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File: A74Ud4uV.jpg (117 KB, 1011x794)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
I've pretty much indexed most vehicles of North Korea, anyone still interested?

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Ignore this retard. There is nothing but transportation there.
Moreover, they have such strange vehicles.
For example, there is the Shenyang ST4, the Chinese-licensed version of Tatra KT4. Later in Pyongyang they took out the accordion in the middle, and welded the two parts together. And to make this story more bizarre, they made trolleybuses from them, which is now the Chollima-971.
Based nerdy OP.
Why did you create this collection and where did you collect the source material?
it says i gotta log in
post the pics here pls

File: E6X2LmhXIAAyhBy.jpg (120 KB, 1067x1281)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
After this and United's announcement about diversity hire pilots and being treated like a criminal at the airport I think I can live without flying ever again.
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Hard to install factory equipment over zoom
if you can do a job over a fucking video call app, it's a fake job that literally doesn't need doing and only exists to keep you dumbed down and participating in the system to make money for the feudal lords.
File: cd2.jpg (35 KB, 600x457)
35 KB
>Misgender a tranny
>Chances of a suicidal pilot killing everyone increased 100 fold
thanks for another awesome thread guys.

Just get the TSA fast pass and fly through the line. It takes about an hour and is worth it.
>It takes about an hour
wtf, it takes me 15 min to get through tsa

File: cycling glasses.jpg (295 KB, 927x724)
295 KB
295 KB JPG
What to do if you want to wear cycling glasses but wear normal glasses with lenses?
Contact lenses and special prescription strength cycling glasses both seem to be cost prohibitive.
I guess I'll just look for self-toning sunglasses that approximate the functionality?
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File: nick based baked.png (1.12 MB, 745x966)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
Nick fuentes a pretty based conservative wore some and pit vipers went crazy on twitter trying to find a way to get "racists" to not wear them. I think their idea is to donate money to leftist causes to get right wingers to not buy them. Nick fuentes is on the top in this pic
>their plan is to spend money so people stop giving them money
Not even once
File: 1601562773646.jpg (50 KB, 540x540)
50 KB
I don't know man. It might be just my anecdote, but wearing glasses made my eyes extremely lazy and I had to start fucking moving them to be able to focus, and that really sucked. Once I stopped using them everything was blurry, but after a while I regained my ability to focus.

I have astigmatism and a <1 diopter prescription for myopia though, not sure if it's different in my case. Not the guy you're replying to obviously
You 100 percent cant cure myopia or astigmatism with not wearing glasses.

In your case your glasses RX was likely poorly done or they fucked up your PD

File: IMG_20210701_235354.jpg (83 KB, 1024x926)
83 KB
You WILL change flights in RIYADH instead of D*bai, kafir.
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Kys desu
What? Anyway, some airlines have been doing really well recently and have taken advantage of other airlines that recovered poorly during the pandemic, e.g. Volaris vs. Aeromexico (and dead Interjet). This is actually a good time to start an airline.
I've never seen this much butthurt samefagging outside of /trv/. I'd say I'm looking forward to your whining about how singapore was a totalitarian shit hole but we both know you can't afford SQ
The reason why the middle east stopover makes sense is that

1: the middle east is pretty much a perfect location for a massive airline hub (connecting south asia, europe and africa)

2: when you're doing very long distances such as Kangarooland to Europe on a direct flight, half the fuel the plane carries is just to compensate for the weight of the fuel it needs to go that distance. Planes are more efficient when they're not doing super long distances because they can carry less of this heavy fuel. -> Therefore stopping at a hub not only allows you to capture customers from many other cities to go to a certain destination, it allows for lower fares because of lower fuel costs and economies of scale.
Private executions are still good to go.

Guys my crypto is fucking tanking!!!

But my collectible bike assets are still strong.... right guys???
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File: 1ek1_lg.jpg (26 KB, 400x300)
26 KB
What about a 1976 Elvis Knievel bike?
Thats a huffy and its worth a small fortune if could ever find one.
my goodness gracious
>the inside isn't the outside
Is that a photoshop?

Allez le unsupported tour

Bikebackbros BTFO by Lachlan Morton

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a man that hot has no business being so correct
File: Paul de Vivie.jpg (66 KB, 509x558)
66 KB
>granny ring
Anyone that uses the phrase "when men were still men" is guaranteed underage in mind

Where can I get these bars for my new gravel bike ?
...he said, as he triumphed by the artifice of a gear system

Everyone knows that statistically flying is safer than driving, but what about compared to other forms of mass transport? I never hear about 3 figure death counts from bus crashes.
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I believe it. Pilots are the first ones at an aircrash. hehheh
Well there was that time a bus plunged into a gorge
>agricultural piloting
>ancient shitbox plane maintained by stingy rednecks
>hit tree, die
>hit powerline, die
>hit ground, die
At least the military only does NoE flying when they have to. Hopefully drones can mostly replace them.
The safest mode of transportation would be roller coasters.

He’s right, you know.
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Britain is the worst of all worlds. We didn't just say "fuck it" like America and we didn't suck it up and have a short lockdown at the beginning. Now we're going to be fucking around like this for years while everyone else more or less gets on with their lives.
What a bunch of faggots holy shit
Busses are slow because they stop every 5 feet.

Most cycling accidents don't involve cars.

Grade separated rail transit is the Chad choice.
>Most cycling accidents don't involve cars.
I'm gonna need a source on that claim
File: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.jpg (62 KB, 704x427)
62 KB
he is wrong
trucks are a minority, it is mostly karens who text while casually driving their SUV over a cyclist's corpse.

Where is your favorite place you have biked?
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Solid choice. I rode that a few years ago and it was one of the experiences that inspired me to find an opportunity to relocate myself to California.
regret it yet?
File: fdr.jpg (59 KB, 500x332)
59 KB
File: green-circle.jpg (221 KB, 1800x1758)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
I guess the "coolest" place I ever biked was down was Lexington Avenue in NYC but the biking I enjoyed the most was on a loop around Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Have you ever ridden one of these? What are they like?
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it was a bike meant for 130 lb children/teens. conservation of pedal watts not really a concern. overbuilding frame so it doesnt crack when taken over a sweet jump? a concern
>Is it a form of suspension?
Yes. From 50 years ago. Thing is, you're probably better off with going with better wheels and tires now.

>Also are these banana seats comfy?
Varies WILDLY by ass. I like them, but not enough to seek them out.
They were called that cause it would prevent you from dumping off of the back during a wheelie.
t. Boomer dad reminisces frequently about his stingray with banana seat and sissy bar.
File: 1609528715883.jpg (18 KB, 255x264)
18 KB
One day came where I found I was too old, and had grown to big, to consider keep riding the Stingray
Couple summers before that I remember some kid picking up and joy riding her, and my brother knocking that fucking kid off on his ass
Miss her

I remember getting fed up with the gear selection and small wheels, though.
But, to be fair, I was an adventure child cyclist, not a dare devil
Sissy bars first appeared on chopper motorcycles for the passenger (a hot young woman) to have some support and security, hence the name.

I don't see the benefits of having normal- or wide-gauge trams. Are there any?
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America, fuck yeah
The normal gauge trams can switch from "tram" to "train". See line c11 Chemnitz - Stollberg https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trams_in_Chemnitz (sorry for medium quality sauce, the german sites about this topic are better)
>nice poverty sleepers
Slab track is always more expensive, no matter the design, while allowing savings in maintenance. They're literally rich people sleepers.
this is not slab track
All cities have this problem.

File: airstream master race.jpg (863 KB, 3000x2000)
863 KB
863 KB JPG
I want to live in an airstream. Any advice?
don't be in arizona
Would it cook you
Is that one refurbished or do they make things like this these days
they still make them. expensive though
They are low in features/space, but high in quality/durability.
I've heard their quality has dropped off in recent years though. I think if you get one, you want a pre-2015.

So is either Virginia or Georgia doing the right thing with rail planning.

Virginia is focusing on regional rail with no super high speeds (300km/h). But Georgia has pic related as an preferred alternative.
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This is definitely preferred route but why is it going to the Greenville airport and not through downtown?
>This is definitely preferred route
>why is it going to the Greenville airport and not through downtown?
You said it was the preferred route
lol fuck off. Why shouldn't downtown ATL be served.

Nah this is a dead board I'll post what I want.
>20k people live in Clemson, 125K live in Athens.

Not only that, but the express two hour service skips Athens

Bros, born too early to travel through space and born too late to use cool, steam locomotive trains. Why even live?
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File: 1622119507920.jpg (47 KB, 712x1024)
47 KB
>too early to travel through space
Yeah, that was never going to happen anyway.
Anon, you were not born too early, the era of human space exploration is about to begin. Lunar Gateway station will be launched in 2024, in the same year, American astronauts will set feet on the Moon once again. However, the main difference between current Artemis program and Apollo from the 60s is about sustained human presence. It won't be "touch and go", like fifty years ago, they will set up outposts on the Lunar South Pole. >>1683202 the future is here.
And it's not only NASA, Russians and Chinese are going to the Moon as well. I think I wouldn't exaggerate if I said that we will be witnesses of a second space race.
The question is, have you taken any steps to participate in space exploration?
File: yesJPG.jpg (21 KB, 314x350)
21 KB
>mulattos twerking on a mountain of dead wh*tes
I see nothing wrong here
what goes around comes around
American civilization is diversity and cultures blending and always has been. The story of America is the story of immigrants after immigrants meeting, merging and being American. This is civilization, dance is civilization and twerking is an American dance. You’re belief system is an invention of the internet and suburbia’s tendency to make people have feudal court mindsets where isolation allows insanity to flourish unchecked
>implying whites aren't fleeing to space to avoid the whored

File: 1557394480543.jpg (1.33 MB, 3880x2432)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG
I remember when back in 2019 I could get a Canyon bike with a Tiagra groupset for less than 1000 eurobucks - right now, the best thing I can get for that price is some shit bike while bikes with aforementioned specs cost an additional 300 euros. Is it because of the pandemic or the bike jews are just inflating the prices?
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Availability will get better in a few years, but prices won't come down.
'rona and brexit
File: 1619009334060.jpg (10 KB, 200x218)
10 KB
+$400 because dick brakes are mandatory now
+$200 because chink flu

Same bike I bought for $1670 in 2019 (emonda alr 5) is $2150 now.
I will NEVER pay for disk brakes
I will NEVER pay for electronic shifting
I will NEVER pay for meme gravel groupsets
I will NEVER pay for a bicycle lmao wire cutters exist
Who cares about what you want?
Nobody, that's who

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