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File: circle.png (626 KB, 1960x2536)
626 KB
626 KB PNG
alright boys, draw your fantasy circle line

I'll start
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One time I had to transfer between Midway and O'Hare and I was literally the only person on this huge charter bus for about 45 minutes. We did pick up some people at a bus stop eventually, but it wasn't for a long time.

The black lady driving the bus was real nice--we talked about homosexual relationships and how she was planning on moving to Minneapolis.
Yup and that would be the intersection of Western and North Ave
File: orangeline-ext.jpg (980 KB, 1372x1251)
980 KB
980 KB JPG
fun fact the red line was once the western leg of the green line (95th/danryan to Harlem) until it was rerouted in the 90s to be the 95th/dan-ryan to howard like it is today

me? extend Orange line to Ford city north like the original plan, hell the ROW still exists from midway over the tracks. my guess is that its too $$$ to build a 1/2mi viaduct bridge over the rail yard
in chicago the south streets are numbers and the addresses match so its extremely easy to know where something is

>31st street is 3100 south xxx road
>103rd st is 10300 south xx road

try doing that in any other city. hey wheres 1282 w maple ave? uhhhhhhh
Baltimore does this as well

bike buy general, last one maxed out:

ok ill start with a kids bike question.
wanna buy a bike for my nephew, lil dude is 8 years old and 4"1(1.25mt) . i was thinking on a 24" mtb, but how to go on frame sizes etc? or am i over thinking and i should just get a 24" and thats it? thanksssss
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Would help if you provided a link in English anon.
No specs, but a new road bike at that price point is almost certainly shit by default.
can you imagine being italian and not riding a Willier or a Battaglin or something like that?
I'm not sure on that group set. Take a peek at the second hand market for the same price and see what you can find. If you can find one with a recent shimano 105 group set I'd pick that over the really cheap one on the triban
i'm getting it almost free with gibs

>Be north american city
>Want to build some rail transport
>Always end up with the most boring generic LRT possible
Fucking why? Seriously it's like every north american city is legally required to build at least one overhead wire energized LRT with some universal vaguely european aesthetic. Does no one build cool shit like heavy rail subways anymore?
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You could all move to Europe or Japan
File: 1577548591300.jpg (1.1 MB, 4000x2250)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
The Toronto streetcars are probably the coolest looking functional streetcars in North America. Very iconic, I'd visit Toronto just to ride them.
File: 20200724_144118.jpg (1.09 MB, 1960x1343)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
They're out of service now,
replaced by modern flexible cars
>ywn see Toronto full of CLRVs
hold me
File: UjRWGyI.png (950 KB, 1240x958)
950 KB
950 KB PNG
we still have the largest intact streetcar network in North America, despite the new rolling stock

File: ICE-T-public-domain.jpg (993 KB, 2200x1280)
993 KB
993 KB JPG

Anything about public transport in Switzerland, Austria and Germany is fair game.
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>any of the brands you mentioned
What's the best fast food at Berlin Hauptbahnhof?
I quite like the Mettbrötchen in the pedestrian underpass at Hanover HBF.
The Starbucks at Brandenburg Gate is a must, if you have the time.
Nah, I just have a half an hour layover at Berlin Hbf before my ICE leaves and wanted to eat something.

File: Skytrain 2025.png (240 KB, 1151x810)
240 KB
240 KB PNG
Is your city building more rail lines?
Yes, my region is making multiple new lines. A 6km subway and a 16km elevated line for a total of around $6 billion
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>why the fuck have the lakeshore east and lakeshore west lines not already been electrified
Because Metrolinx is slow as hell (and I also woulnd't be surprised if the Conservatives are interfering to find ways to cut costs, I mean the Cons already killed any chance of Kitchener getting 2 way-all day GO service before 2030).

>why is metrolinx instead engaging in a pissing contest with the TTC by building their own line rail line on a corridor already served by a streetcar line
Because a Subway under Queen (or into the Downtown core in general) has to be built and should have been 30 years ago. Line 1 is overcapacity and the TTC needs to divert people away from Bloor-Yonge station which is an absolute mad house during rush hour (I've experienced the delight of having to wait for multiple trains to pass by because they are all Tokyo levels of packed). The City has been talking about a Subway under Queen since I believe 1911, yet it still has yet to be built, and I don't trust the Ontario line will get built either.
My city has had Śródmieście (Downtown) station and Centralna (Central) station for decades
Now they're (re)building the Główna (Main) station
From an outsider's perspective, how silly does that sound?
why do that when they can entice new development from chinese buyers
is this part of the metro system?
On the first glance it doesn't sound silly. It depends on so many variables like
>what operational concept is to be used?
>as in, will the new station be for long-distance trains, regional, suburban trains; will it only lead out to the east or east and west
>how saturated is the rest of the system that a new terminal would be necessary?

giv more info and I'll gladly opine

File: 4Chan airbus posts .jpg (126 KB, 1920x1080)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
Thought on electric air travel?
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Electric air travel with batteries will be great for GA trainers and clubs, as most of their flights are pattern work anyway.

Electric motorgliders are already becoming common despite really bad reliability (yes electric fans, electric power has plenty of components that can fail and set things on fire). But this is likely to improve with time.

As for commercial aircraft, hydrogen is just a bad meme, there's nothing wrong with using fuel. If you want 0 CO2 emissions you can synthethise fuel by consuming CO2 from the air, the technology already exists (not used because it's pointless). Pure electric transport might work for short flights between local airfields, but it seems rather situational. Flying drones to carry packaging might actually lose out to self driving electric cars, too.
good luck
The reason for discussing about the use of hydrogen, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and other carbon-less fuels is because hydrocarbons are hard to synthesize.
Another composite material:



Another "juiced" engine:


File: o.jpg (336 KB, 940x705)
336 KB
336 KB JPG
Fixed Gear General
Cannondale track edition
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it was on a bike with gears though
yeah a full build with a half decent frame etc with that kind of budget doesn't seem realistic
it's really douchey and i downvoted the video, but i kinda see both sides, some motorists and pedestrians act like fucking spastics, sometimes they're blatantly breaking the law and being reckless but the cops aren't there to enforce it, other times they're just being annoying, dutch cruiser bikes have lousy performance and on top of that you get bullied in traffic when you ride them on the road, with a fixie you're in a much better position to keep up with city traffic and you can be an edgelord and bully others if you want to
I have flown to and from Asia dozens of times, and I also am a big fan of LOST, among other things.

Back when I was younger, I used to fantasize about my plane ditching in the far North. Either in Siberia or Alaska. That stretch between Lake Baikal and the far reaches of rural North Alaska is insane. From the rough tundra with endless melt lakes, to the mountain peaks of North America which you could almost reach out and touch from the plane window. I love that shit. Not gonna lie, I wouldn't expect to survive long if I survived the initial crash. But it's great to think about. Wintertime plane crashes are brutal, but at least you'd catch some glimpses of really serene beauty before cashing in.
You could of saved yourself a lot of time if you just let the LBS fix your wheel lmao

File: 20170124_Lael-Wilcox.jpg (2.68 MB, 3264x2448)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB JPG
What's her deal?
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>finish 2 hours ahead of someone who did 80 extra miles
I mean, I guess *technically* she won, but...
moral high ground? he's calling out lifestyle retards who sell themselves as "epic" to the exact kind of normies you are describing. Goggins and Wilcox are boring as fuck and the average cubicle slave has 10x the stress in their lives. Raising children is way more work than riding 50 miles a day jfc. just ask Goggins who abandoned his child so he can glare in instagram videos and talk about how hard he is. fucking manchild
File: 1598486985949.jpg (25 KB, 400x386)
25 KB
>Stevens guy
Yeah she won.
Likely same as that woman who got hit by a car and then decided to ride 100,000 miles in a circle, mental issues due to trauma. Too bad this type of racing is pathetic and boring.

Have we reached the limits of folding bike development?
Are there even any new geometries being introduced anymore?
I think this is a very interesting subject from an engineering standpoint and still 99% of folding bikes fall into maybe three categories being either brompton, strida or dahon type frame and fold.
Are there any folding bikes that are unlike the aforementioned three?
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Pretty sure it's Schlupf drive, as that's German for controlled slip. Schlumpf is the German word for smurf.
Is there any reason to put drop bars on a folding bike when it is meant for city riding with a backpack on? Wouldn't flats or raised flats be a better option?
Drop bars are superior to every alternative when it comes to road riding, regardless of environment or cargo load. They offer the most natural and comfortable hand position(s). That being said most folding bikes come with flat bars, because their user base (casuals) is scared of drop bars, out of ignorance and prejudice.
Call me a casual but I never owned a bike with drop bars. I'm considering replacing a really wide (60cm) and uncomfortable set on my small wheeled (20inch) non folding bike and I don't want it to look like a clown bike, and for the handlebar to be too narrow. Wasn't considering drops really.
>Don't think the people who take bus to the city can drop that amount on a British clown bike
Bike riding elite, lol!

File: Pinarello-Montello-1.jpg (440 KB, 1500x1000)
440 KB
440 KB JPG
>fucked up
>broke both arms
>bike is safe and secure
yeah, I need some steel porn
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they aren't nearly as fast though
Missed a 'P,' loser.
they look stupid
File: guercotti.jpg (466 KB, 1024x768)
466 KB
466 KB JPG

File: wheelie.jpg (258 KB, 752x1024)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
How do we solve the disabled people problem?
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>so why would I give a fuck about their problems
because if you live long enough you WILL have a disability or two. the only odd thing about the ADA is that it had to be forced on the public,
>Payed by your taxes.
stop giving jewworld 10 mil USD every day.....or are juden more important to your dumbass?
Being drug addled and capping your lady in the bathroom. Is not the same as rampant gang violence, car jacking, mugging, home invasions, etc from the natives.
>nobody gives a fuck about my problems
I'm sorry to hear that, anon. Hopefully you get better soon.
File: Kanpur - Shanu Sharma.jpg (57 KB, 1045x515)
57 KB
yea that particular design would be overly specified on stair climbing
there are some mad lads who can sort of bunny hop their way up stairs but its a lot of exertion
most stair climbers are of a powered type

File: 1606408098066.jpg (32 KB, 400x349)
32 KB
unracer vs. Unracer™
learn the difference, newfigs. it could save your life
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certainly not the caster angle
they likely have their reasons but the handling car be all that good
The fact that they're literal fred flintstone mobiles that actually function in the modern day. Key structural parts aren't even made with regular lumber. It's based on the shape the tree gives them.

It's impressive in the same way that some bear grylls thatched hut emergency shelter is. Even if it's just a pile of sticks.
>It's based on the shape the tree gives them.
Translation: They don't know how to cut lumber properly.
the term field expedient comes to mind
damn.. actual craftsmanship. get this RACER BULLSHIT out of my thread

I could not imagine anything worse than being killed in a passenger airline crash. Everything is going smoothly and then suddenly your aircraft pitches violently and rolls into a dive. If you have a seatbelt on you’re lucky but only momentarily. The aircraft enters a free fall while the entire cabin fills with screams, those in the bathroom or not buckled into their seats are thrown around like rag dolls - peoples heads smashing into one another or the ceiling. The elapsed time makes you realize the pilots can not correct the aircraft and it sets in that you’re going to die. During daytime and with a window seat you are at least granted knowledge of the impact distance. At night it is a complete surprise. You’re stuck in a tube filled with screaming and frantic people until the moment you make contact with the earth, likely upside down. You know you’re going to die, you just don’t know when. It’s a surprise, like being sniped in the head. Depending on the nature of the accident you could be trapped in the windowless bathroom tumbling around covered in shit or you could be sucked out of the fuselage from explosive decompression and free fall into an engine nacelle or the starry expanse. Any scenario is completely disturbing and unpleasant to think about. I would never wish to experience this in my life.
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>One time there was some moderate turbulence and the qt3.14 next to me grabbed my thigh. Of course I was too petrified to act on it.
Criminally underrated
worse? maybe losing an eye the second time...
gay slut
How hot was your PIC?

GWR branchline edition

Previous thread: https://archive.nyafuu.org/n/thread/1457520/
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I love model trains bros
anybody know if any of the online stores doing black friday? I know trainworld is and maybe accucraft which is now livesteamtrains. I need to know lol
mb klein
stickon weights for car wheels are often easier to find, like at wallmart. easy to cut too
Those are steel. Most auto parts stores have stick on lead weights for wheel balancing and they are much more malleable to be able to shape them (mostly) how you want them.

File: wikpedia.org.png (34 KB, 796x241)
34 KB
why don't road bikes have steep seat tubes like tri-bikes do?
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Triathlon athletes are certainly not paid to think.
How are they powering their bikes then? Hopefully not with the Quadriceps femoris, glutes and calves like any other bikes eh.

The geometry change alters muscle load a little bit but the reason for those geometries is going as compact and aero as it gets
Recumbent would be more aero
but its not a normal upright layout bike as I said above
>he doesnt know about midsole cleats
>Tri bikes are so much faster than road bikes while still having a rather normal overall layout without aero fairings.

Only because of the position, a bike like the one in your pic is not much faster compared to a similar level road bike if the rider is on the base bars. All the extra speed comes form the position you can get into on the aerobars and if your fit is set up correctly you can get pretty much all that benefit by adding clip-on aerobars to an aero road bike. Position, tucking your head down, wearing aero clothing and helmet and deep section wheels all have a much bigger effect than the frame itself.

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