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File: Mentour-Pilot-1.png (157 KB, 800x450)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
Is he the GOAT airplane YouTuber?
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lol the fucking daily mail
My favorite part of Mentour Pilot's coverage is when he outlines the steps taken by the aviation industry to respond to each incident. It gives me the good feels that every incident is a learning experience to prevent future ones.
File: aeronews.png (106 KB, 306x177)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
pretty new german channel

started making "aero news" about accidents new planes etc. but now got his license and flies middle range for condor and is allowed to keep a go pro back in the cockpit.
he then later comments the flights with lots of technical details about the challenges on that flight and what he considered to get a safe flight.
well in the posted video we see 15min of her eating, in the gym dressing etc and 10s of her pressing some buttons in a plane and 10s view of a cockpit.

from that video i cant say if she even is a pilot or just lapping and i am not going to watch any more.
To be fair, I only do about 15 mins of "work" per flight. Not the hardest job in the world. The only real work you will have to do is micromanaging the rampers/other airport workers when they don't want to work (only seems to be an issue at large hubs). I gave up on that, because it became apparent that $10/hr won't make them give a shit.

Do you ride alone? Is it asking for problems if you're not doing anything really hardcore?
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File: OPNIMG_20230918_143143.jpg (203 KB, 1920x1080)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
fork has arrived :)
bery exited
wheels are off my gfs bike just for show
Nice. What's the plan for it?

>853 reynolds
saw a jamis dragon pro with 853 reynolds on it for 150usd.
Damn good deal but I really don't need a hardtail like that.
the plan is to build it into a working bike as cheap as i can
kinda oldschool
gonna do a 2x11 drivetrain i think
friction thumb shifters
mechanical disks cos im sick of my hydros
gonna get a hassins rear hub from aliexpress with 120 engagement points
the cheapest cable operated dropper i can get
gonna bastardize this fancy fork and frame with lots of chinese crap basically
my goal is just to make a simple fun very capable bulletproof bike with all the stuff i like about the vintage mtbs i grew up on and the stuff i like about modern mtbs
its gonna take a while though im really lacking on tools and money for parts atm
i also have like 3 other project bikes im working on at the same time
>2x11 oldschool or cheap
kek 3x8 is ultimate cheap+old school since you get a tougher chain+enough range.
>friction thumb
neat I guess
>mech disk
get some dual piston ones or something quality. Hate shitty cheap mechanical disks and prefer hydro's, particularly mineral oil since they take less maintenaince.
>aliexpress high engagement
oh for techy climbs and shit?
>cable dropper
used you can find cheap droppers, at least I can.

Sounds good man. Look for deals on amazon or ebay too. I just got an azonic stem+780mm bar for 50 bucks. non-chinese stuff can be found cheap if you know what to search for.
2x11 will give you tons of gearing. On a 26 I like run a 42/29 and it's good for 2x9. You will have tons of options with 2x11.
Whatever you do make sure your wheels are strong enough. I find hardtails/ridgids are pretty rough on wheels when you send it.
>get some dual piston ones or something quality
yeah i havnt decided what calipers to use yet but definitely duel piston
>oh for techy climbs and shit?
i do alot of climbing really steep hills so im gonna optimize the bike specifically for that
>used you can find cheap droppers, at least I can.
yeah im scouring ebay for parts
>Whatever you do make sure your wheels are strong enough.
yeah i think im gonna build them myself

>tfw u get passed by a girl on a climb
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there is a woman in my area that gets top 5 in like every segment...there are a bunch of ex world tour pros in my area to give you an idea of the watts......

i creeped on her with google and see she works in healthcare in an area that would probably deal with shit like EPO prescription....what are the odds she is doping?
its mindboggling...I'm sure she is faster than women pro-peloton riders
I can't fathom how these people ride 25 hour weeks and still work 40 hour jobs
how the fuck do you have the energy for that
File: drugs.jpg (39 KB, 459x612)
39 KB
File: 958693.jpg (54 KB, 453x500)
54 KB
>Go intentionally slow so that I can look at her ass
op how is that a bad thing, lil incel. you could have a look at her ass at least, something you will nver touch
I got passed by a group of e-bikers.
Seemed to be one or two karens and a dude.
Almost crashed into a speedy road rider going the other way.

My bicycle cost less then their batteries I bet.

File: Transport.png (47 KB, 1462x375)
47 KB
It is feasible for anyone with some resources to develop improvements in small footprint vehicles that enables high density, independent routing, comfort, safety and speed at the same time.

For rail that requires wide social coordination to overcome its issues, generally either the larger society automatically enables its use, or a smaller group seize power and apply tyranny against the rest of society. I do not support the latter.

From a market mechanism perspective, a user fee correlating to usage of scarce land for vehicle use should fix a big part of the free rider problem that resulted in the popularity of vehicles designed with inefficient footprint for cargo moved.
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Cry more about it
this is /n/ tra/n/sport
if you're not planning to exclusively post about bikes GET OUT OF MY FUCKING BOARD
Motorcycle is more comfortable than any public cattle transport
File: IMG_2814.jpg (290 KB, 1442x1000)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
Okay retard
not him but where do we go and is a bicycle a form of transport or not.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (77 KB, 1280x720)
77 KB
Is it the blimp trains time to shine?
Could this be used to get Ukraine grain to the rest of europe?

They have different rail gauge between rooskie and EU tracks but blimp can be handed off with out even slowing down

THIS CAN WORK???!!!!!!!

Now Im on the edge of something
Wondering bout the blimp train
ooooohhhhaaaaa eeeeeaaaaahhhooooaaaa
Talking bout the blimp train
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Why would a blimp be pulling a train?
to help the train hop over other trains
why did your mom?
balam tana@@@

File: 1.mai.jpg (976 KB, 2000x1331)
976 KB
976 KB JPG
All bets are off!
Is it going to work out?

Previously: >>1841229
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>in Laim hat ein Bagger ein Quertragwerk beschädigt, dadurch sind alle Gleise zw. Pasing/Abzw Kanal und München Hbf und die S-Bahn Stammstrecke betroffen. Also kein Zugbetrieb in München Hbf mehr.
oh boy, is the construction company liable for this?
File: 0131bahnkarte-a-d.jpg (431 KB, 1900x1338)
431 KB
431 KB JPG
aren't they fixing Hannover-Göttingen-Kassel-Fulda-Würzburg right now? next step would be to fill all the gaps between the single highspeed lines with new lines and start ignoring nimbys.
>start ignoring nimbys
That's difficult, when the nimbys are in charge of the federal government.
SPD and Greens are the biggest forces against the expansion of the German railway network.
>Nach jahrzehntelangem Streit haben sich der Bund und Niedersachsen über die Schnellstrecke zwischen Hamburg und Hannover geeinigt. Der geplante Neubau entfällt vorerst
are you kidding me? fucking traitors.
>fucking traitors.
Sozialdemokraten (und Grüne) eben.
Whoever thinks, they will make anything better for Germa/n/y, hasn't been paying attention.
RIP "Verkehrswende" - well, not all is lost, if you happen to think, a "Wende" is 360°.

File: 1000041640.png (272 KB, 755x872)
272 KB
272 KB PNG
Do you have a bell on your bicycle?

Why, or why not?
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Stupid cagers. Senses as weak as the body.
Have the stock one on, I think of it only as a last resort if I can't stop or move out of the way for whatever reason since pedestrians and motorists (if they even notice it) get really pissed off as soon as they hear a bike bell around them here even if they're clearly in the wrong.
>Do you have a bell on your bicycle?
>Why, or why not?
Had one but barely used it.
When it broke I never bothered to replace it and haven't been in a situation where I really missed it.
Where I ride being visible and using hand signals and body laugage is way more important and useful. Nobody can hear a little bell over traffic noise, and the places quiet enough for the bell to be heard, like on bike trails, are quiet enough that I can just speak using a normal outdoor voice and be heard just fine.

Seriously though, it's best to operate on the assumption that cars can't hear your bell at all, because usually they can't in my experience.
Ride defensively and ride like you are both invisible and can't be heard unless you make eye contact with the driver to know for a fact that they can see you.
go back to wakanda, turd worlder

File: bikelanes.jpg (660 KB, 1502x1354)
660 KB
660 KB JPG
What does /n/ think of tomorrow's upgraded, more inclusive bike lanes? Cagetrolls will hate this, but I for one think it is perfectly reasonable for bike lanes to be open to any vehicle that doesn't have an ICE or require a Class A CDL to operate legally. What's the point of bike lanes if nobody is going to use them!??!?
13 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Slowly turning those bikes into trucks, corps and consoomers just can't help themselves, history's stuck in a cycle
Joking ? Helmets are cripple generators and a perfect example of '...but the clothes the victim was(nt) wearing...'.

File: yummo.jpg (380 KB, 710x1280)
380 KB
380 KB JPG
Discuss bike apparel. What does /n/ wear? I find it difficult to find something I'm truly happy with.

-Assos - flimsy shit for anorexic freaks, designs are eye rape
-Gore - cut for obese diabetic golf dads, designs are so boring I want to kms
-Rapha - the bose of cycling gear, dead giveaway that you have no idea what you're doing
-Castelli - probably the least terrible from an objective point of view but the logo is way too in your face
-MAAP - wannabe rapha cringlelord gear
-Le Col - another wannabe rapha, the only thing worse than Rapha is wanting to be rapha
-Santini - completely nonsensical sizing, either baggy shit for obese people or ridiculous midget shit even though it's the same nominal size, bibs are way too thin, might as well just wear women's panthose
-La Passione - changes their designs every 10 seconds for no reason, takes about a decade to do an RMA that would take no more than 2 weeks from anyone else
-Black Bibs - ali express tier garbage and permanently smells like a wet dog after 2 rides

What we can conclude here is that it all sucks except Castelli and I'm sick and tired of wearing all castelli all the time, anyway I ask again what does /n/ wear? Post your likes and hates. Oh I forgot giro, giro isn't too bad for casual "urban cyclist" stuff. Haven't tried their real bike gear in a loooooong time though. A long time.
251 replies and 45 images omitted. Click here to view.
But what sort of retention would you use ? Weird diagonal strap ?
The wife and me got some cheap ones from Amazon. They work perfectly, most likely it's the same stuff from Ali express. Go for it.
>used to buy dhb from Wiggle because the aeron jerseys were 35 bucks and they fit awesome
>stopped riding for 5 years
>lookup dhb to buy new jersey
>all the ones I used to buy are now like $160 bucks
>literally same money as some handcrafted boutique shit like Eliel so I just buy that

I want a full suspension fat tire bike to convert to e-bike with a kit. However, there are none with enough space for a large battery. Is there an alternative bike type you would recommend?
12 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>naturally springy
Look at how far we done fell, /n/
But it is. Did you fall for the le titanium is super strong and stiff memes?
I'm almost certain what you actually want is either an italian style scooter or an actual dirt bike.
File: cff.png (65 KB, 625x626)
65 KB
This dude is correct.
Depending on what the brainlet wants to communicate here brainlet is wrong.
Idk for sure what they prefer for frames, perhaps grade 6 because so many can't weld shit, but since I can pull some numbers right outta my ass let's just assume they use 6-4. Strenght times elasticity or strength divided by what you guys call youngs modulus, I believe, would give 10^9 Pa / 120•10^9 Pa so 0,008. Do the same for say 4130 and we probably get 10^9 Pa / 200•10^9 Pa so 0,005. I'm ignoring stiffness on purpose here as I don't want ro get into eternal discussions about what an 'equivalent' section of tube was. But in terms of strength / modulus the winner is clear. For the same geometry, offering the same strength, steel would be almost twice as stiff.

A woman who is in a sexual relationship with an aeroplane has revealed that she travelled abroad 30 times in the last year just to spend quality time with her lover.

Sarah Rodo, from Dortmund, Germany, found love on her first flight with a Boeing 737 - after an unfulfilling attempt to date humans.

Since then, the 23-year-old has also 'met' 60 figurines and three larger models who she considers part of a 'collective being' that she is dating, and so she often refers to her lovers as one.

Keeping up a relationship with an object requires real commitment.

The avid jet-setter is so loved up that she has booked 30 mini-breaks in the last 12 months just to be close to her original beau, the Boeing 737.

Despite their many trips together, Sarah, who identifies as objectum sexual [having a sexual or romantic attraction to an inanimate object], is heartbroken that she's never been fully alone with her partner.

Sarah said: 'I'm proud to be objectum sexual – it's a wonderful sexuality, the only sad thing is that I can't be alone with a real plane.

'I flew a lot in the last year to be with the Boeing as often as I possibly could, I took about 30 flights and always combined it with a city trip or vacation.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
140 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Keeping up a relationship with an object requires real commitment.

I almost said these are the smartest words to come out of a womans mouth but it appears they are a troon.
what she is doing is a crime against the environment and by extension humanity. She could also be into a plane and not fly in it, wasting ressources and producing emissions. There is nothing wrong with bicycles. Also not with using them. Quite the opposite. A man can use a bicycle without causing others irritation or harm and the more he uses it the fitter he gets. Unlike means of motorised transport.
>what she is doing is a crime against the environment
>Sarah Rodo, from Dortmund, Germany
Of course she's German.
Half the boomers have fucked goats, cows, asses, horses, sheep, you fucking name it if they were raised in the countryside. Where do you think all the goat/sheep/whatever fucker jokes come from all around the world when talking about people that grew up more rural than you? It used to be common practice.

File: 734.jpg (373 KB, 1898x1437)
373 KB
373 KB JPG
Rim brakes are superior to hydraulic disk brakes and I'm tired of pretending they're not.

1. Light
2. Fully self-serviceable
3. Reliable
4. Better wheel feedback

Mass adoption of disk brakes was nothing short of disastrous for cycling tech.
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>as soon as its actually raining you and your bike are getting soaked no matter what

road spray is dirty it's different than rain. Also with a raincoat on it takes a long time to soak through the bottom of your undies just from rain.
this is probably the biggest reason that I rarely ride on the road
i hate not being able to relax or zone out and the quality of driving in my country is significantly lower than the UK or most of northern Europe where I'm from, which was already bad enough
Fenders work great here. When mountain biking it helps keep my bike clean, and reduce the mud content in my face.

On my road bike it works good but tends to rub too much so I abstain.
bike commuter here
fenders do an amazing job at stopping dirt and debris from getting on your ass/crotch
No, they don't stop you from getting wet, especially if its actively raining

I hated commuting without fenders as I would often have to change as soon as I arrive
i actually find it kinda zen riding amongst cars
feels very freeing zilently zooming around the cagies and making the most of my maneuverability
maintaining momentum
asserting my place on the road when it would be dangerous to overtake me
taking shortcuts
its fun
that said im only riding in rural english towns and backroads so its probably not at all the same as a city in (god forbid) america
btw that cyclist in the video is an idiot on multiple levels
hes positioned badly
hes too close to the car
his fingers werent already on the brakes
and he tried to turn the wrong fucking way
if you ride safely and dont do any of the things he did then you can relax

File: Sturmey-Archer_SX3.jpg (332 KB, 1280x960)
332 KB
332 KB JPG
This kills the derailleur tranny
48 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
ighs all have a specific minimum input ratio and maximum amount of tourque they can take
its listed in their specifications and exceeding it will easily break it
you realize the inside of an igh is full of teeeny little gears and lots of other small components that can only be so strong even if theyre made of very strong material
>ighs all have a specific minimum input ratio and maximum amount of tourque they can take
that is true for any type of transmission system

IGHs still handle more torque on the daily than a cassette/chain can, and they won't wear out within a few thousand km on a mid-drive ebike
Why would anyone want to go down on the ratio anyways. A shimano 7 for example, if you set it up at the minimum permissible ratio (they probably assume 172.5 mm meme cranks) will never see first, second or third gear on any climb. Check the manual.
>IGHs still handle more torque on the daily than a cassette/chain can
that statement doesnt make any sense
yeah no that things gear range is still shit
id be in 1st all the time

File: nLrut.png (585 KB, 784x950)
585 KB
585 KB PNG
What are the advantages of each? Does an integrated headset damage the frame since the bearings sit directly in the frame?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>his builder didn’t recommend the tubeset and pick the obvious choices for component standards
Wow, how much is an aliexpress custom frame?
And what is the obvious choice...?
and what if the machined bearing surface wears out?

With the standard i take a steel rod and pop the old ones out, and hammer new ones in, not hard at all .
Long story short:
When (((they))) fix something that worked perfectly fine for you, the user, it must have bot been working for (((them))).
If you want skinnytube vintage headtube aesthetic, external. If you want chonky modern headtube aesthetic, internal. If you want chonky modern headtube aesthetic AND to have zero replacement options and nearly proprietary bearings, integrated.

File: 1667712336291319.jpg (220 KB, 1080x1080)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
100 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
UAE is the dream bay bee, #1 most accepted worldwide
Montana is pretty great but yeah, there's a chunk of the country that's very quiet. Utah's gorgeous, nevada is cool in its own way as well.
Yes, indeed I did.
Montana falls under rocky mountain area to my eyes. Plains is like south dakota. anybody who thinks south dakota is a good time is probably a good candidate for becoming the next ted kaczynski. Even he knew better and lived in montana.
Why is the porter checking tickets?

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