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This amateur guy enters the Tour de France and slaps all your riders on the ass.
You're the head fo the Tour de France, what do you do?
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Good luck catching this guy, he's already gone.
Man, you are new.
File: imageload_13__4.jpg (411 KB, 1500x2000)
411 KB
411 KB JPG
I would place so many garlands of fine orchids over his head that he collapses from exhaustion
I still feel that streamlined recumbent are only for people over forty five
isn't it better to triumph by the strength of your muscles than by the artifice of aerodynamics
we are getting soft...
as for me give me a UCI regulation upright bike
lurk more newfag

File: sos-60.jpg (16 KB, 356x336)
16 KB
I want to live on the ocean. Besides buying a boat, what other things should I do and read to help me achieve this goal?
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>want to do this until i think about the costs, logistics, and hassle involved
they're notorious money black-holes. why is it like this.
File: Z7HeRxU.png (361 KB, 512x512)
361 KB
361 KB PNG
The first rule of this existence full of jews, imbeciles and obnoxious people.
Where can I get this book?

I watch enough YouTube sailing channels to know that I don't have the mechanical skill or money to even think about doing that shit.

Also, Erik Anderaa is a goddamned madman.
Amazon is the easiest way. Maybe a bookstore.

File: 1587413354944.jpg (51 KB, 1000x563)
51 KB
Helmet nazis confirmed slow and pathetic.

>you're better off shaving your head

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File: YUMMY.jpg (3.77 MB, 4032x2827)
3.77 MB
3.77 MB JPG
headbump,,,gon,dare thebirds.
>by Hambini, age 5

So these are the immigrant children we are letting into our country.
He's Tamil, not Indian.
File: 1574344020222.jpg (849 KB, 1264x1920)
849 KB
849 KB JPG
A ww1 helmet essentially had MIPS. Internal structure meant it could rotate as well a bit

File: MD-90.jpg (18 KB, 700x351)
18 KB
i miss this nigga like you wouldnt believe
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>all good planes
File: EMB145Amazon.jpg (16 KB, 536x185)
16 KB
Or overwing mounted like ERJ Amazon design.
i wonder what a 727 would look like if they converted it into a modern twin-jet. IE dropped the the middle engine and put some bigger ones on the sides.
these were comfy planes.
Confim, I fly them to go to work (FIFO worker in Western Australia), they're such a smooth ride, along with the 717

What the fuck is his problem?
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This. I can't stand that dude's main channel.
I'd certainly not click on a video with that title on a whim, but knowing what kind of video Seth makes, I do. I enjoy his editing.
Someone is mad that a boomer manlet gets to spend his time riding bikes, making trails, and editing videos away from the degeneracy of the city.
I always figured those kind of ads was google's terminator AI crapping out. There's an actual video?
This. Help me I need to get out ride my bike. Fucking lock down. I need a book.

File: Post Furlough World.png (231 KB, 680x607)
231 KB
231 KB PNG
No CFIs allowed.
Come bitch about how we're all losing our jobs in October.
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lol @ the 4chan user saying a CEO of a company with almost 100k employees is wrong
Lol @ this Plebbit user not realising that the CEO of an airline is lock, step, and barrel with ZOG/masonism and is trying to go against the will of the people.
kek. ok retard
I work for UP. Right now you need 8 years of seniority to work in the yard or brakeman extraboard. Engineers that have been hogging for over 5 to 10 years and have 15 to 20 years in have been cut to conductor.

File: 1392.jpg (108 KB, 986x555)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
*invades your runway* edition
Post new incidents, ATC transcripts, pics, etcetera.

>recent incidents this month
May 4: An Embraer EMB-120 (5Y-AXO), a medical flight carrying supplies to Bardale, Somalia, is shot down on approach, the second shootdown of a flight this year. Ethiopian soldiers at the scene mistakenly believed that the plane was a kamikaze and ordered the shootdown. All six on board are killed.
May 7: Southwest Airlines 1392 strikes an unknown trespasser while landing at Austin (KAUS). The trespasser is killed.
May 14: United Airlines 2862, a cargo flight from Hong Kong (VHHH) to San Francisco (KSFO) suffers a cracked windshield over the North Pacific Ocean, east of Japan. The flight diverts to Tokyo-Narita (RJAA) and lands safely, two hours after declaring emergency
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Pakistan International Airlines 8303 crashed on approach to Jinnah International Airport in Karachi. The flight was carrying approximately 99 people. It is presumed that there are no survivors.
Karachi is covered on LiveATC. I will get the recordings.
>PK8303 is descending through 3000ft at this time
9:32:48am (Karachi Tower): -stan 8303, clear land 25L
9:32:52am (PK8303?): ??? ((unclear what they are saying, repeated chiming can be heard in the background, this may not even be PK8303))
>PK8303 continues descent. At 9:34:25am, the plane is 275ft off the ground, and remains at this altitude for roughly 20 seconds. By the next transmission, it is beginning to ascend.
9:34:49am (PK8303): 303, going around (?)
>For the next minute, PK8303 ascends at 1500ft/min.
9:35:37am (PK8303): (???) 303, we would like to...come again for ILS 25L
9:35:43am (Karachi Tower): Uh (???) turn left heading 110, climb 3000
9:35:47am (PK8303): Left (heading/turning) then (valma?)
9:35:49am (Karachi Tower): (???) left heading 110 climb 3000
9:35:52am (PK8303): 110 climb 3000, Pakistan 8303
>PK8303 continues ascent. It peaks at 3175ft at 9:36:33am and begins to descend.
9:36:43am (Karachi Tower): 8303, you are jumping a little too ???
9:36:47am (PK8303): Tower, we have uh...just give me 2000
9:36:51am (Karachi Tower): ((static)) remain 2000
9:37:09am (Karachi Tower): 8303...((too hard to make out))
9:37:15am (PK8303): Tower, copied, we uh main...we are now maintaining ??? ((sounds like "twenty-one tenka"))
>PK8303 descends to 2000, but flies to as low at 1725ft at 9:38:19am.
9:38:55am (Karachi Tower): -stan 8303, approach
9:38:57am (PK8303): (gee) sir
9:38:58am (Karachi Tower): Uhhh, cleared to ??? turning left
9:39:02am (PK8303): ...onv-
9:39:05am (PK8303): We are now proceeding direct, sir. We have lost both engines.
9:39:09am (Karachi Tower): Confirm you are carrying out a belly landing?
9:39:12am (PK8303): Um...
9:39:23am (Karachi Tower): Runway available to land at 25.
9:39:26am (PK8303): Roger

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
VASAviation video has been published. As usual, doing better at translating than me.
File: PK8303.jpg (339 KB, 2048x1152)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
What we know:
>The repeated chime at 9:32:52am (the pilot said "Roger, Pakistan 8303") after the plane has been cleared to land is the Airbus engine fire alarm. You can hear it in this simulation video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8Hi8KN4sNo. This points to possible engine problems PRIOR to the landing.
>This picture is one of two pictures taken by a plane spotter, taken after the go-around. Rumors claim the plane did not extend its gears and that the black marks are scratchings. I think this is not the case, because there should be tail-scrapes as well. The blackening is clearly the flameout. You can also see the ram air turbine extended (a backup generator) in place of the engines.
>The chime at 9:35:37am is supposedly the Airbus master caution tone.
>The CCTV video shows that the landing gear was extended, ruling out jammed or stuck gear prior to landing
>There are claims that this was a bird strike.

I have a friend that would have grown up to be a little person except she was given growth hormones as a kid. She's 5' tall with a 25 inch inseam (floor to crotch). Long torso, short legs.

Even something like an Xtra Small frame Surly Bridge Club, which has a stand over height of 27.9", is too tall for her. Pic related.

Is there any kind of non-child bike she could ride? Are there some modifications one could do to a Surly Bridge Club XS that would lower the stand over height just a few inches? Maybe run it with smaller diameter wheels or something?
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File: mini-velo-collage.jpg (1.28 MB, 1412x2086)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB JPG
I don't want to spam the thread with mini velo images, so I made a quick collage to show that they can be "normal looking", esp with a smaller rider.

Since they mostly draw from the pool of bmx tires, many of them take at least 2", which is enough cushion for something like Katy Trail, NBRT, GAP, etc.
Not OP, but I'm short (5'4" ish) with short legs, about a 26 inch inseam to the floor.

Is there any chance of getting a standard sized bike with 700c tires?
Pic of tits?
I already replied in the other thread, but something like this could fit the bill. 25.5" standover height. If you dropped the tires from 700x35 to 32 or 28 you'd gain a little extra standover height.


File: asdf.png (860 KB, 696x701)
860 KB
860 KB PNG
fuck tripfags edition

Last thread: >>1486735 (Cross-thread)

Helpful Resources:

If you want help purchasing a new bike, post in >>>/n/bbg
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Is it alright to consider solid rubber tires for my touring bicycle? Where I live, there are miniature caltrops fucking everywhere because the handymen, housebuilders, roofers, etc in the area seem to just LOVE losing random nails or throwing glass bottles on the curb as they drive by. This is the 4th time I am changing out a rear flat in 3 months and getting kind of sick of it. First was a half-inch rusty nail up to the head in the tire. The second was a piece of glass that slit the tire but fell back out. Third was an 1/8" glass splinter that was fully embedded in the tire. Starting to see why there is only one bike shop in a 50 mile radius.
What size tyres do you currently, what pressures are you running them at, and what's the rough weight of you+bike/gear?
modern touring bike tires like schwalbe marathon plus are said to be almost bulletproof
Marathon plus weighs almost a kilo per tire at 35c, I'd rather the bullet. Go for the Supremes which are half that unless you really never ever can deal with a flat.
yeah i think he's blowing the issue out of proportion. if there's a spot with glass shards he could clean it up or ask his local government to do it. he definitely shouldn't get solid rubber tires.

Has anyone here ever worked as an engineer for trains before?

How was it?
File: 1568588800076.png (26 KB, 500x500)
26 KB
trains is hard job
hard part is that middle management is breath down ur neck about muh mpgs
so you have to install some automated software that adjusts the train speed for best fuel economy
but the problem comes where the software does not know about the momentum required to get up certain hills and corners at a given tonnage
so either you ignore the computer and speed up where its needed or you obey and get stuck on a hill
Being an engineer would be a great job for certain types of people IF NOT FOR constant micromanagement and a ridiculous bureaucracy created by managers and the government, both of whom justify their jobs with a neverending stream of new rules and means to watch/spy on you while you work. Now it just plain sucks, there's no pride and no respect. Only upside is good pay but you'll eventually max that out and always have to live with the threat of furloughs, not to mention working on call most of your career.

File: unracer.jpg (262 KB, 677x921)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
At what point did you realize that "gravel bikes" are just what replaced front suspension hybrids when male inadequacy complex concluded that a front suspension hybrid is unacceptable?

Think about it. You can't refute this.
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t. panic brakes at the apex by grabbing the front brake with a death grip
>he doesn't descend sand dunes
do you even cross?

I tapped the brakes and immediately fell. Was on 23mm slicks. Yes, I'm a dumbass and deserved it but whatever.
Don’t care, still want one. We’ve got stacks of rail trail and other piss here with rocks too big for my 25mm tyres. Also don’t want to lug the mountain bike.

File: M-Racer.jpg (1.97 MB, 3648x1890)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB JPG

roadies btfo
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tripfag pls go
I'm not super slow, but my recumbent is designed more for the comfort and less for the speed.
So it is only about as fast as a TT-bike, but about as comfy as it gets with full fenders, suspension, lights, dynamo, geared hub and a basket.
Meaning my average speed is usualy round about a comfy 30 km/h.
I'm less than 1/3 that age.
i wish about this bike, would try to get it to 65-70km/h
That's called a velomobile.
These things allow even amateurs to sustain world hour record speeds at only moderate effort.
Nah, velomobiles are to bulky. This in other hand is comparable to a road bike. Imagine commuting at 45kmp on a piece of tech without engine and big as a bike.

File: long-paprika-hand-9132027.jpg (131 KB, 1065x1300)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Redpill me on Kona bikes, are they good? Or just overpriced shit?

From a European perspective, Surly and Kona are just priced whatever the fuck the seller wants and it's usually double what a European frame goes for.

What gives? What makes them special? Only thing I notice is that reddit consoomers like to jerk each other off because they like this Product™.
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Any decent touring bike is 700 euro, AT LEAST. Nevermind it having some memeshit parts.

What do people think of this?
Tier 3. They’re a long way from their heyday.
srs bsns
Do not buy Jamis. Their frames do not keep standards and the support will leave you hanging.

File: bike1.jpg (87 KB, 1200x1200)
87 KB
newbie here, any opinions on the aventon cordoba as a beginner city bike? I know it has limitations being fixed gear but to me the ease of use seems the best cause I don't even know if I'll stick to it or not.
Looking for experienced bike bro opinions.

I live in a medium sized city in the southwest and it would be handy to ride around in, but I'm open to suggestions or valid points.
14 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
on 4chan always assume insincerity
Get shit with gears. There’s good reasons to get. Fixie. Being too dumb to set up a shifter isn’t one of them.
>"experienced bike bro"
>doesn't use correct general
>wants a fixie for first bike
yo um

you could get a dolan precursa for like 150 more
>Not buying a Wabi

Here is my take on what south jersey's rail network would look like today if a Delaware River Rail Tunnel was built. All of these lines are made with tracks that still exist today. Yes there are still right of ways without tracks that could be used, but this is my take.

You got maps? Post em
45 replies and 19 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: MississaugaTransit2.png (15 KB, 516x736)
15 KB
Mississauga, Canada
(includes Brampton too)
You are fucking retarded. The Silverliner IVs and Vs are cozier than an NJT Arrow any day.
Agree. Arrow IIIs have seen better days, but at least they're not the Mafersa or Messerschmidt coaches CTrail uses, fuck those things
File: 32499347058_88eecccc4b_k.jpg (1.34 MB, 2047x1365)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG
I just hope when NJT replaces the Arrow 3's in 2 years they keep running 2 of them on Dinky service.
They'll either scrap all of them and just replace them with a more easily maintained uniform fleet or keep the Dinky Arrows around and hold onto a few retired Arrows as parts donors for as long as they last.
My money's on replacement; the Arrows aren't historically significant enough to warrant keeping around past their usable service life

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