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File: fuck you.jpg (114 KB, 800x800)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Rage inducing images. I'll start.
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File: 1471280430330.jpg (105 KB, 720x960)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
These are plastic clips for plastic panels in cars.
To be honest, I have no idea why OP posted them here.
They are a bad design choice, but not used in any kind trains, planes, boats or bikes that I know of.
Bought a subaru once, and after a while I saw one these on the floor. I just popped it back in; and realized maybe the Japanese worker that holds top quality as a high standard had a bad day.
God these slack-jacked-smug retards are annoying. Zooming around on the pavement, in the pedestrian zone..on the bike path. These retards are almost always tourists or uncivilised Turk or Arab youth. They probably think they’re the bees knees because they are going 20kmh and have a paypal account. Did I write the word retard enough? Now i’m borderline seething...
bloody youths grr! *shakes fist*
File: skinner.jpg (44 KB, 600x450)
44 KB

Why are dirigibles not a thing anymore for common travel?
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umm sorry to burst your bubble guys but if you didn't notice the general trend in transport is CONTROL and there is no way they would let average people fly anymore let alone use gasoline
>But not for general transportation.
if energy was cheaper then drag wouldnt matter and you would have a safer aircraft and safety == priceless
Some homosexual jew or dyke kike deleted most of my posts here, but there are many ways to reduce drag in airships.
They're safer, scenic, elegant, etc... But before 5G WFH, this meant wagies would stay unproductive for too long, so it was deemed unacceptable by our economic overlords.
Go bomb some financial buildings about it in your stupid zeppelin

File: unnamed (2).jpg (79 KB, 512x384)
79 KB
Oh my goodness I want one.

23ft (7m) long and they somehow squeeze in four berths, oven and stoves, refrigerator, and a shower/toilet room.

I kind of fancy saving up and retiring to a fairly simple life on a canal boat anyway. Maybe.

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>he actively wants a cuckboat, constrained to the chastity cage of canals

>the sea
>literally just blue, looks the same everywhere

>the canal network
>loads of different and interesting places to stop and have a pint, comfy as fuck

This is also an ez way around building to code. Build a shallow pond on your property and then stick a boat in it. If you build your pond right then you can just tie everything off really nicely and even connect to utilities.

Good idea y/n?
>kind of fancy saving up and retiring to a fairly simple life on a canal boat anyway
Don't do it. My dad did and regretted it. They're cold, cramped need constant maintenance and with reg fees and moorings cost much more than you might think to live on. They're a pain to manoeuvre and are only fun for a couple days in the summer. Add to the fact that you're ageing and your mobility & strength suffers and it becomes 10x harder to keep a boat in good condition.
ooh wow, nifty indeed!

my first thought was - the dutch would be all over this thing, knowing their penchant for living and recreation on water,
but perhaps this is neither the "sloep" where a dozen guests can chill, nor an actual "woonboot" that can replace a house. Maybe this would be more Florida?

anyhow, how safe is this thing on a lake in some wind or on a wider waterway when a larger and faster vessel passes?

ITT: we post bike we're too poor atm to buy, different peoples have different pockets so it's not a "post the more expensive bike" so ill start mine is a Cinelli Vigorelli Road 2020 it's a road bike based on the vigorelli criterium fixed gear frame with a road fork and a fork handlebar to avoid overlap is a 1x11 with a 42t crank and it weighs around 2kg(4.4lbs).
I own a 2x bike but i rarely use the small gear so it wont be a problem plus not having to deal with the front deraileur and cable give a more clean look to the ride and weight just a little bit less.
That purple is just gorgeous so ill keep it like that.
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>retard here
why the fuck bike seats are up?
wouldn't it be easier if the seat was down a bit?
Usually pros have their seat really high because they ride small bikes and have a really good flexibility. In promo pictures, many photographers set up the bikes like that because that looks pro. Uusually on shops and stuff, the seats are on more normal positions.
File: 717xylgr7x061.jpg (54 KB, 720x720)
54 KB
I see, thank you for explaining!
campag is stylish but I went for it and hated the ergopowers, both the thumblever and the other shift lever, it's way too much form over function in my opinion
that's why sram started pushing 1x, instead of fixing their FD they just eliminated it altogether >>1568046
that toptube mate
also >>1568069 yeah wtf is that shimano STIs and campy everything else?

Queen of /n/ forever and always.
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File: Pooley.jpg (62 KB, 630x429)
62 KB
OP, you don't seem to have included an image of Emma with your post.
could be Sangria but blended. or a berry daiquiri.
You can tell she's amazing in bed

Manon I want to just sniff and caress while she lays there with a thousand yard stare, eventually by which I mean in much less time than expected, finishing on her face causing her to flinch. I would want her to wear nothing but a black Castelli sports bra as I do my business on her, she would be given a fresh towel and sent off to take a shower afterwards and then she can apply whatever girly fragrances she wears, I assume Miss Dior, as she dries her hair and looks at herself in the mirror, trying to remember she's a good girl and sex isn't dirty unless you think of it as dirty

Emma though would be every sex position in history in a state of quantum superposition, my refractory period would shrink in an inverse linear relationship with the intensity of my erection. Her required apparel would consist of pink Rapha socks, regulation height, and nothing more, so my eyes can feast upon her DFC. She'd extract more life energy from me than I knew was possible, I would obviously bonk before she does and then she can pull on her bibs, zip up her jersey, and pedal away, utterly bored, albeit sticky and smelling a lot like me, oh yes. She'd only shower later, after her 400km recovery ride, which she'd complete before I wake up from my post-coital nap
File: cobachan.png (821 KB, 943x443)
821 KB
821 KB PNG
For me it's pic related, cute, has a nice bike and apparently rides a lot and has tons of sweaty pics.

Dirty cars trucks planes ships and buses have to go !!!
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Population will level off once the standard of living starts to rise for worlds inhabitants. Models have predicted and shown this for awhile now. The myth in regards to rampant unchecked and unrestrained human population growth is just that a myth. Theres no need for some drastic rainbow six eco-terrorist style solution to the issue.
We should get back humanity, freedom, socially fullfilled life, anti-fragile society, good nutrition, good physical fittness, no chronic stress symptoms, autonomy, meaning for action, world without billions of people feeling miserable, evolution and people creating and living culture instead of just consuming it.

That's all I'm asking. Not too much considering that most of the history of humankind has been about that excluding couple of last millenia. Should be easy now when we have all this knowledge, right?
Yeah, but there will be several billion more Africans and south Asians before and after that happens.
And? Why the fuck should we care? With a rise in a standard of living people are more likely to actually set down routes to their homelands instead of trying to leave them. Furthermore, we'll probably cap out population wise somewhere between 9-11 billion people. All of which can be housed and fed as well with proper land management and effective use of emerging technologies on their part.

You guys talk about Japan having good public transportation, explain this.
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And it has been proven that this system is unsustainable, contributes to soil nutrient / nitrogen deficiency and overall does not help communities as much as smaller, diverse organic farms would be. There again your farms in America are just miles of corn or basedbean. You wouldn't know farming for a localised community rather than for fatcats
File: 354342.png (73 KB, 1006x813)
73 KB
>noooooooooo you can't just feed the world! Think of the heckin farmerinos!
>And it has been proven that this system is unsustainable
too much nitrate runoff

File: collectible af.jpg (36 KB, 400x300)
36 KB
Well the covid virus seems to have not only killed the collectible bike market, it seems to have made just go away completely.
I have several places I check every day for bikes that fit this category and not one has popped up in months.
I cant even evaluate prices because nothing is being listed.
What the hell ?
Has anyone had any different experience than this?
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File: 20201124_235619.jpg (2.71 MB, 3273x2268)
2.71 MB
2.71 MB JPG
Seller said 1993
Yeah like >>1577659 said, it isnt the classic font. Will probably end up fixing that
Thanks for the overview. I love the look of it and based on what you said I can see what could be improved to make it stunning.
>the only legitimate appeal of older bikes is for them to be cheap
part of that is the ability to repair them, a lot of the older bikes have standard parts
but even that supply is drying up, the frames are worth less than the parts and often get scraped for their steel
modern bikes are changing rapidly and there increasingly less compatibility between part models and brands
most people just throw the entire bike out the moment something $$$ fails
like what? modern road bikes use 31.8mm handlebars etc, it's simple. some brands are even going back to BSA threaded bottom brackets on their carbon bikes. not that the different bottom bracket standards are a big problem, there are a bunch of aftermarket manufacturers like wheels mfg, bbinfinite, chris king, phil wood to cater to them.
>older bikes have standard parts
by way of comparison yes
there are time periods and market forces that bring about some homogenization
but now is not one of them, there is much change
derailleur hangers, disk brake pads and mounts, bottom bracket diameters and widths, axle diameters , hub widths

File: 1576356089353.jpg (301 KB, 1440x1080)
301 KB
301 KB JPG
Why would someone do this?
5 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
told a dad his kids fork was on backwards. kid could barely ride and kept falling. he's feeling imasculated or something "Well, it CAME that way! It looks wrong but that's how it was built!" smdh these chuds
Yep >>1575304
bought a temp bike off of some autismo who had turned these tuning bolts as tight as they could possibly fucking go. the nuts for the hub were loose so those bolts were holding the whole weight of the wheel

>I couldn't get into this because the bike is too heavy, fucking steel bikes
>dat negative trail
steering must be lively as fuck
too bad though the first time you have to stop real quick it rips the front caliper right off the forks
pake? yeah i had a fork from them that was a boat anchor pos. they were a merry sales brand that failed, i think. soma lugged forks are pretty light though

What is the transit like around where you live? For me it's a bus that runs every 30 minutes and connects to a train station. It isn't the most convenient, but it's a lot cheaper than a car.
85 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
Train, Metro, urban bus...
I live in a Sunbelt shithole with almost no transit.
However I got a nice apartment downtown and I’m able to walk/bike for most of my daily needs.
taken that bus home from sharks games many times
careful you might create a country that's better than the motherland.

There are (really) old cars still in the streets pf tour country?

What you think of them?
Lovely machines that /n/iggers will never own.
File: 9207.jpg (74 KB, 700x575)
74 KB
Yes, this streetcar from 1907 is still in revenue service. Spent the last 97 years as a street cleaning vehicle.

File: 20201123_173130.jpg (659 KB, 1440x1564)
659 KB
659 KB JPG
It's time for new tires. Thinking about changing wheels. What do yall think and which ones yall like
20 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
idk man that deck and rug are lookin tatty
best to rip up the deck and get some newer furniture
If we're talking serious, anon really should try scrubbing his front porch with wood bleach. That algae growth isn't going to go away on its own, and oxalic acid is pretty benign as far as cleaning agents go.
This is a bit off topic, but from what I can see in the photo OP appears to live in a shipping container. Maybe he should focus his energies on building a better house instead of the fredsled.
File: unnamed.jpg (1.07 MB, 2775x2810)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
You guys wonder about nature and shit, and how we take for granted trees? Soon, it'll be a thing of the past. Wooden house? What? Where'd you get all that wood man don't you know trees are extinct?
I pressure wash it every year
I live in a barn house with a shop attached where I work
fuck a tree

What's was so wrong about using tap changer wheels on locomotives?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
No... that's tap controls.
They connect to a transformer and adjust the voltage and ampage to the motors.
throttle levers are better
That looks like it takes up a lot of space.
Yes, but usually, the tap controls are often mechanically linked to the transformer, like in the DB BR 103, allowing the driver's legs to fit under the console.
Tap controls are a much simpler design to build, but much harder to control for the driver, who needs to watch a bunch of metres to make sure he doesn't accidentally trigger the circuit breaker.

Of course, the need for such controls became obsolete once solid state thyristor controlled systems for AC motors became mainstream. The main advantage of thyristor based systems was the ability to have regenerative braking, allowing for the train to put power back into the electrification system, instead of wasting the power through heat energy.
From an electrical engineering standpoint it makes a whole lot of sense, considering the massive amount of power you're dealing with. You couldn't use anything resistive like a gigantic rheostat because it would dissipate massive amounts of heat, wasting power. I can see this method gives you 'steps' in your speed control, which is less than ideal, but wastes the least amount of power and generates the least amount of waste heat, all while keeping the overall design simple. The only real weak point in it is the contacts on what amounts to a gigantic rotary switch would need regular maintenance because there would be some sparking and arcing when you change from one to the other.

anything faster than this is roids + $10k in aero
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
That's impossibly fast. I've reported you to WADA.
No one here averages 20mph
carbon frame is cheating, sti is cheating, spandex is cheating, wearing helmet is cheating
my bike is made of wood and I ride in my undies.
File: not even bait.jpg (7 KB, 200x200)
7 KB
>this waste of a thread

File: download.jpeg.jpg (5 KB, 232x217)
5 KB
Bunch of boomers bought up all the trainers at my local bike shops. Can't even find anything in-stock in Canada let alone on sale or on Kijiji. Anybody have experience with any trainers or especially Chinese ones like pic related?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>Haha I'm going to be cheeky today lol omg
Thanks for the bump friend.
Thats a faggot brand so you should be ok
Any idea which ones I or other anons shouldn't get then?

Lots of kurt kinetic trainers are usually available on craigslist/whatever. They offer an inexpensive upgrade that sends power/cadence to zwift. It takes tweaking/annoyance a lot of the time, but it's cheap and kinda works.
I've been trying to specifically get a 2nd gen road machine. Just ordered one for 330 CAD but got a message saying it was an inventory mistake and they are out. Could wait for them to get more but who the hell knows when that will happen. The pic related one I can get for 300 + 300 shipping which is direct drive, but has no warranty and is Chinese....

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