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File: 1x stupido.jpg (407 KB, 1831x903)
407 KB
407 KB JPG
what makes quality in technology?
Here are some requirements I noticed that makes a new system more optimal than the old one:

1. better performance
2. better durability
3. easier mainintence
4. lower price of manufacturing

Often new techy bs is only better on point 1. while the rest of requirement are lower, but I do belive many new stuff if of good quality
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I'll just tie some bricks to my frame to get the E-Bike effect. Anything less than a premium priced E-Bike, as in what Fred pays for a bike, is going to be like that.
>-lycra and polyester clothing kicks ass of stupid expensive wool

>he doesn't ride with a wool/synthethic blend, getting the best of both worlds
It's like you don't like being comfy anon
China is indicative of nothing, it's practically a different planet. Most of them are so poor they have no other choice, and their own government doesn't give a shit about them. Limit this to Western countries only please, that's where 90+ percent of us here are from?
Maybe that's because you have an IQ over 100 and also because you've been riding a bike for a while?
The AVERAGE PERSON doesn't understand what the """extra gears in the front""" are *for*. I see it every single day.
Most of them don't understand gears, period. e-bikes are going to start having automatic transmissions (already a thing on newer Shimano STEPS motors) and a toggle for Park and Drive. And people will still manage to fuck that up.

File: image.jpg (166 KB, 870x600)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
/trv/-/n/ crosspost : what is your opinion on long distance travel with bus ?
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>taking overnight train
You're doing it wrong
>what is your opinion on long distance travel with bus ?
It's the last resort of the poorfag, unless it's some guided tour. If you're having to resort to something like Greyhound to travel cross-country, then I feel bad for you, son.
Ah ok. Most US domestic flights come with those amenities.
Entirely depends on the train.

There are fucking awesome sleeper train seat cars.
I'm still thinking fondly of the Norwegian sleeper Oslo - Trondheim.
Do it.
Also buy salmond at least three times a week.

File: 90s mod gravel meme.jpg (958 KB, 2769x2077)
958 KB
958 KB JPG
post modified/repourpoused 90s mtb as commuters or gravele

the cooler the paintjob the better.
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>as bad as people make them to be
says who? I will fight them. And yes, they make great budget touring bikes, Just either buy one in good condition, or fix it up first, or both, and avoid suspension

there are good and bad just like any other bike. The big plus with a rigid 90s mtb is that a mid-range or a top tier model is still only like $100
They're bad for modern mtb courses.

>Camino de Santiago
Fine for it.
based Uncle Buck's hat

thinking of changing the frame because the disc brake adaptor puts the wheel out 5mm and i cant seem to index it perfect.
>are rigid mtbs as bad as people make them to be?

they are extremly bad for mtb use, you just didnt had any better in the 90s. todays mtbs are very bad for flat riding so that is what makes 90s mtb such good commuters.

File: 1564419516571.jpg (105 KB, 612x612)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
> commute along a park trail
> my bike is pos citybike, but converted to drops, and I wear chink lycra and chink visor helmet, so kinda sporty look
> I also ride bretty fast for a casual commuter
> take a note of some mamil guy riding pinarello
> looks just as expensive as the bike, like a startup ceo or tv talking head
> pass him
> it's a paved park trail with some roots and cracks
> approach one place, where roots are really bad, so I bunny-hop them casually
> hear CRACK... BAMMM... BANG! behind, followed by a massive carpet f-bombing
> apparently mamil guy was in a close pursuit behind me
> not familiar with the trail, didn't have time to act on those roots
> has a deep scratch on his leg, marks on his helmet, bleeding quite a lot, pinarello bars are twisted, one shifter is fucked
> are u ok dude
> starts complaining about me not pointing out cracks
> wtf dude I didn't even know you were following

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It doesn't matter if you get crushed on red light in middle of road, or on crosswalk.
File: 1532873795756.jpg (66 KB, 199x335)
66 KB
*dabs at you*
Round here it's illegal to cycle on the sidewalk, unless it's specifically marked as permitted or you're a kid.
Typical neurodiverse DUI offender response
Fucken sidewalk riders I swear
BLOWN the fuck out with FACTS and LOGIC!

File: cookie1.jpg (57 KB, 870x565)
57 KB
I once flew on delta airlines and everything was going good, all was well until I Had one of their shitty cookies they have on board. (see image)

Like, seriously, these suck. They taste like burned bread.

Moral of the story, ill be flying united next time.
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united has the same ones, retard
Honestly fuck their food, Virgin's too, the menus are so lacking of options, but on another note I essentially got ripped off trying to connect to the wi-fi on there, (full duration costs $20 something dollars, at least £18-19, I say that because I was on a flight from Boston to back home), I tried using entertainment like youtube, netflix etc, but it wouldn't load, social media worked just fine, so because of how practically useless it was I tried emailing GoGo (the wi-fi service) for a refund, and they took until we arrived at the airport to respond, rendering it pointless. I persisted with it was no use, didn't get my money back or anything. Moral of the story, I'll be flying British Airways next time. Last time I travelled to America (5 years ago) I remember their food being a lot better as well.
File: ulillillia 2019.jpg (41 KB, 800x450)
41 KB
I almost said exactly $20 but the translation into pounds was too cheap
I love those little cookies with some coffee. They're a perfect little mid-morning snack.

>Blue Line gets new train cars and gives its old ones to the Orange Line
>Orange Line now has the oldest trains in the entire CTA system with no plans to upgrade

FUCK the CTA. I hate riding the orange line every morning with its 80s fake wood paneling and burned out yellow train lights with discolored plastic light covers.
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well Orange Lines original terminus was supposed to be Ford City so i was just helpig it along
My guess is that it's for the people who have to clean graffiti off of the advertisements inside the car.
chicago isnt THAT bad
CTA trains are built by China
CTA = Communism
>implying China is a communist country

File: upbb.png (761 KB, 1208x591)
761 KB
761 KB PNG
How difficult/expensive is it to modify steam locomotives with a modern braking system so they don't have to be constantly pulling a diesel everywhere?
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Whole point of the Prius type hybrids is to balance out the deficiencies of ICE's mainly being very poor acceleration fuel efficiency as well as literally wasting fuel idling in traffic

Take the UP 800's. One of the best designed Northerns. The had an availability rate somewhere around 94% at the time of day to day operations, piling on 15k a month I believe. That's a better rate than a modern T4 diesel. If you maintain them properly, they do not break down nearby as much as people think, steam is very forgiving. Too many modern day operations cheap out on their maintenance, or do not have the depth of knowledge, and it shows in their availability rate. The old adage we've always done it this way is heard a lot at these operations.

Anytime a steam engine goes out it has 100's if not 1000's of cameras pointed at them. If it broke down, it would be noticeable. Blue Peter, SP 18, ect. Comes to mind.
This is pure delusion
>94% availability
Do you have a source on that? Sounds high for any steam locomotive, even the NYC Niagaras that were used almost non-stop probably didn't reach that level of use.
Steam engines are mollycoddled now and spend a good chunk of each year in maintenance because they are so rare and expensive to fix if something does go seriously wrong.
However, a steam locomotive made with all modern techniques (unlikely to be made) could get as good if not lower maintenance costs than a diesel
god damn that's a beautiful locomotive.

just got my private in south florida. get the fuck in here boys.
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Which school?
I'm in the Southern Midwest
i used to fly but cant afford it anymore
i quit towards the ends of my pilot's license lessons
congrats op, i'm happy for you
fly for me
I'm working on it but it's slow progress, gonna get my private through the local community college's program because the price is right but I need to do a whole semester of ground school before I get to touch a plane. I think they do it as a pleb filter of sorts. Gonna try to go all the way to commercial after that's all done, haven't decided if I want to go airline or do one of the alternatives like cargo or executive, I hear good things about cargo in particular but it's hard to resist the prestige, the long-term earning potential, and the perks of flying for an airline.
this weekend i'll fly for you

I did some ground at my cc before going to do my flying and it helps A LOT. Pay attention and read the books you'll have a huge head start on people who didn't do that first. Believe me it made my license so much cheaper and my training so much easier.

Why is interior design for boats and watercraft so dogshit?

Look at this. You have these sweeping wooden angles on the dashboard and instead of integrating the controls in with the material in a nice looking way, they’re just dropped into square hole cutouts. It’s fucking ridiculous when watercraft cost so much and their controls and equipment look like backyard DIY jobs.

A Kia from 2001 is better designed than this.
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I'm guessing it's either to accommodate easy upgrades, or it's already been upgraded. The grain doesn't fit the surrounding console either, so maybe it -is- a backyard DIY job.
File: 8750770323_0f8bdd3c18_b.jpg (158 KB, 1024x683)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
Nice cockpit.
Reminds me DIY power supply I had when I was a kid.
Literally same laminated particle board.

Though, today I would go with sheet metal for panels, and unironically wood for steering thing.
how do I get girls like this to come on my yacht?
Try cunnilingus
Have you ever met a boat person IRL? They are invariably the most tacky awful people you'll ever meet. That's why. Shit hobby for shit people.

File: s0648_fl0112_id0004.jpg (230 KB, 1049x1066)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
Found an old CD of Toronto TTC stuff thought I would post it
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File: f1244_it0056.jpg (106 KB, 1050x858)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
File: DSCF0798.jpg (668 KB, 1440x960)
668 KB
668 KB JPG
File: DSC_1082.jpg (1.57 MB, 2240x1488)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB JPG
File: DSCF0732.jpg (1.36 MB, 2304x1536)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB JPG
What CD is it? Was it released by the Toronto City Archive?

Thousand of freight cars a day were moved around New York harbor on barges like this. Post other harbor operations, Great Lakes Rail ferries, river ferries and other rail/marine stuff.
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File: IMG_20170725_164039.jpg (455 KB, 1718x966)
455 KB
455 KB JPG
Puttgarden. It's the train which goes from Hamburg to Copenhagen. They use a mix of ICE-TD stock from DB and IC3 stock from DSB. That's right, the sphynter train goes to Germany.

DB are scrapping the ICE-TD. It was too fuel inefficient, and it's only useful on unelectrified lines.
Two years ago they stopped using ICE TD on the route (or anywhere, for that matter). Neither DB nor DSB wanted to cover maintenance costs.

It is a good mix of Germany having electrified all intercity routes and Denmark having a hilariously outdated railway infrastructure.
At one point, a rail trip from Manhattan to west of the Hudson meant a ferry ride unless you were taking the Pennsylvania or New York Central, and even they ran ferries. None of these carried railroad cars, just people to big terminals in New Jersey. The Lackawanna Hoboken Terminal and the Jersey Central Communipaw Terminal are the last survivors of this service. The last railroad ferries ran in 1967.
I should add that the Hoboken Terminal still has lots of trains for NJ Transit and there’s still small ferries that dock there. The building has been beautifully restored and they even rebuilt the clock tower. Outside of Grand Central it’s the best railroad station in the area and shares a similar Beaux Arts style. The Jersey Central one has been a relic since the mid 60s and the ferry slips are gone but it’s very impressive and worth seeing.
Clarence River in Australia

trains, planes and buses welcome
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File: 56456454656567.jpg (289 KB, 900x525)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
File: _D340383-2.jpg (3.04 MB, 6000x2172)
3.04 MB
3.04 MB JPG
>opening with TPE class 397
You're supposed to keep the sexiest thing till page 10, OP!

Is it bad I quite liked them from a design challenge point of view? What's weird is now we'll have mixed fleets (see Thameslink and Great Northern) that either have yellow fronts or inconsistent liveries, as the 700s aren't approved for yellow-less fronts and the 717s are, despite being the same fucking train.

252 of them, 322 if you include ones with telephone.
meant for >>1376783

File: john kerry.jpg (186 KB, 1280x853)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Would you support a bike voucher program in the amount of $300 for everyone over 65? The purpose would be to lower the cost of patient care in medicare.
16 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
what's wrong with doing something nice just for old people? old people get a raw deal in our society. And they need help to have fun. An adult can just buy a bicycle and go ride in the park.

plus it makes the logistics a lot easier, you can target institution groups of people, retirement homes for example, and won't have to worry about theft.
Oh I was talking about the bike discount. The benefits rotis be greater if everyone had a bike available. It is definitely nice to do stuff for old people

Based. Mandatory cage retirement
fuck you asshole
Because I don't think most of them would go for it, and the ones who would will already have a bike to ride. Young people on the other hand might need a leg up.
It's all just talk anyway, programs like this get shouted down as 'socialism' anyway.
are you even talking about what i suggested

Legal or illegal?
What city bans skateboarding completely?
Legal but should be in street or bike lane, not sidewalk.
It's not banned here but there's a lot of pedestrians in The Loop. The cops here gives tickets for riding on the sidewalk in downtown.
Legal but cops will still hassle you. Should still stick to the street/bike lanes, nobody likes the jagoff that flys by pedestrians on a pennyboard.
File: NoSkateboards.jpg (56 KB, 700x591)
56 KB

File: mask.jpg (47 KB, 968x681)
47 KB
I never realized how much cars fucking stink when they accelerate until I started riding a bike. Sports cars with big engines at least have that slightly pleasant unburnt gas smell, but SUVs and trucks are just nasty and make me want to start wearing a mask.
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>old diesel
yea no shit
gas cars don't do that, thats a diesel thing
You want to wear a N95 dust mask, or a P100 half-face respirator? I recommend 3M in the latter case, the masks fit comfortably and they sweat less than North.
>old diesel
Sure, if you remove all filters from exhaust, it will draw black lines on asphalt.
I love air conditioning.
I would take a fridge, and add wheels and windshield to it. Aerodynamics? Fridge has best aerodynamics.
cool. get the fuck off the road then ya retard. Almost ran down some obnoxious lane hog of a cyclist today because the entitled fuckwit boomer swerved closer to me as I was passing. I had to change a whole lane because of his dumb ass. Next time I'll bring along my pepper spray.

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