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File: WorkCycles-2-Tube.jpg (209 KB, 2000x1323)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
>get tired of the hypersport LARPworld that is motorcycling
>call 15 local bicycle shops
>nobody has any practical bikes
>everything is either a 47 speed carbon framed e-bike or visibly rusting chinkshit
>shops are filled with glossy sales staff instead of actual mechanics
It appears that the cancer of leisure has metastasized and destroyed pushbikes too. I thought the /n/world would be in a better state than it is.
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OP, is your name Grant by any chance?

>shops are filled with glossy sales staff instead of actual mechanics
Having a working knowledge of bike interchangeability, torque specs, and so on requires more knowledge than it used to. You can now work as an auto mechanic and be paid more, and more reliably, than if you're a bicycle mechanic.
Originally, you could get 90% of the shit done with a crescent wrench, a la Schwinn, and torque was "meh, good enough."
Now you've gotta loctite and then torque wrench spec stuff, often for a shit wage. Sales staff are (or at least were) cheap to hire, and do the basic assembly and 90% of the build sometimes on things like the cheaper bikes, and the mechanic just does the touch-up (e.g., limit screws). Sales staff learn the ropes and move up and sometimes out from being bike shop mechanics.

>everything is either a 47 speed carbon
Most hybrids themselves are basically just re-badged road bikes with mountain bike shifters/v-brake/mechanical disc levers. You can churn them out by the hundreds, whereas a 'practical bike' with an EXTREMELY sharp rake and trail like that upright there will require a whole new production line.
Newbie riders who buy the bulk of bikes have a matrix of concerns-
Cost (see above, they're just a spare 1000 frames from a pre-existing design/geometry. No R&D, no separate line. 'Cheap for how light they are.')
Weight (obviously, the hybrid wins here)
Comfort (which doesn't show up during the 'loop around the parking lot' that bike shops allow).
They won't buy a practical bike, because it costs $$$.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I think he means rod-connected drum brakes, not rod brakes-to-rim like on the old Raleigh Tourists.
That said, I've had to come to realize that IGH have serious drawbacks- esp. if changing flats.

It is impractical in hilly areas, I agree. I wish they'd make a chromoly ver. that weighed 23, ditched a tube, a few more minor changes and you can bring it down to at least 20. Personally, I had an o.g. Raleigh Superbe, with Sturmey Archer, dynohub, o.g. steel fenders, fork lock, rack, bell and lights, I alloyed a few parts on it (crank, rims, stem, seatpost, bars, kickstand, brakes, headset.,), and it weighed in at only like, ~14kg., (which was a massive improvement, but it shows what's possible if you keep weight in mind!) It removed the weight as a factor in being an obstacle to its daily use.

I've experienced this myself. I live atop a big hill, put on a very tall stem to get upright, but now have realized that getting up that hill on my bike is actually quite painful to my back, and I'm now moving toward a hybrid design (even thinking of going for a road bike with panniers and dynamo hub).

I've noticed this as well. You cannot get a practical motorbike in America, any more than a practical bicycle. You have to really hunt for it, generally used/vintage, special import, or a knockoff that kind of apes it.

That thing's gorgeous and would work in more environments than OP's. Some smaller manufacturers are doing manufacturer-direct (e.g., brooklyn bikes, public, etc.,) and are vaguely imitative of this style, which I think works in more places than the dutch bike which can't comfortably climb at speed without injuring the rider through strain, unless in so low a gear that it's a crawl, defeating the purpose.
i see a nig
That picture is Bengal, which has the same very flat terrain Holland has

File: alitalia_aerei_adn.jpg (37 KB, 750x500)
37 KB
I wish that I could turn back time...
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Back to when you could fly without being molested by the TSA? Yeah those were some good times.
quints confirm
Why thank you, kind Sir/Ma'am!
File: glamour-of-flying.jpg (151 KB, 1200x1006)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
me too
File: 1630409578744.jpg (242 KB, 1200x817)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
I also wish to do that, anon.

File: zullen we gaan.jpg (36 KB, 250x411)
36 KB
Zullen we gaan?
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File: 1617810787828.jpg (95 KB, 560x800)
95 KB
Last accident before CRM was invented
Dit is een transport forum als onderdeel van een groter anime forum. Wat denk je nou.
File: gaan.png (160 KB, 936x902)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
bad airport design and management combined with bad weather and bad personal management

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good deal, looks pretty mint. that's also a pretty small frame, should fit you alright
reach is usually a bit longer on old MTBs by the way
just realized
>over an hour away
that's nothing. go get it
not great
you've got riveted chainrings on the crank so they're steel and non-replaceable.
A steel seatpost
plastic controls
a claw derailer-hanger
and 'sport' is bicycle terminology for 'entry level'

It does however look like it's setup to ride, so yeah, it's worth $100, but it's not a great candidate for a restoration and I would rather buy something better.
I have been looking around, but this is the only thing within a 200 mile radius that's cheap and would probably fit me. You are right, though. It is the lowest trim mountain bike of that year. I might just wait until something nicer comes along, I always regret buying cheap bikes anyway.

oi boys, i wanna see how your local ferry boat/catamaran looks like, pls post em
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Using stock photos and press pictures.
These were purchased and put into operation in the mid to late 90s. They replaced single hull ships that had a really nice outside open seating in the back where you could watch river. These new ones are all interior and closed you can’t go out. If you sit in the back you feel almost nothing, If you sit at the front you’ll have a bumpy ride when the boat crosses another.
Trip takes 27 minutes both ways, a single ticket costs 2.45 euros. Don’t know capacity but I’d guess it’s in the 300 range. During rush hour there are boats every five to ten minutes. Rest of the day guaranteed to have boats twice a hour.
>>1721515 nice, they look a lot like an austal old model.
File: IMG_20180419_194906134.jpg (989 KB, 3264x2448)
989 KB
989 KB JPG
Washington State ferries, this is the Tokitae departing Mukilteo

post cute utilitarian bikes that you like, no restrictions.

pic related was a French La Poste delivery bike. people who work with these have the priority to buying it when it is decommissioned.

i only saw one person irl biking with a La Poste bike while not working for them.
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File: Euroboxen-vielfalt.jpg (41 KB, 1016x576)
41 KB
They're quite similar to DIN paper formats and their doubling sizes (with ~sqrt2 aspect ratio so the aspect ratio remains the same), but euro boxes don't have such an aspect ratio, they range from 200x150 to 800x600 so the aspect ratio switches between 4:3 and 3:2 with every doubling, with the most useful sizes probably being 400x300 (the same as medium veggie crates, large beer crates and a lot of water crates) and 600x400 (the same as large veggie crates). Commonly available heights range from 70mm to 320mm in 50mm steps, no idea how this came to be, with beer crates being 300mm tall and water crates being up to 370mm tall. They're also available with a wide variety of clear sides, opening side lids, open sides, carrying handles or different types of top lids. Also 400x300 euroboxes are the perfect size to fit into IKEA's IVAR shelving system with its 400x300 and 800x300 shelves.
Welding can be quite easy provided you have a good source to teach you the fundamentals and A LOT of practice. Practice can mean collecting scrap steel and welding the shit out of it or getting a part time job at a welding shop.

I wouldn't recommend practicing on anything you care about because it takes quite a while to get the "feel" for welding and have your welds turn out without imperfections and aesthetically pleasing.
Thanks to this thread, I'm thinking of picking up an errand runner to grab some groceries and some burgers. Would a Beach Cruiser be an inexpensive start? I like the aesthetics of a few I have seen with rear and even front racks, or should I look to a more efficient road bike? Anything I should look out for, like a certain number of gears or brake type?
A beach cruiser would good only if you lived in a very flat place, otherwise hills would eat you up, plus if it has a coaster brake your stopping power would be limited esp under a heavy load. Suggest an older rigid mtb rather than a road bike, lower center of gravity and slightly smaller wheels so you can ride on wider tires, generally sturdier frame would be less whippy with a load. If road bike is all you can find, then go with that as it beats nothing at all.
Thanks for the tips! I’ll see what the usual sites have around my area. Hopefully some cheap stuff so I don’t feel bad when it gets looted

/TBG/ - Tall bike general

got inspired by

Looking to build a functional tall bike for touring with cargo space below seat. I have no experience with metalworking, so any guidance on where to start and how to best acquire bike parts and metal required would be awesome
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File: you.png (69 KB, 400x400)
69 KB
I wasn't even referring to the other guy's boombox, just your latent autismal reaction to merely seeing people ride bikes you disapprove of.
File: 1634677324860.jpg (181 KB, 545x560)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
I guess you could build the cargo area even lower to the ground
must feel great to ride with all that weight under you, imagine how low you could lean
Thats not how it works
>guest of wind blows you sideways into a ditch
>break your arms and legs because you haven't grown up and spent all your life in a skate park like all the people in OP's vid and can't take such a massive fall gracefully
>nothing personnel, kid

Being that high up would be cool though. Riding those bikes would be a lot of fun but it is purely adrenaline type of fun from increased danger.

File: 90sMTB.jpg (158 KB, 593x800)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
How did these came to be? Inb4 'garbel, memebike, marketing', I don't care, just curious as to how these originated, who came up with the idea and how the whole gravel riding thing was, before big companies noticed.
29 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: scan0012.jpg (640 KB, 1118x1600)
640 KB
640 KB JPG
road bike tire clearance used to be pretty generous, then cycling got popular due to prominent racers like lemond and lance so then everyone wanted bikes like them then people started realizing not everyone wants a fucking race bike so they started making more practical bikes again but had to give them a meme name so they just used gravel since gravel events were getting popular.

basically these bikes have always existed, faded out a bit, then came back
except that's endurance road bikes
Dual pivot calipers are good. First gen sidepulls suck and centerpulls are horrible
>road bikes exist
>then mountain bikes exist
>wow cool i can ride more places than smooth clean pavement
>normies buy mtbs cuz they hate folding themselves up to ride road bikes
>oh nooo mtbs are lame now what
>put mtb wheelset on road bike
>bam now you're allowed to do mtb things again without looking lame
Tldr stonetoss was right about cyclists don't @ me tyty lol
>oh nooo mtbs are lame now what
this never happened, sorry chud

I am a grown adult and I commute on a BMX bike.
23 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>It wasn't really about BMX, more so just spending time with friends doing the same thing. You won't get that as a grown-up, the best you can hope for is find a group of old BMX nuts who still ride them trying to be Dave Mirra and you won't fit in.
this year we have added three new adult members to our weekly drinking (bmx) club meetup

one of them has been progressing very fucking fast for an adult and quickly worked his way into our local skatepark social scene which is great cuase he is heavily involved in some other underground party scene
I am a grown adult and I approve this activity.
Is it comfortable??
I have a hot take on this
I live in a city where the only people that ride a bike are bums, and a lot of them ride box bikes. I used to think it was because it was all they can get, and I’m sure it is in a lot of cases, but now I realize bmx suites my cities infrastructure very well, because there’s not really any bike infrastructure at all! There’s also not any pedestrians, so everyone riding is on the sidewalk, which is really lumpy and sketchy and cuts off randomly. So, it’s damn near impossible to ride a road bike here unless you wanna get clipped by a tahoe skirting a corner at 30mph. I live 10miles away from my job and honestly it’s a hell of a distance to cover in such a chaotic path, but if I lived half that distance I would probably commute on a bmx also.
What's the difference between this and a rigid MTB? Besides the gearing.
Honestly can't tell. What does a BMX like that even get used for?

File: reksio.png (5 KB, 208x242)
5 KB
Can we have a talk about our first bike experiences and how it progressed?

First bike I got for Christmas in '92, kids bike, called Reksio (pic related, it was the name of that cartoon dog). It had trainer wheels on and after that broke, someone stuck a wooden pole in the back and grandparents would follow me holding it so I didn't fall. Until gramps got borred and basically pushed me real hard telling me to ride on my own - I fell after 200m, got a bunch of bruises but I learned to ride on my own and was happy as a clam. Next was my mom's old folding bike, that thing sat in the attic for over 20 years. Grandads came over with some tools, gasoline and a bottle of vodka, they disassembled everything cleaned it, applied grease and put it all back together like brand new, before the bottle was empty. My first grown bike and I made mad miles on it. Then came the road bike - all steel, rims included, 1x5, downtube shifter, plastic bar tape, heavy as sin. It was shit. I envied my friends with MTBs, but only until we started racing on asphalt, suddenly not so shit. I eventually got that MTB in '96, but my dad had his way about it, again heavy steel with fenders, rack and a fucking dynamo. Those things broke pretty quickly though and it gradually became a nice machine. I rode it until 2011 and then gave it to some poor kid, who apparently made a real nice machine out of it. I kinda miss that one, it was the only bike I had that felt like it one with me when riding.
Any anons here miss their childhood bikes?
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I was barely 9 (it was a month after my birthday) and I was riding the typical late-commie era składak (a special kind of frame that folds in half, good for kids and general transportation in era before car-mounted rails). There is a beautiful park in the area close to the place where I was living as a kid. At least it felt close to kid me, since I always was getting there in a bus ride or via car. So one day I decided to go for a ride there, without telling anyone (since they would forbid me for sure, as I was too young for such ride being done on my own), knowing the road there from the way how the bus was driving. The only stipulation my unknowing mother made was that I'll be back home by evening cartoon (so 7 PM).
I took the ride to the place, going straight after dinner. Got there in slightly below two hours, ate candy floss (got lucky and there was a stand when I was there), walked and rode around the part for hour and a half, then decided it's time to ride back, or I'll be late. By 6:55 I locked the bike in the basement and climbed to the apartment.
My parents didn't learn about it for next 17 years, until I've mentioned it in a passing during a family meeting. That was also the first time I actually measured the distance. Turns out the "close by" park was 41 km away(about 26 spaghetti lengths in retarded) using the route I took.

Also, cześć, kolego. And no, I don't miss my Romet - it was a horrible bike, and I'm actually glad it was passed down to my cousin. He was just as glad when he passed it to his younger sister.
As for learning how to ride:
Grandpa made a handle for a kid-sized bike I had, the classic "two extra wheels added to get started". The handle was made from a shovel handle, so it was a sturdy piece of wood. I was close to, but not 5 yet back then.
I couldn't learn how to balance the bike for shit. The second whoever was holding the handle wasn't keeping me still, I was on the ground. Both my father and grandfather tried to teach me how to ride for almost a month, to no avail.
One day my mother decided that the weather is nice and since dad was working afternoons, she took me for first and last biking lesson with her. Half hour in, I've managed to actually break the fucking shovel handle. And she was so pissed and tired by then, she started shouting at me, being always a very nervous and easily pissed woman. I got so scared back then, I rode away from her on my own, no extra wheels, no handle, no nothing. Once we both calmed down, I rode back home making circles around her.
Come to think about it, I've learned how to swim in similar fashion - I just wanted to be left alone by a mean kid at the lake shore.
I don't have pics, its in the corner of my garage with about 10 other bmx/mtb/road frames/bikes.

It's not that photogenic (not like the redline picture), it was a track bike, so is well used. It also currently doesnt have wheels (I sold them back in 94 when I turned 16 and started driving). The wheels were philwood hubs and araya deep V that I had custom made (I only bought the frame off Mat)
oh, I also didn't really know him, I just ran with a few local semi-pros who knew him, and hooked me up. This was all back in 92ish, way before video games and tv
File: crop.jpg (103 KB, 537x848)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
My childhood bike was pretty poor as a bike, but I loved it anyways. I can't find a good picture online, only this picture showing part of it in a junk pile years later, but it was a mid-90's Schwinn Predator - but not any of the nice BMX bikes sold under that name, this was what my dad got sold when we went to an LBS and he asked for something built to last. Steel everything, weighed at least 30 pounds, and had an utterly useless hand brake but a fine coaster brake. I loved this bike because my dad and I would go on trips around Colorado and ride paths in various places, so I made lots of great memories on it. I never did any kind of "BMX' riding on it (I was short, skinny kid who never weighed more than 100 pounds before I outgrew it, it was never going to be easy to get this off the ground), just used it for riding on pavement around the neighborhood mostly.

After I outgrew that my parents didn't buy me another bike I could fit on, so aside from occasionally riding my dad's Trek mountain bike when I got tall enough, I didn't really ride bikes until I was a college student, and that's when I got hooked on cycling...

File: 1632671459092.png (66 KB, 397x376)
66 KB
>Trains in the UK are more likely to be late or delayed than on time

How does that even happen?
40 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
You can thank Beeching for that. Part of his "reform" was to limit the number of places where trains can pass each other. Less passes = less limitations on managing the table = more and longer stops to let other trains pass. Eventually the rail system reaches the point of saturation, where there is just no other way than building new passes to unclog it, but since that's considered to be a "wasteful expense", nobody does that and instead decrease amount of trains or just forces regional trains to stand still for half an hour in the middle of nowhere to let other trains pass by.
*more limitations, sorry, my brain froze
>Western culture
>Canada, US, UK or Australi
The world you are looking for is "Anglo-Saxon". Alternatively - "Angloid".
If you are equating countries that replicated English culture with some minimal local variance and on top of that are former English/British colonies where said culture is dominant, you aren't talking about Western culture. You're talking about how fucked-up Bongs and their former subjects are.
11 years of conservative shit culminating in this massive cunt

File: fucking mouse.jpg (463 KB, 1422x1066)
463 KB
463 KB JPG
The fucking bastard
File: bastard.jpg (215 KB, 800x1066)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
And not happy of that he also chewed on my spare tube.
>not a finga

>The eastern leg of HS2 rail is set to finally hit the buffers next week.
>The rapid route, linking Birmingham with Nottingham, Sheffield and Leeds will be axed to save £40billion, as previously reported by the Sunday Mirror.
>The bill for HS2 has soared from £32.7bn when approved in 2012 to £107.7bn. Work on the eastern leg – known as Phrase 2b and originally due by 2033 – was quietly halted in July.
>It is believed the Tories will instead this month offer a “bare minimum” of rail upgrades in the East Midlands and North.
...thus leaving us with another vanity project for the South that leaves the North bereft of modern transit infrastructure, and is now the thin end of the wedge for downscoping the rest of the project by swivel-eyed headbangers from the landed gentry class. Further proof, as if it were needed, that talk of 'levelling-up' was complete bollocks. Pure fiction.
22 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
i dont recall saying that. while you're here though; cancellation of the eastern leg of hs2 - good thing, or bad thing?
This is what I meant in >>1721086
and >>1721088 man you know what (you)s are so you obviously know you can tag people in posts yet you decide not to. I don't care about getting (you)s like you said I did but because you're doing it to others it makes the conversation confusing
Depends on the cost and the alternatives. Nothing is an unalloyed good at any price. If the predicted economic return is going negative you might as well just hand out 40 billion to the north in bennies.
well, that's a fair point. but, still, that raises a question of how the cost was allowed to inflate to begin with. and how other infrastructure projects are allowed to go over budget and over schedule and yet for some reason don't seem to be faced with de-scoping

Cope harder northerner.
Investing in North Inglin is just wasting money.

I miss this nigga like you wouldn't believe
139 replies and 26 images omitted. Click here to view.
I deliberately booked at the back of the bus anyway, it’s not the same but I like feeling the engines.
kino, regardless
based engine noise enjoyer.
based cockring

>just use public transpo-
148 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
They are not state employees.
File: 1632074804628.jpg (412 KB, 1028x1280)
412 KB
412 KB JPG
i feel like every week is a bus or train strike.
so geht das nicht mann.
They used to be state employees, even officers, until the 90s. They weren't allowed to go on strike during that time.
Then Deutsche Bahn got turned into a stock company and most of its new employees are now able to go on strike.

Deutsche Bahn essentially tried to wash itself without getting wet.
of course they should you cunt
What a newb stick. How about you install some clipless footrests and get a set of brooks hand grips.

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