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File: p4pb2409654.jpg (82 KB, 600x383)
82 KB
Retarded edition
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File: apu kauhistuttavaa.png (38 KB, 791x727)
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File: IMG_20210718_210210_314.jpg (89 KB, 1440x1385)
89 KB
How is the thickness of my clamp diameter going to affect the comfort if the rest of the bar is the standard 22.2mm? Clamp diameter has nothing to do with comfort. As for looking better, that's subjective. You may not like it, but everyone on my Instagram does anon ;)
File: kona humuhumu red.jpg (424 KB, 1200x800)
424 KB
424 KB JPG
>Kind of ironic though that you are this concerned about the aesthetics of bikes and still complain about "instagram bikes"

functionality crates a certain look - your pic rel has retarded 31.8 low rise bars (since most 31.8 are low rise), look at the drop on it, what is use of that bike? It certainly wont win any races nor does it do singletrack with those tires. so why the seat to bar drop? so make it more upright, do that and 22.0/25.4 will follow, you wont need an ahead adapter that ridiculously short stem is not needed as well (longer stems provide more comfort on rigids) + those pedals are shite.

pic rel is however a far more logical bike, a bike that can fit the Gram but is also true to itself.
>How is the thickness of my clamp diameter going to affect the comfort if the rest of the bar is the standard 22.2mm?


how wide are those bars? They dont look that wide.
785mm. Again, how is my clamp diameter going to affect the comfort? The rise is where I want it, and so is the width. So how is the clamp diameter making an impact on the comfort of my ride?

Another one bites the dust. I wonder how long until car companies just stop making new ICE models. They’ll probably keep the old platform for regions where ICE is allowed but it won’t be worth doing any R&D on them.
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More abstraction leads to bloat and bugs.
t. frontend framework chaser

AI has made huge strides in the last 10 years but most things don't look like they're moving even if they are.
File: screenshot.png (57 KB, 399x347)
57 KB
just look at how software requirements have changed over the years
software gets slower and slower each year - it was always just covered up by massive leaps in hardware performance until now
software bloat is at insane levels
modern software requires 1000x the hardware specs to do the exact same shit people were doing on computers 20 years ago

compared to a computer from 1995, modern computers are insane super computers. literally twice as powerful as the most powerful, million dollar, whole room super computers from 1995.
but yet our modern computers take LONGER to open modern software than the equivalent software would take on a 1995 home computer.
AI is complete meme tech. 10+ years of "huge strides" but yet no actual application found outside of gimmicks.
Machine learning and decision trees are the only thing near to AI with practical uses.
The greatest minds of our generation are being completely wasted on this meme tech. Thanks to 10 years of painstaking research I can now point my phone at a ginger cat and my phone tells me it's a ginger cat! WAAAOOOOWW I fricking love technology!!!
Pic related.

Why do we build so many roads if the world is moving towards WFH and VR/AR? One day we'll go outside to look at empty streets and wonder whey the hell we built all of this.
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Because of lobbyists and politicians enriching their contractor friends
>99% bike threads
>complaining about a couple of road threads
Can you imagine is all that road was just used for bikes
I really wish the coronameme was real and it actually killed of all of the lardass cagers.
At the start I thought that 80% of the population was actually going to die and that this would become a reality.

File: 1628057134099.gif (370 KB, 750x865)
370 KB
370 KB GIF
This is how China beat the USA
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Get a load of this fucking clown. Do you really think China stopped cutting corners and cooking the books when Mao died? Absolutely delusional.
settle down beavis
and "taipei" is centered approximately on keelung because it would have extended over the dotted line had it been correctly positioned, what's your point?
China's HSR kills fewer people per year than Amtrak does.
Its accident (let alone fatality) rate per passenger, per km traveled, per passenger-kilometre, per journey, etc. is one of the best in the world.
Such is why the only thing anyone can ever find to hold against it was Wenzhou 2011, which Chinese media extensively reported on.
When the US stops being a superpower, it will experience an economic collapse similar to the UK and USSR when they stopped being superpowers. But the US has far less social cohesion than either of those countries did. It won't be a comfy time at all.

File: burbs.png (1.87 MB, 1280x812)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB PNG
I mean seriously. Just take a look at this, the houses are so crammed in together with such little land that they lose all benefit of being detached. The people who live in them are atomised beyond belief, don't know who their neighbors are, and basically use them as a dormitory for commuting to a pointless make-work job in the the city center. Owning a car is basically compulsory too because the nearest store is 3 miles away. Likewise kids have to be driven to school, usually in gas-guzzling SUVs because the parents think it's safer.
All of this is extremely inefficient in my book. All of these people could fit into one block in a mid-rise, mixed use area with small businesses on the ground floor where you can socialize and buy food etc. The kids could walk to school. Your commute could be 200 meters.
Just think about how good things could be - europe can do it right, why not america?
>/n/ - Communists bitching about housing layouts.
Fuck off.
Just relax zoning regulations and let the market deal with it. If people want suburbs, they'll continue to demand and pay for them.

Why do you need to create a new one every day?
relax zoning
rebuild roads with equal consideration to pedestrian / bike / car traffic
build suburbs near big (3+ mile wide) parks where people can ride mountain bikes and teenagers / adults can meet up

File: sprawl.jpg (370 KB, 1024x1024)
370 KB
370 KB JPG
why are Americans so bad at it?
>car centric
>urban sprawl
>no public transport
And why are Europeans and even Asians so much better at it?
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French people also eat in more reasonable portions. Average Frenchman eats 300 fewer calories a day than Americans.
More lies!
Italians are also very thin despite eating a lot of fat and starchy carbs. Their country is very pedestrian-oriented.

File: 5346756756.jpg (145 KB, 960x905)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
>Their country is very pedestrian-oriented.
More commie transportation lies.
In 2019 Italy had 660 cars per capita (more than any other EU country), average italian traveled 14000 km, 11250 km of that using cars. Not surprising Italy has lowest commuting time in EU. Eat this Dutch cucks!
>White flight started in the 60s, america wasn’t fully suburbanized until the 80s.

Suburbanization preceded the peak of white flight and began in the immediate post-war years, and American already had a majority suburban population by 1970.

File: 1507572987903.jpg (1.34 MB, 2352x1218)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG
Cycling is late stage 3 or early stage 4 in many places.

In some areas, it may have even progressed to stage 5.

What's the best way to reverse this? I for one have been pestering local elected officials to block the construction of new bike lanes.
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>School here is basically ritualistic torture, has basically no educational value.
if they made school actually good, 90% of Americans would get filtered out anyway
>American college students having to learn algebra
unironically sadly true and even sadder most get filtered out by basic algebra, especially at community colleges.
To be fair though, I'm European and I couldn't name half the countries in Africa, and my knowledge of the countries of Asia and South America is shaky.
Anon a good chunk of Americans think that Africa is a country. You truly can't comprehend just how dumb the people here are unless you went to school with them. American literacy rates are almost third world tier
But really, why should you need to know all fifty states, let alone all the little countries that are no bigger than a US state on an entirely different continent?
>implying there are foids here

File: 1503019348416.png (813 KB, 808x805)
813 KB
813 KB PNG
>want to get into road biking
>wanted to get a carbon one initially but prices are through the roof so have to settle for an aluminum
>got one for 900$ with Claris
>a month later found out there is a huge second hand market with grey bikes(bought/stolen from Europe and imported here) and they are all dirt cheap, like 1500$ for a full carbon bike with 105
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To get into road biking you just need a bike and a road. No need for carbon memes. Just push your fucking legs.
Not for long.
Is alu frame and carbon fork a good combo?
By the way the fork is carbon, I'm thinking about getting a chink carbon frame to replace the aluminium one

What are the telltale signs a city is full?
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Why don't they just charge more for water?
>Being homeless is not illegal

so what's to enforce?
>Being homeless is not illegal.
Loitering and vagrancy is.
Some countries have tried to reduce population but they end up regretting it because muh inverted pyramid, muh pensions and muh working age. Can't we just force society to both stop breeding AND stop caring for old fucks' well being? That'd be the only way to stop this stupid seesawing.

How do I go about booking a private flight from NYC? What kind of cost am I looking at (ballpark, most basic private jet ride you can get, I just hate all that waiting at the airport and being shoved around like cattle).
I just got a signing bonus for a new job and I want to visit home in the south.
24 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>jet: 2.5hrs
>turboprop: 4hrs
>car: 12hrs
Exactly, props spend twice as long as jets. If you don't care about time and hate people so much, you can always get in a soundproof box and ask your mommy to drive you there. If you are scared by an evil human she will be there to comfort you.
What’s your fucking problem? Why can’t you grasp that someone who doesn’t make $8bn hourly might want to spend a little bit of disposable cash just for an enjoyable flight experience? Somehow that makes me a nigger or a manchild?
That's right, if you think international business class/domestic first class is not enough for your princess needs you're just a needy mangina.
If I can’t afford a private charter, what’s the absolute nicest commercial experience I can buy?

File: IMG_20210510_174956.jpg (1.82 MB, 3000x4000)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB JPG
Today I saw this incredibly small sailboat Despite being so small ir still felt too low and sleek for its size I mean the thing looks like a miniaturized j-class hull. Anyway i thought it was cool and as long as it's floaty and the keel is long enough it's seaworthiness shouldn't be a problem I guess. Ever seen something like it? Also post cool sailboats
135 replies and 47 images omitted. Click here to view.
you also turn the bow towards the wind before turning it right back in place. Anyway if she runs away it will capsize immediately anyway.
>nautical licence.
These are a thing? I’ve just gone to marinas and rented boats and all the do is ask “have you used a boat before?”
What type of boats were you renting?
Usually chartered boat are limited to sail within national water depending on the bareboat contract

File: 1628163994296.jpg (909 KB, 1080x2340)
909 KB
909 KB JPG
It's over /n/
expect sheldons site to be shoa'd soon.
That happened ages ago. I'd be very surprised if there weren't throngs of helpful autists willing to take up the torch for an archive of the website atleast. It's beloved. Just don't expect updates.
what rock have you been living under?
do I need to break the news about sheldon too?
Lies, Sheldon rides forever in velohalla
Did something happen to bazinga guy?
File: 2592586.jpg (87 KB, 400x400)
87 KB

Guys my crypto is fucking tanking!!!

But my collectible bike assets are still strong.... right guys???
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File: pervert-lsangan.jpg (83 KB, 640x491)
83 KB
I can't wait to sell mine, then buy a trash bike make it go woosh and then just repeat that. Right, it'll work right, people will actually want to buy custom roadbikes right, right guys?

>sorry I couldn't find anything related here is lasagna or pizza is it?
Wait you have a delta v1000 to sell ?
man I just want back my old canadian tire white bmx with molded wheels and all the cool pads
It's a pie. Pizza is flatter, lasagna is made with pasta sheets.

Cinelli is in trouble. They took this already down, but still being cancelled.
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watermelon is over of the few food containing a large amount of citrulline, a vasodilator that improves erection quality. I love watermelon!
you're an easily offended buck aren't ya?
>cinelli is a niche brand
nice! I'll go have some right now!
both of those things are hilarious

At what price point would you be willing to go on a Branson/Bezos type of suborbital flight with several minutes of space experience?
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The bare minimum I'll pay for is a three course meal with a blue marble view.
I don't like how many of my rights are violated just to use a airport.
Using one of those things legit requires getting background checked and security clearance.

I rather take the bus, train, or boat. At least I don't need to give up my human rights to use those.
>like coal rolling but 10,000 times worse
You could just do something like the Red Bull jump for a fraction of the price.
or this

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