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File: tram.jpg (485 KB, 1200x800)
485 KB
485 KB JPG
> no drivers license
> in upstate ny, have no public transport
> no sidewalks on road
> hills too steep to start learning biking
> cant move

what the fuck who built this town why cant i go anywhere without walking for an hour on a road with cars just ready to hit me
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File: 1546272347486.png (591 KB, 943x720)
591 KB
591 KB PNG
>bike to wagie job
>see if you can't get an e-bike or scooter with minimal licensing or something if the hills are too much for you
>save up money
>move somewhere you don't need a car
Solved your life for you senpai
In America zoomers aren't taught to ride bicycles anymore t. Zoomer who was not taught
Hills prevent you from learning?
That sucks hard, OP.
I'm sadly going to know your feel this month, for at least half a year, when I move to Tennessee for a job. I'm not excited at all.
you mean (You) weren't taught, I and everyone i knew my age rode bikes everywhere.

File: board02.jpg (37 KB, 474x365)
37 KB
Comfortable > Performance for mass bicycle adoption
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File: 20220508.jpg (95 KB, 1080x1350)
95 KB
The streets are my gym, hoodie.
comfort is gay
What happened 50 years ago?
Paved paradise, put up a highway
More comfy?

File: Adelaide OBahn.png (526 KB, 586x492)
526 KB
526 KB PNG
Does anyone have any good recommendations for Youtube channels that focus on public transportation and civil engineering?

I've always been super interested in how cities are run.. things like sanitation, public transportation, water and power service planning etc

If you have any suggestions - I'd really appreciate it

Pic related: the Adelaide Obahn
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creepy motherfucker keeps leaches in a tank and hooks them on his arm to "feed"
>Generally speaking, most big YouTube channels that make content related to these things are aimed at the lowest common denominator and end up producing terrible content.
So true. There's very little detailed, knowledgeable, insightful infrastructure-related creators out there, though.
Any thoughts on Ruairidh MacVeigh? I haven't seen him mentioned in this thread
I stumpled upon an scotsman called "planes trains everything"
what I've seen of his stuff is enjoyable
Bit dry for my liking, but still good
What threw me off was his name; I have no Gaelic ties so how the fuck am I supposed to tell his name is pronounced like "Rory McVee" without being told?

Thinking about ordering a Sur Ron ebike. Any competitor bikes I should look into? Do you have any advice/criticism about the Sur Ron? My plan for riding is just to have something to fuck around on with decent speed without getting in trouble.
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They're legal in the U.S. a lot of major cities you can rent them.
not really an e bike if it doesn't have pedals now is it

no but if you aren't an obnoxious prick nobody will care
A lot of places have restrictions on what’s legal or not depending on the engine size, maximum speed and how the bike looks. But like other users said, depending on where you live, cops only pull over if youre being a dumbass or they want to tack on a charge.
As long as they have rearview mirror and the lights, its legal
File: kys.png (291 KB, 726x652)
291 KB
291 KB PNG

File: full retard.png (961 KB, 659x630)
961 KB
961 KB PNG
>overtaking a vehicle that's turning on the side they're turning to is universally considered to be dangerous, and is a ticketable offense under normal conditions
>roads layout since motor vehicles have become prominent was designed around eliminating this possibility due to the danger it posed
>somehow everyone manages to forget this when implementing bike lanes
>insanity like pic related, where bicycles not only are expected to overtake cars turning right on the right, but are also obscured from view behind parked cars until moments before a car turning right is in a position to turn, actually exists
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>drug addicts and homeless people, not regular normal people like them
>Having regular normal people walk, cycle, and take public transport makes streets safe
No man if you mix a pound of shit and a pound of honey all you get is two pounds of shit
>the lane markings even imply bicycles should give way to cars
in america, dotted white lines mean you can veer over those lanes as long as you yeild to whoever is already in that lane.
you could always just ride in the 'car' lane
how is this any different than all the sidewalks where pedestrians stop to look over their shoulder to make sure its safe before crossing an intersection? i dont think there is any bike lane configuration which you numtot faglords wont criticize.
Then at least use it in the places where it's normal for fist graders to walk a few miles through the city or town to get to school and then block the corner stores on their way back buying sweets.

According to Mike Burrows, legendary bicycle designer, bicycles should come standard with 150 mm cranks, and he uses 140 mm personally.


For me changing to short cranks changed cycling for me. It made much longer trips possible because greatly reduced stress on the knees.
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I had a cheap commuter bike that had super short cranks that made it really fun. Unfortunately it got stolen so no chance for me to check the exact length. I am using 170mm right now and thinking that i shoould go at least 165 maybe even lower because I am a manlet and just want to maximize fun.
Do I need to get a new crank set for my Sora set to try 160mm and below or can I just get arms from a third party?
nvm I just found out that the right arm is mounted to the whole crank....fuck
I was gonna go recumbent to get bigger. I have muscle not endurance. Its annoying they can't adpat, or have telescoping with pins like car stands. You can adjust your gears but not the axial leverage? Stupid.
eh, no big expense over just square taper cranks, and much less fiddly. the chances of you fucking up the cranks and being unable to sell them to recoup the costs are much smaller with hollowtechs.

File: 1200x0.jpg (83 KB, 1200x800)
83 KB
I miss the look of LPS street lights so fucking much. I'm a brainlet, but shouldn't it be possible to have yellow/orange LED lights that replicate this SOVLFULL look?
Is there anyone here lucky enough to live in a city/town/country where streetlights haven't been replaced by these white aberrations?
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Blue light range also tricks the brain into thinking it's daylight, because sunlight skews slightly blue, which fucks up your circadian rhythm and subtly causes all kinds of health issues.
File: ieirz7f85yr21.png (608 KB, 1024x768)
608 KB
608 KB PNG
Disrupting our circadian rhythms, as to disconnect us from our bodies and spirit.

Or white is the default led colour and can been seen reflecting off the most stuff.
I hate how councils light up the streets to like its daytime. I don't really care what colour they are, I've heard some colours are better than others for night-vision, sleep, etc, but it should be just bright enough so objects are just barely visible to avoid walking into them. And obviously shaped so that as little light pollution escapes as possible.
my city is in the process of replacing them. the major roads are all modern now, but most of the residential streets and all the city parking lots are still beautiful orange.I love the look and miss it too, especially when its snowing out.
How much power are they wasting? My single ikea lamp is enough to light up my my whole room, you should surely not need that much power to light a street. Are they using 1000 bulds to light streets up so it is like noon in the middle of the night?

File: collectile.jpg (465 KB, 2000x1500)
465 KB
465 KB JPG
It has never been tougher to get your hands on a vintage mountainbike
So many have been butchered into ebikes and its only going to get worse
What can be done to educate the public about this wasteful fad?
It crushes me inside to see them like that
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I wonder how much that would be worth on the US market
>Ebike conversion
stopped reading right there, I don't care what weak, homoerotic, and lazy anons think.
instant boner
My uncle had one just like that
Get a Foes mixer bike, with i9 wheels cane.creek suspension, eewings cranks. wear only kitsbow clothes. And then get everything else from the variety of Canadian companies. It will be far more made in America than your old "mountain bike" as literally everything aside from the frame was made in Asia.

>used by rich middle aged men and women
>still the absolute best folding bike especially for anyone who lives in any of the only reasonable places to live in the world, any major city
>hated for their userbase despite this being a board that sucks off efficiency
when did you realise that /n/ was a bunch of hypocrites?
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File: 1652371404549.jpg (265 KB, 725x1016)
265 KB
265 KB JPG
Is that a Brompton in the upper left corner?
Trains on 'offpeak' hours, trollies never.
Honestly it kinda sucks cause more often than not, I just bike both there and back where being able to combo them would be really nice
>used by rich middle aged men and women
>hated for their userbase
Uhm, yeah? Exactly.

Also shit business practices in recent years like making spare parts exclusive to official Brompton partner repair shops and introducing completely needless model year changes just so older models have to be replaced someday for a lack of spare parts. They literally held up too well in the past, and now they're being "fixed" with planned obsolence.
No, Brompton owners would have put it in front of the thing they were trying to photograph
what is local brand

Never forget what they took from you...
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Just telling what I see at work. At a class 1 rr.
So did I
File: 4843598197_672d4ebee2_b.jpg (268 KB, 1023x718)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
What do you make of this guys argument, that the PCE was doomed form the start. http://trainweb.org/milwaukeemyths/

Continue your posting here.

For the uninformed:
>737-800 (not the max)
>made a vertical death dive in 3 minutes
>1 black box has been found (not specified which)

The dive in question:
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You shouldn't be recommending that mentally ill people overdose on their prescriptions so carelessly like that. Shame on you
6-22-22 market crash....?
>source: my ass
>He has Plane Prosopagnosia
777 was Boeing's first to lose the pointed nose, Il-86 also lacked a pointed nose, and was even used by Ruskis in place of a 777 for their MH17 shootdown recreation test

File: 10607895_High_Tech.png (1.1 MB, 1086x610)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
Any thoughts? The Ontario government wants to place 67 towers, up to 80 stories, next to the upcoming Yonge subway extension into Richmond Hill as part of their "transit oriented communities".
188 replies and 27 images omitted. Click here to view.
6 stories is the ideal height.
this. it isn't perfect but it's better than 1 billion single family homes sprawled into suburban wastetracks.
just make them mixed use. problem solved.
If it's not within the zoning regulations it isn't. If it is within the zoning regulations, then who am I to stop you? If I don't like it I'll just move instead of shrieking and crying like a commie. Same goes the other way: if zoning allows me to build a 5 floor apartment building on my property, then you and other commie retards can sob and scream "oppression" and "gentrification" all you want while I build and you can't do anything to stop me.
usually these big projects require zoning changes for higher density. the existing homeowners tend to try to fight the zoning changes
that go line only operate in the moring and afternoon 5 days a week because GO dont own the tracks...
fuck the go line, its all about the Yonge extension. that is the game changer.

Post and talk about trams and similar light rail.
Starting with a pic the neat Tatra KT4DCs of Potsdam.
40 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: kalkbreite.jpg (576 KB, 2000x1333)
576 KB
576 KB JPG
>not living in the depot
File: kalkbreite.jpg (119 KB, 1920x1080)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
>not dining with trams
File: 3d printer.jpg (68 KB, 677x960)
68 KB
very cool

Škoda here makes trams, and if you are electrican/electrotechnican you can get tram loicesne as part of your job iirc

you can also get it working for town mass transit provider DPO, as part of maintenance crew
>they block 4chan and 4chanel on wifi in local trams in this eastern euro shithole

File: reparation_chambre.jpg (502 KB, 849x638)
502 KB
502 KB JPG
Imagine being an actual adult with civil rights and only being capable of replacing your inner tube.
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Get a can of vulcanizing rubber cement. It’s the bees knees. It has sulphuric to vulcanize (ie break the rubber bonds) to give the new patch a better hold than just cement alone
pretty much yea
I got a tin of Vulcanising Fluid for cheep
if you were running a small bike shop it would take maybe a year or two to use it all
many customers just buy a new tube by the time they are into a third puncture repair
works for me, don't use shit sealant
File: screenshot.jpg (413 KB, 1677x1062)
413 KB
413 KB JPG
I didn't realize things were that bad over there :(
get a load of this poorfag
I just tell my mechanic to get me a new bike

File: top tube.png (507 KB, 1680x922)
507 KB
507 KB PNG
why are there so many bicycles without the top tube?

It certainly affects the structural integrity but my question is does it affect it enough to matter?

and why the fuck are there ebikes that go over 30 mph without one?
24 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
lmoa I'd throw any bike flexing at all straight into trash.

edit: thanks for the gold
edit2:this really blew up, I'd like to draw attention to starving children in africa, fuck their parents
edit3:whoa this is getting out of hand I didn't endorse a rape spree in africa pls stop guys
my aluminium track frame weighs 1.8kg without the fork or anything, you can still flex the rear triangle easily when the wheel isn't in it. all bikes flex more or less and people can feel the difference like with track cranks etc.
Step through frames are comfortable. They have been used mainly by women with long gowns and catholic priests because of the robe.
They are considered women bikes here. They only get used by old fatties and girls, sometimes by male youth if they lent or stole one

pic related, it's the frame for a tractor trailer capable of 80 mph

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