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I'm looking for an electric vehicle in the $500-1500 range, with at least a range of 30 miles (preferably 40-50). I don't care if it's a bike or a scooter or anything else, just looking for a way to get around. What does /n/ recommend?
>get 48/52v 1000w-1500w rear wheel direct drive kit
>get 20ah battery
>put it on literally any chromoly steel frame
>use torque arms for extra safety anyways
>unlock limiters / adjust peak volt usage
>have a 35mph+ moped that doesn't need license, insurance, or gas and can ride anywhere with a 50-60 mile range without peddling
>under $1,000 spent if you did it right

If you buy something like that picture you posted it's going to be more like a toy, I'd say stay away unless you can find something like that on sale for under $400. It will not be able to handle any steep hills without heavy peddling and the real range without any real effort in peddling is probably 20 miles at best and it'll be slow and probably uncomfortable if you're not a manlet. If all you're making is short >10 mile round trip commutes then it might get you by if you don't have bad hills. But at that point I'd say get a regular bike and get the benefits of exercise and save a lot of money and less worry about theft. I only have an ebike for my delivery job and because I deliver in a hilly ass area with a small downtown. I still ride my regular beater bike around town for quick trips and for exercise and fun.
48v 20ah battery I'm assuming?

File: unracer.jpg (262 KB, 677x921)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
At what point did you realize that "gravel bikes" are just what replaced front suspension hybrids when male inadequacy complex concluded that a front suspension hybrid is unacceptable?

Think about it. You can't refute this.
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Everything is a larp then, whats your point?
Yea, you are correct. We need a revolution. Because larping is for empty headed people without dignity. And there is no more space for real human life. We need real life. Consider reading biology, deep ecology and some basic psychology. You may begin easy best seller Industrial Society and It's Future from Theodore Kazcynski.
Yeah I'm gonna go ahead and continue to live in a society that grants me easy access to literature and modern medical science. I hope you have fun returning to monkey by yourself though. I'd find it hard to find fulfillment in the power process while freezing to death in the canadian wilderness, but that's just me personally.
keep seething, trannyjanny

>b-b-but the geniuses engineers made gravel bike absolutelly purpose built so they have the bb 0.5 cm. higher than your adapted useless bike! No! you can't enjoy riding if you don't follow the latest trend!

Cry me some more tears, bunch of faggots.

What compels people to paint/write stupid shit on their truck?
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isn't the vehicle register public?
you should ask at the DoT
you can call and ask with this number apparently
rent fucking free, even still
I do find it strange how voting for trump slowly takes over people’s lives. I know a guy who was a berniebro then when bernie didn’t win the nomination he became a hardcore trump evangelist and conspiracy theorist, just posting shit in his Facebook constantly for years.
He was formerly a mildly intelligent person but the shit he would believe was so incredibly stupid.
You don't really get to say rent free when these guys build shrines every other block.
Back home, it's usually just a flag (Not even those 'free with donation' lawn signs you're supposed to take down after the election, a full sized flag), and when I drive the truck, it's haybail monoliths and whole trailers and lighted up airplanes and plywood billboards lit by floodlights.

Is it possible to get cycling gear not made of polyester? Recycled cotton would be good I guess. I’d prefer no polyester or plastic/oil-based fabrics, even if they’re recycled, because when you wash them they send microplastics into our waterways and it’s alarming how fast that shit’s building up.
If someone else is into sustainable design do you have any recommendations?

Pic somewhat related, a 55% hemp 45% cotton shirt.
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This is good advice
When you wear any oil polymer-based clothes you’re shedding microplastics the whole time. Sort of like how car tires shed materials the whole time you’re driving.
levis has 511s that are 98% cotton and 2% spandex for commuting, I like them a lot personally because they stitch the crotch to handle wear and tear better, and that's the first thing that blows out on pants for me.
Interesting. Apparently Levi’s is going to integrate hemp into almost all their fabrics as well.
OP might check out Outerknown or Tentree, they have a bunch of hemp products
those commuter 511s have been out of production for several years now. I like mine but I'm not hopeful about the shitty hemp hippie replacements, I'll probably replace them with rapha when they die

File: IMG_20200701_185348.jpg (1.17 MB, 1634x1231)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
/btg/ - bicycle touring general
Broken rack edition.

Ask questions, post advice, stories and photos from your trips.
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For me 36 km is at the upper end comfortable.
File: IMG_20200813_194549.jpg (1.29 MB, 1824x1368)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB JPG
Here's a family of meese I met in the summer that I forgot to post.
I miss summer.
Get something with mounts you’ll thank yourself later
Are you sure you don't want /drt/?
Oh, sorry, I got them confused.

File: MILW_E72_E34A_s.jpg (272 KB, 1000x653)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
They took this from you...
Never forget, never forgive.
Just because people think they are too good for lignite.

File: Capture.png (1.56 MB, 1171x864)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB PNG

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lmao owned. these disc racers don't know anything about bikes
how the fuck plastic gonna creak you mental dental road toad
#not all press fits
And what do you think creates "torque", i.e. the force needed to tighten the thing? Friction caused by the threads being pressed together.

Just about every bearing in every machine in the world is installed by 'press fit', including the ones in the threaded cups of your bb. If interference fits were unreliable, the wheels on your car would fall off (>implying you can afford one)

Only if the frame is a piece of shit.
square taper doesnt creak because the threads hide the creak

File: nintchdbpict000381641926.jpg (151 KB, 1500x1823)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
>Oi mate, your wheels are spinning!

Why do delinquent women keep shouting this out to me when I'm cycling? Of course my wheels are spinning, this is how a bicycle operates.
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Because women are funny. Shut up misogynist
i ride my full carbon roadie to girl apartments for sex. sometimes to bars to meet girls for sex later on. i never race or wear a helmet. it's not really unracing though. I call it sex having
I hope you're not serious
they'd look nicer without all the makeup and if they stopped drinking
It's a new hit single they're shouting, they're trying to be clever and they may want to touch your nuts

File: 20201106_125806.jpg (2.38 MB, 3492x4656)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB JPG
>show up to the 'port
>see this
>flight cancelled
So how's your day going lads
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Wondering that too.
hmm flaps are partway down, musta been some juice.
just prop it, o right prop isnt indexed correctly for that. probably everyone there is scared to do it.

put it on a huge charger and dump way to much juice into it too fast.

i mean, why not prop it just to see in the alt/generator is working?

this is a good teachable momement to help you keep from getting stranded due to some dumb shit like a loose battery connection or a switch left on.

lad that airplane is fucking terrifying. close to the worst thing I've ever seen except for perma-tiedowns. I'm working on an unrestored 1930's plane that is in way better shape.
File: my fish when.jpg (17 KB, 300x222)
17 KB
>so uh
>what happened to the original prop?
what about it worries you? or are you just trolling?

File: _110458988_trolleyvanc.jpg (137 KB, 976x549)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
What can a tram do that a trolleybus cant?
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Rail isn't -in-expensive to operate but it's still better in the long term. Do you want to buy a cheap shitty stock pot where the handles fall off every year or an expensive Le Creuset that outlives your grandchildren
Less friction ie better fuel economy
Again that's just too simple of an analogy to work.

Kind of a curse for rail equipment as the rolling resistance is lowered (vs. tires) but the overall weight of the vehicles has grown, so it needs more energy to move.
Okay then you try
>Kind of a curse for rail equipment as the rolling resistance is lowered (vs. tires) but the overall weight of the vehicles has grown, so it needs more energy to move.

Asspull sense tingling

File: IMG_0028.jpg (3.03 MB, 4608x3456)
3.03 MB
3.03 MB JPG
Post any pics of planes that you've taken yourself. Ill throw in a few of mine :)
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That's the inventor of CRM
Is that Interjet? Did your fly in their Sukhois? How was it?
some more pics from my camera thanks for the posts fellow avfags :)
File: IMG_0144.jpg (3.54 MB, 4608x3456)
3.54 MB
3.54 MB JPG
File: IMG_0095.jpg (3.25 MB, 4608x3456)
3.25 MB
3.25 MB JPG
miss seeing maddogs :(

File: dura chad hubs.jpg (62 KB, 1200x800)
62 KB
>Big boy 1/4" bearings in rear hubs.
>Small-dick-energy 3/16” bearings in fronts
Why did they do this anons?
With the weight distribution of a road or track bike, it would make sense (in theory to just use 1/4" balls all round and have replaceable hub cups that can be pressed out and replaced like the campy hubs of old.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
No, it's more like 55+/45- and the rear wheel also has to deal with drivetrain loads.
Newer XT hubs use 3/16 in the rear.
The fact that you're applying force to the rear hub via the drive chain means there's more force for the bearings to handle, and even if you think your bike is 50/50 balanced front/rear, it's not, you're putting more weight on the rear wheel than the front.
If pic related is what you bought, you'll never have to worry about the bearings, those hubs will be able to be passed down to your grandchildren.
>Why did they do this anons?
Bigger bearings are heavier, and with a high-margin product, such as DA hubs - it is a selling point that outweighs possible efficiency gains from having common parts in both front and rear hub.
File: Capture.jpg (78 KB, 626x524)
78 KB
>those hubs will be able to be passed down to your grandchildren.

What do you think about quality direct drive hubs? I assume they use much bigger bearings because of all the extra weight and force.

File: The Otis Elevator.jpg (72 KB, 580x435)
72 KB
Welcome to /uplift/ where we spread elevator autism because elevators are vertical tra/n/sport.

I used to ride an elevator over 20 times a day across multiple buildings throughout my city until the pandemic and I do miss riding some of the luxury or vintage elevators. It wasn't until I came across an elevator enthusiast who got me interested in elevators. Most of the elevators I ride are Otis elevators since I live in the US but whenever I come across an elevator with an unbranded doorsill, it's always fun to identify the manufacturer and it gives me something to do as I wait to arrive at my desired level. Many elevators use preferred components so after some time, it's possible to identify the manufacturer by button or chime.

Here's a handy guide in getting started on identifying elevator manufacturer by fixtures
19 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
Elevators, John H. Jallings.

Elevators, John H. Jallings.

Hydraulic Elevators, William Baxter.
>ran off the town's water pressure
That doesn't sound good enough. Might as well find some falling water to make a trompe for compressed air.

Is it as slow as oil?
File: steam.jpg (41 KB, 600x400)
41 KB
but the cake
look how smooth that rides
slower but way smoother, smoother than modern elevators even
It ran just fine a little slow apparently moved faster in the older days before they modernized it to be electronically controlled. Remember air compressess water does not.
Elevator Museume

File: 20160328_153041.jpg (1.86 MB, 3264x2448)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB JPG
>Been wanting to fly since I can remember
>Years of headache and missed opportunities go by
>Ironically the year with the biggest universal headache yet is the one I'm actually going for my PPL in
Any /bc/ bros here? Advice for what to look for in Flight Clubs and buying/renting aircraft?
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Get your PPL if you're passionate about it. Most instructors (mine included) recommend immediately continuing on the instrument path, at least to continue challenging yourself.

I'd say get your PPL, figure how you're going to afford flying frequently, the check out other options.

Awhile back I saw a guy advertising two week courses for seaplane in Florida, plane, room, and board all included.
so in the usa there is a utrralight class and a light sport class wich only needs 10 hours of training but the light sport planes are fucking expensive can i get a ultralight and just put a bigger tank and a 2nd seat when i get a light sport license
when youre driving on h1 from chilliwack to abbotsford that mountain in the back always looked like an elephant to me
In short: no. I doubt you have the necessary engineering skills to do so.

If you do, unless you are 5'6" and 150 lbs ultralights are going to be rough.

If you live in a city/metro area, finding suitable Class G airspace is going to be rough.

Unless you are in an area with stable weather conditions where you won't get beat to shit on a hot day, flying at any time other than early morning is going to be rough.

In short, ultralights have massive restrictions and drawbacks and you'll still be $10-15k deep by the time it's done. Get your PPL.
no required training for bush flying, but it is highly recommended to get some off-airport training and theory installed in your brain or you will likely break an airplane.

File: passanger.jpg (75 KB, 960x429)
75 KB
passenger version when?
9 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Airbus.png (6 KB, 500x246)
6 KB
cope im up 80%
File: Airbus.png (4 KB, 1069x38)
4 KB
opps outdated
>passenger version when?
When airlines decide to murder all their passengers through hypoxia.

The cargo section is unpressurised. It doesn't need to be pressurised because all it ever does is fly plane parts around. And occasionally, it flies a satellite or space station module, which... well... don't need pressurisation either,
>You reach max takeoff weight waaaaay before you max out the volume.
That thing carries a fuselage, which weight a lot and has lots of empty space. If you loaded in cargo to that thing at normal freight density it probably wouldn't work.

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