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File: Hambini-Cervelo.jpg (205 KB, 1280x720)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
What happened to Hambini?
My flatmate ordered a Canyon Ultimate CF and I wanted to roast him with the infamous Canyon Hambini video but it's set private. (https://youtu.be/kDIaNEeyU0w)

A lot of his other videos are gone too, as well as his twitter.
Did CIA niggers finally get him?
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>why such bad frames got past QC
lol, they are doing it with full awareness of how shitty their bikes really are
watch >>1492276
Lads, so which brand produces still decent frames for a decent price, please no naked frames, as I cannot build my own bike.

I will avoid Canyon anyways, even though I am from Germany.
Their welding looks like shit I have read numerous time that there are problems with the frames.
File: 1561255330781.jpg (77 KB, 784x1024)
77 KB
>By posting that you are engaging in the action of lambasting journalists to keep them in check.
People have been "lambasting" CNN and the rest of the media for 3 years for that and much much more and if anything the problem has grown. Journalists only exist to feed hate porn to their echo chambers and no longer need to care about their credibility because outrage gets much better ratings than facts.
File: bbtolerances.png (113 KB, 1234x810)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
Hambro recommends Giant, Look, and Time. Also Specialized looks decent on his official chart-o-shitness though I've never heard him specifically recommend them. I think Giant and Specialized are america-only and the other two are expensive, so....move to america?
Aluminum is safer to buy than carbon, as it's harder to fuck up from a manufacturing standpoint. Still fuck Canyon though.

File: IMG_20200513_170233_1_1.jpg (3.99 MB, 3024x3850)
3.99 MB
3.99 MB JPG
Just got my first scoot, see you later bike nerds
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>hit pothole

I never see rental bike or scooter users wearing a helmet.
Good luck changing a tube/tire. Dick
does anyone have the video of some absolute madman zigzagging through the traffic with one of these at insane speed. it was filmed from perspective of motorcycle dashcam i think.
I used to unironically blast around on a non electric one. Incredibly underrated method of transport. It's quick, easy, and you can flaunt traffic rules fucking easy because as soon as you hit a red light you can just hop off and become a pedestrian.

Can't really do that with the electric ones because they're heavy as fuck and quite bulky. I miss it but it's not as good since I moved to Europe. Too many cobbles.

File: M54.jpg (58 KB, 504x401)
58 KB
>pic related - M54 (Veitnam 1969)

File: ascendu.png (1.4 MB, 1100x1080)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
I'm surprised /n/ isn't talking about this ascendu bike yet.


i feel pretty good with this alternative for biking up imposible climbs.
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He could do with no suspension on the front.
>if you pedal a bike at walking pace up a mountain you do get to ride it back down
I'd rather do that on two wheels than three though.
File: 20200529_152706.jpg (182 KB, 783x800)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
Needs one of these on the back for sure.
I know, I just wanted to post it
>a third set of handlebars in your face
>three wheels

no thanks

File: Newark Xing 2.png (473 KB, 537x500)
473 KB
473 KB PNG
This is the Newark Flat Crossing: the only part left on the English rail network where two railway lines cross at grade like this.

The problem is, the East Coast Main Line - the north-south line in the image, one of the network's primary arteries - is crossed by another busy line. This puts a hard cap on rail traffic that can traverse the ECML. Complicating factors are the presence of the nearby River Trent, and the important A46 road, both of which also use bridges to cross the Trent nearby.

It's a mess: how would you re-engineer the crossing to remove the bottleneck and free up the ECML?
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>then you'd need to run the elevated section all the way southward and over the Trent

Or just lower the access road under it.
did you two just skip over the part of the plan with the ramps and the loop-de-loop?
Did you just skip over the part where anon rejected the loop-de-loop for beeing too tight?
[drawing not to scale]
Think the only approach is to construct a new bridge over the ECML carrying Lincoln line.

Cost of getting a blockade on ECML is likely to be the governing factor. Any works would need to be constructed offline to minimise disruption. Probably would try to realign to the west of existing Lincoln line as span needed over Trent is less.

Got to provide sufficient clearance over ECML so probably need to start the approach embankments suitably far away, probably from the other side of the Trent. This would need a new bridge over the Trent to carry Lincoln line, likely needing a truss bridge to minimise below deck thickness. Then need a new half through bridge over ECML, construct substructure outside NR land then lift or launch superstructure over weekend possession.

Running into 8 figure cost so can’t imagine cost will provide sufficient benefit.

File: gorgeous_beautiful_baby.jpg (734 KB, 2839x1599)
734 KB
734 KB JPG
What is the most beautiful plane, and why is it the MD-11 with Fedex livery?
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File: WOGm20H.jpg (1.54 MB, 3264x2448)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB JPG
The regular 195 is cool as well, especially with the original wheel housings, but I think the triple tailfins on the floatplane have it beat.
File: he-112.jpg (17 KB, 606x240)
17 KB
The open cockpit He 112 prototypes were the most beautiful planes ever made.
30s planes in general are pretty gorgeous.
File: avhien_1.jpg (47 KB, 602x374)
47 KB
>>1484803 Some of the best thrust to weight ratios of any airliner. Real performer for a narrowbody and universally loved by aircrew that have flown it. How is that boring?
An elegant weapon, of a more civilized age

Is this the right plan, /n/?
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The third runway is deader than dead.
Transatlantic flights use London as a hub for the entire Europe. This leads to concentration in a single airport, because everybody wants to offer the most possibilities of connection, specially medium sized companies (south and central america).
File: images.jpg (40 KB, 647x474)
40 KB
>Are they closing the channel tunnel because of brexit
Why people do such uneducated comments about things they don't understand?
Do anybody understands how the tunnel works, why Eurostar and Eurotunnel are the only companies who operate though it (DB tries but gave up), why the Class 373 was the only passenger train allowed though the tunnel for 10 years since the CTRL opened, why the Class 374 is a single long unit instead of two coupled units like everywhere in Europe, why Eurostar trains have lots of destinations going into Europe but trains toward the UK only depart from Gare Du Nord, Lille Europe or Brussels international?
tldr: the UK never was into the free immigration thing. The brexit changes almost nothing for the eurotunnel.
What's your native language, anon? You can barely speak English.
Exactly: UK has visa free travel within the EU, but always had border control. It's never been in Schengen.

The issue has been with Northern Ireland and Eire who currently don't have border control but this would need to be put in place as Eire is within the EU.

File: bikepacking.jpg (449 KB, 700x540)
449 KB
449 KB JPG
Ok this was posted on /out/ but I thought it would also fit this board well as it is bike-specific.
I want to do something special during this years summer holidays and the best thing I could come up with is doing a bike tour to the sea and go back home by train. The only problem is that I have never done a bike tour before, I only hike and camp in the forest. So I have a couple of questions:
1. According to google maps I would have to go about 550km. Are 5 days a good estimate?
2. I only have backpacking gear and a bike. I assume the only things I would still need to buy are proper bike bags and maybe a repair kit. I own a tent and the ususal camping equipment.
3. How am I supposed to buy stuff without leaving my bike alone? I cant just buy a lock for every single bag of equipment.
4. How much training would I need, assuming that I am in relatively good shape but a bit skinny? I dont ride my bicycle more often than once a week usually atm.
5. How does one find a good camping spot while biking? When walking through the forest I usually just go away from the path to find a lonely place where nobody is going to see me, but I will probably just cycle on proper ways without good opportunities. Do I just drive away from my road into less crowded areas in the evening?
Please share all your experience bike camping, bonus points for including pics. If you have different ideas for trips that dont force me to spend a ton of money I am also happy about it. Thank you everyone.
PS: I am living in Germany if that matters.
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that looks like a nice ride along the shore. is it wilderness?
I've driven the north shore of lake superior and the idea of riding a bike there does not appeal. Maybe I'm just soft.
I use a cycle2charge v3 with my dynamo hub.
For the love of god, make sure you adjust your saddle beforehand, and make sure that you have a comfy saddle that fits your ass. You can do 80-100km daily without being fit at all, just do a comfy pace. Your saddle is way more crucial. I've only done a 3-day tour in my life, and it wasn't the harsh rain (had good gear) or fitness that made it hard - it was the fact that my ass was on fire about 60km in on the first day. You will suffer greatly if your saddle isn't attuned. If in doubt, go to a shop and have them adjust it and have them suggest a good saddle according to your sit bones.
Also, have spares with you, and learn how to fix shit on your bike.
Have a good trip, OP. And remember, it's not the mundane "everything went alright" bits you'll remember for years to come. It's the hard and tough experiences that will stick with you. And the fact that you've overcome them.
Why, whats the problem with the lake shore?

File: 1473504729447.jpg (485 KB, 1343x2000)
485 KB
485 KB JPG
I have a question bros. What scooter( non electronic) do you recommend?
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File: razorscooter.png (1.12 MB, 2000x2000)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
elite 80 is fun, but weak on hills
elite 150 is a beast but has a stupid foot brake
I've got a 2007 Vespa LX150. It's pretty great. 70ish empeegees, gets up to 60mph, looks like the more modern bikes, I'm able to ride with my wife on the back, and it's just fun as hell.
and sorry I meant scooter that are not motored or electric, like the one that >>1493189 is talking about
in that case get the biggest wheels you can
tiny wheels will launch you over a pebble

there is also the issue of the bearings
basic stuff will have ABEC 3 - does not roll very smoothly
ABEC 5 is nice to have - rolls a little further
but that is just the tolerances
does not indicate anything else about the bearing

>relies extensively on parking money for income

Can't wait to see carfaggots try defend this one.
14 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>wow why is no one using them,
>the ridiculous number of hills in this city
>actually the city is never going to be good for cycling

bike lanes are all very well and good but you can't actually navigate the city, even the cbd, safely on them.
they're hugely intermittent. You're on a nice safe bike lane and then spat out onto a highly dangerous busy road the next minute. This is almost every single route you could possibly think of.
Even the area of the city with 2 university campuses and close to 100,000 students, doesn't really have good bike lanes around it, and doesn't have bike lanes on the major arterial road running to and THROUGH it.

Even absolute clusterfuck chinese student cruising strip/ nightmare parking game lanes like High Street haven't been pedestrianized and are difficult to cycle down at peak hours.

So you can't say:
>hurf they built good bike lanes and no one uses them so the bike lanes were stupid

I think Auckland is actually pretty great for cycling. Sure there are hills, but how about this, it doesn't SNOW. those Euro cunts ride through snow.
I imagine you must be so well liked calling people buzzwords like carfaggots
Hard disagree. The point of cycleways is to get normals cycling, not nerds who do it anyway, they’ll never, ever, ever do it in a city like auckland. Sweat? Uphill? No fucking way. Christchurch and Hamilton could pull off the cycle city but not auckland. Their investment in cycleways is literally just to give the voters the impression they’re doing something to stop the car problem. It’s arguably the worst solution because it’s the least likely to appeal to the generic car driving aucklander.

Definitely agree about high street though, like it’s almost laughable that entire area isn’t pedstrianised.
Ok sure all i'm saying though is that it's yet to actually be seen. It's not clear. You have your theory and I have mine. But don't pretend 'they built it, and no one comes', because that's not really true.
It's not safe or approachable to cycle almost anywhere in Auckland.

Christchurch could be great for it. Except for how miserably cold it gets. And the city is filled with conservative boomer dairy farmer larpers.
I drove through Hamilton the other night and fuck Hamilton. The enormous nightmarish shopping precincts with square kilometres of parking lots right in the city. fuck. hamilton.
>all this jafa rage and projection

Nothing wrong with Christchurch lad, stop being a pussy it's not cold. Hamilton is a hole for sure but it could get better. Both are flat enough to be able to get normals to cycle.

File: 18488347_304.jpg (79 KB, 940x529)
79 KB
700x28 is the patrician tier option for 98% of real-world cycling. I say "real world" to distinguish it from the fantasy world some dream of, where you're riding over boulders to escape from zombies or whatever. The bike equivalent of civilians buying a heavily armored off road military truck to drive to the hair salon. They think to themselves, "instead of steering around that object like a normal person, I will show dominance by steering into it". In this way, they hope to resemble Arnold Schwarzenegger's character from an action film, or worse yet perhaps they are simply copying the actor's real life fashion. But rather than fashion, in real life bikes are for transportation and 98% of transportation happens on a road hence ROAD BIKES which a certain confused subculture seems to think can only be used in a velodrome under tightly controlled conditions.

There is nothing wrong with a smaller tire if that is your preference. Many of the finest bikes ever made came with 700x23 or smaller. But people who select larger tires invariably have small dick syndrome. I think you know who I mean. You've seen them in your neighborhood. You see them when you override your own common sense and decide to go out for a ride on a nice Sunday with perfect weather when the plebs who hate cycling until that one day the weather is nice and suddenly they're a cyclist today are out in full force.. You even see it online. Those pictures of Putin riding his knobby boing-boing dual suspension novelty joke bike on the sidewalk with no shirt on like the neighborhood dirtbag riding to the liquor store, right? Weak, insecure "strong man" logic. Ever notice John Kerry doing that? No of course not he's got a real bike for adults. Because I guarantee you Kerry has a bigger, thicker penis even at his advanced age. I rest my case.

Anyway this is a true incontrovertible facts thread. What are some other interesting facts about transportation?
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ok whatever you're wasting my time
sounds like poorfag cope desu
just because your secondhand brakes and forks cant handle any larger tire size
>posted from my salvaged surly LHT
>posted from dumpster-dived schwinn varisty
actually I'm posting from a herman miller setu

Prototype or concept thread.
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Let's hope the results from this project allow for a second rise of SSTs, especially given the much more prevalent air traffic sector nowadays and the much more common need for individuals to own small, fast transports for themselves to cut down on time spent not working but in the air.

Or something like that at least, just give us back fast planes already!
File: 1561271502886.jpg (167 KB, 772x954)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
I've got some hope that the market niche the SS bizjet is supposed to fill is viable, but I've been repeatedly disappointed over the decades so...

Anyway here's a pair of nuclear powered turbojets because if you're going to be unrealistic you might as well have fun with it.
I think it was the Israelis driving the program, they had a lot of trouble attempting to intercept Mig-25s during the Yom Kippur War.
>goes up to mach 3.6
Reduced drag, maybe? Also, managing the thermal input of proximate megaton-class thermo-nukes with that greenhouse probably would have proved impractical.

File: 13914_3.jpg (215 KB, 1116x1116)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
I live in a ghetto area and get chased by a different fuckin dog about once a week while out riding. DESU it's starting to give me some kinda PTSD where I go into full sprint panic mode whenever I so much as hear a barking dog now while out riding. Last chase was this big fuckin Chow looking thing the size of a bear that managed to pace me for about a quarter mile before it just got bored and turned back. So far I've only managed to aggro on flats and downhills but I'm worried one of these days one is going to aggro on a climb and get fucked.

What's the deal with dog chases? Do they actually want to fuck you up or are they just chasing? Anyone ever get caught? Opinions on defense?
81 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Foster slug, 1 oz.
spotted the califag
Hey anon. Dogs are jerks.

In motorcycle classes, they teach that you should slow down while approaching the dog, then accelerate past it. This will confuse it's pacing, so that it doesn't make contact with you.

Good luck.
> Entire thread save for a single anon too chicken shit too just spray dogs with their bidon.

> Fucking automatic knife SHOES

Y'all some whimps.
Mark 149 Mod 2 20mm DU

Do you guys like climbing hills?
46 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Sort of, I don't have an option not-to so I better like it.

I do have an issue on one of my bikes from how heavy it is, where above a certain grade I struggle to keep it going. I think it's an issue with my fit - I wobble-fall from going too slow and the gearing varies between being unable to move it, mashing to move the bike 6" each push, and spinning out without accelerating.
I like Japanese trains though.
Yes, though I'm convinced it's a stockholm-syndrom type situation since I grew up in a mountainous city. They first time I rode on a flat road was in my 20's, by then it was too late.
File: Look-785-Huez-1.jpg (71 KB, 1146x700)
71 KB
Yes. When I'm feeling stressed out I think about the 785 Huez RS while masturbating
>Do you guys like climbing hills?
i like climbing your mom's mounds
really pushing it till i run out of energy two hours later

what is the future of air travel going to look like?
Why do we still ride in designs which are essentially 70 years old?
19 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Many small companies trying to make modern airships exist, the technological progress of the last 70 years made them a very interesting option.
Using lifting bodies in the balloon, existing airstreams on the atmosphere, the balloon's own hydrogen supply for propulsion, modern engineering techniques, propulsion tech and materials, ... could result in a very promising product.
File: Airflow_in_auto-2.jpg (102 KB, 367x467)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
>Cool but without a cruise mode, proper batteries and a good fail-safe
Valid points, however do helicopters are considered fail-safe? I know they can do autorotation if the engine fails, but on the other side they still are very fragile if the control system fails.
On the other side, if the drones use asynchronous motors (which I don't know if they do), they may have a single moving part, which is the rotor itself.
The difference between a drone and a helicopter is the control method, nothing impedes a drone from being turbine powered.
supersonic travel is cucked because max lift to drag ratio decreases as mach number increases, so at mach 2 you could get 10 to 1, but at mach 3 it goes down to 8 and at mach 4 further down to 7.

Going below mach 2 is not that efficient either, because then transonic drag also makes it less efficient.

Concorde for example had a L/D of around 7 or 8 at mach two, and at that speed some of the most efficient jet engines built, but it's l/d below mach 1 was 12:1 so despite being designed for supersonic flight it still had better range and better fuel consumption subsonically...
>Max efficiency
>Highly modular airframes capable of being easily upgraded
>Low maintenance yet incredibly safe
Thats what airlines want. So make a plane of that.
>I don't care
Well, I guess air travel is saved and supersonic flight will be a reality now. Than you based anon!

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