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>neet for years
>have a hand me down bicycle
>slowly learn how to change my cassette and chain
>did it successfully
I'm feeling really good bros
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File: IMG_20201031_152757.jpg (2.46 MB, 3264x2448)
2.46 MB
2.46 MB JPG
That sucks bro. I had to put down a chicken from the first hand-raised batch.

Pic is "Findus" my rooster in training
File: nrjq.jpg (25 KB, 345x426)
25 KB
You'll get a lot of hate in this thread, but you now have a skill, even if its a minor one. No matter what happens, no matter how shit your life becomes, that knowledge can never be taken away from you. Now you can build on it.
>that knowledge can never be taken away from you
I don't think this is at all true.

File: 0917201859~3.jpg (1.14 MB, 2750x1828)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
I took a tumble and bent the left side of my shift housing. It's almost imperceptible but given it's my bike I noticed it off the bat.

I'm assuming there's an easy fix, but it isn't apparent to me. Can someone take pity on me and help me out?
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how else is he supposed to feel superior?
Just loosen the bolt holding it on, readjust it and tighten it again.
And redo the bar tape while you're at it, please. That's a fucking abysmal job, I could do better and I don't even have half a brain cell.
because you acted like a faggot

File: 12068583954093.jpg (35 KB, 480x270)
35 KB
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What does "return with intentionality" mean
it's polite of way of saying 'please come back when you have your shit together'

File: download.jpg (11 KB, 289x175)
11 KB
It is my first time posting on this board, as I come to you for interesting and productive discussions.

Are there any Ukrainian anons on this board? What do you think about the current situation with transport and infrastructure? What do you wish was to be implemented / removed, that already exists in West or East? What do you think of Pic related?

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Oh no anon, that is no bus. That's "мapшpyтнe тaкci", which would be approximately translated as "taxi on line". It is technically a microbus, that has something like 20 sitting places plus as many standing. Their purpose is technically identical to regular bus, but they are cheaper, so we have more of them. Also, their size allows them to pass tighter spots and more extreme slopes, which are rather common in my city.
Very nice, thank you for your interesting point

No Ukrainian here, but from a tourist perspective arriving in Kiev by train and riding around with the Metro and the Marshrutki (is that the Ukrainian plural? I only know some Russian) was comfy as fuck.

Obviously everything is a little run down and many systems only continue to exist because soviet technology was built to last, but it makes me happy to see how good of a transport system can be held up with so little, especially looking at Marshrutki. Also why are the Trolleybuses so slow? Bad shape of the catenary?

Also it appears that you can get by without a car in most larger cities (well, many people just have to), also there is a network of night trains connecting the country.

I know you can frame it the other way aswell: Night trains are only there be because the bad Infrastructure enforces low speeds, even suburban trains only run a handful times a day, UZ is being eaten up by corruption, there is little money for improvements, Kiev Metro has capacity issues during peak hours I haven‘t even seen in Tokyo and and and...

But from a transit nerds perspective Ukraine has a lot of potential and is probably already better than most countries worldwide, overhaul the existing tram and Trolleybus networks for higher speeds, add some live departure information to the Marshrutki and then you‘ll have some really decent transit.
>overhaul the existing tram and Trolleybus networks for higher speeds
Not possible without massive investments into road and tram rail quality. Also, trolleybuses can't go faster, as dedicated lanes are often packed with parked cars.
>add some live departure information to the Marshrutki
It was done a few years back where I lived, but it didn't really work out because they never were on time and they turned it of.

I'm a great proponent of metro expansion, as I absolutely love it. Also Kyiv has extreme parking problems, making it 12th most congested city on a planet.

P.S. Pickpocketer stole my wallet in marshrutka today, with my passport and driving licence inside. That was fucking disappointing, desu

File: asdf.png (566 KB, 1899x774)
566 KB
566 KB PNG
>Trek rebrands "Police" bike as "Service" bike to avoid the wrath of anarchists
>online listing is "Archived" despite being 2021 model
Last news I can find is Trek refusing to stop selling police bikes after pressure from sjws forced Fuji to stop. Did they finally bend the knee?
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Cop goes pew pew pew

Everything went better than expected
File: tour de troit.webm (2.77 MB, 640x360)
2.77 MB
2.77 MB WEBM
I'm in seattle and they have a lot of bike cops. honestly I watched one of the dudes track stand at a light for a minute effortlessly and I have to give some respect to that. our cops here are worthless otherwise though.
>shoots a white dude by accident

ideal scenario
>takes 14 cops with tasers and guns to subdue
that guy is a fucking hero, they should have let him have it

File: fedex-pilot-fixed.jpg (90 KB, 1200x628)
90 KB
>Try to hijack plane
>Armed with a fucking spear gun, hammers, knives
>Somehow lose to 2 unarmed pilots
How? How can one person be so incompetent?
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>Retardation confirmed
>How? How can one person be so incompetent?

He was getting canned for falsifying his flight hours
It's not his fault he was a good boy. It was all because of racism
>How? How can one person be so incompetent?
He wasn't the problem.

File: 08.jpg (290 KB, 1641x1080)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
Why have multi level cities yet to catch on despite the immense value they'd provide?

I'm guessing it's because 4 year term city governments don't want to commit to such a comprehensive rethink of cities.
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What do they eat
File: 2mmuvjd.jpg (65 KB, 640x508)
65 KB
ITT: people who think Kowloon is the same thing as the Kowloon Walled City
are you stupid?
Trolleybusses are an obsolete concept going nowhere now that battery tech is good
You have trams, you are underground, so the infrastructure is free, and cables stay out of sight. Why do you want to spend more on battery buses?

powermeter talk,

what do you guys think of the magene P325 ?
theresa kickstarter for it, 299 for a shipped dual side+chainring PM, really tempted on buying it, (cant link here cause it thinks its spam, but just google megane p325 kickstarter) .

shall i go for it?
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If you're interested in chink powermeters Sigeyi is the choice. Other cheap ones are left side only crank arms.
if it's any good at all SRAM will buy them out like they did everyone else so what would it even matter?
the Magene seems really poorly made from a manufacturing standpoint, just look at that massive flex and the fucked up pedal holes and it had plenty of bad power readings in short tests. Seems like garbage to be honest.

Also from what I can see the chainrings and cranks are machined in one piece so once the chainrings wear out you have to throw the whole powermeter away. And judging from the crankarms that flex like noodles I highly doubt the chainrings are going to last 50k km.
There are very good powermeter options available at the 500-600 USD or Euro pricepoint like Quarq and power2max. Well made and very long lasting, don't cheap out on a powermeter that you'll use for many years. Don't put up with something that gives you faulty readings, get something good or you'll regret it.
Not transportation
File: TH400-side2.jpg (2.93 MB, 3648x2502)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB JPG
Not heterosexual
>>>/lgbt/ >>>/b/ >>>/trash/

File: 1603284525826.jpg (303 KB, 1613x533)
303 KB
303 KB JPG
There are double decker buses
There are articulated buses
But what about articulated double decker buses?
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>anon, a typical car and most other road vehicles have 4 wheels.
Yes. And?
>who puts a fucking nuclear reactor inside a bus
They did
That's not the use case. Imagine if they were around for ferrying people between the terminal and the far apart boarding places usually reserved for economy flights or GA. If they had a bus there, not even economy classes would suck that much, and also you have space for cargo underneath the deck, so you can carry and load cargo with passengers.

Also to reduce operating costs and seething by Greta, these could be made in electric for the ~ 1-2 mile trips they are expected to take.
He argues that cars and buses have no reason to live in the 21st century. I'd vouch for trucks, though, they're great in a local last-mile distribution, especially in electric versions.
> But what about articulated double decker buses?
For that amount of passengers, just build a tramway or a train if long distance

File: californiahsr.png (61 KB, 2186x452)
61 KB
Why can't americans build HSR?
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too afraid it might help someone
>I've honestly never been in the central valley or taken SR99, but I would definitely take a joyride on a 125mph San Joaquins on brand new tracks.
All you're missing is tan/brown landscapes and towns full of mexicans and methheads.
HAPPENING: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNCAnPGnxUk

I love diversity in drug-addicts!
Becuse air travel is subsidizes i can fly anywhere in the county besides Hawaii and Alaska for at most 250 bucks
>Why do you need to take so much shit with you when you fly?
cause im bringng my bike

File: img_0176_jpg.jpg (136 KB, 678x381)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
File: thisisfine-1.jpg (29 KB, 350x350)
29 KB
Imagine being the tradie who made that fuck up.

File: clover.jpg (266 KB, 1200x800)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
Honestly cloverleafs have to be one of man's greatest inventions. They just look so sexy. I wish the government would just replace all interchanges with them.
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File: roundabout.gif (6 KB, 400x300)
6 KB
Then, for low to mid-volumes of traffic, you build a roundabout. For large traffic flows, you build a gigantic ugly blot-out-the-sun-forevermore free-flowing stack interchange.
>No lane mathematics

Why even bother?
Toll roads yay.
Any four-way interchange can be converted to a pair of three-way interchange. They are pragmatic under land constraint.
>lane mathematics
This meme is fucking annoying. It's called "lane balance" and basic number of lanes if anyone is remotely concerned about it.
sometimes when i am driving down the freeway, ill turn off the offramp, do the full clover then continue on the freeway in the direction i was going. confuses/annoys friends

How do we get rid of the pedestrians who do this retardation?
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>that mini cooper
phone-peds are the worst. they walk right out into the bike lane like it's a second sidewalk, all staring down at their phone and not paying attention. fuck them. using a phone while walking should be illegal with a $3,000 fine.
slow down and sfely go around them

kinda like what most car drivers do when they see a biker on the roadway ahead
There's not much wrong with any of that. if you honestly can't tell why the op's youtube shit is insanely dangerous and the mexico city footage isn't, you shouldn't be on a bike unsupervised
California is wasted on the californians

Since I'm using my bicycle as an utility device, often I find myself running out of cargo capacity in my rear cargo bags. The loads I carry (~ 20 kg, anything larger I'm carrying by car) are also problematic.

I'm thinking about pic related as a solution, and as one less reason to use my car, especially with an electric version, that could make a 20 km/direction trip fully loaded (local farmer's market, currently that's done by car because of the expected heavy loads) without any difficulty.

Yeah, I'm not /fit/, so I probably can't cycle centuries.

Only problem is that even from aliexpress, it's fing $1k + duty, taxes and shipping. From yurop, the quotes I've heard are closer to €3k.

Also, I haven't seen a cargobike with 28" wheels, and being 6'3", that could be a problem.

Is this a good idea?
What alternatives are there lugging cargo around with a bicycle?
What non-car alternatives are there? Are electric scooters any good?
Also, cargobike general.
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as above, no need for that - a touring bike fitted with a sturdy rear rack, good quality panniers, and a large basket on the front would be a much better choice for casual haulage. add a trailer to that and you can move pretty much anything.
touring bike since the geometry and overall construction is dictated by the need to carry a lot of stuff and still be easily rideable - you could likely do something that would work with an old mtb though.
no problem with cargo bikes but it'll be heavy and slow, quality will suck below a certain price point also. an electric assist would make sense but then you're looking at $$$ so...

lol, you need to get a fucking grip sonny
gotta love boomerposting lel
Trailers generally come with the necessary attachment things. Single wheel trailers usually have a fork type thing on a swivel that attaches to both ends of the rear axle, but ones with a high drawbar that attaches to a ball mount on the seat post exist. Two wheeled trailers either have the same high drawbar with seat post attachment, or a low drawbar that attaches to one side of your rear axle. Low drawbars nearly don't affect bike handling at all, but have a limited turning angle in one direction (usually right), high drawbars that attach to the seat post have a far greater turning angle in either direction but with heavy loads you can kind of feel them tugging on the bike when you lean into turns and they take a little getting used to.
Op here.
Actually I have looked for /n/ solutions to an /n/ problem, anf have found actually helpful posts like

Suggesting me a trailer and >>1576885 also suggesting s great rear hub, as my current rear hub is broken from the constant overload

Also a great idea was long johns, and a long bike upgrade kit (>>1576815) which would also allow me a path to disc brakes without having to buy a new frame.

Thank you all for the contribution!
File: ho chi min bike.jpg (198 KB, 1395x901)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
the wider 140 mm hubs were common on touring bikes and tandems at one point
to reduce the dish of the spokes and keep the wheel from bending sideways so much
smaller wheels or larger hub flanges will also have the same effect

one wheel trailers have a more simple mount but tend to be a little unstable, some are cheep but likely only just sufficient for your 20 kg ish cargo
most trailers do put a bit more stress on the rear wheel so its something to keep an eye on
rear wheels are the weak part of most bikes

*shuts down your entire city’s supply chain*
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File: iu[2].jpg (231 KB, 1024x768)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
>Not giving it the full Sherman Bowtie treatment.
There was a time I think in the 90s where people kept sabotaging the rail network in Germany. Had to have police helicopters patrol a lot of it and a few derailments occurred.
>What is yield stress
The steel can deform retard
>in the 90s where people kept sabotaging the rail network in Germany.
East German communist radicals, or turk roaches.

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