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Let's try this again.

Discuss Chinese trains here.

Attached is the plan for the Nanjing North railway station. 14 platforms and 26 tracks: 5 platforms for long distance HSR, 5 platforms for intercity HSR, 4 platforms for regular trains.
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That seems more of a natural/environmental accident than one due to shoddy workmanship though
How often do accidents occur due to poor maintainence/infrastructure failure?

>However, because China Railways has changed the exterior design to make the trainsets look like high speed EMUs, they decided they can get away with raising ticket fares for CR200J routes, even though the maximum speed is exactly the same (160 km/h) as the cheaper locomotive-hauled conventional trains that the CR200J replaced.

And I thought I got badly CHINKED on my last aliexpress order.
Man, I'm trying to imagine the shitstorm if my local transport company had raised the fares just for the "privilege" of riding in a Talent 2.
>How often do accidents occur due to poor maintainence/infrastructure failure?

China Railway's infrastructure and maintenance has generally been good, and has gotten better recently. The last major accident was the Wenzhou collision in 2011, where 40 people were killed, and resulted in a lot of changes.


Before 2013, there was no China Railways. There was the China Ministry of Railways, which was a cabinet-level department in the Chinese government. The Ministry was dubiously in charge of both providing railway services and supervising those services. That structure--where a single entity owns the tracks, runs the trains, and supervises it all--generally doesn't work well (e.g. British Rail). The head of the Ministry, Liu Zhijun, took billions of dollars of bribes and cut corners in a bunch of places.

One of the cut corners was the systems engineering on the centralized traffic control system used on the train line where the Wenzhou collision occurred. A CTC system takes data from track circuits that detect the presence (or absence) of a train, and uses that data to dispatch other trains and control the signals on the network. On the day of the accident, lightning struck one of the track circuit control boxes for the track block where the accident occurred. The normal "fail-safe" engineering practice would be, if you don't know the status of a track block, assume it's occupied by a train. However, the badly designed CTCS used on the Wenzhou line simply kept the last status ("track clear") of the track block before lightning struck, and did not alert the train dispatcher to the failure of the track circuit.

So when a train later went into the track block with the lightning-damaged control box, the train dispatcher didn't know that block was now occupied, and sent a second train into the same track block. By the time the second train's driver saw the first train, it was too late to stop.
I'm really tired and when I looked at that picture without reading the OP I assumed it was some kind of giant mobile building on rails. Now I'm disappointed.
File: kunmingpanzhihua.jpg (1.61 MB, 1276x4804)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB JPG

It was a completely unnecessary accident that would have been avoided with even basic oversight of the control system.

Liu Zhijun and the Ministry's deputy chief designer Zhang Shuguang were both sentenced to life in prison for corruption and negligence. Various other people received lower sentences.

The government also abolished the Ministry of Railways, creating the state-owned corporation China Railways to handle construction, maintenance, and train services, and moved the supervision work into the separate Ministry of Transport. CR was also ordered to slow down certain high speed lines until a safety review had been completed. The Beijing-Shanghai HSR was slowed down to 300 km/h for several years before resuming 350 km/h service.

Since Wenzhou, there's been run-of-the-mill accidents that you'd expect on any large rail network, but nothing with a major loss of life and nothing due to such a fundamental design or operational flaw.

>That seems more of a natural/environmental accident

CR has been replacing curvy older lines that are especially vulnerable to landslide/flooding with new lines (not necessarily high speed) that use mostly viaducts and tunnels. Chinese railfans are sad about this, since conventional locomotive-hauled trains on a scenic track are far more photogenic than EMUs in a tunnel.

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File: EYvN3ynVcAETZUx.jpg (82 KB, 900x600)
82 KB
Why dont we put more money into space travel? Whats our purpose on Earth now? To feed minorities? we gotta get our priorities straight before its too late and dump massive amounts of money into nasa. Wont happen cause politcians are fucks but humans aren't going to be around for that much longer. We gotta go coom on other planets. I blame females in politics, i dont think they get it
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Fuck off >>>/pol/
Harvest atmospheric gas off Venus, ship it to Mars, fart it into the atmosphere. Using a SpaceBlimpTrain.
Some people are untrainable and gas chambers are not allowed after WW2.
So only thing we can do is to fucking move.
The fact is even in the 60s the government was spending more each year on welfare than NASA
>the racist NEET on gibs thinks he's feeding minorities or putting money into anything
You're an oxygen thief, your best contribution would be ending your life

File: d3dedf3.jpg (210 KB, 1440x954)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
Hey everyone,

I've recently taken up cycling so thought I'd introduce myself and try get involved in the community.

Abit about myself. I'm 30 years old, British, and a serving member of the armed forces. I've been lifting weights for over 10 years and was a competitive powerlifter. I got slightly bored of that sport and also slightly overweight. 120kg at 6`2 so I decided to start running more. I dropped 20kg over the course of a year and run a half marathon but I then injured my calf. I put if down to still being too heavy to run injury free. I'm glad I got injured tho as if I didn't I wouldn't have started cycling.

I owned a specialised crosstrail that I bought about 5 years ago and probably put 200 miles into it over 5 years. When my calf injury occurred I tried cycling and realised I could do it completely pain free. However, the bike was SOOOO slow. I managed to sell it on Facebook marketplace for £375. I picked up a large planet X Pro Carbon ultergra Road bike instead, with peddles, cleats, shoes, a few spare bibs and a turbo trainer plus spare tyre for £580 which I thought was a great price. I had no idea what I was looking at.

The first time I rode the bike it felt absolutely fantastic. It was so light, quick and responsive. This is the first road bike I've ever ridden and it completely blew me away.
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Nice blogpost.
Bike looks great. For commuting, can you shower at work? Is there a locker room where you can store clothes? I do about 10km each way to work and it can get really hot and humid where I live, so biking in work clothes wouldn’t work for me. I ride in cycling clothes then change at work. I constantly shuttle clothes to and from my locker at work - pro tip - make sure you bring underwear! I’ve forgotten it a few times as I erroneously thought I had some left in my locker, and I never particularly enjoy it.

You’ll want a couple of outfits per season so you can wash one and use the other. Doesn’t have to be fancy. I’d spend more on your winter kit than on warm weather kit. In warm weather I suggest quick drying fabric as it’s going to be sitting in a sodden sweaty bag or locker all day. Much better for everyone if it can dry out. For winter you’d do well to spend a bit of money getting a decent jacket. It would ideally have windproof material on areas chest and the front of the arms, some vents or breathable fabric in the back and/or under the armpits. High necks are good, and buying a cheap neck warmer can make a huge difference to your comfort. Whether Waterproofing is necessary is up to you. I find that if I wear a rain jacket I end up getting as wet from all the sweat trapped inside the jacket as from rain.

I can’t shower at work so in hot weather I try to arrive well before work starts so I can cool down. I wash as best as I can in the hand basin and use these nifty alcoholwet wipe type things that stop you sweating and make you feel fresh. On really sticky days I might even change my shirt a couple of times. I’m quite a sweaty person.

I carry stuff in a cyclecourier satchel-type bag slung over one shoulder and resting on my hip or lower back. Backpacks can get hot and sweaty, but there are some smart designs around to mitigate this.
Nearly choked myself laughing on this militaristic intro)
File: laughing_seal.jpg (10 KB, 360x252)
10 KB
Please never leave this board!

File: unnamed.jpg (91 KB, 416x512)
91 KB
>gilles berthoud
>chris king
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>>non-made-by-whitepeople chicom frame made in the REPUBLIC OF CHOINA

What kind of schizophrenia is this? The Peoples Republic Of China is a festering shit pile of bug men who boil cats to death. The Republic Of China are modern human beings with modern sensibilities who care about their fellow man and follow the law and are good people.

To me Made In Taiwan has the same cachet as Made in German or Made in Japan. I'm happy to support Taiwan.
You didn't even know Taiwan and Thailand were different countries until OAN showed you that DERE'S CHRISTIANS IN TOIWON! Stop pretending to care about places that are not West Jesusville, WV.
Rent: free
Butthole: obliterated
So much projection
File: 1541826362582.jpg (343 KB, 1119x1344)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
>>non-tan sidewalls in current year
Tan sidewall = flaming homosex tier
>>non-made-by-whitepeople chicom frame made in the REPUBLIC OF CHOINA
>>thing on the back isn't even the new earth tones
who gives a shit go KYS
>>parts painted RACING BLACK and not chrome or polished steel
Polish it yourself :^)
>>non-leather grips
>>HIGH PERFORMANCE AERODYNAMIC PLASTIC water bottle and not unraced glass or metal
>bendy POS cages

File: m1aemacil1w41.png (3.64 MB, 2048x1152)
3.64 MB
3.64 MB PNG
FLIGHT sim OP edition

73 replies and 22 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: heading_select.png (1.4 MB, 1918x1023)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
So I think I need to reinstall fs2crew. Only option I have after takeoff is heading select, I've never messed with any of the settings and it was working normally a few days ago.
File: the_anguished_wojak.png (19 KB, 780x900)
19 KB
God and I forgot to set the gear in the off position, fucking embarrassing. I can't even delete the post now.
File: YmFKg1xC.jpg (19 KB, 400x400)
19 KB
>there actually is a way to play A-Train 9 5.0 in English
>its the PS4 version
File: comfy.jpg (286 KB, 2048x1152)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
Good Lord what? A-Train on a controller? I cannot imagine that.I really wanted to like A-Train 9 but I refunded it because the controls and just overall user experience pissed me off to no end. And I'm usually very patient when it comes to stuff like that

unrelated, OMSI is still very comfy
>A-Train on a controller? I cannot imagine that.

Its really weird. It works better than I thought, but compared to a mouse it's still annoyingly fiddly. Worse, even on a Pro it cant really handle speeding up more than around 32x without completely shitting the bed. With lots going on even less.

>I really wanted to like A-Train 9 but I refunded it because the controls and just overall user experience pissed me off to no end.
Yeah, I came from PC-Classic and it still took me until the third time I pirated it and lots of desperate manual reading to get my head around it. It has grown a lot on me since, but I really hope 10 (implying thatll ever happen) will take over lots of elements from PC-Classic more than 9.

For me, it will always be the Soyuz.

>looks like a lovechild of the Tintin's moon rocket and the Kremlin tower
>is brought to the launch pad horizontally, by a train
>doesn't roll on flight - the whole launchpad will rotate instead
>no hypergolics, is send on its way by igniting a giant match under the engine instead
>doesn't have navigation computers onboard - the cosmonauts will find the way home with analogue 'globus' instrument
>one giant turbo pump, four engine bells per stage
>three stages
>sheds the first stage boosters in beautiful Korolev cross pattern commemorating the orthodox christian heritage of the mother Russia
>has provided continuous service to space for over 50 years and counting

Friends, comrades. When will the good old space Lada finally meet its equal, its worthy successor?
14 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1200px-Soyuz_TMA-9_launch.jpg (321 KB, 1200x1807)
321 KB
321 KB JPG
Press Ф to pay respects. The age of the Soi-uz is over, the age of the Chadragon has begun
The Russian Space Program is completely fucked. Rented seats were a a massive portion of their funding.
C (oт cлoвa ccy нa мoгилy)

File: yesterday-tim-dunn[1].jpg (167 KB, 1716x967)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
Anyone else watching "The Architecture the Railways Built"? It's not too shabby, but it has given me a craving for more shows/documentaries on railroads. What's /n/ recommend?
19 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Full Steam Ahead is basically the ultimate documentary series on the early history of British railways.

The Train Now Departing is also a good one. It's pretty much a time capsule on the state of preservation in the 80s.

Was going to suggest the train now departing but you bear me to it.

Railway roundabout is pretty good, as are chris eden greens videos. I can't remember now to spell his name, but it's something like ruraidh mcveigh. He has some pretty in depth videos about trains and stuff.
Watched the first episode of this, the guy's a bit awkward at times but talks about some interesting things. Will probably finish the rest when I've got time, thanks for posting the links
Best one so far I think. Can't believe I've not heard about the Settle to Carlisle line before, I've done that stretch of the WCML so many times. It seems a really odd place considering how close it is, but I suppose back then they were all competing, and B**ching couldn't close it because of its architectural significance.

I'll have to do that next time I go to the midlands, probably take the long way around to Manchester or something.

File: bikehearts_2_600.png (364 KB, 600x450)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
Do you love your bicycle?
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: med.png (413 KB, 545x480)
413 KB
413 KB PNG
One of them.
>with modern science no one even needs [women] anymore
My dick and disagrees.


File: bike.jpg (412 KB, 1920x1440)
412 KB
412 KB JPG
>be poor student
>seek advice on forums on which road bike to get
>everyone responds with over $5000 bikes

why are cyclists such insufferable gate keeping cunts
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All my steelseries mice have been amazing, my rival is probably in the same state as yours, but steelseries engine is a critically broken security flaw (prevents core isolation memory integrity from running)
File: 20200529_202314.jpg (2.24 MB, 4032x1960)
2.24 MB
2.24 MB JPG
OP, i will sell you this bad boy for the small sum of 125.00
true, i just have the legacy driver for my 3.5g deathadder so it never bothered me. deathadder v2 has onboard memory so i'm pretty sure you don't need to run synapse except to configure your profiles.
File: Capture.png (95 KB, 1196x531)
95 KB
cheapskates btfo

Is Courier Crisis for the PSX the best /n/-related video game?

1 reply omitted. Click here to view.

>Knowing when to shift gears, knowing what cadence to ride in so your muscles don't get too tired, knowing when to walk your bike, there could be a lot of stuff going on.
Not as interesting as you imagine, when you're not actually feeling it in your own muscles. In a game that would either take entirely too much guess work, or it would just be what amounts balancing a bunch of status bars.

If you think you can make the latter fun, it shouldn't bee too much work to hack together a proof of concept prototype.
Also, there's more than one mountain bike game on Steam.
Mechwarrior famously uses heat generation as a limiting factor for your offensive capabilities. Weapons generate heat, you can only dissipate so much heat so fast, so you can't generally fire every single weapon at an enemy repeatedly, you need to stagger your shots so you don't overheat your battlemech and force a core shutdown.

Similarly, there could be a watt meter in the bicycle simulator video game and an endurance meter modelling lactic acid production/removal and you could be tasked with keeping these meters in check while simultaneously going as fast as possible.

Couple that with taking the correct line on corners, avoiding obstacles, bike messenger fetch quests, I dunno. It could be fun.
GTA V did a simplistic version of this.

I remember playing X-Wing and Tie Fighter as a boy. There you had to balance your power consumption between weapons, shields and engines.
File: Cannondale Cup.jpg (83 KB, 475x347)
83 KB
Wrong, that would be Cannondale Cup on the SNES

File: zero s.png (897 KB, 1580x792)
897 KB
897 KB PNG
Anyone here ever tried an electric motorcycle?
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
If it can't do the 2 advanced uses of a motorcycle. Then it's useless. It has to be able to tour or track well.
Track bikes are for cosplaying faggots and your bikes are trash for day to day use. Just fucking rent one for either of those purposes.
Sweet. What’s the acceleration like?
>half the point of owning a motorcycle is the VROOMVROOM part
I would disagree. For me, the entire point of owning a motorcycle is so I can ride a motorcycle. The point of riding a motorcycle is going fast while stimulating the inner ear, and also being able to filter through traffic.
The vroomvroom is just an annoyance. The quiter the better.
They should make them sound like small turbines then. It should be woosh, not vroom.

File: file.png (2.37 MB, 1365x767)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB PNG
is this the ideal city street?
31 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
That can be done in areas where off street parking is available.
But it is for the benefit of the people, simply by being there and being seen. And the trees being there and doing tree things.
Which they can do on the side where their shade and the grass could actually be used.
And the trees, along with light poles, serve as bollards. Protecting pedestrians.
I'm not saying otherwise, though I'm not sure I entirely like the idea of splitting it up into single rows.
I'm objecting to the dismissal of the current arrangent as pointless and a write off.

File: sram_omnium.jpg (110 KB, 1200x1000)
110 KB
110 KB JPG

>Was it Corona ?
54 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
not necessarily bespoke, but rotor's hydraulic derailer is pretty...special.
3d printable won't be bespoke, it'd be garage-DIY 'gud enuff fer friction' and wear out within a few months. But I imagine you'd burn less than 5$ per derailleur, especially if the metal pieces can be reused from print to print.
this is templeOS tier psychosis
SENSAH is unironically decent and long lasting. If those chinks were able to design something without infringing on a thousand Shimano/SRAM patents they could become a serious competitor outside of China.
Nah I'm just from /diy/.
Lego set derailleur you can build in an hour and rebuild in half that time (not including print time) is an attractive option if it would cost more to replace or upgrade.

Show me your shittiest commie buses.
41 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
>traffic light racing
The funniest busride I ever had was in Kazakhstan when visiting some relatives. There were four busses on the same line and they were racing each other to each stop, all trying to cut each other off and parking in front of everyone and shit.
Halfway through the trip the driver of the bus I was on was just like "Fuck it my shift is done everyone get off and get in one of the other ones"

Granted I wouldn't want this to be the everyday MO but still.
400s were more aesthetic, but less reliable.
>There were four busses on the same line and they were racing each other to each stop, all trying to cut each other off and parking in front of everyone and shit.
Yep, same shit is happening Valparaiso.
It is fun, unless you do it every day.
Ikarus 435 looks normal. But the older types I find very strange tho

What ever happened to these banana farting faggots?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Apparently he was savagely attacked in the streets a few months ago
Durianrider got jailed for stalking or something

I had a dream where freelee would swallow whole bananas and then poop them whole into my mouth
Durian lurks on /n/ to so some of his famous trolling now and again.

They say that if you type "nutrient deficient" 2 times in a post, he'll show up and insult you, but I'm to afraid to do it...
nutrient deficient
nutrient deficient
File: this_isnt_even_bait.jpg (104 KB, 1022x1024)
104 KB
104 KB JPG

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