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File: 1651364307988.jpg (15 KB, 600x440)
15 KB
Cool or not cool?
Any difference?
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Solid rubber tires are great on forklifts on smooth concrete floors. My puncture resistant but very much pneumatic Marathons are about as far in that direction a bike can go though.
150 years ago some smart dude invented pneumatic tires and the whole world agreed it was a major improvement and dumped solid tires forever. Trust their judgement.
A video popped up in my recommendations yesterday. Supposedly the tech for "good enough" airless tires is almost here.
Good if you like to eat shit on corners and slightly wet pavement.

File: 1.mai.jpg (976 KB, 2000x1331)
976 KB
976 KB JPG
All bets are off!
Is it going to work out?

Previously: >>1841229
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File: 1813102_body_675668_5.jpg (140 KB, 1200x800)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
speaking of unauthorized persons on the track: Austria has a lama problem.
>Yesterday was the last day of classic EuroCity wagons used on the IC Zurich - Stuttgart
I'll miss those comfy cars
during weekdays some relations on the IC4 Zürich - Singen will keep using the EC wagons but with a 460 (aka Lok 2000).
Sad how locomotive-hauked trains are dying out in Switzerland. Instead we get fucking Schüttelzug.
File: 101.jpg (272 KB, 1280x720)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
DB used some special 101s to say goodbye as well.
soon the classical locomotive drawn EuroCities between Austria and Germany will be replaced with ICE 4. If I get that right ICE 4 will run on the Arlberg line.

File: Multitrack.jpg (43 KB, 474x341)
43 KB
>a railroad ministry spokesman, was quoted by The Times of India as saying that 10 to 12 coaches of one train had derailed and that some of the debris then landed on a nearby track, where it was hit by another train.

Kino multitrack drifting
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looks like you touched a nerve lol
India: SOUL
100% assblasted foreigners
File: 1685598103789235.png (775 KB, 640x866)
775 KB
775 KB PNG
>railroad disaster with hundreds dead
they deserved it for making fun of me, personally, probably
I find it wild that even AFTER THE FACT a disaster has taken place, there are still hundreds of Indians hanging around loitering on, in and beside the wrecked train cars. Most are clearly not employed by the railroad, first responders or any sort of disaster management because they lack the hi-vis vests and all have flip flops on. But for some reason they just get to sit on top of the wrecked train and watch. It's so fucking weird.

What raging autist decided to put New York above Tokyo? Rank your top 5

>Author uses the fact annoying, unwanted buskers playing music for spare change is somehow a desirable feature of your daily commute

Yeah sounds about right for CNN.

File: j.jpg (101 KB, 452x541)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
How do you attach the bike steering tube to something other than a fork, like in picture?
Well it looks like they have got an old threaded fork and cut the legs off it then stuck a second quill type stem up the bottom end of it. Actually a pretty clever idea.
Is that a bike powered wheelbarrow? Pretty cool idea, even if it would be totally awkward to use.

File: images (2).jpg (33 KB, 688x445)
33 KB
on what circumstances do they have pros compared to trains?
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Sorry anon I thought you were talking about something else. Anyway in the 80s and into the 90s railroads did a ton of clearance projects to accommodate double stacks--raising tunnels, replacing or removing low bridges, and the like. I doubt there is a mainline anywhere in the US or Canada that can't handle them. Needless to say they can all also handle piggyback loads and they've been doing that since the 40s or 50s.

Handling the actual cab of the truck is something no railroads in North America do or want to do, it's so much easier and safer to just arrange for another truck to move it at the other end of the line.
It all depends on the lenght of the trip, really. If the trip takes a few hours, it makes sense to actually take the driver along as the duration of the trip can count as the drivers mandatory rest time. For longer trips it could make sense to send the truck but swap the driver to another truck that's operating in the area, although that's probably only possible for large scale companies with vast fleets.
>If the trip takes a few hours
If the trip takes a few hours then just hauling it over the road will be faster and cheaper. I can see moving it that way by rail working in other parts of the world but not in the US/Canada. Probably not profitable for the railroad and there's no way they'd let occupied trucks sit on freight trains, and no they're not going to use a passenger car in the consist for the truckers either. Just not going to happen because there's no reason for it to.
nigga u just made a tram
Well, there is one interesting advantage to this. If the drivers stay in the right lane the whole time they drive, that's INCREDIBLY SAFE. Trucks are supposed to usually stay in the right hand lane anyway(unless you're in congested traffic in the middle of a big city, then driving in the center lanes is probably a better idea.

File: 14804.jpg (511 KB, 1000x667)
511 KB
511 KB JPG
Eternal 103 Series Edition

Old Thread: >>1859769
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provide link then
why do you expect me to know what to search for/
Speaking of Shikoku and earlier topic of rail passes, JR Shikoku just hiked theirs as well.
For context, the 7 day pass now costs the same as JR Sanyo-Sanin Area Pass(which covers almost all of JR West), and 1000 yen more than the Setouchi Area Pass(which covers north half of Shikoku and the whole stretch between Kyoto and Kokura).
I really fucking hope JR West keeps their prices long enough for me to buy an exchange voucher for my December trip(so until September since they're valid for 3 months)
Considering they've made some adjustments to coverage(but not price) in March, and that they will be inevitably raising the price of the Hokuriku Area Pass whenever Tsuruga extension opens next year, there's a chance they won't change anything until then, but can't say for sure.

File: slooooooooow.png (694 KB, 740x733)
694 KB
694 KB PNG
Why does a journey on a train always take three times as long as the same journey in a car?
We have THE best most integrated, highly subsidised public transportation system on the face of planet earth but it still seems that no matter where I want to go, my car is three times faster than every other option.
Why is that?
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>OP had the same issue and he lives in fucking naziland
german trains are worse than most of europe and his is just barely twice the time which is out of the ordinary.
>its coming and you cannot do dick to stop it
in your shithole yes
>busses wait in traffic. driving is fun and busses wait in more traffic than driving does
bus lanes exist and trains exist, you live near NYC and dont realize this somehow, you must live in a really shitty area if you cant get into NYC by train yet its only 20 mins by car
File: file.png (39 KB, 1024x480)
39 KB
Because cars are literally just faster than public transportation. You don't have to fit your time to a standardized schedule that makes stops for the other thousands of people who aren't you. You don't have to walk/take a bus/ride a bike/some-other-transportation to get to and from a station to where you were actually going. You don't have to do the same thing to go back home.
Literally the only time they are better are in the middle of tightly-packed urban shitholes, where parking lots and lots of cars don't make much sense because everything is close enough together than the time lost commuting is minimized to an acceptable level, on top of the distance traveled also being minimized due to again to density. Or, in some other kind of urban shithole like the megacity of Southern California, where there's 4 hours of commute traffic in the morning (due almost entirely to the outright refusal to expand the free way system, can't have FastTrak losing those billions of dollars it scrapes off tax payers, twice).

A car will never be faster than public transportation, except where it is simply not feasible to operate a car, or the places where government interference has made it unreasonably inefficient. That's why anti-car freaks are always screeching about shoving more and more people tighter and tighter into ever denser cities.
If you were OP, cutting down time by 30 minutes still leaves the train ride at double or triple the time of the car trip, instead of triple to quadruple.
Hey anon I suggest you go look up how long it takes to get between major cities in France. Spain and Japan or China with high speed train vs car.

>cucked by schedule

Bike Buying General

but that's a motorcycle edition

Post here for recommendations on a bicycle purchase. Useful tips: include your height, weight, intended riding and budget. And a picture is always best.

Calling people fat will be met with a disapproving smirk

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>cable discs
Get TRP Hy-Roads or Juin Tech then later replace groupset with a good hydro STI lever
Ya that was the plan
I made the thread because BQG fills up so fast.
Recommend me an ebike to get my dad. He is 65 years old, and he rides a hardtail mountain bike on some light trails and hills daily in his neighborhood / area.

I've been telling him for years he should get an ebike for his knees at his age because he has a lot of knee problems. Used to run a lot but I got him a bike because he was starting to deal with leg issues anyways and the bike allowed him to keep exercising. But now I feel he really needs an ebike to help him get up the hills where he lives.
I don't want to spend more than around 2.5k but I don't want to get him something that's really shitty. I still want something that he will get some exercise on, but will allow him to have less stress when climbing.
just get a road bike that has clearance for larger (>32mm) tires. Trek, Canyon, Giant, etc. Most of them have larger forks these days to fit larger tires, if you ride trails you can just take off the wheel and put on a knobby tire for traction. If you want to ride roads you just swap out the knobby one for a 32mm road tire. Most 32mm tires are good for light gravel anyways.
You can get upset all you like, but if you are buying a specific bike and post a stock image from the internet of the model then I shall not help you.

File: adu.jpg (503 KB, 1600x1066)
503 KB
503 KB JPG
ADU edition

Found a good video on ADUs here:
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I've been to Kansas City. And San Antonio, and Phoenix, and Vegas. Even when the weather's good, there's barely anyone on the streets except for a select few small districts. You're seen as a bum or a vagrant. Here's a source from fucking Kansascity.com saying it isnt a walkable place. I know you're baiting but christ you're a stupid nigger
>I've been to Kansas City.
I lived there. People do walk around, but why bother if you're coming into the city from the suburbs and have a singular destination (such as a job) in mind. If there aren't enough people walking around for you, again, that is your opinion and thus your problem.
And apparently the opinion of the official city website.
it's the same answer everytime, but new york, chicago, philly, boston. just how it is. twin cities are decent and so are some midwest ones but the PNW is probably the 2nd best as seattle and portland are improving rapidly and so is vancouver (canada) (fuck LA and san fran)

File: pedalpaloza.jpg (74 KB, 608x600)
74 KB
Let's discuss Portland's 2023 Pedalpalooza. I know there are some Portlanders on here.
Ride calendar: https://www.shift2bikes.org/pedalpalooza-calendar/
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File: 1654865527551101.png (478 KB, 736x901)
478 KB
478 KB PNG

Woman? I'm guessing he decided to identify as one, knowing he'd get fucked up in county jail or prison if he was thrown into the men's prison population.
File: 1664840617687087.jpg (5 KB, 225x225)
5 KB
I live across the river & did the bridge ride every August & took the max downtown to pioneer square/pge park etc, but the city has really lost the plot. It's too bad; they had a good thing & they royally fucked it up
Portland is much better now than it was during the COVID bs, just don't go downtown at night.

File: scooters.jpg (483 KB, 1920x1080)
483 KB
483 KB JPG
Do you think people in major American cities will start using scooters more? I could see it happening as traffic calming measures take effect and roads aren't all ridiculously wide anymore.
Wouldn't having scooters in traffic decrease congestion?

I could see it being really useful in Los Angeles for example.
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imagine the fucking noise, als why are they wearing masks?
Slowly but surely, yeah.

Because of the incorrect belief that a generic face mask will protect them from particulate matter emitted from combustion engines. Or stuff like SARS-CoV-2. Masks only make sense as a *form of protection* if each person wearing one was fit tested for a correct N95 model. Otherwise, it's just superstitious bullshit they believe in.

That's why despite all the virtue signaling nonsense from pro-mask retards over the last 3 years, the virus still spread all around the world and killed millions of people. Because a 2 cent Chinese face mask does nothing. Only a proper respirator like an N95 or greater does anything.

Asians have long incorrectly believed these cheap masks protect them, when that's not what they're meant for. So they still wear them in smoggy cities or in crowded spaces believing they're being protected, meanwhile they're inhaling just as much smog or virus as someone without.
>killed millions of people
No because:
You don't allow lane splitting in the majority of your states. Removing the best thing a two wheeled contraption allows you to do after wheelies.
You don't have dedicated motorbike parking spaces everywhere like in Europe.
You have multiple lanes per road and huge fuckin SUV making urban driving a nightmare for bicycle and motorbikes.

File: ronew.jpg (207 KB, 424x408)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
i don't care if these make me look like a fag, these things are awesome
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File: 1682606132780032.png (99 KB, 378x378)
99 KB
Can some one answer the question, is hearing loss a real concern when cycling and do these actually help?

As much as I want to be a woman too, guys, we need to stay on topic
No, it just makes the wind much less annoying
they help tremendously with my tinnitus.
All sufficiently loud noise can eventually damage ears, it's a question of how intense for how long. Honestly an underrrated issue in all motorized transport old trucks especially. If you are doing long rides at 20+mph that is similar to listening to loud music for the same duration. If hours of fast riding per day or per week is your MO yeah I would consider it. Commuter/touring speeds with occasional downhill speeds probably not necessary.

How much should I pay for a reasonably good e-bike? Something I could use as a daily commute and for a little trail/off-roading here and there.
I'm looking for something equivalent of a honda cub, but electric. Is this it or is ther a better choice out there for that kind of money?
101 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
I see, so is there no alternative to expensive as fuck scooters to waiting to happen accident ones? I might as well buy a motorcycle with what price the "decent" ones are going for.
You just buy a Ninebot Max G30 for like $500. The gray one, not the G30P white one with a smaller battery.
Buy a car.
File: 9678987.jpg (63 KB, 1000x1000)
63 KB
>you aren't hitting glass shards the size of my forearm, sorry but you just aren't
>nothing personnel kiddo
Nice backpedaling. Going from 20x4 Veetire speedsters to Veetire GRZLY made almost no noticeable impact on range or speed. Both are thin, ebike rated tires which weigh around 2lbs. The biggest hit I've experienced was going from Veetire LZRD to Shinko 244 3.00-16 motorcycle tires which weigh around 7lbs per tire, about 5lbs more than the LZRDs . Even that wasn't a 30% impact on range. I lost about 20% range and 2mph top speed running on a 40AH battery with the Shinko 244s. Veetire EHUNTSMANS also took about the same range and speed hit because even though those are ebike rated tires, they are heavy as hell because the treads are so thick though it has thin side walls.
>glass shards the size of my forearm
You also realize that most stock e-bike tubes are only 1mm thick and with most ebike road tires being so thin to keep the weight of the tire itself down, the weight of the bike itself makes those thin tires more vulnerable to punctures. It's always advised to immediately change to 2-3mm thick moto tubes.

Single American in a suburb here... I want to get out. I make great money, but I'm not happy with this car centric culture and people. I dunno where in the US to live that has a good community, walking distance places, and good transportation. I'm willing to move out of the country... I've considered the Netherlands, but I heard there is a huge ass housing issue there and I don't speak the language. China seemed cool as hell but I wouldn't even know where to begin searching nice neighborhoods let alone finding a job without any Chinese language. I dunno about Germany either... every German I've spoken to seemed autistic so I'd like to avoid it but maybe I should visit first. Ideally, it's a place with people who don't have sticks up their asses... people who don't have an "edge" so to speak.

Where would you live if there were no barriers for you?
22 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.

Learn a suitable language and excel in that. They don't want Amerifats who can't speak the language.

Be highly educated. They don't want Amerifats who have no degree.

Have lots of work experience. They don't want Amerifats who are fresh out of school and have no experience.

Have lots of money. They don't want Amerifats - or anyone, for that matter - coming there who cannot adequately support themselves while they seek housing and work.

Again, with work: I must illustrate the importance of being highly educated and having skills to offer. You are nothing to a new country if all you can do is be a barista at some shitty coffee shop (they have enough immigrants from Turkey and Northern Africa to do that, plus I guess lots from Ukraine now). If you understand something like logistics, psychology, information technology etc then you'll be valuable.

Most of all, just stay home. If you are incapable of finding happiness and community in your own country/city/neighbourhood what the fuck makes you think you'll suddenly excel in finding this - in a country where you do not know the language, the culture, the customs, the history etc? Not trying to say don't try but you can't just pick a place, move and suddenly find yourself living a great life. I've immigrated to numerous countries and it is not an easy task, even though I'm great with language and have financial stability.
Fuck outta here. OP wants to move to a new country because he's too afraid to drive a car. How do people fall for this bait?
Being forced to drive everywhere is a dreadfully dull banal existence. The only fun driving is when you are doing something for your own personal enjoyment like a back country road trip or driving to a new town. Driving to work and then driving to the gym and then driving to the grocery store is tiresome at best.
Stay in your shithole goblinos.
>Biggest negative off the bat will be lower salaries. And wealth tax depending on the country you go to.
Peak parasite mentality

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