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File: evolution-bicycle.jpg (59 KB, 626x626)
59 KB
What are your thoughts on older bikes?
Are there specific eras where particular types of bikes, road racers for example, peaked?
Does new always mean better?
We know that technologies always reach a point where they effectively become 'solved', in that our understanding of them is complete and there is no real way to improve upon them. But technologies related to cycling in general seem to be continuously evolving and improving, or is that just an illusion?

Built in obsolescence has been around for a long time now and exists in all things manufactured, both physical and digital, think about the rock solid durability of the early i-phones compared to the fragile and coded to die modern equivalents, and even though they are now mass produced almost exclusively by slave labour in China using the cheapest possible materials, the prices keep on rising. Has bike manufacturing reached that stage yet? Of course if an i-phone fails it's unlikely that the owner will suffer potentially catastrophic injury, whereas if a bike were to fail then it could easily result in death, so perhaps most reputable bike manufacturers realise there's a limit to how cheap and 'built to fail' they can push it.

With everything we buy in some way being designed to fail at some point, thereby encouraging further consoomption, is this true of bike frames and components?

Also manufacturing techniques have changed a lot over the past century or so, is a hand built frame really going to be better in real terms than something assembled by am efficient machine? What about design and even over-design, we all know examples of bike that seem just about peak for a particular purpose, just as we often see memes bike on here that have clearly been overthought.

It would be interesting to hear from anyone with a vintage bike or those who simply have to have the latest cutting edge stuff.

What is the apex bike or frame, brake, gearset or wheel?
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CX wheels and road wheels are often literally the same thing, except more hub seals.
Like campag ones for example
the wheels and gears changed slightly if you squint
The iPhone 2g was a piece of shit, popped in half easily, was slow and unresponsive and was not reliable at all
You only remember it’s battery being good because you replaced it within a year, before it had a chance to become shit battery
Also old bikes are shit, they were built to fail, modern bikes are overwhelmingly overbuilt compared to 20, 30, 40 years ago, the components are actually meant to function together and the tires aren’t made of paper mache
Take your glasses off grandpa, the war is over and the future won
File: recumbent1937.jpg (52 KB, 556x498)
52 KB
File: bicycle.jpg (51 KB, 500x362)
51 KB

File: 50.jpg (14 KB, 480x360)
14 KB
Why do people hate bikers?
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upright posture and heavy winter clothing
>jaywalking is a made up crime invented by america
Yes, I love hitting random minorities that walk out in traffic.
needs more traffic islands and bollards to crash into maybe a few more speed humps + a three foot deep drainage ditch / gully
>real nz hours
>If you haven't noticed, NZ is a country run by morons.
yeet its all been down hill since Richard Seddon left office, most of the things that happen here are a construction or real estate swindle (rip superannuation fund)
industry is dead on its feet, Agriculture and forestry is hopeless because of raw exports only
tourism and hospitality just got a big wake up call now that the $$$ tourists are gone (they were declining anyway) more beg packers by the day as the fruit picking industry is akin to slave labor
bike lanes are almost never contiguous with each other
for a while trains and buses were like this too .ie got to catch a bus to catch a train to catch a bus
My taxes go toward the roads I am legally entitled to ride on, and most cyclists, like myself, also own cars
If you don't want to deal with cyclists, you can go out of your way and use the interstate in the way you expect cyclists to just find another way
You don't even have to exert yourself, fatty

What's cool about humans is a lack of blindspots, short stopping distance, and low weight. (Except maybe for you guys)

Sorry youre mad something isn't fwair, little boy
fuck off randy

File: gaan.jpg (569 KB, 1292x856)
569 KB
569 KB JPG
Too far gaan edition

Welcome to the /gag/ - /gag/ is dedicated to all the pilots and pilot applicants out there, and although the name suggests otherwise, airline, military, and charter discussion is welcome.
Keep it on topic, keep the shit throwing to a minimum, no nudes. Bikefags not allowed :^)

Previous Thread: >>1593760
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>going up with a DPE for practice
Surprised he has time to do that. My CFI DPE was extremely busy with his airline job and DPE duties. Also really BS she didn't fail. I had a friend fail a multi checkride because he didn't use the full length of the runway for a short-field takeoff demonstration. Didn't want to wait in line behind the 4 172s doing runups and went to the taxiway not at the threshold. DPE was in the right but I still feel it should have been a debrief item.
Post address so I can avoid your house next time.
File: Ed_boy.png (105 KB, 285x249)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
women were a mistake

File: google-maps[1].jpg (31 KB, 644x355)
31 KB
What GPS navigation app do you guys use when biking, preferably one that doesn't hog data and battery? Google Maps doesn't do either, but its routes are pretty locked in and not great.
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I mostly use Komoot to do route planning on the PC. As soon I save it on the Komoot website I can import it on my cycling computers Android app and transfer it to the cycling computer itself. The other thing which is enabled by this is that you have the saved route available on the phone as well in the Komoot app where the corresponding gpx track is exportable and can be loaded into OSMand~ if I ever get lost and don't have cell reception.
I also use openrouteservice.org, Stravas mapping functionality and maps offered by the Garmin portal from time to time.

I hate that Komoot doesn't have the privacy zone feature of Strava. If you record a GPS route and want to make it public you expose where you live. This way you can only make routes public which where only planned.

Interesting, what sets this apart from other apps? Does it use OSM data as well?
i'm pretty sure they've added privacy zones to komoot now
Do you guys use a phone mount on your bike to read directions? Which one you got?
>using anything except a compass
The maps are great but the vocal guiding is utter shit. Especially in cities

Does anyone have pics of streets that go from very wide to thin?

Can you go from massive noisy car-clogged avenue to cozy residential street?
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>place bonaventure
that thing is a fortress, its like a flakturme from nazi germany, could hold out against invaders for weeks in that concrete behemoth
File: capitalist flakturme.jpg (70 KB, 730x494)
70 KB
pic related
they added neons on the edges, looks better irl
based retarded Salt Lake City
Kino, I normally don't like these sorts of concrete buildings with minimal windows but this does it well

File: bidenpilled.png (74 KB, 657x598)
74 KB
I had some serious doubts about the democrats but it looks like they are the only ones looking out for us /n/. Based Biden I guess.
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>biggest positive fir pedestrian and cyclist safety would be expanding the highways, in number and width
Cagetrolls say some mind-bogglingly retarded shit. It’s hilarious when they start contradicting themselves.
The thread is about bike lanes and sidewalks, AKA transportation related. Are you really going to police every fucking comment? Do you have nothing better to do?
>c'mon Joe
>move it
>c'mon let's go

The problem is bigger than you think. People have to drive because their jobs, schools and shopping are all >20 miles away. They're all >20 miles away because of our (((planned economy))) with no small, local businesses or institutions.

>they win every time because they have the power
Wishful thinking, Yoav.

>The current gop is a bunch of witless morons. Who can only ever say NO and work of public resentment.
/pol/tards have been trying really hard to astroturf this board, but it never works.
Especially not with the current administration being pro-transit and finding a lot of popularity with it.

How do I acquire a QT fixed gear girlfriend?
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you sure told me
qt fixed gear girlfriends are made, not found.
if you've found one, she's been discarded by the man that made her a qt fixed gear gf, and you will never skid as far or bomb hills as epically as that man. she's ruined forever
that's the american movement. Americans always ruin things
>How do I acquire a QT fixed gear girlfriend?
A great place to start would be to learn how to tell the difference between males and females. That's a fucking dude, dude.
>poseur with a personality disorder


Will Joe Biden fund mainline electrification as part of his infrastructure package? Will Joe bring back the Little Joes?
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Third rail can not carry enough current.
No. In order to construct anything, the government needs to buy out part of the construction sector for these projects. This means less real estate being built, and real estate is most of America's GDP. Most citizens have no job or house, so there's no reason to build infrastructure for them. Just build houses and sell them to middle eastern kings. US isn't even a real country.
TransSiberian Railroad
Post your paystub you little bitch

Name one feature you hate about modern era of transport. Anything.

For me its the pink lights for interior.
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File: Screenshot (190).png (461 KB, 951x864)
461 KB
461 KB PNG
File: Cop churchabout.jpg (158 KB, 787x821)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
protip: satellite view control+click and drag
Not him, but you need to have webgl enabled for that, and who in his right mind would that?
Simply use the Google Earth desktop application.
Oh yes, doors got completely fucked up:
>less reliable
i mean jap trains are based, not those sold in the UK.

File: train rail.jpg (103 KB, 640x480)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Is there anything cozier than riding a train and having a nice seat, watching the landscape pass by, seeing houses and other sights.
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File: Rosebery-BC-010.jpg (3.17 MB, 2691x3977)
3.17 MB
3.17 MB JPG
I found out it wasn't a bridge, it was a ramp. The main line tracks were laid down into the water, and the ramp would roll down those on submerged freight car trucks until it was the right height for the barge
used to be a train ferry between Detroit / Windsor on the Detroit river.
The ramps are still around on the Windsor side
File: windsor_ferry_pc.jpg (87 KB, 646x414)
87 KB
File: attachment.jpg (32 KB, 650x378)
32 KB

File: 1437961519616.jpg (12 KB, 252x255)
12 KB
I'm starting to see a lot of newer and higher end mtbs pop up for sale on my local craigslist. Is it already happening?
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People across the country are realizing that bicycles are silly and, frankly, boring. Maybe they started lifting weights and having sex like sane people?
>Cycling is boring
>Imma start lifting weights instead
Genius idea
Gym rats aren't known for intelligence, anon.
I'm sick of lifting. Time to get a bike
200IQ decision.

File: 1617845488884.jpg (837 KB, 1500x1500)
837 KB
837 KB JPG
okay hear me out
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tried but they were gone in no time
Sorry, we’re a Converse family here; and Velochucks aren’t available yet
I ride a pair of crank brothers stamp in large... super dope
I do the same with Shimano XT platforms on my gravel bike
I can say it is super dope as well
threaded plastic studs ?
modern pedals dont have much concavity
as the rest of the pedal is thinner than the axle
>replaceable studs
clearly this is witchcraft
>tfw mandatory impact driver

File: xhl894j3y2l61 - Copy.jpg (252 KB, 960x720)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
let's have another go why don't we lads
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How do I know in what material a frame I already own is ?
File: magnets_c.jpg (44 KB, 800x450)
44 KB
Fucking magnets.
damn I'm an idiot, well done
Is there any point in me getting anything other than a steel bike if I'm 200 lbs? All that lightweight material is for tiny dudes right?
not necessarily. an aluminium frame will have higher lateral stiffness, meaning more of your power is translated into forward movement instead of being sucked by the (steel) frame's springiness
so if you're planning on racing, don't get steel

File: s.png (313 KB, 693x754)
313 KB
313 KB PNG
marriot bonvoy and uber linked up
need it or keep it?
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Why the fuck is your mothers basement in a volcano?
Well, she lives in Phoenix and they do have a surprising amount of ancient volcanoes around there. My parents' house doesn't have a basement, though.
Lyft did this was Delta ages ago, Uber is behind. If you use Uber you might as well. I rarely fly Delta but I linked my account since why not? I might get some points. Unfortunately I learned that bikeshare miles didn't count too late lol
> Fuck that spotemgottem muppet.
Impostors everywhere.


27 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>60s? More like 1942.
Musk had infinitely more pre-existing research and technology to get started with than NASA did.

>more pre-existing research
At this point its iability not advantage. Look at disgusting boomer rockets NASA does with all there burden of old crap they afraid to throw out.
Stephensons rocket carried more people and cargo then this could ever carry, and it was dinky little yellow barrel on wheels.
File: bunker busters.jpg (1.8 MB, 2048x1322)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB JPG
Can't wait until we tear the road up and replace it with a subway

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