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File: Mai+rebelo_60bec3_6859502.jpg (383 KB, 1200x1510)
383 KB
383 KB JPG
Do you guys cycle alot?
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My genes are simply shit, no surprises.
I was so bad in physical education classes back at school .
My recovery rate is shit too. My ankles always seem sore from walking/biking so much, I started using an ice pack and it got better.
My thighs get sore but that's fine.
Which part of your ankles hurt after riding? It might be a fit issue
Not keeping track but been doing about 70 miles a week recently.

Why are cyclists so inconsiderate of the environment?
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in the UK there's so many places where there's a "Cyclists dismount" sign, like for a crossing or where the bike path is close to pedestrian paths. it's so ridiculous, they design everything for old grandmas on dutch bikes because they want to make the infrastructure accessible for everyone (which is obviously a good thing, the more people on bikes and not in cars the better) but forget that if you make the cycling routes constantly stop-start and full of barriers and stops and crossings then less people will cycle because they think it's too much of a hassle.

Copenhagen does it right, separated bike lanes with separate traffic lights and generally you can cross the city centre without stopping more than two or three times. All while separated from pedestrians and vehicles.
>what is a proper chicane / s curve or speed bump

What a stupid solution
wtf based niggers are real?
File: 1566867577275.jpg (130 KB, 900x900)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Of course.

cobbled speed bumps piss me off

Why can't you be more like this guy? He really seems to know what he's doing. It would be a crying shame if he didn't have a flying job after all this, don't you think?
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To be fair, most railroaders and old heads are fucking retarded.
Good to see some nigger who isn’t swaggot martin being shit on for being an insta hoe, nearly every insta hoe should be hung on a cross, especially pilots.

Also, "Swaggot Martin" is absolutely a hilarious name for that faggot, since he is a literal faggot.
post paystub
i'm only slightly autistic, calm down

File: waifus.png (357 KB, 279x960)
357 KB
357 KB PNG
The clouds part and the scratchy distorted voice of the god of /n/ reveals Himself to you. You have thirty seconds to choose an /n/ waifu:

1. Emma: 10/10 body, face aged beyond her years due to excessive sun exposure. She'll be bored riding with you because you're slow and weak, so you can still ride alone like always.

2.Vicki: 10/10 face, bit too tall but she has a flat chest which makes up for a lot. She's not confident riding in traffic but she'll out-autist you any day when it comes to trains.

3.Shaima: 10/10 modest and pure Arab dream girl, will not get on a bike because she's a cager extremist, but then again you wanted to ride alone didn't you? Also comes with unbeatable pass travel perks.

NOW YOU MUST CHOOSE, no takebacks you will share a bed until one of you dies.
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>If you don't like pear shaped hags, you must be a potato shaped one
File: 2009stock.png (2 KB, 256x303)
2 KB
>in the thumbnail pic.
That's where you've fucked up. Instead of comparing her height in videos with physical objects that have clear specifications as to how large and tall they are (i.e. comparing Vicky's height with that of a 2009 Victoria Line stock tube train), you're comparing it to a carefully edited thumbnail designed with aesthetics first and foremost.
Are you the anon who did those calculations based on a picture of her standing in a train door?
File: OP confirmed2.png (264 KB, 1000x519)
264 KB
264 KB PNG
>I am about 2cm short of 5'11, but I measure myself as 5'11
of course you do sweetie

File: memetrains.png (688 KB, 1450x1476)
688 KB
688 KB PNG
What's your favorite railroad and why?
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File: 7614cs-b&o.jpg (90 KB, 700x520)
90 KB
unquestionable soul
I like it!
File: chessie.jpg (99 KB, 900x612)
99 KB
I was looking up pictures of Chessie switchers to see what they looked like (I remember road units coming through town in the 80s) and found out they had a shop switcher in West Virginia that was battery powered. It was built in 1917 by GE and is preserved at the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore, although it is apparently not on display.

though I was Looking at A Sentinel for a second.

File: Bicycle-VS-Motorcycle.jpg (88 KB, 610x413)
88 KB
You have to choose between owning solely a motorcycle or a bicycle for the rest of your life. You can't have one with the other. You can select any type of motorcycle/bicycle.

Which do you chose?
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>a Honda Ruckus or something
this is adult with means talk here anon

so is a good e-bike

and if you're an adult with means then you should have a license.
The maximum power output for e-bikes classified as low-speed electric vehicles (and therefore not subject to motor vehicle laws) is 750w in 26 states. Technically, e-bikes sold in these 26 states which are more powerful than 750w are restricted to off-road only use, although there's no practical enforcement if you aren't riding at 50mph. Most of the rest of the other states classify e-bikes as motor vehicles subject to normal registration laws.

So yeah, while you can technically ride e-bikes without a license, under the majority of US state laws, there's a maximum power output which is still about half that of a 50cc engine. I'd imagine that enforcement will get more severe as more people discover how hard it is to distinguish "non motor vehicle" e-bikes from the monsters that have the power to basically work like motorcycles. For now, e-bikes still have limited range and the massively powerful models are still like 10 grand.
All the meming about replacing small motorbikes aside I feel the average commuter would be happier with a pedal assist ebike that came with minimal bullshit than they would be with a 50cc moped

A pedal assist bike that gives you back the same or half again the power you put in up to say 300 watts total (you + the motor) would be basically GOAT, not really capable of going much faster than a fit cyclist on a road bike on the flat, but destroying hills and allowing you to keep pace with traffic while weighed down with groceries

Issue at the minute is that the good stuff is still expensive and the cheap stuff works but has a massive jank factor, there needs to be an entry level model stripped down to the essentials so there's a pattern to follow for manufacturers and an ebike with public cool appeal, even if that means a small motor and low power output, like a Honda Cub for ebikes.
ya I know they're maintenance pigs and the local ducati shop is cunts but still
In the future they will get more regulated and you'll most likely need a license for them. As it should be

Shimano Deore M6100. Way better than the SRAM alternatives?
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you actually bothered to sit there and count instead of looking up "CS-M6100" on si.shimano.com?

PS: It's exactly the same tooth count as on the XTR M9100, XT M8100, and SLX M7100 cassettes
>I bet the chain wears really fast compared to the old system. 8 speed chains last ages. 1X is a con to get people to consume bike parts at a faster rate.

new chains, in fact, last a longer than the old stuff. Way better metalurgy/coatings/etc. Also 1x chainrings with fat steel teeth are IMMORTAL compared to old triples.

the old square taper cartridge BBs were objectively better, tho. I still have a genuine BB-UN91 that'll spin for DAYS

Also, as a longtime 3x9 holdout: 1x is genuinely more fun on a mountain bike. I was shocked at how much mental energy I'd been spending thinking about the state of my drivetrain and how much more I could just relax and enjoy the terrain.
Yes. It a cheeky 1-upping sram. Although, officially is to keep their "RythymStep" or thereabouts thingy going on.
I'm fairly certain that front shifting on 1x groups is pretty much the same on both brand's stuff.
File: sharkfin.jpg (160 KB, 1023x683)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
It's a primitive chain catcher.

File: asshatchet.jpg (20 KB, 533x400)
20 KB
>You're in the club and this guy comes up to you, destroys your soft perineal tissues and drains your wallet.
How do you respond anons?

Welcome to "Contact Points General", where we discuss bike components that contact your body to a bicycle, as well as gloves, shoes, shorts, and other clothing that engages you to your machine.

ITT: we ask questions and discuss parts, including cockpit components, pedals, saddles and so forth and their ergonomics, fitting, comfort, and performance. Bike fitting discussions also welcome.
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my two new SMP TRK mediums just came in. wish me luck
I have 3 taint relievers and 3 non-tainters and they're all mostly samey to me if I'm wearing bibs with decent pads, tho if I had to pick one to standardize around it would be the shimano pro stealth, because after 75 miles or so it's definitely the best one, beating out the berthoud and terry fly. If I'm in jeans or normal shorts the taint relievers provide some extra ventilation for my gooch which is nice
>lower saddle adds wats in many cases
How do I correctly set up the length of maillard aero pedal toe cages? They have an adjustable cage length but most toe clip pedals are fixed. I already know how to thread the strap but these are weird.

Also how should I take care of the leather straps (mine are white christophe)? Or should I just swap them to nylon ones and sell them?

And any tips for use?
Place ball of foot on pedal in your normal riding position that you're comfortable with, and adjust cage accordingly. I don't see the problem?

File: HardRock_2_40.png (3.74 MB, 1806x1106)
3.74 MB
3.74 MB PNG
>ctrl f 90s
>Zero results

Post your 90s MTBs and talk about your plans for them. Post a picture from a ride while you're at it.
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Nigger you are too old to be on this site.
>all of 4chan is /b/
You're not old enough to be on /n/
holy shit that reach
yea stem is....temporary.

File: cct_1915_.jpg (230 KB, 810x509)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
ITT: Post anything related to interurban railway and traction systems. It's been a while since we had one of these.

Fun fact: CCT still exists and operates as a local freight switching railroad.
20 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
1000% kino ad
North Shore Line in 1963, days before the shutdown
Indianapolis interurban terminal
Detroit region interurban map

Preferably under $30.
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
i find that 2/3rd of poles are too fat for that method to work.

im thinking of putting 1.5in bmx pegs over my axle nuts so you would need a ratchet and extension to get my wheels off.
axle nuts are the worst because every crackhead can find an adjustable wrench. QR hubs with either hex bolt ends or pitlock skewers are better. rubber cementing a ball bearing inside the hex bolt will help, since they'll have to find something pointy to dig it out with, or might think it's epoxied or just be confused. either way the goal is to make it a huge hassle to steal the bike, remove parts, or resell it. beat up components, sticker, dirt, odd colors, distinct unique build = very unlikely to be their first choice of bike to steal. to sell they'd have to clean it, part it out, and by then it's not worth their time. just have to watch out for punk kids who just need a new wheel, bars, etc. they will take bits off with the proper tools
kryptonite keeper and get the longest one possible
just get a heavy duty metal chain
Bro don’t get a lock under $30.
My LBS has a really good lock for $45

boeing is really doing everything they can to look bad

2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
oh no, one of the 185 bicycle threads might fall off the last page
looks like damage to the horizontal stabilizer too
This one's not any better
Correct. It's way better. bumperino
nothing to do with Boeing, and everything to do with the MRO that plane flew out of

One. All I’m asking if for ONE fucking ride that isn’t stuffed with scam artists, tourists, and perhaps a car that doesn’t have needles on the floor. Also, is it just me or is it just needlessly loud?

This is also just a me-thing, but there’s seemingly always one guy who had never ride a train before. They usually fall on their asses but that’s funny so I’m not complaining.
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File: file.png (738 KB, 1376x830)
738 KB
738 KB PNG
the discussion was about SEPTA, but yeah, the state of transit across the river is a lot worse. you've got patco, njt's atlantic city and river lines
njt buses exist, but arent very useful
change the colours used and remove the river to the left, and this looks very similar to the metro where I live.
Wont work due to tech jobs boosting blacks to upper middle class salaries. This is why Washington DC will never be fully gentrified.
>blacks become wealthy, functional members of society
>raise children that don't shit up public transit

I'm not seeing an issue here desu
Chicago is the only place I've seen that has two different stations with the same name on the same line. That's just retarded.

File: IMG_20200512_165248.jpg (2.03 MB, 2635x1673)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB JPG
There were three /PYBT/s all week. Two are bump limited and one is a few posts from it.

Screw it, why not four on the board at once?

312 replies and 94 images omitted. Click here to view.
It rides fast and smooth on all the side roads I use and can plow through the wet trails around the lakes just fine. I’m obviously not a cyclist or anything like that but I find excuses to ride this thing everywhere now.
File: mine.png (1.49 MB, 1119x727)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG
Nope. Lower gear ratio, forgot exactly what.
Hadn't adjusted them yet.

File: product.jpg (54 KB, 760x570)
54 KB
Finally after two weeks of looking and thanks to an earlier thread being pointed out a fitness hybride would fit me more. I ordered and will receive my Giant Fastroad 3 SL in two weeks.

Any opinions on this Bike? Is there something like the DualTrap S that exists on this bike like Trek does with the FX3? Is it a good bike for long rides and losing weight getting fit?
36 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
more like /n/ hates anything that isn't a 59 pound rust bucket with a slot for stowing your flowing tulip-print dress and a hammock dangling from the bars that are higher than your chin, from which your dog is supposed to dangle with a wheel of aged gouda in each paw. also it needs to be $40,000 for no fucking reason at all, and be made out of the finest pre-ww1 gaspipe steel by a pink faced white guy in sheffield england wearing a MAGA hat and vintage 140 year old Levi's overalls once worn by a real cowboy. also the wheels can't be attached to the frame using anything more secure than a zip tie, and in order to access the drivetrain you should need a 6000 watt laser and a hydraulic jackhammer. also the tires should have come off a city bus, preferably a bus in a whites-only neighborhood, because the slightest crack in the pavement is literally going to make your bike detonate like it's made out of dynamite. while pedaling it needs to make shrieking noises like the F train going over the williamsburg bridge because lubing your chain is for LANCE ARMSTRONG RACERS, and also if there are brakes they need to be activated by pedaling forwards. to make the bike move you just don't pedal at all, instead you push on the bars while walking and straddling the bike. that's because YOU DON'T NEED THAT and besides what's the rush? why do you always need to know how fast you're going?
just ride bruh
It’s the same frame, fork drivetrain and wheelset as the contend you absolute idiot. And it has narrow tire clearance. It’s dumbasses like you who give hybrid riders a rep for being clueless noobs.
dude you have a whole city of god knows what living rent free in your head
>living rent free in your head
Where did this meme come from. It's a rare meme from later years that I actually like, because it makes sense.

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