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>public transit in my suburb improves
>more junkies, homeless, and crime in my suburb than ever before

What gives, /n/?
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>Guess >>1720317 was right.
> I don't live in a place where racial segregation is so tribal it might as well be called the United Gated Communities of America.

Again, hello pot, my name is kettle. Nice to meet you.
Hello kettle, you're still a pot.
could it be that the junkies ride the bus and trains from downtown to your comfy suburb?
one of the suburbs around here said NO to the lightrail and forbid any stations being built, when I was younger I didn't get it at all, but now I totally do
Wow it's almost like public transport is designed to bring everyone down to the lowest common denominator
Is like to know what suburb OP claims to live in.

File: dropbarpositions.jpg (84 KB, 606x750)
84 KB
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File: 1600002879700.jpg (157 KB, 754x566)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
I was going to get some jones bars for my bikepacking bike but also was thinking of surlys moloko, anyone have any input on either?
molokos are dope see >>1713127
File: Bild_2021-10-18_041245.png (263 KB, 588x359)
263 KB
263 KB PNG
this has to be it
I only use handlebars while turning quickly, otherwise I'm /nohands/ master race
based, are you the 10 year old that glares at me when I ride around on the weekend

Does /n/ follow cycling races?
Just watched Paris-Roubaix and it was awesome.
What are the notable races you follow? Any good streaming sources? I'd watch Japanese Kirin racing if I knew how to.

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Ok so let me get this straight, there's different categories of people in the race with different roles? Is there any points system and if so, how are these awarded? Like say I'm one of those domestiques and I happen to be at the top when it comes to hauling those bottles to the peleton, do I get an award, some points? Also, how does riding in such close proximity protects from crashes, the few races I've seen, one guy falls and the whole bunch is on the ground among broken carbon bits.
Also, for those supporter racers, don't they get bored or salty for playing second fiddle? Or maybe I have all this approach wrong, because of a car racing perspective?
Sorry, for so many questions, this is very new and interesting to me, as I said, I'm dumb when it comes to understanding sports. If there's a 'for dummies' guide online, just point me to it.
>for those supporter racers, don't they get bored or salty for playing second fiddle?

No, most are happy getting paid to ride their bikes around the world, but in most stage races the overall winner is decided by time, so as long as all the top riders fighting over the overall win (the GC, or general classification) are close by each other, one of the teammates can put in an attack and try to win the stage, which is a glory in its own right.
>for those supporter racers, don't they get bored or salty for playing second fiddle?
They're usually the young up and coming riders or older guys who's specialty (sprinting, descending, etc.) is still in demand. It's basically how you pay your dues in order to become the main big dog at some point. They often switch teams in order to move up because they might never get a chance on their current team, but a lot of guys know they'll never be the name guy and are satisfied with a supporting role. George Hincapie rode with Lance Armstrong for years and is more repected now that Lance is even though he was usually always second or third banana on the team; kinda like being a star actor or a character actor, you can make a good living if you find your niche.
I did a few crits and did quite well on most of them but I zero sponsors so Im too much of a poor fag to do much more than local shit
File: 20211017_151824.jpg (664 KB, 1912x1080)
664 KB
664 KB JPG
Next weekend will be the last cross race of my season. Got to see the UCI Pros today.

Does anyone here actually have hope for their city’s transport infrastructure?
Whenever I visit my hometown I see a bunch of new apartment buildings downtown and a few new bike lanes every time. It’s pretty impressive considering how shitty my city was growing up.
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>car lanes and sidewalks can be snow plowed but bike lanes somehow can't
I wanna see the hoops for you to talk your way out of this one.
File: 2019-01-08.jpg (1.68 MB, 2400x1200)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB JPG
Charleston bro, that pic always get me. My brain picks out the contours from the image, even before reading the text/filename.
I'm from WV, lived on Watts St, Westside for a few years after college. I'm over in Ohio now, but I've got fond memories.

>Wuppertal Schwebebahn opportunity
The Wupper is quite narrow, 80-90ft. In that pic, the smaller N-S river is ~200ft wide, and the larger E-W river is 600-700ft wide. It's a good daydream though.
Finns are just built different, you can't compare them to wimpy anglos
File: 1466690964.jpg (94 KB, 729x364)
94 KB
>DC Area

Well, my hometown is probably not going to get any real transit expansion for a decade at least. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't really have hope for it.

The rest of the region will be fine.

>The Purple Line, despite the bullshit it's dealing with, is going to be done in about a year or two.
>The Silver Line is going to open up at Dulles in a few months.
>Metro finally has dedicated funding stream
>Repairs taken seriously
>Metro hours are expanding again
>CaBi network expanding (though station maintenance needs improvement)
>Regional governments are at least giving verbal commitment to transit expansion and are pushing TOD

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>living in ekat
i pray for you

Apparently the Metropolitan Line stock had blue doors in 1997. Is this true /n/?
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I think that mystery is solved.

>After ownership of the line passed from British Rail to the London Underground in 1994, some trains had a LU logo placed over the Network SouthEast logo - but others, as seen here, still had their original NSE logos until the trains were repainted and refurbished during the 2006 closure

In the film it had the London Underground branding.
And yeah this is the one in the film. Shame this livery isn't used anymore. Just red everywhere.
File: tube.jpg (1.21 MB, 2038x1080)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
London and its trains always look cozy as shit. How the fuck did they do it?
Victorian pride.
I'm not a Londoner and have always tube stations spooky desu, they have a very odd atmosphere.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (132 KB, 1280x720)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
what happened to Jaclyn anyway?
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per flight or per distance?
she was so fucking annoying and ugly anyway, he needs to fuck some 18y old whores
i don't think she's ugly, but i always felt like he could've done better.

why'd they break up?
she probably cucked him because he gave her everything in her miserable life and she got used to and bored by it after a while
>as low as most aircraft.

General Aviation is dangerous. Small planes falling out of the sky every so often and landing on someones house.

Its commercial aviation thats fairly safe. GA, not so much.

What are the biggest Transportation fails?

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>because boat was partially tipped over/submerged, a good portion of those 180 spent the night alive but in a freezing metallic shell of darkness before dying
I love boats until i'm reminded I don't.
shit like this is why i get warm-n-fuzzies thinking about rescue teams
>The orbiter had no provision for fully automatic return, landing, roll out, and stop. The gear extension was manual.
What did he mean by this?

And no, none were big transportation fails. Just expensive and a natural part of pushing the frontier.
File: WE.jpg (21 KB, 250x411)
21 KB

File: School-Bus-Stopped.jpg (241 KB, 720x479)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
Is this really necessary? School buses don't do this in the UK because children are taught to stop, look and listen for traffic.
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You should've payed attention in driver's ed, dumbass. You didn't notice all the other cars stopping?
>American drivers ed
Sounds like he was driving on a foreign license.
I have driven in the US on a foreign license and I took the time to read the driver's handbook. No excuses, >>1719961 is a dumb nigger who can't read.
it's a single solitary paragraph and most buses stop on residential streets like any sane bus driver would in which case I would have easily recognized the need to stop from my own experience using the bus. it was right in front of a green light too. go fuck yourself cunt
underrated post

File: PXL_20210929_002204617.jpg (3.76 MB, 4032x2268)
3.76 MB
3.76 MB JPG
What is the most based winter commuter and why is it a 100 dollar ancient cruiser with MTB tires and proper weight distribution?
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yes but it has gears
I put cross tires on an old raleigh rush hour and ride it when things get nasty.
I live on a hill and rode fixed in the most mountainous state in the country, you whore
everyone is very impressed

File: elonsassboring.jpg (1.02 MB, 2500x1408)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG

I’m so fucking embarrassed to be an American and I especially hate the people that run my city. Retards want to put Elon’s meme tunnel under Ft. Lauderdale, a city which already has flooding problems because it’s only like a foot above sea level, all because, “HURR DURR THERE’S TOO MANY CARS ON DA ROADS SO WE GONNA PUT THEM UNDERGROUND PROBLEM SOLVED”. The concept of having transportation that isn’t cars is completely incomprehensible to your average fat ass American. My taxes are not going towards this, I’m moving if they approve it. How is America so rich yet so retarded when it comes to transportation? Please somebody explain to me.
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I'm pretty sure parts of it started out under water and were built up or pumped out.
File: 1631991724143.jpg (93 KB, 1054x745)
93 KB
You wont be thrown in prison for meming on the president, unlike in china
Why do you think prisoners are victims, ask me how i know you arent white
The crazy thing is that thew actually fall for this shit. Same with blockchain.

"cancelled" projects
42 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
>UK and France wanted enough of them to justify the cost of the project being completed

The little nuclear rockets would actually have made excellent ground attack weapons against the soviet tank forces. Would've worked great in 'nam for that matter.
File: k7hjcfcwrygz1dmr5log.jpg (73 KB, 1164x631)
73 KB
"prototype" - pretty sure that's just paint or sticker windows, neither aircraft was ever modified for passengers
Also I couldn't find about Carbon Nitride when I searched about hydrogen storage methods. It seems to work very well (10% w.t. H2).

Another thing that wasn't so clear. Metal-air batteries can work as flow batteries, so its capacity can be increased by having a bigger tank storing metal slurry:


In this configuration there is only one anode catalyst, oxygen membrane and other expensive component, chosen proportionally to the required power output and not total storage capacity.

Also filters made for separating oxygen from the air have improved a lot and were tested on combustion engines, using a separate component releasing pre-filtered oxygen into the porous catalyst at the cathode may be better than the current approach of mixing all functions into one component (the cathode and the oxygen capture).

It got down into levels that passed some requirements (still loud). But the whole series of events that led to it being cancelled looked very suspicious and african.

>1100 foot winspan

Are you under the impression the Air Force can somehow fly this thing without anyone seeing it?

File: Mr Tuffy.jpg (70 KB, 950x760)
70 KB
When she asks if I use protection when I ride. (pic related)

What does /n/ do for protection against flat tires?
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
A "4mm diameter nail" is a fucking railroad spike.
Set these up with some new tires, haven't had to change tubes 600 miles in. And this is city riding, it feels like I have to ride over some leftover debris from a car crash every single ride.
Its just a joke I made up, scooter. Thanks for commenting tho.
he's also making a joke, dad
Nice try. But your joke fell flat. Maybe next time.

File: maury.gif (2.2 MB, 335x250)
2.2 MB
2.2 MB GIF
>American public transit
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File: parismetro.jpg (70 KB, 960x712)
70 KB
>public transit
You don't rent motorcycles in the USA, you spend $1800 and just buy one from a redneck. It's roughly the same price as renting a car for 3-4 weeks but you can keep it or give it to a hobo and make him the king of the homeless camp when you leave.
>euro brain can't fathom how absolutely yuge the US is.
>Couldn't fathom a desert bigger than austria and tried to walk it after wrecking their van and bringing only beer to drink.
I lived in Boston for a year without a car and managed fine.
>If I intentionally misrepresent facts and attributed data, anything is possible
... are you saying you are lying?

File: electric motorcycle retro.jpg (479 KB, 2400x1594)
479 KB
479 KB JPG
What does /n/ think about electric motorcycles?

I wanted to opt for a cycle/bike hybrid like Radrunner initially but they're almost the same in price and with the kinds of rural regions i'd ride the thing in i've concluced that a silent e-motorcycle with decent range and power, albeit far heavier, is probably the superior choice for my needs
28 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: surron.jpg (48 KB, 474x355)
48 KB
I did some previous research and apparently you have to cut/remove some sort of wire in the back so it doesn't cut out immediately at the 25 kilometre per hour limit for the cucked EU versions

But the egg rider is supposedly the only way to really fully "unlock" the crank handle and get the most out of the motor (i.e. use up everything its capable of)

Also on a side note i shot radpowerbikes an email the other day asking when any of the radrunners will be back in stock again and they had no idea, the supply chain is a mess rn

It would be awesome if the chinks did a cheap Sur Ron knockoff for a price that's comparable to the Radrunner 1
Ah well, i just read through the rest of your post and saw you already tried the connector trick in the back (which also only works on some models afaik)

I don't own a radrunner myself but yeah, eggrider seems to be the only way to unlock the thing's entire power from what i've read
anon, he's canadian
Attach a two tone hi-lo siren, or if you're in europe a yelp siren to avoid confusion with emergency services, that's wired to the ignition, to alert other motorists of your presence.
I don't even have a motor vehicle.

File: amtrak.jpg (11 KB, 474x197)
11 KB
amtrak appreciation thread

where my piedmont and Carolinian chads at
Most of the time ots cheaper and faster to fly. A trip from charlottesville va to Richmond va takes 6 hours because of the stops, while driving takes an hour. Thanks for nothing

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