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File: airbus.jpg (96 KB, 962x640)
96 KB
ITT we post futuristic means of travel. Land, Sea, Air, dont care. Be it realistic or not so much.
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Interesting. I imagine it would end up being quite slow unless you had a mega pump or something. I doubt this would be as efficient as just a propellor
File: bicycle_PNG5376.png (641 KB, 2292x1445)
641 KB
641 KB PNG
unironically this after the 2025 solar storm
Good point. That last one missed us by just 9 days. Why we arent hardening electronics for future CMEs is beyond me.
This has to be b8
File: images (16).jpg (39 KB, 769x399)
39 KB
I want it.

File: header.jpg (45 KB, 460x215)
45 KB

See for yourself. It looks absolutely dope.
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Run 8 for freight autists
File: 1322528800204.jpg (19 KB, 285x259)
19 KB

>VR compatible

>early access

I'll pass.
>shitty early access title trying to merge openttd and train simulators or some fucking reason
remember the golden rule of train simulators: there are no good train simulators
Looks good, I've been keeping an eye on it for a while but I'm not buying an early access game.
Train Sim World 2 looks and feels great but has its issues, Dovetail are cunts.

This seems incredibly based because you can make use of public transport when you need as well.



What do you think /n/ ?
folding bike are for jerks
File: folding.png (268 KB, 1139x637)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
This is even better
Its the wrong mindset

You end up touring on a heavy, inefficient machine that can't handle off road and takes niche parts to fix. I've personally trashed the fold mechanism on one by overloading it and going over bumps.

If you want to be able to take your bike on public transport, get good at quickly disassembling the front wheel and even the fork and bars, slinging it in a random widescreen TV box from a tech shop or a bike box from a bike shop or sandwiching it in cardboard, and putting it in the luggage hold of a bus. Apart from metro systems (ina city you should be able to cycle instead) most trains I've been on have allowed bikes.

If you're spending 8+hrs a day on your bike don't gimp your riding experience just for the odd occasion where you spontaneously catch a bus without time to disassemble your bike on your tour
This is neat AF
What kind of moron designs a fucking bicycle tour around public transit?

File: image00.0.0-417589676.jpg (135 KB, 1600x900)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
>The world's first vertiport for electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, such as flying taxis and cargo drones, opened in the U.K., providing the public a glimpse of the future of air mobility.
>Urban-Air Port, a British company developing ground-based infrastructure for the eVTOL industry, opened the vertiport earlier this month in Coventry, a city in central England.

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Can someone actually explain to me the evtol meme and how it actually differs from helicopters except for muh electric?????
Computer assisted flight controls and multi rotor for simpler piloting.
File: NASM-NAM-A-34428-C[1].jpg (1.06 MB, 2000x1611)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
Silicone Valley has decided it's time to reinvent the airplane, just like they finished reinventing the automobile.
109 years of hard earned lessons thrown out for a clean sheet.
Pilots? Deleted.
Autopilots? Infallible.
Aerodromes? Outdated.
Approach and departure protection? Unnecessary.
Air Traffic Procedures? Rebuild from scratch at Government expense.
Emergency Contingencies? Lol just dial 911.
Weather? Who cares.
Endurance reserve? Redundant.
Safety Rules? Exempted.

Way of the future! Way of the future..... way of the future...
can these things fly on three props?
My understanding is they can suffer a single engine failure (out of 8) and continue to maintain control. I honestly don’t see how this is an improvement over the helicopter other than looking cool and futuristic. At least a helicopter can autorotate

File: RBG.jpg (127 KB, 626x472)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
It's time
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why don't people use these?
shit for climbing, awkward at low speed, visibility issues.
a wild curb appears
Conventionalbicycles are pedal horses. You don't see a lot of horses anymore for individual transport because people use bicycles.

Recumbent bicycles are pedal cars. People do use them. But they are not as popular compared to the motor car.

File: pedalpub.jpg (94 KB, 814x458)
94 KB
This is /n/'s 911...


Two people were critically hurt and another 13 injured when a pub on wheels overturned in midtown Atlanta, according to reports.

The Saturday evening incident unfolded when the “pedal pub” — a large vehicle which can carry up to 15 passengers, who often pedal while drinking booze — tried to negotiate a turn and flipped over, 11Alive reported.A fire official told one Fox5 Atlanta Reporter two people were critically injured, while three others were seriously hurt and 10 suffered minor injuries.

Witnesses leapt into action to help right the overturned pedal pub and help the victims, one person told Fox5 Atlanta.

“The public, I was so impressed, just intervened so quickly,” the woman said.
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I think booze should be illegal, it's just a crutch for introverts anyway.
> Salty name fagu
> crying like a little bitch
> every time
Enjoy your haik(you)
File: 1645475787878.jpg (108 KB, 1200x623)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
>This is /n/'s 911...
File: thanos.jpg (1.43 MB, 1920x2496)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB JPG
No, that's /n/'s Avengers Infinity War
9/11 was more of a /pol/ thing.

What's that hump so many airliners have on the back of their fuselage nowadays? I've only recently noticed. And if it's some sorta new mandatory safety or communications equipment, why do some have it and others don't?
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it's about time /n/ had this talk
Nice job doing someone else's work for free.
Ah thanks, that makes sense. Shame they couldn't find a better way to hide them and now a ton of airliners have warts on the back.
Yes it's ugly as fuck and it also increases fuel consumption. And even the newest airliners like 787 or A350 don't have this antenna integrated into fuselage, shame.
That's a 900

File: hqdefault.jpg (12 KB, 246x138)
12 KB
Anyone else into these probable cause videos?

Enjoying them for the most part, except the one where he imagined that the Trevor Jacob video was CGI.
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main rotor is capable of striking the tail*


2 blade helicopters with a semi-regid rotor system are capable of striking their own tail boom/rotor. It really isn't possible (except in extreme circumstances) for that to happen in the 3+ blade fully articulated and rigid rotor systems.

The latter is significantly more expensive to produce/maintain, usually. One of the reasons why Robinsons dominate the training market, they're cheaper to build than their competitors.
>does a bunch of math
>doesn't solve for the answer
>radio discipline sucks
>posts FAR violations to YouTube
>pilot flies like shit
>can't even get the footage you risked death and your cert to get
>footage you do get is badly out of focus
>clip of another flight is so out of focus it's unusable as well
>comments full of sympathy and agreement
absolute kino
49.5 feet below the CDFA was the answer btw (per my math, his numbers)
When you put it like that he almost sounds like a retard

Do you carry any tools on your bike?
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>two or more tubes
>2-3 tire levers
>multitool with allens, philips, and chain breaker (test to make sure it works with your chain first, not all chain breakers work with all chains)
>wrench for your locknuts if your wheels are bolt on
Recommended but not completely necessary
>zip ties
>rim strips
>patch kit
>tire boots
>cable cutter and spare brake/shift cables
>adjustable wrench (as stated above, necessary if you have bolt ons, otherwise maybe still worth bringing for various other stuff depending on your bike)
I don't carry a toolset or repair kit whatsoever and today almost fucked up, fortunately the thorn went through my sneakers sole rather than the tire.
Still can't convince myself to carry two extra tubes, as for tools I'll get multitool and call it good.

File: dinky thing.jpg (140 KB, 1280x720)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Anons, can someone advise me on a safe car alternative?
FUCK public transport for a million reasons, so no public transport, please.

Live in the country, and don't want to get gutted by a pickup truck - I really like the concept of the enclosed velomobiles, but these are still a decade away from being on the market.
I wish there was a sub-$4000 electric-assist enclosed vehicle with 3-4 wheels that didn't need license, insurance, or registration (have all those, but they're a fucking pain in the ass, and I hate the general bullshit of dealing with cars.)
Hell, all I need is a 70km range, and I'm all set.

Closest so far is an electric recumbent tricycle.
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I never implied the tires are not replaceable, but they are far from as common as bicycle tires. Since you seen so knowledgeable about them, can you replace the tires yourself with a pair of tire levers? Or do you need some sort of machine at a shop to do it? What if there's no shop nearby? To me your electric scooter sounds like a very very high initial expense, then severe depreciation within a few years as the battery loses capacity and new propietary models become the norm. Meanwhile you can often sell a velomobile for 60-80% of its initial cost even when they are 5 years old due to low production yet a growing demand. Theres no battery depreciation.
Also no insurance needed, no taxes...and the range is far greater than anything electric since you are not tied to finding a plug in a wall every 24 hours for 6 hours of charging...
>can you replace the tires yourself with a pair of tire levers?
yes. There are dealers that keep them in stock too. A lot of them are tubeless so a tire plug kit will work. You can also use self sealing compounds which are impractical for bikes.
Yes it's expensive but it's also very fast and a lot more fun than any human powered vehicle. Money doesn't seem like a huge issue to OP. The range is also not an issue unless you're touring. You can easily go 50 miles on higher end models
If you're worried about speed difference between you and motor vehicles on the road, then get a motorcycle. Otherwise, the issue of speed difference between you and motor vehicles on the road, along with anything that isn't a car offering little to no additional protection vs a bicycle or motorcycle in the event of a collision with a motor vehicle, will always be there.
>I'm only 20
>already this paranoid over "safety"
I met a guy like you once: wouldn't even walk to school, only take the bus, because "roads are dangerous" or some bullshit. I hope he died because he wanted to become a judge and God saves us all from such kind of colossal faggots judging anything.

File: 1445695675422.jpg (32 KB, 600x602)
32 KB
Could the reason that I hate cycling have anything to do with the fact that I've only ever ridden $120 Walmart mountain bicycles everywhere?
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Honestly for sub 20 km/h speeds the tires you ride make the most difference.
You want something high TPI and supple, lightweight
Use latex tubes also.

Rolling weight on your wheels is much worse than static weight on your bike. The best cheap upgrade you can do is lighter better tires and latex tubes
>by mistake
look at that smug face and 90s mtb he btfo them on purpose
Tl;dr: 50 year old man who lives in the area and is used to riding that route because he's like a corn picker or something joined an organized bike race full of Mexican yuppies while wearing jogging pants and sneakers, and beat all but one.

Also it was only a major race internally to Mexico, which isn't saying much but still a 50 year old on a shitty steel MTB going up against a bunch of 25 year olds on $3000 bikes and beating all of them is still pretty much the /n/ fantasy.

They interviewed him and he basically talked like a pro athlete saying he just wants more people to appreciate the sport, or something.
What an absolute chad

File: cyclists strike again.png (480 KB, 923x487)
480 KB
480 KB PNG
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Why are the krauts like this? 1.5m is completely arbitrary nonsense, it all depends on the type of road and the speed you/the vehicle who wants to overtake you are going. In bongistan at least, some roads are narrow enough that there literally isn't space for a car to leave 1.5m, but it would also be entirely unreasonable to expect them to sit behind you at 12mph for 10 minutes. At the same time, you need a lot more space on fast roads with wide lanes. Stick both your arms out, that's actually more than 1.5m, can you imagine how horrible it would be if a car blew past you at 70 mph leaving ONLY that distance? Well I don't need to, it happens a lot.

It's like driving at the speed limit the whole time even when it's too fast or too slow, and turning off your brain because gubbmint has told you to stick to a certain number

thanks for coming to my ted talk
I should add it's also a red rag to drivers who overtake dangerously, it will make them dial it up and get as close as possible.
>it would also be entirely unreasonable to expect them to sit behind you at 12mph for 10 minutes

I'm pretty autistic about passing cyclists safely while I'm in my cagey; full lane over, with clear visibility ahead for any oncoming traffic, and enough space that I don't move back over until I'm out of exhaust-sucking distance.

Longest I've waited was just under 2 minutes, due to a steep climb on a twisty road. Typical is about 45 seconds.

People just need to chill the fuck out and stop pretending their time is "so valuable", when we all waste 2 minutes several times a day on dumber stuff than physical safety.
That is such a retarded take. And I even understand trying to not make yourseld a nuisance, but you can absolutely never be aware of everything around you and cagers that do close passes are generally speaking not the kind that actually care about your fucking safety which they signal to you by passing you too close.
Cagers are generally speaking fucking braindead, because most people are braindead and they dont think, they never step aside for a second. I ride a road bike and I am actually fast but cager retards would rather overtake me 50 m before a red light, than just stay behind me and go their way after the fucking light. At least 50% of cagers act entirely on instinct which is scary because you know if push came to shove they would absolutely kill you before they would crash into an upcoming car because they overtook one too many times.
I also drive and only once in my life did I do a close pass on an old guy on a bike and I still feel shitty for it.

File: 1643002853937.jpg (55 KB, 1280x874)
55 KB
Post Jumbos
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Why do Embraer shills think we need to regress back to low-altitude biplanes?
I've never heard of this. They can male what they like. If they like their silly bi-planes, the let em have it. Unless of course u werk there.
I keep saying this because their vision of the future is one where international travel is illegal, it's why they believe turboprops and ultralights will replace jets
Anyone who spouts that CRAP should be given ELECTROSHOCK therapy by me. That is a BASIC Human right and anyone who says otherwise needs jumper leads to the kahunas

File: Tu-144.jpg (88 KB, 1280x720)
88 KB
You're on the taxiway and this guy slaps your concordes ass, what would you do?
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>tfw Ill never ride in a commercial jet with afterburners on all the time

Feels bad.
>1 crater on the runway
>Airport remains operational
>runway repaired in a matter of days
Lma o
Any videos from inside the cabin while it was in passenger service?
Nekulturny! Call in a Ukrainian tractor to teach it some manners.
Laugh and then fly in immence comfort as I laugh at Boris's attempt at stealing information and poorly executing it.

File: Sunrace.png (406 KB, 1309x613)
406 KB
406 KB PNG
Why bother with a cassette when you can get a 11-36 freewheel

What is the benefit of a casette over a freewheel

A freewheel seems pretty convenient to me desu
because the whole thing is a single unit and the wheels they thread on are cheap unlike wheels with freehubs
13 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I replaced the 14-28 Shimano 7 speed freewheel with a 13-34 Sunrace 7 speed freewheel, and I'm very satisfied with it. Ratios are nicer for climbing hills, and it's ever so slightly faster at the fastest speeds.

Full SIS compatibility means that the rest of the drive train remains the same and is completely unaffected.
Sunrace are the go-to for quality freewheels. Actually, I noticed that the Shimano freewheel made no noise when coasting, but the Sunrace audibly ratchets. Not sure why, but I think it's good that I can actually hear the ratchet.
why bother riding when you clearly ride garbage?
>Why bother with a cassette when you can get a 11-36 freewheel

1. Because fair quality freewheel hubs died long time ago.
2. Removal of a freewheel off a hub can be a pita
3. You need to address 'axle bending and breaking' problem.

Also - this freewheel costs more than a 10sp cassette and a hub.
You need to face the freewheel side of the hub before installing the freewheel, then they don't wobble.
even if you use brakes, the better the skid patch the more you're tires will last, retard

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