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File: 45645664564575467456.jpg (91 KB, 640x480)
91 KB
What is actually happening about level crossings? Network rail says they will either remove or upgrade level crossings but I have no idea how many are likely to be removed and how many are likely to be upgraded. And other than the government in Victoria, Australia and France what other countries have similar plans?
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well, reading the website, they're done with their last upgrade/close campaign. they still maintain and risk-assess the remaining level crossings, though, so if anything arises that affects crossing users, they're duty bound to manage that risk.
like i'm trying not to come off as being rude or snarky, but the answers to your questions are probably on the network rail website. nobody here will have any extra information. hell, give them a call and ask, they'd probably love to speak to someone who isn't a GRAHAM? GRAHAM! THE TRAINS ARE MAKING A NOISE AGAIN, MAKE IT *STOP* GRAHAM bellend
What about pedestrian crossings? These ones require a two tone horn which is annoying to residents nearby.
Network Rail have been replacing pedestrian crossings with bridges too.
All level crossings usually have whistle signs placed ahead of them

File: manta.jpg (1.56 MB, 1920x1080)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB JPG
This morning I was able to see this water bike in action.
I found it interesting, although it seems that without the help of an electric motor, the impulse of the legs would not be enough...
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then why was there so much motor doping in the pro peloton? checkmate asshole
human power is definitely enough for a hydrofoil bike
I find the concept fascinating, hope to one day be savvy enough to build myself one

Nice. Pretty sure that dude is cranking out several hundred watts though...
The one with motor assist can start from the water though.
just saying it's possible, not the best idea

Smaller tunnels could be completed faster.
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Submarine* or maybe op is on to something...
So basically Futurama tubes but underground?
I'm getting claustrophobia just looking at that picture.
Airlock sealed, commence flooding.
File: vroom tube.png (296 KB, 484x272)
296 KB
296 KB PNG
What if we used those tubes that they had in Futurama, but ran them underground?

File: index.jpg (6 KB, 288x175)
6 KB
When do you use a bike bell? How often do you use yours?
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>"On your left."
Simple phrase, most people move, those that don't learn to.
>saying on your left is for lycratards
Having a bell is extremely gay.
when passing near kids
You put it on your bike if you're afraid of getting a ticket, that's it.

If you're at risk of colliding with someone on a bike or on foot for lack of a bell, you're doing it wrong. Slow down, wait until there's a chance to pass, and slow down
The point of the bell is to create that chance by yourself.
I like you. I'm going to start behaving more like you

File: apu.png (29 KB, 741x568)
29 KB
Why are airports so massive? Do they really need to be an entire self-contained village?
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Why would they let you board early just because you got there too early like a retard?
Are you daft? The point is that you can arrive in the airport parking 45 minutes before your flight, get through security, and still be waiting for the boarding process to begin at smaller/midsized airports compared to the behemoths you lament.
Why wouldn't you have to wait until boarding starts? Sounds like you're mad you're not getting special treatment.
I'm going to autistically explain this: The other anon is saying the smaller airports may be much more efficient in terms of getting around and through security. He's not saying boarding before boarding starts, he's saying it's nice that you can basically just roll up to the airport and even with security he arrived at the gates areas ahead of boarding time, implying it was a very fast experience compared to larger airports.
The large airports have to be able to accommodate people for hours-long layovers. And in our society of instant gratification that means food, drink, and other entertainment. Besides, when you've got a captive audience (they're not leaving security if they've got a connection in two hours) you might as well milk them.

The real issue is that airports are converting moving walkways into stupid ipad tables where you can pay way too much for drinks and take three times as long to get between gates and baggage claim. FUCK CIBO AND FUCK THE ANTICHRIST

File: 1617412382868.jpg (77 KB, 768x1024)
77 KB
redpill me on becoming a train driver
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this, butt becoming a "train driver" is 99% a bunch of gay legal shit about "conducting" the train, and not gay safety shit but gay legal shit.

IIRC in USA you will be reading over 100pgs of dense legal just about the abstract legal shit of when a train crosses street "right of way" that has nothing to do with anything.

"how is if diff if a horse drawn wagon looses a wheel VS a horse dropping dead on the tracks?" LOL.

What if the wagon is carrying live chickens???....on a Sunday?????.........But they are KOSHER chickens????????
Big kek

Oy very not the Kosher chickens, its a KFCaust
Sounds like this shit would have been pretty fucking important 150 years ago when rail was still the preferred method for moving product and trains still moved slowly enough for conductors to be able to exert some control over them.
Man I want to fuck Japanese schoolgirls so bad.

File: hqdefault.jpg (20 KB, 480x360)
20 KB
What is the best type of bicycle trailer?
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good post
Me like mexican good humor lad on ice trike
The Mexican ice cream man is extremely based.
You forgot to velcro it to a skateboard
This, aroz paleta my dudes

File: ex2Q59H8_400x400.jpg (15 KB, 400x400)
15 KB
FAA won't certify the new 777 due to "uncommanded pitch event"

Why doe Boings planes always try to off themselves

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John Lewis/Waitrose (department store and supermarket chain) in Britain is a staff-owned co-op with 83,000 employees and a turnover of £10.15 billion
I thought airline companies were now giving the choice not to fly on Boeings since the 737 MAX incidents, at least that's what they're doing here in Brazil. Of course, most people are none the wiser and will keep flying on Boeings.
Do you prefer your button pressers being called auto pilots instead?

There is a critical shortage everywhere in this industry, are you retarded?

File: PXL_20210621_232537660~2.jpg (1.69 MB, 2521x1535)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB JPG
I go away for a few months and there's no general? Sad!

For this month: Enjoy fixed gear. Appreciate not coasting. Have fun with hektik skidz.
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File: sheldon quickbeam.jpg (253 KB, 1024x768)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
I think he'd say that because he likes to run fenders, and horizontal dropouts make wheel removal with fenders easier
It's really a moot point on most fixies though because they generally don't have clearance for fenders anyway, and they're svelte minimalist type bikes which don't suit fenders.
I don’t think so, aligning your wheel and tightening axle nuts securely is pretty trivial and definitely beats having to fiddle with a derailleur, in my opinion.
price seems legit, not a big fan of its geometries tho
couple of messenger friends ride 8Bar, they feel kinda sketchy. I'd buy a steamroller if only european dealers carried them
take a look at blb, not sure what they are doing lately
for the EU prices i would say fuck it and go on second hand market or just go with an njs frame and cheap parts to upgrade later

>Union Pacific will suspend service between the West Coast and its Global IV gateway in Chicago in an effort to improve congestion at the inland intermodal terminal, a spokesperson for the railroad confirmed. The suspension will begin Sunday and last a week.
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o cont raere I think most americans would rather starve to death, totally immobile, rather than expend any amount of effort on anything, like not joking I'm dead serious
Fucking this. All these “labor shortages” but no company will pay for training worth a damn.
I just said fuck it, and I’m going to get my A&P license to work on airplanes. Atleast that training will pay for itself the first year I work. CDL training sounds like hell, especially on your own dime.
You also get to sleep at home every night.

Trucking/railroading sucks in that regard. For the number of hours you're away from home, the pay isn't that great
File: 1625157633352[1].jpg (467 KB, 1000x667)
467 KB
467 KB JPG
Get woke, go broke.
Where do you get that impression? Americans are like Japs in being workbots. Actually striking would do them some good.

When you see it

Previous thread: >>1516542
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So close
Not seeing it
is this the schizophrenia general?
Not really, look closer at the numbers on the trains and try to see where they show up in this thread.

>strongest puncture resistance of ALL road tyres
>exceptional build quality
>huge range of sizes
>tubeless compatible if you want it that way
>only 5 watts slower than the GP5000
>brilliant brand provenance

So tell me anon, why aren't you using the Pirelli Cinturato Velo TLR on all of your bikes?
pic unrelated
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almost 1 year and half on my 25c gatorskin in the back and still going, i can only hope they will make a tanwall version and it would be the perfect rear fixed gear tires
Ultra Sport III's seem to run just narrow too. It kind of pisses me off because I thought I would be getting plus half a size vs minus half a size. Between generations of Conti you effectively lose almost a full size.
I think anyone caught riding reddit5ks should be forcibly sterilized
>reeee reddit reddit reddit reddit!

But yeah just get Schwalbe Durano's lol
Can't speak for the Continental but I just measured my 26 mm Pirelli Cinturato Velo TLR tyres on my 21 mm internal width rims and they come to 28.5 mm. The 24 mm Pirelli Cinturato Velo TLR on one of my other bikes that has the same rims come in at 26.7 mm. They are oversized, but that may be due to my rims being wider than normal for this size tyre.

File: oh shit.jpg (10 KB, 291x173)
10 KB
The transponder codes of doom.
>7500 - Hijacking
>7600 - Radio failure
>7700 - Emergency
Every day, there are a few pilots who have to change their transponder to one of the sacred trio for when shit gets real in the sky (although 99% of the time it doesn't mean they're fucked).
ITT, we...
-Tell our emergency stories. It doesn't matter if you didn't squawk 7700, just give us your tale.
-Monitor live 7700's and 7600's. You can configure alerts for when somebody starts squawking 7700 or 7600.
-Sit and wait for the inevitable brick-shitting 7500 alert.
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No flaps landings are fine if you're in a tiny as shit Cessna. You're small, you have less momentum, and you've got a shitload of runway. You're probably slower with no flaps in a Cessna than a 737 with flaps.
The big jets are landing at speeds of like 200 knots without flaps instead of about 145 knots with flaps. Say you're landing on a 3000m runway. If you're not braking, it'll take 29 seconds to traverse that length without flaps, but 40 with flaps. Obviously, that calculation will be different thanks to braking and where the plane touches down, but the point is if you're coming in hot, you're gonna want as much runway as possible. You could also overheat the brakes if you overuse them. And let's not forget: imagine if you have a flaps issue during a snowstorm and all the runways nearby are totally inundated with snow and ice. That'd be a shitty thing to deal with.
>do they use separate single channel amplifiers or are they a broadband amplifier?
the units are self contained and independent. I guess that makes the amps separate. We don’t know, that’s considered internal to the radio. They share nothing other than a bus which supplies electrical power.
>So is a no flaps landing generally considered a big deal in these jets?
I was on a 738 from ORD to ANC that had to do a slats only landing. We crossed the threshold at Vref + 50 kts. It took over 10k feet to stop with maximum reverse thrust. For perspective, 737 pilots never use maximum reverse thrust. Fire trucks followed us in because the brakes were so hot there was a non-trivial chance of fire.

The problem with a flaps up landing is that the lift dump the spoilers provide when the flaps are up doesn't happen. The hole in the wing where the lift would dump is blocked by the retracted flaps. That makes the brakes incredibly ineffective because braking force is directly related to the amount of force exerted on the wheels. You can't get any reasonable weight on the wheels because the plane wants to fly.
Wake the FUCK up /n/ we got one.
American Eagle 6033 from Asheville to Philly just squawked and is diverting.
>diverting to Richmond
>there's no fucking ATC stream

File: How-to-wax-a-chain-5.jpg (284 KB, 1600x968)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
A waxed chain is so much better than an oiled chain. Cassette & chainring spotlessly clean, vs a chain lubed with oil, which is a magnet for dirt and debris.

After I am done riding, I quickly hose the bike down with a pressure washer and rub off moisture with a cloth and that's it. Since using waxed chains I've never ONCE had to remove road crap / leaves / mud from the cassette, it's permanently clean. When I'm riding I can feel the drivetrain working more slickly, a freshly waxed chain is like a brand new chain with the packed grease, but even smoother.

The only legitimate criticism of chain waxing is it's a minor pain in the ass to thoroughly clean the chain (using petroleum or whatever) before the first wax. After this all that's necessary is waxing 3 or 4 chains every few months. And you save money on replacing chains, cassettes, derailleur pulleys, chainring and so on because wax is a better lubricant.
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i desire uptades, being able to use candles would be useful here, i use a wax lube but is very shitty, disappear completely on rain and aren't good for dry places either, gets all the dirt glued to the chain
You're a complete idiot and know nothing about maintaining machinery or bicycles. Meanwhile my own doesn't have a drivetrain all clogged up with wax or grease or anything else because I fucking know what I'm doing, unlike someone like you or other smoothbrains around this place. No wonder bike shop mechanics are a thing still, so many of you are so clueless about even simple things like keeping a chain clean and lubed *properly*.
Hot glue and molten Solder on the other hand are not so nice
I just use car oil. It's gets dirty but I ride 1000+ km before relubing it again
Useless in winter. Initially chain freezes solid, then hard paraffin pieces just fall off.

File: morton_morning.png (888 KB, 766x511)
888 KB
888 KB PNG
>made it to Paris early

Is he a king or a faggot?
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File: W-S-files.jpg (468 KB, 1899x1068)
468 KB
468 KB JPG
Be me, be a straight man, only/best friend right now is a gay man.
Anon please take your medications.
Grabel bikepacking hipsters see that as a plus
It's okay to have friends with a different sexuality than you, anon.
What do you mean it looked bad?

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