofc to other places), I'm not interested in doing any tricks, at least not for now
>inb4 longboard
they just seem kind of gay to me, no offense, sry, and I might wanna do an ollie here and there so there's that too
also, is 30euro too cheap for a full board? what is your recc?
anything else you add is valuable info for me so thanks in advance
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It's a bad idea. You say you don't know any tricks, but being able to hop up elevated surfaces, or off and above objects as a means of commuting. You also say you will be passing lots of pedestrians. Skateboard have no breaks, you have to dismount or put a foot down. Also putting a foot down every time you push, you toy need balance with one foot off the board to effectively commute because you'll be using one foot to modulate speed.

Unironically, if you're really set on skating because it IS cheap, but it's tricky by nature, you're better off looking into an electric board. I know it sounds like I'm shilling, but it saves you from pushing so you can focus on keeping balance and turning when you need to. Also they have brakes to prevent you rolling into someone or something.

But if you're set on the affordability, I recommend a Sector 9 cruiser, or any style board between 27-35 inches. These aren't technically short boards, but their not long. They're a good middle ground for commuting. If you go to a skate shop they have completes you can stand on and get a feel for before so you know where you stand, proper foot position, etc.
a bicycle is much more practical especially because you're probably going to need to carry a lot of heavy books. Get one with a rack and zip tie a basket on it for your book bag.

good luck restarting your life anon. Remember to keep on top of the work because the stress of that will ruin anything else you might be tempted to focus on, and that's the thing it's easiest to relate to people about.

I would get the bicycle and then later get a skateboard and mess around on that for a while without it having to be your main transport.
Steal a bike or get one cheap from whatever is your local craigslist. With a skateboard your speed is limited, can't wave around in traffic and most importantly you can't climb uphill sections. The only good way to commute on a board is through skitching, which at your stage is straight suicidal.
>skitching as a serious commuting strategy
yeah feel free to ignore this guy entirely op. don't consider anything he says as right or wrong, just pretend he didn't say anything.
Bicycles are more practical but also ten times as boring. That said, if you suck at skateboarding you're in for a bad time. If you're interested in the activity, develop some riding skill and a proper ollie first. After that the world is your playground.

File: ngr.jpg (138 KB, 1080x720)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
goddamn i hate these pajeet pieces of shit so much
Now that berejiklian is gone for good can we tear up the Sydney metro and rebuild it correctly this time?

Is there a point in pursuing a career in a merchant navy when you're a subhuman eastern euro? I don't have any seafarers in my family, and as a pollock I can forget about the good apprenticeship.
I also wouldn't like to stay an eternal cadet for some greek bastards, with an astounding salary of 500$.
Yeah, what's the point? Stay at home and snuff glue.
You were groomed by your college/uni, cargo is over even for eastern euros. Don't worry, you're not a first victim.
With that attitude, better you stay on land.
>bEEtEr yOu STaY oN lAnD
t.mutt where OS earns four times more than some europoor third mate.

File: hail to the king.jpg (536 KB, 2133x780)
536 KB
536 KB JPG
For casual chit-chat purposes.

>Taken any train journeys lately? - what was it like?
>How are the buses where you are?
>What's the 'big new thing' that's coming to your area any time soon, but always seems to be five years away?
>What single /n/-related thing do you really, really want?
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Sorry ESL fag, he was making the funny. Look up the several definitions of "validation". A validation station could gently affirm your personality as well as check your ticket!

You're never done learning english; even if you're teaching english literature in a university there will be weird little puns to catch (and entertain!) you.
Use your eyes then, like everyone does in cities with trams.
How did you make that?
But anon, rail is too expensive and we need more $200,000 rainbow crosswalks and murals of civil rights figures on buildings in shitty neighborhoods.
It's from Railbookers.
Paying a travel agent's markup is a good idea with that many moving parts, imo, plus there's peace of mind from having someone to call if you miss a connection etc.

When you see it

Previous thread: >>1516542
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Sorry I didn’t realize what this thread was for and posted my favorite train in a fit of autism here’s one that fits the theme
Not even trying.
File: 1516299296927.jpg (44 KB, 601x695)
44 KB

>mfw Texas is getting the first high speed rail project in the country
>construction contract already signed for $16 billion
>100% private, not going for state or government gibs
>land completely bought, just waiting on permits from the federal government trying to cuck it at every step
>physical groundbreaking beginning this year, will be completed in 2023/24
If anything, comparing Texas Central Railway to California's fully government-run high speed rail project that still doesn't own all the land along its proposed route and has been in construction hell for 2 decades shows that private infrastructure is the only way America can build high speed rail.

There's gonna be 3 stations - in Dallas, Houston, and a central one near College Station that's probably gonna allow a new line later into Austin and San Antonio. This is just the start, once this route proves its profitability (which it obviously will on one of the shittiest highway commutes in the country) you'll see private HSR zooming ahead leaving Commiefornia in the dust.

/n/'s thoughts?
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you living under a rock doesn't mean blackouts are unique to Cali
That's why I said "rolling blackouts" which are ubiquitous to California
I could threaten you and steal $100 off you, like I do everyone else who walks down this alley, but I like you so I won't. I've therefore effectively given you $100, you're welcome.
>high speed rail
>suburban stops
Pick one.
Get an estimate that isn't from 3 years ago before you start posting, retard.


Any Houston anons here want to give their thoughts on the MetroNext plan that was announced a couple years ago? Will this be what propels Houston into being less car-dependent for normies?
Wish they had more that went further out.
I'm skeptical Texas would ever be less car-dependent in any significant way.
File: lupin-jigen.gif (723 KB, 498x372)
723 KB
723 KB GIF

File: 2013-05-19 07.42.52.jpg (2.07 MB, 2448x3264)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB JPG
Continued from>>1428181

Old thread hit image limit so post your airports thread #18 Starting with ARN
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? what?
DBX is an Aston Martin sports Car... DXB is a rather warm airport in the Middle east !
bump ?

File: P1020190-1424x800.jpg (231 KB, 1424x800)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
i just got my motorcycle license, i previously rode my bicycle everywhere

i'm 5'2/110 lbs, and dual sport motorcycles are much lighter compared to most cruisers/sports bikes, seems easier to step on and off too because less bulky

i expect to ride it all year, even when the roads are slushy from snow (so the tires are good)

have you ever seen people use these bikes for normal commuting? and could you do a cross country trip on one?

i was thinking 300cc
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>i just got my motorcycle license, i previously rode my bicycle everywhere
Ditto and bicycle skills do not translate to motorcycle skills. It's a completely different set of muscle memory and can actaully be detrimental in my opinion.
I have very little motorcycle time myself though, just the MSF 3 day basic rider course but honestly, I prefer bicycling so far.

As for you, adventure bikes tend to be taller to give ground clearance and suspension travel. They also tend to be top heavy. You be best suited getting a tiny bike and with a 250cc. I'm not trying to be an ass, I sincerely mean it. After a couple years, trade it out for the bike you really want.


Or find a used bike.
I don't know anything about motorcycles, but I always thought a motorcycle trip would be cool. A friend of mine has a BMW adventure bike that he takes on long trips. If you're into that kind of stuff, watch Long Way Round and Long Way Down with Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman.
>i just got my motorcycle license
>i expect to ride it all year, even when the roads are slushy from snow
May your ancestors welcome you in the shadowlands.
Yes to all except snow and easier handling.
Dual sports are lighter but always higher, with bigger wheels - making it harder do mount and do quick maneuvering. I've ridden on snow and without long studs the bike just spins out and goes sideways. You basically need to learn how to stunt ride and do controlled burnout slides to ride on snow.

OTOH i've seen scooters here ride all year, but they keep on dry asphalt or go 10mph and balance with their feet when it's snowstorm.
kindly do the needful, nd post bobs nd vajeen

File: cruising-sailboat.jpg (189 KB, 1000x667)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
Any of you go sailing? I'm mainly talking about long-distance trips, not racing or anything like that. I don't have any experience in sailing, despite the fact I live in an Australian town that is kind of famous for it, but I've become interested, long-distance sailing seems like a really amazing form of travelling (even if it takes such a long time to get to your destination). There are some people on youtube that document their sailing trips, definitely seems cooler than flying.

Also, is the age old practice of getting work as a deckhand/crew-mate on a long-distance trip still possible? Obviously the dream of putting up a facebook post or going to a marina and asking "Anyone need a deckhand for a long-distance sailing trip?" probably wouldn't get you anything (although maybe it would have 50+ years ago). Do any of you guys have qualifications for sailing work? I'm not going to pursue sailing work anytime soon, just curious about if it's even realistic.
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Just take a class on some sunfish, buy books and read them. Watch videos.
The most important things are:
Know how to dock
Know how to stop
Know what to do when there's risk of collision.
Has anyone used ion exchange resin for a water maker? I'd like something a little cheaper than $1k.
I get sea sick ):
its something easily picked up growing up rich and living by a lake or coast...seems too hard to learn older and dumber and city dweller.
learning to sail is easy, you should pick up most of it in 3 or 4 lessons.
But long voyages require more preparation and knowledge.

I just for the life of me can't figure it out. I'm following all these tutorials, but I still can't just push and balance.

I've been go at it for weeks, go down a shallow hill to learn how to balance but I still can't get it.

My balls ache, my abs are sore.
I feel like burning the bike itself and be done with it.
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lol at this whole thread
>how to ride bike
stop posting anim, works everytime
relax your body, don't tense up like a spastic
Post body.
Cool. Now learn about counter-leaning.

File: 1632919609680.webm (2.94 MB, 488x960)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB WEBM
Is New York metro really that bad?
32 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
wow what a hero
Ah this is the /n/ i remember
File: 1634212728720.png (1.4 MB, 1305x1256)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
Doesn't trip my jewdar. Seems like a typical soigoi.
Yes. NYC is full of neurotic people who sanitize themselves after everything.

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