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File: IMG_20200813_154951656.jpg (92 KB, 1280x720)
92 KB
How do you carry your bikes to the trails, /n/? I recently installed this trunk rack, but I'm really getting sweaty worrying bike's gonna fall off, I mean driving in the city is fine, but when I turn on country roads, vibration is terrible, even when I raise the suspension to max.
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>even a 100 mph crash isn't enough force to crumple the frame
Ever seen how that actualy looks like?
At that kind of speed there isn't much left of the vehicle.
Get a hitch on your car and a bike rack.
I own a sedan. I just take the front wheel off and slide it in the trunk with the rear seats folded forward. I have a rack but it broke and I’ve been liking the incognito transport because of where I live and the fact that my bike is worth a lot more than my car.
Pickup truck and tailgate pad. I have a smol benis
File: IMG_20200421_164336074.jpg (190 KB, 960x739)
190 KB
190 KB JPG

File: fuck cars.jpg (72 KB, 572x408)
72 KB
I almost got hit by a cager today. After he almost hit me, I blocked his path and stared at him menacingly. At first he just had a normal unapologetic expression. After a few seconds he was about to roll down the window because by that point he knew I was mad, so then I rode off. I just wanted to let him know I was mad.
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>Do you normally kick toddlers to death because they looked at you wrong?
yes. I am the alpha male in this society
I'm also a lot of the other guys on /n/ who no one realizes are all the same person. triggered?
i do that all the time

dude tried to cut me off when i was on the shoulder

so I cut him off and stood at the stop sign shouting "that was cute" until he got really embarassed
>more than one person is autistic enough to say "downtubers"
Not what I was saying at all. I was saying that I am also other anons, not that other anons also say downtuber. That said, other anons do say downtuber. I know because I have said downtuber multiple times, and I have also seen multiple downtuber posts not by me. checkmate downtubers

I've ridden all kinds of bicycles throughout the years...but hybrids still end up being my favorite. I have found memories of traveling to my G/Fs house almost every day, about a 20m round trip, on my hybrid, I loved bombing down the streets.

I also never liked braking on road bikes, braking from the hoods going downhill never seems efficient unless you are in the drops, and that's never comfortable. The only thing I would say that drop bars have over hybrids is hand positioning for climbing. I'll take torso angle lean on a hybrid anyday of the week instead of on a road bike.
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Why would someone wear two pairs of glasses when these exist? It simply does not make sense.
The real world you inhabit must be full of weirdos, I’ve never seen someone wear two pairs of glasses.

Hybrids can always have bar ends attached for muh ergo.

>flared out brakes

That bike looks atrocious.
Salsa Vaya
Salsa Fargo

File: texas central railway.png (161 KB, 1140x641)
161 KB
161 KB PNG
What does /n/ think about the Texas Central Railway and other plans to create high-speed passenger rail-lines across the US to replace the 1-4 hour air travel window? TCR currently has all the land required, and is planning on starting construction this year, and is planning on selling <$100 tickets for Dallas to Houston starting 2024-2025. Does this herald the beginning of a passenger train boom over the next few decades? Is 'Murica become Japan?
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I think it’s brilliant. Those short puddle-jumper flights don’t make much money for airlines and they’re really annoying for the business and the traveler.

Btw ignore the trolls on this board, they just hang out in every thread spamming bullshit. Weird guys.
Blows my mind that they actually brought a lawsuit against it trying to claim it’s not a railroad.
NIMBYs are shameless about strawgrasping.
It's going to be funny if the TX Supreme Court reverses the appellate court's decision and puts the project in jeopardy
Not that guy, but any modern train anywhere in the world is computer controlled. If the line signals ( which in the case of a HST are directly communicated to the cab) go red, the train stops immediately and safely. Train drivers are only there to follow instructions (and fix problems), any wrong move and everything stops.
Of course there are some railways which still use old systems, but they usually are little utilized branch lines that are on the verge of being decommissioned or rebuilt.
I don't believe the cabs of Shinkansen trains have connections to the rest of the train. The cabs have a small door to the exterior just for the drivers to use. Regardless, no one would attempt a hijacking anyway, it would go down like >>1490892 said.

File: unnamed-9.jpg (38 KB, 512x341)
38 KB
Has anyone here used one of these home bike rollers?

Saw a video and it seemed pretty decent, but it's pretty expensive to just buy on a whim
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dunno how I missed that. thanks m8
I'd rather just get a turbo trainer if I'm going to be spending significant time "riding" indoors. No telemetry and no control over power while standing still inside would drive me out of my mind with boredom
I bought the cheapest set off of amazon and they've been great. I only ride them for 30 minutes at a time doing sprinting intervals.
I don't understand the videos on youtube of people falling the first time they use them. I think the trick is to not think about it and just go for it.
Indoor riding in general sucks all the fun out of cycling. I literally prefer just not to ride at all.
These are for pre-race warmups in places you have no where to warm up. Takes no time to jump off this and get on the line.

File: output.webm (2.82 MB, 640x1138)
2.82 MB
2.82 MB WEBM
What is it that makes cagers so violent and uncivilized?
If someone scratched my bike I'd be upset sure, but life would go on as usual and I would definitely not use this level of unhinged violence on another person. The most I would do is call the cops and file a report.
Maybe it's because they have to literally take out a mortgage to buy a cage so it's like every scratch on it signifies great financial strain.
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File: Untitled.png (387 KB, 1080x720)
387 KB
387 KB PNG
it makes you a consoomer cyclocager who hasn't fully internalized human mortality
File: 1581136184235.png (111 KB, 640x640)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
Are cyclocagers worse than regular cagers because they're traitors to their kind?
Two of these bikes were rebuilt from other bikes, and the third was bought and upgraded.

Guess which is the one I bought.

Is that a high-pressure tire on like an APC or something?

Today I rode an Amtrak train for the first time.
I noticed Chicago’s Union Station is incredible. Would bang.
File: 1566797212943.png (122 KB, 576x552)
122 KB
122 KB PNG
It's true, there is someone out there for everyone.
>Tucker Carlson
File: unbiased.png (41 KB, 746x542)
41 KB
>gets sexually aroused by riding the subway
>bitches about muh fox news
checks out
Chicago’s probably the best American city for architecture.

boeing is really doing everything they can to look bad

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These are non-vital parts that are only used for decoration, so no problems at all.
oh no, one of the 185 bicycle threads might fall off the last page
looks like damage to the horizontal stabilizer too
This one's not any better
Correct. It's way better. bumperino

Prototype or concept thread.
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File: 2702 3d model.jpg (530 KB, 1880x860)
530 KB
530 KB JPG
Hell, we don't even have an SST, let alone an SSTO, that alone is a little depressing even though the Lockheed version I posted was too inefficient to be commercially viable. Still looks cool and the ambition of the engineers behind it was impressive.
Let's hope the results from this project allow for a second rise of SSTs, especially given the much more prevalent air traffic sector nowadays and the much more common need for individuals to own small, fast transports for themselves to cut down on time spent not working but in the air.

Or something like that at least, just give us back fast planes already!
File: 1561271502886.jpg (167 KB, 772x954)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
I've got some hope that the market niche the SS bizjet is supposed to fill is viable, but I've been repeatedly disappointed over the decades so...

Anyway here's a pair of nuclear powered turbojets because if you're going to be unrealistic you might as well have fun with it.
I think it was the Israelis driving the program, they had a lot of trouble attempting to intercept Mig-25s during the Yom Kippur War.
>goes up to mach 3.6

File: 1200px-Bugsworth_058069.jpg (344 KB, 1200x900)
344 KB
344 KB JPG
I want to live on a Narrowboat, it looks comfy as fuck. Unfortunately I live in part of the UK that isn't on the canal network.

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Take your own diesel, take a generator, drink the canal water, empty your bog into the canal and you're sorted mate

Can you elaborate? I also was thinking about living on a narrowboat, but don't want to be surrounded by nonces.
You sleeping and driving mate?
File: 1418301856693.gif (1.99 MB, 299x152)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB GIF
>drink the canal water
>empty your bog into the canal
Why. Why did God make you this way. Why do you persist in your doomed struggle against your own nature.
docking fees be steep

File: cct_1915_.jpg (230 KB, 810x509)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
ITT: Post anything related to interurban railway and traction systems. It's been a while since we had one of these.

Fun fact: CCT still exists and operates as a local freight switching railroad.
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Read a book you fucking moronic shitstain.
1000% kino ad
North Shore Line in 1963, days before the shutdown
Indianapolis interurban terminal

File: dims.jpg (228 KB, 1600x1084)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
hop in dude
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File: unnamed.png (92 KB, 400x284)
92 KB
I've seen that irl multiple times, used to drive past it. It was at the WW1 Airship hangars at Cardington near Bedford.
waht does it smell like
A commercial LTA pilot certificate is also a LTA Instructor certificate.

On Thursday a Southwest 737 landing in Austin ran over a guy.
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he's pretty popular on youtube, like 4chan
lurk a thousand years
you gotta go back
Unless they do. There's this gif that gets spammed in rekt threads where some poor bastard is trying to assist a crashed Indycar pilot, and gets pink misted when another car runs into him. High delta vee impact causes injuries incompatible with life, uleh.
He gaan.

File: 1579184038501.jpg (18 KB, 295x350)
18 KB
Do you have fun on your bike?
Do you enjoy riding it?
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Its a paved trail though, thicker tires don't give enough of an advantage to warrant using them, and riding thin tired bikes is a bit annoying due to lack of suspension. The best bike for this trail would probably be a road tire bike with front suspension, I actually made such a thing out of my old mountain bike by putting a closer ratio cassette and 32c tires and it was a joy, the suspension allows you to float over the bumps, and then when you reach a smooth section you can lock the suspension and be super fast.
"Riding bicycles is fun and enjoyable."
I love all my bikes, even the ones that don't function presently. I like working on them too.

It's amazing all the silly shortcuts that exist which cars can't pass thru. Gaps in fences, walkways, parking lot and alleyway passages.
I love exploring. "What's over there?" is always interesting.
I also like going down hills and sprinting beside cars, even better when my music changes to something ultra-hype (instead of just-hype).

If you don't enjoy riding your bike, may I suggest paying attention to what's around you while riding? Maybe play upbeat music on your phone in your pocket - loud enough to hear it, not so loud you can't hear anything else. If you listen to something at around 150-180bpm you can match your cadence to it (75-90RPM). It's pretty fun!
Yes. I just got back from riding my bike, it was fun.

I hope NYC gets more bike lanes soon, I know there has been an uptick in biking in the city because of the Coronavirus, I hope this increase in bikers is here to stay.
This guy gets it

File: Skateboard.jpg (117 KB, 1000x1000)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
I know how to skate in a straight line on flat ground, but want to expand my skills during quarantine. Any tips or resources for learning how to skate in a heavily urban environment?

I especially have problems controlling speed and stability on hills, which are abundant in my neighborhood
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>e on flat ground, but want to expand my skills during quarantine. Any tips or resources for learning how to skate in a heavily urban environment?
>I especially have problems controlling speed and stability on hills, which are abundant in my neighbo

>Learning to on an anime imageboard

Just go skate, moron
>Any tips or resources for learning how to skate in a heavily urban environment?
go skate in an urban environment. all you really need to know is how to ollie (obstacles) and powerslide (speed)
Unironically this. There’s no hack to skating. You literally just have to rack up the hours I’m afraid. Go spend 100+ hours learning flip tricks on your mum’s driveway like the rest of us did. Then go bomb some hills
This nigga gets it.

Learn to manual regular and switch to gain balance on the board, learn to push, learn to fall, learn to pivot, learn to hippie jump. After that you can get into pop tricks.

I think it took me at least one year of intense skating until I could kickflip. Skateboarding is grindey as fuck and if you didn't start young you'll have a very hard time.

Once you get there it's incredible though.

It still prefer a normal deck for cruising around, maybe woth big soft wheels. You're more nimble on a normal board. Skateboarding for transportation isn't that great after all. Quite exhausting and generally limited.
For stability going down hills run a directional setup, front truck a little loose, rear truck tight. Keep your weight forward, speed wobbles come from the rear wheels turning more than the front wheels.
Popsicle decks arent good for hills, but the same tip applies.

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