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File: helmets.png (962 KB, 1356x574)
962 KB
962 KB PNG
The Olympic Committee has banned boxers from wearing headguards, because research has shown that helmets exacerbate head trauma. By wearing a helmet, you are amplifying head trauma by making the impact spread across your entire skull qnd brain.

>Retired cardiac surgeon Dr. Charles Butler, a former president of USA Boxing and the chairman of AIBA’s medical commission, used the two groups to compare the rate of concussions.

>The results were astounding. Butler examined 28,802 rounds, in which headguards were worn in slightly more than 14,000 and in which they were not worn in slightly under 14,000.

>The results: a 43 percent reduction in concussions in bouts in which headguards weren’t worn versus bouts in which they were.

>In other words, Butler’s study showed a boxer was far more likely to sustain a concussion if he wore a headguard than if he did not.

TLDR: Throw your helmet in the trash
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File: 1648587351074.png (77 KB, 208x426)
77 KB
1) bike helmets and boxing headgaurds are two very different things, one's a foam thing that you can punch without fucking up your hand and the other's a rigid thing that's supposed to protect against asphalt not padded fists
2) I the context of biking, "Diffusing the blow" is actually a good thing, and it's a bad thing in boxing because it allowed people to take more headshots in a single bout where they would usually stop. This isn't really a consideration for bikers unless you're saying "wow I feel relatively fine after crashing, let me go intentionally crash more times in the same day"
As an aside, why the hell is a cardiac surgeon doing neorology/sports medicine shit?
Amazing how quickly you can become special needs
I don't wear a helmet but it's obvious that nobody arguing in good faith would compare blows to the head from repeated human fists is completely different than a single blow to the head from a slab of concrete at bicycle speeds
stupid games stupid prizes etc.

File: pybt.jpg (600 KB, 1500x2000)
600 KB
600 KB JPG
>Christmas Edition
post your bike and rate or hate other bikes
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you'd need to chop up the chain stay and reinforce the frame for the rear disc brake to be there safely. You can chance it with a disc brake brace around the existing chainstay but that's super sketchy. A fork is swapped out easily for comparison
File: kleintt.jpg (367 KB, 1502x986)
367 KB
367 KB JPG
i got this last year for £70, i was planning to plunder the bottom bracket but may build it up instead. Any idea of the model? Seller said it was a 1980's TT.
File: 4 pistonz.jpg (768 KB, 1536x2048)
768 KB
768 KB JPG
HB-876 brakes and 11-30 cassette are in. The entire rear hub was replaced. The rear axle was so bent the balls were basically grinding themselves into a steel paste. Now riding it feels like I'm not dragging a tractor
kek except for the modern 1X stuff i literally had the exact same bike in 2002-2004, and still have those white industries forks
>kek, this bike was used well
Nah I don't think so. The texture on the hoods is barely worn, same with the chainrings and the brake tracks.
The saddle must have been on a few different bikes.
The guy said he bought a cannondale at the same time that he preferred. He'd (casually) raced this a couple times but thought it was a bit harsh and didn't like the fit.

>Probably the shifters alone are worth like 120$+ so great deal
Nah lol. Maybe mint, but the plastics are kinda fucked up and the hoods have small tears. The shifting is very iffy too, they're badly gummed up. Probably fix that with re-cable and a flush/lube though. Imo they're worth about $20, $50 flushed. Most valuable thing on the bike is the nice tricolor hub wheels.

Weight- 10.48. Would be 10 with some better tires.

That's a gorgeous frame. I don't really know shit about Kleins, just always admired them and wanted one. I wish it was metallic purple though. I didn't know about the meme pressfit BBs before buying it. Thankfully the one on this is smooth and tight, although the q-factor isn't exactly symetrical and the clearances are tiny.
If you spec that up it would look sick with pursuit bars.

File: southwestdesert.jpg (49 KB, 800x608)
49 KB
General aviation- aviation in general. General aviation is not general enough for aviation.

"Only one way to pay off this debt" edition.

Previous: >>1864892
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File: 1671741369803232.gif (82 KB, 900x770)
82 KB
What's the best pilot job you can get outside of commercial aviation?
I'm guessing corporate pilot pays the best, but they probably only hire pilot's with thousands of hours of experience and are willing to work cheaper because their company laid them off. No chance in hell they'd hire a rookie with 200-300 flight hours, right?
Thought about being self-employed, hiring an aircraft of some kind and doing cargo runs, put I'm unsure if there's enough profit in it to make a living (but maybe it'd be worth if for the freedom)
>No chance in hell they'd hire a rookie with 200-300 flight hours, right?
my friend went straight from ATPL course to flying bizjets as his first aviation job so it's certainly possible.
make them tell you no
>25 y/o captain
w-what? is this a normal age? what airframe

I would like to see some /k/ applications of a design like that.
I am the same age and just took my instrument ride. I think if we hurry with our ratings we may be able to get widebody captain given the current market conditions. But even flying as a wide body FO or narrow body captain sure as shit beats going to a cubicle farm.

File: file.png (589 KB, 579x624)
589 KB
589 KB PNG
Do you feel safe on public transit?
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OTOH i have a short driving commute but i still have to deal with almost getting in an accident every day from retards cutting me off and the annoyance of bumper to bumper traffic
>Bay area
Sure champ
always felt safe and at home in the uk, south korea, china, singapore, and europe - things are clean and not full of homeless people (to an extent, paris/istanbul is a bit different, but not too bad)

Been to the USA a few times, felt safe on the houston and minneapolis train (mostly because they were empty), BART was ok too, but the trains in philly/NYC/chicago were proper sketchy. (homeless people sleeping on the trains, sick on the floor of the train, smelled like a sewer)
Got the buses in houston as well, had some hobos approach me and we had a chat for the ride, was nice, but a bit on edge the whole time.

Got 3rd class trains across india, was proper disgusting (actual farm animals in the train with you) but always felt really safe - great food sold through the windows when the train stops, but as usual, the aftermath probably wasnt worth it

Got trains across uzbekistan as well, very clean and safe, at least one conductor always in sight as well, so all good there. A lot safer than getting taxis, the guy thought I was insulting his driving skill because I put my seatbelt on
No but I wouldn't want use it with a wife and kids or as someone who can't defend themselves
I'm a black guy that wants to be buried in Tokyo. I may never be Japanese even though I speak it but it's so much safer and polite that I don't ever wanna return to USA.



Some new startup wants to make large gondola networks in cities
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Conservatards and right wing reactionaries are literally too stupid to understand externalities and effect beyond a direct cause.
It's literally pointless to try to explain this to them, I've tried for years, and I'm a fascist myself.
These people are hopeless. They think the answer is to continue white flight, buy a tank SUV and get armed to the teeth in case a minority somehow stumbles into their neighborhood.
It will never be fixed until all these leaded gasoline damaged morons die out.
> Let's only let the rich drive!
that's already case? why should you give them even more privilege
File: Hyper Pod.jpg (320 KB, 1200x900)
320 KB
320 KB JPG
What a cool idea. Now replace the cables with rails, put them at ground level, and connect the pods together.
>I'm a fascist
Reactionary is a pejorative used by communists and they include fascists in that category, nice try retard
Simpson's MONORAIL song

File: mpv-shot0081.jpg (352 KB, 1920x1080)
352 KB
352 KB JPG
Why do these people exist?

66 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Some people hate the cagie a lot. They want to exist in their environment as God intended. They are in an environment where this isnt reasonable, but they hate the cagie so much they just see it as a challenge and become radicalized against the cagie . These built environments feel oppressive and fixie bombers and skateboarding are two things that feel like you're subverting your environment and "taking it back"
The french have parkour instead. Some people do just crave a rush, if riding a bike doesn't give a rush and risk of detach then yeah you won't have daredevil cyclists
they were the only people to see Premium rush
I see a lot of fg content from Russia.

imagine if Russia became some sort of fg powerhouse. I could finally buy some dank Raketa or Strela fixed gear.

Shit would be privet or something.
>no mention of pedal kino yet

File: 34956233_34956226.jpg (28 KB, 750x420)
28 KB
>but in barcelona they made these superblocks, why can't we do that here?
>did you know that in amsterdam blah blah blah bicycles?
>individual tenants should have no say in what happens to their neighborhood, only massive multinational property developers and UHNW/family offices have rights

How long do you think it will take for mass transit and bike stuff to shed the stigma from the NUMTOT crowd?
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I don't see how that's a crime desu
Nigger, you're browsing 4chan. You're not a mastermind urbanist.
Literally everyone in the northeast US was talking about HQ2 for like a year straight, if that's esoteric mastermind urbanist trivia then you're just confirming what was already obvious, your opinions are invalid
the kids on facebook don't, but american urban planners are also greatly influenced by corporate interests and make some boneheaded decisions even within the scope of car dependancy.
This thread basedjacked & strawmanning

File: a1.jpg (190 KB, 1354x1738)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
What's a good drink for a budding bicyclist to keep him going?
101 replies and 35 images omitted. Click here to view.
Don't eat sugar, don't listen to tards who do, it still harms people in other ways than causing obesity. For example it causes liver damage and good luck performing well with a diseased liver
depends on how far you're going, my max rides are about 35 miles because I get bored but I do them fasted no problem and I mainly worry about running out of water
gatorade laced with methamphetamine
one of those large shakes from baskin robbins. we looked it up one time and its close to 2k calories. not for a calory minimizer, but if your riding your bike all day shits perfect.
File: 17.jpg (170 KB, 700x1000)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
Have some onions milk

File: AA (1).jpg (184 KB, 1300x702)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
What's the best music while bicycling along a quiet path? I'm glad that's a good cycling/pedestrian play that goes from my apartment to the local retail area.
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File: 20230000.jpg (327 KB, 651x1000)
327 KB
327 KB JPG
You get to BURNING
File: a0 (3).jpg (243 KB, 812x1082)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
File: a0 (1).jpg (680 KB, 2656x3596)
680 KB
680 KB JPG
Warpath: Showdown 2
File: bz (2).gif (63 KB, 252x124)
63 KB
Scimitar Dance
File: 1674678486426410.webm (2.9 MB, 1280x720)
2.9 MB
Bella Ciao

File: dog attack.jpg (381 KB, 1125x1102)
381 KB
381 KB JPG
pics or it didn't happen.

previous >>1843680
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Forget about motivation, that's bullshit, realize it and ignore the excuses your brain comes up with, the hardest part is to get out of your house, when I force myself to go out cycling I never regret it later
Anyway just get better winter clothing, thermal base layer underneath everything, windjacket for long descents, gloves, head piece etc
My winter temps in southern Europe are very similar, it helps to somewhat warm up before leaving the house, like doing some random bodyweight squats, jumping in place
>when I force myself to go out cycling I never regret it later
We know this, yet we still need to force ourselves to go out the next time all the same. It's weird how that works.
File: good really good.jpg (568 KB, 1246x1245)
568 KB
568 KB JPG
went to a brewery yesterday. my first day using the flite! my cheeks are a bit sore now but they will adjust
I managed to take off the weight I gained leading up to and through Christmas when the weather was too bad to ride. I gain weight very quickly when I don't bike much. I end up eating more the days I don't ride.
i am the same brother, 1kg down so far and feeling better already

File: BOSTON-DC-Open-Final.jpg (191 KB, 1500x903)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
>Sit down
>walk on pedals
>suddenly in new place

and people believe this?
>I don't know seems pretty real to me
People who actually think this is how you ride a bicycle are the ones who think it's impossible to ride farther than a mile.
>Release mechanism
>fold bike
>suddenly takes up half the space

that's the witchcraft, bitch

Bike Buying General



Post here for recommendations on a bicycle purchase. Useful tips: include your height, weight, intended riding and budget. And a picture is always best.

Calling people fat will be met with a shake of the head and a slight frown.

Previous: >>1849699
293 replies and 59 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: shimano-pd-gr500.jpg (110 KB, 800x800)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
What are some decent aluminum platform pedals under $100 USD?
Pic related

Did you get your bike anon? Ride report?
The thing with the ally fixie craze is: That everyone does them. Qualified or not. And there's so much shit out there.

If you are certain you want a track inspired bike and put up with tendonitis not remaining limited to your knees but spreading to your wrists too and also have a stiff neck after any longer rides. Then yeah go for it.

This particular one ? The frame is probably hydroformed 70 series aluminium, heat treated before being welded up by a chink, the same chink who threaded the BB with a tapwrench. It will be either heavy for the strength or weak for the weight. And the flood of shoddy aloy track inspired bikes has absolutely killed the appeal for me. Examples with actual low pro geometry of this construction are exceptions but you really dont want to go anymore than say half an hour on those.

So yeah if its cheap, you got the money to spare and just want to fuck about. Why not.
But please dont buy it as your primary bike, dont buy it thinking you can upgrade it down the road or anything.
5ft 10in
>300 USD
Commuting to work and school in a hilly area. And can hold its own in snow & rain
What should I look for?
Buy used obviously. I would suggest the 'plain boring bike'. Do not get fooled into believing you need a mountainbike because of an hilly area. Consider a gear hub for easy of maintenance and not getting clogged in heavy snow. Make sure it has a good stand that will hold the bike even when theres unequal loads carried and it has a rack. Work and school are a pain when you dont have. Also you want to be able to take along clothes for changing conditions or stow clothes half way through. So budget for panniers. Make sure its got lights or budget for lights. Make sure its got fenders front and back.
Things you very likely don't need:
Knobby, super wide or skinny tires.
Suspension of any kind.
Fatter saddles as they dont equal more comf.
Countless gear ratios.
Disk or hydraulic brakes.
Bells and whistles of any kind.

186 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Only government authority will free America
The exhaust fumes from that bus are going to your head, boy...
>And then when things are as terrible as we can make them, things will improve
This actually makes sense to numtits.
>he couldn't wait another 20 seconds for me to cross the street
Why are you crossing the road when there's traffic about? Just look around and cross when it's clear.
I swear leftards just cannot fathom the concept of personal responsibility.
The government authority I'm referring to is global governance, which is obviously coming. The era of absurd abundance and absurd waste is coming to an end. The cattle will no longer be allowed to live in luxury, and that's going to be good for them. Be thankful for the coming strife
>I was only threatened with a knife once
I think they are talking about actual, marked, and illuminated crosswalks wherein cars are legally required to stop.
They had to pass a law here that no one is allowed to drive through a cross walk while someone is inside it (even in a different lane), because jackasses just. would. not. stop. Granny could be 2 steps away from entering the lane but "plenty of space for my SUV!"
Jackasses still don't stop, but at least they might get stuck behind a driver that did stop as per legal requirements.

File: pepe.png (190 KB, 512x468)
190 KB
190 KB PNG
>we want streetcars
>and dedicated bike lanes
Sure, why not
>and pedestrian zones, euro-style
Sounds cool
>and also ban cars, eat the bugs, live in the pod, troon your kids, and live surrounded by niggers
Wait, what?
>dedicated bike lanes
Fuck off with that shit
>pedestrian zones
>euro style
I don't know what that's supposed to mean, but I have no interest in living in some shitty town in polandia that handed all the jews and gypsies over to the nazis in 1943 sorry not sorry
>ban cars
Why would I want that
>eat the bugs
Take your meds schizo
>live in the pod
What pod?
>troon your kids

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1.mai.jpg (976 KB, 2000x1331)
976 KB
976 KB JPG
All bets are off!
Is it going to work out?

Previously: >>1841229

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