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File: 1641190558275.png (2.25 MB, 2035x900)
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2.25 MB PNG
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getting angry over y'all lmfao
Just needs configured for a loo to be perfect.
>single engine worth more than the plane

Welcome to Indian Transportation General. This is Indian Railways edition. I am just an autist from India trying to spend time here to cut back on things I don't want to remain in my lifestyle.

I will be telling and discussing about Indian Transportation, its history, present and future here, theme of this edition will be Indian Railways

I will be starting with few random facts:

First train in India, ran from Bombay to Thane, a 34km stretch.

Indian Railways is the fourth largest rail network in the world, carrying more than 23 million passengers a day.

Indian Railways is managed by the state and is among the world's largest employers, employing more than 1.4 million people.
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Why would you want to do that?
Interesting that India doesn't seem to have trolleybuses until recently.
File: DOu_vvEXcAA2aCj.jpg (85 KB, 800x534)
85 KB
not OP but Memebai tested trolleybuses for a while
These streetcars started with New York’s Third Avenue Railway System splicing old single truck cars into double truck bodies, then after WWII they were sold to Bombay/Mumbai where they were sliced lengthwise to narrow them and the doors removed. I’m assuming none of them survived.

File: 20051115_1.jpg (36 KB, 400x343)
36 KB
Thoughts on this?


$13 seems like a no-brainer
>captcha wall

File: 132245667898099ß0.jpg (25 KB, 455x455)
25 KB
I like barebone look of a bike without this shit, but i dont wanna get dirty in rainy weather.

What do?
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tripfag with another shitty take. fenders work and that's why people use them.
put them on during the rainy season and take them off during the summer. it's just a few bolts, so it's not a big project.
Just wrong
How is this nigger constantly wrong about everything?
Kinda like getting every single answer wrong at a multiple choice exam, it's statistically impressive.
i'm an american that has fenders on his bikes. also, kys

America will never have many walkable cities this country is a trash can and i doubt we will get better with walkablity because 80 percent of this country is walmart scooter people

there is no hope for America at all
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>my income fluctuates and I couldn't give him a solid number
lol, you disingenuous little faggot
you don't know how much you made last year? get the fuck out of here
he was entirely correct to ignore you
your welcome
He asks me how much I make a month. I told him it fluctuates and got really mad at me. if he asked me for a yearly income I would have told him. But honestly isn't it kind of shitty to "attack the speaker" instead of just hearing someone out. He literally would just talk over people and ignore all the facts.
You're talking about yourself. It's called projection
How does that even make sense? I am telling a story about an American guy who refused to lesson and talked over people. I didn't do that. Are you saying I am lying about a conversation you weren't privy to? How would you know if I am lying? Are you trolling?

File: shart.jpg (592 KB, 1284x2039)
592 KB
592 KB JPG
America is a joke.
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File: terrible.png (596 KB, 1029x1015)
596 KB
596 KB PNG
This commute forced me to use Uber for some time until I changed jobs.
Mind you, these are both commercial zones, and are definitively way too dangerous to bike in.
Why did the american cross the road?

nah just kidding, he can't. He's not poor so he can afford a car (leased korean suv) take the turn pike and park across the road.
Just go to the Sams clubs on the other side of that freeway
St. Louis is such a fucking shithole when it comes to transportation, I hate it here
wow, that is an impressively small parking lot for a target

File: 134567890ß0.jpg (480 KB, 800x800)
480 KB
480 KB JPG
Does /n/ have wrenching threads?
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You can use the same stuff that is used for cars. Some friends use this stuff: https://mike-sander.de/index.php/de/
Its used here (Germany) mainly for vintage cars.
File: 1650925171305.jpg (41 KB, 512x564)
41 KB
>nooo you can't use *those* kind of frame bags or it'll scratch the paint job and you'll have to spend an afternoon repairing it to prevent rust
>also squirt caulk into all the holes in the frame to keep water from getting in and rotting the frame from the inside
>spend an afternoon repairing it
Wipe it with alcohol, spray with clear coat. Most of the time spent is rolling the bike outside.

Yeah, I like to remove the bits I don't care for (canti posts) and install the ones I fancy (centerpull posts). You can probably do that with other frame materi--OH, oh I'm so sorry.
Well, at least you have something you're satisfied with.
>can't substitute <shitty brake A> with <shitty brake B> by butchering the frame and welding some extra shit on
carboniggers btfo
anything hydrophobic and slimy, I've coated frames with fish oil and lanolin, not even sure its a good idea lmao
>helicopter tape
used to stop cable housings from wearing off paint work ?

File: tunturi.jpg (1.45 MB, 3402x2339)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB JPG
Thoughts on bike locks? Are these new chain locks wrapped with nylon any good? Costs me 80 euros if i were to buy one, worth it?
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That's the smaller chain they make.
Wouldn't be surprised 42" bolt cutters go thru the thicker one too. Nothing is 100%
it doesn't have to shit bike, it just has to look like shit
or better yet, don't live near people who want to steal your stuff and act like it's normal
I'll just drive until there's secure parking for bikes.
just bring your bike inside to your workplafce
alrighty then

File: BQG.jpg (580 KB, 1598x1086)
580 KB
580 KB JPG
Post photos of your bike/problem

RJ the Bike Guy on youtube for tutorials

Previous >>1848770
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That’s the one I bought last time. I think it’s fine, what’s more important is to stay on top of cleaning and doing a good thorough job when you go in for a thorough clean. Application matters too, wipe off that excess. If you you’re looking for a specific recommendation, based on some comparisons I saw Muc-off Dry Lube looks like some great stuff and I plan to buy next when I run out of this. Then again I might look into waxing- not so much for the marginal gains but the lessened upkeep and maintenance. I ride daily, hours at a time and the rides keep getting longer.
I drove on sandy ground and lost cotrol of my back wheel. What to do if you lose control?
how do I sit on the london underground with a brompton folding bike? it's wider than the seat along one side when folded but narrow enough to fit between my legs when standing
guess I'll stand for a bit and sit for a bit

File: s960_960-azuma.jpg (855 KB, 960x640)
855 KB
855 KB JPG
Thoughts on trains in the UK?
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File: cover.jpg (426 KB, 650x1000)
426 KB
426 KB JPG
...and in fact I'd also recommend Fire & Steam by the same author, it's a little light but that's a good thing imo. If you're after a 'the Victorians were demented but look at the amazing stuff they made regardless, actually the railway is good despite everything, doomsayers fuck off' sort of book, you'll love it.
File: file.png (1.71 MB, 1024x683)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB PNG
Na i don't think it is. I'm in the union and I've never heard owt about these ticket inspectors. Sorry, "revenue operatives" or whatever they're called now.
Yeah this seems like the right reason.

I went Manchester-Nottingham for the cricket yesterday and I would just like to say "fuck EMR". Liverpool-Norwich route is -despite what the rail company says- an intercity route. They put on a 2-carriage Class 158 service. 2 carriages. On a Saturday. On a busy route. On the day of a sporting event. It's a fucking joke.
>live in Chichester (the best city in the UK for cycling, completely pedestrianised city centre).
>Going to a gig in Oxford
>I should definitely get the train, I'm surely it should be the cheapest option
>£60 for a return ticket
>driving is an hour quicker and only £35 in petrol in total there and back

What the fuck? It should not be cheaper for me to drive than to take the train. The price of train tickets completely deincentivises public transport. I don't understand it at all. The train is going to that location Anyway so bears no extra cost by having me on board, so why charge £60?

Car is king until the British government nationalises the railway and subsidises its use across the board.
File: file.png (1.5 MB, 1280x720)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG
I just don't like EMR's purple-cream livery, it looks dull and lifeless. It's a shame, I think it can look really nice when contrasted against something brighter than 'Cadburys purple'.
Its a real shame. People justify all this with the pageantry and I gotta say, as a railfan I would have gotten a kick out of her being taken to London by rail, possibly even hauled by a steam engine, but no this country took the option that is simultaneously boring and decadent as usual. We might even have avoided a lot of this queueing circus if more folks had had a chance to see her closer to home.

>American Airline placed orders for 20 supersonic jet (mach 1.7)
>First flight test of the plane will be in 2026
>First delivery will be in 2029
How likely will this be turned into a flop?
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> I feel like airlines wouldn't be being buying into this
They didn’t. Not really. The headlines made it look like United et Al were throwing money down to buy them sight unseen, but they were more or less placeholder bids. I.e. “If you can produce these and IF they meet performance specs and IF they’re available when you say they’re going to be and IF the price is what you say it will be, we might buy some. Possibly”
Ok, now where is the infrastructure and flight routes for this thing?
>For some odd reason I'm optimistic about this.
Which is exactly why airlines payed a pittance so they could plaster it on their advertisements. So people like you will feel good when you see their brands.
Their statement is glorious.
>“We’ve completed our contract with Boom and delivered various engineering studies for their Overture supersonic program. After careful consideration, Rolls-Royce has determined that the commercial aviation supersonic market is not currently a priority for us.”

>For some odd reason I'm optimistic about this.
Dude, they just lost the one engine supplier that was willing to do preliminary engineering studies for suitable engines. My guess is that other major engine manufacturers didn't even bother.
>>“We’ve completed our contract with Boom and delivered various engineering studies for their Overture supersonic program. After careful consideration, Rolls-Royce has determined that the commercial aviation supersonic market is not currently a priority for us.”
Yea, no shit. It doesn't roll or royce.

Charles III actually built a walkable, mixed-use town with traditional English architecture, and people really live and work there.
That makes him the world's greatest living monarch.

All Hail the King
Tell us more about it! You surely intend to post more about this right anon? You wouldn't just shit out a thread and then leave right?
wasn't that a scam he lost a ton of money but keeps it going out of... Britishness?
It’s called poundbury it’s a town extension in Dorchester. you can look at it on Google maps.

He has plans for another one in faversham but becoming king might have gotten in the way.
Who told you it was a scam and “lost a ton of money”? I’ve never heard any such thing.
In fact I know they did a 2nd version of it elsewhere in England because the first was successful.


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ironically only cagers use those
File: ChicagoBridges.jpg (160 KB, 962x656)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
>Chicago cut off transit access
Not just transit access.
How does this even comply with emergency egress codes in first world countries?
It's funny how they make fun of car drivers for being in a comfortable, protective, climate controlled bubbles with a nice sound system. While they smell homeless people's armpits and vomit in a culvert.
It is embarrassing to need a safespace autism box and then get mad at nothing all the time anyway

File: Gwkjzjen.webm (461 KB, 1066x480)
461 KB
Why the FUCK haven't Tern released an electric BYB and eaten brompton's lunch yet?
11 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Just get an Electric Brompton, you get a fully integrated solution with no drawbacks.
if you want to take it on a plane or put it inbetween your legs on public transit it does.
Seethe faggots.

Bromptons are king for a reason. Dahon and tern are honestly trash in quality comparatively and they fold good enough to put In a car, not between your legs on the subway.
The swytch air kit having a 700g battery seems like a huge advantage for a bike that you want to lift regularly for multimodal transport. And then you can take it on holiday on a plane...
Swytch has a cadence sensor, which gives you far less control over your speed.
In terms of lifting, with the Brompton you generally want to hold the battery bag in your other hand if you're lifting. Not sure how easy that would be on the Swytch, or if you're forced to just carry the whole thing together. Two-handed carrying an unfolded bicycle is one thing, but folded.. is quite a lot harder due to its shape.

Can't argue about the plane travel. Brompton really needs to come up with a smaller battery.

Ive been watching season 2 of miami vice i know crocketts boat is a scarab but one of the episodes features a boat chase and the boat in pic appears.

What model is it
good question
Just use the Miami Vice wiki or ask on the Miami Vice forums
I wonder how much the mooring fees are in Miami
File: 1632908781155.gif (1.23 MB, 285x212)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB GIF
man that's sal maguda
Few things as entertaining as watching idiots with more money than sense pound their boats at Miami inlets. Truly Murrika must have the dumbest rich people in the world.


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