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File: 2019-Recon-2.jpg (831 KB, 1200x900)
831 KB
831 KB JPG
What is the reasoning for using an electric bike? Why not just use a motorcycle or a real bike?
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and that's a good thing
Depends on how many reports they have gotten of retards outdriving traffic in tunnels and highways.
you are complicating both systems for the supposed benefit of the hub motor. Just ditch the mid-drive, speed-limited mid-drives are fucking stupid anyhow.
>both listings suspiciously leav e out manufacturer, processor specs or memory size

I'd be tempted for something temporary but I want my phone to last me 5-7 years like my last phone.
>The overwhelming majority of ebikes are normie shit that complies with regulations
you literally need less money to build your own speed-limit-free ebike with a 3kw motor than a 300w pre-built ebike with any fancy trimmings

and a third of that cost is the battery with you can also save a fuckton on if you're smart or have a few specialty tools to repair/make batteries.

File: Chris.jpg (512 KB, 720x1480)
512 KB
512 KB JPG
Have you ever had a bad experience waiting for the bus ?

Yes. One day, I was waiting for the bus, and I remembered all the buses where I was now had full-bus ads over them. This meant I had to look at every single long vehicle passing by to make sure it wasn't my bus, and could not relax at the bus stop.
Buses shouldn't have ads.
I've had bad experiences in all sorts of contexts
I don't go on youtube to cry about it
I’m posting this from the back of an uber because Greyhound canceled my pickup stop when the bus was 15 minutes way.
>taking the bus
>In 2020+2
>how dare they try to reduce the costs of this expensive, unprofitable venture without raising prices or cutting back on service, maintenance, or safety

File: Capture.png (158 KB, 250x486)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
Anons, I live out in the country, but we have nice trails here that can take you into town - however, it's quite the trip (about 20km one-way) - can I upgrade the batteries on an e-scooter?
I'd be fine hanging a little bag on the handlebars with the battery, and terminals leading into the scooter itself, as long as it just has that kind of access.

Any recommendations?
Our trails are surprisingly pleasant to ride, not too bumpy, but something with pneumatic tires is good.

Thank you and God Bless.
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It goes that far if you go really slow lol. This is the same for all eshit. If you want something good you need to be ready to fork over some real money.
Why not just get an e-bike? Or add an electric motor to your current bike?
A scooter sounds mad uncomfortable on dirt trails.
You've got a point, anon, but the trouble is I'm just poor - the electric kits I've looked at are all 1,000+ bucks, and that's with shitty batteries. This scooter was the only thing with the right "advertised range".
I need something to get to work, but I don't yet have a paystub to finance any sort of vehicle.

>solution - don't be poor
Unfortunate Catch 22 - need that first paystub of the first month of work to get a vehicle so I can keep working and not be poor.

Maybe I will get gud and honestly just bicycle to work.
But 40km a day is fucking hard though, especially because I can only do 14km a day maximum right now.

Learnt my lesson now.
I might just trade the thing to someone on Kijiji/Craigslist with a gasoline goped and use that for a month.


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File: langstrothHiveIllus.gif (71 KB, 500x538)
71 KB
If any of you anons are curious, got another update - I'm selling the stupid fucking scooter and buying a 2009 49cc moped - found out I can afford the insurance on that and buy it without financing.
yes, you need a dual motor with at least 2000W to go up hills at speed, especially if you weigh more than 150lbs

What are the current plans for Chicago infrastructure upgrades?
Right now I’m visiting Chicago and I’m amazed that even on State Street and places inside the Loop you have these huge streets with no bike lanes or even a median.
It’s like 90s American planning.
Beautiful city and it’s perfectly flat so it would be perfect for biking but they just don’t build the infrastructure.
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They should repeat 1871. It's been 151 years, you'd think they'd try it again.
There are no plans lmao. Chicago is trying to not collapse right now. And nobody in charge of this stuff really cares if it's good or not. You want medians and shit, you'll need to fucking riot for them.
These anons know what's up.
>T. Chicago resident
>What are the current plans for Chicago infrastructure upgrades?
lol. lmao.
The only bike lanes are on Randolph and dearborn. Other than that, learn to ride in the street with the cages. Its really not that bad
looks like a pretty chill street with barely any traffic, why not just ride on the road? there's room for everyone

Good places to get cycling or skating skins? I used to go to Voler, but they haven't had anything I've liked lately.

Looking for GOOD, not cheap crap.
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I wanna be your bike seat.
what about sizes? sizes are the reason why I am reluctant to buy online
File: IMG_20220916_204606.jpg (189 KB, 2592x1936)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
The shop had size charts, I took my measurements and bought accordingly.
First fit was a bit too tight and I thought I should have ordered one size larger, but then I put them on again for 20 minutes at home before leaving and they felt perfect.
I got a size M.
how tall are you? I have a similar physique

File: 1663581056717.png (395 KB, 780x435)
395 KB
395 KB PNG
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OP eternally BTFO
I couldn't hear your post over the noise coming out of your pic, dude

Vertically-IntegRated GregarIous iNterlinked FUnCtional pre-produKtion prototypeU

maybe the distant future soon as we get the energy density problem out the way
Noise pollution, visual pollution. Sounds like hell to me.

In order to get to the main park of my city, or even just to go on the panoramic coastline (main place to go on a bike) I need to go on a very steep and long road (11km, can't tell you how steep precisely). Now when I had an e-bike this was no problem, but now I'm planning of getting a real bike and I'm wondering if this could be possible without getting on top as a panting pool of sweat. Is that possible for someone who isn't much trained legwise? I do decently in cardio at the gym although I don't do it much since it kills gains.
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deraillier length isnt much of a factor
a hanger extention will make room for the sprocket and the cage only needs to be replaced with a longer one if you find the chain going slack when on the smallest sprocket combination
anyway post bike and il help u figure out what would work for u again u probably dont need to go extreme u just need a good hill gear
File: ez.jpg (8 KB, 370x163)
8 KB
26 gear inches bby
>kills gains
stop being a retard
>mostly flat
wew impressive ride, lad.
Just saying, OP is making it out to be a real ordeal. It's not. Any bike could do it.

File: Andy Bye-ford.png (257 KB, 947x1333)
257 KB
257 KB PNG
Where does he go next? Who needs him the most?
Rumor is he is coming to America.
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>public transit is so broken, they need to pay some bong "superstar subway CEO" millions of dollars a year to photogenically present transit plans that will never get funded
>yet another chapter in long running plot to give false hopes so proles don't take action to demand better
>photogenically present transit plans that will never get funded
Byford was running MTA in New York before Cuomo basically forced him out. There was marked improvement in services during that time period.
> millions of dollars a year
Current salary of the MTA's chairman is <400,000 a year. Arguably it's not enough; if you want to win in the global competition for talent, it'll cost you.
>proles don't take action to demand better
You can't protest your way into a functional system. It requires people with a high level of domain knowledge and competence who have freedom of action to improve operations.
Just look at MTA's accessibility campaign: they filed lawsuits, and it will still take decades for all the stations to be made accessible. Judges do not have the physical capability to speed that up.
Supposedly, he's done with the public sector. Maybe a consultancy at a substantially higher salary is possible.
Oh god. I think I would cry if he went to some firm like AECOM, WSP, Stantec or JACOBS.
File: well there it is.gif (1.98 MB, 390x205)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB GIF
>Mr Byford, previously boss of the New York Subway, said it was the right time to resume life in the US with his wife.

File: joggers and.jpg (102 KB, 923x752)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
/n/ humor thread?
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File: kikebike.jpg (1000 KB, 3320x2213)
1000 KB
1000 KB JPG
File: bikelaneconfusionvid1.jpg (70 KB, 1280x720)
70 KB
Looks like he wants to do a right turn to Fargo Plaza, what would be the "correct" way to do that?
Presumably at that spot where the bumps are replaced by a dotted line
Now that’s based

File: 雪.jpg (130 KB, 1280x720)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Akita Shinkansen 25th Anniversary Edition

Old Thread: >>1675297
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Kyoto station is ugly. Dumb glass monstrosity
You're a dumb carbon monstrosity.
Almost forgot that the Nagasaki Stub for the Kyushu Shinkansen is now in service, should we ever expect the issue with Saga Prefecture be resolved or will it forever be stuck in this state?

most commuter EMUs wherever you go have a notched throttle
In other news, Nagasaki Shinkansen opened today.

File: pragueCyclist.jpg (74 KB, 535x897)
74 KB
Quit living in fear of the cagers! We have put up with the danger, noise, and pollution for far too long. Policies and taxes are not doing enough to disincentivize car ownership. What practical steps can be taken to further discourage the cager in your community?
19 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I get it. Cars get all the infrastructure money. Bikes are seen as undergound, might as well enjoy that no bike lane is a low-key signal that bikes do whatever they want. It's one of those things, bikes came before cars so they get seniority even on main streets. It's like one of those silent respect things
What was that noise?
I guess a dog or something.
>have small squirt gun in hand all day
>gripping the handlebars is hard
>can't really brake with one hand
>paint stripper leaks on my hands all the time
>can't react fast enough to hit cars passing me
>paint stripper proves to be ineffective against clear coat
relax, anonymous. i assure you we're all shitting ourselves in fear of your provocations and you've successfully menaced the cyclists of /n/, we genuinely believe that you're uninhibited and renegade enough to run people over for inconveniencing you for 5 seconds of your day. you don't need to burst a vein or get so keyed up, people with an advanced body weight are more likely to suffer heart problems.
I always forget dystopian burger insurance is real.

File: inmotion v11.png (324 KB, 900x900)
324 KB
324 KB PNG
A different take on Personal Electric Vehicles.
Happily continuing from the old thread: >>1719617

- good tier brands: Inmotion, Kingsong
- fast and dangerous: Begode, Veteran, Bull
- retired tier: Solowheel, Gotway, Ninebot
- homemade tier: RecioWheel

Search youtube for "electric unicycle".
Search "мoнoхoлeco" for Russians extreme modding.

>b-but, it's not the fastest/safest PEV!
You must be one of those people wasting more time parking/securing their PEV than riding it.
Also, gear up! (at least helmet, wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads).

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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lol you're just a loser
I don't believe that you are just retarded and don't understand the concept of aesthetics. You accuse me of egoism and yet you make a discussion about a concept all about yourself. You should meditate on this before you have no other choice but to meditate on this.
I'm not >>1853185, but I kinda have a different enjoyment in life living in a city. I'm also a non-wagie adult with a family, living in a townhouse that has multiple options of transportation (streetcar, subway, commuter rail, bike lanes). My enjoyment in life comes from my hobbies, which require me to be indoors. I am happy that I can use the money that I saved from not owning a car towards my hobbies and my child's education. Sometimes if the subway is closed for maintenance, I'd just take my bike and listen to some tunes. If I wanted to see nature, I would just go to a park close by, or go to the nearest ravine. At the end of the day, you should do what makes you happy. You enjoy wildlife and nature. The city won't be for you. I'd say you made the perfect investment in life.
I know exactly what you're talking about. Everyone likes my euc so I guess my aesthetics are good and you actually have bad taste.
>even if bug paste has a better nutritional profile for you
Back at it again Moshe?

I wish I had a sweet modern Teal carbon bike but this is what I have. Flat sky blue and a super vibrant Orange (yuck)

Now I need pedals.

Is there a way to cover up the orange logo?
28 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Why are you an insecure fag?
Oh oh he got mad boys! Don't get your panties in a bunch bro.
The highest aesthetic in cycling is the point where it's ugly, but in a way that only the most obsessive autistic hipster would land on.

OP and his detractors are many levels below this point. Keep going. The correct pedal color choice was silver in this case. Silver is a statement on this modern black-component bike. It is contrarian and ugly to the noob and casual. It sets the groundwork for further descents into further levels of desecration
looks fine, mountain bikes don't have to be all matchy matchy. if everything is too "sterile" it just looks cheap/entry level/bone stock
bike is fine. little blue helmet is what looks retarded

What do you think /n/? Is this available somewhere? Are there bikes with tires similar to these?
17 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
skid once and flatspot your tires. no thanks
What tyres are you riding on? I've got Continental Grand Prix 4-seasons on my commuter and haven't got a single puncture in 4 years riding about the same distance to work every day.
There are compromises with every system. If an airless option was better, they'd be more common.
nigger if you want a bike with those features, and don't mind it being inefficient and expensive, you can get one.
I love my r____ w____

File: BQG.jpg (1.1 MB, 2400x1601)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
Radical Adventure Riders edition

RJ the Bike Guy on youtube for tutorials

Previous >>1850220

Post photos of your bike/problem
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i'm just assmad that some anons say that the quality of the inner tube makes no difference for puncture resistance even though it's common wisdom that a super lightweight inner tube will puncture more easily than a thicker tube and michelin airstop genuinely has a more supple rubber compound than cheap basic tubes
>a super lightweight inner tube will puncture more easily than a thicker tube
at least when comparing apples to apples. latex and TPU can be more resistant than butyl despite weighing less.
File: redditor 2.png (1.24 MB, 1500x1308)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
Go back faggot
lurking reddit is worth it for the stonks, made a ton of money off of GME and looking to do the same with BBBY. r/the_donald helped get trump elected in 2016, now r/superstonk has more members than r/the_donald had. people have registered over $2 billion worth of GME shares directly in their name on top of all the shares held with brokers, retirement accounts etc, it's insane.
i bought a bike that looks like its barely been ridden but has spent its whole life in a dusty garage
i plan to dismantle it down to the bearings so i can clean and lube it but how exactly do i do that?
is there one kind of lube and cleaning product that works for everything or do i need special shit for each moving part?
i dont wanna spend retarded money on 10 different products

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