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File: c7c.png (106 KB, 612x491)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
how do i get my town to add bike lanes? the only thing we have are sidewalks that also allow bikes
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bike lanes are ugly as sin and probably unnecessary if you actually live in a town and not a city. i can see the case for urban bike lanes, but i'm sure they're constrained by the width of the road.
Love it when people think adding bike lanes alone will magically fix your city.
Make your own bike lane.
In reality this shit works awfully or the battery dies after 1 hr
I have one of those, or something similar. It's a gimmick. My seat post is the wrong angle which means the lines do not project parallel on the ground. Also they do not project that far, or almost at all for that matter, behind me, and my things block projection forward. It's more like the lines are forming a targeting reticule towards my bike, rather than a lane.

Hatton's genesis coaches edition

Previous thread: https://archive.nyafuu.org/n/thread/1593462
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the only two railroad focused games ive played are lego loco and sid meier's locomotion
i tried transport fever because i thought it would satisfy the trains itch, but its just a shitty game where you lose a bunch of money for no reason (and this is the case 99% of the time, so you cant stay profitable).
get into openttd
99% chance there'll be mods that cover an insanely specific railroad/railway and era that you'd want to larp
OpenTTD JGR patch fixes a lot along with FIRS. My favorite feature is automatically spaced time tables for trains with shared orders. Works like a charm even on single track routes with evenly spaced passing loops. Programmable signals too makes a difference to override the path finder.
I too were disappointed by Transport Fever. Had to mod it to get a decent alignment designer, and the gameplay and industries just feel so lacking, even if many of the aspects of the game are polished.
Other options are:
Railway Empire (simple but fun)
Mashinky (More like TTD, in development)
Voxel Tycoon (Same as above, but a little too simple IMO)
ill have to look at those. thanks
i thought about buying one of those train sim games, but people shit all over them in the reviews, and the massive amount of dlc turns me off
>the gameplay and industries just feel so lacking
completely agree. if you dont get really lucky on location spawns, you are never going to profit, and thats it for that map.
i briefly tried it when it first got put on steam, and have yet to get back to it. ill give it a shot.

File: Ey4xFaDXEAI-pY7.jpg (246 KB, 1152x2048)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
What do you guys think of SpaceX's Starship?
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Not sure what to say about the rocket ship itself, but I was on the company's grounds in Texas not long ago. Was delivering parts for the actual rocket. Was very high-security, I was told I couldn't take pictures, this, that, etc. I put my phone in my button-up shirt's breast pocket, and tried to video record as much as I could while acting as nonchalant as I could.
The money spent on welfare would help the economy more if it were spent in other areas. And any day to day benefit is out weighed by the damaged caused by a welfare state.
There's a very important reason why countries like Japan, Korea, and Taiwan made great progress with foreign aid while countries in Africa didn't.
File: you want death.png (1.17 MB, 1079x722)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG
>All of that money going literally down the drain
>made great progress with foreign aid
None of them received meaningful amounts of foreign aid (technology transfer and market access aside), especially aid that wasn't directed towards the military.
There's a very important reason why South Vietnam and Syngman Rhee's Korea were basketcases.

Boeing needs to be liquidated as a company and erased from history books. Change my mind.
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Do not assume Boeing is too big to fail.
Has boeing even put anything of value out recently? I know their stock keeps rising because they've always got some magical product in the works which is always a year away from completion (and always will be) but ever since the whole autopilot fiasco i've only heard negative things from my aviation friends
>Any relation to reality
yes that was in reference to the "too big to fail" part because investorfags i know keep saying "Invest in boeing invest in boeing" because they think it'll keep going up forever despite the fact they seem to have nothing to offer
The issue is and has consistently been management.
Stop boot-licking for them.

Transportation you say? Watch this.
I'm watching OP but it's not moving
File: Saturn V.webm (2.46 MB, 1280x581)
2.46 MB
2.46 MB WEBM
please be patient
the definition of kino
Is there a more aesthetic rocket than the Saturn V?
File: skylab4.png (1.54 MB, 684x1024)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB PNG
god bless the saturns

New York will finally get a rail link to the airport. Bout damn time.
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>literally goes the wrong way
>doesn't save any time over the bus
>it's 30-40 minutes by car

Yeah I'll stick to a cab
It's not any faster than the 2.75 express bus that runs from the train stop in queens. If you're really broke just take that.
Oh that's good.
oh THAT airport. Oh.
>tfw you work there

we're trying im sorry

actually yes, going airside sucks dick vs other airports (jfk, ewr) because of the lack of room to work in. its super dense w/lots of traffic...have had coworkers banged for AOA violations during snow removal ops for that reason. espc. recently its been super active
AOC didn’t seem to understand the alternatives. The alternative she wanted would have permanently disrupted Amtrak and 7-train service and cost 3x more. I’m happy with the current route.

>850 cyclists killed in 2018
>5,000 motorcycle riders killed in 2018

Why are cities dumping millions into bike infrastructure while motorcylists get nothing but death?
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it helps if you're not speeding and don't have the reaction time of a drunken sloth
Any reason for the fag to leave his lane though and rev his engine and accelerate?

Any of you guys commute on one of these bad boys? Think of all the money you'd save on gas.
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Horses are affordable in third world countries
quit horsing around
>500 dollars per year
And you think a horse will be cheaper... LMFAO
>he posts an article
>article disproves his own point
lol you can't make this shit up
>paying for a horse's feed

File: 1621722189956.png (196 KB, 311x279)
196 KB
196 KB PNG
How do people react when you ride BIKE ON ROADS? It is not very common so even if I ride fast people get angry. Also should I take lanes or not? I generally take the lane because it is often unsafe to ride on the side.
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those are all sporty/novelty cars and motorcycles, they're there purely to joyride, so fuck em as much as the cyclist
If it wasn't worth that much, it wouldnt be worth that much
High end urban real estate is meant for the Chinese to money launder. People don’t actually live in it
OK and we're not ok the gold standard and gold never really meant anything before computers anyway, what's your point?
Again, a closet in NYC can be worth more than a Texas ranch. Why? Because people demand that, maybe, but who knows.
ONly thing that matters here is that you're demonstrably wrong
this is comfy mode:

File: 15271255494_fcc90d3f9b_k.jpg (723 KB, 2048x1365)
723 KB
723 KB JPG
What if instead of cars people rode mopeds and bicycles everywhere?
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Based supermario movie enjoyer.
That is feature not a bug.
These scooters specifically throttled down to 25km/h. They are replacing bicycle. You can imagine how retared is average bicycle normie rider without driving license. So without driving license escooters are limited to speeds average normie can reach using bicycle.
This is very smart move.
I’d like to see more small vehicles in LA, it would help with traffic.
Electric scooters are super popular in Asia
I'm not afraid to get wet, it is just impossible to arrive at my office soaking wet when we don't have showers, locker rooms, or changing rooms. I have to enter a lobby, stand with 10 other people in an elevator while wet, arrive in our offices, go into the bathroom and change (should I be carrying dry clothes with me all the time?), all the while making everything around me wet.
Your monkey little brain doesn't seem to grasp how rainy it gets where I live, and doing a commute on a bike without wearing a well insulated rainsuit will get you wet as if you just fell into a swimming pool. I don't even know why I reply to you, you talk like an actual underage idiot who probably lives in California where it mostly has comfortable weather.

File: file.png (1.82 MB, 1200x900)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB PNG
Ask a bored European en-route ATC anything.
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god im so bored pls ask me stuff about flying
>single radar view
What's that? How high can it see? Could you see LEO objects?
File: file.png (340 KB, 1024x768)
340 KB
340 KB PNG
never had one myself but I saw one on a sector next to mine. atc told a plane to descend and didn't see the one under it. nothingburger in the end though, I don't even think TCAS RAs were triggered.

a lot of Air France pilots act like they're entitled because they think they have some national privilege (they don't). some of them just politely insist on directs, some of them are straight out dicks. never had a dick on freq though, they usually act like this with Paris because they think they own the airport

Basically our standard display is computer generated and mixes radar data together and does some kind of "mean" to display a single blip. so it's not a true radar view. in case that software has issues, we can always switch to single radar view, select one convenient radar that's near our sector and see the raw data without enriched information or flight plan correlation.
we only have secondary surveillance radars where I work (SSR), so we only detect transponders that are actively responding to our radar queries. a plane turns off their transponder, we immediately lose radar contact and we have no way to see it, only the military guys can with their primary radars (PSR) that physically detect flying objects. obviously the military need those because enemy aircraft wouldn't voluntarily answer radar queries.
so I guess I could see LEO objects if they somehow have an active transponder, but I don't think they would. But they could very well detect Concordes back in the day when they were around FL600 on cruise.
Former EISN, always a good laugh coordinating with LFRR. The only response you ever seem to get is "Oui".
top kek they're a bit more elaborate with us (LFEE)
then again their airspace is extremely big so they're much more arranging because they have room to do stuff

Is there any hope of Florida getting some decent transportation systems (rail)?
Considering how fast their cities are growing it seems like a possibility to me.

File: 1626809122682.jpg (67 KB, 900x506)
67 KB
Germany has introduced the first 500km electric highway on its motorway system to fully power hybrid trucks as they drive

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>Seniority exist for things like first pick for vacation days, it does not entail a change of workpace, that is my whole point retard
Like I said, you have no idea how seniority works.

>Pretty sure the boss did that with the scabs and his razor thin margins, but hey
So you had nothing to do with your former workplace's demise, but are gloating about how you helped take them down. Sad

>Well, yeah, that kid was retarded
Cluster B personality on display
Euro truckers are protected doubly by nationak and EU laws, and most people are unionized
File: 1490934799796.jpg (34 KB, 539x480)
34 KB
>asks to name six states
>lists two
>Like I said, you have no idea how seniority works.
I do, you don't.
Sonority doesn't come into the shifts available, just stuff like vacation time.
This is how we are treated. This is the GOOD UNION job, many of us aren't in a union. That's my point.
You can't just deny it because you don't like it.

Again, yer obsessed with me bud.
We can repeat all day
>I do, you don't.
I literally was a unionized railroad conductor for 6 years. God you are a fuckin mental trainwreck

File: criticality.jpg (504 KB, 2048x1849)
504 KB
504 KB JPG
Yesterday over 10'000 riders attended critical mass in Zurich, the city with the worst cycling infrastructure in all Switzerland. The column was up to 5km long and took 40 minutes to pass a point. Today critical mass is on the front page of every news paper in Switzerland and the comments sections team with salty cagers and happy city slickers. Come summer I expect 15k-20k people to ride and demonstrate for their right to adequate infrastructure which has been ignored for over 30 years now. Hows it going in your city?

also, afterparty was massive!
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>free health
I think you're in the wrong thread bro.
isn't "top quality health insurance" practically free health?
You'll be paying for that insurance just like you'll be paying for food and rent.
american healthcare cost double the oecd average. the bureaucracy and nonsense, and the burden of paying for proles' medicaid/medicare who frankly live incredibly unhealthy life. compare life expectancy of east asia versus their medical cost.
88k is ok, doesn't give you a huge flat, but as long as you keep our fix costs in check it is kinda nice. finding a nice flat for an ok price will take some time, but once you got that you're fine.

no, just no. it shows that you never lived in Zurich and only spell cliches.

File: wide 4 rail train.jpg (606 KB, 1821x2090)
606 KB
606 KB JPG
>4-rail very wide train
Would it work?
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because we have giant cruise ships and airships, so why not hotel trains
>twice the track
>custom built
ehh, if you had two tracks parallel to each other it could work in those areas as long as the tracks are uniformly spaced, most of out west isn't like that though, maybe only between big cities that are close like portland and seattle
then why not just run 2 trains?
Global "free" trade is a scam. Stick to neighbor countries you can respectfully trust not to colonize you, and always be ready to back out.
It could but there's almost never a reason to build something like that.

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